0448, palm reading is extremely accurate

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 There are five top gangs in the slums of Haijing City.

They are Haisha Gang, Qiuji Boxing Gym, Zhi Gong School, Buyi Cult, and Broken Gear Mutual Aid Association.

Qiuji Boxing Gym Long Zhengfei.

Go to the Spring Water in Public School Hall Pond.

The sea and the sand are as vast as the sea and the sky.

Broken Gear Su Half Man.

Buyi taught Li Buyi.

These five people are also the five most powerful top grandmasters among Daxia warriors in the slums today.

Among them, Li Buyi also has a nickname, called Li Blind Man.

A blind man who can tell fortunes.

Every day, he would randomly choose a place in the slums and set up a fortune-telling stall. One fortune-telling was free and the other was charged.

Calculate two hexagrams in total every day.

It is known as ‘God knows, I know’.

It is said that this person's fortune-telling is always accurate and inaccurate.

Li Buyi is a very unique person.

He always wears cloth clothes and shoes, stone sunglasses, and a folding chair with a hexagram flag in his hand. He never changes into a second set of clothes.

In addition to fortune telling, he also has a hobby.

Good at being a teacher.

But unlike Su Chunshui, who funded his own school, Li Buyi never taught in a fixed location.

After he finished calculating two hexagrams every day, he would just stroll around the streets.

When I meet someone I'm destined to meet, I'll stop him and give him a few words of advice.

Or teach a set of exercises.

However, his guidance and teachings have absolutely immediate results.

Many people who do not know martial arts can practice the skills taught by Li Buyi and immediately become powerful warriors.

For those who originally had a foundation in martial arts, at least they could cross one or two small realms, and at most they could break through the bottleneck of a large realm.

As a result, day after day, year after year, the number of people in the slums who were mentored by Li Buyi increased.

These people repaid their kindness and regarded themselves as Li Buyi's disciples.

They helped each other, supported each other, and united to become a quite powerful force. Under the organization of several powerful disciples, the Buyi Sect came into being.

In just a few decades, the Buyi Sect has become one of the five major forces in the slums, with a large number of people and unusual unity.
They are proud to wear commoners, and they are united in facing the outside world, becoming a lower-level people's force that even foreigners dare not look down upon.

And Li Buyi naturally became one of the five giants in the slums.

Under the gaze of countless eyes, Li Buyi slowly raised his head.

Through thick black sunglasses.

He stared at Elizabeth for a long time.

Just when Elizabeth was getting a little impatient, Li Buyi suddenly grinned, showing his yellow teeth, and said, "Beauty, do you read your fortune? My palm reading is very accurate."


Countless people fell to the ground around him.

Is this Li Buyi, one of the five giants?


It's a bit obscene.

But Elizabeth was not angry at being stared at.

According to the information collected by the Inquisition, Li Buyi was a very peculiar Daxia person.

Every time he takes the initiative to tell someone's fortune, it means that the person is either in trouble or good luck.

Elizabeth thought for a moment and said, "We'll see later."

Li Buyi shook his head slightly and said, "I can't wait."

"What's the meaning?"

Elizabeth frowned.

Li Buyi smiled and said, "I don't know how to read the palms of dead people."

Elizabeth's expression suddenly changed.

Li Buyi meant that she would be dead in half an hour.

Elizabeth's heart burst into anger.

She maintained that she had a special identity and outstanding strength. When it came to life and death, she finally no longer believed in hexagrams, but believed more in her own strength.

"What is Li Shenxiang doing here?"

Elizabeth asked, "Are you also here for the murderer?"

Li Buyi nodded, "He is destined to me."

If you are destined, you should give guidance.

"But he is the criminal that the Judgment Blade wants to hunt down."


Sha reminded in a strong tone.

Li Buyi stretched out his fingers, pinched his fingers, and then seemed to have calculated something. He smiled and said, "As far as I know, Judgment Blade has not ordered his arrest. You are bluffing, girl."

Elizabeth's expression changed slightly.

She had indeed accepted the invitation of Yuehua's celebrities, and after receiving a huge sum of money, she came here to hunt down the 'murderer' in the name of the Blade of Judgment without receiving any orders.

This is not a big deal.

It's not like I haven't done it before.

The boss basically turns a blind eye.

I just didn't expect that this kind of thing could be calculated by Li Buyi.

"It's not the turn of a bluffing guy like you to point your finger at the matter of the Judgment Blade." Yuehua Celebrity suddenly said, "Get out if you don't want to die, otherwise, today will be the burial place for you, an old liar."


Li Buyi showed his yellow teeth and smiled, "As a dying person, it is useless to talk to you."

The Yuehua celebrity had a cruel temper and was extremely impatient. He sneered, "Old man, you are determined to become the enemy of our Jie Peng Empire."

Li Buyi chuckled, "So what?"

This sentence seems to be an understatement, but it is like thunder.

In the end, he expressed his position frankly.

At the same time, more and more people gathered around the apartment.

Boxers with bare arms, scholars holding books and knives, coolies with bulging muscles in burlap clothes, street vendors, coachmen, assembly line workers, security guards, etc...

Qiuji boxing gym!

To the public school!

Commoner religion!

At this moment, all the masters and disciples of the three top slum gangs gathered near the apartment, and tens of thousands of people gathered in the blink of an eye.

Streams gather into the sea.

Quicksand turns into desert.

Thousands of poor people who are usually looked down upon, when they unite and gather together, the momentum and power they gather makes everyone change their color.

Although those masters of the Haisha Gang were wearing battle uniforms, armor, and weapons,
Powerful weapons, but at this time, their faces could not help but change, and their eyes revealed a look of fear.

"A bunch of dirty yellow pigs."

When Nathan Thomas saw the crowd gathering like a tide, he suddenly felt huge anger.

A group of humble ants actually dare to swarm like a giant dragon in the sky?

Who gave them the courage?


The Yuehua celebrity's eyes were full of violence and killing, and he gave the order directly.

The battle begins.

Long Zhengfei said nothing and punched directly.

He is known as the boxing god of the ghetto, and his cultivation is all about his boxing power.

The punches are fierce.

Supreme and infinite.

With one punch, from a distance of more than 20 meters, a punch like a beam of light shattered the void and blasted towards the Yuehua celebrity.

"Moon Slash."

Yuehua celebrities speak Jie Peng language.

The Zangetsu sword in his arms suddenly came out of its sheath.

A river of red silver light was cut between the sky and the earth, and a long silver crack seemed to cut open the night sky.


The force of fists and the light of swords collide.

The two powerful men reached high into the sky at the same time and fought together.

Almost at the same time, the immortal tyrant Nathan Thomas also took action.

He is a powerful new warrior in the United States of Igos.

Stretch your arms.

The muscles in the forearm split open directly, and a pair of metal mechanical arms protruded from the inside, with four powered annihilation bombs as thick as chopsticks hung on each.


Eight powered annihilation bombs are fired directly.

But not at Mr. Chi.

Instead, it was shot at the disciples of the Haisha Gang and the other three major gangs who were already fighting with each other below.

It doesn't matter if you accidentally hurt yourself.

Because they are all from Xia.

To die is to die.

Nathan Thomas laughed crazily, "Haha, die, you yellow-skinned pigs, inferior human beings, should completely disappear from this world, just die, hahaha."

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