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 Richard Taishen opened his eyes wide.

At least hundreds of Haiwumos appeared next to the Daxia man!

The looks cannot be said to be exactly the same.

But there is absolutely no difference.

The moth's head, bone wings, and human body all exude the aura of violent killing.

"This is impossible."

He was shaking and screaming.

It felt like someone had stabbed the anus with a big iron rod.

Li Xiaofei crossed his arms across his chest and crossed his fingers.

"Single fight or group fight, it's your choice."

It was like he was teasing a clown.

Richard Tai swallowed deeply, thought of something, and said with an inward look, "Fake, you are absolutely fake. How can a mortal body withstand the summons of so many demons from outside the world? Illusion, it must be an illusion."

He seemed like a drowning man who found a life-saving straw.

His eyes gradually brightened.

"The demon god Haiwumos I summoned will definitely defeat those impostors around you."

As Richard Taishen talked, he believed it himself.

Becoming strong again.

And his words also reached the ears of the powerful men from both camps on both sides of the battlefield.

Caused a commotion.


Li Xiaofei looked up to the sky and laughed, and said, "Look at the expression of the so-called demon god you summoned before you speak."

Richard was moved deeply in his heart and looked down.

However, he saw that the demon god from outside the world under his feet, the terrifying existence he called Haiwumos, was actually trembling quietly at this moment.

That's because of fear.

Because of fear.

Its huge body and beating muscles.

Its ugly and ferocious face has a stiff expression, and the aura in its eyes has long been neither ferocious nor unscrupulous.

But panic!

What are you scared of?

Richard Taishen vaguely knew the answer.
> But he didn't want to believe it.

"I remember you said before that if I could summon this little subspace trash, you would kneel down and lick my shoes."

Li Xiaofei said calmly.

Richard Taishen's face suddenly turned pale and his body trembled.

"You look troubled."

Li Xiaofei said, "Do you feel embarrassed?"


Richard Tai was shocked and angry, and said, "I am a contemporary descendant of the Richard family, one of the ten major Igus families. How dare you use such a despicable and despicable method to humiliate me?"

"As expected of a white-skinned pig who keeps his word."

Li Xiaofei took a sip and said disdainfully, "You want to lick it yourself...forget it, I think your tongue is dirty...I'll give you three seconds to prepare to die."

"Big summer dog, who do you think you are?"

Richard Taishen roared angrily, "Honorable Lord Haiwumos, kill him for me."

The words have not yet fallen.


The moth-skull-winged monster turned into a stream of light, made a harsh air-piercing whistle, and rushed directly towards Li Xiaofei.

Finally took action!

Is the power of the demon god from outside the world about to explode?

Is the ‘phantom’ summoned by Li Xiaofei invincible?

Everyone's hearts were in suspense.

The next moment——


Hayomoth knelt down directly.

It rushed over at lightning speed and knelt down in front of Li Xiaofei.

Bang bang bang.

There was a moment of empty kowtow.

Li Xiaofei was startled, and then a smile appeared on his lips.

In fact, he had just seen that the so-called extraterrestrial demon Haiwumos was just a general among the terrifying and tormenting tribe of subspace creatures.

In the Black Iron Ruins, there are countless Khornes of this level.

And he, Li Xiaofei, is now the actual controller of Black Iron Wind Ruins.

The new No. 88 King of Khorne's clone, Baluch, is nothing more than a dog at his feet.

Although it is not known how Richard Taishen completely summoned this general-level Khorne named 'Haymors' into the real world, it is obvious that this time Richard Taishen's summons kicked the Titanium

Alloy plate.

Li Xiaofei only needs one thought.

You can communicate with the new No. 88 King of Khorne's avatar Baluch, and you can casually teleport over a hundred Khornes of the 'Haymors' level.

Although limited by certain rules, this kind of teleportation is different from Richard Taishen's summoning technique. The summoned Khorne cannot exist for too long, nor can it explode to its full strength...

But, it's enough to intimidate.

‘Haywumos’ was indeed so frightened that he knelt down and kowtowed.

This scene made the powerful men from both camps who didn't know what was happening were dumbfounded.

This also made Richard Taishen's slightest hope of luck disappear completely.

He realized something was wrong.

Without saying a word, he turned around and ran away.

"kill him."

Li Xiaofei said calmly.

"As you command, great king."

Haiwu Mosi, a young boy, took action instantly.

I saw him kneeling on the spot, his bone wings vibrating, and in an instant, a dozen red magic mist vines roared out, like dragons and snakes.

Richard Taishen screamed in shock.

He was tied up by the magic fog vine rope and dragged back.


Richard Tyson let out a Yuan Hua-style cry of pain.

He was lifted up by the monster vine rope and presented to Li Xiaofei.

Li Xiaofei raised his hand and pressed it on Richard Taishen's Tianling Cap.

An infusion of inner energy.


"The physical state is not intentional."

"The strange power is like Daxia's inner Qi, and there is nothing special about it."

After a brief observation, Li Xiaofei asked, "Richard Taishen, right? Let me ask you, do you want to live or die?"

"If you want to live, I can lick your shoes."

Richard Taishen said loudly, "Don't kill me, I am willing to surrender."

All of his saint-level power comes from summoning.

Thanks to the sharing of the power of ‘Haywumos’.

There aren't many that really belong to him.

Without hard work and perseverance, it is easy to drift away when you suddenly gain strength, and your mood will naturally be worse. Once you encounter setbacks, your true colors will immediately be revealed.

"You're worthy of licking my shoes when you're riding a horse?"

Li Xiaofei said, "How do you summon subspace creatures? Tell me."

Richard Taishen hesitated slightly.

But feeling the murderous intent in Li Xiaofei's eyes, he immediately said, "I said, the Richard family has a natural space bloodline. When I was nine years old, I met a real god, and he helped me completely inspire and purify the bloodline."

He also taught me the method of summoning Lord Haiwumos."


Li Xiaofei said, "What god, what is his name, and where is he?"

Richard Taishen said, "He is the real god from outside the sky, omnipotent, claiming to be the messenger of the 'Garden of Eden', his name is Morientes, and his current identity is Star..."

The words have not yet fallen.

call out.

A ray of silver light flashed away.

Richard Taishen's head exploded, causing a cloud of blood.


Li Xiaofei's hair stood on end at this moment.

An unprecedented sense of danger enveloped him.

Every pore in his body seemed to be warning him.


Extremely dangerous.

Without hesitation, he pulled out the last green hair on the back of his head.

This chapter has been completed!
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