0569, strange development route

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Li Xiaofei answered clearly.

The driver looked embarrassed and expressed his concerns.

"You are afraid of the consuls, aren't you afraid of us?"

Zhang Zhihong deliberately threatened.

The driver's complexion suddenly changed, and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Li Xiaofei glared at Zhang Zhihong, and then said kindly to the driver, "Don't worry, if something unexpected happens on the road, we will leave as soon as possible and we will definitely not drag you down." ??

The driver looked helpless.

This does not mean that it will not be a drag if it is not a drag.

"Furthermore, as extraordinary beings, we can also provide you with necessary protection and treat it as travel expenses."

Li Xiaofei said again.

The driver's heart moved.

The first half of their journey was relatively smooth, and they did not encounter any wild animals or bandits.

But the closer we get to the Qinling Mountains, the more ferocious beasts and robbers there are.

Those doomsday gangsters have no humanity.

They will madly loot and kill everyone they encounter.

Although the vehicles of myself and others have been specially modified and equipped with weapons.

But these so-called preparations may not be enough once they encounter the legendary "Black Swordsmen", the most terrifying bandit organization in the Qinling Mountains.

If we can get the protection of two extraordinary beings, the probability of reaching the camp alive will be even higher.

He looked at the people behind Li Xiaofei.

When he saw Ye Liuying, Bai Qiqi and other girls, the driver felt a little relieved.

In fact, he was observing carefully and found that people like Li Xiaofei were well-dressed, calm and energetic, and they did not look like they were fleeing.

After some hesitation, the driver discussed with other partners and finally agreed to Li Xiaofei's request.

Li Xiaofei and others obtained

to board the middle bus.

All vehicles, including motorcycles, have been specially modified and have enhanced defense facilities.

This bus was modified with special care.

In addition to the thickened steel plate for the car body, the windows are all sealed with steel wire mesh. If I read it correctly, all the window glass is made of bulletproof grade.

There were indeed some women and children sitting in the bus.

Everyone looked at Li Xiaofei and others with vigilant and fearful eyes.

The timid woman huddled up in her seat and lowered her head, not daring to get close to Li Xiaofei and others.

"Are we that terrible?"

Ximen Piaoxue couldn't help but cursed.

"They are simply afraid of strangers." Bai Qiqi said.

She and Liandong, two girls with lively and outgoing personalities, took the initiative to contact the passengers in the car and handed them some food and water.

Finally, I quickly became involved with a few little girls.

Others gradually relaxed their vigilance towards the two of them.

After some exchanges.

Bai Qiqi came to Li Xiaofei's side.

"Things are getting weird."

"There is no doubt that this is the Earth. They named many names of people and places that only people on Earth know."

"History was changed six hundred years ago."

"The Star Beast invasion happened on almost the same day as our own Earth."

"But what was born on this earth was not martial arts, but extraordinary evolvers."

"Evolved people break through the shackles of ordinary humans, master various superpowers, control metal, wood, water, fire and earth, or have abilities such as walking through walls, strong strength, clones, flying, invisibility, etc. They are collectively called 'supernormals'."

"Relying on the evolved extraordinary beings, human beings once succeeded in the war against the star beasts.

Got some advantages."

"But three hundred years ago, there seemed to be a split within the Starry Sky Council, and the so-called 'Archons' were born, who began to madly hunt for evolved extraordinary beings."

"The Starry Sky Council has also transformed from leading humans to fight against star beasts to the highest violent organization that rules the earth."

"The camp of human beings has collapsed."

"This is almost a catastrophe for the people on earth, but strangely, with the collapse of the extraordinary camp, the number of star beasts on earth has

The amount also decreased sharply..."

"As of today, civilization on this earth is on the verge of collapse, and human beings are degenerating."

"No country, no government."

"Gangsters are rampant."

"Only those who succumb to the Starry Sky Council will be recognized by the 'Consul', otherwise they will be black households..."

Bai Qiqi finished telling the information he had learned in one breath, his tone still a little strange.

Li Xiaofei looked at others.

They all saw the surprise in each other's eyes.

Aren't you and others being transported to the so-called cosmic battlefield to experience and improve their strength?

How could we end up on another ‘Earth’ with a history that is erroneous?

Could this be the ‘cosmic battlefield’?

Li Xiaofei gradually organized his thoughts and realized something at this time.

The God of Eden said before that there are a total of 100,000 base worlds.

The one I am in is number 89876.

Then maybe this earth is another one of the other 100,000 base worlds.

A whole new timeline plane.

The timeline of Earth 89876 that I and others are on is the same as the history before the invasion of the star beasts.

But after the Star Beast invaded, everything changed


This 'earth' did not produce martial arts.

But extraordinary people were born.

The birth of the Qi of Star Power gave rise to the martial arts, and the birth of the so-called transcendent made the original earth embark on a new historical path.


Like martial arts, it makes human individuals stronger.

But what happened that caused the Earth's extraordinary civilization to collapse completely, and the Starry Sky Council changed from the role of mentor to a butcher and tyrant?

Li Xiaofei carefully sensed the power in his body.

On this earth, my own power has not fluctuated at all.

Suddenly, he felt something in his heart.

Look up.

But he saw a young woman wearing a peaked cap in the fourth row diagonally in front of her, quickly retracting her gaze.

She was watching him quietly just now.

This young woman should be a beauty just from the curves of her shoulders, neck and waist exposed outside the seat, as well as her fair skin.

Next to her, there sat a little girl about six years old, with long black hair in braids and a small white flower on her temples. She turned around and looked at Li Xiaofei curiously with her big black eyes.

When she noticed that Li Xiaofei was looking over, the little girl had a sweet smile on her face. The two pear dimples were extremely cute, and she made a "bump" gesture towards Li Xiaofei.

She seemed to want to say something else.

But as soon as he opened his mouth, the girl in the peaked hat next to him covered her mouth and dragged her back.


The car started to vibrate.

Several times, Li Xiaofei found that the girl in the peaked hat was secretly observing him.

That kind of observational gaze is not considered friendly, but is filled with deep vigilance.

On the contrary, it was the little girl next to her.

He was a child, but he kept smiling sweetly at Li Xiaofei.

Suddenly there was an exclamation from the front.

The motorcade suddenly stopped.

"It's a cruise ship."

"No, hurry up, hide now."

"That's too late."

A panic spread in the carriage.

As the exclamation of the heavy truck driver ahead came from the communication channel, all the passengers showed panic and despair on their faces.

Li Xiaofei looked outside through the car window.

In the sky, a giant black cube spacecraft about a hundred meters long came directly above the convoy.

Then, like a turtle laying eggs, black rectangular objects dropped from the tail of the spacecraft.

"It's the Archon."

"Here they come."

The driver of the heavy truck, like a frightened hen, shouted loudly, "Quick, those extraordinary people, get out of the car and leave here... It's over, it's too late, we all have to die."

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