0714,The road of evolution

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 Military and Health Department.

Li Xiaofei met Director Li Sheng under the leadership of a young and beautiful female staff officer.

Li Sheng has been in charge of the Military Security Department for 163 years. He is the most trusted confidant of the city lord Song Jinglun. He is also very strong and capable. He ranks 20th and 14th among the top 100 masters in Chongque City.

Thirteen years ago, he retired alive in the galaxy battlefield. It is said that he was also a ruthless man who roamed the battlefield.


Li Sheng pointed to the chair opposite.

He is a very capable person.

He still maintains a distinct military style.

Li Xiaofei thanked him and sat down.

Li Sheng didn't say a word and directly used the key to activate the void projection.

In the space on the left side of the huge office, a scene full of science fiction appeared.

From top to bottom, there are a total of twenty-four lines of words.

This is the direction available for all base star evolution choices.

Martial arts.


Mechanical technology.

Biological Technology.


Taming animals.


Super powers.

Mathematical magic.

Super card.

Alienation and fusion.

And so on.

Even though he had been introduced to it by nonsense before, when he actually saw these options, Li Xiaofei still had thousands of emotions in his heart.

The earth he was on before was following the path of martial arts.

No, to be precise, the several 'evolution failed' planets he had visited before were all on the martial arts route.

As for Earth No. 1818, what was revealed in the 'preliminary test' was the development direction of super powers.

A large number of people with super powers have emerged.

Li Sheng handed the key in his hand to Li Xiaofei and said, "Don't worry, take a closer look. Each item is introduced in detail, and there are also demonstrations of successful cases of evolution. Remember, your
The choice is very important and affects the fate of hundreds of millions of creatures on Earth in 1818."

After saying that, he stood up and walked out of the office.

"After you make a decision, just tell me."

When Li Xiaofei heard this, he quickly stood up and asked, "Is it okay for me to make my own decision? I don't need to go through the argumentation of the staff and parliament?"

Li Sheng stood at the door, turned to look at him, and said, "The efficiency of bureaucracy is too slow. The final result is often the result of compromise between all parties, so it is not really suitable. What we need to demonstrate and wrestle with is the position of Evolutionary Executive Officer. In terms of candidates,

After it is finalized, the evolution of the entire base planet needs to be responsible for the executive officer, and others have no right to interfere."

Employ people without doubt.

No need for suspects.

After speaking, Li Sheng left the office.

He has a lot of work to do every day. He is in a high position but extremely busy.

According to convention, it is impossible for newly promoted evolution executives to meet him.

Meeting Li Xiaofei today is a special case.

Many subordinates don't quite understand.

But Li Sheng never explained anything he did to anyone except the city lord.

And the city lord seemed to have never doubted Li Sheng in the past one hundred and sixty-three years.

Li Xiaofei took the key and studied it carefully.

After each option, there is a detailed introduction about the option.

For example, martial arts, there are detailed realm divisions of martial arts practice at the back. There are at least thousands of categories, as well as types of exercises, weapon power, guidance trends, as well as the performance of martial arts evolution factions on the battlefield of the universe and the success rate of evolution.

, and finally there will be base star cases where this evolution option has been successfully evolved.

The evolution success rate of the martial arts option is less than 21.

The successful case of evolution is the base star numbered 19884.

Now it's a galactic war here

As an important source of troops in the field, about one million cosmic lifeform warriors can be sent to the front line every year, which is extremely brilliant.

Every subsequent evolution option is like this.

What made Li Xiaofei curious was an evolution option called Super Card.

This is a magical way to use cards to manifest various abilities.

The power of the card is beyond imagination. The highest strength is comparable to that of immortals and demons. The strongest person from base star 12699 who has successfully evolved uses stars as raw materials to create cards. One card is comparable to an immortal emperor level expert.

Li Xiaofei couldn't help but marveled.

Other evolutionary directions, such as beast taming, actually involve taming star beasts to fight for themselves. It is a bit like the Pokemon cartoons I have seen before. It can even reach the point where humans and animals merge into one and produce super creatures, and summon

It is by calling the dead heroic spirits, which is similar to inviting gods to come to the body...

Li Xiaofei looked at all the options.

Watch very carefully.

After reading it, a question mark arose in his mind——

Can a base planet only choose one evolutionary direction?

This answer was affirmed by the beautiful female staff officer named Gulireza outside the office.


According to the experience that Chongque City has gained from countless failed and successful base stars in the past, base stars that follow a single evolution route have a certain success rate, while base stars that take a compound evolution route are all successful and all fail.


"Only extreme simplicity and high-intensity unified competition are the driving force for evolution."

The female staff officer explained patiently, "Just like the 100,000 Base Stars, before the evolution started, the route of civilization development was absolutely unified. They all aimed at material energy, machinery, and electronic technology. At least before 2023, there was no development.

provide clues to other evolutionary paths.”

Li Xiaofei thought about it and realized that it was indeed the case.

The Earth, as the parent planet of One Hundred Thousand Bases, is evolving in Chongque City
Before the intervention, it was indeed a single evolutionary path.

From single cells to multi-cells, marine life to land life, from simple use of tools and flames, to the final villages and cities, ships, trains, airplanes, electric energy, nuclear energy, etc., the direction of evolution has always been the same.

There have not been any major fork disputes in history.

"Multiple evolution means no evolution."

"I will definitely stay put."

"Another most important reason is that multiple evolution requires too many resources and energy, which cannot be afforded by a base star."

The female staff officer explained patiently.

Li Xiaofei nodded.

He uses the key for derivation.

In the end, the answer given by the key is that the most suitable evolutionary route for Earth 1818 is the "super power" option.

This is similar to Li Xiaofei’s guess.

Because during the 'initial test', a certain number of superpowers had appeared on Earth 1818.


Li Xiaofei suddenly thought that the ancient martial arts he taught on Earth 1818 seemed to have a very significant effect. The strength displayed by the Sanjue Taoist Master, Wu Kong Sword Master and others was also extraordinary.

Does this mean that the two options of super powers and martial arts can be used simultaneously?

In view of the authoritative conclusion of the historical accumulation of Chongque City, Li Xiaofei had no idea.

But he decided to do an experiment and try it first.

In the end, he chose the direction of ‘super powers’.

"The choice has been made."

Li Xiaofei was relieved, stood up, stretched, and asked, "Next, how to guide Earth 1818 into the era of super powers?"

Gulinazha said, "Use energy spores."

Energy spores?

what is that?

Li Xiaofei asked curiously.

This chapter has been completed!
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