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 "I remember, this was a one-person date."

Li Xiaofei said: "You broke your promise."

Song Jinglun smiled lightly: "To deal with such a vicious person like you, there is no need to keep your promise."

Li Xiaofei's expression was not as panicked as Song Jinglun imagined. He just shook his head gently and said: "What a terrible and common villain line."

Song Jinglun's plan was completed, and he didn't want to delay any more time, so he threatened: "Give me the secret to deciphering the hidden formations on Earth No. 1818 and No. 89876, and then tell me the whereabouts of Chang'e, and I will give you a pleasure." ??

Base star No. 89876.

This is the earth where Li Xiaofei was originally located.

Hearing this, Li Xiaofei's heart moved.

He had known before that the city lord Song Jinglun had a relationship with Lin Yi, the wife of Shang Yu, the Eden spy.

As for Chang'e, only Lin Yi knew.

That is to say...

Li Xiaofei's heart sank.

Lin Yi is not dead.

Horse riding.

Are these leaders in the Garden of Eden often treated like street rats, so they have already developed a lot of skills, and are wearing vests all over their bodies, so it is difficult to kill them completely?

"You also want to become a god?"

Li Xiaofei said: "In order to become a god, you would not hesitate to destroy a base star? Kill all the humans on it?"

Song Jinglun, who was confident of winning, no longer concealed his face, and said calmly: "Of course, everything is worth it. It is their honor to be the stepping stone and sacrifice for this city lord on the road to becoming a god."

When Li Xiaofei heard this, his heart burst into anger.

It's a no-brainer.

"No wonder Chongque City is so smoky. It turns out that the source of the filth lies with you."

Li Xiaofei said angrily: "If you do this, aren't you afraid of being investigated and judged by the Heavenly Court?"


Song Jinglun laughed when he heard this.

The laughter was full of sarcasm.

He looked at Li Xiaofei and mocked: "Heavenly Court? As the lord of Chongque City, I have been firmly in the position of city lord for hundreds of years. I am just acting in accordance with the will of Heavenly Court. What do you think I am doing?"

Li Xiaofei's heart moved.

Follow the will of heaven?

He remembered that his aunt had said something about heaven.

Ye Qingyu, Lin Beichen and others recreated Heaven, but in order to defend the human race on earth and protect the galaxy human race.

When her aunt talked about this matter, she was full of admiration for these powerful men and agreed with their ideas. According to Li Xiaofei's understanding of her aunt, she would never achieve anything at the expense of sacrificing the entire base star.

One's divinity.

If my aunt doesn't know how to do it, then her guides, those who hold high the torch of ideals, definitely can't do it either.

Therefore, Li Xiaofei did not believe that Heaven would indulge someone like Song Jinglun.

"Kill you first."

Li Xiaofei moved and attacked Song Jinglun.

The latter laughed heartily and made a sword move with his right hand.

Suddenly, two long swords, green and red, flew out from his back. The green sword bloomed with endless sword shadows in front of him, unfolding in a disk shape like a round shield, protecting Song Jinglun in front of him, while the red sword turned into endless sword light.

, struck Li Xiaofei like a storm.

One red and one green, one offensive and one defensive.

Both offensive and defensive.

As soon as Song Jinglun took action, he used his signature skill [Forgetting Love Yin and Yang Sword Fu], sacrificing two immortal swords that were intertwined in life.

The purpose was to defeat Li Xiaofei in the shortest possible time.

But Li Xiaofei showed a fighting ability that shocked him.

Ding ding ding.

As a big gun shook, thousands of cold lights bloomed like flying snow pear flowers. It actually broke the sword with the gun and blocked all the endless red sword light without missing a trace.

at the same time--

call out!

A flash of sword light bloomed from his right hand and disappeared in a flash.

The green sword plate suddenly stopped running, its color quickly dimmed, and then it split into two from the upper right to the lower left, and a gap opened.

Song Jinglun, who was behind him, flashed at the critical moment and teleported in an instant to avoid that stunning sword strike.

"Heart-loving girl."

Li Xiaofei shouted loudly.

Without hesitation, he pulled Song Jinglun into the 'little dark room'.

Facing a powerful master who could avoid his ultimate sword skill [Naihe Bridge], Li Xiaofei did not dare to have any reservations.

In the [Despair of Reincarnation] space, Song Jinglun looked surprised.

Feeling that the power and laws in his body were being extracted and suppressed, he realized what kind of situation he had fallen into.

A ball of white light appeared on his body.

In the next moment, he directly broke through the void barrier, escaped from the [Despair of Reincarnation] space, and easily returned to the real world.


Li Xiaofei looked shocked.

This time he really didn't expect it.

This is the first time someone has cracked his trump card [Reincarnation Desperate Situation] so quickly.

What was that white light that just appeared?

But as a shock, Li Xiaofei's offensive did not stop at all.

The long knife in his left hand swung another move [Naihe Bridge].

But the big gun in his right hand suddenly paused, and then he held the tail of the gun and stabbed forward suddenly.

This stab was not a stab from a spear.

But a sword thrust.

It's a sword move.

Li Xiaofei combined thousands of sword skills to create his own ultimate sword move.

Break destiny!

The sword intent suddenly burst out.

The continuous changes finally caught Song Jinglun off guard and a sword pierced his chest.


Song Jinglun spurted out a mouthful of blood.

His body retreated like lightning.

At the same time, the strong men with black armor and ghost faces around them took action instantly.

Countless streams of light shot out, covering Li Xiaofei from all directions.

Li Xiaofei, on the other hand, had no intention of confronting him head-on.

With a movement of his body, he transformed into hundreds of clones and phantoms, escaping in different directions.

Confrontation of light and shadow.

The will to die is lost.

All phantom clones were destroyed.

But there was no trace of blood in the void.

Obviously, Li Xiaofei successfully escaped from the encirclement and was not injured.

As a result, Song Jinglun, who retreated to one side, could not accept it.


He shouted loudly: "The spider web formation was not touched, and he did not escape within a hundred miles."

No matter what you say today, you can't let Li Qingchen go.

At the same time, he opened his mouth and sucked.

All the blood that was originally sprayed into the void was sucked back, fell into the mouth, and then returned to the body through the mouth, and the cultivation level instantly returned to its peak state.

The art of swallowing blood and chewing elements!

This is one of Song City Lord's life-saving trump cards.

As long as there is enough time to use the [Blood-Swallowing Elemental Chewing Technique], he can become almost immortal and can recover from any serious injury.

The surrounding strong men with black armor and ghost faces immediately formed a group of three to form the most stable tactical team, pursuing the surrounding areas quickly and efficiently.

The two black-armored ghost-faced leaders, who exuded the aura of black hole-level life forms, stood motionless behind Song Jinglun to ensure that this core figure would not be counterattacked by the opponent.

Their reaction was extremely professional.

But the next moment, screams were heard in the distance.

Then came the roar.

Two sounds become one.

Disappeared immediately.

Song Jinglun's face suddenly became solemn.

He knew that three of the dead men he had carefully selected and trained died in one fell swoop.

Recalling the entire fight just now, Song Jinglun couldn't believe that Li Xiaofei's actual combat ability was so strong, with superb knife skills, sword skills, and spear skills...

This man is definitely not a creature of the pond.

Today, no matter what the cost, we must kill him.

Otherwise, there will be endless troubles.

at the same time.

Li Xiaofei, who clung to the grooves on the surface of a black meteorite like a chameleon, was filled with shock after killing three black-armored ghost faces.

Although the fight with Song Jinglun just lasted only tens of seconds, it was the most thrilling battle Li Xiaofei had ever experienced. Song Jinglun's strength, reaction, and number of trump cards exceeded his expectations.

It seems that this person has been able to hold the position of Lord of Chongque City for hundreds of years, which is indeed something that should not be underestimated.

Next, you must proceed with caution.

This chapter has been completed!
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