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Antiques with golden eyes

Antiques with golden eyes

author:Picking up leaks but not money

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-17 18:57

Latest chapter:Chapter 531 Weird Porcelain Patterns

Shen Yu, the young owner of the antique city, was tricked by an acquaintance, but he got the golden eye of appreciating treasures as a blessing in disguise. From then on, Yongxuan blue and white, Wanli five colors, Gu Yuexuan porcelain, calligraphy sage Wang Xizhi's calligraphy, and painting sage Wu Daozi's authentic works were all collected. In the bag.

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《Antiques with golden eyes》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 531 Weird Porcelain Patterns
Chapter 530 Unexpected Person
Chapter 529 Group of thieves meeting
Chapter 528 Kill the vicious dog and get the news
Chapter 527 There may be Yuan Qinghua in the tomb
Chapter 526 There is a big tomb under the warehouse
Chapter 525 Start rescuing people
Chapter 524 Encounter on a narrow road
Chapter 523 Thrilling
《Antiques with golden eyes》Chapter Contents
Chapter 001 Copies of Ancient Paintings
Chapter 002 Finding the truth among the lies
Chapter 003 Real Porcelain and False Color
Chapter 004 Antique Immortal Game
Chapter 005 Wood carving, pot holding, ancient inkstone
Chapter 006 The golden finger is coming
Chapter 007 Wake up
Chapter 008 Mr. Li and Song Yan
Chapter 009 Ginger, really old and spicy
Chapter 010 Chuzhou Antique City
Chapter 011 The first appearance of the treasure
Chapter 012 Controlling the Baoguang
Chapter 013 The carved mother of the Qing Dynasty
Chapter 014 Ci Gu Zhai Qian Lao
Chapter 015 Qingtian Stone Seal
Chapter 016 The King of Seal Stones, Light Frozen
Chapter 017 Worth Millions
Chapter 018 Gu Qingqing
Chapter 019 Antique Birthday Gift
Chapter 020 Missing Taobao
Chapter 021 Yuanyang Wine Flask
Chapter 022 Strange Wine Flask
Chapter 023 Treasure in a pot?
Chapter 024 A battle of wits
Chapter 025 The baby is obtained
Chapter 026 Ancient Books in the Miscellaneous Area
Chapter 027 Rare book?
Chapter 028 Eighty Yuan Spring and Autumn Sutra
Chapter 029 Original Decoration Book
Chapter 030 Sanhe Liu’s Gourd
Chapter 031 On Gourd
Chapter 032 Bogutang
Chapter 033 Dongjiang Gu Family
Chapter 034 Kangxi Folk Kiln Blue and White Porcelain
Chapter 035 The Pastel Official Kiln Appears
Chapter 036
Chapter 037 Separation
Chapter 038 Tian Huang Stone Seal
Chapter 039 Check the authenticity and compare the pros and cons
Chapter 040 To say or not to say?
Chapter 041 Visitors
Chapter 042 The origin of Jianfeng Louzhu
Chapter 043 Five Emperors Money
Chapter 044 Danger is coming
Chapter 045 Falling into the trap
Chapter 046 Yuan blue and white jade pot and spring vase
Chapter 047 Is it Yuan Qinghua?
Chapter 048 Xuan Lu
Chapter 049 The inkstone reappears
Chapter 050 They are really a group of tomb robbers
Chapter 051 You shouldn’t provoke me
Chapter 052 Dongjiquan
Chapter 053 Shen Yu’s true strength
Chapter 054 Mr. Xu
Chapter 055 The Xu family’s thank you gift
Chapter 056 The Ancestral Residence of the Shen Family
Chapter 057 The Ancestral Residence of the Shen Family (2)
Chapter 058 The treasure in fake calligraphy and painting
Chapter 059 Ancient Ink
Chapter 060 Picture of an Ancient Temple in the Deep Mountains
Chapter 061 This is not Tang Yin’s painting
Chapter 062 Do you know how to identify calligraphy and painting?
Chapter 063 There are three falsehoods in this painting
Chapter 064 The words on the folding fan
Chapter 065 Shen Yu’s anger
Chapter 066 Yongxuan Blue and White Plum Vase
Chapter 067 Eight Treasures Ink Clay
Chapter 068 Decline
Chapter 069 Pei Yuqin
Chapter 070 You can’t run away
Chapter 071 Zijing Gourd Seal
Chapter 072 Ink Bamboo and Stone Pictures
Chapter 073 Wang Mengduan’s Authentic Works
Chapter 074 Treasure Appraisal Meeting
Chapter 075 Kangxi Official Kiln Blue and White Brush Holder
Chapter 076 Let Shen Yu take a look
Chapter 077 The blue and white pen holder is Cheng Fang
Chapter 078 The Origin of Cheng Fang
Chapter 079 The authentic work of the painting saint?
Chapter 080 Futou and Winged Hat
Chapter 081 The silk is old, but the painting is new
Chapter 082 Zigang Brand
Chapter 083 Ancient Jade handed down from ancient times
Chapter 084 It’s not Zigang card at all
Chapter 085 Recruiting Store Manager
Chapter 086 I really don’t want to get involved in this matter
Chapter 087 Ancient jade is like ancient painting
Chapter 088 Cheng Mo, Mo Zhong Dazhen
Chapter 089 I’ll pay two million for this ingot of ancient ink
Chapter 090 A sudden call
Chapter 091 Childhood Sweethearts
Chapter 092 Li Qinger
Chapter 093 This may be a trap
Chapter 094 This is really a trap
Chapter 095 I want to trick Qing'er, have you asked me?
Chapter 096 Shen Qinan cares about you
Chapter 097 It’s a pity that this brain doesn’t write scripts
Chapter 098 Xu Duofu is here
Chapter 099 Gu Qingqing is my cousin
Chapter 100 Black Wusha Zhengyang Green
Chapter 101 Auction Invitation
Chapter 102 The Great Collector Zhang Zongbao
Chapter 103 Liu Yan’s choice
Chapter 104 Where to cut stones?
Chapter 105 Jade Street
Chapter 106 Jade Tower
Chapter 107 Preparing to Unravel the Stone
Chapter 108 Ice Zhengyang Green
Chapter 109 The Imperial Crack of Jade
Chapter 110 I think we can save it a little more
Chapter 111 Stubborn Fatty Lin
Chapter 112 How do you cut this material?
Chapter 113 Big Rise
Chapter 114 Competing for bids
Chapter 115 Want to buy and sell by force?
Chapter 116 Mr. Shen, I am from Xu Jewelry
Chapter 117 Join the Jade Association?
Chapter 118 Goodbye Pei Yuqin
Chapter 119 You won’t help me with this little favor, right?
Chapter 120 Acquisition of Ancient Paintings
Chapter 121 Fish Playing in Water
Chapter 122 This is an unknown painting
Chapter 123 I advise you not to feel tired
Chapter 124 This painting is better than those by famous artists
Chapter 125 Negotiating Price
Chapter 126 Picture of playing with fish in water, I want it
Chapter 127 Advising Pei Yuqin
Chapter 128 In the pocket
Chapter 129 Is this enamel color?
Chapter 130 There are not many good people like you left.
Chapter 131 Give you a car
Chapter 132 Ding kiln white porcelain
Chapter 133 Warmth
Chapter 134 Ex-girlfriend Li Huiyun
Chapter 135 Pei Yuqin’s temptation
Chapter 136 Qin Yun meets
Chapter 137 Enemies
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Chapter 138 Who is the stalker?
Chapter 139 Yes, it’s you!
Chapter 140 Raised to be beautiful
Chapter 141 Thanks
Chapter 142 The hidden money of the painting
Chapter 143 The answer is revealed
Chapter 144 Sawing Pot
Chapter 145 Night Pearl
Chapter 146 An antique seller came to the store
Chapter 147 Chenghua Doucai Tianzi jar?
Chapter 148: Old porcelain takes over from old porcelain
Chapter 149 Yunshan Returns at Dusk
Chapter 150 Another unknown painting
Chapter 151 Don’t look at it, this painting is just a gimmick
Chapter 152 Hanlin Pavilion
Chapter 153 The deal is done
Chapter 154 The style of a big antique dealer
Chapter 155 Valuation
Chapter 156 I believe in my vision
Chapter 157 Mr. Dong of Wanbao Tower
Chapter 158 Shen Zhou’s authentic work?
Chapter 159 Meet Bai Shiweng again
Chapter 160 Reason
Chapter 161 Goodbye Li Huiyun
Chapter 162 Which one should I help?
Chapter 163 I want to visit your store
Chapter 164 No one asked after ten years of hard work
Chapter 165 This argument is not real
Chapter 166 Nothing bothers the two masters
Chapter 167 The Authentic Artifacts of Bada Shanren
Chapter 168 The secretive Uncle Song
Chapter 169 Preparation before the Auction
Chapter 170 Make it early
Chapter 171 The copper stove in the store
Chapter 172 Meet Xuande Lu again
Chapter 173 The human heart is not enough and the snake swallows the elephant.
Chapter 174 Auction
Chapter 175: Come and help me take care of Bogutang?
Chapter 176 Scheming Liu Dongyang
Chapter 177 Is this Zhang Zongbao?
Chapter 178 The bidding begins
Chapter 179 The remains of the firewood kiln
Chapter 180 No one bids
Chapter 181 Picture of Xiao Temple in Qingluan
Chapter 182 Help me call Shen Yu over
Chapter 183 Mr. Liu’s support
Chapter 184 Is that kid on stage crazy?
Chapter 185 I don’t think it’s difficult to identify
Chapter 186 Xu Daoning’s Authentic Works
Chapter 187 Pei Yuqin’s family background
Chapter 188 Boss Zheng missed it
Chapter 189 The next lot 'Preface to Orchid Pavilion'
Chapter 190 Here comes the opportunity to pick up the slack
Chapter 191 Wen Zhengming’s authentic calligraphy
Chapter 192 Storyteller Shen Yu
Chapter 193 Obtaining the Authentic Artifact
Chapter 194 Baoyuanfang City
Chapter 195 Bamboo Crane Smoke Spring Picture
Chapter 196 The value of ancient paintings
Chapter 197 My collection is Xuan furnace
Chapter 198 The pen is replaced by the Xuan furnace
Chapter 199 Picture of Eighteen Bachelors
Chapter 200 Another Song Dynasty Painting
Chapter 201 Yan Wengui’s Authentic Works
Chapter 202 Accident
Chapter 203 Lanya
Chapter 204 Happy cooperation
Chapter 205: A lie within a lie, a game within a game
Chapter 206 Past Events
Chapter 207 Participating in the Treasure Appraisal Program
Chapter 208 Choosing Birthday Gifts
Chapter 209 Miscellaneous stalls in the cultural and entertainment area
Chapter 210 Four antiques
Chapter 211 Encountering the Antique Game Again
Chapter 212 Obtaining the seal
Chapter 213 The best bloodstone
Chapter 214 Pei Yuqin’s request for help
Chapter 215 The female CEO’s personal security
Chapter 216 I have better ancient paintings there
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Chapter 217 Restaurant selling by the Zhusuo Bridge
Chapter 218 This painting is definitely not the original work of Li Tang
Chapter 219 This is for my boyfriend
Chapter 220 Mr. Qin is here
Chapter 221 Chief Calligraphy and Painting Appraiser
Chapter 222 Gold Fan
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Chapter 223 Guanbao Pavilion
Chapter 224 Jade Ruyi
Chapter 225 Gold is valuable, jade is priceless
Chapter 226 The finest jade beads
Chapter 227 Another encounter with the Immortal Bureau
Chapter 228 It’s true
Chapter 229 Rosewood Machine Box
Chapter 230 The Changes of Baoguang
Chapter 231 Obtaining the treasure box
Chapter 232 Yuan blue and white figure jar
The protagonist has arranged for everyone to pick up big leaks.
Chapter 233 Storm
Chapter 234 Ming Dynasty Album
Chapter 235 Buy them all
Chapter 236 A box within a box
Chapter 237 Collection in the Golden Age
Chapter 238 Panasonic Reading Picture
Chapter 239 The painting box is more valuable than the painting
Chapter 240 Antiques bought from abroad
Chapter 241 Mr. Feng’s identification results
Chapter 242 Question
Chapter 243 Boss Zheng appears
Chapter 244 Huanghuali Painting Case
Chapter 245 The mistaken boss Zheng
Chapter 246 Simplified Chinese characters on the jade bottle
Chapter 247 Can two ancient paintings be revealed?
Chapter 248 Appraisal Master Shen Qinan
Chapter 249 Qingniuguan Antique Market
Chapter 250 Big Star, Zhong Ling
Chapter 251 Blue and White Plum Vase
Chapter 252 Old Friend
Chapter 253 Chuzhou Pei Family
Chapter 254 The Overlord Meal at Ershipu
Chapter 255 Antique Longevity Lock
Chapter 256 Buy two antiques together
Chapter 257 Ganhuang Jade Paperweight
Chapter 258 This young man is not very clever
Chapter 259 Interesting Jade Shop
Chapter 260 Continue to pick up leaks
Chapter 261 Card Type Pendant
Chapter 262 Buying a coffin for a pearl
Chapter 263 Meeting Gu Qingqing Again
Chapter 264 Mr. Gu
Chapter 265 I’ll pay three times the price
Chapter 266 Xueqing Cafe
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Chapter 267 The storm is coming
Chapter 268 Fengmanlou
Chapter 269 Meeting an old friend in a foreign land
Chapter 270 Lin Yian’s thoughts
Chapter 271 It’s all a routine
Chapter 272 Crisis
Chapter 273 The Lone Hero
Chapter 274 Rescue (1)
Chapter 275 Rescue (2)
Chapter 276 Rescue (3)
Chapter 277 Rescue (4)
Chapter 278 Rescue (5)
Chapter 279 Rescue (6)
Chapter 280 The Gu family’s thank you gift
Chapter 281 Tianxian Tongbao?
Chapter 282 Firewood Kiln Porcelain Pieces
Chapter 283 Zhong Kui Picture
Chapter 284 Authentic Works of Famous Masters
Chapter 285 Are you willing to put this painting up for auction?
Chapter 286 Uncle Tang’s true identity
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Chapter 287 Gourmet Shop
Chapter 288 What is your relationship with Zhong Ling?
Chapter 289 Uncle Song celebrates his birthday
Chapter 290 Unparalleled Blue and White Jar
Chapter 291 Are you an expert Shen?
Chapter 292 I want a huggable bear
Chapter 293 Big Star Shen Qinan
Chapter 294 Together!
Chapter 295 Song Lao’s Birthday Banquet
Chapter 296 Tianzifang
Chapter 297 Pei Yuqin is a god who predicts events
Chapter 298 Gu Qingqing is here too
Chapter 299 Angry Uncle Song
Chapter 300 Yunshan Waterfall Viewing Picture
Chapter 301: Slap in the face in public
Chapter 302 The ancestral painting style of Fatty Wang’s family
Chapter 303 Qing Dynasty Green Sculpture?
Chapter 304 The lost Lin Jiaojiao
Chapter 305 Join the Collection Association
Chapter 306 The Dong family is too big to lose its tail
Chapter 307 President Xiao of the Collection Association
Chapter 308 The test is coming
Chapter 309 A clear understanding
Chapter 310 There is poetry and calligraphy in the belly.
Chapter 311 A glance at the fake Tang Yin seal
Chapter 312 Some ancient paintings are real and some are fake
Chapter 313 Shen Yu becomes a hot cake
Chapter 314 Mr. Wu’s purpose of coming to Chuzhou
Chapter 315 The Xu family’s jade warehouse
Chapter 316 Black sand with cracked cobwebs
Chapter 317 There are two jade in the stone
Chapter 318 Preparing to Unravel the Stone
Chapter 319 The highlight of the leak-picking career
Chapter 320 The real Zigang card?
Chapter 321 Morning Star Western Restaurant
Chapter 322 The Pei family has a son, Pei Yuan
Chapter 323 Brother-in-law, you have to help me with this matter
Chapter 324 Celadon City
Chapter 325 Yutang Spring Bottle Appreciation
Chapter 326 The precious light emitted from old porcelain
Chapter 327 Just pick one for three thousand yuan
Chapter 328 Seeing Chai Kiln Porcelain Pieces Again
Chapter 329 The dishonest shopkeeper
Chapter 330 I have never lost in a battle of wits
Chapter 331 Baofuzhai
Chapter 332 Dong Qichang’s Copy
Chapter 333 Timely Rain in Chuzhou
Chapter 334 If the book is not mysterious, the painting will not be prosperous
Chapter 335 Obtained two antiques
Chapter 336 Meeting an old friend in Wanbao Tower
Chapter 337 Stealing the Leak of Wanbao Tower
Chapter 338 Gloomy Wood?
Chapter 339 Mo Cui, Black Jade, Mo Jade?
Chapter 340 Inkstone, gift, sink, empty, brother
Chapter 341 Famous paintings of the Yuan Dynasty?
Chapter 342 Song Painting 'Six Apes'?
Chapter 343 Eight-Inch Treasure Light
Chapter 344: Pick this leak up!
Chapter 345 There is something else in the painting
Chapter 346 Appreciate everyone
Chapter 347 The young Master Zhuoyu
Chapter 348 Zhengyang Green Jade Beads
Chapter 349 The Gua Stall on the Bluestone Bridge
Chapter 350 Wandering fortune teller
Chapter 351 Charlatan?
Chapter 352 It’s better to mess with a gentleman than a fortune teller
Chapter 353 Nameless wooden sign
Chapter 354 Sister Qin, why is it you?
Chapter 355: A woman is pleased with herself
Chapter 356 Picking up leaks at antique stalls
Chapter 357 The big leak is coming
Chapter 358 Successfully picking up the leak
Chapter 359 Who is asking for help?
Chapter 360 The snuff bottle was stolen
Chapter 361 My things are not easy to get
Chapter 362 Waiting for the rabbit
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Chapter 363: Quick snow and clear weather (1)
Chapter 364: Quick Snow and Clear Time (2)
Chapter 365 Liu Yan’s phone call
Chapter 366 Lanya is in trouble
Chapter 367 This world is really too small!
Chapter 368 Dong Dali attaches great importance to love and righteousness
Chapter 369 The thrilling Shen Yu
Chapter 370 Shen Yu’s powerful connections
Chapter 371 Antiques “Black Market” (1)
Chapter 372 Antiques “Black Market” (2)
Chapter 373 Antiques “Black Market” (3)
Chapter 374 Antiques “Black Market” (4)
Chapter 375 The Tomb of Mr. Ge in the Orchard
Chapter 376: Fight against the Immortals
Chapter 377 Eating Grave Food
Chapter 378 This ancient tomb is not simple
Chapter 379 Antiques “Black Market” (5)
Chapter 380 Antiques “Black Market” (6)
Chapter 381 Antiques “Black Market” (7)
Chapter 382 There is a tomb within the tomb
Chapter 383 Yang Gongpan of Song Dynasty
Chapter 384 Three Immortals Watching the Moon Great Feng Shui Bureau
Chapter 385 Antiques 'Black Market' (8)
Chapter 386 Antiques “Black Market” (9)
Chapter 387 This painting is definitely not the original work of Wang Meng
Chapter 388 The mysterious second auction item
Chapter 389 Old paintings in Zhuanzhu Lane
Chapter 390 This colleague is not simple
Chapter 391 Picture of the Seven Sages in the Bamboo Forest
Chapter 392 Song Dynasty Painting 'Eight Immortals Drinking'
Chapter 393 Unexpected things
Chapter 394 The battle has begun
Chapter 395 Sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight
Chapter 396 Rules, winner takes all
Chapter 397 Killing three birds with one stone
Chapter 398 Past events and old friends
Chapter 399 Lot: Yuan blue and white jar
Chapter 400 It’s probably Yuan Qinghua
Chapter 401 The competition begins
Chapter 402 Ming Chenghua Official Kiln Blue and White Large Jar
Chapter 403 The Fourth Lot
Chapter 404 The most important treasure in jade
Chapter 405 An unexpected year
Chapter 406 The Origin of Grudges
Chapter 407 Now that you’re here, it’s not up to you.
Chapter 408 Windfall? Floating wealth?
Chapter 409 Feng Shui Treasure Land Is Also a Business
Chapter 410 Ancient Tomb Stone Gate
Chapter 411 Old jade material from the Qing Dynasty
Chapter 412 Ice Yang Green
Chapter 413 Glass grows sun green.
Chapter 414 Asking for help from Pei Yuqin
Chapter 415 Astonishing Auction Price
Chapter 416 Treasure Hunting City
Chapter 417 Underglaze Red Plum Vase
Chapter 418 The big leak is coming again
Chapter 419 Xu Gao’s authentic work?
Chapter 420 Repaying the favor
Chapter 421 Drunk and hitting the golden branch to press the hand cup
Chapter 422 Character Test
Chapter 423 There are many good antiques
Chapter 424 Is it great to be rich?
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Chapter 425 Who told you that your skills are inferior to others?
Chapter 426 Seeing Tang Hua Again
Chapter 427 Top Level Treasure Light
Chapter 428 Another routine
Chapter 429 Urgent Chapter
Chapter 430 Glass Planting Zhengyang Green
Chapter 431 Old Flavor Restaurant
Popularization of jade knowledge
Chapter 432 Colorful chicken cup?
Chapter 433 Shen Yu saves people
Chapter 434 Crisis in the River
Chapter 435: Mount Taibao
Chapter 436 Good Brother, Xu Duofu
Chapter 437: Misfortune and blessing depend on it
Chapter 438 You said you were throwing away antiques?
Chapter 439 Pei Yuan was deceived
Chapter 440 Viewing the Moon in the Han Palace
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Chapter 441 The Pei Family’s Old House
Chapter 442 Meeting the Father-in-law and Mother-in-law
Chapter 443 Crab Tower
Chapter 444 Jade Market
Chapter 445 Xu Duofu is also here
Chapter 446: Digging out the old house
Chapter 447 Copy of 'Posting on the Balcony'
Chapter 448 Portrait of King Pagoda
Chapter 449 The absolute top leak
Do you want to become a fairy?
Chapter 450 Ancient Mirror
Chapter 451 Ancient Mirror (2)
Chapter 452 Dark Ancient
Chapter 453 Obtaining ancient paintings
Chapter 454 Villa
Chapter 455 Yufang
Chapter 456 The finest jade
Chapter 457 Competing for bids
Chapter 458 Perfect Jade Material
Chapter 459 Glass grows yellow sun green?
Chapter 460 Meet Fatty Lin Again
Chapter 461 Continue to unravel the stone
Chapter 462 The inflation is rising again
Chapter 463 Don’t sell even if the price doubles
Chapter 464 Li Tietou, the incomparable strategist
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Chapter 465 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 466 Tracking
Chapter 467 Masters compete
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Chapter 468 Nine Crane Fist
Chapter 469 Appreciating Ancient Paintings
Chapter 470 Fishing alone in Hanjiang River
Chapter 471 The Shen family is not easy to mess with
Chapter 472 Not even a mountain Taibao
Chapter 473 Picture of Crouching Tiger and Arhat
Chapter 474 Mysterious
Chapter 475 The Authentic Picture of Ten Dragons
Chapter 476 Wu Group Headquarters
Chapter 477 The Treasure Appraisal Exchange Meeting is about to begin
Chapter 478 Shen Yu’s kindness
Chapter 479 Donggu Department Store (1)
Chapter 480 Donggu Department Store (2)
Chapter 481 Frightened Gu Qingqing
Chapter 482: Many children, many blessings
Chapter 483 It’s so bloody
Chapter 484 The Great Collector Gu Qingqing
Chapter 485 Taoist Statue of Tang Dynasty
Chapter 486 Rare Treasures of the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 487 The fake is unearthed and the real thing is passed down to the world
Chapter 488 Ancient Book 'Wai Zhi Lu'
Chapter 489 Dragon Cutting Waves Picture
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Chapter 490 The real first person to draw dragons
Chapter 491 Twelve Flower God Cup
Chapter 492: Digging out an old house in an ancient town
Chapter 493 Ebony
Chapter 494 Doubts
Chapter 495 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 496 Good calculation
Chapter 497 Watching a Show
Chapter 498 Making a Game
Chapter 499 Villa
Chapter 500 Tang Yin’s Authentic Works
Chapter 501 Showing off each other’s acting skills
Chapter 502 Portrait of the Heavenly Master
Chapter 503 The frightened Chen Xiaoyu
Chapter 504 Urban Village and the Lost Stone Lion
Chapter 505 The mysterious old scavenger
Chapter 506 Fog and Suspicion
Chapter 507 The Little Painting Sage 'Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage'
Chapter 508 Pei Yuqin and Gu Qingqing’s enemies together
Chapter 509 Goldfinger has changed
Chapter 510 The Treasure Appraisal Exchange Meeting Begins
Chapter 511 Xuande Tower
Chapter 512 Treasure Appraisal Time
Chapter 513 Huaxi Fishing Hidden Picture
Chapter 514 Painting, Villa, Shen House
Chapter 515 The Three Fengchen Heroes Yuan Qinghua Jar
Chapter 516 The Fragment of Pushing Back Picture
Chapter 517 Half a Picture
Chapter 518 Half Painting (2) Requesting First Order
Chapter 519 The Ancestor of Crane Painting
Chapter 520 The dusty Tianzi jar
Chapter 521 Yuan Dynasty Calligraphy and Painting PK Doucai Tianzi Jar
Chapter 522 Infighting among Danshan Taibao
Chapter 523 Thrilling
Chapter 524 Encounter on a narrow road
Chapter 525 Start rescuing people
Chapter 526 There is a big tomb under the warehouse
Chapter 527 There may be Yuan Qinghua in the tomb
Chapter 528 Kill the vicious dog and get the news
Chapter 529 Group of thieves meeting
Chapter 530 Unexpected Person
Chapter 531 Weird Porcelain Patterns