Chapter 694 Qingdeng: If you destroy the keel, you can destroy the ship, right? [5200]

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The so-called "potential", to put it bluntly, is a kind of aura.

If we use a more mysterious term - this thing is a kind of energy.

The strength of "power" is not linked to a person's "force", but to a person's "spiritual power".

To put it simply: the stronger a person's mental power, the stronger his "power".

The human spirit is a faithful reflection of its past experiences.

People who have gone through countless hardships and passed through mountains of corpses and seas of blood naturally have a tenacious will that is far superior to ordinary people.

The aura of being able to control the life and death of countless people and kill millions of emperors and generals with just one order or instruction is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Since going to Luo, although Qingdeng has not been able to replicate any great talents and has not made any major breakthroughs in his personal strength, he has experienced a lot in these four months.

First, he became the general of the army guarding one side, and was no longer an ordinary official.

Build the army bit by bit.

Teach the soldiers step by step how to fight.

Then, take the lead and conquer the enemies!

The battle against the Ise bandit army was the first time Aoden personally directed the war as the "commander-in-chief". It was also the first time that he personally led the cavalry into battle like a fierce general in storytelling, delivering a decisive blow to the entire battle.


Not only strategizing in the tent, but also galloping in front of the formation.

From a swordsman to a general... these precious experiences have all turned into his spiritual wealth, and then become the nourishment of his "power"!

Once upon a time, when Kondo Shusuke taught Aototo the concept of "momentum", he said to him seriously: A powerful "momentum" can directly stun others, and the battle can be easily resolved without even raising a hand.

Frankly speaking, Qingdeng had always thought that these claims were exaggerated rumors.

A "power" that is so powerful that it can directly stun others?

What kind of outstanding person does this have to be to have such a powerful "power"?

He fully believed that Kondo Shusuke was telling nonsense.

Until now...the boomerang is coming.

Now, Qingto finally realized belatedly: Kondo Shusuke did not lie to him!

As he continues to grow, Qingdeng realizes more and more deeply the huge energy hidden in "potential"!

Although his current "power" has not reached the level of being able to stun others, it is enough to make ordinary people feel great pressure.

When he releases his "moment", people with slightly better willpower will feel tightness in their chests and their bodies will become heavier.

People with weak willpower will have difficulty breathing, their two legs will fight, and they will not even be able to stand firmly, just like a newborn deer.

It is not difficult to imagine that as long as his "power" continues to increase, one day he will reach the state where "one look can make people faint on the spot"!

In addition to strength, coverage is far better than ever before.

After Qingdeng released his "power", its range directly covered most of the Yuriaus!

Almost no one on the whole ship can escape the oppression of its "power"!

The only fly in the ointment is that Qingden still cannot flexibly control the "power", cannot accurately avoid certain people, and only attacks specific people.

In other words, his current "power" is completely to kill without distinction between ourselves and the enemy.

Not only the British members on the Julius, but also Katsurin Taro and Manjiro on the left and right of Aoto, as well as the crew members on the Kamrin Maru, were all implicated.

Fortunately, Rintaro Katsu, who has fought his way up from the bottom, and Manjiro, who has experienced wilderness survival, traveled to foreign countries, and traveled around the world at a young age, are both strong and tenacious people.

The two of them were so close to Qingdeng and faced his "power" directly from a distance. As a result, except for their faces turning blue, there was nothing strange about them.

As soon as Aoto finished introducing himself, Manjiro immediately got into work mode.

He accurately translated Qingdeng's words into standard American English.

While wiping the cold sweat remaining on his forehead, Neil raised his eyes and looked at Qingden with horror on his face.

He has heard of this "power"!

When he was still a carefree child, he had heard about this power from his grandfather!

In that era before the birth of steam engines and firearms, a very few martial artists possessed the miraculous power of "invisibly making people surrender."

According to legend, weak people simply cannot stay awake in front of them!

Now, with the advent of the industrial age, guns and guns have completely replaced swords.

The idea that "it is better to study and take exams than to dance with a sword" has become a consensus among people.

Martial artists have lost the soil for their survival.

Nowadays, no one in Britain knows how to practice martial arts.

Therefore, this "power" has become a legend and only appears in people's oral tradition.

Neil never expected his lifetime, he would be able to experience this legendary "power" personally!

The more he thought about it, the more frightened he felt, and the more he thought about it, the more horrified he felt!

The pressure of "power" only added to the fear in his heart!

Although he was deeply shocked, he never forgot his duties as minister.

He blinked his eyes vigorously a few times, steeled himself, and worked hard to straighten his waist and put his hands behind his back, so that he could regain his majestic posture.

It's just that... he has never been able to change his pale complexion back to normal.

"I, I am John Neal! Juju, Mr. Ju, it is an honor to meet you!"

He made a fool of himself as soon as he opened his mouth...

His lips and tongue seemed to be numb, he stammered, and almost bit his tongue.

Neil, who knew he was embarrassed, felt embarrassed and angry, but there was nothing he could do about it.

At this point, the "welcome ceremony" he carefully arranged was completely bankrupt.

The sailors lined up at the boarding port were all in disarray and out of formation.

Not to mention him and Colonel Jocelyn.

He couldn't even explain the important established process of "envoys meeting and introducing each other".

I wanted to embarrass the other party, but I ended up being the one who was embarrassed!

Qingdeng's purpose of "giving the British a powerful blow" has been achieved.

It is meaningless to continue to use "power" to oppress the opponent.

Therefore, Qingdeng quietly took back his "power".

At this moment, Neil felt as if he had emerged from the deep sea! His chest was no longer tight and he could breathe smoothly!

He felt so relieved that he couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief.

The originally tense nerves suddenly relaxed, and his body suddenly became weak. He almost fell to the ground and almost made a fool of himself again.

The rest of the people also felt as if they had received amnesty.

Wiping away sweat, gasping for breath, moaning and groaning.

It's chaos.

At this time, Katsurintaro and Manjiro blinked vigorously in no particular order.

The two looked at each other subconsciously - they both saw strong shock on each other's faces!

They were used to the British's arrogance.

Have you ever seen the British side look defeated?

At this thought, they involuntarily turned their heads and looked at Qingdeng with reverence.

At the same time, Neil, Colonel Jocelyn, and all the sailors present also raised their eyes in disbelief and looked at Qingden.

Qingdeng became the focus of the audience, thus invisibly destroying the prestige of the British side.

Today's negotiations have not yet begun, but the British side has already lost the opportunity and is at a disadvantage.

Under the direct gaze of everyone, Qingdeng said quietly:

"Your Excellency, Minister, without further ado, let's start our negotiations quickly."

Julius, cabin—

Under the leadership of Neil and Colonel Jocelyn, Qingden and others walked down the stairs and moved to a certain room in the cabin.

A long table has been placed in the center of this room.

On the long table, candles, lamps, ink, brushes, quills and other items are all available.

Makui and Makui sat in sequence on both sides of the long table, facing each other.

As soon as he sat down, Qingdeng immediately said:

"Your Excellency, Minister, you and I both know the purpose of our visit, so there is no need to engage in unnecessary politeness and pleasantries."

"I'll get straight to the point."

"We are not to blame for the 'raw wheat incident'."

"If civilians encounter the daimyo's formation, they must kneel down and give way - this is the rule of our country."

"Not only did the four British people fail to heed the advice, but they also bumped into Samohou's guard of honor."

"They ended up with such a miserable end, and it was entirely their own fault."

"Therefore, your actions of seeking compensation from the shogunate and Satsuma are truly unreasonable."

"We and Satsuma will not hand over a penny. Please go back home."

Qing Deng elaborated his proposition concisely and concisely.

As soon as he finished speaking, Katsurin Taro and Manjiro, who were sitting on his left and right sides respectively, suddenly opened their eyes, looking pale with shock.

No wonder they are like this.

Previously, their request to the British side was simply that "the grievances and debts have their owners. If you want to claim compensation, go to Satsuma for money. As long as you don't cause trouble to the shogunate, everything will be easy to resolve."

The "raw wheat incident" was originally Satsuma's fault and had nothing to do with the shogunate.

Therefore, the request made by the shogunate is reasonable and reasonable.

As a result, such an appropriate request was still flatly rejected by the British side.

The British were so domineering, and Qingdeng even opened his mouth in response!

Not only did they threaten that "the shogunate will not compensate," they even asserted that "Satsuma does not need to compensate!"

Manjiro was petrified on the spot and wondered whether he should faithfully translate Ayoto's words.

Qingdeng glanced at him and said calmly:

"Manjiro, why are you standing still?"

Aoto's oppressive eyes made Manjiro's cheeks filled with hesitation and hesitation.

Finally, he gritted his teeth and translated Qingdeng's words.

No surprise - this time it was Neil and Colonel Jocelyn who were stunned.

Neil frowned and his expression darkened.

He sat up straight and held the table with both hands.

"...Your Excellency, your rule of "avoiding the queue of daimyo" is aimed at the civilians of your country."

"Citizens of the British Empire have no reason to abide by your backward customs."

"The Code of Hammurabi once recorded: Tooth for tooth, eye for eye."

"You brutally killed our citizens, and we naturally have the right to retaliate."

"We only asked you to pay money, but did not ask you to pay for your life. We have done our best to benevolent and righteous."

Having said this, Neil paused.

"Don't think I don't know the political situation in Japan."

"The shogunate is the most powerful separatist force in Japan, and it is also the leader of the vassals."

"The younger brother made a mistake, and the boss should bear certain responsibilities."

"Therefore, what is wrong with us asking for compensation from Satsuma who made a mistake and the shogunate that led the feudal clans?"

Neil has recovered from the frightened state of being overwhelmed by "power" just now.

Possessing wonderful "power", so what?

No matter how powerful a martial artist is, can he still be stronger than a strong ship and a powerful cannon?

What cannot be won on the battlefield cannot be won back at the negotiation table.

As long as we still have the absolute force to crush the other party, we will always be invincible at the negotiation table!

With this thought, Neil was determined and returned to his "minister form" of "wholeheartedly fighting for the interests of Britain".

Faced with Neil's aggressiveness, Qingdeng did not react violently.

He still looked calm and just spread his hands.

"Your Excellency, please understand - if you persist, we also have the right to launch a counterattack."

As soon as these words came out, Neil and Colonel Jocelyn laughed out loud as if they had heard a big joke.

Colonel Jocelyn smiled so much that his dark red gums were exposed.

Neil was even more exaggerated. He laughed "haha" and slapped the table with his hands.

"Counterattack? What are you going to use to counterattack? The knife on your waist?"

As he spoke, Neil shrugged with disdain.

"Your Excellency, please forgive me, I don't want to say unpleasant words."

"Anyway, please stay calm."

"'Meeting each other in war' is not the best choice for both sides...especially your side."

"If the war breaks out, you will deeply experience the power of 'industry' and why our country of England has become the 'empire on which the sun never sets'!"

Neil's rhetoric was full of strong self-confidence and great disdain for the power of the shogunate.

Rintaro Katsu and Manjiro both showed indignant expressions.

Qingdeng looked as usual.

He glanced at Neil without sadness or joy.

After a moment, he slowly stood up.

"Since both parties are unwilling to give in... let's end today's negotiations here."

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and walked towards the door not far away.

His sudden move not only made the victorious Rintaro and Manjiro at a loss, but also caused great confusion to Neil and Colonel Jocelyn.

Neil immediately asked:

"Sir, do you plan to go back?"

Qing Deng responded without looking back:

"You are unwilling to let go, and I am unwilling to give in. There is no point in staying here any longer."

"Next, I will try to make you accept our conditions."

When he mentioned the word "try", Qingdeng emphasized his tone intentionally or unintentionally - but no one present noticed this detail.

"I will come to visit again at this time tomorrow."

Neil raised his eyebrows and sneered "ha".

He said no more, and instead raised his head and shouted to the guards outside:

"Give them a ride!"

The doormen responded in agreement, then stretched out their hands to open the door, turned sideways, and made a "please" gesture to Qingden.

Qingdeng left in stride.

Katsurin Taro and Manjiro hurriedly followed.

Suddenly, Neil shouted at Qingdeng’s back:

"Sir, don't blame me for not reminding you!"

“June 12 is the deadline!”

"If we are not given a reasonable explanation before this, tens of millions of artillery shells will rain down on Edo!"

"This was an avoidable tragedy."

"I hope you will think twice!"

Qingdeng ignored Neil's "kind reminder" and left on his own.

Within a moment, his figure disappeared into the shadows...

Qingteng and others returned to Hamlin Maru along the rope ladder.

On the way back to the ship, both Katsurintaro and Manjiro pursed their lips and looked heavy.

Although they couldn't say it clearly,... Qingdeng's performance today really disappointed them.

At the beginning, the unparalleled "power" really surprised them, and at the same time, they came up with the idea "If it is Qingdeng, maybe it can really be done!"

However... in the subsequent formal negotiations, Qingdeng's behavior was really difficult for them to understand.

From the very beginning, they put forward conditions that the British side would never agree to.

As soon as the negotiations reached a stalemate, they immediately announced unilaterally that they were "withdrawing" and would come back tomorrow.

How can we refute the British side with this approach? How can we win in this "negotiation between the two sides"?

Katsurintaro and Manjiro thought about the remedy with heavy hearts.

Suddenly, Qingden, who was walking in front of them, suddenly asked Katsurin Taro:

"Rintaro, does it mean that as long as the keel is broken, the ship will be useless?"

Although Qingdeng didn't know much about boats, he also knew some navigation knowledge.

Keel - a longitudinal member connecting the bow and stern posts at the base center of the hull, located at the bottom of the ship.

If Qingdeng remembers correctly, the keel is the most important part of the ship.

Although Katsurintaro didn't understand why Aoden asked this question, he still answered calmly:

"Well, yes. The keel is to a ship what the spine is to a human being."

When it came to his professional knowledge, Katsurin Taro immediately became energetic and explained with excitement.

"Shipbuilding begins with laying the keel."

"Then assemble the bow wood, stern wood, and rib wood."

"Assemble the ribs, elbows, decks, and beams."

"All components are precisely assembled with the keel as the core."

"That's how ships are made."

"The keel is the foundation of the ship's frame and the lifeblood of the ship."

"If other parts on the ship are damaged, we can still find ways to repair them."

"But if the keel is severely damaged, then there's really nothing we can do."

"We can only dismantle the ship and splice the intact parts onto the new keel - it's no different from directly replacing it with a new ship."

Qingdeng listened very carefully.

After the other party finished speaking, he asked aloud:

"That is to say... if the keel is there, the ship will be there; if the keel is destroyed, the ship will be destroyed - that's what it means, right?"

Katsurin Taro nodded without thinking:

"Well, you can say that."

Qingden nodded quietly.

"Very good... That being the case, it's easy to handle. Rintaro, after returning to shore later, I want to take the first step."

"Huh? Where are you going?"

Qingdeng chuckled a few times, and an intriguing and strange smile appeared on the corners of his lips.

"I'm going to find an old friend."

Edo, somewhere——

Qingden walked through the familiar streets and alleys.

Whether it was the street scenes on both sides or the road beneath his feet, Qingdeng felt as relaxed and excited as if he were home.

Soon, he stopped under the plaque with the words "Thousand Things House" written on it.

Hua Hua Hua... He slowly opened the door of the shop - an old figure bowing his head in front of the case jumped into his eyes.

"Boss Kiryu, long time no see."



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