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I formed the strongest swordsman group

I formed the strongest swordsman group

author:Soo Meng Shi

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-11 19:05

Latest chapter:Chapter 581 Qingdeng, are you fascinated by the beauty of the new character again?

Traveling back to modern Japan in 1860 AD, it was the end of the turbulent Edo shogunate period, that is, the Tokugatsu period.(br)The overseas powers that completed the industrial revolution opened Japan's door with steam battleships, bringing to this country turmoil and opportunities.(br)The samurai warriors who lived by the sword and died by the sword, desperately defending the old era; the reformers who shouted to fight against the barbarians and found the country and vowed to establish a new era; who killed countless people in the name of heaven. The chilling mass murderers... all of them are holding their swords high for the justice they insist on.(br)In this turbulent era, Tachibana Aoden, who traveled through time and became an ordinary policeman in Edo (today's Tokyo) , with the copy talent system, as long as you have competed with someone, you can copy a talent from the opponent regardless of victory or defeat.(br)For example - after competing with a beautiful boy named Okita Souji, Tachibana Aoden copied Here comes the talent of [Swordsmanship talent increased 50 times that of ordinary people].(br)This is a small policeman who, in this turbulent era, gathered a large number of swordsmen due to a combination of yin and yang, and established a feared swordsman. The legend of the group.(br)*******(br)Swordsmen should be thankful that in this era where guns and cannons have replaced swords, it was Niou Tachibana Aoden who led the Shinsengumi to let the swords perform to their full potential. The last light and heat. (br)——Historians commented on Ju Qingden.

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《I formed the strongest swordsman group》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 581 Qingdeng, are you fascinated by the beauty of the new character again?
Chapter 580 New female character: The most beautiful woman in Kyoto, the legendary geisha
Chapter 579 Victory and triumph! Build a temple in Beijing! Establish authority! 【4400
Chapter 578: Become famous in one battle! The reputation of the Shinsengumi is reversed! 【4200
Chapter 577 Annihilate the Kusunoki group! The Shinsengumi won the first battle!【
Chapter 576 Unlock the Two-Knife Style! It’s great to use the Two-Knife Style to fight in groups
Chapter 575: Kill one person in one step! The powerful generals of the Shinsengumi appear in the formation
Chapter 574: Kill every enemy! After tonight, there will be no more nanmu in Kyoto
Chapter 573 The Shinsengumi sets off! The Shinsengumi’s first battle!【
《I formed the strongest swordsman group》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Orange Green Deng
Chapter 2 Copy Talent System
Chapter 3 Have you ever seen the protagonist who was almost hacked to death as soon as he crossed ov
Chapter 4 Bloody Times
Chapter 5 Have you ever seen this kind of hellish start?
Chapter 6 In short, let's go to the sword hall to learn swords!
Chapter 7 Kazuma Kiryu
Chapter 8 Kinoshita Dance
Chapter 9: The Test Guard Hall of the Natural Mind Flow
Chapter 10 Shannan's Respect
Chapter 11 Kondo Issu
Chapter 12 Chief Director Okita and Copying Talent: [Sword's Talent]
Chapter 13 Shocking Four (1)
Chapter 14 Shocking Four (Part 2)
Chapter 15 The Wicked Boy of Thorns Hijikata Toshizo
Chapter 16 Talent is the ability to do whatever you want (1)
Chapter 17 Talent is the ability to do whatever you want (2)
Chapter 18 The Rumored Busty Ninja in Edo
Chapter 19 'I will definitely make those stinky guys look good!'
Chapter 20 Every flower street in Edo has their active figures!
Chapter 21 The Dead Father's Colleagues
Chapter 22 Ding! New mission!
Chapter 23 The beginning of this time-travel is getting hellish!
Chapter 24 The Law Punishment Party and Saitoichi
Chapter 25 Meeting Okita
Chapter 26 Okita-kun is an idiot and a serious case is coming!
Chapter 27 The Troubled Case
Chapter 28 Ju Qingdeng? What cases can he solve?
Chapter 29 The No. 1 expert in the Beifan Institute
Chapter 30 Ju Qing Deng who solved the case instantly
Chapter 31 The 'Three Times' Ace of the Northern Fan Group: Hosejiro Nishino
Chapter 32 Case solved!
Chapter 33 Orange Green Deng (smiling kindly): open the door!
Chapter 34 Get Talent: [Sleeping God]!
Chapter 35
Chapter 36: Duodeng's Counterattack (1)
Chapter 37: The Counterattack of Dudu Deng (2)
Chapter 38 Find Shura!
Chapter 39 Please call him 'Nobi Luo Zhixiang Ju Qingden Nobita'
Chapter 40 'Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow~~!'
Chapter 41 Miss Kinoshita's Big Failure
Chapter 42 Kinoshita Mai's Friend
Chapter 43 Bushido is a piece of shit
Chapter 44 Kondo Shusuke and Kondo Pen
Chapter 45 Obtaining Talent: [Lonely]!
Chapter 46 Ju Qing Deng won Zhuge Kongming's unique skills!
Chapter 47 Get Talent: [Eagle Eye]!
Chapter 48 Ouch, it’s very solid here!
Chapter 49 Ding! Harvest the fanboy: Okita Souji
Chapter 50 Come! Let me bind you! (Part 1)
Chapter 51 Quick! Let me bind you! (Part 2)
Chapter 52 Acquiring talent: [Left-handed] and going on a business trip
Chapter 53 Cute Loli from France
Chapter 54 2 against 8! The first death fight! (Part 1)
Chapter 55 2 against 8! The first death fight! (Part 2)
Chapter 56 2 against 8! The first death fight! (Part 2)
Chapter 57
Chapter 58
Chapter 59 Killing Anthony and Elodie at Fujisawa!
Chapter 60 “That’s right, the cat monk!”
Chapter 61 The cat monk who is very powerful in jiu-jitsu
Chapter 62 Qing Deng: If only I could encounter something more powerful
Chapter 63 Met a Wild Beautiful Girl
Chapter 64 Draw the knife! Then hug 3 girls (Part 1)
Chapter 65 Draw the knife! Then hug 3 girls (2)
Chapter 66 Draw the knife! Then hug 3 girls (Part 2)
Chapter 67: Hohoin’s Spear Skill, Suehiro Moriyoshi
Chapter 68 [Benevolence]
Chapter 69 Little Rich Woman Kinoshita Mai [Thanks to the leader, updated chapter 3]
Chapter 70 Encounter with the old man from KFC [Thanks to the leader, updated chapter 3]
Chapter 71 Unparalleled Sword Drawing Technique [Thanks to the Alliance Leader, updated Chapter 3]
Chapter 72 On the eve of the storm, the war is about to begin! (Part 1)
Chapter 73 On the eve of the storm, the war will begin! (Part 2)
Chapter 74 Repel the barbarians! Repel barbarians! Repel barbarians!
Chapter 75 Young King, this is your stage!
【Remarks on the launch】·Bushido is a piece of shit
Chapter 76 'Nioh Breaking the Formation Song' [Please order first!] (1W update)
Chapter 77 King, standing in front of the battle! [Please order first!] (1W update)
Chapter 78 Breaking the formation! [1W update]
Chapter 79 The coach’s duel, Aoto vs. Suehiro [7600 words]
Chapter 80 The benevolent king stands tall! [Breaking update 1W]
Chapter 81 'Tangerine-kun, are you interested in the sword-drawing technique?' [6400]
Chapter 82 Let everyone know the name of Ju Qingden! [9100 words]
Chapter 83 The prelude to the storm, Edo will launch an 'anti-terrorism operation' [5500 words]
Chapter 84 Qing Deng who was attacked for revenge [7700]
Chapter 85 Qingden’s real name: [Source Orange Qingden Shengqing] [Breaking update 1W]
Chapter 86 Gaining 3 talents in a row: Skillful Hands, Strong Tongue, and Iron Waist [6700 words]
Chapter 87 The No. 1 Beauty of Edo in a Low-Quality Work [9000 words]
Chapter 88 Held a 'Swordsmanship Battle' with Chiba Sword Hall! [5400 words]
Chapter 89 'Jijun, are you married?' [5600 words]
Chapter 90 The man who can make the most beautiful woman in Edo have unrequited love [6200 words]
Chapter 91 Nagakura Shinpachi [8400 words]
Chapter 92 Save the beauty of the first beauty hero in Edo? 【7600】
Chapter 93 Qingdeng: 'Please take back what you just said!' [5800 words]
Chapter 94 Qingdeng flirted with three people at the same time [8000 words]
Chapter 95 Qingdeng: 'Let me be the general!' [8000 words]
Chapter 97 Qing Deng, rush into battle! Obtain talent: strong muscles [9400 words]
Chapter 98 Winning the game! Obtaining talents: Cat Turn and Photographic Impression
Chapter 99 Ouch! Miss Kinoshita, are you blushing? [Breaking update 1W]
Chapter 100 Let Qingto and Sanako combine? [7600 words]
Chapter 101 Worship the Sword! Qingdeng’s New Sword: Defeat Ghosts and Gods! [6200 words]
Chapter 102 Recommend Ju Qingden to the General! [7000 words
Chapter 103 The 24-year-old virgin widow appears!【7000】
Chapter 104 Qingdeng was 'targeted' by General Zhengyi [7700
Chapter 105 Outside the Sakurada Gate, the age of violence! [8800 words
Chapter 106 Changes outside Sakurada Gate! Demons and demons appear! [Explosion
Chapter 107 The blonde loli comes to the door【7200】
Chapter 108 'I am not the princess of that empire, I am Fran
Chapter 109 Obtaining a god-level talent: [Ghost Heart] [8200 words]
Chapter 110 Watch out, Qingdeng. This is called a humanoid self-propelled cannon!
Chapter 111 About Qingdeng’s encounter with the strange man in black at night
Chapter 112 Qingdeng vs. Cat Monk! Copy talent: [Milk]
Chapter 113 Qingdeng’s new subordinates?【5600】
Chapter 114 Qingden who wants to be a phantom thief with Cat Monk【7600
Chapter 115 Copying Talents [Take the Lead] and [See Through]
Chapter 116 The Swordsman Group is finally established! [5300 words]
Chapter 117 The anti-barbarian group is coming! New mission! 【6200】
Chapter 118 The first formation of the Qingdeng Swordsman Group!【5200】
Chapter 119 The calm before the rainstorm [8000 words]
Chapter 120 'Don't underestimate the elderly!' (Knocking on the revolver)
Chapter 121 Qingdeng rushes into battle! [Updated 1W]
Chapter 122 One is worth ten, five is worth a hundred! [5600 words]
Chapter 123 Qingden vs. Kamino! Copy talent [Hair]
Chapter 124 The sudden appearance of the cat monk [6000 words]
Chapter 125 Qingdeng is promoted! Increased salary by 400 stones! [7000 words]
Chapter 126 Tianzhangyuan: “I want to marry the number one man in Japan
Chapter 127 Brother Chapter 126 Marquis Aizu’s Swordsmanship Competition [5800 words]
Chapter 128 Participate in the swordsmanship competition! Take Qingdeng on a blind date?【72
Chapter 129 'The Cat Monk is so!' [6000 words]
Chapter 130 Cat soft! Cat Monk’s true identity
Chapter 131 Kinoshita Mai’s commission: Work with her to deal with the massacre
Chapter 132 “Phantom Thief” Aoto Tachibana has arrived! [6400]
Chapter 133 Encountering the Killing Group【5600】
Chapter 134 Qingdeng vs Renzhan Group! Copying Talent [Deceiver]
Chapter 135 Qingdeng Kinoshita Mai vs. Fire Rogue Kai【6500】
Chapter 136 The ultimate in legendary martial arts: [The realm of selflessness]! [
Chapter 137 The [Three Heroes] of the Three Great Sword Halls of Edo [6000]
Chapter 138 The strongest swordsman in Edo currently! 【5000】
Chapter 139 Aoto vs. Kondo Shusuke! Teaching the secrets of natural rimshin-ryu
Chapter 140 [The collision of 'potentials'] A whole new realm! [73
Chapter 141 I want to be Sanako’s husband!【4700】
Chapter 142 The swordsmanship competition begins! [Updated 1W]
Chapter 143 Kill the opponent instantly with one sword! Shock the whole audience! [Breaking update 1W
Chapter 144 Another instant kill! [Talent fusion]! [Update 1W
Chapter 145 Another instant kill! Swordsmanship talent increased by 62 times!【
Chapter 146 Okita is so cute and the man who bears the name of dragon【66
Chapter 147 Another instant kill! The final opponent: Kuan Niizuma
Chapter 148 Crush the new wife Kuan! [Updated 1W]
Chapter 149 The release of 'power'! Shocked the whole audience! 【5300】
Chapter 150 Ouch! Miss Sanako, are you blushing?【62
Chapter 151 The population of the Trial Guard Hall is booming! 【6600】
Chapter 152 Watch carefully, Qingdeng, this is how the humanoid pile driver is practiced
Chapter 153 Kinoshita Mai: 'Tachibana-kun, are you free tonight?'
Chapter 154 Two people break into the house! Qingto and Wu’s unparalleled infiltration【
Chapter 155 One man is the master! Copying the talent [Wind Sensor]
Chapter 156 Ouch! Miss Kinoshita, are you blushing again? [7000
Chapter 157 Copying “Eternal Talent”: [Wuwang Hachiman]
Chapter 158 The Power of “Eternal Talent” [4800]
Chapter 159 The Strongest in Edo·Chiba Eijiro Visits【7200】
Chapter 160 Chiba Eijiro who came for Aoto【4600】
Chapter 161 Aoto vs. Eijiro Chiba, facing 'the strongest in Edo'
Chapter 162 Fierce battle with Eijiro Chiba! Copying the talent [Gathering God]
Chapter 163 The swordsman who cut off the armored ship: Kuro Mamiya [6400
Chapter 164 Not one of the millions of people in Qingdeng may have it.
Chapter 165 Sanako: 'I won't like Mr. Tachibana'【66
Chapter 166: The new cadre of the Execution Party: Feng Yao·Kama Itachi【6500
Chapter 167 Mr. Orange! Let’s go try to meet Western women together!
Chapter 168 Ouch! Miss Elodie, are you blushing? [Breaking update
Chapter 169 Mr. Orange, please accompany me to fencing! 【7600】
Chapter 170 Copying the Talent [Plump Xiong Breasts], Du! and Su
Chapter 171 Qingdeng Team Assault! Chase in the Residence!【
Chapter 172: Duel with 18 people! Qingdeng’s new breakthrough [6700]
Chapter 173 Breaking the bow with one sword! Copying the talent [Bow Master][
Chapter 174 Who makes me like Miss Sanako so much! (hug
Chapter 175 Kidnapped Sanako, Sanako’s virginity crisis
Chapter 176 Rescue Sanako! (Part 1)【7700】
Chapter 177 Rescue Sanako! (Part 2) [Update 1.1W]
Chapter 178 “Miss Sanako, please step back, it’s okay now
Chapter 179 Sanako’s shock! Qingto becomes stronger【Explosion
Chapter 180 The 'Benevolent King' riding a bull is rushing to the battlefield [Breaking update
Chapter 181 Even though there are tens of thousands of people, I will go [Updated 1W3]
Chapter 182 1vs67! Decisive battle with the anti-barbarian group! [Breaking update 1W]
Chapter 183 Kinoshita Mai arrives! The cooperation of swordsmen and female ninjas!
Chapter 184 The final battle! Qingden vs. Kamino [9000]
Chapter 185 Holding a long sword in hand, moonlight on the shoulder, the sword energy is like a dragon!【
Chapter 186 The eternal talent... shines brightly! [Updated 1W]
Chapter 187 The death battle ends! [1W update]
Chapter 188 Qingdeng gets promoted and pays the thieves to change? [Explosive update 1W]
Chapter 189 Elodie: 'Mr. Orange! Please accept me as your disciple!'
Chapter 190 Accepting a Disciple! Qingdeng’s first female disciple and eldest lady
Chapter 191 Qingto teases Sanako until he blushes【7000】
Chapter 192 Qingto makes Kinoshita Mai blush [Breaking update 1W]
Chapter 193 Mr. Orange! Come and learn the art of drawing swords from me! 【9000】
Postscript to Volume 1
Chapter 195 'Nioh' Tachibana Aoden and 'Shura' Ogata Issei
Chapter 196 Okita Souji was urged to get married [Breaking update 1W]
Chapter 197 Qingden vs. Genzaburo Inoue, copying talent [Strong Essence]
Chapter 194 Qingteng’s new title: [Nioh]! [·End]
Chapter 198 The female version of Okita Souji [1W update]
Chapter 199: Practicing the art of drawing swords and the demon sword Vairocana [Breaking update]
Chapter 200 Knife in hand! Cut Qingdeng! Grab Zonazi! [7600
Chapter 201 Kill instantly with one sword! Qingden vs. Sanako’s pursuer army
Chapter 202 The Nioh shows his power! Defeating the heroes of Xiao Qianye Sword Hall!【
Chapter 203 Qingdeng’s little fans【7600】
Chapter 204 Talent Upgrade! Sword Talent Upgrade [Sword Saint]
Chapter 205 “What do you think about letting Qingden and Sanako get married?
Chapter 206 The half-fruited Qingden and the pure Sanako [Breaking update 1W
Chapter 207 Aoden vs. Okita Souji, the boss with multiple talents
Chapter 208 Go take a shower with Okita Souji! 【8400】
Chapter 209 Shocked! Okita Souji turns out to be a girl!【7800
Chapter 210 Aoto and Okita Souji’s bond!【7000】
Chapter 211 What should Okita do who should take the red fruit?【4600】
Chapter 212 The raging oppression of the General Secretary and the past of the General Secretary [Breaking Update
Chapter 213 Go to the fireworks display with Sanako to perform sword skills!
Chapter 214 Trial Guard Hall vs Xuanwu Hall, opening! [Breaking update 1W]
Chapter 215 The 'Nio' is here! 【7800】
Chapter 216 Qing Deng, charging into the formation! Killing Xuanwu Pavilion for the first time! 【6200】
Chapter 217 Aomori and Hijikata - the strategy of the 'Ghost Hearts'
Chapter 218 Three Talents in a row: Bright Eyes, Clouds and Stones, Mathematics
Chapter 219 Talents merge again! [Strong Muscle 1] [7200]
Chapter 220 All the masters of the Trial Guard Hall vs. the great swordsman Qian of the Two-sword Style
Chapter 221 Mysterious meaning: Flowing Light Mysterious meaning: Ping Qingyan’s three-stage suddenness!【
Chapter 222 The collision of 'potentials'! Copying god-level talents: [Left
Chapter 223: High promotion! Huo Fu Thieves becomes the captain of the third division and concurrently
Chapter 224 Qingden increases his salary by 500 stones! Upgraded to [Hatagon Samurai]!
Chapter 225 I, Ju Qingdeng, will never be with Tianzhangyuan’s eldest sister
Chapter 226 About taking Qingto to meet Kinoshita’s dance parents
Chapter 227 The girl who was raped by 'Qingdeng'【6200】
Chapter 228 I only recognize 'Daitoden'! Who is 'Nioh'
Chapter 229 Qing Deng, a hero who saves a beauty, first shows his power by fighting each other!
Chapter 230 Be bold! Don’t be rude to His Majesty Niou! [Breaking update 1W
Chapter 231 The shy Sanako always fantasizes about Qingden’s body【
Chapter 232 Aomori vs. Sanako! Fierce fight by the river! 【8500
Chapter 233 Push Sanako into the water! Sanako is wet
Chapter 234 Parts of the body that only Sanako’s husband can see
Chapter 235 Qing Deng crazily stepped on two ships【7600】
Chapter 236 [Thousand Years of Bloody Battle] and the Survivors of the Battle of Osaka [
Chapter 237 Silent Oaths Under Fireworks and 'Yangming's Ghost'【
Chapter 238 Qingden’s Two-Knife Style! Two-Knife Style vs. Locking Scythe Technique【70
Chapter 239 Copying Talent [Body of Water] and the Rare Genius Detective
Chapter 240 Emperor Zuo Wu, the four girls gather together! (Part 1) [6
Chapter 241 Zuo Wu Si Di, four girls gather together! (Part 2)【6
Chapter 242 Zuo Wu Si Di, four girls gather together! (Part 2) [7
Chapter 243 The sudden arrival of Shura Field! Qingdeng is in danger! [90
Chapter 244 While talking and laughing, the Shura field was wiped out in ashes [6700]
Chapter 245 After the Heroes of the Trial Guards vs. 'The Twenty-Four Generals of Takeda'
Chapter 246 Kinoshita Mai and the weird body【4800】
Chapter 247 Kill another master! Copy the talent [Tiger Arm]!
Chapter 248 Finally meet! Qingdeng and Tianzhangyuan’s eldest sister!【75
Chapter 249 The imperial martial arts performance begins! Aoto vs. the Shogunate Imperial Guards【
Chapter 250 Don’t speak ill of His Highness Tianzhangyuan! 【6500】
Chapter 251 Copying Talents [Emperor’s Art] and [Many Children, Many Blessings]
Chapter 252: Comparable to Sanako! Really huge
Chapter 253 Encounter with twin witches! Sudden sneak attack!
Chapter 254 Ninjutsu talent increased by 35 times! Copy the talent [Ninjutsu]
Chapter 255 The female ninja appears! The shogunate’s new ninja force:
Chapter 256 A high rise! The young widow’s direct “agent”
Chapter 257 Now is the time for Qingdeng to show off. Both girls are amazing with their skills
Chapter 258: The bad guy reappears. He has a lot of physical talent and can really do it.
Chapter 259 Kill Tachibana Aoden! Aoden’s new crisis! [8000
Chapter 260 The release of “power”! A “power” so strong that it stuns others
Chapter 261 The king meets the king! [1W update!]
Chapter 262 One man versus three women, the Shura field comes again! 【6400】
Chapter 263 Women’s war, Sanako and
Chapter 264 The Eternal Sword Master Ogata Issei appears!【6400
Chapter 265 'The Unparalleled Sword' and 'The Sword of the Living' [6200
Chapter 266 Rushing to the sky!【7100】
Chapter 267 A sword that unites heaven and earth!【6700】
Chapter 268 Nioh vs Shura! The 'gift' of the Eternal Sword Master!
Chapter 269 Aoto Sanako and Kinoshita Mai’s “cohabitation” life
Chapter 270 Qingdeng, are you going to meet a beautiful woman again? Can you take a rest?
Chapter 271 2 months later! A new legend opens! 【5600】
Chapter 272 Souji, who has the 'sick' attribute, fell ill!【
Chapter 273 Ju Qingdeng has defiled many civilian girls?【4600】
Chapter 274 3 Talent Fusions! Bear’s Waist 1 Eagle Eye 1 Bodybuilding
Chapter 275: Establish power with one sword! Shock Xiao Xiao! [6500]
Chapter 276 Ju Qingden? He knows nothing about leading troops!【5400】
Chapter 277 Send troops! Destroy the remnants of the rebel group! 【5100】
Chapter 278 What is there to do with the anti-barbarian group? Just destroy them!【5400
Chapter 279 Choshu domain, Shinsaku Takasugi, appearance! [7200]
Chapter 280 Qingdeng: (drawing the sword) 'Just leave it to me!' [
Chapter 281 Qingden rushes into the formation! The 'Yunliu' ninjutsu shows its power for the first time!【
Chapter 282 1vs22! Breaking the enemy’s formation! 【6200】
Chapter 283 The middle door faces each other! Flowing Light Drawing Sword Technique vs One-Armed Sword Drawing Technique
Chapter 284 Fierce fight! Nioh vs. Changzhou Kuangzu! 【6000】
Chapter 285 Copying god-level talents: [Berserker]! [6400
Chapter 286 Lever-action rifle in left hand, knife in right hand, double armpit
Chapter 287 Qingdeng: 'I'm going to beat 60 of you!' Team Three
Chapter 288 Copying the god-level talent again: [Yuan Yang]! [64
Chapter 289 Qingdeng’s future wives are getting better and better! Copy
Chapter 290 The world becomes [transparent]! [6700]
Chapter 291 Unparalleled in the world? Big book, special book! Go to hell with your incompetence
Chapter 292 Qingdeng’s super backstage!【5000】
Chapter 293 Raise troops and march westward! Conquer the Kaibi Bandits! [6000]
Chapter 294 Nioh vs. Fire Tiger! Copy Talent [Super Speed]
Chapter 295 The war begins! The attack and defense of Somasan Mountain begins!【
Chapter 296: Qing ascends to the top! No one can stop him! [Breaking update 1W!]
Chapter 297 Qingdeng breaks the formation! Wins two levels in a row! [1W update!]
Chapter 298 A female swordsman disguised as a man, join! [9000]
Chapter 299 Look how awesome my subordinates, Ju Qingden, can be!【
Chapter 300 The reputation of Niou shocked Kaibi!【8000】
Chapter 301: Killing people to establish power! I, Qingden, killed the nobles of the aristocratic families.
Chapter 302 The bond and legend between Niou and Cheng Ziqi begin from here
Chapter 303 Qingdeng’s waist is getting better and better! Talent fusion [Yuan
Chapter 304 A weird fight to the death! Qingdeng vs. a man possessed by evil spirits
Chapter 305 Mr. Ju! Marry my sister! 【6600】
Chapter 306 Triumph! The whole city of Edo was shocked! 【5600】
Chapter 307 Qingdeng was promoted! Increased salary by 250 stones! Granted a pair of treasure armor!
Chapter 308: Practicing the Art of War! Taking a firm step toward becoming the “God of War”
Chapter 309: Hikaru Okita who caught the adulterer, Ayoto and Souji’s affair【
Chapter 310 Mr. Tachibana, please get married to Souji! 【6000】
Chapter 311 The Director-General’s Best Husband【6000】
Chapter 312 The main palace officer must be Okita Souji! Sanako and others must rely on him
Chapter 313 Qing ascends the danger! The meeting of Sanako and childhood sweetheart【
Chapter 314 Subdue Otsuki Minoru! Copy the talent [Snake Body]!
Chapter 315 'Tachibana-kun, I'm sorry!', Otsuki Minoru's streets
Chapter 316 Facing the road bandits! Now it’s time to go on a killing spree【6200
Chapter 317 2 Talent Fusions! [Strong Essence 1] and [Skilled Hands]
Chapter 318 Shocked the whole audience! Three hits with three arrows! Qingdeng’s archery skills are revealed for the first time
Chapter 319: Human Zhan Qingden vs. human Zanjiro! The confrontation between human Zhan
Chapter 320 Talent values ??skyrocketed! Super evolution [Speed ??4]
Chapter 321 Qingden vs twin female ninjas! [Leopard update 9200]
Chapter 322 Copying the Talent [Beautiful Body] [Soft Body]! [660
Chapter 323 Tianzhangyuan: 'Ji Jun, I like you! I want to be with you
Chapter 324 Tianzhangyuan’s kiss to Qingdeng, was Qingdeng’s first kiss taken away?
Chapter 325 Defeat the swordsman Ito Oizou! Copy the talent [Xiang’s]
Chapter 326 Qingdeng’s waist strength is enhanced at an epic level! The one who respects the king and repels the barbarians
Chapter 327 The Chief’s Kiss to Qingdeng【7400】
Chapter 328 Aomori and Soujis confession to each other! The legend has just begun
Chapter 135: Visit incognito! The benevolent king and the general conquering the barbarians go on a patrol among the people! 【4200】
Chapter 136 Qingdeng is getting closer and closer to Tianzhangyuan mother and son! 【5000】
Chapter 137 The hero saves the beauty! Faces the lawless prodigal! 【4200】
Chapter 138 The benevolent king shows his power! Kill all the ronin instantly! 【5000】
Chapter 139 Copying the god-level talent [Optimus Prime]! [4800]
Chapter 140 I still have the dream of sleeping with other women, what if it comes true? [5300]
Chapter 141 The Dragon of Kyoto is coming! 【5400】
Chapter 142 The initial awakening of Niou【5800】
Chapter 143 Nioh vs. Mob! Talents merge again【5600】
Chapter 144 What a reckless man! It’s up to me, the Confucian disciples, to govern the country and save the world! [6000]
Chapter 145 Do you want to sell your daughter? I’ll help you! [6000]
Chapter 146 Qingdeng will not let go of anyone from widows to young girls!【6600】
Chapter 147 Qing Deng’s tongue-in-cheek battle with the Confucian scholars! [Leopard update 8100]
Chapter 148 One man and one sword, killing all the scholars instantly! Shocked the whole audience! [8500]
Chapter 149 Tianzhang Yuan is a perfect body and a slap in the face of the powerful! 【8100】
Chapter 150 The release of 'power'! Fight against the powerful eagle dog! 【6000】
Chapter 151 The new talent [Dry Palm] is integrated with the talent [Tiger Arm 1]! [6700]
Chapter 152 You traitor! How can you be rude to His Majesty the King!【8400】
Chapter 153 Tianzhang Courtyard: Sheng Qing, do you want to come to my room tonight? [4400]
Chapter 154 The Tianzhang Academy is gradually becoming enchanted【4600】
Chapter 155 'Director-General: Qingteng! Quick! Come to my room!' [4100]
Chapter 156 The marriage of Tachibana Aoden and Okita Souji [5400]
Chapter 157 Souji who practiced swordsmanship with Qingteng for a whole night【5200】
Chapter 158 The King Meets the Dragon, the Meeting between Nioh and the Dragon of Kyoto【5500】
Chapter 159 Qingto: Kinoshita Mai is my wife! Did you see that? [5600]
Chapter 160: Batojutsu vs. Odachijutsu! Nioh versus the Dragon of Kyoto! 【5700】
Chapter 161 Copying the 'Eternal Talent': [Dragon of Reversal]! [6800]
Chapter 162 The Inherited Demon Sword Vairocana! 【6000】
Chapter 163 The person who created the 'power' and taught the 'steel-cutting technique' [4600]
Chapter 164 Qingto was arrested by the shogunate!【6500】
Chapter 165: 'Fatamoto Alliance''s revenge on Qingdeng, Qingdeng was imprisoned, all the girls were shocked [5000]
Chapter 166 Qingdeng’s super connections!【5800】
Chapter 167 Ju Qingden, dead【6200】
Chapter 168 The Incident in Kodenma Town! Qingto 'Be Yourself in the Fire'【5100】
Chapter 169 A fight to the death in the sea of ??fire! Talent fusion [Iron Lung 2]! [5800]
Chapter 170 Si, Zuo and Wu Qi save Qingdeng【5100】
Chapter 171 The grief-stricken women, determined to be stolen by ghosts and gods [5400]
Chapter 172 The brothers Qing Deng and Kanazawa Qin who were wanted all over the city were killed [Leopard update 8000]
Chapter 173: Execution of party cadres, Rakshasa, out of battle! 【6600】
Chapter 174 The place Ogata Issei has visited and 2 Tachibana Aoden【5300】
Chapter 175 Ju Qingden, resurrection! 【5000】
Chapter 176 The enemy is in the Huo Fu Thieves Kai! There is a traitor in the Huo Fu Thieves Kai! [5000]
Chapter 177 Qingdeng vs. Huo Fu Rogue Kai, surprise attack on Huo Fu Rogue Kai headquarters! 【4200】
Chapter 178 Niou goes into battle! Beat up the fire and pay for the thieves! [4400]
Chapter 179 Copying god-level talents: [God Brain 9]! [5600]
Chapter 180 The power of full-level talents! Qingdeng can go for days without sleeping [5500]
Chapter 181 Qingdeng made history! The first man to break into the Huofu Thief Kai headquarters [6300]
Chapter 182 Overthrow the Tokugawa family! Establish a new country! 【5500】
Chapter 183 Go to Japan’s No. 1 Flower Street: [Yoshiwara]! [4200]
Chapter 184 Yoshihara Tongxin: Gua Shengxiu! 【4600】
Chapter 185: Sword worship! Aonto’s new sword: [Echizen resident Hitachi Moru Kaneshige]! [5200]
Chapter 186 The alliance between “Nioh” and “Yoshiwara Toshin”!【5200】
Chapter 187 Tell the government: Tachibana Aoden was found in Yoshiwara! 【5800】
Chapter 188 Do you understand the value of being number one in the police academy? Qingdeng solved the case in an instant! [5000]
Chapter 189 The assassin attacks! Gua Shengxiu...’s death?【5600】
Chapter 190 Nioh takes action! Crush the enemy! [5000]
Chapter 191 Gua Shengxiu is the lover of the 'Eternal Sword Master' Ogata Issei?【5200】
Chapter 192 Qingden: I seem to have seen Ogata Issei? [5600]
Chapter 193 Qingdeng’s vest falls! Qingdeng’s identity is exposed! 【4600】
Chapter 194 Escape from Yoshiwara and rush to the battlefield! 【6200】
Chapter 195 Breaking into the enemy camp alone! Fighting to the death with 1 versus 23! [Leopard update 8000]
Chapter 196 Qingdeng’s new secret sword: [Yang Yan]! [Leopard update 7600]
Chapter 197 The eternal talent [Dragon of Reversal], glowing with light! [Leopard update 1W]
Chapter 198 Nioh finally got his first revolver! 【4300】
Chapter 199 The sudden arrival of Tachibana Takayuki’s old friend【5000】
Chapter 200 Qingdeng’s life experience revealed! The “unsung hero” of the Tachibana family [4300]
Chapter 201 The two smartest detectives in Edo [5000]
Chapter 202: Tianzhang Yuan hit people with the 'ball', Qingdeng was embraced by Tianzhang Yuan [5000]
Chapter 203 Ouch! Your Highness Tianzhangyuan, are you blushing? [5300]
Chapter 204 Beichen Yidao Style vs. Shinto Wu Nian Style [4200]
Chapter 205 See the secret of Beichen Yidao style! (Group fight)【5700】
Chapter 206 Follow the laws of heaven and earth and kill the traitors! 【4200】
Chapter 207 Now is...Qingdeng’s show-off time【6300】
Chapter 208 'Mad Dog' Goro Ugaki! Aoto vs. 'The Mad Dog Family'! 【5000】
Chapter 209 Like people and houses in the demon world! 【5000】
Chapter 210 The tauren looked silent, and the pure love warriors shed tears [4300]
Chapter 211 Ten thousand people bullying one person is justice [4600]
Chapter 212 The light that illuminates the darkness!【4200】
Chapter 213 Chiba Sanako arrives at Tsukinomiya Shrine!【4200】
Chapter 214 The two “biggest” heroines in this work finally meet【4300】
Chapter 215 Qingto and Sanako, Souji’s reunion【4700】
Chapter 216 Post! You can post it all! Qingto and Sanako, Souji’s post! 【4300】
Chapter 217 Qingdeng’s harem is on fire! 【4600】
Chapter 218 Mr. Orange! You want both men and women! There must be limits to lust! 【4200】
Chapter 219 When will the General be kind to us? [5000]
Chapter 220 The crystallization of human wisdom: flatter more, kowtow more, talk less, do less [5700]
Chapter 221 A sudden turn of events! The betrayal of 'Dragon'! 【7600】
Chapter 222 Sanako and Souji eloped!【5300】
Chapter 223 Sanako is proficient in both swordsmanship and medical skills! 【6000】
Chapter 224 Going to the meeting alone! Meeting the 'Rabid Dog Family'! 【5000】
Chapter 225 Dog-headed dragon flash! 10 major talents activated together! [5000]
Chapter 226 Soujiro’s novel is really great!【4600】
Chapter 227 Qingdeng is in debt again, Qingdeng is burdened with a loan of 5,000 taels [4400]
Chapter 228 Nioh vs. Mad Dog, the one-on-one battle between Qingto and Goro Ugaki [5100]
Chapter 229 Qingdeng: Quick! Hit me harder! Hit me harder! [Leopard update 8100]
Chapter 230 Talent fusion! [Berserker 4]! [6100]
Chapter 231 A man who is popular with gays and a man who swears to be chaste [5200]
Chapter 232 Okita Souji: 'Tachibana-kun! Let's take a hot spring bath together!' [4500]
Chapter 233 Flirting Qingto and Souji and jealous Sanako【4600】
Chapter 234 Sanako Qingto really likes men【6000】
Chapter 235 Killing evil ghosts! Demon-killing knife! 【4300】
Chapter 236 Attack the mountain! The Qingshui clan’s army attacks! (Part 1) [4200]
Chapter 237 Attack the mountain! The Qingshui clan’s army attacks! (Part 2) [4200]
Chapter 238 Do you still like Sanako who wields a big sword?【4200】
Chapter 239 Qingdeng: Get out of the way! I’m going to show off! [4300]
Chapter 240 Qing Deng is very good at shooting【4400】
Chapter 241 300-meter sniper! The strongest shooter of the Fa Zun Party: Nue! [4100]
Chapter 242 The man who kills ghosts【4500】
Chapter 243 Go to Gyeonggi! Find Ogata Ittosai! 【4400】
Chapter 244 About the disadvantages of Sanako’s bear being too big【4200】
Chapter 245 Crisis! Rakshasa vs. Sanako! Sanako was killed instantly! 【4200】
Chapter 246 The collision of 'powers'! Qingden, Souji vs. Rakshasa! 【5400】
Chapter 247 The Chosen God of Slaanesh who gets excited when talking about women·Ju Qingden [5000]
Chapter 248 Qingdeng’s breakthrough! The realm of “potential”! 【5000】
Chapter 249 This Sanako is weak!【5100】
Chapter 250 Plot reversal! Spy war in the Edo period! 【5100】
Chapter 251 A hard-core spy war only requires the simplest means (drawing a sword) [5300]
Chapter 252 Qingdeng: Declaring war on the Qingshui clan! (Part 1) [5100]
Chapter 253 The meeting between Tachibana Aoden and Tachibana Takayuki!【5200】
Chapter 254 Buddha’s protection! Benevolent king, charge into battle! 【4200】
Chapter 255: The Qingshui clan was completely disgraced! [5000]
Chapter 256 In this world, take over the world! 【4400】
Chapter 257 Qingdeng, are you attracting women again? Can you take a rest? [4200]
Chapter 258 Severe damage to the Qingshui clan! Powerful in Kanto! 【4700】
Chapter 259 The long-awaited appearance of the first heroine of this book! 【4300】
Chapter 260 Found the manufacturing workshop of Huanfudian! 【4500】
Chapter 261 Kill King Ni!【4300】
Chapter 262 Going to Wushan with Sanako?【4200】
Chapter 263 All the heroes have arrived! Invite Qingden, the leader of the Qingshui clan to fight
Chapter 264 Congratulations to Qingdeng and Sanako for successfully joining hands! 【4300】
Chapter 265 An extremely long night, the opening! 【4400】
Chapter 460 The highest combat power of the Punishment Party: Otake Maru!【4200
Chapter 461 Wushuang-style infiltration! Only Wushuang is the right way!【
Chapter 462 Rakshasa’s counterattack! A powerful enemy with no tricks left!【42
Chapter 463 Qingden appears! Classic ninja tricks! [5000
Chapter 464 Good night, the man who bears the name of the dragon【5000】
Chapter 465 Unexpected reinforcements arrive!【5200】
Chapter 466 Qingdeng arrives! The 'power' is released! 【5000】
Chapter 467 Qingdeng, are you playing Wushuang again? Take a rest.
Chapter 468 Qingdeng is on the line with all three major forces [5000]
Chapter 469 Free Soul! Unprecedented 'Three Characters Cut'
Chapter 470 The bloody battle begins! Qingdeng vs. the main force of the Qingshui clan
Chapter 471 Kill five generals in a row! Copy new talent: [Nine Bulls and Two Tigers]
Chapter 472 Qingdeng vs. Nue! Qingdeng: Sir, times have changed!
Chapter 279 A sudden turn of events! Qingdeng vs. Rakshasa! 【5000】
Chapter 280: Confrontation at the middle gate! Showdown in sword-drawing skills! Qing Deng’s Broken Sword!
Chapter 281 A man who can freely enter the 'selfless realm'!【
Chapter 282 Qingden and Sanako’s farewell kiss [Leopard update 1W]
Chapter 283 [Ding! Dragon of Eternal Talent Reversal, activate! 】
Chapter 284 Qing ascends the pass, and no one can stop him! 【5200】
Chapter 285 Sword Worship! Qingden’s new sword: [Vairocana]!
Chapter 480 The sword light waved the night lightning, and blood spilled on the sleeves! 【6000】
Chapter 287 [Ding! The eternally gifted Hachiman, activate!
Chapter 288 Wherever there is smoke, praise the name of the benevolent king! 【5000】
Chapter 289 Qingdeng: 'Please allow me to marry the three of them!'
Chapter 290 Shake people! Go to Edo! Beat up the scumbag Tachibana Aoden!【
Chapter 291 Beat up Qingdeng with [selfless state]! [5200]
Chapter 292 Qingdeng is promoted! Become an official
Chapter 487 The favored and powerful Ju Qingden!【600
Chapter 488 War clouds are gathering! The armies of the three countries gather in Kyoto! [Leopard]
Chapter 489: Human killing is in action! The storm is about to come! [Leopard]
Chapter 490 Moo Moo Carrot! Come on! 【6200】
Chapter 491 Teasing Tianzhang Courtyard!【6600】
Chapter 492 The Fourth Generation Leader of Natural Rishinryu, Explosive!【
Chapter 493 Qingdeng’s girlfriends gather together!【4600】
Chapter 494 The heroines are getting bigger and bigger!【6000】
Chapter 495 The results of 2 years of training! Great upgrade in talent and ability!【
Chapter 496 The unparalleled Qingdeng! A crushing victory!【62
Chapter 497 The powerful 'Breath of Source' and 'Selfless Realm'!
Chapter 498 The Chiba family waiting for Aoto and Sanako to get married【
Chapter 499 'Sword Master' Seiichiro Tanani appears!【4500
Chapter 500 The most dangerous place in Edo where monsters gather [Martial Arts School]
Chapter 501 Tianzhang Courtyard suffered humiliation【4500】
Chapter 502 Nioh also understands poetry? A haiku shocked the whole audience!【62
Chapter 503 Qingdeng, are you 'cheating' again? Take a rest
Chapter 504 Aoto’s reputation as a poet fills Edo! He was assassinated
Chapter 505 New combat troops! Go to Beijing! Go to Beijing! Go to Beijing!
Chapter 506 Qingdeng is promoted! Officially worshiped as [Gyeonggi Town Governor]! Open
Chapter 507 The whole city is shocked! Fame can only be taken from the horse! 【6200
Chapter 508 The selection of the Zhenfu Army begins! Qingdeng vs. thousands of applicants
Chapter 509 I, Ju Qingden, just want to collect my talents like crazy!【6000】
Chapter 510 Copy the talent [Majestic Muscles]! Sanako also wants it
Chapter 511 Sanako and everyone in the Trial Guard Hall join the army!【5400
Chapter 512 The short-footed cat also wants to join the Suppressing Army! 【4400】
Chapter 513 The furious boss Kiryu!【4300】
Chapter 514 Kinoshita Mai: Qingto and I have already made peace!【
Chapter 515 Thousands of gold to buy a precious sword!【5000】
Chapter 516 Copying god-level talents! [Failed Art Student 2]!
Chapter 517 Qingdeng’s new weapon: a black left hand engraved with platycodon flowers
Chapter 518 The recruitment is over! Great harvest! 6 new talents! 9
Chapter 519 The Strongest Swordsman Group: [Shinsengumi]! Explosive!
Chapter 520: Chief of the Shinsengumi, Chief, Deputy Chief, Chief’s Office
Chapter 521 Qingto’s biggest copy in Edo: [Challenge the whole Jiang
Chapter 522 Aoto’s [Edo Conquest] begins! [5600
Chapter 523 Crazy gymnastics! Unparalleled Qingdeng! Innate abilities
Chapter 524 Crazy collection of talents! Facing the great swordsman! The benevolent king vs. the throne
Chapter 525 The talent market for the Shinsengumi’s gunnery unit!【52
Chapter 526 Copying god-level talents! [Late Bloomer 7]! [5
Chapter 527 Breaking through the 'Three Avenues'! Qingdeng vs. his father-in-law
Chapter 528 Copying god-level talents! [The best stallion 7]!
Chapter 529 The 'power' covering half of the martial arts institute! Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 530 The strongest dungeon in Edo is opened! Fight against the martial arts crowd
Chapter 531: Greatly increased abilities! Qingteng: I want to make the General Secretary cry!【
Chapter 532: Mysterious Confrontation! Natural Rishin-ryu Mysticism vs. Oishigami
Chapter 533 [Nine Bulls and Two Tigers 3]! Many people are chasing from the European continent
Chapter 534 Kiryu’s acquaintance Kyoto’s strongest bodyguard!【4400
Chapter 535 [Sword Master] Join the battle! Niou VS Sword Master!
Chapter 536 The second full-level talent! [Born for Fighting 9]! [
Chapter 537 Qingdeng’s epic level enhancement! 8 new talents! 38 old ones
Chapter 538 Miss Okita’s big harem!【5200】
Chapter 539 Tonight, regain the dignity of a man in the Souji’s room
Chapter 540 Miss Okita’s bedding is wet【4800】
Chapter 541 Nioh vs Edo’s Strongest, the decisive battle at Mount Atago begins
Chapter 542: This guy, I, Ju Qingden, have decided to do it! 【4500】
Chapter 543 [quasi-selfless state]! [5500]
Chapter 544 Qingdeng’s new title: [Dongguo Wushuang]! [43
Chapter 545 It’s the Shura Field! Qingdeng’s Shura Field is here again!【
Chapter 546 Aoto who was beaten by Sanako and Kinoshita Mai【4600
Chapter 547: Bowing to the sword! The Shinsengumi exchanges bullets for guns! 【4300】
Chapter 548 Kinoshita Mai: 'Qingden, Mr. Kiryu is not at home.
Chapter 549: The ultimate secret of teaching the sword-drawing technique: [Snap]
Chapter 550 “Be the first”! The strongest sword-drawing technique! 【4200
Chapter 551 The mobilization ceremony of the Shinsengumi!【4200】
Chapter 552 The future is created in our hands! 【5200】
Chapter 553 The Shinsengumi sets off! Go to Luo! 【4600】
Chapter 554 I, Ju Qingden, just want to keep all my girlfriends close to me
Chapter 555 Hijikata: 'Tachibana, watch carefully, this is how the harem is opened
Chapter 556 The rebellious Shinsengumi!【5200】
Chapter 557 Killing people to establish power!【6000】
Chapter 558 Strange Dance: Isn’t this bad? [4500]
Chapter 559 Arrival in Kyoto! Meeting between the two armies! Kyoto women are awesome
Chapter 560: The despised and humiliated Shinsengumi [7000]
Chapter 561 Sanako: 'Tachibana-kun, help me take a bath!' [66
Chapter 562 Miss Atachi! Long time no see! 【7000】
Chapter 563 Goro Komaki and Atachi, please join us!【4400】
Chapter 564 The very loving Gu Mu couple and the Xia who met the injustice on the road
Chapter 565 Goro Komaki: Are you talking about Ogata’s potential? Then I’m too
Chapter 566 Aoden Goro Furumaki: The largest geisha district in Kyoto,
Chapter 567 Qingdeng: So soon there is a chance to show off【54
Chapter 568 Nioh takes action! Hero saves beauty! Kill instantly!【
Chapter 569 Goro Komaki: Tachibana Aoden and I are fellow villagers? [50
Chapter 570 The Shinsengumi and Aizu troops are dispatched! Surround Kyoto and pursue
Chapter 571: Soldiers surround the execution center! Dare you arrest Mr. Ju? I turned against you!
Chapter 572 Identity exposed! Stop pretending! I am the envoy of the town!【
Chapter 573 The Shinsengumi sets off! The Shinsengumi’s first battle!【
Chapter 574: Kill every enemy! After tonight, there will be no more nanmu in Kyoto
Chapter 575: Kill one person in one step! The powerful generals of the Shinsengumi appear in the formation
Chapter 576 Unlock the Two-Knife Style! It’s great to use the Two-Knife Style to fight in groups
Chapter 577 Annihilate the Kusunoki group! The Shinsengumi won the first battle!【
Chapter 578: Become famous in one battle! The reputation of the Shinsengumi is reversed! 【4200
Chapter 579 Victory and triumph! Build a temple in Beijing! Establish authority! 【4400
Chapter 580 New female character: The most beautiful woman in Kyoto, the legendary geisha
Chapter 581 Qingdeng, are you fascinated by the beauty of the new character again?