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outside time

outside time

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Last Update:07-21 23:37

Latest chapter:Chapter 1076: Entering the house and becoming an evil

Heaven and earth are the guest houses of all living beings, and time is a passerby from the past to the present. The difference between death and life is like the difference between dreaming and waking, changing one after another and cannot be investigated. So beyond life and death, transcending heaven and earth, outside time, what awaits us What is it? This is Ergen's sixth novel 'Beyond Time' after 'The Immortal Rebellion', 'Seeking Demons', 'I Want to Seal the Heaven', 'One Thought of Eternity' and 'Three Inches of the World'.

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《outside time》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1076: Entering the house and becoming an evil
Chapter 1,074 Washing Vegetables
Chapter 1073 Everyone is here
Chapter 1,072 The Revival of the Immortal Skeleton
Chapter 1071: Taking Chestnuts from the Fire
Chapter 1078 The Road to Immortality
Chapter 1077 I Make a Wish
Chapter 1076: Entering the house and becoming an external evil
Chapter 1075 I want your body
《outside time》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Alive
Chapter 2 Heterogeneity
Chapter 3 Rest in Peace...
Chapter 4 Uninvited Guests
Chapter 5 Scavenger Camp
Chapter 6 Children
Chapter 7 Please eat
Chapter 8 Three Pairs of Tableware
Chapter 9 Consequences of Threats
Chapter 10 New Clothes
Chapter 11 Gathering
Chapter 12 Taboos in Restricted Areas
Chapter 13 Evil Shadow
Chapter 14 Crisis lurks (first update, 5,000 words)
Chapter 15 Bloody Dusk (Second update, 3800 words)
Chapter 16 Junwen’s return date has not yet been announced (Third update, 5600 words)
Chapter 17 What on earth are you?
Chapter 18 Master Bai
Chapter 19 Fireworks in the World
Chapter 20 Home?
Chapter 21 The Thirst for Knowledge
Chapter 22 The Temple
Chapter 23: That Knife (4300 words, is it a big chapter?)
Chapter 24: Child, you answer
Chapter 25 Poison Road: Destruction
Chapter 26 A man's twilight
Chapter 27: The stranger is like jade (third update)
Chapter 28 Walking in the dark night without light
Chapter Twenty-ninth Eye Breaking Feihong
Chapter 30: Oak Yang Yujin
Chapter 31 He bought my insurance
Chapter 32: Left Life and Right Death
Chapter 33 Eternal Black
Chapter 34 An unexpected meeting (Third update)
Chapter 35: Wrinkled by the Wind (Fourth update)
Chapter 36 Shoot to Kill
Chapter thirty-seven life and death
Chapter 38: Kill them all
Chapter 39: A song of lingering love for the world of mortals
Chapter 40 Growth
Chapter 41 Dragnet
Chapter 42 The Faceless Woman in White
Chapter 43 Kuiying Dacheng
Chapter 44 Cause and Effect
Chapter 45: Jairus must be reported
Chapter 46: Burning the Vajra Sect (first update)
Chapter 47 Seven Blood Pupils (Second update)
Chapter 48: Is the body for sale? (Third update)
Chapter 49 Divine Blood (Fourth update)
Chapter 50 The Seventh Peak
Chapter 51 Making a living by boat (6000 words)
Chapter 52: Colleagues (Additional update for Yanhui Alliance)
Chapter 53: Use the sea as a repair (additional update for the Yanhui Alliance)
Chapter 54: Butterfly
Chapter 55 The Strange Captain (Nearly 6,000 words)
Chapter 56: The Newcomer of the Arresting Division
Chapter 57 Give a Spirit Coin
Chapter 58 A Person's Birthday
Chapter fifty-ninth night rain lonely shadow
Chapter 60: Please do not enter
Chapter 61: Shadows under the Umbrella
Chapter 62 Old Color embryo
Chapter 63 Hard-working Xu Qing
Chapter 64 Gulu Gulu
Chapter 65 The Secret Worth One Hundred Spirit Stones
Chapter 66 Steal my merit?
Chapter 67 Cross the red line!
Chapter 68 Each has its own difficulties
Chapter 69 Fair and Reasonable
Chapter 70 I invite you to eat eggs
Chapter 71 The Godly Ancestor
Chapter 72 The Terrifying Huangyan
Chapter 73: The Domineering Second Highness
Chapter 74: Huangquan Road Guide
Chapter 75 Kill the fish!
Chapter 76 Burning the common people (4000 words of apology plus updates)
Chapter 77: Forbidden Sea Dragon Whale (4000 words)
Chapter 77 Forbidden Sea Dragon Whale
Chapter 78 Zhang Sans Bet
Chapter 80 Bronze Dragon Chariot
Chapter 81 The price is fair
Chapter 82 A hundred tones turn into yin
Chapter 83 Deep Sea Dragon Shadow
Chapter 84: Enlightenment from the sea
Chapter 85: The Fierce God Lands on the Island
Chapter 86 Dont mess with me
Chapter 87 Poisonous Night
Chapter 88 Xu Qings Law
Chapter 89: Indestructible Alliance
Chapter 90 The Crazy Golden Light (Third update)
Chapter 91: Murder and Seize Treasures
Chapter 92 Blood-stained Sea Lizard Island
Chapter 93 Like a phoenix or an eagle (5000 words)
Chapter 94 Gu Muqing
Chapter 95 Creditors come to visit
Chapter 96 The Weird Inn (5000 words)
Chapter 97: Finally meeting Rakshasa
Chapter 98 One out of fifty
Chapter 99: Trip to Hongyuan
Chapter 100 Ancestors Anxiety
Chapter 101: Doomed
Chapter 102: Eternal disaster
Chapter 103: Survival from desperate situation (Third update)
Chapter 103: Survival from desperate situation
Chapter 104 Ancient Emperor Xuanyou
Chapter 105 Two Hundred and Seven
Chapter 106 Little Mute
Chapter 108 Ammonite
Chapter 109: The fire of destiny illuminates the heavenly palace
Chapter 110: The Sun's Journey
Chapter 111 The Contents of the Jade Slips
Chapter 112 The Punishment of Genocide
Chapter 113 Kuling Island
Chapter 114 The Land of Foreign Races
Chapter 115 Target Foundation Tower
Chapter 116 Hungry Blood Lianzi
Chapter 117 The shadow wakes up!
Chapter 118 There are always honest people (first update) Please subscribe
Chapter 119 Above the Forbidden Land (Second Update)
Chapter 120: Poison after Death (Third Update)
Chapter 121 Juying wakes up (fourth update!) Please subscribe
Chapter 122 What is madness? (Fifth update!) Please subscribe
Chapter 123: The Temple of Mie (Additional update for the Soot Alliance)
Chapter 124 Xu Qing is also crazy! (Additional update for all brothers and sisters who subscribed)
Chapter 125 Its worth it! (Eighth update)
Chapter 126: Three people reunited (additional update for Zhaicai Alliance)
Chapter 127: Senior brother, my name is Linger (tenth update)
Chapter 131 Silly Girl (11th update)
Chapter 132 Going out to build the foundation! (Twelfth update)
Chapter 133: Practicing alone with a lamp
Chapter 134 Weird blowing lamp
Chapter 135 Its like destiny to bring the canopy! (Third update)
Chapter 136 Lifan
Chapter 137 Zhongqi Mountains
Chapter 138 The Law of the Mountain
Chapter 139 Purple robe added to body
Chapter 137: Soul-Devouring Sutra of Fierce Fire (Third update)
Chapter 138 This is the Xuan Yao state! (Fourth update)
Chapter 138 This is the Xuan Yao state!
Chapter 139 It depends on your destiny
Chapter 140: Dragon Fishing
Chapter 141: The Desert Island Enlightenment
Chapter 142 Murderous intent emerges
Chapter 143: Murderous
Chapter 144: Tragic
Chapter 145 One Talisman, Two Lives
Chapter 146 Xu Qings protector!
Chapter 148: What did you prescribe?
Chapter 149 Gray Robe Enters the World
Chapter 150 War Opportunity
Chapter 151 Declaration of War
Chapter 152: Joining the War
Chapter 153 Someone teleports
Chapter 154 Three Yin Seizes Food
Chapter 155 Crazy Enlightenment
Chapter 156 Its you!
Chapter 157 Xu Qingxuans dazzling state!
Chapter 158: Mount Tai presses the egg (Third update)
Chapter 158: Mount Tai presses the egg
Chapter 159 Dance to clear the shadow
Chapter 160 Catching out a evil star
Chapter 162: Black Snow as Hair
Chapter 163 Something is weird!
Chapter 164: Vengeance must be retaliated
Chapter 165 Mysterious Summoning
Chapter 166 Qifeng is her home...
Chapter 167 The pattern is opened
Chapter 168 The ancestor is anxious
Chapter 169 The battle for status!
Chapter 170 The Body of Thunder Spirit
Chapter 171 Suppression! Suppression!! Suppression!!!
Chapter 172 Ultimate**
Chapter 172 The Ultimate
Chapter 173 Royal Opportunity
Chapter 174: Act at the first sign of opportunity!
Chapter 175 The place where the sun sits
Chapter 176 The Golden Crow Refines All Spirits
Chapter 177: Like a demon, like a demon
Chapter 179 Brother Xu Qing
Chapter 180 The arrival of the Golden Crow
Chapter 181: Whip inside
Chapter 182 Crazy Plan
Chapter 183: Thousands of beauties
Chapter 184: Strange news of corpses at sea (9000)
Chapter 185: Entering through the house
Chapter 186 Something happened...
Chapter 187 The second ball of life fire, fire!
Chapter 188 The Power of Two Fires
Chapter 189: Daozi of the Sea Corpse (Additional update for the Yanhui General Alliance!)
Chapter 190 Escape
Chapter 191 Wanted in the Forbidden Sea!
Chapter 192: Become famous
Chapter 193 Its all the captains fault!
Chapter 194: Halfway Back
Chapter 195 The Sorrow of the Weak
Chapter 196 The Secret of Erniu
Chapter 197 The Movie King
Chapter 198 Dont compete with me!
Chapter 199: Two Phoenixes Playing with Qing
Chapter 203 The visitor is evil
Chapter 204 The Murder Department is in charge!
Chapter 205 What is sequence!
Chapter 206 Promoted again (additional update for the boss)
Chapter 207 Killing the Sheep to Scare the Girl
Chapter 208 Deep kindness will last forever in the dream of the soul
Chapter 209 Chasing the Murderous Zitu
Chapter 210 Drinking wine in front of the grave and chanting the Book of Sutras
Chapter 211 Weird vs. weird
Chapter 212 Nothing to hide
Chapter 213 The bird enters the cage
Chapter 214 In the palm of your hand
Chapter 215 It turns out to be you!
Chapter 216 Blood stained clothes
Chapter 217 Extermination of the Law
Chapter 218 Burning with Fury
Chapter 219 Blood as the Road
Chapter 220 Ice and Fire
Chapter 221 Zhuzhao Bairu
Chapter 222 Zuzi Town Yuanying (6200 big chapters)
Chapter 223 White Soul Pill
Chapter 224 The Secret of the Seven Blood Pupils
Chapter 225 Taicang Taoist Temple
Chapter 226 The lingering ghost
Chapter 227 The Yin Mans Weapon
Chapter 228 The storm is coming
Chapter 229 Xuanyou Ancient Road
Chapter 230 Sheng Yunzi
Chapter 231 The poison shakes all living beings and is forbidden for eternity.
Chapter 232 Arrogant and Domineering
Chapter 233 Suppression of Sima Ling
Chapter 234 Xu Qings Name
Chapter 235 The Ancient God of Wealth
Chapter 236: Horses are not fat without night grass.
Chapter 237 Arrogant
Chapter 238 Amazing success
Chapter 239 The Seventh Peak with Love
Chapter 240 There is someone in your eyes
Chapter 241 The fire of destiny shines in the Heavenly Palace!
Chapter 242 Hunting Strange Visitors
Chapter 243 Fengyous Blood
Chapter 244 The Treasure of the Seven Peaks
Chapter 245 Dark clouds covering the moon and murderous night
Chapter 246 Killing the Night Ghost with a Sword
Chapter 247: Place yourself in the world
Chapter 248 Wanggu Chess Game
Chapter 249 Huangjin Ghost House
Chapter 250 Haunted by Evil Spirits
Chapter 251 If the wolf looks back, there must be a reason
Chapter 252 Excuse me
Chapter 253 The dramatic change in welcoming the emperor!
Chapter 254 Ill strike first
Chapter 255: Hand-to-hand confrontation
Chapter 256 The Weaknesses of the Four Fires
Chapter 257 Like the Son of God Fighting
Chapter 258 The sun and the moon compete for glory
Chapter 259 Counterattack
Chapter 260 Extremely evil
Chapter 261 Fahai Suppresses Evil Pen
Chapter 262 Exploring the Sea with Withered Hands
Chapter 263 Its worth it!
Chapter 264 He is coming
Chapter 265 Zi Qings Past
Chapter 266 Apprenticeship Ceremony
Chapter 267 If you dont leave, I wont abandon you
Chapter 268 The taboo is born!
Chapter 269 The truth comes out
Chapter 270 Eight Sect Alliance
Chapter 271 Want to eat alone?
Chapter 272 Just like reincarnation
Chapter 273 Exotic Customs
Chapter 274 Its cloudy both above and below
Chapter 275 Suppress Sima Ru!
Chapter 276 There is no good land
Chapter 277 A dangerous place on earth
Chapter 278 The Seventh Master teaches the Dharma
Chapter 279 Sword Holder
Chapter 280 The young man under the mask
Chapter 281 Immortal Zixuan
Chapter 282 All kinds of charm
Chapter 283 The world is miserable
Chapter 284 If something goes wrong, there must be a monster
Chapter 285 Lord...I am good...
Chapter 286 Why seek death?
Chapter 287 Xuanyou Tomb
Chapter 288 Another Xuanyou Sect
Chapter 289 Sky Nail Suppresses the Demonic Snake
Chapter 290 The Last Li Zimei
Chapter 291 Good intentions
Chapter 292 Sword Witcher Highlights
Chapter 293 I havent seen the little demon snake for many years. Do you ever regret biting me?
Chapter 294 Who to contend with?
Chapter 295 Things are different now
Chapter 296 Light!
Chapter 297 The Golden Crow swallows Meng
Chapter 298 Children, come and see me
Chapter 299 A Thin Separation
Chapter 300 Waiting for the Moon in the Wind
Chapter 301 A song in the world of mortals
Chapter 302 The name of the song is Lishang
Chapter 303 Taichu Li Youzhu
Chapter 304 Weird Things
Chapter 305 Ancestors meritorious service
Chapter 306 Master save me
Chapter 307 Good exercises for learning
Chapter 308 The mysterious ghost seizes the way
Chapter 309: Spiritual Treasure, Return to the Void, Yun Shen
Chapter 310 Faceless Ghost Mountain
Chapter 311 Like reincarnation
Chapter 312 The storm is coming
Chapter 313 Bloody Show: Prologue
Chapter 314 Performers come on stage
Chapter 315 Shocking change!!
Chapter 316 A ray of light!
Chapter 317 Meeting under the Moon
Chapter 318 Brother, long time no see
Chapter 319 Xu Qings Past
Chapter 320 Chapter 317 Forbidden Place
Chapter 321 Transformation of the Living
Chapter 322 Heavenly Palace Golden Pill
Chapter 323 Rapid Progress
Chapter 324 The gift of words
Chapter 325 Luoyue Canyon
Chapter 326 Under the Nine Springs
Chapter 327 Sheng Yunzi, dead!
Chapter 328 Spirit Test
Chapter 329 Gods Power
Chapter 330 A long road
Chapter 331 My Treasure Clothes
Chapter 332 One Body, Three Souls and Seven Souls
Chapter 333 The afterglow remains
Chapter 334 Pulling out teeth from the tigers mouth
Chapter 335 Dont hide and teach thieves
Chapter 336 Cow Chewing Peonies
Chapter 337 A strange fragrance hits your nose
Chapter 338: Leaving the Way to Goddess
Chapter 339 Brother, run quickly
Chapter 340 The ghost goes crazy
Chapter 341 In this life, we are walking together
Chapter 342 The Beginning of Transformation
Chapter 343 The golden light on the wrist!
Chapter 344 Waiting for more
Chapter 345 The key to the gods!
Chapter 346 Ancestor Da Jiao
Chapter 347 The Secret Technique of Melting Shadows
Chapter 348: Heavenly Tribulation Leads the Ox
Chapter 349 Are you here too?
Chapter 350 Life is Difficult
Chapter 351 Taisi Mingdeng
Chapter 352 Taichu Li Youcheng
Chapter 353 Letter from Zixuan
Chapter 354 Its like an old friend returns
Chapter 355 Something went wrong
Chapter 356 Kind Thoughts
Chapter 357: Establish your authority in one battle
Chapter 358 The Ghost Emperors Unmistakable Resentment
Chapter 359 The crowning moment
Chapter 360 The arrogance of the group quarrels
Chapter 361 Under heavy reward
Chapter 362 Green Bull Fight
Chapter 363 The figure sitting on the moon
Chapter 364 There is a god in the moon!
Chapter 365 Who is it? Its you!
Chapter 366 Understanding the truth
Chapter 367 Ghost Cave
Chapter 368 White Walkers
Chapter 369 The grimace on the paper money
Chapter 370 The Heart of the Jackal and Fox
Chapter 371: Wandering in this life, buried in the rest of the world
Chapter 372 The third god!
Chapter 373 Holding the Sword and Determining the Destiny
Chapter 374 The first to welcome Huangzhou
Chapter 375 The consequences of provoking Xu Qing
Chapter 376 The Body of God
Chapter 377 I wont change my mind
Chapter 378 Emperor Sword
Chapter 379 Ernius answer
Chapter 380 Visiting the Ghost Spirit in Prison
Chapter 381 Destiny Halved
Chapter 382 Doomed
Chapter 383 Xu Qings Fairy Tale
Chapter 384 The living is like this
Chapter 385 Linger goes to sea
Chapter 386 The Treasurer
Chapter 387 Dont look directly
Chapter 388 Death of the Corpse Emperor
Chapter 389 The young eagle spreads its wings
Chapter 390 Five Finger Girl
Chapter 391 The Port of Netherworld
Chapter 392 The Netherworld Borrows the Way
Chapter 393 The Eyes of the Twilight Clan
Chapter 394 Big Bird Qingqin
Chapter 395 Pawn
Chapter 396: Playing tricks
Chapter 397 Xu Qings counterattack
Chapter 398 The Seven Words of the Sword Holding Palace
Chapter 399 Purple Moon Heavenly Palace
Chapter 400 The strongest combat power of the new generation
Chapter 401 Yi Bo Yuntian
Chapter 402 Inheritance from Time
Chapter 403 The poisonous demon is in action
Chapter 404 The King of Human Race!
Chapter 405 All things change according to circumstances
Chapter 406 The First Prison of the Sea-Sealed Human Race
Chapter 407 He is Hell
Chapter 408 The Mysterious Area
Chapter 409 The Fourteen Prisoners in Area 132
Chapter 410 I dont know you even though you are so far away
Chapter 411 A mysterious clue
Chapter 412 The shadow exploded
Chapter 413 Thousands of mountains of clouds and mist cover the blue sky
Chapter 414 Thousands of forest rime water shakes the wind
Chapter 415 Only forgetting can determine cause and effect
Chapter 416 The Worst God in History
Chapter 417 Golden Crow Falling into Heaven Palace
Chapter 418 Yao Yunhui, think more about him
Chapter 419 Black-clad Guard!
Chapter 420 The strongest generation shows strength
Chapter 421 The Dream That Never Dies
Chapter 422 The Nightmare of the Black Guard
Chapter 423: The fishy smell is so poisonous that the whole world is poisonous
Chapter 424 A glass of wine, drinking in groups
Chapter 425 Strange changes
Chapter 426 The mysterious Taixu world
Chapter 427 The Ghost Emperor is coming!
Chapter 428 The visitor is evil
Chapter 429 Walking alone in a dark alley
Chapter 430 Meeting the Best Friends
Chapter 431 Do you want Erniu?
Chapter 432 The World in Murals
Chapter 433 Only soldiers are the only ones in this world
Chapter 434 A bamboo spans the ages
Chapter 435 Anyone who calls himself a child in vain will die!
Chapter 436 The strongest human shield is born!
Chapter 437 If I dont go to hell, who will?
Chapter 438 The most original Tai Cang Ancestral Sword
Chapter 439: Once the Dao Mosasaurus Rises
Chapter 440 Mosasaurus Transforms into Heaven!
Chapter 441 The Ten Intestines of the True Immortal
Chapter 442 Chen Erniu: Im blind
Chapter 443 We are serious about doing big things
Chapter 444 The Green Bull Escapes
Chapter 445 An unexpected encounter
Chapter 446 Erase it from the Bamboo Slips
Chapter 447 A shocking kneeling
Chapter 448 Divine Person
Chapter 449 Meeting an old friend in a foreign land
Chapter 450 Getting bigger and bigger
Chapter 451 Seize!
Chapter 452 The Son of God Travels
Chapter 453 Sir, this is your life light!
Chapter 454 Shebishi and Aluoweng
Chapter 455 Its okay? Its okay!
Chapter 456 The identity of the Son of God shocks the temple (please vote for me)
New Year, new atmosphere, please vote for me!
Chapter 457 Sacrifice to Heaven!
Chapter 458 Super great fortune!!
Chapter 459 Tiandao Birth Certificate
Chapter 460 Ghost Blood Wing Lamp
Chapter 461 The Emperor of Heavenly Wind
Chapter 462 The Straw Hat Cultivator appears!
Chapter 463 Stress Response
Chapter 464 The power of the gods, infinite resurrection!
Chapter 465 Transformation into God
Chapter 466 The box in the heart
Chapter 467 The Ghost Emperor Arrives
Chapter 468 What did I see...
Chapter 469 I miss you deeply, do you know?
Chapter 470 This is Ling'er's destiny!
Chapter 471 The big world on the corpse of the Spirit Emperor
Chapter 472 GuluGulu
Chapter 473 Eyes Hidden in the Sky
Chapter 474 Crazy Xu Qing!
Chapter 475 Linger is not afraid, I will take you home
Chapter 476 The storm is coming
Chapter 477 Unchanged for thousands of years!
Chapter 478: Accompanying Orders
Chapter 479 Sea Sea War
Chapter 480 The wind is rustling and the water is cold
Chapter 481 The clues left by the palace owner
Chapter 482 Ancestor Huntian and Zhenhai Stone Demon
Chapter 483 No one can be missing!
Chapter 484 Flower of Bliss and Joy
Chapter 485 Dont scream in front of the King of Hell
Chapter 486: One step is a lonely goose, one step is a devil
Chapter 487 Golden Crow Swallows the Sun
A New Years letter to book friends
Chapter 488 Golden Crow Dao Infant Accompanying the Dawn
Chapter 489 Amethyst Glimmer Heavenly Palace Trembling
Chapter 490 Seizing the body from the gods
Chapter 491 He doesnt want to take away the body anymore
Chapter 492: Caring for the Gods: The Tradition of the Prison Department
Chapter 493 Shameful getting something for nothing!
Chapter 494 The figure on the happy flower
Chapter 495 A ray of light shakes thousands of demons
Chapter 496 Its you! Its you!!
Chapter 497 Appoint Xu Qing, the acting palace master!
Chapter 498 The grumpy big bird!
Chapter 499 This clan should be exterminated
Chapter 500 The black clouds overwhelm the immortal and the immortal is frightened and angry
Chapter 501 Xu Qings friendly negotiation
Chapter 502 The body is very honest
Chapter 503 Im back!
Chapter 504 Half-step Yun Shen! (Please vote for me)
Chapter 505 Junior brother, Im here!! (Please vote for me)
Chapter 506 Purgatory in the World
Chapter 507 This world is full of cannibals
Chapter 508 The Emperor of the Red Spirit
Chapter 509 Bad news!!
Chapter 510: Stand alone for eternity and let the heroes
Chapter 511 Sealing the top of the sea, Yongzhi
Chapter 512 The teacher returns to the county
Chapter 513 Guyue Zhangyan
Chapter 514 Nineteen volumes of secret words
Chapter 515 Red Moon Red Mother!
Chapter 516 What to do if you are not strong enough to do big things?
Chapter 517 But I am his master!
Chapter 518 Broken Sword Life Lamp!
Chapter 519 The Immortal Forbidden Land
Chapter 520 Its hard to disobey a teachers orders
Chapter 518: The Madness of Drug Control
Chapter 522 Human Immortal Technique
Chapter 523 The truth behind the opening of the Immortal Forbidden City!
Chapter 524 The hand that can create all things
Chapter 525 Zixuan Shangqing Lamp
Chapter 526 Destiny Dao Infant Realm
Chapter 527 The arrival of the Red Mother
Chapter 528: Seizing food from the tigers mouth!
Chapter 529 The new Lord of the Immortal Forbidden City!
Chapter 530 Deja vu
Chapter 531 The smell of osmanthus
Chapter 532 The truth is revealed!
Chapter 533 The Human Domain Treasure, Sun of Dawn!
Chapter 534 Wherever your heart goes, go where you want to go
Chapter 532: Jun Cheng, please correct me!
Chapter 530: The treasure of the human race, the Sun of Dawn!
Chapter 531: Wherever your heart goes, go where you want to go
Chapter 535 Xu Qings trump card!
Chapter 533: Prince Bai Xiaozhuo
Chapter 534: Return from Ancient Times
Chapter 538: Where peoples hearts go, only Tao and righteousness
Chapter 536 Bai Xiaozhuo, the end
Chapter 540: Yesterdays evening breeze, tonights galaxy
Chapter 541: Eyes with flowers, heart with stars
Chapter 539: Xu Qing, do you have a Taoist companion?
Chapter 543: Old Place, Old Friends, Stories
Chapter 544: Huang Relatives and National Relatives
Chapter 542 Three women, one snake and one man
Chapter 546: Dao Fate Demon, Thirteen Infants Become
Chapter 547: Stirring up trouble and killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 545: Assassination at the Grave
Chapter 549: Little Ah Qing, are you ready for big things?
Chapter 550: The Moon Thief Group
Chapter 548: Those who touch the scales of the sealed sea will die!
Chapter 552: Fighting with the sky, time will never change
Chapter 553: Young people dont respect martial ethics!
Chapter 551: Xu Qing, a new disciple of the Yin Yang Huajian Sect
Chapter 555: Why didnt you tell me earlier if you were so strong?
Chapter 556 There is a lie called hope
Chapter 554 Time freezes
Chapter 558: The world is far away and the journey is far away
Chapter 559: Bronze coffin under the sky and sea of fire!
Chapter 557 Fireflies in the Dark Night
Chapter 561: Before the sun rises and the moon sets, the emperors son returns to the galaxy
Chapter 562: The wind blows the fireflies but they dont turn into ashes
Chapter 560: Senior, I really dont taste good!
Chapter 564: The evil star transits the sun and shatters the sky
Chapter 565: Thats enough with you
Chapter 563: The wild goose flies away
Chapter 567: Promise under the Sky of Fire and the Sea
Chapter 568 Wang Gus Secret
Chapter 566: The Divine Power of Doom
Chapter 570: Look, there is a person on that nail?
Chapter 571: Resurrection, my third sister (thank you everyone for the names)
Chapter 569: Dominate the Divine Weapon to Zhenbeiyuan
Chapter 570: Look, there is a person on that nail?
Chapter 571: Resurrection, my third sister
Chapter 575 Its all the fault of Ancient Emperor Xuanyou
Chapter 573: Taking advantage of the dark moon to open Haos grave
Chapter 577: Life is like a play, it all depends on acting skills
Chapter 578: Dance for the gods, the good ones will be rewarded, and the bad ones will perish!
Chapter 579: The wind will rise during the sacrifice to the moon, and the sparks will start a prairie fire
Chapter 580: The Consequences of Robbery of Wealth and Sex
Chapter 581: The prototype of the most awesome drug store in the future
Chapter 582: The tiger's mouth pulls out its beard, Tai Sui breaks ground
Chapter 583 You are afraid, so am I
Chapter 584: Master, this person is not a good person!
Chapter 585 One Hundred Thousand Statues of the Counter-Moon Temple
Chapter 586: are poisonous!
Chapter 587: The terrifying figure in the sand
Chapter 588 Let this child go!
Chapter 589 Hunger from the authority of the Red Moon
Chapter 590 Rare in the world!
Chapter 591: Master, make a price!
Chapter 592 Becoming famous in Niyue Palace
Chapter 593: Sacrificing Yin to the Ancient River to Get the Fierce Sun
Chapter 594: What did you fish out!!
Chapter 595: The Grandpa in the Sun
Chapter 596: Red Mother Mortal Slough
Chapter 597 Dont take medicine randomly
Chapter 598: The glorious past in ancient times
Chapter 599: If you dont believe in God, you wont accept fate!
Chapter 600: Three Thousand Heavenly Thunders, Xi Nan Tu Ling
Chapter 601 You are in big trouble!
Chapter 602: An Ordinary and Warm Little Pharmacy Shop
Chapter 603 Mosasaurus takes over
Chapter 604: The time is just right
Chapter 605 Return to Niyue Palace
Chapter 606: Ancestor, the little thief is in the medicine shop
Chapter 607: The confident ancestor Shou Feng
Chapter 608: Excuse me, Im here to buy elixirs
Chapter 609: Ancestor is polite
Chapter 610: The Beginning of Tracing the Origin
Chapter 611: That person is a bit like Erniu
Chapter 612 Danxing ascends to the moon
Chapter 613: You and I are still traveling together
Chapter 614: The Secret of the Imperial Level Cultivation Technique!
Chapter 615: The pattern of the crown prince! (Second update)
Chapter 616 Target: Gods Sight
Chapter 617 The Thickness of the Soul
Chapter 621 The sky is red with blood and the world is withering
Chapter 622 Human nature, animal nature, divinity
Chapter 623 The secret of the gods!
Chapter 624 Cant see me, cant remember me, forget me
Chapter 625 Purple Moon transforms into a hidden treasure!
Chapter 626 Xu Qings authority!
Chapter 627 The man tied to the sun
Chapter 628: Yesterdays time, the wind and the wind came to an end
Chapter 629 The lost four babies will not come back
Chapter 630 The Origin of the Clan
Chapter 631 Dragon gives birth to nine sons
Chapter 632: Zhaoxia Ten Thousand Methods, Two Great Events
Chapter 633 The morning glow reflects the sky
Chapter 634: Star falls, hair is like blood
Chapter 635 The Origin of Shoufeng
Chapter 636 A bowl of yellow spring water, return to the God-killing Platform
Chapter 637 Face from previous life
Chapter 638: Heaven and earth are reversed, grandparents are here
Chapter 639 Special Role
Chapter 640 The most popular drama of moon sacrifice
Chapter 641 Existence means there are traces
Chapter 642 The big drama is released!
Chapter 643 The real history
Chapter 644 The God-killing Platform Between Ink and Ink
Chapter 645: The Heavenly Sword Kills the Red Mother!
Chapter 646 Xu Qings true appearance appears at the moon festival
Chapter 647 The blood of Yun Shen serves as a warning, and the ancient calamity serves as evidence
Chapter 648 Noon has arrived!
Chapter 649 Green silk is the road, the door to the flaming moon
Chapter 650 This is love
Chapter 651 The wind and sand lock the desert, thinking about it
Chapter 652 Only when you have a storm in your heart can you survive
Chapter 653 New Ideas for the Land of Ambition
Chapter 654: The Curse of the Poison Forbidden God, Refined in the Eyes
Chapter 655 A small totem under a big totem
Chapter 656 The voice of the broken face of the god
Chapter 657 The Kingdom of Gods
Chapter 658 Xu Qings restricted area, the Son of God wails
Chapter 659 Lord of Demons
Chapter 660: Dai Shizi comes out of the mountain
Chapter 661: One chicken flies into the sky, but ten thousand people cant stop it
Chapter 662 Chickens dancing wildly
Chapter 663 Little Ah Qing, Im missing a waist!
Chapter 664 Xu Qings Forgotten Artistic Concept
Chapter 665 The secret that cannot be told to Linger
Chapter 666 Goodbye Slutty Fox
Chapter 667 Too ugly, I cant speak!
Chapter 668 Star Flame God
Chapter 669: An old friend from Fenghai comes
Chapter 670 Changes Against the Moon
Chapter 671 Although there are few masters, there are many experiences
Chapter 672: Facing peach blossoms but not recognizing you
Chapter 673 God comes to the desert
Chapter 674 The power of Red Moon has no two masters!
Chapter 675: Seventh
Chapter 676 Lord of the Counter-Moon
Chapter 677 One hides one world
Chapter 678 The Ceremony of Becoming a God
Chapter 679 Above the Purple Moon
Chapter 680 Recovery and Rise
Chapter 681 Another ritual to become a god
Chapter 682 Im not qualified?!
Chapter 683: Killing Intention Against the Moon, Pantianjidi
Chapter 684 Nine Suns Cover the Sky
Chapter 685 The wishes of all living beings attract the souls of the dead
Chapter 686: Like a king, like a master
Chapter 687: Nose, Mouth, Brain, Limbs, and Organs, Return
Chapter 688 He came out
Chapter 689 The Forbidden Technique
Chapter 690 Golden Crow Celestial Rhinoceros, Imperial Level Showdown
Chapter 691 Seven Lamps of Ghost Fire
Chapter 692 Just better than you!
Chapter 693 My past, yours
Chapter 694 Gu Yue Ningyan
Chapter 695 There is someone behind me
Chapter 696 The Red Mother arrives and the Dominator resurrects!
Chapter 697 The Land of Red Moon
Chapter 698 I am Xinyue, call me Purple Lord!
Chapter 699: God's mouth seizes food
Chapter 700 Long time no see, Xu Qing!
Chapter 701 Divine magic, life control!
Chapter 702 Life collapse!
Chapter 703 A stubborn sense of existence
Chapter 704 You cant imagine my past
Chapter 705 What will happen when the broken face looks towards the divine realm?
Chapter 706 Someone used me for a while
Chapter 707 Li Zihua and Chi Mu
Chapter 708 The secrets of thick soil and brilliant sky
Chapter 709 Why didnt you call me over earlier?
Chapter 710 The giant baby attacks!
Chapter 711 How dare you hit my father!
Chapter 712 Transactions in Time and Space
Chapter 713 Songs of the Years
Chapter 714 The meaning of worshiping the moon
Chapter 715 Brothers, each showing his or her own special powers
Chapter 716: God in the Hidden Place
Chapter 717 Xu Qings Divine State
Chapter 718 Your Majesty, please pay for the meal
Chapter 719 Accompany you back to Fenghai County
Chapter 720 Feng Haiye returns
Chapter 721 Where is the sword holder!
Chapter 722 The breeze brings the sound of spring
Chapter 723 The stars lost their light, the sun and the moon changed
Chapter 724 Enjoy eternal blessings
Chapter 725: Tonight, under the moon, I meet this beloved man
Chapter 726: Knocking together at the door, sharing the same heart with you
Chapter 727: Stretch your palms towards the sun
Chapter 728 In this county, past and present
Chapter 729: Be good to me
Chapter 730 I am in the dark
Chapter 731 Fishing in Fenghai County
Chapter 732 A gift to the General Alliance
Chapter 733 Xu Qing, you are so cruel!!
Chapter 734 Experienced Grandpa Nine
Chapter 735 Whose mount has just grown up?
Chapter 736 The Gods of the Black Sky Clan
Chapter 737: Enlightenment leads to confusion
Chapter 738 Kicked to the Iron Plate
Chapter 739 Three Swords Kill Tianlan
Chapter 740 Shenglan has a master!
Chapter 741 Xu Qing, is he your brother?
Chapter 742 Divine Grace is Great
Chapter 743 The Emperors Decree
Chapter 744 Still flowing water among the flowers
Chapter 745 The long and distant traveler, the Tao and the sun and the moon are long
Chapter 746 Taian County, there is big work
Chapter 747 Scumbag Chen Erniu
Chapter 748 Colorful Lingxia Emperor
Chapter 749 The former first domain of Wanggu
Chapter 750 The last Xia Xian of Wanggu
Chapter 751 A meeting between wind and clouds
Chapter 752 Borrowing must be repaid
Chapter 753 The Great Emperors Resurrection
Chapter 754 The Sword-Holding Emperor
Chapter 755: Too many curses, no title at all
Chapter 756: The Love-forgetting Building in the Red Dust
Chapter 757 The Immortal is Drunk in the Red Dust and Wind and Moon
Chapter 758: Killed by the Wind Meteor Knife, Life Overflows
Chapter 759 Yin Yang Water Evil Soul Game
Chapter 760 Who is playing chess?
Chapter 761 The car carrying Sinan is not confusing.
Chapter 762: With Zixuan, dont panic
Chapter 763 The hearts of the people in the temple
Chapter 764 Human Race Canonization
Chapter 765 Sit facing the east to watch the stars
Chapter 766 The call from the ancient emperor star
Chapter 767 Its a waste of time to dance against the east wind
Chapter 768 Carrying the Emperor Sword on ones back, walking around the world
Chapter 769 The mysterious ritual in the ancient emperor star
Chapter 770 Human Race Imperial Academy
Chapter 771 Although not a quasi-immortal, he is a strange immortal
Chapter 772 Ill love you in this life and save you in the next life
Chapter 773 The storm is rising
Chapter 774 Dawn is stolen!
Chapter 775 The other sides move
Chapter 776 Human Race Prince Xiang
Chapter 777 The person who has been waiting for thousands of years
Chapter 778 The Origin of Immortals
Chapter 779 Fellow Taoist Ergou, you are too scary
Chapter 780 The Immortal Style is about to become popular
Chapter 781 Im standing in front of you
Chapter 782 A Million Changes
Chapter 783 Alien Immortal Soul Seed
Chapter 784 Prophecy Two Months Later
Chapter 785: Spreading branches and leaves
Chapter 786: There is an evil cult within the Immortal Stream
Chapter 787 Fusion God attacks
Chapter 788 The Second Purple Soul Seed
Chapter 789 He is a strange immortal
Chapter 790 Against humanity
Chapter 791 Cleaning up the portal
Chapter 792 There is no secret before the gods
Chapter 793 Unexpected Clues
Chapter 794 Lock the source!
Chapter 795 Taixue Discussing Taoism
Chapter 796 Eee!
Chapter 797 Instead of asking about the clock, its better to ask about the sword
Chapter 798 The Emperors Sword Kills the Prince
Chapter 799 Exhibits
Chapter 800 Millions of Soul Silks Sprawling across the Sky
Chapter 801 The Peak of Immortals
Chapter 802 Mr. Jun Cheng, please correct me
Chapter 803 Drawing Boundaries for Gods
Chapter 804 The arrival of the divine realm
Chapter 805: The Human Emperor, please be the leader
Chapter 806 Flowers bloom and fall
Chapter 807 The lights sparkle
Chapter 808 The Way of the Withered Flame Demonic Master
Chapter 809 Xia Xiangong
Chapter 810 Nine Xia Immortals!
Chapter 811 Harvest from Immortal Source
Chapter 812 So, have you failed in your studies?
Chapter 813 Ernius persistence
Chapter 814 Compatriots with one breast
Chapter 815 Guyue Qingji
Chapter 816 Corpses set ablaze
Chapter 817 Bloody Black Bird
Chapter 818 The Wind Rises and the Flame Moon Spirit Faces
Chapter 819 Its better to say it
Chapter 820 Journey to the Flame Moon
Chapter 821 Little Ah Qing, what are you doing?
Chapter 822 Nine Breaths of Convince
Chapter 823 The First Mountain
Chapter 824 General Xuantian
Chapter 825 Please allow reunion
Chapter 826 He is mine
Chapter 827 Like a sheep and like a devil
Chapter 828 This time its the Star Flame God Envoy
Chapter 829 Crown Prince Mingnan
Chapter 830 This is Xu Qing
Chapter 831 What is everything?
Chapter 832 Gate of Life and Death
Chapter 833 Doom and Oblivion
Chapter 834 Sorry to bother you
Chapter 835 The Great Five Bulls and the Great Ruthless Way
Chapter 836 We are waiting for him to pull the cart
Chapter 837 Thirty-Six Immortals
Chapter 838 Peak Showdown
Chapter 839 Thank you
Chapter 840 Return to Heaven
Chapter 841 Spells, Forbidden Arts, Divine Arts
Chapter 842 Dignity cannot exchange for peace
Chapter 843 The battle for chief
Chapter 844 Be careful of fraud
Chapter 845 My friend, dont be impulsive, if you have something to say,
Chapter 846 The fourth blasphemous statue
Chapter 847 The clan flag of the sacred mountain
Chapter 848 Being a stranger in a foreign land
Chapter 849 Professional
Chapter 850 The Road to the Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 851 Continue the red glow for the sky
Chapter 852 The great genius of the human race
Chapter 853 The Purple Lord comes to the world
Chapter 854 Sacred Mountain Sound
Chapter 855 The pain will stop after a while
Chapter 856 Mountains and Seas Region
Chapter 857 Hunting Xu Qing
Chapter 858 Suspected Fourth God
Chapter 859 Murderous
Chapter 860 Sent to Jiuli
Chapter 861 Jiuli Gray Mist
Chapter 862 Under the deep swamp
Chapter 863 Xuantian Great Witch
Chapter 864 The secret hidden by the gods
Chapter 865 The Name of the Funeral Song: Betrayal
Chapter 866 The dust of history
Chapter 867 The ninth skull!
Chapter 868 The figure in the mountain of ashes
Chapter 869 The Fifth Secret Treasure: The Witchs Treasure
Chapter 870 Target: Silent Winter Son
Chapter 871 Waiting for you to fight
Chapter 872 Meeting the evil spirit
Chapter 873 Kings Landing
Chapter 874 Comeback
Chapter 875 One more whip and youll die
Chapter 876 Suppression in the Land of Wu Zang
Chapter 877 The last one
Chapter 878 Jiuli enters the world!
Chapter 879 The acquiescence of the gods
Chapter 880 The Lordless Divine Realm
Chapter 881 Little Yànzi, wearing floral clothes
Chapter 882 Primitive God Realm
Chapter 883 Eyes of Destruction
Chapter 884 The old clam has pearls in his eyes
Chapter 885 The confused old man
Chapter 886 The Mausoleum of the Ancestral Emperor
Chapter 887 Statue of worshiping the moon
Chapter 888 God hides the burning lantern
Chapter 889 The Five Secret Doors
Chapter 890 The idea is tricky
Chapter 892 Perfect Living Body
Chapter 893 The Five Impurities of God
Chapter 894 This road is not death
Chapter 895 Its not too late, Im here to show up
Chapter 896 Hundreds of rivalries vie for supremacy
Chapter 897 Come here
Chapter 898 Dawn Cracked Seal
Chapter 899 Promise in Time
Chapter 900 Come on stage!
Chapter 901 True Fire, Karma Fire, Tribulation Fire, Flawless
Chapter 902 I have no regrets!
Chapter 903 What if it happens?
Chapter 904 Finally returning to the void!
Chapter 905 The Gods Appear
Chapter 906 Mysterious Cultivation
Chapter 907 This is a super event
Chapter 908 Desperate Erlang
Chapter 909 I still want it!
Chapter 907 The ultimate trump card
Chapter 908 Abandoned Wasteland
Chapter 902 The Gods Appear
Chapter 910 Yanyue Daxuantian!
Chapter 911 Xu Qings Road
Chapter 912: Flaws in Magical Powers
Chapter 913 I will continue to be invincible
Chapter 914 Creditor wakes up
Chapter 907 The ultimate trump card!
Chapter 916: Green Bull Walking on the Wind
Chapter 909: Cultivation of the Holy Land
Chapter 918: Junior Brother, leave me alone and leave quickly!
Chapter 919: I have to go with Lao Liu (Supplementary)
Chapter 920 Three and a half Liao Xuan
Chapter 921 Full Blood Liao Xuan
Chapter 922 Everyone has their own agenda (Supplementary)
Chapter 915 Suspicious fellow Feng Daoist and two old men
Chapter 924 Who is Huangque!
Chapter 917 The Spirit of the True World
Chapter 926 The real behind the scenes
Chapter 927 De Luozi
Chapter 928 The Return of the Green Bull
Chapter 929: King Zhencang
Chapter 922 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 923 A thin layer
Chapter 932: The green-robed young general mounts his horse for the first time (Supplementary)
Chapter 925 Lets all come together!
Chapter 934: Pretending to be like this
Chapter 935: King Nuolans Intentions
Chapter 936 The undercurrent rises again
Chapter 937: Wen Qings color changes
Chapter 930: The Hundred Days Fight refers to the time of Yi Ming
Chapter 939: Sacred Ceremony
Chapter 932: The green-robed young general mounts his horse for the first time
Chapter 933: Fairies purify themselves
Chapter 934: Showing off under orders
Chapter 943 Sword Killing the Altar
Chapter 944: Picking a Lamp from the Fire
Chapter 945 The first step is completed
Chapter 938 A gift from Ziqing
Chapter 947 Parents
Chapter 940 Shocking changes!
Chapter 941 Is there any more?
Chapter 942 General!
Chapter 951 I will bear it alone!
Chapter 952 Dawn and Night
Chapter 953 The Human Races Heavenly Dao Awakens
Chapter 946: The Four Devouring Heavens
Chapter 955 If you are looking for death, come here!
Chapter 948: After my flowers bloom, hundreds of flowers will be killed
Chapter 949 Empress
Chapter 950 Fu Wei Shang Xiang
Chapter 959 The Great Emperor!
Chapter 960 Cause and effect are broken
Chapter 961: The setting sun reflects on peoples hearts, and the rising sun shines on ancient times
Chapter 954 The arrival of God
Chapter 963 Purple and Green
Chapter 956: I am on top of the world, asking for immortality
Chapter 957 Why bother?
Chapter 958 The sword rises
Chapter 967 After Awakening
Chapter 968 The little flame of love
Chapter 969: Heaven changes!
Chapter 962: The Empress Kills the God
Chapter 971: Clean
Chapter 964 Beyond Time
Chapter 965: There is a thunderbolt inside, and the thunder god remains anonymous
Chapter 966 The first emperor of Wanggu
Chapter 975: Lets play music
Chapter 976 I changed my mind
Chapter 977 Thousand Underworld Realm
Chapter 970 The Fifth Divine Power!
Chapter 979: One sword fell, and the soul collapsed!
Chapter 972 The Holy Land of Evil Born
Chapter 973 Musicians of the Sun
Chapter 974 The sounds of nature welcome the moon
Chapter 983: The Wind Rises the Forbidden Sea
Chapter 984 A hurricane is coming!
Chapter 985: Changes in the Forbidden Sea and Sky!
Chapter 978: Like a god coming to the dust
Chapter 987 The pressure of Fuxie
Chapter 980: Dominance
Chapter 981 The approaching dragon chariot
Chapter 982 The Edge of Time
Chapter 991: Today, all living beings stand for him
Chapter 992 The Evil Clan is Destroyed
Chapter 993: Hunting Time
Chapter 986: Eastern Divine Purpose
Chapter 995: The God Who Eats Light
Chapter 988 Fuxie collapses
Chapter 989 The Storytelling God
Chapter 990 Now, I am a hunter
Chapter 999: Strange Outer Sea
Chapter 1000 Nervous, Regretful, Tired
Chapter 1001 The mysterious man inside Suixu
Chapter 994: Refining Fuxie
Chapter 1003 The Fifth Star Ring
Chapter 996: Returning to the Myth
Chapter 997: Daily Tour
Chapter 998: Yu Liuchens Favor
Chapter 1007 He calls himself Yan Xuanzi
Chapter 1008: Those years, those people
Chapter 1009: Building the Most Powerful Wing
Chapter 1002: Your world...
Chapter 1011: Spiritual Sound Melts with Plum Blossoms
Chapter 1004 A place that may not exist
Chapter 1005 He Should Be the True God
Chapter 1006 The Holy Land War Begins
Chapter 1015 The Empress Summons
Chapter 1016: You look a lot like me before
Chapter 1017: Incomparably Loyal Feng Lintao
Chapter 1010 Holy Sky Pagoda
Chapter 1,019 Tragic Tragic Tragic!
Chapter 1,012 Purifying the Forbidden Land
Chapter 1,013 The New Master of Lingyin
Chapter 1014 Fair Trade
Chapter 1023: Disciple of the Great Emperor
Chapter 1024: Two cows, one word, three people are shocked
Chapter 1025: He is truly a skilled craftsman of sound
Chapter 1018 Homemade Fishing Bait
Chapter 1,027 It was indeed a steal!
Chapter 1020: Turning Strengths into Weaknesses
Chapter 1021: So good
Chapter 1022: Immortal Technique: Six Thieves Are Born Accidentally
Chapter 1031: Little Ah Qing, do you think Im beautiful?
Chapter 1,032 The Green Bull Enters the Demon Feather
Chapter 1033 Immortal Technique: Five Dog House Immortal
Chapter 1026: The fish are fat, everyone gets what they need
Chapter 1,027 It was indeed a steal!
Chapter 1,028 The Divine Power of Luck
Chapter 1,029 You pay the bride price and I enter the bridal chamber
Chapter 1030: Seizing the Power of the True God
Chapter 1039 The Ninth Star Ring
Chapter 1040 I Make a Wish
Chapter 1041: Move forward indomitably
Chapter 1,042 The Broken Supreme Divine Power
Chapter 1043: Red Candle on Back
Chapter 1035 Mysterious White Dust
Chapter 1036: Your Majesty, I need a secret realm qualification
Chapter 1037: Candlelight in the Photo
Chapter 1,038 The face next to the red candle
Chapter 1048: The Secret of Immortal Magic
Chapter 1049: Grateful Heart
Chapter 1050 West Demon
Chapter 1,051 The Demonic Spirit is Destroyed
Chapter 1,052 Demonic Transformation
Chapter 1,044 Fate and Luck!
Chapter 1045: Arrogant in Following the Order
Chapter 1,046 The Dog Thief Becomes Famous
Chapter 1047: Enjoy the coolness under the tiger skin
Chapter 1,057 The Ancient Evil
Chapter 1058 These are my bones!
Chapter 1059 Xu Qing: You steal everything
Chapter 1060: Flashy
Chapter 1061: You blew yourself up back then
Chapter 1053: Carve your destiny
Chapter 1,054 The battle to protect the calf
Chapter 1,055 Turn around
Chapter 1056 The miserable Niu Niu
Chapter 1,066 Graveyard in the Rain
Chapter 1,067 Wake up, my warrior
Chapter 1,068 A pretty good family
Chapter 1,069 There is a treasure inside
Chapter 1070: On the verge of breaking out
Chapter 1,062 The Emperors Tomb is opened!
Chapter 1063: Li Jin
Chapter 1,064 The first clues
Chapter 1065 I have conquered this star!
Chapter 1075 I want your body
Chapter 1076: Entering the house and becoming an external evil
Chapter 1077 I Make a Wish
Chapter 1078 The Road to Immortality
Chapter 1071: Taking Chestnuts from the Fire
Chapter 1,072 The Revival of the Immortal Skeleton
Chapter 1073 Everyone is here
Chapter 1,074 Washing Vegetables
Chapter 1076: Entering the house and becoming an evil