Chapter 1093 I think there is a way to die in Oil City!

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Outside the Northern Federation.

Watchtower No. 23.

Five or six cars drove here from a distance.


The snow tires of the leading pickup truck made a scraping sound against the ice.

The vehicle did not stop immediately. On the ice, the vehicle was traveling too fast and suddenly braked, causing the vehicle to drift for a distance.

There was a person sitting in the back of this pickup truck, and a heavy machine gun was welded to the roof.

There is an armored vehicle behind it.

At first glance, this convoy looks like a convoy dedicated to patrolling. The personnel and firepower configuration are not weak.

The convoy stops!

Anshan hurriedly got out of the car and shouted to Old Feng at the sentry tower: "Where are the people? Where are the people dropped from the helicopter?"

Old Feng pointed ahead and shouted to Anshan: "Over there, halfway up the mountain."

Hearing this, Anshan returned to the car without any hesitation.


He closed the car door instantly, sat in the passenger seat and said: "Drive!"

Boom boom boom!

The vehicle was speeding, and as soon as I stepped on the accelerator twice, I saw a person squatting in front of me, and another one lying on the ground.

The squatting man is Ye Banshan from Sentry Tower No. 23.

Ye Banshan saw the vehicle approaching and quickly stood up and waved.

When Anshan saw him, he immediately asked the driver to drive over.

The car stopped.

Anshan got out of the car and asked after seeing Ye Banshan: "Who is this person?"

When he was just on the road, Chaoyuan asked him to find out who the person left behind immediately and report it.

Banshan raised his head and replied: "It's Liu Weimeng from the outer city!"

"Liu Weimeng? Which one is it?" Anshan was confused. He was very unfamiliar with this name and had never heard it before.

There are many people in the Northern Federation, and the people in the outer city are even more complicated. The expedition team established by Sima Xi was also recruited from the outer city.

It is normal for Anshan not to know Liu Weimeng.

The reason why Ye Banshan knew Liu Weimeng was because Ye Banshan had been selected from the outer city to join the outpost investigation before, and he had met Liu Weimeng several times before.

When he just came from the guard post, he lifted the black cloth on Liu Weimeng's head and didn't recognize him at all. It wasn't until he pulled out the strip of cloth from Liu Weimeng's mouth and Liu Weimeng told him who he was that he became suspicious.

After all, Liu Weimeng's changes have been too great.

Facing Anshan's inquiry, Ye Banshan had no choice but to answer:

"Liu Weimeng is from the outer city of our Northern Federation."

"I asked just now, and he said he was sent by Sima Xi to investigate the Oil City a few months ago..."

Anshan frowned, approached Liu Weimeng, and lifted him up.

Asked: "How many months have you stayed in Oil City?"

Liu Weimeng's face was pale and he was shivering from the cold.

The ants and the others just threw him on the ice, and his body was in direct contact with the cold ice, freezing him to death!

He nodded tremblingly and said, "Yes, we followed Sima Xi's order and went to Oil City, but later we were arrested by people from Oil City."

Anshan's brows were still furrowed and he waved to the person behind him, "Take him to the car."

The two men at the back escorted Liu Weimeng to the car. His hands and feet were tied with ropes in order to allow him to walk to the car by himself.

The men pulled out their daggers and cut the rope around his legs.

The air conditioner is on in the car and it's very warm.

Liu Wei sniffed fiercely and looked at the people on the left and right.


Anshan got in the car, and then said to the mountain outside the car: "I will pick him up and take him to meet the governor. If there is any new information, please contact him in time."

After saying that, he asked the driver to drive straight to the Northern Federation.

On the car.

Anshan turned his head and looked at Liu Weimeng. There were some traces of being beaten on Liu Weimeng's face, and he looked depressed.

Anshan thought for a while and asked: "Why did the people in Oil City send you here? What did they say?"

When Liu Weimeng heard this, he instantly remembered what his third uncle had stuffed into his chest bag before.

So he quickly said: "Bag, my bag, they asked me to hand over the contents of the bag to you."

Anshan winked at the person next to Liu Weimeng and asked him to take out the contents of Liu Weimeng's bag.

The men quickly reached into his bag and rummaged around, finding a letter.

"Give it to me!" Anshan said.

The subordinate handed the letter to Anshan.

Anshan took the letter and hesitated for a few seconds, thinking whether he could open it.

If there is some content in it that should not be shown to him, it will cause trouble...

After hesitating for a while, he still didn't open it.

He put the letter away, turned to Liu Weimeng and said:

"Tell me, tell us what you have seen and heard in Oil City these past few months."

Liu Weimeng's hands were tied with ropes, and he felt uncomfortable all over. He twisted his body and said, "Well, I'm also from our Northern Federation. Can you loosen my ties first? It's really uncomfortable..."

Anshan decisively refused and said: "No, who knows whether you will be brainwashed or bribed by them in the past few months, so just explain it honestly and clearly."

Liu Weimeng felt like crying but had no tears in his heart. What was going on?

He was taken as a prisoner in the oil city, and when he finally came back, he treated him as an enemy.

If I had known this, it would be better not to come back!


Anshan shouted impatiently.

Liu Wei shook violently and said a little aggrievedly: "I have been locked up in a dark place these past few months and I don't know anything?"

Anshan glanced at him and wanted to be angry but felt there was no need.

It was better to take him to the governor. Anyway, he was only asked to take people there, and he was not asked to ask what the consequences would be.


The convoy drove to the northern federal fence.

The guards on the wall saw Anshan and the others and immediately opened the city gate.

The vehicles were speeding through, and after entering the outer city, they were inspected before entering the inner city, and then stopped at the Governor's Palace.

The entrance to the Governor's Palace.

Chaoyuan was waiting anxiously. When he saw Anshan's car arriving, he rushed over.

The car stops!

"Where are the people?"

"In the car."

"Bring it out and come with me to see the governor!"


Without much nonsense, Anshan led a few people to drag Liu Weimeng out.

When Liu Weimeng walked out, Chaoyuan looked at him twice but still didn't recognize him.

"This is what you said on the way, the expedition team member sent by Sima Xi?"

"Yes." Anshan nodded.

"No matter, let's take him over to see the Governor first. The Governor has been waiting for a long time."

As he spoke, he strode forward.

Anshan, who was behind him, quickly followed him and took out a letter from his arms and handed it to Chaoyuan, "This and that one is on Liu Weimeng. According to what he said, this letter is to be handed over to our governor."

"Give it to the governor?" Chao Yuan glanced at him.

Then he looked left and right again, slowed down, opened the envelope, and scanned it quickly.

At first, his expression didn't change much, then he frowned, and then he snorted several times.

He folded the envelope back and said, "I think that person in Oil City is blinded by lard and is delusional!"

Anshan, who followed him and glanced at him furtively, also twitched his lips.

When he arrived at the governor's office, Chao Yuan calmed down the expression on his face, knocked on the door, and shouted softly: "Governor, I brought this person here!"


Push the door open and enter.

Take Anshan and others into the office.


Chao Yuan walked over, pointed at Liu Weimeng who was standing next to him, and said, "It must be a helicopter from Oil City. He is the one who was dropped."

"This man's name is Liu Weimeng. He was originally from the outer city of our northern federation. He was sent by Sima Xi to investigate the situation in Oil City. He was later arrested and has been in the hands of people in Oil City for the past few months."

"He said this is a letter that someone from Oil City asked him to give to you."

With that said, he handed over the letter in his hand.

When he handed it over, he felt a little uneasy.

He was furious after reading the contents of that letter, let alone the governor.

You can imagine how angry the Governor will be after opening this letter!

Yuan Zhi took the letter from Chaoyuan, then glanced at Liu Weimeng and said to Chaoyuan:

"Since he is from the north, why are he tied up? Untie him!"

Chaoyuan quickly gave Anshan a look.

Anshan personally untied the rope from Liu Weimeng's hand.

When Yuan Zhi saw this, he slowly walked to the window with the letter in hand.

Open the envelope.

[Governor Yuan of the Northern Territory Federation:

Hello, I am Li Yu, the city owner of Dazhangshu Base. I will communicate with you with sincerity and respect....]

Yuan Zhi raised his eyebrows when he saw this. He advocated peace and hated fighting.

I thought to myself: The leader of this Da Zhangshu base is quite good.

He continued to read, with a smile on his lips when he saw the severe condemnation.

It's just a condemnation and nothing will happen.

Continuing to look down, I saw the words on the paper changing.

[We have suffered great losses. In order to make up for our losses, we require the Northern Federation to provide the following compensation:

1, six helicopters.


5. Allow us to station troops permanently in the Northern Federation.】

Yuan Zhi took a deep breath, and the blood vessels in his forehead beat suddenly.

His face turned red and his hands trembled, but he had good concentration and still looked down patiently.

When he saw that he was also asked to send the first batch of helicopters to Gao City within two days, and asked him to bring the members of the special team formed by Wu Jianguo, Su Qian and others with him.

He couldn't help but cursed: "Asshole!"

He walked back and forth with a sullen face, and threw the letter heavily on the table.

"How can this not make sense? How can it not make sense!"

"I think this oil city has a way to kill it!"

As he spoke, he picked up a tea cup on the table and took a few sips.

It seemed that the more he thought about it, the angrier he became, so he slammed the teacup on the ground.


The teacup fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

No one in the office dared to speak, and no one dared to take a breath.

Half a moment.

Ma Song carefully glanced at the letter on the table, then looked at Anshan and Chaoyuan, who had their heads lowered.

His eyes flickered, and his brain was running wildly.

The fact that the Governor was so angry shows that the letter contained many things that made the Governor unhappy.

At this moment, Yuan Zhi suddenly said to Ma Song: "Xiao Ma, you should also read that letter."

Ma Song was already curious, and after receiving the governor's order, he naturally picked up the letter and read it carefully.


It was written by the city lord of Dazhangshu Base, and the handwriting is good.


Quite polite.


How brave, how dare you ask the Northern Federation to pay for these...

Isn't this just asking them to bow their heads and be petty?

Where did they get the courage?

Could it be that the people at Da Zhangshu Base really have mastered the method of controlling zombies?

Otherwise, they are crazy!

You must know that such a letter was an unintentional slap in the face of Yuan Zhi.

It hurts!

But think about it from another perspective. It is a fact that Sima Xi led an army to attack Oil City before, and it is also a fact that Yuan Zhi did not stop him.

After all, Sima Xi came from the Northern Federation, and he also fled back to the Northern Federation after the failure.

It is morally reasonable for people from Oil City to come to beg Sima Xi and demand compensation.

It’s just that this compensation is indeed a bit excessive!

If the compensation is not so excessive, perhaps it can be negotiated.

After Ma Song read the letter, his mind thought of countless possibilities in a short period of time, and thought of the most beneficial method for them.

But he didn't take the initiative to speak.

Sometimes, the more you do and talk, the more mistakes you make. Waiting until others call you and then showing up will be more beneficial to yourself.

"Ma Song, what do you think?" Yuan Zhi asked in a low voice.

Ma Song stepped forward and said to Yuan Zhi, "I want to ask Liu Weimeng a few questions."

Yuan Zhi waved his hand and asked him to ask casually.

When Ma Song saw this, he asked Liu Wei fiercely:

"The first question is, what kind of strength does Oil City have?"

Hearing this, Liu Weimeng showed an embarrassed look on his face and replied hesitantly: "I really don't know. Ever since I was captured in Oil City, I was hooded and then imprisoned in a room."

This chapter is not finished yet, please click on the next page to continue reading the exciting content! "But I saw that they have two helicopters before, and their personnel seem to be very experienced in combat."


have to!

It's the same as asking or not asking.

Ma Song continued to ask: "How long did it take them to send you here?"

The people from Oil City must have arrived near the Northern Federation, but how far away they are is still unknown. It would be of little significance if many people were sent out to investigate.

"An hour, maybe less than an hour." Liu Weimeng replied.

Ma Song frowned slightly when he heard this. One hour for a helicopter is 300 kilometers. This range is too large.

Of course, we cannot rule out the possibility that people from Oil City deliberately went around in circles.

Neither question allowed Ma Song to obtain effective information.

So Ma Song asked the third question again: "Do you think they can control zombies? Or have they ever mentioned similar things?"

When Liu Weimeng heard this, his eyes widened and he said doubtfully: "Ah? I have never heard them mention this matter..."


Ma Song gave up.

It seems that the people in Oil City have been prepared for a long time, otherwise they would not have thrown Liu Weimeng over.

After pondering for a while, he said to the Governor: "Governor, I have finished asking my questions."

"There are three strategies in total: upper, middle and lower."

"As an alternative, we don't know if the people in Oil City can control zombies. To be on the safe side, we can negotiate with them first, back and forth, to test whether they have the ability to control zombies.


"Also, let's clear the relationship with Sima Xi and make it clear that Sima Xi led people to attack them. It was Sima Xi's personal behavior and has nothing to do with us. In addition, in order to show sincerity, we can send Sima Xi and some of the people they mentioned.

, anyway, there will be no substantial loss for us."

Yuan Zhi raised his eyebrows and asked, "Where did you fall into the trap?"

Hearing what Yuan Zhi said, Ma Song sighed imperceptibly in his heart.

If you fall into the trap by asking, it must be because you are not satisfied with the method he just mentioned before.

Think about it, Yuan Zhi has been in charge of the Northern Federation for so many years, and people from other forces have always been subservient to him. Now an oil city appears, and Yuan Zhi is forced to bow down to him.

This bad breath is really hard to get rid of.

So he continued:

"If you fall into a trap, take this opportunity to surround them!"

"We agreed on the surface, and then we set up a dragnet to find them when the time comes, catch them all, and immediately send out a large army to eliminate the oil city and even the Da Zhangshu base as quickly as possible."

"But the risk is too great. Once discovered by them, they may be even more angry, but the risks and benefits coexist."

"If this oil city is just a paper tiger, then we can solve the future problems at once!"

After hearing this, Yuan Zhi looked thoughtful,

"We will ignore the threat from Oil City for the time being and strengthen our defense during this period. Let's see if this Oil City can control zombies. If we can really control zombies, we will make an appropriate agreement based on the situation.

their demands."

"In addition, we also need to see how they control the zombies. Our wall is so high, they may not be able to truly threaten us by controlling the zombies."

"If there is really a great threat, we will negotiate with them, pretend to agree to their request, and then find ways to restrain them based on how they control zombies."

"They will definitely not destroy the entire Northern Federation. There are several reasons. First, among the compensations they mentioned, there are demands for various talents, which shows that Oil City attaches great importance to talents.

Second, the destruction of the Northern Federation is not of great benefit to them.


After finishing the three strategies, Ma Song returned behind Yuan Zhi and said no more.

He was just a suggestion. As for which suggestion Yuan Zhi adopted, that was his choice.

Even if something went wrong, it was because of Yuan Zhi's choice.

After all, no matter which strategy is chosen, apart from the problem, there are reasons to say that the other two strategies may be better.

Everyone in the office held their breath and waited quietly for Yuan Zhi to make his choice.


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