Chapter 203 Deep Cave

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After listening for a while, the strange "tapping" sound in front of me suddenly disappeared again.

Although the "strange sound" only lasted for a minute or two, the three of us really heard it.

Dou Yazai held up the flashlight and shined it forward, stretched his neck and said, "What the hell is that sound? Why does it sound a bit like the sound of a telegraph?"

Brother Yu frowned and said, "Don't be joking, Yazai. Now is not the time to joke. I feel like the sound of rocks hitting rocks."

I frowned and said, "Brother Yu, why do I feel like this voice?"

After saying that, I opened my mouth and flicked my tongue a few times.

Bean Sprouts immediately panicked, and he said nervously, "Holy crap! Isn't it? In this dark place where birds don't poop, is there anyone else besides the three of us? Could it be some unclean thing warning us, don't do it?"

Moving forward."

Dou Yazai guessed again, "It's also possible that there are some cave creatures here! Fengzi, I once watched an old foreign movie about cave exploration. In it there was a spider woman who relied on her ears to identify directions. Damn it.

It can eat people."

"Shut up, you are talking nonsense every day! With your loud voice, some monster will eat you first." ??

Dou Sprout quickly put on his clothes, then took out his knife and looked around cautiously.

I also held the knife in my hand with my backhand.

It's pitch black ahead, and flashlights are the only lighting equipment we rely on now.

But a strong flashlight can only illuminate a small area in front of us, leaving the rest of the area in darkness.

The deeper I went, the more depressing I felt, indescribably depressing.

The three of us walked in the direction of the "strange noise" for a while, and suddenly there was a fork in the road ahead.

It can't be said that it's a fork in the road, it's just a big crack in the cave wall.

The forked road on the left is on high ground, with dense gravel piled up into a small slope.


I stepped on it, and the gravel immediately flowed down.

"Yunfeng, do you think this is the strange sound we heard just now?"

I looked at the surrounding environment and said, "It's hard to say, Brother Yu, maybe there was an underground river passing here a long time ago. These stones were brought by the river from other places. Because of the high terrain here, the underground river later dried up. These stones

The stones slowly piled up here."

After saying that, I picked up the stone and threw it hard.

The next second there was a clanking echo, indicating that there was another connection to the top.

Climbing up and taking a look, sure enough, another shaft extending downward appeared in front of me.

I took a flashlight and looked down, and I was shocked.

This is not a naturally formed shaft!

This place was actually built by man!

I saw that the square logs were arranged at forty degrees, like stairs! Each square log was about one meter and a half long and twenty centimeters wide, with a thick layer of floating ash falling on it.

Facing the scene in front of him, Dou Yazai began to breathe rapidly. He turned to me and asked, "Feng Fengzi! Is this practiced by ancient people?"

"Yes, it looks like it was built a long time ago, at least hundreds of years." I frowned and said.

Dou Sprout stretched out his foot and stepped on the square wood. "It looks like it's still very strong. Let's go down and have a look?"

I had to do it, so I warned, "Go in the middle and don't step on the corners. These square logs look strong on the outside, but in fact some of them have long been rotten on the inside."

After thinking about it for a while, I grabbed a few handfuls of stones and took them with me.

I took the lead in exploring downwards. Every time I stepped on a square log, I would throw a stone to test it.

The next square wooden knot is not strong, can it be stepped on?

These ancient square wooden steps extend down for about forty or fifty meters, and when you come down, you will find a large and relatively flat underground space, where our loud words will be echoed.

Here, Brother Yu was the first to discover a strange square stone platform.

This stone platform looks very old. It is half a meter above the ground. The four corners are slightly raised. There are also three steps made of polished stone strips for people to step on.

Douyazai said that this stone platform looked like a podium, and a word subconsciously came to my mind.

"Pointing General Station."

In the past, there were large and small dianjiang platforms. The big one was a serious dianjiang platform, which was about ten feet high. The small one was like the one in front of me, which was used temporarily.

"There's a discovery!"

"Yunfeng! Come over and take a look at this place!"

I hurriedly ran over, and Brother Yu pointed to a high place and said, "There! Do you see it?"

I held up the flashlight and said, "I saw it. It looks like a niche in the wall. It's too high. Brother Yu, it's at least seven or eight meters high. I'm afraid we won't be able to get up."

Those wall niches are very high from the ground. If Brother Yu hadn't called me, I wouldn't have seen them at all.

I counted and found that there were seventeen in total. The distance between the wall niches was one to two meters. There was even a layer of spider webs on the outside of some wall niches.

I wondered in my mind, "Strange, what are you doing with so many wall niches, and who ordered them to be dug?"

Because the broken coin was also found in a wall niche before, I guess there are things in these wall niches that are not kept intact.

Dou Yazai also saw these wall holes with a flashlight. He said excitedly, "I know Fengzi! Maybe the treasure is hidden up there! Look, it is built so high! It must not be easy for others to get it!"

I shook my head, "It can't be that simple. These wall holes would have

It must have its purpose. If everyone thinks like you do, that doesn't mean there is no more than three hundred taels of silver here."

"Fengzi, don't you understand this? The ancients were very smart! They knew that the most dangerous place is also the safest place. This is called reverse thinking! Do the opposite!"

"You're talking nonsense. I guess it was used by people back then to store meat or grain. The reason why it's so high off the ground is probably because they were afraid of being eaten by rats."

"Would you like to bet? I bet the thing hidden in the head is definitely not food! Let's bet a hundred yuan!"

"I won't bet with you, it's pointless."

At this time, Brother Yu suddenly said, "Yazi, do you still have a basin of thin rope in your bag?"

"Yes, I have."

"give it to me."

Brother Yu asked me to help hold it. He pulled out the rope nearly ten meters, then cut it, then tied the broken end with a kamikaze knot and tied it to the handle of the knife.

"Use a rope dart? Brother Yu, it doesn't look like limestone here anymore. It's so high, can you hit it in?"

"I don't know. I'll try my best. You stay back."

After Brother Yu finished speaking, he raised his head and stared at somewhere high in the sky, and quickly swung the rope dart in his hand.

The speed was getting faster and faster, and I heard the sound of whirring through the air.

When the speed reached the maximum, Brother Yu took a step forward. He stepped forward with his belt and threw the rope dart in his hand like a javelin. The huge inertia caused him to take two or three steps forward before he stood still.

Just listen to a crisp sound!

The steel knife at the front end of the rope dart penetrated deeply into the wall below the wall hole, and the handle of the knife was still shaking slightly. One can imagine how strong its force was.

Brother Yu clapped his hands, walked over and tugged on the rope and said, "Okay, it should be able to bear the weight of the person. Yunfeng, should you go up or me?"

"I come!"

This chapter has been completed!
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