0355,Test-public trial?

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 "It seems that I still underestimated this little country dog."

Su Yuncao calmed down, with a hint of cruelty on his face.

It takes almost no guessing to figure out who is behind all this.

At the same time, he also knew very well that at this time, he could no longer look forward and delay, and must use thunder to quickly resolve disputes on the Internet.

It's not like he has never encountered this situation before.

If you walk a lot at night, you will inevitably encounter ghosts.

Therefore, he had already prepared ways to fight ghosts.

Very simple.

To overwhelm people with force.

To overwhelm people with force.

After a series of phone calls were made, the discussion on this matter on the Internet quickly dropped.

Many videos were deleted directly.

Many hot connections can no longer be opened.

The hot search on Weibo was quickly removed.

Some forums were directly closed temporarily.

The big anchors who started live broadcasts to discuss this matter were also surprised to find that their live broadcast rooms were forcibly closed by the station.

This is the power of "potential".

Su Yuncao's power could dominate the small base city.

But after covering the sky with one hand, right and wrong must be reversed.

He did not pursue the whereabouts of Zhou Minruo.

There was no further investigation into the culpability of Cao Yuxuan and Zhang Renjie.

Instead, he immediately ordered people to investigate the whereabouts of Li Xiaofei.

"Mr. Su, we found out that Li Xiaofei has been in school today."

Another assistant student quickly messaged back.

Su Yuncao was slightly startled.

How could this little native dog be so big?

After the incident, I went to school.

Does he think that this can clear his suspicion?

How stupid.

Su Yuncao came to the balcony of the suite and looked at the sun obscured by clouds in the sky, with a faint smile on his face.

"Let this game die instantly."

His figure moved.

Disappeared in place.

Almost at the same time.

Su Yuncao's figure arrived above Hongqi High School.

The energy was like a wave, sweeping through the entire school, and then instantly locked onto Li Xiaofei, who was training with the team members in the special training venue.

"Li Xiaofei, why don't you get out."

Su Yuncao's voice echoed clearly in the campus.

Suddenly, countless people looked up to the sky.

The figure, whose whole body was covered with bright green light, was like a small sun, emitting an unstoppable brilliance and spreading endless pressure, as if the gods from the nine heavens had appeared.

The teachers and students of Hongqi High School have a sense of panic that the end is coming.

"Su Yuncao."

Li Xiaofei suddenly appeared in the playground, shouting to the sky, "You old dog, your reputation has been ruined, and you have done such evil things to deceive the world and steal your reputation, how dare you show up?"

"Ha ha ha ha……"

Su Yuncao looked up to the sky and laughed wildly, saying, "Kid, your methods are still too young and you don't understand the rules of this world at all. Do you think that you can intimidate a few gangsters, collude with Zhou Minruo, and fabricate a few videos to frame me?"


"Old dog, you know very well whether this is a trap or not."

Li Xiaofei sneered and said, "Just wait for the Education Bureau and the Disciplinary Inspection Bureau to investigate. By then, you old dog will have time to cry."

"No need, the Education Bureau and the Disciplinary Inspection Bureau won't come."

Su Yuncao said, "Because you can't deceive them with this little trick of yours. Children, come with me to the police station and confess your crime."

Saying that, take action directly.

In the palm of my hand, four green seeds sprouted at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The bud was seen to pull out four branches and vines, hanging down from the sky, quickly spreading and expanding, and finally turned into four green spiritual dragons, sweeping towards Li Xiaofei.

Li Xiaofei did not surrender.

He stabbed repeatedly with his fingers.

Streams of sword energy roared out.

Six Meridians Divine Sword.

The sword energy is like electricity, or light and agile, or domineering, or powerful, or elegant, constantly striking at the "Green Spiritual Dragon".

Ding ding ding.

metal impact

Like sparks sputtering.

The sword energy shattered.

The trajectory of the green spirit dragon was slightly disturbed, but only for a moment, and then it rolled towards Li Xiaofei at a faster speed.

Li Xiaofei moved, and the dragon tooth dagger appeared in his hand.


Swing the sword and chop in succession.

The dagger shattered and burst into pieces.

The sharp blade that had been with Li Xiaofei for more than half a year was shattered.

Li Xiaofei felt awe-struck in his heart, and immediately stepped on the waves to avoid the entanglement of the green spiritual dragon, and held the famous sword "Flying Dragon" in his hand.

This sword was the sword he got from killing Guan Shanyue in the gang battle.

The cold light flashes, and the hair is blown and broken.

It can be said that it has reached the pinnacle of ordinary soldiers under power weapons.

Ding ding ding.

The sword blade struck the green spiritual dragon, splashing out clusters of sparks.

Li Xiaofei's wrist went numb. When he looked carefully, he saw that Feilong's sword blade had cracks the size of broad beans, and cracks appeared on the sword body.

This sword is useless.

In the next moment, the green spiritual dragon instantly differentiated into four forms and eight forms, accelerated suddenly, rushed over, and directly trapped Li Xiaofei.

Li Xiaofei abandoned his sword.

work hard.

The muscles all over his body bulged, and monster-like power exploded instantly.

Boom boom boom.

The green dragon-like vines broke instantly.

"Poor brute force."

The corner of Su Yuncao's mouth curled up into a smile, stimulating his inner energy.

The broken green vines seemed to come alive in an instant. They rolled over and wrapped around Li Xiaofei's shoulders, arms, waist, legs, and feet.

Li Xiaofei once again exploded with physical power.

But this green vine is incredibly resilient.

They clung to Li Xiaofei.

Wrap him up like a rice dumpling.

The victory has been decided.

Li Xiaofei was defeated.

"Sora has brute strength, just like a wild beast."

Su Yuncao smiled slightly.

Green vines rolled up Li Xiaofei and dragged him into the air.

Bai Longfei rushed out, holding a long sword in his hand and slashed straight through the vine.


Venus sputters.

He was directly ejected.

Bai Qiqi, Lonicera, Du Heng, Zhuge Long and others all rushed out to prevent Su Yuncao from taking him away.

But with their strength, how can they stop it?

Yan Chiyu suddenly merged with his sword, rose into the sky, and stabbed Su Yuncao with one sword.


Su Yuncao's complexion changed slightly.

I didn't realize before that there was actually a little sword cultivator hidden in Hongqi High School.

This sword has a faint sword intention.

There are so many geniuses hidden in this small muddy pond.

It's hard for Chen Bandit to collect so many good seeds after so many years.

From now on it will all be yours.

Su Yuncao waved his hand gently.

A vast invisible force surged out.

Yan Chiyu's sword energy was exhausted, he flew back and landed heavily on the ground.

Bai Qiqi said loudly, "Mr. Su, please... please let Mr. Li go. I am willing... willing to join your family..."

Su Yuncao

He smiled faintly and said in a friendly manner, "My classmates, you have all been deceived by Li Xiaofei. This man is ruthless and cruel. He framed me, colluded with the gangs in the city, and did countless evil things. I am capturing him today not to use lynching, but to

If he is to be put on a public trial, he will never be wronged!"

In his words, he vividly displays his elegant temperament and the style of a celebrity.

After that, he took Li Xiaofei and left through the air.

Bailong stomped his feet anxiously, "What should I do? What should I do?"

Lonicera said, "Let's go find this old guy and fight with him."

Fang Buyi lost his opinion and said, "You can't be impulsive. You have to find a way and find someone to help."

Yan Chiyu stood still and did not move.

In her mind, the look in Li Xiaofei's hand when she was about to take action again appeared in her mind.

She didn't know why, but the moment she saw his eyes, she understood what he meant.

"Do not worry."

Yan Chiyu said, "Waiting for the public trial."

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