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Shura Sword God

Shura Sword God

author:Three inches of cold light

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-23 06:12

Latest chapter:Chapter 3375 Escape

A young man was born with supreme divine veins, but because of his kind heart, he fell into the mortal world. His overwhelming resentment activated the order of gods and demons, and he was inherited by the supreme overlord of the divine world. The true blood-tempered bodies of the ten ancient ferocious beasts rose in the face of adversity! With a mortal body, he fought There are gods and Buddhas all over the sky, how does friendship in this world make sense?! Since gods are powerless, let the devil come to save all sentient beings!

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《Shura Sword God》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 3375 Escape
Chapter 3373 The monarch ran away
Chapter 3372 The King of Southern Anhui is Injured
Chapter 3371 Choose you to die
Chapter 3370 Dont fight anymore
Chapter 3369 Meet Qinglian Immortal Again
Chapter 3368 Yinghuo Shouxin
Chapter 3367 The person who broke the situation
Chapter 3366 A glimmer of hope
《Shura Sword God》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The Fall of Genius
Chapter 2 Heavenly Sword Order
Chapter 3 You dont deserve it!
Chapter 4 Wutian Demon Lord
Chapter 5 Bullying goes too far
Chapter 6 Vulnerable
Chapter 7 Restoring Cultivation
Chapter 8 The Half-Moon Period
Chapter 9 Cultivation is restored
Chapter 10 Come and die if you want
Chapter 11 Entering the Wilderness
Chapter 12 Massacre
Chapter 13 Kill them all
Chapter 14 Escape
Chapter 15 Ten Thousand Swords Technique
Chapter 16 Practicing Martial Arts
Chapter 17 Woman in White
Chapter 18 Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 19 Green Wings and Crouching Tiger
Chapter 20 Possessed!!
Chapter 21 Triple Peak
Chapter 22 Tempering Martial Arts
Chapter 23 Mo Shans anger
Chapter 24 Three-Eyed Ape
Chapter 25 Seizing the rare treasure
Chapter 26 Shura Sword
Chapter 27 Anger Surges
Chapter 28 Three Happinesses Come to the Door
Chapter 29 New and old grudges
Chapter 30 Massacre
Chapter 31: Fly away with one sword
Chapter 32 Certain Death
Chapter 33 Disaster is coming
Chapter 34 Visitors from the Imperial Capital
Chapter 35 Anyone who stands in my way will be killed without mercy!
Chapter 36 Creepy
Chapter 37 A river of blood
Chapter 38 Bao Yao Zhai
Chapter 39 Verbatim
Chapter 40 Dont mind taking it by force
Chapter 41 Wrong, wrong
Chapter 42 Spiritual Pill
Chapter 43 I dont accept disciples
Chapter 44 Alchemy Sect
Chapter 45 Mo Xiang personally opens the door!
Chapter 46 The beauty smiles
Chapter 47 Presenting Tianyuan in the Coffin
Chapter 48 A vision from heaven
Chapter 49 Son of Destiny
Chapter 50 The method of refining gods
Chapter 51 Being followed
Chapter 52 Star Martial Arts Academy
Chapter 53 Dont know whether to live or die
Chapter 54 Not Qualified
Chapter 55 Looks familiar
Chapter 56 Tit for tat
Chapter 57 Tao Heart Assessment
Chapter 58 Destiny?
Chapter 59 Disappointment
Chapter 60 The Last Person
Chapter 61 The Illusion Array Collapses
Chapter 62 Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 63 Qualification Assessment
Chapter 64 Qualifications of the Ninth Prince
Chapter 65 Wang Tengs Qualifications
Chapter 66 I practice with meridians
Chapter 67 Testing
Chapter 68 Taoist Idiot Tang Yue
Chapter 69 Inner Door Restrictions
Chapter 70 It cant be him
Chapter 71 Secret Realm
Chapter 72 The man of the hour
Chapter 73 Dont mess with me
Chapter 74 Does it hurt?
Chapter 75 Night Attack
Chapter 76 Man in Black Robe
Chapter 77 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 78 The sword is unsheathed and the grudges are over
Chapter 79 The sword is unsheathed and the grudges are over
Chapter 80 Chilling
Chapter 81 Killing the Demon
Chapter 82 Encounter with Liao Zhong
Chapter 83 Kill them all
Chapter 84 Storm
Chapter 85 Shocking Everyone
Chapter 86 Sharpening Sword Skills
Chapter 87 The demon is timid
Chapter 88 Take action
Chapter 89 Sweeping in all directions
Chapter 90 Bald Crane
Chapter 91 The mysterious Tianyuan Ancient Kingdom
Chapter 92 Sweeping One Hundred and Eight Meridians
Chapter 93 Dont believe in feelings
Chapter 94 Zhennan Palace
Chapter 95 Helping you break through the ranks
Chapter 96: Flexible and Flexible
Chapter 97 Unable to extricate myself
Chapter 98 The furnace is about to explode
Chapter 99 Take care of yourself
Chapter 100 Confused
Chapter 101 The storm is coming
Chapter 102 Certain Death
Chapter 103 Opportunity
Chapter 104 The army presses in
Chapter 105 Disaster Is Coming
Chapter 106 Why bother?
Chapter 107 Apologize?
Chapter 108 Cant afford to offend
Chapter 109 I am invincible
Chapter 110 Immortal Battle Body
Chapter 111 Freshman Trial
Chapter 112 Entering the Secret Realm
Chapter 113 You are too weak
Chapter 114 The Unlucky Five
Chapter 115 Is it worthy of destiny?
Chapter 116 The mantis stalks the cicada
Chapter 117 Cant take away even one
Chapter 118 The oriole is behind
Chapter 119 Changes in the Secret Realm
Chapter 120 Life Money
Chapter 121 Man in Black Robe
Chapter 122 Flaw
Chapter 123 Yuan Shen Attack
Chapter 124 Going his own way
Chapter 125 Knocked Out
Chapter 126 Who is first?
Chapter 127 Pig Head
Chapter 128 Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 129 Partiality
Chapter 130 Confusion
Chapter 131 Silence
Chapter 132 Little Crazy Demon Pill
Chapter 133: Messy
Chapter 134 Innate Fire Spiritual Power
Chapter 135 Fifth Level of Ningzhen Realm
Chapter 136 Too late
Chapter 137 Bet
Chapter 138 Guilty Conscience
Chapter 139 Feeling like old friends at first sight
Chapter 140 Sneaking into the Inner Courtyard
Chapter 141 Record-breaking
Chapter 142 Sensation in the Inner Courtyard
Chapter 143 Shura
Chapter 144 Clues
Chapter 145 A bright future
Chapter 146 Why are you here?
Chapter 147 Vulnerable
Chapter 148 If you want to die, I will help you
Chapter 149 Bullying
Chapter 150: Banging the Door
Chapter 151 You can give it a try
Chapter 152 Re-entering the Inner Courtyard
Chapter 153 Assassination
Chapter 154 The fifth middle stage
Chapter 155 Encounter with Tang Yue
Chapter 156 Who is this?
Chapter 157 Identity exposed?
Chapter 158 Guess
Chapter 159 Questioning
Chapter 160 Unfortunately, he is dead
Chapter 161 How about winning?
Chapter 162 Shocking words
Chapter 163 How to endure it
Chapter 164 Fists speak
Chapter 165 Ridiculous
Chapter 166 You can get out now
Chapter 167 You must bear the consequences
Chapter 168 Worrying too much
Chapter 169 Sit back and wait.
Chapter 170 Clown
Chapter 171 Obsession
Chapter 172 Re-entering the Inner Courtyard
Chapter 173 Outer Court Promotion Assessment
Chapter 174 Arriving hand in hand
Chapter 175 Suppression
Chapter 176 Li Feng
Chapter 177 Demon Suppression Palace
Chapter 178 Swallowing Demon Spirits
Chapter 179 Exciting
Chapter 180 Suppression
Chapter 181 Mysterious Summoning
Chapter 182 Xingwu Hope
Chapter 183 Embarrassing
Chapter 184 Amazing results
Chapter 185 Martial Arts Exchange
Chapter 186 Crazy
Chapter 187 One Sword
Chapter 188 Dont hesitate to teach me
Chapter 189 Inner Court Exchange
Chapter 190 Losing streak
Chapter 191 See Through
Chapter 192 The First Person in the Inner Court
Chapter 193 Xingwu is undefeated
Chapter 194 Ask Shura to take action!
Chapter 195 I will defeat you
Chapter 196 Kill instantly with one sword
Chapter 197 Who can fight?
Chapter 198 Next
Chapter 199 Continuous Execution
Chapter 200 Wei Zhuang
Chapter 201 Suppression
Chapter 202 Defeat
Chapter 203 Rules
Chapter 204 I dont know what to say
Chapter 205 A slap, a piece of candy
Chapter 206 Challenge the core disciples
Chapter 207 Defeating Li Feng
Chapter 208 Returning in vain
Chapter 209 Be prepared to pay for your life
Chapter 210 There are tens of millions of words in the world
Chapter 211 Cant afford to offend
Chapter 212 All injuries recovered
Chapter 213 Mo Xiang comes out of seclusion
Chapter 214 Hidden Cultivation
Chapter 215 The Unity of Heaven and Man
Chapter 216 Great increase in strength
Chapter 217 Su Ming returns
Chapter 218 The Eve of the Competition
Chapter 219 Ninth Level of Condensation
Chapter 220 Three-House Competition
Chapter 221 I would rather kill the wrong person than let him go
Chapter 222 Mysterious Rules
Chapter 223 Unilateral Hunting
Chapter 224 Beat it up with a rake
Chapter 225 Is it a lot?
Chapter 226 Is it a flash in the pan?
Chapter 227 The Crisis of Xingwu
Chapter 228 Killing with a Sword
Chapter 229 Star Martial King Teng
Chapter 230 I go alone
Chapter 231 Its Wang Teng again
Chapter 232 The First Person in Tianyuan
Chapter 233 Situation
Chapter 234 Eliminated one after another
Chapter 235 There is one more person
Chapter 236 The target of public criticism
Chapter 237 Total Destruction
Chapter 238 Its you
Chapter 239 Fierce Battle with Duan Ming
Chapter 240 Defeating Duan Ming
Chapter 241 Final outcome
Chapter 242 Why is it him again?
Chapter 243 One person and one sword
Chapter 244 Jiuyus soul palpitations
Chapter 245 Its hard to escape even if you have wings
Chapter 246 Secretly Nervous
Chapter 247 Can be of great use
Chapter 248 Cant be trapped
Chapter 249 Cant bear it
Chapter 250 Encounter
Chapter 251 One breath is enough
Chapter 252 Invisible Sword
Chapter 253 The assessment is over
Chapter 254 He who knows the current affairs is a hero
Chapter 255 The First Prince
Chapter 256 Recruitment of the First Prince
Chapter 257 Statistical Results
Chapter 258 Fifty-one thousand pieces!
Chapter 259 Determining the situation alone
Chapter 260 The sword has no eyes
Chapter 261 Ignorance of Current Affairs
Chapter 262 Arrogant Su Ming
Chapter 263 Su Mings strength
Chapter 264 Go back
Chapter 265 Victory without a fight
Chapter 266 Bringing humiliation to oneself
Chapter 267 Come up here yet
Chapter 268 Battle with Mo Xiang
Chapter 269 Cant bear it
Chapter 270 If you dont say anything shocking, you will never stop until you die.
Chapter 271 Challenge Li Qingyue!
Chapter 272 Battle with Zhuo Lang
Chapter 273 Eye of Martial Arts
Chapter 274 Will eventually perish
Chapter 275 Its your turn
Chapter 276 Challenge the Dean!
Chapter 277 Yuan Shen Attack
Chapter 278 Fierce Battle
Chapter 279 Star Soul Vision, Son of Destiny!
Chapter 280 Killing Li Qingyue
Chapter 281 The Competition Ends
Chapter 282 Bet
Chapter 283 Identity Exposed
Chapter 284 Conspiracy
Chapter 285 White Autumn Frost
Chapter 286 Joining forces with Zheng Yue
Chapter 287 The Crisis of Star Martial Arts
Chapter 288 Enemies meet
Chapter 289 The situation is tense
Chapter 290 The war breaks out
Chapter 291 Rage breaks out
Chapter 292 Star Martial War
Chapter 293 Tragic
Chapter 294 Chase
Chapter 295 Killing Guyang
Chapter 296 No one can escape!
Chapter 297 Ancient Gu Mother Pill
Chapter 298 Everyone breaks through
Chapter 299 The 85th floor of the inner courtyard training tower!
Chapter 300 Helpless
Chapter 301 Someone comes from Arctic Palace
Chapter 302 He Jie breaks through
Chapter 303 Killing He Jie
Chapter 304: Retreat and Practice
Chapter 305 Promotion to Yuangang Realm!
Chapter 306 The 100th floor!
Chapter 307 Great improvement in strength
Chapter 308 Kill them all
Chapter 309 I want to die to help you
Chapter 310 The entire army was wiped out
Chapter 311 Blackwater Prison
Chapter 312 Xing Wu, Wang Teng
Chapter 313 Suicide
Chapter 314 Massacre
Chapter 315 The power of Shura
Chapter 316 Fear
Chapter 317 Get rid of
Chapter 318 Refining the Great Sealing Demonic Pill
Chapter 319 A furnace of nine elixirs
Chapter 320: To save people, but also to kill people
Chapter 321 Blood splattered three feet
Chapter 322 Vulnerable
Chapter 323 Fierce Battle in the Secret Realm of the Four Extremes
Chapter 324 Use all possible means
Chapter 325: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 326 God-avoiding Pill
Chapter 327 Complete Violence
Chapter 328 Unrivaled
Chapter 329 Crazy!
Chapter 330 Take you to kill someone
Chapter 331 Entering the Palace
Chapter 332 Shanhe Sheji Ding
Chapter 333 The Unity of Heaven and Man
Chapter 334 Suppression of Sheji Ding
Chapter 335 King Tianyuan
Chapter 336 The Secret Realm of Life Spring
Chapter 337 Fierce Battle with King Tianyuan
Chapter 338 Changes in the Imperial Capital
Chapter 339 The Taoist Master
Chapter 340 Big Deception
Chapter 341 You, Uncle He
Chapter 342: You have to lie so much that people know
Chapter 343 Escape
Chapter 344 Only by holding a knife in hand can we avoid eating fish and meat.
Chapter 345 Awakening of the Immortal Sword Body!
Chapter 346: Being upright is not afraid of slanting shadows
Chapter 347 Refining Alchemy and Sword
Chapter 348 Flattery
Chapter 349 Big Storm
Chapter 350 Kill without mercy
Chapter 351 Entering the Demon Suppression Palace
Chapter 352 Devouring All the Way
Chapter 353 The 85th Floor of the Demon Suppression Palace
Chapter 354 Huge Dragon Corpse
Chapter 355 Innate Dragon Spirit
Chapter 356 Encounter
Chapter 357 Refining the Puppet Dragon
Chapter 358: Walking with the Dragon
Chapter 359 Monk
Chapter 360 Beheading
Chapter 361 Dragon Travels the World
Chapter 362 Reunion
Chapter 363 Plan
Chapter 364 Tianyuan Incident
Chapter 365 Demon, Yin Soldier
Chapter 366 The Gate of the Demon Cave
Chapter 367 Spirit-Gathering Zhuguo
Chapter 368 Arctic Palace Reaction
Chapter 369 Calculation of whereabouts
Chapter 370 Cutting off the secret of heaven
Chapter 371 Suppressing the Demon
Chapter 372 Stop the war
Chapter 373 Meeting Lord Tianjian Again
Chapter 374 Superiority
Chapter 375 Kunpengs True Secret
Chapter 376 The red fruit is ripe
Chapter 377 Retreat and Practice
Chapter 378 Killing the Demon
Chapter 379 Great increase in strength
Chapter 380 Weird Agreement
Chapter 381 Get Out
Chapter 382 Alarmism
Chapter 383 White Bone Shura King
Chapter 384 No one can be killed
Chapter 385 Killing the White Bone Shura King
Chapter 386 The situation is tense
Chapter 387 Fierce Battle with Cai Feng
Chapter 388 Right is a lesson
Chapter 389 If you want to die, I will help you
Chapter 390 Escape
Chapter 391 Unstoppable
Chapter 392 Green Winged Yaksha King
Chapter 393 Must die?
Chapter 394 The Secret of Immortality
Chapter 395 Tired the Demon King to Death
Chapter 396 Wasteland
Chapter 397 Twin Martial Arts
Chapter 398 Bringing things to order
Chapter 399 This sword will break
Chapter 400 Bet
Chapter 401 It really exploded!
Chapter 402 Is it difficult to hurt you?
Chapter 403: Fighting to recruit disciples
Chapter 404 Who do you want to be your teacher?
Chapter 405 You are not worthy!
Chapter 406 Speaking arrogantly
Chapter 407 Surrender
Chapter 408 Master of Medicine?
Chapter 409 Dont stop me
Chapter 410 All parties are convinced
Chapter 411 Proof
Chapter 412: Inspiring Generals
Chapter 413 Being seen out
Chapter 414 Long time admiration
Chapter 415 Take action personally
Chapter 416 The Kings Soldiers!
Chapter 417 Causes a natural disaster!
Chapter 418 The Master of Weapon Refining
Chapter 419 Sensation
Chapter 420 Showing Loyalty
Chapter 421 Meeting the Heavenly Sword Again
Chapter 422 Return to Shenjianfang
Chapter 423 Not a big problem
Chapter 424 Refining the elixir
Chapter 425 Sword King Order
Chapter 426 If you dont tell, you will die!
Chapter 427 Crazy
Chapter 428 Three Assessments
Chapter 429 Bargaining
Chapter 430 The sky is high and the earth is high
Chapter 431 Trouble is coming
Chapter 432 Cant survive tonight
Chapter 433 Kill them all
Chapter 434 Madman
Chapter 435 A mistake
Chapter 436 Lin Jingtian
Chapter 437 A trivial trick
Chapter 438 What a loud tone
Chapter 439 Ignorant Fanatic
Chapter 440 Blood Escape Technique
Chapter 441 Its all a misunderstanding
Chapter 442 Suppressing Ye Wuchang
Chapter 443 Protecting the Dao for Three Years
Chapter 444 The Iron Tree Blooms
Chapter 445 Why bother?
Chapter 446 Conquering Ye Wuchang
Chapter 447: Do something big
Chapter 448 Lets begin!
Chapter 449 The challenge has just begun
Chapter 450 Go and invite the sect leader
Chapter 451 Can you take 90,000 steps?
Chapter 452 Definitely Losing
Chapter 453 Ninety thousand steps!
Chapter 454: Willing to Accept Loss
Chapter 455 The Second Heaven of Dao Heart
Chapter 456 The Man in the Stone Tablet
Chapter 457 The world is a chess game
Chapter 458 The end of the soul-breaking abyss
Chapter 459 No scruples
Chapter 460 With all due respect, you are also a waste!
Chapter 461 How arrogant
Chapter 462 One day
Chapter 463 Wanjianfeng
Chapter 464 Immortal Sword Intent
Chapter 465 Understanding the Sword Intent
Chapter 466 So sharp?
Chapter 467 One Sword Moves the Universe
Chapter 468 Comprehensive
Chapter 469 Are you threatening me?
Chapter 470 Clown
Chapter 471: Cutting off the Root
Chapter 472 Reluctantly
Chapter 473 All downgraded
Chapter 474 Its hard to protect yourself
Chapter 475 Searching for Ye Wuchang
Chapter 476 The Elder Arrives
Chapter 477 Impressed by Ye Wuchang
Chapter 478 The storm arises
Chapter 479 Bringing humiliation to oneself
Chapter 480: Native Chickens and Dogs
Chapter 481 Come and kneel down
Chapter 482 Dig a hole
Chapter 483 The Secret of the Wasteland
Chapter 484 The world is a chess game
Chapter 485 The person who broke the situation
Chapter 486 Look again
Chapter 487 Calculation
Chapter 488 Arrogant and Boundless
Chapter 489 Theres a Big Problem
Chapter 490: Coming to the door
Chapter 491 I dont know what to say
Chapter 492 Battle against Kuang Yunxiu
Chapter 493 Yin Yang Purple Thunder Slash
Chapter 494 Taiyi Xuantian Sword Gang
Chapter 495 Cant stand the threat!
Chapter 496 Take action together
Chapter 497 The Thirteen Swords of Lone Peak
Chapter 498 Continuous Execution
Chapter 499 Cat and Dog
Chapter 500 Fighting in all directions
Chapter 501 Nothing more than that
Chapter 502 Where to go
Chapter 503 Everyone kneel down!
Chapter 504 What happened
Chapter 505 Take care of yourself
Chapter 506 Bai Jianyu
Chapter 507 Fourfold Sword Power
Chapter 508 Battle
Chapter 509 March Appointment
Chapter 510 Wanling Tower
Chapter 511 Divine Power Factor
Chapter 512 The Immortal Golden Body!
Chapter 513 Forced Oppression
Chapter 514 The most ridiculous thing in the world
Chapter 515 Cultivation Palace
Chapter 516 Spiritual Wood News
Chapter 517 Not worth it
Chapter 518 The Crisis of the Lingmu Jingzhe
Chapter 519 Mountain and Sea Seal
Chapter 520 No one can leave
Chapter 521 Ye Wuchang takes action
Chapter 522 Sword Devours the World
Chapter 523 Turn around and run away
Chapter 524 Conquer them all
Chapter 525 The fire monster is frightened
Chapter 526 Pure Yang Immortal Dharma
Chapter 527 Even ants can shake the sky!
Chapter 528 Seeing Through the Flaws
Chapter 529 You are cheating
Chapter 530: Guidance on the Maze
Chapter 531 Suppressing Ye Qianzhong
Chapter 532 Surrender or die
Chapter 533 Conquering Ye Qianzhong
Chapter 534 Fire Demon Cave
Chapter 535: Overwhelm the Fire Beast
Chapter 536 Fire Spirit Crystal
Chapter 537 Plan
Chapter 538 Red Scale Dragon Snake
Chapter 539 Abducting the Red Scale Dragon Snake
Chapter 540 Conquering Red Scale
Chapter 541 Pure Yang Body
Chapter 542 Whats missing is time
Chapter 543 Upgrading the Puppet White Dragon
Chapter 544 The red-scaled dragon and snake first shows its power
Chapter 545 Leave no one behind
Chapter 546 Kill them all
Chapter 547 Dispute in Sword Forging City
Chapter 548 Do you want to die?
Chapter 549 Frightened out of fear
Chapter 550 Heads Falling Down
Chapter 551 Excited Bald Crane
Chapter 552: No Love in Life
Chapter 553 The Dharma of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 554 So Extraordinary
Chapter 555 Surviving the Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 556 The external situation
Chapter 557 A step too late
Chapter 558 The World Tree Enters the Taoist Palace
Chapter 559: Changes in Heaven and Earth
Chapter 560 Chaos Immortal Palace
Chapter 561 Fighting for Treasures
Chapter 562 Stain the sky with my long blood
Chapter 563 Clouds move in all directions
Chapter 564 Demon Su Ming
Chapter 565 The Battle Thirty Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 566 Shock
Chapter 567 A lot of courage
Chapter 568 The first battle with supernatural powers
Chapter 569 Kill them all
Chapter 570 The Lord of Arctic Palace
Chapter 571 Exploring the Ruins
Chapter 572 Unlucky Bai Tushan
Chapter 573 The bald crane seeking death
Chapter 574 Exposed
Chapter 575 You are too worried
Chapter 576 Entering the Chaos Immortal Palace
Chapter 577 Swallowing Your Uncle
Chapter 578 Spiritual Medicine Garden
Chapter 579 Its all a secret realm of supernatural powers!
Chapter 580 The situation is tense
Chapter 581 Full of mistakes and omissions
Chapter 582 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 583 Breaking the Formation with One Finger
Chapter 584: A slap in the face
Chapter 585 Battle with Lu Hong
Chapter 586 Everyone is an ant
Chapter 587 Yin Yang Purple Electric Knife
Chapter 588 The Shocking Sword is Broken
Chapter 589 Killing Lu Hong
Chapter 590 The liquidation begins
Chapter 591 One against many
Chapter 592 Massacre
Chapter 593 Who can compete with us!
Chapter 594 Unparalleled Might
Chapter 595 The war ends
Chapter 596 Mysterious Snapping Turtle
Chapter 597 An old friend from the past
Chapter 598 Sending Good Fortune
Chapter 599: Retreat and Practice
Chapter 600 Refining the Treasure Pill
Chapter 601 Sendai Secret Realm
Chapter 602 The stone is fine
Chapter 603 Thats it
Chapter 604 Entering the Underground Palace
Chapter 605 Lets take action together
Chapter 606 You are too weak
Chapter 607 Kill them all
Chapter 608 Invincible Style
Chapter 609 Confrontation with Su Ming
Chapter 610 Killing Su Ming
Chapter 611 I want the opportunity here!
Chapter 612 Make a Bet
Chapter 613 Regret
Chapter 614 Who else is dissatisfied?!
Chapter 615 Beiming Divine Sword
Chapter 616 Killing Ouyang Kong
Chapter 617 So what if I bully you?
Chapter 618 All parties are afraid
Chapter 619 The ultimate spiritual crystal
Chapter 620 Nine Layers of Formation
Chapter 621 Bald Crane Breaks the Formation
Chapter 622 Selecting Spiritual Treasures
Chapter 623 Choosing the Owner of Ancient Secret Treasure
Chapter 624 Bloody Coffin
Chapter 625 Blood Sacrifice Forbidden Formation!
Chapter 626 Bloody Soldiers
Chapter 627: Stealing Blood Food
Chapter 628 Crisis
Chapter 629 Desperate situation
Chapter 630 Attacking the Blood Coffin
Chapter 631 Wang Teng in previous life
Chapter 632 Psychic Evil Corpse!
Chapter 633 Not the time
Chapter 634 Ghosts and Gods Fight Evil Corpses
Chapter 635 Shura Sword shows its sharpness!
Chapter 636: Kill the evil corpse!
Chapter 637 Avenue Texture
Chapter 638 The biggest reliance!
Chapter 639 Dogs Cant Change Eating Shit
Chapter 640 Break the sky for you
Chapter 641 Nine Yin Ghost Fish
Chapter 642 I cant afford to offend this pheasant
Chapter 643 How do you want to die?
Chapter 644: Die with eyes closed
Chapter 645 Im right here
Chapter 646 Palace
Chapter 647 You are too weak
Chapter 648 Ancient Trees across the Sky
Chapter 649 The Tree of Martial Arts
Chapter 650 All collected!
Chapter 651 Sword Sweeping White Sword Feather
Chapter 652 Even trees are needed!
Chapter 653 One against many
Chapter 654: Fear from all sides
Chapter 655 It starts now
Chapter 656 Unstoppable
Chapter 657 The Peak of Sendai
Chapter 658 Bullying
Chapter 659 Holy Spirit Warrior
Chapter 660 Digging and robbing graves
Chapter 661 Uncovering Ancient Treasures
Chapter 662 Arrangement!
Chapter 663 Cultivating the Tao
Chapter 664 Another big gift
Chapter 665 Heading to the Arctic Palace!
Chapter 666 Return to the same realm!
Chapter 667 Kill them all
Chapter 668 The elder guarding the pavilion
Chapter 669 Looting the Treasure House
Chapter 670 Evacuate them all
Chapter 671 The Old Palace Master of Arctic Palace
Chapter 672 Fierce Battle with the Old Palace Master
Chapter 673 Just go ahead
Chapter 674 Alternative Game
Chapter 675 The Incarnation of Suppression
Chapter 676 Came here to rob!
Chapter 677 The lady is still in the treasure house!
Chapter 678 If you dont accept it, hit me.
Chapter 679 Reactions from Various Sects
Chapter 680 Lets share the loss together
Chapter 681 Nothing, just a small problem
Chapter 682 Everyone is gone
Chapter 683 Go to the Demon Cave!
Chapter 684 The treasure house hides the beauty
Chapter 685 A Kind Thought
Chapter 686 Angry Sects
Chapter 687 Refining a furnace of amazing elixir!
Chapter 688 Formation Rises!!!
Chapter 689 Breaking the rules
Chapter 690: What the top ten sects dare not do, I will do it!
Chapter 691 The killing power!
Chapter 692 The Mighty One in the World
Chapter 693 Millions of demons making pills!
Chapter 694: When its over, brush off your clothes and go away
Chapter 695 Put it all away
Chapter 696 Floating away
Chapter 697 Comprehensive Upgrade
Chapter 698 Return to Wanjian Sect
Chapter 699: Numb scalp
Chapter 700 Almost wiped out the Demon Cave
Chapter 701 The guess is right
Chapter 702 Angry Bai Jianyu
Chapter 703 Not Qualified
Chapter 704 Come here and die!
Chapter 705 Suppress Yan Zhengqiu!
Chapter 706 Come up if you dont accept it!
Chapter 707 You talk too much
Chapter 708 Kill on the spot
Chapter 709: True nature exposed
Chapter 710 The ending is doomed
Chapter 711 Forbidden Technique Moves
Chapter 712 Shooting down the altar
Chapter 713 Unscrupulous
Chapter 714 How dare you do this?
Chapter 715 No scruples
Chapter 716 Refining the God-Returning Pill
Chapter 717 The secret realm of supernatural powers!
Chapter 718 Too violent
Chapter 719 It smells so good
Chapter 720: Draw to death
Chapter 721 Great increase in strength
Chapter 722 Urgency
Chapter 723 The power is overwhelming
Chapter 724 Communicating with Earth Fire
Chapter 725 Repairing the Holy Spirit Soldier
Chapter 726 One Hundred Thousand Mountains
Chapter 727 The night is impermanent and overcoming the tribulation
Chapter 728: Heavenly tribulation, human tribulation!
Chapter 729 The real holy warrior!
Chapter 730 Encountered Interception
Chapter 731 Anyone who stands in my way will die!
Chapter 732 Unimpeded
Chapter 733 Another Trouble
Chapter 734 Desperate Situation! Divine Combination!
Chapter 735 Killing the Bloody Path
Chapter 736 Half-step golden elixir takes action
Chapter 737 If you choose me, you will be used by me!
Chapter 738: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 739 Ye Wuchang is dying
Chapter 740 The sky is stained with blood
Chapter 741 Kill them all
Chapter 742 Take you to kill people!
Chapter 743 Return to Wanjian Sect
Chapter 744 Birds of a feather flock together
Chapter 745: Retreat and Practice
Chapter 746 Panic
Chapter 747 Escape
Chapter 748 The plan begins
Chapter 749 Another formation!
Chapter 750 Are you going to survive the tribulation?
Chapter 751 All Repaired
Chapter 752 Todays Prestige
Chapter 753: Flattered
Chapter 754 Enemies on all sides
Chapter 755 The strong ones are like clouds
Chapter 756 Golden elixir realm!
Chapter 757 Lure the enemy deeper
Chapter 758 Lin Jingtians decision
Chapter 759 Supreme Elder
Chapter 760 The frightened bird
Chapter 761 Formation Blessing
Chapter 762: Massacre
Chapter 763 Kill the Golden Core Realm!
Chapter 764: Overcoming the Tribulation Together
Chapter 765 Arrogant Ye Qianzhong
Chapter 766 Chaos True Thunder
Chapter 767 The Heaven-Suppressing Seal
Chapter 768 Beating up the Supreme Being
Chapter 769: Run away after beating
Chapter 770 Shanhe Sheji Furnace
Chapter 771 Who broke into my Wanjian Sect!
Chapter 772: If you dont take revenge, you are a bastard
Chapter 773 Immortality
Chapter 774 Lessons Learned
Chapter 775 Being Beaten Stupid
Chapter 776 Dugu begs for a beating
Chapter 777 Famous everywhere
Chapter 778 Be confident
Chapter 779: Taking advantage of me
Chapter 780 Tempering the body
Chapter 781 The Seal of Reincarnation
Chapter 782 Free Coolie
Chapter 783 The third level of the immortal golden body!
Chapter 784 Supreme Creation
Chapter 785 Superior Medicine
Chapter 786 Refining the Golden Pill
Chapter 787 The first door!
Chapter 788 Suzaku True Blood
Chapter 789 The world is moving
Chapter 790 Suzaku Clone
Chapter 791 The Mystery of Space
Chapter 792 Leaving Seclusion
Chapter 793 Dragon Bone Smallpox
Chapter 794 Re-entering the Arctic Palace
Chapter 795 Not optimistic
Chapter 796 Crushed to death
Chapter 797 Battle with the Golden Winged Peng King
Chapter 798 Suppressing King Xiaopeng
Chapter 799 Complete Abuse
Chapter 800 Stop it
Chapter 801 Crush one after another
Chapter 802 No One to Fight Again
Chapter 803 Identity exposed?
Chapter 804 Another Wang Teng
Chapter 805 The Power of Space
Chapter 806 Forced Apology
Chapter 807 Star Source Stone
Chapter 808 The demon clan is born?
Chapter 809 Ten Thousand Dragons Nest
Chapter 810 Innate Dragon Egg
Chapter 811: Grab the egg and run away
Chapter 812 The End
Chapter 813 Hatching Dragon Eggs
Chapter 814 I am a male
Chapter 815 Refining the Divine Pill
Chapter 816 Understand a little bit
Chapter 817 Surviving the Pill Tribulation
Chapter 818 Looting the Treasure House
Chapter 819 Great increase in cultivation!
Chapter 820 Planning to become a saint
Chapter 821 He must be punished!
Chapter 822 Too cruel
Chapter 823 Taking the blame
Chapter 824 Red Dragon Overcomes Tribulation
Chapter 825 Small Time Formation
Chapter 826 Suffering contempt
Chapter 827 Meeting Tang Yue
Chapter 828 Favoring one and favoring another
Chapter 829 Start refining
Chapter 830 The sword creates a strange phenomenon
Chapter 831 Zi Luan shines in the world
Chapter 832 Waste of natural resources
Chapter 833 The Great Sword Tower
Chapter 834 Thousand Fantasy Masks
Chapter 835 Breath of Disaster
Chapter 836 Killing towards the Demon Cave
Chapter 837 Fierce battle in the devil's cave
Chapter 838 Fighting in the Golden Core Realm
Chapter 839 Overestimating ones own abilities
Chapter 840 Killing the Golden Pill
Chapter 841 Escape
Chapter 842 Destruction of the Demon Cave
Chapter 843 Looting the Demon Cave
Chapter 844 The whole world is shocked
Chapter 845 Send away directly
Chapter 846 Agree to refine weapons
Chapter 847 Shocking Vision
Chapter 848 The baby dragon is born
Chapter 849 The whole situation
Chapter 850 Identity Exposed
Chapter 851 Suppress the Wanjian Sect together!
Chapter 852 Coming hand in hand!
Chapter 853 Identity Revealed
Chapter 854 Go to the back mountain to call for help
Chapter 855 The situation is tense
Chapter 856 Wang Teng appears
Chapter 857 A one-year appointment
Chapter 858 Certain Death
Chapter 859 Tang Yues Visit
Chapter 860: Retreat and Practice
Chapter 861 The outside world is turbulent
Chapter 862 The Golden Elixir Catastrophe!
Chapter 863 The horror increases!
Chapter 864 The Avenue of Divine Fire!
Chapter 865 Leaving Seclusion
Chapter 866: Treating a dead horse as a living horse doctor
Chapter 867 Even if you use it
Chapter 868 A little gain
Chapter 869 Our role model
Chapter 870 The Supreme Elder is really angry
Chapter 871 The Supreme Elder is serious about it
Chapter 872 The Supreme Elder gives in
Chapter 873 Understanding the Sword of Immortality
Chapter 874 The Power of Rules
Chapter 875 Come to challenge
Chapter 876 A great shame and humiliation
Chapter 877: Kill with force
Chapter 878 Slim chance
Chapter 879 Taoist Master Yuxuan
Chapter 880 Interfering with time!
Chapter 881 Death or Life
Chapter 882 What is your last wish?
Chapter 883 Ignoring the Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 884 Good luck all the way
Chapter 885 Crushed to death
Chapter 886 Kill with one sword
Chapter 887 A winning streak
Chapter 888 Shock from all sides
Chapter 889 Vulnerable
Chapter 890 A winning streak
Chapter 891 Just to be on the safe side
Chapter 892 Burning Heaven Sword Technique
Chapter 893 Certain Death
Chapter 894 Easily defeated
Chapter 895 Going to the North Pole Palace
Chapter 896 Thats all
Chapter 897 One mountain is higher than the other
Chapter 898 Fighting Saint!
Chapter 899 What is a Saint?
Chapter 900 Killing the Saint
Chapter 901 Thats it
Chapter 902 Sensation in the Wasteland
Chapter 903 The Third Generation Patriarch
Chapter 904 The collapse of order
Chapter 905 Strong Fighting Will
Chapter 906 A great disaster is coming?
Chapter 907 Rule Collision
Chapter 908 A glimpse of the truth
Chapter 909 So terrifying!
Chapter 910 Seeking Death
Chapter 911 Gods Sword
Chapter 912 The unity of all streams
Chapter 913 Guidance on Practice
Chapter 914 Dont hesitate to teach me
Chapter 915 Unfathomable
Chapter 916: Fighting
Chapter 917 Returning to the Clan
Chapter 918 Pressure
Chapter 919 Entering the Soul-Desolating Abyss Again
Chapter 920 The Third Heaven of Dao Heart
Chapter 921 The catastrophe begins?
Chapter 922 Chaos
Chapter 923 Who will be the king!
Chapter 924 The Secret World
Chapter 925 Fighting with Heaven!
Chapter 926 My life is at an end
Chapter 927 This fire is so weak
Chapter 928 Seclusion again
Chapter 929 The Patriarch of the Alchemy Sect
Chapter 930 Golden elixir peak
Chapter 931 Visiting
Chapter 932: Bad Taoist Heart?
Chapter 933 Going to the sky
Chapter 934 Deeply hit
Chapter 935 Going and Returning
Chapter 936 Thoughts are alive
Chapter 937: Guiding the Way of Alchemy
Chapter 938 The waste elixir is brought back to the furnace
Chapter 939 Peerless Heavenly Sword
Chapter 940 Qingyun Sword Master
Chapter 941 Shameless
Chapter 942 Haotian Holy Saint
Chapter 943 Peak of Humanity
Chapter 944 Born with Two Souls
Chapter 945 I didnt agree
Chapter 946 Return to Xingwu
Chapter 947 Taoist in Tsing Yi
Chapter 948 The great disaster is coming
Chapter 949 The peak is born
Chapter 950 All Saints Appear
Chapter 951 Fighting the sky!
Chapter 952 Ancient Immortal Dynasty!
Chapter 953 The Tao becomes the Holy Spirit!
Chapter 954 Young Holy King
Chapter 955 The True Form of God
Chapter 956 The Divine Turtle is Born
Chapter 957 Soul-changing and body-changing
Chapter 958 Wang Teng is born
Chapter 959 Cant live without hope
Chapter 960 The Crazy Demonic Pill
Chapter 961 Repeating the same trick
Chapter 962 Combined Attack Magical Power
Chapter 963 Complete arrival!
Chapter 964 Ultimate Bloom
Chapter 965: Powerless
Chapter 966 Please protect the bloodline of the wasteland forever
Chapter 967 Madness
Chapter 968 Sword cuts to the sky
Chapter 969 Shenhuang Continent
Chapter 970 Movement in the Wasteland
Chapter 971 Todays Wasteland
Chapter 972 Awakening
Chapter 973 Sea of Death
Chapter 974 Born through calamity
Chapter 975 The Mystery of Shura Sword
Chapter 976 Things change and people change
Chapter 977 The inheritance is immortal
Chapter 978 Divine Alliance!
Chapter 979 Landing in the East Wasteland
Chapter 980 Barren Land
Chapter 981 Being a weakling
Chapter 982 The three shocked forces
Chapter 983 Its a worthwhile trip
Chapter 984 Conquering the Three Ghosts
Chapter 985 Encounter
Chapter 986 Excavation of the Great Tomb
Chapter 987: Furious
Chapter 988 Battle of Daling
Chapter 989 Fierce Fight
Chapter 990 Kill with one finger
Chapter 991 Just kill me
Chapter 992 Smile
Chapter 993 One vs. Two
Chapter 994 Comprehensive crushing
Chapter 995 Crushing and Killing the True Saint
Chapter 996 How to settle down
Chapter 997: Carrying Heavens Luck!
Chapter 998 The Fourth Heaven of Dao Heart!
Chapter 999: Remaining Fear
Chapter 1000 Final preparations
Chapter 1001 Repairing the Puppet Dragon
Chapter 1002 Target, Shenhuang Continent!
Chapter 1003 Give orders to all directions!
Chapter 1004 Encounter on a narrow road!
Chapter 1005: Massacre
Chapter 1006 Crush and Kill the Great Sage
Chapter 1007 The Eastern Wasteland is shaken
Chapter 1008 A god is born
Chapter 1009: Sit back and wait?
Chapter 1010 Estimating distance
Chapter 1011 Controlling the Endless Sea
Chapter 1012 Who is the king in the prosperous times?
Chapter 1013 The Far East
Chapter 1014 The love between brother and sister
Chapter 1015 The Demonic Old Man
Chapter 1016 Conquering the Old Demon
Chapter 1017 The Tu Emperor
Chapter 1018 If you want to learn from me, I will teach you.
Chapter 1019 Please move somewhere else
Chapter 1020 How dare you do this?
Chapter 1021 The Initial Establishment of the Divine Alliance
Chapter 1022 Settlement
Chapter 1023 Transform the terrain!
Chapter 1024 The power of the Crouching Dragon
Chapter 1025 Movements from all sides
Chapter 1026: Sincerity
Chapter 1027 Greedy
Chapter 1028 Really stingy
Chapter 1029 Earthshaking
Chapter 1030 Who is this?
Chapter 1031 I am so angry
Chapter 1032 No movement
Chapter 1033: Furious
Chapter 1034 Just a fake saint
Chapter 1035 Demons and Demons
Chapter 1036 Chilling
Chapter 1037 Conquer them all
Chapter 1038 Wonderland on Earth
Chapter 1039: Killing Intent
Chapter 1040 Go separately
Chapter 1041 Draw the sword!
Chapter 1042 Attacking the City Lords Mansion
Chapter 1043 Crushing someone to death
Chapter 1044 Battle with the Lord of Tianlong City
Chapter 1045 Lets go on the road with peace of mind
Chapter 1046 I will overcome the tribulation!
Chapter 1047 Willing to Join the Divine Alliance
Chapter 1048 City Lords Treasury
Chapter 1049 Conquered one after another
Chapter 1050 Keep people under the sword
Chapter 1051 Farewell
Chapter 1052 Clouds move in all directions
Chapter 1053 The Great Yan Sect invades
Chapter 1054 Bald Master Uncle
Chapter 1055: Overcoming the Tribulation Crisis
Chapter 1056 Tang Yue takes action
Chapter 1057 Transcendence into Sainthood
Chapter 1058 Collect them all
Chapter 1059: Drag into water
Chapter 1060 Another guest arrives
Chapter 1061 Rapid growth
Chapter 1062 The order breaks down
Chapter 1063 Heading to Danmen
Chapter 1064 Yunduan Mountains
Chapter 1065: Pill Tribulation Outside the Gate
Chapter 1066 A skillful mistake
Chapter 1067 Danmen Danqing
Chapter 1068 Unconventional
Chapter 1069 The Yinsha Sect is moving
Chapter 1070 Kowloon Pulling Carts
Chapter 1071 The City Lords Mansion is in Danger
Chapter 1072 Invincible at the same level!
Chapter 1073 Self-limitation
Chapter 1074 Breaking the Agreement
Chapter 1075 Join forces to suppress!
Chapter 1076 The situation is reversed!
Chapter 1077 Come here for fame
Chapter 1078 Recruiting Danmen
Chapter 1079 Tempting Conditions
Chapter 1080 Willing to Join the Divine Alliance
Chapter 1081 Quasi-Emperor Powerful!
Chapter 1082 The Injury of the Great Road
Chapter 1083 One word determines life and death
Chapter 1084 This is how to become a pill
Chapter 1085 The killing intent is overwhelming
Chapter 1086 Dont know whether to live or die
Chapter 1087 Todays strength!
Chapter 1088 Annihilation by flying ashes
Chapter 1089: Be brave after knowing your shame
Chapter 1090 Making up for the situation before it is too late
Chapter 1091 Return to Panlong Mountain
Chapter 1092: Retreat one after another
Chapter 1093 A genius in refining weapons?
Chapter 1094 Come to visit
Chapter 1095 Quasi-Emperor Yun Xiaoyao
Chapter 1096 The murderous intention of Yinsha Sect
Chapter 1097 Danmen comes and goes
Chapter 1098 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 1099 Refining Successfully
Chapter 1100 Bargaining
Chapter 1101 Simultaneous Refining
Chapter 1102 The Arrival of Danmen
Chapter 1103 Quasi-Emperor Follows
Chapter 1104 I have a plan
Chapter 1105 Can Swallow the World
Chapter 1106: Giving in on the spot
Chapter 1107 They are all god-level!
Chapter 1108 Attack Formation
Chapter 1109 You are all guilty
Chapter 1110 So majestic
Chapter 1111 Fighting the Great Sage
Chapter 1112 Peerless Style
Chapter 1113 Killing the Great Sage
Chapter 1114 The entire army was annihilated
Chapter 1115 The Sword Points at the Yinsha Sect
Chapter 1116 Something bad happened
Chapter 1117 Encounter with the Dark Evil Guard
Chapter 1118 Going and Returning
Chapter 1119 Breaking the Formation with Formation
Chapter 1120 A trivial trick
Chapter 1121 Where is the Sect Master?
Chapter 1122 Rushing to Death
Chapter 1123 Killing you is like tearing apart a painting
Chapter 1124 Fierce Battle with Li Yu
Chapter 1125 Tianyuan Strike
Chapter 1126 Infinite Traction Technique
Chapter 1127 The situation is reversed
Chapter 1128 Ignorance
Chapter 1129 Suppressing Li Yu
Chapter 1130 Cant stand the threat
Chapter 1131 Yin Sha Taishang
Chapter 1132 The Holy Means
Chapter 1133 Palm of the Fallen God
Chapter 1134 The Secret Technique of the Ghost King
Chapter 1135 Complete outbreak
Chapter 1136 Crisis
Chapter 1137 Imperial Realm
Chapter 1138 What is the Emperor?
Chapter 1139 Strong Suppression
Chapter 1140 Peerless Style
Chapter 1141 Negotiation
Chapter 1142 A two-pronged approach
Chapter 1143 The external situation
Chapter 1144 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 1145 Kill to the point of fear
Chapter 1146 Divine Alliance Decree
Chapter 1147 Dao Essence
Chapter 1148 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 1149 Old ghost, ghost Li!
Chapter 1150 The sky is the limit
Chapter 1151 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 1152 Origin Secret Technique
Chapter 1153 Energy Minerals
Chapter 1154 The Land of the Fallen God
Chapter 1155 The Power of Panlong Mountain
Chapter 1156 Senior calms down
Chapter 1157 A show of force
Chapter 1158 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 1159
Chapter 1160 Crush
Chapter 1161 Two avenues!
Chapter 1162 Suppressing the Green Ghost
Chapter 1163 The dragon flies across the sky
Chapter 1164 Bluffing
Chapter 1165 The Battle of Quasi-Emperors
Chapter 1166 Yun Xiaoyao at his peak
Chapter 1167 Surrender one after another
Chapter 1168 Invitation from Tushen Palace
Chapter 1169 The evildoer complains
Chapter 1170 Delay strategy
Chapter 1171 Never surrender
Chapter 1172 Heading to the Palace of the God of Slaughter
Chapter 1173 A show of force?
Chapter 1174 The first and fifteenth day of the lunar month
Chapter 1175 Breaking into the Divine Palace
Chapter 1176 Tit for tat
Chapter 1177 Bullying goes too far
Chapter 1178 The Suzaku Art
Chapter 1179 The Demonic Demonic Pestle
Chapter 1180 Master of Tai Chi Hall
Chapter 1181 Golden Body Immortality
Chapter 1182 One vs. Two
Chapter 1183 The majesty of the emperor!
Chapter 1184 Just a follower
Chapter 1185 Surrender one after another
Chapter 1186 Appalling
Chapter 1187 Plan
Chapter 1188 The Art of Sealing
Chapter 1189 Departure
Chapter 1190 Central Area
Chapter 1191 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 1192 Is there anything else?
Chapter 1193 Suppression with one palm
Chapter 1194 Edict Talisman
Chapter 1195 Pluto is born
Chapter 1196 Well deserved
Chapter 1197 Traveling Together
Chapter 1198 Young Leaders
Chapter 1199 Bet
Chapter 1200 Tracking one after another
Chapter 1201 The strong are like the forest
Chapter 1202 Trouble comes from the mouth
Chapter 1203 Crazy to no end
Chapter 1204 Holy Son of Lihuo
Chapter 1205 Exploding Luo Tianyi
Chapter 1206 Defeating the Holy Spirit Soldiers
Chapter 1207 Arrogant Baldness
Chapter 1208 Holy Son Tianxuan
Chapter 1209 Beat him into a pig head
Chapter 1210 Tit for tat
Chapter 1211 Waste
Chapter 1212 Saint Tianxuan
Chapter 1213 No need for emotion
Chapter 1214 Brother-in-law?
Chapter 1215 Everyone exploded
Chapter 1216 The geniuses gather together
Chapter 1217 Fierce Battle with Gu Hengtian
Chapter 1218 Crush with one punch
Chapter 1219 Who else?
Chapter 1220 Tianxuan murderous intention
Chapter 1221 The Ghost King Sect launches an attack
Chapter 1222 Dutian Pluto
Chapter 1223 The Peak of Quasi-Emperor
Chapter 1224 Besieged on all sides
Chapter 1225 The Land of the Fallen God
Chapter 1226 Weird Rules
Chapter 1227: Beat up Dutian Pluto
Chapter 1228 A bold idea
Chapter 1229 Beat them all up again
Chapter 1230 Suppressing the Quasi-Emperor
Chapter 1231 Sealing the Divine Ring
Chapter 1232 All Seals
Chapter 1233 Rough Divine Crystal
Chapter 1234 Refining the Divine Crystal
Chapter 1235 Threat or Empowerment
Chapter 1236: Retreat one after another
Chapter 1237 Promoted to the Great Sage
Chapter 1238 Discovery of Bald Crane
Chapter 1239 Huangquan Holy River
Chapter 1240 Gift of treasures
Chapter 1241 Unable to hold back
Chapter 1242 Crush them all
Chapter 1243 Going deep into the Land of the Fallen God
Chapter 1244 Piranha
Chapter 1245 Shadow Swordsman
Chapter 1246 Immortal Sword Intent!
Chapter 1247 Suppression together
Chapter 1248 The Vision Attenuated
Chapter 1249 Understanding the Immortal Sword Intent
Chapter 1250 Each opportunity
Chapter 1251 The Ghost King Sect Arrives
Chapter 1252 A safe place
Chapter 1253 Breaking out of the cocoon
Chapter 1254 Stone Ridge
Chapter 1255 Goodbye Wasteland!
Chapter 1256 Encounter on a narrow road
Chapter 1257 Heavenly Grief
Chapter 1258 Burning the sky and boiling the sea
Chapter 1259 Tactical Retreat
Chapter 1260 The Bone Battlefield
Chapter 1261 Cant stop at all
Chapter 1262 Huangquan Holy River
Chapter 1263 Collecting Holy Medicine
Chapter 1264 Full state
Chapter 1265 Terror Resurrection
Chapter 1266 Ruined an Era
Chapter 1267: Settling in the River of Time
Chapter 1268 Senior Xiaohei
Chapter 1269 The Bottom of the Holy River
Chapter 1270 The boy in black robe
Chapter 1271 The Qi family is furious
Chapter 1272, comprehensive transformation
Chapter 1273 Opportunity comes
Chapter 1274 Terrifying Strength
Chapter 1275 Kill them all
Chapter 1276 Murderous intent breaks out
Chapter 1277 The Divine Crystal Erupts
Chapter 1278 Secret formation
Chapter 1279 The fight begins!
Chapter 1280 Stop the war
Chapter 1281 Please go on your way
Chapter 1282 Suppress all directions!
Chapter 1283 Kill them all
Chapter 1284 Endless Abyss
Chapter 1285 The Secret of the Abyss
Chapter 1286 Encountering the Chu Family
Chapter 1287: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 1288 The figure of the emperor
Chapter 1289 Emperor Jiandang
Chapter 1290 Return to Chaos Rock Ridge
Chapter 1291 Completely converting the restricted area
Chapter 1292 The Late Stage of the Great Sage
Chapter 1293 Ye Qianzhong wakes up
Chapter 1294 Return one after another!
Chapter 1295 Everyone comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1296 Move them all away
Chapter 1297 Walking up the mountain
Chapter 1298 Encounter
Chapter 1299 Invincible
Chapter 1300 Zhou Song Today
Chapter 1301 Killing the Quasi-Emperor
Chapter 1302 Kill them all
Chapter 1303 Return!
Chapter 1304 Return to the Divine Alliance
Chapter 1305: Playing the game
Chapter 1306 Chickens and dogs ascend to heaven
Chapter 1307 The Growth of Qi Pavilion
Chapter 1308 The turmoil in Dongyuan Territory
Chapter 1309 The Incarnation of the Great Emperor
Chapter 1310 Dawn of Love
Chapter 1311 Showdown
Chapter 1312 Confrontation with the Emperor
Chapter 1313: Kill in person
Chapter 1314 One Sword Style
Chapter 1315 All incarnations are destroyed
Chapter 1316 Epiphany
Chapter 1317 Shocked Retreat
Chapter 1318 The Emperors Go to the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 1319 The storm is rising
Chapter 1320 End of Enlightenment
Chapter 1321 Little Holy King
Chapter 1322 Clean and neat
Chapter 1323 The fourth level of sealing divine ring
Chapter 1324 Peerless Sword
Chapter 1325 Infinite Treasure Seal
Chapter 1326 Refining the Divine Pill
Chapter 1327 Transcendent gesture
Chapter 1328 Fierce Battle with Chu Mu
Chapter 1329 Vision of the God King
Chapter 1330: Exploded with one punch
Chapter 1331: Attacking the Half-Step Supreme Weapon
Chapter 1332 The sword cuts infinitely!
Chapter 1333 Suppressing Chu Mu
Chapter 1334 Conquering the Infinite Treasure Seal
Chapter 1335 Unscrupulous
Chapter 1336 Blood and Energy Pill
Chapter 1337 Mysterious Heavenly Palace
Chapter 1338 The Holy King Visits
Chapter 1339 The Eternal Demon Realm!
Chapter 1340 Xuan Jiuyou!
Chapter 1341 The seventh level of golden body!
Chapter 1342 Storm in the Sea of Death!
Chapter 1343 Rescue the Second Dragon
Chapter 1344 The soul leaves the body
Chapter 1345 Wang Tengshan
Chapter 1346: Exploded with one punch
Chapter 1347 Mobile Treasure House
Chapter 1348: Chickens and Dogs
Chapter 1349 Dig a big hole
Chapter 1350 The Bloody Clothes Gate
Chapter 1351 The Realm of the Minds Eye
Chapter 1352 Kill them all
Chapter 1353 Taking the initiative to issue orders
Chapter 1354 Yuan Shen Investigation
Chapter 1355 Clouds move in all directions
Chapter 1356 The Genius of the Qi Family
Chapter 1357 They are all whetstones
Chapter 1358 The Great Emperors Treasure Technique
Chapter 1359 Killing Qi Shaoyuan
Chapter 1360 The strong are like hemp
Chapter 1361 Dao Wuhen
Chapter 1362 Chaos Dao Body
Chapter 1363 Triple Killing Formation!
Chapter 1364 The war breaks out
Chapter 1365: Anticipate the enemy first
Chapter 1366 Nowhere to hide!
Chapter 1367 A fatal blow
Chapter 1368: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 1369 The body is not broken
Chapter 1370 Nowhere to Escape
Chapter 1371 Use yourself as a furnace!
Chapter 1372 What
Chapter 1373 Unstoppable
Chapter 1374 Kill powerful enemies in succession!
Chapter 1375 The power of time!
Chapter 1376 The end of total annihilation
Chapter 1377 Bad news about the Chu family
Chapter 1378 A bolt from the blue
Chapter 1379 Little Supreme Tribulation
Chapter 1380
Chapter 1381 The Heavenly Thunder of Annihilation
Chapter 1382 Official arrival
Chapter 1383 Overcoming the Small Supreme Tribulation
Chapter 1384 The Fourth Tribulation
Chapter 1385 Use all possible means
Chapter 1386 Why are you still alive?
Chapter 1387, Live and die together
Chapter 1388, The sword shines for 9 days
Chapter 1389, Breaking out of the disaster
Chapter 1390, Shuttle of Destruction
Chapter 1391, 8th level of golden body
Chapter 1392, only 90%
Chapter 1393, True Dragon Clone
Chapter 1394, Where is the promised formation?
Chapter 1395, fierce battle between 8 parties
Chapter 1396, Continuous Execution at the Peak
Chapter 1397, Kill them all
Chapter 1398, target Chu family
Chapter 1399, unwilling to die
Chapter 1400, Coming to the Chu Family
Chapter 1401, rampant, liquidation
Chapter 1402, The war begins
Chapter 1403, past cause, todays effect
Chapter 1404, Xuantian Divine Cauldron
Chapter 1405, Disaster of the Chu Family
Chapter 1406, river of blood
Chapter 1407, Mental Loss
Chapter 1408, Chu Family Treasure House
Chapter 1409, endless heritage
Chapter 1410, I want them all
Chapter 1411, move them all away
Chapter 1412, Dont be surprised if the sky falls
Chapter 1413, Return to Dongling Mountain
Chapter 1414, all asleep
Chapter 1415, Dont panic
Chapter 1416, The Great Emperor Arrives
Chapter 1417, bluffing
Chapter 1418, shocking the emperor
Chapter 1419, Confrontation
Chapter 1420: Deliberately hiding your clumsiness?
Chapter 1421, why be afraid?
Chapter 1422, secret plot
Chapter 1423, Fierce Battle with the Emperor
Chapter 1424, God of War Armor
Chapter 1425: Defeat the Great Emperor
Chapter 1426, Supreme Taoist Weapon
Chapter 1427, Half-Step Immortal Body
Chapter 1428, Magic weapon suppression?
Chapter 1429, Emperors blood spilled
Chapter 1430, Conquering the Emperor
Chapter 1431, There will be an earthquake
Chapter 1432, independent will?
Chapter 1433, Return to Dongling Mountain
Chapter 1434, Arrogant Bald Crane
Chapter 1435 Being beaten by a group of people
Chapter 1436, there is a kind of one-on-one challenge
Chapter 1437, Another strong man
Chapter 1438, 10,000 channels released together
Chapter 1439, longing for it
Chapter 1440, Conquer Dao Wuhen
Chapter 1441, Guidance
Chapter 1442, uproar
Chapter 1443, What year is it today?
Chapter 1444, Return of the Son of Five Elements
Chapter 1445, The Power of Ancient Laws
Chapter 1446, The Holy Peak
Chapter 1447, 10000 Things Breathing Method
Chapter 1448, the great road has spirit
Chapter 1449, Quasi-Emperors Catastrophe
Chapter 1450, Chu Huang returns home
Chapter 1451, The Tao and Dharma of Night Impermanence
Chapter 1452, The realm is too low
Chapter 1453, Gu Qingfeng goes to the far east
Chapter 1454, Ancient Methods to Suppress the World
Chapter 1455, strong and rampant
Chapter 1456, Ye Wuchangs ambition
Chapter 1457, murderous intent
Chapter 1458, Great Darkness
Chapter 1459, the final precipitation
Chapter 1460, Supreme Tribulation
Chapter 1461, all promoted
Chapter 1462, Go to the Five Elements Sect
Chapter 1463, come out with everyone who can fight
Chapter 1464, fierce battle with Gu Qingfeng
Chapter 1465, 1 punch flies
Chapter 1466, not enough
Chapter 1467, 3 The Power of Shinto
Chapter 1468, Little Question Mark has many friends
Chapter 1469, Abducting Ancient Treasure
Chapter 1470, Pushing the envelope
Chapter 1471, Iron Bones
Chapter 1472, Conquer Gu Qingfeng
Chapter 1473, 1 pheasant
Chapter 1474, I dont hold grudges
Chapter 1475, Encountering the Holy King by chance
Chapter 1476, confirming Taoism
Chapter 1477, Shura Demon Realm
Chapter 1478, Gu Lisongs challenge
Chapter 1479, Fierce battle with the former Holy King
Chapter 1480, The Wrath of Shura Sword
Chapter 1481, frightened back
Chapter 1482, Reincarnation?
Chapter 1483, Eastern Wasteland is alarmed
Chapter 1484, Coming to the Holy Land
Chapter 1485, confident
Chapter 1486: Bury your bones here, and there will be spring in the coming year
Chapter 1487, The Imperial War breaks out
Chapter 1488, crush the emperor to death?
Chapter 1489, Besieging the Emperor
Chapter 1490, Annoyed Xiao Xiu
Chapter 1491, big cause and effect
Chapter 1492, Suppressing the Great Emperor
Chapter 1493, suppress them all
Chapter 1494, Resolving Grudges
Chapter 1495, Sensation in the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 1496, Bailin Feast
Chapter 1497, All parties bow their heads
Chapter 1498, Young Supreme
Chapter 1499, Return to Dongling Mountain
Chapter 1500, Comprehension of the Mysterious Sutra of Saving People
Chapter 1501, Converting Two Emperors
Chapter 1502, Taboo Name
Chapter 1503, unimaginable
Chapter 1504, common understanding
Chapter 1505, Self-Hypnosis
Chapter 1506, Heaven and earth are seas of mana
Chapter 1507, The Great Age Begins, The Strong Return
Chapter 1508, Heaven changes
Chapter 1509, coming out of seclusion
Chapter 1510, invitation
Chapter 1511, Dont know whether to live or die
Chapter 1512, one move to crush
Chapter 1513, generous
Chapter 1514, Door 2
Chapter 1515: Clouds move in all directions
Chapter 1516, one hundred thousand people
Chapter 1517, nothing to be afraid of
Chapter 1518, Pressure on Dongling Mountain
Chapter 1519, vulnerable
Chapter 1520, fear from all sides
Chapter 1521, The power of breathing method
Chapter 1522, dead
Chapter 1523, Battle against Dao Tianya
Chapter 1524, God of Death Halberd
Chapter 1525, just a clone
Chapter 1526, mentality collapsed
Chapter 1527, Who will fight?
Chapter 1528, next 1
Chapter 1529, The magical effect of breathing method
Chapter 1530, all taking action
Chapter 1531, challenge all
Chapter 1532, Another Wang Teng
Chapter 1533: One against many
Chapter 1534, Taotie clone
Chapter 1535, unstoppable
Chapter 1536, shocking all directions
Chapter 1537, Threat
Chapter 1538, I dont know what to say
Chapter 1539, The war breaks out
Chapter 1540, all standardized
Chapter 1541, We are all our own people
Chapter 1542, everyone has a share
Chapter 1543, Promoted to Quasi-Emperor
Chapter 1544, Quasi-Emperors Catastrophe
Chapter 1545, so weak
Chapter 1546, Return of the Ancient Emperor
Chapter 1547, breaking through the calamity
Chapter 1548, Massive Thunder Tribulation Liquid
Chapter 1549, Open up the world
Chapter 1550, Shi Chu Wuming
Chapter 1551, Zhongzhou restricted area
Chapter 1552, Cultivating the Golden Body
Chapter 1553, Undercurrent
Chapter 1554, Encountering the Blood Clothes Sect
Chapter 1555, Blood-clothed Holy Son
Chapter 1556, The Law of Impermanence
Chapter 1557, Kill them all
Chapter 1558, Heading to Zhongzhou
Chapter 1559 The blood-clothed door moves
Chapter 1560, straying into Taiyi
Chapter 1561: If God refuses to take it, wouldnt it be against Gods will?
Chapter 1562, interests are so eye-catching
Chapter 1563, Emperor Hongyi
Chapter 1564, join forces to suppress
Chapter 1565, Converting Emperor Hongyi
Chapter 1566, not letting go of the air
Chapter 1567, Plan
Chapter 1568, Ace Assassin
Chapter 1569, Sword Control Sect
Chapter 1570, Sword God Valley
Chapter 1571, Ancient Gu Family
Chapter 1572, pretending to be fat
Chapter 1573, Discovering the Sword Body
Chapter 1574, Blood Clothes Sect Attacks
Chapter 1575, lurking closer
Chapter 1576, Who is this?
Chapter 1577, take them all
Chapter 1578, Elder Xuanjian
Chapter 1579, all parties invite
Chapter 1580, Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 1581, The Perfect Sword Body
Chapter 1582, Immortality
Chapter 1583: The days are long
Chapter 1584, wipe out the Blood Clothes Sect?
Chapter 1585, Breaking the Face
Chapter 1586, more than people
Chapter 1587, I cant die
Chapter 1588, Muyu Dumplings
Chapter 1589, Paper Tiger
Chapter 1590, Perfect World
Chapter 1591, Gap
Chapter 1592, the sect leader comes in person
Chapter 1593, frightened on the spot
Chapter 1594, the killing sword
Chapter 1595, Suppressing the Sect Leader
Chapter 1596, Blood-clothed Ancestor
Chapter 1597, The edge of swordsmanship
Chapter 1598, Suppressing the Ancestor
Chapter 1599, All Degrees
Chapter 1600, Bloody Clothes Sect Treasure House
Chapter 1601, Blood Spirit Immortal Gold
Chapter 1602, Assassins Heart
Chapter 1603, Target Donghua
Chapter 1604, Ye Weis trouble
Chapter 1605: Sitting on the sidelines
Chapter 1606, Dont care
Chapter 1607, The mantis stalks the cicada
Chapter 1608, its time to take action
Chapter 1609, Donghua Sect Master is my good friend
Chapter 1610, Breathing bottleneck
Chapter 1611, all destroyed
Chapter 1612, a favor
Chapter 1613, Lingquan Treasure Land
Chapter 1614, Kill with one sword
Chapter 1615, Innate Demonic Body
Chapter 1616, Return to Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 1617, unscrupulous
Chapter 1618, Emperor Haoyue
Chapter 1619, Battle against the 7th-turn Emperor
Chapter 1620, Fighting with Forbidden Laws
Chapter 1621, Great Heavenly Yin and Yang Destruction Sword Technique
Chapter 1622, Suppressing Haoyue
Chapter 1623, The Tribulation of Tianxuan
Chapter 1624, shock in all directions
Chapter 1625, Quasi-Emperor Peak
Chapter 1626, Shadow Swordsman and Sword God Valley
Chapter 1627, apology
Chapter 1628, all parties are happy
Chapter 1629, Noisy Word Jue
Chapter 1630, deeply hit
Chapter 1631, Zhongzhou Troubles
Chapter 1632, Attacking Lingquan
Chapter 1633, repel
Chapter 1634, unable to transmit
Chapter 1635, Insight into the Soul
Chapter 1636, Sending the God of Plague
Chapter 1637, Incidents in the Far East
Chapter 1638, melancholy pheasant
Chapter 1639, Heading to Zhongzhou
Chapter 1640, Wind in Zhongzhou
Chapter 1641, assassination mission
Chapter 1642, Tracking Emperor Haotian
Chapter 1643, Xuanqing Tianzun
Chapter 1644, the power of time and space
Chapter 1645, great background
Chapter 1646, 9 emperors join forces
Chapter 1647, Death of Emperor Qingcheng
Chapter 1648, Fire in the backyard
Chapter 1649, Which one do you like?
Chapter 1650, big trouble
Chapter 1651, the strong presses in
Chapter 1652, Supreme 1 Finger
Chapter 1653, killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 1654, Wang Teng returns
Chapter 1655, dont use too much force
Chapter 1656, Killing the Supreme Being
Chapter 1657, digging a hole and planning
Chapter 1658, Entering the Trap
Chapter 1659, Rising Star in the Film Industry
Chapter 1660, completely trapped
Chapter 1661, Kill calmly
Chapter 1662, Congratulations
Chapter 1663, Escape
Chapter 1664: Too much bullying
Chapter 1665, solution
Chapter 1666, personal attack
Chapter 1667, a sensation in all directions
Chapter 1668, The Road to Enlightenment
Chapter 1669, Fearless
Chapter 1670, Entering the Sword God Valley
Chapter 1671, Controlling Sword Qi
Chapter 1672, Doubt Hesheng
Chapter 1673, Mutated medicinal materials
Chapter 1674, the elixir army
Chapter 1675, The Sword God suddenly appears
Chapter 1676, Ice and Fire Fairy Brew
Chapter 1677: Sensation from the outside world
Chapter 1678 Prologue to Enlightenment
Chapter 1679 The Era of Chu Jiangchen
Chapter 1680 One World
Chapter 1681 Hongmeng World
Chapter 1682 One sword is the ultimate sword
Chapter 1683: Thunderous
Chapter 1684 Nangong Yaoyue
Chapter 1685 Wang Teng returns
Chapter 1686: Settlement of Accounts after Autumn
Chapter 1687 The Supreme as a Springboard
Chapter 1688 Touchstone
Chapter 1689 Haotian Surrenders
Chapter 1690 Shameless
Chapter 1691 Fierce Battle in the Sky
Chapter 1692 Lets go together
Chapter 1693 One against many
Chapter 1694 Killing the Emperor
Chapter 1695 Humiliated
Chapter 1696 Examining Sincerity
Chapter 1697 Escape
Chapter 1698 Goodbye Fierce God
Chapter 1699 The style of a sword
Chapter 1700 External turmoil
Chapter 1701 Senior Brother cannot be insulted
Chapter 1702: Retreat from now on
Chapter 1703: Shrinking Turtle
Chapter 1704 The sword shines in all directions
Chapter 1705 Wang Teng passes away
Chapter 1706 True strength?
Chapter 1707 Challenge the Supreme
Chapter 1708 Coming to Nanling
Chapter 1709 The Supreme comes out to speak
Chapter 1710 The truth comes to light
Chapter 1711 The Supreme Demon
Chapter 1712 Fierce Battle with the Supreme Being
Chapter 1713 Thats it
Chapter 1714 Suppressing the Supreme
Chapter 1715 All cracked
Chapter 1716 Heavenly Demon Treasure House
Chapter 1717 Greedy Bald Crane
Chapter 1718 Sensation to the world
Chapter 1719 Its too difficult for me
Chapter 1720 Heading to Dalong Palace
Chapter 1721 Black Dragon Supreme
Chapter 1722 The Supreme Being cannot be insulted
Chapter 1723 Sweeping the Great Dragon Palace
Chapter 1724 Wait and see
Chapter 1725 Chiyang Cave Sky
Chapter 1726 Red and pink are all skeletons
Chapter 1727 Fierce Battle in the Starry Sky
Chapter 1728 The power of time and space
Chapter 1729 The treasure house is the dowry
Chapter 1730 Uncle Feipeng Clan
Chapter 1731 Returning the Treasure House
Chapter 1732 Rejection again
Chapter 1733 Is there a cauldron?
Chapter 1734 Become a Sword Attendant
Chapter 1735 Luck is like a dragon
Chapter 1736 Da Li Gambling
Chapter 1737 Oshizuo Treasure House
Chapter 1738 How difficult the road is
Chapter 1739 Righteous and awe-inspiring
Chapter 1740 Making money is too easy
Chapter 1741: Arbitrary in the world
Chapter 1742 Knock on the Sap
Chapter 1743 Doing a little bit of duty
Chapter 1744 I cant be envious
Chapter 1745 Fighting between gods
Chapter 1746 Crazy Sword Supreme
Chapter 1747 Bad Reviews Bad Reviews
Chapter 1748 Go beat up the character
Chapter 1749 The Crazy Sword Arrives
Chapter 1750 Challenge from Crazy Sword
Chapter 1751 The crazy sword is miserable
Chapter 1752 Just click it
Chapter 1753 Unstoppable or bloody?
Chapter 1754 Hongchen Sect
Chapter 1755 Karma
Chapter 1756 Relive the catastrophe
Chapter 1757 The illusion is shattered
Chapter 1758 Resurrection of the dead?
Chapter 1759 Peace of mind
Chapter 1760 Thats it
Chapter 1761: Admit Defeat
Chapter 1762 Forced to become enlightened?
Chapter 1763 Giving Up on Enlightenment
Chapter 1764: Eternal disaster?
Chapter 1765 Playing with fire and burning yourself
Chapter 1766 You are hopeless
Chapter 1767 Dont want them all
Chapter 1768 No Regrets
Chapter 1769 Crazy Sword comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1770 The Peak Battle
Chapter 1771 Unavoidable
Chapter 1772 Quick decision
Chapter 1773 The Last Sword
Chapter 1774 One sword determines victory or defeat
Chapter 1775 One step away from being supreme
Chapter 1776 The natural disaster is coming
Chapter 1777 Ascended Emperor
Chapter 1778 Mysterious Catastrophe
Chapter 1779: Divine Calculation
Chapter 1780: Sworn?
Chapter 1781 Escape in an emergency
Chapter 1782 The Angry Emperor Ziyin
Chapter 1783 Return to Lingquan
Chapter 1784 Where is your Taoist companion?
Chapter 1785 Human Robbery
Chapter 1786 Challenge the Shadow Swordsman
Chapter 1787 The genius reappears
Chapter 1788 Ye Wuchang comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1789 The Enlightenment of Impermanence
Chapter 1790 Split again
Chapter 1791 Kill yourself with a knife
Chapter 1792 Violating Taboo
Chapter 1793 Impermanence Enlightenment
Chapter 1794 Tang Yue comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1795 The frustrated Chu Jiangchen
Chapter 1796 Immortal Sword Way
Chapter 1797 Taboo exists
Chapter 1798 The Second Heaven
Chapter 1799: Continuous exit from seclusion
Chapter 1800 Spirit Spring Gathering
Chapter 1801 The Order of Heaven
Chapter 1802 The Chain of Heaven
Chapter 1803 Emperor Shura
Chapter 1804 The Sword Cuts the Way of Heaven
Chapter 1805 Human disaster is coming
Chapter 1806 The Emperor of Heaven arrives
Chapter 1807 Dangerous and desperate situation
Chapter 1808 Heavenly Edict
Chapter 1809 Fierce Battle with the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 1810 Demigod Emperor
Chapter 1811 Mysterious Will
Chapter 1812 Destruction
Chapter 1813 Silent Confrontation
Chapter 1814 Overturning the table
Chapter 1815 The guests dispersed
Chapter 1816 The Transformed Bald Crane
Chapter 1817 The real bald crane
Chapter 1818 The Power of Luck
Chapter 1819 Refugees
Chapter 1820 Either adultery or theft
Chapter 1821 The Emperor also cracked
Chapter 1822 The eleventh level of golden body
Chapter 1823 The Sixth Sealing Divine Ring
Chapter 1824 The rising sun
Chapter 1825 The worst in history
Chapter 1826 Gu Lisongs Enlightenment
Chapter 1827 My heart is a devil
Chapter 1828 Defeating the Supreme Being
Chapter 1829 Stepping into the Supreme
Chapter 1830 Soaring into the sky
Chapter 1831 Wind in the God Realm
Chapter 1832 The Great Emperor of Nine Transformations, Supreme Shura
Chapter 1833 Suffering stimulation
Chapter 1834 Declining God Gu Lisong
Chapter 1835 The destined ending
Chapter 1836 On the power of luck restraint
Chapter 1837 Wandering into the Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1838 A chance encounter with the Ninth Prince
Chapter 1839 Recruiting Gu Lisong
Chapter 1840 Are you still alive?
Chapter 1841 Changes in Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1842 New Refugees
Chapter 1843 The corpse descended from the sky
Chapter 1844 Human disaster is coming
Chapter 1845 Qin Changsheng
Chapter 1846 Fierce Battle with Gods
Chapter 1847 Demons dancing together
Chapter 1848 Killing Qin Changsheng with the Sword
Chapter 1849 Counterattack to Kill God
Chapter 1850 The divine path is cut off
Chapter 1851 Kunpeng True Blood
Chapter 1852 Qin Changshengs Fear
Chapter 1853 Void Mirror
Chapter 1854 Kunpengs clone
Chapter 1855 Terrifying Vision
Chapter 1856 Zhou Song comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1857 The Supreme Peak, Half-Step Emperor
Chapter 1858 Wang Teng passes away
Chapter 1859 Unable to Suppress
Chapter 1860 Come on, big brother
Chapter 1861 Hongmeng Immortal Realm?
Chapter 1862 Everyone comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1863 Building a Channel
Chapter 1864 The crisis is coming
Chapter 1865 Fierce Battle with the True God
Chapter 1866 Killing Li Chuan
Chapter 1867 Extremely arrogant
Chapter 1868 Who else is coming to die?
Chapter 1869 The Lower Realm of the Ten Gods
Chapter 1870 Millions of troops
Chapter 1871 Seeking Death
Chapter 1872 One is worth ten
Chapter 1873 Continuous Execution
Chapter 1874 The Crisis of the Divine Desolation
Chapter 1875 The power is overwhelming
Chapter 1876 The War of One Hundred Gods
Chapter 1877 Take full action
Chapter 1878 Breathing Technique Advanced
Chapter 1879 Suppression of All
Chapter 1880: One after another
Chapter 1881 The Immortal Dynasty cannot be humiliated
Chapter 1882 The Land of the Fallen God takes action
Chapter 1883 The Supreme Visit
Chapter 1884 I would rather be broken than jade
Chapter 1885 Becoming the Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 1886 The sword is pure
Chapter 1887 Immortal Sword Way
Chapter 1888 Return to the Sword God Valley
Chapter 1889 Kill me or die
Chapter 1890 Fierce Fighting Taboo
Chapter 1891 Immortal Sword Geng Jin Dao
Chapter 1892 Senior Brother or Master?
Chapter 1893 Failure means death
Chapter 1894 The end of the battle
Chapter 1895 Too thick-skinned
Chapter 1896 The last chance
Chapter 1897: Plundering the Land of the Fallen God?
Chapter 1898 Need to add seasonings
Chapter 1899 Refine yourself to death
Chapter 1900 Chu Jiangchen comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1901 The inner demon catastrophe
Chapter 1902 Return to Donghuang
Chapter 1903 Opening the Heavenly Palace
Chapter 1904 The Secret of Heavenly Palace
Chapter 1905 The transformation of the soul
Chapter 1906 The Land of Reincarnation
Chapter 1907 Resurrection Plan
Chapter 1908 Refining Soul Order
Chapter 1909 Take Liuyun back to Mingxin Pool quickly
Chapter 1910 The True World of Reincarnation
Chapter 1911 He is targeting me
Chapter 1912 Return to the Divine Alliance
Chapter 1913 Crossing the Star Sea
Chapter 1914 Tianxuan World
Chapter 1915 Cross-Border Travel
Chapter 1916 Immortal Mountain Lord
Chapter 1917: Defeat you all
Chapter 1918 Suppress them all
Chapter 1919 Divine Gate
Chapter 1920 Attacking the Divine Gate
Chapter 1921 Arrangement
Chapter 1922 Entering the God Realm
Chapter 1923 Red Flame Dapeng
Chapter 1924 Encircled
Chapter 1925 Fierce Battle with the Gods
Chapter 1926 Surrounded
Chapter 1927 Its a plan
Chapter 1928 My teacher is Wutian
Chapter 1929 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 1930 Having evil intentions
Chapter 1931 Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 1932 Condensing Shinto Runes
Chapter 1933 Too reasonable is unreasonable
Chapter 1934 Promoted to True God
Chapter 1935 Cat and Dog
Chapter 1936 Gods and gods are different
Chapter 1937 Monsters and Freaks
Chapter 1938 Murderous intent bursts out
Chapter 1939 Fight back
Chapter 1940 Nothing more than that
Chapter 1941 Punishment
Chapter 1942 Secretly alert
Chapter 1943 Three Divine Ways
Chapter 1944 Medicine Thief
Chapter 1945 Deja Vu
Chapter 1946 Opening the Holy Pool
Chapter 1947 Entering the pond to practice
Chapter 1948 Twelve Levels of Golden Body
Chapter 1949 The Immortal Dynasty noticed
Chapter 1950 Great improvement in strength
Chapter 1951 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 1952 Plan
Chapter 1953 The Memory of the Bald Crane
Chapter 1954 Heading to the Demon Realm
Chapter 1955 Immortal Slaying Formation
Chapter 1956 The Black Dragon King
Chapter 1957 Entering the Demon Realm
Chapter 1958 Monster Clan Gathering
Chapter 1959 Monster Clans Blame
Chapter 1960 Anyone under the gods can fight
Chapter 1961 Let the strongest come
Chapter 1962 The Prodigy of the Imperial Clan
Chapter 1963: Spelling a magic weapon?
Chapter 1964 Its time to end
Chapter 1965 The Four Monsters of the Dragon Clan
Chapter 1966 Long Yi
Chapter 1967 The figure of the evil dragon
Chapter 1968 Losing streak against monsters
Chapter 1969 Ancestral Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 1970 Nine Runes
Chapter 1971 True Strength
Chapter 1972 Suppressing Long Fan
Chapter 1973 Wanted Order
Chapter 1974 You want to touch my disciple?
Chapter 1975 The God Emperor Appears
Chapter 1976 He Da fooled
Chapter 1977 Farewell to Seniors
Chapter 1978 Discussing Plans
Chapter 1979 Red Devil Ancestor
Chapter 1980 The sad and angry Long Fan
Chapter 1981 Refining Mask
Chapter 1982 Parting ways
Chapter 1983 Young Master Qingjian
Chapter 1984 Immortal Dynasty Search Team
Chapter 1985 Search
Chapter 1986 Exposed?
Chapter 1987 Zhao Lin'er
Chapter 1988 Death of Duanmu Changqing
Chapter 1989 A chance encounter with Bald Hair
Chapter 1990 Empty the City Lords Mansion
Chapter 1991 Martial Law in the City
Chapter 1992 Just spit it out
Chapter 1993 Nan Qingcheng
Chapter 1994 Too careless
Chapter 1995 Encountering Trouble
Chapter 1996 Yuyang Zhenming
Chapter 1997 Join forces to defend against the enemy
Chapter 1998 Do you really want to die?
Chapter 1999 Everything is wrong
Chapter 2000 Four movie kings in one drama
Chapter 2001 The assessment begins
Chapter 2002 Immortal Road to Heaven Ladder
Chapter 2003 Secret Manipulation
Chapter 2004 Broken Heart
Chapter 2005 Something will happen sooner or later
Chapter 2006 Unwilling to be inferior to others
Chapter 2007 Genius Circle
Chapter 2008 Enlightenment on the spot
Chapter 2009 Low-key Failure
Chapter 2010 Identity Screening
Chapter 2011 The competition among the peaks
Chapter 2012 Tangled
Chapter 2013 Entering Yin Yang Peak
Chapter 2014 Senior Brother Lan Chen
Chapter 2015 The Place of Inheritance
Chapter 2016 Tai Chi Kendo
Chapter 2017 Comprehension
Chapter 2018 Lan Chen falls out
Chapter 2019 Trouble is coming
Chapter 2020 Im giving you face
Chapter 2021 Why bother fighting?
Chapter 2022 Yuyang Zhenqing
Chapter 2023 Vow to avenge
Chapter 2024 Impulsive and reckless
Chapter 2025 Promotion to God
Chapter 2026 Heading to Feijian Peak
Chapter 2027 Wu Fei Sword Dao
Chapter 2028 When you see me later, walk around
Chapter 2029 Baldness Returns
Chapter 2030 The Thirteenth Level of Golden Body
Chapter 2031 Follow and Kill
Chapter 2032 Hatred Focus
Chapter 2033 Different
Chapter 2034 Please enter the urn
Chapter 2035 Arriving at Xushan
Chapter 2036 Immortal Blood
Chapter 2037 The Crucified God Emperor?
Chapter 2038 Fierce battle with evil zombies
Chapter 2039 Conquering the Evil Corpse
Chapter 2040 Shura Prototype
Chapter 2041 Luo Shenghu
Chapter 2042 Try and die
Chapter 2043 Evil Spirit Thoughts
Chapter 2044 Go ahead, bald
Chapter 2045 Great Terror, Great Danger
Chapter 2046 Fierce battle with ghosts and gods
Chapter 2047 Immortal Shadow Appears
Chapter 2048 Three Headed Cerberus
Chapter 2049 Immortal Blood
Chapter 2050 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 2051 Suppression of all parties
Chapter 2052 Calm down
Chapter 2053 Luo Shenghuan is born
Chapter 2054 Nine Seals
Chapter 2055 The lowest underground palace
Chapter 2056 Creepy
Chapter 2057 A Void Immortal
Chapter 2058 Split the sky with one sword
Chapter 2059 Encounter with Luo Shenghu
Chapter 2060 Fierce battle in the distance
Chapter 2061 The plot against Duanmu Rongchang
Chapter 2062 Seducing Luo Shenghu
Chapter 2063 Suppressing Luo Shenghu
Chapter 2064 The Secret Technique of Soul Curse
Chapter 2065 The Death of the God Emperor
Chapter 2066 Soul Forbidden Curse
Chapter 2067 Duanmu Rongchang
Chapter 2068 Opportunity of the Immortal Dynasty?
Chapter 2069 The magic weapon of destiny
Chapter 2070 Arrangement
Chapter 2071 Return to the Sect
Chapter 2072 The late stage of the Divine Lord
Chapter 2073 The storm in Nanmingzhou
Chapter 2074 A great shame and humiliation
Chapter 2075 Encirclement and Suppression of Pheasants
Chapter 2076 Woman in White
Chapter 2077 The passage of time
Chapter 2078 Boy and Girl
Chapter 2079 The method of reverse cultivation
Chapter 2080 A lot of pressure
Chapter 2081 The Fifth Door
Chapter 2082 Yin Yang Peak Masters Suspicion
Chapter 2083 The heart is not at ease
Chapter 2084 Show you a big baby
Chapter 2085 Artifact of Creation
Chapter 2086 Suppressing Zhao Lin'er
Chapter 2087 Digging a hole and burying it
Chapter 2088 Observing the Sword Formation
Chapter 2089 Ten Thousand Swords Lotus Formation
Chapter 2090 One Hundred Thousand Sword Level
Chapter 2091 Lishan Sensation
Chapter 2092 Escape
Chapter 2093 What did you do to me?
Chapter 2094 Yin Yang Peak Masters Suspicion
Chapter 2095 Comprehension of the Spiritual Sword Way
Chapter 2096 Return to Yin Yang Peak
Chapter 2097 Gritting Teeth
Chapter 2098 Bald Head and Bald Tail
Chapter 2099 Sea of Mist
Chapter 2100 The murderous intention of the foggy sea
Chapter 2101 So bold
Chapter 2102 Fierce battle with Lin Changtian
Chapter 2103 The end of the natural disaster
Chapter 2104 Tiangang Thousand Swords Formation
Chapter 2105 So heroic
Chapter 2106 Sudden changes
Chapter 2107 Extremely unlucky
Chapter 2108 Its natural
Chapter 2109 Female Devil, Rakshasa
Chapter 2110 Awesome
Chapter 2111 Little Swallow
Chapter 2112 Clown
Chapter 2113 The Taboo Tribulation
Chapter 2114 Strength Imbuing the Body
Chapter 2115 Join forces to fight against the enemy
Chapter 2116 Shuras Awakening
Chapter 2117 Self-Destruction
Chapter 2118 Suppress and kill me
Chapter 2119 Wake up
Chapter 2120 Of course something happens
Chapter 2121 Fighting for Mr. Yan
Chapter 2122 The Law of Luck
Chapter 2123 The image cannot be bad
Chapter 2124 Become one of our own
Chapter 2125 Immortal Dynasty Separate Helms
Chapter 2126 Encountering obstacles
Chapter 2127 Suppressing Mu Han
Chapter 2128 Meeting Duanmu Rongchang
Chapter 2129: Soul breakthrough, object-killing realm
Chapter 2130 Design
Chapter 2131 A banquet for all parties
Chapter 2132 Horror and Despair
Chapter 2133 Will not surrender even to death
Chapter 2134 Conquer them all
Chapter 2135 Duanmu Rongchangs worries
Chapter 2136 Red Devil Ancestor
Chapter 2137 Each encounter
Chapter 2138 The Real World of Inanimate Realm
Chapter 2139 Their respective encounters (2)
Chapter 2140 Lingminghai Ruins
Chapter 2141 Wang comes out of seclusion
Chapter 2142 Stunned
Chapter 2143 Obsession
Chapter 2144 You are finished
Chapter 2145 The Great Dark Demon
Chapter 2146 Heading to Lingming Sea, Gu Lisong appears
Chapter 2147 Gu Lisongs Trouble
Chapter 2148 One step forward and half a life
Chapter 2149 Dont come over
Chapter 2150 Elder Qians suspicion
Chapter 2151 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 2152 Breaking the formation first
Chapter 2153 Refuse the invitation
Chapter 2154 Demon Puppet
Chapter 2155 Fighting Fire with Fire
Chapter 2156 Suppress them all
Chapter 2157: The wild goose plucking its feathers
Chapter 2158 Millions of Demon Puppets
Chapter 2159 No comparison, no harm
Chapter 2160 Great Fortune
Chapter 2161 Very stable
Chapter 2162 Treasure House of Relics
Chapter 2163 Supreme Creation
Chapter 2164 The last chance
Chapter 2165 Nine Colors Godhead
Chapter 2166 Gray life
Chapter 2167 Settlement of Accounts
Chapter 2168 Pushing the envelope
Chapter 2169 Battle against Jiuyou
Chapter 2170 The clones appear
Chapter 2171 Black Needle Light
Chapter 2172 Three Methods in One
Chapter 2173 Passed the Assessment
Chapter 2174 Absolutely no loss
Chapter 2175 Meet the Master
Chapter 2176 Leaving the Ruins
Chapter 2177 Blood Bodhi
Chapter 2178 The Arrival of the Holy Son
Chapter 2179 Dances with Wolves
Chapter 2180 The tangled bald crane
Chapter 2181 Sneak attack on Qin Changsheng
Chapter 2182 Grease and run away
Chapter 2183 The Sixteenth Level of the Golden Body
Chapter 2184 Murderous intent
Chapter 2185 Goodbye Qin Changsheng
Chapter 2186 Fierce battle with Qin Changsheng
Chapter 2187 The Divine Art of Creation
Chapter 2188 Give you Lingchi
Chapter 2189 Suppressing Qin Changsheng
Chapter 2190 Pay off the debt
Chapter 2191 Conquer them all
Chapter 2192 Monitoring the world
Chapter 2193 The inspection begins
Chapter 2194 Rumors are everywhere
Chapter 2195 All parties are concerned
Chapter 2196 Zhuge Jingxian
Chapter 2197 Deceiving Zhuge Sui
Chapter 2198 The sequelae of Buddhist forbidden arts
Chapter 2199 All surrender
Chapter 2200 Five Hundred Thousand Divine Swords
Chapter 2201 Set off again
Chapter 2202 Burning Heaven Sect
Chapter 2203 Testing
Chapter 2204 Long Fans Challenge
Chapter 2205 Suppressing Cultivation
Chapter 2206 Battle against Long Fan
Chapter 2207 Showdown
Chapter 2208 Own People
Chapter 2209 Nothing is difficult in the world
Chapter 2210 Return to Lishan Sword Sect
Chapter 2211 Movie kings gather together
Chapter 2212 Continue to deceive
Chapter 2213 Understanding inheritance
Chapter 2214 Completed in one go
Chapter 2215 Deduction of Sword Formation
Chapter 2216 Earthly Evil Killing Immortal Sword Formation
Chapter 2217 Lonely as Snow
Chapter 2218 Sneak attack on the God Emperor
Chapter 2219 Fight together
Chapter 2220 Hey, what a coincidence
Chapter 2221: Deceiving the Ancestor
Chapter 2222 Planned Suppression
Chapter 2223 Suppression
Chapter 2224 Fragments of the Artifact of Creation
Chapter 2225 The Peak of God Lord
Chapter 2226 Everyone is happy
Chapter 2227 Heading to Immortal Court
Chapter 2228 The previous generation of saints
Chapter 2229 Excuse me
Chapter 2230 My brain is not working well
Chapter 2231 Everyone is happy
Chapter 2232 Heading to the Immortal Dynasty
Chapter 2233 Everlasting Peak
Chapter 2234 Convincing people with virtue
Chapter 2235 Immortal Dynasty Headmaster
Chapter 2236 Kill directly
Chapter 2237 Send you back to the west
Chapter 2238 Extreme Arrogance
Chapter 2239 Beating up Xiang Weiwei
Chapter 2240 Treat others with sincerity
Chapter 2241 We have to be kind
Chapter 2242 The Secret Realm of Immortal Land
Chapter 2243 Turbulence from all sides
Chapter 2244 The visitor is evil
Chapter 2245 The strength of Jianshan Ancestor
Chapter 2246 The Peak of God King
Chapter 2247 Take them all away
Chapter 2248 This wave of blood profit
Chapter 2249 White Night God Emperor
Chapter 2250 The Origin of the Secret Realm
Chapter 2251 Wang returns
Chapter 2252 Heading to Tianyue Peak
Chapter 2253 Strong Attack
Chapter 2254 Respectfully invite, go to death
Chapter 2255 The war breaks out
Chapter 2256 Strong Crush
Chapter 2257 Invitation to be a Guest
Chapter 2258 Feng Shui Treasure Land
Chapter 2259 The destined ending
Chapter 2260 Ancient Demon Clan
Chapter 2261 Sophisticated
Chapter 2262 Stirring a hornets nest
Chapter 2263 Tai Sui is making trouble
Chapter 2264 Northern Demon Continent
Chapter 2265 The ruins are dangerous
Chapter 2266 Patron Sect
Chapter 2267 Backing Demon Court
Chapter 2268 Immortal Dynasty Eyeliner
Chapter 2269 News from Senior Brothers
Chapter 2270 The frightened bird
Chapter 2271 The miserable Holy Son Tianshu
Chapter 2272 A Bantianshu Saint Son
Chapter 2273 I am too good
Chapter 2274: Murderous
Chapter 2275 Ambitious
Chapter 2276 Suffering a critical attack
Chapter 2277 The Great Chaos True Thunder
Chapter 2278 Acting with murderous intent
Chapter 2279 Join forces to attack
Chapter 2280 Suppress All
Chapter 2281 The persistent Holy Son Tianshu
Chapter 2282 Full of Sincerity
Chapter 2283 Wuji Demon Sect
Chapter 2284 You are finished
Chapter 2285 Ancestor Wuji
Chapter 2286 It makes no sense
Chapter 2287 Open your eyes and tell lies
Chapter 2288 Black Mountain Ancestor
Chapter 2289 Finding Wealth in Danger
Chapter 2290 Who is concerned?
Chapter 2291 Demonic Seal
Chapter 2292 Royal Bloodline
Chapter 2293 Suppression
Chapter 2294 Ancient Demon Abyss
Chapter 2295 Promotion to God Emperor
Chapter 2296 Suppress them all
Chapter 2297 Blood Qi Medicine
Chapter 2298 The Ancestral Demon
Chapter 2299: Falling into a trap
Chapter 2300 Seventeen Golden Bodies
Chapter 2301 Setting up a trap
Chapter 2302 Mentality explodes
Chapter 2303 Tuoba Wushan
Chapter 2304 They are all blood essence medicines
Chapter 2305 Dont leave once youre here
Chapter 2306 The old antique is here
Chapter 2307 Attacking the Immortal Palace
Chapter 2308 A big fish
Chapter 2309 Blood Furnace
Chapter 2310 Sky-Burning Demonic Flame
Chapter 2311 Trampling on every trap
Chapter 2312 The shackles of the golden body
Chapter 2313 Undecided
Chapter 2314 Eighteen layers of golden body
Chapter 2315 Broken sword becomes spirit
Chapter 2316 The Weakest Void Immortal in History
Chapter 2317 Master Jian
Chapter 2318 The arrival of the virtual immortal
Chapter 2319 The miserable sword master
Chapter 2320 Suppressing Master Jian
Chapter 2321 Bald Cranes old acquaintance
Chapter 2322 Origin of Crane Yan
Chapter 2323: Indifferent to merit and fame
Chapter 2324 Continuing the Immortal Way
Chapter 2325 Going into battle in person
Chapter 2326 A critical moment
Chapter 2327 Im done
Chapter 2328: Two to three hundred pounds of real blood every day
Chapter 2329 Your death has come
Chapter 2330 Kill without mercy
Chapter 2331 The Relic of the Ancient Demon
Chapter 2332 Pay attention to recuperation
Chapter 2333 Extreme joy leads to sorrow
Chapter 2334 One step at a time
Chapter 2335 Nineteenth Level Golden Body, First Level Immortal Body
Chapter 2336 Is there danger here?
Chapter 2337 Evil Sect
Chapter 2338 Take it and leave
Chapter 2339 Fish in the Urn
Chapter 2340 Great increase in power
Chapter 2341 Its all voluntary
Chapter 2342 Personality Charm
Chapter 2343 Continuous Suppression
Chapter 2344 Fierce Battle with Tiangu
Chapter 2345 Suppression
Chapter 2346 Its a done deal
Chapter 2347 Return to Demon Continent
Chapter 2348 Hothouse Girl
Chapter 2349 Ancient Dark Demon God
Chapter 2350 Turns out Im so bad
Chapter 2351 Meeting Gift
Chapter 2352 Meeting Gift
Chapter 2353 She is here
Chapter 2354 Im done
Chapter 2355 Acting with life
Chapter 2356 Return
Chapter 2357 Different fates
Chapter 2358 Each Destiny Method 2
Chapter 2359 Great increase in strength
Chapter 2360: Pandemic
Chapter 2361 Return to the Peak
Chapter 2362 Where is the chicken?
Chapter 2363 The Immortal Lord summons
Chapter 2364 The Immortal Dynasty is in Struggle
Chapter 2365 Asking for benefits
Chapter 2366 Five Hundred Thousand Divine Swords
Chapter 2367 Unexpected Demonic Qi
Chapter 2368 The Bald Old Man
Chapter 2369 Hesheng is as lonely as snow
Chapter 2370 The alliance between two bases
Chapter 2371 Strong Suppression
Chapter 2372 Harvest of Bald Crane
Chapter 2373 The Richest Man in the God Realm
Chapter 2374 Stunning Fairy
Chapter 2375 Thrilling
Chapter 2376 Bei Mingxue
Chapter 2377 The Attacking Holy Son of Tianshu
Chapter 2378 Have fun
Chapter 2379 Ancient Stream
Chapter 2380 Long-term plan
Chapter 2381 Idea
Chapter 2382 A great opportunity
Chapter 2383 Tianshu seeking death
Chapter 2384 Zhou Tianyi
Chapter 2385 Speed up the pace
Chapter 2386 Tianyun Li Family
Chapter 2387 Li Heng
Chapter 2388 Getting what you want
Chapter 2389 Progress
Chapter 2390 Uncle and nephew meet
Chapter 2391 Zhou Song appears
Chapter 2392 Inexplicably Touched
Chapter 2393: Cheating
Chapter 2394 He is a blind man
Chapter 2395 The Immortal Dynasty is Furious
Chapter 2396 Guxi Enlightenment
Chapter 2397 Gathering Manpower
Chapter 2398 Kindness
Chapter 2399 Perfect Solution
Chapter 2400 The Tribulation of Becoming an Immortal
Chapter 2401 Divine Sword Overcoming Tribulation
Chapter 2402 Thousands of Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 2403 Fight to the death
Chapter 2404 disappears into thin air
Chapter 2405 Debt Collection
Chapter 2406 Tiangang God-Slaying Sword Formation
Chapter 2407 Battle against the old monster
Chapter 2408 The true immortal takes action
Chapter 2409 The sword formation collapsed
Chapter 2410 Life-saving Talisman
Chapter 2411 Borrowing Strength
Chapter 2412 Who cheated whom?
Chapter 2413 The Only Immortal Sword
Chapter 2414 Crazy Escape
Chapter 2415 Convergence
Chapter 2416 The bloody storm
Chapter 2417 Brothers gather together
Chapter 2418 Sharpening the knife
Chapter 2419 Each shows his or her special powers
Chapter 2420 Xiao Hei, come on
Chapter 2421 Duel with the True Immortal
Chapter 2422 Little Black Mighty
Chapter 2423 The Power of Death
Chapter 2424 Huangquan Holy River
Chapter 2425 Its time to take action
Chapter 2426 The Demonic Ape
Chapter 2427 Luo Shenghu
Chapter 2428 King of the battlefield
Chapter 2429 Epiphany
Chapter 2430 The army gathers
Chapter 2431 Limits of Power
Chapter 2432 Rushing to
Chapter 2433 The army arrives
Chapter 2434 Black Vortex
Chapter 2435 Promoted to God Emperor
Chapter 2436 Ancient Dark Demon God
Chapter 2437 Immortal Confrontation
Chapter 2438 Demon Continent Monk
Chapter 2439 Rule the world
Chapter 2440 A global horror
Chapter 2441 Wang Teng wakes up
Chapter 2442 Why do you want to kill me?
Chapter 2443 Self-destruction one after another
Chapter 2444: Killing Living Fossils
Chapter 2445 Just you?
Chapter 2446 Beating up Li Qiuzhen
Chapter 2447 The Great Immortal Pagodas Holy Law
Chapter 2448 The road is ruthless
Chapter 2449 Failure again
Chapter 2450 Situation
Chapter 2451 Return to the Demon Realm
Chapter 2452 Tit for tat
Chapter 2453 The status of alliance leader
Chapter 2454 Retreat
Chapter 2455 Ye Wuchangs decision
Chapter 2456 Zhou Tianyi
Chapter 2457 Immortal Body Second Level
Chapter 2458 Zhou Tianyi
Chapter 2459 Taboo Tianbao
Chapter 2460 The miserable old ghost
Chapter 2461 The clone is complete
Chapter 2462 Visitors from the Immortal Dynasty
Chapter 2463 The Immortal Dynasty recruits people?
Chapter 2464 Regret
Chapter 2465: Drag it on
Chapter 2466 Immortal Disaster
Chapter 2467 The Cause of Immortal Disaster
Chapter 2468 Plan to create an immortal
Chapter 2469 Repeating the same trick
Chapter 2470 The Transformation of the Small World of Divine Land
Chapter 2471 Complete Immortal Rules
Chapter 2472 Continuing the Immortal Way
Chapter 2473 Changes in No Mans Land
Chapter 2474 The birth of the ancient immortal
Chapter 2475 The catastrophe is coming
Chapter 2476 Sit back and wait.
Chapter 2477 Came early
Chapter 2478 The murderous intent fills the sky
Chapter 2479 Immortal Ancestor Save Me
Chapter 2480 Earthly Evil Killing Immortal Sword Formation
Chapter 2481 Fierce Fighting with True Immortals
Chapter 2482 This wave is not a loss
Chapter 2483 Immortal Killing Gourd
Chapter 2484 Join forces
Chapter 2485 Kill him while he is sick
Chapter 2486 Full Outbreak
Chapter 2487 Li Hongyus Secret
Chapter 2488 The Second Soul
Chapter 2489 Killing Li Hongyu
Chapter 2490 The End
Chapter 2491 Taking Credit
Chapter 2492 Sincerity
Chapter 2493 Xiaosongs thoughts
Chapter 2494 Scruples
Chapter 2495 Hands and Feet
Chapter 2496 Conscience of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 2497 Qiankun Cover
Chapter 2498 Refining
Chapter 2499 The late stage of the God Emperor
Chapter 2500 Thinking
Chapter 2501 Immortal Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 2502 Regret
Chapter 2503 Close the door and beat the dog
Chapter 2504 In one fell swoop
Chapter 2505 Third level of immortal body
Chapter 2506 Immortal disaster is coming
Chapter 2507 The Tathagata of All Dharmas
Chapter 2508 Stirring a hornet's nest
Chapter 2509 Suppressing the Ancient Immortal
Chapter 2510 Arrogance
Chapter 2511 Backing up
Chapter 2512 Immortal Killing Sword
Chapter 2513 Showdown
Chapter 2514 Leaving
Chapter 2515 Incident in China
Chapter 2516 Bring it to you
Chapter 2517 Tragic
Chapter 2518 Fairy War
Chapter 2519 Closing the Net
Chapter 2520 Melee
Chapter 2521 Decline
Chapter 2522 You have supreme immortality, I have a bunch of real immortals
Chapter 2523 Kill Wang Xie
Chapter 2524 Are you playing me?
Chapter 2525 Suppressing Li Qiuzhen
Chapter 2526 Shooting too fast
Chapter 2527 Heading to the Ancient Demon Ruins
Chapter 2528 Darkness Comes
Chapter 2529 The Battle of the Ancient Immortals
Chapter 2530 Madness
Chapter 2531 Gray Sky
Chapter 2532 Wang becomes an immortal
Chapter 2533 Who stole my thunder tribulation?
Chapter 2534 Half a step into the abyss
Chapter 2535 Prey
Chapter 2536 Ancient Immortals Gather
Chapter 2537 True Lord White Bones
Chapter 2538 Fierce Battle
Chapter 2539 The late stage of true immortality
Chapter 2540 Who dares to stop me from overcoming the tribulation?
Chapter 2541 Become a True Immortal, Fourth Level Immortal Body
Chapter 2542 Suppressing the Bones
Chapter 2543: Broken skin
Chapter 2544 The secret method fails
Chapter 2545 Suppressing the White Bone Lord
Chapter 2546 Im not asking you to give me a chance
Chapter 2547 Conquer
Chapter 2548 Less than a hundred people
Chapter 2549 Fairy Clan Treasure House
Chapter 2550 Nine realms
Chapter 2551 Overall improvement
Chapter 2552 Zhou Song becomes an immortal
Chapter 2553 A group of people
Chapter 2554 Attacks from all sides
Chapter 2555 Kill with one punch
Chapter 2556 The late stage of true immortality
Chapter 2557 Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 2558: Kill with force
Chapter 2559 Getting to the bottom of things
Chapter 2560 Group ridicule
Chapter 2561 Join forces
Chapter 2562 The power of one sword
Chapter 2563 The Peak of True Immortality
Chapter 2564 Feeling like old friends at first sight
Chapter 2565 Deception
Chapter 2566 Come in, you guys
Chapter 2567 Zhou Song becomes an immortal
Chapter 2568 Fierce Battle with Chaos
Chapter 2569 The desperate Lord Xinghe
Chapter 2570 The heaven and earth were initially in chaos, and the universe was filled with green energy.
Chapter 2571 Full collision
Chapter 2572 Chase
Chapter 2573 Kill Chaos
Chapter 2574 A great treasure medicine
Chapter 2575 Disposal
Chapter 2576 Bewitching
Chapter 2577 The weather is pretty good
Chapter 2578 Hongmeng Immortal World
Chapter 2579 Soaring into the sky
Chapter 2580 Successive breakthroughs
Chapter 2581 The strong gather together
Chapter 2582 Knock on the Immortal Gate
Chapter 2583 Open the door
Chapter 2584: The late stage of a mere true immortal
Chapter 2585 Brutal
Chapter 2586 Bloody True Lord
Chapter 2587 Eternal Immortal Flame
Chapter 2588 Five Immortal Body
Chapter 2589 Breaking out of the bottle
Chapter 2590 Half-Step Immortal
Chapter 2591 Fierce fighting without life
Chapter 2592 The Power of Time
Chapter 2593 Response
Chapter 2594 Immortal Realm
Chapter 2595 Join forces
Chapter 2596 Thats it
Chapter 2597 The End
Chapter 2598 Visiting the Immortal Mansion
Chapter 2599 Face
Chapter 2600 Demonstrate by example
Chapter 2601 Single fight or group fight
Chapter 2602 Conquer them all
Chapter 2603 Wish
Chapter 2604 Preparation
Chapter 2605 A hundred years in a blink of an eye
Chapter 2606 Betrayal
Chapter 2607 Closing the Net
Chapter 2608 Return to the lower realm
Chapter 2609 Wang returns
Chapter 2610 Return to the Treasure Land of Lingquan
Chapter 2611 Beaten
Chapter 2612 The Shadow Swordsmans Habits
Chapter 2613 Awakening
Chapter 2614 Yes or No
Chapter 2615 Will
Chapter 2616 The Unity of Soul and Spirit
Chapter 2617 True Spirit River
Chapter 2618 I cant eat anymore
Chapter 2619 Vision
Chapter 2620 Despair
Chapter 2621 Lord Crane
Chapter 2622 The soul returns
Chapter 2624 Extradition
Chapter 2625 Crisis is coming, cause and effect come back
Chapter 2626 Shocking all parties
Chapter 2627 Spear of Judgment
Chapter 2628 The End
Chapter 2629 Calm
Chapter 2630 I...still alive
Chapter 2631 Causes and Consequences
Chapter 2632 The physical body still exists
Chapter 2633 Bald Hair Appears
Chapter 2634 Encounter
Chapter 2635 Killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 2636 Recognition
Chapter 2637 Blood Rain Tower
Chapter 2638 Heading to the Blood Rain Tower
Chapter 2639 A generous move
Chapter 2640 Death of Liu Yunchuan
Chapter 2641 Revenge
Chapter 2642 Traces in the Heart
Chapter 2643 Immortal Veins
Chapter 2644 Returning with a full load
Chapter 2645 Taking back the body
Chapter 2646 Break and then stand
Chapter 2647 Storm in Xianyun City
Chapter 2648 Immortal True Body
Chapter 2649 Humanoid Spirit Gathering Array
Chapter 2650 People coming from all directions
Chapter 2651 Ancestor Qingyun
Chapter 2652 Say it again
Chapter 2653 Apprenticeship Ceremony
Chapter 2654 Chickens and dogs ascend to heaven
Chapter 2655 Identity transition
Chapter 2656: Asking for forgiveness
Chapter 2657 Where is sincerity?
Chapter 2658 Qingyun Fairy Mountain Lingtian Blessed Land
Chapter 2659 Stealing a Home
Chapter 2660 Mission
Chapter 2661 You reap what you sow
Chapter 2662 Take it as your own
Chapter 2663 Qingyun Immortal Sect
Chapter 2664 Conflict
Chapter 2665 A little trick
Chapter 2666 I cant stand it anymore
Chapter 2667 Beaten
Chapter 2668 Heart is bleeding
Chapter 2669 Public Bribery
Chapter 2670 Actively follow
Chapter 2671 Master Qingyun
Chapter 2672 Luoxia Peak
Chapter 2673 Heading to Luoxia Peak
Chapter 2674 Greetings
Chapter 2675 Going up the mountain
Chapter 2676 Negotiation
Chapter 2677 Seeking Death
Chapter 2678 Settlement
Chapter 2679 The power of the humanoid spirit gathering array
Chapter 2680 A calm look
Chapter 2681 I am invincible in the courtyard
Chapter 2682 Conquer
Chapter 2683 Retreat
Chapter 2684 Summoned by the Sect Leader
Chapter 2685 Attacking the Immortal
Chapter 2686 Li Xiao
Chapter 2687 Promotion to Immortal
Chapter 2688 Fierce battle with Li Xiao
Chapter 2689 Suppression
Chapter 2690 Zhao Xinghan
Chapter 2691 Landscape meets each other
Chapter 2692 Meeting Li Yifei again
Chapter 2693 Dont talk about martial ethics
Chapter 2694 You are still the richest
Chapter 2695 Tragic Brothers
Chapter 2696 Qingyun Order
Chapter 2698 Reincarnation
Chapter 2698 Double Ultimate
Chapter 2699 Guilty Conscience
Chapter 2700 Provocation
Chapter 2701 Wangs relief
Chapter 2702 Requirements
Chapter 2703 The immortal body is as powerful as a human being
Chapter 2704 Tired of beating
Chapter 2705 Yuhuang Body
Chapter 2706 Active Cooperation
Chapter 2707 Youre welcome
Chapter 2708 Reasoning
Chapter 2709 Sandbagging
Chapter 2710 Almost the same
Chapter 2711 Threat
Chapter 2712 Equal combat power
Chapter 2713 The Secret Realm of Immortal Cave
Chapter 2714 The Peak of Immortality
Chapter 1715 The Secret Realm of Immortal Nest
Chapter 2716 Guanghan Sect Master
Chapter 2717 Yaochi Mountain
Chapter 2718 Immortal King Body
Chapter 2719 Brothers reunited
Chapter 2720 Recognition
Chapter 2721 All parties are well
Chapter 2722 The Secret Realm Opens
Chapter 2723 Baicao Valley
Chapter 2724 The terrifying Baicao Valley
Chapter 2725 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 2726 On the Road
Chapter 2727: Five Thunders from Heaven
Chapter 2728 Sky Thunder Targets
Chapter 2729 Restraint
Chapter 2730 Psychic Immortal Corpse
Chapter 2731 Thrilling
Chapter 2732 Mysterious Giant Turtle
Chapter 2733 The most unlucky
Chapter 2734 Encounter
Chapter 2735 A cloud-piercing arrow
Chapter 2736 Worthy of being a master disciple of the Good Fortune Immortal Sect
Chapter 2737 Instant Kill
Chapter 2738 Kill them all
Chapter 2739 Immortal Crystal Source Vein
Chapter 2740 Who is going to die?
Chapter 2741 Brutal
Chapter 2742 Clearance
Chapter 2743 Crystal Swallowing Beast
Chapter 2744 Devouring
Chapter 2745 Parasite
Chapter 2746 Visitors
Chapter 2747 The late stage of Xuanxian
Chapter 2748: Driving the tiger and swallowing the wolf
Chapter 2749 Thanks for the gift
Chapter 2750 Unique
Chapter 2751 Xuanxian Peak
Chapter 2752 Accelerated Death
Chapter 2753 Preparing to leave seclusion
Chapter 2754 Negotiation
Chapter 2755 Fang Qinghan
Chapter 2756 Crush and Kill
Chapter 2757 The Immortal Holy Medicine Matures
Chapter 2758 Dark Realm
Chapter 2759 Silence
Chapter 2760 Discovery
Chapter 2761 City
Chapter 2762 The elixir from another world
Chapter 2763 Entering the City
Chapter 2764 The power of shadow
Chapter 2765 Immortal Magic
Chapter 2766 Looking for Death
Chapter 2767 News
Chapter 2768 Zhao Hongs Revenge
Chapter 2769 Kill without mercy
Chapter 2770 Pretending to be mysterious
Chapter 2771 If you dont eat the toast, you will be punished by drinking wine
Chapter 2772 Looking for Death
Chapter 2773 The entire army was wiped out
Chapter 2774 Shaogong Ying
Chapter 2775 Take action
Chapter 2776 The Incarnation of Power
Chapter 2777 Killing Shaogong Ying
Chapter 2778 Understanding
Chapter 2779 Wuji Immortal Palace
Chapter 2780 Arrival
Chapter 2781 Strange
Chapter 2782 Restoration of Cultivation
Chapter 2783 Heroic Qianyun
Chapter 2784 The Shaogong family comes to visit
Chapter 2785 Crash
Chapter 2786 Deception
Chapter 2787 Old business
Chapter 2788 Troubles
Chapter 2789 Full recovery of cultivation
Chapter 2790 Prepare to steal the house
Chapter 2791 Arrangement
Chapter 2792 Heading to the Shaogong Family
Chapter 2793 Stealing the Treasure House
Chapter 2794 Succeed
Chapter 2795 Leaving
Chapter 2796 Too weak
Chapter 2797 War
Chapter 2798 Returning to God
Chapter 2799 Truce
Chapter 2800 Attacking the Golden Immortal
Chapter 2801 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 2802 Shaogong Qi
Chapter 2803 Promotion to Golden Immortal
Chapter 2804 Wang Teng passes away
Chapter 2805 Ruffian
Chapter 2806 Li Ma
Chapter 2807 Relics
Chapter 2808 The ruins will be revealed
Chapter 2809 Arrogance
Chapter 2810 A trivial trick?
Chapter 2811 Solution
Chapter 2812 The entrance to the secret realm
Chapter 2813 Provocation
Chapter 2814 Liang Yong
Chapter 2815 Eldest Young Master
Chapter 2816 Third Young Master
Chapter 2817 Idiot
Chapter 2818 Identity exposed
Chapter 2819 The Secret Realm Opens
Chapter 2820 Young Master
Chapter 2821 Old acquaintance
Chapter 2822 Re-engraving
Chapter 2823 Just mediocre
Chapter 2824 Witchcraft
Chapter 2825 Thriller
Chapter 2826 The Arrogant Nine-Headed Turtle
Chapter 2827 First come, first served
Chapter 2828 Suppressing Liang San
Chapter 2829 Young Master
Chapter 2830 Spiritual Vein
Chapter 2831 Ant Army
Chapter 2832 The drugger
Chapter 2833 Abnormality
Chapter 2834 The person behind the scenes
Chapter 2835 Movement
Chapter 2836 Hydra
Chapter 2837 Traitor
Chapter 2838 Secret
Chapter 2839 Mr. Liang
Chapter 2840 Idiot
Chapter 2841 Brothers fighting
Chapter 2842 Showcase
Chapter 2843 Attack
Chapter 2844 Crush
Chapter 2845 Elder
Chapter 2846 Stubborn
Chapter 2847 Whats the use of you?
Chapter 2848 Crazy
Chapter 2849 Cancel the wanted order
Chapter 2850 Meeting Gift
Chapter 2851 Vigil
Chapter 2852 Guess
Chapter 2853 Indiscriminate Attack
Chapter 2854 Camp
Chapter 2855 Second Young Master
Chapter 2856 On the way
Chapter 2857 Danger
Chapter 2858 Dragon
Chapter 2859 Dragon Scales
Chapter 2860 Entering Magma
Chapter 2861 Paradise
Chapter 2862 Little Qilin
Chapter 2863 Negotiation
Chapter 2864 Provoking trouble
Chapter 2865 Traces
Chapter 2866 Princess
Chapter 2867 Recruitment
Chapter 2868 Lively
Chapter 2869 Qijue Sect
Chapter 2870 Saint
Chapter 2871 Unfathomable
Chapter 2872 Competition
Chapter 2873 Lively
Chapter 2874 The ultimate black gold dark crystal
Chapter 2875 Fighting
Chapter 2876 Weird
Chapter 2877 gloating over misfortune
Chapter 2878 Old Fox
Chapter 2879 Trap
Chapter 2880 Piranha
Chapter 2881 Cutting the grass
Chapter 2882 The miserable nine-headed turtle
Chapter 2883 Stingy
Chapter 2884 Clan Emblem
Chapter 2885 Reaching an Agreement
Chapter 2886: Being blackmailed
Chapter 2887 Soft-hearted
Chapter 2888: Feelings
Chapter 2889 Cultivation
Chapter 2890 The Transformation of the Nine-Headed Turtle
Chapter 2891 Verify identity
Chapter 2892 Explanation
Chapter 2893 Action
Chapter 2894 Testing
Chapter 2895 Irony
Chapter 2896 Injured
Chapter 2897 Anger
Chapter 2898 Easy to deal with
Chapter 2899 Take action
Chapter 2900 Yang Xueyi was injured
Chapter 2901 Crazy Yang Xu
Chapter 2902 Face the attack
Chapter 2903 Medicinal Effect
Chapter 2904 It turns out to be him
Chapter 2905 Secret
Chapter 2906 Escape
Chapter 2908 Danger
Chapter 2909 Escape
Chapter 2910 Refining again
Chapter 2911 Promotion
Chapter 2912 Two people compete
Chapter 2913 The truth is clear
Chapter 2914 Noisy Days
Chapter 2915 Meeting the Qijue Sect Again
Chapter 2916 Counterattack
Chapter 2917 A sudden encounter with an old acquaintance
Chapter 2918 Memories
Chapter 2919 Inquiry
Chapter 2920 Awakening
Chapter 2021 Meeting Yang Xu again
Chapter 2022 Tearing Space
Chapter 2923 Yang Xu was shocked
Chapter 2924 Zhou Yongs little moves
Chapter 2925 Mr. Zhu arrives
Chapter 2926 Injured
Chapter 2927 Escape
Chapter 2928 Healing
Chapter 2929 Awkward
Chapter 2930 Tell the story
Chapter 2931 Searching
Chapter 2932 Abnormality
Chapter 2933 Surrounded
Chapter 2934 Take action
Chapter 2935 Drugging
Chapter 2936 Forced
Chapter 2937 Antidote
Chapter 2938 Crazy
Chapter 2939 Coma
Chapter 2940 Annoyed
Chapter 2941 Escape
Chapter 2942 Recovery
Chapter 2943 Awakening
Chapter 2944 Discussion
Chapter 2945 Shenyin Sect
Chapter 2946 Join
Chapter 2947 Leading out Mr. Zhu
Chapter 2948 Cooperation
Chapter 2949 Dealing with Yang Bing
Chapter 2950 Bad Taste
Chapter 2951 Desert
Chapter 2952 Meeting the Shaogong Family Again
Chapter 2953 The Price of Laxness
Chapter 2954 Crisis
Chapter 2955 Barrier Broken
Chapter 2956 Yang Xu appears
Chapter 2957 Solution
Chapter 2958 Decision
Chapter 2959 Take action
Chapter 2961 Unable to move
Chapter 2962 Self-destruction
Chapter 2963 Serious Injury
Chapter 2964 Wake up
Chapter 2965 Cracks
Chapter 2966 Persuasion
Chapter 2967 The situation is tense
Chapter 2968 Provocation
Chapter 2969 Mysterious Place
Chapter 2970 Bone Pile
Chapter 2971 The person on the bed
Chapter 2972 Dispute
Chapter 2973 Appearance
Chapter 2974 Scared
Chapter 2975 Looking for a disciple
Chapter 2976 Doubt
Chapter 2977 Discussion
Chapter 2978 Loud noise
Chapter 2979 Injured
Chapter 2980 There is a mole
Chapter 2981 Scream
Chapter 2982 Troublesome
Chapter 2983 Internal strife
Chapter 2984 Dealing with Wang Teng
Chapter 2985 Easy to handle
Chapter 2986 Arousing public outrage
Chapter 2987 Shock
Chapter 2988 Normal Elder Liu
Chapter 2989 Nameless Gas
Chapter 2990: Being Recruited
Chapter 2991 The evil spirit disappears
Chapter 2992 Countdown to departure
Chapter 2993 Return to the Dark Realm
Chapter 2994 Provocation
Chapter 2995 Spread
Chapter 2996 Hostility
Chapter 2997 Breaking up
Chapter 2998 Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 2999 Process
Chapter 3000 Exploded to Death
Chapter 3001 Qijue Sect
Chapter 3002 Two versus one?
Chapter 3001 Space Technique
Chapter 3004 Coercion
Chapter 3005 Parting
Chapter 3006 Storyteller
Chapter 3007 City Lords Son
Chapter 3008 Exploring the City Lords Mansion
Chapter 3009 Moving reinforcements
Chapter 3010 Detention
Chapter 3011 Escape from the Water Prison
Chapter 3012 Cant go back
Chapter 3013 Framed
Chapter 3013 Panic
Chapter 3015 Confrontation
Chapter 3016 Escape
Chapter 3017 The mysterious man in black robe
Chapter 3018 Dangerous Moment
Chapter 3019 Confession
Chapter 3020 City Gate
Chapter 3021 Ye
Chapter 3022 Secret Realm
Chapter 3023 Entering the Palace
Chapter 3024 Mr. Xie
Chapter 3025: Murderous intention
Chapter 3026 Lost
Chapter 3027 Stripping the body
Chapter 3028 The truth
Chapter 3029 Dementia
Chapter 3030 Inn
Chapter 3031 A lie
Chapter 3032 Meeting His Majesty
Chapter 3033 The Xie family is looking for trouble
Chapter 3034 Exposing Weaknesses
Chapter 3035 Xie Family
Chapter 3036 Man in Black Robe
Chapter 3037 Crazy Nine-Headed Turtle
Chapter 3038 Serious Injury
Chapter 3039 Wang Teng disappears
Chapter 3040 Amnesia?
Chapter 3041 Lightning Strike
Chapter 3042 Taking Advantage
Chapter 3043 Strange Mansion
Chapter 3044 Discovered
Chapter 3045 Causes a Sensation
Chapter 3046 The man in black robe appears
Chapter 3047 Fight
Chapter 3048 Meeting
Chapter 3049 Meeting
Chapter 3050 Tracking
Chapter 3051 Another Room
Chapter 3052 Being monitored
Chapter 3053 Things got big
Chapter 3054 Introduction
Chapter 3055 Being noticed
Chapter 3056 Flower Tower
Chapter 3057 Elder Han is trapped
Chapter 3058 Rhetoric
Chapter 3059: Clarification
Chapter 3060 Murderous intention
Chapter 3061 The city lord is dead?
Chapter 3062 Kidnapped
Chapter 3063 The truth
Chapter 3064 Banquet
Chapter 3065 Skinning?
Chapter 3066 Shake people
Chapter 3067 Peach Blossom Spring
Chapter 3068 Wake up
Chapter 3069 The Mysterious Monument World
Chapter 3070 Discovering Wang Tengs existence
Chapter 3071 Making a big fuss
Chapter 3072 Discovered
Chapter 3073 Identity Exposed
Chapter 3074 Stimulating the Second Elder
Chapter 3075 The third elder comes out of seclusion
Chapter 3076 Watching the Showdown
Chapter 3077 Something is wrong with the second elder
Chapter 3078 Evil Spirit
Chapter 3079 Aftermath
Chapter 3080 Leaving
Chapter 3081 Bloody love debt
Chapter 3082 Everyone shouts that Xiao is beaten
Chapter 3083 The Lively City Lords Mansion
Chapter 3084 Discussing ways
Chapter 3085 Coerced Choice
Chapter 3086 The final conclusion
Chapter 3087 Negotiation
Chapter 3088 Meeting old friends
Chapter 3089 Knowing the other side
Chapter 3090 Breaking in
Chapter 3091 Is it Li Ma?
Chapter 3092 Knocked out and taken away
Chapter 3093 Facing the beast
Chapter 3094 Dealing with ferocious beasts
Chapter 3095 Find out the whole story
Chapter 3096 Guo Zes disguise
Chapter 3097 Wang Teng is trapped
Chapter 3098 Resist evil spirits
Chapter 3099 Wang Teng appears
Chapter 3100 Death of the Third Elder
Chapter 3101 Guo Ze comes out of seclusion
Chapter 3102 No distinction between superior and inferior
Chapter 3103 Understanding
Chapter 3104 Discovering the anomaly of the furnace
Chapter 3105 Guo Ze comes out of the true world of reincarnation
Chapter 3106 Sleep peacefully
Chapter 3107 City Lords Mansion
Chapter 3108 The city gate is lost?
Chapter 3109 Tide of Ferocious Beasts
Chapter 3110 War of words
Chapter 3111 The formation is compromised
Chapter 3112 Counterattack
Chapter 3113 The oriole is behind
Chapter 3114 Everyone shouts to beat City Lord Yang
Chapter 3115 Confusion of sight
Chapter 3116 Angry
Chapter 3117 Hope dashed
Chapter 3118 The ferocious beast enters the city
Chapter 3119 Sacrifice the cauldron
Chapter 3200 Sober Guo Ze
Chapter 3201 The strangeness of the furnace
Chapter 3202 Dealing with Guo Ze
Chapter 3203 Dao Wuhen was injured
Chapter 3204 Disagreement
Chapter 3205 Caught
Chapter 3206 Nagging
Chapter 3207 Sacrifice Platform
Chapter 3208 Being teased
Chapter 3209 Close to the truth
Chapter 3210 Your Majesty
Chapter 3211 Qinglian Immortal Lord
Chapter 3212 Beaten
Chapter 3213 Recuperation
Chapter 3214 Li Ma’s life experience
Chapter 3215 Guo Ze’s fate
Chapter 3216 Wang Teng joins
Chapter 3217 Poison
Chapter 3218 Looking for a house
Chapter 3219 The Second Elder who disappeared for several days
Chapter 3220 Anger
Chapter 3221 The second elder who was made mute
Chapter 3222 Suspected
Chapter 3223 Release the pressure
Chapter 3224 Seventh Elder?
Chapter 3225 Internal strife
Chapter 3226 Discovering Wang Teng
Chapter 3227 Warning
Chapter 3228 Relationship
Chapter 3229 Confrontation
Chapter 3230 The first poison attack
Chapter 3231 Dao Wuhen was teased
Chapter 3232 Unexpected person
Chapter 3233 The Seven Elders Showing Weakness
Chapter 3234 Provocation to seek death
Chapter 3235 Abandoned Altar
Chapter 3236 Crossing the herd of ferocious beasts
Chapter 3237 Movement outside the city
Chapter 3238 Past Events
Chapter 3239 Wang Teng is treated specially
Chapter 3240 The storm is coming
Chapter 3241 Arranged
Chapter 3242 A show of force
Chapter 3243 Insect Attack
Chapter 3244 Doubt
Chapter 3245 Meeting the Seventh Elder Again
Chapter 3246 Raising troops to investigate crimes
Chapter 3247 Emergency Situation
Chapter 3248 Discovering Weaknesses
Chapter 3249 Outbreak
Chapter 3250 The giant python appears
Chapter 3251 Collapse
Chapter 3252 Surrounded
Chapter 3253 Confession
Chapter 3254 Killing the Giant Python with Hands
Chapter 3255 Something is wrong with the Fourth Elder
Chapter 3256 The Purpose of the Fourth Elder
Chapter 3257 Going deep into the misty land
Chapter 3258 Leading out the Four Elders
Chapter 3259 Wang Teng is dead?
Chapter 3260 The Seventh Elder Who Stirred Up the Trouble
Chapter 3261 Dealing with evil spirits
Chapter 3262 Familiar Place
Chapter 3263 Acting
Chapter 3264 Forced out of body
Chapter 3265 Contradiction
Chapter 3266 Qinglian Immortal Lord takes action
Chapter 3267 The battle is fierce
Chapter 3268 Loss of trust
Chapter 3269 The Seven Elders Suddenly Appeared
Chapter 3270 The seventh elder takes action
Chapter 3271 Confinement
Chapter 3272 Face to face with Qinglian Immortal Lord
Chapter 3273 Choice
Chapter 3274 Wishful thinking
Chapter 3275 Big Competition
Chapter 3276 Competition Upgrade
Chapter 3277 Fight
Chapter 3278 You lose
Chapter 3279 Take the initiative to admit defeat
Chapter 3280 The Seventh Elder Appears
Chapter 3281 Casting a huge net
Chapter 3282 The Seventh Elder loses control
Chapter 3283 The Threat from Southern Anhui
Chapter 3284 Showing Goodwill
Chapter 3285 The weak nine-headed turtle
Chapter 3286 The mysterious fifth elder
Chapter 3287 Calculation
Chapter 3288 Wang Teng is seriously injured
Chapter 3289 Abyss Valley
Chapter 3290 The Secret of the Tide of Ferocious Beasts
Chapter 3291 The Betrayal of His Highness the Third Prince
Chapter 3292 Magnificent Palace
Chapter 3293 Head-on conflict with His Highness the Second Prince
Chapter 3294 Seriously Injuring His Highness the Second Prince
Chapter 3295 Confrontation
Chapter 3296 Suspicion
Chapter 3297 The two sides meet
Chapter 3298 Situation
Chapter 3299 Wang Teng returns
Chapter 3300 Return to the city
Chapter 3301 Meeting
Chapter 3302 Discovered
Chapter 3303 Giving away heads
Chapter 3304 Interrogation
Chapter 3305 Accident
Chapter 3306 The secret underground world
Chapter 3307 Dryad
Chapter 3309 Underground Palace
Chapter 3310 Ten Thousand Swords Unite into One
Chapter 3311 True Purpose
Chapter 3312 Death of the Fourth Elder
Chapter 3313 The scapegoat
Chapter 3314 Settlement of Accounts
Chapter 3315 The fight started
Chapter 3316 Secretly raising fire
Chapter 3317 The battle expands
Chapter 3318 The King is Furious
Chapter 3319 Discovered
Chapter 3320 The King Arrives
Chapter 3321 Saved
Chapter 3322 Fight again
Chapter 3323 Ants
Chapter 3324 Global War Preparation
Chapter 3325 The war begins
Chapter 3326 Get out!
Chapter 3327 Heading to Qijue Sect
Chapter 3328 I would rather kill by mistake than let go!
Chapter 3329 The Emperors Scheme
Chapter 3330 Mountain Protection Formation
Chapter 3331 Seven Ultimate Formations
Chapter 3332/The natal poisonous beast
Chapter 3333: Not cooperating? Then die!
Chapter 3334 Suturing the Monster
Chapter 3335 Supreme Elder
Chapter 3336 Realm Suppression
Chapter 3337 Misunderstanding
Chapter 3338 Detoxification
Chapter 3339 Is this thing a sacred object?
Chapter 3340: Fellow sects kill each other
Chapter 3341 Death of Yang Pheasant
Chapter 3342 The Origin of Little Bee
Chapter 3343 Poison Buster
Chapter 3344 His Highness the Second Highness is chasing after him
Chapter 3345 Parting
Chapter 3346 Battle against the Second Highness
Chapter 3347 The Gate of Immortality
Chapter 3348 Curiosity killed the cat
Chapter 3349 Senior, save me
Chapter 3350 Thats it?
Chapter 3351
Chapter 3352 Old friends meet
Chapter 3353 Defeat the Killing Formation
Chapter 3354 Price
Chapter 3355 Cooperation reached
Chapter 3356 Past Events of the Four Kingdoms
Chapter 3357 Am I that kind of person?
Chapter 3358 Qinglian Immortal Lord is missing?
Chapter 3359 The God of Wealth is coming
Chapter 3360 Interest is eternal
Chapter 3361 Three parties join forces
Chapter 3362 Begging for mercy
Chapter 3363 Seeking Death
Chapter 3364 Peeping into the secrets
Chapter 3365 Release
Chapter 3366 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 3367 The person who broke the situation
Chapter 3368 Yinghuo Shouxin
Chapter 3369 Meet Qinglian Immortal Again
Chapter 3370 Dont fight anymore
Chapter 3371 Choose you to die
Chapter 3372 The King of Southern Anhui is Injured
Chapter 3373 The monarch ran away
Chapter 3375 Escape