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lpl’s Tokyo female foreign aid

lpl’s Tokyo female foreign aid

author:Dirty order

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-23 05:12

Latest chapter:Chapter 775: RNG’s difficulty in running games caused by mika

Reborn as a Tokyo female high school student with outstanding gaming talent, Momotani Mika had to leave her hometown (hometown) in order to realize her dream of s6s7 and become one of the many foreign aids in lpl. That year's eight points In the finals, edg played against fnc, and the final score was 0-4. At that time, I saw clearlove slumped on a chair and burst into tears. I will never forget this scene. At that moment, I was thinking, if I can become an lpl player, I must Win them all. If we can take this trophy home, it will prove that LPL is the best region in the world! Our lpl is so awesome! ... From now on, lpl has gained a Tao Laf.

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《lpl’s Tokyo female foreign aid》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 775: RNG’s difficulty in running games caused by mika
Chapter 774: Mika Jiang teaches you how to damage and crush
Chapter 773: Mika-chan is late but she is here
Chapter 772: mika-chan’s simple elementary school geometry questions [Children,
Chapter 771: Mika’s mysterious wandering
Chapter 770: Mika-chan’s distance control
Chapter 769: Mika’s oppression
Chapter 768: It turned out that Mika taught me such soft trash talk.
Chapter 767: Trash talk? Chat room
《lpl’s Tokyo female foreign aid》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 I am the player opposite edg
Chapter 2 Hesitation Between Competitions
Chapter 3 SKTvsDFM
Chapter 4 Kill the wolf
Chapter 5 danshafaker
Chapter 6 Take ADC Head
Chapter 7 Take the bang's head again
Chapter 8 Enemies and Invitations
Chapter 9 Tokyo Home
Chapter 10 The First Day of the Holiday
Chapter 11 Innate Use
Chapter 12 Difficult to part with
Chapter Thirteen Relax
Chapter 14 Interpretation Preparation
Chapter 15 Gaming Bar
Chapter 16 Her Position
Chapter 17 An Unstoppable Opportunity
Chapter 18 edg hard power
Chapter 19 Gradually go up
Chapter 20 Why Don't You Make Big Moves
Chapter 21: A Short Interpretation Career
Chapter 22 Claw Machine
Chapter 23 encounter pdd
Chapter 24 This fox is not right
Chapter 25 One black and two black
Chapter 26 Killed all
Chapter 27 Translator
Chapter 28 The World Championship is over
Chapter 29 Double Row
Chapter 30 Passers-by's Gameplay
Chapter 32 Ming Kai's Reply
Chapter 33 Holidays and Double Row
Chapter 34 Stateless
Chapter Thirty-Five
Chapter 36 Scrims and Teams
Chapter 37: Farewell to Early Winter
Chapter 38 Homecoming and Japanese Knot Translation
Chapter 39 Disturbance in the cafeteria
Chapter 40 Yasuo, steady!
Chapter 41 Kind local dialect!
Chapter 42 Xiba and the Master
Chapter 43 Luck or Strength
Chapter 44 The Manager's Call
Chapter 45 Official blog was rushed
Chapter 46 New Year's Day
Chapter 47 Spring Split Opener
Chapter forty-eight
Chapter 49: If you don't choose xx, you are a fool
Chapter 50 Tiger Forest!
Chapter fifty-one
Chapter fifty-two
Chapter 53 Assassin Lucian
Chapter 54: Not used in the middle
Chapter 55 'Single Kill' Xiaohu
Chapter fifty-six bypass
Chapter 57 Closing and Interview
Chapter 58
Chapter fifty-ninth enchantress
Chapter 60 Don't learn from her
Chapter 61 Laughing
Chapter 62 Choice
Chapter 63 kid tried his best to send
Chapter 64 Familiar ig
Chapter 65 Yijin's Pride
Chapter 66 General Sturgeon Greetings
Chapter 67 Matryoshka Prediction
Sixty-eighth light take ig
Chapter 69 Chinese is not very good
Chapter 70 The owner of id must be gentle and lovely
Chapter 71 The end of the premiere
Chapter 72 Respect Seniors
Chapter 73: Plain Alignment
Chapter 74: Killing the flow of Azir
Chapter 75: Grab the Dragon
Chapter 76 Air Interception
Chapter 77 Surprise all over the body
Chapter seventy-eight of the sacrifice of the ego mika
Chapter 79 Sakura Girl's Taste
Chapter 80 You dare to step on your face
Chapter 81 You step on my face and I step on my face
Chapter 82 The transformation of deft
Chapter 83 Mika is really gentle
Chapter 83 Rotation Storm
Chapter 85 Gold Content
Chapter 86: Are you my fan by sending so many heads?
Chapter 87: Climbing to the top and chatting with sisters
Chapter 88 First defeat and rotation
Chapter 89: Prequel to the Birth of Jin Raff
Chapter 90 Another long-handed AD mid-laner
Chapter 91 She's too horny (doinb's hero has changed)
Chapter 92: Mutual Transformation Strategies
Chapter 93 Ming Kai has taught mika bad again
Chapter 94 Pig Farm Factory Girl
Chapter 95 The Factory Manager's Experience
Chapter 96 The secret hero of doinb
Chapter 97 How many minutes will doinb die?
Chapter 98 Meat Kassadin
Chapter 99 Real body and fake body
Chapter 100 Positive record Kassadin
Chapter 101 Youyou listen to me
Chapter 102 Please call me senior
Chapter 103 Rotation next door
Chapter 104 edg three-game winning streak
Chapter 105 There are not many long-handed heroes left for her
Chapter 106: Sacrifice the rookie of the ego
Chapter 107 Quinn's Correct Play
Chapter 108 Mika is not so sinister
Chapter 109 Mika promises are always true
Chapter 110 You didn't hold back
Chapter 111 ig routine
Chapter 112 mouse was caught
Chapter 113 The speed of light qa
Chapter 114 Lock Mika in the middle
Chapter 115 Insidious Single Kill
Chapter 116: Defeating ig
Chapter 117 Meixia Breaks Defense
Chapter 118 Sister's Rebellion Period
Chapter 119 Regular season situation
Chapter 120 I believe in mouse
Chapter 121 Little Tiger's Confidence
Chapter 122: Indestructible Murloc
Chapter 123 Fight for F4
Chapter 124 So hard
Chapter 125 Mika Good Meat
Chapter 126 meat and output
Chapter 127: Senior Mika’s role model
Chapter one hundred and twentieth eighth
Chapter 129: Two defeats rng
Chapter 130 Mika is already working on the msi trophy
Chapter 131 Mika is cute, so forgive her
Chapter 132 Devil training and the end of the regular season
Chapter 133 Eat melons and watch a play
Chapter 134 One minute bo5
Chapter 135 E-sports Diaochan and sisters bet
Chapter 136 Mika's trash talk is fake/true
Chapter 137
Chapter 138 rng suffocation rhythm
Chapter 139 mouse treatment
Chapter one hundred and fortieth edg sudden death double c
Chapter 141 It's time to enjoy
Chapter 142: Enjoy, no, I want to fight!
Chapter 143: Ignition Keg
Chapter 144: The Omnipresent Captain
Chapter 145: The Captain Who Hurts Outrageously
Chapter 146 Operating an ordinary captain
Chapter 147: Generous Abu
Chapter 148 Bladder Bureau
Chapter 149: Three Bans?
Chapter 150 Your Ryze
Chapter 151 Ryze who does not take the usual path
Chapter 152 Ryze's Disadvantages
Chapter 153 Mika is equipped correctly
Chapter 154 Ryze's ordinary combo
Chapter 155 Always turn your back to the snake girl
Chapter 156 mouse is helpful
Chapter 157 Awards ceremony? The scene of the death of the society!
Chapter 158 Celebration Trivia After the Game
Chapter 159 iwc semifinals
Chapter 160 Sage Yupaton
Chapter 161 Live broadcast on a single player
Chapter 162 Casual Game Black Soul III
Chapter 163 Lessons from the past
Chapter 164 Brave Mika
Chapter 165 Venues
Chapter 166 Opening Ceremony and Commentary
Chapter 167 The secret weapon is mine
Chapter 168 Clearlove's insidious reputation lives up to its name
Chapter 169: Damage calculation and tumor transfer
Chapter 170 Familiar feeling
Chapter 171: Vortex Mika
One hundred and seventieth chapters moved huhi
Chapter 173 clg)fw
Chapter 174 Revenge? Tyranny!
Chapter 175 What is a crayfish
Chapter 176 Please, please believe in mika!
Chapter 177: Repaying Resentment with Resentment
Chapter 178 Be Mika as a dog
Chapter 179 Unreal victory
Chapter 180: Take G2 Lightly
Chapter 181 Haidilao Mika also wants to eat
Chapter 182 Familiar edg
Chapter 183 Despicable factory manager
Chapter 184: Imprisoned
Chapter 185: fw is scumbag
Chapter 186 Mika is an elite player
Chapter 187: The second light to take g2
Chapter 188 Mika is a loyal person
Chapter 189 The familiar edg is back
Chapter 190 It doesn't matter if you play or not
Chapter 191 #skt status
Chapter 192 Mika's BP bottom line
Chapter 193 Mika is seen through
Chapter 194 Second Game
Chapter 195: Lisa in the game interval
Chapter 196 Mika is not a fool
Chapter 197 Abu's sin
Chapter 198 Huge disadvantage/advantage!
Chapter 199 The old silver coin factory manager/mika
Chapter 200 I and you compare guns/count time
Chapter 201 Korean mika operation
Chapter 202 Pull/Pull
Chapter 203 Mika was almost killed by Korean operations
Chapter 204 Strange Mika
Chapter 205 Blank's Mind
Chapter 206 faker, you are so despicable
Chapter 207 Radical teammates
Chapter 208 Force the group! Force the group! Still force the group!
Chapter 209 Perfect Rhythm
Chapter 210 Abu's praise and kkoma's choice
Chapter 212 Classic Murloc Cards
Chapter 212: Up and Down Routines Change Lines
Chapter 213 Meiko sacrifice and faker support
Chapter 214 Mika is just an emotionless gambler
Chapter 215 lpl escape master
Chapter 216 Stud
Chapter two hundred and seventeen again
Chapter 218 The winner is to be generous
Chapter 219 E-sports Jiang Wei
Chapter 220 The Efforts Behind Mika
Chapter 221 There is a reason for having to grow taller
Chapter 222 Abu, help me choose an assassin!
Chapter 223: Catch and Change Lines
Chapter 224 Difficulty in choosing huhi shopping
Chapter 225 Forced one for one
Chapter 226 Mika's robbery feels very compassionate
Chapter 227 Mika's unique skills
Chapter 228 Huhi rekindles fighting spirit
Chapter 229 Three minutes
Chapter 230: Until the end
Chapter 231 Mika listens to the coach
Chapter 232: Obedient Mika
Chapter 233 Stealth Mika
Chapter 234: Transmission Error
Chapter 236: Pleasure gives birth to sorrow
Chapter 236 Never Laugh
Chapter 237 On the way back to Tokyo
Chapter 238 Dad's Vanity
Chapter 239 Mika, you don't want your father to be exiled by the company, right?
Chapter two hundred and fortieth gifts
Chapter 241 Welfare must be issued
Chapter 242 Live broadcast
Chapter 243 Salary increase
Chapter 244: Bet, Lisa’s Revenge
Chapter 245 Mika's version understanding
Chapter 246 Can Fire Man play?
Chapter 247 encounter ss
Chapter 248 Swift's unwillingness
Chapter 249 Being a dog for Mika again!
Chapter 250 The Fire Man breaks out
The 251st chapter gambling flash fire man [I'm back]
Chapter 252 Self-exploding hot man
Chapter 253 Strictly demand your mika [Congratulations rng ha
Chapter 254
Chapter 255: The swift who gave the head
Chapter 256 I won't care about three kills
Chapter 257 The Five Kills That Don't Exist
Chapter two hundred and fifty eight interviews and back to back
Chapter 259: The Wild King of Vietnam debuts
Chapter 260 sofm routine
Chapter 261 The weakness of ss
Chapter 262 Hero Mike Crazy
Chapter 263 The second week's edg
Chapter 264 Milk Tea and Galaxy Battleship
Chapter 265 Abu who learns to answer
Chapter 266 Abandoning uzi
Chapter 267: The happiness of comparison
Chapter 268: edg advantage and ice wall harm teammates
The 269th chapter repays the grievance with virtue deft
Chapter 270: Rumor, mika cried?
Chapter 271 Mika said that if you don't play Assassin, you won't play Assassin
Chapter two hundred and seventy-two second-level arrest
Chapter 273 Addicted to catch?
Chapter 274 Technology Stick Vampire
Chapter two hundred and seventy-five
Chapter 276 For the sake of the lpl family
Chapter 277 Halfway through the race
Chapter 278 Mika broke her heart
Chapter 279 Mika is the first male gun in the Japanese service
Chapter 280 The correct way to punch a male gun
Chapter 281 f4 You eat, you eat!
Chapter 282
Chapter two hundred and eighty third two shots
Chapter 284: The plan to save Gangzi starts
Chapter 285 8.7, pay attention to mika’s final regular season game, meow!
Chapter two hundred and eighty sixth evil view adults
Chapter 287 Rewriting of Fate
Chapter 288: Fight to the end
Chapter 289 (The last chapter was deleted a little bit at the end) I came in again, I went out again
Chapter two hundred and ninetieth sniper
Chapter 291 Long-distance sniping
Chapter two hundred and ninety-two kryst4l exit storm
Chapter 293 Mika's narrow ad hero pool
Chapter 294: Frost and Brainless
Chapter 295 Mika counseled?
Chapter two hundred and ninety-six strength crushing
Chapter 297 The Underworld Filter and Lisa's Call
Chapter 298 Pre-playoff meeting
Chapter 299 The first round of the playoffs
Chapter 300 The second round of the playoffs
Chapter 301
Chapter 302 Miscalculated laning pressure
Chapter 303 Meet the big move Victor
Chapter 304 Son of the Dragon
Chapter 305: The gameplay of forcing a group
Chapter 306 Damage Proportion
Chapter 307 Positive energy friendly mika
Chapter 308 Two big moves for one big move
Chapter 309: Rock bird, magpie!
Chapter 310 The global flow can also force a group
Chapter 311 Just learn from each other
Chapter 312 Innovation is the contribution of mika
Chapter 313 One blood and the unity of edg
Chapter 314 Does Sakura Girl have a plug-in?
Chapter 315 Heaven has reincarnation
Chapter 316 Continue the winning streak!
Chapter 317 The situation in the next competition area
Chapter 318: Tao Raff's sideline business
Chapter 319 Opening Ceremony
Chapter 320 Copy Ninja Mika?
Chapter 321 Little Tiger's Deterrent!
Chapter 322 7 minutes of 5v5
Chapter 303 Late Syndra's Suppression
Chapter 224 mika’s goal...
Chapter 325 She has me in her heart!
Chapter 326 Mika's counter bit
Chapter 327 Mika shakes people
Chapter 328 Is mika mature?
Chapter 329: Three caught and one was killed three times
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty The Battle of Ed Zhu
Chapter 331 LPL final training lineup
Chapter 332 Mika is suppressed
Chapter 333 The blind monk of the factory director is reassuring!
Chapter 334 Ten-second teamfight and five-second walk
Chapter 335 Bathtub and Cup
Chapter 336 Post-match meeting and dinner
Chapter 337 Meixia's Package Method
Chapter 338 LPL Qualifiers
Chapter 339 Want to be my mother?
Chapter 340 Mika's big chess
Chapter 341 A messy expedition ceremony
Chapter 342 dfm and kt status
Chapter 343: Sign with a smile
Chapter 344 top20
Chapter 345 The factory manager's fan meeting
Chapter 346 Special Training
Chapter 346 The factory manager is here!
Chapter 348: Opening Advantage
Chapter three hundred and forty-nine horses fly arrows
Chapter 350 Interview and faker's guess
Chapter 351 Rob Ryze?
Chapter 352 Difficult offseason adjustment
Three hundred and fiftieth chapters Xianlu Ruizi
Chapter 354 intz will never die
Chapter 355 Linglong Tower
Chapter 356: Attack again, the factory director’s blind monk!
Chapter 357 The first blood was actually obtained by the factory manager!
Chapter 358 The world's first blind monk without r
Chapter 359 Mika and I partnered to kill faker!
Chapter 362 If you say dodge, then dodge!
Chapter 363 The midfielder teamed up to defeat SKT!
Chapter 364 Advance to the quarterfinals
Chapter 365 Factory Fake Gu Wei
Chapter 366 Brother Chapter 364 Training Match and Quarterfinals
Chapter 367 Pulling Ryze
Chapter 368 The Rogue Dragon King
Chapter 369 The Rhythm of the Factory Director’s Fans
Chapter 370 The factory director reappears in his famous scene
Chapter 371 Mika’s terrifying Ryze
Chapter 372 mika’s driving skills
Chapter 373
Chapter 374 How many 4396s did the factory director hit?
Chapter 375 Where are the heroes mika hiding?
Chapter 376 Mika’s new trick is here again!
Chapter 377 The fight is 4v5
Chapter 378 mika’s wrong judgment
Chapter 379 mika’s wrong judgment
Chapter 380 mika’s crushing
Chapter 381 rox’s desperate test
Chapter 382 bp is forced into desperate situation edg
Chapter 383 The factory director’s leopard girl doesn’t need a prize!
Chapter 384 Growing Mika
Chapter 385 mika walks the dog
Chapter 386 Breaking the curse, the factory director sheds tears
Chapter 387 The disappearing red
Chapter 388 The difference between ssg and rox
Chapter 389 Stepping Stone Yuelun
Chapter 390 Steal? Rob?
Chapter 391 Stealing Chicken
Chapter 392 Mika is as good at predicting things as she is?
Chapter 393 Car accident
Chapter 394 Samsung delayed!
Chapter 395 A mistake ruined the game!
Chapter 396 BP gives strength to the ruler
Chapter 397
Chapter 398 A strong person must challenge others’ fields
Chapter 399 The opportunity to kill mika is right in front of you
Chapter 400 Ruler’s Opportunity
Chapter 401 mika’s ball-hiding technique
Chapter 402 Mika will never forget her teammates!
Chapter 403 Ad debut
Chapter 404 First blood!
Chapter 405 (I’m back!) The late last shot
Chapter 406 Killing the ruler alone
Chapter 407 It is our duty to do so!
Chapter 408 Same video, different conclusions
Chapter 409 Promotional Video and Kimono
Chapter 410 Appearance
Chapter 411 The Factory Director’s Unique Opportunity
Chapter 412 bp confrontation
Chapter 413 Opening Routine
Chapter 414 Operation is calculation!
Chapter 415: stuck bug?
Chapter 416 Bug? Mechanism!
Chapter 417 The goddess scatters flowers
Chapter 418 Firepower is king
Chapter 419 Bengi’s Pause Tactics
Chapter 420 faker’s humiliation
Chapter 421 Nami is not fierce enough!
Chapter 422 Dog licking? Warrior!
Chapter 423 He still has to thank us
Chapter 424 This is not fair...
Chapter 425 Mid-term confrontation
Chapter 426 One shot and four bengi
Chapter 427
Chapter 428 The most common but most special output solution
Chapter 429 Invincible mika and skt meditation warm-up
Chapter 430 Crazy kkoma
Chapter 431 Ten Thousand Economy and the Bible
Chapter 432 The difference between coaches
Chapter 433 (Should continue writing) I will never do it again
Chapter 434 Easy Blood
Chapter 435 Du Chuan
Chapter 436: Changing Fate Against Heaven
Chapter 437 The gauze flowing clockwork returns to the world
Chapter 438: Big Dragon Punishment and Super God Clockwork
Chapter 439 Factory Director’s Redemption
Chapter 440 Win the championship!
Chapter 441 Silver Rain
Chapter 442 Interview, sword pointing!
Chapter 443 The Weight of the Trophy
Chapter 444 Sisters living in the same room
Chapter 445 Sisters Popularity Competition
Chapter 446 Coincidence of premiere
Chapter 447 Celebrities’ Holiday Troubles, Interview, Advertisement, Promotional Video
Chapter 448 Risa’s Study Abroad Plan
Chapter 449 Mika must be very sad when the factory director becomes a substitute!
Chapter 450 What kind of galactic battleship will be formed next season?
Chapter 451 Mika is definitely going to drop the little pearl
Chapter 452 Best Team Award
Chapter 451: Is it me that mika is looking at?
Chapter 452: Show off your skills in front of fans
Chapter 453: What level is peanut?
Chapter 454 Mika is angry
Chapter 455 lpl wins all championships!
Chapter 456: The new season and the old father, the factory director
Chapter 457: Fraudulent S7 promotional video
Chapter 458 New BP and new people
Chapter 459: The Weakening Part of the Tribulation
Chapter 460 Mouse still understands mika
Chapter 461 mika’s one-man show
Chapter 462 mika’s personal show
Chapter 463: Factory Director’s Thoughts on Rotation
Chapter 464: This is the confidence of the champion mid laner
Chapter 465 mika save me
Chapter 466: Save people? Die later
Chapter 467: Two chances for vg
Chapter 468: A good start
Chapter 469: Blank’s poor performance is only my fault, Mika!
Chapter 470: Rent or buy a house!
Chapter 471: Mantis’s Choice
Chapter 472 The familiar edg mid-jungle linkage
Chapter 473: Mika’s Deterrent Power
Chapter 474 Versailles mika
Chapter 475: Who can restrain who, Enchantress Ryze?
Chapter 476 It’s great to love Loli
Chapter 477: Help the eldest prince to ascend the throne quickly
Chapter 478: Naughty but filial Loli
Chapter 479 The last interview before the Spring Festival
Chapter 480 Spring Festival Reunion
Chapter 481 What a miserable middle-aged man
Chapter 482 clearlove7 is online!
Chapter 483 Experiment with nb
Chapter 384: Xiao Fei, don’t imitate Da Fei!
Chapter 345 Xiao Fei, the duality of gods and ghosts
Chapter 346 lwx is so miserable...
Chapter 487: Mika is not playing a game!
Chapter 488 Scout’s provocation?
Chapter 489: What does LPL limited wild king mean?
Chapter 490: For the director of the factory, Mika actually...
Chapter 491 Love Loli, watch and learn well
Chapter 492: Guilty Mika
Chapter 493 The league continues
Chapter 494 Brother Feng’s little thoughts
Chapter 495: Stealing doinb’s invention
Chapter 496: Karma’s gameplay
Chapter 497 Doubts about Karma
Chapter 498: Why can’t I win in a team battle?
Chapter 499: Brother Feng’s trade-off and edg’s gift
Chapter 500: mika’s kindness towards lpl
Chapter 501: Don’t guess about mika’s outfit.
Chapter 502 Diaochan Carter
Chapter 503: Can’t Stop Killing
Chapter 504: Teacher mika’s advice after the game
Chapter 505: The last one is more powerful than the first one!
Chapter 506: Teaching doinb operations
Chapter 507: Gank route selection
Chapter 508: Could it be that doinb is going to break up the middle and jungle again?
Chapter 509 The test of doinb
Chapter 510 doinb’s innovation
Chapter 511 QG collapsed across the board
Chapter 512 Deft’s departure has little impact
Chapter 513: Champion skin, is that you?
Chapter 514: It’s Mika’s championship skin!
Chapter 515: World Championship Top Lane Showdown
Chapter 516 The start explodes
Chapter 517: Mika fights back!
Chapter 518: Duke seems to be back in the World Championships
Chapter 519: ig’s killing tactics!
Chapter 520 Do you understand what I mean by choosing Syndra twice?
Chapter 521: Rookie tried his best, teammate cba
Chapter 522: Sakura girl will never be licked
Chapter 523: Mika must have mistakenly chosen the wrong version of the competition server when she double-selected Syndra!
Chapter 524 Huh, dov wants to escape?
Chapter 525: Who deserves the bonus from the dilapidated version the most?
Chapter 526: The Oscar Competition Begins
Chapter 527 Oscar winner!
Chapter 528 Version 7.7
Chapter 529: Why can’t lck buy mika?
Chapter 530 Xiao Fei? Xiao Gu!
Chapter 531: The factory director is studying msi opponents
Chapter 532 Temper in the middle
Chapter 533: Mika is an ordinary cinnabar!
Chapter 534: Isn’t it basic skills to dodge and save teammates?
Chapter 535: Abu’s swing is so disgusting
Chapter 536: Great Cleverness lwx
Chapter 537: Give the right medicine and let the brat feel better for a few days!
Chapter 538: One thing to say, iboy has completely replaced deft
Chapter 539 The familiar edg is back
Chapter 540: The pressure of being teammates with Mika
Chapter 541: This is how the core lineup in the later stage is indeed played.
Chapter 542: Mika killed someone again!
Chapter 543 Mika’s fist
Chapter 544: Two sentences, let rng change history
Chapter 545 Threesome with Yu Shuang
Chapter 546 Learning English
Chapter 547: What is the popularity of the world’s number one mid laner!
Chapter 548
Chapter 549: mlxg is under control
Chapter 550: mlxg’s decision
Chapter 551 rng Everything is possible in ten minutes
Chapter 552: Mika crushed with unexpected ease
Chapter 553: Mika who knows the clone technique
Chapter 554: Mutual formation changes
Chapter 555: Development? Support? Solo kill!
Chapter 556: The classic Mika counterattack performance is back!
Chapter 557 mika-chan enters the scene!
Chapter 558: Mika-chan will win in the most uncomfortable way for her opponent!
Chapter 559: Factory Director, order!
Chapter 560: Then satisfy Uzi’s willful request!
Chapter 561: Mika Jiang is a person who can create miracles
Chapter 562: Only Mika confronts God head-on!
Chapter 563 Uzi’s last chance...
Chapter 564: Killing both sides
Chapter 565: Team annihilation and pentakill
Chapter 566: Mika’s energy is exhausted!
Chapter 567 My sister is the best!
Chapter 568: A sudden height of over 1.81 meters
Chapter 569: Mika needs the help of a maid to sit up
Chapter 570 The future of lpl
Chapter 571: Naked incense burner looks down on people?
Chapter 572 faker report
Chapter 573: Which is more difficult, tomato scrambled eggs or cola chicken wings?
Chapter 574: Able was banned, and Mika set off for Brazil!
Chapter 575: Play-in Tournament×Mixia’s Buff Source√
Chapter 576: The championship is no longer in suspense, let’s discuss what to eat for dinner
Chapter 577: Do chest muscles represent strength?
Chapter 578: Opening match, mika is going to perform!
Chapter 579: You still have to rely on Mika’s mother!
Chapter 580: One fishman killed two, and iboy ate beef noodles?
Chapter 581 Great White Shark Mika
Chapter 582: The dream is full of sharks
Chapter 583: skt gets off to a good start
Chapter 584 The horror of skt
Chapter 585 Wild King? It’s just Mika’s toy
Chapter 586: Wake him up
Chapter 587: Sakura Girl is not very attractive.
Chapter 588 The fantasy of tsm boss
Chapter 589: Mika only has five real eyes in her eyes.
Chapter 590: mika-chan’s method of protest
Chapter 591 The dispute between mika and faker!
Chapter 592 Mika is angry!
Chapter 593: Brothers, hold a negative bang game!
Chapter 594: skt has a good eye!
Chapter 595 faker, why are you sending it too?
Chapter 596 skt mentality
Chapter 597 fireloli, pour the milk!
Chapter 598: Only Sakura Girl still cares about the European Dharma King
Chapter 599 Group Stage Situation
Chapter 600: mika doesn’t want it!
Chapter 601 Mika Sauce Schr?dinger’s Maturity
Chapter 602: In short, it’s all coach Abramovich’s fault
Chapter 603: The mika card is too empty
Chapter 604: It must be Mika’s fault that fireloli is such a bad guy
Chapter 605 Mayumi, you are blessed
Chapter 606: This is what the Brazilian audience looks like
Chapter 607: g2’s sufficient preparation is not worth mika’s willfulness
Chapter 608: Mika’s way of assassination!
Chapter 609: Mika’s Assassin’s Way 2
Chapter 610: Ten Thousand Armies Take Your Head from It
Chapter 611 The path of assassination chosen by mika
Chapter 612: g2 adjustment
Chapter 613: Believe first, then believe, and finally believe in mika
Chapter 614: mika’s huge sacrifice
Chapter 615 Mika’s nine-tailed demon fox!
Chapter 616 Jace? Squirtle!
Chapter 617: Mika’s physical body joins the fight!
Chapter 618 The core of the edg system is actually!
Chapter 619 The fox is our enemy
Chapter 620: Mika’s fastest support legend
Chapter 621: I really learned how to burn foxes
Chapter 622: Mika was shown off again
Chapter 623: Mika-chan’s redemption!
Chapter 624: A mistake that is not a mistake
Chapter 625: Mika will perform a series of tricks for you!
Chapter 626 faker’s refutation
Chapter 627 Blessings from the Poisonous Milk Ancestor
Chapter 628: Why is mika so popular? It’s unfair
Chapter 629: As expected of KKoma’s skill
Chapter 630 Believe in Gu Sheng
Chapter 631 The role of Rambo
Chapter 632: Taking care of the faker
Chapter 633 hunifunny
Chapter 634 mika Tathagata gank
Chapter 635 You will never be petrified
Chapter Six and Thirty-Six KKoma Don’t be fooled by that woman
Chapter 637: mika-chan’s pattern
Chapter 638 Wrong counter
Chapter 639: Mika is not in a hurry, she is waiting for a big bouquet of fireworks
Chapter 640: Her control never stopped from beginning to end!
Chapter 641: Why did the fireworks explode in advance?
Chapter 642: Who is skt’s substitute?
Chapter 643: It turns out that this hero countered Galio
Chapter 644: The proficiency is not enough and the consciousness is not enough to get it together!
Chapter 645: Sakura Girl Lost Blood
Chapter 646: Which is more important, support or ad?
Chapter 647 We are the first team
Chapter 648: Damn it, my sister is working hard, but my sister actually
Chapter 649: Winning the Cup and the Appearance of the Football Champion
Chapter 650: He is a Triple Crown Champion and I am also a Triple Crown Champion
Chapter 651 Post-match interview
Chapter 652: Just a deep love between sisters
Chapter 653: Leader’s visit
Chapter 654: High-Quality Idol Mika
Chapter 655: The fist is not aimed at anyone
Chapter 656: mika-chan hasn’t touched a woman in a long time
Chapter 657: Eating Dumplings
Chapter 658: Only legs like this are suitable for knee pillows!
Chapter 659 One hook, two fishes
Chapter 660: Mika’s relaxation activities before the start of the summer season
Chapter 661: If the factory director does not die, you will eventually become the prince
Chapter 662: Endorsements and five of the top four mid laners in LPL
Chapter 663: Mika’s great maternal love (the first four in the previous chapter are written alone
Chapter 664: Opening Ceremony of Summer Split
Chapter 665: You have learned the most basic operations, now try to
Chapter 666 Welcome to lpl
Chapter 667: Mika-chan’s reason for not removing the crystal
Chapter 668: Mika-chan deliberately let it slip?
Chapter 669: The rumored mika
Chapter 670 Canyon Pioneer mvp
Chapter 671: Senior Mika takes good care of the new LPL students.
Chapter 672: Is it possible for mika to lie about her age?
Chapter 673 Fierce battle against ig
Chapter 674: There is a possibility of defeating Mika here
Chapter 675 mika-chan eggless ice bird
Chapter 676 Thanks to the designer for the gift package
Chapter 677 edg paradise
Chapter 678 Zhuge Meixia and the Bengal Tiger
Chapter 679: Is Team Collaboration Familiar or Not?
Chapter 680: rng’s inexperience
Chapter 681: mlxg’s jungle suppression
Chapter 682: mika gets two heads, the game is over!
Chapter 683 The worthless Pei Junzhi
Chapter 684 lpl makes matters worse
Chapter 685: Di Sanri Mika female teammate experience card
Chapter 686 Boomerang
Chapter 687: Super Invincible Beautiful Girl Mika-chan
Chapter 688: Barely completing the mission
Chapter 689: Theoretically, there is a possibility of being first in the group
Chapter 690: Whose home field?
Chapter 691: Advantages and Disadvantages of Great Inventors
Chapter 692: Please support the local team from the audience.
Chapter 693: The few advantages of great inventors
Chapter 694: I block the spring water and abuse it
Chapter 695: Licking a dog and getting nothing
Chapter 696: The snake girl lost because he didn’t know how to play maple.
Chapter 697: Death to the bottom
Chapter 698: Mika’s reward to the factory director
Chapter 699: The factory director still loves mika
Chapter 700: A Hearty Game
Chapter 701: skt can continue to endure
Chapter 702: What, the factory director leaked the secret of deft?
Chapter 703: Traitor deft, don’t let me catch him
Chapter 704: The Strongest in Asia
Chapter 705: kkma
Chapter 706: Is mvp another we in the World Championship?
Chapter 707: Classic Mika Fan Meeting.
Chapter 708: It turns out that the mvp team is not a soft bomb.
Chapter 709 Sakura Girl’s Kamikaze Plane
Chapter 710 rng?little edg
Chapter 711 Abu is just a puppet coach
Chapter 712 bang, the savior of lck!
Chapter 713: The Honorable No. 1 Mid Laner
Chapter 714: The Hand-Knife Traitor My favorite episode when I was a kid
Chapter 715: Did mika-chan fail the cunter position?
Chapter 716 mika-chan, the pride of lpl
Chapter 717 Military training mika?!
Chapter 718 mika-chan’s self-destruction
Chapter 719 Deft’s Shura Field
Chapter 720 If I had known earlier, it would still be SKT!
Chapter 721: Start torturing kt
Chapter 722: How uncomfortable must Mika be to abuse Quan!
Chapter 723: Humble mika-chan!
Chapter 724 Thank you, coach kkma!
Chapter 725 How could there be something wrong with Yu Shuang!
Chapter 726: Gathering of top lpl players
Chapter 727 Regular season return
Chapter 728 Welcome back mika-chan
Chapter 729 mika-chan is stuck in the wall
Chapter 730: Let Audi have another round of fun
Chapter 731: mika sauce saves lpl audience ears
Chapter 732 Studying the Redmi Version
Chapter 733 The big gamble between blank and cndi
Chapter 734 cndi’s unique post-match recovery method
Chapter 735: Defeat mika with zero mistakes
Chapter 736: cndi’s hesitation
Chapter 737 Everyone learns clearlve7
Chapter 738: The Beauty of Enchantress’ Numerical Values
Chapter 739: Blank, who knows things well
Chapter 740 Role reversal
Chapter 741 Three in and three out
Chapter 742 The cross-group confrontation ends
Chapter 743 The end of the regular season
Chapter 744 Try your best
Chapter 745: The acting personality is not as good as mika
Chapter 746: mika-chan wants to be the mvp of the world
Chapter 747 Yasuo
Chapter 748: Mika’s fastest one-blood death
Chapter 749 Bait
Chapter 750 Yasuo enters the stage
Chapter 751 Five Guarantees and One
Chapter 752 Speed Pass
Chapter 753: Mika-chan’s tactic
Chapter 754 Mika’s Jess
Chapter 755: Mika, a first-level group member, will not be cowardly
Chapter 756: Heart-warming, the reason why mika-chan doesn’t support the factory director is actually
Chapter 757: We are so awesome (created a reader group)
Chapter 758: Kind-hearted mika-chan
Chapter 759 Youmeng is weakened
Chapter 760: Kind-hearted Mika-chan won’t kill anyone anymore
Chapter 761: Mika-chan’s tenderness
Chapter 762: Broken at a touch
Chapter 763: Mika-chan’s unique soundness
Chapter 764: The copywriter is not interested, Mika has to move the posts
Chapter 765: Fateful Showdown
Chapter 766: Never give up and never be destroyed
Chapter 767: Trash talk? Chat room
Chapter 768: It turned out that Mika taught me such soft trash talk.
Chapter 769: Mika’s oppression
Chapter 770: Mika-chan’s distance control
Chapter 771: Mika’s mysterious wandering
Chapter 772: mika-chan’s simple elementary school geometry questions [Children,
Chapter 773: Mika-chan is late but she is here
Chapter 774: Mika Jiang teaches you how to damage and crush
Chapter 775: RNG’s difficulty in running games caused by mika