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God of War

God of War

author:Silent night

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-23 07:05

Latest chapter:Chapter 3259 The black poisonous bee appears again

The God of War returns and finds that his daughter has been bullied and her life is in danger, but his wife is in the hotel with another man...

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《God of War》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 3259 The black poisonous bee appears again
Chapter 3258 Celebrity Effect
Chapter 3257 Five Elements Talisman Sword Technique
Chapter 3256 If it doesn’t work, you have to reduce the money
Chapter 3255 The most useless reward
Chapter 3254 Encountering poisonous bees
Chapter 3253 The case is solved and the man in black robe dies
Chapter 3252 One injection per person
Chapter 3251 Confined Realm
《God of War》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The God King Saves His Daughter
Chapter 2 Reunion
Chapter 3 Someone coming from the God King’s Palace
Chapter 4 Murderous intent permeates the air
Chapter 5 Torn nails
Chapter 6 Misunderstanding
Chapter 7 It’s Zhongjing again!
Chapter 8 Return of the God King
Chapter 9 He is the King
Chapter 10 Just passing by, no need to care
Chapter 11 She is worthy of being my king’s woman
Chapter 12 Bright Smile
Chapter 13 Meeting
Chapter 14 My daughter is saved
Chapter 15 The Zhou family takes concubines
Chapter 16 No guests have arrived
Chapter 17 The Zhou family has become a joke
Chapter 18 Judgment
Chapter 19 Must die?
Chapter 20 Never leave
Chapter 21 Zhou Feng, death
Chapter 22 The frightened Master Jin
Chapter 23 The Shen family discusses matters
Chapter 24 You bastard
Chapter 25 Shen Xue’s decision
Chapter 26 Madam is so awesome
Chapter 27 Marrying in?
Chapter 28 Agreement
Chapter 29 Home
Chapter 30 Scapegoat?
Chapter 31 Yang?
Chapter 32 His Way
Chapter 33 Snow God Group
Chapter 34 Trouble is coming
Chapter 35 The Inspection Bureau comes to visit
Chapter 36 Presumptuous
Chapter 37 Capital Crime
Chapter 38 Crazy temptation on the edge of death
Chapter 39 Dong Family
Chapter 40 It’s scary to think about it carefully
Chapter 41 Almost scared to death
Chapter 42 Sweet Crisis
Chapter 43 Chaos
Chapter 44 Big shot?
Chapter 45 Kill
Chapter 46 Whipping
Chapter 47 The Shen family seeks cooperation
Chapter 48 Snow God Group
Chapter 49 Heartbeat
Chapter 50 Stepping on the face of a first-class family
Chapter 51 Bonus
Chapter 52 Knife in the back
Chapter 53 You can’t afford to offend the Dong family
Chapter 54 The level of the God King is very low?
Chapter 55 Mighty Wei Chen
Chapter 56 Increased murderous intention
Chapter 57 Night Talk
Chapter 58 The moldy Yingyi
Chapter 59 Destined to be extraordinary
Chapter 60 Challenge
Chapter 61 Crazy Gambler
Chapter 62 Can’t Send Away
Chapter 63 To Kill or Not to Kill
Chapter 64 That man is the God King
Chapter 65 Best friend treats
Chapter 66 The child is not yours
Chapter 67 Grievance
Chapter 68 Finalizing the Contract
Chapter 69 Suppressing Anger
Chapter 70 Jiang Fei
Chapter 71 Gathering at the Hotel
Chapter 72 Sound
Chapter 73 Brazen attack
Chapter 74 Tearful Farewell
Chapter 75 I want to do an appraisal
Chapter 76 Decision
Chapter 77 The results are out!
Chapter 78 Shen’s Crisis
Chapter 79 The house leaks and it rains all night
Chapter 80 Just kidding
Chapter 81 Thirty Billion
Chapter 82 Yan Juzuo’s Persistence
Chapter 83 Arrival
Chapter 84 I crushed him to death casually
Chapter 85 Don’t dare to look more
Chapter 86 Don’t touch my family
Chapter 87 Ridicule
Chapter 88 Arrogant
Chapter 89 One hour
Chapter 90 Boss Snow God is really here
Chapter 91 The Shen family is ashen-faced
Chapter 92 Storm and Evil
Chapter 93 Teach Shen Hong a lesson
Chapter 94 Lord Nine
Chapter 95 Night Owl in Action
Chapter 96 Young Master of the Zhao Family
Chapter 97 Bitter Yan Yushan
Chapter 98 Be measured
Chapter 99 Self-deception
Chapter 100 Will
Chapter 101 People in Zhongjing
Chapter 102 Insufficient authority
Chapter 103 Ghost Doctor Yama
Chapter 104 Yan Yushan is kidnapped again
Chapter 105 I have changed
Chapter 106 Four more?
Chapter 107 Very strong
Chapter 108 Regret
Chapter 109 This is not true
Chapter 110 Filial Sons and Grandsons
Chapter 111 Why
Chapter 112 Who did it?
Chapter 113 Zhao Ba’s Thoughts
Chapter 114 Past Events
Chapter 115 So cruel
Chapter 116 Stunned Shen Xue
Chapter 117 Invitation Letter
Chapter 118 Involvement
Chapter 119 Crazy
Chapter 120 Kill
Chapter 121 Panic
Chapter 122 Exploded
Chapter 123 Apology
Chapter 124 Roar
Chapter 125 Making trouble
Chapter 126 The turmoil
Chapter 127 Suppressing the existence of the Southern Territory
Chapter 128 The imp is difficult to deal with
Chapter 129 Shoeshine
Chapter 130 Big shot
Chapter 131 Little troubles keep coming
Chapter 132 The Sun Family Dandy
Chapter 133 Lips Trembling
Chapter 134 What’s going on?
Chapter 135 Young Master Haoming
Chapter 136 The young master appears
Chapter 127 The young master stopped laughing
Chapter 138 Aren’t you afraid of death?
Chapter 139 The way of thinking of big shots
Chapter 140 The End
Chapter 141 The frightened Chen Ting
Chapter 142 Fishing
Chapter 143 Ninghou
Chapter 144 Investigation
Chapter 145 Seeing Through
Chapter 146 Dead or alive
Chapter 147 The huge night owl
Chapter 148 Troubled
Chapter 149 Termination of Contract
Chapter 150 Silly Wife
Chapter 151 Are you teaching me how to do something?
Chapter 152 Lie down and lick your shoes!
Chapter 153 The prince is as guilty as the common people when he breaks the law!
Chapter 154 Yang Yi is even more terrifying
Chapter 155 They are called Shenwuwei!
Chapter 156 Because of an Outsider
Chapter 157 Aren’t I here?
Chapter 158 Who is cleaner than whom?
Chapter 159: Confrontation
Chapter 160 Fight with me?
Chapter 161 I’m waiting for you
Chapter 162 Going Home
Chapter 163 Ruins
Chapter 164 Pay the price!
Chapter 165 Revenge
Chapter 166 Regret
Chapter 167 Summation
Chapter 168: One wave comes after another
Chapter 169 Kidnapping
Chapter 170 Torture
Chapter 171 Collapse
Chapter 172 A small family?
Chapter 173 Complete defeat
Chapter 174 Acquisition of Sun Family
Chapter 175 Wedding
Chapter 176 Clue
Chapter 177 How can one car be enough?
Chapter 178 I want them all
Chapter 179 Insufficient Balance
Chapter 180 True and False Dragon Card
Chapter 181 Willing to Accept Loss
Chapter 182 Is this okay?
Chapter 183 Parent-Child Activities
Chapter 184 Is this called a parent-child activity?
Chapter 185 What a white lotus
Chapter 186 Isn’t this bad?
Chapter 187 Complete Loss
Chapter 188 Frustrated?
Chapter 189 Two Generals
Chapter 190 Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 191 Can’t wait any longer
Chapter 192 Can’t afford to offend
Chapter 193 Kicked out
Chapter 194 I’m late
Chapter 195 Separation
Chapter 196 Are you getting married?
Chapter 197 A decent gift
Chapter 198 Why, unhappy?
Chapter 199 Opening Gifts
Chapter 200 Who are you?
Chapter 201 You can’t jump now
Chapter 202 The bad young man
Chapter 203 Questioning
Chapter 204 Discipline well
Chapter 205 Do you want to acquire my company?
Chapter 206 Monthly salary of 500,000
Chapter 207 Revenge
Chapter 208 Acquisition of Zhao Family
Chapter 209 Happy Cooperation
Chapter 210 She’s waiting
Chapter 211 The wait is here
Chapter 212 He is...
Chapter 213 I’m back
Chapter 214 The Cause of Destruction
Chapter 215 Surprise
Chapter 216 Is this a money grab?
Chapter 217 Ability
Chapter 218 Delivered to your door
Chapter 219 You want wages, right?
Chapter 220 Take your life
Chapter 221 Break a leg
Chapter 222 Fear
Chapter 223 Is this also called training?
Chapter 224 The real situation of the Nan family
Chapter 225 Clues
Chapter 226 Finding a needle in a haystack
Chapter 227 A good show
Chapter 228 The show is on
Chapter 229 Lessons
Chapter 230 Sudden changes
Chapter 231 Another blow
Chapter 232 Shareholders Meeting
Chapter 233 Reasons
Chapter 234 He changed his mind
Chapter 235 The money-greedy old man
Chapter 236: It’s your own fault and you won’t survive
Chapter 237 Discovery of Gold Mine
Chapter 238 Strategy
Chapter 239 After one wave, another wave arises
Chapter 240 Chase
Chapter 241 The conspiracy is coming
Chapter 242 The storm is coming
Chapter 243 Thoughts
Chapter 244 Kill List
Chapter 245 Coming Out
Chapter 246 He is the God King
Chapter 247 Reappearance of Killing Thousand Swords
Chapter 248 God King’s Majesty’s Majesty
Chapter 249 Fog and Clues
Chapter 250 My daughter is dead
Chapter 251 Return to Kyoto
Chapter 252 Leaving without saying goodbye
Chapter 253 Chuanshen Organization
Chapter 254 An existence that cannot be offended
Chapter 255 The war is about to break out!
Chapter 256 Night Owl! It’s Night Owl again!
Chapter 257 Anyone who disobeys the order will be killed!
Chapter 258 Your people come up
Chapter 259 Beat him until he is convinced
Chapter 260 Let’s fight
Chapter 261 Because they must die
Chapter 262 Yang Yi’s anger
Chapter 263 The king wants the minister to die, but the minister has to die.
Chapter 264: Blood spilled on the loess, dragon fighting against the brilliant spider.
Chapter 265 The undercover of the Xianhua Army
Chapter 266 The spearhead emerges
Chapter 267 The Secret of Qiankun Yi
Chapter 268 The Birth of Civilization
Chapter 269 Tiantian is still alive
Chapter 270 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 271 Church
Chapter 272 Bishop
Chapter 273 Shen Xue comes to Kyoto
Chapter 274 Use me in exchange for my daughter
Chapter 275 News about Shen Xue
Chapter 276 Head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 277 Nightclub Queen
Chapter 278 One hundred million
Chapter 279 You can’t afford it, right?
Chapter 280 Check it for me
Chapter 281 Appearing in China
Chapter 282 Pick-up
Chapter 283 This battle is a life and death battle!
Chapter 284 His Disappointment
Chapter 285 Injured
Chapter 286 Who is the father?
Chapter 287 Three people appear
Chapter 288 The Secret of Qiankun Yi
Chapter 289 Twenty-eight years old
Chapter 290 Big Gift
Chapter 291 Another accident
Chapter 292 The mysterious masked man
Chapter 293 Tiantian is back
Chapter 294 Don’t remember him
Chapter 295 Sweet Abnormality
Chapter 296 Shennong grass
Chapter 297 Mission
Chapter 298 Yang Yi’s guess
Chapter 299 Qiankun Yi Appears
Chapter 300 Is this a new beginning?
Chapter 301 Come back to kill
Chapter 302 Exposed
Chapter 303 Some things are extremely important
Chapter 304 Disappoint me
Chapter 305 An Hard Reason to Reject
Chapter 306 Charm Bar
Chapter 307 Twelve Heavenly Kings
Chapter 308 Purpose
Chapter 309 Explosives
Chapter 310 Two fragments
Chapter 311 The mystery of life experience
Chapter 312 The true identities of the three people
Chapter 313 Xia Wujun
Chapter 314 The other side of the monarch
Chapter 315 I’m not an orphan
Chapter 316 The Monarch’s Order
Chapter 317 Calculating Destiny
Chapter 318 House Arrest
Chapter 319 If you touch my brother, he will be punished
Chapter 320 When two tigers fight, one of them will die.
Chapter 321 Xia Wujun appears
Chapter 322 I am blind when I choose you
Chapter 323 Lamb to the Slaughter
Chapter 324 Breaking the promise
Chapter 325 You die, or I die
Chapter 326 The Hermit Family
Chapter 327 The Day of the Waning Moon
Chapter 328 The location of the ruins
Chapter 329 Four major families
Chapter 330 Go Home
Chapter 331 Time has come
Chapter 332 Things have changed
Chapter 333 Ji Family
Chapter 334 The emergence of the second team
Chapter 335 Sanhuang Pharmacy
Chapter 336 A wonderful rejuvenation
Chapter 337 Shennong grass appears
Chapter 338 Heading to the ruins
Chapter 339 Roadblock
Chapter 340 Lamb to the Slaughter
Chapter 341 The strong ones are like clouds
Chapter 342 A fierce battle
Chapter 343 The moment of melee
Chapter 344 Please go to hell
Chapter 345: Enemies are extremely jealous when they meet
Chapter 346 A fierce battle is about to break out!
Chapter 347 Truce?
Chapter 348 A shocking reversal
Chapter 349 Zhenze must die!
Chapter 350 The End
Chapter 351 The melee ends
Chapter 352 Blood Jade Coffin
Chapter 353 Purgatory on Earth
Chapter 354 Getting Grass
Chapter 355 Return
Chapter 356 Uncle Jiazi’s identity
Chapter 357 Next Plan
Chapter 358 Border emergency
Chapter 359 Volunteering to fight
Chapter 360 The new monarch
Chapter 361 Death of Xia Wujun
Chapter 362 The new king ascends the throne
Day 363 Prison
Chapter 364 Visit
Chapter 365 The strong man returns
Chapter 366 Release from Prison
Chapter 367 The previous king
Chapter 368 China’s last trump card
Chapter 369 A plan within a plan
Chapter 370 Play a big one
Chapter 371 Breaking out of the siege
Chapter 372 The twelve heavenly kings fell here
Chapter 373 Stop the Attack
Chapter 374 You have to ask me what I mean
Chapter 375 Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 376 The real strong man
Chapter 377 A hot potato
Chapter 378 Heading to the River
Chapter 379 Bus
Chapter 380 Thanks
Chapter 381 Aren’t you afraid that I am a bad person?
Chapter 382 Sacrifice to the Gods
Chapter 383 Retention
Chapter 384 Ancient Legend
Chapter 385 Legend
Chapter 386 Men know men best
Chapter 387 Can’t afford to offend
Chapter 388 Asking for a fight
Chapter 389 The sea and the sky are vast
Chapter 390 Making a fool of yourself
Chapter 391 Drinking together
Chapter 392 The Wine King
Chapter 393 Showdown
Chapter 394 Heartbroken
Chapter 395 The situation is serious
Chapter 396 Do they know each other?
Chapter 397 Blind Date?
Chapter 398 Screwing up someone else’s marriage
Chapter 399 The time has not come yet
Chapter 400 It’s all fate
Chapter 401 Deployment
Chapter 402 Strange Restaurant
Chapter 403 Crisis Surrounded
Chapter 404 The person who takes your life
Chapter 405 Sent to be buried with him
Chapter 406: Fortune tricks people
Chapter 407 Feng Lao
Chapter 408 Not an enemy
Chapter 409 Seal
Chapter 410 Mysterious Strength
Chapter 411 Blocking
Chapter 412 Internal Power Master
Chapter 413 Jiang Tong
Chapter 414 Someone from the Yang family comes
Chapter 415 One word, kill!
Chapter 416 Is your surname really Yang?
Chapter 417 Chips
Chapter 418 Eight Special Skills Family
Chapter 419 Infinite Reversal
Chapter 420 Strong! Very strong!
Chapter 421 Masters gather together
Chapter 422 Extremely arrogant! Extremely arrogant!
Chapter 423 A profound lesson
Chapter 424 You are not him
Chapter 425 If I don’t kill him, who will?
Chapter 426 How dare you!
Chapter 427 Take your life
Chapter 428 I’ll count for you
Chapter 429 Threat
Chapter 430 Compromise
Chapter 431 The tacit secret
Chapter 432 Old Friend
Chapter 433 God Sacrifice Begins
Chapter 434 Human Sacrifice
Chapter 435 You must pay with your life
Chapter 436: Position
Chapter 437 Fire in the Water
Chapter 438 The visitor is evil
Chapter 439 The arrival of outsiders
Chapter 440 Collaboration with the enemy and the country
Chapter 441 Counterattack!
Chapter 442 What are you waiting for?
Chapter 443 There is no return
Chapter 444 They can’t afford to offend the Chinese people!
Chapter 445 Let’s go to hell together
Chapter 446 The Farmer and the Snake
Chapter 447 I will help you
Chapter 448 Fainting
Chapter 449 Strange Dream
Chapter 450 Curse
Chapter 451 Dreaming
Chapter 452 Accompanying Spiritual Stone
Chapter 453 Find the entrance
Chapter 454 Sky Fire
Chapter 445 Get it
Chapter 456 A word of truth
Chapter 457 You shouldn’t touch him
Chapter 458 Mutation
Chapter 459 He jumped
Chapter 460 Pale Face
Chapter 461 A “Corpse”
Chapter 462 Who am I?
Chapter 463 Don’t remember
Chapter 464 I’m still hungry
Chapter 465 Give a name
Chapter 466 Selfishness
Chapter 467 A favor as heavy as a mountain
Chapter 468 I will repay you
Chapter 469 Gu Lianlian’s secret
Chapter 470 Familiar Actions
Chapter 471 Still want to threaten me?
Chapter 472 The strength is not ordinary!
Chapter 473 Low Quality
Chapter 474 Compensation
Chapter 475 Did you start barking first?
Chapter 476 Admitting defeat
Chapter 477 He is really my brother
Chapter 478: The legendary head-touching killing?
Chapter 479: Which of you has eaten stinky tofu?
Chapter 480 Is your brother single?
Chapter 481 I won’t offend anyone unless they offend me
Chapter 482 Making things difficult
Chapter 483 Domineering Sister-in-law
Chapter 484 Remember to come see me
Chapter 485 It’s not like this
Chapter 486 Hero saves beauty
Chapter 487 A little thought
Chapter 488: Do you think you are so valuable?
Chapter 489 You don’t have a mobile phone?
Chapter 490 Fall
Chapter 491 I miss my dad
Chapter 492 Don’t worry about small things
Chapter 493 Private Matters
Chapter 494 Rumors
Chapter 495 Too arrogant
Chapter 496 Brother
Chapter 497 Rumors are like sharp swords
Chapter 498 One Day’s Wage
Chapter 499 You didn’t buy any clothes?
Chapter 500 Cooperation
Chapter 501 Take your dog’s paws away
Chapter 502 Is it special?
Chapter 503 Is it real?
Chapter 504 Personal grudges
Chapter 505 I apologize to you on his behalf
Chapter 506 It has nothing to do with you
Chapter 507 It must be him!
Chapter 508 Old Friend
Chapter 509: Wrong person
Chapter 510 Finalizing Cooperation
Chapter 511 Undercover
Chapter 512 Happy cooperation
Chapter 513 Unknown worries
Chapter 514 He must die
Chapter 515 A thorn in the side
Chapter 516 It’s hard to escape even if you have wings
Chapter 517 Changes
Chapter 518 Are you looking for me?
Chapter 519 Hijacking
Chapter 520 This is what will happen if you offend me
Chapter 521 No Survivors
Chapter 522 Is there a third person?
Chapter 523 I’m not interested in your body
Chapter 524 Who doesn’t have eyes?
Chapter 525: Help you take revenge
Chapter 526 Duan Lei is going to take revenge
Chapter 527 Come out and talk
Chapter 528 Promise me two things
Chapter 529 Going to find him?
Chapter 530 Don’t lie
Chapter 531 Very familiar
Chapter 532 A lot of pressure
Chapter 533 The possibility of almost falling
Chapter 534 It’s almost done
Chapter 535 Eat more and talk less
Chapter 536 Mo Long’s Panic
Chapter 537: Wrong person
Chapter 538 Really the God King
Chapter 539 Identity Change
Chapter 540 Amnesia
Chapter 541 Will you leave?
Chapter 542 Something happened
Chapter 543: Ruining my good deeds
Chapter 544 Gu Lianlian’s complexity
Chapter 545 I can go with you
Chapter 546 What explanation do you want?
Chapter 547 Arriving in time
Chapter 548 Want revenge? Just come!
Chapter 549 There is a way
Chapter 550 What a good thing you did
Chapter 551 Mr. Mo’s sister
Chapter 552 You are such a traitor
Chapter 553 The drug takes effect
Chapter 554 Manslaughter
Chapter 555 Getting into trouble
Chapter 556 You are dishonest
Chapter 557 The last chance
Chapter 558 A fatal blow
Chapter 559 Die Thousands of Times
Chapter 560 He is the God King
Chapter 561 Possible amnesia
Chapter 562 Lian Lian’s situation
Chapter 563 Found this guy?
Chapter 564 Found it
Chapter 565 The Anshi War
Chapter 566 Don’t remember
Chapter 567 Triggering Memory
Chapter 568 Thanks
Chapter 569 Strange destiny
Chapter 570 Fall for Yang Yi
Chapter 571 Not the Enemy
Chapter 572 Serious Consequences
Chapter 573 Absorption
Chapter 574 Restoring memory
Chapter 575 Are you afraid of pain?
Chapter 576 Long time no see
Chapter 577 Are you leaving?
Chapter 578 Forever Family
Chapter 579 Tell a story
Chapter 580 What happened?
Chapter 581 A person with special means
Chapter 582 The worst case scenario is that it will be exposed
Chapter 583 Contact your father
Chapter 584 Yang Yi’s rejection
Chapter 585 Cheap Daddy
Chapter 586 Strange lineup
Chapter 587 Crazy temptation
Chapter 588 Plan
Chapter 589 Unacceptable Result
Chapter 590 Surprise
Chapter 591 Return
Chapter 592 Paying the Price of Blood
Chapter 593 Perfect
Chapter 594 Winning beautifully
Chapter 595 Unprecedented Pressure
Chapter 596 Mysterious Things
Chapter 597 Secrets of the Twelve Palaces
Chapter 598 Violent Secrets
Chapter 599 Appearance
Chapter 600 A rare genius
Chapter 601 Gestures
Chapter 602 Side Effects
Chapter 603 Practice
Chapter 604 A bit difficult
Chapter 605 An out-and-out monster
Chapter 606 Sneak Attack
Chapter 607 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 608 Digging trenches
Chapter 609 The terrifying magic circle
Chapter 610 Perfect Plan
Chapter 611 Brainless Guy
Chapter 612 Doubt
Chapter 613 Mutual Benefit
Chapter 614 The Third Order
Chapter 615 Raid
Chapter 616 Playing in person
Chapter 617: Defeat Ten Thousand Arms
Chapter 618 Unexpected things
Chapter 619 Beat me hard
Chapter 620 One person trapped in the battle
Chapter 621 Give it to me and die!
Chapter 622 Well done
Chapter 623 Want to kill me?
Chapter 624 Not an opponent
Chapter 625 You have already lost
Chapter 626 God-like achievements
Chapter 627 Bombing the trenches
Chapter 628 The Second Secret Book
Chapter 629 Acupuncture Point
Chapter 630 Practice your skills
Chapter 631: Luring Souls
Chapter 632 Too outrageous
Chapter 633 Uniqueness
Chapter 634 Secrets of the Yang Family
Chapter 635 The status of mother and daughter
Chapter 636 The Envoy Visits
Chapter 637 Adding a Chip
Chapter 638 China’s Conditions
Chapter 639 Heresy
Chapter 640 One hundred places
Chapter 641 Your grandpa is still your grandpa
Chapter 642 The competition begins
Chapter 643 China cannot lose
Chapter 644 The same person
Chapter 645 International Notary Public
Chapter 646 The First Battle
Chapter 647 Abnormalities
Chapter 648 Far inferior strength
Chapter 649 I can’t lose
Chapter 650 You must die
Chapter 651 Victory without force
Chapter 652: Playing dirty tricks
Chapter 653 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 654 Loopholes in the Contract
Chapter 655: Go to Baifan!
Chapter 656 Stimulants
Chapter 657 Surprised by sudden change
Chapter 658 Sorry, my hand slipped
Chapter 659 Go all out
Chapter 660 Tian Ji Horse Racing
Chapter 661 China must not lose
Chapter 662: Take advantage of him and kill him in one fell swoop
Chapter 663 Is the outcome decided?
Chapter 664 Face-slapping session
Chapter 665 Let’s admit defeat
Chapter 666 The Eternal Hero
Chapter 667 The terrifying power
Chapter 668 Unilateral Beating
Chapter 669 Trash is trash
Chapter 670 Come and fight me
Chapter 671 Your method is useless
Chapter 672 China can’t be taken anymore
Chapter 673 I’m tired of playing
Chapter 674 It’s better to admit defeat
Chapter 675 Isn’t it good to live well?
Chapter 676 Now, you can lie down
Chapter 677 Go back to your hometown!
Chapter 678 China wins
Chapter 679 Blowing in the bottle
Chapter 680 Resignation
Chapter 681 Beat all the shit out
Chapter 682 Beating
Chapter 683 Missing
Chapter 684 Goodbye Mo Zhi
Chapter 685 Dinner Together
Chapter 686 Reunion
Chapter 687 Go Home
Chapter 688 He is back
Chapter 689 Saying Goodbye to You
Chapter 690 Visiting Grandpa Gu
Chapter 691 Xuncheng
Chapter 692 Catching the Wind
Chapter 693 Meeting old acquaintances again
Chapter 694 Long time no see, stay safe
Chapter 695 Is this the way you talk?
Chapter 696: An existence that no one can afford to offend
Chapter 697 A bunch of garbage
Chapter 698 I will help you
Chapter 699 Something happened
Chapter 700: Massacre
Chapter 701 The fifth acupoint, open!
Chapter 702: Raising troops and mobilizing crowds
Chapter 703 The First Person in History
Chapter 704 Death of Shan Wu
Chapter 705 Always with you
Chapter 706 Keep Yang Yi
Chapter 707 Come and kill me
Chapter 708: Enemies are extremely jealous when they meet
Chapter 709 Showing Weakness
Chapter 710 Overestimating Oneself
Chapter 711 Another possibility
Chapter 712 Want to run away?
Chapter 713 You shouldn’t be alive
Chapter 714 Do you want revenge?
Chapter 715 What a loud tone
Chapter 716 Could it be that your eyes are bad?
Chapter 717 Who dares to touch him?
Chapter 718: Do you like it?
Chapter 719 The strength of the Yang family
Chapter 720 Enemy
Chapter 721 Hatred
Chapter 722 Blood Baptism
Chapter 723 Are you resentful?
Chapter 724 I understand
Chapter 725 I miss my dad
Chapter 726 Dad is back
Chapter 727 Tiantian is so awesome
Chapter 728 Like ordinary people
Chapter 729 The fault of a son for not teaching his father
Chapter 730 Scum
Chapter 731 He wants to escape
Chapter 732 Save me!
Chapter 733 Let you shout for help
Chapter 734 Spare you
Chapter 735 Ask me first before speaking
Chapter 736 Return
Chapter 737 The past
Chapter 738 Revisiting old matters
Chapter 739 Above Hengzhou
Chapter 740 The only chance
Chapter 741 Various Causes and Effects
Chapter 742 Selfishness
Chapter 743 Return to Zhongjing
Chapter 744: Take you home
Chapter 745 Met the eldest lady
Chapter 746 Red Mole
Chapter 747 You didn’t lie to me?
Chapter 748 Return to Zhongjing
Chapter 749 Taken away
Chapter 750 Guess
Chapter 751 Means
Chapter 752 I am your son
Chapter 753 Joys and sorrows
Chapter 754 They are all crazy
Chapter 755 Special Identity
Chapter 756 Dual Identity
Chapter 757 Knife and Sword
Chapter 758 Talents that are different from ordinary people
Chapter 759 Parent-Child Paradise
Chapter 760 Where did the flies come from?
Chapter 761 Enemy
Chapter 762 Let’s try it!
Chapter 763 You are too slow
Chapter 764 No Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 765 Going and Returning
Chapter 766 Leaving
Chapter 767 Please help
Chapter 768 Awkward thanks
Chapter 769 Leaving
Chapter 770 Meeting Mother-in-Law
Chapter 771 Farewell
Chapter 772 Have you forgotten?
Chapter 773 Dad, my romantic debt
Chapter 774 Unprecedented Talent
Chapter 775 Tempering
Chapter 776: Only one person out of ten thousand people
Chapter 777 Giving and Reward
Chapter 778 The monster’s father
Chapter 779 Four Heavenly Palaces
Chapter 780 The eldest lady of the Xue family
Chapter 781 An unshirkable responsibility
Chapter 782 Too simple
Chapter 783 Amazing Seed
Chapter 784 Blind Date
Chapter 785 Add WeChat
Chapter 786 I miss you so much
Chapter 787 Competition Rules
Chapter 788 Reaching the Destination
Chapter 789: Retreat and Practice
Chapter 790 An existence that cannot be offended
Chapter 791 Watching the Battle
Chapter 792 The enemy who killed his father
Chapter 793 Brother is here
Chapter 794 Who slaps whom in the face?
Chapter 795 Give you a chance
Chapter 796 Dark Horse Family
Chapter 797 Fear
Chapter 798 Despicable things
Chapter 799 It’s a woman
Chapter 800 Meeting of top families
Chapter 801 Do you want to get to know each other?
Chapter 802 The only heir
Chapter 803 She is Lian Lian
Chapter 804 Just garbage
Chapter 805 Hiding deeply
Chapter 806 Nothing can be done
Chapter 807 Ten thousand people, tens of thousands of people
Chapter 808 Everyone must die
Chapter 809 Mysterious destiny
Chapter 810 Brother Xingzhou
Chapter 811 Not having a good life
Chapter 812 The corresponding price
Chapter 813 Crazy enough and dragging enough
Chapter 814 Let her go!
Chapter 815 The Furious Lion
Chapter 816: Enter vertically and exit horizontally
Chapter 817 No matter who he is, he must die
Chapter 818 Sneak Attack
Chapter 819 Leave it to me
Chapter 820 The appointed woman
Chapter 821 Facts
Chapter 822 How does it taste?
Chapter 823: Look at it differently
Chapter 824 Death!
Chapter 825 Innate Master
Chapter 826 He alone can’t!
Chapter 827 That One
Chapter 828 Battle of Life and Death
Chapter 829 Give me a step down
Chapter 830 The so-called brother
Chapter 831 Useless
Chapter 832 Attachment
Chapter 833 A rare opponent
Chapter 834 Keep the green hills and don’t worry about running out of firewood
Chapter 835 Tang Zijun
Chapter 836 Open the back door
Chapter 837 Inside Story
Chapter 838 The Xue family’s car
Chapter 839 What are the consequences?
Chapter 840 Call me aunt
Chapter 841 Difficulties
Chapter 842 Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just be afraid of what happens.
Chapter 843 Past Events
Chapter 844 Life and Death Battle
Chapter 845 Can I say it?
Chapter 846 Dongfang Company
Chapter 847 Visit
Chapter 848 Five Referees
Chapter 849 Being on an equal footing
Chapter 850 The game begins
Chapter 851 Exchange number plates
Chapter 852 Not very good
Chapter 853 He lost
Chapter 854 I am measured
Chapter 855 A good match
Chapter 856 How about making a bet
Chapter 857 Don’t Understand Your Opponent
Chapter 858 Go to hell
Chapter 859 Fatal Attack
Chapter 860 Thank you, I’d like to lend you some good words
Chapter 861 Be prepared
Chapter 862: Intolerable
Chapter 863 The end of the first round
Chapter 864 Invitation
Chapter 865 Apology
Chapter 866 Conditions
Chapter 867 The meaning behind it
Chapter 868 Tao Cultivation and Qi Cultivation
Chapter 869 The Innate Pavilion
Chapter 870 Long time no see
Chapter 871 Knowing it well
Chapter 872: Being Recruited
Chapter 873 It will be fine
Chapter 874: Come and see me
Chapter 875 It was you who caused it
Chapter 876 Yang Yi must die
Chapter 877 Breaking the situation
Chapter 878 Ice Bed
Chapter 879 Breaking the Face
Chapter 880 Something big happened
Chapter 881 Just give it a try
Chapter 882 Unruly
Chapter 883 Coming out in full force
Chapter 884 Only one can live
Chapter 885 His life cannot be spared
Chapter 886 You will die ugly
Chapter 887 Familiar Potion
Chapter 888 The Last Hope
Chapter 889 The decisive battle is about to begin
Chapter 890 Face
Chapter 891 The Origin of Xue Lianlian
Chapter 892 The same result
Chapter 893 I suggest you commit suicide
Chapter 894 May lose
Chapter 895 I look up to you
Chapter 896: Not sure?
Chapter 897 Live!
Chapter 898 Established Facts
Chapter 899 Stand up
Chapter 900 Manipulating Consciousness
Chapter 901 Let him pay with his life
Chapter 902 Your Nephew
Chapter 903 He is my son
Chapter 904 Not your son
Chapter 905 It’s a big deal
Chapter 906 The secret of the year
Chapter 907 Don’t let them get what they want
Chapter 908 Secretly Cultivating
Chapter 909 Mother, I miss you so much
Chapter 910 Very good
Chapter 911 An irresistible request
Chapter 912 The game is over
Chapter 913 Meeting
Chapter 914 Let the Rong family disappear
Chapter 915 Attack
Chapter 916 Shameless thing
Chapter 917 Don’t you have a heart?
Chapter 918 Are you crazy?
Chapter 919 Creepy
Chapter 920 Secret
Chapter 921 There is no return
Chapter 922 Vitality
Chapter 923 Can people fly?
Chapter 924 Four Realms
Chapter 925 Ruined your place
Chapter 926 The Devil’s Triangle
Chapter 927 Astrolabe
Chapter 928 Great Danger
Chapter 929 Forgiveness and Obedience
Chapter 930 The City of Death
Chapter 931 Hidden Rules
Chapter 932 Weapons
Chapter 933 Rules of Survival
Chapter 934 Wait a minute
Chapter 935 Five Years
Chapter 936 Origin
Chapter 937 It’s never too late to strike again
Chapter 938 Hidden
Chapter 939 Unknown Life
Chapter 940 Snatching
Chapter 941 Going to the Island
Chapter 942 Shocking Change
Chapter 943 Isn’t it extinct?
Chapter 944 Extinct Creature--Sabertooth Shark
Chapter 945 Coming ashore
Chapter 946 Detection
Chapter 947 Meeting Again
Chapter 948 What do you think?
Chapter 949 Lair
Chapter 950 Porcupine Dash
Chapter 951 Suffocation
Chapter 952 Transformation into Void
Chapter 953 Seeing a Ghost
Chapter 954 Is it awesome?
Chapter 955 A strong heart
Chapter 956 A brief taste of things
Chapter 957 Too Poor Talent
Chapter 958 Experience
Chapter 959 Kill a person
Chapter 960 The Realm of Tianyi
Chapter 961 There is no return
Chapter 962 Leaving
Chapter 963 The crime of having a jade
Chapter 964 A Corpse
Chapter 965 Back
Chapter 966 What’s on the Island of Death?
Chapter 967 Mental Method
Chapter 968 Going back on your word?
Chapter 969 You are threatening me, right?
Chapter 970 Running very fast
Chapter 971 I will appreciate you very much
Chapter 972 Run!
Chapter 973 Qinggong Water Floating
Chapter 974 Must go back
Chapter 975 Can you fly a plane?
Chapter 976 Kill you and then run away
Chapter 977 Finding a needle in a haystack
Chapter 978 My son is in danger
Chapter 979 Time is running out
Chapter 980 Ten Million
Chapter 981 Finally back
Chapter 982 Bastard
Chapter 983 Peeing photos
Chapter 984 Mouth full of shit
Chapter 985 Toilet
Chapter 986 Tell me in detail
Chapter 987 Chase
Chapter 988 Thinking of going together
Chapter 989 War begins
Chapter 990 Unlimited Overdraft
Chapter 991 Not Dead Yet
Chapter 992 Big Gift
Chapter 993 A bitch mates with a dog, forever
Chapter 994 Rejection
Chapter 995 Save Lian Lian
Chapter 996 Vegetative State
Chapter 997 What happened?
Chapter 998 Is there still hope?
Chapter 999 Return to Luoshui
Chapter 1000 Determination
Chapter 1001 Mount Nile
Chapter 1002 The Last Chance
Chapter 1003 Meeting the Parents
Chapter 1004: Report your name
Chapter 1005 Want a younger brother
Chapter 1006 Action failed?
Chapter 1007 Empty City Strategy
Chapter 1008 Fight to the death
Chapter 1009 His orders are my orders
Chapter 1010 You can’t stop me!
Chapter 1011 Aren’t you dead?
Chapter 1012 Swear
Chapter 1013 Something happened at home
Chapter 1014 Companion
Chapter 1015 Current Situation
Chapter 1016 Go to support
Chapter 1017 It’s hard to guess people’s hearts
Chapter 1018 Never come again
Chapter 1019 Ruins
Chapter 1020 Leaving
Chapter 1021 There is no Dongfang family anymore
Chapter 1022 The war is coming
Chapter 1023 Basketball Country
Chapter 1024 Robbery
Chapter 1025 You have half a minute
Chapter 1026 Deposit
Chapter 1027 Ghost? Ghost?
Chapter 1028 Left
Chapter 1029 Danger appears
Chapter 1030 Wolves
Chapter 1031 Surrender
Chapter 1032 Meeting the Wolf King Again
Chapter 1033 The Spiritual Wolf King
Chapter 1034 Give me your hand
Chapter 1035 Asparagus Grass
Chapter 1036 Is it really a dragon?
Chapter 1037 Memorial
Chapter 1038 Vision Reborn
Chapter 1039 A stone the size of a fist
Chapter 1040 Breakthrough
Chapter 1041 Who are you?
Chapter 1042 Aboriginal
Chapter 1043 Trouble
Chapter 1044: You can’t buy your life but you can’t support it
Chapter 1045 Let your boss come out!
Chapter 1046 Lying on the ground
Chapter 1047 Idiot
Chapter 1048 It’s my lax discipline
Chapter 1049 Yes, you
Chapter 1050 Not in China
Chapter 1051 Conspiracy
Chapter 1052 Warning
Chapter 1053 Cang Qiong Mountain
Chapter 1054 Red Crystal Vine
Chapter 1055 Climbing to the top
Chapter 1056 Cannibals
Chapter 1057 Being a Guest
Chapter 1058 It’s really unintentional
Chapter 1059 Goddess
Chapter 1060 Entrance
Chapter 1061 Lost
Chapter 1062 Stop
Chapter 1063 Twenty-eight years old
Chapter 1064 Long Qier
Chapter 1065 Schizophrenia
Chapter 1066 Take me away
Chapter 1067: Not appreciative
Chapter 1068 Why do you have her face?
Chapter 1069 Mission Completed
Chapter 1070: Boiling Medicine
Chapter 1071 Ordinary People
Chapter 1072 Exchange of Chips
Chapter 1073 You win!
Chapter 1074 Lian Lian wakes up
Chapter 1075 Changes
Chapter 1076 Something's wrong
Chapter 1077 Fulfilling the Promise
Chapter 1078 Plan
Chapter 1079 Split
Chapter 1080 Unallowed Existence
Chapter 1081 What a madman!
Chapter 1082 Farewell
Chapter 1083: Missing the welcome from afar
Chapter 1084 Separated Again
Chapter 1085 Fall
Chapter 1086 Talk to them
Chapter 1087 Ninety Billion
Chapter 1088 Die together
Chapter 1089 A piece of cake
Chapter 1090 Joint Meeting
Chapter 1091 Finding a needle in a haystack
Chapter 1092 Major Events
Chapter 1093 The offender will die
Chapter 1094 I can’t accept it
Chapter 1095 Thirty Trillion
Chapter 1096 Allies
Chapter 1097 Desperate Saburo
Chapter 1098 Qier, sorry to trouble you
Chapter 1099 Premeditation
Chapter 1100 The information is wrong
Chapter 1101 Breaking through the gathering realm
Chapter 1102 Acting on orders
Chapter 1103 The last chance
Chapter 1104 Chance Encounter
Chapter 1105 Gao Rui
Chapter 1106 Alien Civilization
Chapter 1107 Destroy the Dark Pavilion
Chapter 1108 Return to the City of Death
Chapter 1109 Shouting
Chapter 1110 Are you still awake?
Chapter 1111 Are you ready to die?
Chapter 1112 The perfect magic circle
Chapter 1113 You are still alive
Chapter 1114: Getting there first
Chapter 1115 Can’t see through
Chapter 1116 The Chaotic City of Death
Chapter 1117 Decades
Chapter 1118 Hotpot
Chapter 1119 The seductive aroma
Chapter 1120 Arrival
Chapter 1121 Gone!
Chapter 1022 Alien Race
Chapter 1023 Baisha Clan
Chapter 1024 A misunderstanding
Chapter 1025 See the world
Chapter 1126 Looking for someone
Chapter 1127 Definitely Win
Chapter 1128 One Thought of Kindness
Chapter 1129 The sense of ritual required to kill someone
Chapter 1130 Reunion
Chapter 1031 A Disaster
Chapter 1032 A small witch can see a big witch
Chapter 1033 Discussion
Chapter 1134 Challenge the White Wolf
Chapter 1135 Oppression
Chapter 1136 Attacked
Chapter 1137 Too late
Chapter 1138 Bloody Battle
Chapter 1139 Tell me, where is he!
Chapter 1140 Angel Trial
Chapter 1141 The perfect container
Chapter 1142 Ershan Tribe
Chapter 1143 Hated
Chapter 1144 Misunderstanding and Conspiracy
Chapter 1145 A single move affects the whole body
Chapter 1146 Special Training
Chapter 1147 Breaking through the Chongmai Realm
Chapter 1148 Everything is ready, all we need is the east wind
Chapter 1149 Join forces
Chapter 1150 Leaving the tribe
Chapter 1151 Cold Current Mountain
Chapter 1152 Taboo
Chapter 1153 Bingli Clan
Chapter 1154 All the way west
Chapter 1155 Five Days
Chapter 1156 Cold Current
Chapter 1157 Reborn
Chapter 1158 Rush in
Chapter 1159 Meeting the Blue Dragon Pearl Again
Chapter 1160 Serious Injury
Chapter 1161 The last hour
Chapter 1162 Attack
Chapter 1163 The storm is coming
Chapter 1164 Baptism
Chapter 1165 Goodbye Tiantian
Chapter 1166 Black Lines
Chapter 1167 Killing Tiantian
Chapter 1168 Angel Trial
Chapter 1169 Golden Rain
Chapter 1170 Alien Meteorites
Chapter 1171 Don’t be afraid of Tiantian
Chapter 1172 I shouldn’t be alive
Chapter 1173 Fusioner
Chapter 1174 Return to Zhongjing
Chapter 1175 Two-sided
Chapter 1176 Hand-to-hand combat
Chapter 1177 Strengthening
Chapter 1178 The real outsider
Chapter 1179 A Higher Realm
Chapter 1180 Black Fruit
Chapter 1181 Getting there first
Chapter 1182 Cannibalism
Chapter 1183 Spare your lives
Chapter 1184 Super Power Fruit
Chapter 1185 Migration
Chapter 1186 Teach me how to practice
Chapter 1187 Luo County
Chapter 1188 Just looking for death
Chapter 1189 Cheetah Group
Chapter 1190 Anger
Chapter 1191 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 1192 Star-Moon Realm
Chapter 1193 Inquiry
Chapter 1194 Top Fusion
Chapter 1195 Yue Lao
Chapter 1196 Don’t come
Chapter 1197 Creation Organization
Chapter 1198 Fusion
Chapter 1199 Tired of playing
Chapter 1200 Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 1201 Game Over
Chapter 1202 Keep our home
Chapter 1203 Aren’t you full?
Chapter 1204 Alchemy
Chapter 1205 Standing alone
Chapter 1206 Second Migration
Chapter 1207 The storm is coming
Chapter 1208 The arrival of outsiders
Chapter 1209 The civilization that unifies the universe
Chapter 1210 Cooperation?
Chapter 1211 Cold Octopus
Chapter 1212 Cooperation reached
Chapter 1213 The existence that cannot be seen directly
Chapter 1214 Different Examiners
Chapter 1215 Creation Headquarters
Chapter 1216 Life Guarantee
Chapter 1217 Special Mission
Chapter 1218 Conditions
Chapter 1219 Must try
Chapter 1220 The last move
Chapter 1221 Lending Power
Chapter 1222 The price paid
Chapter 1223 Reincarnation
Chapter 1224 A rare elixir
Chapter 1225 Dragon
Chapter 1226 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind
Chapter 1227 Breaking through the Full Moon Realm
Chapter 1228 Discovered
Chapter 1229 Artificially Created Galaxy
Chapter 1230 Terrifying Talent
Chapter 1231 That Sir
Chapter 1232 Someone
Chapter 1233 New Mission
Chapter 1234 A more complicated situation
Chapter 1235 Negotiating Conditions
Chapter 1236 Come and get it in person
Chapter 1237 It’s not advisable to stay for a long time
Chapter 1238: Snatching the elixir
Chapter 1239 Delicious Fatty Meat
Chapter 1240 Pay the Price
Chapter 1241 The bastard who doesn’t make money if he has money
Chapter 1242 Big Fish
Chapter 1243 Fishing
Chapter 1244 Cooperation?
Chapter 1245 Breakthrough is imminent
Chapter 1246 Insight Talent
Chapter 1247 Breakthrough
Chapter 1248 Accepting fate
Chapter 1249 Reunion
Chapter 1250 The Final Battle
Chapter 1251 Fight if you want
Chapter 1252 If you invade my homeland, you will be punished no matter how far away you are.
Chapter 1253 Resurrection
Chapter 1254 She is very noble
Chapter 1255 Separation
Chapter 1256 No more than one hundred people
Chapter 1257 An incredible miracle
Chapter 1258 Meeting the Enemy
Chapter 1259 Do you know these three people?
Chapter 1260 Qianyu
Chapter 1261 The other side
Chapter 1262 Challenge yourself
Chapter 1263 Parting
Chapter 1264 Kang Xing
Chapter 1265 Successor Competition
Chapter 1266 Start the Arena Competition
Chapter 1267 You can’t
Chapter 1268 Not born yet
Chapter 1269 You can’t catch it
Chapter 1270 The Gathering Place of the Strong
Chapter 1271 Never Ending
Chapter 1272 The final final
Chapter 1273 You are very powerful
Chapter 1274 Thunder Slash
Chapter 1275 One move determines victory or defeat
Chapter 1276 The final trump card
Chapter 1277 Crazy Body Art
Chapter 1278 You are too weak
Chapter 1279 Waste
Chapter 1280 Fight with your life
Chapter 1281 Very confident
Chapter 1282 Upstart
Chapter 1283 A rare genius
Chapter 1284: Meet you by name
Chapter 1285 Special new product
Chapter 1286 The Road to Riches
Chapter 1287 It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to get rich
Chapter 1288 The First Level of Crazy Body Art
Chapter 1289 What a big arrogance
Chapter 1290 It’s easy to ask God but hard to send him away
Chapter 1291 Banquet of Talented Scholars
Chapter 1292 The best of the best
Chapter 1293 I’ll give you ten
Chapter 1294 One move is enough
Chapter 1295 It’s just nonsense
Chapter 1296 Transform into a dragon
Chapter 1297 So awesome
Chapter 1298 You won’t lose, you will only win
Chapter 1299 Special Identity
Chapter 1300 You want to die
Chapter 1301 War begins
Chapter 1302 His true identity
Chapter 1303 You don’t deserve to know my name
Chapter 1304: Kill to death
Chapter 1305 Yu’s concerns
Chapter 1306 Transfer
Chapter 1307 Simple Disguise
Chapter 1308 Husband, why are you running?
Chapter 1309 Retreat immediately
Chapter 1310 What a gentleman does
Chapter 1311 His name is Su Xiangfei
Chapter 1312 Nalan Family
Chapter 1313 Let’s go to Black Blue Star
Chapter 1314 I wish you all smooth sailing
Chapter 1315 Treasure Hunt
Chapter 1316 Extreme Cold
Chapter 1317 Immortal Sword Sect
Chapter 1318 Whose hands do you want to die in?
Chapter 1319 Three moves have passed
Chapter 1320 Fire Phoenix
Chapter 1321: Monopoly
Chapter 1322 I don’t want to die
Chapter 1323 Broken Sword
Chapter 1324 The King of Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 1325 It stung a bit
Chapter 1326 Four-eared Bronze Bell
Chapter 1327 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 1328 The one with the highest price wins
Chapter 1329 The Power of the Bronze Bell
Chapter 1330 But he is not
Chapter 1331 Ninth Floor Attic
Chapter 1332: Kill all the people in the sky to become a master
Chapter 1333 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 1334 Suck it dry
Chapter 1335 Powerful Sword
Chapter 1336 I’m going
Chapter 1337 Why not steal an egg?
Chapter 1338: Risk your life
Chapter 1339 Special Human Being
Chapter 1340 Catching a turtle in a urn
Chapter 1341 Useless efforts
Chapter 1342 Kill him
Chapter 1343 Kill my grandson
Chapter 1344 Compensation
Chapter 1345 Mistress Madam
Chapter 1346: Turning against guests
Chapter 1347 Let’s see who is stronger
Chapter 1348 Auction
Chapter 1349 Playing devil’s advocate
Chapter 1350 Turn on defense mode
Chapter 1351 Obey my orders
Chapter 1352 Breaking out of the shell
Chapter 1353 Fighting Nation
Chapter 1354 A unique flavor
Chapter 1355 Have to be on guard
Chapter 1356 Don’t reveal your wealth
Chapter 1357 Retirement
Chapter 1358 Get out or die
Chapter 1359 Linghu Terrace
Chapter 1360 Chance of Survival
Chapter 1361: Getting there first
Chapter 1362 Dream on, grandson!
Chapter 1363 Bloodbath of the Weir Family
Chapter 1364 Waiting for a destined person
Chapter 1365 One Yuan Coin
Chapter 1366 If you don’t eat the toast, you will be punished by drinking wine
Chapter 1367 Comes and goes without a trace
Chapter 1368 Ignorance of good and evil
Chapter 1369 Living up to good intentions
Chapter 1370 Fifty billion, isn’t that much, right?
Chapter 1371 Make friends sincerely
Chapter 1372 How dare Shuzi
Chapter 1373 Wei Dongyi
Chapter 1374 Leave no one behind
Chapter 1375 Immortal Ascension Competition
Chapter 1376 The traitor will never die
Chapter 1377 Do you think I am a beggar?
Chapter 1378: Xixi gets angry when he wakes up
Chapter 1379 Arriving at Henghe
Chapter 1380 Three consecutive battles
Chapter 1381 Nobody
Chapter 1382 Lifting the Restriction
Chapter 1383 Pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger
Chapter 1384 Extremely strong defense
Chapter 1385 Forbidden Land
Chapter 1386 Big Diao Loli
Chapter 1387 Why are you laughing?
Chapter 1388: Be low-key
Chapter 1389 Seeking Death
Chapter 1390 Let’s cut each other down
Chapter 1391 Sir, wait a minute
Chapter 1392 Good thing
Chapter 1393 Spirit Pattern
Chapter 1394 Awakening Memory
Chapter 1395 Farewell
Chapter 1396 Your own way
Chapter 1397 Hailan Sect
Chapter 1398 Spirit Ruins
Chapter 1399 The default fiancée
Chapter 1400 Arena Competition
Chapter 1401 The scary guy
Chapter 1402 Of course I will kill you
Chapter 1403 No one can stop me
Chapter 1404 Three Years Life
Chapter 1405 I will personally take your life
Chapter 1406 Protecting the Hailan Sect
Chapter 1407 Transformation
Chapter 1408 Not an opponent
Chapter 1409 The breath of the enemy
Chapter 1410 Yang Yi disappeared
Chapter 1411 'Corpse'
Chapter 1412 Desert Sea
Chapter 1413 Zhang Mazi
Chapter 1414 Bluffing
Chapter 1415 Caiyun Galaxy
Chapter 1416 The House is Full of Flowers
Chapter 1417 Meng Qiao
Chapter 1418: Coming to seek revenge
Chapter 1419 Only he can use it
Chapter 1420 Zhelan Galaxy
Chapter 1421 Happy Water
Chapter 1422 The acquaintance of life and death
Chapter 1423 White Lion
Chapter 1424 God of Magical Array
Chapter 1425 I dare not think about it at all
Chapter 1426 Test
Chapter 1427 Ten minutes
Chapter 1428 Yang Junze
Chapter 1429 Return to Si Zhou
Chapter 1430 Meeting Le Shui
Chapter 1431 This is really heavy
Chapter 1432 Sacrifice
Chapter 1433 Everyone has his own ambitions
Chapter 1434 The First Team
Chapter 1435 Yanhuang Blood
Chapter 1436: Still from our team, right?
Chapter 1437 The Tribulation of Thunder Dragon
Chapter 1438 Just ask, there is no answer
Chapter 1439 Giving Points
Chapter 1440 Genius Monster
Chapter 1441 Is it a bluff?
Chapter 1442 Starting all over again
Chapter 1443: Breaking the Queen
Chapter 1444 Fallen Angel Array
Chapter 1445 You will live well
Chapter 1446 Self-destruction
Chapter 1447 The entire army was wiped out?
Chapter 1448 Retreat
Chapter 1449 Three things to do when a new official takes office
Chapter 1450 Military Disposal
Chapter 1451 Are you convinced?
Chapter 1452 Ninety percent sure
Chapter 1453 Leave no one behind
Chapter 1454 War Lord
Chapter 1455 It’s really you
Chapter 1456 The former Lord of King's Landing
Chapter 1457 The end of reincarnation
Chapter 1458 Return to Dragon Lord
Chapter 1459 Looking for Daughter
Chapter 1460 Engagement
Chapter 1461 The pug turns into a vicious dog
Chapter 1462 It’s your death!
Chapter 1463 See Your Majesty
Chapter 1464 Fire Phoenix Totem
Chapter 1465 Dad, Mom!
Chapter 1466 Let go of my daughter
Chapter 1467 Fuck my sister
Chapter 1468 Charming
Chapter 1469 Don’t you feel bad?
Chapter 1470 That Place
Chapter 1471 A naked command
Chapter 1472 Pretend to be stupid to the end
Chapter 1473 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 1474 Lord Junlin!
Chapter 1475 Wedding
Chapter 1476 Three women and one drama
Chapter 1477 Falling out
Chapter 1478 A complete fall out
Chapter 1479 If you want to kill me, I’ll wait
Chapter 1480 We are strangers
Chapter 1481 Giant Tree Galaxy
Chapter 1482 Spirit Seed
Chapter 1483 Golden Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 1484 Complete Awakening
Chapter 1485 Awakening
Chapter 1486 Amnesia
Chapter 1487 Yinbao Trading Company
Chapter 1488 I am her brother
Chapter 1489 Wuxu Sect
Chapter 1490 Five Layers of Thunder
Chapter 1491 Take good care of Qing'er
Chapter 1492 Nanmu Ice City
Chapter 1493 Flying Spirit Beast
Chapter 1494 Tiger blocking the road
Chapter 1495 Life-saving grace
Chapter 1496 What happened?
Chapter 1497 Too strong
Chapter 1498: Did you come to me to die?
Chapter 1499 Big shot
Chapter 1500 The weak and the strong
Chapter 1501 Si Qing is missing
Chapter 1502 What’s going on?
Chapter 1503 Utilization Value
Chapter 1504 I only have you
Chapter 1505 Qi Yue
Chapter 1506 Distress Signal
Chapter 1507 Arrogance!
Chapter 1508 Withdraw
Chapter 1509 Plan
Chapter 1510 I won’t live long
Chapter 1511 White Black Bird
Chapter 1512 We have something to discuss
Chapter 1513 White Phoenix
Chapter 1514 Kill one on sight
Chapter 1515 Is it very precious?
Chapter 1516 Duhuang Body
Chapter 1517 Menacing
Chapter 1518 The Demon Attacks
Chapter 1519 You can die
Chapter 1520: Not in his eyes
Chapter 1521 Let’s go!
Chapter 1522 I don’t want to go on a killing spree
Chapter 1523 Apprenticeship
Chapter 1524 Help her take revenge
Chapter 1525 He is God
Chapter 1526 The Ling family is in danger
Chapter 1527 Kill
Chapter 1528 Either surrender or die
Chapter 1529 Nanmu Ice City
Chapter 1530 Lost
Chapter 1531 Secret Protection
Chapter 1532 Self-cultivation
Chapter 1533 Bai Lei
Chapter 1534 White Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 1535 The Ancestral Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 1536 The Sword of the Ancestor
Chapter 1537 Phoenix Sword
Chapter 1538: As far as I am concerned, it is useless
Chapter 1539 Curse Huang
Chapter 1540 Nine Spaces
Chapter 1541 Recognition
Chapter 1542 Doesn’t belong to this world
Chapter 1543 Return
Chapter 1544 He is back!
Chapter 1545: Guard the rear
Chapter 1546 Idiot’s Dream
Chapter 1547 Samsara Beast
Chapter 1548 Jedi Reversal
Chapter 1549 Breakthrough into Immortality
Chapter 1550 The Realm of Eternal Life
Chapter 1551 Return to Hometown
Chapter 1552 Boundary Crystal
Chapter 1553 Fusion
Chapter 1554 Resurrection
Chapter 1555 The Secret of Blue Star
Chapter 1556 Waiting for you
Chapter 1557 Heading to the Three Realms Space
Chapter 1558 Up
Chapter 1559 Monster Genius
Chapter 1560 Disciple who entered the house
Chapter 1561 Above Eternal Life
Chapter 1562 Gray Area
Chapter 1563 Changing the Rules
Chapter 1564 Spiritual Vein
Chapter 1555 The storm breaks out again
Chapter 1566 Black Stone Veins
Chapter 1567 Black Stone Essence
Chapter 1568 Losing his wife and losing his troops
Chapter 1569 A faint smell of blood
Chapter 1570 The baby hates you
Chapter 1571 Unknown Creature
Chapter 1572 Gambling Fight
Chapter 1573 Taking the lead
Chapter 1574 Thank you for your support
Chapter 1575 Arrest
Chapter 1576 Response
Chapter 1577 Then give it a try
Chapter 1578 Eternal Life is the Strongest
Chapter 1579 Soul Search
Chapter 1580 Searching for someone
Chapter 1581 I can’t tolerate you
Chapter 1582 Leaving
Chapter 1583
Chapter 1584 Hunting Spiritual Beasts
Chapter 1585 Steppe Wolf
Chapter 1586 Leave it to me
Chapter 1587 Special Talent
Chapter 1588 Passing by
Chapter 1589 Save me!
Chapter 1590 Scare them
Chapter 1591 Keeping Secrets
Chapter 1592 Recruiting bodyguards
Chapter 1593 Sneezing
Chapter 1594 Day Star Balance
Chapter 1595 Zhou Xingyan
Chapter 1596 Forced Kiss
Chapter 1597 Disciple who entered the house
Chapter 1598 It’s me
Chapter 1599 The Power of Time
Chapter 1600 Terrifying Talent
Chapter 1601 Merging the Two Realms
Chapter 1602 Major Changes
Chapter 1603 Fusion of Two Realms
Chapter 1604 Breakthrough!
Chapter 1605 Do you believe it?
Chapter 1606 Departure
Chapter 1607: Not scared
Chapter 1608 Charge?
Chapter 1609 Just come
Chapter 1610 Is it really the Mysterious Soul Realm?
Chapter 1611 It turns out you are the seventh junior brother
Chapter 1612 Deadpool
Chapter 1613 The red moon appears
Chapter 1614 Fierce Fighting
Chapter 1615 The Strongest in the Nine Realms
Chapter 1616 The Hope of the Ebony Clan
Chapter 1617 God’s Curse
Chapter 1618 Accidentally Injuring the Soul
Chapter 1619 Are you serious?
Chapter 1620 It seems you are not that stupid
Chapter 1621 Interesting
Chapter 1622: Fellow Race
Chapter 1623 The Era Fades
Chapter 1624 Perfect Body
Chapter 1625 Reshaping the body
Chapter 1626 Wu Yin
Chapter 1627 The terrifying talent
Chapter 1628 Move quickly
Chapter 1629 Take you home
Chapter 1630 The Founding Lord
Chapter 1631 Good luck to you
Chapter 1632 The Hope of the Ebony God
Chapter 1633 One Qi Dao Alliance
Chapter 1634 New Crisis
Chapter 1635 Yang Yi’s confusion
Chapter 1636 The last month
Chapter 1637 Yang Yi’s request
Chapter 1638 The meaning of living
Chapter 1639 The End of Life
Chapter 1640 Is your surname Yang?
Chapter 1641 Zhu Family
Chapter 1642 Traces of Parents
Chapter 1643 Weird Thoughts
Chapter 1644 No Chess
Chapter 1645: Unfortunately Defeated
Chapter 1646: Wariness
Chapter 1647 Breakthrough
Chapter 1648 Entering the Ghost Island
Chapter 1649 The Secret Realm of the Ancient Ship
Chapter 1650 Arknights
Chapter 1651 Sanctimonious Zhu Zhiluo
Chapter 1652 These garbage
Chapter 1653 Team formation
Chapter 1654 Heading to the third floor
Chapter 1655 Have you ever heard of the Ebony God?
Chapter 1656 The sword spirit recognizes its master
Chapter 1657 Exit
Chapter 1658 How is this possible?
Chapter 1659 Go in and try?
Chapter 1660 You know
Chapter 1661 He is dead
Chapter 1662 Complete Merits
Chapter 1663 Thoughts left for you
Chapter 1664 There is another trick
Chapter 1665 Not worthy of use
Chapter 1666 If you want it, come and get it yourself
Chapter 1667 Life-saving grace
Chapter 1668 Sword Heart
Chapter 1669: Sit back and wait.
Chapter 1670 Give it a try?
Chapter 1671: Getting there first
Chapter 1672 The Disappearing Entrance
Chapter 1673 Teach you how to be a good person
Chapter 1674 Take action
Chapter 1675 Equally divided
Chapter 1676 Flame Mountain
Chapter 1677 Three of you, please help yourself
Chapter 1678 Meeting the Master
Chapter 1679 Bait
Chapter 1680 Little Black Snake
Chapter 1681 Fighting Side by Side
Chapter 1682 On the way to being chased
Chapter 1683 Eat flowers
Chapter 1684: Careful planning
Chapter 1685 Let’s talk later
Chapter 1686 Internal and external cooperation
Chapter 1687 Baby, go over and help him!
Chapter 1688 Catching a turtle in a urn
Chapter 1689 Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 1690 Making a feint to the east and attacking in the west
Chapter 1691 Inner perimeter
Chapter 1692 I don’t like you very much
Chapter 1693 Give it a try
Chapter 1694 Breakthrough of the Soul
Chapter 1695 Is this all?
Chapter 1696 Seventh Floor
Chapter 1697 Crossing the Bridge
Chapter 1698 Pass the test
Chapter 1699 What does eternal life mean?
Chapter 1700 There is something wrong with this water!
Chapter 1701 I did it
Chapter 1702 The taste is really strong
Chapter 1703 Get out of here
Chapter 1704: Never leave the same origin
Chapter 1705: The father’s debt is paid by the son
Chapter 1706 The Eighteenth Floor
Chapter 1707 The missing soul
Chapter 1708 The secret realm disappears
Chapter 1709 Get rid of him
Chapter 1710 True Identity
Chapter 1711 Come here to see me
Chapter 1712 Look at your brain?
Chapter 1713: Falling out
Chapter 1714 Defeat
Chapter 1715 I take it back for my father
Chapter 1716 Strange Box
Chapter 1717 Transformation
Chapter 1718 Dead Flower
Chapter 1719 Complete Fall
Chapter 1720 Loose Cultivators
Chapter 1721 Planning
Chapter 1722 Investigate the situation
Chapter 1723 Red Eyes
Chapter 1724 Take the initiative
Chapter 1725 Find out
Chapter 1726 Leave quickly
Chapter 1727 Demon God
Chapter 1728 Inquiry
Chapter 1729 Reincarnation of Heaven
Chapter 1730 Space Gate
Chapter 1731 Parting
Chapter 1732 Monument
Chapter 1733 I am willing to sell
Chapter 1734 Offer it up
Chapter 1735 Half an hour
Chapter 1736 Restricted Area
Chapter 1737 Broken Soul Mountain
Chapter 1738 The Evil Spirit Leader
Chapter 1739 Your Fourth Uncle
Chapter 1740 Bodhi Tree
Chapter 1741 Competing with it
Chapter 1742 Revenge
Chapter 1743 Bet
Chapter 1744 The Last Battle
Chapter 1745 The war situation turns around
Chapter 1746 Mixed truth and falsehood
Chapter 1747 He is God
Chapter 1748 Chai Family
Chapter 1749 Conditions
Chapter 1750 Must go
Chapter 1751 The price of provocation
Chapter 1752 Some strength
Chapter 1753 I’m afraid something is wrong
Chapter 1754 Join forces
Chapter 1755 Formulas and Blood Essence
Chapter 1756 Parting
Chapter 1757 Feixue Sect
Chapter 1758 Where does it come from?
Chapter 1759 Inner Sect Elder
Chapter 1760 Entering the City
Chapter 1761 Higher quality things
Chapter 1762 Deduction
Chapter 1763 Immortality
Chapter 1764 The Last Hope
Chapter 1765 Moving here
Chapter 1766 Beast Tide
Chapter 1767 The beast tide is coming
Chapter 1768 Golden Tiger with Blood Eyes
Chapter 1769 Deep in South Lake
Chapter 1770 Just funerary objects
Chapter 1771 Meet Qiankun Yi again
Chapter 1772 Accept me as your younger brother
Chapter 1773 A surprise for Yang Yi
Chapter 1774 Does it look like this?
Chapter 1775 Colorful Sky-Swallowing Python
Chapter 1776 Howled twice
Chapter 1777 Another soul fragment
Chapter 1778 Bi Fangniao appears
Chapter 1779 The Land of Karmic Fire Appears
Chapter 1780 What is this thing?
Chapter 1781 Drinking flower wine
Chapter 1782 Debt Collection
Chapter 1783 Challenge the Shining Realm
Chapter 1784 Spare your lives
Chapter 1785 The Yunxing Sect is established
Chapter 1786 Weird Cemetery
Chapter 1787 What about this?
Chapter 1788 Live well
Chapter 1789 Still full of style
Chapter 1790 Not being ordered around by subordinates
Chapter 1791 Next Plan
Chapter 1792 Join Feixue Sect?
Chapter 1793: Forming an alliance? Don’t even think about it
Chapter 1794 Formal alliance
Chapter 1795 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 1796 Just helping allies
Chapter 1797 Dragon Slaying
Chapter 1798 Meeting an old friend
Chapter 1799 The dying man
Chapter 1800 Another soul fragment
Chapter 1801 The upcoming war
Chapter 1802 Deep in the Desert
Chapter 1803 Caught off guard
Chapter 1804 Persuasion
Chapter 1805 Direct detonation
Chapter 1806 Escape
Chapter 1807 Breakthrough
Chapter 1808 Fear in heart
Chapter 1809 Critical Moment
Chapter 1810 The decisive battle with Yunxing Sect
Chapter 1811 No bones left
Chapter 1812 Stand still
Chapter 1813 The decisive battle is about to begin
Chapter 1814 Give them an explanation
Chapter 1815 Feixue Sect’s Support
Chapter 1816 I want to eat you
Chapter 1817 The winner and the loser
Chapter 1818 Indecent Means
Chapter 1819 Attack again
Chapter 1820 Showdown at the Combat Power Ceiling
Chapter 1821 The situation is reversed
Chapter 1822 Nothing is left
Chapter 1823 A great victory
Chapter 1824 Self-righteousness
Chapter 1825 I owe you an apology
Chapter 1826 Next Plan
Chapter 1827 Get a piece of the pie
Chapter 1828 Are you worthy?
Chapter 1829 Meet the Taishan Sect
Chapter 1830 Look what you said
Chapter 1831 No more talk
Chapter 1832: Beat it up with a rake
Chapter 1833 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 1834 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 1835 Take action
Chapter 1836 The Crucial Battle
Chapter 1837 Battle with Taishan Sect
Chapter 1838 Someone coming from the upper world
Chapter 1839 Is it related to you?
Chapter 1840 The Taishan Sect surrenders
Chapter 1841 Shared hatred and hatred
Chapter 1842 People from the Six Realms Arrive
Chapter 1843 Reason
Chapter 1844 The chaotic battle situation
Chapter 1845 Siege and Killing
Chapter 1846 Godless Zone
Chapter 1847 Entering the Godless Zone
Chapter 1848 Strange Illusion
Chapter 1849 Obstacle
Chapter 1850 Entering the Ruins
Chapter 1851 Group fight
Chapter 1852 Soul Burning Pill
Chapter 1853 Survival from desperate situation
Chapter 1854 Because you can’t wait
Chapter 1855 Parting ways
Chapter 1856 Restoration of Cultivation
Chapter 1857 Human-Faced Demon Ape
Chapter 1858 Phoenix Egg
Chapter 1859 The snipe and the clam compete for the fisherman’s profit
Chapter 1860 Entering the Secret Realm
Chapter 1861 Tianling Yuan Dan Dan
Chapter 1862 Hitting a wall
Chapter 1863 The second level
Chapter 1864 Breaking through the environment
Chapter 1865 The Third Level of Test
Chapter 1866 Fine Iron Stone Statue
Chapter 1867 Solution
Chapter 1868 Encounter with Wei Ran and others
Chapter 1869 Ancestors of the Yang Family
Chapter 1870 The Arrival of the Ancestor
Chapter 1871 Making trouble
Chapter 1872 Heading to the Six Realms Space
Chapter 1873 Identity Proof
Chapter 1874 Yaochi Heavenly Palace
Chapter 1875 News inside Yaochi
Chapter 1876 Looking for someone
Chapter 1877 Smart Woman
Chapter 1878 Xuanyin Body
Chapter 1879 Take down the sisters
Chapter 1880 A casual cultivator
Chapter 1881 Are you a monk?
Chapter 1882 Sudden encounter with robbers
Chapter 1883 Lingyuan Pavilion takes action
Chapter 1884 Search
Chapter 1885 Participating in the Auction
Chapter 1886 The auction begins
Chapter 1887 The auction begins
Chapter 1888 Fire Fox Clan
Chapter 1889 I wrote it down
Chapter 1890 Leave it to you
Chapter 1891 Targeting? No need!
Chapter 1892 Sneaking around
Chapter 1893 Sneak Attack
Chapter 1894 Cooperation
Chapter 1895 Merchant of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1896 Meeting the Young Master
Chapter 1897 Gadgets
Chapter 1898 Entering Yaochi
Chapter 1899 Spirit Wood
Chapter 1900 Coming soon
Chapter 1901 Special Valley
Chapter 1902 Everyone, please come back
Chapter 1903 Hallucinogenic Grass
Chapter 1904 The Goodness of Long Yang
Chapter 1905 Poison Master
Chapter 1906 Let’s play
Chapter 1907 Old Friend
Chapter 1908 A terrifying place
Chapter 1909 Second Floor
Chapter 1910 Lord of the Wilderness
Chapter 1911 Goodbye Qilin
Chapter 1912 Breaking the Seal
Chapter 1913 The Devil is Born
Chapter 1914: Competition to recruit a bride?
Chapter 1915 Come to get something
Chapter 1916 Respect each other’s wishes
Chapter 1917 Heart of Deer Spirit
Chapter 1918 The past
Chapter 1919 Underwear?
Chapter 1920 Great help
Chapter 1921 Conditions
Chapter 1922 I was moved to tears
Chapter 1923 Heading to Hongshan Sect
Chapter 1924 Heavenly Spirit Realm Master
Chapter 1925 Pass
Chapter 1929 Fair Battle
Chapter 1930 Nothing unfair
Chapter 1931 Entering the Heavenly Palace
Chapter 1932 Settlement of Accounts
Chapter 1933 This kind of virtue
Chapter 1934 Clear division of labor
Chapter 1935: A little knowledge
Chapter 1936 This thing is good
Chapter 1937 Leading to the next level?
Chapter 1938 Follow you
Chapter 1939 Great Witch Zhu?
Chapter 1940 Something unexpected happened
Chapter 1941 Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 1942 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 1943 Everything is ready, all we need is the east wind
Chapter 1944: A little knowledge
Chapter 1945 The unclear path
Chapter 1946 Jade Ruyi
Chapter 1947 Fair conditions
Chapter 1948 The person who breaks the restrictions
Chapter 1949 Do any of the sisters have husbands?
Chapter 1950 The perfect man
Chapter 1951 Deadly fate
Chapter 1952 A plan
Chapter 1953 All things return to their ancestors
Chapter 1954 The situation is serious
Chapter 1955 The troops are divided into ten groups
Chapter 1956 Bulldozer
Chapter 1957 The broken balance
Chapter 1958 Peace talks?
Chapter 1959 Are you a novice?
Chapter 1960 Xiaobai?
Chapter 1961 Another Illusion
Chapter 1962 Her Phantom
Chapter 1963 The World of Divine Beasts
Chapter 1964 Advancement to Heavenly Spirit Realm
Chapter 1965 Slaves for generations
Chapter 1966 I can’t afford it
Chapter 1967 The Power of Space
Chapter 1968 Offal
Chapter 1969 Plan
Chapter 1970 The Taotie’s Corner
Chapter 1971 Handling Housework
Chapter 1972 Collating information
Chapter 1973 Winning over forces
Chapter 1974 Village Girl Enters the City
Chapter 1975 His Highness the Seventh Prince
Chapter 1976 Meeting the Yi sisters again
Chapter 1977 Key Figures
Chapter 1978 Yin-Yang Combination Sword
Chapter 1979 Four Hundred Million
Chapter 1980 A different little thought
Chapter 1781 Evidence
Chapter 1782 Unification of the West
Chapter 1983 Buddha
Chapter 1984 Don’t take things from juniors
Chapter 1985 A big deal
Chapter 1986 Secret Talk
Chapter 1987 The troops are divided into two groups
Chapter 1988 Hiding?
Chapter 1989 Competing for invitations
Chapter 1990 Refining
Chapter 1991 Seeking Death
Chapter 1992 A little punishment
Chapter 1993 Rat crossing the street
Chapter 1994 Cooperating with the Wilderness
Chapter 1995 Let’s chat while eating, you’re welcome
Chapter 1996 Cooperation?
Chapter 1997 Forced into the Palace
Chapter 1998 Profound Foundation
Chapter 1999 Sanqing Taoist
Chapter 2000 Coincidence
Chapter 2001 Western Continent
Chapter 2002 Dead City
Chapter 2003 Wash your mouth
Chapter 2004 So stupid
Chapter 2005 Blood Demon
Chapter 2006 Tampering with the Magic Circle
Chapter 2007 Going and Returning
Chapter 2008 Escape
Chapter 2009 No news
Chapter 2010 The legendary one
Chapter 2011 Meeting Huang Lingshu again
Chapter 2012 You are the most powerful
Chapter 2013 Heading to Buddhism
Chapter 2014 The mind is full of oil
Chapter 2015 Everyone, how are you doing lately?
Chapter 2016 Nice Bald Donkey
Chapter 2017 Thoughts
Chapter 2018 The Golden Body of Buddha
Chapter 2019 Buddhist Initiation
Chapter 2020 Bad News
Chapter 2021 Hua Family
Chapter 2022 Hua Ran’s Admonition
Chapter 2023 Helping Outsiders
Chapter 2024 Tracking
Chapter 2025 One per person
Chapter 2026 Fate Pass
Chapter 2027 Qilin Fusheng Jue
Chapter 2028 Fengling Tea
Chapter 2029 Who are you?
Chapter 2030 Borrowing flowers to offer to Buddha
Chapter 2031 The evidence is conclusive
Chapter 2032 Everyone has their own concerns
Chapter 2033 The situation has changed
Chapter 2034 Let’s get straight to the point
Chapter 2035 The Lord of the Wilderness Appears
Chapter 2036 Alliance established
Chapter 2037 Beast Tide
Chapter 2038 Guess
Chapter 2039 Mausoleum
Chapter 2040 Hidden Mystery
Chapter 2041 Headless Corpse
Chapter 2042 Fatal Weakness
Chapter 2043 Weird runes
Chapter 2044 The Land of Nothingness
Chapter 2045 Spirit Realm
Chapter 2046 Behind the Door
Chapter 2047 Puppetry
Chapter 2048 Yuandao, he wants to kill
Chapter 2049 Golden Coffin
Chapter 2050 Breaking through the True Spirit Realm
Chapter 2051 Unexpected changes
Chapter 2052 Seven Realms of Space
Chapter 2053 Interception
Chapter 2054 Huang Jian is dead
Chapter 2055 Dog Skin Plaster
Chapter 2056 Feng Yuanzi’s Disciple
Chapter 2057 Come with me
Chapter 2058: The method of stimulating generals
Chapter 2059 How stupid
Chapter 2060 Learning from Feng Yuanzi
Chapter 2061 Feng Yuanzi appears
Chapter 2062 Escape
Chapter 2063 Where did it come from?
Chapter 2064 Three Divine Realms
Chapter 2065 Discovering Information
Chapter 2066 Attack
Chapter 2067 The storm is coming
Chapter 2068 Turning the body into a sword
Chapter 2069 Disappears between heaven and earth
Chapter 2070: Be careful when sailing the ship of ten thousand years
Chapter 2071 Embroidered Pillow
Chapter 2072 Disguise
Chapter 2073 It’s easier to start
Chapter 2074: Cheating and abduction
Chapter 2075 Extreme Pull
Chapter 2076 It’s okay, don’t come in
Chapter 2077 Threat
Chapter 2078 Assassination of Princess Qingyao
Chapter 2079 Building momentum
Chapter 2080 Xuanwu City
Chapter 2081 Descendants of the Nuwa Tribe
Chapter 2082 New Plan
Chapter 2083 Don’t you understand the rules?
Chapter 2084 Returning in vain
Chapter 2085 Find a new way
Chapter 2086 The storm breaks out again
Chapter 2087 Melee
Chapter 2088 Guess the plan
Chapter 2089 Use me as a gun?
Chapter 2090 Old friends meet
Chapter 2091 A good show
Chapter 2092 The show is on
Chapter 2093 Feiyu’s abnormality
Chapter 2094 Leaving the Nuwa Clan
Chapter 2095 Nonsense
Chapter 2096 Facing the Half-Step God
Chapter 2097 Demon Ancestor Fu Ji
Chapter 2098 Acting
Chapter 2099 Dogs Can’t Change Eating Shit
Chapter 2100 Baby’s Clues
Chapter 2101 Heading to Tianhu
Chapter 2102 Xiaoyao
Chapter 2103 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 2104 Qingfeng
Chapter 2105 Kill you first
Chapter 2106 On a boat
Chapter 2107 A plan to break the situation
Chapter 2108 Hostages
Chapter 2109 Find the trace
Chapter 2110: Figure it out
Chapter 2111 You will die here
Chapter 2112 See through
Chapter 2113 War with the Demons
Chapter 2114 The demon above is looking for you
Chapter 2115 A fierce fight
Chapter 2116 Time Bomb
Chapter 2117 Secret Realm
Chapter 2118 The real secret realm
Chapter 2119 Demon King Demon Heart
Chapter 2120 Demonic energy enters the body
Chapter 2121 Laws
Chapter 2122 The God of Killing Leaves
Chapter 2123 The storm subsides
Chapter 2124 Open the back door
Chapter 2125 Entry Competition
Chapter 2126 Insider Truth
Chapter 2127 Deadlock
Chapter 2128 Gambling Agreement
Chapter 2129 The magic circle was destroyed
Chapter 2130 Showdown with each other
Chapter 2131 Cooperation
Chapter 2132 Bye Lottery
Chapter 2133 Comeback
Chapter 2134 Demonization
Chapter 2135 Ten thousand swords return to the clan
Chapter 2136 Another Divine Realm
Chapter 2137 Meeting Demon Heart Again
Chapter 2138 How shameless
Chapter 2139 Past events
Chapter 2140 I want to go too
Chapter 2141 Departure for Trial
Chapter 2142 Take action
Chapter 2143 Cooperation?
Chapter 2144 makes a brilliant debut
Chapter 2145 Smoking Angry
Chapter 2146 Bait
Chapter 2147 City in the Water
Chapter 2148 The obsession is gone
Chapter 2149 Sky Shattering Sword
Chapter 2150 The Life of Yao Qi
Chapter 2151 Revenge against Yuandao
Chapter 2152 Neither human nor demon
Chapter 2153 Bastard
Chapter 2154 The boss of the mainland
Chapter 2155 Revenge for Master
Chapter 2156 Framed
Chapter 2157 Bodyguard
Chapter 2158 Black Guardian
Chapter 2159 Looking for someone
Chapter 2160 Hand someone over
Chapter 2161 Cloud Ore
Chapter 2162 Puppet Pathfinder
Chapter 2163 If ??he wants to kill him, he can kill him!
Chapter 2164 The Divine Weapon Comes to the World
Chapter 2165 Ling Zongzi
Chapter 2166 Potential Rivals
Chapter 2167 Immortal Alliance
Chapter 2168 Seeing through the disguise
Chapter 2169 Meeting old friends
Chapter 2170 The situation is reversed
Chapter 2171 Death of the God Lord
Chapter 2172 Bad luck
Chapter 2173 Fangcheng Auction House
Chapter 2174 Puppet replaced by dragon
Chapter 2175 It’s so noisy
Chapter 2176 Death of Ling Zongzi
Chapter 2177 Save my life
Chapter 2178 Planning
Chapter 2179 Failed to stir up trouble
Chapter 2180 Bottomless Pit
Chapter 2181 Sowing discord
Chapter 2182 Eyes shine
Chapter 2183 Persuade to Surrender
Chapter 2184 Sudden incident
Chapter 2185 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 2186 Delaying time
Chapter 2187 The Threat of the Demon Lord
Chapter 2188 Word Game
Chapter 2189 You are Daozu
Chapter 2190 Take the risk
Chapter 2191 Emerging wisdom out of desperation
Chapter 2192 Reinforcements arrive
Chapter 2193 Road Fool
Chapter 2194 Old Bald Donkey
Chapter 2195 Conspiracy
Chapter 2196 Head-on collision
Chapter 2197 Reinforcements
Chapter 2198 Being targeted
Chapter 2199 Confrontation
Chapter 2200 Blackmail
Chapter 2201 Attacked again
Chapter 2202 Non-cooperation
Chapter 2203 The Nine Dragon Spear comes out!
Chapter 2204 The clone appears
Chapter 2205 Devouring
Chapter 2206 Dilemma
Chapter 2207 Breakthrough of the Gods
Chapter 2218 Shocking Change
Chapter 2209 The End of the Crossbow
Chapter 2210 Confusing the real with the fake
Chapter 2211 Discovering clues
Chapter 2212 Shenghui is missing
Chapter 2213 Constraints
Chapter 2114 The magic circle is activated
Chapter 2115 There is something wrong in my heart
Chapter 2216 Kill one a day
Chapter 2217 How to break the situation
Chapter 2218 God-killing Formation
Chapter 2219 Tricky
Chapter 2220 When something goes wrong, there must be a monster
Chapter 2221 Angry
Chapter 2222 Chess Piece
Chapter 2223 I will drag you with me even to death
Chapter 2224 Know it well
Chapter 2225 Strategy
Chapter 2226 Bargaining Bargaining
Chapter 2227 Unexpected Rescue
Chapter 2228 You are still alive!
Chapter 2229 Demon Ancestor Fu Ji
Chapter 2230 Demonic Qi
Chapter 2231: Cheating and abduction
Chapter 2232 Repairing the Magic Circle
Chapter 2233: Heart Attack Strategy
Chapter 2234 Cooperation again
Chapter 2235 This is another price
Chapter 2236 Meeting Wen Qi again
Chapter 2237 You talk too much!
Chapter 2238 A plan within a plan
Chapter 2239 Join the Rogue Cultivator Sect
Chapter 2240 Breaking through the void
Chapter 2241 I’m not helping you
Chapter 2242 Treasure House of Huizhen
Chapter 2243 I have something to say
Chapter 2244 You won’t understand
Chapter 2245 Thugs
Chapter 2246 Evacuation
Chapter 2247 Let’s go
Chapter 2248 Tracking
Chapter 2249 Thoughts that turn over and over again
Chapter 2250 Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 2251 Oh, it’s so lively
Chapter 2252 Testing
Chapter 2253 Linglong Tower
Chapter 2254 Linglong Tower
Chapter 2255 Death of Elder Zhang
Chapter 2256 Don’t play tricks
Chapter 2257 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 2258 Another Treasure House of Huizhen
Chapter 2259 A thief broke in
Chapter 2260 Fire Phoenix Grass
Chapter 2261 Big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimps
Chapter 2262 Zhang Family
Chapter 2263 Waste of time
Chapter 2264 A sincere person
Chapter 2265 Space Distortion
Chapter 2266 The Divine Beast Green Dragon
Chapter 2267 Former Brothers
Chapter 2268 Another peak of the divine realm
Chapter 2269 Hand over the things
Chapter 2270 Defense Array?
Chapter 2271 Meeting Zhai Lin again
Chapter 2272 How annoying
Chapter 2273 Space Distortion
Chapter 2274 Soul Condensing Grass
Chapter 2275 Are you in human form?
Chapter 2276 Coiling Dragon Ruins
Chapter 2277 Let them live
Chapter 2278 The Demon King is Resurrected
Chapter 2279 Nine Yang Fire Veins
Chapter 2280 Even if you kill, you can kill
Chapter 2281 I don’t like your resources.
Chapter 2282 I need help from you all
Chapter 2283 A visitor from the Ouyang family
Chapter 2284: Strike first to gain the upper hand
Chapter 2285 Reaching Consensus
Chapter 2286 Ambitious
Chapter 2287 Seven Star Array
Chapter 2288 Blood Jade Appears
Chapter 2289 Provocation
Chapter 2290 The real blood jade
Chapter 2291 There is a wolf before and a tiger behind
Chapter 2292 Not so good!
Chapter 2293 Light of the Sky
Chapter 2294 No more talk?
Chapter 2295: Sacrifice yourself
Chapter 2296 Let’s die together
Chapter 2297 The real threat
Chapter 2298 Restoring breath
Chapter 2299 You are so scheming
Chapter 2300 Enemies from both sides
Chapter 2301 Pretend to be a pig and eat the tiger
Chapter 2302 He is dead!
Chapter 2303 If you don’t run away, why are you waiting?
Chapter 2304 Is there any evidence?
Chapter 2305 Purpose Achieved
Chapter 2306 It’s all of you
Chapter 2307 Everyone here must die
Chapter 2308 Why are you barking so hard?
Chapter 2309 There are a lot of good things
Chapter 2310 Pretended Cooperation
Chapter 2311 Not enough
Chapter 2312 Didn’t treat her as a human being
Chapter 2313 Chiyoyuki
Chapter 2314 The road faces the sky and each side goes to one side
Chapter 2315 Exchange of Information
Chapter 2316 Is this what you call breaking the formation?
Chapter 2317: Mutual tricks
Chapter 2318 I remember what you said
Chapter 2319 Escape from Death
Chapter 2320 Fire Phoenix Heart
Chapter 2321 Young Master Wen Family
Chapter 2322 Sneaky
Chapter 2323 Sister Feng?
Chapter 2324 Tianxing Sect
Chapter 2325 Heavenly Star Formation
Chapter 2326 The tone is not small.
Chapter 2327 Moving reinforcements
Chapter 2328 The Secret of Fire Phoenix Heart
Chapter 2329 Weaknesses of the Seven Star Formation
Chapter 2330 Backlash
Chapter 2331 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 2332 Divine Beast Phoenix
Chapter 2333 Ancestor Tianxing
Chapter 2334 Is it safe outside?
Chapter 2335 Impossible Friends
Chapter 2336 Possibility of Survival
Chapter 2337 Breakout
Chapter 2338 Seeking Skin from a Tiger
Chapter 2339 Yaosheng’s strategy
Chapter 2340 Seven Star Ecstasy Array
Chapter 2341 If you want to fight, then fight.
Chapter 2342 Escape
Chapter 2343 Mission
Chapter 2344 What do you want to trade?
Chapter 2345 Deception
Chapter 2346 Do I want you to go?
Chapter 2347 What a good trick
Chapter 2348 Reaching Consensus
Chapter 2349: Luring the Demon into the Body
Chapter 2350 A plan within a plan
Chapter 2351 Lock Heart Pendant
Chapter 2352 I will cut you into pieces
Chapter 2353 Believe in you again
Chapter 2354 Lord Ancestor?
Chapter 2355 Let’s talk!
Chapter 2356 It’s all in vain
Chapter 2357 You are forcing me to move
Chapter 2358: Trusted by others, loyal
Chapter 2359 The Way to Death
Chapter 2360 I want her to live
Chapter 2361 Be careful, I’ll beat you up
Chapter 2362 It’s just me
Chapter 2363 Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 2364 Making a feint to the east and attacking in the west
Chapter 2365 Now, it’s impossible
Chapter 2366 Foresight
Chapter 2367: One glory and one loss
Chapter 2368 Superior Skills
Chapter 2369 This helps
Chapter 2370 Killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 2371 Difficult to do
Chapter 2372 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 2373 Your people?
Chapter 2374 Misunderstanding, all
Chapter 2375 The important thing is,
Chapter 2376 Did you really kill him?
Chapter 2377 The situation is tense
Chapter 2378 Goodbye, Mr. Baiyi
Chapter 2379 Cloud Dome
Chapter 2380 Demon clan evildoer, suffer
Chapter 2381 Can eat people
Chapter 2382 The fragrance disappears and the jade dies
Chapter 2383 Are you Yang Yi?
Chapter 2384 Successful Meeting
Chapter 2385 Harassment
Chapter 2386 Special ability?
Chapter 2387 Unexpected
Chapter 2388 Siege
Chapter 2389 Let her go!
Chapter 2390 Leaving the near for the distant
Chapter 2391 It wasn’t her back then
Chapter 2392 Evil
Chapter 2393 Already dead
Chapter 2394 His true identity
Chapter 2395 Is this all?
Chapter 2396 Boss Feiyu
Chapter 2397 Do you want to betray too?
Chapter 2398 Can you escape?
Chapter 2399 Why hide your head and show your tail?
Chapter 2400 The War of the Century
Chapter 2401: All grass and trees are soldiers
Chapter 2404 Reaching Agreement
Chapter 2403 Still as brave as before
Chapter 2405 Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 2406 Illusion
Chapter 2407 The Strongest Puppet
Chapter 2408 Do you think I’m stupid?
Chapter 2409 Okay, okay, okay!
Chapter 2410 The top student of the year
Chapter 2411 Lingwan Divine Stone
Chapter 2412 Goodbye Feng Yuanzi
Chapter 2413 Going against the will of heaven
Chapter 2414 Sorry, no
Chapter 2415 Changes
Chapter 2416 Terrifying Talent
Chapter 2417 Please enter the urn
Chapter 2418 Don’t be beaten to death
Chapter 2419 The odds are quite high
Chapter 2420 I want you to die
Chapter 2421 A drop in the bucket
Chapter 2422 The oil is exhausted and the lamp is dry
Chapter 2423 A fish slipped through the net
Chapter 2424 Chase
Chapter 2425 Desire for Protection
Chapter 2426 Covetous for beauty?
Chapter 2427 The deal is concluded
Chapter 2428 I wish I could have it
Chapter 2429 Killing people and stealing goods?
Chapter 2430 Golden Bamboo
Chapter 2431 Untenable
Chapter 2432 What benefits were given?
Chapter 2433 It’s really you
Chapter 2434 Innocent Bai Qianqian
Chapter 2435 50% sure
Chapter 2436 The mantis acts as a chariot!
Chapter 2437 Leave separately
Chapter 2438 Sowing discord
Chapter 2439 The Secret of Jinzhu
Chapter 2440 Sweet Dream
Chapter 2441 Ye Feng is Ye Feng
Chapter 2442 Are you tired of living?
Chapter 2443 A two-pronged approach
Chapter 2444 Ready to come out
Chapter 2445 Extreme Reversal
Chapter 2446: Abandon darkness and turn to light
Chapter 2447 True and False Zou Tao
Chapter 2448 A big circle
Chapter 2449 It’s really you
Chapter 2450 Zou Yu’s decision
Chapter 2451 A strange combination of circumstances
Chapter 2452 Mixed in
Chapter 2453 Betrayal
Chapter 2454 Self-commitment
Chapter 2455 Revenge
Chapter 2456 Do you dare to speak out?
Chapter 2457 One person testing
Chapter 2458 A battle determines life and death
Chapter 2459 Betrayal again
Chapter 2460 Death
Chapter 2461 Preservation
Chapter 2462 Bewitching
Chapter 2463 I’m fine!
Chapter 2464 A delicate balance
Chapter 2465 Cutting the knot with a sharp knife
Chapter 2466 The baby’s thoughts
Chapter 2467 Ready-made
Chapter 2468 It’s time to save the world
Chapter 2469 The storm is coming
Chapter 2470 The Taste of Betrayal
Chapter 2471 A life of poverty
Chapter 2472 Heading to the Eight Realms Space
Chapter 2473 Wufeng Immortal Lord
Chapter 2474 Battle against Wu Feng
Chapter 2475 Guangming City
Chapter 2476 Weird Boy
Chapter 2477 The ferocious beast Zhu Yan
Chapter 2478 defection
Chapter 2479 Kill you
Chapter 2480 Trophies
Chapter 2481 Besieged on all sides
Chapter 2482 A good show
Chapter 2483 A Nest of Snakes and Rats
Chapter 2484 Take action
Chapter 2485 Making a Game
Chapter 2486 It has nothing to do with me
Chapter 2487 You can’t live
Chapter 2488 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 2489 Three Venerables
Chapter 2490 Fighting with Life
Chapter 2491 Pulling someone into trouble
Chapter 2492 Impossible to live
Chapter 2493 I protect you
Chapter 2494 Help
Chapter 2495 Participating in the War Alone
Chapter 2496 A Nest of Snakes and Rats
Chapter 2497 They were all forced
Chapter 2498 Shocking appearance
Chapter 2499 Win-win
Chapter 2500 Listen to me
Chapter 2501 Another ruthless person
Chapter 2502: Admit Defeat
Chapter 2503: Bullying the Master and Destroying the Ancestor
Chapter 2504 Bullshit Trick
Chapter 2505 Absolute Suppression
Chapter 2506 Far-fetched
Chapter 2507 Pledge of allegiance to the death?
Chapter 2508 Divine Operation
Chapter 2509 You are looking for death
Chapter 2510 Identity Exchange
Chapter 2511 Lingyao Immortal Lord
Chapter 2512 The True Ancestor
Chapter 2513 Meeting Suzaku
Chapter 2514 Kill Zhu Yan
Chapter 2515 Reminder
Chapter 2516 Dead End
Chapter 2517 Not cowardly
Chapter 2518 Who wants you to save?
Chapter 2519 Revenge
Chapter 2520 'Fengqi Immortal Lord'
Chapter 2521 The fish is dead and the net is broken
Chapter 2022 Do we know each other?
Chapter 2523 Resurrection of Yao Guang
Chapter 2524 Crazy Woman
Chapter 2525 Can’t say
Chapter 2526 Are you looking for death?
Chapter 2527 Are you looking for me?
Chapter 2528 Dilemma of choice
Chapter 2529 Hint
Chapter 2530 Adventure Plan
Chapter 2531 Mix in
Chapter 2532 The overseas Chinese appear
Chapter 2533 Blood Contract
Chapter 2534 Persuasion
Chapter 2535 Transaction
Chapter 2536 Lie to me again
Chapter 2537 Clues
Chapter 2538 Looking for Death
Chapter 2539 Negotiating a deal
Chapter 2540 Water can cover
Chapter 2541 See through
Chapter 2542 I have a way
Chapter 2543 It goes without saying
Chapter 2544 Dilemma
Chapter 2545 Unfair
Chapter 2546 Man-Eating Shark
Chapter 2547 Familiar Breath
Chapter 2548 Unacceptable
Chapter 2549 Repay a hundredfold
Chapter 2550 Reluctance
Chapter 2551 Wait for me to come back
Chapter 2552 Return to the Seven Realms
Chapter 2553 Linghu Long
Chapter 2554 Cross-examination
Chapter 2555 Tart Meal
Chapter 2556 Confusing the real with the fake
Chapter 2557 Battle of Tart Meal
Chapter 2558 Sacrifice
Chapter 2559 Seeing Old Friends Again
Chapter 2560 Conquering the Nine Realms
Chapter 2561 The killing of the ancestor
Chapter 2562 Go Home
Chapter 2563 Three Days
Chapter 2564 Heading to the Island of the Gods
Chapter 2565 Entering the Island of the Gods for the first time
Chapter 2566 First Level Task
Chapter 2567: Taking advantage of others
Chapter 2568 Second Level God Test
Chapter 2569 What I want to see
Chapter 2570 Second participation
Chapter 2571 Greedy
Chapter 2572 Seeing Through the Conspiracy
Chapter 2573 Come hard
Chapter 2574 The God of Killing
Chapter 2575 God of Light
Chapter 2576 His Son
Chapter 2577 The Fourth Level God Test
Chapter 2578 Barely shortlisted
Chapter 2579 Changing the Rules
Chapter 2580 Mo Qu’s identity
Chapter 2581 Magic God Jack
Chapter 2582 Interesting guy
Chapter 2583 Zhinan
Chapter 2584 The God of Killing Appears
Chapter 2585 My pleasure
Chapter 2586 Parting Again
Chapter 2587 Pass the God Test
Chapter 2588 A strange brain circuit
Chapter 2589 Entering the Arena for the First Time
Chapter 2590 Xue Ji
Chapter 2591 Bounty List
Chapter 2592 Must win
Chapter 2593 Showdown
Chapter 2594 Another layer rush
Chapter 2595 Nemesis
Chapter 2596 Conspiracy and Prey
Chapter 2597 Falling flowers and flowing water
Chapter 2598 True Identity
Chapter 2599 Cannibalism
Chapter 2600 Slaughter Machine
Chapter 2601 Can’t Stop It
Chapter 2602 Pu Song
Chapter 2603 One step away
Chapter 2604 Jade Girl Physique
Chapter 2605 Lucky or Unlucky
Chapter 2606: Shut out
Chapter 2607 Golden Sword
Chapter 2608 Holy Light Sword
Chapter 2609 Gu Boy
Chapter 2610 Seeking Gu God
Chapter 2611 Go my own way
Chapter 2612 Remuneration
Chapter 2613 Golden Dragon Beard Leaves
Chapter 2614 Heading to the Snow Mountain
Chapter 2615 Fire Beast
Chapter 2616 Provoking the Fire Beast
Chapter 2617 He is not simple
Chapter 2618 Illegitimate Daughter
Chapter 2619 Guardian Beast
Chapter 2620 Identity exposed
Chapter 2621 Revenge
Chapter 2622 Flower God’s Birthday
Chapter 2623 Gift
Chapter 2624 Disappointment
Chapter 2625: Recognize Xunmeng
Chapter 2626 Not an exception
Chapter 2627 Abnormality
Chapter 2628 Duhuang Body
Chapter 2629 Transaction and Curse
Chapter 2630 Price
Chapter 2631 Gambling
Chapter 2632 I don’t hit women
Chapter 2633 Kuimu
Chapter 2634 You are the devil
Chapter 2635 Demon
Chapter 2636 Demon Eve
Chapter 2637 Past events
Chapter 2638 Retreat
Chapter 2039 Destruction of the Family
Chapter 2640 Go all out
Chapter 2641 Energized
Chapter 2642 Floor 199
Chapter 2643 Scum
Chapter 2644 Curse
Chapter 2645 Orcs
Chapter 2646 Poisoning
Chapter 2647 Dream Exorcist
Chapter 2648 Lost
Chapter 2649 Too Deep Obsession
Chapter 2650 Meng Enen
Chapter 2651 Jade Cold Jue
Chapter 2652 Bone Transformation Palm
Chapter 2653 Transforming into a Phoenix
Chapter 2654 Killing the Puppet
Chapter 2655 Burial
Chapter 2656 Departure
Chapter 2657: Stealing someone? Try it!
Chapter 2658 Cracks
Chapter 2659 Creator
Chapter 2660 Time Turbine
Chapter 2661 Wave
Chapter 2662 Xiaoye Shi
Chapter 2663 The Erosion of Time
Chapter 2664 Robbery
Chapter 2665 Magic Time
Chapter 2666 Golden Bell Cover
Chapter 2667 Divine Calligraphy
Chapter 2668 Hand over the person
Chapter 2669 Unprepared
Chapter 2670 I would rather break than bend
Chapter 2671 Give me some color to see
Chapter 2672 Robbery
Chapter 2673 Fire Control
Chapter 2674 Becoming a Master
Chapter 2675 Cloud Fire Secrets
Chapter 2676 You can’t control it
Chapter 2677 A tough nut to crack
Chapter 2678 Trial Competition
Chapter 2679 Five Elements Fire Technique
Chapter 2680 Take a breath
Chapter 2681 He is the unlucky one
Chapter 2682 Full Body Massage
Chapter 2683 Extreme Load
Chapter 2684 The secret of the secret recipe
Chapter 2685 Entering the Cloud Fire Secret Realm
Chapter 2686 A plan within a plan
Chapter 2687 Death of Yunhai
Chapter 2688 Ice Crystal Beast
Chapter 2689: Being clever but being misled by cleverness
Chapter 2690 Three pillars
Chapter 2691 The real secret realm
Chapter 2692 Liupei
Chapter 2693 Attack
Chapter 2694 Jealousy
Chapter 2695 Wail
Chapter 2696 The Secret of the Secret Realm
Chapter 2697 Showdown with each other
Chapter 2698 Speak clearly
Chapter 2699 Fighting between gods
Chapter 2700 Ice Crystal Beast King
Chapter 2701 It’s not easy to become a god
Chapter 2702 Whisper
Chapter 2703 Please God
Chapter 2704 Ace
Chapter 2705 Working together
Chapter 2706 Collusion
Chapter 2707 Overloading
Chapter 2708 Killing too fast
Chapter 2709 Something that can leave
Chapter 2710 Blood Stiffness
Chapter 2711 Hypnotic blood stiffness
Chapter 2712 Do you want to break my magic circle?
Chapter 2713 The dirty truth
Chapter 2714 Find the exit
Chapter 2715 The belly of the giant beast
Chapter 2716 Return to the Crack
Chapter 2717 Find the starting point
Chapter 2718 Container of Time
Chapter 2719 Destroyed the Temple
Chapter 2720 Unlucky
Chapter 2721 Flowing Light City
Chapter 2722 In the belly
Chapter 2723 Paradise
Chapter 2724 Listen to our explanation
Chapter 2725 Cooperation Cancelled
Chapter 2726 Fake Black Chexi
Chapter 2727 Just open your mouth and come
Chapter 2728 Fell to sleep?
Chapter 2729 Reach the sky in one step
Chapter 2730 Dressed like this?
Chapter 2731 Same fate
Chapter 2732 Interesting
Chapter 2733 Performing Arts
Chapter 2734 Marriage
Chapter 2735 Flashy Princess
Chapter 2736 Chao Qin and Mu Chu
Chapter 2737 Ice Coffin
Chapter 2738 Heixuan
Chapter 2739 Disagree with the marriage
Chapter 2740 Entering Fang Country
Chapter 2741 Twelve Venerables
Chapter 2742 Fang Guo is hers
Chapter 2743 A snake
Chapter 2744 Meeting the Sky-Swallowing Python Again
Chapter 2745 Mermaid
Chapter 2746 Getting separated
Chapter 2747 Traveling Together
Chapter 2748 Mermaid Group
Chapter 2749 Will definitely take revenge
Chapter 2750 Return to the Desert
Chapter 2751 Betrayal
Chapter 2752 If you can’t get it, destroy it
Chapter 2753 Poison
Chapter 2754 King Kong Barbie
Chapter 2755 Defeat
Chapter 2756 Succession
Chapter 2757 Who to seek revenge from?
Chapter 2758 Is it enough time?
Chapter 2759 Meet the cheap dad again
Chapter 2760 Extreme reasons
Chapter 2761 Why not die yet?
Chapter 2762 Want to be a hands-off shopkeeper?
Chapter 2763 New Rules
Chapter 2764 Mess
Chapter 2765 Choose one of three
Chapter 2766 Big Trouble
Chapter 2767 Encountered siege
Chapter 2768 Breakthrough
Chapter 2769 Good luck? Good luck?
Chapter 2770 You’re giving me face, right?
Chapter 2771 So perverted
Chapter 2772 Kaya’s past
Chapter 2773 Eye of Medusa
Chapter 2774 Must seek death
Chapter 2775 Room for reconciliation
Chapter 2776 Don’t talk nonsense
Chapter 2777 The old bastard appears
Chapter 2778 Sword Immortal
Chapter 2779 Protecting the Heart Lin
Chapter 2780 Gift
Chapter 2781 Seeking Skin from a Tiger
Chapter 2782 Broomstick
Chapter 2783 Reunion Dinner
Chapter 2784 Dog bites dog
Chapter 2785 Show up
Chapter 2786 Happy cooperation
Chapter 2787 Acting
Chapter 2788 The details
Chapter 2789 The Fallen Angel Appears
Chapter 2790 Enemy with God
Chapter 2791 Assists
Chapter 2792 Death
Chapter 2793 Cleaning up the portal
Chapter 2794 Patricide
Chapter 2795 Soulless Realm
Chapter 2796 Attacking the Soulless Realm
Chapter 2797 Old Man
Chapter 2798 Fellow Race
Chapter 2799 Find the seal
Chapter 2800 Creating Miracles
Chapter 2801 Give me face
Chapter 2802 Soul Search
Chapter 2803 Reshape the body
Chapter 2804 Don’t even know your wife?
Chapter 2805 I will destroy you!
Chapter 2806 What disease should be treated?
Chapter 2807 Kill without mercy
Chapter 2808 Sky Blue Grass
Chapter 2809 Losing reputation
Chapter 2810 Fox Girl
Chapter 2811 Transformation
Chapter 2812 Disordered meridians
Chapter 2813 Name
Chapter 2814 I remember you
Chapter 2815 Buddha’s mouth and snake’s heart
Chapter 2816 Secret
Chapter 2817 Nine-tailed Sky Fox
Chapter 2818 A good show
Chapter 2819 Expelled from the Family
Chapter 2820 Duanmu Bingxi
Chapter 2821 Dog bites dog
Chapter 2822 Truce
Chapter 2823 Three Conditions
Chapter 2824 The princess gets married
Chapter 2825 Fifth Princess
Chapter 2826 Dare to shout
Chapter 2827 Counterattack
Chapter 2828 Thunder Method
Chapter 2829 Kongtong Ruins
Chapter 2830 Don’t cause trouble and don’t be afraid of trouble
Chapter 2831 Teaching
Chapter 2832 Leaving the city
Chapter 2833 Seeing the World
Chapter 2834 Leaving the city
Chapter 2835 Strangeness and Familiarity
Chapter 2836 Arriving at Kongtong Ruins
Chapter 2837 Assessment of the Door God
Chapter 2838 Plus the Duanmu family
Chapter 2839 Door God
Chapter 2840 Giant Beast
Chapter 2841 Golden Lion
Chapter 2842 The little bitches are quite hot
Chapter 2843 Barrier
Chapter 2844 Pretending to be a ghost
Chapter 2845 Human-Faced Spider
Chapter 2846 The powerful monk
Chapter 2847 Exploring the Depths
Chapter 2848 Targeting
Chapter 2849 Short-term Cooperation
Chapter 2850 Enemies reunited
Chapter 2851 Kill it
Chapter 2852 Accomplice
Chapter 2853 Hidden Dust
Chapter 2854 No one can survive
Chapter 2855 Give you face
Chapter 2856 Let’s go too
Chapter 2857 How to take it away?
Chapter 2858 A plan within a plan
Chapter 2859 Breakup?
Chapter 2860 The Secret of Yuanpan
Chapter 2861 Dream Soul Leaves
Chapter 2862 The secret that shocked the nine worlds
Chapter 2863 Welcome in person
Chapter 2864 Return to the Nine Realms
Chapter 2865 Know-it-all
Chapter 2866 The top of Yunshan
Chapter 2867 Meeting
Chapter 2868 The balance of fate
Chapter 2869 Don’t be afraid, it’s a small scene
Chapter 2870 Tempering the body
Chapter 2871 Traveling around
Chapter 2872 Fudo Ming King
Chapter 2873 Self-destruction
Chapter 2874 Turmoil
Chapter 2875 The catastrophe of the eight realms
Chapter 2876 Very few people in the Nine Realms
Chapter 2877 Where are you from?
Chapter 2878 Jiang Family’s Secret
Chapter 2879 Nether Lotus Array
Chapter 2880 Falling into a trap
Chapter 2881 Tips
Chapter 2882 Transaction Object
Chapter 2883 The only wish
Chapter 2884 The deadline is approaching
Chapter 2885 Visiting an old friend
Chapter 2886 Getting married
Chapter 2887 Standard Measurement
Chapter 2888 Penetrating the Magical Array
Chapter 2889 Return to the Second Realm
Chapter 2890 Haunted?
Chapter 2891 Delicious and fun
Chapter 2892 Comrades
Chapter 2893 Upstart
Chapter 2894: Being a man with your tail between your legs
Chapter 2895 Former Idol
Chapter 2896 Thanks
Chapter 2897 Reunion of old friends
Chapter 2898 A moment of ease
Chapter 2899 Stubborn
Chapter 2900 Bai Xue’s trump card
Chapter 2901 Soul Search
Chapter 2902 No more Snowstorm Pavilion
Chapter 2903 Return to the Seven Realms
Chapter 2904 Sifang Palace
Chapter 2905 1.8 meter woman
Chapter 2906 Misunderstanding
Chapter 2907 Is that Adam’s apple?
Chapter 2908 Jiangyang Thief
Chapter 2909 Flying Arrow Cult
Chapter 2910 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 2911 King Quan Villa
Chapter 2912 Disgusting smell
Chapter 2913 The Crazy Madman
Chapter 2914 Teenager
Chapter 2915 Crazy
Chapter 2916 Be a fool and lie
Chapter 2917 A perfect strategy
Chapter 2918 Cheating
Chapter 2919 Detoxification
Chapter 2920 The dust has settled
Chapter 2921 What does it mean to be strong?
Chapter 2922 Fairy Wen Ying
Chapter 2923 Essence Transformation
Chapter 2924 No Desires or Needs
Chapter 2925 What kind of trick are you playing?
Chapter 2926 Assassination
Chapter 2927 Leave no one behind
Chapter 2928 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 2929 Change of ownership
Chapter 2930 Is it an illusion again?
Chapter 2931 Rushing to die
Chapter 2932 Ability and Responsibility
Chapter 2933 Accepting Disciples
Chapter 2934 Marrow Cleansing
Chapter 2935 Well deserved
Chapter 2936 Water Ripple Marks
Chapter 2937 Young Master of the Yun Family
Chapter 2938 Never give up even if you die
Chapter 2939 Detaining the Spirit
Chapter 2940 Spirit Locking Cage
Chapter 2941 The Yun Family Changes Owners
Chapter 2942 Baihua Tower
Chapter 2943 Crime
Chapter 2944 A roundabout way
Chapter 2945 One sentence
Chapter 2946 Black Market Chapter Black Market
Chapter 2947 Wangyoutan
Chapter 2948 Drinking Tea
Chapter 2949 Favor
Chapter 2950 Yuanyang Xueqian
Chapter 2951 Don’t do it for yourself
Chapter 2952 Advantages are disadvantages
Chapter 2953 Obsessed
Chapter 2954 Monster
Chapter 2955 Waste?
Chapter 2956 Cut off the head and tail
Chapter 2957 A stick of incense
Chapter 2958 Convenience
Chapter 2959 Brother and Sister Plan
Chapter 2960 Dream Past
Chapter 2961 Premonition comes true
Chapter 2962 Take off their heads
Chapter 2963 Rain and Frost Secret Realm
Chapter 2964 The real secret realm
Chapter 2965 Twelve Wings
Chapter 2966 Madness
Chapter 2967 Severance of friendship and righteousness
Chapter 2968 The monster’s true appearance
Chapter 2969 The Secret Past
Chapter 2970 Abandoning the Car to Save the Commander
Chapter 2971 Crazy
Chapter 2972 ??Kendo
Chapter 2973 Desperate Saburo
Chapter 2974 Isn’t this blackmail?
Chapter 2975 Peach Blossoms Blooming Everywhere
Chapter 2976 Wedding
Chapter 2977 Everyone takes a step back
Chapter 2978 Take it back to the palace
Chapter 2979 Meeting the Monarch
Chapter 2980 A lot of love
Chapter 2981 Spreading branches and leaves
Chapter 2982 Giving birth
Chapter 2983 Real Couple
Chapter 2984 Discussion
Chapter 2985 A visit from an old friend
Chapter 2986 Jiang Family Secret Technique
Chapter 2987 Elimination
Chapter 2988 Less than 50% probability
Chapter 2989 Secret
Chapter 2990 Jiang Family Secret Realm
Chapter 2991 Monster Territory
Chapter 2992 A man disguised as a woman
Chapter 2993 Favors are hard to earn
Chapter 2994 Reincarnation Ceremony
Chapter 2995 Resurrection
Chapter 2996 Very familiar
Chapter 2997 Avoid like snakes and scorpions
Chapter 2998 The same spirit connects branches
Chapter 2999 Getting married
Chapter 3000 Succession
Chapter 3001 Conspiracy
Chapter 3002 Idol
Chapter 3003 Engagement
Chapter 3004 You old man
Chapter 3005 Have you ever eaten someone?
Chapter 3006: Time flies
Chapter 3007 Do you really want me to go?
Chapter 3008 'Hero saves beauty'
Chapter 3009: Promise yourself
Chapter 3010 Real Couple
Chapter 3011 The storm is coming
Chapter 3012 Shameful
Chapter 3013 Burning the bridge across the river
Chapter 3014 Swirling Clothes
Chapter 3015 A character who is not easy to mess with
Chapter 3016 Sharing the Blessings
Chapter 3017 Blood Spirit Son
Chapter 3018 They all fell
Chapter 3019 The grace of not killing
Chapter 3020 She finds it disgusting
Chapter 3021 Show it to him
Chapter 3022: Say anything
Chapter 3023 The Autistic Princess
Chapter 3024 Caught off guard
Chapter 3025 Family Banquet
Chapter 3026 Refuse to ascend
Chapter 3027 What does it mean?
Chapter 3028 Family
Chapter 3029 Meeting old friends
Chapter 3030 Can be her grandfather
Chapter 3031 Delicious and fun
Chapter 3032 Uneasy and kind-hearted
Chapter 3033 The First Group
Chapter 3034 It’s none of your business
Chapter 3035: Build a bomb to blow up the bunker
Chapter 3036 Fire in the backyard
Chapter 3037 Waiting for you to come back
Chapter 3038 Taking the Road
Chapter 3039 Wine Tasting Master
Chapter 3040 Goodbye
Chapter 3041 A clear path
Chapter 3042: Being cheated?
Chapter 3043 To untie the bell, one must tie it
Chapter 3044: Give up
Chapter 3045 Reinforcement
Chapter 3046 Deputy Commander
Chapter 3047 God of Purification
Chapter 3048 The troops are divided into three groups
Chapter 3049 The battle is about to break out
Chapter 3050 Merit and Fame
Chapter 3051 Shallow
Chapter 3052 Make Up
Chapter 3053 Give a chance
Chapter 3054 Chaos
Chapter 3055 Are you still alive?
Chapter 3056 Goodbye Dongfanglian
Chapter 3057 Taixu Illusion
Chapter 3058 Disappointment
Chapter 3059 The First Illusion
Chapter 3060 Three Tribes
Chapter 3061 Hunting
Chapter 3062 Monitor Lizard
Chapter 3063 Bait
Chapter 3064 One Sword
Chapter 3065 Saint
Chapter 3066 Face your heart
Chapter 3067 The Mission of the Illusion
Chapter 3068 The Grace of the Saint
Chapter 3069 The outside world
Chapter 3070 Change
Chapter 3071 Golden Hairpin
Chapter 3072 Crusade
Chapter 3073: A show of force
Chapter 3074 Empty City Strategy
Chapter 3075 An existence that is not like humans
Chapter 3076 Scare people
Chapter 3077 Empty City Strategy
Chapter 3078 Stage
Chapter 3079 Sooner or later he becomes an enemy
Chapter 3080: Unmoved
Chapter 3081 Bye
Chapter 3082 Personal Guard
Chapter 3083 Everyone performs their duties
Chapter 3084 Provocation
Chapter 3085 It’s not me
Chapter 3086 Sparrow turns into Phoenix Huang
Chapter 3087 There is someone behind the scenes
Chapter 3088 Banquet
Chapter 3089 Indifferent
Chapter 3090 The shit stirrer
Chapter 3091 Toy
Chapter 3092 Making a fool of yourself
Chapter 3093: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 3094 Confusion
Chapter 3095 Deep scheming
Chapter 3096 Revealed Thoughts
Chapter 3097 Biting each other
Chapter 3098 Best Friend
Chapter 3099 Drama
Chapter 3100 Care about the people you care about
Chapter 3101 Comfort
Chapter 3102 The oriole is behind
Chapter 3103 Dissidents
Chapter 3104 Wenying’s past
Chapter 3105: Grow as planned
Chapter 3106 Snow Silkworm
Chapter 3107 Heart Essence and Blood
Chapter 3108 What to give in return
Chapter 3109 Hypocrisy
Chapter 3111 Sit back and wait.
Chapter 3112 Malice
Chapter 3113 Spirit Fox
Chapter 3114 Spirit Fox Transformation
Chapter 3115 Revealing ones own feet
Chapter 3116 The stranger is like jade
Chapter 3117 Putting the blame on
Chapter 3118 Biological Mother
Chapter 3119 Nothing
Chapter 3120 Disgust
Chapter 3121 Proposal
Chapter 3122 Breaking away
Chapter 3123 True gentleman or hypocrite
Chapter 3124 Not Marriable
Chapter 3125 Sharp
Chapter 3126 Ambition cannot be hidden
Chapter 3127 Not worthy of her
Chapter 3128 You are wrong
Chapter 3129 Playing like a fool
Chapter 3130 Breaking off the Engagement
Chapter 3131 Accidental collision
Chapter 3132 Mother Gu
Chapter 3133 Gu King
Chapter 3134 Liyuan
Chapter 3135 Opportunity
Chapter 3136 Fortification
Chapter 3137 Gentle Knife
Chapter 3138 Cant wait any longer
Chapter 3139 It must be me
Chapter 3140 Crying in anger
Chapter 3141 Pretending to be stupid?
Chapter 3142 Pretending to leave
Chapter 3143 Give it a good time
Chapter 3144: Not long to live
Chapter 3145 Handle
Chapter 3146 Soul Search
Chapter 3147 Watching a big show
Chapter 3148 Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 3149 Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 3150 Yuetong
Chapter 3151 Enjoy it
Chapter 3152 Laughing at you for being stupid
Chapter 3153 Abdication
Chapter 3154 Meeting an acquaintance
Chapter 3155 Red smoke asking for help
Chapter 3156 She cannot fall
Chapter 3157 I have no choice but to grab it
Chapter 3158 The thing that kills you
Chapter 3159 Documents
Chapter 3160 Accompanying Maid
Chapter 3161 The Cold Water Ballad of Hatred
Chapter 3162 Marriage
Chapter 3163 Indispensable contribution
Chapter 3164: Take precautions before they happen
Chapter 3165 Tangled
Chapter 3166: Continue to investigate?
Chapter 3167 Purifier
Chapter 3168 What tricks did you see?
Chapter 3169 Reborn
Chapter 3170: Sleeping or not?
Chapter 3171 Again and again
Chapter 3172 Forced to a dead end
Chapter 3173 Determination
Chapter 3174 That thing
Chapter 3175 Going to the Grave
Chapter 3176 Repression
Chapter 3177 Is this the base camp?
Chapter 3178 Boy
Chapter 3179 You are very powerful
Chapter 3180 Mission
Chapter 3181 Ordinary Children
Chapter 3182 The Unstoppable Person
Chapter 3183 Instigating rebellion
Chapter 3184 Reasonable explanation
Chapter 3185 Backhand
Chapter 3186 Demonization
Chapter 3187 What’s the point?
Chapter 3188 Sacrifice
Chapter 3190 How dare you hurt her?
Chapter 3191 Loose Bottleneck
Chapter 3192
Chapter 3193 Old Lover
Chapter 3194 The trial is over
Chapter 3195 Comeback
Chapter 3196 Yang Yi will not retreat!
Chapter 3197 Tianyuan Continent
Chapter 3198 Tower Spirit
Chapter 3201 Soul Fixing Nail
Chapter 3200 The Beautiful Master’s Gambling Game
Chapter 3201 Taking over the mission
Chapter 3202 Du Mansion eliminates demons
Chapter 3203 Mrs. Du’s true body
Chapter 3204 Guarantee for the demon!
Chapter 3205 Tianyuan Times
Chapter 3206 Team up to collect herbs
Chapter 3207 Danger on the road
Chapter 3208 Do you want to take a sip too?
Chapter 3209 The treasure was robbed
Chapter 3210 Turning the Tide
Chapter 3211 Suddenly Become Rich
Chapter 3212 Encounter in the Magic Treasure Hall
Chapter 3214 The mission that comes to your door
Chapter 3215 Scholar, scholar!
Chapter 3216 The Academy’s Dominant Zhao Pingan
Chapter 3217 Sold
Chapter 3218 A sad story
Chapter 3219 Everyone’s Speculations
Chapter 3220 Visiting Huayue Tower
Chapter 3221 The sequelae of verification
Chapter 3222 Death of Sima Fei Yàn
Chapter 3223 Killing the Man-Faced Ghost
Chapter 3224 The Refiner of the Human-Faced Ghost
Chapter 3225 Guan Yufei’s request for help
Chapter 3226 Return from the dead
Chapter 3327 Soul-changing method to change the soul
Chapter 3228 Order of the Soul Seducer
Chapter 3229 The Three Evils of Demon Slayer Pavilion
Chapter 3230 Liao Yihai’s strategy
Chapter 3231 Ying Long Cub
Chapter 3232 The Giant Monster Attacks
Chapter 3233 Join forces to kill demons
Chapter 3234 Nangong Yue’s suffering
Chapter 3235 The Punished Xiao Yinglong
Chapter 3236 A genius comparable to the world
Chapter 3237 Mrs. Du is missing
Chapter 3238 The reason for Mrs. Du’s disappearance
Chapter 3239 The big black bear welcomes the bride
Chapter 3240 An unexpected news
Chapter 3241: Big Trouble in the Black Bear King’s Cave Mansion
Chapter 3242 The awesome guy
Chapter 3243 Zhang Huosong’s invitation
Chapter 3244 Strengthening Muscles and Bones Pill
Chapter 3245 The Origin of Treasure Pavilion
Chapter 3246 Longhu City Massacre
Chapter 3247 Seeking help from the Demon Sect
Chapter 3248: Inquire about information
Chapter 3249 Looking for rations for the gold-eating Gu silkworms
Chapter 3250 'Master' Showdown'
Chapter 3251 Confined Realm
Chapter 3252 One injection per person
Chapter 3253 The case is solved and the man in black robe dies
Chapter 3254 Encountering poisonous bees
Chapter 3255 The most useless reward
Chapter 3256 If it doesn’t work, you have to reduce the money
Chapter 3257 Five Elements Talisman Sword Technique
Chapter 3258 Celebrity Effect
Chapter 3259 The black poisonous bee appears again