Chapter 916 Xiaosong Xu died in death

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From Myanmar to Dazhangshu Base, the mountains are high and the road is long, 2,000 kilometers away, not to mention returning directly from Myanmar.

On the way, we still have to drive east, to Laoguo and Yueguo, and then all the way up to the north of Kunming City, where they also put some supplies in a resort park there.

Coupled with the large fleet, it is inevitable that there will be some minor accidents along the way that will delay time. A week is considered a relatively fast time.

"Second brother."

The third uncle put out the cigarette butt in his hand and then flicked the cigarette butt away.

"When I came back, I saw a lot of strange faces in Xincheng from the air. Are these people here recently?" asked the third uncle.

Hearing the third uncle talking about this matter, the second uncle sighed and said:

"Those are all from the southwest. Now the number of people who have come to register is over a thousand. A while ago, some people were causing trouble. They didn't dare to cause trouble with the base. Instead, they targeted those collaborators."

"Not long ago, that gang blocked the road and robbed the imperial concubine and Lao Huang, but they were later found and rescued by Guo Peng and the others."

"Is there such a thing?" The third uncle stood up, his tone was a bit unpleasant.

When he was performing tasks outside, his biggest concern was the safety of the base, so there were not many people sent out from the inner and outer cities.

There are only a hundred people. For the more than 500 people in the inner and outer cities of Dazhangshu Base, less than one-fifth of the people have gone out.

After all, the people from the inner and outer cities of the Da Zhangshu Base are the basic base, and the institutional system is set up around the interests of the people from the inner and outer cities.

When one is prosperous, both are prosperous; when one is lost, both are harmed.

So the people who came back this time to take away were mainly non-staff personnel.

"Well, but this matter was solved quickly, and those people were killed, which can be regarded as a warning to the monkeys.

I put five satellite cities under control. The newly joined partners in the past month must complete several tasks before they can enter the satellite city. This is to stabilize the security of the satellite city.

However, there have been so many people coming recently, and some people don’t come to register, so I always feel like something is not right.”

The second uncle frowned slightly and said slowly.

Seeing that the third uncle was also thinking, the second uncle waved his hand and said: "Third uncle, don't think about it. Don't worry. Uncle Li Yu and the others are still here at the base. If anything happens, they can solve it."

"It's nothing more than killing a few more people." When the second uncle said this, he had a murderous look on his face.

Before the end of the world, he was just a small business owner, but in the past two years of the end of the world, he had managed the Da Zhangshu Base and had gained considerable momentum.

Perhaps under the influence of Li Yu, he who was originally just a bit cunning now also had some murderous intent.

If you don't kill him, he will kill you.

This is the end of the world.

The third uncle was stunned when he heard what the second brother said, and was slightly surprised. He did not expect that the second brother would change like this.

However, it is also a good thing.

At least this will prevent the base from falling into a passive situation.


Lao Lu and others filled up the helicopter's aviation kerosene, ran over to the third uncle and said: "Captain, the fuel has been filled up, and put all the fuel needed on the way back into the helicopter cabin."

The third uncle nodded and said: "Thank you."

Then he turned back to his second uncle and said: "Second brother, let's leave first. I will come back tomorrow. You have the list of transportation personnel. The time of return will be about the same as today. The personnel should be called in advance as before.

come over."

When the second uncle saw that the third uncle was about to leave, he quickly said: "Third uncle, don't be so anxious. Why don't you eat something first and then go back?"

"No, the distance is too far, more than 2,000 kilometers. By the time we get to Xiaoyu, it will probably be around eight or nine in the evening. If we don't leave early, we might not have time to find a place to stop for gas along the way.

That’s it, I’m leaving.”

After saying that, he walked towards the helicopter without looking back.

When the second uncle saw this, he said nothing more and just followed behind and watched them leave.

After the third uncle got on the helicopter, Lao Qin, who was sitting in the driving position, said to the third uncle: "It has been checked and there is enough fuel. There will be no problem in transporting the people there."

The third uncle turned his head and looked towards the cabin.

Bai Wenyang, a non-staff member in the cabin, saw his third uncle turning around, his face was a little excited, and he said hello to his third uncle.

The third uncle nodded slightly in response.

"Now that everything is ready, let's go." Third uncle put on his seat belt and said to Lao Qin.

In another helicopter, Jackal still had a smile on his face. He just took the time to go to the First Outer City to meet his son Xiaoyong.

During this time, he missed his son very much. Although they had just met for a short time, he saw that Xiaoyong was living happily here, and he no longer had any worries when he went out to do tasks.

Ant looked at Li Hang on the fence, with four dogs following him.

One of them is Xiao Hei.

Since he had to go out to perform tasks, Ant entrusted Li Hang to help take care of them. Li Yu also raised three wolf dogs, but because he often had to go out, Li Hang and Li Yuan were mainly responsible for taking care of them.

"Qingyang, I heard that you have learned how to use a gun recently?" Ant turned his head and looked at Qingyang behind him.

Qingyang lives in the outer city. Because of his good skills, high medical skills, and very gentle personality, he smiles with everyone, so he is very popular in the outer city.

But sometimes he is too shy, so Lao Luo and the others like to tease him.

At this time, Qingyang changed out of the tattered Taoist priest uniform and wore a combat uniform. His delicate and calm face looked a bit innocent.

Unexpected accidents and carelessness make Qingyang look younger than his actual age.

After Qingyang heard what Ant said, he nodded and said with a smile: "Lao Bi and Captain Lu asked me to participate in a training. I only understand it a little bit."

The corner of Ant's mouth twitched. This Qingyang was good at everything, but when he answered questions, it always gave people the feeling that he had not answered.

Li Yu asked him before if he knew about traditional Chinese medicine, and Qingyang said he knew a little bit about it.

When I asked him how he was doing, he said he was pretty good at it.


Although Ant knew that he was such a person, he didn't ask any more questions.

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! In the helicopter cabin, Dongfeng patted Liu Youguang next to him and said: "Hutou and the others are building the fourth outer city for the time being. They are around the Da Zhangshu base and are very safe.


Liu Youguang nodded and said, "Well, team leader, since Uncle Wan is here, everything should be fine."

These people live and die together, have experienced too many things, and have become family members for a long time.

This time, due to some restrictions in their group, not everyone came.


Buzz buzz——

Uncle San took off in a helicopter, followed closely by Ant and others in two other helicopters.

Helicopter flies in the air.

The second uncle and others on the ground raised their heads and watched them leave.

Third Uncle and the others did not stay at the Da Zhangshu Base for too long, only more than twenty minutes.

Two fifty-eight.

They set off from the Da Zhangshu Base and expected to arrive around Kunming City between 6 and 6:30 pm, before the sun went down.

Then choose a suitable place to stop around Kunming City, refuel the helicopter, and then take the night road directly to the Myanmar National Park.

It wasn't until the helicopter disappeared from sight that the second uncle looked away.

"He Chao, call Lao Bi over. There are some things that require him to go to the fifth satellite city..."


at the same time.

Myanmar National Park.

After a whole morning of hard work, Li Yu and the others finally loaded all the supplies in the park into the car.

Because there are so many and there are many types.

In addition, everyone was a little tired, so no statistics were conducted.

Everyone didn't have lunch, so they loaded their things into the car in a hurry and didn't eat until two o'clock in the afternoon.

Li Yu looked at more than a hundred cars in front of him, all of which were filled with various supplies.

Seeing such a scene made him feel that this trip was not in vain.

Originally, I just wanted to eliminate the fraudsters and eliminate the permanent problem, so that I wouldn't have to worry about them from time to time.

I didn't expect that there would be three forces, and the Myanmar National Park is quite powerful. If they are allowed to develop, they will threaten the Da Zhangshu Base sooner or later.

However, they have all been wiped out now.

Moreover, so much material was seized that they couldn't transport it alone, so people needed to be sent from the base.

Time flies by.

The more unenlightened a person is, time passes very slowly. The more intelligent a person is and can understand the laws of some things, the faster time passes.

The time came to 6:20 in the evening.

Lao Qin saw that the fuel tank had reached the warning line and said to his third uncle: "Captain, we have to find a place to land quickly. Should we go to the resort in the north of Kunming City? It is less than fifteen kilometers away from us. It takes a few minutes.

You can get there.”

The dim yellow sunset shines through the glass on the third uncle's face. The third uncle wears shading glasses and looks a little cool.

"Then go, just in time to see if those things are still there." The third uncle replied.

After receiving the third uncle's confirmation, Lao Qin controlled the helicopter and flew in the direction of the resort.

At the same time, this matter was synchronized to the ants and others, so that they could follow along.

There is no detour to go to the resort, so it is not a waste of time.

Five or six minutes later, they arrived above the resort.

Looking down at the entire resort, it looked the same as when they left. It seemed like no one came here.

"Go down." The third uncle looked at it for a while and said to Lao Qin.


Lao Qin then controlled the helicopter to descend.


The helicopter landed where they originally parked.

There were some fallen leaves and dust on the ground, and the entire villa was quiet, except for them. There was no one else.

Time was urgent, so after Lao Qin stopped the helicopter, he asked Guo Peng and several other non-staff personnel to help move the fuel out of the cabin and refuel the helicopter.

The third uncle shouted to everyone in the cabin: "Don't get out of the plane, let's refuel and set off."

"Okay, Captain." Zhong Chuchu was the first to say.

Others also responded.

The third uncle glanced around everyone, then his eyes stayed on Zhong Chuchu and Shen Xiaoxiao for a while, nodded slightly, and got off the helicopter.

After getting off the helicopter, the third uncle immediately went to the place where they parked the vehicles filled with supplies.

After lifting the tarpaulin, Uncle San took a look at the contents inside, but they were still there.

I checked the contents of three more cars, and they were all still here.

The third uncle put down the tarpaulin and tied it with a rope before leaving.

Just as he was about to leave, the third uncle suddenly felt a strong wind blowing on the back of his head.

Under reflex, the third uncle rolled his whole body forward, then swayed to the right, and at the same time pulled out a pistol from his thigh.

While moving to the left, with almost no aim, he fired a shot in the direction of his attack.


A cute and fluffy little pine tree fell from the big pine tree outside the wall of the villa.


This little fluffy pine tree fell on the edge of the wall and rolled down to the marble inside the wall.


A question mark slowly appeared in the third uncle's head.

Komatsu Xu?


The third uncle then looked at the bloody mess of Xiao Songxu in front of him. The originally gray down was stained with red blood.

Then he looked at the place where he moved away just now.

It's a pine cone.

"Ah this."

Living in the apocalypse, with dangers everywhere, not to mention that this was not the Da Zhangshu Base, Third Uncle's vigilance was raised to the highest level.

In addition, the sky was getting dark now, and the third uncle was here alone, so he subconsciously fired.

When he fired the gun, he saw a black thing in the blur, but he was not sure what it was. He could only vaguely tell it was an animal.

So he shot decisively.

I never thought it was a small pine tree.

The third uncle came closer and looked at the little Songxu lying in a pool of blood.

"Who asked you to make a surprise attack..." Third Uncle muttered, turned and left.

Returning to the open space in the center of the resort, Lao Qin and the others had refueled the helicopter and were waiting for the captain to return.

The third uncle immediately got on the helicopter.

"Captain, I heard a gunshot just now, was it you who fired it?" Lao Qin looked at his third uncle and asked.

"Well, it was a little animal. It hit me with a pine cone and accidentally fired. It's okay. Let's take off. It's going to be dark soon."

"Okay." Lao Qin felt a little funny, but he was afraid that the captain would beat him, so he suppressed his laughter and controlled the helicopter to fly in the direction of Myanmar.

It’s almost the same time as they estimated. It’s farther from Kunming City to Dazhangshu Base than from Kunming City to Myanmar National Medicine.

In other words, they don't need to refuel halfway.

The sky is getting dark, and there are many dangers in the apocalypse. I don't know if anyone on the ground will see the helicopter and shoot.

So Uncle San and the others flew to an altitude of more than a thousand meters, turned off all the lights in the helicopter, and flew in the direction indicated by the electronic beacon.

In the cabin.

Jiu Ge, who was sitting next to Zhong Chuchu, asked in a low voice: "Zhong Zhong, do you know where we are now?"

"I don't know, but looking at the direction of flying all the way to the west, it should be to the southwest."

"It looks like I just refueled. I think I will still be flying for a few more hours. I feel like I may have gone abroad."

"Whatever, Mr. Li asked us to go there anyway. I trust Mr. Li's character. We will definitely not suffer any losses on this trip. We are here to drive and carry supplies. The farther the distance, the longer the task will be.

, then won’t our contribution points be more?”

"That's true." Jiuge's face turned into a smile when he heard Zhong Chuchu's analysis.

The danger is directly proportional to the gain.

In the end of the world, there is no absolute safety.

Being able to work with Mr. Li is reassuring.

"Well, don't talk anymore. It's getting dark. I'll take a nap for a while. If anything happens, wake me up."

"Okay, Sister Zhong."


An hour later.

Myanmar National Park.

After Li Yu saw that it was getting dark, he used the military radio to contact his third uncle.

"Uncle Third, where are you now?"


The third uncle heard Li Yu's voice and looked down at the ground, which was completely dark.

He couldn't be sure where he was.

So he said: "I can't see clearly, but it's been an hour since we set off from Kunming City. Judging from the location of the electronic beacon, it should be another hour and a half before you can get there."

Li Yu looked at his watch. The time displayed on it was 7:05.

An hour and a half, that's about half past eight.

After cutting off the contact, Li Yu got off the communication vehicle.

Looking at the silent night, the full moon hangs high in the sky. In a while it will be the Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon is very round, emitting a soft white light, shining on the earth.

Time flies so fast.

In the blink of an eye, an hour and a half passed.

Third Uncle and the others successfully arrived at the Myanmar National Park.

The third uncle opened the cabin door, and a group of people came out of the plane.

These people all carried packages with no food or weapons, only some sleeping bags and quilts.

After all, it is two thousand kilometers from here to the Da Zhangshu base, and it will take several days to get there.

After they got off the helicopter, they all looked around curiously when they saw the tall walls and the buildings behind them.

Somewhat confused.

Especially when I saw the buildings with Myanmar characteristics and the car license plates in Myanmar, my eyes were even more surprised.

"Sister Chu Chu? Are we going abroad? Ah, I'm so excited to say that I have never traveled abroad before. I didn't expect that in the end of the world, I would still have the opportunity to go out and play."

Shen Xiaoxiao has a soft and cute voice. If you ignore her tall and burly figure with a muscular body, it may make people a little excited.

After all, the feeling of being able to beat Lolita to tears with one fist still makes some people feel protective.

Zhong Chuchu glanced at her speechlessly and said: "We are not here to play or travel, we are here to work. Don't talk, Mr. Li is here."

"Mr. Li."

"City Lord."

"City Lord."

"Hello, Mr. Li."


As Li Yu approached, Dongfeng and the others hurriedly greeted Li Yu.

Li Yu pressed down with one hand, signaling for them to quiet down. At the same time, he looked at the more than 90 people who got off the plane.

Among them are non-staff members Yu Ming and Bai Wenyang...

There are also collaborators Jiu Ge, Zhong Chuchu, Dongfeng...


Who is that, Qingyang?

Li Yu had never seen Qingyang wearing clothes other than Taoist robes, so he almost didn't recognize him.

Why is he here? I remember he was not on the list I wrote.

After thinking about it, Li Yuan or his second uncle should have asked him to come.

We’ll talk about it later. Now let’s get everyone settled.

So he said to these support personnel who landed:

"Brothers, you have had a hard time on the road. To make a long story short, I will speak quickly and everyone should go to bed early. There are many things that need to be done by everyone tomorrow."

"You are in Myanmar. We are here to crack down on fraudsters. Some time ago, fraudsters were causing trouble in the southwest. You should have seen some new people coming to the Da Zhangshu base recently. If they have told you,

, you should know something about this."

"Next, I need your help to move the supplies and transport the supplies back to the Da Zhangshu base. The journey is very long, so I hope you are ready."

"As for the contribution points, I believe Manager Li has told you that you will have something to eat first. After eating, Li Tie will arrange a place for you to rest."

"That's it, I'm done."

Then he turned to Li Tie and said: "Distribute the food seized from Myanmar this time to them, and then arrange a place to rest."

Li Tie nodded and said, "Okay, I'll go right away."

Then he walked up to those people and said, "Follow me."

Qingyang also walked over, but was held back by Li Yu.

"Why are you here?" Li Yu was a little curious and asked with a smile on his face.


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