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This game is unusual

This game is unusual

author:No talent O

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:05-27 10:37

Latest chapter:Chapter 1905 True God Clan

In the year 2020 of the Earth's calendar, a game called World of All Living Things appeared out of thin air. It was a masterpiece of immortals and warriors, with exquisite graphics, acquired, innate, foundation building, pill formation, and Yuan Ying. Everything was familiar. However, this game is so difficult. , ten days to level up? Many players were defeated, it was too difficult. It wasn’t until that day, when Xiao Zhi discovered that the game could be played smoothly without a network signal, that he suddenly realized that this was not a normal game. A simple game. This may be an opportunity that can change his life. What? The first player to become a warrior, the system rewards the hidden attribute root bones that can improve the cultivation qualifications? So the first player to become an innate warrior What? Is the reward also the root? One step ahead, step by step. The legend that belongs to Xiao Zhi begins! It belongs to this world

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《This game is unusual》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1905 True God Clan
Chapter 1904 Black Portal
Chapter 1903 Yang Xu’s Change
Chapter 1902 The New Palace of Power
Chapter 1901 Lord of Heaven
Chapter 1900 A new round
Chapter 1899 Dark Red Planet
Chapter 1898 Processing
Chapter 1897 Take action
《This game is unusual》Chapter Contents
001 Xiao Zhi
002 The World of All Beings
003 Peace Village
004 Nine Bulls Explosive Force Technique
Section 005 Strength Training and Games Forum
Section 006 Increase of Attribute Points
Chapter 007 I’m hungry, what should I do?
Chapter 008 Yangxu, Yangxi
009 Not a burden
Day 010 Cooperation with Brother and Sister
011 Hunting the Horned Sheep
Chapter 012 Crazy ‘Cultivation’ Mode
013 Encounter
Chapter 014 Completely Broken!
Chapter 015 Strength value, 100 points!
016 Doubtful Points
Chapter 017 Isn't it amazing?
Section 018 The opportunity to change a life
Section 019 Control
Chapter 020 Hidden attributes, root bones
021 Live Posts
022 The easiest way to get food
023 Promoted to Martial Artist!
024 Genelec
Day 025
Day 026
027 Strength Test
Day 028
DAY 029 New Players in Peace Village
030 The Second Hunt
031 Prey Distribution
032 Li Pingfeng
Section 033 Transaction with Li Pingfeng
Chapter 034 You are testing me, right?
035 Li Pingfeng's Secret
036 The goal is different
037 Don't Blame Me For Bullying the Small!
038 Li Pingfeng VS Yang Xu
Chapter 039 Sorry, I can’t kill him
040 Friends
041 Leaving Xi County
042 The Day After Tomorrow
Day 043
044 100,000 Money
Chapter 045 The hurdle of ‘acquired limit’
046 The Acquired Limit!
047 Immersive!
Chapter 048 The Secret Technique of ‘Boiling Blood’
049 Practical Experience
050 Practical Training!
051 Night Talk
052 Li Pingfeng's Congratulatory Gift
053 It turns out that you are the strongest king!
054 Xiao Zhi's Plan
055 The explosive power of the acquired extreme martial artist
056 Hunting Ferocious Beasts
DAY 57 Ferocious Beast Withered Wolf
058 The Acquired Limit and Innate
059 Air Wall
060 Encounter and Innate True Qi!
DAY 061 100,000 AWARDS
062 The plan to leave the village
063 Boss Ba
064 The Strange Black Crow
065 Xiao Zhi's Decision
066 Borrowing Your Sabre
067 Chasing into the Forest
068 Sneak Attack
DAY 069 The Battle Against Boss Ba
070 Killing the Boss Ba!
072 The Trophy
073 This is not logical
075 Leaving Peace Village
DAY 076 Two or three things in Linwu County
077 Corpse Puppet
078 Linwu County Town
Chapter 080 Innate Kung Fu, Fighting Kung Fu, Auxiliary Kung Fu
DAY 081 Ten Elephants True Power Technique
082 Some Thoughts
083 Congenital Martial Artist!
Chapter 084 ‘Blood Burning’ Secret Technique
DAY 085 Martial Artist and Cultivator
086 The Big Change in Reality
087 The Great Change!
Section 089 Cold Treatment
Section 090 Notification
Section 091 Paragraph
092 Xie Ke
Section 093 Congenital Second Section
094 The Difficulty of Collecting 100,000 Money
096 Conversation with Parents
097 Confession
098 The Overcrowded Novice Village
099 Changping Society
DAY 100 Whale Swallowing
DAY 101 The fifth paragraph of congenital
102 Li Pingfeng's Breakthrough
104 Beaten Up
DAY 105 One Against Five
106 The Action Begins
DAY 107 The Desolate Village
DAY 108 Players vs Bandits
109 Surrounding
DAY 110 Booty
DAY 112 The monk player
113 Xiao Zhi's Considerations
DAY 114 The Map of Dachang Kingdom
DAY 115 The Sixth Stage of Congenital
DAY 116 Re-entry into the county government
Chapter 117 Yanyun Mountain, the Great Demon
Chapter 118 Taoist soldiers, natural spiritual bodies, divine gates!
DAY 119 The Gate of Dachang God
DAY 120 Canglong Breaks the Seal
DAY 121 The Realm Division of Dao Realm
DAY 122 Mental Preparation
Chapter 124 Venerable Shenmen!
DAY 125 Return to Peace Village
DAY 126 The Evil Cultivator Image
127 Forum Bounty
DAY 128 The Corpse Puppet Yangxu
129 Li Wei
DAY 130 Super Fighting Talent
Chapter 131
DAY 132 The Seventh Stage of the Congenital
DAY 133 The Player's Cultivation Bottleneck
DAY 134 The Battle Between Corpse Puppets
136 Attack and Kill
Chapter 138 Heavenly Tribulation Formation, Thunder Fire Pill
139 The Bounty Has Resulted
DAY 141 Songyan Village
142 Finding
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Chapter 143 Water Pond (Please book first!)
Chapter 144 Dead Soul Bead, Dead Soul Bead (please subscribe)
Chapter 145 Out of Control (Please subscribe for 3 more updates)
Chapter 146 Ten seconds (4 updates please subscribe)
Chapter 147 Contact (5 updates completed, please subscribe)
DAY 148 I don't know the goods
DAY 149 The Wild Night
Chapter 150 Vigil (3 updates, additional update from Wing T leader)
Chapter 151 I want to eat black beads (4 updates, extra update from Wing T leader)
Chapter 152 Give it to me (5 updates, extra update from Wing T leader)
154 I'll Fight With You
Chapter 155: Take action (3 updates, additional updates for orders over 100)
Chapter 156 Fierce Battle (4 updates, additional updates for orders of 200)
Chapter 157 Sharp Weapon Armor (5 updates, additional updates for orders of 300)
DAY 158 The corpse puppet old man
DAY 159 Accidents and Out of Oil
Chapter 160 Desperate Situation (3 updates, 400 more for each order)
Chapter 161: Remaining Fear (4 updates, extra updates for orders over 500)
Chapter 162 Life and Death (5 updates, additional updates for orders over 600)
DAY 163 Booty
164 Dao Realm Attacks!
Chapter 165: Heavenly Tribulation (3 updates, 700 more for each order)
Chapter 166 Hundred-Quenched Fruit Tree (4 updates, additional updates for orders of 800)
Chapter 167 Working hard (5 updates, 900 subscribers will receive additional updates)
DAY 168 16 DAYS
DAY 169 New Year's Eve
Chapter 170 Gifts (3 updates, additional updates for orders of 1000)
Chapter 171 The Eight Stages of Innateness (4 updates, additional updates for all orders of 1100)
Chapter 172 Xiantian Nine Sections (5 updates, additional updates for all orders of 1200)
DAY 173 Qishan County
174 Demon Snake
175 This is a routine
DAY 176 The slaughter between monsters
DAY 177 The official arrival
DAY 178 Killing the Demon
DAY 179 Spirit Fruit Touching the Heart
180 Thug
Chapter 181
DAY 182 The efficacy of Baique fruit
DAY 183 Breakthroughs one after another
184 Innate Limits!
185 Preparing for Entering the Dao Realm
DAY 186 ONE IN 100,000
DAY 187 DANGEROUS LAND, Absolute Territory
188 Ringtones
Section 189 The Research Group of the World of All Beings
190 Selfishness
DAY 191 Sentient Colonel
192 Arrangements
Chapter 193 The side effects of the ‘Blood Burning’ secret technique
194 Intranet
Chapter 195 Blind Cang Mountain, Shunling Body
196 The Tribulation Begins!
Chapter 197 Overcoming the Tribulation (3 updates, 1300 additional updates for all orders)
Chapter 198 Metamorphosis (4 updates, 1400 additional updates for all orders)
Chapter 199: Monk in the early stage of foundation building! (5 updates, 1500 more for each order)
DAY 200 The Northland Road Parade
201 National War!
DAY 202 The Road Master Beilan
203 Canglong Visualization Picture
Chapter 204: Hidden Arms Tower, Treasure Arms
DAY 205 Cultivating the Canglong Visualization
206 Player Probe Team
207 Recharge
208 Changes in the Real World
209 Introduction to Visualization
210 Sea of ??Consciousness Space
211 Rescue Operation
212 Departure
213 Cross-Border Search
215 Dao Realm's Combat Power!
216 Storage Ring
217 National War Merit
218 Interrogation
DAY 219 The Earth Calendar Year 2151
Chapter 220 Hidden Information (3 updates, 1600 more for all orders)
Chapter 221 The change of mentality (4 updates, 1700 additional updates for all orders)
Chapter 222 Something big happened in Linwu County (5 updates, 1800 people ordered more)
DAY 223 The government's discussion
224 Aid Linwu County
225 Return to Peace Village
226 It's a thug
227 The gap is a bit big
228 Wishing Changwu a Breakthrough
229 Monster Beast Attacks
230 Old Muramasa's Worries
231 Yang Xu's Decision
232 Liaison
DAY 233 The Return of Chen Yousong
234 Arrogant Enemy Player
235 Disrespectful to the Old
Chapter 236
237 Giant Rat Demon
238 Chen Yousong Enters the Dao Realm
239 New Development
240 The Truth About the Enemy Player
241 What do I need to do?
242 A little bit more
243 Thoughts of Resistance
244 The Action Begins
245 Chaiyang Daoist
Chapter 246 Red Feather Blood Eagle, Thunder Method
DAY 248 The Battle Between Spiritualities
249 Breaking the game
250 The End of the Battle
Chapter 251 If he doesn’t die, I will feel uneasy
252 Calculation
253 Return
254 Killed by Lightning
Chapter 255: Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures (3 updates, 1900 more for every order)
Chapter 256 Migration Team (4 updates, additional updates for 2000 orders)
Chapter 257 Kyoto TV (5 updates, 2100 orders for extra updates)
259 Announcement
260 Interview Video
261 It's Him
Chapter 262 Luo Shengguo, breakthrough
Chapter 263 In the middle stage of foundation building, true energy is tempered to the bones
264 Blood Rain
265 The Omen of Blood Rain
266 Attack the City!
267 Blood Evil
268 Killing
269 ??Monster Beast Attacks the City
270 The Battle Is About to Start
271 The War Begins
272 Choice
273 Influence
274 Quota
275 Marching
276 Floating Dust Real Man
277 When Will I Be the Master of the House?
278 Battlefield
279 There Are Strong Enemies Here
280 Archer
281 I Need to Change the Strategy
282 Wretched Growth
283 One Day's Harvest
284 Protection
285 Small Abacus
286 Big Threat
Chapter 287 The Era of ‘All People Are Soldiers’
288 The Army of All Living Beings
Chapter 289 Upgrading ‘Canglong Breaks the Seal’
DAY 290 Canglong's success in breaking the seal and actual combat space
291 Simulation Battle
292 The Strength Soars
293 Liu Ji
294 Evacuation
295 Defeat
296 Counterattack
297 Escape into the Forest
298 Dare to Enter the Forest to Fight Me?
299 This Is The Difference
300 Induction
Chapter 301 Encounter, two against three
302 Great Harvest
303 Counting the spoils
304 Siege Battle
305 A Familiar Scene
306 Brother and Sister Meet
307 New Plan
Chapter 308 From now on, let me protect you.
DAY 309 The God-Building Plan
310 Golden Fruit Tree
311 Flying Mount
312 Catching Demon Birds
313 Timid as a Mouse
314 Taming
DAY 315 Pride
316 Tiger Demon
DAY 317 The Magical Powers of Heaven and Earth
318 Swallowing the Inner Pill
319 Stone Man
320 Yunshan School
321 Go and Return
322 Bloodline and Transcendence
323 Success
324 Returning to Beilan Road City
325 Swallowing the Golden Fruit
326 Late stage of foundation building
327 A New Round of War
328 Seven Star Grass
DAY 329 The Big Black Eagle Crosses the Tribulation
330 Distribution of Golden Body Fruit
Chapter 331 Ice Hell Blood Lotus, Mountain Cold Territory
332 Bless Me
Chapter 333 Departure, Mountain Cold Road
334 Fierce Cold
335 White Scaled Python
336 The Three-Tailed Demon Fox
337 The Invisible Thing
Chapter 338 The Great Completion of ‘Celestial Eye’
Chapter 339 Taking Photos (3 updates, 2200 orders for additional updates)
Chapter 340: Union (4 updates, 2300 more for each order)
Chapter 341 Demon Demon (5 updates, 2400 for each order plus additional updates)
342 Demon King
343 Jiao
Chapter 344 Compromise, Confrontation, Action
345 The Blood Lotus Petals Breaking Through the Air
346 Killing the Great Demon
347 Spiritual Attack
348 Swallowing Blood Lotus Petals
349 Abnormal
Chapter 350 Li Kuo, Tiger Demon
351 Ringtones
352 Can't Die
353 Breaking the Illusion
354 Parasitism
355 A New Transaction
356 Return
357 Search
358 Inferior Quality
359 The Contract Signed Successfully
360 Return to the real world
361 Lost City and Lost Land
362 The Demon's Experiment
Chapter 363
364 Family Reunion
365 Returning to the North Lan Road
366 Li Pingfeng's Tribulation
367 Big Black Eagle's Disturbance
368 The Incoming Xuanming Player
369 Battle breaks out
370 Astonishment
371 The Void Shadow Hiding Behind
372 Successive sneak attacks
373 The Harvest of This Battle
374 Who Is the Big Dog
375 The Way of Cultivating the Demon
376 Operation in the Occupied Area
377 A Small Request
378 Advance
379 The Peak of Foundation Establishment
380 Visualization of Objects
381 Dragon Transformation
DAY 382 Northern Lan Daocheng
383 Are you willing to go to Chigu County?
384 Mandatory Task
385 Aolong Armor
DAY 386 The Killer and the Heavenly Spar
387 Experts in the Folk
388 Heading to the Enemy Occupied Area
389 First task
390 Arrogance and Arrogance
391 Chasing and Killing
DAY 392 The chasing and fleeing trend is reversed
393 Breaking the Formation!
394 Wind and Rain in the City
395 The Meeting of the Player World of Xuanming Kingdom
Chapter 396 ‘General’ Quota
397 Attack the City Again
398 Dare to come down and fight with me?
399 He Has Escaped
400 Find a way for me
Chapter 401 ‘War Zone’ app
Section 402 Information Support
403 Battle Harvest
404 Garrison in the Field
405 Barracks
406 Bluestone Giant
407 The Second Break
408 Underground passage
409 Spirit Vein
410 Sense of Achievement
411 The Village
412 War Chaos
413 Advanced Supernatural Powers
414 Changguan Village
415 Li Changsheng
416 Soaring the Snake
417 The Battle
418 Entanglement
419 Killing the Bear
420 Killing the Snake
421 Jindan Wuxiu
422 Clouds
423 Escape
424 Do I Still Have a Chance?
425 Shut Up For Me!
426 Leak
Chapter 427
428 Clear division of labor
429 Dao Soldiers
430 Foundation of the Physical Route
431 Imprisonment
432 Relentless Pursuit
433 Tracking the Jade Talisman
434 Catching Up
435 Storage
436 Inquiry
437 Billionaires
438 Killing Sword
Chapter 439 Practice [Destruction Sword]
440 Bamboo shoots after the rain
441 Records
442 The actual combat power of the killing sword
443 Second Battle
444 The Third Battle
445 Challenge the Golden Core!
446 The gap between the foundation and the golden core
447 Heart Attack Tactics
448 Hasty
449 Post-War Summary
Chapter 450: Methods to Increase ‘Mana Volume’
Chapter 451: Fei Yuan Dan, Exploding Yuan Dan
452 Repairing Dao Soldiers
453 Spiritual Essence
454 Returning to the Enemy Occupied Area
455 A Back Path
456 A drop in the bucket
457 [Whale Swallowing] Consummation
458 The Third Dimensional Infant War
459 Akagu County Castle
460 Confrontation
461 Out of the City
462 Opportunity
463 Inquiry
464 Shuangqing County
465 Provocation
466 Coming!
467 Shi Chong
468 Speed ??State
469 Chasing and Killing Jindan
Chapter 470 Life is like a play, it all depends on acting skills
471 Yan Chi
Chapter 472 Leaving the City (3 updates, congratulations to the leader of book friend 20171102064124526)
Chapter 473 Lingbao (4 updates, congratulations to the leader of book friend 20171102064124526)
Chapter 474 Unreliable (5 updates, congratulations to the leader of book friend 20171102064124526
475 Dragon Man Form
476 Added National War Merit
477 I Can Help You Do Something
478 A little bit
479 Dharma Image Heavenly Eye
Chapter 480 A person’s name, the shadow of a tree
481 Take it out together
482 Cathode Ghost General
483 Returning to Northland Road City
484 In Beilan City
485 Hu Yang's Analysis
486 The Battle of the City Begins!
487 Jun's Royal Family
488 The Peak of the Mountain
489 Battle Situation
490 Watching the Battle
491 Players with Jindan-level combat power
492 Moths to the flame
493 Breaking the Formation
494 Disappearance
495 Entering the City
496 Sword Mark
497 Empty
498 Killing a Chicken with a Butcher's Knife
499 Take a step by step
500 Li Kuo's Awakening
501 Leaving the City
Chapter 502 Xiao Zhi is here, come and kill him quickly!
503 Spiritual Soul
504 Soul Lamp
505 Search
506 Awareness
507 Come Out
508 Yujiu's Sword
Chapter 509 Sha Wu’s sand, Long San’s eyes
510 Xiao Zhi's Way of Breaking the Game
511 Out of the Illusion
512 Beilan Road Mansion
Chapter 513 There is a big danger outside the Taoist mansion!
514 Frozen
515 The Great Returning Elixir
516 The Incarnation of the Taoist Lord
517 The Spiritual Treasure of the Lord
518 I just want to live
519 It's Impossible
Chapter 520
521 Two Second Tribulation
522 The Success Rate of Transcending the Tribulation of the 22nd Heavenly Tribulation
523 Red Eyes
524 Tribulation Thunder
525 The Fourth Tribulation Thunder
526 The mobile phone dedicated to the game of the world of sentient beings
Chapter 527 Finally... got over it again
Chapter 528 Golden elixir realm, acquired spiritual body!
529 Demon King Level Demon
530 Please raise your hand
531 Information about the outside world
532 Rescue
Chapter 533 Qian Huan Sect, Lu Zhong
534 Balance Means
535 The most favorable situation
Chapter 536 Giving up the opportunity, new plan
537 I will try my best
538 What to Fight With
539 The situation has changed
540 Communication Before the War
541 The prototype of the realm
542 Strong Attack
543 Xiao Zhi's Dragon Man Form
544 The Real Man of Magic
545 The Battle Begins!
546 Qingri Dafa
547 Killing the Soul
548 The Escaped Long San
549 Revenge
550 [Death Sword] Consummation
551 The Possibility of Repairing the Golden Light Octopole Array
552 Peace of Mind
553 Counting the spoils
554 Lu Zhong's Return
555 A rotten country
556 The Floating Reality Who Came Here
557 Wonderful Eye Fairy
558 Charm Technique
559 Attacking and Killing Fairy Miaomu
560 Three Kills a Day
561 Yuan Ying Attacks!
562 Hand over the people
563 Yun Cangzi and Yun Chenzi
564 Jiuyoujiuyu
565 Reporting
566 Re-entry into Beilan Dao Mansion
567 Jindan Level Visualization
568 Visualization of the relationship between the diagrams
Chapter 569 Cultivation
570 Observation and Imagination
Chapter 571 [Hai Kun Visualization Diagram] Getting Started
572 Shrinking the ground into an inch
573 The Second Generation of Dao
574 Why Don't You Do It?
575 Millions of National War Merit Values
576 Not Monolithic
577 The Middle Stage of Jindan
578 Late Golden Core
Chapter 579
580 The Newly Entered Nascent Soul Cultivator
Chapter 581 [Shrinking the ground into an inch] Getting Started
582 Hot
583 All Living Beings in the Sumeru Realm
Chapter 584 Upgrade
585 Entering the Sumeru Realm of All Living Beings
586 Exploring the New Territories
587 The Birth of a Treasure
588 Hands On
589 One Death and Two Wounds
590 Breaking the Illusion
591 Treasure Capture
592 Heavenly Tribulation Elixir
593 All Beings and Commodities! (Two in One)
594 The Attention of the High-level People's Army
595 Xiao Zhi's Choice
596 Discussion of the Army of All Living Beings
597 Heavenly Compass
598 Leaving the City
599 Little Red Dot
600 Zhongchang Road
Chapter 601 Dachang Imperial City, Dachang True Lord
Chapter 602 The Three Meridians of Shenmen, Lord Ji Shi
603 Solicitation
604 Volunteers
605 Joining the Yuxu Lineage
606 Foreign Players in the Realm of Zhusheng Sumeru
607 Three High-Order Pupil Techniques
608 The whole army is annihilated
609 Upgrade [King Kong Dazzling]
610 Sorrowful Spring Knife
611 Lingbao recognizes the master
612 Unit
613 Meeting the Enemy
614 Fierce Battle
615 Fraud
616 The End of the Battle
617 The Second Exploring of the Sumeru Realm of All Living Beings
618 A New Type of Monster
619 A Different Air Wall
Chapter 620 Flying Sword Attack and Killing (2nd update, congratulations to leader Liyeting)
Chapter 621 Report and Speculation (3rd update, congratulations to leader Liyeting)
622 Picking Up
623 Arrangement
Chapter 624: Shura walks on earth, the weapon spirit recognizes its master
625 Golden Core Peak
626 [Soul Eater] Getting Started
627 Kun and Peng
628 The choice of the law
629 Kunyu Entering the Sea
630 The Second Treasure Battle
631 Escape Technique
632 Unspeakable
633 Bibo Island
634 Forcing the Palace
635 The Third Treasure Comes into the World
636 Treasure Chest Guard
637 Yu Jiu
Chapter 638 This day has come so quickly
639 Incredible
640 Victory Fruit Bodhi
641 The Return Journey and the Clouds and Mist
642 Demon Venerable Jiaobai
643 The Lord Save Me!
644 The Real Domain
645 Pay Attention
646 Optimized Qingyun Quadruple Formation
647 The Defense Force Test of the Great Defense Array in Reality
648 July 6th
649 Examination
Chapter 650 Golden Crow, Cangwu Road, Changshan
651 True Monarch Dojo
652 Open Challenge
653 Controversy and Battle Results
Chapter 654 ‘Explosive Seed’ Ability
655 Secret Meeting
656 The possibility of extinction
657 Fish and Bear's Paws Can't Have Both
658 Preparations Before Advent
659 Descendants
660 Spread
661 Dark Skeleton
662 Announce the truth
663 Coming to the Hostile World
664 Lu Zhong's Experience
665 Fighting
666 Battle
667 Great melee
668 Zhao Yan's Flying Sword
669 Zixiao Six Square Array in the Real World
670 The prototype of the realm
Chapter 672 September 15
Chapter 673 Memorabilia
673 The situation continues to deteriorate
674 The Success Rate of Transcending the Tribulation of the Nascent Soul Heavenly Tribulation
675 I'll be here waiting for them!
676 Insect Man
677 One Against Two
678 The power of the prototype of the domain
679 Xiao Zhi's Confidence
680 Wu Shi and Kunren Form
681 Kun's Innate Skills
682 Another Treasure Battle
683 Defense
684 The target is me
685 Great Victory
686 Anonymous Talisman
687 Ginseng Fruit
688 Leaving Dachang God Realm
689 Help
690 Nascent Soul Level Clone!
691 Step on the Cloud Boots to Recognize the Lord
692 Divine Hidden Technique
693 The Battle Between the Peak Demon Kings
Chapter 694
695 Sitting on the Mountain and Watching the Tiger Fight
696 The Demon Lord Attacks
697 Taking Body as Bait
698 Your Majesty
699 Killing Intent from Wang Jiufeng
700 War Yuanying
701 A Different Kind of Thought
702 The Plan Can't Keep Up With Changes
703 Terrible Space Crack
704 Cooperation with Demons
Chapter 705
706 Xiao Zhi's Meeting with Mo Yi
707 Killing Fairy White Lotus
708 Fury
709 Comprehensive Upgrade
710 New life-saving cards
711 Fear the enemy like a tiger
712 Tree Ancestor
713 Terrible Tree Ancestor
714 The Powerful Venerable Kui
715 The Ginseng Fruit is in Hand!
716 Entering the Cold Mountain
717 Breaking the Door
718 Extremely Cold Region
719 The Way to Break the Game
720 Going to the Land of Tribulation
721 Nascent Soul Heavenly Tribulation
722 Wind Giant
Chapter 723 The transformation is completed, Nascent Soul is overhauled!
724 Extremely Cold Region of Ice
725 You are our hero!
726 A Visit From Liu Yi
727 The Solution for Lack of Spirit Stones
728 Ice Disaster
729 Demon God's Remains
730 Destroying the World
Chapter 731 Peng-man form, exploring the world outside the air wall again!
Chapter 732 Two mountain peaks, god-level players!
733 King Kong!
734 King Kong and King Kong Dazzling
735 Killing King Kong! Exploding Fragments!
Chapter 736: Immortal Magic Fragments, Indestructible Golden Body
737 Nascent Soul Clone
738 The first clone
739 The Weakest Opponent
740 Deprivation
741 Unable to simulate
742 Flying Yaksha
743 Another visit
744 The Information Source of the Xuanming World
Chapter 745 Operation ‘Beheading Generals’
746 The Strongest Clone
747 Bringing someone to kill monsters
748 I have a plan
Chapter 749 Everyone below the gods and demons are ants!
750 How to Use Nascent Soul
751 Li Kuo's Heart
752 Cave Mansion
753 Different Space
754 Invisible Danger
755 Assassination from the Real World
756 This is a lunatic
757 Ice Lake
758 Ending in person
759 The Third Storage Ring!
760 Solving the Spirit Stone Problem
Chapter 761 Cangyan Dynasty, Lu Kongyang
Chapter 762 Is it the remnant of gods and demons?
763 Lu Zhong's Assassination Experience
764 Delay
765 The Leaf of Life
766 Ice Taotie
767 The Adorte Incident
768 Swallow the sky!
769 God and Demon Zhen Lan
770 The Weakness of the Centipede Demon Venerable
771 Coming to War
772 It's Scared
773 Head to Head
774 Millions of Sentient Beings
775 Red Mansions
776 This is the red name
777 The Method to Eliminate the Red Name
Chapter 778 The day of Operation ‘Beheading’
779 Loose Immortals
780 Coming to the Xuanming World
781 Xiao Zhi Arrives!
Chapter 782 Target, Kyoto City!
783 The Death of the World
784 Anti-Invasion
785 Break the formation!
786 Breaking the Formation One after another
787 Return to the Xuanming World!
788 Qinglong Shows Its Power!
789 The World-destroying Death Star that was accidentally detonated
790 Winning the King and Losing the Bandit
791 The Death Star and the Heavenly Demon Pearl
792 The World War is Set!
793 The Last General
794 The Third Coming to the Xuanming World!
Chapter 795 Break the formation and destroy the city!
796 Today I will kill you!
797 Dimensionality Reduction Strike
798 The Fourth Coming to the Xuanming World!
799 Search
800 The Inheritance of the Demon Lord of Kunshan
801 Star Destroyer Cannon
802 Another Red Name
803 Progress has been made
804 Demon One's True Combat Power
805 The Fifth Coming to the Xuanming World!
806 Demon One's Death
807 Gathering
808 Where to Go
809 Temple
810 Bamboo Scroll
Chapter 811 Temple of the Heavenly King, Demonic Monk, Immortal Magic
Chapter 812: Five-star Immortal Technique, the Dharma of the Mighty Heavenly King!
813 Cultivating Immortal Arts
814 Official decision
815 The Right Way to Visualize
816 Introduction to Immortal Art
817 Exploding Combat Strength
818 Black Short Sword and Black Seal
819 Encountering the Cloud Centipede Again
820 Meeting Zhenlan Again
821 Jiuyou Yuanlong Visualization Picture
822 The Red Feather Blood Eagle in the Illusion!
823 The Real Illusion!
824 The Third Weapon
825 The Secret of Great Perfection
826 The Birth of Jinbao
827 Boundary Breaking Stone
828 The Red Feather Blood Eagle Again
829 In the middle of Nascent Soul!
830 To a Whole New World
831 The death scene of a large society
Chapter 832 Meet the ice glutton again!
833 The Gap
834 Dayanguo
835 Humans in the Nine Serenities
836 Meeting Ji Yuanrong Again
837 Ji Yuanrong's Forbidden Killing Technique
Chapter 838 Two-star Immortal Technique, Yuan Condensation Technique!
839 Dayan Capital Ruins
840 Something Big Has Happened
841 The Nineteenth Star Officer!
842 The Territory of the Shining Star Empire
843 The three-year period
844 Ji Weiwei
845 Another National War and the Black Umbrella
846 The Aggrieved Ice Taotie
847 The Quick Method of the Imaginary Diagram of Jiuyou Yuanlong
848 The Seventh Dharma Artifact of the Dharma Sign
849 A player from Long Xingguo
850 Late Nascent Soul
851 The Self-Awareness of Yuanlong's Clone
852 The experience of becoming a god
853 Plan ahead
Chapter 854 The black jade goes as you wish, and your words follow the law!
855 Sweep
856 Leaving the Cold Mountain
857 Eightfold Eyesight!
Chapter 858 Two tests on ‘whatever you say’
859 The Emperor
Chapter 860 Cangzhou Daocheng, Emperor Dragon Picture
Chapter 861 Target, Cangzhou Daocheng!
Chapter 862 Four times the speed, two golden dragons
863 Give me the town!
864 Innate Spirit Treasure
865 A Black Sword with Ten Times the Power!
866 The Gate of Hell and the Infernal Hell
867 Incessant Karmic Fire and Preparations Before Going Out of Hell
868 Siege
869 Rescue
870 The Hunt Begins!
871 Flesh Dragon
872 Shoutout
873 Come to the bowl
874 Silence
875 The Cruel Xuanming Royal Family
876 Kill One by One!
877 This is a lunatic!
878 The Dust Settles
879 Xiao Zhi's Deterrent Power
Chapter 880 Richness is Enemies!
881 Meet the Floating Real Life Again
882 Xuan Cangjia recognizes the master
883 Ice Taotie's Attack Power
884 Meat Shield
Chapter 885 Emperor Xuanming!
Chapter 886 The Xuanming monk strikes again!
887 God's Avatar
888 Retreat the enemy
889 Healed
890 Guessing about Yu Xuzi
891 Protect the city
892 The Resistance Organization
893 Wishing Immortal Technique
Chapter 894 Target, Blind Cang Mountain!
895 Entering the Dangerous Land of Blind Cang Mountain
896 Yuzun
897 The Land of Chaos
898 Space Turbulence
899 Computation between each other
900 The Law of Space
901 Forced Kill
902 Starlight
903 Looking for Venerable Li Yuan
904 Ink Jiao
905 The Seed of Life
906 Venerable Li Yuan in a complicated mood
907 Peak Demon Lord
908 Return
909 Reassuring
910 The Second Quasi Nascent Soul
911 The Seventeenth Yuanlong
912 Immortal's Means
913 Meeting Yun Cangzi Again
914 The tyrannical god-level Yuanlong
915 Ji Chang Family
916 Farewell to Ji Yuanrong
917 Nascent Soul Peak!
918 Yuanlong Form
919 Heading to the Extremely Cold Mountains
920 The Heaven of Absolute Territory
921 Ancient Trapped Formation
922 Entering the Game
923 There is No Escape
924 The Gods and Demons and the Ice Calamity!
925 Yu Xuzi
926 Changing Faces
927 The Second Step of Becoming a God
928 The Lake of the Origin
929 Exploring the Origin Lake
930 Found it!
931 Advice from the Army of All Living Beings
932 Dharma's Angry Strike!
933 Eternal Kingdom
934 Entering the Nine Netherworld!
935 Fierce Fight
936 A sword wears the body
937 After the War
938 The Gate of Time and Space to the Outside World
939 Entering the Lake
940 16%
941 The Law of Water Movement is Small!
942 Return to the Real World
943 Changes in the Real World
944 Yuanlong's Clone Leaving Jiuyou
945 The third attack on the city
946 Jun Huai who was pulled into Jiuyou
947 Ji Yuanrong VS Jun Huai
948 Xiao Zhi VS Jun Huai
949 Jiuyou Yuanlong Suddenly Comes!
950 Please wait a moment
951 Gift Armor
952 Counterattack Plan
953 99%
Chapter 954: Canghai Lingzhu, Jade in Stone, Wind and Thunder Stone
Chapter 955 [Original Condensation Technique] Breakthrough!
956 The Law of Water Movement is Completed!
957 The third step of becoming a god
958 Diamond Super League
959 Lord Senluo
960 Breaking the Sky Cone
961 Cold Blooded
962 Willpower Training
963 Conditions for peace talks
964 God Slave
965 Li Pingfeng's Out-of-bounds Experience
966 The Gradually Resurrecting Emperor Xuanming
967 The Attitude of the Priests of Yuanying
968 Taking refuge
969 Player Liaison
970 Peace talks between the two countries
971 The revenge of killing the ancestors is not shared
972 The Sword of Protection of the Nation Reappears!
Chapter 973 There are such shameless people in this world!
974 The Lost Venerable Ji Shi
975 Heaven and Earth Nine Condensation Formation
976 Counterattack Plan
977 Other Nascent Soul Cultivators of Yuxu's Lineage
978 Liu Hong and Shi Chong
979 The recovered Liu Hong
980 The Counterattack Begins
981 Jincheng
982 Three Kills!
983 Destroy the city and kill the enemy!
984 Xuanming World Player Unearthed
985 Yang Xu's Breakthrough
986 The Essence of Jincheng
987 Limitations of the actual combat space
988 Venerable Li Yuan's Advice
989 Decision
990 Undersea diving
991 Cultivation in the Infernal Ghost Realm
992 The external situation
993 The Third Batch of Divine Soul Enhancers
Chapter 994 The soul is consummated!
Chapter 995 The tree ancestor reappears!
996 Heavenly Jade Bodhi
997 Pingliang Daoist
998 The Shard of the Dryad Elf Pill
Chapter 999 Gathering from all directions!
1000 Sweeping and Intercession
1001 Yang Xu's Tribulation
1002 Strengthening the Life Extender
1003 Facing Tai Xuzi!
1004 Dutian Xuansha Furnace
1005 Soul Chopping Technique
1006 Soul Chopping Begins!
Chapter 1007 The spirit and infant unite, and the soul leaves the body
1008 Search and Forget
Chapter 1009: Successful soul slaying, colorful light!
1010 Unprecedented Power!
1011 Crush Taixuzi
1012 The idea of ??capturing the Dachang Imperial City!
Chapter 1013 Target, Dachang Imperial City!
1014 The second plan
1015 Cao Shaoyang
1016 Break the formation!
1017 Group to attack
1018 The Dust Settles
1019 Quasi-God-level Deterrent!
1020 Evil Monk
1021 Smiley and Sadness
Chapter 1022 Take charge of the Yuxu lineage!
1023 God's Heavenly Tribulation
1024 Blue Jade Clothes and Jade Ruler Sword
1025 Mutated Yuanlong Clone
1026 Xiao Zhi VS God and Demon Liang Sheng
1027 The method of dealing with the gods and demons Liangsheng
1028 The Great Completion of Dharma Phases!
Chapter 1029 Facing the gods and demons Liangsheng again!
1030 The Origin of Heavenly Tribulation Formation and Thunder Fire Pill
1031 Creation Fruit and Different Heavenly Grottoes
1032 Looking for the inheritance of the Kunshan Demon Lord
1033 Entering the Heavenly Cave
1034 Eternal Field
1035 Forbidden Magic Area
1036 Overview of the whole situation
1037 Outside Players in the Eternal Field
1038 The Creation Fruit is in hand!
1039 Kunshan Magic Field
1040 Devil's Temple
1041 I'm from Xuanming Kingdom!
Chapter 1042 The battle with the inheritors of the Kunshan Demon Lord!
1043 Heaven's Lore Array
1044 Forcibly cross the calamity!
Chapter 1045 Divine Tribulation!
1046 The Death of the Black Armor
1047 God Man!
1048 Two Gods!
1049 Finding the Devil's Temple
Chapter 1050 Emperor Xuanming is honored!
1051 Xiao Zhi's God Realm
1052 Return to the Sumeru Realm of All Living Beings
1053 One Hundred Thousand Mountains
1054 Million Points of Sentient Beings
1055 Going to Cangzhou Road
Chapter 1056 This divine battle is inevitable!
1057 Live and Die Together
1058 Weak God Level
1059 The Battle of Gods Begins!
1060 Xiao Zhi's Counterattack
Chapter 1061 Cleaning up ‘trash fish’
1062 Extinction!
Chapter 1063 Target, Xuanming Imperial City!
1064 The End of the National War
1065 Suppression
1066 The Great One
1067 The road to becoming stronger after becoming a god
1068 A Grade Artifact
1069 Drain the Lake of the Origin!
1070 Xiao Zhi VS Yuanlong Demon God
1071 Returning with a reward
1072 Statue of True Monarch Dachang
1073 Rescue Dachang Zhenjun
1074 The Secret Talk Between Two Gods
Chapter 1075 Raiders [Jiuyou Yuanlong Visualization Map]
1076 Cloud River Road Outside the City
1077 Breaking the Array with One Hit
1078 All the way north
1079 Great Perfection
1080 The Great Perfection Level Yuanlong Clone
Chapter 1081 The source of supernatural powers!
1082 Looking for True Lan
1083 Encountered Ice Disaster
1084 The God-level War Begins!
Chapter 1085 Zhenlan's remnants appear!
1086 Capital Heaven and Supreme Divine Throne
1087 Slashing the remains of gods and demons
Chapter 1088: Both the clone and the main body
1089 The decisive battle begins
Chapter 1090 The deity of Liang Sheng appears!
Chapter 1091 Destroy the gods and demons!
1092 The Way to Cross the Plane
1093 The wishful body and all thoughts unite
1094 The Credentials of the Shining Star Empire
1095 God Lord Gai Wang
1096 The sunset leaves the customs
1097 Decisions of the countries of the world
1098 Hegemony Game
1099 Regional hegemony
DAY 1100 Exploring the Chaos Space
Section 1101 The Evolutionary Road of [Dharma Statue of the Great Power Heavenly King]
Chapter 1102 Departure to Dayan Kingdom
1103 The third official
1104 The Siege of the Star Empire and the Combination Formation
1105 Optimized Golden Light Octopole Array
1106 Xiao fights Xiaowu
1107 The Second Battle of Gods
1108 The Emperor Mu Taishang
1109 Calculation and Ultimate Escape
1110 No Compromise!
1111 The Conditions of Emperor Mu Taishang
1112 Return to Dachang Kingdom
1113 The Fifth Star
1114 Convince Jiuyou Yuanlong
1115 The Gods Gather!
1116 Reincarnation
1117 Xiao Zhi's Plan
Chapter 1118 Everything is ready, all we need is the east wind
1120 Overlord Rules
1121 Taibai Xingjun
1122 Do it!
1123 Besieging Taibai Xingjun
1124 Taibai Xingjun in desperate situation
1125 Double Kill!
1126 The Order of All Beings and the Great Array of All Beings
1127 Destroying the Xingyao Imperial Capital
1128 The Traces of the Three Stars Shining
1129 Player Hunting Squad
1130 Return to the Star Empire
1131 Lead the snake out of the hole
1132 Sneak Attack and Counter-Sneak Attack!
1133 The Battle of the Trapped Formation!
1134 Xiao's Battle of Wuqu
1135 Steady Victory!
1136 This is a snake that knows how to form
Chapter 1137 The God War is over and the dust has settled
1138 Carpet Search and Ziji Dao Master Identification
1139 Planning for the source of supernatural powers
1140 The last day of the safe period
Chapter 1141 Fundraising and Coming to the Real World!
Chapter 1142 Arrange the Heaven and Earth Nine Condensation Great Array!
1143 Rescue
1144 Coming to the Starry World
1145 Breaking the Array and Killing the Enemy
1146 The First Star Officer
1147 Destruction of the World
1148 Completion of World Destruction and the Fifth Heaven and Earth Nine Condensation Great Array
1149 Changes in Reality
Chapter 1150: King Gai’s Appointment (Second Update)
Chapter 1151 Is it so difficult to admit that you are strong?
Chapter 1152 The Purpose of the Qingyuan World (Second update, supplementary update for the leaders of Me and Feng Jie Passer)
1153 Self-created Origin Magical Powers Successfully!
Chapter 1154 The Xuanshui Sword and the Five Kings! (Second update, supplementary update for the leaders of Me and the Wind Passengers)
Chapter 1155 Dawn World, God of Dawn
1156 The Embarrassing Situation of Loose Immortals
1157 The Deterrent Power of God-level Players
1158 Twelve Heavens District and Tianqi World
1159 The battle for regional dominance begins!
1161 Showing the cards
1162 On the Battlefield
1163 The water of quicksand and the turbid dragon
1164 Flesh Regeneration
1165 Lord Zixuan and Lord of Jialan
Chapter 1166: Stay steady, we can win!
1167 Great melee
1168 Shrinking the battlefield
Chapter 1169 The mantis stalks the cicada, the oriole follows behind
Section 1170 The situation of other venues
1171 The Final Winner
1172 A Brand New Way to Strengthen
1173 Xiao Zhi's latest plan
1174 Origin World
1175 Heaven
1176 The Seven Gods Gather
1177 Colorful Treasures
1178 Terrible Treasure Chest Monster
1179 Last Chance
1180 The Sky Emperor and the Mengtian Emperor
1181 The Terrifying of the Great Perfection-level Illusion Law
1182 Mission
Chapter 1183 Re-entering the world of Sumeru
1184 A Little Trial
1185 Bodhisattva's fruit position
1186 The test of the Bodhisattva's fruit status
1187 Dawei Tianfo
1188 The protection mechanism of the sentient beings system
1189 Some Information About the Imperial Defense Mission
1190 Sky Point
1191 The Law of Gravity
1192 The Second Imperial Defense Mission
1193 Quicksand King's Request
1194 Destroy the Black Flame
1195 Second in the world
1196 Players' limitations in the real world
1197 Qingyuan World's Third Imperial Defense Mission
1198 The second colorful treasure was born
1199 The safe period is coming to an end
1200 Calling the Sky Emperor
1201 Dharma Signs Consummated
1202 Second Fund Raising
1203 November 6th
1204 The source of the disaster
1205 Dealing with disasters
1206 Disasters one after another
1207 The dark crack in the air
1208 The increasingly powerful Qingyuan world
Chapter 1209 The catastrophe is coming!
1210 The divine body descends into reality
1211 Disaster
1212 Abnormalities
1213 Destroying a Continent
1214 The source of the catastrophe
1215 Dharma Protection
1216 Luo Yiyi
1217 Improved Sky Lore Array
1218 Breaking the Array
1219 Uninvited Guest
1220 Third Grade Artifact
1221 The problem seems to be serious
Chapter 1222 The gods are attacking!
1223 Cangqing God Realm and Mountain Rain World
1224 Slaying the God
1225 A silver lining
1226 Evacuation
1227 Shadow
1228 The Great Emperor Siyu
1229 High-standard battle of gods
1230 The Eternal Field After the War
1231 Hei Chang Da Zun
1232 Tracking
1233 Return to Dachang Kingdom
1234 Choosing a Master for the Divine Sword
1235 Magic Iron Epee
1236 Don't have any plans
1237 Voldemort
1238 Quiet Spring Water
1239 Yingchuan Absolute Territory
1240 Nothing is inseparable
1241 Water Dragon
1242 The deity strikes!
1243 Collecting the Water of the Quiet Spring
1244 Daliang Zhenjun
1245 Youquan Dragon Ball
1246 Mountains, Rivers and Plants
1247 Four-Rank Treasure
1248 Return to Dachang Kingdom
Chapter 1249: One person attains enlightenment, chickens and dogs ascend to heaven
Chapter 1251 Understanding the water of the quiet spring
Chapter 1252 Yuanlong’s clone reappears
Chapter 1253 Alienation from Friends
Chapter 1254 Nightmare
Chapter 1255 Xiao Zhi’s considerations
Chapter 1256 Arrangement
Chapter 1257 Eyes projected from another world
Chapter 1258 Xiao Zhi’s speculation
Chapter 1259 New God
Chapter 1260 Qingyuan Imperial Capital
Chapter 1261 Testing
Chapter 1262 Something big happened!
Chapter 1263 The war between two player worlds
Chapter 1264 Lord Chiyou
Chapter 1265 The divine wars that broke out one after another
Chapter 1266 The Bear King appears and the Quicksand King appears!
Chapter 1267 High-spirited
Chapter 1268 Cleanup Operation
Chapter 1269 Black Eyes Reappear!
Chapter 1270 The situation worsens
Chapter 1271 The Fall of King Wu
Chapter 1272 Blue Blood Snake Killing Formation
Chapter 1273: Interception on the way
Chapter 1274 Declaration of War Again
Chapter 1275 Quicksand King VS Fire Feather Lord
Chapter 1276 A dedicated assistant
Chapter 1277 Destruction of the world
Chapter 1278 The terrifying quicksand water
Chapter 1279 On the Cliff
Chapter 1280 Sense of Urgency
Chapter 1281 Cultivation in the water of the quiet spring
Chapter 1282 Seize the day and night
Chapter 1283 Earth Calendar Year 2028
Chapter 1284 Three Formations of the World of All Living Beings
Chapter 1285 The invasion of gods!
Chapter 1286 Turn on world protection!
Chapter 1287 Xiao Zhi’s sudden attack
Chapter 1288 Xiao Zhi shows off his power!
Chapter 1289 The whole world is the enemy!
Chapter 1290 If we don’t fight now, when will we wait?
Chapter 1291 Coming to the real world!
Chapter 1292 Lost Contact
Chapter 1293 Methods to restore communication
Chapter 1294 Attack and Defense of Kyoto Defense Circle
Chapter 1295 Made public
Chapter 1296 Xiao Zhi’s attack
Chapter 1297 Eight-armed Demon
Chapter 1298 Intrigue and deception
Chapter 1299 Ku Luo Xian
Chapter 1300 No choice
Chapter 1301 The fight between trapped beasts!
Chapter 1302 Killing the Demon Moon Witch
Chapter 1303 Speculations about the person behind the scenes
Chapter 1304 Powerful Summoning System
Chapter 1305 The world is destroyed at dawn
Chapter 1306 World Protection Begins
Chapter 1307 Attack!
Chapter 1308 Overlord Chu Xing
Chapter 1309 The God War breaks out
Chapter 1310 The person behind the scenes
Chapter 1311 Yu Xuzi VS Xingyue Great Witch
Chapter 1312 Retreat and practice hard
Chapter 1313 Fusion of water from the spring
Chapter 1314 The water element is perfect, an intermediate god!
Chapter 1315 Heading to the border
Chapter 1316 Conditions and Prices of District Transfer
Chapter 1317 Rescue
Chapter 1318 Goodbye Xingyue Great Witch!
Chapter 1319 Fight against Kuluoxian again!
Chapter 1320 Coming to Manluo World
Chapter 1321 The real trump card of the Xingyue Great Witch
Chapter 1322 Xiao Zhi’s Revenge
Chapter 1323 The guard mission ends
Chapter 1324 Xiao Zhi’s Thoughts
Chapter 1325 Meeting the Quicksand King
Chapter 1326 Battle
Chapter 1327 Bodhisattva status and Yuan Shen Xiao Zhi
Chapter 1328 Chiyuan Kingdom
Chapter 1329 Fighting the Quicksand King!
Chapter 1330: Admit Defeat
Chapter 1331 Execution
Chapter 1332 Negotiation
Chapter 1333 The King of Silence
Chapter 1334 Li Kuo’s breakthrough
Chapter 1335: Rotation every ten years
Chapter 1336 Immortal Magic Exchange Rules
Chapter 1337 Offensive and Defensive Alliance
Chapter 1338 The colorful treasure reappears
Chapter 1339 Lu Zhong’s breakthrough
Chapter 1340 Another exploration into the chaotic space
Chapter 1341 The Forbidden Technique of the Witch Department
Chapter 1342 Demigod Lu Zhong
Chapter 1343 The humiliating Kuluo Immortal
Chapter 1344 Qingming Celestial Eye
Chapter 1345 The idea of ??forging divine weapons
Chapter 1346 The Perfection of Heavenly Eyes
Chapter 1347 The player world from the transfer area
Chapter 1348 Jin Maple Kingdom
Chapter 1349 Challenge
Chapter 1350 Challenge Results
Chapter 1351 All thoughts are unified and perfected
Chapter 1352 The hope of defeating the mighty Buddha
Chapter 1353 Order
Chapter 1354 Dharma Perfection!
Chapter 1355
Chapter 1356 Buddha Bone Relic
Chapter 1357 Distribution of Buddha Bone Relics
Chapter 1358 The second god of Dachang World
Chapter 1359 Kuluo Immortal and Kunshan Demon Monarch
Chapter 1360 Soul Searcher
Chapter 1361 Battle in the chaotic space
Chapter 1362 Different Types and Permission Points
Chapter 1363 Level 1 authority
Chapter 1364 The Truth About the Ancient Heavenly Demon
Chapter 1365 Lanjie's World
Chapter 1366 Guardian Armor
Chapter 1367 Qi Yan World
Chapter 1368 The Messenger of the Beginning God
Chapter 1369 High God!
Chapter 1370 Emperor Longyuan
Chapter 1371 The End of the Qingyuan Era
Chapter 1372 Arrangement and Preparation
Chapter 1373 Shouting
Chapter 1374 Contact
Chapter 1375 Invasion
Chapter 1376 Facing Emperor Long Yuan!
Chapter 1377 Battle within the Ice God Restriction
Chapter 1378 King versus king, versus general
Chapter 1379 Assault on Emperor Shi Xuan
Chapter 1380 Guangzhi Buddha
Chapter 1381 The horror of the Great Perfection Law
Chapter 1382 Confrontation
Chapter 1383 Extremely Cold Ice Soul
Chapter 1384 Unprecedented Crisis
Chapter 1385 Prepare to fight to the death
Chapter 1386 Challenge the regional hegemon!
Chapter 1387 Living and dying together
Chapter 1388 Double kill!
Chapter 1389 The end of the road
Chapter 1390 The era of Dachang has arrived!
Chapter 1391 Demigod Zhao Yan
Chapter 1392 Thunder King asks for an audience
Chapter 1393 Distributing Artifacts
Chapter 1394 The Spirit of Quicksand
Chapter 1395 Trip to Liusha River
Chapter 1396 The guard mission begins!
Chapter 1397 Heaven and Heavenly Palace
Chapter 1398 The Demon King of Kunshan appears!
Chapter 1399 The response of the sentient system
Chapter 1400 Gift from Emperor Kong Tian
Chapter 1401 Summoning
Chapter 1402 The colorful treasure appears in the world
Chapter 1403 The second guard mission of Dachang World
Chapter 1404 Insect Tide
Chapter 1405 Zerg Queen?
Chapter 1406 Adventure
Chapter 1407 Roy Yiyi wakes up
Chapter 1408 The second guard mission ends
Chapter 1409 Heading to Tianhu
Chapter 1410 Cultivation in Tianhu
Chapter 1411 The third guard mission is about to begin
Chapter 1412 Sky Store
Chapter 1413 Fire
Chapter 1414 The New God of Dachang World
Chapter 1415 Special Mission
Chapter 1416 My name is Xi’an
Chapter 1417 The third guard mission begins
Chapter 1418 Two bloody whirlpools
Chapter 1419 Another player world performing guard missions
Chapter 1420 Dark Holy Body and Lingyuan Technique
Chapter 1421 Qingming’s Third Eye is Perfect
Chapter 1422 Chess Pieces and Players
Chapter 1423 Honorable Title
Chapter 1424 Determining the title
Chapter 1425 Old Friend
Chapter 1426 The artifact is completed!
Chapter 1427 A new round of guard missions begins
Chapter 1428 Metal Man
Chapter 1429 Upgrading the Guarding Mission
Chapter 1430 High God Level Intruder
Chapter 1431 Xiao Zhi’s Countermeasures
Chapter 1432 Go to the joint guard mission execution place
Chapter 1433 Act according to circumstances
Chapter 1434 Emperor Mengtian
Chapter 1435 Goodbye Emperor Si Yu
Chapter 1436 The battle resumes, all parties gather
Chapter 1437 Rule Invasion
Chapter 1438 Rescue
Chapter 1439 Heavy losses
Chapter 1440 Emperor Yuantian
Chapter 1441 The Great Sage of Hell
Chapter 1442 Meeting with Emperor Kong Tian
Chapter 1443 The joint guard mission ends
Chapter 1444 Goodbye Kunshan Demon Palace
Chapter 1445 Fierce Fight
Chapter 1446 The Road to Heaven
Chapter 1447 Successfully ascended to heaven
Chapter 1447 The Secret of the Soul Searcher
Chapter 1448 Longji Bodhisattva’s Attainment Status
Chapter 1449 Gorea
Chapter 1450 New God
Chapter 1451 The player world that comes from a different region
Chapter 1452 Gaoyun World
Chapter 1453 Two Emperors
Chapter 1454 Take action
Chapter 1455: King Zong
Chapter 1456: See the real chapter under your hands
Chapter 1457 Gao Yun’s World’s Reliance
Chapter 1458 The second joint guard mission
Chapter 1459 Meeting people from Gao Yun’s world again
Chapter 1460 Long time no see
Chapter 1461 The Emperor of Heaven has an order
Chapter 1462 The overlords gather!
Chapter 1463 Facing the Great Sage of Hell
Chapter 1464 Blockade
Chapter 1465 Rescuer
Chapter 1466: The Enlightenment of the Great Mighty Heavenly Buddha
Chapter 1467 Tianfo self-destructs
Chapter 1468 The Breached Blockade Restriction
Chapter 1469 Fruit Position Mutation
Chapter 1470 Kill the high god level intruders
Chapter 1471 Persons with secondary authority
Chapter 1472 The fruit position transforms again
Chapter 1473 New Abilities
Chapter 1474 The second joint guard mission ends
Chapter 1475 Expansion
Chapter 1476 The breakthrough is today!
Chapter 1477 High God Realm, Battle with Lilong
Chapter 1478 Crush
Chapter 1479 High-spirited
Chapter 1480 New Goal
Chapter 1481 Hu Yang’s Thoughts
Chapter 1482 Unfathomable
Chapter 1483 Immortality
Chapter 1484 The whole view of Shiwandashan
Chapter 1485 Interceptor
Chapter 1486 Limitations of the sentient system
Chapter 1487 Heavenly Star Realm
Chapter 1488 Explosion
Chapter 1489 Heavenly Star Realm Lord
Chapter 1490 Battle with the Supreme God!
Chapter 1491 The outside invader appears
Chapter 1492 Give it a try
Chapter 1493 Reversal
Chapter 1494 Gain the upper hand
Chapter 1495 The Lord of the Heavenly Star Realm is at the End of His Way
Chapter 1496 The mission is over
Chapter 1497 The first cross-border travel
Chapter 1498: Persons with Level 3 Authorization
Chapter 1499 Tianyuan Holy Body
Chapter 1500 Holy Eucharist
Chapter 1501: Seizing the Treasure
Chapter 1502 Conversation with Lu Zhong
Chapter 1503 Mo Sheng Gu Lin
Chapter 1504 Speculations about Shunling Body
Chapter 1505 Piaoxu
Chapter 1506 Fighting
Chapter 1507 I’m here, don’t panic
Chapter 1508 Generous Sky Point Rewards
Chapter 1509 Face to face with the strongest!
Chapter 1510 Xiao Zhi’s road to survival
Chapter 1511 A new round of joint guard missions begins!
Chapter 1512 Opportunity to test
Chapter 1513 Reunion
Chapter 1514 Using one’s body as bait
Chapter 1515 Dream
Chapter 1516 The Pure Land of All Lives
Chapter 1517 Karma
Chapter 1518 If you come out to fool around, you will have to pay back sooner or later.
Chapter 1519 Suppression
Chapter 1520: Ways to Become Stronger in the Pure Land of All Lives
Chapter 1521 Divine Foot Power
Chapter 1522 Great Harvest
Chapter 1523 The Broken Original World
Chapter 1524 Xiao Zhi’s premonition
Chapter 1525 The offensive and defensive momentum is reversed
Chapter 1526 Hunting Time
Chapter 1527 Fighting the Buddha
Chapter 1528: Darkness and lightness
Chapter 1529 Escape
Chapter 1530 Return to the world of living beings
Chapter 1531 This is Dachang World
Chapter 1532 Today’s Dachang World
Chapter 1533 Temporary guard mission
Chapter 1534 Gift of Immortal Technique
Chapter 1535 Purple Thunder
Chapter 1536 Here it comes!
Chapter 1537 Joint Invasion
Chapter 1538 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1539 Disaster
Chapter 1540 Seeing the Buddha Statue Again
Chapter 1541 Conversation with the Majesty Buddha
Chapter 1542 Seeing the Sky Emperor
Chapter 1543 The Invaded Real World
Chapter 1544 There is no way out
Chapter 1545 Rushing to Rescue
Chapter 1546 Correspondent No. 2
Chapter 1547 Insect Monster
Chapter 1548 The danger in the night sky
Chapter 1549 Divination
Chapter 1550 Luo Yiyi VS the Strong Outsider
Chapter 1551 Attack and Defense of Kyoto Defense Circle
Chapter 1552 Attack and Defense of Kyoto Defense Circle (Part 2)
Chapter 1553 Escape
Chapter 1554 The only way
Chapter 1555 The threat from the moon
Chapter 1556 Fox Yang’s Divine Tribulation
Chapter 1557 Battle on the Moon
Chapter 1558 Moon Destruction Plan
Chapter 1559 Roy Yiyi’s retreat
Chapter 1560 Xiao Zhi returns
Chapter 1561 Monitoring the world
Chapter 1562 Special Permissions
Chapter 1563 Plane Crystal Wall
Chapter 1564 The Seventh God of Dachang World
Chapter 1565 Heading to the border of Dachang Kingdom
Chapter 1566 Looking for the Insect King
Chapter 1567 True Lord Yulong
Chapter 1568 High God Level Insect Monster
Chapter 1569 Insect King
Chapter 1570 Task Setter
Chapter 1571 The expectations of Emperor Kongtian
Chapter 1572 Harvest
Chapter 1573 Special Mission
Chapter 1574 Dutian Realm
Chapter 1575 The Supreme God of Dutian Realm
Chapter 1576 Reaching Cooperation
Chapter 1577 The Sky Slayer and Jianmu
Chapter 1578 Mission Completed
Chapter 1579 Level 4 Authorization Persons and Tianyuan Chaos Formation
Chapter 1580 Level 5 Authorization Persons and the Seven-Star Immortal Technique
Chapter 1581 Return to Heaven
Chapter 1582 Time comes and turns
Chapter 1583 Sunset Becomes a God
Chapter 1584 Two Laws
Chapter 1585 Appearance
Chapter 1586 Good Omen
Chapter 1587 Good luck
Chapter 1588 Battle against the Evil Buddha
Chapter 1589 The True Buddha Comes to the World
Chapter 1590 Strength increases again
Chapter 1591 Eight years
Chapter 1592 The guard mission eight years later
Chapter 1593 Faceless Monster
Chapter 1594 Large-Scale Invasion
Chapter 1595 Tianji
Chapter 1596 Xiao Zhi VS the Strong Outsider
Chapter 1597 Emperor Kongtian’s generosity
Chapter 1598 [Heavenly Holy Body] Perfection
Chapter 1600 Tianji Holy Body
Chapter 1601 The Origin of Immortal Magic
Chapter 1602 Visiting Relatives and Friends
Chapter 1603 Unusual [Tianji Holy Body]
Chapter 1604 A different road to heaven
Chapter 1605 Creation
Chapter 1606 Yang Xu Soul Killing
Chapter 1607 Reincarnation
Chapter 1608 Thousand Machines
Chapter 1609 Feng Nanyan
Chapter 1610 The Supreme God of the World of All Living Beings
Chapter 1611 The chaotic consciousness of heaven
Chapter 1612 The choice of heavenly chaos consciousness
Chapter 1612 The Holy Spirit Realm is Destroyed
Chapter 1613: Teaching the Dharma
Chapter 1614 The Buddha’s Land of All Living Beings
Chapter 1615 Testing the Knife
Chapter 1616 A new round of heavenly guard missions
Chapter 1617 Why her again?
Chapter 1618 High God Hunter
Chapter 1619 The virtual shadow of the world reappears
Chapter 1620 Sword Gift
Chapter 1621 Stand alone
Chapter 1622 Ethereal Lord
Chapter 1623 The strongest one attacks
Chapter 1624 Xiao Zhi’s defensive power
Chapter 1625 The Battle of the Strongest
Chapter 1626 The Third Strongest Person
Chapter 1627 Xiao Zhi comes on stage
Chapter 1628 Forced to Retreat
Chapter 1629 Convocation
Chapter 1630 Discussion
Chapter 1631 The truth behind the battle in the Great Realm
Chapter 1632: Ranking of Strength in the Great Realm
Chapter 1633 The joint guard mission ends
Chapter 1634 Roy Yiyi’s plan
Chapter 1635 Controlling a World
Chapter 1636 Swallowed
Chapter 1637 Seventh level authority person
Chapter 1638 Junior Management Permissions
Chapter 1639: Discussions in the Palace
Chapter 1640 Player Sunset
Chapter 1641 Restricted Area
Chapter 1642 Emperor Mengtian’s retreat
Chapter 1643 Successive Breakthroughs
Chapter 1644 Free Travel
Chapter 1645 Intervention
Chapter 1646 The Decline of Yintian District
Chapter 1647 The action begins
Chapter 1648 Eight Great Divine Powers
Chapter 1649 Action again
Chapter 1650 Qualitative Change
Chapter 1651 One against many
Chapter 1652 Harvest after harvest
Chapter 1653 Invincible in the world
Chapter 1654 The Three Most Powerful Magical Powers
Chapter 1655 The Supreme Buddha’s Attainment Status
Chapter 1656 Looking for Xumi Space
Chapter 1657 The storm is coming
Chapter 1658: Thunderous
Chapter 1659 New joint guard mission
Chapter 1660 Giant with divine patterns
Chapter 1661 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1662 Xiao Zhi VS Wing Guard
Chapter 1663 Killing too hard
Chapter 1664 Union
Chapter 1665 Take action!
Chapter 1666 Hong Ancestor and Ling Ao
Chapter 1667: Surrounding and Killing Supreme Mingyu
Chapter 1668 Tianluo
Chapter 1669 Hongzu’s choice
Chapter 1670 Temple Reinforcements
Chapter 1671 Take a risk
Chapter 1672 Huge Reward
Chapter 1673 Signs of breakthrough
Chapter 1674 Mingshen’s Forbidden Law
Chapter 1675 Interception
Chapter 1676 Narration
Chapter 1677 Return to the world of living beings
Chapter 1678 Intermediate Management Permissions
Chapter 1679 Player Yang Xu
Chapter 1680 Ninth Grade Divine Artifact
Chapter 1681 Good things happen one after another
Chapter 1682 [Tianji Holy Body] Perfection
Chapter 1683 The Strongest Combat Power
Chapter 1684 New guard mission
Chapter 1685 The Envoy of Yongtu
Chapter 1686 Hong Lord
Chapter 1687 The deal proposed by Yongtujie
Chapter 1688 How to break the situation
Chapter 1689 Meeting the Mighty Heavenly Buddha
Chapter 1690 Special Task Release Process
Chapter 1691 Discussion
Chapter 1692 Join
Chapter 1693 Limitations of Space Portal
Chapter 1694 The possibility of restoring the original heaven
Chapter 1695 How about giving you another powerful magical power?
Chapter 1696 The sudden appearance of the joint guard mission
Chapter 1697 Demon-killing Finger
Chapter 1698 Rescue
Chapter 1699 The strongest outsiders appear one after another
Chapter 1700 Interception and Testing
Chapter 1701 Encirclement and Killing of Light Flame
Chapter 1702 Self-destruction
Chapter 1703 Refining
Chapter 1704 The Changing Situation
Chapter 1705 To release or not to release?
Chapter 1706 Take action
Chapter 1707 Xiao Zhi’s decision
Chapter 1708 The joint guard mission ends
Chapter 1709 Coming to the Pure Land of All Lives
Chapter 1710 Pure Land Fragments
Chapter 1711 A new wave of special missions
Chapter 1712 Ninth Level Authority and System Elf
Chapter 1713 The Role of System Elf
Chapter 1714 The truth about Shunling body
Chapter 1715 Progress in the Evolutionary World
Chapter 1716 Player Zhenlan
Chapter 1717 Kuluo Immortal himself
Chapter 1718 Chaos Behemoth
Chapter 1719 Xiao Zhi’s first battle in the chaotic void
Chapter 1720 Arriving at Heaven
Chapter 1721 Mending the Sky
Chapter 1722 Choice
Chapter 1723 Three Days
Chapter 1724 Placement
Chapter 1725 Teleportation
Chapter 1726 The Eternal Lord
Chapter 1727 God Lord Linyuan
Chapter 1728 Heaven’s Decision
Chapter 1729 Someone from Qingyuan World
Chapter 1730 The origin of the world restored bit by bit
Chapter 1731 The Cangqing Realm is coming
Chapter 1732 Qingzu
Chapter 1733 Qingzu’s purpose
Chapter 1734 Union
Chapter 1735 Emperor Mengtian’s trump card
Chapter 1736 The Price of Resurrection
Chapter 1737 The war is about to begin
Chapter 1738 Coming to the Yongtu Realm!
Chapter 1739 The foundation of Yongtu Realm
Chapter 1740 Trust and Choice
Chapter 1741 Enemies meet
Chapter 1742 The World of Eternal Night
Chapter 1743 The Holy Lord of Tao Yuan
Chapter 1744 Return
Chapter 1745 The aftermath of the battle in Yongtu Realm
Chapter 1746 Tragic
Chapter 1747 Sharing adversity
Chapter 1748 Resurrection of Emperor Mengtian
Chapter 1749 New Yongtu Coat of Arms
Chapter 1750 New Ranking in the Great Ranking
Chapter 1751 Emperor Kongtian’s choice
Chapter 1752 The World of Eternal Night and the Buddha Kingdom of All Living Beings
Chapter 1753 The Original Ancestor Visits
Chapter 1754 The Battle of the Ancient God Realm
Chapter 1755 The Eternal Realm is coming!
Chapter 1756 Face to face with the Holy Lord of Daoyuan!
Chapter 1757 Support
Chapter 1758 Stalemate
Chapter 1759 Snow Tree
Chapter 1760 The original ancestor comes to help
Chapter 1761 Take action!
Chapter 1762 Battle against Qingshuang Holy Lord
Chapter 1763 Rules in the Chaotic Void
Chapter 1764 The Holy Lord of Eternity
Chapter 1765 Troublesome
Chapter 1766 Retreat
Chapter 1767 Recruiting the original ancestors
Chapter 1768 No choice
Chapter 1769 The dust has settled
Chapter 1770 A chaotic situation
Chapter 1771 Recruitment
Chapter 1772 Lord Ziyuan
Chapter 1773 Poaching
Chapter 1774 Fight hard
Chapter 1775 Marriage
Chapter 1776 Si Wei
Chapter 1777 Threat from Yongtu Realm
Chapter 1778 Gathering
Chapter 1779 What do you like about me?
Chapter 1780 The overall situation is the most important thing
Chapter 1781 The Revenge of the Jade Spirit Giant
Chapter 1782 Coming to the Ancient God Realm
Chapter 1783 Recruiting the Jade Spirit Giant
Chapter 1784 The choice of Lord Ziyuan
Chapter 1785 Opportunity
Chapter 1786 The siege begins!
Chapter 1787 Target, Lord of Eternal Night!
Chapter 1788 Return
Chapter 1789 Yongtu Dominates
Chapter 1790 All parties come to help
Chapter 1791 Resurrection
Chapter 1792 Toughness
Chapter 1793 Belated Support
Chapter 1794 Three-legged power
Chapter 1795 Return to the world of living beings
Chapter 1796 Going to the next level
Chapter 1797 Request for help from the super star realm
Chapter 1798 Union
Chapter 1799 The persuaded Lingao
Chapter 1800 Testing
Chapter 1801 [Tianji Holy Body] Great Perfection
Chapter 1802 New Guarding Mission
Chapter 1803 Can’t see the depth clearly
Chapter 1804 Battle against Roy Yiyi
Chapter 1805 Flying Insects
Chapter 1806 United Again
Chapter 1807 The decision of the mighty Buddha
Chapter 1808 The Invasion of the Strongest
Chapter 1809 The mission is over
Chapter 1810 Return
Chapter 1811 Siege and Kill the Holy Lord of Eternal Ming
Chapter 1812 The new Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 1813 Emperor Kuntian
Chapter 1814 Original Ancestor Entry into Heaven
Chapter 1815 Countdown: Twenty years
Chapter 1816 The Disaster of the Chaos Behemoth
Chapter 1817 The Supreme Array
Chapter 1818 The chaos beast reappears!
Chapter 1819 Fighting the Chaos Behemoth
Chapter 1820 Qi Lingmu
Chapter 1821 Arrival at the Temple
Chapter 1822 The Supreme Ming De
Chapter 1823 Survival
Chapter 1824 Xiao Zhi’s Thoughts
Chapter 1825 Ignorance of good and evil
Chapter 1826 Everyone adds firewood and the flames rise!
Chapter 1827 A premonition of imminent breakthrough
Chapter 1828 The Law of Fire is Completed
Chapter 1829 Unification
Chapter 1830 The most powerful!
Chapter 1831 Preparation
Chapter 1832 Patrolling the Chaos Void
Chapter 1833 Return to the Holy Church
Chapter 1834 A terrible guess
Chapter 1835 The Destruction of Cangqing Realm
Chapter 1836 The Chaos Beast Attacks Again
Chapter 1837 Disaster in the Cave Abyss Realm
Chapter 1838 The Destruction of the Dongyuan Realm
Chapter 1840 The war is about to break out!
Chapter 1841 Facing Lord Yongtu again
Chapter 1842 Great Victory
Chapter 1843 The idea of counterattack
Chapter 1844 The offensive and defensive momentum is reversed
Chapter 1845 Conjecture about the power of cause and effect
Chapter 1846 The Strongest Sunset
Chapter 1847 Yang Xi’s Growth
Chapter 1848 Those left behind
Chapter 1849 Prayer
Chapter 1850 Building System
Chapter 1851 The world outside the chaotic void
Chapter 1852 Postponement
Chapter 1853 Modification
Chapter 1854 Ling'ao News
Chapter 1855 Returning to one realm!
Chapter 1856 Someone from Yongtu Realm
Chapter 1857 Intense Discussion
Chapter 1858 Disagreements and Decisions
Chapter 1859 Punishment from the sentient system
Chapter 1860 Realizing the freedom of all living beings
Chapter 1861 Food
Chapter 1862 Challenge
Chapter 1863 Big Purchase
Chapter 1864 Does not exist
Chapter 1865 From the Endless Multiverse
Chapter 1866 One against three
Chapter 1867 A person with tenth level authority!
Chapter 1868 The origin of the sentient system
Chapter 1869 Illusion
Chapter 1870 Transformation
Chapter 1871 The counterattack begins!
Chapter 1872 Arrival in the Eternal Realm
Chapter 1873 Going Alone
Chapter 1874 A new round of heavenly guard missions
Chapter 1875 The Resurrected Person
Chapter 1876 How to break the situation
Chapter 1877 First Blood
Chapter 1878 There is no way out
Chapter 1879 Fighting the Chaos Behemoth
Chapter 1880 The Third
Chapter 1881 News from Yongtu Realm
Chapter 1882 The Law of Time
Chapter 1883 Destruction
Chapter 1884 The victory is determined
Chapter 1885 Cleaning up the Chaos Behemoth
Chapter 1886 Attack
Chapter 1887 The Destruction of Yongtu Realm
Chapter 1888 Scanning
Chapter 1889 Heading to the unknown universe
Chapter 1890 Origin Collector
Chapter 1891 There is a problem
Chapter 1892 Soul Search
Chapter 1893 Recruitment Order
Chapter 1894 Superstar Universe
Chapter 1895 Attack again
Chapter 1896 Compromise
Chapter 1897 Take action
Chapter 1898 Processing
Chapter 1899 Dark Red Planet
Chapter 1900 A new round
Chapter 1901 Lord of Heaven
Chapter 1902 The New Palace of Power
Chapter 1903 Yang Xu’s Change
Chapter 1904 Black Portal
Chapter 1905 True God Clan