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heaven money

heaven money

author:confused fish

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-13 02:46

Latest chapter:Chapter 895 The Power of Chaotic Source

A bit of innate indestructible aura, accompanied by a money-hungry winner in life, becomes the congenital treasure of the heavens and continues to be promoted in various worlds...

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《heaven money》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 895 The Power of Chaotic Source
Chapter 894 Suihuo Awakening
Chapter 893 Lord of the Universe Level Universal Energy Nuclear Crystal
Chapter 892: Space Master
Chapter 891 Perfect Gene
Chapter 890 The Great Ax Council
Chapter 889 The owner of the commercial building
Chapter 888 Duel and Meeting
Chapter 887: Lord of Youhou
《heaven money》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Adoption
Chapter 2 Companion Lingbao
Chapter 3 Hermione Granger
Chapter 4 Gods Path
Chapter 5 The little secret of the two
Chapter 6 Hermione's Potion
Chapter 7 Admission Notice
Chapter 8 Home Visit
Chapter 9 Diagon Alley
Chapter 10 The Wand
Chapter 11 Spreading Faith
Chapter 12 Train
Chapter Thirteen Asylum at Hogwarts
Chapter 14 Ravenclaw
Chapter 15: Soaring Luck
Chapter 16 Master of Magic
Chapter 17 The Room of Requirement
Chapter 18 Fools Gold Coin
Chapter 19: A fleeting moment
Chapter 20 Halloween Monster
Chapter 21 Acceptance
Chapter 22 A trip to the beautiful country
Chapter 23 Dragon Egg
Chapter 24 Astrologers and Reasoning Students
Chapter 25 Preparation
Chapter 26 Sneak Attack
Chapter 27 Disputes and Concerns
Chapter 28 Harrys request for help
Chapter 29 Confronting the mysterious man
Chapter 30: Obtaining the Magic Stone
Chapter 31 Tarot Society
Chapter 32 Blasphemy Cards
Chapter 33 Rituals and Permissions
Chapter 34 Vacation
Chapter 35 Knockturn Alley
Chapter 36 The Moon
Chapter 37 Making Money and the New Semester
Chapter 38 New Members and Basilisk
Chapter 39 Basilisk and Necromancer
Chapter 40 Halloween
Chapter 41 Tom and Early Warning
Chapter 42 House Elf
Chapter 43 A reminder to Harry
Chapter 44: Lockhart causing trouble
Chapter 45 Parseltongue
Chapter 46 Enlightenment
Chapter 47 Hiding and Misleading
Chapter 48 Treasure Hunting and Travelers
Chapter 49 The Return of Quetzalcoatl
Chapter 50 Detective Hermione
Chapter 51 Receive the Bounty
Chapter 52: Nothing gained
Chapter 53 Ginnys Memories
Chapter 54 The Erudite
Chapter 55 End of Semester
Chapter 56 Patron Saints and Mythical Creatures
Chapter 57 Theft on the train
Chapter 58 Dementors
Chapter 59 Hybrid Giant and Werewolf
Chapter 60 Harry's Discovery
Chapter 61 Time Converter
Chapter 62 Boggart
Chapter 63 Hippogriff
Chapter 64 Avril suddenly appears
Chapter 65: Malfoy seeking death
Chapter 66: Suddenly Invincible
Chapter 67 Traveling through the past
Chapter 68 Butterfly Effect
Chapter 69 Divination
Chapter 70 Discussion and Preparation
Chapter 71 Discussion and Preparation
Chapter 71 Analysis
Chapter 72 Dumbledores Suggestions
Chapter 73 Professor Lu Pings Xiaozao
Chapter 74 Snapes hint
Chapter 75 Quidditch and Dementors
Chapter 76 The Screaming Hut
Chapter 77 Pettigrew escapes
Palm 78 Saving Private Black
Chapter 79 Reversing Time and Space
Chapter 80 Thoughts on Werewolves
Chapter 81 Money can communicate with gods
Chapter 82 Promotion to Mystic Mage
Chapter 83 Tai Chi Diagram of Man and God
Chapter 84 Giant Wolf
Chapter 85 Battle and Thoughts
Chapter 86 The heritage of a pure-blood noble
Chapter 87 The Battle of the Mystic Mage
Chapter 88 The King of Knockturn Alley
Chapter 89 The sale of potions
Chapter 90 Ravenclaws House Cup
Chapter 91 Quidditch World Cup
Chapter 92 The Burrow
Chapter 93 Chaos and Letters
Chapter 94 The start of school and the Triwizard Competition
Chapter 95 The Unforgivable Curse
Chapter 96 Warrior Harry
Chapter 97 Saints
Chapter 98 Warrior VS Dragon
Chapter 99 Harry VS Fire Dragon
Chapter 100 Dance Partner and Witch
Chapter 101: Stealing Faith
Chapter 102 Krums trump card
Chapter 103 Black Lake
Chapter 104 Obscurus and the Abyss
Chapter 105 Demon Jinchuuriki
Chapter 106 Deathly Hallows and Becoming a God
Chapter 107 Maze Union
Chapter 108 Wormtail Reappears
Chapter 109 The Blood of the Enemy
Chapter 110: Sneak Attack on Dumbledore
Chapter 111 Duel
Chapter 112 'Dark Lord VS Savior' First Battle
Chapter 113 The Return of Voldemort
Chapter 114 Professor Scroll
Chapter 115 Biological Cloning
Chapter 116 William's Castle
Chapter 117 The Secret Realm and Groot
Chapter 118 Lets move!
Chapter 119: One-day trip to Granger and his wifes castle
Chapter 120 The Ancient God Resurrects
Chapter 121 Increased student resources
Chapter 122 The Vampire Professor
Chapter 123: Undercurrent
Chapter 124 Hermiones Test
Chapter 125 Strength improvement
Chapter 126 Death Eaters Arrive
Chapter 127 Hermione VS Voldemort
Chapter 128 The Prophet
Chapter 129 Resurrection Stone
Chapter 130 Changes in the Ministry of Magic
Chapter 131 Slytherin Locket
Chapter 132 Kreacher
Chapter 133 The redemption of the soul
Chapter 134 Beauty Trap
Chapter 135: The Mysterious Bird of Destiny
Chapter 136 The Second Living Horcrux
Chapter 137 Trap
Chapter 138 The Destroyed Horcrux
Chapter 139 The Apostle of Desire
Chapter 140 The Immortal and the Eye of Death
Chapter 141 Wanderer
Chapter 142 Preparation before time travel
Chapter 143: First arrival in another world
Chapter 144 Three realms in one day
Chapter 145: Alley 47
Chapter 146 Great River Country
Chapter 147 Mo Shanshan
Chapter 148: Teaching Apprentices
Chapter 149 Traveling around the world
Chapter 150: Stealing Plutos Believers
Chapter 151: Travel among Flowers
Chapter 152: Demon Sect Walks the World
Chapter 153 Haotians scruples
Chapter 154 Puppet and Burning Shadow
Chapter 155: The Prototype of Business Road
Chapter 156 Puppet Maid
Chapter 157 Masters Evaluation
Chapter 158 Li slowly delivers the book
Chapter 159: Possessed by 'Grandpa'
Chapter 160 Going South
Chapter 161 Ye Hongyu escapes from disaster
Chapter 162 Tiancan Taoist discusses the Apocalypse
Chapter 163 Dragon Magic and Heart Sutra
Chapter 164 The Thirteenth Year of the Apocalypse
Chapter 165: Battle in the Forest
Chapter 166 Shocking Change
Chapter 167 Black Umbrella and Assassin
Chapter 168 Three Swords and Practice
Chapter 169: Changing Fate Against Heaven
Chapter 170: First arrival in Chang'an
Chapter 171 Yan Ses Talisman
Chapter 172 Lao Bizhai and Shanglou
Chapter 173 Tongtian Pill Tongtian Pill
Chapter 174 Ning Ques initial practice
Chapter 175 Taoist Soldiers and Disciples
Chapter 176 The second floor is about to open
Chapter 177 Long Qings Argument
Chapter 178 Drinking and the Five Realms
Chapter 179 The Daughter of Light
Chapter 180 Climb to the second floor
Chapter 181 Mountaineering
Chapter 182: Climbing a mountain and breaking through the mirror into a mysterious cave
Chapter 183 The Death of the Obscene Monk
Chapter 184 The Daughter of Hades
Chapter 185: Land Characters
Chapter 186 Dao Shis Challenge
Chapter 187 The first talisman in life
Chapter 188 The Death of Dao Shi
Chapter 189 Son of Hades
Chapter 190: Haotian is dead and Huang Tian should stand
Chapter 191 Transaction
Chapter 192: Academy travels all over the world
Chapter 193 Fish leaps over the dragon gate
Chapter 194 Situ Yilan
Chapter 195 The Bookworm Appears
Chapter 196: Angry at Qu Ni
Chapter 197 Nymphomaniac and Bookworm
Chapter 198: A gentleman does not fight
Chapter 199 Horse thieves attack at night
Chapter 200: Proud Fighting Will
Chapter 201: Execute Xiaotian Ceyi
Chapter 202: A Different Saint from the Demon Sect
Chapter 203: The rise of Yin and the decline of Yang
Chapter 204 The four beauties meet
Chapter 205: Demon Sect Mountain Gate
Chapter 206 Liansheng Thirty-Two
Chapter 207 Looking back in time and space
Chapter 208 Fraud and BUG
Chapter 209 The truth about Haotian Shenhui
Chapter 210 Ning Ques Trial
Chapter 211 Sudden Attack
Chapter 212 Darkness spreads
Chapter 213 Battle~Fight~Fight~
Chapter 214: Fighting breaks through the realm and leads to destiny
Chapter 215: Going South to Tang Kingdom
Chapter 216 Xia Hou returns to his old age
Chapter 217: Riding the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 218 Tang VS Qin Nian
Chapter 219 The opened box
Chapter 220 Ke Haoran wakes up
Chapter 221 Fighting at the Peak of Martial Arts
Chapter 222: Step into the sky
Chapter 223: Li Feisha in the Realm of Knowing Fate
Chapter 224 Ye Su blocks the road
Chapter 225 Ye Su Enlightenment
Chapter 226: The sky is full of flowers and the golden lotus emerges from the ground
Chapter 227: Live up to Tathagata and live up to you
Chapter 228 Leaving
Chapter 229 The Storm in Weicheng
Chapter 230 Liu Bai Wu Sword
Chapter 231 Shang Yi falls off his horse
Chapter 232 Ning Ques sense of urgency
Chapter 233 Ning Que cheats
Chapter 234: Mo Shanshan breaks through the realm and becomes one
Chapter 235
Chapter 236 The Road to the Future
Chapter 237 Xiahous transaction
Chapter 238 The anchor of original intention
Chapter 239: Attack one's own armor with one's own arrows
Chapter 240 Ning Que VS Xia Hou
Chapter 241 Death of Xiahou
Chapter 242: Meeting with Emperor Tang
Chapter 243: The Value of the Puppet at the Peak of Martial Arts
Chapter 244: Conspiracy against the state of mind
Chapter 245 King Kong and Dragon Transformation
Chapter 246
Chapter 247 Hualong VS Apocalypse
Chapter 248 Changes in Xiling
Chapter 249: The Incident of Sangsang
Chapter 250 Communication between Shang Yi and Confucius
Chapter 251: Transferring Haotians Consciousness
Chapter 252 Long Qing reappears
Chapter 253 Haotian wakes up
Chapter 254 The Master ascends to heaven and becomes the moon
Chapter 255: The Sword Master takes action
Chapter 256 The Power of Sword Saint Liu Bai
Chapter 257 The battle without distance
Chapter 258: In front of the Shocking God Formation
Chapter 259 Ke Haoran VS Viewer
Chapter 260: The Academys Plan
Chapter 261: I am invincible on earth. If I dont fight with heaven, who will I fight with?
Chapter 262 The Butcher Escapes
Chapter 263: Ye Su, the most powerful person in the world
Chapter 264: Hundreds of Apocalypses
Chapter 265: That piece of peach forest
Chapter 266 Everyone is like a dragon
Chapter 267 The Real Sun
Chapter 268 It is forbidden to bully the minority with more!
Chapter 269 Haotians murderous intention
Chapter 270: The Sect Character Shows Its Power
Chapter 271 Human Character
Chapter 272: The Mutation of Sangsang
Chapter 273 Wealth can lead to the gods
Chapter 274 The intention of leaving
Chapter 275 Lu Chenjia reappears
Chapter 276 Tool Man Long Qing
Chapter 277 'Small business darts, no need to send them'
Chapter 278 The night ends
Chapter 279 Global Martial Arts
Chapter 280: The silkworm transforms into a dragon
Chapter 281 The Five Major Levels of Martial Arts
Chapter 282: Real top students dont take notes!
Chapter 283 The Importance of Acting Skills
Chapter 284: Chinese Martial Arts Standing
Chapter 285 A certain unscientific Fang Ping
Chapter 286 Krypton Gold Upgrade
Chapter 287 Making money is painful
Chapter 288: Deceiving Fang Ping, a tough cult warrior
Chapter 289: First Grade Warrior
Chapter 290: Fang Ping no longer follows his heart
Chapter 291 Deep Sleep
Chapter 292: Analysis of First Grade Qi and Blood Pill
Chapter 293: Dont use Qianlong
Chapter 294 Two people enter the country
Chapter 295 Breaking through the third level
Chapter 296: Feng Shui TreasureYangcheng
Chapter 297 Entrance Ceremony
Chapter 298 Shang Yis Thoughts
Chapter 299 Choosing a Mentor
Chapter 300: The Sword of Eternal Life Protects the Way
Chapter 301: Perfecting Deep Sleep
Chapter 302 Zhang Tao appears
Chapter 303 The Strongest Assassin
Chapter 304 The third grade kills the fifth grade
Chapter 305: Golden Marrow and Golden Bones
Chapter 306: Fire and Saint
Chapter 307 The True Human Emperor
Chapter 308: Golden Pill of Martial Arts
Chapter 309 Pain and happiness
Chapter 310: The Unity of Ten Thousand Daos and 'The Proud Fighting Will'
Chapter 312 Preparation before the war
Chapter 312: Lighting the Torch of Hope
Chapter 313: The Immortal Swordsman Cuts off Immortality
Chapter 314: Horses on Tianmen City
Chapter 315 The Battle of the True King
Chapter 316 The Cuckold King
Chapter 317: Riding the Dragon Arrow to Retreat the Enemy
Chapter 318 Mall Planning
Chapter 319 The puppets are dispatched
Chapter 320: Enlightenment of Fetal Breath
Chapter 321 Acupoints and Demons
Chapter 322 The top corpse
Chapter 323 Changes in Half a Year
Chapter 324 Zhang Taos Enlightenment
Chapter 325: Breaking the news to Fang Ping
Chapter 326 Human Cemetery
Chapter 327 Perfect Foundation
Chapter 328 Fang Pings Transformation
Chapter 329: Support Nanjiang Caves
Chapter 330 The future?
Chapter 331 Perfecting the magical power of business
Chapter 332 Transition
Chapter 333: Just call you Ji Wuming
Chapter 334 Death is coming
Chapter 335 The Beast Kings Proposal
Chapter 336: The Nine Emperors Arrival
Take a day off
Chapter 337 Zhang Taos plan
Chapter 338: The intrigues among the Nine Emperors
Chapter 339 The Emperor of Heaven Awakens
Chapter 340 Fearless
Chapter 341: All kinds of flattery
Chapter 342 The Three Heavenly Emperors Reappear
Chapter 343: The King of Life Proven the Way
Chapter 344: Battle of Five Emperors
Chapter 345 The Fall of Two Emperors
Chapter 346: The Fall of the Pseudo-Human Emperor
Chapter 347 The Emperor of Earth Appears
Chapter 348 Fang Ping takes action
Chapter 349: Writing Destiny
Chapter 350: The Emperor of Heaven with a Changed Painting Style
Chapter 351: The Fall of the Spiritual Emperor
Chapter 352 Emperor of Heaven, you dont understand the human race
Chapter 353 The End of the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 354 'Global Martial Arts'
Chapter 355: Silently chanting Huang Ting
Chapter 356 Ancestors help me
Chapter 357 Huang Ting Xuan Fei Sutra
Chapter 358: Opening up the sea of suffering
Chapter 359: Enlighten the Gods
Chapter 360: The Secret Hand of the Holy City
Chapter 361: Cornucopia
Chapter 362 Deduction of magical powers
Chapter 363 Fuxi inheritance
Chapter 364 Dao Tribulation Gold
Chapter 365 Leaving
Chapter 366: A piece of grass kills the sun, moon and stars
Chapter 367 Ninety-Nine Dragon Mountain Map
Chapter 368: Two Color Immortal Golden Sword
Chapter 369 Ye Fan is broken in love
Chapter 370: Cultivating Helpers
Chapter 371: Nine Changes on the Other Side
Chapter 372: Five Directions and Five Emperors
Chapter 373 The Shang Clan
Chapter 374 Great Terror and Cultivation
Chapter 375 Joining the Commercial Building
Chapter 376: Trip to Kunlun
Chapter 377 Taiyin Divine Bow
Chapter 378: Godhead Mask and Human Emperor Seal
Chapter 379: Weapon Refining and Clone
Chapter 380: Class Reunion and Stand-in Puppet
Chapter 381: Kowloon Pulling the Coffin
Chapter 382 Yingluo Ancient Star
Chapter 383: The Palm of the Buddha Covering the Sky
Chapter 384: Ancient Road in the Starry Sky
Chapter 385: Ancient Forbidden Land
Chapter 386: Holy City in the Northern Territory
Chapter 387 Tianxuan Stone Square
Chapter 388 Commercial Building Opening
Chapter 389: Doing Business in the World
Chapter 390 Holy City Stone Square
Chapter 391 Digging a hole
Chapter 392 Ji Family Stone Square
Chapter 393: Dragon Head Stone and Immortal Linglong
Chapter 394 Li Yishuis Malice
Chapter 395: The power to move mountains
Chapter 396: William enters the light
Chapter 397 Four Extremes Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 398 Thunder Pool and Choice
Chapter 399: Feeling at ease
Chapter 400 Daleiyin Temple
Chapter 401 Only today did you know that I am me
Chapter 402 Secrets and Speculations
Chapter 403: Dramatic changes in the Western Desert
Chapter 404 Provocation
Chapter 405 Northern Emperor Wang Teng
Chapter 406: First Test of Treasures
Chapter 407 Business Alliance
Chapter 408: There is no distance between celestial phenomena
Chapter 409 Emperor Hengyu
Chapter 410: The Prestige Comes to Taichu
Chapter 411 The road destined to be lonely
Chapter 412: Meeting the little girl for the first time
Chapter 413: Fire Realm and Dao Fire
Chapter 414: Becoming an Immortal in the Mortal World
Chapter 415: Great Sacred Artifact
Chapter 416 Repairing the Imperial Weapon
Chapter 417: Reckoning with Cause and Effect
Chapter 418 The business building is growing
Chapter 419 Lingxu Ruins
Chapter 420 Descendants of Qing Emperor
Chapter 421 The Tomb of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 422 The Treasure of the Qing Emperor
Chapter 423: The Young Generation of Donghuang
Chapter 424: Daoyi Holy Son VS Yan Ruyu
Chapter 425 The Adventures of Dao Yis Holy Son
Chapter 426: Immortal Killing Gourd and Wang Tengs Transformation
Chapter 427 The spring breeze is coming
Chapter 428 The Holy Spirit and the Stone Man
Chapter 429 Return to Beidou
Chapter 430: The Tomb of the Demon Emperor Moves the World
Chapter 431 Commercial Building Expansion
Chapter 432: Life Extension Pill and Pill Thunder
Chapter 433 The Prodigy of the Five Domains
Chapter 434 Bronze Immortal Palace
Chapter 428 The Transformation of Immortal Gourd and Wang Teng
Chapter 435: Preparing the Immortal King Weapon
Chapter 436: Reincarnation of Drow
Chapter 437: Trip to Clumsy Peak
Chapter 438: The Great Way of Nature and the Yuanling Body
Chapter 439: Ridicule and Prodigy
Chapter 440 Exposing the ruthless lineage
Chapter 441 Jiang Yifeis Secret
Chapter 442 Li Ruoyu Enlightenment
Chapter 443: The inheritance of Zhuofeng begins
Chapter 444 Zhou Liu Liuxu Meridian
Chapter 445: Lest the world be in chaos
Chapter 446: Hope of breaking free from shackles
Chapter 447 Someone from the Ji family is coming
Chapter 448 Wei Yis admiration
Chapter 449: Senior Brothers Meet
Chapter 450 Tianxuan Footwork
Chapter 451 Lively Zhuofeng
Chapter 452 Boya Ziqi
Chapter 453: My sister
Chapter 454 Ji Haoyues Test
Chapter 455: Holy Body Exposed
Chapter 456 The Successor of the Human Emperor
Chapter 457: The Innate Sacred Body Tao Fetus
Chapter 458 Malicious Framing
Chapter 459 Origin Pill
Chapter 460: Buddhism and Tathagata
Chapter 461 The Secret of Buddhism
Chapter 462 Battle of Heavenly Armor
Chapter 463 Da Luo Palace becomes famous
Chapter 464 Shang Yis purpose
Chapter 465: The power of distance
Chapter 466 The Sword Intent of the Great River
Chapter 467 Confrontation between Imperial Soldiers
Chapter 468 The birth of an ancient tribe
Chapter 469 Fluctlight takes action
Chapter 470: Seizing the Black Gold Cauldron with Dragon Pattern
Chapter 471 Beidou Storm
Chapter 472 Direct Death Evil Eye
Chapter 473 The Dynasty of Killers
Chapter 474: Breaking through the Forbidden Land
Chapter 475: Small Holy Body
Chapter 476: The Great Emperor's Killing Formation
Chapter 477: Reborn
Chapter 478: Four Extremes of Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 479 Success
Chapter 480: Innate Dao Map
Chapter 481 The Jade Hand Deep in the Forbidden Land
Chapter 482 The Strongest Backer
Chapter 483 Ye Fan leaves
Chapter 484 The auction begins
Chapter 485: The Emperor's Jade
Chapter 486: War Heaven Armor and Life Extension Pill
Chapter 487: Sky-high Price Pill
Chapter 488: The Killer Dynasty Reappears
Chapter 489 The killing order against Shang Yi
Chapter 490: Linshengya
Chapter 491 Looking for help
Chapter 492: The 'Love' of Emperor Wushi
Chapter 493 Entering the Holy World
Chapter 494: The Beginning Emperor Formation
Chapter 495 The Sun God
Chapter 496: Celestial Silkworm Changes Again
Chapter 497: List of Gods
Chapter 498 The ultimate death is life
Chapter 499 Lao Tzu and Sakyamuni
Chapter 500: Picture of Life and Death
Chapter 501: Controlling the corpse of the Dacheng Holy Body
Chapter 502 The embodiment of great sainthood
Chapter 503 A brief confrontation
Chapter 504 The Immortal Emperor Reappears
Chapter 505: Entering the Taichu Ancient Mine
Chapter 506: The Regret of the Great Holy Body
Chapter 507 The Sixth Secret Realm
Chapter 508 Immortal Tears Green and Gold
Chapter 509: Famous in Beidou
Chapter 510: Seeing the Starry Sky
Chapter 511 The Ancient Ship and the Female Saint
Chapter 512 Dragon Transformation and Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 513 Dragon Transformation and Assassination
Chapter 514 The secret buried in time
Chapter 515 The mysterious old man
Chapter 516 Arrival at Ziwei
Chapter 517: The Black Emperor Seeking Death
Chapter 518 Xuandu Bajing Palace
Chapter 519: The Situation of Ziwei
Chapter 520: The Holy Emperor of the Sun Appears
Chapter 521 The possibility of resurrection
Chapter 522: The Non-Existent Quasi-Emperor
Chapter 523 Longqing overcomes the tribulation
Chapter 524: The Law of Covering the Sky and the War Immortal
Chapter 525: Killer Confrontation
Chapter 526: Drow is born
Chapter 527 Leaving Ziwei
Chapter 528: The battlefield outside the sky
Chapter 529 God Flower
Chapter 530: The Imperial Road is blocked?
Chapter 531 Business Dao Mends the Sky
Chapter 532: Cave Heaven Paradise
Chapter 533: The shrunken divine court
Chapter 534: Eternal Lotus Seed
Chapter 535 Nine Great Cave Heavens
Chapter 536 The market opens
Chapter 537 Market and Life Extension
Chapter 538 Shifting focus
Chapter 539 Ten years of peace
Chapter 540 Ye Fan kills the road
Chapter 541: Back-up measures to deal with turmoil
Chapter 542 Everyone fighting against the Young Emperor
Chapter 543: Heavenly Tribulation and Enlightenment
Chapter 544: The Strongest Trial Ancient Road
Chapter 545: Beidou Matters
Chapter 546: The Test of the Immortal Lineage
Chapter 547 William steals the house
Chapter 548: Confiscating the house
Chapter 549 Angry Birds (The Emperor)
Chapter 550: Trap for the Emperor
Chapter 551: Iron cavalry blocking the road
Chapter 552 Cold-blooded Massacre
Chapter 553: The Prodigies Fight against the Ancient Prince
Chapter 554 The shock brought by the genius of the human race
Chapter 555: Killing Half Saint
Chapter 556 The Imperial Soldier Appears
Chapter 557: Rape Raid
Chapter 558 The fall of the genius
Chapter 559: The Fall of the Emperor
Chapter 560: Heavenly Sword and Magic Jar
Chapter 561 The Peerless Empress
Chapter 562: The sword breaks and the void appears
Chapter 563: Hunting the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 564: The Emperors Horn and the Emperors Drum
Chapter 565 Long Qing VS God General Kuntian
Chapter 566: Battle and 'Gift'
Chapter 567 The Death of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 568: Sky Mending Plan
Chapter 569 The rolled up Nine Heavens and Ten Earths
Chapter 570: The first level between Huang Ting Shen Shen and the human race
Chapter 571 Conflict and Blood Thunder
Chapter 572: Secret Book and Slander
Chapter 573 Joining forces with Dahe Sword
Chapter 574: One foot in front of me and the group is destroyed
Chapter 575: Killing the Enemy and the Frog in the Well
Chapter 576: Natural Kendo and Hands-On
Chapter 577: A Hundred Years of Change
Chapter 578: Amitabha Star Realm and Divine Realm
Chapter 579: The Ji Familys Shock
Chapter 580 Lord of the Stars
Chapter 564: Heavenly Sword Breaks and Void Appears
Chapter 581 The fight between the Golden Crow and the Crow
Chapter 582: Continuous Battle
Chapter 583 The Golden Crow Enlightenment
Chapter 584 The Nine Nether Emperor and the Star Emperor
Chapter 585: Preaching and Secrets
Chapter 586: The Road to Immortality Opens
Chapter 587: Borrowing chickens to lay eggs
Chapter 588 Ye Fan is engaged
Chapter 589 The Road to Immortality Begins
Chapter 590 The ruthless emperor and Ye Xian
Chapter 591 Negotiation and Deterrence
Chapter 592: Attacking the Road to Immortality
Chapter 593: Flying Immortal and Immortal Phoenix
Chapter 594: Accident and Buddha
Chapter 595: The End of the Road to Immortality and the Quasi-Emperor Tribulation
Chapter 596 Shang Yis Thoughts
Chapter 597: The reincarnation of Zhu Qiang and Ye Fans success
Chapter 598: Overcoming the Tribulation by Avatar and Replenishing the Origin
Chapter 599: Four Supremes in One Sect
Chapter 582 Lord of the Stars
Chapter 600: The End of the Tribulation and Reincarnation in the Underworld
Chapter 601: Forging the Holy Court and Entering the Forbidden Zone
Chapter 602: Establishment of the Holy Court and Preparations
Chapter 603: Dachu Holy Court and Tianji
Chapter 604: Two or Three Flying Immortals of the First Life
Chapter 605: The powerful man of the Holy Court and the Emperor
Chapter 606: Surprise and Sneak Attack
Chapter 607: Pang Bos Sacrifice and Continuous Killing of the Supreme Being
Chapter 608: Killing the Beast Emperor to Establish Heaven
Chapter 609: Red Dust Immortal and Parting
Chapter 610 Tianyuan Continent
Chapter 611: Encounter and Yan Gou
Chapter 612: Guessing and the Giant Snake
Chapter 613 Ao Jue and the truth
Chapter 614 Recovery and Level 5
Chapter 615 Zhan Taixuan and Return
Chapter 598 Shang Yi’s Thoughts
Chapter 616 Commercial Building Market
Chapter 617 Qishi Mansion
Chapter 618 Holy War Angel
Chapter 619 Transactions and Contracts
Chapter 620: Fighting the Fourth-Level Black Dragon
Chapter 621: Shocking Dragon Transformation and Sixth Level True Martial Arts
Chapter 622: Opening the Sky Eye and the City of Freedom
Chapter 623 Teacher and Preacher
Chapter 624 Shang Sage and Business Dao
Chapter 625: Him, Me and the Journey to the West
Chapter 626 Tiger King Xiaoyu
Chapter 627 The power of the human world and the realm of immortal martial arts
Chapter 628: Half Year and Warm-up Match
Chapter 629 Departure and Enlightenment
Chapter 630: Drunk Baby Dragon and Memories
Chapter 631 Baihua Valley and the Merciless Fairy
Chapter 632 Conflict and murderous intent
Chapter 633: Cutting out the roots
Chapter 634: Reversal of Xuan Gong
Chapter 635: Deterrence and the Great Dragon Sword
written request for leave
Chapter 636 Dragon Roar and Return
Chapter 637 Chen Xis powerful talent
Chapter 638 The hidden truth
Chapter 639: The Origin of Business and the Successors of Zhantai
Chapter 640: Battle and Provocation
Chapter 641: The Academys Prodigy and the Battle of Life and Death
Chapter 642: The sudden change of Xuan Gong and the strength of Dragon Divine Art
Chapter 643: Death Jedi and Public Opinion
Chapter 644: Hunting and tempering
Chapter 645: Killing in the Mountains
Chapter 646 Hou Yis first kill with his bow
Chapter 647 Fierce battle and Xuan Gong integration
Chapter 648 Purple Gold Dragon
Chapter 649 Purple Gold Dragon
Chapter 650: Taboo Existence and the Darkless One
Chapter 651: Gift and Seizing of Body
Chapter 652 Let the arrow fly for a while
Chapter 653: Killing the Enemy and Planning
Chapter 654: The storm rises again
Chapter 655 The secret battle between good and evil
Chapter 656: Wings of Gods and Demons
Chapter 657: The Ruyi Divine Weapon and the Lower Realm of Angels
Chapter 658: Visiting the Underground Palace at Night
Chapter 659 Full Moon Night
Chapter 660: A palm that covers the sky
Chapter 661 Chaos
Chapter 662: Looking northwest, shooting at the angel
Chapter 663: Temptation from the West and the birth of the great devil
Chapter 664: Mouth of Heavenly Constitution and Temptation
Chapter 665: The water in the world is very deep
Chapter 666: You don’t really think you have the qualifications to be the Dragon Emperor, do you?
Chapter 667 The secret of the year
Chapter 668 Kunlun Monster Clan
Chapter 669: Chen Zhan’s Plan
Chapter 670: Speculations on the Demon Summoning Sutra
Chapter 671 The Supreme Demon Ancestor Golden Chrysalis
Chapter 672 Cooperation
Chapter 673 Du Jiaxuan Realm
Chapter 674: The Corpse King of the Corpse Exorcist Sect
Chapter 675: Controlling Fengdu
Chapter 676 The top six meet
Chapter 677 Battle with Li Ruolan
Chapter 678: Fighting and Siege
Chapter 679 Du Hao’s Madness
Chapter 680: Sixth Level True Martial Arts
Chapter 681: The Corpse King Wins Gou
Chapter 682: Shocking Changes in the Battle of the Emperors
Chapter 683 Return to Kunlun
Chapter 684 Awakening of Divine Vein
Chapter 685: Secret attack
Chapter 686: Guardian of the Eastern Land
Chapter 687 Eternal Forest
Chapter 688 Mystery
Chapter 689: Forbidden Land
Chapter 690: Li Taishang’s script
Chapter 691: Half of the Dragon Sword
Chapter 692: Changes in the General Worship Platform
Chapter 693 Belief in the Golden Body
Chapter 694: Shocking the World
Chapter 695: The Black Hand Appears
Chapter 696 Mirror Image of the Dragon Emperor
Chapter 697: Dragon Sword Kills the Enemy
Chapter 698 Leaving the Eternal Forest
Chapter 699: Entering Baidan City
Chapter 700: Ruffian Dragon’s Romantic Debt
Chapter 701: Fight
Chapter 702 Dilemma
Chapter 703 Tyrant Kunde
Chapter 704 Twelve Levels of Hell
Chapter 705: Western Totem
Chapter 706 All trump cards revealed
Chapter 707: Recruitment and Ascension
Chapter 708 A bold decision
Chapter 709 Recovery
Chapter 710: Unrest in the West
Chapter 711 The Goddess of Life
Chapter 712: Someone from Thunder God Temple
Chapter 713: Empty the Thunder Temple
Chapter 714: The anxious angels
Chapter 715 Unscrupulous
Chapter 716: The Spear of the Sun
Chapter 717 The Dragon Emperor Reappears
Chapter 718 Eastern Heaven
Chapter 719 Reunion
Chapter 720 Yuxin
Chapter 721 Tomb of the Demon Lord
Chapter 722 'Taoist Idiot' Ye Hongyu
Chapter 723 The storm is gathering
Chapter 724: Breaking the Seal
Chapter 725: The Powers Finally Appear
Chapter 726 The sun is in the sky
Chapter 727: The Seven Heavenly Goddess Appears
Chapter 728 The chaos ends
Chapter 729 Tantai Xuan Lower Realm
Chapter 730 Appearance and accident
Chapter 731 The Ancient God of the Temple
Chapter 732: News of Chen Zhan
Chapter 733 Soul Summoning Platform
Chapter 734: God King’s Tribulation and Body Refining
Chapter 735: Emperor Fengdu
Chapter 736: The Lord God Arrives
Chapter 737 Battle with the Lord God
Chapter 738 The situation expands
Chapter 739 Taking Advantage of the Situation
Chapter 740: The First Pope of Light
Chapter 741 Heaven’s inheritance
Chapter 742: Inheriting the Power of Heavenly Dragon
Chapter 743: Seventeen Levels of Hell
Chapter 744: Reorganization of the remaining body
Chapter 745 Headless Demonic Body
Chapter 746 Treasure
Chapter 747 Ancestor of the Chen Family
Chapter 748 The old man guarding the tomb
Chapter 749: Demonic Battle
Chapter 750: Chen Zhan’s Dominance and Power
Chapter 751 The Demon Lord Appears
Chapter 752: General Worship Platform and Pictures of Gods and Demons
Chapter 753: Great changes in the world
Chapter 754: Entering the Third Realm
Chapter 755: Love you for ten thousand years
Chapter 756: Hidden Dragon Reappears
Chapter 757 Piaomiao Peak
Chapter 758: The Seven Fighting Heroes
Chapter 759: Chen Family in Tianjie
Chapter 760 The Eight Souls of the Chen Family
Chapter 761 Eight Souls Unite
Chapter 762 Chen Nan VS Fengdu
Chapter 763 Six Paths of Reincarnation
Chapter 764 Death Scythe
Chapter 765: Grow the Underworld
Chapter 766: The Great Tribulation of the Immortal King
Chapter 767 Return to the Tomb of Gods
Chapter 768: Demon Lord
Chapter 769 Heavenly Melee
Chapter 770 Chen Zhan reappears
Chapter 771: Born to fight
Chapter 772 Demon Lord VS Xuanhuang
Chapter 773: Establishing Reincarnation
Chapter 774 Six Paths Collapse
Chapter 775: Revealing the Truth
Chapter 776 The Incarnation of Heaven
Chapter 777: The Road to War
Chapter 778: Destruction and Rebirth
Chapter 779 Return to the Commercial Building
Chapter 780 Friends reunited
Chapter 781 Return to Kamikaze Academy
Chapter 782: The Sky Stealer
Chapter 783 The Ancient Fierce
Chapter 784 Six Desires Evil Lord
Chapter 785 Ancient Heavenly Road
Chapter 786 Yuxin’s past life
Chapter 786 Yuxins past life
Chapter 487 Yuxin
Chapter 787: Guess
Chapter 788 Melee and Chase
Chapter 789 Meeting an old friend again
Chapter 790 Copying the Lair of the Supreme Being
Chapter 791 The Incarnation of the Supreme Being
Chapter 792 Doubts and Speculations
Chapter 793: The Heroes Battle the Supreme Being
Chapter 794 Tai Chi Bagua Diagram
Chapter 795 Shang Yis plan
Chapter 796 The Second Batch of Gods Return
Chapter 797 The Rebirth of the Human King
Chapter 798: The Great Technique of Soul Sloughing
Chapter 799 The war begins
Chapter 800 Dragnet
Chapter 801: Great Victory and Changes
Chapter 802 King Youluo
Chapter 803 Tiandu Purgatory
Chapter 804: Siege of King Youluo
Chapter 805 The Great God of Time and Space Returns
Chapter 806 Guidance
Chapter 807: Borrow from Heaven for Another Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 808 The war resumes
Chapter 809: A bloody massacre of hundreds of thousands of miles of chaos
Chapter 810 Ancient Land of Chaos
Chapter 811 Trapped in the Absolute Realm of Ten Directions
Chapter 812: The Killing of the Totem Supreme
Chapter 813 Chen Zhan appears
Chapter 814 The Human King
Chapter 815 Melee
Chapter 816: Breaking through the Absolute Domain of Ten Directions
Chapter 817 The Chaos King Vomiting Blood
Chapter 818: The Heaven-Defying Fighting Spirit
Chapter 819: Kill Qingtian
Chapter 820: The Chaos Clan is Destroyed
Chapter 821: Accumulate strength
Chapter 822: Repair my battle sword and kill for nine days
Chapter 823: The Heaven-defying King Level
Chapter 824 All living beings attack the sky
Chapter 825 My heart replaces the sky
Chapter 826: Siege of Tiandao
Chapter 827 Victory
Chapter 828: The Possibility of Dao Fruit (End of Tomb of Gods)
Chapter 829 Spiritual Master
Chapter 830 Extreme Martial Arts Gym
Chapter 831 Signing a Contract with the Extreme Martial Arts Gym
Chapter 832: Entering the Wilderness Area Alone
Chapter 833 Return to base city
Chapter 834 Shock
Chapter 835 The God of War Arrives
Chapter 836 Meeting and Testing
Chapter 837 Arriving at the Elite Training Camp
Chapter 838: A little time traveler shock
Chapter 839 Hong’s Attention
Chapter 840 The Invincible God of War
Chapter 841 Trap and Escape
Chapter 842 Killing the Fifth Speaker
Chapter 843 Kirishima Harvest
Chapter 844 Return to Jiangnan Base City
Chapter 845: Ten Times Life Gene
Chapter 846 Genetic Evolution
Chapter 847 Breaking through the planetary level
Chapter 847: Discussion
Chapter 848 Nuclear Source Master
Chapter 848 Nuclear Source Master
Chapter 849: Apprentice Level Nuclear Source Master
Chapter 850: The Specialness of Earthlings
Chapter 851 The cruelty of the universe
Chapter 852 Crystallization of the Origin Core
Chapter 853 Nine-tailed Sky Fox
Chapter 854 Heading to the Horned Dragon Star
Chapter 855 The truth and cruelty of the universe
Chapter 856 Making Money
Chapter 857 The Incarnation of the Red Emperor
Chapter 858: Continuous Battles and Successful Victories
Chapter 859 Return to Earth
Chapter 860: Entering the Secret Realm of Dry Witches
Chapter 861: Apprenticeship to the Lord of Wu Kingdom
Chapter 862: Cheating Hong and Lei Shen
Chapter 863 Six Years and Immigration
Chapter 864 Dry Witch Auction
Chapter 865 Divine Weapon
Chapter 866 The battle between the pinnacle geniuses of the universe
Chapter 867 Showdown but not all
Chapter 868 Qualifiers
Chapter 869: The Strongest Treasure Commercial Building
Chapter 870: Exploration by the Lord of Chaos City
Chapter 871 Shang Yi’s confidence
Chapter 872: Market Expansion
Chapter 873 Brutal elimination before the game
Chapter 874 Trial Tower
Chapter 875 Finals
Chapter 876: The Origin and Finals of Mountain Rider
Chapter 877 Initial Universe
Chapter 878: Celestial Silkworm Transformation
Chapter 879 Time passes
Chapter 880: Extraterritorial Battlefield
Chapter 881: Yan Sacrifice Continent
Chapter 882 The Living Yanji Tribe
Chapter 883: The Yanji Clan’s Way Out
Chapter 884: Undercurrent
Chapter 885: The incarnation’s fusion talent that defies the laws of heaven
Chapter 886 The Lord of Dry Witches
Chapter 887: Lord of Youhou
Chapter 888 Duel and Meeting
Chapter 889 The owner of the commercial building
Chapter 890 The Great Ax Council
Chapter 891 Perfect Gene
Chapter 892: Space Master
Chapter 893 Lord of the Universe Level Universal Energy Nuclear Crystal
Chapter 894 Suihuo Awakening
Chapter 895 The Power of Chaotic Source