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Dad's life

Dad's life

author:Uncle please let me go

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Final words

As a single father, Li Mu's life with his son has always been peaceful. But one day...

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《Dad's life》The latest nine chapters
Final words
Chapter 477: Farther Than Forever 'Complete Book'
Chapter 476 Goodbye Zhang Xinrui
Chapter 475 The saddest woman in the world
Chapter 474 Persistence
Chapter 473 Is it really a gift!?
Chapter 472 Ran Ran’s Growth
Chapter 471 Retreat
Chapter 469 Another one
《Dad's life》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Mom is back
Chapter 2 Ran Ran
Chapter 3 Hometown
Chapter 4 Blind Date
Chapter 5 No Promise
Chapter 6 Meeting my son
Chapter 7 Custody Rights
Chapter 8 Grandpa
Chapter 9 What are you doing now?
Chapter 10 Birthday Wish
Chapter 11 Gentle Age
Chapter 12 The Weird Third Aunt
Chapter 13 Topic
Chapter 14 Introducing Aunt
Chapter 15 Ruining People
Chapter 16: Settling accounts with her
Chapter 17 Sorry
Chapter 18 Goodbye
Chapter 19 Little Fairy
Chapter 20 Voluntary and Permanent Surrender
Chapter 21 The Biggest Mistake
Chapter 22 Neighbors
Chapter 23 Math Teacher
Chapter 24 Zhou Yu
Chapter 25 Believe it or not
Chapter 26 Different Thoughts
Chapter 27 All Green
Chapter 28 Working Abroad
Chapter 29 You come and I go
Chapter 30 A Building
Chapter 31 Under the knife
Chapter 32 Leave it to time to verify
Chapter 33 Forget it after all
Chapter 34 It’s because of my aunt
Chapter 35 is all...
Chapter 36 Chance Encounter
Chapter 37 Plan
Chapter 38 Girl Jelia
Chapter 39 Courage
Chapter 40: Touching Live
Chapter 41 Ending
Chapter 42 Versatility
Chapter 43 Think about it
Chapter 44 Beard
Chapter 45 Decent
Chapter 46 Don’t mention Li Mu
Chapter 47 Dead Girl
Chapter 48 Drunk Driving
Chapter 49 Telephone
Chapter 50 Standards
Chapter 51 A smooth departure
Chapter 52 Mom is the villain
Chapter 53: Depend on Heaven
Chapter 54 Attorney Yang
Chapter 55 Nursing Home
Chapter 56 Accept her
Chapter 57 Money
Chapter 58 Creativity
Chapter 59: Hopeless
Chapter 60 Bird Legs
Chapter 61 Management
Chapter 62 Holes all over the body
Chapter 63 Fisherman
Chapter 64 Correcting Errors
Chapter 65 It will happen naturally
Chapter 66 Direction
Chapter 67 Looking for my son
Chapter 68 Video
Chapter 69 Afraid
Chapter 70 A good match
Chapter 71 Chaos
Chapter 72 Waiting for your message
Chapter 73 Burn Half
Chapter 74 Stubbornness
Chapter 75 Old Friend
Chapter 76 Close
Chapter 77 Calling Mother
Chapter 78 Life tastes good
Chapter 79 Li Mu
Chapter 80 He is excellent
Chapter 81 Be good
Chapter 82 Old Bridge in the South of the City
Chapter 83 I want to think
Chapter 84 Redouble your efforts
Chapter 85 Neighbor’s Child
Chapter 86 Black Chicken Soup
Chapter 87 Founder Xu Jianhua
Chapter 88 I’m in too much pain
Chapter 89 Good Luck
Chapter 90 I feel better
Chapter 91 I only made one mistake
Chapter 92 Zhou Yu and Qin Muxue
Chapter 93 Can’t pass
Chapter 94 Seemingly true and false
Chapter 95 Kiss
Chapter 96 The honest man becomes evil
Chapter 97 Karma
Chapter 98 Doomed to have no friends
Chapter 99 Brother Xu
Chapter 100 Difficulties
Chapter 101 Don’t imitate his father
Chapter 102 Too many vicissitudes of life
Chapter 103 You can beat him
Chapter 104: Cough Treatment
Chapter 105 Sunrise and Sunset
Chapter 106 Help him
Chapter 107 Big and Small Things
Chapter 108 Scales
Chapter 109 Suitable for your aesthetics
Chapter 110 Just in case it’s appropriate
Chapter 111 Accepting Mediocrity
Chapter 112 Monster Story
Chapter 113 Come here quickly
Chapter 114 Fifty
Chapter 115 Go upstairs to dry the quilt
Chapter 116 Giving birth to hope
Chapter 117 I like you
Chapter 118 Candlelight Night
Chapter 119 Serious
Chapter 120 I’m better
Chapter 121 Treatment
Chapter 122 The first confrontation between Zhou and Qin
Chapter 123 You don’t have to
Chapter 124 Marriage is a carrier
Chapter 125 Meeting the Parents
Chapter 126 Teacher Zhou’s younger brother
Chapter 127 Fight with confidence
Chapter 128
Chapter 129 Xiao Zhengyang and “Brother Fan”
Chapter 130: Brother-in-law and brother-in-law
Chapter 131 Reason
Chapter 132 Eat me too
Chapter 133 Dog man and woman
Chapter 134: Not finished with him
Chapter 135 Characteristics
Chapter 136 Director Hu in my mind
Chapter 137 The old man’s view of reality
Chapter 138 The old lady smashes the car
Chapter 139: Retaliating directly
Chapter 140: Training several times
Chapter 141 Alert
Chapter 142 Frightened
Chapter 143 Stepmother is not welcome
Chapter 144 Preview in advance
Chapter 145 Open your mouth
Chapter 146 It’s all garbage
Chapter 147 Be my son-in-law
Chapter 148 Both best friends are miserable
Chapter 149 I finished the exam
Chapter 150 Right hand
Chapter 151 Making a Windfall
Chapter 152 Looking to the future
Chapter 153 I’m just jealous
Chapter 154 It’s better to kill one
Chapter 155 Dead Ghost
Chapter 156 Not Human
Chapter 157 xxx
Chapter 158 Filial Piety
Chapter 159
Chapter 160 Something you can’t catch
Chapter 161 Fear
Chapter 162 Learn to die
Chapter 163 Go
Chapter 164 Teacher Xiao Zhou’s number
Chapter 165 Lonely Soul
Chapter 166 Crazy
Chapter 167 Why is it so miserable?
Chapter 168 Little things
Chapter 169 Fighting each other
Chapter 170 Give me 50,000 first
Chapter 171 Xiang Fei laughs
Chapter 172 My little brother
Chapter 173 Call me baby
Chapter 174 Possession by the Declining God
Chapter 175 Yu Hui’s Ending
Chapter 176 Wash it off
Chapter 177 Clear Water
Chapter 178 One thought of heaven, one thought of hell
Chapter 179 Returning to the old place
Chapter 180 Be your mother
Chapter 181 It’s dark and the road is slippery
Chapter 182 I don’t understand
Chapter 183 Yu Hui’s Change
Chapter 184 Xiao Xiao
Chapter 185 I won’t give you a chance
Chapter 186 Li Mu’s fault
Chapter 187 Brother-in-law, Brother-in-law
Chapter 188 The threat from brother-in-law
Chapter 189 Give him face
Chapter 190 Affects Housing Prices
Chapter 191 Rooftop
Chapter 192 Can she jump off a building?
Chapter 193 My wife is pregnant
Chapter 194 Calling the world outside the rules
Chapter 195 Go and accompany yourself
Chapter 196 We are all divorced
Chapter 197 Choose the harmless thing
Chapter 198 Ruined my life
Chapter 199 Exploit
Chapter 200 Hiding in my car
Chapter 201 Dowry
Chapter 202 No wedding banquet
Chapter 203 Dazzling Lights
Chapter 204 Living together before marriage
Chapter 205 Lonely Days
Chapter 206 It’s all hers
Chapter 207: Starved to death
Chapter 208 You don’t deserve it
Chapter 209 Relatives or Enemies
Chapter 210 Xiaoxiao, I cut my wrists
Chapter 211 Virgin Bitch
Chapter 212 Five dollars each
Chapter 213: Indulging Teacher Zhou
Chapter 214 This Night
Chapter 215 A lifetime of involvement
Chapter 216 Use money, use fists
Chapter 217 Change of Statement Fee
Chapter 218 Unconventional Complexity
Chapter 219: Beat your dad too
Chapter 220 Su Xiaoxiao’s Memoirs
Chapter 221 It can’t be such a coincidence
Chapter 222 Marriage Certificate
Chapter 223 My wife is not a serious woman
Chapter 224 No Temptation
Chapter 225: It’s easy to think about it, but it’s hard to think about it
Chapter 226 Xu Jianhua and Hu Li
Chapter 227 You are not loyal
Chapter 228 Xu Jianhua’s Theory of Love
Chapter 229 Five Hundred Thousand
Chapter 230 Can you swim?
Chapter 231 Cruel
Chapter 232 My husband called the police
Chapter 233 Relatives, outsiders
Chapter 234 The Beauty of Independence
Chapter 235 Two Thoughts
Chapter 236 Another woman who made mistakes
Chapter 237 Li Xiaomu is really picky
Chapter 238 Goodbye Yu Hui
Chapter 239 She loves
Chapter 240 Tell him for me
Chapter 241 Don’t give up
Chapter 242 You have another one
Chapter 243 The most difficult relationship to deal with
Chapter 244 Not Peaceful
Chapter 245 Your second sister asked you to go home
Chapter 246 Blowing the Wind
Chapter 247 Who is so ugly?
Chapter 248 Dead End
Chapter 249 I was wrong
Chapter 250 Marriage Killer
Chapter 251: Attracting Little Girls to Like
Chapter 252 Surname Li
Chapter 253: Look at faces first when looking at people
Chapter 254 It’s really not possible
Chapter 255 Interview
Chapter 256 Who is playing with whom?
Chapter 257 Must be stable
Chapter 258 The best ritual
Chapter 259 Passbook
Chapter 260 Call me mom
Chapter 261 Wine and Beauty
Chapter 262 Sleeping
Chapter 263 Director Li, please give me your advice.
Chapter 264 Black Humor
Chapter 265 The Year of the Animal
Chapter 266 Just go
Chapter 267 Good and Bad
Chapter 268 Ex-wife’s Craftsmanship
Chapter 269 Time is precious
Chapter 270 Teacher Zhou is angry
Chapter 271 What did you do?
Chapter 272: Did your father teach you this?
Chapter 273 The air showdown between Zhou and Qin
Chapter 274: Grabbing lines
Chapter 275 It’s your turn to perform
Chapter 276 This world is crazy
Chapter 277 Tuition
Chapter 278 Xu Jianhua’s new thinking
Chapter 279 Ambitious Woman
Chapter 280 Protruding cheekbones
Chapter 281 There is no reason to explain
Chapter 282 Suitable for You
Chapter 283 Director Xu’s flirtatious words
Chapter 284 Xu Jianhua was beaten
Chapter 285 How to deal with it
Chapter 286 The World of Thoughts
Chapter 287 Are you serious!?
Chapter 288 Demotion
Chapter 289 Crouching Dragon and Phoenix Chick
Chapter 290 Daily life
Chapter 291 Suffering together
Chapter 292 Chatting
Chapter 293 Between Effort and Success
Chapter 294 Three points of leeway
Chapter 295 Awareness of Competition
Chapter 296 Want to sleep
Chapter 297 Another one
Chapter 298 To give birth or not
Chapter 299 The boss’s call
Chapter 300 Changing Assistants
Chapter 301 Raising
Chapter 302 Zhang Changsheng’s Revenge
Chapter 303 Little Financial Master
Chapter 304 Director Xu is very angry
Chapter 305 Lost weight
Chapter 306 Lost
Chapter 307 Uncle
Chapter 308 Three No’s Principles
Chapter 309 Pregnancy
Chapter 310 I have everything
Chapter 311 The boy who slaughtered his father
Chapter 312 I’m hungry
Chapter 313 Teaching Homework
Chapter 314 Different meanings
Chapter 315 The only one
Chapter 316 Mr. Hu’s emotional line
Chapter 317 The life-threatening Director Xu
Chapter 318: Stumble
Chapter 319 Eighteen different appearances
Chapter 320 Prosecution
Chapter 321 Differentiation
Chapter 322 My cousin was beaten
Chapter 323 My wife...
Chapter 324 Li Yu
Chapter 325 Accelerating
Chapter 326 Get ready
Chapter 327 Assignment of homework
Chapter 328 Whose fault is it?
Chapter 329 The only hope
Chapter 330 The real murderer is so perverted
Chapter 331 Love you thousands of times
Chapter 332 Gone with the Wind
Chapter 333 Forty-five points
Chapter 334 Chinese Achievements
Chapter 335: Not a villain
Chapter 336 The last one
Chapter 337 An ordinary life
Chapter 338 Not the Worst
Chapter 339 Baby kiss
Chapter 340 Characteristics of Superiority
Chapter 341 Can’t Close Legs
Chapter 342 Li Ran’s Alliance
Chapter 343 The Easily Injured Boy
Chapter 344 Good mentality
Chapter 345 Her name is Hu Li
Chapter 346 Mobile Phone Password
Chapter 347 Fifteen Minutes
Chapter 348 Copy
Chapter 349 Everyone takes responsibility
Chapter 350 No need to test
Chapter 351 Six
Chapter 352 Old Tang
Chapter 353 Feelings
Chapter 354: Less flirting
Chapter 355 The Nature of Capital
Chapter 356 Another exam
Chapter 357: Sister, how many exams have you taken?
Chapter 358 Talk
Chapter 359 He had plastic surgery
Chapter 360 Fate
Chapter 361 Meeting Brother-in-Law on the Road
Chapter 362 First Love
Chapter 363 Dots of Stars
Chapter 364 How many?
Chapter 365 Zhou Heng ran away
Chapter 366 I like to see you angry
Chapter 367 Fish farming
Chapter 368 Interference
Chapter 369 Slow down
Chapter 370 Another Diao Chan
Chapter 371 Helper
Chapter 372 Who are the biological parents?
Chapter 373 Pay back the money
Chapter 374 How much is your provident fund?
Chapter 375 Is it worth it?
Chapter 376 Ranran’s entrepreneurial idea
Chapter 377 Recruiting Dad
Chapter 378 Testing men and women
Chapter 379 What a kid
Chapter 380 Life
Chapter 381 Old Man’s Words
Chapter 382 Wedding Photos
Chapter 383 My Little Coke
Chapter 384: He is very good
Chapter 385 Your son is better than you
Chapter 386 Find an old woman
Chapter 387 Invite you to dinner
Chapter 388 Desperate Teacher Zhou
Chapter 389 You know it very well!
Chapter 390 Trial and Error
Chapter 391 She gave it voluntarily
Chapter 392 Neighbors Downstairs
Chapter 393 Uncle is very kind
Chapter 394 Good Guys and Bad Guys
Chapter 395 Let your son wait
Chapter 396: Found a Miejie Master
Chapter 397 Real Kung Fu
Chapter 398 I...
Chapter 399 Slowly
Chapter 400 More than one or two
Chapter 401 Big Wolf Dog
Chapter 402 Wise decision
Chapter 403 Makeup Lessons
Chapter 404 Natural Enemies
Chapter 405: Retribution Begins
Chapter 406: It’s possible with you
Chapter 407 I have a friend
Chapter 408 Eating
Chapter 409 Old Xutou
Chapter 410 He is a stinker
Chapter 411 Don’t look for a man
Chapter 412 How is he!?
Chapter 413 Can’t be smashed down
Chapter 414 Li Mu is very clever
Chapter 415 Don’t believe it
Chapter 416 The miserable child
Chapter 417 Bad Luck
Chapter 418 Goddaughter or Goddaughter
Chapter 419 The ruined brand owner
Chapter 420 Save yourself first and then save others
Chapter 421 Help
Chapter 422 Little Dad Li
Chapter 423: Steal your husband
Chapter 424 Transforming Xu Jianhua
Chapter 425 Just Blind
Chapter 426 The money is in place
Chapter 427 What a coincidence!
Chapter 428 Teacher Zhou’s treat
Chapter 429 Come on
Chapter 430 Good Luck
Chapter 431 A woman in her forties
Chapter 432 Silent Boy
Chapter 433 Serious
Chapter 434 The second daughter of the third aunt’s family
Chapter 435 Chicken Baby Theory
Chapter 436 Call Records
Chapter 437 Protection
Chapter 438 Beating the Child
Chapter 439 Taking additional wedding photos
Chapter 440 Be a cow or a horse
Chapter 441 This story is not good
Chapter 442 Help me take care of her
Chapter 443 Feeling bad
Chapter 444 Three Candies
Chapter 445 Still leaving...
Chapter 446 True Love
Chapter 447 Waiting Room
Chapter 448 Xiao Zhengyang, come back
Chapter 449 That’s it!
Chapter 450 Live a good life
Chapter 451 Tell you something
Chapter 452 Complementary Personalities
Chapter 453 Psychological shadow
Chapter 454 Buy one more apartment
Chapter 455 Kissing Uncle
Chapter 456 Collective Cold
Chapter 457 It doesn’t smell good anymore
Chapter 458 Didn’t come back
Chapter 459 I don’t want to endure it anymore
Chapter 460 Xu Jianhua and Yu Yu
Chapter 461 Xu Jianhua cried
Chapter 462 Xu Jianhua’s request
Chapter 463 Lawless thugs
Chapter 464 Lao Xu is a bit miserable
Chapter 465 Hospitalization
Chapter 466 None of the three daughters are biological
Chapter 467 'If'
Chapter 468 Teacher Zhou’s wish
Chapter 469 Another one
Chapter 471 Retreat
Chapter 472 Ran Ran’s Growth
Chapter 473 Is it really a gift!?
Chapter 474 Persistence
Chapter 475 The saddest woman in the world
Chapter 476 Goodbye Zhang Xinrui
Chapter 477: Farther Than Forever 'Complete Book'
Final words