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author:Shoubinan Mountain

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-22 00:34

Latest chapter:Chapter 1007: Looking for Li Xia

When I was thirteen years old, I lost my soul once. When my grandfather summoned my soul, he summoned a soul that did not belong to me. From then on, my life began to undergo earth-shaking changes...

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《Destiny》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1007: Looking for Li Xia
Chapter 1006: Fatty Wu’s acquaintance
Chapter 1005: The power of empathy
Chapter 1004: Someone took away the memory
Chapter 1003: Strange feeling
Chapter 1002: Sneaking people
Chapter 1001: Strange disease
Chapter 1000: The biting girl
Chapter 999: Shark Seeker
《Destiny》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1: Resurrection
Chapter 2: The woman named Huang
Chapter 3: Doctor Zhao
Chapter 4: One word becomes a prophecy
Chapter 5: Soul-Calming Needle
Chapter 6: Deadly Feng Shui Bureau
Chapter 7: The three-legged toad
Chapter 8: Red Toad's Luck
Chapter 9: One million rewards
Chapter 10: Ghost knocking on the door
Chapter 11: Ghost at the door
Chapter 12: Ye Tingting invites you to dinner
Chapter Thirteen: Huang Yiyi really called me
Chapter 14: Eight-character fortune telling
Chapter 15: In the ninth year, the King of Hell clicks Mao
Chapter 16: Strange-looking man
Chapter 17: Living Corpse
Chapter 18: Lei Dafu
Chapter 19: Hidden secrets
Chapter 20: Moving
Chapter 21: The evil spirit rushes into the spirit
Chapter 22: Breaking Taboos
Chapter 23: Vomiting blood
Chapter 24: People with dark hearts
Chapter 25: Yin Qi enters the body
Chapter 26: Yin energy eats souls
Chapter 27: Wang Hongwei
Chapter 28: Subtle changes
Chapter 29: Zhang Zifeng
Chapter 30: Wang Hongwei came to ask for help
Chapter 31: The woman who comes to kowtow
Chapter 32: The sound of guzheng in Wang Shuo’s room
Chapter 33: Sanyang joins the club
Chapter 34: Zhengyang position
Chapter 35: Tianyuan sits evil
Chapter 36: Beat the gongs and drums
Chapter 37: Wang Shuo in the middle of the night
Chapter 38: Yin and Yang are one body
Chapter 39: Xuanmen
Chapter 40: Tragic Experience
Chapter 41: Prison King Technique
Chapter 42: Huang Yiyi’s hug
Chapter 43: White lies
Chapter 44: Hu Family Ghost Village
Chapter 45: The Origin of Taoism
Chapter 46: Snake blocks the car and rain blocks the road
Chapter 47: First Kiss
Chapter 48: Ghost Road
Chapter 49: Huangquan Road
Chapter 50: Gathering Yin Formation
Chapter 51: Evil spirits soar into the sky
Chapter 52: Soul Eating
Chapter 53: A near miss
Chapter 54: Hug left and right
Chapter 55: Seventy-two Earth Fiends
Chapter 56: Here he comes
Chapter 57: The Way of Heaven
Chapter 58: Breaking the Formation with Blood
Chapter 59: Kneel down and thank you for your kindness
Chapter 60: The crime of the blind man
Chapter 61: Qinghe’s true feelings
Chapter 62: Found the Bones
Chapter 63: The black-faced Mr. He
Chapter 64: Sincere Emotions
Chapter 65: Farewell
Chapter 66: Take care of yourself
Chapter 67: Confession
Chapter 68: The word sex has a knife on its head
Chapter 69: Ye Tingting called
Chapter 70: Vision in the room
Chapter 71: Picture of Beauty
Chapter 72: Chen Sisi
Chapter 73: Like Fatty Wu
Chapter 74: A controlled life
Chapter 75: Weird things in the bar
Chapter 76: Be friends
Chapter 77: Sanmu Qi Gathering Method
Chapter 78: Nine-star spirit locking array
Chapter 79: Sharing the same bed
Chapter 80: Ugly Ghost
Chapter 81: Loss of moral virtue
Chapter 82: I’d rather be a mosquito than reincarnate
Chapter 83: Short-haired beauty Ye Tingting
Chapter 84: Folk Girl Jin Yao
Chapter 85: Domineering Fatty Wu
Chapter 86: There is a problem with the painting
Chapter 87: Human Skin Resurrection Technique
Chapter 88: Asking divination to find someone
Chapter 89: Chen Jiangshui
Chapter 90: Falling in love with a painting
Chapter 91: Zhou Xiaoya
Chapter 92: Women’s Jealousy
Chapter 93: Seven Days Tribulation
Chapter 94: Emotional Fatty Wu
Chapter 95: Use luck to suppress evil
Chapter 96: Painting and Killing People
Chapter 97: Three Thunder Curse
Chapter 98: Painter Wang Jing
Chapter Ninety-Nine: Thousand Years of Love
Chapter 100: Death of Chen Jiangshui
Chapter 101: Man in Black
Chapter 102: The real Jin Yao
Chapter 103: Young Master
Chapter 104: Bloody feud
Chapter 105: Ye Qing’s hug
Chapter 106: Huang Yiyi becomes my girlfriend
Chapter 107: Not eating for three days
Chapter 108: The shrew comes to your door
Chapter 109: Huang Yiyi’s father invites you
Chapter 110: Haunted Film and Television City
Chapter 111: Zhou Qian’s Difficulties
Chapter 112: Tragic Life
Chapter 113: Jiangjunping
Chapter 114: The fortune star shines
Chapter 115: Enviable Luck
Chapter 116: The Origin of General Peak
Chapter 117: Beauty delivers food
Chapter 118: Armored Warrior
Chapter 119: Yin soldiers
Chapter 120: Ten Evil Yin Soldiers
Chapter 121: Ghost Craftsman
Chapter 122: Bloody Wooden Man
Chapter 123: Soul Borrowing Technique
Chapter 124: Carpentry
Chapter 125: Looking for Zhu Laoqi
Chapter 126: Ghost blocks the door
Chapter 127: Zhu Laoqi, the successor of Ghost Craftsman
Chapter 128: It’s your own fault that will make you miserable
Chapter 129: Eight Ghosts Carrying the Coffin Curse
Chapter 130: General Feng Han
Chapter 131: Incomplete body and lingering ghost
Chapter 132: Thirty-Six Tiangang Formations
Chapter 133: Shop in the underworld Ye Shisan
Chapter 134: Merchant of the Underworld
Chapter 135: Guests exchanging things
Chapter 136: Reasons for joining the industry
Chapter 137: Ye Shisan’s wife is not a human being
Chapter 138: Ghost Eyes
Chapter 139: Five Thunder Fire Formation
Chapter 140: Loyalty
Chapter 141: Transform into a Dragon Soul to Bless China Eternally
Chapter 142: Spirit of Respect
Chapter 143: Hundred Gate Robes
Chapter 144: What happened in the car
Chapter 145: Apply medicine
Chapter 146: Huang Yiyi’s circle of friends
Chapter 147: Yin Yang Ghost Hand
Chapter 148: Su Yujie
Chapter 149: Prince
Chapter 150: One thing drops another thing
Chapter 151: Su Yujie comes again
Chapter 152: Taking advantage of the child prodigy doctor
Chapter 153: Lost Soul
Chapter 154: Soul Resurrection
Chapter 155: Strange horoscopes
Chapter 156: Borrower
Chapter 157: Borrowing your life
Chapter 158: The chess pieces of the game
Chapter 159: Challenging Heaven
Chapter 160: Sexy Su Yujie
Chapter 161: Purple Qi Town House
Chapter 162: Guo Chao
Chapter 163: Ancestors’ Dreams
Chapter 164: Ancestral Hall and Family House
Chapter 165: Beauty is a disaster
Chapter 166: Adding insult to injury
Chapter 167: My father’s name is Emperor Wu
Chapter 168: Soul transfer and body transformation
Chapter 169: The child prodigy doctor is dead
Chapter 170: Ghost Mantra
Chapter 171: Seven Killing Talismans
Chapter 172: The real Huang Yiyi
Chapter 173: Seven Soul Bells
Chapter 174: The Yinshan Sect asks for the soul method
Chapter 175: The Hundred Ghost Wall
Chapter 176: Blood-drawing talisman
Chapter 177: Soul is scattered
Chapter 178: Huang Yiyi’s confession
Chapter 179: Arranging Feng Shui
Chapter 180: Five ghosts bring wealth
Chapter 181: Finding direction and positioning
Chapter 182: I believe you
Chapter 183: Gambling
Chapter 184: Nine times out of ten bets, one loses
Chapter 185: Luck
Chapter 186: Win every bet
Chapter 187: White Eyebrows
Chapter 168: Life-extending Paper Man
Chapter 189: Betting on Luck
Chapter 190: Master Xiao who refuses to admit defeat
Chapter 191: Keep your promise
Chapter 192: Duke Zhou of Nancheng
Chapter 193: Midnight Visit
Chapter 194: Purple Qi comes from the east
Chapter 195: The borrower calls
Chapter 196: The Eight Immortals Gather Wealth
Chapter 197: Angry against both elders
Chapter 198: Grave grabbing and hole grabbing
Chapter 199: Living Evil
Chapter 200: Crazy Hu Si
Chapter 201: Nine Thunder and Heavenly Fire Formation
Chapter 202: Bold and Careful
Chapter 203: Six Ding Liujia Formation
Chapter 204: For your convenience
Chapter 205: Fall in love with me
Chapter 206: Intimate Contact
Chapter 207: Fighting
Chapter 208: Sleep with her in your arms
Chapter 209: Ye Qing calls
Chapter 210: June Shuijing Tea House
Chapter 111: Survival of the fittest, the weak and the strong
Chapter 212: Medicinal Bath
Chapter 213: Conversation between two women
Chapter 214: Farewell Kiss
Chapter 115: Fatty Wu’s friends
Chapter 216: Tai Sui
Chapter 217: The woman who gave birth to Tai Sui
Chapter 218: The fate of a talisman
Chapter 219: Five thunder tribulations
Chapter 220: The strange incident on the bus
Chapter 221: People who eat their own flesh
Chapter 222: Bargaining
Chapter 223: Ghost Possessed
Chapter 224: Chen Wei’s Wife
Chapter 225: Goodbye Wang Linlin
Chapter 226: The magical amulet
Chapter 227: Doomed
Chapter 28: Offending the Fetal God
Chapter 229: Fetal God, Fetal Evil
Chapter 230: Ancestor begs for a son
Chapter 231: Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture is Broad and Profound
Chapter 232: Tai Sui kills someone
Chapter 233: Eating Tai Sui Meat
Chapter 234: Breaking Luck with the Soul and Tai Sui
Chapter 235: Chen Wei’s unspeakable secret
Chapter 236: Offending Tai Sui
Chapter 237: Bait
Chapter 238: Eight ghosts guard the tomb
Chapter 239: Son-in-law who comes to visit
Chapter 240: Four pillars of incense in Juehu's grave
Chapter 241: Four generations of extermination
Chapter 242: Guo Ghost Doctor
Chapter 243: Healing people during the day and treating ghosts at night
Chapter 244: Yin Yang Street
Chapter 245: The old man with sore feet
Chapter 246: Meeting Ghost Doctor Guo
Chapter 247: Vampire Tai Sui
Chapter 248: A different Yin Yang Medical Center
Chapter 249: The woman who dropped things
Chapter 250: Showdown with Chen Wei
Chapter 251: Chen Wei’s Story
Chapter 252: The woman who gave birth to Tai Sui is Chen Wei’s wife
Chapter 253: Eight Tribulations Spiritual Objects
Chapter 254: The rooster guards the six animals
Chapter 255: The paper man getting on the bus
Chapter 256: She is here
Chapter 257: Telling the past
Chapter 258: Chen Wei’s truth
Chapter 259: Chen Wei commits suicide
Chapter 260: Don’t let the ghosts of the past stand in your way.
Chapter 261: Zhu Songmei’s true feelings
Chapter 262: Knocking on the door in sleep
Chapter 263: The proactive woman
Chapter 264: Ziwei Gate
Chapter 265: Dark shadow outside the window
Chapter 266: Tongue blood feeds ghosts
Chapter 267: The experience of the man in black
Chapter 268: Something happened to Fatty Wu
Chapter 269: Weird things in Fenglei Mountain
Chapter 270: The jar in Fatty Wu’s hand
Chapter 271: Thousand-year Soul Altar
Chapter 272: Miao Wen
Chapter 273: Breaking the Seal
Chapter 274: Call from ancient times
Chapter 275: The Legend of Fenglei Mountain
Chapter 276: Eight coffins suppress the dragon
Chapter 277: The barrier is water
Chapter 178: Chicken Mouth Man
Chapter 179: Looking for someone on Hebin Road
Chapter 180: Crazy old man
Chapter 281: Strange bull-eyed man
Chapter 282: Lu Ban Shu
Chapter 283: Footsteps in the Community
Chapter 284: The old beggar is dead
Chapter 285: Blood Spirit Talisman
Chapter 286: Bulling
Chapter 287: Kill the evil spirit
Chapter 288: Poor Li Xuemei
Chapter 289: Master Sculptor Zhao
Chapter 290: Strange carvings of dog heads and human bodies
Chapter 291: The wooden man is alive
Chapter 292: The big-headed ghost in the corridor
Chapter 293: Master Zhao
Chapter 294: Master Zhao’s shocking change
Chapter 295: Searching for someone
Chapter 296: Resurrected Wooden Man
Chapter 297: The bull-eyed man is Wang Zhanpeng
Chapter 298: Crazy Sculptor
Chapter 299: Take action and uniform
Chapter 300: Death of Master Zhao
Chapter 301: Redemption
Chapter 302: Ways to admit mistakes
Chapter 303: He is always there
Chapter 304: The extremely powerful bull-eyed man
Chapter 305: Go home
Chapter 306: Sacrifice the knife with blood
Chapter 307: Carving Living Creatures
Chapter 308: Mother-in-law’s appointment
Chapter 309: Targeted
Chapter 310: Huang Yiyi’s blind date
Chapter 311: Ye Tingting comes to visit
Chapter 312: Xu Ke
Chapter 313: Scumbag Lin Hao
Chapter 314: Three life tribulations of raising a baby
Chapter 315: Xu Ke’s Father
Chapter 316: Setting up formation to kill ghosts
Chapter 317: Kill the kid without mercy
Chapter 318: Reward of one dollar
Chapter 319: Huang Yiyi’s mother comes to visit
Chapter 320: Disappearing Footprints
Chapter 321: Smoke and Kiss
Chapter 322: The weird taxi driver
Chapter 323: The driver’s plea
Chapter 324: The yin car and the yang line
Chapter 325: Suffering in the world
Chapter 326: Three Corpses Curse
Chapter 327: Burning corpses
Chapter 328: Domineering Huang Yiyi
Chapter 329: A life of poverty
Chapter 330: The Haunted Incident at the Gas Station
Chapter 331: Pay Zhonghua
Chapter 332: The Disappeared Grave
Chapter 333: Camel Grave Turtle
Chapter 334: Strange wedding team
Chapter 335: Yin marriage
Chapter 336: Fu Zhonghua’s young wife
Chapter 337: Beautiful woman opens the door at night
Chapter 338: The grave was taken away
Chapter 339: Monster Killing Mountain
Chapter 340: Dead Rat
Chapter 341: Cat worships the mountain and the grave will run away
Chapter 342: The widow who knows how to prescribe medicine
Chapter 343: Old Liu Tou
Chapter 344: Worry about ghosts
Chapter 345: The Thirteen Needles of the Gui Family
Chapter 346: A planned life
Chapter 347: Soul Calling
Chapter 348: Coming
Chapter 349: Crazy desire to control
Chapter 350: Visit to accumulate virtue
Chapter 351: Ground Turtle
Chapter 352: Widow Liu’s Family
Chapter 353: The Widow’s Grievance
Chapter 354: Cat Aisle
Chapter 355: Dark shadow in the cemetery
Chapter 356: Tu Na
Chapter 357: Fatty Wu’s unexpected discovery
Chapter 358: Animals ask for seal
Chapter 359: Road Murder
Chapter 360: His heart can be killed
Chapter 361: Prison Disaster
Chapter 362: The truth about the explosion
Chapter 363: The father drinks the son’s spiritual blood
Chapter 364: Five Ghosts Return
Chapter 365: Dog blood shocks the turtle
Chapter 366: Thousand Jin Stone
Chapter 367: Fu Minghui vomits blood
Chapter 368: The most poisonous woman’s heart
Chapter 369: You can save him, but you have to die
Chapter 370: Abandoned Son Runs Alone
Chapter 371: Three Pillars of Incense from the Northwest
Chapter 372: The man from Widow Liu’s family
Chapter 373: Finale
Chapter 374: Equestrian Death
Chapter 375: Peeing on the Grave
Chapter 376: Ye Qing in the room
Chapter 377: Jin Yao dressed in modern clothes
Chapter 378: Guardian Dragon Clan
Chapter 379: The Man Surnamed Ma
Chapter 380: The considerate Jin Yao
Chapter 381: Special Function
Chapter 382: Tiancan
Chapter 383: Meng Gu
Chapter 384: Calculating secrets
Chapter 385: Rude Ye Qing
Chapter 386: Eight Strange Meridians
Chapter 387: The nightmare reappears
Chapter 388: Three drops of blood
Chapter 389: The cursed driver
Chapter 390: Fists are principles
Chapter 391: Sitong Hotel
Chapter 392: The Haunted Room
Chapter 393: Strange things happen again and again
Chapter 394: Yin Yang Inn
Chapter 395: Yin Yang Family
Chapter 396: The driver is crazy
Chapter 397: Oral ethics
Chapter 398: The dream has come true
Chapter 399: Ghostly Possession
Chapter 400: Steel nails kill people
Chapter 401: A little trick
Chapter 402: Desperate Mrs. Zhong
Chapter 403: The body has been burned
Chapter 404: Peace of mind
Chapter 405: Weird wooden basin
Chapter 406: River Spirit
Chapter 407: Beast Spirit
Chapter 408: Passing the Yin Immortal
Chapter 409: The thin old lady
Chapter 410: Marrying an unworthy wife will ruin three generations
Chapter 411: Benefactor
Chapter 412: Destiny
Chapter 413: The real Meng Gu
Chapter 414: Mandrill
Chapter 415: The Soul Raider
Chapter 416: It’s almost dawn
Chapter 417: Black and white and impermanence
Chapter 418: Looking for Master Chen
Chapter 419: Acting School
Chapter 420: Human hostility
Chapter 421: Casting stones to ask for directions
Chapter 422: Source
Chapter 423: Fire Crown Spirit Snake
Chapter 424: Dreaming about Zhong Yan
Chapter 425: Looking for people
Chapter 426: The truth
Chapter 427: Special Physique
Chapter 428: No trial
Chapter 429: Weird laughter
Chapter 430: The sound comes first before anyone arrives
Chapter 431: Locking Spirit
Chapter 432: Illegitimate Son
Chapter 433: Money Sword
Chapter 434: Dragon
Chapter 435: The video that caused a sensation on the Internet
Chapter 436: Fate
Chapter 437: Goodbye Huang Yiyi
Chapter 438: A night with Huang Yiyi
Chapter 439: Taoist Master Wu of Baiyun Temple
Chapter 440: Chicken eats people
Chapter 441: Beating the Divine Whip
Chapter 442: The old man playing with a pipe
Chapter 443: Crazy Granny Feng
Chapter 444: Temple entrance
Chapter 445: Fang Hong’s secret
Chapter 446: Fatty Wu who stares at other people’s wives
Chapter 447: The kid stalks the car
Chapter 448: Coughing in the room
Chapter 449: The black coffin in the room
Chapter 450: The paper man dug out by Fang Hong
Chapter 451: Revisiting Old Yang Baishi Shop
Chapter 452: Suspicious Lao Yang
Chapter 453: A soul-chasing chicken suddenly appears at the entrance of the temple
Chapter 454: The weird soul-chasing chicken
Chapter 455: Granny Feng’s house
Chapter 456: Lady’s Request
Chapter 457: Another visit to Granny Feng’s house
Chapter 458: Horror in the cabin
Chapter 459: Crazy Granny Feng
Chapter 460: The body of Mr. Chen
Chapter 461: There is someone behind the scenes
Chapter 462: Weird cock crow
Chapter 463: Grandpa in the dream
Chapter 464: Lao Yang in shroud
Chapter 465: Good people are bullied
Chapter 466: Bully’s Punishment
Chapter 467: The truth
Chapter 468: Raising corpses
Chapter 469: Corpse gives birth to son
Chapter 470: Turning blood into soul
Chapter 471: Small town legend
Chapter 472: Ye Tingting called
Chapter 473: Licking clean
Chapter 474: Take action and never give up
Chapter 475: Meeting Ye Tingting’s Parents
Chapter 476: Treatment of son-in-law
Chapter 477: Incident of giant snake dug up at construction site
Chapter 478: Shenlong’s Revenge
Chapter 479: The evil spirits suppressed
Chapter 480: Enlightened Parents
Chapter 481: The Dragon King Goes to Beijing
Chapter 482: Face
Chapter 483: Killing the Third Young Master
Chapter 484: The terrifying Xuanmen
Chapter 485: A small town in the fog
Chapter 486: Couple who lost their child
Chapter 487: Weird Hotel
Chapter 488: The man-eating father and son
Chapter 489: The embarrassment of becoming a spirit
Chapter 490: A Hundred Years of Spirituality
Chapter 491: Strange things
Chapter 492: Dead Man
Chapter 493: The talkative old man
Chapter 494: Weird Swarm of Rats
Chapter 495: Yang evil spirit
Chapter 496: Three Qi Return to the Dragon
Chapter 497: Corpse Transformation
Chapter 498: People looking for corpses
Chapter 499: Blind Wang
Chapter 500: Corpse buried in the soil
Chapter 501: Fortune telling by touching bones
Chapter 502: The fortune-telling couple
Chapter 503: Preventing Tragedy
Chapter 504: Three Returns Spell
Chapter 505: Eyes in the Heart
Chapter 506: Dragon Slayer
Chapter 507: The Story of the Saint
Chapter 508: Blind Wang’s ability
Chapter 509: The eternal light goes out
Chapter 510: A wealthy town
Chapter 511: The Haunted Jade Shop
Chapter 512: Yin-Yang Mirror
Chapter 513: The mysterious man in black
Chapter 514: Black Eyes
Chapter 515: Breaking Through the Destiny
Chapter 516: The little old man in the dream
Chapter 517: Arrangement
Chapter 518: Nine Thunders from Heaven
Chapter 519: Living Immortal
Chapter 520: Town objects
Chapter 521: Meeting Wang Xiazi at night at the construction site
Chapter 522: Nine Dragon Blade
Chapter 523: Suanni
Chapter 524: Burial Customs
Chapter 525: Resurrection of Suanni
Chapter 526: Coming, everyone is coming
Chapter 527: The Saint Appears
Chapter 528: A different saint
Chapter 529: The Blind Sect of Longhu Mountain
Chapter 530: Nine Heavens Divine Thunder
Chapter 531: What is good and what is evil
Chapter 532: Greedy Human Nature
Chapter 533: The energy is gone and there is no way to recover.
Chapter 534: The method of repaying debts
Chapter 535: Drawing boundaries
Chapter 536: It’s really just trash
Chapter 537: People who have lost their energy
Chapter 538: Bewitched
Chapter 539: Yang Fire is weak
Chapter 540: Customs that do not require responsibility
Chapter 541: Walking Marriage
Chapter 542: Jade Guanyin
Chapter 543: Rousseau’s Villa
Chapter 544: Let him sleep
Chapter 545: Crazy move
Chapter 546: Tragic
Chapter 547: Roadblock
Chapter 548: The man who was bewitched
Chapter 550: Yeyu Mountain Village
Chapter 551: Scary Girl
Chapter 552: Destruction of Yin and Yang
Chapter 553: Mist in the forest
Chapter 554: Strange Village
Chapter 555: Yaya
Chapter 555: The Forgotten Village
Chapter 556: Light the ghost lantern
Chapter 557: Widow’s Land
Chapter 558: Tomb
Chapter 559: Soul Gathering Paper Man
Chapter 560: The eternal lamp goes out
Chapter 561: He Shun is crazy
Chapter 562: Old man with goatee
Chapter 563: Soulless and Soulless
Chapter 564: Soul Calling
Chapter 565: Borrowing the Soul
Chapter 566: Changes in the situation
Chapter 567: Crazy Villagers
Chapter 568: The Eighth Palace of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 569: The Chief’s Revenge
Chapter 570: A hexagram is hard to find
Chapter 571: Fire
Chapter 572: Yaya’s Dream
Chapter 573: Dream Stealing and Magic
Chapter 574: Legend
Chapter 575: Dark Shadow in the Forest
Chapter 576: The Guardian of the Ghost Village
Chapter 577: Wonderland on earth
Chapter 578: Ways of Conquest
Chapter 579: The chief’s attitude
Chapter 580: Food and wine
Chapter 581: Shaken
Chapter 582: The transformation of a woman
Chapter 583: Yaya’s mother
Chapter 584: Confident Fatty Wu
Chapter 585: Two swords to solve the problem
Chapter 586: The chief is the winner
Chapter 587: Reprimanding Ye Qing
Chapter 588: The essence of life
Chapter 589: Nine ghosts seek their lives
Chapter 590: Meeting Yaya again in a dream
Chapter 591: Weird Mother and Daughter
Chapter 592: Ye Qing deserves to be domineering
Chapter 593: The Secret Store
Chapter 594: Picking up money
Chapter 595: The grave is dug
Chapter 596: Granny Kong
Chapter 597: Resurrection of the Dead
Chapter 598: Yin spirits kill people
Chapter 599: People and strangers live together
Chapter 600: Spirit Stealing Technique
Chapter 601: Showing horoscopes to the dead
Chapter 602: The old man whose son’s grave was dug up
Chapter 603: A village has no more than a hundred households
Chapter 604: The Reborn in the Village
Chapter 605: Opening the Yin and Yang Eyes
Chapter 606: The Grave of the Ownerless
Chapter 607: The accurate Granny Kong
Chapter 608: Granny Kong’s abnormal behavior
Chapter 609: Granny Kong’s Wisdom
Chapter 610: Blood Seeding Array
Chapter 611: The boss who sells dog meat
Chapter 612: The sedan chair in the dream
Chapter 613: Blood Seeding Array
Chapter 614: Treasures of Chenjiacun
Chapter 615: Method of Rebirth Five Ghosts Replace Souls
Chapter 616: Go to the village chief’s house
Chapter 617: The person who is missing a soul
Chapter 618: Blind old man
Chapter 619: Freak Family
Chapter 620: Friendly Village Chief
Chapter 621: The more normal, the weirder it becomes
Chapter 622: The Secretary for Rewarding Good Deeds
Chapter 623: Blind Chen’s Regeneration Method
Chapter 624: Crazy Blind Chen
Chapter 625: The ultimate magic circle
Chapter 626: Memory Awakening
Chapter 627: Powerful Power
Chapter 628: Nine Needles of Returning Yang to Forcefully Save Life
Chapter 629: I'm sorry if I don't hit you
Chapter 630: Keeping the Soul
Chapter 631: The Mao people summon the souls
Chapter 632: Black and White Impermanence
Chapter 633: Heaven and earth, omnipotent
Chapter 634: Hiding the Wind and Receiving the Qi
Chapter 635: Another classmate
Chapter 636: A man’s back
Chapter 637: Return to Xingzhou to see Huang Yiyi
Chapter 638: Goodbye He Zhongtian
Chapter 639: Dogs can’t change their ways of eating shit
Chapter 640: Li Jinming comes to visit
Chapter 641: The road to seeking a child
Chapter 642: The heartless man
Chapter 643: Nine dead, one alive
Chapter 644: We are not familiar with each other
Chapter 645: Li Jinming’s wife
Chapter 646: Congenital Soulless Evil Spirit Transformed into Soul
Chapter 647: Evil Spirit Atonement
Chapter 648: Too many people have lost their souls
Chapter 649: Three Soul Test Method
Chapter 650: Small town ghost stories
Chapter 651: Weird car accident
Chapter 652: Ghost Hunter
Chapter 653: Photos of Huang Yiyi
Chapter 654: The beautiful woman who visits the doctor at midnight
Chapter 655: Huang Yiyi’s changes
Chapter 656: The three-headed monster from the underworld
Chapter 657: The Three-headed and Six-Eyed King
Chapter 658: Five Thunders from Heaven
Chapter 659: The origin between the big man in black and me
Chapter 660: The Digged Divine Stone
Chapter 661: The panicked man
Chapter 662: Standing up chopsticks
Chapter 663: The evil horoscope
Chapter 664: Old Village Chief
Chapter 665: Li Jinming’s past
Chapter 666: The Night-falling Divine Stone brings good harvest every year
Chapter 667: Slaying demons with the right way and protecting the people with fossils
Chapter 668: The spirit enters the earth
Chapter 669: Exchange of Spiritual Consciousness
Chapter 670: The Dream Family
Chapter 671: Fate brings heavenly medicine
Chapter 672: Casting the God Statue
Chapter 673: Shatun Village City God Temple
Chapter 674: The woman hanging on the beam
Chapter 675: Earth-bound Spirit
Chapter 676: Good deeds and evil deeds are rewarded
Chapter 677: Three-tailed Fox
Chapter 678: Mass grave
Chapter 679: The little fox climbed into my bed
Chapter 680: Recruiting Hundreds of Ghosts
Chapter 681: All beasts roar together
Chapter 682: The power of the blind stick
Chapter 683: Goodbye Little Fox
Chapter 684: Gather evil and control evil
Chapter 685: Strange behavior
Chapter 686: Complaints on the grave
Chapter 687: Nine Stars Gather Evil
Chapter 688: Fatty Wu had a car accident
Chapter 689: Death of Xu Dapao
Chapter 690: Being tricked
Chapter 691: The aunt sitting in front of the grave chatting
Chapter 692: Possessiveness of the Dead
Chapter 693: Methods of contacting the dead
Chapter 694: Digging a grave
Chapter 695: The three-eyed wooden man in the coffin
Chapter 696: Carpenter Lao Lu
Chapter 697: Hidden in the city
Chapter 698: Marrying a Wife and Forgetting the Mother
Chapter 699: Light incense and ask for rice
Chapter 700: The retribution of an unfilial son
Chapter 701: The incense is gone
Chapter 702: Master Lu’s top craftsmanship
Chapter 703: Nine Temple Visions
Chapter 704: Flying Giant Snake
Chapter 705: Li Chuqi
Chapter 706: Ye Qing taking a bath
Chapter 707: Wounds
Chapter 708: Tu Family Wu Ming Sect
Chapter 709: Enchantment
Chapter 710: Science cannot explain events
Chapter 711: The disappeared Feng Shui Mr.
Chapter 712: Wang Quanfu visits again
Chapter 713: The taboo of not talking about the dead while eating
Chapter 714: Looking for Ye Shisan
Chapter 715: Ye Shisan’s speculation
Chapter 716: The meaning of life
Chapter 717: Black coffin blocking the road
Chapter 718: The coffin emerging from the soil
Chapter 719: Paper man digs grave
Chapter 720: Bone-hunting Paper Man
Chapter 721: Jade belt around the waist
Chapter 722: Fan Laojiu’s Wife
Chapter 723: Fatty Wu’s strange behavior
Chapter 724: Treat ghosts to dinner
Chapter 725: Ginseng Doll
Chapter 726: Barrier in the Mountain
Chapter 727: Totoro Village
Chapter 728: Fetal Spirit Ancestor
Chapter 729: The enthusiasm of ethnic minorities
Chapter 730: Stop the Fetal Spirit Ancestor
Chapter 731: Nine Steps
Chapter 732: Within the barrier
Chapter 733: Choice
Chapter 734: Have a baby with her
Chapter 735: The result of the relationship with Liulin’s daughter
Chapter 736: Stepping on the Golden Light to Use Evil to Gather Good Luck
Chapter 737: Strange Patient
Chapter 738: Strange things happen again and again
Chapter 739: Empty Gua
Chapter 740: Five ghosts kneel down
Chapter 741: Papermaker Lu Tian
Chapter 742: Water Tribe Ghost Master Wu Qiye
Chapter 743: Yunzhou Aquatic Tribe
Chapter 744: The mute cries
Chapter 745: Widow Laughs
Chapter 746: The ghost calls out his soul
Chapter 747: Calling the Soul in the Daytime
Chapter 748: Lianshan Heaven and Earth Gua
Chapter 749: Strange old man
Chapter 750: Wu Hong, who conquers women
Chapter 751: Weird Uncle Wu
Chapter 752: Ghost Duke is dead
Chapter 753: The Covered Aura
Chapter 754: Chicken Feather Covering the Body
Chapter 755: The big locust tree is dead
Chapter 756: Pixiu guards the village
Chapter 757: The Resurrection of the Ghost King
Chapter 758: Want my blood
Chapter 769: Four Ghost Mirrors
Chapter 760: Infant Spiritual Bones
Chapter 761: Crazy Widow’s House
Chapter 762: Bones in the jar
Chapter 763: Crazy Widow
Chapter 764: The cunning Master Wu Qi
Chapter 765: Ye Qing’s whereabouts
Chapter 766: Maocun
Chapter 767: Strange Village
Chapter 768: The Mao-burning Couple
Chapter 769: Three Monsters of Mao Village
Chapter 770: The man looking for Chen Bao
Chapter 771: Familiar old lady
Chapter 772: Everyone looks exactly the same
Chapter 773: Eating raw rice
Chapter 774: Mao carrier
Chapter 775: Something happened to Yuyu
Chapter 776: Finding Mr. Mao
Chapter 777: Being tricked
Chapter 778: Nine Thunders Borrow Qi
Chapter 779: Meeting Zhu Dinggang again
Chapter 780: Death of Zhu Dinggang
Chapter 781: Meeting Chen Bao at night
Chapter 782: Huangquan Road Naihe Bridge
Chapter 783: Entering the Wu Ming Sect
Chapter 784: Nine Blood Drops
Chapter 785: One against nine
Chapter 786: Coming
Chapter 787: Domineering Mao Gong
Chapter 788: The fiery red sword
Chapter 789: Thunder Hammer Nine Skies
Chapter 790: Young Master Tu Er and Tu Zhanfeng
Chapter 791: The Ten Saints of the Tu Family
Chapter 792: Breaking through the threshold
Chapter 793: I'm back
Chapter 794: Massacre and Hunting
Chapter 795: Baijingcao Arrogant Insect
Chapter 796: Medicine King Valley
Chapter 797: Ganoderma lucidum Zaoxintu
Chapter 798: Great changes in Medicine King Valley
Chapter 799: Killing Zhao Jiuyou
Chapter 800: The proud insect that has been lost for twenty years
Chapter 801: Jiamu Town, Territory
Chapter 802: The paper-making hotel
Chapter 803: Strange Woman
Chapter 804: Weird ritual
Chapter 805: Soul transfer and body transfer
Chapter 806: Frustrated
Chapter 807: What happens to women
Chapter 808: Women’s Family Status
Chapter 809: Strange Feng Shui Structure
Chapter 810: The lazy man digging for gold
Chapter 811: Feng Shui nourishes things and nourishes people with things
Chapter 812: Liar Luo Xianming
Chapter 813: Curse Breaking Stone
Chapter 814: The soul-drawing curse
Chapter 815: Hundred Days Curse
Chapter 816: Guo Peng’s five-year-old daughter
Chapter 817: Reborn Man
Chapter 818: Insect Physique
Chapter 819: Xuanmen is heaven
Chapter 820: Arrogant Insect
Chapter 821: The Wrath of the Arrogant Insect
Chapter 822: Five ghosts block the road
Chapter 823: Five ghosts die
Chapter 824: Ye Qing wakes up
Chapter 825: Oath, Promise
Chapter 826: Looking for a woman named Huang
Chapter 827: Underground people’s hearts
Chapter 828: Setting up the barrier
Chapter 829: Monster Incident
Chapter 830: Giant man-eating rat
Chapter 831: Six-legged fox and two-headed snake
Chapter 832: Strange things
Chapter 833: Retribution
Chapter 834: The bitten wild boar
Chapter 835: The white tiger raises its head
Chapter 836: Rat Shit
Chapter 837: Rich and cruel man
Chapter 838: Getting to the bottom of things
Chapter 839: Zhou Youwei’s Narration
Chapter 840: Twins
Chapter 841: Mountain Monster
Chapter 842: The story of twins
Chapter 843: Making animals
Chapter 844: Giant Rats and Three Big Roosters
Chapter 845: Animal Maker
Chapter 846: The strange behavior of the big cock
Chapter 847: Longevity Eating Technique
Chapter 848: The devil’s masterpiece
Chapter 849: Tianchi Water
Chapter 850: The woman who lost her son
Chapter 851: Borrowing ancestors to find relatives
Chapter 852: Let’s meet
Chapter 853: Something happened to Huang Yiyi
Chapter 854: Soul exchange
Chapter 855: The annoying doctor
Chapter 856: Meridians that turn red
Chapter 857: The little girl jumping off the building
Chapter 858: Doubts
Chapter 859: Good timing and favorable location
Chapter 860: Li Ying
Chapter 861: The manic little thing
Chapter 862: Borrowing from Wenchang
Chapter 863: Abandoned Steel Factory
Chapter 864: The little internet celebrity seeking death
Chapter 865: Ghost Husband in the Underworld
Chapter 866: Defeat the enemy with one move
Chapter 867: Compromise
Chapter 868: The horrific massacre of the village
Chapter 869: Looking for trouble
Chapter 870: The consequences of not paying back the money you owe
Chapter 871: Fighting against Yin
Chapter 872: Fast, fast
Chapter 873: Grandpa’s Great Seal
Chapter 874: Fierce God, Evil Spirit
Chapter 875: Envoy of Yin and Yang
Chapter 876: Hell is in chaos and ghosts are out
Chapter 877: Looking for Grandpa
Chapter 878: The old cow leads the way
Chapter 879: Chasing scalpers and taking a treacherous path
Chapter 880: Grandpa’s friend Old Man Xie
Chapter 881: People who can understand animals
Chapter 882: Bad news in the small village
Chapter 883: White Shadow in the Village
Chapter 884: Going home in a coffin
Chapter 885: The Eight Immortals Carrying the Coffin
Chapter 886: Eight big snakes
Chapter 887: Yin evil clashes with Yang, lifeline is cut
Chapter 888: Locking Identity
Chapter 889: Demonstration
Chapter 890: Playing tricks
Chapter 891: The Saint of Ghost Mansion
Chapter 892: Hundreds of ghosts attract souls
Chapter 893: Ninety-nine Cutting Swords
Chapter 894: Kill you
Chapter 895: Fatty Wu’s strange behavior
Chapter 896: Awakening of the original energy
Chapter 897: Another strange knock on the door
Chapter 898: Ghost missions come to your door
Chapter 899: Grandpa’s three words
Chapter 900: The disappeared Huang Yiyi
Chapter 901: Space Transfer Technique
Chapter 902: Nine Sons Break the Law
Chapter 903: Sealing the Formation
Chapter 904: Thunder and Fire
Chapter 905: Rescue Huang Yiyi
Chapter 906: Being studied by Fatty Wu
Chapter 907: The three elders of the Tu family Yuan Kong
Chapter 908: Invite the Immortal
Chapter 909: The Era of Spiritual Cultivation
Chapter 910: Huang Xian
Chapter 911: The Five Immortals Enter the Body
Chapter 912: Zhu Xian
Chapter 913: Three-tailed Spirit Fox
Chapter 914: Little Fox’s Request
Chapter 915: Huang Yiyi wakes up
Chapter 916: One wave comes after another
Chapter 917: I am always there
Chapter 918: Talisman Cultivation
Chapter 919: Spirit-loving inner elixir
Chapter 920: Mother in Fantasy
Chapter 921: Thunder Strike
Chapter 922: Take out the spiritual elixir
Chapter 923: Broken Bridge
Chapter 924: Jin Yao’s apology
Chapter 925: Strange comments
Chapter 926: Li Chuqi
Chapter 927: Heading to Longhu Mountain
Chapter 928: Five Elements of Destiny
Chapter 929: Bus on the road to hell
Chapter 930: Bus Driver
Chapter 931: Yin soldiers block the road
Chapter 932: Escape from the ghost road and return to the bright path
Chapter 933: External Response
Chapter 934: The shit stirrer
Chapter 935: Purple Dream Nether Eyes
Chapter 936: Bow down
Chapter 937: The legend of the ancestors of the Tu family
Chapter 938: Giving Gifts
Chapter 939: I'm back
Chapter 940: Battle
Chapter 941: Slash the sky
Chapter 942: The power of terror
Chapter 943: Ancestor of the Tu Family
Chapter 944: Familiar People
Chapter 945: Grandpa is here
Chapter 946: The End of the Tu Family
Chapter 947: Grandpa’s identity
Chapter 948: Going against the will of heaven
Chapter 949: Start shaking people
Chapter 950: Western Region Kimura
Chapter 951: Godly Old Man
Chapter 952: Please the God Clan
Chapter 953: Repaying the favor
Chapter 954: Going to Kunlun
Chapter 955: Kunlun Strange Tales
Chapter 956: Young people must believe in science
Chapter 957: Tang Bei
Chapter 958: Array
Chapter 959: Zhu Laoqi is here
Chapter 960: Zhang Jun makes a slight move
Chapter 961: Nine Swords of the Gods
Chapter 962: This is called talent
Chapter 963: Nine Fires from Heaven
Chapter 964: The Conch Saint comes on the ice
Chapter 965: Zhang Jun was defeated
Chapter 966: Patricide
Chapter 967: The powerful Tang Jiuzhou
Chapter 968: A monster that has lived for a thousand years
Chapter 969: Farewell My Mr. Li
Chapter 970: Seven Ultimate Slashes
Chapter 971: Killing Tang Jiuzhou
Chapter 972: Five Living Things
Chapter 973: The terrifying soul-locking platform
Chapter 974: Rescue Huang Yiyi
Chapter 975: Four villages
Chapter 976: Ligusticum chuanxiong detoxifies poison
Chapter 977: Niu gives birth to unicorn
Chapter 978: Duan Gong
Chapter 979: Beautiful woman
Chapter 980: Yang Jun’s missing wife
Chapter 981: A little girl with a body temperature of 39 degrees
Chapter 982: Testing Yang Duangong
Chapter 983: The secret of the room
Chapter 984: Yang Duangong’s secret
Chapter 985: Black Granny
Chapter 986: The Isolated Black Granny
Chapter 987: Weird big backpack
Chapter 988: Yang Changhong
Chapter 989: Use money to do things
Chapter 990: I really want to surface
Chapter 991: The missing little unicorn
Chapter 992: Dog speaks human language
Chapter 993: The whereabouts of Yang Changhong
Chapter 994: Cave
Chapter 995: Qu Runiao appears
Chapter 996: Because of love
Chapter 997: Desperate Yang Jun
Chapter 998: Get Qu Ruxue
Chapter 999: Shark Seeker
Chapter 1000: The biting girl
Chapter 1001: Strange disease
Chapter 1002: Sneaking people
Chapter 1003: Strange feeling
Chapter 1004: Someone took away the memory
Chapter 1005: The power of empathy
Chapter 1006: Fatty Wu’s acquaintance
Chapter 1007: Looking for Li Xia