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I'm really a villain

I'm really a villain

author:Love history turns into regret

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-11 22:17

Latest chapter:Chapter 2482 Xunfa, Qingmang’s secret

Xu Zimo found that he was reborn, with all his shocking cultivation and all the memories from his previous life. But what was wrong with the script was, isn’t rebirth all about the protagonist? But my setting is that of a villain! This is a step-by-step approach to a villain. The story of becoming the Great Demon King. —————————— In the age of great strife, Taoism and Dharma resound! The old man of Zhenwu Shengzong was sitting on a fishing platform by the Liu’an River when he suddenly heard dragons roaring and three thousand carps knocking. The gate of life turned into a ten thousand-foot golden dragon, soaring in the sky, as graceful as a giant dragon! Strong men measured the heaven and earth on foot, and monks sat in temples for three thousand years. Once they had a sudden enlightenment, auspicious clouds descended from the sky, and all the gods cheered. In the dark night of the blood moon, the rainbow broke. On the day. A swordsman carried a wooden sword on his back, turned around and raised his hand, breaking all the mountains and rivers thousands of miles away. A ragged beggar in the south of the city took a broken willow branch and dared to kill a Taoist holy court of the Three Emperors. Group number; Welcome to join Villain base camp, group chat number: 518601237.

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《I'm really a villain》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 2482 Xunfa, Qingmang’s secret
Chapter 2481 The arrival of the cosmic mine, Daughter Star
Chapter 2480: Crazy blood, catching a turtle in a urn
Chapter 2479 The Power of the Flying Immortal Demon, the Light of the Flying Immortal
Chapter 2478 Traitor, ambushed
Chapter 2477 Silence, surrender of vassal forces
Chapter 2476 The conspiracy of Madman Star, those who oppose me will perish
Chapter 2475 The banquet begins, I, China, want to establish a foothold in the universe
Chapter 2474 Representatives of the major worlds, the initial appearance of the universe
《I'm really a villain》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Rebirth
Chapter 2 What is the Great Emperor?
Chapter 3 Quiet Determination
Chapter 4 Lin Ruhu
Chapter 5 Liao Ruyan
Chapter 6 I Report
Chapter 7 Beating You Up
Chapter 8 Domination
Chapter 9 Zhuge Cuihua
Chapter 10 The story begins
Chapter Eleven The Protagonist Appears
Chapter 12: Forever, I am the only one who is invincible
Chapter Thirteen Ten Veins Fruit
Chapter 14 Mouth full of dog food
Chapter 15 Ten Miles of Sky
Chapter 16 Slaughter Village
Chapter 17 Tianjian City
Chapter 18 Chang Wei
Chapter Nineteen Ji Baiyu
Chapter 20 The descendants of Emperor Feiyu
Chapter 21 Emperor Blood
Chapter 22 The Chang Family
Chapter 23 is not a brainless villain
Chapter 24: Suppressing Prison Beads
Chapter 25 Destroy the Door
Chapter 26 Breakthrough
Chapter 27 The Hundred Battles
Chapter 28 Gathering the prison beads
Chapter 29 The Demon Lord Comes
Chapter 30 The Trial of the Freshman
Chapter 31, Second Level
Chapter 32 King-level Qualifications
Chapter 33 Inheritance of Empress Hongtian
Chapter 34 Accepting Missions
Chapter 35: Sing, dance, rap
Chapter 36 Walk Alone on the Great Road
Chapter 37 Situ Yunqing
Chapter 38 Zhouque City
Chapter 39 Start your show
Chapter 40 Situ Yuntian
Chapter 41 Situ Yuntian Dies
Chapter 42 Ancestral Coffin
Chapter 43 Situ Yunlei
Chapter 44 Life is like a play
Chapter 45 The Frog at the Bottom of the Well
Chapter 46: The Great Emperor Swallowing the Sun
Chapter 47 Subduing Ren Pingsheng
Chapter 48 The Holy Sun Sect
Chapter 49: Farewell to Jiang Hai
Chapter 50 Blood Wolf Guard (Additional update for the helmsman Sui Feng 888888)
Chapter 51: Lianyun Thirteen Thieves
Chapter 52 The Ancient Underworld
The fifty-third palm emperor vein realm powerhouse
Chapter 54 The Ning Family
Chapter 55 Heavenly Sword Sect
Chapter 56 Advanced True Pulse Realm
About the villain
Chapter 57 Nightmare Beast
The fifty-eighth palm capture
Chapter 59 Tianhu Academy
Chapter 60 You Hit Me Again
Chapter 61 The Secret of the Stele
Chapter 62 Tian Gang Sha Tiger Body
Chapter 63 Everyone here QAQ
Chapter 64 Question Nineteen
Chapter 65 Hui Zong
Chapter 66 Two Ways
Chapter 67 Feather Stele
Chapter 68: Ten Thousand Dao Qinglian
Chapter 69 The Method of Raising Vessels in the Six Domains
Chapter 70 The Wild Family
Chapter 71 Nine Clouds and Thunder
Chapter 72 I just want to prove to you
Chapter 73 Sword Intent
Chapter 74 Confrontation
Chapter 75: Baili Xiao
Chapter 76 Everyone has the right to choose their own life
Chapter 77 Tiangang Sword Canon
Chapter 78 Ren Pingsheng leaves the customs
Chapter 79 Sun Swallowing Demon Fist
Chapter 80 Sword Master Baiyun
Eighty-first Palm Heavenly Sword Patriarch
Chapter 82 Destroy the Door
Chapter 83 Originating from Silence
Chapter 84: The Forgotten Daoist
Chapter 85 Departure to the Holy Spring Sect
Chapter 86 Xianlingzong
Chapter 87 A Painting
Chapter 88 Kill Xu Zimo
Chapter 89 Why are you so naive
Chapter 90 Time Backtracking
Chapter 91: Coming to Qingyang Village
Chapter 92 The Fool and Sage
Chapter 93 Reincarnation Heavenly Horse
Chapter 94: To fight or not to fight
Chapter 95 The Killing Knife
Chapter 96 Painting Ruthless
Chapter 97: The Birth of the Painting Palace
Chapter 98 The Three Sects Gather
Chapter 99 Heavenly Demon Son
Chapter 100 Zhang He
Chapter 101 Fool, why would I mind?
Chapter 102 The Mutation of Forgetting Dust Pearl
Chapter 103 Yangzhu
Chapter 104 The Fourth Picture
Chapter 105 The World Beads Are In Hand
Chapter 106 Retreat
Chapter 107 The World of True Destiny
Chapter 108 The Beginning of the World
Dear fellow villagers who are passing by, take a look and take a look.
Chapter 109 Chaos Pearl
Chapter 110 Gorefiend Secret Realm
Chapter 111 I just want to be by your side
Chapter 112: Zhong Xin
Chapter 113 Nine Divine Beasts
Chapter 114 Zhong Xin, Death
Chapter 115: Streamer Swordsman? Blind
Chapter 116 Nine drops of blood essence
chapter 117
Chapter 118 Go to Jingyue Divine Realm
Chapter 119 Yin Yang Avenue
Chapter 120 Yin Yang Sect
Chapter 121 The heroine
Chapter 122 Lan Ke'er
Chapter 123 I Had a Dream Before
Chapter 124 My Father Is Xu Qingshan
Chapter 125: This thing is related to Pindao (second update for Boss Wu)
Chapter 126: One person’s carnival (additional update for Boss Wu’s third chapter)
Chapter 127
Chapter 128: Jingyue Temple Integrates True Life World
Chapter 129
Chapter 130 Make a big deal
Chapter 131 The Great Competition of Seven Sects
Chapter 132 The Six Sects Gather
Chapter 133 Chu Yang, the Holy Son of Yin Yang Sect
Chapter 134 I Want to Kill Him With Thousands of Swords
Chapter 135 Yunxiao Sword
Chapter 136 Lost in the Kamikaze
Chapter 137 Crazy Battle
Chapter 138 Battle against Baili Xiao
Chapter 139
Chapter 140 Wan Dao Lian
Chapter 141 Battle against Chu Yang
Chapter 142 Unlocking the Divine Body of Suppressing Prison
Chapter 143 The world is gray
Chapter 144 This Is What Dad Did For You
Chapter 145 Coming to Yin Yang Sect
Chapter 146 Divine Pulse Realm
Chapter 147 The Great Emperor's True Artifact
Chapter 148 God Beast Chaos
Chapter 149 Chu Yang, death
Chapter 150 Guilty
Chapter 151
Chapter 152 Breaking Through the Venerable Pulse Realm
Chapter 153 Dragon Tree
Chapter 154 Chaos Bead Beats
Chapter 155
Chapter 156 Hundred Orcs
Chapter 157 The Chi Family
Chapter 158
Chapter 159 Looking for the Essence of Life
Chapter 160 My name is Liu Pingfan
Chapter 161 The Tenth Fountain of Life
Chapter 162 The Secret Realm Opens
Chapter 163 The mysterious boy
Chapter 164 Jiang Mochou
Chapter 165 The third battle body was born
Chapter 166 Fusion of the Scarlet Flame Emperor
Chapter 167 The Second Baili Xiao
Chapter 168 The Great Disciple of the Empress
Chapter 169 Fierce Battle
Chapter 170 Embark on a Homecoming Alone
Chapter 171 Three Swords Great Emperor
Chapter 172 Meeting Jiang Mochou
Chapter 173 But I Can't Resist Killing You
Chapter 174 I'm Going Alone
Chapter 175 The Road to Creation
Chapter 176 Destiny is Unchangeable
Chapter 177 I’ll kill you, it’s not too much
Chapter 178 Be a good person like me
Chapter 179
Chapter 180 The Ancient City of Hunyuan
Chapter 181 Yan does not regret the reappearance
Chapter 182 The Wilderness Inn
Chapter 183 Life is like a play
Chapter 184
Chapter 185 One of the Ten Forbidden Lands, Endless Immortal Mountain
Chapter 186 Miyue Pavilion
Chapter 187 Flying Illusory Cloud Steps
Chapter 188 Mysterious Valley
Chapter 189 Dao Heart Seeds Demons
Chapter 190 The so-called imperial figure is nothing more than a hegemony
Chapter 191 Gu Ming Reappears
Chapter 192 The Dust of the Times
Chapter 193
Chapter 194 Demon Lord, welcome back
Chapter 195 I'll Kill Someone
Chapter 196 The Five Patriarchs of Shijie
Chapter 197 One Leaf Ancient God
Chapter 198 Taixu Ancient Tree
Chapter 199 You know who the ancient demon clan is respected
Chapter 200 I'm just a tea seller
Chapter 201 Who Do You Think You Are Talking To
Chapter 202 You are all damned
Chapter 203 The Holy Pulse Realm Puppet
Chapter 204 I'm a Bad Guy
Chapter 205 Jiang Mochou's Daily Life
Chapter 206 The Three Fierce Beasts
Chapter 207 The Birth of the Cthulhu List
Chapter 208 The Second Battle Physique Broken Axe Emperor Assembled
Chapter 209 The Saint of the Baili Family
Chapter 210 The Tree of Life and the Celestial Clan
Chapter 211 Top Ten Forbidden Places to Bury Buddhist Temples
Chapter 212 The Lord of the Gate of God
Chapter 213 The Possible Great Emperor
Chapter 214 The Demon Lord Can't Escape Fate?
Chapter 215: Some People You Can't Offend
Chapter 216
Chapter 217 One Palm
Chapter 218 Zongmen is a fart
Chapter 219 Entering the Tianyuan Small World
Chapter 220 The Qi of Xuanhuang
Chapter 221 The real world is completely complete
Chapter 222 How can my destiny be decided by others
Chapter 223 The World-destroying Bow and the Thousand Calamity Arrows
Chapter 224
Chapter 225: Since there are sword immortals in this world, why should I Qingtian be born?
Chapter 226 I want to see the name of the sword fairy
Chapter 227 Void Monkey
Chapter 228 The Arrival of the Undead
Chapter 229 The Sword God Arrives
Chapter 230 Old Earth
Chapter 231 Seeing the God Emperor for the First Time
Chapter 232 Wan Dao Lian
Chapter 233 Do you want to be enemies all over the world?
Chapter 234 Dirt?
Chapter 235: To me, they are all ants
Chapter 236 The Emperor
Chapter 237 Re-entry into the river of destiny
Chapter 238 Coming to the Age of Mythology
Chapter 239 The first time to come to Cangyan Town
Chapter 240 Beast Transformation
Chapter 241 Blood Tiger Attack
Chapter 242 Survival of the Fittest
Chapter 243 Destiny Pearl
Chapter 244 Void Valley, One of the Ten Forbidden Lands
Chapter 245 Life is like a play
Chapter 246 God of War Nine Changes
Chapter 247
Chapter 248 The Trap of Seduction
Chapter 249
Chapter 250 Asking about the blood of the sky in the eleventh style
Chapter 251 God of War
Chapter 252 Obtaining the Destiny Orb
Chapter 253 The First Arrival in Maple Leaf City
Chapter 254 The True Tree of Life
Chapter 255: Seven days later, I will exterminate the clan
Chapter 256 The City of Ten Thousand Formations and the Young Mo Chen
Chapter 257 Conflict in Mo Mansion (Please subscribe)
Chapter 258: You teach me that there are people outside me? (Please subscribe)
Chapter 259 I am a very fair person (please subscribe)
Chapter 260 The attack of the Sky Whale Tribe (please subscribe)
Chapter 261 Life is full of surprises (please subscribe)
Chapter 262 The First Approach to the Central Continent
Chapter 263 The Beginning of the Killing Journey
Chapter 264 Ghost Yama
Chapter 265 This is your trump card
Chapter 266 The game with the ants
Chapter 267 The Lord of Light
Chapter 268 Tianyan Holy Mountain
Chapter 269 I Don't Know Where You Get Your Superiority
Chapter 270
Chapter 271 The Mystery of Huangquan City
Chapter 272 Three Step Immortal King
Chapter 273 The Immortal's Extreme Arrival
Chapter 274 What Does Their Life and Death Have to Do with Me?
Chapter 275 The world is divided into two poles under my feet
Chapter 276 The Heavenly City Gathered by Tianjiao
Chapter 277 Do You Want to Give Me Anything?
Chapter 278 Destruction of the sect begins with the Son of God
Chapter 279 How can the light of firefly compete with Haoyue for glory
Chapter 280 The Absolute Heaven Sect Arrives
Chapter 281
Chapter 282
Chapter 283 Everyone Will Die
Chapter 284 The Five Great Immortals
Chapter 285 You should go to hell
Chapter 286 This prosperous world is not as good as you and I wish
Chapter 287 Coming to Tianyan Holy Mountain
Chapter 288 The grass on their graves is one meter long
Chapter 289 Qichen East Continent
Chapter 290
Chapter 291 Fragments of the True Sword
Chapter 292 Gu Ming Riding a Ride
Chapter 293 Get the Six Yuan Immortal Formation
Chapter 294 The Power of the True Destiny World
Chapter 295 Reincarnation of the old man
Chapter 296
Chapter 297
Chapter 298 I'm Invincible Above Kendo
Chapter 299 The Heavenly Desolate Sword God Reappears
Chapter 300 Return to Zhenwu Shengzong
Chapter 301 Fusion of the Tree of Life
Chapter 302 Visiting Sect Master Xiao
Chapter 303 I'm Afraid To Hammer You To Death
Chapter 304 History of the Demon Slayer Family
Chapter 305 Lan Ke'er's Mission
Chapter 306
Chapter 307 Mythical Furnace
Chapter 308
Chapter 309 Preparations for Chaos to Advance to Immortals
Chapter 310 The Big Competition Begins
Chapter 311 Dugu Ao, the Heavenly Halberd
Chapter 312 The competition is in progress
Chapter 313 Let's Go Together
Chapter 314 One-sided battle
Chapter 315 Leaving the sect and causing trouble
Chapter 316 The Ruins of the Gods
Chapter 317
Chapter 318 Don't want to cause trouble
Chapter 319: When will it be your turn to discipline me, a member of the Zhenwu Holy Sect?
Chapter 320 Entering Silent Hill
Chapter 321 Please break the game
Chapter 322 Looking for the turbid air of hell
Chapter 323 The Man on the Throne
Chapter 324 Fragments of the True Sword
Chapter 325: The Awakening of Hell's Turbid Qi
Chapter 326 Obtaining the Immortal Binding Lock
Chapter 327 The layout at the beginning of the era
Chapter 328
Chapter 329 Condensing the Eyes of the God of Punishment
Chapter 330 The girl in Luohe Village
Chapter 331 God's Eyes First Formed
Chapter 332 Murder in the dark night
Chapter 333 Immortal Master Guanlan
Chapter 334 The Village Chief of the Divine Vein Realm
Chapter 335 The secret guarded by the hidden clan
Chapter 336 Gu Ming of Feiyun City
Chapter 337 Alchemy is like fried beans
Chapter 338 Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism
Chapter 339 The man in ragged clothes
Chapter 340 The Real Murderer
Chapter 341 The Third True Sword Fragment
Chapter 342 Weird Wuhua Temple
Chapter 343 Gathering at Wuhua Temple
Chapter 344 The Arrival of the Buddha Kingdom
Chapter 345 The Buddha Country Declares War
Chapter 346 Capture Wuhua Temple
Chapter 347: The Enlightened One Comes
Chapter 348 Are You A Buddha Like This?
Chapter 349 The Seal Opens
Chapter 350 Yicheng World Honored One and Inside the Seal
Chapter 351 Come to Guyu Village
Chapter 352 The Truth of the Blood-devouring Evil Race
Chapter 353 My name is Guze, I am a hero
Chapter 354 Anyone who offends our blood-devouring evil tribe will die!
Chapter 356 The Ten Great Immortals Arrive
Chapter 357
Chapter 358 The Nine Weeks Palace Tower Body
Chapter 359 The peak of the advanced holy vein
Chapter 360 Fusion of the nine-week palace tower
Chapter 361
Chapter 362 Conflict in Wanbao Pavilion
Chapter 363 Blood Dragon Bat
Chapter 364 The Dragon Clan Arrives
Chapter 365 Conflict
Chapter 366 You are also worthy of drawing a knife in front of me?
Chapter 367
Chapter 368 Going to the Northern Continent
Chapter 369 Chaos advanced into immortal
Chapter 370 I'm just here to exterminate the clan
Chapter 371: Suppressing Beasts and Absolute Light Array
Chapter 372 The Mysterious Floating Hanging Island
Chapter 373 People from the last era?
Chapter 374 The Demon Lord's Tabard
Chapter 375 The Weird Island
Chapter 376 The Secret of the Land of Bliss
Chapter 377 The Demon Lord of That Generation
Chapter 378 Trample this sky under your feet
Chapter 379 The Lord of Bliss
Chapter 380 Weird Bauhinia and Monsters
Chapter 381 Fighting the Weird Bauhinia
Chapter 382 Recover Bauhinia
Chapter 383 Ship Conflict
Chapter 384 There are always some people who don’t know what to say
Chapter 385 Trip to the Northern Continent
Chapter 386 Coming to the Northern Continent
Chapter 387 The Little Girl Selling Flowers
Chapter 388 Walking Corpse Attack
Chapter 389: The Five Spirit Orbs: The Wind Extinguishing Orb
Chapter 390 Situ Yunfei
Chapter 391 Weird City Lord's Mansion
Chapter 392 The Secret of the City Lord's Mansion
Chapter 393 Molten Monster
Chapter 394 Finding Companions
Chapter 395 The strong man outside the black hole (fourth update)
Chapter 396 Obtaining the tornado companion (fifth update)
Chapter 397 Suzaku Academy (sixth update)
Chapter 398 Enrollment Begins
Chapter 399 Are You That God Man?
Chapter 400 Challenge Them
Chapter 401 Conflict with Suzaku Academy
Chapter 402 I gave you a chance
Chapter 403 The Four Dharma Protectors
Chapter 404 Suzaku vs. Shadow Dragon
Chapter 405
Chapter 406 Going to Sanmu Mountain
Chapter 407 I Want To Become Stronger
Chapter 408
Chapter 409 The Demon Slayer Family Is Now
Chapter 410
Chapter 411
Chapter 412 Entering the Land of Inheritance
Chapter 413 Obtaining the Wind Extinguishing Orb
Chapter 414 The top of the Tianhu Empire
Chapter 415 White God King
Chapter 416: Asking about the thirteen moves, the anger of the king of moves
Chapter 417 The old woman dragging the car
Chapter 418
Chapter 419 Capture the Forgotten Tree
Chapter 420 The Incarnation of Heaven's Will
Chapter 421 Temporary Residence in Tianhuang City
Chapter 422
Chapter 423 Blood Butcher
Chapter 424
Chapter 425 The Escaped Liu Changfeng
Chapter 426 Tonight, Dao Wumian
Chapter 427 Going to the Sea Snake Clan
Chapter 428
Chapter 429 Reaching the Fengqi Empire
Chapter 430
Chapter 431: Seize the Fortress
Chapter 432 Slaughter the city
Chapter 433
Chapter 434 Eight Star Locking Sky Array
Chapter 435
Chapter 436 Three people die
Chapter 437 Huang Yue's Destiny
Chapter 438 Conflict in the city
Chapter 439
Chapter 440
Chapter 441 The King of Style and Prajna
Chapter 442
Chapter 443 Coming to Fengyu City
Chapter 444 Killing the Enemies of Ten Thousand Elders
Chapter 445
Chapter 446
Chapter 447 The Lolita Girl of the Tmall Clan
Chapter 448
Chapter 449: It’s too much to bully others!
Chapter 450 The arrival of ten thousand families
Chapter 451
Chapter 452 You Should Be Dead
Chapter 453
Chapter 454
Chapter 455 Dynasty Competition
Chapter 456 Evil Ghost and Crane
Chapter 457 The City of Fantasy, One of the Ten Forbidden Lands
Chapter 458: My Ji Jiucheng Can Only Take One Shot
Chapter 459 I'm Afraid of Killing You
Chapter 460 You are not worthy
Chapter 461 Going to the Sword Domain (Chapter 3)
Chapter 462
Chapter 463 Sword Tower
Chapter 464 Hong Tianfu
Chapter 465 Broken Sword on the ninth floor
Chapter 466 Obtaining the Fourth Fragment
Chapter 467
Chapter 468 I'm going to kill your cat
Chapter 469 The Secret of Jiang's Disappearance
Chapter 470
Chapter 471 Three Assassinations
Chapter 472 The real descendants of the Jiang family
Chapter 473
Chapter 474 News of the Void Monkey
Chapter 475
Chapter 476 The Sword Intent of Three Thousand Years
Chapter 477
Chapter 478 The Blood Beast is Born
Chapter 479 The Ten Great Beasts
Chapter 480 The slaughtering hero Li Zhizhong
Chapter 481 Two evils
Chapter 482 Looking for the Sun's Turbidity
Chapter 483 The Gate of Iceberg
Chapter 484 The scene in the void
Chapter 485 Obtaining the Sun's Turbid Light
Chapter 486 Advanced Divine Vein Realm
Chapter 487 The Six Paths of Reincarnation
Chapter 488
Chapter 489
Chapter 490 I have a big fist
Chapter 491 The Fool Appears
Chapter 492 Fall
Chapter 493
Chapter 494 Returning to the Eastern Continent
Chapter 495 The man in fate
Chapter 496: The Power of the Emperor Shattering Axe
Chapter 497
Chapter 498 The Holy Son of the Divine Sun Sect
Chapter 499 Bai Meng's Mission
Chapter 500 Probing
Chapter 501
Chapter 502 One of the Five Spirit Orbs
Chapter 503
Chapter 504
Chapter 505 Chaos, accepting guests
Chapter 506
Chapter 507: Am I worthy of being the number one person?
Chapter 508 Parents
Chapter 509 Brothers
Chapter 510 Traces of the Blood Race
Chapter 511 The Four Sects Arrive
Chapter 512 Battle
Chapter 513
Chapter 514
Chapter 515
Chapter 516
Chapter 517 The Inn of Good and Evil
Chapter 518 The villain in the sea of ??blood
Chapter 519 The Power of Faith
Chapter 520
Chapter 521
Chapter 522
Chapter 523 Chaos Stone
Chapter 524 Chaos in the Old Land
Chapter 525
Chapter 526 Transcendental Power
Chapter 527
Chapter 528 The Blood Race Appears
Chapter 529 Acquaintance?
Chapter 530 Entering the Blood Clan
Chapter 531 Planning
Chapter 532 Baptism Begins
Chapter 533 Capture Wandao Red Lotus
Chapter 534 God's Blood Heavenly Sovereign Arrives
Chapter 535 Suppression
Chapter 536
Chapter 537
Chapter 538 Many Arrivals
Chapter 539
Chapter 540
Chapter 541 Sword God Emperor
Chapter 542 The Ruins of the Age of Mythology
Chapter 543
Chapter 544
Chapter 545 In The Space
Chapter 546 The man under the sea of ??fire
Chapter 547 Qi Tiandi
Chapter 548 The Law of Shaking the Sky
Chapter 549 Inside the Bone City
Chapter 550 Dog bites dog
Chapter 551: The Circular and Progressive World of True Destiny
Chapter 552
Chapter 553
Chapter 554: Meeting Lan Keer
Chapter 555 Fighting
Chapter 556 Nirvana Pearl
Chapter 557 I'm Destroying This Family
Chapter 558
Chapter 559 Who Killed Me
Chapter 560
Chapter 561 Dream Broken Sky Blue City
Chapter 562 All Beings Are Plants and Trees
Chapter 563 Chaos in Taiyuan Tianzong
Chapter 564 Sniper the Demon King
Chapter 565 Killing God
Chapter 566 What about playing?
Chapter 567 Xiang Kunlun
Chapter 568 Chaos Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 569 Entering the Killing Palace
Chapter 570
Chapter 571
Chapter 572 The Lord of Hell
Chapter 573 True Divine Sword
Chapter 574 The Book of Ten Thousand Insects
Chapter 575
Chapter 576
Chapter 577 Cai Yue
Chapter 578
Chapter 579 The Taoist Temple on the Peak
Chapter 580 Weird Taoist Temple
Chapter 581 The Hall of Atonement
Chapter 582 Dancing with Demons
Chapter 583 The Black Devil Sieges the City
Chapter 584 The Truth of the Black Demon View
Chapter 585 The Second Demon
Chapter 586 Demon Thirteen
Chapter 587 Nightmare
Chapter 588
Chapter 589 The Sword Comes
Chapter 590 Conflict
Chapter 591 Three tricks
Chapter 592 Defeated
Chapter 593 I am the Heavenly Sword
Chapter 594 King Liang
Chapter 595 Go to Void Valley
Chapter 596
Chapter 597 Taixu Ridge
Chapter 598
Chapter 599 Void Spirit Monkey?
Chapter 600 Void Tree
Chapter 601: On the Road of No Return
Chapter 602
Chapter 603 The Eternal Continent Opens
Chapter 604 Nine Heavens Emperor Sect
Chapter 605: Three Lives and Immortality
Chapter 606 Ye Kai Brother and Sister
Chapter 607 Library Pavilion
Chapter 608 Odd Pulse Meridian
Chapter 609 The Pulse Skill of the Nine Heavens Emperor Sect
Chapter 610: Painful Pulse Cultivation Technique
Chapter 611 Guilty
Chapter 612 Confrontation
Chapter 613 Seven Chakras
Chapter 614 Jiuxiao Trials
Chapter 615 Why don't I try
Chapter 616 The big competition is over
Chapter 617
Chapter 618 Jiang Nan
Chapter 619 Auction
Chapter 620: The First Shop of Eternity
Chapter 621 Blood Lizard Heart
Chapter 622: My Father Zhang Erhe
Chapter 623 Can You Fight Me With This Punch
Chapter 624 The elegant man and the girl in the purple skirt
Chapter 625 The Red King Huangfu Hangs
Chapter 626 Auction
Chapter 627
Chapter 628
Chapter 629
Chapter 630 The auction is over
Chapter 631
Chapter 632 Protoss Remnant
Chapter 633 Lock the Magic Bell
Chapter 634 Seven Lights
Chapter 635
Chapter 636
Chapter 637 Give You a Gift
Chapter 638
Chapter 639 The Nine Heavens Festival Begins
Chapter 640 Entering the Ruins
Chapter 641
Chapter 642 Have enough fun
Chapter 643 Xuanwu
Chapter 644 Ruins Cancelled?
Chapter 645 I Fight You All
Chapter 646 I am waiting for a special challenge
Chapter 647 A drop in the ocean
Chapter 648 Destruction
Chapter 649 The Might of a Saint
Chapter 650
Chapter 651 Is My Generation Penghao People?
Chapter 652 The Emperor's Sect
Chapter 653 Inside the Celestial City
Chapter 654 Gong Yu, Eternal Divine Sect
Chapter 655 The Red Dragon
Chapter 656 The Red Dragon Attacks the Sect
Chapter 657 Demon Corpse
Chapter 658
Chapter 659
Chapter 660 The blood lizard fusion method
Chapter 661 The Mission of the Holy Sect
Chapter 662 Rage City
Chapter 663 Second Young Master
Chapter 664 Competition
Chapter 665: Crucifixion
Chapter 666 Go to Senior Sister's Room
Chapter 667 The game is over
Chapter 668 Battle
Chapter 669 Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Sect
Chapter 670 Blood sacrifice
Chapter 671 Seven Poisonous Centipede
Chapter 672 Leave
Chapter 673
Chapter 674
Chapter 675
Chapter 676 The Birth of the Saint of Taixu
Chapter 677
Chapter 678 The Small World of the Lizard Clan
Chapter 679 The world ruled by the black dragon
Chapter 680 Angry Heavenly Venerate
Chapter 681 A Trip to a Small World
Chapter 682 Heavenly Tiger Fights Black Flood Dragon
Chapter 683 Salamander Heart
Chapter 684 The Yellow Lizard and the Disappearing Mist
Chapter 685 Black Dragon King
Chapter 686 Fighting the Four Elders
Chapter 687 God King
Chapter 688 The truth of the lizard clan
Chapter 689 Obtaining the Heaven and Earth God Stone
Chapter 690 The Power of the Divine Stone and the Heart of the Lizard
Chapter 691 Consummation
Chapter 692 Departure and Dragon Attack
Chapter 693 Items in the Wooden Box
Chapter 694
Chapter 695 Going to the Battlefield of Gods and Demons
Chapter 696 Eternal City, Climbing the Divine Ladder
Chapter 697
Chapter 698 Seeing the Eternal God King
Chapter 699
Chapter 700 Gong Chuhe, Lord of Shenzong
Chapter 701 I can kill you in front of the Eternal Shenzong
Chapter 702
Chapter 703 Inside the Xiandao Ruins
Chapter 704 Qiong Qi
Chapter 705 Battle with Qiongqi, Tongtianlu
Chapter 706 Going to the Battlefield of Gods and Demons
Chapter 707: City of Gods and Demons, Palace of Netherworld
Chapter 708 Temple
Chapter 709 Wind and Thunder Pavilion
Chapter 710 Gods and Demons Battle
Chapter 711 Everything the sun and moon shine on is demonic soil
Chapter 712 On the White Bone Mountain
Chapter 713
Chapter 714 Seven-faced Demon General
Chapter 715 What is the reason for this TM
Chapter 716: Going to the Valley of Gods and Tianshen Town
Chapter 717 God Clan Patriarch
Chapter 718 God Clan, Shenze
Chapter 719
Chapter 720 Is this the magic general?
Chapter 721 The King of the Netherworld Arrives
Chapter 722 Let's Create a Prosperous World
Chapter 723 Buried Under This Demon Soil
Chapter 724 Return to Yuanyang Continent
Chapter 725
Chapter 726 The Great Demon of Chu City
Chapter 727 Encountering the Reincarnation Old Man
Chapter 728
Chapter 729
Chapter 730 Inheritance of the West King
Chapter 731 Divine Sword Soul
Chapter 732 Test
Chapter 733 Wanted Xu Zimo
Chapter 734 Returning to Zhenwu Shengzong
Chapter 735
Chapter 736 Hasty Recruiting
Chapter 737 The Abnormal City Lord's Mansion
Chapter 738 Thunder Cloud Cave
Chapter 739 Let's stay in this bridal chamber
Chapter 740 The Body of Nether Ice.
Chapter 741 Tianleizhu
Chapter 742 Chaos God Thunder
Chapter 743 The Arrival of Xiang Kunlun
Chapter 744 Use of Nirvana Beads
Chapter 745 Asking Sixteen Postures, Burying Heaven
Chapter 746 Breaking the Heaven's Gate
Chapter 747 Although I am dead, I am still the Son of the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 748 Scarlet Guard
Chapter 749: There Are Immortal Islands Overseas
Chapter 750: There Are Fairies in Immortal Island
Chapter 751 The First Ancestor of the Peach Tree
Chapter 752
Chapter 753 The Demon's Enemy
Chapter 754
Chapter 755 Dragon and Tiger God
Chapter 756 Xiao Guizi is seriously injured
Chapter 757
Chapter 758 The Son of Blood, Battle
Chapter 759 Boundless Blood Prison
Chapter 760 Return to Zhenwu Shengzong
Chapter 761 The Past
Chapter 762
Chapter 763 There are great rivers and mountains in this world
Chapter 764 Many ancestors of Zhenwu Shengzong
Chapter 765 The Book of Life and Death
Chapter 766 Tianwu
Chapter 767 Attack
Chapter 768 Three Roars God
Chapter 769
Chapter 770 Tianyu Mountain
Chapter 771 Huang Guo and Tiandou
Chapter 772 Asking Seventeen Moves, Killing Gods
Chapter 773 The Woman of the Red Dust Palace
Chapter 774 Entering the Red Dust Palace
Chapter 775 The Battle of the Temple
Chapter 776 God Envoy?
Chapter 777 Goddess Palace, Palace Master
Chapter 778 Battle in the Night
Chapter 779 Going to Tianlun Sect
Chapter 780 My Answers Are In The Book
Chapter 781 Inside Tianlun City
Chapter 782 Fang Jiu
Chapter 783 Tianlun Sect's Inner Wangtian Pavilion
Chapter 784 Double Attack of Soul and Body
Chapter 785 Fighting Gongsun Hongtian
Chapter 786 Ancient Formation
Chapter 787 Gu Yue's Life Experience
Chapter 788 Young Palace Master Lan Ke'er
Chapter 789 Fighting the Three Great Ancestors
Chapter 790 All Disasters
Chapter 791 Terror Comes
Chapter 792 Nirvana Pearl
Chapter 793 Goodbye, heroine?
Chapter 794 Return to Qin City
Chapter 795 Healing the Body of Nether Ice
Chapter 796 Participating in the Tianwu Conference
Chapter 797
Chapter 798 Tianwu Conference Begins
Chapter 799
Chapter 800 The Five Spirit Orbs Gather
Chapter 801 The era of great immortals is coming
Chapter 802 Goodbye Baili Xiao
Chapter 803 Eight Star Locking Demon Pill
Chapter 804 Reappearance of Tianwaiji Palace
Chapter 805 Purpose and Decisive Battle
Chapter 806
Chapter 807
Chapter 808: The Younger Generation of Zhandong Continent
Chapter 809 Defeat the Three
Chapter 810 The meaning of the Hundred Soldiers
Chapter 811 Baili Xiao vs Gong Yuner
Chapter 812
Chapter 813 Let me try
Chapter 814: Fomalhaut
Chapter 815 What a good show
Chapter 816 Domineering
Chapter 817
Chapter 818 The Weird Baili Xiao
Chapter 819 Conquer the world
Chapter 820
Chapter 821 I will take you away
Chapter 822 Golden Dragon
Chapter 823 The sword rises, the head falls
Chapter 824 Going to the Ancient Devil's Nest
Chapter 825 Entering the Era of Great Immortals
Chapter 826
Chapter 827 Hundred Demons City
Chapter 828 Go to Your Demon Demon Sect
Chapter 829 Decisive Battle Against the Demon Sect
Chapter 830 Ancestor Lei Qi
Chapter 831 Demon Forest Island
Chapter 832: Demon Ridge, Immortal Town
Chapter 833 The Demon King is Here
Chapter 834
Chapter 835 This world is a world of great competition
Chapter 836 The Gate of Sealing
Chapter 837 The seals of the emperors and the demonic ginseng,
Chapter 838
Chapter 839 Tiandao Academy
Chapter 840 Emperor Qi
Chapter 841 Inside the Tiandao Tower
Chapter 842: Ghost Buddha’s Life, Defeating Another Self
Chapter 843
Chapter 844 Emperor Xingyuan
Chapter 845 Entering Tiandao Academy
Chapter 846
Chapter 847 Lord Nu, Suzaku Island
Chapter 848 The Enemy After Seven Days
Chapter 849 Suzaku, Leaf of Life
Chapter 850 The Story of Venerable Anger
Chapter 851
Chapter 852 Sun-Swallowing Axe, Bloodthirsty Ghost Shark
Chapter 853 Ao Nan, Prince Qinglong (Third update)
Chapter 854: What dignity does the weak want (fourth update)
Chapter 855 The Holy Son of Each Emperor Lineage Xianmen
Chapter 856 Colorful Swallowing the Sky and Nine Netherworld Nether Python
Chapter 857 Who Do You Think You Are Talking To
Chapter 858 Strange White Dressed Woman
Chapter 859
Chapter 860 Book of Life and Death, Pen of Life and Death (Third Update)
Chapter 861
Chapter 862 Stone Clan, Saint of Immortal Slayer Cult
Chapter 863 I Know I'm Handsome
Chapter 864 Academy, Ancient Sword Style
Chapter 865 Sun, Moon and Myriad Tribulation Cone
Chapter 866: Incarnated as Tathagata, the sun is immortal
Chapter 867 Sun True Fire, Nanming Li Fire, Fusion
Chapter 868 Going to the Battle of the Stone Race
Chapter 869
Chapter 870 You bastard
Chapter 871 Shi Yuyan, Xianfan Sect
Chapter 872 Gulong Dynasty joins the war, Yu Chengkong
Chapter 873
Chapter 874 Immortal Mortal Eternal Ancient Technique, Thousand Wings Juechen
Chapter 875 I Know Your Grandpa
Chapter 876
Chapter 877 Yu Shaoqing is shocking
Chapter 878 Why don't I try
Chapter 879
Chapter 880
Chapter 881
Chapter 882 The supreme hammer is in hand
Chapter 883 The Feather Clan War Begins
Chapter 884 Fighting the Seven Core Elders
Chapter 885 Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves
Chapter 886
Chapter 887
Chapter 888 The Dilemma of Tiandao Academy
Chapter 889
Chapter 890 Guarding the Wanbao Pavilion
Chapter 891 Blood massacre, knife madness
Chapter 892 The Birth of the Demon Peng
Chapter 893 Suppression, Ten Patriarchs
Chapter 894: All kinds of things are coming, the seventh generation of madman
Chapter 895 Nanyang Monk, the Seventh Spray God
Chapter 896: The Battle of Wanbao Pavilion (Third update)
Chapter 897 Nine Stars in a Row, Emperor Taixu
Chapter 898: True destiny appears, and the war begins
Chapter 899: The white moon is shocking, the lone wolf is sad and happy alone
Chapter 900 Please enlighten me
Chapter 901 Asking the Seventeen Shiki Gods
Chapter 902: The Heavenly Buddha comes to the world, and the Buddha’s light shines everywhere
Chapter 903 The tyrant's shadow is broken
Chapter 904: Soul of Life, Ming Lao
Chapter 905
Chapter 906 Mysteries and Laws, the Mystery of Nirvana
Chapter 907
Chapter 908 The Ultimate Dragon, Ten Thousand Dragons Arrive
Chapter 909
Chapter 910 Nine Suns Refining Heaven, Ten Days in the Sky
Chapter 911: Severe Drought, Suppression Arrives
Chapter 912 Chaos is divided, yin and yang are divided into dusk
Chapter 913: Sent to the small world, purpose achieved
Chapter 914: The demon is born and the nine fires appear
Chapter 915 Casting the True Sword
Chapter 916: History of Famous Swords, Qishan
Chapter 917 Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 918 Level 4, death?
Chapter 919 The Ancient Heavenly Court
Chapter 920: Walking together to the place of destruction
Chapter 921 Kill, Ambush
Chapter 922 The Secret of Speed ??and Slow, Team
Chapter 923 Shengcheng Fan family, accident
Chapter 924 The storm has settled, the maid of the Holy Pulse
Chapter 925 My brother, the overlord takes the bow
Chapter 926 Xiancheng, the mastermind
Chapter 927 Erysipelas, Contradiction
Chapter 928 Chinese Valentine’s Day, Beicheng
Chapter 929 The person behind the scenes, Lu Changgen
Chapter 930 Lanterns, People from the City Lord's Mansion
Chapter 931 Killing the Great Emperor, Mu Chengmiao
Chapter 932 Secret, Dige
Chapter 933 The arrival of the saint, Lu Changgen
Chapter 934 The unparalleled genius, Patriarch Mo He
Chapter 935: Venerable Qingfeng, irritable
Chapter 936 Playing and fighting
Chapter 937: The witch clan is murderous
Chapter 938 Lu Changgen’s Past, Destruction of Gods
Chapter 939 Death, going to the place of destruction
Chapter 940 City of Destruction, Dew of Immortality
Chapter 941 Immortal Killing Cult, Meat Stuffing
Chapter 942 Bull Tau Gang, Moon Shadow Gang
Chapter 943 Killing the gang leader, clues from the south of the city
Chapter 944 Mountain God Clan, misunderstanding
Chapter 945 The brothel, the last move
Chapter 946: Little White Dragon in the Waves
Chapter 947: Gather Friends by Martial Arts, Mirror Girl
Chapter 948 The mysterious mirror girl sees through everything
Chapter 949 Rumors, Wood God of War
Chapter 950 Wood, Dark God of War, Assassination by the Old Man
Chapter 951 Temptation, the arrival of the mountain god
Chapter 952 Ji Ruobing disappears, Lion Mansion
Chapter 953 Crazy Thousand Mountains, Sealed Space
Chapter 954 Battle, I said you know
Chapter 955 Lord of Destruction, Performance
Chapter 956 In Shikixue Space, Mountain City
Chapter 957 Eye of Heaven, Weird Blood Space
Chapter 958 Korean brothers, an extraordinary world
Chapter 959
Chapter 960 Brother Zimo, Old Sow
Chapter 961 Love, leave
Chapter 962 Well, okay
Chapter 963 Welcome to the Blood Space
Chapter 964: Chief Shuo, the truth about Shixue Space
Chapter 965 Ancient Heaven, Chang, Xu
Chapter 966 Manager, in heaven
Chapter 967 The Ten Ancient Gods Are All in My Eyes
Chapter 968 The seal is broken, the mysterious man
Chapter 969 See His Building Collapsed
Chapter 970: All living beings wish, here comes to slay demons
Chapter 971 A gentleman is magnanimous and declares a challenge
Chapter 972: This sect remains unchanged for thousands of years, Sky Shadow Stone
Chapter 973: Battle Robe, Kill Baili, Trample the Demon
Chapter 974 Black and White Shura, Tianqin Sect
Chapter 975
Chapter 976 The Demon Swinging Conference Begins
Chapter 977 Bewitching People
Chapter 978 Xiao Dingtian, Tow the Venerable
Chapter 979: The way of light, practicing Buddhism is still good
Chapter 980 Fox Fairy
Chapter 981 Old Man Tai’a, Lin Ruhu
Chapter 982 Baili Xiao came to power
Chapter 983 Xu Zimo takes the stage
Chapter 984 Six-fingered Piano Demon, Demonic Immortal Book
Chapter 985 Reincarnation, the cycle of life and death
Chapter 986 Everyone is going to die today
Chapter 987 The Great Emperor Comes
Chapter 988 God Emperor, Gu Ming
989 The dust goes with the wind
Chapter 990 Apologize, declare war and kill the Immortal Sect
Chapter 991 Everyone will grow old, original intention
Chapter 992
Chapter 993 Pretend to be a playboy
Chapter 994: A dandy meets a dandy
Chapter 995 Princess, good fight
Chapter 996 Attacking the Immortal Slaying Sect
Chapter 997 Xiancheng, Xianshan
Chapter 998 Immortal Killing Sect, war
Chapter 999
Chapter 1000: Chaos is like a chicken, Tian Xie
Chapter 1001 Supreme, many ancestors
Chapter 1002 Wu Tianzun
Chapter 1003: Turbulent waves, breaking the sky
Chapter 1004: Visualization of Gods and Demons, Dharma, Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1005 Destruction of the Immortal Slaying Sect
Chapter 1006 Conditions
Chapter 1007 It’s over, destiny is about to come out
Chapter 1008: Destiny comes true, all parties take action
Chapter 1009: Destiny finally appears, the genius of the world
Chapter 1010 One of the Ten Forbidden Places, Trapped Island
Chapter 1011 Entering Skyfall Island, the young man in black robe (third update)
Chapter 1012 Dead Sea, Gate
Chapter 1013 Island, the fight begins
Chapter 1014 The Secret of Trapped Sky Island
Chapter 1015: Under the Dead Sea, Heaven’s Plan
Chapter 1016 Insect Eggs, Creatures in the Hall
Chapter 1017: Send You Out First
Chapter 1018 Six-Element Immortal Formation, Union
Chapter 1019 Millions of gods and demons are willing to be generals
Chapter 1020: An Ancient Strike
Chapter 1021: Kill those who can move as you look at them
Chapter 1022 The Well of Gods and Demons, the Door to Wonders
Chapter 1023: Battle, the Five Innate Empresses
Chapter 1024 Bearing the Destiny
Chapter 1025: The body of the nine veins breaks through the void, the ancient divine territory
Chapter 1026 The Ruins of the Gods
Chapter 1027 The Realm of the Empress
Chapter 1028 Zhenwu Ling, the birth of the child
Chapter 1029 The ruins of the gods are opened
Chapter 1030 Catastrophe, Divine Fall
Chapter 1031 The Mausoleum of the Gods
Chapter 1032 Blood God, Purple Coffin
Chapter 1033 I'm Just Unhappy
Chapter 1034 The Gods Are Born
Chapter 1035 The Power of the God of War
Chapter 1036: Past events in the age of myth, receiving power
Chapter 1037 Battle of the Gods
Chapter 1038: Deprived of Shinto, returned to the sect for retreat
Chapter 1039 It's been over a hundred years since the practice of Taoism
Chapter 1040: Coming out of seclusion, changing the world
Chapter 1041: Open the Heavenly Gate and go to the Heaven Beyond the Heaven
Chapter 1042 Lan Keer, Shogunate Mountain
Chapter 1043 Xia Wanqing, Dahan
Chapter 1044 I want you to marry me
Chapter 1045 Zhuo Bufan, meeting
Chapter 1046: Three Tests
Chapter 1047 Demon Dragon is Like a Dog
Chapter 1048 The end of the position of the young sect master
Chapter 1049: The fake show is real, someone from the empire comes
The 1050th visitor from the empire, inheritance from the secret realm
Chapter 1051 The world is so big
Chapter 1052: Demonic Dragon Advances, Strange Town
Chapter 1053 Elder Xuankong, Qianniu Dao Court
Chapter 1054 Kill it
Chapter 1055 Emperor Chu, List of Heroes
Chapter 1056: Empire merger, two out of three games
Chapter 1057 Xiao Family, Overlord List
Chapter 1058 The competition begins, the ruthless sword
Chapter 1059 The gap, the third person
Chapter 1060 Emperor Tianwu is now
Chapter 1061 I am an ant
Chapter 1062 Ask for help, enter the secret realm
Chapter 1063 The Palace of the Empress
Chapter 1064 Palace secrets, persecution
Chapter 1065: The source of truth, two causes and effects
Chapter 1066 Demon Heart
Chapter 1067 Ancient Road, the Prince of Linlong Dynasty
Chapter 1068 Green Snake City, the Lich’s Disaster
Chapter 1069 Our Lady, Qichen Taoist Court
Chapter 1070: Nine realms, coming to the Taoist court
Chapter 1071 I'm here to find trouble
Chapter 1072 The core, the ten divine bodies
Chapter 1073 Entering the Taoist Court
Chapter 1074 Three Hundred Immortal Mountains, Battle
Chapter 1075 What is the advice of Daoist brother?
Chapter 1076 Battle of the Great Barbarian
Chapter 1077: Thousands of Things, Green Ox Transforms into Dao
Chapter 1078 Demon Heart, Holy Court Comes
Chapter 1079 God of War, fighting
Chapter 1080 Buzhou Mountain, Emperor Ming’s Small World
Chapter 1081 Emperor Shi, Jinpeng Shenzong
Chapter 1082 Sword Immortal Jiang Yun
Chapter 1083: Nine Heavens and Ten Earths
Chapter 1084 Gong Yangce, three medium objects
Chapter 1085 Death, Stone Tablet
Chapter 1086 The Lich’s Conspiracy and Conflict
Chapter 1087 Seeing Emperor Ming
Chapter 1088 We don't want to be the enemy
Chapter 1089 Story, Twelve Lich Kings
Chapter 1090: Feeling, going to Beiluo City
Chapter 1091 Meeting an old friend again, Immortal Brewing
Chapter 1092 Zhou Ming, Dao Hui
Chapter 1093: Moon-picking Fairy, Laoshan Old Demon
Chapter 1094 Ask his father to come to me, Gong Yangce
Chapter 1095 Old Zhuoqiu, many doubts
Chapter 1096: Liangyi Bagua Diagram, Emperor of Fog City
Chapter 1097 The secret of speed and slowness, the beast of fog
Chapter 1098 The Fall of the Great Emperor
Chapter 1099 Valley of Flowers, Amaterasu
Chapter 1100 Weiyang Palace, if spring comes, I won’t speak
Chapter 1101 Looking for the answer, the long river of destiny
Chapter 1102 Secret, going to Brahma Demon City
Chapter 1103: Void Refining Realm, Inner Demon
Chapter 1104 Laoshan Little Demon
Chapter 1105 Meow (^???^)
Chapter 1106 A tiger becomes an emperor, the Tao itself
Chapter 1107 Brahma Demon City, Great Temple
Chapter 1108 Hob Meat
Chapter 1109 Master Jin Chan, do you want to try it?
Chapter 1110 Five Elements Blood Condensation Pill, Pill Refining Competition
Chapter 1111 Dan Lei, Ancient Phoenix Furnace
Chapter 1112 Six Pill Patterns, Preparing Materials
Chapter 1113 Assassination, the Pill Club Begins
Chapter 1114 End of the first half, alchemy techniques
Chapter 1115 Nine Ghosts Soul-Eating Pill, Taixuanyun Hand
Chapter 1116: Dan Cheng, Thunder Arrives
Chapter 1117 Half-step Emperor Pill, you taste it, you taste it carefully
Chapter 1118 Questioning and testing
Chapter 1119 Bian Futang, entering the small world
Chapter 1120 Map, Luanyunjian
Chapter 1121: Big bosses from all sides, Fairy Wanhua
Chapter 1122 The Four Heavenly Kings
Chapter 1123 Shilipo Sword God
Chapter 1124 Regardless of the years, let Feng Ge, the Dragon King of Blackwater Lake
Chapter 1125 Killing the Black Dragon, Miss Mirror’s Plan
Chapter 1126 Chaotic Cloud Stream, Laojun’s View
Chapter 1127: Hundreds of millions of years of thoughts, in the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers
Chapter 1128 The fate of the plant family, the Ten Thousand Flower Fairy
Chapter 1129 The battle between the heavens and the battle with the Ten Thousand Flowers Fairy
Chapter 1130 Six Characters of Buddhism, Heaven-Suppressing Monument
Chapter 1131 Ancient skills to mend the stele, the eye of reincarnation
Chapter 1132 The real Fairy of Ten Thousand Flowers, the arrival of the Great Sage
Chapter 1133 Xuanyuan Sword
Chapter 1134 Holding the sword for you for a thousand years
Chapter 1135: Demon-Slaying Heart, Demon-Smashing Heavenly Lord
Chapter 1136 The Great Emperor's Third Realm Communication
Chapter 1137 Fusion of Xuanyuan Sword? The way to go to the ancient devil cave
Chapter 1138 Looking for Zhuoqiu, the prosperous capital of Chang'an
Chapter 1139 Sword Crazy Li Zi, Past Events
Chapter 1140 Go to Linjian Academy and challenge
Chapter 1141 Ten Thousand Swords to Kill the Immortal, Defeated
Chapter 1142 Emperor Zhou leaves Chang'an
Chapter 1143 The Dragon Girl of the North Sea, Weiyang Gongsan
Chapter 1144 Ancient God, Demon Jian
Chapter 1145 Venerable Taiyi, the Old Demon of Laoshan
Chapter 1146: Ten Demonic Styles, Roaring Beasts, and the Lower Eight Demon Clan
Chapter 1147: Containing Demons, in Cangxuan Territory
Chapter 1148 Beihai City, the great hero Yan Yingzhou
Chapter 1149 Traces of the Eighteen Demon Generals Red Blade Bull Demon
Chapter 1150: The Horn of the Bull Demon, the Battle for the City Lord
Chapter 1151 Meng Yu, two wins in three games
Chapter 1152 The competition is over, meeting the dragon girl
Chapter 1153 Three Great Emperors, Immortal King, and the Realm of Beihai
Chapter 1154: Killing the Three Emperors and Looking for the Dragon Girl
Chapter 1155 Dragon Girl, holding candle and dragon stick
Chapter 1156 Fighting Dragon Girl, Half Saint
Chapter 1157 Purple Ribbon Immortal Clothes, the arrival of the true world
Chapter 1158 Fusion, Deep Sea Black Ice
Chapter 1159 Legend, the world behind the gate
Chapter 1160: Red-blade Bull Demon, Ancient God Awakens
Chapter 1161 Consciousness body, difficult battle
Chapter 1162 Zhu Rong asked, the battle in the Netherworld
Chapter 1163 Fusion of Xuanyuan Sword, Tiansheng Academy
Chapter 1164 Qinglong Town, one of the top ten divine bodies
Chapter 1165 Girl, Cangwu Abyss Riot
Chapter 1166 Lu Mansion, accepting disciples
Chapter 1167 Night Ghost King, enters the academy
Chapter 1168: White Snake in Cangwu Abyss
Chapter 1169 Obtaining the Nine Nether Divine Grass, the True and False Dean
Chapter 1170 Before sealing Cangwu, the red-blade bull demon awakens
Chapter 1171 The Demon Clan’s Past and Betrayal
Chapter 1172 Old Man of the Abyss, Transaction
Chapter 1173: Ba Ying’s Condensation Completed, Acting
Chapter 1174 Chaos came to destroy the world
Chapter 1175: Shushan Yin Ruoqi, Xishan Ends
Chapter 1176 Three great saints arrived and left the Cangwu Abyss
Chapter 1177 Fighting the Evil Spirit
Chapter 1178 The arrival of Nine Ghost Academy, the style of Yang Demon
Chapter 1179 Hunyuan Heluo Formation, self-destruction
Chapter 1180 Kui descends and goes to the realm of ghosts and gods
Chapter 1181 Nine Ghost Academy, Contradiction
Chapter 1182 Challenge, click on the battle platform
Chapter 1183 One move, Lan Canyin
Chapter 1184 Don’t go out at night, the night in the realm of ghosts and gods
Chapter 1185 Testing, Lan’s Illusion
Chapter 1186 Three Thousand Years of Dreams, Xiao Hen’s Challenge
Chapter 1187 Apologize and leave Jiugui School
Chapter 1188 An old friend in the darkness, forcefully opened
Chapter 1189 Yàyú(ya,yu), the end of thousands of disasters
Chapter 1190 Nether Realm, Masked Man
Chapter 1191 Challenge of the Seven Seminary
Chapter 1192: Kill and defeat three people
Chapter 1193: Kill the big-mouthed mountain ghost
Chapter 1194: Fight to death, end
Chapter 1195 Leave, block the road, stand up
Chapter 1196 Four Elephant Formation, Killing
Chapter 1197 The Discussion of the Nine Mountain Ghosts, Above the Lonely Peak
Chapter 1198 Baidi Mountain, going to the Seven Gods
Chapter 1199 Acting, Story, Magic Sword
Chapter 1200: The Divine Sword, the Sea of ??Northern Liaoning, and the Gathering of Six Towers
Chapter 1201 Lone Peak, fighting against chaos, and drawing the magic sword
Chapter 1202: Salvation, the acting continues
Chapter 1203: All living beings gather together, and their will power gathers together
Chapter 1204 Chaos dies, the drama ends
Chapter 1205 Seven Theological Seminaries, Books
Chapter 1206 Seven, Mysterious Old Man, Lesson
Chapter 1207: Play chess, provoke, I will practice with you
Chapter 1208: Battle, World-Burning Fire Lotus
Chapter 1209 The Three Divisions Attack, Ancestor
Chapter 1210 I am a madman of Chu, Feng Gexiao Immortal God
Chapter 1211 Emperor Fei Lian, confrontation
Chapter 1212 The forces gather together, Chu Mansion
Chapter 1213 Beiqiu was ambushed and the clan leader died.
Chapter 1214 Evil things, suspicion, worship
Chapter 1215 The principle of not kneeling, meeting Bai Emperor
Chapter 1216 Entering the decisive battlefield and refusing
Chapter 1217 Bamboo Panda, Fighting against King Xiang
Chapter 1218 Battle against the Dragon Demon, the Little Monk
Chapter 1219 The Dragon Demon King penetrates the Dragon Demon Gate with one knife
Chapter 1220 Killing King Xiang and being trapped in the maze
Chapter 1221 Lu Sheng, the mysterious decisive battle city
Chapter 1222 Meeting Lu Sheng for the first time
Chapter 1223 Demon Tower, Sea of ??Hell
Chapter 1224 Seven Kills, Seven-Star Sword of All Things Zhoutian
Chapter 1225: Kill seven kills, the mountain ghost behind it
Chapter 1226 Obtaining the map, Ghost Prince, and Demon Tower (first update)
Chapter 1227: When the evil spirit appears, the moon picks up again (second update)
Chapter 1228 The Evil King is born, the White Emperor’s secret (first update)
Chapter 1229: Rescue Lu Sheng, secret (second update)
Chapter 1230 The Great Emperor possesses the Great Sage’s Law, the Record of Falling from Heaven
Chapter 1231 In the blink of an eye, three great emperors died (second update)
Chapter 1232 The Evil King’s target, Ji Jiuning is dead (1st update)
Chapter 1233 Beiqiu declares war and descends on Baidi City (second update)
Chapter 1234 Ji Shang, Chu Feixiong, meeting Chu Madman (1st update)
Chapter 1235: Kill the Thunder Python and meet Madman Chu
Chapter 1236 The battle between the great saints
Chapter 1237 The Realm Division of the Great Sage
Chapter 1238: Looking for the compass without a trace, please enter the urn
Chapter 1239 Bai Di’s inheritance, Mass Burial Valley
Chapter 1240: Forgetful Village, Gu Qingquan, Promise
Chapter 1241: Entering the Valley of Mass Burials, the man behind the scenes
Chapter 1242 Twenty-Eight Evil Underworld Formation, the real black hand
Chapter 1243 The Immortal Emperor, Lu Family
Chapter 1244 In the Yueyang Tower, the Young Master of the Wang Family
Chapter 1245 Secretly helping Ji Changnian
Chapter 1246 Lu Nanyi, help, because of the emperor
Chapter 1247: Visitors from the Wang family, conflict
Chapter 1248 Assassin’s Assassination and Battle with the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1249: Incarnate as thunder, I also have the law of immortality
Chapter 1250: The Immortal Emperor dies, pointing to the stars in the distance, and immortalizing Cangshan Mountain
Chapter 1251 The test of the immortal family
Chapter 1252: The decayed immortal ancestor, talking about fighting the sky, the final battle
Chapter 1253 Going to the forbidden land of Rihua City, the evil devil is chasing after him
Chapter 1254: Netherworld City on Netherworld Mountain, one of the nine mountain ghosts wins the hook
Chapter 1255: Find Xie Changliu, the ghost returns to the world
Chapter 1256 Garona, go to the forbidden area
Chapter 1257 Pretending to be a ghost clan, Boss Tumeng
Chapter 1258 Flower of Death, Ghost King of Youdu
Chapter 1259: Strategy and conversation with Hepburn’s ghost general
Chapter 1260 Tianqing Ghost King vs. Youdu Ghost King
Chapter 1261: People from the God Clan intervene and plunder
Chapter 1262 The ghost army appears in Rihua City
Chapter 1263 The Great War Before Rihua Castle
Chapter 1264 Entering Rihua City, the old man from 100,000 years ago
Chapter 1265 The real Rihua City, countless flowers of death
Chapter 1266 The inheritance and secrets of Wood God Jumang
Chapter 1267 The blessing of the tree god, the decaying poison of the three corpses
Chapter 1268 The inheritance of the tree spirit, the real flower of death
Chapter 1269: Capturing the Flower of Death, the world is shattered
Chapter 1270 God King, Ghost God, War
Chapter 1271 The heavenly dog ??covers the sky, and the ghosts from the nine mountains come
Chapter 1272 Dao Fruit Powerhouse?
Chapter 1273 Two Great Fruits, Gathering Three Flowers
Chapter 1274: Everything Dies, Demon Realm
Chapter 1275 Wu Zhaodi, Fanhai Fish Village
Chapter 1276 The secret of the demon clan, entering the realm of life and death
Chapter 1277 Shuyang County, basic situation
Chapter 1278: The Two Skills of Summer Sheep, Sword Dance, and the City of Painting
Chapter 1279 Sword dance, luxurious woman
Chapter 1280 The temptation of the Summer Family Banquet, Gongsun Muyu
Chapter 1281 One-hit kill, Mirror Girl reappears
Chapter 1282 The inheritance of the ancestral dragon appears, and the demon learns the second lesson
Chapter 1283: Entering the Ancestral Dragon’s inheritance tomb, a test
Chapter 1284 Kill Gongsun Muyu
Chapter 1285 Corpse Worms, Corrosion Cave
Chapter 1286 The Ancestral Dragon pulls the coffin, the remnants
Chapter 1287 Dragon King, reaction of demon detection
Chapter 1288 The back-up man of the Tianlong Empire goes to the empire
Chapter 1289 Stepping into the realm of life and death
Chapter 1290 Old Demon Wei, King Seal Formation
Chapter 1291 Let your ancestors come to see me
Chapter 1292: Dog-like thing, Tianlong Martial Emperor
Chapter 1293 Emperor Qi Tian’s Haotian Sect fights against Old Demon Wei
Chapter 1294 After defeating the sky, your king is back
Chapter 1295 Take people away and go to Haotian Sect
Chapter 1296 Greed, in the Demon Realm
Chapter 1297 Purgatory Demon Temple and Tianpeng Demon Venerable
Chapter 1298 The story of Haotian Sect, undercover Tiandao
Chapter 1299 Confrontation, if you offend me, you will die
Chapter 1300 Determined to challenge, Ancestor
Chapter 1301 Martial Spirit Ancestor, Split the Sky in All Directions
Chapter 1302 Tianpeng Demon Venerable Arrives
Chapter 1303 You are real dogs
Chapter 1304: History of the Demon Clan, Qi Haoran’s Birth
Chapter 1305 The life of Emperor Qi Tian, ??destroying Tianluan Immortal Palace
Chapter 1306 Arrival at the Immortal Palace, Disciple Competition
Chapter 1307 I will fight with you, Huangxuequan
Chapter 1308 Xue Luan and Xian Luan, battle
Chapter 1309: The sect-protecting formation opens and the Haotian Sect descends
Chapter 1310: Old Man Xuluan, Regressing
Chapter 1311 Let’s take a sunbath and complete the physical training
Chapter 1312 Erasing memory, in the demonic realm
Chapter 1313 Everything about the Demon Realm, meeting new people
Chapter 1314 Taoguang Palace, the mysterious old man, the history of the demon clan
Chapter 1315 Conflict, Demonic Sound
Chapter 1316 There is no inheritance here, and the way of heaven is not considered
Chapter 1317 Demonic Martial Arts, Black Flame Kirin
Chapter 1318 The devil’s painstaking efforts and mysterious power
Chapter 1319 Taiyang Mountain arrives, Hong Jun
Chapter 1320: Heavenly Virtue Demon, the war begins
Chapter 1321 The Demon Lord comes to the world and the demons revive
Chapter 1322 Their Lord Returns, Cage in the Sky
Chapter 1323 You have fallen into the prestige of ancestors
Chapter 1324: The Demon Prison is born, the Demon Emperor Heaven
Chapter 1325: I want to attack the sky again, the demons complain
Chapter 1326 Arguing with the Devil, Devil’s Purpose
Chapter 1327 The Holy Court Killed
Chapter 1328 The war begins, the arrogance of the Holy Court
Chapter 1329 Am I Wrong? The Last Generation of Demon Lords
Chapter 1330 The Demon Lord’s inheritance, Chu Tianang
Chapter 1331: Advanced Heavenly Lord, the inherited power of the Demon Lord
Chapter 1332: Suppressing the Two Great Sages, Fengshen Tianwu
Chapter 1333: Going to Tianfeng Valley, Death of the Purgatory Demon Temple
Chapter 1334 Zhang Huanjin, sacrifice at the Demonic Temple of Purgatory
Chapter 1335: Lich is born, immortal talisman
Chapter 1336 The Holy Court suffers heavy losses, Tianfeng City
Chapter 1337 Zixia Holy Land, Divine Treasure
Chapter 1338 The Qinglong Terrace opens, an extraordinary talent
Chapter 1339 Testing, the Land of Ancient Reincarnation
Chapter 1340 Identity revealed, Saint Zixia
Chapter 1341: The afterimage of the great sage, the appearance of the blue dragon
Chapter 1342 Descendants of the Ancient God, Protectors of the Way
Chapter 1343 Common Enemy, One Life Flower
Chapter 1344: The land of ancient reincarnation comes to kill, the world-weary immortal
Chapter 1345: Purple Light, the Great Sage of Reincarnation
Chapter 1346 Three Great Saints Protectors
Chapter 1347 The supreme treasure land, countermeasures before the storm
Chapter 1348 Half of the inheritance, Wu Zhaodi was arrested
Chapter 1349 The Holy Court comes and everyone is shocked
Chapter 1350 I have a bright mirror that can illuminate the sky of eternity
Chapter 1351 Destruction Sword, Yin Yang Demon Refining Pot
Chapter 1352: Trapped, slipped away
Chapter 1353 Trap, capture Zhang Huanjin
Chapter 1354 The real Zixia saint, the life ghost ghost face flower
Chapter 1355: Doomsday Storm, how difficult is it to create the world?
Chapter 1356 Holy King Zixia, one more soul of life and death
Chapter 1357 The complete inheritance of Wood God, the injured fairy
Chapter 1358: The lackey of the Skyfire Family, the truth
Chapter 1359 Nether Sect, Shadow Three Elders
Chapter 1360: Kill the Great Sage and Track the Souls of Life and Death
Chapter 1361: The King of Ten Thousand Poisons, there is no Nether Sect in the world anymore
Chapter 1362: Going to the quiet path of the lotus pond, the Immortal Saint King
Chapter 1363: Purple Qi approaches Penglai Pavilion in the east, and will never return to the west in one day
Chapter 1364 Four Demons Fight the Undead Phoenix
Chapter 1365: The Phoenix is ??reborn, reshaping the Dao Foundation
Chapter 1366: The Unkillable Holy King, the Great Desert
Chapter 1367 Tianhuang Palace, the world of formation evolution
Chapter 1368 An old friend of Yuanyang Continent, the Dao Formation Emperor
Chapter 1369: Zhutian Blood River Formation, Five Elements Lotus
Chapter 1370: Chief Blazing Fire, the Heavenly Fire Family calls for formation
Chapter 1371: Falling out and cooperating
The National Beast: Sign in to the ancient prison dragon at the beginning
Chapter 1372: Great Sage Suzaku, why not kill you?
Chapter 1373 The Great Sage of the Golden Crow, the King of Pluto, and the Ancient Emperor Dan
Chapter 1374 Fighting the Burning Heaven Demon King
Chapter 1375: Defeat the Burning Demon King and open the source of ancestral fire
Chapter 1376 The fire of Zhu Rong devours everything
Chapter 1377: The Heaven-Slaying Blood River Formation is launched, and the Skyfire Family is destroyed
Chapter 1378 The Five Elements Lotus Was Born
Chapter 1379 Let you eat your fill and destroy the Five Elements Lotus
Chapter 1380: The Holy Court takes action, a huge formation
Chapter 1381: The Sun Palace is born, Tian Kun and the wind hit the stone
Chapter 1382: Breaking the Heavenly Formation, Sky Burial Mage
Chapter 1383 Blood Eye Situ Yun, Lord of Heaven
Chapter 1384 Emperor of Heaven, Emperor Feiyang
Chapter 1385 Follow, go to the Blazing Fire Territory
Chapter 1386 Black Crow Mansion, the arrogant girl
Chapter 1387 Conflict, Marriage
Chapter 1388 A true gentleman remains calm in his arms, water beasts attack
Chapter 1389: Blue Eyes Water Beast, Heavenly Sword Liu Xingyun
Chapter 1390 Someone wants to create life and recruit guests
Chapter 1391 Bian Shishi, are you the devil?
Chapter 1392: Crushing Showdown, Bad Fate
Chapter 1393 Mysterious Crystal, Origin of the Fire Tribe
Chapter 1394 Heavenly Tribulation Crystal, My Lord’s Order
Chapter 1395: Destroy Mu Zhuo and defeat Qing Yun
Chapter 1396: Killing tens of millions with one sword and stalking water beasts
Chapter 1397 The mysterious old man, water spirit energy
Chapter 1398 The secret behind creating life, Blue Man
Chapter 1399 Going to the Chaos Fire Realm, the Celestial Immortal Sect
Chapter 1400: Take advantage and come to the Chaos Fire Realm
Chapter 1401 In the volcano, nine dragons dominate the sky
Chapter 1402 Why force me to do it
Chapter 1403: Eight Dragons Protecting the Way, Do You Want to Bet?
Chapter 1404 Purple Gold Dragon King, kill the tyrant
Chapter 1405 Shangguanxian’s temptation, entering the Chaos Fire Realm
Chapter 1406 Entering the two test levels, there is a behind-the-scenes existence
Chapter 1407: Assassinated, corpse on fire
Chapter 1408 Ten Thousand Fire List, Chaos Fire Body Xiao Anshan
Chapter 1409 Bet, Night Attack
Chapter 1410: Advance to the Great Sage, the competition begins
Chapter 1411: Cruel victory, ambush
Chapter 1412 Xiao Anshan’s battle with the Little Fire God, pure Taoist heart
Chapter 1413: There is no way to kill, Zhang Heng is in danger
Chapter 1414 The only way to kill him is to fight against the black dragon
Chapter 1415: The Ghost Flood Demon Clan, versus the Ghost Saint Son
Chapter 1416 Is it fun? Kneel down
Chapter 1417 Fire Ancestor, Ghost-Eating Death Insect
Chapter 1418: Burned alive, Xiao Anshan’s challenge
Chapter 1419 Chaos Fire Domain Intervenes? The Great Chaos Begins
Chapter 1420: Ashes Disappeared At The Fingertips
Chapter 1421 Duel List, Blood Demon Tree
Chapter 1422 What all living beings want is to kill Luo Ji
Chapter 1423: Fight against Po Jun, follow the rules
Chapter 1424 The Final Battle
Chapter 1425 Three Swords Divide the World, Sword of Chaos
Chapter 1426 Chaos Fire Body, against the power of the entire domain
Chapter 1427 Between heaven and earth, I am holy
Chapter 1428 The competition is over, make a lot of money
Chapter 1429: Ba Dao escapes and protects the palace
Chapter 1430 The three elders of Shengyan, conflict
Chapter 1431 The war begins, the two elders of Kongtong
Chapter 1432: A visitor from the palace, Lord Tianhuo
Chapter 1433: Fire Ancestor’s Will, Wring the Neck
Chapter 1434: The Purpose of the Fire Ancestor, the Forbidden Area of ??the Royal Palace
Chapter 1435: The other world, the graves of the three elders
Chapter 1436 Mr. Cui, Death and Rebirth
Chapter 1437 The secret of Ten Thousand Rivers, the three elders gather together
Chapter 1438 Sheng Yan transforms into a human form and the Fire Ancestor plots
Chapter 1439 The battle between two beasts, the flame of death
Chapter 1440 The secret and threat of Ten Thousand Fires
Chapter 1441 Entering the other world, a dozen blue people
Chapter 1442: The Coat of Flame, the Truth of the Mist
Chapter 1443: Farewell, Lord Huoyunzi
Chapter 1444 Shiyan City, inquire about the situation
Chapter 1445: Great Good Man, All Forces in Shiyan City
Chapter 1446 Battle formation, Wang Yuehai’s revenge
Chapter 1447 Tianque’s sword, Huo Yunzi’s plan
Chapter 1448: Cutting off a city with one sword, the name of Shenghai
Chapter 1449: Competition for marriage, the Eight Immortals of Penglai
Chapter 1450: Dazzling like eternity, Dragon City Lord
Chapter 1451 Zhuo Yuan’s provocation and conflict breaks out
Chapter 1452: Are you worthy of warning me?
Chapter 1453 Apologize and talk to Dragon City Lord
Chapter 1454 Manipulation behind the Holy Court
Chapter 1455 Traces of Blue Man, Saint Zixia
Chapter 1456 Men in Merlin's Season
Chapter 1457 I have three disciples in my life
Chapter 1458 Water beasts attack, the power of Zixia saint
Chapter 1459 The danger of Shenghai City, the man in black robe
Chapter 1460 The strong man attacks and goes to Phoenix Ancient City
Chapter 1461 In the ancient city, the purpose of the water beast
Chapter 1462 The Bell of the Extreme Sun, the Immortal Body
Chapter 1463 The war begins, the extermination curse
Chapter 1464 Xu Zimo was killed?
Chapter 1465 A group of red people, water and fire phenomena
Chapter 1466 The Secret of Ten Thousand Rivers of Water, Resurrection
Chapter 1467 The water gods share the earth, the origin of everything
Chapter 1468: Destroying the Red Man, Another Ancient God
Chapter 1469: Water floods the wasteland, the Poison God is as extravagant as a corpse
Chapter 1470 Advance to Hunyuan and start the war
Chapter 1471: Expelling the men in black robes, fighting with fire and water
Chapter 1472 Infinite Reds
Chapter 1473: Killing the Red Man, Clues to the Poison God
Chapter 1474 Immortal Palace, going to the Sun Domain
Chapter 1475 Girl A Li, past events
Chapter 1476 Fire Python Sect, Wang Yunpeng’s provocation
Chapter 1477 Be me a maid
Chapter 1478 Conflict, entering the solar domain
Chapter 1479: Gathering of various visits, Shushan, Hell Tiger
Chapter 1480 All fire regions gather together to see Xiaoan Mountain again
Chapter 1481 Six Fire Regions, Dark King
Chapter 1482 Shangguanxian, the challenge of the Shangguan family
Chapter 1483 Welcome to the Sun Territory
Chapter 1484 Rules for entering the Sun Palace
Chapter 1485 Backer, Immortal Palace Su Fang Yun
Chapter 1486: Sage Zixia fights the Phoenix and kills Wang Yunpeng
Chapter 1487 The golden armored warrior meets Murong Qing
Chapter 1488 Young Master Mu Yang, fight
Chapter 1489 Murong Qing, seeing the candle
Chapter 1490 The Story of Bingyuan Island, Traitor
Chapter 1491: Provoking the Dark King, Li Guan of the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 1492 The ancient battlefield, the competition begins
Chapter 1493 Past events, challenging Shangguan Wan'er
Chapter 1494 The power of one palm is so terrifying
Chapter 1495 Challenging Xu Zimo, the ultimate ghost hero
Chapter 1496 Entering the place of origin, the history of the Fire Tribe
Chapter 1497 Elf and Fire Poison Beast
Chapter 1498: The firekeeper comes to suppress
Chapter 1499 Entering the guarded place, six sources of fire
Chapter 1500: Light up the green incense and lure other fire regions
Chapter 1501: Training under the volcano, attackers come
Chapter 1502: Loose Cultivator Group, Fire Venomous Beast Attack
Chapter 1503 Breaking into the place of fire and helping to escape
Chapter 1504 Under the volcano, the source of fire is obtained
Chapter 1505: The oriole is behind, civil strife dog bites dog
Chapter 1506: Randomly kill four people and confront the fire-shou clan
Chapter 1507 Killing all the fire keepers, the destruction of the world
Chapter 1508 Shangguanxian breaks through the Great Sage and discovers the ancient land
Chapter 1509: Conspiracy, Immortal Fire Domain
Chapter 1510: Find three people and kill them directly
Chapter 1511 Sweeping across and entering the ancient land
Chapter 1512 Mysterious Iron Gate, Four Elephants Fire Ancestor
Chapter 1513 Behind the iron gate, the vision of the Four Elephant Fire Ancestors
Chapter 1514: Outsiders, one step ahead
Chapter 1515 Four Elephants Fire Ancestor, Heaven Refining Fire Ancestor
Chapter 1516: Monster is born, difficult to contend with
Chapter 1517 The demons will fight, the second form of the monster
Chapter 1518 Defeat the monster and enter eternity
Chapter 1519: Eternal, I will coexist and die with heaven and earth
Chapter 1520: The source of fire in the thunder field, the fun begins
Chapter 1521: The Destruction of the Four Domains and the Rumors of the God of Fire
Chapter 1522 This is my rule, I will give you an explanation
Chapter 1523: Killing the Black Crow with One Sword, Shangguan Wan'er Arrives
Chapter 1524 Nine Nether Hell Fires, Paying Tribute to Monsters
Chapter 1525: Memoirs of a Monster, Rebellion
Chapter 1526 Official attack, melee begins
Chapter 1527 Entering Thunder Valley, the final battle
Chapter 1528: Seizing the source of fire, the Palace of the Sun enjoys the benefits
Chapter 1529 Public enemy of all, come on, all of you
Chapter 1530: World-Destroying Millstone, Gods, Demons and Buddhas
Chapter 1531 Accident, snatching the source of fire
Chapter 1532: Two people alone, help each other with formations
Chapter 1533 The High Secret of the Holy King of Light, the Traitor
Chapter 1534 The ruler of the Blazing Fire Territory begins to appear.
Chapter 1535 Garona’s Wrath, Sun and Moon God Cult
Chapter 1536: The rampaging Garona, I have three scriptures
Chapter 1537: Kill Garona and return to the Fiery Realm
Chapter 1538: It doesn’t matter if this blazing fire domain is destroyed. The sun and moon are together, and life is eternal.
Chapter 1539 The Great Sage of Five Elements arrives and the war begins
Chapter 1540 Ancestral Feather Appears
Chapter 1541 Sun and Moon**, Five Elements Suppress and Kill
Chapter 1542: The Ten Demonic Styles, the Real Five Elements Monarch
Chapter 1543 The five elements must kill, disease, demons, and human demons
Chapter 1544 I am not willing to give in, I will fight with you
Chapter 1545 Shangguan Wan'er dies and the formation is broken
Chapter 1546: The arrival of the saint kings, space teleportation
Chapter 1547: Each has his own agenda and is trying to win over others
Chapter 1548 Xumi, Xumi, everything is empty
Chapter 1549 The Great Sage Black Snake, shaking the world with one hand
Chapter 1550 The Ancestor God of Light, the Great Sage Yin and Yang
Chapter 1551 Summoning Ceremony, Battle of Two Saints
Chapter 1552 This is Invincible, the birth of the Sun and Moon God
Chapter 1553 Living Dead Sun and Moon God, Secret
Chapter 1554: Formation activated, four major formation eyes
Chapter 1555: One man fights against all the saints and buries them all
Chapter 1556: The great yin and yang technique, hurting all the saints
Chapter 1557 Returning to the Demon Lord of the Past
Chapter 1558 Demon Lord, long time no see, kill the Yin Yang Great Sage
Chapter 1559 The Immortal Lord is born with a candle in his hand
Chapter 1560 The end of the matter, the conversation with Xianzhu
Chapter 1561 Four Things and the Deal with the Candle
Chapter 1562: Advanced Creation Realm, Creating Life
Chapter 1563 The inheritance of the Golden God, the journey begins
Chapter 1564 Zhenwu Holy Sect comes to Tianji Domain
Chapter 1565 Ancestral Tomb, Fainted Ancestor
Chapter 1566: The persecution of Gulong Shangguo and the conspiracy of the man in black robe
Chapter 1567: Heavenly Saint’s request for help, Xiao Anan’s anomaly
Chapter 1568 Xu Zimo wakes up, Yan Pingfan
Chapter 1569 The complete Zhenwu sword body, things are different and people are different
Chapter 1570: Traveling through the Zhenwu Holy Sect and the Zhenwu Trial Tower
Chapter 1571: Levels of the Trial Tower, Grandpa Dao
Chapter 1572: The bewildered Deng Linyu, the ancestor is here in person
Chapter 1573 Yan Pingyuan's True Identity
Chapter 1574 The Three-Knife Great Sage's Shot
Chapter 1575 The ancient dragon comes to the country to kill, and the war begins
Chapter 1576: Whetstone, the war begins
Chapter 1577: Ashes and Ashes at the Fingertips
Chapter 1578: Destroy the ancient dragon and go to the country, killing ten major families
Chapter 1579 Zhenwu Monument, Zhenwu Sword
Chapter 1580 The Heavenly Sage has arrived
Chapter 1581: Establish power and leave the Zhenwu Holy Sect
Chapter 1582: tempering disciples, leaves of one hundred thousand years of life
Chapter 1583: Today I came to destroy the country and called the formation.
Chapter 1584 The Zhao family and the Zhenwu Great Sage compare with the ancestors
Chapter 1585 Why not fight again
Chapter 1586: Falling from the sky with one sword, Imperial Master Situ
Chapter 1587 Ancestor Liuye goes to war, a man who eats meat and drinks soup
Chapter 1588 Slaughter Wanjun with one knife
Chapter 1589: Fighting in front of the palace, Long Zun’s strength
Chapter 1590 The ancestor of Wushan, the power of one finger
Chapter 1591 The Seventh Dragon Ancestor, the power of divine magic is revealed
Chapter 1592 The Origin of the Cangqing Hidden Dragon Clan, the Fusion of Heaven Taotie Formation
Chapter 1593 The ancient dragon’s kingdom is destroyed and he repairs and retreats
Chapter 1594 Advancement to the Holy King, Chaotian Palace
Chapter 1595: Discussions in Chaotian Palace, visions reach the sky
Chapter 1596 The Zhao family’s alliance and preparation for departure
Chapter 1597: Alliance, Sword Brothers and Sisters Help each other
Chapter 1598 Zhenwu Shangguo’s banquet, congratulations from all the sects
Chapter 1599: Emperor Nanquan, a visitor from the Yue family
Chapter 1600: One cough and hundreds of thousands of people are wiped out.
Chapter 1601: Such a terrifying finger, give in
Chapter 1602: The insect of hundreds of deaths, dead but not stiff, inside Yueshan
Chapter 1603 Eight affiliated sects, ambush on the road
Chapter 1604: The power of worship, the tragic death of the half-demon snake king
Chapter 1605 The eight elders of Tongshan are here to fight against you.
Chapter 1606: Sealing the sky with one glance, wreaking havoc on Yuecheng
Chapter 1607 Seven Star Monarch and Three Ancient Beasts
Chapter 1608: The Heavenly Demon comes to the world, the background of the Yue family
Chapter 1609 Fighting the Fifty Saints Alone
Chapter 1610: No one’s land, let me play a song
Chapter 1611 Yao Pan Immortal Spectrum, I happen to know it too
Chapter 1612 The Ten Major Families Appear, and the Battle in the Wilderness
Chapter 1613: Coming to the wilderness, the Great Sage of Three Swords appears
Chapter 1614 Conflicts among the Ten Major Families and the Secret of the Zhenwu Trial Tower
Chapter 1615 Many Saints, Many Taoist Fruits
Chapter 1616: The camp of the powerful Dao Fruits, thirteen Dao Fruits gather together
Chapter 1617 The war begins, and all the ten divine magics are in my hands
Chapter 1618: With the addition of the ten divine magics, I will be invincible
Chapter 1619: Heaven and earth call my name, the world praises me, this is a divine act
Chapter 1620 Shura Blood Temple, Two Divine Walking Emperors
Chapter 1621: The enslavement and resistance of heaven, the banishment of Xu Zimo
Chapter 1622: The God Chaos in the Dream, the Holy Court Appears
Chapter 1623 Chaotian Palace is born and welcomes the ancestor Zhenwu
Chapter 1624: We have entered the gathering of three flowers. I have been waiting for you for a long time.
Chapter 1625: Three generations of people who have conquered the sky, I will conquer the sky
Chapter 1626 The Invincibility of the First Ancestor of Zhenwu
Chapter 1627 The Holy Ancestor appears and the battle between two strong men
Chapter 1628: Killing Three Corpses, Xiao Anan’s Identity
Chapter 1629 Fusion of future bodies, the path of the ancestor of Zhenwu
Chapter 1630 Empress Hongtian? I am Zhenwu, I control the road
Chapter 1631 The eight major families were destroyed and the Holy Ancestor fled.
Chapter 1632: The sky has changed in Tianji Domain, the conversation of the ancestor of Zhenwu (Chapter 1)
Chapter 1633 Primordial Spirit and the Power of Rules (Chapter 2)
Chapter 1634: The Heavenly Dao Fruit and other Dao Fruits destroy the world’s Dan City
Chapter 1635 The whereabouts of Lin Ruhu, the Kunpeng clan
Chapter 1636 The Kingdom of Ten Thousand Immortals is wonderful
Chapter 1637: Giving in, public opinion, forces from the upper world
Chapter 1638 The Luo family must die, and so will those in the alliance
Chapter 1639: The top of the immortal, proud of the world, I am like an immortal
Chapter 1640 The death of immortals, the destruction of all living beings, and the magic sword stained with blood
Chapter 1641 Believe it or not, strip you naked and commit suicide
Chapter 1642 The whereabouts of Lin Ruhu, the destroyer of gods and demons
Chapter 1643 The two of us are enough to destroy Longhai and kill Kunpeng
Chapter 1644 Void Tiger, the lair of Chaotian Palace
Chapter 1645 The true face of the Kunpeng clan, the seventeen demon clan
Chapter 1646: Plum Blossom Chasing Soul, Blood Stained in Dragon Sea
Chapter 1647 The End of the Dragon Sea, the Cave of Forgotten Laws
Chapter 1648: Forgotten Dao Fruit, Immortal Giant
Chapter 1649 Countless strong men who died in the abyss
Chapter 1650: Battle in the dark, two ancient people
Chapter 1651 Xu Zimo's world preaching
Chapter 1652: Fusion of laws, mysterious giant sleeping
Chapter 1653 Thunder God Qiangliang, another ancient god’s inheritance
Chapter 1654 The Forgotten Law of Forgetfulness, Chaos Beads
Chapter 1655 Leaving the Abyss of Oblivion, Mysterious Lines
Chapter 1656 The opportunity for enlightenment and return to the sect
Chapter 1657 Xu Zimo steps into the Dao Fruit and destroys the Dao Fruit
Chapter 1658: Heaven and earth cry, it is afraid
Chapter 1659 The Origin of World Rules, Hunyuan Formation
Chapter 1660: Battle against the Holy Ancestor of Light, the first battle of Daoguo
Chapter 1661: The self-created move falls into the Nine Netherworld, I want the sun to fall forever
Chapter 1662 Screen capture of the long river of time, the barren tree
Chapter 1663 From now on for tens of thousands of years, this era will be called Zhenwu (second update)
Chapter 1664 The natives of the wilderness, the five evils
Chapter 1665: Kill the legacy of the disaster and lead the way
Chapter 1666 The Ghost King of Youdu, Cursing the Deep Forest
Chapter 1667: The war begins and the four evil forces gather (second update)
Chapter 1668: Ghost Realm Appears, Three Ghost Kings
Chapter 1669: Ghosts and gods are born. If there are two moves, they will kill you.
Chapter 1670 Going to Fancheng, Jade Girl Palace Admissions Conference
Chapter 1671: Comprehending the second form, causing trouble
Chapter 1672 I, Xu Zimo, follow the instructions and kneel down
Chapter 1673: Killing relatives for justice, Mrs. Cai
Chapter 1674 Those who cut the sky will also be cut
Chapter 1675: Worshiping the Taoist Fruit, Human Race Heaven
Chapter 1676 The Emperor of Heaven and the Immortals
Chapter 1677 Chaos fights against heaven, the ancient method of rebirth
Chapter 1678 The power of the four immortals, both sides suffer losses
Chapter 1679: There is a sky beyond the sky, the Human Saint Palace is born
Chapter 1680 The mysterious box, is the saint still alive?
Chapter 1681 The opportunity to condense the soul, the extraterrestrial demon
Chapter 1682 The true face of King Luo Fan and the situation in Rensheng Palace
Chapter 1683 Devouring the Blood Sea Dao Fruit, the Second Style Kills Ten Thousand Immortals
Chapter 1684: Mission Hall, what this world needs is killing
Chapter 1685 Sun Moon God Sect, Blood Lotus Seed is born
Chapter 1686 Conquering the Blood Lotus Seeds and the Hongmeng Demon Monk
Chapter 1687 Three sects gather together to track down the evil king
Chapter 1688: Conspiracy to enter the Human Saint Palace
Chapter 1689: The establishment of power of the Black Crow Holy Son and the understanding of Haoran’s righteousness
Chapter 1690: Destroy the Yinsha Sect and cross the Chixin Bridge
Chapter 1691 Face the True Heart, the Heart-Eating Beast
Chapter 1692 The evil conspiracy, Situ Mo
The beginning of the Emperor's Sutra of the World is perfect, and the heroine is lucky to break off the engagement
Chapter 1693 Fake Xu Zimo, disciple of Rensheng
Chapter 1694 The student’s stone tablet and the battle against evil
Chapter 1695 The obstruction of the charming demon, the field of thorns
Chapter 1696: Human Saint is born and rebels
Chapter 1697 I have four world-destroying swords that can destroy gods, demons, gods, and Buddhas
Chapter 1698: Strategy, coming to the desert island of origin
Chapter 1699 The extraterrestrial magic stone begins to condense the soul
Chapter 1700 Ancestor of the North Pole, Visiting the Jade Lady Palace at Night
Chapter 1701 The tomb of the Jade Lady Palace, the mysterious man
Chapter 1702 Gathering the Soul, Tian Yuan Shen
Chapter 1703: The Eyes of Heavenly Punishment, the Eyeballs of Heavenly Dao
Chapter 1704: Resurrection, attack by extraterrestrial demons
Chapter 1705 Xu Zimo's Invincibility
Chapter 1706 The ancestor of Zhenwu appears and cooperates with the devil
Chapter 1707: Seizing the Barren Tree, Situ Demon dies
Chapter 1708 The mirror girl reappears, the liger man
Chapter 1709: Great Movement Formation, Heavenly Number 4
Chapter 1710 Young Master, Golden Man
Chapter 1711 Golden Tree, Crazy Sword Blocker
Chapter 1712 Life 2, pretending to be a disciple
Chapter 1713: Breaking stones casually, second level test
Chapter 1714 About the Origin, Breaking the Formation Tomorrow
Chapter 1715 Breaking the Hunyuan Formation and being ambushed
Chapter 1716: Black-robed man, I am invincible if I am really martial.
Chapter 1717 From now on, we will destroy the sects one by one
Chapter 1718 Destroying the Haohan Sect and the Five Elders
Chapter 1719: The vast sect is destroyed and goes to Zhenwu Mountain to practice?
Chapter 1720: Treasure Buddha Demon Mountain, Shattered Demon Sea
Chapter 1721 Lin, I’m back
Chapter 1722: I, Zhenwu, established a sect today and made a pilgrimage
Chapter 1723 Divine Court, Heaven’s Eyes and Earth’s Ears
Chapter 1724 The Inheritance of the Poison God Shebi Corpse
Chapter 1725 Entering the inheritance, where the venom in the world gathers
Chapter 1726 Crossing the poisonous sea alone, there is no way in the sky and on the earth
Chapter 1727: Poison God’s Cemetery, Poison Can Create the World
Chapter 1728 Lin Ruhu’s enemy, murderous formation
Chapter 1729 The power of Yaochi, destroying thousands of holy sects
Chapter 1730 Fairy Palace, one of the sixteen demon clans
Chapter 1731 The trap in the inheritance, Fairy Zhenhai
Chapter 1732 The Poison God is resurrected. I will take action after you are all dead.
Chapter 1733: Fairies also lie and beat up Shebi’s corpse
Chapter 1734 The three corpses opened up fiercely, killing more than one corpse
Chapter 1735 Mass Burial in the Sea, Apocalypse Earthworms
Chapter 1736 Kill the Great Sage and destroy the Qiongqi Gang
Chapter 1737: Possessed by Qiongqi, directly into the Taoist Fruit
Chapter 1738 Kill Qiongqi and go to the demon temple
Chapter 1739: Tortured the big demon and defeated it
Chapter 1740 Tyrant Sword Qinglong, Time Clock
Chapter 1741 Battle Tyrant Sword Qinglong, younger brother and sister?
Chapter 1742: Eighteen Swords Prison, Treasure Hunt in Qinglong Cave
Chapter 1743 Random killings, thousands of treasures
Chapter 1744: The Palace of Middle Corpses, the inheritance of the murderous place of three corpses
Chapter 1745 Three corpses, entering the murderous place
Chapter 1746: Valley of Immortality, wanted attack
Chapter 1747 Liquid of Immortality, Three Corpses Experiment
Chapter 1748 Lin Ruhu who eats and drinks recklessly, two divergent lines of fate
Chapter 1749 The Great God Zhengyang, Ye Cangtian is coming
Chapter 1750: Knocked away with a slap, the demon-hungry ice dragon
Chapter 1751 Ye Cangtian comes in person, fellow practitioners of the Eighteenth Avenue
Chapter 1752 Ancestor Tiantou, various spells evolve in various ways
Chapter 1753: Kill them all, three corpses in the cave
Chapter 1754 Two-faced monster, immortal cave
Chapter 1755 The whereabouts of Lin Ruhu and the study of Dao Fruit Zombies
Chapter 1756 Weird mummy, immortal meat
Chapter 1757: How to save Lin Ruhu by eating the corpse
Chapter 1758: Finding the bones, the master’s back-up plan
Chapter 1759: Fusion of corpses, founder of ancient times
Chapter 1760: Absorb corpse energy and kill the fat man
Chapter 1761: Kill the corpse and fight against the green robe
Chapter 1762: The Eighteen Sword Prison Arrives, Joint Siege
Chapter 1763 Fight against all the Dao Fruits alone and kill two of them instantly
Chapter 1764: Killing Five Dao Fruits, Seal of Death
Chapter 1765 The first of the three flowers, the human flower
Chapter 1766 Giant Panda Clan, Heavenly Bamboo
Chapter 1767 Bamboo tribe, red-haired man
Chapter 1768: Cooperate and eat bear meat?
Chapter 1769: Attack the Eighteen Sword Prison, Cooperation Completed
Chapter 1770 The siege of the eleventh Daoguo
Chapter 1771: Fighting with pressure on you, sharpening the third sword
Chapter 1772: Explode everything and become invincible
Chapter 1773 Blood Sacrifice Eighteen Swords Prison, So Horrifying
Chapter 1774: Killing Tianlong, Divine Court Appears
Chapter 1775 The giant mountain god, the divine court declares the decree
Chapter 1776 The God Emperor appears and the two powerful men talk
Chapter 1777: Force the Divine Court to retreat and repel the Iron-Eating Clan
Chapter 1778 The Heaven Slayers of Shenzhou Continent
Chapter 1779 Loopholes in China Continent, Ancient Relics
Chapter 1780 Acting, the tea is poisonous
Chapter 1781 The Secret of the Ancient Remnant Clan Is Revealed
Chapter 1782 The fate of the ancient surviving clan, the patriarch Tiangu
Chapter 1783 The small world of the ancient relics is deeply hidden
Chapter 1784: Young and confused, the Great Sage Ancestor
Chapter 1785 I am the God of Creation
Chapter 1786: Ancient Relics, Clan Leader Candidate
Chapter 1787 Thirteen Cities of Blood Prison, Netherworld
Chapter 1788: Prison Master, you can’t even become a ghost
Chapter 1789 Ming Lao, the Bloody Hand of the Great Compassion
Chapter 1790 Mountains of Swords and Seas of Fire, Four Gods of Death
Chapter 1791: Killing on the Mountain of Swords, Resonating with Thousands of Swords
Chapter 1792 One person fights in one area, bright fire (first update)
Chapter 1793 The ever-changing flames, extinguished by the sun (second update)
Chapter 1794: Battle against the four gods of death, behemoths in the darkness
Chapter 1795: The concrete essence and blood of the candle, the powerful Xu Zimo
Chapter 1796 Killing God, Inner Black Whale Ocean
Chapter 1797 I am the one who destroys the world? Ferry boat
Chapter 1798 Black Whale King, Difficult Ink
Chapter 1799 Killing the Black Whale, Approaching the Island
Chapter 1800: Dead Forest, ascended to the throne as Lord of the World
Chapter 1801 The Supreme Technique of the Universe, the Great Derivative Technique
Chapter 1802 The Flower of Three Flowers, Lord of the Undead
Chapter 1803: Battle with the Holy Court and go to Yaochi
Chapter 1804 Kunlun Mountain, Yaochi Holy Meeting
Chapter 1805 The war is coming, Tian Xingzi
Chapter 1806 The World of Yaochi, Master Wan Tian
Chapter 1807: Saint Qing, Hongluan Star Moves
Chapter 1808 Is it bad to live?
Chapter 1809 The defective peach tree, Zhao Jinwu
Chapter 1810 The Goddess of Xuanming, the Mother of the Earth and the Thunder Peach Tree (Second update)
Chapter 1811: The Cursing Peach Tree and the Innate Zero Degree Sword
Chapter 1811: The Cursing Peach Tree and the Innate Zero Degree Sword
Chapter 1812 Zhao Qiuyi, seizing the peach
Chapter 1813 Three flowers cultivate the soul, three corpses cultivate the god
Chapter 1814 Count me in, the power of the peach tree
Chapter 1815: The strength of everyone, I will appear on stage after everyone sings
Chapter 1816 Sun and Moon**, Tianque
Chapter 1817: Defeat the flat peach with one sword and shatter the sky with one punch
Chapter 1818: God of Killing, Wang Xie of the Zhuhe Lineage
Chapter 1819 Killing Wang Xie and being forced to take action
Chapter 1820 Queen Mother of the West, Supervising Sky Mirror
Chapter 1821 The Queen Mother of the West’s decision, the official of Baomai Qin
Chapter 1822 The battle begins, Panlong Lock
Chapter 1823: Killing Qin officials, strong men from all walks of life are born
Chapter 1824 The Three Treasures Old Man and the Five Beasts Protectors
Chapter 1825: The sword is deadly, Patriarch Baihe
Chapter 1826 Grandpa Wang, the Battle of Tianwang Mountain
Chapter 1827 Magical Skills: Sea of ??Wood, Exaggerated Grandpa Wang
Chapter 1828 Yaochi Execution, Goodbye Ye Qingcheng
Chapter 1829 The Titan Clan, Grandpa Tree
Chapter 1830 Demon Blood Spirit Tree, Grandpa Wang’s warning
Chapter 1831: Entrance Fruit, Eternal Divine Tree
Chapter 1832: The Wolf King’s resentment, drinking and singing
Chapter 1833 The Peach Holy Meeting begins, and all the powerful people gather together
Chapter 1834 There Are True Immortals In The World
Chapter 1835: The Theory of the Scholars, Immortal Qiong Brewing
Chapter 1836 Spy? Five Elements Mountain
Chapter 1837 The Threat of the Nine Sects of Nanzhou, Immortal Code
Chapter 1838: Making trouble, all parties make trouble
Chapter 1839 Xu Zhiyuan, fight and kill
Chapter 1840 Breaking through the Three Flower Realm, Demonic Qi?
Chapter 1841 Pre-war preparations and discussions
Chapter 1842 The transaction with the Queen Mother of the West
Chapter 1843 In the Flame Mountain, Zhao Guangrong
Chapter 1844 Xia Wulong’s challenge, solved with one blow
Chapter 1845: Changes in the Chinese Continent and the Decline of the Demon Clan
Chapter 1846 Chang'an City, solution
Chapter 1847 The local battle formation, Lu Yueqing
Chapter 1848 Lei Gong Comes to the World
Chapter 1849: Killing the God of Thunder, fear of wronged souls
Chapter 1850 Xiuchunwei, Changan Murderous Intent
Chapter 1851 Entering the palace and having a court meeting
Chapter 1852 The King of Qin established his power and negotiated
Chapter 1853 Lu Guifei, three days later
Chapter 1854 Xu Zimo’s plan, where hundreds of tribes are located
Chapter 1855 Gambling in the gambling house, the top three of the hundred tribes
Chapter 1856 Do you want to be the king of this hundred clans?
Chapter 1857 The knife in this night is really gorgeous
Chapter 1858 Four Demons Come Out
Chapter 1859 Golden Dragon Battle Formation, Kill All
Chapter 1860 All living beings fight against the King of Qin
Chapter 1861 Alliance of Hundreds of Clans, Apprenticeship
Chapter 1862 Miaoyufang, Zhen Guogong
Chapter 1863 Jiang Chenyu, Ya Sheng
Chapter 1864: Kill the Immortal Envoy and watch the blood rain
Chapter 1865 God's Will Is My Xu Zimo's Will
Chapter 1866 The demon clan rebels and attacks the demon suppression pass
Chapter 1867 Negotiations with Heavenly Court
Chapter 1868 Nine-bend Bone Melting Formation, Rupture
Chapter 1869: Sixteen people work together, the true king arrives in person
Chapter 1870 Qilin's fighting method, crush you with one finger
Chapter 1871 The true king dies and all the immortals come to the dust
Chapter 1872 A worthy death, inside the Flame Mountain
Chapter 1873 Weird Dragon Court
Chapter 1874 The Bright Eagle Clan, Zhiqiuquan
Chapter 1875 Qiyu can kill people, the truth
Chapter 1876 The demon tribe’s formation, Yaochi comes to help
Chapter 1877 One Hundred Thousand Monster Mountain, the matter is over
Chapter 1878 The Holy Court intervenes, the demon clan’s choice
Chapter 1879: Alliance exposed, cooperation talks
Chapter 1880 The Monster Race Begins
Chapter 1881 The army of glacial cattle strikes
Chapter 1882 Niu Dali, Flame Giant
Chapter 1883 Old Man Green Ox and the Bull Demon Appear
Chapter 1884 Yin Yang Ox King, the First Horn
Chapter 1885 The battle between the machos
Chapter 1886 Xumu Peak falls, Nanzhou Nine Sects take action
Chapter 1887 The Dark Lord
Chapter 1888 One of the seven guardians of the demon clan, Shu Yan
Chapter 1889 The Sun-Eating Demonic Flame Blade breaks the Dingkong Pillar
Chapter 1890 The power of the seven ancient gods merges, and the moon rises during the day
Chapter 1891 The Five Elements Mountain is destroyed and the Yaochi is in danger
Chapter 1892: One person can take the throne, the decisive battle is coming
Chapter 1893 Kunlun Crystal, Conferred God Platform
Chapter 1894: Entering the Xuan Di, the meaning of the goddess Xuan Ming
Chapter 1895 Crystal Coffin, Frozen Creature
Chapter 1896 Obtaining inheritance and negotiating between the two armies
Chapter 1897 Jiutian Xuannv, let me tell you a story about the fierce land.
Chapter 1898 The dark tide is coming and the terrorist attack
Chapter 1899 The invincible Kuroshio monster
Chapter 1900 Three corpses of strong men appear, guiding the sacrifices
Chapter 1901 Truth and knowledge cannot be killed
Chapter 1902 The Birth of the Goddess Xuanming
Chapter 1903: The battle between the three strong corpses, an ominous premonition
Chapter 1904: The Holy Court joins the war and changes arise
Chapter 1905 There are no tigers in the mountains, and the monkey is the king
Chapter 1906 The Ninth Supreme, Three Flowers Fight Three Corpses
Chapter 1907 Zhenwu, this road is blocked
Chapter 1908: The Heavenly Lord of Duelu and the Heavenly Lord of Pudu
Chapter 1909 Welcome the Demon Lord, Invincible
Chapter 1910 Five Poisons, Six Desires, Seven Emotions, Eight Sufferings, Nine Difficulties, and Ten
Chapter 1911: Killing Duhe Tianzun and finding three corpses
Chapter 1912: Heaven and Earth weep, Twelve Lotuses of Light
Chapter 1913 I am the Lord of the Nine Domains
Chapter 1914 You get rid of a demon and show me
Chapter 1915 Blinding Tiandao's eyes
Chapter 1916 The dust has settled, life and death unknown
Chapter 1917 The truth about Kunlun Stone, Celestial Race
Chapter 1918 Xu Zimo's Resurrection
Chapter 1919 Life-saving grace, wake up
Chapter 1920 Trouble, dead horse
Chapter 1921: Training, grudges
Chapter 1922 Assassination, Professor
Chapter 1923 Fermentation, unwilling to stop cultivating immortality and just want peace
Chapter 1924 Killing words can solve everything
Chapter 1925 Faceless Clan, finding the way
Chapter 1926: Division of Tribulation Immortal Realm, Treatment
Chapter 1927: Vicious people, dangerous terrain
Chapter 1928: The curse, the person behind the scenes appears
Chapter 1929: Bird head and human body, forced to show up
Chapter 1930 Kill the man in black robe and steal the soul
Chapter 1931 Getting married and preparing to leave
Chapter 1932: The monkey-faced old man, the hiding place of the Celestials
Chapter 1933: The Holy Saint, the Queen’s Heaven
Chapter 1934 Giant Shark Elder, Inside the Faceless Sea
Chapter 1935 Breakthrough, three corpses appear
Chapter 1936: Map of Mountains and Rivers, Strange Taoist
Chapter 1937 The world the empress used to live in, people who are not favored by heaven
Chapter 1938 Kill, the grandson of the Three Emperors
Chapter 1939 Tongtian River, longevity turtle
Chapter 1940 Imperial Tomb, do you dare to attack the sky?
Chapter 1941 Assessment, same kind of people
Chapter 1942 Shiyan, inside the Imperial Tomb
Chapter 1943: Blood, unknown figure
Chapter 1944 Resurrection of the Empress
Chapter 1945 Death or Cause and Effect
Chapter 1946: The city can never be destroyed in a hundred battles, the admirer of the empress
Chapter 1947 Killing the Emperor, Bone Knife
Chapter 1948 The spirit of the emperor, the upright scholar
Chapter 1949 Breaking the seal, the bone knife resists
Chapter 1950 Hehuan Cult, Young Master Yin Yang
Chapter 1951 The bone knife is born, and men become murderers
Chapter 1952 The power of desolation, its essence and rules
Chapter 1953 The inheritance of killing the emperor, the departing bone knife
Chapter 1954: Dark Dragon Venerable, coveted by all parties
Chapter 1955: The True Saint of Merit, the Buddha of Compassion
Chapter 1956: Fighting with hostility and realizing supernatural powers at a glance
Chapter 1957: World Academy, Bet
Chapter 1958: The Hehuan Cult comes to kill, eyes and arms
Chapter 1959: Thinking Over the Cliff, Old Site
Chapter 1960 The rules of the world left by the empress
Chapter 1961 Battle, Encirclement
Chapter 1962 Bai Di, asking for help
Chapter 1963: The stone tablet reaches the sky, and a lamp is built to protect the law
Chapter 1964 I want the heavens to praise my name, I want freedom
Chapter 1965 The process of defeating the sky, the old ghost shop
Chapter 1966 Destiny Money, General of Time and Space
Chapter 1967 The evil way three hundred years ago, the longevity immortal
Chapter 1968 Night-fighting stick, a battle with the tree
Chapter 1969: Eternal Life Cage, it’s dark
Chapter 1970 Dragon Turtle, Law of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1971 The battle is over and Shou Gui dies
Chapter 1972 Condensing the future body, clouds move in all directions
Chapter 1973 Technology is king, inaction is the common man
Chapter 1974 Three Thousand Incarnations, Siege
Chapter 1975 The emperor? Killing three thousand ancestors
Chapter 1976 The trump card, blood sacrifice
Chapter 1977 Incarnation and unity, the same source of torrent
Chapter 1978 Night Fire Bead, Old Man Tree
Chapter 1979 Lin Ruhu's Hope for Salvation
Chapter 1980 Sacrifice Seal, Land of Chaos
Chapter 1981 Random killing, chaos
Chapter 1982 Rakshasa Platform, Lion Protector
Chapter 1983 Mecha fleet, the technology of this world?
Chapter 1984 The conscious giant mecha, the final level
Chapter 1985 Gongsun Muya, the true meaning of technology
Chapter 1986 Destruction Thunder, Lord of Chaos
Chapter 1987: Men in black attack, now dead
Chapter 1988 The Life-killing Nail, the Rebellion of the Elephant Guardian
Chapter 1989 Destroy Nanzhou, the power of thunder
Chapter 1990 Hidden God Sect, Five Sons of Haotian
Chapter 1991 Mount Sumeru, Suppression
Chapter 1992: Killing several people in a row, Buddha drags the mountain
Chapter 1993: The End of the World, Scientology
Chapter 1994: The real person who knows the truth, murderous spirit
Chapter 1995 Mark of Fortune, the battle is over
Chapter 1996 The soul of the Dark Lord goes to the Immortal Island
Chapter 1997 King Wu of Zhou, Sea Beast
Chapter 1998 Sea Beast Invasion, The Secret of Blood
Chapter 1999 Killing sea beasts and fighting between real men
Chapter 2000 Old Man Shu’s Secret, God’s Punishment
Chapter 2001 The news about Gongsun Muya, the real purpose
Chapter 2002 Sunset Sect, going to Orchid Island
Chapter 2003 Liu Zhe, asking for help
Chapter 2004 Painted Beauty, Taoist Huangshu
Chapter 2005 Demon Gate, Danger
Chapter 2006 Resurrection of the old tree? Mecha reappears
Chapter 2007 The core of a world, the Buddha in the palm of your hand
Chapter 2008 Nuclear Weapons, Exaggerated Gongsun Muya
Chapter 2009 Gongsun Muya appears and the Buddhist Kingdom rises
Chapter 2010 The war begins, flexible fiber
Chapter 2011 Take action, you owe me your life
Chapter 2012 Seven Demonic Gods are born, three corpses are one step away
Chapter 2013: Kill them all, ask for help
Chapter 2014: Hundred Trees Become Saints, the Energy Core of the Three Corpse Powerful Ones
Chapter 2015 The three treasures are broken, walking in the past and the future
Chapter 2016 The virtual Buddhist country is just my wish
Chapter 2017 Gongsun Muya surrenders, the future of China Continent
Chapter 2018 Death Swamp, recruiting new disciples
Chapter 2019 Girl Mu Yang, the power of the curse
Chapter 2020 The situation in the Death Swamp, the stupid fat man
Chapter 2021 Good tea, good wine, good spring water, the source of the curse
Chapter 2022 The Secret of the Death Swamp, the Cursed Body
Chapter 2023 The Secret of the Immortal Token, Going to the Ancient City of Death
Chapter 2024: Star Reaching Restaurant, trouble is coming
Chapter 2025 Dance a song with the corpse as the companion, the background of blood
Chapter 2026 Divine Prison Bow, crazy
Chapter 2027 Nine Heavens Alliance, one arrow to the sun, moon and stars
Chapter 2028 Let's Die Together
Chapter 2029: Responding to the curse, Yu Fu’s birthday
Chapter 2032 Yu Mansion’s panic, the old man
Chapter 2033 You are better than the God Emperor, the choice of armor
Chapter 2034 The battle armor returns and alliance leaders cooperate
Chapter 2035 Cooperation achieved, breaking through the three corpses
Chapter 2036 I control the future, so powerful
Chapter 2037 The Lord of Darkness Resurrects
Chapter 2038 Condensing the Cursed Body
Chapter 2039 The formation of the cursed body, news of the death swamp
Chapter 2040 The results of past battles, united sea beasts
Chapter 2041 Negotiation failed, strange branches
Chapter 2042 In the Death Swamp, Sun Chasing Village
Chapter 2043 The explosion news of Song Yuanshan
Chapter 2044 Weird, the secret of the mountain
Chapter 2045 The sea beast awakens and the exorcism monument
Chapter 2046 Sea beast siege, defeat
Chapter 2047 Negotiation, Discussion Hall
Chapter 2048 They are not qualified to compare with me, yes
Chapter 2049 Bronze Gate, Poseidon Trident
Chapter 2050 The water of hell, underground secrets
Chapter 2051 Eternal Ice Burial, Sea Beast Trident
Chapter 2052 Reaching a Consensus, Emperor Yushanhe
Chapter 2053 Human Emperor, Yushan
Chapter 2054 Blood Fish Bay, worries about the future
Chapter 2055 Threat, city destruction
Chapter 2056: All forces are gathered together, why are we fighting?
Chapter 2057 Death Swamp Riot, Seal of Faith
Chapter 2058 The war begins and faith confronts
Chapter 2059 Passing five levels, various disasters
Chapter 2060 Will resists muscle, the joy of curse
Chapter 2061 Ancient clock of time and space, town character
Chapter 2062: The man who grew out of the tree, the God Emperor turned into a stone statue
Chapter 2063 Lord, God Emperor Resurrection
Chapter 2064: Battle with Old Man Tree, Ancient Origin
Chapter 2065 The powerful tree old man, bloodline awakening
Chapter 2066 Destruction, fighting alone
Chapter 2067 Zhu Yan Bai Gu Dao, a new sword
Chapter 2068 Bloodline Swastika, Complete Body Tree Old Man
Chapter 2069 The creation of gods begins, conditions for leaving China
Chapter 2070 Beliefs in a distant hometown, twisted monsters
Chapter 2071 The powerful power of the avenue, the ultimate in faith
Chapter 2072 Lin Ruhu wakes up
Chapter 2073 Like new, a new journey
Chapter 2074 Mr. Zhuge’s clever plan
Chapter 2075 The Decline of the Zhenwu Holy Sect
Chapter 2076 Lin Ruhu’s first battle
Chapter 2077 Zhuge Changkong, Conversation with the Fish Emperor
Chapter 2078 Dragnet, Yunxi Forest
Chapter 2079: Passing through three levels, the diners
Chapter 2080 Lin Ruhu’s Dharma, Heaven and Earth
Chapter 2081 Little Sun, Old Blind Man
Chapter 2082: People pass, the creatures of the earth
Chapter 2083 Tianguan, you still have a lot to learn
Chapter 2084 The omniscient Mr. Zhuge, Lin Ruhu’s solid
Chapter 2085 The idea of ??the Ancient God of Time and the plan of the Holy Court
Chapter 2086 Ding Haizhu, return to Yuanyang Continent
Chapter 2087 The core of the great road, the root of enlightenment
Chapter 2088 The Measurement of Enlightenment, City of Gods
Chapter 2089 God, God of Killing
Chapter 2090: Thousands of disasters and doomsday are not on the same level
Chapter 2091 Transaction, within the Zhenwu Holy Sect
Chapter 2092 Nowadays Zhenwu, how difficult it is to go back
Chapter 2093 Breaking the world, the anger of heaven
Chapter 2094 Heavenly life form, cosmic meteorite
Chapter 2095 Meteor falls from the sky, Donghai Village
Chapter 2096 Awakening, outsider
Chapter 2097 Magpie Bridge Wonderland, the Abyss of Nightmares
Chapter 2098: Who among the living immortals Li Changsheng dares to claim to be invincible?
Chapter 2099 Descendants of Dan Emperor, the secret of meteorites
Chapter 2100 Parents’ Past, Bright World
Chapter 2101 Nine sons of the dragon, crippled legs
Chapter 2102 Cyan Light Golden Crystal
Chapter 2103 The controversy at Eternal Peak, Lin Ruhu accepts a disciple
Chapter 2102 Imperial Tomb, the End of the Holy Sect
Chapter 2103 The ancestor returns and the old friend bids farewell to the Yellow Crane Tower.
Chapter 2104 Parents and the Eight Kings Fight
Chapter 2105 The foundation of the Zhenwu Holy Sect and the strength of the Eight Kings
Chapter 2106: A volume of Luoshu reflects the sky and the earth. It is useless to be a scholar.
Chapter 2107 Liu Sanjian, three swords to kill the three emperors
Chapter 2108: My old friend Xiao Guizi, let me learn from you
Chapter 2109 One flute determines life and death, three demons’ methods
Chapter 2110 Magpie Bridge Flower, Xiao Guizi is old
Chapter 2111 Living Immortal Li Changsheng, Invincible
Chapter 2112: Invite the Ancestral Weapon, the Sword of All Things
Chapter 2113 The Sky-Swallowing Devil Jar, the Martial God Sword, and the Immortal Sword
Chapter 2114 The power of imperial weapons, Emperor Tianshu
Chapter 2115 Chu Yishan’s death, the power of the demonic flames
Chapter 2116: Insignificant ants, the Seven Emperors
Chapter 2117 Eternity, Annihilation, Eternal Strength
Chapter 2128: Heaven in Yuanyang Continent, Heaven’s Way Training
Chapter 2119 Deal with Heaven, Suicide
Chapter 2120 The situation is over, everyone is dead
Chapter 2121: Give guidance to the younger generation and set off to leave
Chapter 2122 The vast road, find Ding Haizhu
Chapter 2123: Breakthrough to the Realm of Enlightenment, the Kirin Treasure Land
Chapter 2124: How is this ceremony? Where is the head of the Wang family?
Chapter 2125: The strength of the Wang family, forced entry
Chapter 2126 Dragons and phoenixes are as powerful as tigers
Chapter 2127: Ancient God King, praise my name for the rest of your life
Chapter 2128 The ancient secret, the birth of the evil god
Chapter 2129 The evil god surrenders and Ding Haizhu is obtained
Chapter 2130 Why did the ancient god king attack the sky?
Chapter 2131 The Wang family is over, looking for the sea of ??time
Chapter 2132 Return to the period of ancient gods, within the sea of ??time
Chapter 2133 Crisis in the Time Sea, China Continent Appears
Chapter 2134: One sword traces back to the origin, inheritance appears
Chapter 2135 Entering a Thousand Avenues, Fattening Pigs
Chapter 2136 One of the seventy-two evil spirits, Huang Ting’s Heart
Chapter 2137 Holy Lord, Demonic Array
Chapter 2138 The Holy Lord escapes for his life
Chapter 2139: Killed in front of the Immortal Gate, the Immortal Lord is furious
Chapter 2140: A battle between the immortal masters, evenly divided
Chapter 2141 The Immortal Lord is injured and the Demon Lord is arrogant
Chapter 2142 The Holy Ancestor takes action and time goes back
Chapter 2143: Furious Yan Kingdom, Brahma Demon Emperor
Chapter 2144 Healing and Advancement to the Ten Thousand Avenues
Chapter 2145: Heaven’s way rejects, the matter is exposed
Chapter 2146 I heard you want to destroy me?
Chapter 2147 The Zhou family arrives and proposes marriage
Chapter 2148 Arrogant Zhou Yu, where are the Brahma and Demon Emperors?
Chapter 2149: Weird vision of Zhou Kingdom, arrogance of Nine Scythes
Chapter 2150 Destroy the Zhou Kingdom, ambushed by the Xuanwu Sect
Chapter 2151 The Brahma Demon Emperor, the power of Buddha and Demon
Chapter 2152 Breaking through the Hundred Thousand Avenues and defeating the Brahma Demon Emperor
Chapter 2153 The world-weary emperor, everything is practice
Chapter 2154 The city lord recruits a son-in-law, the most beautiful among all living beings
Chapter 2155 He is my husband, the secret of Yanghe
Chapter 2156 Sikong Qing’s Disease, River of Blazing Fire
Chapter 2157 The recruitment of a son-in-law begins, Murong Jiankong
Chapter 2158 Murong Xi, gambling on life
Chapter 2159 Instant training, everyone was dumbfounded
Chapter 2160: Cheating, I am very trustworthy
Chapter 2161: Bombing and killing, farce
Chapter 2162 Treatment, against fate
Chapter 2163 Bao Ri’s wrath, the beginning of rebellion
Chapter 2164 Guangming Sect, Revenge
Chapter 2165 Xu Zhengyi, I want to learn a few tricks with Xianzhu
Chapter 2166: Great Terror, Kill Six People at a Glance
Chapter 2167 Dao Fruit Ant, Source of Light
Chapter 2168 The sun above the Guangming Sect, the One Hundred Thousand Avenues takes another step forward
Chapter 2169 Nine Turns Dharma King, Sacrifice
Chapter 2170 The appearance of a candle, the horror of the Nine-turn Dharma King
Chapter 2171 Apology, idiot
Chapter 2172 Sun Zhenren, the source of departure
Chapter 2173: One knife scares the little devil, and kills old age, sickness and death in three passes
Chapter 2174 Holding the candle body, I am the sun
Chapter 2175 The Ten Demonic Styles and the Wrath of Heaven
Chapter 2176 Entering the million-dollar road and losing the title of candle
Chapter 2177 In the end, go to the Demon Realm
Chapter 2178 Storyteller Lao Suntou, the era of demons is over
Chapter 2179 Fake Demon Clan, the Big Secret of the North
Chapter 2180 The secret of the north, the insect that eats everything
Chapter 2181: Blow up the Demon Realm, an unprecedented plan
Chapter 2182 Moon God Sect, new traces of demons
Chapter 2183 The Moon God appears and suppresses everything at the snap of a finger
Chapter 2184 Three-Eyed Demon Lord, Demon Guardian
Chapter 2185 Soul Split, the Beginning of the Demon King
Chapter 2186 The Holy Court’s Plan, Dead Corpse
Chapter 2187 Make the rules of the world and mix in the dead
Chapter 2188 Pretending to be dead and studying demonic energy
Chapter 2189 Creating a Demon King? God’s Ring Words
Chapter 2190 Holy Lord Apocalypse, the Purpose of the Holy Court
Chapter 2191 The power of apocalypse, the head of the devil
Chapter 2192 The Terror of the Demon King, Seal of Apocalypse
Chapter 2193 The Demon King of Resistance, Xu Zimo’s Power
Chapter 2194 Soul Pollution, Destroying the Demon King
Chapter 2195 The truth of world cycle, the destruction of the Holy Lord of Apocalypse
Chapter 2196: Plan to blow up the demonic realm and make bombs
Chapter 2197 World Destruction No. 1, 18 million
Chapter 2198: Bomb manufacturing completed, heading to Tianji Domain
Chapter 2199 The reaction of law, heaven, elephant and earth, Shijue City
Chapter 2200 Ten major families, turmoil in divine law
Chapter 2201: Dharma bred by heaven and earth, Dharma has no divinity
Chapter 2202: Understanding Divinity, the Power of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 2203 Directly connecting the two worlds, the dust has settled
Chapter 2204: The Longevity Old Man, the Lost Buddha Country
Chapter 2205: God’s punishment is coming, let me listen to the story
Chapter 2206 Kanglong Mountain, Yushan Buddha
Chapter 2207 Weird old man, Yunjian Temple
Chapter 2208: The Buddhist Kingdom is no more, but the Demon Race still exists.
Chapter 2209 Monitoring the world, immortal monsters
Chapter 2210 The Taoist Heart of the Barefoot Monk and the Method of Penance
Ask for leave
Chapter 2211 Longzhou saves his wife, senior brother
Chapter 2212 Buddha has five eyes, the source of the curse
Chapter 2213 Yin Changguo, Buddha guides the way
Chapter 2214 Drunken Immortal Brew, All People Pray for Blessings
Chapter 2215 Imperial Palace, Buddhist Temple, Yin Ruins
Chapter 2216: Visitors from the Holy Court, past events
Chapter 2217 Destroy a country, the merits and demerits of heaven and earth
Chapter 2218 The world is unkind, those who are afraid of death have no right to live
Chapter 2219 The reform of the world, the integration of divine law
Chapter 2220 The cycle of world health, Zhenwu Shengzong
Chapter 2221 Zhenwu wants to conquer the sky, what do you think?
Chapter 2222 Yuanyang Continent, Zhenwu’s choice
Chapter 2223 The Name of Three Swords and the Name of Divine Action
Chapter 2224 The collision of sword skills, pure sword skills
Chapter 2225: Destruction and reversal
Chapter 2226 Emperor Zhenwu is gambling, the eyes of heaven
Chapter 2227: Rectification of China Continent, above the rules
Chapter 2228 Reincarnation begins, I will be the master from today on
Chapter 2229 Eighteen levels of hell, feedback from the world
Chapter 2230 Good and Evil, Dialogue Chaos
Chapter 2231 The evil of human heart and the goodness of conscience
Chapter 2232: Fate, mutated into beast
Chapter 2233 Zhengyang Sect, Master Jiuyang
Chapter 2234: Be kind to heaven and earth, the spirit of all things
Chapter 2235 Spirit Master, comprehending the world
Chapter 2236 Unique practice, middle-aged man
Chapter 2237 Plant trees and give back to the world
Chapter 2238 God has eyes, believe in heaven and earth
Chapter 2239: One Road, Hades
Chapter 2240 Grandma Snake and Musk, the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2241 The Underworld, the Power of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 2242 The end of the road, with the sky
Chapter 2243 The Avenue of Heaven and Earth, Suppression by Mountains
Chapter 2244: The way to deceive the sky, fake death of the soul
Chapter 2245: Everyone dies, desire is in vain
Chapter 2246 Yuanyang Continent is coming, the end of the world
Chapter 2247: Heaven’s plan, true destiny conversion
Chapter 2248: The Outer Universe, the Gate of Qiyuan
Chapter 2249: One sword spans a hundred thousand miles, one sword covers ten thousand miles
Chapter 2250: First Arrival at Zhenwu Holy Sect, Great Migration
Chapter 2251 Hello Xiaoguizi, the world is in my hands
Chapter 2252: The road to true self, world-wide war
Chapter 2253 Advance to the Ten Thousand Avenues and Crush the World
Chapter 2254 The avenue is incomplete, Empress Hongtian
Chapter 2255 The way of Empress Hongtian, the origin of the world
Chapter 2256: The body merges with heaven and earth, and the sky will be conquered.
Chapter 2257: The Battle of Heaven Begins, Reactions from All Parties
Chapter 2258 The era of true martial arts has begun, and some people can’t hold it anymore
Chapter 2259 Yuxu Sect, Old Man Taishan
Chapter 2260 The Three Founding Patriarchs and the Ten Kings of Yuxu
Chapter 2261 Chihuo Taoist’s Narration, Chickens and Dogs
Chapter 2262 Return to the origin and be destroyed, only one knife
Chapter 2263 Go to the Nether Realm and establish your authority
Chapter 2264 The dead are resurrected and the door is difficult to enter
Chapter 2265 The heart is separated from the body, Tianxuan Cold Iron
Chapter 2266: Force me to take action, General Qingfengyan
Chapter 2267: Volcano erupts, Xu Zimo takes action
Chapter 2268: Kill two people and lose their lifespan
Chapter 2269 Entering the death monument, the human soul returns to the netherworld
Chapter 2270 In the Yin Qi world, do you also want to defeat the sky?
Chapter 2271 The power of the Lord of the Dead is undeniable
Chapter 2272 The fusion of many spells, a long-lasting battle
Chapter 2273 The Ten Great Magical Techniques and the Ten Demonic Styles, the Perfect Combination
Chapter 2274 The Supreme One Devours the Living and the Dead
Chapter 2275 Invincible Sword, Five Demon Kings
Chapter 2276: Threats to Heaven, Heaven and Hell
Chapter 2277 The mysterious scholar in white leads the snake out of its hole
Chapter 2278 The purpose of the person behind the scenes, the rules of heaven and earth
Chapter 2279 Reincarnated person, deception
Chapter 2280 The Nine Refinements True Monarch, the Power of Rules
Chapter 2281 Nine refinements to become a god, crushing
Chapter 2282: True Lord Nine Refinements dies and the rules disappear
Chapter 2283: Trouble at the Doomsday of Thousand Disasters, Castlevania
Chapter 2284 Three major forces, conflict in front of the door
Chapter 2285 Medicine King Lu Simiao, the culprit
Chapter 2286 Treasure Hunting on Baoya, Four Bloody Beasts
Chapter 2287 Everyone, who will sharpen my knife?
Chapter 2288 Black Soul Mage, Tit for Tat
Chapter 2289 Corpse King, Rain of Heads
Chapter 2290: Killing the Dark Soul, Exclusion from Castlevania
Chapter 2291 The true appearance of the painted skin, the ordinary Trojan horse
Chapter 2292 The real treasure, the created weirdo
Chapter 2293 Doomsday Temple, Dead Man’s Bead
Chapter 2294 The past and soul of the Bliss Sect
Chapter 2295 Blood Ganoderma appears secretly
Chapter 2296 The attack is coming and the weirdo is resurrected
Chapter 2297 The war begins, the cruel truth
Chapter 2298: Disintegration at a glance, coming for good
Chapter 2299 Goodwill is collected and the endless hell is established
Chapter 2300 Hell is established and enters the realm of ghosts and gods
Chapter 2301 Gods and ghosts lurk, crisis in the college
Chapter 2302: Thousands of Doomsday Crisis, Gods and Ghosts Are Coming
Chapter 2303 Entering the academy and being slapped away
Chapter 2304 Enemy Chapter 2304 Injuries suffered at the end of the Thousand Disasters, huge
Chapter 2305: Changes in the Doomsday of Thousands of Disasters, Non-native Creatures
Chapter 2306 Glazed Wonderland, closing the door and beating the dog
Chapter 2307 Solving Difficulties, Dominance and Injury
Chapter 2308 The secret of the talisman, the arrival of new life
Chapter 2309 Giant Mountain Spirit and Green Ox Ghost Spirit
Chapter 2310 Literary prison, imprisoning all races
Chapter 2311 Ghosts and gods attack, Emperor Apocalypse
Chapter 2312 Who dares to kill me? The giant mountain spirit is here
Chapter 2313 Besieging Xu Zimo, local chickens and dogs
Chapter 2314: Destruction of ghosts and gods, monster with three heads and six arms
Chapter 2315 The Battle of Heaven is over, heading to Cangxuan Territory
Chapter 2316 Chaos in Cangxuan Realm, war between monsters
Chapter 2317 Zhu Tiangang, Mr. Jin
Chapter 2318 Zhu Tiangang comes to kill, report
Chapter 2319 Fear of Fengjiu
Chapter 2320 The traces of Emperor Apocalypse at Demon Soul Cliff
Chapter 2321 Apocalypse Brothers and Sisters, Demon Race Gathers
Chapter 2322 Crystal, the secret of the apocalypse
Chapter 2323 The mysterious crystal and the arrival of the demon army
Chapter 2324 People from outside the territory, mutations
Chapter 2325: Destroy an entire clan with one sword, and the storm is coming
Chapter 2326 It’s a bit noisy, you should rest quietly
Chapter 2327 Five demon kings, ligers and tigers show off their evil
Chapter 2328 Kill Baotian, the people in the crystal
Chapter 2329 The secret of the man in green robe, the source of the world
Chapter 2330 The rules of the universe, my way is to conquer the sky
Chapter 2331 Transaction, poaching the corner of heaven
Chapter 2332 Robin, Feng Jiu’s horror
Chapter 2333: Waking up at the end of a thousand disasters, the colorful robin
Chapter 2334: The end of the war with thousands of disasters, the life of the weak is not worth it
Chapter 2335: Admit defeat and go to Yaochi
Chapter 2336 Yaochi enrollment, whereabouts of the meteorite
Chapter 2337 Goodbye Wang Ya, slap the fat man in the face
Chapter 2338 The battle with the Queen Mother of the West, the Kunlun Mirror and the method of gazing into the sky
Chapter 2339 The power of Kunlun Mirror, one person can resist Kunlun
Chapter 2340 Even the law of heaven cannot suppress me, let alone one side
Chapter 2341 Three heads and six arms, the road is blocked
Chapter 2342 Sacrifice to Gods, Rule of Faith
Chapter 2343 I have killed gods, Xu Sanduo
Chapter 2344 Wanted Xu Zimo, Divine Guard
Chapter 2345 God, brainwashing
Chapter 2346 The Sacrifice of the Divine Wen, the Divine Network
Chapter 2347 God comes, the mystery of faith
Chapter 2348 Death of the God of Heaven, Destruction of Yunzhong County
Chapter 2349: The method of controlling the sky, all methods can kill gods
Chapter 2350 Shenxu, the whereabouts of the meteorite
Chapter 2351 Transaction, no beginning clock
Chapter 2352 The Beginning Bell is born, the intelligent body
Chapter 2353 The power of the Shiwu Bell, the weapon of the great road
Chapter 2354 The power of the avenue goes further, please think about it
Chapter 2355 Fist Exploding the Beginning Bell, the Use of Wisdom and Consciousness
Chapter 2356 In the market of Shenxu, fertile soil turns to sand at a moment’s notice
Chapter 2357 Earth God’s Auction, a woman with chivalrous intentions
Chapter 2358 Excavating the Divine Ruins, Yu Lao appears
Chapter 2359 Murder and arson are the main plans for getting rich.
Chapter 2360 Qishan, showing financial strength
Chapter 2361: Coercion and inducement, leaving things behind and allowing people to leave
Chapter 2362: Chickens and dogs, the methods of the Earth God
Chapter 2363 The arrival of the immortal, the underground world
Chapter 2364 Promise you wealth and honor, but the pain of losing a child
Chapter 2365 The big colorful dragon is wiped out in ashes
Chapter 2366 One God Emperor, Ten God Kings, Twenty God Kings
Chapter 2367 Heavy sword without edge, ancient building
Chapter 2368 The Altar of All Things, Disputes
Chapter 2369 Map of Shenxu, threats and intimidation
Chapter 2370 Old Ghost Courtyard, Fine Auction
Chapter 2371 Void Stone, the first sword of Shenxu
Chapter 2372 The old ghost is injured, the Tomb of the God of Fire
Chapter 2373 The new development of China mainland, the guide
Chapter 2374 Kun swallows the whale to store his energy and creates his own skills
Chapter 2375 Treating old ghosts, inside the Shenxu
Chapter 2376 Yin soldiers patrol the road, the power of a sword
Chapter 2377 The Life of Vulcan, Lord of All Fires
Chapter 2378 Vulcan dies and meteorites appear
Chapter 2379 God Slave, the Forbidden Land of God Ruins
Chapter 2380 God Emperor Kasyapa, killing the god king is like killing a dog
Chapter 2381 Killing each other, watching a big show
Chapter 2382 Gift from Emperor Zhenwu, God Emperor Kasyapa
Chapter 2383 The flesh and blood of heaven can only be found in creation
Chapter 2384: Kill the Divine Court with the sword and pull out the Tianzhu with the hand
Chapter 2385 God Clan Generals and People from the Holy Court
Chapter 2386 Immortal Pattern, Sitting in a Well and Looking at the Sky
Chapter 2387 The power of gods and Buddhas, the path of change
Chapter 2388 A domain of faith, the God Emperor takes action
Chapter 2389 The Madness of the God Emperor, the Avenue of Creation
Chapter 2390 Altar of one domain, countless clones
Chapter 2391 The Holy Emperor takes action, the chickens and dogs
Chapter 2392: Death for the Gods, the God Emperor goes berserk
Chapter 2393 The resentment of all living beings and the timidity of the God-Emperor
Chapter 2394 The death of the God Emperor, the special nature of the core of heaven
Chapter 2395 Evolution of the universe, the back of the Nine Realm Immortal Lord
Chapter 2396 Reincarnation, the Past of the Holy Ancestor
Chapter 2397 God is above and the prototype of the black hole is successful
Chapter 2398 I want to conquer the sky, Six Domain Conference
Chapter 2399 The undercover of the Holy Court reaches a consensus
Chapter 2400 Billions of souls are in the same world as the upper world, and they are born in incarnations outside the body
Chapter 2401 The Holy Ancestor gave in and entered safely
Chapter 2402: Ghost, meet
Chapter 2403 Dragon Python Holy Emperor, Holy Meteor Pavilion
Chapter 2404 The Saint’s Residence, the Paradise of Cave Heaven
Chapter 2405 Qitian Holy Emperor, Chaos Demon Ape
Chapter 2406 Food restaurant, Meat mountain
Chapter 2407: How to enter the Holy Meteor Pavilion, the maneuvering formation
Chapter 2408 Haotian, inside the Holy Meteor Pavilion
Chapter 2409 Haotian dies, inheritance appears
Chapter 2410 Xu Zimo was exiled and conspiracy
Chapter 2411 Ancient Space God Emperor Jiang, the Call of the Ten Ancient Gods
Chapter 2412: The inheritance returns to the body, the dragon python enters the cliff
Chapter 2413 The Holy Ancestor failed and the contract ended
Chapter 2414 The Holy Ancestor’s Greed, Unsealing the Ancient Demon Cave
Chapter 2415 Chongtianshan sensed the demon lord and the demons
Chapter 2416: Killing the Yin-Yang Avenue, the Call to the Sky
Chapter 2417 The Demon Race is born, we are willing to go there
Chapter 2418: The summons of Soaring Mountain, the path of the previous generation of demon lords
Chapter 2419 Discussing Tao, Creation, Destruction, Destiny
Chapter 2420 The transformation of Ba Ying, the seed of the avenue
Chapter 2421: Breaking through the Ten Thousand Avenues and Evolving the Chinese Continent
Chapter 2422 Destruction of the Holy Court, the prototype of dark matter in the universe
Chapter 2423: The Method of the Two Saints, the Path of the Immortal Lord
Chapter 2424 The Immortal Lord takes action, the Avenue of the Dead
Chapter 2425: Battle with the Holy Ancestor, Map of Ten Thousand Beasts in the Sky
Chapter 2426 One Hundred Million Saint Pattern Armor, the Saint Ancestor’s Ambition
Chapter 2427 The Way of the Two Saints, the Ancient God King and the Empress
Chapter 2428 The black hole appears and everything is destroyed
Chapter 2429 The power of the devil, with the help of the power of heaven
Chapter 2430 The fairyland controls the world and the ancient gods show their power
Chapter 2431 The Immortal Lord was penetrated, and the Holy Ancestor was in embarrassment
Chapter 2432 The road to defeat the sky appears, Xu Zimo’s emotion
Chapter 2433 The treasure house of the Holy Court, waiting to be defeated
Chapter 2434 The One Hundred Million Avenue is completed, the long dragon fights the fire phoenix
Chapter 2435: The transformation of Ba Ying, the weapon that defeats the sky becomes
Chapter 2436 White giant, birth, old age, illness and death
Chapter 2437: Heaven’s Pardon Order, Heaven’s Power
Chapter 2438 China Continent, Heaven’s Terror
Chapter 2439 Nine Realms Eternal Life, Creation Appears
Chapter 2440 The Demon Realm is broken, the end of heaven
Chapter 2441: Killing the Way of Heaven, the Strongest Blow
Chapter 2442 Absorbing the source of the world, the way forward
Chapter 2443 Giant World, King Qing Pheasant
Chapter 2444 Destiny Galaxy, White Bird Min
Chapter 2445 World invasion, battleship army
Chapter 2446: I killed the way of heaven, the future of China mainland
Chapter 2447 Undead Galaxy, World Will Bridge
Chapter 2448 The mystery of the universe, the hope of the galaxy
Chapter 2449: King Qing Pheasant’s Horror, the Birth of the Large World in China Continent
Chapter 2450 The destruction of the world and the invasion of the world of giants
Chapter 2451 The Fall of the Nine Realms World and the Development of Battleships
Chapter 2452 The layout of China mainland and major forces
Chapter 2453 The hatred between humans and monsters, the boss of each party
Chapter 2454 Three conditions, the founder and the world
Chapter 2455 Madman Star, World Conflict
Chapter 2456: Fire of the Avenue, Mad Dragon
Chapter 2457 Lin Ruhu’s true destiny, heading to Madman Planet
Chapter 2458: Universe, a cross-century aviation battleship
Chapter 2459 Set off to attack the giant world!
Chapter 2460 Breaking the giant world, Shiratori Min’s death wish
Chapter 2461 Jiuding refining, demon-human cooperation
Chapter 2462 The giant’s way of heaven is so powerful that everyone joins forces
Chapter 2463 God of War, Buddha, Immortal, and the Way of Oblivion
Chapter 2464: Destroy the giants of heaven and gather the essence of the world
Chapter 2465 The source of the giant world is obtained and the benefits are distributed
Chapter 2466 The Milky Way is Brilliant, the Black Emperor
Chapter 2467 Nine Dragons Underworld General, Rules of Destiny
Chapter 2468 The division of forces in the Far East, the universe
Chapter 2469 World Exchange Rate, Abnormal Movements in the Body
Chapter 2470 A strange family, Xu Xuanfeng
Chapter 2471 The Eyes and Ears of China Continent, Medium Size
Chapter 2472 Cosmic Mine, Elken Basin
Chapter 2473 The banquet begins and the invasion begins
Chapter 2474 Representatives of the major worlds, the initial appearance of the universe
Chapter 2475 The banquet begins, I, China, want to establish a foothold in the universe
Chapter 2476 The conspiracy of Madman Star, those who oppose me will perish
Chapter 2477 Silence, surrender of vassal forces
Chapter 2478 Traitor, ambushed
Chapter 2479 The Power of the Flying Immortal Demon, the Light of the Flying Immortal
Chapter 2480: Crazy blood, catching a turtle in a urn
Chapter 2481 The arrival of the cosmic mine, Daughter Star
Chapter 2482 Xunfa, Qingmang’s secret