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author:Taiyi Divine Snake

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 3346: Control the future

The magical power is not as good as the number of days? That means there are not enough magical powers, not strong enough! When the innate spiritual treasures and innate treasures in the prehistoric world became various great magical powers, Zhang Qian set off a craze for magical powers in the world of Emperor Xi! He became enlightened in Emperor Xi and reached the top of Daqian. Eternal life in the wilderness! This book...

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《Immortality》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 3346: Control the future
Chapter 3345 Daoyu’s Trump Card
Chapter 3344 The power of determination
Chapter 3343: Characteristics Above the End of Dao
Chapter 3342 Supreme Sacrifice
Chapter 3341 Stepping into the calculation
Chapter 3340 Imitation Altar
Chapter 3339 Perfect Concealment
Chapter 3338: Breaking Limits of Ambition
《Immortality》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Reincarnated River God
Chapter 2 Mang Cang Sword Sect
Chapter 3 The Spell of Getting Water
Chapter 4 The ancestor of the fox clan
Chapter 5 The villain comes to the door
Chapter 6 Magical Means
Chapter VII Slaughter and Fall
Chapter 8 The Sword Intent of Executing Immortals
Chapter 9 The Power of Golden Elixir
Chapter 10 Underground Spirit Vessels
Chapter 11 The True Secret of Moving Mountains and Downturning Seas
Chapter Twelve The Mountains Are Full of Peach Blossoms
Chapter 13 Infiltrate the main altar
Chapter 14 Mutual Computation
Chapter 15 The Jedi Comeback
Chapter 16 Three-year-old children
Chapter Seventeen Li Qingque
Chapter 18 Breathing Blood
Chapter 19 The Master of the Refining Devil Island
Chapter 20 Sister Beauty
Chapter 21 Huangquan Demon Sect
Chapter 22 Feast for the eyes
Chapter 23 Nine-song Huangquan
Chapter 24 The Realm of Refining Qi
Chapter 25 I wish no one
Chapter twenty-six good words to persuade
Chapter 27 Treasure Map Divine Power
Chapter 28 Shura Naihe Banner
Chapter 29 The treasure of town education
Chapter 30 The Six Paths of Reincarnation
Chapter 31 Peerless elegance
Chapter 32 Depot
Chapter 33: Strong Persecution
Chapter 34 Unruly
Chapter 35 Sword Gourd Palace
Chapter 36 Xiao Daoyi
Chapter 37 Making things difficult
Chapter 38 Shangyuan Eight Views Palace
Chapter 39 Qingming Xuanwu
Chapter 40 Gambling
Chapter 41 Naturalization Divine Sound
Chapter 42 Physical breakthrough
Chapter 43 Something Happened
Chapter 44 The Underground Abyss
Chapter 45 Gathering in the Square
Chapter 46 Ye Lingxiao
Chapter 47: Supreme Resolve
Chapter 48: Heavenly Demons
Chapter 49: Heavenly Demon Pagoda Out
Chapter 50 Heavenly Demon Essence
Chapter 51: Magical Ways
Chapter 52: A basket of ginseng fruits
Chapter fifty-three graceful figure
Chapter 54: The True Meaning of Killing Dao
Chapter 55 Sword Intent Soars
Chapter 56: Empty
Chapter fifty-seven swallowed
Chapter 58: Strong Suppression
Chapter fifty-ninth secret suspicion
Chapter 60 Peerless Ruthless Man
Chapter 61 I owe you a life
Chapter 62 Opening up acupoints
Chapter 63 Revealing Sword Intent
Chapter 64 Three Hundred Rivers
Chapter 65 Sword Gourd Cave
Chapter 66 Ginseng Fruit Drinking
Chapter 67 Came as promised
Chapter 68: Frost Four Spirits
Chapter 69 Unknown Qi
Chapter 70 Meng Lingsu
Chapter 71: Seal the Island Lord
Chapter 72 Ling Tianxing
Chapter 73: Demon Refining Formation
Chapter 74 Catch up
Chapter 75: Do Coolies
Chapter 76: Pure Yang Spirit Stone
Chapter 77 The strange mirage
Chapter 78 The Origin of Bloodline
Chapter 79 Murals
Chapter 80: The Great Underground Array
Chapter 81 Rare and Exotic Treasures
Chapter 82 Assassin Appears
Chapter 83 Ten Thousand Demons Devouring the God Banner
Chapter 84 You die and I die
Chapter 85 The Mirage Fills
Chapter 86 Killing
Chapter 87 Taking lotus seeds
Chapter 88: Confession and leniency
Chapter 89 The Dead River God
Chapter 90 Blood Red Silk Thread
Chapter 91 The Lady of the Red Line
Chapter 92 Heaven Gu Dharma Body
Chapter 93 Void Sphere
Chapter 94 Come to the door
Chapter 95 Transactions
Chapter 96: Nine Heavens Capital Seal Refinement Treasures
Chapter 97 Refining Bigu Pill
Chapter 98 Baoding finally comes out
Chapter 99 The might of the Qiankun Cauldron
Chapter 100 Refining Baoding
Chapter 101 Zhan Taixuan
Chapter 102: The Lord of the Three Islands
Chapter 103 The Peerless Fairy
Chapter 104 Breaking through the fourth turn
Chapter 105: Dharma Body Reappearance
Chapter 106 The Demon King
Chapter 107: The Body of Jin Xie
Chapter 108: Blood Red Shenxi
Chapter 109: The imposing manner of Jinxian
Chapter 110 Blood flow into a river
Chapter 111 The outer door is like a mustard
Chapter 112 The Demon King's True Body
Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen All Successes Abandoned
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Chapter 114: Kendo Madman
Chapter 115: Witch Clan?
Chapter 116: Demon Killing Order
Chapter 117 Taiyin Killing God Divine Light
Chapter 118 Opening up the sea of ??consciousness
Chapter 119 Reversal of Time
Chapter 120 The Realm of True Essence
Chapter 121 Immortal Killing Sword Intent
Chapter 122 The mine was attacked
Chapter 123: Treasure House of Demon Refining Island
Chapter 124: Cutting the Sky Bingli
Chapter 125 Taikang Royal Family
Chapter 126 Pathfinder
Chapter 127: The True Secret of Innate Lifting from Fire
Chapter 128: Collect some interest
Chapter 129 Tianji Pavilion
Chapter 130: Mangcang Mountain Treasure House
Chapter 131: Massive plunder
Chapter 132: The Demon Makes Rebellion
Chapter 133 Divine Sound Demon-Destroying Crossbow
Chapter 134: Thousands of feet underground
Chapter 135 Why is it you?
Chapter 136 Yuan Fei World
Chapter 137 Tit for tat
Chapter 138 Blasphemy
Chapter 139 Planning
Chapter 140: Transforming Divine Consciousness
Chapter 141 The Ancient Remnant Formation
Chapter 142 The Emperor of Freedom
Chapter 143: Flying Immortal Sword Rainbow
Chapter 144: Entering the Formation
Chapter 145 Blood River
Chapter 146 The giant door opens
Chapter 147 Giant Heart
Chapter 148 The Ancient Giant
Chapter 149 This is a true immortal
Chapter 150 Linmen Kendo
Chapter 151 The Ancient Human Emperor
Chapter 152: Flesh and Blood Reborn
Chapter 153 Little White Snake
Chapter 154 Transformation of virtuality and reality
Chapter 155: Ancient Sarcophagus
Chapter 156 Immortal Forbidden City
Chapter 157 A piece of tree root
Chapter 158 Big Trouble
Chapter 159: Coveting the Invitation
Chapter 160 Insights from across the wall
Chapter 161 God and Demon are One
Chapter 162 Qin Fengdu appears
Chapter 163 Jiang Shili
Chapter 164 Zhou Tian Xing Dou Ten Thousand Gods Formation
Chapter 165 Nine Heavens and Ten Emperors
Chapter 166: Have nothing to fear
Chapter 167 Killing and Seizing Treasures
Chapter 168: Net worth rises sharply
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Chapter 169: Ancient Imperial Weapon
Chapter 170 The Void Mirror of the Heavens
Chapter 171 Entering the Royal Capital
Chapter 172: Refusing to admit it
Chapter 173: Hundreds of Billions of Spiritual Stones
Chapter 174 Invisible Curse
Chapter 175: Grimace Rune
Chapter 176: The devil is fascinated
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Chapter 177 The moment of youth
Chapter 178: Good Luck
Chapter 179 Self-destruction
Chapter 180: Demonic Soul Changing Talisman
Chapter 181 The Devil’s Means
Chapter 182 Seven Stars Break the Formation
Chapter 183 Attitude Change
Chapter 184 The magic circle is activated
Chapter 185 Mirage Mask
Chapter 186 Continue refining
Chapter 187 Beating Gongs and Drums
Chapter 188: Sleepwalker Immortal
Chapter 189 Cooperate with me
Chapter 190 Ninety-sixth Heaven Ranking
Chapter 191 Rich and wealthy
Chapter 192: Ten Demon God Shuttles
Chapter 193 Dream God Sect
Chapter 194 True Dragon Essence and Blood
Chapter 195: Innate Spiritual Stone Vein
Chapter 196 Nine-Nine Thunder Yuangang
Chapter 197: Fighting for the Divine Shuttle
Chapter 198 Deadwood Sword Intent
Chapter 199 Clues to the Imperial Weapon
Chapter 200 Auction Fragments
Chapter 201 Demon Sect Representative
Chapter 202 Two Realms Escape Immortal Mansion
Chapter 203 Dutian has the true method of appearance
Chapter 204: He transforms into the demonic power of freedom
Chapter 205: Fahua Bayeux
Chapter 206 Crazy scramble
Chapter 207 Ancestor Hunxuan
Chapter 208 Qingtian appears
Chapter 209: Monstrous Power
Chapter 210 The Way of Devouring
Chapter 211 The Divine Finger of Rebirth in the Three Realms
Chapter 212 Hunyuan Qi Taiqing Divine Ball
Chapter 213: Easily Succeed
Chapter 214 Liu Qingqing
Chapter 215 Defects in Immortal Mansion
Chapter 216 Two Tigers Fighting
Chapter 217 Backhand Suppression
Chapter 218 Entering the sea
Chapter 219 Qinglin Yunkong Whale
Chapter 220 Innate Spiritual Energy
Chapter 221 Grand Canyon
Chapter 222 The Sky-Eating Demon King
Chapter 223 Bone Lock Heart Hook
Chapter 224 The Power of Demonic Way
Chapter 225: Taking advantage of others’ danger
Chapter 226 Six types of magical powers
Chapter 227 Mine Riots
Chapter 228 A sudden disaster
Chapter 229: The Protector
Chapter 230: Stone Man Blocking the Road
Chapter 231 Billions of Faces
Chapter 232 Swallowed up
Chapter 233 The Head of the Demon God
Chapter 234: Collecting Spiritual Stones
Chapter 235 Thirty-six Talismans
Chapter 236: Creation of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 237 The Infinite Emperor
Chapter 238 Five Colors of Divine Light
Chapter 239 Snow Soul Cold Flame
Chapter 240 Divine Fire Seed
Chapter 241 Zhou Tianwan Gas Cylinder
Chapter 242: Refining Divine Fire
Chapter 243 The Great Perfection of True Essence
Chapter 244 Bargaining
Chapter 245 Traveling through the void
Chapter 246 Sword Dragons Fill the Sky
Chapter 247 Big Whirlpool
Chapter 248: Yan Demon Divine Ball
Chapter 249 Devouring the Inheritance
Chapter 250: The big hand that covers the sky
Chapter 251: Kill the Demon King
Chapter 252: Ghosts, Immortals and Gods
Chapter 253 Chi Xuanming
Chapter 254: Slaughter the Demons
Chapter 255: Kill them all
Chapter 256 Innate Divine Fire
Chapter 257 One Hundred Thousand Beauties
Chapter 258 Soul Clan
Chapter 259: The Long River of Luck
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Chapter 260 Ancient Well
Chapter 261 The blood mist is rolling
Chapter 262: Underground Sacred Mountain
Chapter 263 Yuan Tianji appears
Chapter 264 The Power of Time
Chapter 265: Zhemen Kendo
Chapter 266: Going Back in Time
Chapter 267 Demon Blood Essence
Chapter 268 Ancient Gods and Demons
Chapter 269 The Will of Heaven
Chapter 270 The Fire of Creation
Chapter 271 The Realm of Yan Dao
Chapter 272 The dragon pulls the cart
Chapter 273: Millions of Battle Formations
Chapter 274 Qingling Demon-proof Armor
Chapter 275 Yellow Sand Formation
Chapter 276: Qingtian’s Plan
Chapter 277 The Ancient Demon Court
Chapter 278: Turning fiction into reality
Chapter 279: Never touch anything
Chapter 280 Millions of common people
Chapter 281 You are God
Chapter 282: Invincible
Chapter 283 Everyone dies
Chapter 284: Heaven’s Secret and Ten Thousand Dharma Victory
Chapter 285: Everything is a treasure
Chapter 286 Can break everything
Chapter 287 The False World
Chapter 288: Dragon Slaying
Chapter 289 The Lord of the Demon Court
Chapter 290: The Battle of the Golden Immortal
Chapter 291 Winner Qingtian
Chapter 292 Little Zhou Tianxing Formation
Chapter 293: The Dao Devouring Insect of the Universe
Chapter 294: Dividing the Mineral Veins
Chapter 295: Great Changes in Immortal Island
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Chapter 296 Descendants of Gods and Demons
Chapter 297 The heart of the mighty
Chapter 298 Immortal God’s Means
Chapter 299: Huangquan Sect
Chapter 300 The New Pavilion Master
Chapter 301 Return to the Immortal Devouring Island
Chapter 302: Ancient Demonic Array
Chapter 303: Refining Blood Essence
Chapter 304 Breaking out of the seal
Chapter 305 Crazy Breakthrough
Chapter 306 Flesh and Blood Transformation
Chapter 307 Facing the Way of Heaven
Chapter 308: Emperor Xi’s Will
Chapter 309: One Billion Resentful Souls
Chapter 310: Fragments of Innate Treasure
Chapter 311 I am the Immortal in the Pot
Chapter 312 The Lost Demonic Lake
Chapter 313 The song ends and everyone disperses
Chapter 314: Refining Essence and Blood
Chapter 315 News about Ye Lingxiao
Chapter 316: Confrontation in the Palace
Chapter 317 Shameless face
Chapter 318: Destroy the Family and Destroy the Sect
Chapter 319 Seeking Luck
Chapter 320: Invisible
Chapter 321 Xiantian Wuji Sect
Chapter 322 Crazy request
Chapter 323 The key to destroying the faction
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Chapter 324 Cutting off the retreat
Chapter 325: Backhand Suppression
Chapter 326: Brutal Killing
Chapter 327: Reach the sky in one step
Chapter 328: Penetrating the Dantian
Chapter 329: The Tomb of the Divine General
Chapter 330: Nothing gained
Chapter 331 The Gods of Dutian have evil appearances and gods and demons
Chapter 332: The Wonder of Immortal Wine
Chapter 333 Bloodline Metamorphosis
Chapter 334: Breaking through the Limit
Chapter 335: Achieving the Golden Elixir
Chapter 336 Magical Seed
Chapter 337: Spread across the world
Chapter 338: Prefer to travel to Hushan
Chapter 339 Yutian Palace
Chapter 340: Lake Fairy Pond
Chapter 341 Chu Longyuan
Chapter 342: Peacock King Ming
Chapter 343 Mu Pianqing
Chapter 344 Dugu Sheng
Chapter 345: Golden Immortality?
Chapter 346: Confused
Chapter 347 The Qing Emperor Clan
Chapter 348 Beyond Time and Space
Chapter 349 Bloodline Curse
Chapter 350 Turning a blind eye
Chapter 351 Tianni Xuandan
Chapter 352 Starlight Divine Water
Chapter 353 Lovesickness
Chapter 354 The Supreme Inspiration
Chapter 355 Black Lake
Chapter 356 Di Zhengyi
Chapter 357: Invisible
Chapter 358 The lake blocks the road
Chapter 359 Everyone uses their own methods
Chapter 360 The Seven Treasures of the Universe
Chapter 361: Resentment against the Imperial Clan
Chapter 362 Blood Sea Divine Insect
Chapter 363 The Immortal Seal of Gods and Demons
Chapter 364 Ten Kinds of Mudras
Chapter 365 The river transforms into a dragon
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Chapter 366 Heavenly Blue True Dragon
Chapter 367: Whirling Dragon Realm
Chapter 368 Mermaid Sacred Artifact
Chapter 369 The True Dragon is Born
Chapter 370 Little Huanglong
Chapter 371: Snatching the Dragon Eyes
Chapter 372 Never touch
Chapter 373 The terrifying Chang Ge
Chapter 374: God-killing Spear
Chapter 375 The fifth level the day after tomorrow
Chapter 376 I’m awesome
Chapter 377 Promotion Ceremony
Chapter 378: The Stars of the Year
Chapter 379: The Demon King of Catastrophe
Chapter 380: Everything is turned upside down
Chapter 381: Slap to death
Chapter 382 The Great World of Stars
Chapter 383: I can’t be bluffed anymore
Chapter 384: Killing and Punishing the Heart
Chapter 385: Completely wiped out
Chapter 386: One sword opens the world
Chapter 387 Let’s go
Chapter 388: Italy belongs to the East China Sea
Chapter 389: Map of Mountains, Rivers and Country
Chapter 390 The Most Miraculous Innate Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 391 Weird Desert Island
Chapter 392: Incomparable Flesh
Chapter 393 Taking the blame
Chapter 394: One punch is awesome
Chapter 395 The baby appears
Chapter 396: Cuiguang Liangyi Divine Fire
Chapter 397 Riding an ox eastward
Chapter 398: The Heavenly Realm of Dust
Chapter 399 Zhu Dazhuang
Chapter 400 Crazy plunder
Chapter 401: The Heavenly Realm of Dust
Chapter 402: Get rid of the pursuers
Chapter 403 Void Channel
Chapter 404 The Island Behind the Crack
Chapter 405 World Promotion
Chapter 406: The Great Realm of Ten Thousand Buddhas
Chapter 407: Fairy Island Foundation
Chapter 408 Two years under the treasure tree
Chapter 409: Nine Transformations of the Golden Pill
Chapter 410 The ninth level the day after tomorrow
Chapter 411 Pure Yang Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 412 Moli Tian
Chapter 413 King Kong Demon King
Chapter 414: Heavenly Demon Thunder Prison Pool
Chapter 415 Mermaid Hymn
Chapter 416 The Body of Kui Niu
Chapter 417 The Demon King takes action
Chapter 418 Mermaid Imperial Weapon
Chapter 419 Crazy Taoist
Chapter 420: Know everything
Chapter 421: Prince Ming’s Protection
Chapter 422 The Secret of Eternal Life
Chapter 423: Magical Escape Technique
Chapter 424: Caught away
Chapter 425: One Step into the Ancestral God
Chapter 426 Guizang Ancient City
Chapter 427 The Eternal Curse
Chapter 428 Tianji City
Chapter 429 The Jade Body of Heaven
Chapter 430 Innate Bloodline
Chapter 431 Yan Tiangang
Chapter 432: Half-Step Imperial Weapon
Chapter 433 Famous Ancestor God
Chapter 434 The whole world is the enemy
Chapter 435 Xingli Lake
Chapter 436 You all come together
Chapter 437: Suppression of All
Chapter 438: Preparation for the War
Chapter 439: The Embryo of Acquired Chaos
Chapter 440 All nine floors
Chapter 441: Killing in person
Chapter 442: Innately Invincible
Chapter 443 Invincible
Chapter 444: The Early Stage of Yin Shen
Chapter 445: Yi Qingxun is terrifying
Chapter 446 Evenly divided
Chapter 447 Dugu Sheng Arrives
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Chapter 448 Eternal Wonderland
Chapter 449: Enlightenment Platform
Chapter 450: The Long River of Time
Chapter 451 Lotus in the Eight-phase Stone
Chapter 452 Three-year-old baby
Chapter 453 Sword Cultivator Exploring the Path
Chapter 454 White Jade Sacred Mountain
Chapter 455 One Breath
Chapter 456 The corpse of the crazy Taoist
Chapter 457 Immortal Sister
Chapter 458 Kunlun Elixir
Chapter 459 Kunlun Mirror Light
Chapter 460: Kunlun Mirror’s Magical Power
Chapter 461: Different backgrounds
Chapter 462 A huge disaster
Chapter 463: Discovering clues
Chapter 464: Stagnation in Time and Space
Chapter 465: One blow to destroy them all
Chapter 466: Fetal Transformation
Chapter 467 Little Nezha
Chapter 468 Burial of the Emperor
Chapter 469 The Ocean of Rules
Chapter 470: Going to see the goldfish
Chapter 471 The Infinite Emperor
Chapter 472 Circular Formation
Chapter 473: The Holy Gate of Reincarnation
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Chapter 474: I am one
Chapter 475 The Nine Innate Levels
Chapter 476 The Unbreakable Formation
Chapter 477: Unmoved
Chapter 478 The Path of Destiny
Chapter 479: The Condensed Sword Light Condenses the Immortal Out
Chapter 480 Condensing the Sword into Gang
Chapter 481 Refining a sword into silk
Chapter 482 Four swords gather together
Chapter 483 Blue Sky Seal
Chapter 484 Acquired Chaos Sword Qi
Chapter 485 Half-step Daluo
Chapter 486 Dayan Hunyuan Sword
Chapter 487: Understatement
Chapter 488: Innate Water and Soil
Chapter 489: One-foot Dharma Appearance
Chapter 490: Destroying Spirits and Destroying Space
Chapter 491 The second person in eternity
Chapter 492 Yunhai Tiangong
Chapter 493: Acquired Laurel
Chapter 494: Shameless
Chapter 495: Sword Master
Chapter 496 Tianjian Sect
Chapter 497 Comprehension comes first
Chapter 498 Taiyin Jade Rabbit
Chapter 499 Blue Stars
Chapter 500 Yi Shixun
Chapter 501 Ten thousand immortals come to court
Chapter 502 Dugu Batian
Chapter 503 Arrival on the Phoenix
Chapter 504 The Human King
Chapter 505: Sunlight
Chapter 506: The Most Powerful Treasure Body
Chapter 507: Flashy
Chapter 508: Hateful Land Without Huan
Chapter 509 Guang Hanzi
Chapter 510: Violent siege
Chapter 511 Ten Halls of Yama
Chapter 512 The Rampant Human King
Chapter 513: Drinking Dragon and Phoenix Blood
Chapter 514 Invincible
Chapter 515: Xihuang’s Face
Chapter 516 Divine Light of Heaven
Chapter 517 Taiyin Guanghan
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Chapter 518 Thousands of True Dragons
Chapter 519 Panlong Formation
Chapter 520: The Sun and Moon Essence Wheel
Chapter 521: Standing on top
Chapter 522 Half Dominator
Chapter 523: Luck from Heaven
Chapter 524: Before the Giant Gate
Chapter 525: Turns out I was fooled
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Chapter 526 Unique benefits
Chapter 527: Intrigue and deception
Chapter 528 Luck sweeps across
Chapter 529 Yaochi no longer exists
Chapter 530 The real magic effect
Chapter 531 The Immortals are Going Crazy
Chapter 532 The Essence of Geng Gold
Chapter 533: Laurel Sacred Tree
Chapter 534 Lord of Taiyin
Chapter 535: Billions of Dust
Chapter 536: Dragon Power Added
Chapter 537: The Power of the Dragon King
Chapter 538: Dragon Gathering Bell
Chapter 539: Innate Jiamu Essence
Chapter 540: The Holy Tree is Hollow
Chapter 541: Innate Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 542: Successive Heavenly Spiritual Treasures
Chapter 543: The oriole is behind
Chapter 544: Outer Disciples
Chapter 545: Moving forward step by step
Chapter 546: Turtle in the Urn
Chapter 547: Killing Qin Fengdu with Sword
Chapter 548 Eight Wastelands Purple Qi Wuji Cauldron
Chapter 549 The Great Dao Divine Text
Chapter 550: Innate Immortal Aura
Chapter 551: Transforming the Taoist God
Chapter 552 The God of Rules
Chapter 553: God is going to kill you
Chapter 554 Fatal Weakness
Chapter 555: Galaxy Formation
Chapter 556 Broken Stars
Chapter 557: Starry Hand
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Chapter 558 Star Crystallization
Chapter 559 Complete Unity
Chapter 560: Covering the World
Chapter 561: Ingesting the Soul
Chapter 562 Blowing down stars like rain
Chapter 563 Nothing can be broken
Chapter 564: The Long River of Sword Dao
Chapter 565 Qian Ding Qingguang
Chapter 566: Determining the Universe
Chapter 567: Comparing Imperial Weapons
Chapter 568 Daluo Curse
Chapter 569: Qi and Blood Treasure Refining Technique
Chapter 570 Immortal King Taiwei
Chapter 571 Guanghan Mingyue Pearl
Chapter 572: The Immortal King covets
Chapter 573 The passage of time
Chapter 574: Terrifying Methods
Chapter 575 Purple Fingerprints
Chapter 576 Disappeared without a trace
Chapter 577: Reestablishing the Family
Chapter 578 Transporting mountains is admirable
Chapter 579 The difference between cloud and mud
Chapter 580: Accept the invitation
Chapter 581: Stone Spirit Fairy Fetus
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Chapter 582 The Beginning and End of the Taikang Dynasty
Chapter 583: Be the Emperor and the Emperor
Chapter 584: I just don’t like it
Chapter 585: Conspiracy to seize Yin and Yang Qi
Chapter 586: The Luck of the Soul Clan
Chapter 587 Taixu Su Nv Jing
Chapter 588 Shaoyang City
Chapter 589 The second magical use
Chapter 590: Conferred God Temple
Chapter 591 The autumn wind sweeps away the fallen leaves
Chapter 592 Black and White Divine Light
Chapter 593: Tens of Thousands of Years of Planning
Chapter 594: Transformation of Yin and Yang
Chapter 595: Unprecedented in Ancient Times
Chapter 596 Whereabouts Exposed
Chapter 597 Ten Imperial Weapons
Chapter 598 Nine Innate Spiritual Treasures
Chapter 599: Billions of Divine Beasts
Chapter 600 Yin Yang Taoist Soldiers
Chapter 601 Billions of Earthly Immortals
Chapter 602 Xuanwu Swallowing
Chapter 603: Understatement
Chapter 604: Blinding Heaven
Chapter 605: Secret tricks
Chapter 606: The Great Divine Power of Formless Overturning the Realm
Chapter 607: Killer
Chapter 608: The Black and Yellow Exquisite Pagoda of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 609: Achieving the Soul
Chapter 610 The Great Emperor’s World
Chapter 611: Ringing around the world
Chapter 612: Crossing the Era
Chapter 613 The Ancient Sword Ancestor
Chapter 614: The Long River of Swordsmanship
Chapter 615: Crush Eternity
Chapter 616: Knock it out with one punch
Chapter 617: Go away from Dao Sect
The Six Hundred and Eighteenth Palm: The Nine Levels of Tai Chi Diagram of the Day After Acquired
Chapter 619: Perfect restraint
Chapter 620: Jinqiao Taoist Soldiers
Chapter 621 Beaten to pieces
Chapter 622: Loot everything
Chapter 623: Golden Immortal siege
Chapter 624 Endless Void
Chapter 625: The Way of Immortality
Chapter 626: The realm of Yan Dao
Chapter 627 Shocking Picture
Chapter 628 Da Luo’s true body
Chapter 629 Dream World
Chapter 630 The Fruit of the World Tree
Chapter 631 The Great Desert
Chapter 632: Unimaginable Stone Statue
Chapter 633 Mount Sumeru
Chapter 634: The Second Level of the Jade Body of Heaven
Chapter 635 Xumi World
Chapter 636: A place to stay
Chapter 637: Blade Ghost Realm
Chapter 638: World Envoy Phantom
Chapter 639: Changes in Three Years
Chapter 640: Tracking Runes
Chapter 641 Immortal Strange Hand
Chapter 642 Black Demon Buddha
Chapter 643: Broken Temple
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Chapter 644: Treasure of Merit
Chapter 645: Boundless Illusion
Chapter 646: The Power of the Golden Toad
Chapter 647: The True Form Seal of the Twelve Ancestral Witches
Chapter 648: Reversal of the Immortal Golden Body
Chapter 649: Zhu Rong Ancestral Witch
Chapter 650: Twelve Ancestral Witches, Gods and Demons
Chapter 651 Dutian Shensha Banner
Chapter 652: Incarnation of the Immortal Golden Body
Chapter 653 Dream Bubble
Chapter 654 The Experience of Sleepwalker Fairy
Chapter 655 Tianji Pavilion Treasure House
Chapter 656: Grab and run
Chapter 657: Face to face with Tianxu Sect
Chapter 658 Starry Sky World
Chapter 659: Exposing the Bad Air Seal
Chapter 660: Hunyuan Divine Ball
Chapter 661: Innate Hunyuan Talisman
Chapter 662: Fierce self-destruction
Chapter 663: Three Realms of Runes
Chapter 664: The Holy Beast of Luck
Chapter 665: Stealing the Power of Heaven
Chapter 666: Innate Supernatural Powers
Chapter 667: The Old Holy Lord’s Methods
Chapter 668 Sudden changes
Chapter 669: Teleportation Array
Chapter 670 The Secret of the Year
Chapter 671: Stunned
Chapter 672: Terrifying Speculation
Chapter 673: Crush it to pieces
Chapter 674: Holy Pond of Luck
Chapter 675: Innate Hunyuan Treasure Body
Chapter 676: The power of spiritual treasures
Chapter 677 Nine Heavens Galaxy
Chapter 678: Innate Stone Spirit
Chapter 679: The Ancient Killing Curse Bow
Chapter 680 The Immortal Dao Body
Chapter 681 The Five Elements Technique
Chapter 682 Secret Passage
Chapter 683: The first appearance of calamity
Chapter 684: Controlling the Divine Water
Chapter 685: Source of Tianhe
Chapter 686: A wisp of the Emperor’s Taoism
Chapter 687 The true origin
Chapter 688: Revealing the trump card
Chapter 689 Past and Present Life
Chapter 690 Tit for tat
Chapter 691 The Wonderful Appearance of My Way
Chapter 692: Spiritual Destruction and Suppression
Chapter 693: Vow to Conquer
Chapter 694: Overwhelm the Dragon King
Chapter 695: Cultivation of the Jade Body
Chapter 696: Breakthrough and Leap
Chapter 697: Earthly Immortal Realm
Chapter 698: Conspiracy against Stone Spirit
Chapter 699: Innate Magical Powers
Chapter 700 All promoted
Chapter 701: Emperor Yan’s Sword Intent
Chapter 702: Sword Intention Channeling
Chapter 703: Refining the Sword into Light
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Chapter 704 Four Swords Innate
Chapter 705: Genius among Stone Spirits
Chapter 706: Strong Conquest
Chapter 707: Faint Alliance
Chapter 708: Finding a Stand
Chapter 709 Confronting the Taoist Master
Chapter 710: Refining Gods and Demons
Chapter 711 One step further
Chapter 712: Taking charge of the sky
Chapter 713 The Place of Creation
Chapter 714 The weird old man
Chapter 715 The Ancestral Mountain of the Human Race
Chapter 716: Cauldron Refining Heaven and Earth
Chapter 717 Nine Yuan Reappears
Chapter 718: Tiandao Sect
Chapter 719 The Living Emperor
Chapter 720: Number one in the world
Chapter 721: Human Race’s Luck
Chapter 722 Chaos Sword Qi
Chapter 723: Placing the Fruit
Chapter 724 The True Spirit Escapes
Chapter 725: The Holy Cauldron is Born
Chapter 726 Appearing in the world
Chapter 727: A glimmer of advantage
Chapter 728 Evenly matched
Chapter 729: Confronting the Tianxu Sect
Chapter 730 Ever-changing
Chapter 731: The Great Technique of Killing
Chapter 732: Raging Fury
Chapter 733: No mercy
Chapter 734: The Mist of Prehistoric Times
Chapter 735: Destroy the physical body again
Chapter 736: Stone Emperor takes action
Chapter 737: Falling into the Imperial Mausoleum
Chapter 738: Treasures come out together
Chapter 739: Magical Beasts
Chapter 740: Entering the Tomb of the Emperor
Chapter 741 The Tomb of the Killing Emperor
Chapter 742: Infinite Emperor Pattern
Chapter 743 Cloud of Chaos
Chapter 744: Changes in Can Yu
Chapter 745 The Furious Stone Emperor
Chapter 746: Self-Perfection
Chapter 747: There is a sky outside the sky
Chapter 748 Heaven and Earth are a furnace
Chapter 749: On the high platform
Chapter 750 Chaos Stubborn Stone
Chapter 751: Finally Meet the Killing Emperor
Chapter 752: The Emperor’s Heaven Surprised
Chapter 753: The Great Way
Chapter 754: Changes in the stubborn stone
Chapter 755 Chaos Gods and Demons
Chapter 756 Missed Opportunity
Chapter 757 The Stone Emperor blocks the door
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Chapter 758: Another heavy blow
Chapter 759: Falling into human hands
Chapter 760: Millions of Emperor Devouring Beasts
Chapter 761 Invincible in the world
Chapter 762 The Road to the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 763: Empty
Chapter 764 I am your ancestor
Chapter 765: Tiandao Sect is stunned by anger
Chapter 766 Return to the Abyss
Chapter 767: Gods and Demons in the City
Chapter 768: The Treasure Seal of the Rotation of All Realms
Chapter 769: Reincarnation Enlightenment
Chapter 770: Great Perfection of Immortals
Chapter 771 The Supreme Immortal of Nine Heavens
Chapter 772 Enlightenment in a Dream
Chapter 773: Escape the Gods and Demons
Chapter 774 The Sword Formation Reappears
Chapter 775 Ninety-Nine Heavenly Luo Huagai
Chapter 776 Just a clone
Chapter 777: Judgment of Life and Death
Chapter 778 The Palm in the Black Hole
Chapter 779 The soul is injured
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Chapter 780: Expelling Taoism
Chapter 781 Meeting the Stone Emperor Again
Chapter 782: Obstacle Breaking Treasure
Chapter 783 Taiyi’s lair
Chapter 784 Joining forces with Stone Emperor
Chapter 785 Bones of Gods and Demons
Chapter 786: Stealing Fruit
Chapter 787 The Confident Stone Emperor
Chapter 788: Illusions of Worlds
Chapter 789: Seal the escape route
Chapter 790: Refining Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 791 The Invincible Land
Chapter 792: Ending Cause and Effect
Chapter 793 Infinite World
Chapter 794 The air of nothingness
Chapter 795 Luck Sacrifice
Chapter 796 The frustrated Tai Yi
Chapter 797: Walk away
Chapter 798 Suspected to be Haiyan
Chapter 799 Weird Black Water
Chapter 800: Direct attack on the soul
Chapter 801 The Legend of Sea Eye
Chapter 802 The Power of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 803 Dinghai God and Demon
Chapter 804 The only free gods and demons
Chapter 805 A scare
Chapter 806 Qinghuang Star Map
Chapter 807 It looks delicious
Chapter 808 Jinao Island
Chapter 809 Three-Legged Golden Crow
Chapter 810 The vast battlefield
Chapter 811 Pantheon
Chapter 812 The Ancient Human Demon
Chapter 813 You chase me
Chapter 814: Running with your head down
Chapter 815: Suppressing Wei Li
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Chapter 816 The Ray of the Sun God
Chapter 817 Magnificent Light Pillar
Chapter 818: Intrigue and deception
Chapter 819: The Art of Rainbow Transformation
Chapter 820: All are undefeated
Chapter 821 Taihao’s ambition
Chapter 822: True Fire Breaks the Seal
Chapter 823: Loot everything
Chapter 824 Eternal Seal
Chapter 825 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 826 Copper Coffin Whirlpool
Chapter 827 The terrifying light spot
Chapter 828: Retribution
Chapter 829: A hidden chess piece
Chapter 830: The catastrophe begins
Chapter 831: Conquer Jin Ao
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Chapter 832: Near miss or not
Chapter 833 Lord of the Great Thousand
Chapter 834: Coming to the door
Chapter 835: Perfect Power
Chapter 836 Puppet Nemesis
Chapter 837 The Incarnation of the Great Road
Chapter 838 Forced Fusion
Chapter 839 The Lord of Xiaoqian
Chapter 840 The Nine Innate Levels
Chapter 841 Dimensionality Reduction Strike
Chapter 842 Fierce Battle with Tiandao Sect
Chapter 843 The Origin of Ten Thousand Daos
Chapter 844 South China Sea Dragon Realm
Chapter 845: Stone Mirror Da Luo
Chapter 846 Goodbye Taihuangtian
Chapter 847: Falling out of love
Chapter 848: Get whatever you want
Chapter 849: Bloodline Inheritance
Chapter 850 Chaos Clock
Chapter 851: Loot them all
Chapter 852 An idea
Chapter 853 The Secret of the Rainbow
Chapter 854: The True Fire of the Sun
Chapter 855: Strange evil spirit
Chapter 856 Infinite Fragments
Chapter 857 The terrifying sword shadow
Chapter 858: One Sword Breaks All Laws
Chapter 859: Seizing Liding by force
Chapter 860 The Condensation of Sword Intent
Chapter 861 The Sword-Eating Ancestor
Chapter 862 Immortal Emperor Sword Soul
Chapter 863 Qingping Divine Sword
Chapter 864 Zhouguang Dingxian Bell
Chapter 865 Independent Time and Space
Chapter 866: Never touch anything
Chapter 867 The Demon-Biting Sword
Chapter 868: Killing with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 869: Extremely Arrogant
Chapter 870 Sword Taboo
Chapter 871 Innate Orb
Chapter 872 Hitting the Nemesis
Chapter 873 Strange Arm
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Chapter 874 Innate Creatures
Chapter 875 Dragon Scales from Another Realm
Chapter 876: Occupy the treasured land
Chapter 877 Biyou Palace
Chapter 878: Bringing Luck
Chapter 879 Everyone is acting
Chapter 880 Killer
Chapter 881 Yuanshi Daluo Altar
Chapter 882: Holy Pond of Luck
Chapter 883 Xumi Mustard Seed
Chapter 884: Encountering Reincarnation Again
Chapter 885: The Great Curse of Abi
Chapter 886 The Tao Body is Immortal
Chapter 887: The Way to Great Aspirations
Chapter 888 Heavenly Demon Palace
Chapter 889 Domineering and ferocious
Chapter 890: Dominate the Way of the Sword
Chapter 891: Take action
Chapter 892 World Chessboard
Chapter 893 Hidden ghosts
Chapter 894: The Fifth Level of Innateness
Chapter 895: Smoke from the seven orifices
Chapter 896: Changes in Xingyun State
Chapter 897 The Ancient Royal Family
Chapter 898 Speechless
Chapter 899: Simple World Tree
Chapter 900 Rules and Taoism
Chapter 901: No fireworks
Chapter 902 Thunder God Ax
Chapter 903 Nine Heavens Weak Water
Chapter 904: The power of the cockroach
Chapter 905: True Fire Nemesis
Chapter 906 The King of Golden Beasts
Chapter 907 Just food
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Chapter 908: Good Luck
Chapter 909: Alone
Chapter 910 Bi Fang Divine Bird
Chapter 911: Setting the Mountain on Fire
Chapter 912 War on fire everywhere
Chapter 913: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 914: Planning and merging
Chapter 915: Taixu Destroys Immortal Lamp
Chapter 916: Soaring Incense Array
Chapter 917: Empress Tianhu
Chapter 918: All are my dojo
Chapter 919: Who else would you rather me?
Chapter 920: Sharp-tongued
Chapter 921: Fear of Tianwei
Chapter 922: Lord of a State
Chapter 923: Refining the Sword Gourd
Chapter 924 The trump card
Chapter 925: Incident in the Abyss
Chapter 926: Deep in the Abyss
Chapter 927: Scary Figure
Chapter 928: Copying Magical Powers
Chapter 929 The Third Level of Secret Technique
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Chapter 930: Terrifying Will
Chapter 931: Going Back in Time and Space
Chapter 932 The power of crushing
Chapter 933: Rule Weaving
Chapter 934: Immortal Emperor of Great Xia?
Chapter 935: Turning against others
Chapter 936: Taking action suddenly
Chapter 937 I am Hongjun
Chapter 938: Come to the door
Chapter 939 Breaking through the wall
Chapter 940: The Body of Gods and Demons
Chapter 941 Xiao Qianwei Shu
Chapter 942: Obedience or disobedience depends on the heart
Chapter 943 Blood Refined Divine Eye
Chapter 944 Don’t lose the way of swordsmanship
Chapter 945 Rules are swords
Chapter 946 Fighting with force
Chapter 947 The Ten Emperors Block the Door
Chapter 948 Just for the sake of orthodoxy
Chapter 949 This is how it should be
Chapter 950: Nine Heavens as Emperor
Chapter 951 The Heart of the Emperor
Chapter 952: Spiritual treasures come out together
Chapter 953: Immortal Fingerlight
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Chapter 954 The Secret Technique of Nine Elements
Chapter 955: For the Queen
Chapter 956 The Law of Life and Death
Chapter 957: Targeting Zhang Qian
Chapter 958: The Law of Control
Chapter 959: Covering up the secret
Chapter 960: It’s so difficult for me
Chapter 961 World Fusion
Chapter 962: Reach the sky in one step
Chapter 963 The road is unforgiving
Chapter 964: Leaving the tripod and becoming a mystery
Chapter 965: The Wonderful Appearance of the Sky Fox
Chapter 966 Daluo True Immortal
Chapter 967: Rat Hole Giant City
Chapter 968 Xingmang Ancient Well
Chapter 969: Lei Ze Divine Gold
Chapter 970: Bite through the barrier
Chapter 971 The person who should be robbed
Chapter 972: Door of Transcendence
Chapter 973 Everyone is crazy
Chapter 974 Stirring up the storm
Chapter 975 The terrifying front teeth
Chapter 976: Innate Body
Chapter 977 The Nine Innate Levels
Chapter 978 Dilemma
Chapter 979 Reincarnation of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 980 Not enough
Chapter 981 The Blue Emperor
Chapter 982 The Seal of the Green Emperor
Chapter 983: All Fallen
Chapter 984 The Holy Lord does not exist
Chapter 985 Forty-nine Divine Forbidden Paths
Chapter 986 Everyone is transcendent
Chapter 987: Vulnerable
Chapter 988 Fighting for the Crazy Taoist
Chapter 989 Da Luo Showdown
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Chapter 990: Shake the Foundation
Chapter 991 Wanli Sword Gate
Chapter 992: Killing Tiandao Sect with Sword
Chapter 993 Ambition finally comes true
Chapter 994 Eye of the Avenue
Chapter 995: The Law of Reception
Chapter 996: The Catastrophe of Collapse
Chapter 997: All Souls Are Destroyed
Chapter 998: Ling Yu defeats Zhu Xian
Chapter 999 The Secret of the Crazy Taoist
Chapter 1000 Three Thousand in One
Chapter 1001: Escape from the Cage
Chapter 1002 The Peacock Immortal King
Chapter 1003 Original World
Chapter 1004 Da Luo Miao has a moral spirit
Chapter 1005: Unparalleled Calculation
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Chapter 1006: Universe Shift
Chapter 1007 Thirty-three days
Chapter 1008 Strange Cave
Chapter 1009 Wuzhishan
Chapter 1010 The world in the palm of your hand
Chapter 1011 Ancestral Vein Spiritual Energy
Chapter 1012: Galaxy World
Chapter 1013: Meet again in the sea of ????stars
Chapter 1014 Taiyi Xuanxian
Chapter 1015: Rebuilding the Universe
Chapter 1016 Fenbaoyan
Chapter 1017 Suppressing Wanbao
Chapter 1018: Getting what you want
Chapter 1,019 The Lord of the Path
Chapter 1020 The Secret of Yuan Fei
Chapter 1021 Retrograde Deduction
Chapter 1022: Desire to obtain the ancestral lineage
Chapter 1023: Fighting with the Stars
Chapter 1024 Heart of the Galaxy
Chapter 1025: Giant Gate Passage
Chapter 1,026 Weird Stars
Chapter 1027: The Power of Fenbaoyan
Chapter 1028: The will is destroyed
Chapter 1029: Restoration of Lingbao
Chapter 1030: Great Way to Simplicity
Chapter 1031: Innate Chaos Yuan Fei
Chapter 1,032 The Nine Innate Levels
Chapter 1033 Mirage becomes enlightened
Chapter 1034 Nine Laws
Chapter 1035 Li Dongxu?
Chapter 1,036 The body is destroyed
Chapter 1037 The Law of Plague
Chapter 1038 The only hope
Chapter 1,039 Customized Innate Bloodline
Chapter 1040 A whim
Chapter 1041 World Kendo
Chapter 1,042 The Sword Master of the Heavens
Chapter 1043: Five Paths Respect Together
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Chapter 1044: Everyone Becomes an Immortal
Chapter 1,045 It’s not eternity after all
Chapter 1046: Half-step to the acquired treasure
Chapter 1,047 Facing Da Luo
Chapter 1048: Escape
Chapter 1,049 The Terrifying Sword Marks
Chapter 1050: Excalibur Mountains
Chapter 1051 Shizu
Chapter 1,052 Previous Era
Chapter 1,053 The Great Demonic Flag of Five Yun
Chapter 1054: Suppression with hands
Chapter 1055 Taibai Scenery Sword
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Chapter 1056 Luo Qinghong
Chapter 1,057 The Fall of Daluo
Chapter 1,058 The Will of the Sword Ancestor
Chapter 1,059 Across the Universe
Chapter 1,060 Falling into enemy hands
Chapter 1,061 The World Hidden in the Belly
Chapter 1,062 Xuanhuang Merits
Chapter 1,063 Re-enactment of Xuan Gong
Chapter 1,064 Nine Turns Mysterious Technique
Chapter 1065: Preaching Biyou
Chapter 1066: Message Flying Sword
Chapter 1,067 The Magic Cave of Ten Thousand Miles
Chapter 1,068 The Avenue of Eternal Life
Chapter 1,069 The real mystery
Chapter 1,070 The Sixth Revolution of Xuan Gong
Chapter 1,071 Rapid Promotion
Chapter 1,072 Nine-story Pagoda
Chapter 1,073 The World-Destroying Black Lotus
Chapter 1,074 Demon Ancestor Tiancang
Chapter 1,075 Ling Bao as the Foundation
Chapter 1076 Such a great gift
Chapter 1,077 Attack the World
Chapter 1,078 The World of Cave
Chapter 1079: Another plot
Chapter 1080 Innate Chaos Essence
Chapter 1081 The Sky Fox Becomes a Daoist
Chapter 1082 The Law of Cause and Effect
Chapter 1083 The World of Gods
Chapter 1084: Thoughts Move Hell
Chapter 1085 Salodar
Chapter 1086: Creating the Galaxy
Chapter 1,087 The Origin of the Starry Sky
Chapter 1,088 The World of Sword Ancestor
Chapter 1,089 The Seven-Level Rainbow
Chapter 1090 Ten Thousand Immortals Travel Together
Chapter 1,091 A Stunning Sword
Chapter 1092: Old grudges and entanglements
Chapter 1093: Three Three Destroy Gods
Chapter 1094: Sacrifice Knife
Chapter 1095: Cat Playing with Mouse
Chapter 1,096 Tian Yan Xuan Long
Chapter 1,097 The physical body comes first
Chapter 1,098 Emperor Huaxian
Chapter 1099: Escape from the miniature houses of the heavens
Chapter 1,100 The Battle for Speed
Chapter 1101 Lian Shizong
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Chapter 1,102 Tianshi Xingyuan
Chapter 1,103 Innate Spiritual Roots
Chapter 1,104 The Power of the Forbidden Sky
Chapter 1105 Eternal Demon Court
Chapter 1,106 Merit as the Cause
Chapter 1,107 Great Thousand Fruits
Chapter 1,108 The Prehistoric World
Chapter 1,109 Yaochi Golden Mother
Chapter 1,110 Planning to join forces
Chapter 1111 Nuwa Empress
Chapter 1,112 Ancestral Witch Emperor Jiang
Chapter 1,113 Strange Fruit
Chapter 1,114 The sword light bursts out
Chapter 1,115 Confrontation between the Holy Paths
Chapter 1,116 Cutting off the Foundation
Chapter 1,117 Heaven and man are separated forever
Chapter 1,118 All wiped out
Chapter 1,119 An innate treasure?
Chapter 1120: Made public
Chapter 1,121 Golden-winged Dapeng
Chapter 1,122 Return without success
Chapter 1,123 Shocking the Heavens
Chapter 1,124: Secretly leaving a way out
Chapter 1125: Loose Immortals and their ilk
Chapter 1,126 Chaos Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 1,127 Vientiane Phantom Wave Flag
Chapter 1,128: Killing Immortal Hundreds of Billions
Chapter 1129: Everything is brushed
Chapter 1,130 Chaos Stone
Chapter 1,131 Puppet Gods and Demons
Untitled Chapter
Chapter 1,132 Rahu’s Heart?
Chapter 1,133 The Invincible Land
Chapter 1,134 Appearance
Chapter 1,135 Demon Master Kunpeng
Chapter 1,136 Hongjun?
Chapter 1137: Still not kneeling down
Chapter 1,138 The Great World of Moro
Chapter 1,139 Three Thousand Nirvana
Chapter 1,140 Saints
Chapter 1,141 The Lord of the Thousand
Chapter 1142: Siege from ten sides
Chapter 1,143 Nothing can be broken
happy New Year to all!
Chapter 1,144 Can cut the Taoist heart
Chapter 1145: Another person is tricked
Chapter 1,146 Who is not tempted?
Chapter 1,147 Time and Space Fault
Chapter 1,148 Spreading Sword Dao
Chapter 1,149 Ten Thousand Years of Time
Chapter 1,150 Eternal Heaven
Chapter 1151: Thousands of Years in a Hurry
Chapter 1,152 The Essence of Cultivation
Chapter 1,153 The Immortal Soul
Chapter 1,154 Immortality
Chapter 1,155 No one can offend
Chapter 1,156 The Great Power of the World
Chapter 1,157 Attacking the Sacred Mountain
Chapter 1,158 What can I do?
Chapter 1,159 The Great Witch of the Ancient World
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Chapter 1,160 Pangu’s True Body
Chapter 1,161 The Great Witch Qiang Barbarian
Chapter 1,162 Buzhou Mountain
Chapter 1,163 Pangu Temple
Chapter 1,164 A bold idea
Chapter 1,165 Pangu Flag
Chapter 1,166 Battlefield Calamity
Chapter 1,167 Blood Sea Shura
Chapter 1,168 Yuantu Abi
Chapter 1,169 Ancestor Styx
Chapter 1,170 Blessing Power
Chapter 1,171 Hun Tianling
Chapter 1,172 Peerless Grace
Chapter 1,173 Candle Dragon
Chapter 1,174 Miraculous Uses
Chapter 1,175 Panjiao’s remnants
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Chapter 1,176 Trillions are wiped out
Chapter 1,177 Hongmeng Wanhua Cauldron
Chapter 1,178 Taking the Blame
Chapter 1,179 The Supreme Sword Way
Chapter 1,180 Shocking the Worlds
Chapter 1,181 Loyalty
Chapter 1,182 Donghuang Taiyi
Chapter 1,183 The Great Witch Kuafu
Chapter 1184: Innate Formation?
Chapter 1,185 The Great Demon’s Fei Dan
Chapter 1186: Trapping another person
Chapter 1,187 Endless Mist
Chapter 1,188 The Western Plain Cloud Flag?
Chapter 1,189 Five Colors and Five Directions
Chapter 1,190 Ancestral Witch Zhurong
Chapter 1191 Emerald Light Liangyi Lamp
Chapter 1,192 The Sword Breaks the Barrier
Chapter 1,193 I am the only one who dominates
Chapter 1,194 Divide Chaos?
Chapter 1195: Deep love for licking a calf?
Chapter 1,196 I am the only one who dominates
Chapter 1,197 Spare my life
Chapter 1,198 Without a trace
Chapter 1,199 Billions of Sword Masters
Chapter 1,200 The Great Creation
Chapter 1,201 Hunyuan Dao Qi
Chapter 1,202 The Return of the Killing Emperor
Chapter 1,203 Innate Dao Body
Chapter 1,204 The dream wakes up and comes true
Chapter 1,205 Time and Space Mark
Chapter 1,206 The Ultimate Leap
Chapter 1,207 Cut off one by one
Chapter 1208: Coveting Immortality
Chapter 1,209 Pointing to Eternity
Chapter 1,210 Unstoppable
Chapter 1,211 The fist shocks immeasurably
Chapter 1,212 The Power of the World
Chapter 1,213 Blood Descendants
Chapter 1,214 The Secret of the Sacred Mountain
Chapter 1,215 Blood God Son
Chapter 1,216 The Ominous Power of the Styx
Chapter 1,217 The Second Knife
Chapter 1,218 Leave no one behind
Chapter 1,219 Sword Fight
Chapter 1,220 The Origin of the Void Realm
Chapter 1,221 Mysterious Face
Chapter 1,222 The Formation at the Heart of the Mountain
Chapter 1223: Old Spiritual Root Events
Chapter 1,224 Spiritual Root Regeneration
Chapter 1,225: Sacrifice to Feidian
The first thousand two hundred and fifty-eight chapters
Chapter 1,226 The Sacred Tree Asks for Help
Chapter 1,227 The scene back then
Chapter 1,228 Chaos Beyond the Sky
Chapter 1,229 Creation of Chaos
Chapter 1,230 Phantom Shadows of Gods and Demons
Chapter 1,231 Living or dying
Chapter 1,232: Eradicate the Past
Chapter 1,233 I am death
Chapter 1,234 Questions about Creation of Humans
Chapter 1,235 One Billion Geniuses
Chapter 1,236 Time flies in the blink of an eye
Chapter 1,237 Joining forces with the Wu Clan?
Chapter 1,238 Shocking Changes
Chapter 1,239 Time waits not for us
Chapter 1,240 The Invincible Dharma
Chapter 1,241 The Peak of Swordsmanship
Chapter 1,242 Eyes on the Golden Crow
Chapter 1,243 All the crowds follow
Chapter 1,244 The Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 1,245 Master Dongyang
Chapter 1,246 Unifying the Human Race
Chapter 1,247 The Great Perfection of the Hunyuan True Immortal
Chapter 1,248 The True Meaning of the Ultimate Way
Chapter 1,249 The trend is mine
Chapter 1,250 The Golden Crow Clan
Chapter 1,251 The Source of Destruction
Chapter 1,252 Infamy
Chapter 1,253 Adding fuel to the flames
Chapter 1,254 Follow your words
Chapter 1,255 Hetu Luoshu
Chapter 1,256 Fuso Saplings
Chapter 1,257: Possessed in the Lower Realm
Chapter 1,258 Zhoutian Starry Formation
Chapter 1,259 Array Nemesis
Chapter 1,260 Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 1,261 Join forces to siege
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Chapter 1,262 Throughout the Great Desolation
Chapter 1,263 Dongyang suffers disaster
Chapter 1,264 Self-Evidence of the Universe
Chapter 1,265 Karma Fire Red Lotus
Chapter 1,266 The Realm of the Ultimate
Chapter 1,267 Attacking the Wilderness
Chapter 1,268 Sacrificing Bloodline
Chapter 1,269 Rapid Progress
Chapter 1,270 The Rainbow is Complete
Chapter 1,271 Possession and Seizing the Body
Chapter 1,272 Xuanyin’s Broken Hand
Chapter 1,273 Natural Enemies of All Living Beings
Chapter 1,274 Hongmeng Baoding
Chapter 1,275 No Self
Chapter 1,276 Zhen Yuanzi
Chapter 1,277 The difference between good and evil
Chapter 1,278 The Power of All Transformations
Chapter 1,279 A big fight
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Chapter 1,280 Divide Billions
Chapter 1,281 Caught in the act
Chapter 1,282 You fight for it
Chapter 1,283 The Great Phoenix Ancestor
Chapter 1,284 Creation of the Void
Chapter 1,285: Fitting the body with the Tao
Chapter 1,286 Evenly matched
Chapter 1,287 The Power of the Stone
Chapter 1288: Killing Intent
Chapter 1,289: Insight into the illusion
Chapter 1,290 Disobeying Ancestors
Chapter 1,291 Taiyi Shenzong
Chapter 1,292 Hunyuan One Gas Bottle
Chapter 1,293 Falling into the mortal world
Chapter 1,294 The World-Breaking Needle
Chapter 1,295 The light of the ax that opens the sky
Chapter 1296: Shared Hatred and Enemy
Chapter 1,297 Just a Mortal
Chapter 1,298 Supreme Opportunity
Chapter 1,299 The Feast of Plunder
Chapter 1,300 Divide it all up
Chapter 1,301: The Sect Leader’s Position
Chapter 1,302: Life-Saving and Invincible
Chapter 1303: Furious
Chapter 1,304 The Invincible Land
Chapter 1,305 I have supreme mystical skills
Chapter 1,306 The Great Favor of Teaching the Dharma
Chapter 1,307 Secretly joining forces
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Chapter 1308: Aboveboard
Chapter 1,309 The Sword Formation Reappears
Chapter 1,310 Da Luo self-destructs
Chapter 1311 Mysterious Clear Light
Chapter 1,312 The Secret of the Sword Gourd
Chapter 1313: Creation of Gods and Demons
Chapter 1,314 The Form of Gods and Demons
Chapter 1,315 Endless Tempering
Chapter 1,316 Tempering the Divine Needle
Chapter 1,317 Attacking the Sword Dao
Chapter 1,318 Extreme Speed
Chapter 1,319 Immortal Thoughts
Chapter 1,320 Refining the Divine Sword
Chapter 1321: Words make one’s mind faint
Chapter 1,322 Facing Nothingness
Chapter 1,323 The Divine Ax
Chapter 1,324 The Witch Clan’s Plot
Chapter 1,325 Immortal Taoist Soldiers
Chapter 1,326 Dutian Divine Evil Formation?
Chapter 1327: Soul Injury
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Chapter 1,328 The target of public criticism
Chapter 1329: Rising waves
Chapter 1,330 Ruins of Era
Chapter 1,331 The Immortal Demon
Chapter 1,332 Void Crack
Chapter 1,333 The Power of Three Eyes
Chapter 1,334 Creation of the Void
Chapter 1,335 Dominate All Living Beings
Chapter 1,336: Dragon Head and Human Body
Chapter 1,337 The Demonic Treasure Land
Chapter 1,338 Time and Space Vortex
Chapter 1,339 Bizarre
Chapter 1,340 Time and Space Channel
Chapter 1341 The mysterious figure
Chapter 1,342: Invincible
Chapter 1,343 The Reappearance of a Human Face
Chapter 1,344 The power of rebellion
Chapter 1,345 Luck and Merits
Chapter 1,346 The number one person in the world?
Chapter 1,347 Gai Xianfan
Chapter 1,348 Making a Sword with a Sword
Chapter 1,349 Chencang’s secret crossing
Chapter 1,350 Rapid Progress
Chapter 1,351 Spiritual Root Sky
Chapter 1,352 Decisive Decision
Chapter 1,353: Looting the Origin
Chapter 1,354 Hunyuan Golden Immortal
Chapter 1,355 Thunder of Annihilation
Chapter 1,356 Death or Life
Chapter 1,357 Complete Maturity
Chapter 1,358 Demon Ancestor Rahu
Chapter 1,359 Reestablishing the Demonic Way
Chapter 1,360 Knowing everything
Chapter 1,361 Reshaping the Demonic Body
Chapter 1,362 No living beings exist
Chapter 1,363 Pan Dao Yu’s Roots
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Chapter 1,364 Gate of the Void
Chapter 1,365 Phoenix Nest
Chapter 1,366 A sudden increase in strength
Chapter 1,367 Immortal Embers
Chapter 1,368: Smelting Everything
Chapter 1,369 Refining Innateness
Chapter 1,370 Innate Taibai Fine Gold
Chapter 1,371 Devouring the Heavens
Chapter 1,372 Invincible in all realms
Chapter 1,373 Kaitian Sword Pill
Chapter 1,374 Crossing the Barrier
Chapter 1,375 The Immortal Volcano
Chapter 1376: Innately Invincible
Chapter 1,377 Greed is on the rise
Chapter 1,378 The Innate Sycamore Tree
Chapter 1379 Rokukonbata
Chapter 1,380 The Terrible Curse
Chapter 1,381 The Tao will not destroy me
Chapter 1,382: Destroy Daluo with one sword
Chapter 1,383 Dao Ancestor Appears
Chapter 1,384 Breaking the Shackles
Chapter 1,385 A treasure
Chapter 1,386: The Treasure of Acquired Merits
Chapter 1,387 Pagoda Wushuang
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Chapter 1,388 Innate Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 1,389 Hongjun’s Malice
Chapter 1,390 Come to your door to ask for medicine
Chapter 1391 Wuzhuang Temple
Chapter 1,392 The Art of Alchemy
Chapter 1393: Unmoved
Chapter 1,394 Make a deal
Chapter 1395: Infatuation
Chapter 1,396 The Difference
Chapter 1,397 The ruthless person
Chapter 1,398 The Gate of Prehistoric Times
Chapter 1399: Retrograde River
Chapter 1,400 Outside the Universe
Chapter 1,401 Daluo Jinxian
Chapter 1,402 The Wonder of Xuanhuang
Chapter 1,403 The Power of Divine Punishment
Chapter 1,404 Opportunity for Contradiction
Chapter 1,405 The general trend changes for the first time
Chapter 1,406 Lawless
Chapter 1407: Guiding the Country
Chapter 1,408 Infinite Tempering
Chapter 1,409 Terrifying Speculations
Chapter 1,410 The Origin of Human Race
Chapter 1411: One family supports one person
Chapter 1,412 Chaos Gods and Demons
Chapter 1,413 Invincible
Chapter 1,414 The catastrophe continues
Chapter 1,415 The God-Killing Spear
Chapter 1,416 Replacement
Chapter 1,417 Devouring Everything
Chapter 1,418 Repaying Karma
Chapter 1419: There is no hope of salvation
Chapter 1,420 Ten Thousand Swords Worship
Chapter 1,421 Chaos Spiritual Treasure
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Chapter 1,422 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 1423: Calculating the Way of Heaven
Chapter 1,424 The Power of the Divine Sword
Chapter 1,425 Migration of all living beings
Chapter 1,426 Sacrificing Luck
Chapter 1,427 Merit and Virtue
Chapter 1,428 Shouyang Mountain
Chapter 1,429 The power of opening the sky
Chapter 1430: Plundering Luck
Chapter 1,431 A passing cloud
Chapter 1432: Transcendence Treasure
Chapter 1,433 Eight Laws
Chapter 1,434 Innate Glazed Fire Purification
Chapter 1,435 A Magic Well
Chapter 1,436 Chaos Beyond the Sky
Chapter 1,437 Terrible Ambition
Chapter 1,438 The perfect loophole
Chapter 1,439 Make another deal
Chapter 1,440 Chaos World
Chapter 1,441: The stubborn stone mountain
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Chapter 1,442 Ancestor Yangmei
Chapter 1,443 The Origin of Rahu
Chapter 1,444 The First Battle
Chapter 1,445 Familiar Demonic Thoughts
Chapter 1,446 Space Fault
Chapter 1,447 The broken body of gods and demons
Chapter 1,448 The Star Treasure Tree
Chapter 1,449 Chaos Bead
Chapter 1,450 Taoist Suppression
Chapter 1,451 Move the whole thing away
Chapter 1,452: Transforming supernatural powers into spiritual treasures?
Chapter 1,453: Refining Chaos Beads
Chapter 1,454: Killing the Emperor into the Wilderness
Chapter 1455: Open the Realm Gate Again
Chapter 1,456 Luofu Mountain
Chapter 1,457 Cave Heaven Paradise
Chapter 1,458 Taiwu Fairy Mountain
Chapter 1,459 Two Spiritual Treasures
Chapter 1,460 The Secret of the Temple
Chapter 1,461 Stealing True Blood
Chapter 1,462 The Ancestral Witch of Creation
Chapter 1,463 Thirteen Ancestral Witches
Chapter 1,464 No chance of taking action
Chapter 1465: Idealism
Chapter 1,466 Obliterating the Destiny
Chapter 1,467 Return to oneself
Chapter 1468: Heresy?
Chapter 1,469 I am the only true person
Chapter 1,470 Three Paths
Chapter 1,471 Swallowed Up
Chapter 1,472 Lord of the Sun
Chapter 1473: Helpless
Chapter 1,474 Three Paths Coexist
Chapter 1,475 Doumu Yuanjun
Chapter 1,476 Leading the Trend
Chapter 1,477 Ultimate Nothingness
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Chapter 1,478 Controlling Chaos
Chapter 1,479 Customized Chaos Gods and Demons
Chapter 1,480 Copying Lingbao
Chapter 1,481 Changes in the Witch Clan
Chapter 1,482 The Essence of Pangu
Chapter 1,483 Can’t wait
Chapter 1,484 Waste of natural resources
Chapter 1,485 A deeper plan
Chapter 1486: File in
Chapter 1,487 What can the Netherworld do?
Chapter 1,488 What’s in the Sleeve?
Chapter 1,489 Who rules the ups and downs?
Chapter 1,490 Reshaping Zhongji
Chapter 1,491 The Eternal God
Chapter 1,492 The Secret of the Gods
Chapter 1,493 The Kingdom of Death
Chapter 1,494 Lawless and Invincible
Chapter 1,495 Loopholes in the Universe
Chapter 1,496 Order Hunyuan
Chapter 1497: Inadequate occupation?
Chapter 1,498 The Great Witch Hunming
Chapter 1,499 Thunder Sweeps
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Chapter 1500: Methods of forcing barbarians
Chapter 1501 Everyone surrenders
Chapter 1502 Destiny and Creation
Chapter 1,503 The War between Heaven and Earth Gods
Chapter 1504 Gathering the World
Chapter 1505 Chaos Refining World
Chapter 1506 Origin Fusion
Chapter 1,507 The Change of Ten Thousand Treasures
Chapter 1508 Sacrifice to the Heavens
Chapter 1509 Hunyuan Golden Immortal
Chapter 1510: Recruiting the Netherworld
Chapter 1511 Rahu’s Opportunity
Chapter 1512: Going down to the next world one after another
Chapter 1,513 The storm is gathering
Chapter 1514 The situation is approaching
Chapter 1515 The Battle of Destiny
Chapter 1516 The Sword Formation Reappears
Chapter 1517 Pangu’s True Form
Chapter 1518: Destroyed with one blow
Chapter 1519 The Ferocious Beast Emperor Rebellion
Chapter 1520 Trillions of Fierce Beasts
Chapter 1521: Everyone falls into the grain
Chapter 1522 The Last Enemy
Chapter 1523: Nemesis of the Side Sect
Chapter 1524 Five Qi Xuanhuang Bell
Chapter 1,525 Re-entering the wilderness
Chapter 1526 Ice Soul Divine Light
Chapter 1527: Accepting Sanqing as a disciple?
Chapter 1528 Beiming Cave Heaven
Chapter 1,529 The Way of Chaos Gods and Demons
Chapter 1530 Hongjun takes action
Chapter 1531 Putuo Luojia Mountain
Chapter 1,532 The Perfect Creature
Chapter 1533 Four Swords in Hand
Chapter 1,534 The Seventh Revolution of Xuan Gong
Chapter 1,535 Preaching in the Age of Preaching
Chapter 1,536 Two contending forces
Chapter 1537 Ten thousand immortals come to court
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Chapter 1538: The Ancestral Witch Rushes to the Sun
Chapter 1539 The Vast Galaxy
Chapter 1540 Sun Star
Chapter 1541: Heart teaches the side sect
Chapter 1542 Mortal Infinity
Chapter 1,543: Turn over the clouds
Chapter 1544 The Divine Light of Destruction
Chapter 1545 Original Divine Water
Chapter 1,546 Burning Karma
Chapter 1547 Antarctic Wonderland
Chapter 1548: Zhenhai Change
Chapter 1,549 Liangyi Dust Formation
Chapter 1550: The Land of Wonderland
Chapter 1551: Underground Beast
Chapter 1,552 A piece of white land
Chapter 1553: The broken body of gods and demons
Chapter 1554 The living ancestor of Yin and Yang?
Chapter 1555: The residual thoughts of gods and demons
Chapter 1,556 The new person who opened the sky?
Chapter 1557: Giant Beast Niwan
Chapter 1558 Proving the Tao with force?
Chapter 1559 Hunmingzhou Disc
Chapter 1560 The Qi of Annihilation
Chapter 1561 Spread throughout the world
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Chapter 1,562 Directly Aiming at Shouyang
Chapter 1563: Killing the Emperor’s Name
Chapter 1564 Red Hydrangea
Chapter 1,565 Emperor Jun’s Plot
Chapter 1566: The road ahead is ruined?
Chapter 1,567 Zhulong’s Confidence
Chapter 1568: Looking down on all living beings
Chapter 1569: Nothing left
Chapter 1570: One vs. Two
Chapter 1571 Banning Rules
Chapter 1,572 The Star Gate Opens
Chapter 1573 Hongjun’s plan
Chapter 1574 The First Divine Power
Chapter 1575: Fight to the death
Chapter 1576: Transcendence of Will
Chapter 1577 Great Opportunity
Chapter 1,578 The Power of Emperor Jun
Chapter 1,579 Trillions will be destroyed
Chapter 1580: Original Nothingness
Chapter 1581 The Valley of Annihilation
Chapter 1582: Destruction of the Sun Palace
Chapter 1583 Return to the Heavens
Chapter 1584 Fengzu’s deal
Chapter 1585: Covering all realms
Chapter 1586 The Hidden World
Chapter 1,587 The Egg of Heaven
Chapter 1588 Hunyuan True Immortal
Chapter 1589 The Thirty-three Realms
Chapter 1590 Five Continents
Chapter 1591 River of Starlight
Chapter 1592 Ladder to Heaven
Chapter 1,593 Reincarnation in the Underworld
Chapter 1594 Huangquan River
Chapter 1595 Devouring the Great Desolate World?
Chapter 1596 Lord of the Heavens
Chapter 1597 Exquisite Rose Mirage Bead
Chapter 1598: Innate Renshui
Chapter 1599: Ten Thousand Immortals Ascend
Chapter 1,600 The Illusory World
Chapter 1601: Connecting Two Worlds
Chapter 1,602 Panzu Reappears
Chapter 1,603 The companion treasure?
Chapter 1604: Innate Treasure
Chapter 1605 Xuanyuan Water Purifying Bottle
Chapter 1,606 Falling into the Devil's Path
Chapter 1,607 The First Demonic Skill
Chapter 1608: Shadow Memory
Chapter 1,609: Hedao Demonic Skill
Chapter 1610: Shaking Light Star
Chapter 1611: Lord of the Starry Sky
Chapter 1612 Four Spiritual Treasures
Chapter 1613 Zhoutian Star Flags
Chapter 1,614 The Way of the Star God
Chapter 1,615 The Hidden Overlord
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Chapter 1616 Big Dipper Spoon
Chapter 1617: A drop of water transforms into a star
Chapter 1,618 The Great Emperor of China
Chapter 1619 Eighteen Rules
Chapter 1,620 Millions of Demonic Shadows
Chapter 1621: Follow your words
Chapter 1,622 Xumi Sacred Mountain
Chapter 1623: Transformation one by one
Chapter 1,624 Kongtong Treasure Seal
Chapter 1,625 The Immortal River of Styx
Chapter 1626: Moving Taiwu
Chapter 1627 Nine Green Hills
Chapter 1,628 Trillion Phoenix Clan
Chapter 1,629 The real pinnacle
Chapter 1630: Furious
Chapter 1631 Taiwu’s Change
Chapter 1,632 The Attack of the Beast Tide
Chapter 1,633 The Invincible Treasure Body
Chapter 1,634 Everyone uses their magical powers
Chapter 1,635: Reappearance of the past
Chapter 1,636: Reaffirming the Invincibility of the World
Chapter 1,637 There are even more Ancestral Witches and Gods
Chapter 1,638: Condensing Pangu’s True Form
Chapter 1639: Easy to get
Chapter 1640: A Hundred Years of Prehistoric Times
Chapter 1641: Chaos gives birth to gods and demons
Chapter 1,642 The Unity of Yin and Yang
Chapter 1,643 New True Body
Chapter 1644 Ruler of Laws
Chapter 1,645 Sumeru Demonic Qi
Chapter 1,646 Reflecting the Real and the False
Chapter 1,647 The Second Prehistoric Period
Chapter 1,648 Antarctic Centenary
Chapter 1,649 The Power of the Four Seas
Chapter 1,650 The Key to the East Pole
Chapter 1651 The momentum is overwhelming
Chapter 1695 Another Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 1,652 The world is extremely fast
Chapter 1,653 Everyone knows
Chapter 1,654 Five Treasures
Chapter 1,655 Sword Cultivator in White Clothes
Chapter 1,656 Looking at the Universe
Chapter 1,657 Dragon Enters the Sea
Chapter 1,658: The Coexistence of Immortals and Demons
Chapter 1,659 Eye of the East China Sea
Chapter 1,660 Destruction of Cultivation
Chapter 1,661: There is a Spirit in the Tribulation Thunder
Chapter 1,662: Thunder Tribulation Swallowing a Whale
Chapter 1,663 Invincible at sea
Chapter 1664: Prehistoric Loophole
Chapter 1,665 Chaos State
Chapter 1,666 Is there a reversal?
Chapter 1,667 The Law of Power
Chapter 1,668 The Second Ban
Chapter 1,669 Tongtian Jianmu
Chapter 1,670 Incarnation of Pangu
Chapter 1,671 The Sword of Divine Sense
Chapter 1,672 Roasting the Demonic Soul
Chapter 1,673: Absorbing Vitality
Chapter 1,718 Sudden realization
Chapter 1,674 The Crack in the Void
Chapter 1675: Want to break through the void
Chapter 1,676 Jianmu Spiritual Root
Chapter 1677: Blasphemy
Chapter 1,678 A Shocking Battle
Chapter 1,679 Three corpses prove the truth
Chapter 1,680 Chaos Balanced Heaven Instrument
Chapter 1,681 Balance everything
Chapter 1,682 The Battle of the General Situation
Chapter 1,683 Three Thousand Gods and Demons
Chapter 1,684 God’s Will
Chapter 1,685 The horror of the prehistoric times
Chapter 1,686 Hedao Hongjun
Chapter 1687: Destroying Self
Chapter 1,688 Merit and Sainthood
Chapter 1,689 It can be two or three
Chapter 1,690 The Ancestral Dragon Escapes from Trouble
Chapter 1691 Green Dragon in the Heart of the Tree
Chapter 1,692 The First Law
Chapter 1693: Refining Building Wood
Chapter 1,694 Scattered away
Chapter 1695 Another Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 1,696 Stealing the Ancient World
Chapter 1,697: Looting the Origin
Chapter 1,698 East China Sea Dragon Palace
Chapter 1699: Deep into the Eye of the Sea
Chapter 1,700 Ancestral Dragon Ball
Chapter 1,701 Tower of Babel
Chapter 1,702 Bringing up old things again
Chapter 1,703 Refining the Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 1,704 Changes in the Way of Heaven
Chapter 1,705 Changes in Jiuyou
Chapter 1,706 Lich War?
Chapter 1,707 The First Tradition
Chapter 1,708 The Rain of Merit
Chapter 1,709 Protecting Yujing Mountain
Chapter 1,755: Inspired by the treasure
Chapter 1,710 Basin Sea of ??Insects
Chapter 1,711 The Ancestor of All Insects
Chapter 1,712: Suppression with hands
Chapter 1,713 The Way of Evolution
Chapter 1,714 Nine Revolutions of Sacrifice
Chapter 1,715 The beast rises again
Chapter 1,716 Above the Nine Heavens
Chapter 1,717 The Son of Daoxuan
Chapter 1,718 Sudden realization
Chapter 1,719 The Secret of the Great Formation
Chapter 1,720 Xumi Kongkong
Chapter 1,721 Luohu appears
Chapter 1,722 The Witch’s Plot
Chapter 1,723 A great calamity arises
Chapter 1,724 Body Promotion
Chapter 1,725 ??The Source of the Great Disaster
Chapter 1,726 The Infinite Starry Sky
Chapter 1,727 The Second Tradition
Chapter 1728: Secret speech
Chapter 1,729 The Third Tradition
Chapter 1,730 Human Defects
Chapter 1,731 The Perfect Innate Gods and Demons
Chapter 1,732: Outperforming others
Chapter 1,733 The only secret
Chapter 1,780 The Demonic Power surges
Chapter 1,734 A battle is finally needed
Chapter 1,735: Turning against guests
Chapter 1,736 A First Exploration of Shouyang
Chapter 1,737 Pangu’s pressure
Chapter 1,738 The Sorrow of the Side Sect
Chapter 1,739 Risking Yourself
Chapter 1,740 Let it go
Chapter 1,741 The Demonic Shadow of Evil Thoughts
Chapter 1,742: Inheriting Memory
Chapter 1,743 I am undefeated
Chapter 1,744 The Power of the Demonic Shadow
Chapter 1,745 Pangu’s True Form
Chapter 1,746 The God-Opening Ax
Chapter 1,747 Dutian vs. Xingdou
Chapter 1,748 Chaos Podutian
Chapter 1749: Duel between Generations
Chapter 1,750 Tongtian Pagoda
Chapter 1,751 You fight for it
Chapter 1,752 Other Universes
Chapter 1,753: Dao’s destiny is with me
Chapter 1,754 The Hand of Gods and Demons
Chapter 1,755: Inspired by the treasure
Chapter 1,756 Treasure Collision
Chapter 1,757 Annihilation of Panzu
Chapter 1,758 The Heart of Emperor Jiang
Chapter 1,759 The Danger from the Side Door
Chapter 1760: Overwhelming Qingqiu
Chapter 1,761: Turn over the clouds
Chapter 1,762 The Demon Comes to the World
Chapter 1,763 The Immortal Demon
Chapter 1,764 Nine Turns of Mysterious Yuan Gong
Chapter 1,765 Xuan Gong Fusion
Chapter 1813: Planting black lotus in the fire
Chapter 1766: Shortcut to Enlightenment
Chapter 1,767 The Zerg Establishes the Way
Chapter 1,768 Wormhole?
Chapter 1,769 The Road to Transcendence
Chapter 1,770 The Battle between the Witch Clan
Chapter 1,771: Hou Tu is on top
Chapter 1,772 Haotian?
Chapter 1,773 The Arrival of Ten Thousand Immortals
Chapter 1,774 The gathering of powerful men
Chapter 1,775 So that
Chapter 1,776 The ultimate gathering
Chapter 1,777 Blessing the Wilderness
Chapter 1,778 Spread the word to the world
Chapter 1,779 Destiny
Chapter 1,780 The Demonic Power surges
Chapter 1,781 Kunpeng surrenders to Hongjun
Chapter 1782: About to become enlightened?
Chapter 1,783 Only four steps left
Chapter 1,784 Thirty-Six Laws
Chapter 1,785 Yunmeng Mountain
Chapter 1,786 The Ultimate Preaching
Chapter 1,787 Excited Zhu Rong
Chapter 1,788 The Law of Illusion
Chapter 1,789 Chaos Formation
Chapter 1838 Original Demonic Sound
Chapter 1,790 Origin of Murderous Aura
Chapter 1,791 Cloud of Chaos
Chapter 1,792 The Ultimate Whiteness
Chapter 1,793 White Lotus Purifies the World
Chapter 1,794 No way to hide
Chapter 1795: Scheme against each other
Chapter 1,796 Abbot Yingzhou
Chapter 1,797 Another Universe
Chapter 1,798 Sages
Chapter 1,799 Aqua Elf
Chapter 1800 Raging in the East China Sea
Chapter 1801: Rescue
Chapter 1802: Siege of Panzu
Chapter 1803: I wish you could merge into the urn
Chapter 1804: Demonic Southern Territory
Chapter 1805: The southern flaming flag rising from the ground
Chapter 1806 The Embarrassed Emperor Jun
Chapter 1807: Finally under his command
Chapter 1808: Gray Hongjun?
Chapter 1809 Famous throughout the world
Chapter 1810: The battle between heaven and earth?
Chapter 1811: Turn it into your own use
Chapter 1812: Follow your words
Chapter 1813: Planting black lotus in the fire
Chapter 1814 Two become one
Chapter 1815 Passage between Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1816: Torrent of Spiritual Energy
Chapter 1817 The Thirty-Third Heaven
Chapter 1818: All power belongs to oneself
Chapter 1819 Attribution of authority
Chapter 1820 Return to Yingzhou
Chapter 1821: Directly Down to the Netherworld
Chapter 1822: Turbid Qi Altar
Chapter 1823: Seeking death?
Chapter 1873 Bombardment of the Universe
Chapter 1824: Beyond the Peak
Chapter 1825 The Ancient Heaven
Chapter 1826: Killing the Emperor and the Empress
Chapter 1827 The storm is coming
Chapter 1828: Deep into Tianhe
Chapter 1829 Hunyuan Da Luo Jinxian
Chapter 1830 Omniscient and Omnipotent
Chapter 1831 The Way of Balance
Chapter 1832 The Witch Clan’s Plot
Chapter 1833 The Zergs Enter the Sky
Chapter 1834: The River Styx enters the river
Chapter 1835 Trillion Witch Clan
Chapter 1836 Hou Yi’s Technique
Chapter 1837 Zhang Qian’s authority
Chapter 1838 Original Demonic Sound
Chapter 1839: The Three Purities Background
Chapter 1840: Sky Burial Coffin
Chapter 1841 The devil enters the heart
Chapter 1842 Yuanshi Demon King
Chapter 1843: Here comes the calamity
Chapter 1844 Destined to Enlightenment
Chapter 1845 A bold idea
Chapter 1896: Entering the Middle Pole?
Chapter 1846: Artifact of Creation
Chapter 1847: The First Saint of the Demon Path?
Chapter 1848: Robbery of the West
Chapter 1849 The Battle between Insects and Demons
Chapter 1850 Copying Pangu Yuanshen
Chapter 1851 Man-made creation
Chapter 1852: The End of Jianmu Tribulation
Chapter 1853: The third level of calamity
Chapter 1854: Three groups come out together
Chapter 1855 Return to the heavens?
Chapter 1856 Stirring up the storm
Chapter 1857: Unstable
Chapter 1858 The real purpose
Chapter 1859: Raising troops to attack the sky
Chapter 1860 One Hundred Laws
Chapter 1861 The Witch Clan Attacks the Sky
Chapter 1862 Half Saint Hongjun
Chapter 1863: Burial Road
Chapter 1864: Cutting off the cultivation base
Chapter 1865 The time has come
Chapter 1866 Invincible
Chapter 1867: Authority in Heaven
Chapter 1868 The skyrocketing world
Chapter 1869: Embezzling the Heavens
Chapter 1870 The Dragon Clan is in trouble
Chapter 1871 The Embarrassed Rahu
Chapter 1872 Joining forces with Demon Ancestor
Chapter 1873 Bombardment of the Universe
Chapter 1874: Emperor Burning Heaven’s Holy Body?
Chapter 1875: He who counts others will always be counted.
Chapter 1876: Throughout the Universe
Chapter 1877 Cosmic Channel
Chapter 1878 The Infinite Universe
Chapter 1879: Infinite Tribulation
Chapter 1880 Golden Ancient Spear
Chapter 1881 The Gathering of Ten Thousand Treasures
Chapter 1882 Weird True Blood
Chapter 1883: Terrifying Fingerprints
Chapter 1935 Opportunity Comes
Chapter 1884: Sky-Breaking Demonic Dragon
Chapter 1885 Devouring True Blood
Chapter 1886 The Infinite Maha
Chapter 1887 Ambition comes first
Chapter 1888: Chaotic Time and Space
Chapter 1889 Daluo everywhere
Chapter 1890 Meeting Hunyuan Daluo again
Chapter 1891: Saint Jialan
Chapter 1892 Taiwei’s Holy Law of the Universe
Chapter 1893: Sacrifice to the Saint?
Chapter 1894: Ambition Failed
Chapter 1895 Open the world with one hand
Chapter 1896: Entering the Middle Pole?
Chapter 1897 Dayan Holy Dragon
Chapter 1898 Gathering the Immortals
Chapter 1899 The Origin of the Universe
Chapter 1900 Hundreds of Billions of Dollars
Chapter 1901: Great Ways and Means
Chapter 1902: It’s finally an external force
Chapter 1903 Xuantian Annihilation Holy Spear
Chapter 1904 The Battle of Heaven
Chapter 1905: Unfinished Work
Chapter 1906 The Returning Holy Tree
Chapter 1907 Expanding the World
Chapter 1908 Great changes in the world
Chapter 1909 Origin Mark
Chapter 1910 Dou Mu is coming
Chapter 1911 Two Saints Compete for Glory
Chapter 1912 Breaking into Chaos
Chapter 1913 Waiting for the opportunity
Chapter 1914: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 1915 Teleportation Formation
Chapter 1916: There are flaws in the road
Chapter 1917 The Chosen One
Chapter 1918: Transforming to the Holy Dharma
Chapter 1919 The World of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1920: Brewing Divine Punishment
Chapter 1921: Half a step is inevitable
Chapter 1922: Flying apart
Chapter 1923: Acquired Fire
Chapter 1924: Everything is turned upside down
Chapter 1925 Replacing the Heavens
Chapter 1926: All Heavens Unify
Chapter 1927: Gaining the Tao of Hunyuan
Chapter 1928: Law Nemesis
Chapter 1929 Wudaozi
Chapter 1930 Escape from the Holy Dragon
Chapter 1931 Dao Blood Xuanhuang
Chapter 1932: Turning the Tide
Chapter 1933 Counterattack on Jiuyou
Chapter 1986: Detachment?
Chapter 1934: Son of Destiny
Chapter 1935 Opportunity Comes
Chapter 1936 Nine Spiritual Treasures
Chapter 1937: An abrupt end
Chapter 1938 The Power of Space
Chapter 1939: Enlightenment of Chaos?
Chapter 1940 The Creation of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1941 Three Realms and Three Saints
Chapter 1942 The one who escaped
Chapter 1943 Dou Mu’s Plot
Chapter 1944: Perfect Kendo
Chapter 1945: The Brand of Heaven
Chapter 1946: The Secret of the Ancient Way of Heaven
Chapter 1947 Swallowed Up
Chapter 1948 The Immortal Soul
Chapter 1949: Life and Death
Chapter 1950: The opportunity of the Six Soul Flags
Chapter 1951: Leaving Heaven
Chapter 1952 Lihentian
Chapter 1953 Hongmeng Vientiane Map
Chapter 1954 Shentian Sect
Chapter 1955 Hatetian City
Chapter 1956 Qinglian’s Invitation
Chapter 1957 Reincarnation from the Dead
Chapter 2011 The Price of Power
Chapter 1958 Qinglian’s Plot
Chapter 1959 The Opposition between Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1960 The Origin Reappears
Chapter 1961 Unprecedented
Chapter 1962: The Nemesis of the Law of Power
Chapter 1963 The Holy Master of the First Yuan
Chapter 1964: The Right Way of the Law
Chapter 1965: All Saints Are Ants
Chapter 1966: Collapse of the World
Chapter 1967 Devouring the Holy Soul
Chapter 1968 Nowhere to go
Chapter 1969 The Enlightenment of the First Origin
Chapter 1970 Re-proven Hunyuan
Chapter 1971 The Law of Indoctrination
Chapter 1972: The Battle of the Avenues
Chapter 1973: Changing the Roots
Chapter 1974: Opening up reincarnation
Chapter 1975: Two Evidences from the Same Test
Chapter 1976 The Domineering Shiyuan
Chapter 1977: Gap in the Three Realms
Chapter 1978 The terrible monster
Chapter 1979 Invincible
Chapter 1980 Reenactment of Maha
Chapter 1981 The Power of the Star Spoon
Chapter 1982 Return to Origin
Chapter 1983 Evolution Again
Chapter 1984 Hongjun’s Change
Chapter 1985 Extraordinary Powers
Chapter 1986: Detachment?
Chapter 1987 Three Treasures in One
Chapter 1988 Tai Chi Tu Again
Chapter 1989: Bravely Proving the Truth
Chapter 1990 Integration
Chapter 1991: Avenue Guard
Chapter 2046: Great Powers Gather
Chapter 1992: Falling into the trap
Chapter 1993 Nine Transformations of Fortune
Chapter 1994: Refining again
Chapter 1995: Things are impermanent
Chapter 1996 Who else would you rather me?
Chapter 1997 The Rise of Hongjun
Chapter 1998 Pointing directly at the East China Sea
Chapter 1999: Taking advantage of you
Chapter 2000: Holding the Future
Chapter 2001: Seeing the Fire with Insight
Chapter 2002 Five Directions Panlong Formation
Chapter 2003 Both Paths Are Hunyuan
Chapter 2004 Two Dragons Fighting
Chapter 2005 Invincible Defense
Chapter 2006 Hongmeng Vientiane
Chapter 2007: Instantly wiped out
Chapter 2008: Changing the Rules
Chapter 2009 Holy Throne?
Chapter 2010 Wudao Hongjun
Chapter 2011 The Price of Power
Chapter 2012 Unstoppable
Chapter 2013 The Road to the Future
Chapter 2068 Eye of Chaos
Chapter 2014 Enlightenment and Sainthood
Chapter 2015 Hongmeng Purple Qi
Chapter 2016 With great fanfare
Chapter 2017 Heart of the Abyss
Chapter 2018 The Demonic Heart of Heaven
Chapter 2019 Suspicion
Chapter 2020 Swallowing the Galaxy
Chapter 2021 The Ultimate Transformation
Chapter 2022 Shentian Sect takes action
Chapter 2023: Crush with one finger
Chapter 2024 Emperor Burning Heaven?
Chapter 2025: Eternal Chaos
Chapter 2026 Eternal Immortality?
Chapter 2027 It’s all a plan
Chapter 2028 You are me
Chapter 2029 Two formations merge into one
Chapter 2030: Cat Playing with Mouse
Chapter 2,000, Chapter 31: Kaiyi Roots?
Chapter 2032 You were fooled again
Chapter 2033 Reflection of the World
Chapter 2034: The Holy Artifact of Opening Heaven
Chapter 2035: One Thought in the Mind Realm
Chapter 2036: Deprivation of Authority
Chapter 2037 Emperor Fentian’s Ambition
Chapter 2038 Already prepared
Chapter 2039: Helpless
Chapter 2040: Moving the Heart
Chapter 2041 Maha Holy Spirit
Chapter 2042 The Bell of the First Yuan Dynasty Rings
Chapter 2043 Zhongji’s foundation
Chapter 2044: Magnificent Appearance
Chapter 2045 Great God Lei Ze
Chapter 2101 The background of the demon clan
Chapter 2046: Great Powers Gather
Chapter 2047 Huang Zhongli
Chapter 2048 Join forces again?
Chapter 2049: All Thoughts Return to One
Chapter 2106 The end of Rahu
Chapter 2050 Heart Realm
Chapter 2051 The Saint is Speechless
Chapter 2052: General Outline of All Dharmas and Thunder Paths
Chapter 2053 Nine Turns of Mysterious Yuan
Chapter 2054: Instinct Disgust
Chapter 2055: Disciple of the Saint
Chapter 2113 Return to the original
Chapter 2056 Xi and Chang Xi
Chapter 2057 Dinghai Divine Pearl
Chapter 2058 Three Hundred Years of Rotation
Chapter 2059: They are all mine
Chapter 2118 The Great Secret of Transcendence
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Keep asking for leave!
Chapter 2060 Taiyin reaches the top
Chapter 2061: Using fake hands on others
Chapter 2123 The Devil Comes to the Wilderness
Chapter 2062 Another Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 2063: Perfecting Oneself?
Chapter 2064: Mountain of Ten Thousand Tribulations
Chapter 2065 The Star of Life
Chapter 2066: Already planned
Chapter 2067 The Origin of the Starry Sky
Chapter 2068 Eye of Chaos
Chapter 2069 The Road to Transcendence
Chapter 2132 Great Wisdom
Chapter 2070: Tempering the Demon Race
Chapter 2071: Falling into a trap?
Ask for leave!
Chapter 2072 Invincible Heart
Chapter 2073 The Invincible Method
Chapter 2074: Arrive as soon as you think of it
Chapter 2075: The depth of inadequacy
Chapter 2076 Rebuilding Pangu
Chapter 2077 For my true body
Chapter 2078 Looking up into the abyss
Chapter 2079: Treasure Confrontation
Chapter 2080 The shocking secret
Chapter 2081 Chaos Treasure
Chapter 2082: Blinding the Avenue
Chapter 2083 Thought Clone
Chapter 2148: Complete merit?
Chapter 2084: Ending cause and effect?
Chapter 2085 Joining forces with Di Jun
Chapter 2086: Sacred Tree Fishing for Muyuan
Chapter 2087 Easily
Chapter 2088: Strengthening Xuan Gong
Chapter 2089 Mu Yuan’s Plan
Chapter 2155: Poor Collapse
Chapter 2090 Repeating the same old tricks
Chapter 2091 Everything is ready
Chapter 2092 The Seven Treasures Tree
Chapter 2093 Ten Thousand Demonic Soul Devouring Formation
Chapter 2094: Breaking the Face
Chapter 2095 Immortal Rahu
Chapter 2096: Set up the Immortal Killing Formation again
Chapter 2097 Everything is defective
Chapter 2164: The Perfection of Tao and Fruit
Chapter 2098: The Cruel Rahu
Chapter 2099 The Spirit of Glory
Chapter 2110 Origin Evolution
Chapter 2101 The background of the demon clan
Chapter 2102 Another heavy blow
Chapter 2103 The Shentian Sect Reappears
Chapter 2171 The Holy Law of All Ways Unifying
Chapter 2104 The original world?
Chapter 2105 Shentian Sect’s Plan
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Chapter 2106 The end of Rahu
Chapter 2107 The Demon Among Demons
Chapter 2177: Refining Innate Spiritual Treasures?
Chapter 2108: Changing the Foundation
Chapter 2109 Two Thousand Rules
Chapter 2110 The Infinite Starry Sky
Chapter 2111 Galaxy World
Chapter 2112 Yuanshi Demon
Chapter 2113 Return to the original
Chapter 2114 Technological Civilization
Chapter 2115 Cosmic Medal
Chapter 2186 The Power of the Starry Sky
Chapter 2116 The Three Purities Again
Chapter 2117 The Will Awakens?
Chapter 2118 The Great Secret of Transcendence
Chapter 2119 Huge Harvest
Chapter 2120: Experience Pangu
Chapter 2121 The Reason for Pangu’s Failure
Chapter 2122: Something wonderful comes out of nothing
Chapter 2123 The Devil Comes to the Wilderness
Chapter 2195 The Mystery of Emperor Burning Heaven’s Holy Body
Chapter 2124 The Demonic Kingdom of the West
Chapter 2125 The collision of forces
Chapter 2126 The Ultimate Power
Chapter 2127: Strange Waves and Clouds
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Chapter 2128: Devastated
Chapter 2129: Eternal Consciousness
Chapter 2130 Virtual Reality
Chapter 2131 The road ahead is clear
Chapter 2132 Great Wisdom
Chapter 2133 Proving the Tao with force
Chapter 2206 The Wrath of the Universe
Chapter 2134: Invincible
Chapter 2135 Great Vision to Become a Saint
Chapter 2136: Reaching the top
Chapter 2137 Evacuation from the Wilderness
Chapter 2138 The Secret of the Three Purities
Chapter 2139 Pangu Spine
Chapter 2140 All your wishes come true
Chapter 2141: Pouring the Origin
Chapter 2215 The real number one magic skill?
Chapter 2142 Three Thousand Seal Scripts
Chapter 2143 The Brilliant Avenue
Chapter 2144: Refining the Heart Realm
Chapter 2145 Starry Sky Catastrophe
Chapter 2146 Promise of the Holy Throne
Chapter 2147 A qualitative change in the ancient times
Chapter 2222 The Destruction of Kunlun
Chapter 2148: Complete merit?
Chapter 2149 Emperor Fentian enters the wilderness
Chapter 2150 The Power of the Later Territory
Chapter 2151 The Essence of Pangu
Chapter 2152 Chaos Embryo Formation
Chapter 2153: Move everyone away
Chapter 2154 Banning the Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 2155: Poor Collapse
Chapter 2156: The rat-throwing weapon
Chapter 2157 Curse Pangu
Chapter 2158: Great changes in oneself
Chapter 2159 The Method of Inaction
Chapter 2160 Proving the Hunyuan Dao
Chapter 2161: Tear the Shackles
Chapter 2162 The final enlightenment
Chapter 2163 Creating Hunyuan in Batch
Chapter 2164: The Perfection of Tao and Fruit
Chapter 2165 The Road to Kill the Emperor
Chapter 2166 The Eternal Emperor
Chapter 2167: The Slayer of the Emperor
Chapter 2243 Daowen Divine Sword
Chapter 2168: Extremely Heavenly and Infinite
Chapter 2169 Eternal Palm Seal
Chapter 2170 Tong Xuanzi
Chapter 2171 The Holy Law of All Ways Unifying
Chapter 2172 The Law of Power, Gods and Demons
Chapter 2173: Controlling the Starry Sky?
Chapter 2174 The Spiritual Treasure in the Sun Star
Chapter 2175 Infinite Divine City
Chapter 2176 Dao Demons Join forces
Chapter 2177: Refining Innate Spiritual Treasures?
Chapter 2178 The Universe Cauldron of Creation
Chapter 2179: Refinement of Everything
Chapter 2255 Not Afraid of Threats
Chapter 2180 The Immortal Escape from the Two Worlds
Chapter 2181 The New Sun Spirit
Chapter 2182: Put to death?
Chapter 2183 The Starry Sky Enlightenment
Chapter 2184 The Law of Power
Chapter 2185 Evenly Matched
Chapter 2262 Di Jun’s Death
Chapter 2186 The Power of the Starry Sky
Chapter 2187: Extremely wonderful
Chapter 2188: Power in the Starry Sky
Chapter 2189 The Spirit of Plants and Trees
Chapter 2190 Nothing?
Chapter 2191 The opportunity has been lost
Chapter 2269: A tacit understanding?
Chapter 2192 The Stairway to Chaos
Chapter 2193 The Vast Catastrophe
Chapter 2194: Be on guard
Chapter 2195 The Mystery of Emperor Burning Heaven’s Holy Body
Chapter 2196 Spiritual Awareness
Chapter 2197 Rahu Reappears
Chapter 2276: Extraordinary powers?
Chapter 2198: Ability to bend and stretch
Chapter 2199 Controlling the Lunar Star
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Chapter 2200 All-out war
Chapter 2201 Changing the Stars
Chapter 2202 The Power of Authority
Chapter 2203 Rumors spread throughout the world
Chapter 2284 Opening the door to a new life
Chapter 2204 Taking the initiative to rob
Chapter 2205 Immeasurable Changes
Chapter 2206 The Wrath of the Universe
Chapter 2207 The Demonic Path is Fierce
Chapter 2208 The Discussion of the Three Purities
Chapter 2209 The Glory of Death
Chapter 2210 The Eternal Demon
Chapter 2211: The Great Tribulation
Chapter 2212 Collision of Civilizations
Chapter 2213 Dragnet
Chapter 2214 Lord Tongtian
Chapter 2215 The real number one magic skill?
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Chapter 2216: Authentic No More
Chapter 2217 The Spine Enlightenment
Chapter 2218: Whose legacy?
Chapter 2219 The little devil meets the big devil
Chapter 2300 The Way of Heaven?
Chapter 2220 The Collision of Civilizations
Chapter 2221 Descendants of Zhenhai
Chapter 2222 The Destruction of Kunlun
Chapter 2223 Above the Origin
Chapter 2224 Magic Mountain Kunlun
Chapter 2225 Cosmic Collision
Chapter 2226: Can’t Avoid
Chapter 2227: The Great Disaster
Chapter 2309 The Great World of Hongjun
Chapter 2228 Promotion to Xiaoqian
Chapter 2229: Unity of Will
Chapter 2230 Clown Universe
Chapter 2231 Gu Shen Tong
Chapter 2232 Xuan Ni Dao Jing
Chapter 2233: The Great Dharma Eye
Chapter 2234 Deduction of Dao Seal Script
Chapter 2235: Original Dao Wen
Chapter Two Thousand Three Hundred and Eighteen Palms: Enlightenment to Heaven
Chapter 2236: Falling into the trap
Chapter 2237 Primordial Evil Eye
Chapter 2238: Taking charge of Daowen
Chapter 2239: Thoughts are reality
Chapter 2240 Avenue Battlefield
Chapter 2241 Daowen Dan Furnace
Chapter 2242 Refining the Way of Heaven
Chapter 2243 Daowen Divine Sword
Chapter 2327: The Method of Devouring
Chapter 2244 The road is determined
Chapter 2245: Big profit
Chapter 2246 The Edge of Enlightenment
Chapter 2247: Change of Roots
Chapter 2248 Accepting Reality
Chapter 2249 A sudden blessing
Chapter 2333 The True Way of Heaven
Chapter 2250: Prepare to take action
Chapter 2251 The Third Pole of Sword Dao
take a day off!
Chapter 2252 The world is broken
Chapter 2253 Devouring the World
Chapter 2254: The whale swallows the void
Chapter 2255 Not Afraid of Threats
Chapter 2256 The Original Divine Sword
Chapter 2257 Two Realms of Prehistoric and Wilderness
Chapter 2258 World Promotion
Chapter 2259 The Rise of Tongtian
Chapter 2260 Zhou Tianxingdou
Chapter 2261: Extremely Powerful
Chapter 2347: Illusion changes
Chapter 2262 Di Jun’s Death
Chapter 2263 The Emperor of Death takes action
Chapter 2264: Fighting
Chapter 2265 The Invincible Land
Chapter 2266 Yuqing Lord Starry Sky
Chapter 2267 Three Treasures and Jade as You Want
Chapter 2268 The Starry Sky Changes Owners
Chapter 2269: A tacit understanding?
Chapter 2356 The Power of Hou Tu
Chapter 2270 The Limit of Wisdom
Chapter 2271: Comprehension of Taoism
Chapter 2272: Understanding the Origin Together
Chapter 2273: Seeking Skin from a Tiger
Chapter 2274: Calculation and Detachment
Chapter 2275: Capture them all
Chapter 2363 Strange Road
Chapter 2276: Extraordinary powers?
Chapter 2277 A whim
Chapter 2278 Aliens in the world
Chapter 2279 Crazy Nothingness
Chapter 2280 One-finger ban
Chapter 2281 The Authority of Reincarnation
Chapter 2368 The Blood of the Origin of the Avenue
Chapter 2282: Getting involved in reincarnation
Chapter 2283: Taking Charge of the Underworld
Chapter 2284 Opening the door to a new life
Chapter 2285: Create a new world
Chapter 2286: Looting Tianhe
Chapter 2287 The Battle between Dao and Wen
Chapter 2375 Omniscient and Omnipotent
Chapter 2288: Immortal Demonic Thoughts
Chapter 2289 Killing the Demon in One Fury
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Chapter 2290: The Unification of Paranormal Demons
Chapter 2291 The devil is approaching immeasurably
Chapter 2292 Yuanshi Enlightenment
Chapter 2293 The Age of All Saints
Chapter 2383 The New Demon God
Chapter 2294: Falling into the Crack
Chapter 2295 Weird Gods and Demons
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Chapter 2296 Blood Dove God and Demon
Chapter 2297: Two into one
Chapter 2298 The Road to Demons
Chapter 2299 Upholding the Tao
Chapter 2300 The Way of Heaven?
Chapter 2301: Fighting for Mount Buzhou
Chapter 2393 The final madness?
Chapter 2302 Combat Power and Realm
Chapter 2303: Heaven and Earth Refining Furnace
Chapter 2304 Nothing can be done
Chapter 2305 Siege of the Holy Dragon
Chapter 2398: Not an ant
Chapter 2306: Heaven takes action
Chapter 2307 The Protagonist of Dao Fate
Chapter 2308 The Hidden World
Chapter 2309 The Great World of Hongjun
Chapter 2310 The Egg of Transcendence
Chapter 2311 The Ring-shaped Tianhe
Chapter 2405 Supreme Creation
Chapter 2312: Absorbing All Souls
Chapter 2313: Falling into the Wilderness
Chapter 2314 A group of old monsters
Chapter 2315: Everyone is Enemy
Chapter 2316 A big fight
Chapter 2317 You fight for it
Chapter 2412: Methods of usurping the Tao
Chapter Two Thousand Three Hundred and Eighteen Palms: Enlightenment to Heaven
Chapter 2319: Overwhelming the Universe
Chapter 2320 Above the Ultimate
Chapter 2321 Battlefield Shift
Chapter 2322 New Opportunities
Chapter 2323: Seeing the Way Ahead
Chapter 2324 Hunyuan takes action
Chapter 2325 The perfect chess piece
Chapter 2421 The Development of Human Race
Chapter 2326: Fighting for the World
Chapter 2327: The Method of Devouring
Chapter 2328 The Origin of Demonic Intent
Chapter 2329 Xuan Meng Transformation Cone
Chapter 2330: Pierce everything
Chapter 2331 Seizing the Way of Heaven by Force
It’s a big deal!
Chapter 2332 Seizing the throne
Chapter 2333 The True Way of Heaven
Chapter 2334 The Birth of Heaven
Chapter 2335 Good Fortune Hongjun
Chapter 2336 Puppet Hongjun
Chapter 2337 Who can identify me?
Chapter 2338 With great fanfare
Chapter 2339: Ban on Refining
Chapter 2340 A battle that shocked the world
Chapter 2341 Defeat the enemy with one hand
Chapter 2439: Breaking the opportunity again
Chapter 2342 Daowen Fei Shen Sword
Chapter 2343 The First Front of Chaos
Chapter 2344 Obtaining Another Supreme Treasure
Chapter 2345 Create another emperor to burn the sky?
Chapter 2444: Overturning Suppression
Chapter 2346 Favored
Chapter 2347: Illusion changes
Chapter 2348 Entering between existence and non-being
Chapter 2349 Gain Eternal Freedom
Chapter 2449 Opening up the Great Thousand
Chapter 2350 Gathering in Kaitian
Chapter 2351: Destroy the Great Desolation?
Chapter 2352 The Witch Clan takes action
Chapter 2353 Shuangqing Appears
Chapter 2354 Sea of ??Fire
Chapter 2355 The collision of original Taoism
Chapter 2356 The Power of Hou Tu
Chapter 2357 The Second Hongjun
Chapter 2358: Introducing Buzhou Mountain
Chapter 2359: Eternal Failure
Chapter 2360: Lawless and Invincible
Chapter 2361 The Eternal Plan
Chapter 2462 Repairing the Broken Jade?
Chapter 2362 Counting all things?
Chapter 2363 Strange Road
take a day off!
Chapter 2364 Fear of the Demon God
Chapter 2365: Transcendence Characteristics
Chapter 2366 Ignore Everything
Chapter 2367 Dao takes action
Drank too much.
Chapter 2368 The Blood of the Origin of the Avenue
Chapter 2369: Arbitrary Universe
Chapter 2370 Failure due to lack of care
Chapter 2371 All Heavens and Worlds?
Chapter 2372 Time and Space Chaos
Chapter 2373 The deal with Da Dao
Chapter 2374 World Promotion
Chapter 2375 Omniscient and Omnipotent
Chapter 2376 Ten Saints
Chapter 2377 The fear of repeating itself
Chapter 2378 Heaven is about to appear
Chapter 2379 How dare you do this?
Chapter 2380 The Ancestral Dragon Becomes a Saint
Chapter 2381 Betrayal again?
Chapter 2382 Devouring Pangu
Chapter 2383 The New Demon God
Chapter 2384 The next catastrophe?
Chapter 2385 Shi Yuan goes to the sun
Chapter 2386 Comprehension comes first
Chapter 2387 Half Step to Heaven
Chapter 2388 King Pan’s Feedback
Chapter 2389 Fusion of the Universe?
Chapter 2390: Deducing the Magical Method
Chapter 2391 The Sutra of Immortality of Reincarnation
Chapter 2392 The Illusory Way of Heaven
Chapter 2393 The final madness?
Chapter 2394 The Avenue of Killing
Chapter 2395: Reincarnation of All Souls
Chapter 2396 Twelve Hunyuan
Chapter 2397 The Nine Saints Appear Together
Chapter 2398: Not an ant
Chapter 2399: Creation of Creatures
Chapter 2400 Yuanshi Heavenly King
Chapter 2401 The Perfect Creature
Chapter 2402 God Clan
Chapter 2403 The curtain comes to an end?
Chapter 2404 The Power of the Gods
Chapter 2405 Supreme Creation
Chapter 2406 The Birth of the Evil God
Chapter 2407 True Perfection
Chapter 2408 Devouring Transformation
Chapter 2409 Cosmic Battlefield
Chapter 2410 The Law of Distortion
Chapter 2411 Polluting the universe?
Chapter 2412: Methods of usurping the Tao
Chapter 2413 The Supreme Humanity
Chapter 2414 The person who opened the way
Chapter 2415 Nuwa’s Enlightenment
Chapter 2416: Creating Man and Becoming a Saint
Chapter 2417 The Clan of Luck
Chapter 2418: Transcendence from Demonic Intent
Chapter 2419: Demon among Demons
Chapter 2420: All Transformations Unify
Chapter 2421 The Development of Human Race
Chapter 2422: A Well-deserved Death
Chapter 2423 Fifty-sixth of ten
Chapter 2424: Reverse the prehistoric times
Chapter 2425: One against ten thousand
Chapter 2426: Destroy Civilization
Chapter 2427 The Power of Humanity
Chapter 2428 The Exposed Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 2429: Deduction of Detachment
Chapter 2430 Tianyan Tongxuan Jing
Chapter 2431 The three paths merge into one?
Chapter 2432 The Second Way
Chapter 2433 The Battle for the Way
Chapter 2434 Three Collisions
Chapter 2435 Seizing Power
Chapter 2436 The New Taoist Master
Chapter 2437 Suppressing the Shuangqing
Chapter 2438 The Great Cosmic Formation
Chapter 2439: Breaking the opportunity again
Chapter 2440: Making up for defects?
Chapter 2441: Enlightenment and Seizing the Treasure
Chapter 2442: Gods and Demons
Chapter 2443 Demonic Dark Seed
Chapter 2444: Overturning Suppression
Chapter 2445: Immortal Demonic Thoughts
Chapter 2446: Fake Death to Escape
Chapter 2447 The Eternal Eye
Chapter 2448 The Second Emperor Jun
Chapter 2449 Opening up the Great Thousand
Chapter 2450 Cave Heaven Paradise
Chapter 2451 Walking alone?
Chapter 2452: The Qi of the Five Great Primordial Beings
Chapter 2453 The Ultimate Secret
Chapter 2454 Dividing into Billions
Chapter 2455: Seeking Skin from a Tiger
Chapter 2456 Three Secrets
Chapter 2457 Yang Mei reappears
Chapter 2458 The Return of Wudaozi
Chapter 2459 The Way of Annihilation
Chapter 2460: Fighting to the end
Chapter 2461 The fox pretends to be the tiger's power
Chapter 2462 Repairing the Broken Jade?
Chapter 2463 The transformation of residual jade
Chapter 2464 Refining the Treasure
Chapter 2465 The God-Opening Ax
Chapter 2466 Time flies
Chapter 2467 The whereabouts of Shentian Sect
Chapter 2468: Everyone knows where they are
Chapter 2469 Neither Death nor Life
Chapter 2470 Between Life and Death
Chapter 2471: Enlightenment is yours
Chapter 2472: Ending Cause and Effect
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Chapter 2473 Ignore everything?
Chapter Two Thousand Four Hundred and Seventy-Four: Becoming a Taoist
Chapter 2475 Demonizing All Spirits
Chapter 2476 Looking for the Jade Plate
Chapter 2477 The Illusory World
Chapter 2478 Opening up the Demon Realm
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Chapter 2479: Coveting the Soul
Chapter 2480: Transforming the Three Purities together?
Chapter 2481: Just a little bit
Chapter 2482 The Horror Universe
Chapter 2483 The Lord of the Universe
Chapter 2484 The Lord of Taichu
Chapter 2485 Taichu’s Shapeshifting
Chapter 2486 The Original Universe
Chapter 2487 Three Roads
Chapter 2488: Change of Days
Chapter 2489: Transformation of the Soul
Chapter 2490 Sword King
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Chapter 2491 Divine Power Transformation
Chapter 2492: Heaven-Slaying Sword Dao
Chapter 2493 The Ascended Sword Emperor
Chapter 2494 Hongmeng Yun Dao Formation
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Chapter 2495: Trillions of Thousands
Chapter 2496 Millions of Time
Chapter 2497 Dao Fruit Karma Position
Chapter 2498 Half-step to transcendence
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Chapter 2499 Gathering and Dispersing by Heart
Chapter 2500 The Supreme Sword Emperor
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Chapter 2501 The Situation of the Powers
Chapter 2502: Reaching the Peak of Swordsmanship
Chapter 2503: One Sword Opens the Sky
Chapter 2504 The Web of the Universe
Chapter 2505 Planning for Eternity
Chapter 2506: Two into one
Chapter 2507 Avenue Furnace
Chapter 2508 Three Foundations
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Chapter 2509 The original calamity
Chapter 2510 It’s so small and innocent
Chapter 2511 The devil is at ease
Chapter 2512 Demonized Treasure
Chapter 2513: Discovering clues
Chapter 2514 The Beginning of Eternity
Chapter 2515 The Jade Disc is dispatched in all directions
Chapter 2516: Transcendence Gathering
Chapter 2517 The Qi Machine Reappears
Chapter 2518 The Universe
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Chapter 2519: Nothing happened in a moment
Chapter 2520: Using a fake to cultivate the truth
I have a headache, take a day off!
Chapter 2521 Looking around
Chapter 2522 Primordial Divine Gold!
Chapter 2523: Refining the Treasure Rock
Chapter 2524: Falling Treasure Whisk
Chapter 2525: Open up the universe?
Chapter 2526 The Origin of Daoguang
Chapter 2527 Silt at the bottom of the river
Chapter 2528 The Original Power
Chapter 2529: Transcendence Treasure
Chapter 2530 Invincible
Take a day off!
Chapter 2531: Following Pangu’s legacy?
Chapter 2532: Resurrection of Pangu?
Chapter 2533 Infinite Universe
Chapter 2534 Self-awareness
Chapter 2535 Di Jun’s Discovery
Chapter 2536 Gathering Heavenly Dao
Chapter 2537 Invincible
Chapter 2538: Suppression with hands
Chapter 2539: All become puppets
Chapter 2540: Physical Detachment
Chapter 2541 The Original and Unique
Chapter 2542 King Pan’s Enlightenment
Chapter 2543 New Laws
Chapter 2544 The Long River of Evolution
Chapter 2545 The time has come
Chapter 2546 A big gift
Chapter 2547 Yuan Zun Buddha
Chapter 2548: The Original Light
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Chapter 2549 Taoist Master Yuxu
Chapter 2550 Secretly joining forces
Chapter 2551 An Ancestor
Chapter 2552 The Immortal Taoist Master
Chapter 2553 The air of decay
Chapter 2554 The time has come
Chapter 2555: Mark of All Spirits
Chapter 2556 Seizing the Foundation
Chapter 2557 The Road Has Been Completed
Chapter 2558: The end of the road
Chapter 2559: The Great Realm
Chapter 2560: Siege by Gods and Demons
Chapter 2561: Eternal Destruction
Chapter 2562 Farewell to the Wilderness
Chapter 2563 The Wonder of Detachment
Chapter 2564 The Fruit of Immortality
Chapter 2565 One Qi Immortal Lord
Chapter 2566 The Way of Star Spirits
Chapter 2567 Tai Su Escapes from Xu Lian
Chapter 2568 The Value of Infinite Universe
Chapter 2569 Du Guang Repeatedly
Chapter 2570 Hidden evil intentions
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Chapter 2,571 Treasure ship to the world
Chapter 2572: Countless people are saved
Chapter 2573 Ten Thousand Dao Transformation Void Cauldron
Chapter 2574 The Ten Primitives
Chapter 2575 Linglong Daojun
Chapter 2576: Promoted Again
Chapter 2577 Great changes in the ancient times
Chapter 2578: Keeping pace
Chapter 2579: Ending the Tribulation?
Chapter 2580: The Beginning of the Abyss
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Chapter 2581: Crushing the Infinite
Chapter 2582 The End of Calamity
Chapter 2583: Crossing the Tribulation Waves
Chapter 2584 The Unlucky Emperor Ji Tian
Chapter 2585: Creation of the Inner Universe
Chapter 2586: The Origin of Zongheng
Chapter 2587 Cutting off cause and effect
Chapter 2588 The Tree of the Universe
Chapter 2589: Unsurpassable
Chapter 2590 Dao Lord Linglong
Chapter 2591 Borrowing the Treasure to Kill the Emperor
Chapter 2592: Transformation into Wudao
Chapter 2593 Star Spirit Dao River
Chapter 2594: Ambition soars
Chapter 2595: Starry Gourd of Everything
Chapter 2596: The Universal God-Destroying Bell
Chapter 2597 The Secret of Understanding the Mysterious
Chapter 2598: Vulnerable
Chapter 2599 The Jade Disc Changes Again
Chapter 2600 The Sacred Mountain of This Realm
Chapter 2601 Jade Emperor Supreme
Chapter 2602: The Divine Book of Elements
Chapter 2603 The Origin of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 2604 Sujing Mountain
Chapter 2605: Fragments of this Realm
Chapter 2606 Gourd Divine Sword
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Chapter 2607: Huge Gains
Chapter 2608 Taiyuan Saint King
Chapter 2609: The Expansion of the Cave
Chapter 2610 Yuan Zun Buddha Bead
Chapter 2611: Gaining the Foundation Again
Chapter 2612 Taoist Master from the Other Side
Chapter 2613 The Light of the Source
Chapter 2614 The New Universe
Chapter 2615 Panyuan Realm
Chapter 2616 The Relics of This Realm
Chapter 2617 Divine Gold Fairy Mine
Chapter 2618: Strange Passage
Chapter 2619 The Ocean of Death
Chapter 2620 The Three Giants of Tao
Chapter 2621: Murderous Aura Between the Eyebrows
Chapter 2622: Primordial Shock
Chapter 2623 The Original Power
Chapter 2624 Destruction and Rebirth
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Chapter 2625 The Sword Ancestor of this Realm
Chapter 2626 You fight for it
Chapter 2627 The Origin of Cause and Effect
Chapter 2628: The Divine Tree of Transformation
Chapter 2629 The Road to the Future
Chapter 2630 The Light of the Source
Chapter 2631 Who is the Sword Ancestor?
Chapter 2632: Creatures of this Realm
Chapter 2633 Principle Source Spiritual Treasure?
Chapter 2634 It’s terrifying to think about it carefully
Take a day off!
Chapter 2635: The giant’s back-up plan
Chapter 2636 Humanoid Universe
Chapter 2637 The Way of Swordsmanship
Chapter 2638 Qihai Pagoda
Happy New Year!
Chapter 2639 Principle Source Divine Sword
Chapter 2640 Purple Sky Yanfu Divine Sword
Chapter 2641: All Heavenly Pagodas
Chapter 2642: Changes in the Sea
Chapter 2643: Rule the Ten Thousand Heavens
Chapter 2644: Turn over the clouds
Chapter 2645 The best appearance
Chapter 2646: Conflicting Paths
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Chapter 2647 Wei Jia Yunei
Chapter 2648 Billions of Purgatory
Chapter 2649: Number One in the Universe
Chapter 2650: Divine Map of This Realm
Chapter 2651 Fuyao Mountain
Chapter 2652 Purple Lightning Blue Frost
Take a day off!
Chapter 2653 Sword Fight
Chapter 2654: Infinite Calamity Qi
take a day off!
Chapter 2655: Pagodas in the Heavens
Chapter 2656 Who can compete with
Chapter 2657: Suppress All
Chapter 2658: Destroyed with one blow
Chapter 2659: Seizing the Orb
Chapter 2660 Divine Spring Portal
Chapter 2661 The Middle Stage of Transcendence
Chapter 2662 The Emperor’s Way
Chapter 2663: Innate in this Realm
Chapter 2664: Innate Magical Powers
Take a day off!
Chapter 2665 Mi Yuan Divine Light
Chapter 2666: Rebuilding All Souls
Chapter 2667 Naturally
Chapter 2668 This blood will never end
Chapter 2669 Pangu’s Resurrection
Chapter 2670 Ultimate Evolution
Chapter 2671 Panwang Zerg
Chapter 2672 Recreating the Insect Swarm
Chapter 2673: Personality in this Realm
Chapter 2674 White Jade Butterfly
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Chapter 2675 Everyone is transcendent
Chapter 2676 The Land of Death
Chapter 2677: Place of Promotion
Chapter 2678: Transcendence from the Corpse
Chapter 2679 The Demon Jar of Nirvana
Chapter 2680 The Qi of Tai Chi
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Chapter 2681 Return of the disaster
Chapter 2682 The remnant jade reappears
Chapter 2683 Tao Realm Fist Seal
Chapter 2684 The Gate of the Universe
Adjust your routine!
Chapter 2685: The Supreme Way
Chapter 2686 Hun Peng on the other shore
Chapter 2687 A peek at the original
Chapter 2688 The Great World
Chapter 2689 The Strange Mountain
Chapter 2690 The Treasure of Death
Chapter 2691 Lingbao Banner
Chapter 2692: Life and Death Confrontation
Chapter 2693: The Power of Mianyuan
Chapter 2694 Taiyi Demon Refining Flag
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Chapter 2695 One hundred thousand demon puppets
Chapter 2696 The Divine Brilliance of Qi and Blood
Chapter 2697 Evenly Matched
Chapter 2698: Enlightenment and Transformation
Chapter 2699 The initial establishment of power
Chapter 2700: Spiritual Roots Perfected
Take a day off!
Chapter 2701 The Detached Army
Chapter 2702: Suicide
Chapter 2703 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 2704: Directly at Linglong
Chapter 2705 The Divine Spring of Creation
Chapter 2706 Faces at the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 2707: The corpse is dead
Chapter 2708 The fox pretends to be the tiger's power
Take a day off!
Chapter 2709 The Power of Destruction
Chapter 2710 The second world?
Chapter 2711 Sacrifice to the Imperial Palace
Chapter 2712 Empty Shell World
Chapter 2713: The Source of Principle Treasure
Chapter 2714 The Five Qi Ascend the Yuan Ding
Chapter 2715 Recreating the Treasure
Chapter 2716 Stirring up the storm
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Chapter 2717 The Alliance of the Five Lords
Chapter 2718 Empress Huntian
Chapter 2719 The most powerful?
Chapter 2720 Zhang Qian’s Purpose
Chapter 2721 Sublimation of Qi and Blood
Chapter 2722 Derivatives of Shenhua
Chapter 2723: Rebellion against Innateness
Chapter 2724: The Treasure of Destruction
Chapter 2725 The storm is coming
Chapter 2726 The Unbreakable Formation
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Chapter 2727 God Realm Golden List
Chapter 2728 Self-Sacrifice
Chapter 2729 The Great Star Formation
Chapter 2730: Golden List of All Gods
Chapter 2731 The Original Universe
Chapter 2732 Zhou Guang Si Yun Banner
Chapter 2733 Zhouguang Xiangyun Formation
Chapter 2734 Ignore Everything
Chapter 2735 The foundation of heaven
Chapter 2736 The Imperial Palace Divine Sword
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Chapter 2737 Countless Fragments
Chapter 2738 Heavenly Divine Flags
Chapter 2739 Cause and Effect Law Network
Chapter 2740 Lord of the Five Virtues
Chapter 2741 Fantasy Wonderland
Chapter 2742 Galloping across the stars
Chapter 2743 A great harvest
Chapter 2744: Coveting Power
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Chapter 2745 The Five Virtues of Cause and Effect
Chapter 2746 Cause and effect disappear
Chapter 2747 Demonizing the Universe
Chapter 2748: Straight to the Soul
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Chapter 2749: Perceiving Cause and Effect
Chapter 2750 The biggest gain
Chapter 2751 Si Ming Zhou CD
Chapter 2752 Miluo Zhizhen Seal
Chapter 2753 Fundamental Changes
Chapter 2754 The Divine Light of Command
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Chapter 2755 Hunyuan Great Realm Bell
Chapter 2756 The Supreme Secret Technique
Chapter 2757 The Five Virtues Transform into Spirits
Chapter 2758 The Palace of Life
Chapter 2759 The Original Great Demon?
Chapter 2760 Huge Harvest
Take a day off!
Chapter 2761 Strange Black Stone
Chapter 2762: Control everything
Chapter 2763 The Source of the Jade Disc?
Chapter 2764 The Road to Shinto
Chapter 2765 The Kingdom of Billions of Gods
Chapter 2766 Ragnarok
Take a day off!
Chapter 2767 The Ultimate Body Refining
Chapter 2768: Transfer of Cause and Effect
Chapter 2769: Grab it all
Chapter 2770 The greatest value
Chapter 2771 The Divine Light of Transformation
Chapter 2772 Hongmeng Universe
Chapter 2773 The foundation is number one
Chapter 2774: All Ways Unify
Take a day off!
Chapter 2775 Sublimation Dao Mark?
Chapter 2776 The Power of the Source
Chapter 2777 The Invincible Divine Ring
Chapter 2778: Point the Way
Chapter 2779: Number One in Forbearance
Chapter 2780: Branded Dao Mark
Chapter 2781 The Origin of the Universe
Chapter 2782: Empty Land
Take a day off!
Chapter 2783 The final harvest
Chapter 2784 Sublimation Dao Mark
Chapter 2785 The Unity of Man and Treasure
Chapter 2786: The Way of Refining Qi
Chapter 2787: Controlling the Fifth Lady?
Chapter 2788 The Foundation of Transcendence
Chapter 2789: Transformation of Ten Thousand Treasures
Chapter 2790 World Promotion
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Chapter 2791 Breeding the Way of Heaven
Chapter 2792: Running in both directions?
Chapter 2793 You come and I go
Chapter 2794: Origin of Promotion
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Chapter 2795: Transcendence and Perfection
Chapter 2796 The Lord of Creation
Chapter 2797 The Body of the Fourth Dao
Chapter 2798 The Dao of the Sword is Vast
Chapter 2799: Sublimation of the Sword
Chapter 2800: Unique Sword Way
Chapter 2801 The prototype of perfection
Chapter 2802 Endless Universe?
Take a day off!
Chapter 2803 The Seed of Five Virtues
Chapter 2804: Picture of Sui Yuan Shen
Chapter 2805 Repairing the Treasure
Chapter 2806 The Key to the Origin?
Chapter 2807 The Shadow of Eternity
Chapter 2808: Life and Death at a Glance
Chapter 2809 The Power of Destruction
Chapter 2810 The Eye of Eternal Life
Chapter 2811: Opportunity of Houtu
Chapter 2812: Transcendence and Nothingness
Take a day off!
Chapter 2813 One Qi Immortal Lord
Chapter 2814: Immortal and Demon In One
Chapter 2815: The last resort
Chapter 2816: The other side has passed
Chapter 2817 Relic Dream
Chapter 2818: Sublimation of Buddhism
Chapter 2819 Another plot
Chapter 2820: Switching sides in battle
Take a day off!
Chapter 2821 Invincible Confusion
Chapter 2822 The Wonder of Divine Map
Chapter 2823 A snap of a finger
Chapter 2824: Creation of Green Lotus
Chapter 2825 The Empress of All Transformations
Chapter 2826 The Source of Creation
Chapter 2827 The real center
Chapter 2828 Black Stone Platform
Chapter 2829 The Weird Altar
Chapter 2830: Sacrifice at the end of the road
Chapter 2831 The Source of the Jade Disc
Chapter 2832 A clear path
Chapter 2833 The Source of the Inner Demon
Chapter 2834: Endless Poison
Chapter 2835 Purifying the battlefield
Chapter 2836 Everything is ready
Chapter 2837 Final Transformation
Chapter 2838 Reincarnation from the Dead
Chapter 2839 Evolution of the Universe
Chapter 2840 Endless Diversity
Chapter 2841 The Original Lord
Chapter 2842 Shocking the Origin
Chapter 2843: Zhongji Taoist Master
Chapter 2843 Azeroth?
Chapter 2844: The Ancestor of Millions
Chapter 2845 The universe is a ship
Chapter 2846: Giving Treasures to Passengers
Chapter 2847: Fighting to win over
Chapter 2848 Join it
Chapter 2849 Invincible Power
Chapter 2850 The Unbreakable Formation
Chapter 2851 The Original War
Chapter 2852: The Heart-Crossing Demon Lord
Chapter 2853 Self-directed and self-acted
Chapter 2854: Moving the Immortal Lord
Chapter 2855 The Ultimate Demon God
Chapter 2856: The Battle between Demons
Chapter 2857: Demon among Demons
Chapter 2858 Half of the Origin
Chapter 2859 means Demonic Universe
Chapter 2860: Lost in one day
Chapter 2861 The Ancestral Demonic Mirror
Chapter 2862 The inner demon will never die
Chapter 2863 Weird Magic Mirror
Chapter 2864: One force suppresses ten thousand paths
Chapter 2865 Daojin Siege
Chapter 2866: The path of sacrifice has ended?
Chapter 2867 The Invisible Universe
Chapter 2868: Advance and retreat freely
Chapter 2869 The Eternal Plot
Chapter 2870 Keep your word
Chapter 2871 Emperor Killing changes to cultivating
Chapter 2872 Strange Stone Egg
Chapter 2873 The original master?
Chapter 2874: Controlling the Enemies
Chapter 2875: Surrender and admit defeat
Chapter 2876: Divide treasures and drive people away
Chapter 2877 Mediating Ziyun Hammer
Chapter 2878 Enemies on the Road
Chapter 2879 Initial uproar
Chapter 2880 Join forces again
Chapter 2881 Intention of Sacrifice
Chapter 2882: Fully prepared?
Chapter 2883 Hongyuan Supreme
Chapter 2884 The Original Yuanling
Chapter 2885 The Ultimate Terror
Chapter 2886 Fusion of Yuanling
Chapter 2887 Life-saving trump card
Chapter 2888 The Heritage Portal
Chapter 2889 Altar fragments?
Chapter 2890 The Paradox of Sacrifice
Chapter 2891 Three Treasures Unified
Chapter 2892 Hun Peng’s backup plan?
Chapter 2893 An unexpected gain
Chapter 2894 Taking Over the Demonic Way
Chapter 2895: Universal Authority
Chapter 2896 Billions of Transcendence
Chapter 2897: Original invincibility?
Chapter 2898 Four times as good as yourself
Chapter 2899: Revealing the Origin
Chapter 2900 Your luck
Chapter 2901: Staring at the Universe
Chapter 2902 Thousands of Systems
Chapter 2903 The Divine Gourd of Ten Thousand Tribulations
Chapter 2904 The First Divine Light
Chapter 2905 Returning to Original Form
Chapter 2906 The Secret of the Sacred Tree
Chapter 2907: Fierce Attack on Vital Points
Chapter 2908: Changing Target
Chapter 2909: Massacre and Transcendence
Chapter 2910: All Universe Returns to the Underworld Coffin
Chapter 2911 The Creature in the Coffin
Chapter 2912 The Zombie God Clan
Chapter 2913 The Demon Lord Appears Again
Chapter 2914 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 2915 The devil’s heart attacks itself
Chapter 2916 Rebuilding the Sacred Tree?
Chapter 2917 Annihilation of one of them
Chapter 2918 Map of the Gods of All Realms
Chapter 2919 Invincible?
Chapter 2920: The God Lord suffered disaster
Chapter 2921 The Hand of Ending Dao
Chapter 2922 The Power of Will
Chapter 2923 Spiritual Treasure Interconnection
Chapter 2924: Treasure Fusion
Chapter 2925 The Tomb of the Fifth Prince
Chapter 2926: The Way of the Zombie God
Chapter 2927 Repairing the Sacred Tree
Chapter 2928 The Divine Tree of Enlightenment
Chapter 2929 The Supreme of All Spirits
Chapter 2930: God Lord of All Universes
Chapter 2931 The Primordial God
Chapter 2932 Dreamy Flowers
Chapter 2933 The Cunning Rabbit’s Three Caves
Chapter 2934 Strange World
Chapter 2935 Tao Four Spirits
Chapter 2936 The Cave of Ten Thousand Calamities
Chapter 2937 Unbounded Taoist Lord
Chapter 2938: Having both sides?
Chapter 2939 The Flood of Time
Chapter 2940: Alarming the Snake
Chapter 2941 Disappeared Without a Trace
Chapter 2942: The Way to Eliminate Disaster
Chapter 2943 What remains of this world?
Chapter 2944 A new world
Chapter 2945 The river flows into the sea
Chapter 2946: Suppression with hands
Chapter 2947 Return to the Spiritual Realm
Chapter 2948: Realm Background
Chapter 2949 Not the only one
Chapter 2950 Lord Lingluo
Chapter 2951 The Power of the Tao Realm
Chapter 2952: All evil thoughts are eliminated
Chapter 2953 The Source of Disaster
Chapter 2954: True Self Aura
Chapter 2955: Achieving Daoyi
Chapter 2956 Sacrifice Brand
Chapter 2957: Ten Million System
Chapter 2958: Strange Treasure
Chapter 2959 New Lair
Chapter 2960 Endless Domain
Chapter 2961 Jingxian Sect
Chapter 2962 The Way of Time
Chapter 2963: Using a fake to cultivate the truth
Chapter 2964: The Sutra of Crossing People
Chapter 2965 Local Channel
Chapter 2966 Detonating the Origin
Chapter 2967 The Great Pill is Lost
Chapter 2968: Opening the Net and Waiting
Chapter 2969 Yuanming Sect
Chapter 2970 The Wonder of Yuan Ling
Chapter 2971 Looking back on everything
Chapter 2972 ??Fighting for Fuyao
Chapter 2973 The confusion is shattered
Chapter 2974 The Death of Hun Meng
Chapter 2975 Dao Realm War
Chapter 2976 The primordial world furnace
Chapter 2977 Lord Wei Shengdao
Chapter 2978: Transformation and Conversion
Chapter 2979 Gully and Abyss
Chapter 2980 The Ability of Rebirth
Chapter 2981 Yuan Ling Corpse
Chapter 2982: Targeting Wei Sheng
Chapter 2983 Taking the opportunity to attack
Chapter 2984 Corrosion of Evil Thoughts
Chapter 2985 Infinite Divine Sect
Chapter 2986 Winning over Wanhua
Chapter 2987: Local Holy Land
Chapter 2988 Hunxu Supreme
Chapter 2989: Method of Resurrection
Chapter 2990 Stirring up the storm
Chapter 2991 means sacrifice
Chapter 2992 Sacrifice to the Supreme Being
Chapter 2993 Born Immortal
Chapter 2994 The Divine Mountain Cave
Chapter 2995 The Five Queens Are Complete
Chapter 2996 Golden Altar
Chapter 2997 The Secret of Sacrifice
Chapter 2998 Boundless Divine Blood
Chapter 2999 The true form of freedom
Chapter 3000 The Supreme Power
Chapter 3001: Above the Fifth Prince
Chapter 3002: There is no Supreme Being
Chapter 3003: Capturing all sentient beings
Chapter 3004: Enlighten all spirits
Chapter 3005: Fusion of Paths
Chapter 3006 The Dream of the Three Generations
Chapter 3007: Laying the Foundation
Chapter 3008 The Prototype of Ten Thousand Daos
Chapter 3009: Storm is coming
Chapter 3010 The Supreme Gathering
Chapter 3011: Conflicting paths
Chapter 3012: Branded Magical Power
Chapter 3013 Collision between divine bodies
Chapter 3013 Collision between divine bodies
Chapter 3014 Everyone is terrified
Chapter 3015 The Fundamental Secret
Chapter 3016 Operational Logic
Chapter 3017 Reincarnation
Chapter 3018: Weird Yuanling
Chapter 3019: The Supreme Being
Chapter 3020 Origin Clone
Chapter 3021 The Supreme Secret Technique?
Chapter 3022 Linglong Daoyuan
Chapter 3023: Sudden intention to quit
Chapter 3024 Many magical powers
Chapter 3025: Looking back to eternity
Chapter 3026: The Divine Eye of Insight
Chapter 3027: Crossing the Houtu
Chapter 3028 Yuanfas Monument to the Gods
Chapter 3029 The first magical power?
Chapter 3030 Endless Treasure Mountain
Chapter 3031 Invincible Gods and Demons
Chapter 3032: Enlightenment and Transformation
Chapter 3033: Spirit-Transforming Divine Tree
Chapter 3034: Promotion to the universe?
Chapter 3035: Peeping at Everything
Chapter 3036: There is no crack in the sky
Chapter 3037 Sujingshan Universe
Chapter 3038: Deceiving Heaven and Concealing the Truth
Chapter 3039: Sacrifice and Promotion
Chapter 3040 The Supreme Divine Treasure
Chapter 3041 The greatest treasure
Chapter 3042: Sit back and watch the situation change
Chapter 3043: Crossing into Infinity
Chapter 3044: Sacrifice and Promotion
Chapter 3045: Dao Wu Qi Machine
Chapter 3046 The thieves are rampant
Chapter 3047: Taoist Five Spirits?
Chapter 3048: Scheme against each other
Chapter 3049 Benli Supreme
Chapter 3050: Origin Body Differentiation
Chapter 3051: Collusion in this Domain
Chapter 3052 The Heart of Transcendence
Chapter 3053 Infinite Magic Lamp
Chapter 3054: Sacrificing a treasure?
Chapter 3055: Take a risk
Chapter 3056: The target of public criticism
Chapter 3057: Fundamental Dao Light
Chapter 3058: Burying the Treasure
Chapter 3059 Reincarnation from the Dead
Chapter 3060: Intimidation by various factions
Chapter 3061: A Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 3062: One drink and one peck
Chapter 3063: Virtual Realm
Chapter 3064: All the details are revealed
Chapter 3065 Emmanuel Mission
Chapter 3066: Sacrifice the Taoist Clone
Chapter 3067 Gathering together
Chapter 3068 Wordless Taoist Book
Chapter 3069 Dao Yifen Yuan Sword
Chapter 3070 Evolution Wanbao
Chapter 3071: My own plan
Chapter 3072 The Origin of the Earth
Chapter 3073 A new era?
Chapter 3074: Sacrifice Blow
Chapter 3075: Destroy everything
Chapter 3076 Gate of Infinity
Chapter 3077 Eye of Eternity
Chapter 3078: Wasnt it already decided?
Chapter 3079 The Evolution of the Sacred Tree
Chapter 3080 The end is coming
Chapter 3081: Looting the Realm
Chapter 3082 The Tomb of This Realm
Chapter 3083: Rebuilding the Holy Land?
Chapter 3084: Infinite Ladder
Chapter 3085: Thorough deduction
Chapter 3086: Divine power at ease
Chapter 3087 Heroes of the Times
Chapter 3088 Yaojia Taoist Lord
Chapter 3089 The perfect sacrifice?
Chapter 3090 Tianyao breaks the hairpin
Chapter 3091 Infinite Rotation
Chapter 3092: Suppressing the Two Lords
Chapter 3093: Everyone is transformed
Chapter 3094 Huang Tian’s whisk
Chapter 3095: Taking Charge of Two Sects
Chapter 3096 Yuanyang Sect
Chapter 3097 Eternal Supreme
Chapter 3098 Vice Sect Luoyao
Chapter 3099: Creating a Holy Land
Chapter 3100: You are happy with this
Chapter 3101: All are chess pieces
Chapter 3102 The Invincible Black Hand
Chapter 3103 Divine Eye Network
Chapter 3104 The Secret of One Qi
Chapter 3105 The Source of Qi
Chapter 3106: Gen Yuan’s Plan
Chapter 3107 The Origin of the Internet
Chapter 3108: Shocked Change of Color
Chapter 3109 The Eternal Plan
Chapter 3110 Infinite Altar
Chapter 3111 Evenly matched
Chapter 3112 The Second Realm of Dao
Chapter 3113: Sacrifice and Stealing
Chapter 3114 Eternal Dao Qi
Chapter 3115 Born to End
Chapter 3116: Spying on the Universe
Chapter 3117 Spiritual Root Trap
Chapter 3118: Bait Golden Ao
Chapter 3119 A supreme opportunity?
Chapter 3120: Tao Lord’s Skin
Chapter 3121: Disaster against Fate
Chapter 3122: Taking charge of another sect
Chapter 3123 The Reality of the Holy Land
Chapter 3124 No Peeping
Chapter 3125 Strange World
Chapter 3126 The Great Realm of Eternal Yuan
Chapter 3127 Distorted Cognition?
Chapter 3128 Unfalsifiable
Chapter 3129 Whereabouts Unknown
Chapter 3130: Pointing directly at Danyang
Chapter 3131 Invincible Power
Chapter 3132 Danyang Desperate Situation
Chapter 3133: Phantom that confuses the enemy
Chapter 3134: Arriving after the trace
Chapter 3135 Another Suppression
Chapter 3136: Knowing the Miaowuji Pill
Chapter 3137: Number One in Alchemy
Chapter 3138: Road blocks the road
Chapter 3139 Qi Yuan Supreme
Chapter 3140 The Secret of the Divine Pill
Chapter 3141: Consciousness of this Realm?
Chapter 3142 Xuan Cang Supreme
Chapter 3143 Willingness
Chapter 3144 Demon Lord Xuan Cang
Chapter 3145 The First Evil Thought
Chapter 3146 The Demonic Treasure
Chapter 3147 Seven Treasures
Chapter 3148: Everything is Dao 2
Chapter 3149: Set off a Demonic Tribulation
Chapter 3150: Demonizing All Beings
Chapter 3151 The Heaven-Bearing Demonic Sword
Chapter 3152 Shi Yuan Creates Demon
Chapter 3153: Determined by one battle?
Chapter 3154: Hanhai Purifying Bottle
Chapter 3155 The Trial of the Treasure
Chapter 3156 Sacrifice to the World and the Umbrella
Chapter 3157: Powerful Unity
Chapter 3158 Uproar
Chapter 3159 Shocking Waves
Chapter 3160 I can’t stand it any longer
Chapter 3161 The Land of Yuanyang
Chapter 3162 The Crisis of Yuanling
Chapter 3163 In broad daylight
Chapter 3164: Powerful Impact
Chapter 3165: Everyone jumped back
Chapter 3166: The foundation is halved
Chapter 3167 Divide it all up
Chapter 3168: Transfer of Sacrifice
Chapter 3169 Tracing the Origin
Chapter 3170 The Land of Destruction
Chapter 3171: Finding clues
Chapter 3172 Face Branding
Chapter 3173 Sacrifice Brand
Chapter 3174 The blessing of transcendence?
Chapter 3175 The Source of the Five Supreme Beings
Chapter 3176: White Bones in the Sky
Chapter 3177: Self-sacrifice
Chapter 3178: A smooth road?
Chapter 3179 Stopping Trail 4
Chapter 3180 The Supreme Inner Demon
Chapter 3181 Subtle influence
Chapter 3182: All are Taoist Three
Chapter 3183: Leverage Cognition
Chapter 3184 The Way of Nothingness
Chapter 3185 Virtual Realm
Chapter 3186: Branded Path
Chapter 3187: Another road to success
Chapter 3188 The Realm of Spiritual Light
Chapter 3189 Fusion of Ten Thousand Daos?
Chapter 3190 The Three Perfect Paths
Chapter 3191 Huazong
Chapter 3192 Chain Reaction
Chapter 3193 Minghua’s Difficulty
Chapter 3194 The Four Realms of Tao
Chapter 3195 Everyone follows suit
Chapter 3196 Power Projection
Chapter 3197: The Perfection of the Four Ways
Chapter 3198 The original peak
Chapter 3199: Binding Gods and Demons
Chapter 3200: Enlightenment
Chapter 3201 Luo Yao was robbed
Chapter 3202 Fighting to the death
Chapter 3203: Destroying Ten Thousand Forces
Chapter 3204 Gods and demons unite?
Chapter 3205 Suppression of All
Chapter 3206: All at the top
Chapter 3207 The end of the physical body
Chapter 3208: Dao Extinguishes the Ancestral Demon
Chapter 3209: Moving Yuan Yang
Chapter 3210: The membrane of this world
Chapter 3211 Backing up the foundation
Chapter 3212 Perfect Control
Chapter 3213 The Supreme Eternal Yuan
Chapter 3214: Usurping Authority
Chapter 3215 The Jade Disc is Perfect
Chapter 3216 Deduction of the Treasure
Chapter 3217 The altar is complete
Chapter 3218 The Wonder of Sacrifice
Chapter 3219: Sacrificing the Lair
Chapter 3220 Holy Land Altar
Chapter 3221 The Invincible Taoist Body
Chapter 3222 Demonized Taoist Spirit
Chapter 3223: This Way is a Thousand Rings of Death
Chapter 3224 Dragon God of this Realm
Chapter 3225 Dao Jade Supreme
Chapter 3226 The Origin of Dao Jade
Chapter 3227 Resurrection at any time
Chapter 3228 The Path of Origin
Chapter 3229 Primordial Supreme
Chapter 3230: No deduction
Chapter 3231: See the leopard at the first glance
Chapter 3232 The Only Yuanling
Chapter 3233 The Road to Breaking Limitations
Chapter 3234: The road is in full control
Chapter 3235 The Ultimate Deduction
Chapter 3236 The First Path
Chapter 3237 Qianyuan Dao Qi
Chapter 3238: Confronting the Fifth Lady
Chapter 3239 Erosion and Transformation
Chapter 3240: Destruction and Reconstruction
Chapter 3241: Rebuilding Sujing Mountain
Chapter 3242: Strengthening Qianyuan
Chapter 3243 Before the Storm
Chapter 3244: The Vast Dao Realm
Chapter 3245 Resurrection of the Giant
Chapter 3246: The foundation increases sharply
Chapter 3247 The Edge of Awakening
Chapter 3248 The real goal
Chapter 3249: Sacrifice Moved
Chapter 3250: Endless Reincarnation
Chapter 3251 Strength weakened
Chapter 3252: Dispersion of Will
Chapter 3253 Strange Balance
Chapter 3254 Return from Resurrection
Chapter 3255 The Ultimate Doom
Chapter 3256 Unsolvable Catastrophe
Chapter 3257 Assimilation of the Fifth Queen
Chapter 3258 The reason for the sacrifice?
Chapter 3259 Qianyuan Root Foot
Chapter 3260 The Lord of the Five Tails?
Chapter 3261 The Last Man
Chapter 3262 The Fifth Supreme Being
Chapter 3263 The Fifth Lady is Undefeated
Chapter 3264 Two people become enlightened
Chapter 3265: Five Deities Shock the World
Chapter 3266: Moving the Heaven
Chapter 3267 Another deduction
Chapter 3268 Daoguang relies on
Chapter 3269 Feedback to Daoguang
Chapter 3270 The Empress Returns
Chapter 3271 Hun Tian shakes the world
Chapter 3272: Dominate the Four Factions
Chapter 3273 No more changes
Chapter 3274 The End of Man-Made Dao?
Chapter 3275 The Wonder of Taiyi
Chapter 3276 Daoyu is invincible?
Chapter 3277 The Passage of Doom
Chapter 3278: Gen Yuan covets
Chapter 3279: Finding a place to overcome the tribulation
Chapter 3280: Causing disaster
Chapter 3281 Devouring Billions
Chapter 3282 Conflicting Tao Qi
Chapter 3283 Breaking through the boundaries
Chapter 3284: The Supreme Way
Chapter 3285 The Eternal Cliff
Chapter 3286 Another Peep at Daoyu
Chapter 3287 The First Cause of the Origin
Chapter 3288 Qianyuan’s Plan
Chapter 3289: Li Yuan’s Path
Chapter 3290: Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 3291: Open up the origin?
Chapter 3292 The Origin of Qianyuan
Chapter 3293: Changes in Roots
Chapter 3294 Everyone respects them
Chapter 3295 The Lord of the Five Tails?
Chapter 3296 The first foot
Chapter 3297 The Treasure of the Road
Chapter 3298 Using the false to refine the true
Chapter 3299 The Divine Wheel Treasure
Chapter 3300: Self-protection
Chapter 3301 Five forces?
Chapter 3302 The Creation of the Ancestral Demon
Chapter 3303 Billions of Demonic Shadows
Chapter 3304 The Beginning of the Demonic Path
Chapter 3305 The Abyss of the First Demon
Chapter 3306 Fighting in the air
Chapter 3307 Danyang Returns
Chapter 3308 The Spirit of the Path
Chapter 3309: Number One
Chapter 3310 Treasure Trading
Chapter 3311: Royal Supreme
Chapter 3312 Reopening the Beginning
Chapter 3313 Rapid Improvement
Chapter 3314 The Battle at the End of the Road
Chapter 3315: End of Billions?
Chapter 3316: The Great Perfection of the Path
Chapter 3317 Determining the future
Chapter 3318 The Eternal Black Hand
Chapter 3319 Infinite Return
Chapter 3320: Successive Resurrection
Chapter 3321 Aura Collision
Chapter 3322 Deep-rooted
Chapter 3323: The Earth after Creation
Chapter 3324 The Qianyuan Catastrophe
Chapter 3325: Reincarnation
Chapter 3326 The End of Qianyuan Dao
Chapter 3327 Before the Great Change
Chapter 3328: Above the end of the road?
Chapter 3329: The Origin of Coercion
Chapter 3330: Looking down at the Lords
Chapter 3331 The concept of erasure
Chapter 3332 Daoyu takes action
Chapter 3333 The Phantom of Taoism
Chapter 3334 The Gate of the Fifth Prince
Chapter 3335 The power of breaking limits
Chapter 3336 Copy Sacrifice?
Chapter 3337 The consequences of destruction
Chapter 3338: Breaking Limits of Ambition
Chapter 3339 Perfect Concealment
Chapter 3340 Imitation Altar
Chapter 3341 Stepping into the calculation
Chapter 3342 Supreme Sacrifice
Chapter 3343: Characteristics Above the End of Dao
Chapter 3344 The power of determination
Chapter 3345 Daoyu’s Trump Card
Chapter 3346: Control the future