Chapter 357 I’m going to take action

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 Bailash Qiong’s grandma’s name is Zhang Huilan. She married Mr. Bai in the 1960s. It is said that Bai Tingli encountered difficulties when he was doing business as a young man. Zhang Huilan sold his family’s Hetian jade with three inlays to help Bai Tingli survive the difficult period.

I had only met her once before, when I helped Bai Tingli pack away his belongings. The impression the old lady gave me was that she was kind and amiable, taking things slowly and not in a hurry.

It is hard to imagine that it was her who spread rumors in the Second Cotton Factory and finally forced Wang Xiaoqin to hang herself.

"Yunfeng, are you tight?"

Xiaoxuan tried the bandage.

"Okay, okay, let's cut it off."

I applied medicine to my thigh and put two bandages on it. It feels much better. There is no big problem in walking. Just don't kick your feet too much.

At this time, he reminded me: "Yunfeng, we are working on two fronts. You can inquire about Zhang Huilan through Bailash Qiong, and Douya and I will continue to search in the factory."

"I know the trick."

"Don't be careless. I feel that the old lady may not be simple."

"You mean Grandma Bailash Qiong?"

Nod your head in default.

Manager You died of gas at home, and the old man of the Bai family had just been buried a few days ago. The remaining people in the auditorium were on vacation. Bailash Qiong, who was hit hard, had no time to run the auditorium. I heard that someone came to the door with two orders.

She turned down all the business.

Before I left, my love mentor Dou Yazai analyzed this with me:

"Fengzi, believe me, a woman's defense is most vulnerable in this state. If you take the initiative to accompany her at this time, get close to her, take care of her, enlighten her, find the right opening and take advantage of it, it will be very easy to succeed.


"Boss Bai, are you not in the auditorium?" At around 8 o'clock in the evening, I went to the auditorium, pushed the door and locked it.

"Who are you?" Bailash Qiong's voice sounded a little drunk on the phone.

"you've been drinking?"

"Beep, beep," she suddenly hung up.

I called again, and this time I said directly: "I, it's me, Boss Bai, I'm Xiang Yunfeng."

"Xiang. Xiang Yun

"What do you want from me?"

I smiled and said, "I have nothing to do, I just want to talk to you, have something to eat, haha."

There was a blind tone on the phone.

She hung up again.


I looked at my phone in shock, wondering why this was different from what Dou Sprout said.

She ignored me, how could I take advantage of her?

I shamelessly called again, but this time the person simply stopped answering and the phone kept ringing.


Looking at the closed door of the auditorium, I sighed helplessly and turned to leave.

Not far away, the Bin Tower on the square stood in the night. Before nine o'clock in the evening, there were many old people and children playing in the square. I took a look at the small building behind the Bin Tower and it felt familiar yet strange at the same time.

Just as I was about to leave, Bailashqiong suddenly sent me a text message.

"Go to the canteen in the square to buy two bottles of wine and come to the dirt yard behind the auditorium."

I typed a reply: "Go right away."

"Dirt field" is what people here call it. It is the place where wheat was harvested and haystacks were piled in the past. Now there is less farming in the area. The dirt yard behind the auditorium has been abandoned for many years and has not been touched.

At that time, the square canteen was located to the north of Binta, not far from the road. The owner was a middle-aged woman in her forties, with a figure comparable to Tingting.

The canteen in the square was very small. When I opened the door and walked in, I saw a fat woman knitting a sweater with her head down.

"Bring me a bag of rubies and two bottles of wine."

"What kind of wine do you want?"

I said just get two bottles of higher alcohol content.

The fat woman threw the cigarette on the table and got two bottles of Erguotou.

"9 yuan."

I threw her ten dollars, and then she opened the drawer and looked for my money.

While doing this, the fat woman suddenly seemed to remember something. She raised her head and glanced at me suspiciously, her eyes looking a little flustered.

"Is something wrong?" I tugged on the money, but she didn't let go.

"Look for me!"

I grabbed a dollar and put it in my pocket.

After leaving the canteen, I walked quickly towards the dirt yard. .??.

There was no light at the back of the auditorium, so with the help of the moonlight, I walked around and saw a figure sitting on a pile of hay.

"Boss Bai!"

White Eyelash Qiong turned her head to look.

Seeing that it was me, she waved her hand to me and let me pass.

"Why are you sitting here alone? It's not cold." I sat next to her on the haystack and put down the things I bought.

There were several cans and beer bottles on the ground, and she could smell alcohol on her body.

"Where's the wine I asked you to buy?" she said.

"Here, this is good. You're bored with that one, so drink this one," I smiled and handed her a bottle of Erguotou.

She unscrewed the bottle cap, raised her neck and drank.


"Ahem!" She took a sip and coughed repeatedly.

"Hey, let me ask you, is it quite freeing to do your job?"

I said okay, I can be my own boss.

Bailash Qiong leaned on the haystack, looked at the sky and said: "I remember very clearly. When I was a child, my grandfather led our family dog ​​and played with me here in the dirt field. The dog kept barking, and my grandfather asked me to hold the rope.

I think the dog is too big and I dare not hold it."

I advised: "My condolences, your grandfather has passed away."

Qiong with white eyelashes turned to look at me, she bit her lips, her eyes turned red, and she suddenly started crying, and the more she cried, the harder she cried, as if she had been wronged a lot.

"Don't cry. What's the use of crying? People can't be resurrected after death. If your grandfather is still alive, he definitely doesn't want to see you like this."

"Drink, don't cry, drink more, you will forget everything when you are drunk," I handed her the wine.
r> Bailash Qiong took it, tilted her neck and drank half of the bottle directly.

This low-quality wine took effect quickly, had great staying power, and was still on her head. Within a few minutes, her face turned red and her speech became unclear.


She looked at me and suddenly smiled and said: "You and I know what you are thinking. You want to get me drunk and take me to the hotel to start, right?"

I shook my head hastily: "How could it be? I'm not that kind of person."

Bailash Qiong was lying on the haystack. She coughed twice and suddenly unbuttoned her clothes.

She smelled of alcohol and said, "Don't go to so much trouble, wouldn't it be nice to just stay here."

She quickly took off her down jacket and then took off the woolen sweater she was wearing underneath.

"Bai. Boss Bai, you've drunk too much. Put it on quickly. It's such a cold day."

Qiong's cheeks with white eyelashes are slightly red, and her eyes are drunk.

She grabbed my hand and said, "You are so timid, are you still a virgin?"

I was about to retort, but when I looked over, she had already closed her eyes.

"Boss Bai? Boss Bai?"

I shook her shoulder, but she didn't respond. She was drunk.

Without the down jacket to cover it up, the curves of Qiong's figure with white eyelashes can be seen. To be honest, she is indeed a bit attractive.

Looking at her sleeping soundly, I could actually see and feel the pain in her heart.

When some children grow up, they are not particularly close to their parents, but they are very close to their grandparents. If there are any good things or supplements, they always want to buy some for the elderly.

I sat next to her and finished smoking a cigarette.

I put out the cigarette butts, put the down jacket on her, and left the earth field with her on my back.

When I got to the side of the road, I reached out and hailed a taxi. I gently put the person on the back seat.

The taxi driver kept staring at the reflector.

I glared at the driver.

"What are you looking at?"

"Go quickly."

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