Chapter 353 Unexpected

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 I just took a sip of wine and waited for me to react and wanted to leave.

It's too late.

I don’t know what kind of drug was added to the wine, but I didn’t have any energy at all.

In a daze, I turned my head and glanced hard.

Next to the old equipment, Mr. Xing pocketed his pants and turned around.

A lantern was placed at his feet. With a frosty look on his face, he reached out from his arms and took out the knife used to cut the roast chicken and shook it, with a sneer on his lips.


Before the name was called, I fell to the ground with a thump and lost consciousness.


I don’t know how long it took, but I woke up again in a daze.

The surrounding light was very dark, the room had no windows, and I could smell the smell of rotten furniture. Some cotton balls were scattered on the ground. Perhaps the cotton balls had turned black and rotten over time.

With my hands back and my feet together, I was tied to a pillar with a rope. I couldn't scream even if I wanted to because my mouth was gagged. If I struggled, the rope would be tied tightly around my wrists and it would hurt.

Beside my right hand, Brother Yu is looking around. He woke up earlier than me.

I struggled back and forth and whined twice.

Brother Yu heard the noise, turned to look at me, and winked at me.


The sound of the door opening came, and a figure came in with a lantern in his right hand and closed the door again.

This house is somewhere else, it has no lights, and Mr. Xing is still dressed in a military coat.

He casually placed the lit lantern on the table, pulled a broken chair over and sat in front of me.

After staring at me for a few minutes, Mr.


Mr. Xing held the cigarette in one hand, squinted his eyes, and spit the cigarette into my face.

"Boy, this is the same cigarette you gave me. It's not bad."


After saying that, he pulled out the rag I was biting.

I shouted:

"Master Xing!"

"Wang Xinggui! You are Wang Xinggui, the director of the second cotton factory!"

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my thigh. For a moment, the pain was so severe that I couldn't breathe.

I inserted a small knife into my thigh, leaving only the handle outside, and the blade had sunk deeply into my flesh.

Within ten seconds, his pants were soaked with blood.

Mr. Xing let go of the knife handle.

"Boy, I told you to be quiet, but you were so nice that you called me Wang Xinggui when you came up. You made it very difficult for me to do this."

I grinned and gasped, it hurt.

"As long as you know it hurts, don't interrupt what I'm saying now, and you're the big guy."

Mr. Xing released Brother Yu's mouth and pointed the knife at his face.

Brother Yu looked at it and said nothing.

"Hey." The old man sighed again and sat on the chair.

"Yes, you are right, I am Wang Xinggui, the first director of the Northwest Second Cotton Factory."

Mr. Xing looked up at the roof with confused eyes. He seemed to have returned to 1958 in an instant, and his tone had changed.

"At that time, during the steel-making operation, Ermian had a science popularization group, a production group, and a women's group, which were divided into different areas. Responsibilities were assigned to each person. I remember that in March 1958, the municipal government issued a death order to the factory to suspend the production of cotton-padded clothes and quilts.

All assets were used to build small blast furnaces, and all the scrap iron, pots and pans in the factory were used to boil molten iron."


"Then what the hell is trained on is steel!

"More than half were scraps! Seeing that the task period was approaching and the city's production tasks had not yet been completed, I brought a truckload of raw materials from Hanzhong to make steel."

The old man pointed at me: "Old man Bai told you right. In the pile of scrap metal pulled from Hanzhong, there was a big iron Buddha and an iron tower top. I was thinking

After all, you can get at least a few hundred kilograms of molten iron out of it."

"But my younger sister disagrees. My second aunt has always chanted Buddha's name. My younger sister was influenced by my second aunt and also chanted Buddha's name. We built a small Buddhist hall at home. When we go back and have nothing to do, we burn incense and recite sutras."

"Later, you should have guessed that he wanted to keep Tie Buddha and Tie Ding. As the director of the Second Cotton Factory, how could I agree to her doing this."

"I never thought about it."

"She concealed it from me and secretly conspired with Bai Tingli and Tang Xin to steal the iron Buddha and the iron top."

"After the incident, I faced the huge pressure from the municipal government and various team members in the factory, and just gave him a circular of criticism. In order to give an explanation to the superiors, I fired Bai Tingli."

The old man suddenly became excited and asked me loudly: "Did I do anything wrong? I was right! I just want to protect her!"

"I like her!"

I couldn't close my mouth in shock.

This news was so unexpected that it made me temporarily forget the pain of the wound on my leg. .??.

How could I not hear it?

"She" refers to Wang Xiaoqin who hung herself from the pear tree every year. What I never imagined was that Wang Xiaoqin could be Wang Xinggui's sister.

And from the meaning behind the old man's words, I could tell that his love for Wang Xiaoqin was not the kind of love a normal brother would have for his younger sister.

I recall the girl in the old photos, standing in the cotton field, with her hair braided and wearing a floral cotton-padded jacket. In that era when there were no cosmetics for beauty, she could definitely be considered a beautiful girl.

"I know what's going on in your head."

Mr. Xing took out a bottle of wine from the pocket of his military coat. The wine was a small, flat bottle of low-quality wine that came in packages of three ounces. I had drunk it before and it was very spicy.

He unscrewed the cap of the bottle and took a sip. He wiped his mouth and said, "She and I are not related by blood. Why can't we be together? Tell me."

I opened my mouth, not knowing what to say.

Mr. Xing has white hair, dirty clothes, black hands and muddy fingernails.

He just looked at me like that,
His eyes turned red and he cried like this. He seemed to have been greatly wronged. He threw away his cigarette and put down his wine and kept wiping his tears.

"I killed her!"

"It was the gossip in the factory that killed her!"

The old man kicked down the table and said loudly:

"I'm just a bullshit factory manager!"

"If one day I were allowed to go back to fifty years ago! I would fucking stab those who chewed their tongues to death! Cut off all their tongues! Cut off all their tongues and fry them! After frying them, take them out.

Go feed the dogs!”

"Gudong. Gudong."

Mr. Xing drank a bottle of wine and threw the empty bottle in the corner.


After burping, he said: "I don't care about the top of the iron tower. It belongs to Old Man Bai. You can take it as long as you want. I asked you to take it."

As he spoke, Mr. Xing walked up to me and patted my face with his hand.

"You should just quit when you're done, why do you have to come back again?"

"Why so greedy?"

"The Iron Buddha belongs to Xiaoqin, but you want to take it away! Whoever dares to take it will die!"

The wrinkles on the old man's face were squeezed together, and his eyes were filled with murderous intent.

I was really frightened. I could see a ruthlessness and madness in his eyes. He might really kill someone for Iron Buddha.

"Master Xingxing, let me go first."

"We don't want your Iron Buddha anymore."

"Let me go, and I will persuade others when I go back."

The old man shook his head.

"I thought you would give up after getting the Iron Top. I was wrong. You still want the Iron Buddha. Thieves are naturally greedy."

"I changed my mind."

"I'm going to kill you so that no one will think of Iron Buddha."

"Yes, let's do this, kill you all."

"Buried under the pear tree."

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