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The Bizarre Adventure of Pirates

The Bizarre Adventure of Pirates

author:Makiko seven

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-19 20:13

Latest chapter:Chapter 683 VS Team Flare, the power of science

Name: Jon Joestar Stand-in—Door (DOOR) Ability: Control all related things of the door concept within a radius of 100 meters, and can also open invisible doors at any position to enter the inner world [Destructive Power: E] 【Speed: C】【Range: B】【Sustainability: E】【Precision: A】【Growth: A】...In a word, this is the time when crossing Cheng Erqiao (Joseph Joestar) ) The youngest son, Jon, Jotaro and others went to Egypt to kill DIO, but accidentally evolved his own double, which has the ability to open the door of the world. World: One Piece, JOJO's Bizarre Adventure, One Punch Man...) Tags: Zongman, Games, Semi-Invincible Stream, Shuangwen, Substitute Messenger, J

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《The Bizarre Adventure of Pirates》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 683 VS Team Flare, the power of science
Chapter 862 VS Team Flare, start the action
Chapter 861 The Arrogant Flare Team
Chapter 860 Dragon Power
Chapter 859 Blessed Land, the Land of Meteors
Chapter 858 Novice Pokémon Selection Guide
Chapter 857 Zhijiang, challenge failed
Chapter 856 Please choose your challenge difficulty...
Chapter 855: Hit one first, then another...
《The Bizarre Adventure of Pirates》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Jon Joestar
Chapter 2 I'm Really a Little Genius
Chapter 3 Justice Gang Fight
Chapter 4 One man controls the barrier, the terrifying Magellan
Chapter 5 Find another way to escape from Impel Down City
Chapter 6: Armed and domineering, fighting against the poisonous man!
Chapter 7 The Profound Truth of the Qiao Family's Warfare
Chapter 8 Bounty One Billion!
Chapter 9 The Whitebeard Pirates arrive and father and son reunite
Chapter 10 Drinking
Chapter 11 Return, re-enacting classics
Chapter 12 Going to Naples
Chapter 13 ‘Fishing’
Chapter 14 What Bucciarati saw...
Chapter 15 Polbo by Tianke
Chapter 16 ‘Assassins’
Chapter 17 Jon VS ‘The Man in the Mirror’
Chapter 18: Divide and attack, and eliminate one more person
Chapter 19 YES I AM!
Chapter 20 You’re still too thoughtful
Chapter 21 Clues and Tobio
Chapter 22: Love Around the Corner
Chapter 23
Chapter 24 The emperor is me, Diablo!
Chapter 25: The arrow is obtained and the double evolves for the second time
Chapter 26 The King of Gua Sha shows off his skills for the first time!
Chapter 27 Someone from the ‘Hero Association’
Chapter 28 Invitations and the Internet Boom
Chapter 29 Elementary school students with high double quotient
Chapter 30 ‘Liu Shui Rock Shattering Fist’ VS ‘Liu Shui Rock Shattering Fist’
Chapter 31 Strength increases again, everyone is happy
Chapter 32 The third newly promoted S-class hero—‘Skywalker’
Chapter 33 Gauntlet
Chapter 34 Defeat Three with One Punch
Chapter 35 Don’t underestimate me, uncle
Chapter 36 About the ‘Strongest Man’
Chapter 37 The Son of the Plane
Chapter 38 The Tired Kinos
Chapter 39 Rewards and Homecoming
Chapter 40
Chapter 41 Abnormalities
Chapter 42
Chapter 43 Special Mentor
Chapter 44 Ghost Killing Team Nine Pillars
Chapter 45 Recognition
Chapter 46 Named Disciple
Chapter 47 Killing Ghosts (1)
Chapter 48 Killing Ghosts (2)
Chapter 49 Killing Ghosts (3)
Chapter 50 Killing Ghosts (4)
Chapter 51: Killing Ghosts (5)
Chapter 52 Killing Ghosts (6)
Chapter 53
Chapter 54 The Wheel of Destiny Is Still Rolling Forward
Chapter 55 Ding, Aqiang and Huahua joined the team
Chapter 56 Grandma Alina, I’m sorry...
Chapter 57 The extremely evil squadron, completely destroyed
Chapter 58 Release
Chapter 59 The Spirit of the Door
Chapter 60 Kira Yoshikage is in danger!
Chapter 61 Erase
Chapter 62 Another World Line
Chapter 63 Touhou Jousuke
Chapter 64 Pure Love Warrior
Chapter 65
Chapter 66: Second round, speed pass without injury
Chapter 67 The Door of the Subconscious Mind
Chapter 68 Don't give you a chance to despair
Chapter 69 What's at the End of the Universe
Chapter 70 Father and Son
Chapter 71 ‘Torasadi’
Chapter 72
Chapter 73 ‘Crazy Diamond’ VS ‘Golden Experience’
Chapter 74 No mole, some JOJO jokes
Chapter 75 It’s okay, I found you
Chapter 76 Jon Lets Arrow
Chapter 77 ‘Time and Space Diamond’
Chapter 78 Let you see the real black hand
Chapter 79 The special skill of ‘Platinum Star’ is...
Chapter 80
Chapter 81 BOSS
Chapter 82 Some people laugh wildly, while others find it hard to resist
Chapter 83 V5
Chapter 84: Substances Determine Subjectivity
Chapter 85 Looking for relatives girls and bad boys
Chapter 86
Chapter 87 Open the pendulum!
Chapter 88 I am Diavolo, and now I regret it a lot
Chapter 89 Mr. Di, all encounters in the world are reunions after a long separation
Chapter 90 Justice Gang Fight 2.0
Chapter 91 Emperors Eternal Life
Chapter 92 Talk later
Chapter 93 Prologue
Chapter 94 Appearance
Chapter 95 That year, I became light
Chapter 96 The Secret Reappears
Chapter 97 After one wave, another wave arises
Chapter 98 Fierce Battle with Folong
Chapter 99 A healthy person
Chapter 100 Someone stole the house
Chapter 101 Cracks
Chapter 102 The Uncrowned Fifth Emperor
Chapter 103 Official Monkey volunteered
Chapter 104 Please, please marry my mother
Chapter 105 Declaration
Chapter 106 Reaching Consensus
Chapter 107 Door. Requiem. ACT2 (Part 1)
Chapter 108 Door. Requiem. ACT2 (Part 2)
Happy New Year to everyone + testimonials
Chapter 109 Prison
Chapter 110 This person is really outrageous
Chapter 111 Prison life from scratch
Chapter 112 Miss Xu Lun wants to become stronger
Chapter 113 The filial daughter Euler buried her father today
Chapter 114 The Story That Happened That Day...
Chapter 115 'DIO Diary'
Chapter 116 Jon Joestar, you have done all the bad things!
Chapter 117 The Three Sisters in Prison Are Bad Adventures
Chapter 118 Gravity
Chapter 119
Chapter 120 First Victory
Chapter 121 Spare key GET!
Chapter 122 The Guidance of Fate
Chapter 123 Rhapsody
Chapter 124 Join forces, the God of War returns!
Chapter 125 I am really underestimated
Chapter 126 Team Battle Begins
Chapter 127 New World
Chapter 128 The hero debuts, the second round will start again!
Chapter 129 Timely Stop + Timely Stop + Timely Stop
Chapter 130 Made In Heaven
Chapter 131 'Heaven'
Chapter 132 Johnny, I am your cousin
Chapter 133 You are all my wings!
Chapter 134 STAGE 1
Chapter 135 Interval Winner
Chapter 136 The target of public criticism
Chapter 137 Iron Ball Destroyer and Tooth
Chapter 138 Kingdom Assassin
Chapter 139 Turning enemies into friends and chasing after them
Chapter 140 I prefer horse racing girls to horse racing
Chapter 141 Diego joins the team
Chapter 142 'The Remains of the Saint'
Chapter 143 The third stage ends, with undercurrents surging
Chapter 144 Fierce Battle on the Plains
Chapter 145 The two people conspiring
Chapter 146 Welcome to the world of men
Chapter 147 The winner, Johnny Joestar!
Chapter 148 The female war goddess picks up the leak, and the man in the rain sleeps in the grave forever
Chapter 149 Fake death to escape
Chapter 150 The Bone Stealer
Chapter 151 Sweet Sugar Mountain
Chapter 152 There is definitely something wrong with you!
Chapter 153 Cause and effect change, Poklock VS Killer Eleven
Chapter 154 Ou Huang: Fortunately, I am more skilled.
Chapter 154 Ou Huang Ben Huang: Fortunately, I am superior
Chapter 155 The Invincible 20th Century Boy
Chapter 156 The respective battles, Mike O's hole card
Chapter 157 Lord, I'm Guilty
Chapter 158
Chapter 159 Union, Reunion
Chapter 160 I'm not a man anymore, Jonny!
Chapter 161 Where are you putting this card bug?
Chapter 162 Assassination, who is the 'Holy Son'
Chapter 163 Philadelphia Shooting Case (pseudo)
Chapter 164 You're all playing yin with me, aren't you!
Chapter 165 Diego is out
Chapter 166 Champion
Chapter 167
Chapter 168 President: Buxiangwan is spicy!
Chapter 168 The President: Bushangwan is spicy!
Chapter 169 The oriole is behind
Chapter 170 The Invincible Fanny Valentine
Chapter 171 The Train of LoveDeparture
Extra story continues
Chapter 172 Uncle, do you need help?
Chapter 173 Humanoid plug-in, crushing Payne
Chapter 174 Konoha Ninja Village
Chapter 175 Naruko-chans exclusive skills
Chapter 176 The Five Shadows Talk? A promising start!
Chapter 177 I, Jon, love to teach others
Chapter 178 Ning Nings awakening, Teacher Qiao is powerful!
Chapter 179 Five Shadows Talks, Akatsuki Organization Attacks
Chapter 180 I am the craziest in the middle school world, and I am the king in the Uchiha world
Chapter 181 Following his words, Madara Uchiha fell from the sky
Chapter 182 So, why not farm?
Chapter 183 Ming Zuo meets and refuses double standards
Chapter 184 Come on, Xiaoyou, give him the whole job
Chapter 185: Critical review of the five sins, Danzo breaks his defense
Chapter 186 The Eagle Team stays and the Twelve Ninjas reunite again
Chapter 187 Master and apprentice meet, grudges fade with the wind
Chapter 188 Honest Kisame, a distress signal from another world
Chapter 189 Reversal Ritual, Ghost-Destroying Artifact
Chapter 190 Infinity TrainPrologue
Chapter 191 Infinity Train Ripper
Chapter 192 Infinite TrainChanging Fate
Chapter 193 Infinite TrainYiwo Seat
Chapter 194 Infinite TrainEpilogueThe sun does not go out
Chapter 195 Yoshihara YuguoFirst encounter
Chapter 196 Yoshihara YuguoThe Terrifying Ghost King
Chapter 197 Yoshihara YuguoEveryone has their own thoughts
Chapter 198 The scapegoat
Chapter 199 The Final Battle: The Demon Slayer Team Gathers
Chapter 200 Brother and sister die, meet again in hell
Chapter 201 Classic reproduction of famous scenes, the inescapable city
Chapter 202 Sir, times have changed
Chapter 203 Final Chapter: Unloading the knife and returning home
Chapter 204: Invasion from outside, the hero returns!
Chapter 205 The Fall of the Overlord of the Universe, the Weird Moon
Chapter 206 The devil patrols the streets and the hungry wolf is arrested
Chapter 207: The wolf is taking effect for the first time, and the Weird Association declares war
Chapter 208 J and K, Ace Attack
Chapter 209 Heroes VS Monsters, the Emperors Engine resounds across the battlefield!
Chapter 210 The gentle King, the victory or defeat between the unbeatable legend and the strongest weirdo
Chapter 211 Look carefully, the big snake is quite cute...
Chapter 212 The hero from the universe, 'God' is off the mic
Chapter 213 The Power of Faith
Chapter 214 Lighthouse Safe Zone, Dust People 4396
Chapter 215 Fierce battle, mysterious shadow
Chapter 216 The triumphant return, the common hero
Chapter 217 Crazy mouth escape, this broken tower will be finished sooner or later!
Chapter 218 Mutual use, sign of collapse
Chapter 219 From now on, let you fall in love peacefully
Chapter 220 Shocking Change
Chapter 221 Five days later, the lighthouse crash landed
Chapter 222 Brain in a vat, the hunting team lost contact
Chapter 223: Technology, even a dog cant touch it!
Chapter 224 Return to the lighthouse, night talk
Chapter 225 The gathering place for survivors on the groundTaoyuan Township
Chapter 226 Total Destruction
Chapter 227 Epilogue (End of this volume)
Chapter 228 Battle of New York
Chapter 229 'Star World Traveling God'
Chapter 230: Obtaining the Reality Gem, the God King comes to the world
Chapter 231 Visiting the Immortal Palace, the Queen of Gods falls
Chapter 232 The Destruction of HydraPrologue
Chapter 233 Destruction of HydraWinter Soldier and S.H.I.E.L.D. Civil War
Chapter 234 The Destruction of HydraFinal Chapter
Chapter 235 Galaxy TravelsKnowledge of the Unknown Realm
Chapter 236 Six colors of brilliance all in one body!
Chapter 237 The Rise of J ReligionOne of them
Chapter 238 The Rise of the J ReligionThe Travelers
Chapter 239 The Rise of the J CultThe Death of Ebony Maw and Egg
Chapter 240 The Rise of the J ReligionTrading
Chapter 241 Thanos: Fortunately, I saved a hand
Chapter 242 The Space Stone is shattered and the multiverse opens
Chapter 243 The Source of Countercurrent Time
Chapter 244 New Sacred Timeline, Infinite Guardian
Chapter 245 Fengdu
Chapter 246 Kamen Rider J, a wave of classic revivals
Chapter 247 The Abyss of Crazy Gambling
Chapter 248 What happened that night...
Chapter 249 A new storm is brewing (actually not)
Chapter 250 JK and Cockroach, Shotaros memory is lost again
Chapter 251 Fighting Nazca again, Kamen Rider does not respect martial ethics!
Chapter 252 Sneaking into Sonosakis house, Jon is targeted
Chapter 253 Yashuzi fails to lurk, Jon shows his cards directly
Chapter 254 Instigation and entrustment, broken idol filter
Chapter 255: Beating up monsters in powerful form, will the vest fall off?
Chapter 257 Christmas Ghost, AJW Justice 3 on 1
Chapter 257 The Ghost of Christmas Eve, AJW Justice 3 vs 1
Chapter 258 Knights have to ride motorcycles. Riding anything else will make you cough.
Chapter 259 Terui Ryu goes berserk, Sonosaki Saekos decision
Chapter 260: Self-directed and self-acted, smooth flow of favors
Chapter 261: The beautiful policeman is so confused
Chapter 262 Test: Find the true identity of the Kamen Rider
Chapter 263 Mimicry of womens clothing, luring the snake out of its hole
Chapter 264 Horse-falling crisis, the Qiao Family Courtyard in the dream
Chapter 265 A blessing in disguise, the brother and sister were kidnapped
Chapter 266 Weather Dopant and Justice Backstab
Chapter 267 The strange doctor dies and the magic begins
Chapter 268 The true identity of Kamen Rider is...
Chapter 269 Apologize to my fianc!
Chapter 270 The Bitter Meat Scheme
Chapter 271 Princess Wakanas Commission
Chapter 272 Brother-in-law, are you not dead?
Chapter 273 The truth, hijacking case
Chapter 274 So cruel, I love it
Chapter 275 Eternal BUG Ability
Chapter 276 Licking the dog, licking the dog, and getting nothing
Chapter 277: Bring the enemy to the same level
Chapter 278 Its over...
Chapter 279 People of the motherland, are you a woman?
Chapter 280 The olive branch of Watt Company
Chapter 281 The Seven Superheroes start to cheat
Chapter 282 Do I need you to teach me how to do things?
Chapter 283 Shura Field
Chapter 284 Black Robe
Chapter 285 Exposure
Chapter 286 People of the Motherland: I cant bear it anymore today!
Chapter 287 The ancestral treasure is in danger!
Chapter 288 Live Broadcast, Saving Private Azu
Chapter 289 As long as there is love...
Chapter 290 I m your father
Chapter 291 Attack Preview
Chapter 292 GAME
Chapter 293 What is a surprise?
Chapter 294 The plan to eliminate mankind...
Chapter 295 Looking for a Relative
Chapter 296 Father and son recognize each other
Chapter 297 The Road to Revenge, Bewitchment
Chapter 298 Looking for the secret of the organization
Chapter 299 Weakness
Chapter 300 Heroes Chaos
Chapter 301 Father and Son
Chapter 302 Brave New World
Chapter 303 Prologue
Chapter 304 The 25th Investigation Outside the Wall
Chapter 305 That man...
Chapter 306 The truth
Chapter 307 Plunder and Triumph
Chapter 308 Extra: Star CrusadeOrigin
Chapter 309 Extra: Stardust CrusadersSubstitute Battle
Chapter 310 Extra: Stardust CrusadersNew Partners
Chapter 311 Extra: Stardust CrusadersThe First Team Battle
Chapter 312 Extra: Stardust CrusadersPower and Demons
Chapter 313 Extra: Stardust CrusadersThe Invincible Yellow Temperance?
Chapter 314 Extra: Stardust Crusaders - Calcutta Experience
Chapter 315 Extra: Stardust CrusadersBobos Spring?
Chapter 316 Extra: Stardust Crusaders - Split
Chapter 317: Extra: Stardust Crusaders - Just be neat and tidy
Chapter 318 Extra: Stardust CrusadersThe power of the curse is so terrifying
Chapter 319 Extra: Stardust CrusadersLittle Old Emperor was forced to join the group
Chapter 320 Extra: Stardust Crusaders - Bringing Dutiful Sons
Chapter 321 Extra: Stardust Crusaders - Trial
Chapter 322 Extra: Stardust Crusaders - Is there a possibility...
Chapter 323 Extra: Stardust CrusadersLord Dio, Im sorry
Chapter 234 Extra: Stardust CrusadersTwo Invincible Brothers
Chapter 235 Extra: Stardust Crusaders - Only a future without me
Chapter 326: Extra: Stardust Crusaders - Thirty-six Strategies, Only the Best Strategies
Chapter 327 Extra: Stardust Crusaders - Gambler Brothers
Chapter 328 Extra: Stardust Crusaders - The Abyss of Gambling
Chapter 329 Extra: Stardust Crusaders - Completely Prepared
Chapter 330 Extra: Stardust CrusadersTian Ke
Chapter 331 Extra: Stardust CrusadersJustice Gang Fight!
Chapter 332 Extra: Stardust Crusaders - The End of the Story
Chapter 333 There has never been such a familiar start
Chapter 334 Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni
Chapter 335 Ichigo Kurosaki sneaks into the Serenity Palace
Chapter 336 Dont want that kind of thing
Chapter 337 Be prepared, the show is about to begin
Chapter 338 Chaotic War
Chapter 339 Captain of the Third Division, Jon
Chapter 340 Coming to the World
Chapter 341 Grimmjow Jakajak
Chapter 342 Infiltrating Hueco Mundo, Aizens response
Chapter 343 Dong Xian Yao looking for Maomao
Chapter 344 I already have a cat, why not raise a fish...
Chapter 345 Aizen came to steal the house
Chapter 346 Ichigo Minotaur VS Aizen
Chapter 347 Bengyu Evolution
Chapter 348 Transforming Cocoon into Butterfly
Chapter 349 Straw
Chapter 350 Wang Jian was born, destroyed, and resurrected
Chapter 351 God Emperor Bankai
Chapter 352 The tranquility before the war.
Chapter 353 The entire Gotei Thirteen Team became paralyzed...
Chapter 354 Soul Society Alliance VS Knights of the Star Cross (1)
Chapter 355 Soul Society Alliance VS Star Cross Knights (2)
Chapter 356 Soul Society Alliance VS Star Cross Knights (3)
Chapter 357 Soul Society Alliance VS Star Cross Knights (4)
Chapter 358 Unlimited firepower? Yhwach, the vengeful one
Chapter 359 Team Zero and the Soul Kings Palace
Chapter 360 We are guilty
Chapter 361 Declaration of War Again
Chapter 362 Old Friend in Hell
Chapter 363 All the way down, the existence at the bottom
Chapter 364 A one-sided decisive battle, forcing Yhwach to leave
Chapter 365 'Ordinary People'
Chapter 366 Faith and Reincarnation
Chapter 367 Prophecy, Messenger of God
Chapter 368 Meeting of the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick
Chapter 369 The Phantom Troupe and the Golden Princess
Chapter 370 Breaking into the Dark Nest Alone, Demiurges Plan
Chapter 371 The situation is fermenting, asking for help from Blue Rose
Chapter 372 How dare you chat here!
Chapter 373 Walking away, Shalltear loses control
Chapter 374 Exclusive mission, the crusade begins
Chapter 375 Ainz: Am I not the Demon King?
Chapter 376 Commissioned by The Theocracy, Exploring Nazarik
Chapter 377 Could it be... robbing a civilian girl?
Chapter 378 The show starts immediately, right?
Chapter 379 A classic desperate confession
Chapter 380 Holy Sword Controversy, Imperial Lobbyist
Chapter 381 The Blood Emperors wooing, the earths swordsmen will rise
Chapter 382 Military Patrol in the East, Gossamer Tauren
Chapter 383 The subsequent impact, the doomsday prophecy of Death and Death
Brother Chapter 384 War, entering the battle alone
Chapter 385 Jon VS Dark Scripture
Chapter 386 Ainz: Who is not a crazy person anymore?
Chapter 387: With all parties showing goodwill, the Platinum Dragon King decided to pick up the vest
Chapter 388 The Demonic Tree Awakens
Chapter 389 Dragon Queen
Chapter 390 Drotilons thousand-layer routine
Chapter 391 Take the other persons way and give it back to him
Chapter 392 The 'Colorful Dragon King' poisoned Ainz
Chapter 393 Dragon Slaying
Chapter 394: Subsidiary State, the Temptation of Secrets
Chapter 395: Deterrence, is Jon the reincarnation of the Dragon Emperor?
Chapter 396 Cry for help from the moon...
Chapter 397 Someone airdropped a vest, and someone dropped a vest
Chapter 398 Meeting Kemiao for the first time
Chapter 399 The Terrifying Foreign God
Chapter 400 Tarot Society, codename Destiny
Chapter 401 The omnipotent Mr. Destiny
Chapter 402 Is Amon here? Come here and get beaten
Chapter 403 Leonards Enlightenment
Chapter 409 The most beautiful cub in the audience
Chapter 405 The Lord of Reporting Praises the Goddess
Chapter 406 The most handsome cub in the audience
Chapter 407 Look directly at me!
Chapter 408 Meeting the Tarot Society Again
Chapter 409 Consumption Trap, Moonlight Night Rumblings
Chapter 410 Forsi and Xio
Chapter 411 The threads of fate are crossing...
Chapter 412 Leodro!
Chapter is blocked
Chapter 413 Ordinary is Blessing
Chapter 414 Return to Backlund
Chapter 415 Netizens meet offline
Chapter 416 Adventure and Rebirth
Chapter 417 Are you Will Asceptin?
Chapter 418 Xios awakening, Little Sun first appears
Chapter 419 The gem was stolen!
Chapter 424 Anti-fog Device and Artificial Sun
Chapter 420: Clarify friend and foe
Chapter 421 Anti-clouding Device and Artificial Sun
Chapter 422 Gathering
Chapter 423 Joint Action
Chapter 424 Sherlock Moriarty
Chapter 425 Cultivating Angels
Chapter 426 Pray, for Silver City
Chapter 427: A handful of wool pulled from both sides
Chapter 428 The Fool is very busy
Chapter 429 Taking over the Aurora Society
Chapter 430 Future Possibilities
Chapter 431 I want to do something!
Chapter 432 The Truth
Chapter 433 God guided you here, God said you are qualified
Chapter 434 Detective Sherlock, online investigation
Chapter 435 Battle and Split
Chapter 436 Strength rises, tracing back to the origin
Chapter 437 Father and daughter, husband and wife
Chapter 438 Stand-in Messenger Klein
Chapter 439 Respective tasks
Chapter 440 Members in Action
Chapter 441 The new angel is in place
Chapter 442 Family Reunion
Chapter 443 Fog Rises
Chapter 444 The more helpers, the better
Chapter 445 Young Angel
Chapter 446 Kleine makes her debut
Chapter 447 Sleepless Night
Chapter 448 Reunion of old friends
Chapter 449: You still need to show off your kindness to others
Chapter 450 Aftereffects, the truth of the sequence
Chapter 451 Playing the Trumpet
Chapter 452 Stupid family members
Chapter 453 The Broken Angel
Chapter 454 The coffin board can no longer hold it down
Chapter 455 Three-in-One Evil Spirit
Chapter 456 War breaks out
Chapter 457 The Fools Codex
Chapter 458 Fast forward to the result
Chapter 459 The Kings Speech
Chapter 460 'Black Emperor'
Chapter 461 Amons surprise attack, the treasure is obtained!
Chapter 462 What to do next...
Chapter 463 Set sail (end of volume)
Chapter 464 Breath of the Abyss
Chapter 465 Contract
Chapter 466 Perception of malicious intent, entry into the job
Chapter 467 Aki Hayakawa and Black Cat
Chapter 468 The Trouble-Making Duo
Chapter 469 Join forces to eliminate demons
Chapter 470 The Demon of the Gun
Chapter 471 The Inescapable Eighth Floor
Chapter 472 Crazy Trio
Chapter 474 KISSs Promise
Chapter 475 After being drunk...
Chapter 476 Tit for tat
Chapter 477 Battle!
Chapter 478 Dongshan Xiaohong longs for peace
Chapter 479 Love MarchIgnition
Chapter 480 Love MarchExplosion
Chapter 481 Love MarchEmbers
Chapter 482: Big melee and chaos
Chapter 483: Big meleesharp arrows
Chapter 484: Big meleeDriving without a license
Chapter 485: Big MeleeSanta Claus
Chapter 486 The big melee ends
Chapter 487 Domination
Chapter 488 Take action
Chapter 489 Falling into Hell
Chapter 490 The EndTen Years (End of Volume)
Chapter 491 Severed Finger
Chapter 492 Spell Showdown
Chapter 493 Putting pen to paper
Chapter 494 Finger wagging
Chapter 495 Value
Chapter 496 New Classmates and Honorary Advisor
Chapter 497 Shikigami
Chapter 498 Tragic
Chapter 499 Special Training
Chapter 500 Preaching and Teaching
Chapter 501 Robbery and Killing on the Way
Chapter 502: Discharge, new shikigami
Chapter 503 Provocateur
Chapter 504 Yoshino Junpei
Chapter 505 The Curse Master in the Shadows
Chapter 506 Exposed
Chapter 507 Inaction Change
Chapter 508 If you want it, Ill give it to you
Chapter 509: Spell Exchange MeetingPart One
Chapter 510 Spell Exchange MeetingPart 2
Chapter 511 Spell Exchange Meeting Part Three
Chapter 512 Spell Exchange Meeting Part Four
Chapter 514: Spell Exchange Meeting Part 5
Chapter 515 123, wooden man
Chapter 516 The end, the only winner
Chapter 517 Team Building
Chapter 518 Su Nuo Evolution
Chapter 519 Shibuya IncidentPrelude
Chapter 520 Shibuya IncidentInterlude
Chapter 521 Shibuya IncidentDay of War
Chapter 522 Shibuya IncidentGroup Appearances
Chapter 523 Shibuya IncidentFather and Son
Chapter 524 Shibuya IncidentPuxin People
Chapter 525 Shibuya IncidentLifting the Skull
Chapter 526 Shibuya Incident Weird Brainstorm
Chapter 527 Shibuya IncidentCruelty
Chapter 528: The Shibuya IncidentFanicide
Chapter 529 Shibuya IncidentEnd
Chapter 530 Candidate for the Head of the Zen Yuan Family
Chapter 531 Tianyuan summons
Chapter 532 The mediocre high-level magician
Chapter 533 Returning Home
Chapter 534: Holding Huizi hostage as a commandment
Chapter 535 My mother is the villain BOSS
Chapter 536 Death and MigrationOne of them
Chapter 537: Death, Destruction and MigrationPart 2
Chapter 538: Death and Migration Part Three
Chapter 539: Death and Migration Part Four
Chapter 540: Death and Migration Part 5
Chapter 541: Death and Migration Part 6
Chapter 542: Death and Migration Part 7
Chapter 543 Sneak Attack
Chapter 544 Going and Returning
Chapter 545 The end of the story
Chapter 546 Eden
Chapter 567 Jons idle log
Chapter 548 Love Story and Comedy (Part 1)
Chapter 549 Love Story and Comedy (Part 2)
Chapter 550 Dark under the lamp
Chapter 551 Fish, Flamingos and Bats
Chapter 552 Business
Chapter 553 The pattern opens
Chapter 554 Gifts from Nature
Chapter 555: Shifting the blame, then fighting
Chapter 556 The Destruction of the Fishman Kingdom (1)
Chapter 557 The Destruction of the Fishman Kingdom (2)
Chapter 558 The Destruction of the Fishman Kingdom (3)
Chapter 559 The Destruction of the Fishman Kingdom (4)
Chapter 560 The Destruction of the Fishman Kingdom (5)
Chapter 564: The Beginning of the Storm
Chapter 562 The Destruction of the Murloc Kingdom (End)
Chapter 563 The beginning of the turmoil
Chapter 564 Arrogance (1)
Chapter 565 Arrogance (2)
Chapter 566 Arrogance (3)
Chapter 567 Specialties of Nine Snake Island
Chapter 568 Meeting Momonosuke for the first time
Chapter 569 Annihilation Begins
Chapter 570 Teacher Kaidos first teaching
Chapter 571 Wano Country Strategy (1)
Chapter 572: Scolding father to son, sharp criticism of Guangyue
Chapter 573 Wano Country Strategy (2)
Chapter 574 She really loves this career so much
Chapter 575 Secret Sword Skills
Chapter 576 Wano Country Strategy (3)
Chapter 577 Wano Country Strategy (4)
Chapter 578 Yamato failed and was captured
Chapter 579: Wano Country Strategy (End)
Chapter 580 Aftermath
Chapter 581: Confronting Tiger and Niu
Chapter 582 Blade of Revenge
Chapter 583 Doubles and Future Visions
Chapter 584 ‘Descendants of D’
Chapter 585: Disunity
Chapter 586 Lobbyist
Chapter 587 The first mission of the Adventurers Alliance
Chapter 588 I, the spy
Chapter 589 The Adventure of Egghead (1)
Chapter 590 The Adventure of Egghead (2)
Chapter 591 The Adventure of Egghead (3)
Chapter 592 The Adventure of Egghead (4)
Chapter 593. Egghead’s Adventure (5)
Chapter 594 The Adventure of Egghead (End)
Chapter 595 Journey to All Nations (1)
Chapter 596 Journey to All Nations (2)
Chapter 597 Journey to All Nations (3)
Chapter 598 Journey to All Nations (4)
Chapter 599 Journey to All Nations (5)
Chapter 600 Journey to All Nations (End)
Chapter 601 Final chapter(1)
Chapter 602 Final chapter(2)
Chapter 603 Final chapter(3)
Chapter 604 Final chapter(4)
Chapter 605 Final chapter(5)
Chapter 606 Final chapter (six)
Chapter 607 Final chapter (seven)
Chapter 608 Final chapter(8)
Chapter 609: Follow the train forever (end of this volume)
Chapter 610 Thousand Faces
Chapter 611 Return
Chapter 612 Dual Sequence True God
Chapter 613 I haven’t persecuted Amon for a long time...
Chapter 614 Amon breaks the defense and Adam becomes a new man
Chapter 615 Busy Mr. Destiny (Part 1)
Chapter 616 Busy Mr. Destiny (Part 2)
Chapter 617 Otaku and ‘Devil’
Chapter 618 ‘Little Russell’
Chapter 619: Conspiracy, the fun begins
Chapter 620 Wolf
Chapter 621 Mr. Hong
Chapter 622: Sneaking into the Church of the God of War
Chapter 623 Bewitching
Chapter 624 Amon’s Choice
Chapter 625 The gears start to turn (1)
Chapter 626 The gears start turning (2)
Chapter 627 The gears start to turn (3)
Chapter 628 The gears start turning (4)
Chapter 629 The gears start turning (5)
Chapter 630 The gears begin to turn (End)
Chapter 631 The next war
Chapter 632 Party
Chapter 633 Daily turmoil on the Future
Chapter 634 Angel investors come to visit
Chapter 635 Chasing knowledge, chasing knowledge
Chapter 636 Today’s Church of Fools (1)
Chapter 637 The Church of Fools Today (2)
Chapter 638 History
Chapter 639: Roundabout Route and ‘Wildness of Knowledge’
Chapter 640 Dragon Girl (Part 1)
Chapter 641 Dragon Girl (Part 2)
Chapter 642: Creepy
Chapter 643 Mountaineering (1)
Chapter 644 Mountaineering (2)
Chapter 645 Mountaineering Record (3)
Chapter 646 Mountaineering (4)
Chapter 647 Mountaineering (5)
Chapter 648 Mountaineering Record (6)
Chapter 649 Zarathu, Zarathu, Cha, Cha, Cha
Chapter 650 Shadow of the Past
Chapter 651 Licking the Dog
Chapter 652 Reaching the Peak
Chapter 653 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 654 Purple Light in the Spirit World
Chapter 655 Your trial, my trial-
Chapter 656 Thief’s Thread
Chapter 657 A winner
Chapter 658 I, Antigonus
Chapter 659 Mysterious Consciousness
Chapter 660 Return
Chapter 661 Unexpected twists and turns
Chapter 662 Witch War (1)
Chapter 663 Witch War (2)
Chapter 664 Witch War (3)
Chapter 665 Witch War (4)
Chapter 666 Witch War (5)
Chapter 667 Underworld, City of the Dead
Chapter 668 Asking for help
Chapter 669 Siege
Chapter 670 Sneaking into the Inverted Pyramid
Chapter 671 Ask the ancestor to come out!
Chapter 672 Deep Game
Chapter 673 Human suffering
Chapter 674 Alive
Chapter 675 Mr. Zha, an enthusiastic citizen
Chapter 676 The persistence of ‘talking about people’
Chapter 677 ‘Green Devil’ and Choice
Chapter 678 Harvest of siblings
Chapter 679 Wishing Magic Lamp
Chapter 680 Unsatisfied Wishes
Chapter 681 The second gift
Chapter 682 Forgotten...
Chapter 683 Breeding and Vegetable Man 4.0
Chapter 684 Xiao Cha: Have I become a follower of the Fool?
Chapter 685: Brothers settle accounts clearly
Chapter 686 Southern Continental War (1)
Chapter 687 Southern Continental War (2)
Chapter 688 Southern Continental War (3)
Chapter 689 Southern Continental War (4)
Chapter 690 Southern Continental War (5)
Chapter 691 Southern Continental War (6)
Chapter 692 Southern Continental War (7)
Chapter 693 The Southern Continent War: The Past of the ‘Craftsman’
Chapter 694 Southern Continental War·Rose School of Thought
Chapter 695 Southern Continent War·Storm and Sun
Chapter 696 The Southern Continent War·Father is kind and son is filial
Chapter 697 The Southern Continent War·The Showdown is Interrupted
Chapter 698 Southern Continent War·Origin
Chapter 699 Southern Continent War·Bitter Meat
Chapter 700 Stealing Chicken
Chapter 701 Good Brothers
Chapter 702 A love comedy in a strange world (not served)
Chapter 703 Reinette Returns
Chapter 705: First time entering Tuscat
Chapter 706 The magic of fate...
Chapter 707 Lifting the Curse
Chapter 708: Turning around by Yam
Chapter 709 ‘Come be an adventurer with me’
Chapter 710 Lightning strikes Danitz
Chapter 711 The arrival of ‘Poseidon’
Chapter 712 Kaweituwa, miserable
Chapter 713 Two tigers’ plan to fight each other
Chapter 714 Diverse Choices (End of Volume and Preface)
Chapter 715 Departure
Chapter 716 The First Lesson in Survival
Chapter 717 Gifts and Transformations
Chapter 718 Duel
Chapter 719 The ‘village girl’ who came to visit
Chapter 720 Special Chef Qiao Subaru
Chapter 721 The Forest of White Dreams
Chapter 722 Conquering the Giant, the Paladin Arrives
Chapter 723 Cowardly 'Arrogance'
Chapter 724 Buster Prison
Chapter 725 Touching Goodbye
Chapter 726 Same month, different people
Chapter 727 Reunion
Chapter 728 Attack and Defense of the Royal Capital (1)
Chapter 729 Attack and Defense of the Royal Capital (2)
Chapter 730 Attack and Defense of the Royal Capital (3)
Chapter 731 Fairy Past
Chapter 732 Awakening and Reconciliation with the Past
Chapter 733 The Curtain Comes to an End
Chapter 734 Opening Eyes
Chapter 735 Confrontation
Chapter 736 Departure to the City of the Dead
Chapter 737 Birth within Birth
Chapter 738 Jelica’s Disaster
Chapter 739 Camelot (Preface)
Chapter 740 Camelot·Guidance
Chapter 741 Camelot Roadblocker
Chapter 742 The Death of Camelot Jialan
Chapter 743 Cametro: The Resurrected Girl
Chapter 744 What happened on the other side...
Chapter 745 Giant
Chapter 746 Respect the fate of others
Chapter 747 Melascula is in action...
Chapter 748 Old-fashioned, but it works
Chapter 749 Meimei is fine
Chapter 750 Beginning to be confused
Chapter 751: Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, the goal is to fall in love with the master
Chapter 752 The classic plot of turning an enemy into a friend
Chapter 753 Special Training
Chapter 754 Red Beans and Mung Beans, Love Story
Chapter 755 Druid Trial (1)
Chapter 756 Druid Trial (2)
Chapter 757 Druid Trial (3)
Chapter 758 Marlene VS ‘Ten Commandments’
Chapter 759 Tragedy
Chapter 760 Suppressing the Rampage
Chapter 761: A blood-heating... bone-chilling combination of skills
Chapter 762 The Darling of the Earth and the King of the Human Race
Chapter 763 Battle of Demons (1)
Chapter 764 Battle of Demons (2)
Chapter 765 Battle of Demons (3)
Chapter 766 Battle of Demons (4)
Chapter 767 Battle of Demons (5)
Chapter 768 Battle of Demon Gods (End)
Chapter 769 Master and apprentice are extremely jealous when they meet
Chapter 770 ‘Small misunderstanding’
Chapter 771 Jon’s true identity?
Chapter 772 The truth about the end of the Holy War...
Chapter 773 The Archangel’s Decision
Chapter 774 Pokémon, a new beginning
Chapter 775 Kanto·First Battle
Chapter 776 Kanto·Tactical Victory
Chapter 777 Kanto·Protagonist(s)
Chapter 778 Kanto·The Second Pokémon
Chapter 779 Kanto·An unexpected surprise
Chapter 780 Kanto·First Entering the Dark Gray Market
Chapter 781 Kanto·has no quality
Chapter 782 Kandu·The young master from Fengyuan
Chapter 783 A trip to Kanto·Mount Tsukimi
Chapter 784 Kanto: Itchy hands and eager to fight
Chapter 785 Kanto·Evolution and New Partners
Chapter 786 Kanto Doragath!
Chapter 787 Kanto Pink Demon
Chapter 788 Kanto·Investigating Hualan Cave
Chapter 789 Strangeness in the Cave of Kandu
Chapter 790 Kanto·Meeting Mewtwo for the first time
Chapter 791 Kanto·The world is a huge elf ball
Chapter 792 Kanto·Destruction Factor and Champion Privileges
Chapter 793 Kanto Ash’s Challenge
Chapter 794 Kanto·Breaking into Yuhong City
Chapter 795 Kanto·777
Chapter 796 Kanto·Fighting Team Rocket Cadres
Chapter 797 Kanto·The battle is over
Chapter 798 Sisters Kanto and Ibrahimovic
Chapter 799 Kanto · Fishing for People
Chapter 800 Quartz Conference·First Battle
Chapter 801 Quartz Conference·The real master of reverse attributes
Chapter 802 Quartz Conference · Naughty Xiaomao
Chapter 803 Quartz Conference·First mover enhancement without explanation
Chapter 804 Quartz Conference·The Only King
Chapter 805 Quartz Conference · Xiaozhi’s wisdom is the wisdom of wisdom
Chapter 806 Quartz Conference·Jon VS Xiaozhi
Chapter 807 Quartz Conference·Unstoppable
Chapter 808 Quartz Conference·He warms me and I cry
Chapter 809 Accident
Chapter 810 Spiritual Fusion
Chapter 811: My own Rockets team?
Chapter 812 Visiting Juzi
Chapter 813 Broken World
Chapter 814 Maga evolves, Lord Ghost Dragon who knows current affairs
Chapter 815 Giratina’s little thoughts
Chapter 816 Afternoon leisure, phoenix feathers descend from the sky
Chapter 817 Kaina City, unexpected reunion
Chapter 818 The Water Fleet was defeated and the Rocket Company took shape.
Chapter 819 Research experience, revenge from the sea
Chapter 820 Gorgeous Contest·Uncle and Girl
Chapter 821 Gorgeous Contest · Pictures and daggers
Chapter 822 Unexpected situation, Shui Wutong’s defeat
Chapter 823 I am not the villain BOSS
Chapter 824 Fierce fight, long-lost 3V3
Chapter 825 Edible? Kojiro’s ambition
Chapter 826 Rushing to the Sacred Mountain
Chapter 827 Undersea cave, Kyogre wakes up
Chapter 828 Intercepting Groudon
Chapter 829 The man silently sheds tears while the woman moved Fengyuan
Chapter 830 Some people laugh, some people find it hard to bear
Chapter 831 The advent of super evolution
Chapter 832 Young Kilas breaks the shell, air vehicle +1
Chapter 833 Obstructors, People of the Meteor
Chapter 834 The whole story
Chapter 835 A second battle? Shijana’s heart is broken...
Chapter 836: Keep your word, unexpected letter...
Chapter 837 Sakaki’s invitation
Chapter 838 Hunting (1)
Chapter 839 Hunting (2)
Chapter 840 Hunting (3)
Chapter 841 Hunting (End)
Chapter 842 Dream and Moon (1)
Chapter 843 Dream and Moon (2)
Chapter 844 Dream and Moon (3)
Chapter 845 Dream and Moon (4)
Chapter 846 Dream and Moon (End)
Chapter 847 VS Alchemy Emperor (1)
Chapter 848 VS Alchemy Emperor (2)
Chapter 849 The big one is coming
Chapter 850 A Little Accident
Chapter 851 Rayquaza: Not today...
Chapter 852 Deoxys
Chapter 853 The Legend of the Fastest Champion!
Chapter 854 Larus City
Chapter 855: Hit one first, then another...
Chapter 856 Please choose your challenge difficulty...
Chapter 857 Zhijiang, challenge failed
Chapter 858 Novice Pokémon Selection Guide
Chapter 859 Blessed Land, the Land of Meteors
Chapter 860 Dragon Power
Chapter 861 The Arrogant Flare Team
Chapter 862 VS Team Flare, start the action
Chapter 683 VS Team Flare, the power of science