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Tang Dynasty dining table

Tang Dynasty dining table

author:Jie and 2

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:10-05 02:15

Latest chapter:Chapter 987 Knocking on bones and sucking out marrow

The people and affairs of the world are just dishes on my table in the Tang Dynasty.

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《Tang Dynasty dining table》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 987 Knocking on bones and sucking out marrow
Chapter 986 Open the door and release the dog
Chapter 985 Drinking is coming
Chapter 984: Chasing the enemy with light cavalry
Chapter 983 Yunchu’s business experience
Chapter 982 The County Lord is back
Chapter 981 All Nations of the Tang Dynasty Praise Tianshu
Chapter 980 King Naha is back
Chapter 979 You can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys without comparison
《Tang Dynasty dining table》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The omnipotent Uyghur people
Chapter 2 The Uyghur People Take Care of by Heaven
Chapter 3: You can’t live up to the delicious food! (Thanks to Tangtang Baiyinmeng)
Chapter 4: I don’t want to be a Huihe anymore (Thanks to my friends for the tip)
Chapter 5 Yunchu was transformed from a stone baby
Chapter Six: Botany is a Useful Science
Chapter 7: The funeral of the Uighur people
Chapter 8: The Origin of Uighur Power
Chapter 9: The Devil's Child
Chapter 10: A peaceful transfer of power
I dreamed of you.
Chapter 11: The young man’s guide—Lao Yangpi
Chapter 12: A monkey abandoned by Buddha
Chapter 13: No destination after journey to the west
Chapter 14 The ones from the Tang Dynasty are good
Chapter 15: The best Tang Chui in the world
Chapter 16: A sincere liar
Chapter 17: Mencius’ subtle words and great righteousness are very useful
Chapter 18 As long as there are enough sisters...
Chapter 19: Gentleman’s Food and Slave Food
Chapter 20 Killing a sheep with a bull's knife
Chapter 21: Write your own household registration
Chapter 22 Combination
Chapter 23 Rolling in the Red Dust
Chapter 24 is so interesting
Chapter Twenty-Five Sharply Turned Down
Chapter 26 What the fuck is funny?
Chapter 27 Killing is actually not that difficult
Chapter 28 The main points of making beef buns
Chapter 29: The Unforgettable Taste by Naihe Bridge
Chapter 30: Finding the right luminous point is very important
Chapter 31 The damn quack
Chapter 32: War is a world of conspirators
Chapter 33: Fight, fight
Chapter 34: Captain of the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 35: Chen Xuanzang’s Chen?
Chapter 36: It’s true, Yunchu is Xuanzang’s son
Chapter 37: Butcher or doctor?
Chapter 38 The tree fell and the hozens scattered
Chapter 39 Who is the big winner?
Chapter 40 Whose general is this?
Chapter 41: Forgetting each other in the world
Chapter 42 The Seven Schools of the Imperial College
Chapter 43: It’s time to leave when you’re exhausted
Chapter 44: Rough Laws and Regulations of the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 45 Rhythm at the Dinner Table
Chapter 46 Everything is ready
Chapter 47 Jingguan, Jingguan!
Chapter 48: Production materials should not be destroyed casually
Chapter 49 Buddha’s Footprints
Chapter 50 The old monkey’s way of cultivating Buddhism
Chapter 51: The Open-minded Old Monkey
Chapter 52 The requirements of day and night are different
Chapter 53: Loyal minister? Not necessarily?
Chapter 54 Big Business
Chapter 55: It is inevitable that the pearl secretly casts a shadow
Chapter 56 The old monkey’s way of solving problems
Chapter 57 Officials’ benefits are beyond the imagination of ordinary people
Chapter 59: Trapped in Guzang City
Chapter 60 The yellow leaves are fluttering on the Xiaoguan Road
Chapter 60 Autumn in Chang'an
Chapter 61 Xuanzang’s red maple leaves
Chapter 62 The city of Chang'an is neither good nor bad
Chapter 63 The ancient meaning of Chang'an
Chapter 64: Rights need to be created and excavated
Chapter 65 Poor Tang Fangzheng
Chapter 66: Yun Chu’s House of Officials
Chapter 67: Damn, nowhere is safe.
Chapter 68: Knowing Xia
Chapter 69 Yun Chu keeps his promise of ten thousand miles
Chapter 70: Bully Leader
Chapter 71: The cow refuses to drink water and is forced to have its head pressed
Can't sleep, let's chat
Chapter 72 Yun Chu’s big plan
Chapter 73: Relaxation and Relaxation
Chapter 74: Dare I ask Mr. Lang if my son is brave enough to fight?
Chapter 75: A man is determined to die
Chapter 76 People, you can only be happy if you live in an illusion
Chapter 77 False glory is also glory
Chapter 78: Poor and powerful, poor and powerful Tang Dynasty
Chapter 79: Mo Dao Jinchang Canal is shallow
Chapter 80 Jobs are very important
Chapter 81 Naha’s blessing
Chapter 82, Pei Xingjian’s hands, He Yizheng’s mouth
Chapter 83 Yunchu’s daily life
Chapter 84 Bully Yunchu
Chapter 85 Bully Theory
Chapter 86 Economics of College Students
Chapter 87 Flying stones from the sky
Chapter 88 Naha’s Amulet
Chapter 89 Bai Xue Aomei Picture
Chapter 90: Fireworks warm people’s hearts the most
Chapter 91: Fortune and misfortune depend on each other
Chapter 92: Who puts the collar on the tiger?
Chapter 93: I’m not afraid of anyone
Chapter 94: What to do if you can’t beat me?
Chapter 95: Liang Jianfang can’t get enough oil and salt
Chapter Ninety-Six: Killing Poems Match Killing Talents
Chapter 97 Born to be rich
Chapter 98: The Theory of Loyalty and Traitors
Chapter 99: Small officials are the pillars of the dynasty
Chapter 100 There is a big difference between voluntary and forced
Chapter 101: The honest people of Tang Dynasty
Chapter 102: Completely Dominated
Chapter 103 The ancients were not as stupid as imagined
Chapter 104 What does a person smell like?
Chapter 105: People from ancient times to modern times are very different
Chapter 106: A Night of Fish and Dragon Dance
Chapter 107: Pei Xingjian takes drastic measures
Chapter 108 The dead return and the living return
Chapter 109 Chang'an disciples enjoy endless joy
Chapter 110 If a thief comes, he must be beaten, even if he is killed.
Chapter 11: Killing the Killer
Chapter 112: Pitch Dark
Chapter 114 The secret of the rich family
Chapter 116 A side dish
Chapter 117 Di Renjie drilling into the stone
Chapter 118: The people's hearts are like iron, and the official law is like a furnace
Chapter 119: The leek patch and the brand new sickle in Chang'an City
Chapter 127 Who can trust whom these days?
Chapter 128 Poor Wu Fu?
Chapter 129 Brother, brother, come quickly
Chapter 130 Blind Marriage and Dumb Marriage
Chapter 131 Love at first sight or love at first sight?
Chapter 132 The First Scene in Chang’an: Giant Phoenix Swallowing the Sun
Chapter 133 Who is this fat kid?
Chapter 134 The emperor seems to know everything
Chapter 135 Do I want to repair the Quyuan Jingshe?
Chapter 136 Qiu Shenji, the one who took the blame
Chapter 137 Disaster for the country and the people
Chapter 138 The master of surgery, He Yizheng
Chapter 139 The male lion meets the tigress
Chapter 140 Urban prosperity must be supported by rural areas
Chapter 141 Harmony between the piano and the harp
Chapter 143 Yun Chu’s intense happiness
Chapter 144 True gods solve big problems
Chapter 145 The Sheep Who Can’t Cry
Chapter 146 Idle people have random thoughts
Chapter 148 A great craftsman with a single heart
Chapter 149 The friendship between gentlemen is as light as water
Chapter 150 Waiting for the moment when my beloved returns
Chapter 151 I can help you
Chapter 152 The Troublesome Imperial Students
Chapter 153 Senior Brother Duanshui Shui
Chapter 154 The Demonstrative Effect of Supporting the Military Model
Chapter 155 Ding Dayou’s worries
Chapter 156 Nothing new
Chapter 157 Buying a coffin and returning a pearl is inevitable
Chapter 158 The beginning of fatness as beauty
Chapter 159 Li Shen knows how to eat
Chapter 160 The ancients are sincere and cannot be deceived
Chapter 161 It was clearly arranged
Chapter 162 The sequelae of wealth
Chapter 163 Make money and become a Buddha in thousands of families
Chapter 164 The expected flash flood
Chapter 165 Pessimistic Su Dingfang
Chapter 166 A good beef business
Chapter 167 The Tuyuhun people who settled in Chang’an
Chapter 168 Fart and Fart
Chapter 169 It’s a roast pig after all
Chapter 170 He who has no perseverance has no perseverance
Chapter 171 The appearance of a person
Chapter 172 The osmanthus tree has thirty new branches, and I have one
Chapter 173 Tuyuhun mercenaries?
Chapter 174 The Invisible Red Line
Chapter 175 Yunchu was treated differently
Chapter 176 A messy dusk
Chapter 177 Everything is for Zhang Jianzhi
Chapter 178 Give a little sunshine and it will be brilliant
Chapter 179 The Pervasive Rumor Brother
Chapter 180 Those who are favored are confident
Chapter 181 Cold-blooded County Captain
Chapter 182 Thunder
Chapter 183 Help me kill him
Chapter 184 The jackal beside the tiger and leopard
Chapter 185 The dust has settled
Chapter 186 It’s not beautiful to do things
Chapter 187 The difference between women
Chapter 188 A weird family
Chapter 189 Involuntary arrogance
Chapter 190 Agriculturists of the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 191 The Disaster of Shanglinyuan
Chapter 192 Captured alive
Chapter 193 The Prince’s Quirks
Chapter 194 The final destination of corrupt criminals
Chapter 195 Weicheng Song
Chapter 196 Crazy Polo
Chapter 197 Finally, there is a prototype of a feudal family
Chapter 198 Realism Education in Prison
Chapter 199 The fish that lost its bait
Chapter 200 There is no real heart of stone
Chapter 201 Let Chang'an City Move
Chapter 202 The world that moves is the living world
Chapter 203 Li Zhi, who has gone through many twists and turns
Chapter 204 The best gourmet party in the world (1)
Chapter 205 The best gourmet party in the world (2)
Chapter 206 The best gourmet party in the world (3)
Chapter 207 The best gourmet party in the world (4)
Chapter 208 The best gourmet party in the world (5)
Chapter 209 The best food conference in the world (6)
Chapter 210 The best gourmet party in the world (7)
Chapter 211 The best food conference in the world (8)
Chapter 212 Happiness needs to wait
Chapter 213 The Essence of Life
Chapter 214 Step by step
Chapter 215 'Bie Di Da'
Chapter 216 A wise man never falls in love
Chapter 217 Chapter Sixty-Six Life and Death Undecided
Chapter 218 Who has the worst morals?
Chapter 219 The conciliatory Li Zhi
Chapter 220 Liu Rengui is here?
Chapter 221 Opening up Lantian County
Chapter 222 They are all looking for opportunities
Chapter 223 Auspicious snow heralds a good harvest
Chapter 224 Not everything is beautiful
Chapter 226 The sediment appears
Chapter 228 The man who made history
Chapter 229 The most elementary industry
Chapter 230 There are always newcomers who surpass the old ones
Chapter 231 Different opinions on 'Daughter's Love'
Chapter 232 The person taking the blame in the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 225 Who is the opponent in scene kung fu?
Chapter 227 These are all rumors that are not credible
Chapter 233 Despised by Xue Rengui
Chapter 234 Yun Chu hunts bears
Chapter 235 The King of Winter Hunting
Chapter 236 A future as dark as ink
Chapter 237 Transformation will be painful
Chapter 238 I’m just a spectator
Chapter 239 What is money?
Chapter 240 Guidance is needed for ancient officials
Chapter 241 You are the most important
Chapter 242 Confidentiality
Chapter 243 Turbulent Love
Chapter 244 The Wind Rises in Longxi
Chapter 245 Before fighting against the outside world, one must first settle down at home
Chapter 246 Unlucky Master Li
Chapter 247 Bad heart
Chapter 248 Harsh government is fiercer than a tiger
Chapter 249 I will never waste my life
Chapter 250 It’s all for your own good
Chapter 251 The Fall of the Big Shot
Chapter 252: The tiger fell to the ground and was bullied by the dog
Chapter 253 Politics is personnel affairs
Chapter 254 It’s better to believe in the book than to have no book at all
Chapter 255: Do people become cowardly when they get older?
Chapter 256 Love is Deep
Chapter 257 The blood is still hot
Chapter 258 The First Wave
Chapter 259 Refusing to admit it
Chapter 260 People’s lives are different
Chapter 261 The whole world is full of injustice
Chapter 262: All military formations in the world are broken
Chapter 263 Seven hundred dollars buys a few hopes
Chapter 264 The envoy sent to the Tang Dynasty to burn bricks
Chapter 265 There must be a place to vent anger.
Chapter 266 The stagnant water is slightly rippled
Chapter 267 A simple plan
Chapter 268 Rainbow Wave
Chapter 269 Fire on Xianyang Bridge
Chapter 270 It doesn’t matter who died, what matters is how he died.
Chapter 271 Immortality is not enough to prove the preciousness of gunpowder
Chapter 272 She seduced me
Chapter 273 What are top talents?
Chapter 274 The First Explosion
Chapter 275 As long as results are achieved, Li Ji does not care about the consequences
Chapter 276 The research on gunpowder is on the fast track
Chapter 277 Seeing magic in the ordinary
Chapter 278 The East is the West and the East is the West
Chapter 279 Yun Chu’s pride collapsed
Chapter 280 Change your mind
Chapter 281 Di Renjie’s Challenge
Chapter 282 New things, new horizons
Chapter 283 Yunchu’s unforgettable court meeting
Chapter 284 A man of integrity
Chapter 285 There is no airtight wall in the world
Chapter 286 Ascension to the Hall, Ascension to the Hall
Chapter 287 Soldiers are also deceitful
Chapter 288 Pearl Jade White Jade Soup
Chapter 289 Same father, same mother, different fates
Chapter 290 Naha is the real princess
Chapter 291 The 139th world is beginning to be different
Chapter 292 Proud Yu Xiurong
Chapter 293 There is no greater achievement than rescuing the driver
Chapter 294 Li Daitao is stiff
Chapter 295 Super Catastrophe
Chapter 296 Disaster and Abnormality
Chapter 297 Tianquan Charter, kill first and then report
Chapter 298 The Wise Man’s Paradise
Chapter 299 A sudden turn of events
Chapter 300 An ordinary trial
Chapter 301 Everyone gets what they need
Chapter 302 Being strong is a helpless choice
Chapter 303 The era of terror is coming
Chapter 304 A fruitful day
Chapter 305 The Brave Taoist Priest
Chapter 306 It’s hard to manipulate people’s hearts
Chapter 307 Damn Goguryeo
Chapter 308 Yun Chu played a duel
Chapter 309 Yun Family Temple
Chapter 310 Magnanimous and Selfless Yun Yuchu
Chapter 311 Loyal ministers never make choices
Chapter 312 Revolution starts with Hua Xiong
Chapter 313 Save the people or harm the people?
Chapter 314 Japanese, saint?
Chapter 315 The temptation from Japan
Chapter 316 'On Hidden Housewives and Hooligans'
Chapter 317 Just Loyal to the Emperor and Patriotic
Chapter 318, It’s all your choice
Chapter 319 The gods are back
Chapter 320 Sun Shenxian shows off his power
Chapter 321 The indomitable Wu Mei
Chapter 322: Happiness Between Life and Death
Chapter 323 The knowledge of natal life
Chapter 324 Endless tossing
Chapter 325 Suspicion
Chapter 326 Can’t have both sides
Chapter 327 Detonation
Chapter 328 Performance
Chapter 329 Advantages and Disadvantages
Chapter 330 Ordering troops on the battlefield
Chapter 331 The Ceremony of Killing
Chapter 332 The star will shine brightly
Chapter 333: Being clever but being misled by cleverness
Chapter 334 Strange? Not strange!
Chapter 335 The meaning of striving to be first
Chapter 336 Want it? Tell me!
Chapter 337 Varies from person to person
Chapter 338 Happiness is always good
Chapter 339 Ask Yan Liben to take a family photo
Chapter 340 Are we Bai Ding?
Chapter 341 Oracle Plan
Chapter 342 Just be safe
Chapter 343 Tit for tat
Chapter 344 The Powerful Li Yi Mansion
Chapter 345: Big difference in understanding of power
Chapter 346 This is the greatest grace your mother can give you
Chapter 347 Princess Anding has no thoughts!
Chapter 348 Everything is flawed after all
Chapter 349: Taking root is the most important thing
Chapter 350 Don’t be afraid of taking things seriously
Chapter 351 Appearance is very important for an official
Chapter 352 Be sincere
Chapter 353 There needs to be a change
Chapter 354 Those who are good at fighting have no great achievements
Chapter 355 The gift was finally given out
Chapter 356 Martial Arts?
Chapter 357 Dingyuan General Yunchu
Chapter 358 Destroy this pilgrimage
Chapter 359 Li Zhi’s generosity
Chapter 360: Going to war thousands of miles away
Chapter 361 Things are not harmonious
Chapter 362 Liaodong Advance Map?
Chapter 363 A bolt from the blue
Chapter 23: A not-so-bloody battle
Chapter 365 Never try to be smart
Chapter 366 Unstoppable
Chapter 367 I also captured a city
Chapter 368 As long as you don’t run away
Chapter 369: Courage that no man deserves
Chapter 372 It’s not that pleasant after victory
Chapter 373: Decorating the dark clouds with gold
Chapter 374: Taking advantage of others
Chapter 375 The real gentleman plays the role of a fake nobleman
Chapter 376 Silver City is destroyed, the general is worried
Chapter 377 Replace China with China
Chapter 378 Long sail thousands of miles to send off autumn geese
Chapter 379 It’s better to be simple-minded
Chapter 380 Ingenious way of siege
Chapter 381: Occupied areas need to raise villains
Chapter 382 A mountain is as high as a mountain
Chapter 383 Unexpected Strong City
Chapter 384 Arrive at the camp first
Chapter 385 Old friends in the fire
Chapter 386 People at the Dinner Table
Chapter 387 If there are dates but there are no dates, it’s a double blow
Chapter 388 Fighting with one breath
Chapter 389 Earn your life
Chapter 390 Gunpowder is not the only tool to break the city
Chapter 391 We are artillery
Chapter 392 Plant flowers and grass everywhere
Chapter 393 Prepare, prepare again
Chapter 394 A different Yun Chu
Chapter 395 Fifty-fourth Chang’an Autumn Day
Chapter 396 Autumn Whispers
Chapter 397 Dawn of Empire
Chapter 398 Unstoppable
Chapter 370: Taking the head of King Fan from an army is like picking something out of a bag
Chapter 371 Fair and Selfless Yun Dingyuan
Chapter 399 Civil Ministers and Military Generals
Chapter 400 Living Money, Dead Money
Chapter 401 Calm and Calm
Chapter 402 A golden land created by urine
Chapter 404 The Tang Dynasty should be the gathering place of all good things
Chapter 406 Silla is the winner
Chapter 407 Disaster strikes
Chapter 408 Hwarang followers
Chapter 409 You have to keep the secret for me
Chapter 410 Everyone has a creed in life
Chapter 411 Civil Attack and Military Guard
Chapter 412: The merits of a hundred battles are not as good as the soil
Chapter 413 Pei Xingjian’s ambition
Chapter 414 Seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times
Chapter 416 Figures on the Puzzle
Chapter 417 The relationship between ability and responsibility
Chapter 418 The relationship between forests and giant trees
Chapter 419 Still two hundred and five
Chapter 420 The new life of the royal family
Chapter 421 Li Hong’s Daily Life
Chapter 422 Sweet Trap
Chapter 403 Going too fast
Chapter 415 Uninvited
Chapter 405 No one should be complacent
Chapter 423 Breathing in the Heavy Rain
Chapter 424 Rising Sun and Shadow
Chapter 425: Capturing the King
Chapter 426 The messenger who goes to die
Chapter 427 Good luck, destiny
Chapter 428 The Lord of the Party
Chapter 429 The craze begins
Chapter 430 The Terror Demon King descends from the sky
Chapter 431 A revolving world
Chapter 432 Breaking the Great Standing
Chapter 433 The Great Relief of the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 434 Chapter Ninety-Two The First Spring Rain in Baekje
Chapter 435 The Destruction of Baekje
Chapter 436 The Last Elegy
Chapter 437 Incompetent Jin Fengshan
Chapter 438 Destruction of a country is common
Chapter 439 Naha gives gifts
Chapter 440: Ignorance of favors
Chapter 441 Young dragons also eat meat
Chapter 442 Got into big trouble
Chapter 443 My son has finally grown up
Chapter 444: The title of Marquis is not my wish
Chapter 445 I don’t want to meddle in other people’s business
Chapter 446 Her Majesty the Queen
Chapter 447 Two-dimensional or three-dimensional?
Chapter 448 People's hearts are floating
Chapter 449 Li Zhi’s ambition
Chapter 450: We must do a good job in appearance
Chapter 451 Someone who knows how to be an official
Chapter 452 I’m home
Chapter 453 Fengmanlou
Chapter 454 Never forget the ancient poems
Chapter 455 Proxy War
Chapter 456 Do you have to force me to tell the truth?
Chapter 457 The Terrible Royal Education
Chapter 458 Everyone has a price
Chapter 459 Use gunpowder against me?
Chapter 460 Yunchu follows the rules and disciplines
Chapter 461 Brothers who like to cut off their robes and sever their righteousness
Chapter 462 Deep love and great righteousness
Chapter 463 What happened?
Chapter 464 Clumsy Promise
Chapter 465 Things are getting harder and harder
Chapter 466 How to control a crazy beast?
Chapter 467 Start small
Chapter 468 The thread of a thousand-mile marriage
Chapter 469 Good people are an illusion
Chapter 470: Seducing Scholar Xue
Chapter 471 No Blessing to Enjoy
Chapter 472 Unforgettable Friendship
Chapter 473 The Underworld Appears
Chapter 474 Small things, big plans
Chapter 475 Normal and Abnormal
Chapter 476 Assassination
Chapter 477 I always hate that the world is like a ghost land
Chapter 478 There is no way to survive this year
Chapter 479 A Crazy Deal
Chapter 480 Pregnant women are not to be offended
Chapter 481 How to hunt smart people
Chapter 142 Meeting the Gods
Chapter 147 Life is not good at all
Chapter 482 Evolved by the ancients
Chapter 483 New uses of gunpowder
Chapter 484 Royal Banquet
Chapter 485 Royal Banquet (2)
Chapter 486 Royal Banquet (3)
Chapter 487 Return to the World
Chapter 488 Yunmen Night Banquet
Chapter 489 No way to express my feelings
Chapter 490 A rare moment of clarity amid madness
Chapter 491 Prepare to be mediocre for a long time
Chapter 492 The sad and angry return guest from thousands of miles away
Chapter 493: Easily change the heart of an old friend
Chapter 494: Filial Sons and Grandsons
Chapter 495 The truth is a disaster!
Chapter 496 It’s better to fight at a higher place
Chapter 497: Too anxious to eat hot tofu
Chapter 498 Over time and huge floods
Chapter 499 Datang’s First Chili Pepper
Chapter 500 Yunchu’s little luck
Chapter 501 The Troubles of the Rich
Chapter 502 The government that admits defeat is even more terrifying
Chapter 503 The Legend of Dragon
Chapter 504 There is a difference between intimacy and distance
Chapter 505 Serving the People
Chapter 506 It looks beautiful
Chapter 507 Naha needs a good education
Chapter 508 Tao follows nature?
Chapter 509 Treatment of Aphids
Chapter 510 Xuanzang’s six impure roots
Chapter 511 Everyone wants to know the truth
Chapter 512: All kinds of things in the world
Chapter 513 Don’t take anyone seriously
Chapter 514 The ancients that people don’t like
Chapter 515: Need to seal the secret
Chapter 516: Big has big benefits, small has small advantages
Chapter 517 The super power of the government
Chapter 518 Perhaps a fish and a turtle
Chapter 519 The Lovelorn Naha
Chapter 520 What is real despair?
Chapter 521 If you don’t have long-term worries, you will have immediate worries
Chapter 522 I just invited a female private school teacher
Chapter 523 Accumulating small victories into big victories
Chapter 524 Who has light in his eyes?
Chapter 525 How unlucky can one be?
Chapter 526 Good things should be lively
Chapter 527 Yunchu’s incompetent rage
Chapter 528 The magistrate who can drive people crazy
Chapter 529 With Chang'an as your back, you are invincible in the world
Chapter 530 The beginning of a new era
Chapter 531 Treating the symptoms but not the root cause
Chapter 532 The horror of power tactics
Chapter 533 There is still a good result
Chapter 534 Li Zhi’s Great Reform
Chapter 535 Bullying the world
Chapter 536 A plague of insects
Chapter 537 The liar from the Western Regions
Chapter 538 In the final analysis, interests are still at stake
Chapter 539 Wu Mei’s Highlight Moment
Chapter 540 Datang is a country of love
Chapter 541: One Day in Chang'an (10,000-word chapter)
Chapter 542 It’s better to sleep
Chapter 543 Persistence has a price
Chapter 544 Drilling the Western Region
Chapter 545: Departure Song
Chapter 546 The Final Retention
Chapter 547 Fighting is an instinct
Chapter 548 Everything is ready, all that is left is the camel
Chapter 549 The royal plan
Chapter 550 Li Hong at the dinner table
Chapter 551 As steady as an old dog
Chapter 552 Is there a fifty-year-old prince in the world?
Chapter 553 Hope always arises in despair
Chapter 554 Vole and Xiao Yuhua
Chapter 555 I want to defeat you
Chapter 556 A woman must be good at taking advantage of those who love her
Chapter 557 Selfishness
Chapter 558 Why isn’t my hair black?
Chapter 559: Jade Gate Pass with Intestinal Obstruction
Chapter 560 Wilderness
Chapter 561 Differences in knowledge
Chapter 562 Zhong Kui fights ghosts
Chapter 563 Ordinary Things
Chapter 564 The gap is too big
Chapter 565: Develop the habit of caution
Chapter 566 When old friends meet, three liters of tears flow
Chapter 567 Let’s start with the fat ones first
Chapter 568 The whole world needs to follow Li Zhi’s rhythm
Chapter 569 The true face of a friend
Chapter 570 Full of Evil
Chapter 571 Naha’s extravagant way of spreading Dharma
Chapter 572 Expected and Unexpected
Chapter 573 The importance of having a wise emperor
Chapter 574 What should be the offerings to the Buddha?
Chapter 575 Goodbye Big Fatty
Chapter 576 Selema’s Ambition
Chapter 577 Arrogant Happiness
Chapter 578 Selema never expresses an opinion in the face of power
Chapter 579: It’s up to people to make things happen.
Chapter 580 The reason why there is chaos (additional update for Huanyu Golden Alliance)
Chapter 581 Wanton Pei Xingjian
Chapter 582 People can’t care about one thing and lose the other.
Chapter 583: A loving father and a filial son, brothers and sisters are respectful to each other
Chapter 584 Li Hong’s Emperor’s Heart
Chapter 585 Prince Li Hong
Chapter 586 Thirty-two: The world is huge, but the cage is small
Chapter 587 The choice of the brave
Chapter 588 A world without morality
Chapter 589 I am from Tang Dynasty
Chapter 590 God Killing
Chapter 591 Barbarism is barbarism and cannot be changed.
Chapter 592 Naha’s Power
Chapter 593 Naha’s War
Chapter 594 Human words are the most untrustworthy
Chapter 595 The old monkey’s heart is made of stone
Chapter 596 Fate is wonderful
Chapter 597 The human heart is like a ghost land
Chapter 598 Naha’s Throne
Chapter 599 The King’s Firewood and the Shepherd’s Cow Dung Cake
Chapter 600 The Trilogy of Realm
Chapter 601 People who like war
Chapter 602 Thoughts in Chaos
Chapter 603: Forty-nine: A very effective strategy
Chapter 604 Everyone has a plan and everyone wants to win
Chapter 605 Nothing is inevitable
Chapter 606 The reckless barbarian
Chapter 607 Is there a tropical rain forest in the Gobi?
Chapter 608 Buddha’s Wishes in the Ten Directions
Chapter 609 Becoming a Buddha or an Emperor?
Chapter 610 Power makes people mature prematurely
Chapter 611 Don’t plot against the Central Plains!
Chapter 612: His Highness the Crown Prince Braves the Opposition of the World
Chapter 613 The Yun family has no smart children
Chapter 614 Chang’an, Chang’an, you can have dreams
New Year is coming
Chapter 615 The first confrontation with the giant cannibal
Chapter 616 Scholars and Butchers
Chapter 617 People can be bought separately
Chapter 618 Eager for quick success
Chapter 619 Sacrifice
Chapter 620 Put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha immediately
Chapter 621 People always have to be energetic
Chapter 622 Perfect World
Chapter 623: The trade of novices pecking each other
Chapter 624 The Li family needs a sword of wisdom
Chapter 625 The happy time is gone forever
Chapter 626: No good things to see
Chapter 627 No one likes the Western Regions
Chapter 628 People will always grow up
Chapter 629 Try more and make mistakes while you are young
Chapter 630 Everyone is testing
Chapter 631 The essence of politics is tossing
Chapter 632 The Terrible Subordinate
Chapter 633 Bullying goes too far
Chapter 634: It’s really for your own good to embarrass you
Chapter 635 Twenty-three years of Han Chan
Chapter 636 Suffering, suffering,
Chapter 637: Eat dumplings with vinegar and spiciness
Chapter 638 The person closest to the truth
Chapter 639 Everyone is changing
Chapter 640 The cultural invasion of cannibals
Chapter 641 Big Vision
Chapter 642 Lonely Sandbank Cold
Chapter 643 Hard work cannot produce good wine
Chapter 644: Advance and retreat freely
Chapter 645: Defeating Mr. Lou’s morality
Chapter 646 A man of good quality and low price
Chapter 647 Lou Shide knows how to be grateful
Chapter 648 The Prince’s Way of Borrowing Money
Chapter 649 Never bargain with bandits
Chapter 650 Don’t come over
Chapter 651 I love Chang'an
Chapter 652 Huo Qubing fights Wei Tuo
Chapter 653 The clothes are not as good as new, and the people are not as good as before
Chapter 654 Sanzang and Sansi
Chapter 655 I’m back
Chapter 656 I didn’t see you at first sight
Chapter 657 When you go home, you should look like you are home.
Chapter 658 Ordinary Things
Chapter 659 Being a Parent
Chapter 660 The way to survive the grass under the storm
Chapter 661 Be Prepared
Chapter 662 Dare to be the first in the world
Chapter 663: People think small but are beautiful
Chapter 664 You are not as powerful as you think
Chapter 665 Li Hong is so powerful that he disdains conspiracy
Chapter 666 Talent cannot be concealed.
Chapter 667 Naha looks like Liu Rengui
Chapter 668 Naha does her job
Chapter 669 There is never a time when it suits your heart.
Chapter 116 Spring Troubles
Chapter 117: Two-dimensional explanation of life
Chapter 118 The majestic era
Chapter 119 The Glory of Chang'an City
Chapter 120: Nan Tian Yi Zhu is fierce and gentle
Chapter 121 The oldest inheritance
Chapter 122 Yun Chu and Wen Wen who spend money randomly
Chapter 123 Politics is personnel affairs
Chapter 124: Everyone has their own needs
Chapter 125 The emperor finally left
Chapter 126: Fear in an Era of Insufficient Firepower
Chapter 127 Chang'an Weather
Chapter 128: Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 129: Whose interests should be taken care of?
Chapter 130: Ways and Means of Doing Things
Chapter 131 Politics requires struggle
Chapter 132 Who are you going to kill?
Chapter 133: Big deal
Chapter 134: Who is the target?
Chapter 135: Linked to each other
Chapter 136 Understanding people
The 137th important minister should be reused
Chapter 138 Is everything really safe?
Chapter 139: Why is there no human heart?
Chapter 140 Ten years
Chapter 141 It’s fun to avenge yourself
Chapter 142 It would be interesting to make things bigger
Chapter 143: They are all smart people
Chapter 144: Ziwei Palace is leaking from all sides
Chapter 145 The fundamental problem
Chapter 146 The Noble Assassin
Chapter 147: Sneaking in
Chapter 148 The wind passes without trace
Chapter 149 Expulsion
Chapter 150 Xu Jingzong knows everything
Chapter 151 The end of a famous family
Chapter 152: The dignity of a petty official
Chapter 153 The storm is coming
Chapter 154: The world is bustling
Chapter 155: Guaranteed Victory
Chapter 156 Cui Mian’s Integrity
Chapter 157 It depends on who can hold on
Chapter 158: People do not fight against officials
Chapter 164: Boil water to cook a bowl
Chapter 165 The Unknown Hero
Chapter 159: Pressing forward step by step
Chapter 160: The Government’s Means
Chapter 161 The most shameless official in the world
Chapter 162 Lou Shide who loves learning
Chapter 163 The one who really benefits is Li Zhi
Chapter 164: Boil water to cook a bowl
Chapter 165 The Unknown Hero
Chapter 166 Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet
Chapter 167: Bronze Bull Sets the Storm
Chapter 168: An impenetrable mystery
Chapter 169: What did the real person see?
Chapter 170 Who else would you rather me?
Chapter 1 I eat my millet
Chapter 2 No one is perfect
Chapter 3 Dragon Slaying Technique
Chapter 4 To occupy the ideological position, you must first open your mind
Chapter 5 Seek benevolence and receive benevolence
Chapter 6 Green Tea Terminator
Chapter 7 Naha’s Struggle
Chapter 8 Ping An Yun Family
Chapter 9 There is no need to win over people’s hearts
Chapter 10 Little people should also have happiness
Chapter 11 There is no distinction between nobility and poverty when it comes to obscenity
Chapter 736 Yunchu never harms anyone
Chapter 737 The reasonable and the unreasonable
Chapter 738 A joke from heaven and man, a disaster on earth
Chapter 15 People on the chessboard
Chapter 16 Under the Sky
Chapter 17 Face always has to be given
Chapter 18 Bullshit
Chapter 20: Looking around, everyone in the world is stupid
Chapter 21 The Sighing River
Chapter 22: Willing to die at every turn
Chapter 19: Hard to Defend
Chapter 23 I once had the opportunity to be invincible
Chapter 24 Seeing the dragon in the field
Chapter 25: Sad people have their own arms, which is good
Chapter 26 The Golden Mean
Chapter 27 The shark is coming
Chapter 28 Noon Sunshine
Chapter 29: Interest comes first
Chapter 30 Everything is complicated
Chapter 31: Rebellious ministers and traitors
Chapter 32 Enemies gather together
Chapter 33: Big things are coming and you need to be calm
Chapter 34: The Supreme Being Forgets His Love
Chapter 35 The First Test
Chapter 36 The only one who can defeat Datang is Datang himself
Chapter 37 Yellow Bird
Chapter 38: The Magical Use of Seeds
Chapter 39 Li Hong’s second temptation
Chapter 40 You have to get used to the charm of Chang'an
Chapter 41: Cowpox appears, the saint appears
Chapter 42 Chang’an under the scorching sun
Chapter 43: The new tactics of cock-crowding and dog-robbers
Chapter 44: Practice brings true knowledge
Chapter 45: Li Hong is pushing the envelope
Chapter 46 The Origin of Green Tea Bitch
Chapter 47: Getting what you want
Chapter 48 The Emperor is angry
Chapter 49: A first-rate queen, a second-rate subordinate
Chapter 50: The Emperor forced the old immortal to death
Chapter 51 The Emperor, the Queen, and the Prince
Chapter 52: The old god himself is a big pill that can cure all diseases
Chapter 53: A very practical old god
Chapter 54 Zhong Kui is getting married
Chapter 55 Blind Marriage and Dumb Marriage
Chapter 56: The super giant cake drawn for Li Hong
Chapter 57 The Yun Family’s Reserve Army
Chapter 58: Li Si who fights for length instead of height
Chapter 59 Li Zhi’s methods are above the nine heavens
Chapter 784: Blame-shifting
Chapter 785 Clear the battlefield for Li Hong
Chapter 786 The poisonous dragon comes out of the cave
Chapter 787 Review
Chapter 788 Veteran Heart
Chapter 789 A way to make rocks fly farther and higher
Chapter 790 A little test
Chapter 791 The two and three sons play in front of the army (the previous chapter is repeated
Chapter 792 Laying out Tianyuan
Chapter 793: Let the misty rain live for the rest of your life
Chapter 794 The never-ending struggle
Chapter 795 A wooden man without emotions
Chapter 796 The Disliked Li Zhi
Chapter 797 Chang’an is rich beyond measure!
Chapter 798 Li Jingxuan’s whimsical ideas
Chapter 799 The old tiger is in glory
Chapter 800 Jump out of the three realms and see everything clearly
Chapter 801: Cordyceps sinensis is beneficial to the present generation, and its merits will last for a long time to come.
Chapter 802 Coming in droves
Chapter 803 There is always a deal behind the scenes
Chapter 804 Sorry, this sentence is too vicious
Chapter 805 Time is the best catalyst
Chapter 806 Can’t forget each other
Chapter 807, enjoy the humiliation
Chapter 808 You don’t know anything
Chapter 809 The world of mortals
Chapter 809: Reforming no one is better than reforming officials
Chapter 810 Attacking the heart first
Chapter 811 Being an official is actually difficult
Chapter 812 Righteousness fills the door
Chapter 813 The relationship between light and darkness
Chapter 814 Everyone gets what they need
Chapter 815 I’m very uneasy
Chapter 816 No one can have fun
Chapter 817 The violent tiger Feng He
Chapter 818 If it’s not you, then who should it be?
Chapter 819 The most untrustworthy words from people
Chapter 820 Princess Li is not okay
Chapter 821 Unrepayable Daughter's Debt
Chapter 822 It is better to unite knowledge and action
Chapter 824 Trapped in the Quagmire
Chapter 825 There are differences depending on the perspective
Chapter 826 Zhou Xing is here
Chapter 827 Each has his own way
Chapter 828: Keep someone under the knife
Chapter 829 Li Zhi has no bottom line at all
Chapter 831 Trust is an adventure
Chapter 832 Who is the most informed person?
Chapter 833 Where did the food go?
Chapter 834 Chapter 19 The Great Wave
Chapter 835 Destiny is an illusion
Chapter 836 No one wants to really think about the country
Chapter 830 Li Ji’s Laoji Fufou
Chapter 837: A place for horse riding in the sky above the snow
Chapter 838 Poverty? Is it a phenomenon?
Chapter 839 Small luck in the overall situation
Chapter 840 Don’t be partial
Chapter 841 The Benefits of the Crowd
Chapter 842 Eighteen Martial Arts
Chapter 843 Flying Tiger Flag, Flying Tiger Flag, Tiger Hiding in Flag Roll
Chapter 844 Li Zhi clearly sees Wanli
Chapter 845 Don’t get to the bottom of things
Chapter 846 It’s all your fault
Chapter 847 This is Emperor Li Zhi
Chapter 848 I’m not a cruel official
Chapter 849 Desire is hard to satisfy
Chapter 850 Zhou Xing, the hope of prosperity for farmers!
Chapter 851 The best person in the world
Chapter 852 The sky will never be sunny for three days
Chapter 853 How to prove that a person is a fool?
Chapter 854 They are all ambitious people
Chapter 855: The Dirty Tang Dynasty’s Bad Guy Lives up to His Reputation
Chapter 856 Nine out of ten things in life are unsatisfactory
Chapter 857 Dragon species, base species?
Chapter 858 Where in the world does a man come from?
Chapter 859: Having eyes but not seeing gold inlaid with jade
Chapter 860 Li’s tradition of fratricide
Chapter 861 The Ubiquitous Prince Cult
Chapter 862 It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not
Chapter 863 How to reverse the operation?
Chapter 864: Drainage of Water
Chapter 865 Yun Chu, who is devoted to the public good
Chapter 866: The cow refuses to drink water and is forced to have its head pressed
Chapter 867 It’s impossible to manifest a saint in the human world
Chapter 868 Free Ants
Chapter 869 Useful Arithmetic
Chapter 870 The final use value
Chapter 871 Ruthless Whip
Chapter 872 It’s always good to save a little bit
Chapter 873 Don’t tell anyone you have any secrets
Chapter 874 Li Zhi thinks he is wiser than Duke Xiao of Qin
Chapter 875 Yun Chu teaches his son
Chapter 876 Just take your time, don’t be in a hurry
Chapter 877 Things are not going well
Chapter 878 Pressing forward step by step
Chapter 879 Existing is very important
Chapter 880 Peony is a flesh-eating flower
Chapter 881 The conspiracy of the powerful
Chapter 882 The ingredients are not guilty, but the cook is to blame
Chapter 883 It’s dangerous to cross the Yellow River Bridge
Chapter 884 The last temptation from Li Ji
Chapter 885 Did Li Ji intend to kill the emperor?
Chapter 886 Li Zhi is always possessed by Taizong
Chapter 887 Just asking you if you want to eat?
Chapter 888 Aunt Chun’s Ambition
Chapter 889 A bright moment
Chapter 890 Who is Li Chengxiu?
Chapter 891 It’s actually a fair deal
Chapter 892 All loopholes come from personal mistakes
Chapter 893 This is my clan and my country after all.
Chapter 894 The terrifying big shot
Chapter 895 Old Events at Famen Temple
Chapter 896 The Yun family’s knowledge is unfathomable
Chapter 897 Yun Chu’s force drags Jiu Niu back
Chapter 898 The confident Li Zhi
Chapter 899 Yun Qiwei’s Dispute
Chapter 900 Overall Depravity
Chapter 901 Everyone just wants to do good things
Chapter 902 Killing you is for your own good
Chapter 903 Turbulent Love
Chapter 904 Yu Xiurong’s power
Chapter 905 The human side
Chapter 906 If you retreat, don’t blame others for advancing.
Chapter 907 Brutal killing without warning
Chapter 908: Learn from those who are good
Chapter 909 It’s better to explain things clearly first
Chapter 910 Confucius? Kongzi?
Chapter 911 Scholars’ entry into Beijing
Chapter 912 The magical northern land
Chapter 913 Li Chengxiu is indeed outstanding
Chapter 914 Yunchu’s Pentagram
Chapter 915 Li Chengxiu prepares to file a petition
Chapter 916 Taking the Straight and Seeking from the Quds
Chapter 917 He actually won the bet
Chapter 915 Xu Jingye has been swimming naked
Chapter 916 The most painful thing in the world is thinking too much
Chapter 917 Mirage
Chapter 918: Destiny arises from here, and fate ends here?
Chapter 919 Resurrection, White Bat Zhang Guo!
Chapter 920: Eternal hardships in one pot
Chapter 921 The Eight Immortals Cross the Sea, Each Showing Their Magical Powers
Chapter 922 The highly aggressive Tang Dynasty family
Chapter 923 Falling into a box
Chapter 924 A blind man rides a blind horse, entering a deep pool in the middle of the night
Chapter 925 The strange Youzhou City
Chapter 926: Archer
Chapter 927 The big fish travels eastward
Chapter 928 Must divert attention
Chapter 929 It’s really hard to hear someone tell the truth
Chapter 930 Continuously Building Trust
Chapter 931 Yunjin? Yunjin!
Chapter 932 The common people are not benefited
Chapter 933 The difficult second year of Linde
Chapter 934 It’s not the country, it’s the hometown
Chapter 935 Li Zhi’s “Wang Yue” and Wu Mei’s “Bamboo”
Chapter 937 Everyone is laughing, who is crying?
Chapter 938: Old thieves use tactics in fights
Chapter 939 I would rather die than admit defeat!
Chapter 940 The Five Broken Winners
Chapter 941 Seeking Death
Chapter 942 The court is finally turning into a shithole
Chapter 943 Forget about escaping into Buddhism
Chapter 944 The whole family is a monk
Chapter 945: Li Yun Butcher will not eat pigs with hair on them
Chapter 946 A way to test the real and fake Aye
Chapter 947 The hemp pole beats the wolf and is afraid of both ends
Chapter 948 Japanese Kuaishou
Chapter 949 Yun’s way of doing business
Chapter 950 Confused
Chapter 951 The government soldiers are not disciple soldiers
Chapter 952 Don’t cause trouble for us
Chapter 953 Ordinary Things
Chapter 954 Don’t give up easily
Chapter 955 Han thieves are the most annoying existence
Chapter 956 People’s hearts are right, Tiandu will help!
Chapter 957 Buddha is reasonable
Chapter 958 Reincarnation of Life and Death
Chapter 959 A God-given Opportunity
Chapter 960 Fengxue Jialan Palace
Chapter 961 When the debt is due, the sky falls apart and when the debt is paid, the rivers overflow.
Chapter 962 Crisis, crisis, opportunity in danger
Chapter 963 A fool will surely gain something despite all his worries.
Chapter 964 It’s not that I’m not noble, it’s that I have too much money
Chapter 965 I saw that when the sky collapsed, there was no cloud in the sky
Chapter 966 The river is overflowing
Chapter 967 Disasters and Politics
Chapter 968 I like being poor
Chapter 969 Integrity, integrity is very important
Chapter 970 What is credibility?
Chapter 971 Going with the flow
Chapter 972 Restarting business
Chapter 973: Steady, don’t be impatient
Chapter 974 The endless Buddha’s wish
Chapter 975 The ghost of Princess Jinyang
Chapter 976 How do officials become so ugly?
Chapter 977 Universal Retribution
Chapter 978 Everyone is suffering
Chapter 979 You can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys without comparison
Chapter 980 King Naha is back
Chapter 981 All Nations of the Tang Dynasty Praise Tianshu
Chapter 982 The County Lord is back
Chapter 983 Yunchu’s business experience
Chapter 984: Chasing the enemy with light cavalry
Chapter 985 Drinking is coming
Chapter 986 Open the door and release the dog
Chapter 987 Knocking on bones and sucking out marrow