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Insight into the King of Medicine

Insight into the King of Medicine

author:little demon

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-10 01:34

Latest chapter:Chapter 3248 Final chapter

Two years ago, his father was hit and killed by a drunk driver. The murderer went free and he was falsely accused and imprisoned. Faced with all this, he was powerless to change! Two years later, he received the supreme medical and martial arts inheritance, medical skills saved the world, and martial arts eliminated evil! My father's blood debt will be repaid with blood! Anyone who bullies my family will die! Anyone who kills my brother will be punished!

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《Insight into the King of Medicine》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 3248 Final chapter
Chapter 3247 The Twelve Return to One and the Heavenly Palace is Opened
Chapter 3246 Passage
Chapter 3245: Going against the times and uniting with the true self
Chapter 3244 Time Reversal
Chapter 3243 The Nine Immortal Sect is about to disappear
Chapter 3242 The Law of Destiny
Chapter 3241 Sweeping the Hongmeng Upper Realm, the Envoy from Taiyu Comes
Chapter 3240 That hometown
《Insight into the King of Medicine》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The trapped dragon is released from prison and the miracle doctor returns
Chapter 2: Take action to save the beauty
Chapter 3: Bullying goes too far, punish the evildoer
Chapter 4 The Secret Hand of the Five Poisons
Chapter 5: Magical needles cure evildoers
Chapter 6 Great Master
Chapter 7: When enemies meet, give them a shot first
Chapter 8 A woman like you is not worthy of me, Wu Bei
Chapter 9 Stone Gambling
Chapter 10 The Evil Taikang Villa
Chapter 11 Ghost and mother evil formation and business opportunities
Chapter 12: A Gentleman Returns Straightforward
Chapter 13 I'll Blindfold, You Undress
Chapter 14 Xiaomei's Parents Meeting
Chapter 15 You're out of your mind
Chapter 16 Taikang Villa breaks the evil formation
Chapter 17 Satisfactory Solution
Chapter 18 Beauty, you lack a man
Chapter 19 Seeing Through the Beauty Upstairs
Chapter 20 The Woman Upstairs
Chapter 21 The once-in-a-hundred-year pure cold physique
Chapter 22 The Killer Appears
Chapter 23 Incense is long, ancient locust trees are alive
Chapter 24 You Will Not Live, You Can't Die
Chapter 25 Gambling in Stone City
Chapter 26 The Bet on Lifetime Events
Chapter 27 The Rare Ice Emperor Green
Chapter 28 The Serial Car Accident
Chapter 29: Expert Checking and Guessing
Chapter 30 Iron Sand Palm
Chapter 31 Diamond Finger
Chapter 32 The Peak of the Green Mountain
Chapter 33 Revenge
Chapter 34 Subdue the murderer and rescue the beautiful detective
Chapter 35 Zhou Ruoxue's Beautiful Feet
Chapter 36 Buying out Lin Bingxian
Chapter 37 Wang Jingcheng's mouth is crooked
Chapter 38 Two Strange Cases
Chapter 39 Visiting the Ghost House at Night, The Way of Witchcraft
Chapter 40 The Pill Worth Millions
Chapter 41 Competition Storm
Chapter 42: Taiyi Martial Arts Hall, Martial Arts Wizard
Chapter 43 Provincial Dragon Lord
Chapter 44 Grandpa Xu is seriously ill
Chapter 45 Sanyang Shenglong Needle
Chapter 46: Mr. Xu's Invitation
Chapter 47
Chapter 48
Chapter 49 Drink this cup of urine, I won't kill you
Chapter 50 Third Brother?
Chapter 51
Chapter 52
Chapter 53 The Lu Family's Ambition
Chapter 54 Fishing and Big Gambling
Chapter 55 White Dragon River Fish King
Chapter 56 News from the Gong Family
Chapter 57: Foreman Wang Xiansen
Chapter 58 Hope and Despair
Chapter 59 The decisive battle against Naron
Chapter 60 Xingyi Collapse Fist
Chapter 61 The Girl with the Sword
Chapter 62 Borrowing a knife to kill someone
Chapter 63: The Counterattack Begins
Chapter 64 People Are Like Flowers, Swords Are Like Frost
Chapter 65 The Importance of Breathing
Chapter 66
Chapter 67 The perfect version of finger-twisting
Chapter 68 Biannan Flower City
Chapter 69 Three Sovereigns and Five Sovereigns
Chapter 70
Chapter 71 Death Trap
Chapter 72: Mr. Guan, Grand Master of the God Realm
Chapter 73
Chapter 74 Ghost Market and Fireworks Money
Chapter 75 Xuezhi and the magic weapon
Chapter 76 Iron Clothes Seven Kills Li Xuandou
Chapter 77 Qingcheng Bai Family
Chapter 78 Dragon and Elephant Breathing Technique
Chapter 79 The Dignity of Doctors
Chapter 80 The Bai Family Bows Their Heads
Chapter 81 The Amazing Background of Brain Supplement
Chapter 82 Three Treasures Spirit Grass, the Secret Method of Tonic
Chapter 83: Nie Shanhe
Chapter 84
Chapter 85 Minimally Invasive Surgery
Chapter 86 Rejuvenation
Chapter 87 - Young Master Xu
Chapter 88 Kidnapping
Chapter 89 S-Class Wanted Warrant
Chapter 90 Master Long's Means
Chapter 91 The Vice Captain of the Military Patrol
Chapter 92 - Breaking the Evil Dragon
Chapter 93 Purple Dragon Reiki
Chapter 94
Chapter 95 Kill my whole family?
Chapter 96 Lin Bingxian's Light
Chapter 97 Meeting an old friend
Chapter 98 Planting Gu
Chapter 99 Holy Gu
Chapter 100 Taking Gu
Chapter 101 Dual Hosting
Chapter 102 The Old Family
Chapter 103
Chapter 104 Comparing academic performance with Wu Mei?
Chapter 105 Expensive Blood Mushroom!
Chapter 106 Golden True Qi
Chapter 107 Tathagata Divine Astral!
Chapter 108 Double Emergencies, Golden Needle Duer
Chapter 109 Tang Mansion Drug Storehouse
Chapter 110 Changes in the Tang Family
Chapter 111 Proverbs of a Master
Chapter 112: Betting on Stones
Chapter 113 Prophecy
Chapter 114 The Innate Great Master Appears
Chapter 115 The Age of Tang Minghui
Chapter 116 The Paralyzed Star
Chapter 117 Eyesight Shows Power
Chapter 118 The Secret of Baodan
Chapter 119 Master of Xingyi
Chapter 120 Uncle Zhu's Family
Chapter 121 Healing Injuries
Chapter 122 Three-legged Jade Toad
Chapter 123 Visitor Notes
Chapter 124 God Realm Grandmaster!
Chapter 125 Lin Bingxian's Life Experience
Chapter 126 Witchcraft Learns Life and Death
Chapter 127: Greedy Wolf Palace
Chapter 128 Mr. Qiao
Chapter 129 Mr. Dongfo
Chapter 130 The Eastern Buddha's successor
Chapter 131 Clotting finger
Chapter 132 Vermillion Fruit and the Prehistoric Arm
Chapter 133 The Genius of the Great Zen Temple Fuhai
Chapter 134
Chapter 135 Shaking the County
Chapter 136: God and Heaven Sect
Chapter 137 Second Senior Brother
Chapter 138: God and Heaven Sect Zuo Protector
Chapter 139 The Divine Martial Arts Division
Chapter 140 Brothers in Prison
Chapter 141 Killing Jiangbei in an hour
Chapter 142 Come here, lead to death!
Chapter 143: Becoming the Vice Hall Master
Chapter 144 The Land of Transforming Dragons
Chapter 145 If you want to fight, I will fight
Chapter 146 Li Longchen
Chapter 147 Little Martial Uncle
Chapter 148 Healing Injuries With Skillful Hands
Chapter 149
Chapter 150: The Hunk From Tianjing
Chapter 151 Dragon Snake Gang
Chapter 152 Seeing Cold Like Smoke Again
Chapter 153 Expelling Poison
Chapter 154 Anti-hypnosis
Chapter 155 Hong Ling goes to school
Chapter 156 The Legend of Lingnan Twin Immortals
Chapter 157
Chapter 158: Soul Flying and Soul Scattering
Chapter 159 Jedi counterattack
Chapter 160 The Secret of the Jade Brick
Chapter 161 New Director
Chapter 162 Grandson and Grandpa
Chapter 163 Jin Yongli Cried
Chapter 164 Ten Billion God Refining Map
Chapter 165 Evil Bone Formation
Chapter 166 Oda Yuguang
Chapter 167 Ye Tianzong
Chapter 168 Pressure from the Japan Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 169
Chapter 170 The Storm on Dongying Street
Chapter 171 Oda Young Clothes
Chapter 172: Killer Innate
Chapter 173 Benefit Exchange
Chapter 174 The Treasure of the Cave Mansion
Chapter 175 Going to Beijing
Chapter 176 Tasting the Royal Wine
Chapter 177 Zhao Wangsun
Chapter 178 Pure Yang Pass
Chapter 179 Intelligence Leader
Chapter 180 Stepping on Black and White Mr. Lu
Chapter 181 Quick Rescue
Chapter 182 Pharmacist
Chapter 183: The Master's Junior
Chapter 184 All together
Chapter 185 Vacuum Mahamudra
Chapter 186: Master Traitor
Chapter 187 Kneeling in Fright
Chapter 188: Ye Xuan's Blood Feud
Chapter 189 Infinite Regret
Chapter 190 The Jealousy in the Dressing Room
Chapter 191: Bad Retribution
Chapter 192 Demon Dance
Chapter 193 Ghost Cave
Chapter 194
Chapter 195 Trash and Genius
Chapter 196
Chapter 197 The Times
Chapter 198 Illegal Intrusion
Chapter 199 Kowtow to apologize
Chapter 200 Yang Jie
Chapter 201 Flying Knife King Jue
Chapter 202 S-Class Target
Chapter 203 Thunder Team
Chapter 204 Teacher Bai Bing
Chapter 205 Captain
Chapter 206 Yang Jie's Secret
Chapter 207
Chapter 208 Shocking the audience
Chapter 209
Chapter 210
Chapter 211 Tang Sect
Chapter 212: A Billion Charity Fund
Chapter 213 The Millennium Tang Sect
Chapter 214: Family Search Advertisement
Chapter 215 Friends
Chapter 216: Real Wine and Fake Wine
Chapter 217 Qin Ruoyu's Predicament
Chapter 218 You are not qualified to toast
Chapter 219
Chapter 220 The Number One Beauty in Japan
Chapter 221 Clues to find relatives
Chapter 222 Yangxin Tongxue Oral Liquid
Chapter 223 Assassination
Chapter 224 The Powerful Tang Bingyun, First Realization of Fist Intent
Chapter 225 Dark Demon Mercenary
Chapter 226 Zhu Qingyan is in Distress
Chapter 227
Chapter 228 Watching a Movie
Chapter 229 Zhao Pengju
Chapter 230 Lin Tianwang
Chapter 231
Chapter 232 Fighting Lin Tianwang in Anger
Chapter 233: Furious Sword and Wild Dragon
Chapter 234 Divine Radiance
Chapter 235 100 Million Euro Consultation Fee
Chapter 236 Martial Arts Overlord
Chapter 237 Underworld King of the Black List
Chapter 238 Cute and King Kong
Chapter 239 Roses and Loveliness
Chapter 240 Poisoning
Chapter 241 The Treasure in the Cave
Chapter 242 Pangu Stone
Chapter 243 Fist Intent
Chapter 244 Ding Mo's Identity
Chapter 245 Pre-Ice Civilization
Chapter 246 Anyi City
Chapter 247: Billion Level Gamble
Chapter 248
Chapter 249 I'll Help You Come Back
Chapter 250 Second Brother and Third Brother
Chapter 251
Chapter 252 Tang Ziyi's Request
Chapter 253 Physical Limit
Chapter 254 Strange Bracelet
Chapter 255: Car Tyrant
Chapter 256 East Buddha Breakthrough
Chapter 257 Sealing the Town of Underworld
Chapter 258 Ghost King Zhang Xiling
Chapter 259 Write You Down in a Small Book
Chapter 260 Eye Consciousness, Immortal Tomb
Chapter 261 Breaking into the Tomb Chamber Alone
Chapter 262
Chapter 263 Selling the God Training Map
Chapter 264 Lu Junfei's Call
Chapter 265
Chapter 266 Dice Game
Chapter 267: Hanami Tsukihime
Chapter 268 The Top Rich Second Generation
Chapter 269 - Granny A
Chapter 270 Heart Control Gu
Chapter 271 Spiritual Jelly
Chapter 272
Chapter 273 Divine Will, Illusion
Chapter 274 Encounter in a bar
Chapter 275 The Murder at Xianhe Mountain
Chapter 276 Thunderbolt Team
Chapter 277 Dragon Seeker Huang Shijie
Chapter 278 King-Level Immortal Mansion
Chapter 279 Fifteen places
Chapter 280: True Yang Immortal Mansion
Chapter 281 Disciple of Zhenyang Sect
Chapter 282 Joining Tianlong
Chapter 283 Cooperating with the Dark Demon
Chapter 284 Encountering a villain on the road
Chapter 285 Old Classmate Concubine Su
Chapter 286 Pretending to be a rich second-generation boyfriend
Chapter 287
Chapter 288 Yunding Zhang's Clan
Chapter 289 The Zhang Family Submits
Chapter 290
Chapter 291 The Peninsula
Chapter 292 Killer Blood Eyes
Chapter 293 Battle in the chat group
Chapter 294 Celebrity Gathering
Chapter 295: A Grandmaster Cannot Be Humiliated
Chapter 296 Kowtow for mercy
Chapter 297 Big Business
Chapter 298 My surname is Li
Chapter 299 Immortal Stone Gift to Linghuai
Chapter 300 Shocked Lao Luo
Chapter 301 Zhou Ruoxue
Chapter 302
Chapter 303 Only He Can Protect You
Chapter 304 One Punch to Death
Chapter 305 Blackstone Members
Chapter 306 Healing Luo Changsheng
Chapter 307 Training Female Ninjas
Chapter 308 Killing All
Chapter 309 Three Changes of Divine Mechanism
Chapter 310 Treasure of World War II
Chapter 311 Returning from the dead
Chapter 312 Meeting a Beautiful Woman on the Food Street
Chapter 313 The Beauty Saves the Hero
Chapter 314 Barbecue Business
Chapter 315: Passionate Youths
Chapter 316
Chapter 317 Grandpa and grandson meeting
Chapter 318
Chapter 319
Chapter 320 Extraordinary medical skills
Chapter 321 Ghost Fairy
Chapter 322 Tianmei Body
Chapter 323 Ghost Realm
Chapter 324 Airplane Encounter
Chapter 325 Beautiful Female Doctor
Chapter 326
Chapter 327 Innate Baodan
Chapter 328 Goodbye Leng Ruyan
Chapter 329 Inexplicable targeting
Chapter 330 The Prestige of the Grand Master
Chapter 331
Chapter 332
Chapter 333 Rescue from Rage
Chapter 334: Patriarch of the Shi Family
Chapter 335 Poaching the Imperial Cook
Chapter 336 First Mission
Chapter 337 Three and a Half Swordsmanship
Chapter 338
Chapter 339 Killing the Karate Master
Chapter 340 Angrily Killing the Martial King
Chapter 341 Preaching
Chapter 342 The location of the ancient map mark
Chapter 343 Major Discovery
Chapter 344 God General
Chapter 345 Three minutes of shock
Chapter 346 Another Side of Tang Bingyun
Chapter 347
Chapter 348 Emergency Mission
Chapter 349 Fire in the shopping mall
Chapter 350 Breaking Up
Chapter 351: God Kill
Chapter 352 The Old Man, the Parrot and the Dog
Chapter 353 The Mysterious Eastern Emperor
Chapter 354: Heavenly Killing New Lord
Chapter 355
Chapter 356 Are You Talking To Me?
Chapter 357 Do You Dare To Kill Me?
Chapter 358 Three Billion Dollars
Chapter 359 A Special Jade Pendant
Chapter 360 I want all these things
Chapter 361 We Are Neighbors
Chapter 362 The New Team Leader Arrives
Chapter 363 Sister Qing's Origin
Chapter 364
Chapter 365 Salvage Pill Furnace
Chapter 366
Chapter 367 Threat
Chapter 368 Quickly Pursue the Murderer
Chapter 369 Enemies Can't Live Overnight
Chapter 370 Fly over and kowtow to apologize
Chapter 371 Alchemy
Chapter 372
Chapter 373 Warm Embrace
Chapter 374
Chapter 375 Three bunches of locust beans
Chapter 376 The Mysterious Old Lady
Chapter 377
Chapter 378 Dragon and Tiger Alchemy
Chapter 379 Solve Together
Chapter 380
Chapter 381 Tang An
Chapter 382 Moving to a New House
Chapter 383 Luo Changsheng's past
Chapter 384 Guardian
Chapter 385 Professional Liar
Chapter 386: The Trip to Gai County
Chapter 387 Buying Amber
Chapter 388 Spirit Medicine Body Refining
Chapter 389
Chapter 390
Chapter 391 Hunting
Chapter 392
Chapter 393 Pull out the radish and bring out the mud
Chapter 394 You Are Not Qualified To Talk To Me
Chapter 395 I control your life and death
Chapter 396 Turning Hands into Clouds
Chapter 397
Chapter 398
Chapter 399 Immortal-Level Killer
Chapter 400 Visiting Relatives
Chapter 401 Prehistoric Arm
Chapter 402 Medicine King Serpent
Chapter 403 Seven Days Period
Chapter 404
Chapter 405
Chapter 406 Meet the General
Chapter 407 - Big Dipper Divine Guard
Chapter 408 Tenement House
Chapter 409 Little Martial Emperor
Chapter 410 Risk and Opportunity
Chapter 411
Chapter 412
Chapter 413 Interfering with Hexagrams
Chapter 414
Chapter 415 Tenement Casino
Chapter 416: Equestrianism
Chapter 417 Streaks and Tricasts
Chapter 418 Young Ye Chen
Chapter 419 Triple Illusion
Chapter 420: The Spell Breaks the Formation
Chapter 421 Get Out Immediately
Chapter 422 Green Capsule Prescription
Chapter 423 The Crazy Immortal's Voting Certificate
Chapter 424 Fake Young Master Li
Chapter 425 Celestial Blood
Chapter 426 The Arrogant Tang Ling
Chapter 427
Chapter 428 Visiting the Tang Residence at Night
Chapter 429: Puppet God
Chapter 430: Taking the Puppet Card
Chapter 431 Finding Faults
Chapter 432 Ten Billion Ransom
Chapter 433 You Are a Broker
Chapter 434: Things in the Stone Cauldron
Chapter 435 Dao Seed
Chapter 436
Chapter 437 Unlucky Muddy Liu
Chapter 438 Greetings every day
Chapter 439 Xie Fei
Chapter 440 Muscles and bones are out of phase
Chapter 441 Heading to Hong Kong City
Chapter 442: The New Commander
Chapter 443 Kill
Chapter 444 Second Elder
Chapter 445 Overlord Body
Chapter 446 Alien Energy
Chapter 447 Unleash the Hegemony
Chapter 448 Puppet
Chapter 449: Lore
Chapter 450 Rescue
Chapter 451
Chapter 452
Chapter 453 Yun Zun
Chapter 454 Mysterious and Powerful
Chapter 455 Gangzi's Wedding
Chapter 456 Small Town Bully
Chapter 457
Chapter 458 Ancient Immortal Peach
Chapter 459
Chapter 460 Wedding Banquet
Chapter 461: Mentally Closed
Chapter 462 Opening the Storage Ring
Chapter 463: The Baby in the Wrench
Chapter 464
Chapter 465
Chapter 466 Pretending to be a Super Expert
Chapter 467: Quadruple Hexagrams
Chapter 468 The Mysterious Yun Xi
Chapter 469 Dan Cheng
Chapter 470 Wan Luke
Chapter 471 Travel to Africa
Chapter 472 General Woji
Chapter 473 The Weird Red Gold Stone
Chapter 474 Fighting Teacher
Chapter 475
Chapter 476: Prairie Lion
Chapter 477 Killer Ishihara Fire
Chapter 478 Shikigami
Chapter 479 Strange Finger
Chapter 480: The Conflict of Changba
Chapter 481
Chapter 482: The Boss Behind the Scenes
Chapter 483 Huang Qilang
Chapter 484 Meng Huifeng
Chapter 485 Immortal Family
Chapter 486: Master Ghost Sacrificer
Chapter 487 Traveling in Shuzhong
Chapter 488
Chapter 489: Tang Wuming's Death
Chapter 490 Great Funeral
Chapter 491 Pure Yang, Immortal
Chapter 492 Tang Banquet
Chapter 493 Tang Tianhe's Respect
Chapter 494 Auction
Chapter 495 High Grade Spirit Artifact
Chapter 496: Peerless Medical Skills
Chapter 497: Dragon Seal Master
Chapter 498: Deadly Paper Knife
Chapter 499 Shocking Sword
Chapter 500 Tang Sect's Number One Killer
Chapter 501 Fighting Dragon Gang
Chapter 502 Ghoul
Chapter 503 Confronting the Demon
Chapter 504 Emperor Xin
Chapter 505 Trading
Chapter 506 Young Master
Chapter 507: Second Ancestor of the Tang Sect
Chapter 508: Yue Lingzhu
Chapter 509 The first personality, the mysterious strong man
Chapter 510: Lianhua Conference
Chapter 511 Guardian Ring
Chapter 512 Tang Xuan, the No. 1 Youth Master
Chapter 513: Tang Tianhe's apprenticeship
Chapter 514: Tang Tianhe as an Apprentice
Chapter 515: Madam Sly
Chapter 516 Apes and Snakes Compete for Benefits
Chapter 517: The Germination of the Dao Seed
Chapter 518 Heitian Evil Cultivator
Chapter 519: Dao Seeds Brought Leaves
Chapter 520 Settling Xia Lan
Chapter 521 The First Family
Chapter 522: Absorbing the Violet Dragon's Aura
Chapter 523: Eight Immortal Jade Talismans
Chapter 524: Cicada Wing Flying Sword
Chapter 525 A Pocket of Things
Chapter 526 Xiangjia Basement
Chapter 527 The Avenger
Chapter 528
Chapter 529 Jiangnan Ghost City
Chapter 530 Enlightenment Tea and West Pole Golden Mother
Chapter 531 Unexpected Harvest
Chapter 532: The Head in the Stone
Chapter 533 Second Grade Ginseng King
Chapter 534 Jade Plate Pharmacopoeia
Chapter 535
Chapter 536: Going Home
Chapter 537: God Kunwu
Chapter 538
Chapter 539 The First Valkyrie
Chapter 540
Chapter 541 The Tribulation of Reincarnation
Chapter 542: Ripe Peach
Chapter 543 Otoki Spirit Power
Chapter 544 Brain-eating Ghost Insect
Chapter 545
Chapter 546: Divine Photo
Chapter 547 The Treasure of the Hui Family
Chapter 548: Two Immortal Leaves
Chapter 549: Bao Tai's Provocation
Chapter 550: Madu
Chapter 551
Chapter 552 Death of Madu
Chapter 553: Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 554 He Tong
Chapter 555 Horrible Cave
Chapter 556 Purgatory Devil
Chapter 557
Chapter 558 The Power of Meteor Immortal
Chapter 559 The Secret of the Big Pit
Chapter 560: Entering the Pit to Explore
Chapter 561 The Divine Doctor Arrives
Chapter 562: Forest of Steles in the Underground Palace
Chapter 563: Nine Monuments
Chapter 564 Confidential Mission
Chapter 565
Chapter 566 Arrogant Demon
Chapter 567 Monk Daoyi
Chapter 568 Blood Demon
Chapter 569 See the leader
Chapter 570 Desperate Assassination
Chapter 571
Chapter 572 Soul Crystal
Chapter 573: Maggots With Bones
Chapter 574 Curing
Chapter 575 Finding the Soul Crystal
Chapter 576 Ghost Device
Chapter 577
Chapter 578
Chapter 579: Fairy
Chapter 580 Family reunion
Chapter 581: Sword Talisman Kills the Enemy
Chapter 582 Expansion Plan
Chapter 583 Yin Yang Twin Souls
Chapter 584 Yemen Enemies
Chapter 585 Assassination of Oda Yuguang
Chapter 586 The Great Wizard
Chapter 587 Unworthy descendants
Chapter 588 Returning to China
Chapter 589
Chapter 590 Three-legged Golden Toad
Chapter 591 Yuhua Zhiren and Zhima
Chapter 592 Seeing Wan Luke Again
Chapter 593 Cooperative Development
Chapter 594: Debt Collection
Chapter 595: Shocking Strength
Chapter 596 Second Generation Potion
Chapter 597 The Strange Underground World
Chapter 598 Resurrection Pill
Chapter 599 Red Carp and Spirit Orb
Chapter 600: Ichthyosaur Breathing Technique
Chapter 601
Chapter 602: The Five Chief Managers
Chapter 603 Children's Paradise
Chapter 604
Chapter 605 Amulet
Chapter 606 Healing Li Dongxing
Chapter 607: Wu Kui
Chapter 608 Challenge the Martial Saint
Chapter 609 Master Qinglian
Chapter 610
Chapter 611 New Identity
Chapter 612: Mind Stab Armor
Chapter 613 Selling Medicine
Chapter 614 Fist Like a Dragon
Chapter 615 Ruthless Anti-killing
Chapter 616 Rich Sister
Chapter 617 Healing Hong Kun
Chapter 618
Chapter 619: The New Boss
Chapter 620: Demon Fox of Shending Township
Chapter 621 The Mysterious Key
Chapter 622 Cultivate Vacuum Mahamudra
Chapter 623 The Death of Kitano
Chapter 624 Please Help
Chapter 625: Yuantian Side
Chapter 626
Chapter 627: Wu Bei's Second Protector
Chapter 628: Cloud East Ghost City
Chapter 629: The Luminous Medicine
Chapter 630: Golden Gourd and Human Skin
Chapter 631: A Lesson for Ouyang to Reach the Stars
Chapter 632 Earth Bead
Chapter 633 Prehistoric Human Skin
Chapter 634
Chapter 635
Chapter 636 Strange thing
Chapter 637 Flood Dragon Entering the Sea
Chapter 638 Xinglong New District
Chapter 639: The Past
Chapter 640 Right Protector
Chapter 641 The real pharmacist method
Chapter 642: Real Alchemy
Chapter 643 Monze Breaks the Formation
Chapter 644 Guo's Manor
Chapter 645
Chapter 646 Breaking Out
Chapter 647
Chapter 648: Dafan Zen Sound
Chapter 649 Swallow the Guo Group
Chapter 650 The Disappearing Murong Jiao
Chapter 651
Chapter 652 Diamond Blade Strength
Chapter 653 Black God
Chapter 654: Black Sky Space
Chapter 655: Master of One Religion
Chapter 656
Chapter 657
Chapter 658
Chapter 659 Extraordinary
Chapter 660 Lin Rou
Chapter 661 Surprising Identity
Chapter 662 We Don't Belong To The Same World
Chapter 663: The Headmaster Arrives
Chapter 664
Chapter 665 Unable to die
Chapter 666 Pluto Returns
Chapter 667 Wu Bei's Plan
Chapter 668
Chapter 669 Pure One Immortal Cauldron
Chapter 670 Selection of the Hierarch's Maid
Chapter 671: The Banished Fairy
Chapter 672: Visiting the Lion City
Chapter 673: Lord Mohou's Fear
Chapter 674 Treating Lin Rou
Chapter 675 Terrifying Black Sky
Chapter 676: The Four Great Maids
Chapter 677: Collections in the Palace
Chapter 678: Two Ginseng Trees
Chapter 679 Thousand Fantasy Old Man
Chapter 680 Save a Life
Chapter 681 Five Dogs
Chapter 682 Top Secret Identity
Chapter 683: Daughter of the General
Chapter 684
Chapter 685 Liu Feibao is not simple
Chapter 686 God General Jin Xuanbai
Chapter 687: Golden Sacred Fruit and Red Sacred Fruit
Chapter 688: Lord Shan
Chapter 689 Seven Treasures Immortal Lotus
Chapter 690: Poach All
Chapter 691 Carrying a Medicine Field With You
Chapter 692
Chapter 693 Helping Others, Removing the Pure Cold Physique
Chapter 694 Luxury Gambling Ship
Chapter 695 Involuntary Liu Qingmei
Chapter 696 Xuanwu with a Docked Tail
Chapter 697 Killing the Giant Squid
Chapter 698 Become a Peerless Beauty
Chapter 699
Chapter 700: Breaking Five Levels in a Row
Chapter 701 Ten Thousand Buddha Cave
Chapter 702
Chapter 703 Saint Emperor Ouyang
Chapter 704: Wordless Jade Wall
Chapter 705 Northwest Mashi
Chapter 706 Ma Xiaofeng
Chapter 707 First time refining medicine
Chapter 708 Entering the Earth Immortal Realm for the First Time
Chapter 709 Framed
Chapter 710
Chapter 711 Harmony Elixir
Chapter 712 Opening the Divine Aperture and Become a Martial God
Chapter 713 Da Luo Martial Soul and Ghost Market
Chapter 714 The Arrogant Shushan Disciple
Chapter 715 Horrible Curse
Chapter 716 Tang Sect Alchemy
Chapter 717: My Sister Is Gone
Chapter 718 Frozen Cloud Eats the Holy Fruit
Chapter 719: The Weird Event in Tangjiabao
Chapter 720: The Man Behind the Scenes
Chapter 721 Emperor Xin's Revenge
Chapter 722 Inheriting the Immortal Mansion
Chapter 723 Tang Sect Eastern Ancestor
Chapter 724 Revisiting the Great Zen Temple
Chapter 725: Buddhist Disciple
Chapter 726 Punish Yuanshen
Chapter 727
Chapter 728 Ghost Dragon Strangling
Chapter 729 Wu Bei's Beautiful Private Kitchen
Chapter 730: Medicine Gourd
Chapter 731: Divine Water Conquering Demons
Chapter 732 Whether Longxing or not, I have the final say
Chapter 733 You, an annoying old ghost, die cleanly
Chapter 734 The Destruction of Qingmen
Chapter 735
Chapter 736
Chapter 737 Qingmen's Reconciliation
Chapter 738 I am a god
Chapter 739 Killing God
Chapter 740 Nascent Soul Boss
Chapter 741: Spiritual Eucharist
Chapter 742 Resurrection Plan
Chapter 743: Family Reunion
Chapter 744: Amazing Dad
Chapter 745 The Power of a Martial Saint
Chapter 746 Rapid Rescue
Chapter 747 God-Creating Project
Chapter 748: The First Law of Heavenly Dragons
Chapter 749: Dragon Guard
Chapter 750 Seagod Bloodline
Chapter 751
Chapter 752
Chapter 753
Chapter 754 Super Dragon Guard
Chapter 755
Chapter 756: Desperate Ice Road
Chapter 757: The Deadly Ice Puppet
Chapter 758 Xi'er
Chapter 759 The Twelfth Response Body
Chapter 760 Dumb boy
Chapter 761 King Vajra Ming
Chapter 762 Bodhisattva Tribulation
Chapter 763 Angrily Killing the True Lord
Chapter 764
Chapter 765: Host PK
Chapter 766 The Desperate Lin Bingxian
Chapter 767 Four Golden Flowers
Chapter 768 I am someone you cant afford to offend
Chapter 769 Dreams
Chapter 770 Thirteen Years in the Pagoda
Chapter 771 The Power of the Dragon Tooth Guard Armor
Chapter 772 Completely Destroy the Third Knight Order
Chapter 773 It's not too late for a gentleman to take revenge
Chapter 774 Bai Bing Joins the Tenement House
Chapter 775 Xuantian Mantra Power
Chapter 776 God Transformation Pill
Chapter 777 Turn Waste into Treasure
Chapter 778 Precious Ring
Chapter 779 Amazing Divine Power
Chapter 780 The strongest in history
Chapter 781 Phaseless Peak
Chapter 782 Knockout
Chapter 783 The Deterrent Power of the Divine Land
Chapter 784
Chapter 785
Chapter 786: Hall of Eternal Life
Chapter 787 Elder Xu's Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 788
Chapter 789
Chapter 790: Immortal Ranking Top
Chapter 791 The Sixth Spiritual Aperture and the Third Divine Aperture
Chapter 792 Apprenticeship to Wuxiang Peak
Chapter 793 Undying Curse
Chapter 794 Kindergarten Disturbance
Chapter 795 Seeing Ziyi Again
Chapter 796 The Delayed Jiangnan City
Chapter 797 Shenhui Platform
Chapter 798 Absorbing the Five Elements Spirit Orb
Chapter 799 Rooted in the soil of the five elements
Chapter 800 No. 1 medical skill in the world
Chapter 801 Grandmaster Immortal
Chapter 802 Within ten steps, it is as difficult as reaching the sky
Chapter 803 Transforming into an army with real power, a shocking blow
Chapter 804
Chapter 805 Painful Transformation
Chapter 806
Chapter 807 Intern
Chapter 808 The First Surgery
Chapter 809 Surgical Live Broadcast
Chapter 810 Trial of New Drugs
Chapter 811: Dance of Demons
Chapter 812: Killing
Chapter 813 The killing array in the community
Chapter 814 Murder Trap
Chapter 815 Nether Fire Curse
Chapter 816: Successor Guardian
Chapter 817
Chapter 818 True Monarch Cold Moon
Chapter 819: Lan Di Desperately
Chapter 820 Tit for Tat
Chapter 821
Chapter 822: Night Talk at the Ancient House
Chapter 823 Evolution of the ancient locust tree
Chapter 824: Father and Son Recognize
Chapter 825 The Witch Sect Saintess
Chapter 826: The Truth
Chapter 827 Rescue Ermei
Chapter 828 The Origin of Worshiping Ghosts
Chapter 829 In the ancient Buddhist temple, the cultivation base is diligent
Chapter 830 Exterminating the Heavenly Ghost
Chapter 831 The Heavenly Ghost Sect is destroyed
Chapter 832: Immortal Scale
Chapter 833 Ghost General
Chapter 834 Suppression with one hand
Chapter 835 Yin-Yang Robe
Chapter 836
Chapter 837 The Arrogant Young Master Zhou
Chapter 838: The Name of the Medical Sage
Chapter 839 Counterattack Plan
Chapter 840 Destroyed overnight
Chapter 841 Mexico City
Chapter 842 Die or Surrender
Chapter 843 How do you want to die?
Chapter 844 Shenyue Demon-Suppressing Style
Chapter 845 Opening the Nine Apertures, the Spiritual Network Appears
Chapter 846 Wolf King Amado
Chapter 847: Suppressing Demons With One Hand
Chapter 848 Powerful Poison Fire Beetle
Chapter 849 The Battle of Killing the Gods
Chapter 850 Flying in Flesh
Chapter 851 Nanyang General Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 852 Which hand did he touch you?
Chapter 853 Colored Crystal Stone
Chapter 854 Three Secret Cubes
Chapter 855 Animal Bones and Furoshiki
Chapter 856
Chapter 857 Yan Li's Story
Chapter 858 Trembling Deep in the Soul
Chapter 859 Please give me another chance
Chapter 860 Spirit Fruit on the Tree
Chapter 861 Heinous crime
Chapter 862
Chapter 863 Master Xing
Chapter 864
Chapter 865 Devouring the Ancient God
Chapter 866 Refining Immortal Stone
Chapter 867: Swarm of Bees
Chapter 868 Demon Rat
Chapter 869 Potion No. 3
Chapter 870 The Proud Huangfu Heng
Chapter 871 You Didn't Discuss
Chapter 872 Qingdi Danjing and Yuqing Treasure Tree
Chapter 873 The Tenth Spirit Aperture
Chapter 874 Azure Dragon Island
Chapter 875
Chapter 876 Demon Puppet
Chapter 877 Bloody battle against the army of demons
Chapter 878 The Holy Hand of Healing
Chapter 879: Military Tent Meeting
Chapter 880 Eliminate Demons
Chapter 881
Chapter 882 The Kunlun Shen Family
Chapter 883 Goddess General
Chapter 884: Soul Twister Scissors
Chapter 885 Bloody battle against demons
Chapter 886 Great Merchant Aristocrat
Chapter 887: Deputy General Song
Chapter 888: Hidden Clan
Chapter 889 Underworld God Cauldron
Chapter 890
Chapter 891: Peerless Incarnation
Chapter 892
Chapter 893 Jade Emperor Notes
Chapter 894 Longevity Pill
Chapter 895 Stardust
Chapter 896 Capture the Dragon and Tiger Golden Elixir
Chapter 897 Final Victory
Chapter 898: Suppressing Ominous Beasts, Condensation Plate
Chapter 899 Call me back
Chapter 900
Chapter 901 Life Pill
Chapter 902 Tianyuan Finger
Chapter 903 Incense money
Chapter 904 Seven Star Dragon King Bureau
Chapter 905 Layout in advance
Chapter 906: Heavenly Martial Secret Realm
Chapter 907: Divine Talisman Cave
Chapter 908: Rune
Chapter 909 Seeing Hong Ling Again
Chapter 910 Gathering of Geniuses
Chapter 911 An Zizai
Chapter 912 Ghost Fog
Chapter 913: Treasure Hunting Rat
Chapter 914 Divine Cauldron
Chapter 915 Five Colors God Sand
Chapter 916: Divine Stone
Chapter 917: True Biography of Tianwu
Chapter 918: Fairy Shocked
Chapter 919: Slapping the Beauty
Chapter 920: Digging the Ancestral Grave
Chapter 921 Wanlong Pilgrimage Bureau
Chapter 922
Chapter 923 You Must Add Money
Chapter 924 The Curse of Plague and Blood
Chapter 925 The Decline of the Yan Family
Chapter 926: The Beginning of Spells, Slaying the Dragon
Chapter 927 It's just a small matter
Chapter 928 Nobody is allowed to enter
Chapter 929 Ancient Laboratory
Chapter 930 King of Zhenbei
Chapter 931 The Most Ferocious Left God General in History
Chapter 932
Chapter 933
Chapter 934: A Box of Divine Bones
Chapter 935 The Eye of the Evil God
Chapter 936: Illusion Orb
Chapter 937
Chapter 938 Li Family's Patron Saint
Chapter 939 Immortal Sniper
Chapter 940 Paladin
Chapter 941
Chapter 942
Chapter 943 Ghost Mother
Chapter 944 Secret
Chapter 945 The Power of the Rune
Chapter 946 Gathering in the Palace of the Divine General
Chapter 947 Mr. Yimen Fourth
Chapter 948 Divine Judgment, Martial Lord
Chapter 949 Longevity Fruit
Chapter 950 Barbarian King Art and Meteor Fist
Chapter 951
Chapter 952 Periphery of the Great Formation
Chapter 953 The Killing Flying Mayfly
Chapter 954 The Mysterious Little Guy
Chapter 955: Yunzhou
Chapter 956: The Secret of the Residual Pill
Chapter 957 You Are Eliminated
Chapter 958 Genius Mode
Chapter 959
Chapter 960: The Ancestor of the Yun Family
Chapter 961 Wanwei Tower, Wangpin Energy
Chapter 962 The Ninth Divine Aperture
Chapter 963 The Most Arrogant Kidnapping
Chapter 964: Heavenly Fiend Orb
Chapter 965: Second Floor of Immortal Mansion
Chapter 966: Demon Refining Land, No. 1 Marquis
Chapter 967: Devil
Chapter 968 Zen Music Refining Demons
Chapter 969: The Reincarnation
Chapter 970 The Su Family's Arrangements
Chapter 971 You Can Lose Money
Chapter 972 Dharmakaya and Nascent Soul Pill
Chapter 973: Blacksmith, Bricklayer, and Butcher
Chapter 974 Unparalleled God
Chapter 975 Saint Bloodline
Chapter 976: The Skull at the Car Accident Scene
Chapter 977
Chapter 978
Chapter 979 Ren Yuan Pill
Chapter 980
Chapter 981 The Woman in the Immortal Mansion
Chapter 982 Formation of Feng Shui Bureau
Chapter 983 Gold Swallowing Beast
Chapter 984
Chapter 985
Chapter 986 Li Nianzu Promoted to Earth Immortal
Chapter 987 Clan Gathering
Chapter 988 Are you convinced?
Chapter 989: Electing a New Patriarch
Chapter 990
Chapter 991: Zhongan Hospital
Chapter 992 God of Surgery - Wu Bei
Chapter 993
Chapter 994
Chapter 995 Gynecology Clinic
Chapter 996 The Celestial Amulet
Chapter 997 Yin Siping
Chapter 998 Blood of the Ancient God King
Chapter 999 Blood Explosion
Chapter 1000 Qingxue God
Chapter 1001 Doctor's Parental Heart
Chapter 1002
Chapter 1003 With me here, how can the young master look at you more
Chapter 1004 Emperor Realm Immortal
Chapter 1005 Formation
Chapter 1006 Big Brother Shushan
Chapter 1007 Bronze Monument, Tianpin Kungfu
Chapter 1008 Qingling Cave
Chapter 1009
Chapter 1010: Phaseless Peak Celebration Banquet
Chapter 1011 Demonstration of supernatural powers
Chapter 1012 Supernatural Powers to Slay Demons
Chapter 1013
Chapter 1014 Revenge
Chapter 1015 Resurrection of Reiki
Chapter 1016 The Second Nine Cauldrons
Chapter 1017 Long Qingjin
Chapter 1018 Earth Lotus Platform
Chapter 1019 I am the King of People
Chapter 1020 Trying the law by oneself, preaching Yunxi
Chapter 1021 The Master of Shushan in the Immortal Realm Accepts Disciples
Chapter 1022 The Mysterious God-King Blood
Chapter 1023 Blood debt can only be paid in blood
Chapter 1024: Iga Messenger
Chapter 1025 Tianjiao Treasure Book
Chapter 1026: The Chat Group of the Chosen Ones
Chapter 1027
Chapter 1028 Onimusha and Igamen
Chapter 1029 The Strange World Under the Whirlpool
Chapter 1030 The game is over, you trash can die
Chapter 1031 Two Tigers
Chapter 1032 The tiger mother repays her favor
Chapter 1033 North Blade Ninja Emperor
Chapter 1034 The Number One Beauty in Japan
Chapter 1035 Young Master Liang, Red Spirit Fairy Fruit
Chapter 1036 The Ginger Clan of the Ninja World
Chapter 1037 Meet the Supreme Supreme God
Chapter 1038 It is easier for me to kill you than to trample an ant to death
Chapter 1039 Abandoned Disciple of Lord Huntian
Chapter 1040 Watching Movies Together
Chapter 1041 Underworld Village
Chapter 1042 If you have the guts, follow me into the village
Chapter 1043 Seizing the Martial Immortal Venerable
Chapter 1044 The Horror Existence in the Bronze Box
Chapter 1045: The Dragon King of the East China Sea, the Eight Tycoons
Chapter 1046 Can't afford to lose?
Chapter 1047 Master Guangji
Chapter 1048: The Heavenly Witch Sutra
Chapter 1049 Jade Girl Gate and Demon Transformation Pill
Chapter 1050 Refining Earth Beads
Chapter 1051: Hunting Instrument
Chapter 1052 Yin Yang Good Fortune Pill
Chapter 1053 Ninth Stage of Divine Stage, Legendary-level Kungfu
Chapter 1054 The King's Treasure
Chapter 1055 Taiyi Ziwei recognizes the master
Chapter 1056 True Martial Mysteries
Chapter 1057 The Will of the Great Emperor
Chapter 1058 Shushan Outer Court
Chapter 1059 Two Big Projects
Chapter 1060 Seeing Hu Jianguo Again
Chapter 1061 True Immortal
Chapter 1062 The Reincarnated Powerhouse
Chapter 1063 Mo Xuan's Boyfriend
Chapter 1064: Lu Zu Arrives
Chapter 1065 The Holy Ruins, The Nangong Family
Chapter 1066: Transmutation Demon Monarch
Chapter 1067 Two Dragons Transformed, Birth of a Stone Womb
Chapter 1068 Hunyuan Immortal Furnace
Chapter 1069 Martial Arts Supreme
Chapter 1070 Master Liaoyuan
Chapter 1071
Chapter 1072 Divine Elixir
Chapter 1073 Inside and Outside the Circle
Chapter 1074 Immortal Martial Tower
Chapter 1075 Future World
Chapter 1076 Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 1077: Legendary Wu Zong
Chapter 1078 General Outline of Martial Arts
Chapter 1079 Supreme Martial Ancestor
Chapter 1080 Four Star Mentor
Chapter 1081 Welcome Banquet
Chapter 1082
Chapter 1083
Chapter 1084 Sudden Changes
Chapter 1085 Wuling Pear Garden
Chapter 1086 New Tang Sect
Chapter 1087 Tang Tianhe's True Identity
Chapter 1088 Yin De
Chapter 1089
Chapter 1090 Dragon Gate
Chapter 1091 Breaking the shackles again, enlightening talent
Chapter 1092 My Master Ancestor Is True Immortal
Chapter 1093 Ancient Divine Ability: Destiny
Chapter 1094 Pretentious
Chapter 1095 You think too highly of yourself
Chapter 1096 God's mighty ghost atmosphere
Chapter 1097 Master Wu is on top
Chapter 1098 Director Cui must go all out
Chapter 1099: Immortal Court Establishment
Chapter 1100 Request from the Shengong Family
Chapter 1101: Divine Machine
Chapter 1102 Door-to-door challenge
Chapter 1103: Hunyuan Sword Soul
Chapter 1104 The Zhao Clan's Inheritance, Absolute Profound Truth
Chapter 1105 Revisiting the Underground Prison
Chapter 1106 There Are Monsters Below
Chapter 1107 Seal
Chapter 1108 Linghuai Transformation
Chapter 1109 Five Elements Overturning the Heaven Seal and the Book of Gods and Demons
Chapter 1110 Yundong Li's Pomp
Chapter 1111 Life Pill and Fist Seal
Chapter 1112 You blocked the sun
Chapter 1113 Thunder Disaster
Chapter 1114
Chapter 1115 Emperor Li Qing
Chapter 1116
Chapter 1117 God Order
Chapter 1118 - Li Tiantu on Dragon Tiger Mountain
Chapter 1119 Dragon and Tiger Wonderland
Chapter 1120: Divine Mountain
Chapter 1121 Dan Talisman
Chapter 1122: Chi You's Power Technique
Chapter 1123 The power of a dragon and a tiger
Chapter 1124 Young Master Tianxu
Chapter 1125 The First Trial Completed
Chapter 1126 Emperor Grade Yin-Yang Creation Pill
Chapter 1127 Shocking the Heavens and Worlds
Chapter 1128 Sky Fox Out of Trouble
Chapter 1129 Master Wu's First Class
Chapter 1130 Supernatural
Chapter 1131 Conflict caused by a girl
Chapter 1132 The Ultimate Primordial Spirit
Chapter 1133 Heaven-Defying Potential
Chapter 1134 The Strongest Martial Sect in History
Chapter 1135 The Secret of the Valley of Worms
Chapter 1136 Supernatural Fruit
Chapter 1137
Chapter 1138 Become the Strongest Agent
Chapter 1139 The Opening of the Three Emperors Realm
Chapter 1140 Inheritance of the Three Emperors
Chapter 1141 Killing at the Divine Curse Gate
Chapter 1142 Subduing the Cursed Spirit
Chapter 1143 The Disaster of Annihilation
Chapter 1144: The Five Caves, The Strongest Evolution
Chapter 1145 The Eight Immortal Realms, the Emperor's Road Opens
Chapter 1146 Supreme Primordial Spirit, Condensed
Chapter 1147 Heaven Martial Immortal Hall, Senior Brother Long Jun
Chapter 1148 The Dignity of a Teacher
Chapter 1149 Spirit Treasure Flame
Chapter 1150 Opening the Broken Finger Ring
Chapter 1151 Extreme nerve
Chapter 1152 Hospital Delivery
Chapter 1153 You Handle It Yourself
Chapter 1154 I can't afford to mess with you
Chapter 1155: Pure Yang, Supreme Primordial Spirit
Chapter 1156 Killer is just a little effort
Chapter 1157 big power, unreasonable
Chapter 1158 Please brother get rid of this old thief
Chapter 1159 Heaven and Earth Sword Sect Recruits New Students
Chapter 1160 Talent of Genius, Surprise the Sovereign
Chapter 1061 Elite Disciple
Chapter 1162
Chapter 1163 The Emperor's Treasure
Chapter 1164 Heavenly Killing Sword Embryo
Chapter 1165
Chapter 1166 Lin Biguio's Life Experience
Chapter 1167 Haotian
Chapter 1168 Empress Lingxi
Chapter 1169 Jade Qing Treasure Tree Refining Corpse Qi
Chapter 1170 Hello Corpse Emperor
Chapter 1171 Haotian Divine Furnace
Chapter 1172 The Great World Comes
Chapter 1173 Guarding the West of Beijing
Chapter 1174 Spiritual Realm, Spell Backlash
Chapter 1175: Many Treasure Caves
Chapter 1176 guarding one side
Chapter 1177 I laughed at you to die
Chapter 1178 The space opens, the barbaric million mountains
Chapter 1179 Murder for Life, Blood for Blood
Chapter 1180 Divine Spring and Secret Crystal
Chapter 1181 Xinglong Prefect
Chapter 1182 Hundred Ghosts
Chapter 1183 The Ancient Sage
Chapter 1184 The Eye of Truth
Chapter 1185 Beating the Prefect Violently
Chapter 1186 The Ancient Real Man
Chapter 1187 Martial Arts Furnace
Chapter 1188 Eye of Destiny
Chapter 1189
Chapter 1190 Archangel Shulia
Chapter 1191 Fairy Net
Chapter 1192 Experience Senior Membership
Chapter 1193 Dragon Essence Pill
Chapter 1194 Hell on Earth
Chapter 1195 Sea Clan, Water Ghost
Chapter 1196 Water Ghost King
Chapter 1197 Auctioning Lei Dan
Chapter 1198 Brother Corpse Takes Action
Chapter 1199 Mysterious Potion
Chapter 1200: Heavy Sword Without Front
Chapter 1201 Return to the Xiao Family
Chapter 1202 Starfall
Chapter 1203 Doomed
Chapter 1204 Reserve the Tinder
Chapter 1205 Sword God Temple
Chapter 1206 Four Excalibur Swords
Chapter 1207 Going to the Immortal World
Chapter 1208 Prince's Territory
Chapter 1209 The Financial Power of the Great Sect
Chapter 1210 Four Senior Brothers
Chapter 1211 The Great World of Swordsmanship
Chapter 1212 Xuanhuang City
Chapter 1213 Dirty
Chapter 1214 Senior Alchemist Assessment
Chapter 1215 Dragon Soul Transformation
Chapter 1216
Chapter 1217
Chapter 1218 Destruction and Counterattack
Chapter 1219 The soul enters the divine machine
Chapter 1220 Moving into Dragon and Tiger Wonderland
Chapter 1221 Prefect took office
Chapter 1222 Mysterious Stone, Nine Absolute Immortal Coffin
Chapter 1223 Martial Dao Universe
Chapter 1224: Demon Dragon Lake Opens
Chapter 1225 Five Changes of Divine Mechanism
Chapter 1226 Young Ah Yi
Chapter 1227 Holy Infant Sect Disciple
Chapter 1228 Evil Holy Infant
Chapter 1129 Life Brand
Chapter 1130 Spiritual Compensation Expenses
Chapter 1131 Heaven Eats Nobles
Chapter 1132 Suppressing the Immortals
Chapter 1133 Heavenly Dao Gate
Chapter 1134 Full Cultivation
Chapter 1135 Purple Four Star Alchemy Master
Chapter 1136 The No. 1 swordsman in the real world
Chapter 1137 Master Sword Passes on Kung Fu
Chapter 1138 I choose three
Chapter 1139 Cramp
Chapter 1140 Dragon Country's Painting Cake
Chapter 1141: Realm of Incarnation
Chapter 1142 God Machine Puppet
Chapter 1143 Incarnation
Chapter 1144 Defeating King Wu
Chapter 1145 Entering Beijing
Chapter 1246 Master Wu is also someone you can insult?
Chapter 1247 Mr. Dragon
Chapter 1248 Taihang Mountains
Chapter 1249 Taihang Twin Immortals
Chapter 1250 Immortal Beggar
Chapter 1251 The Ultimate Transformation
Chapter 1252 Wang Fa is the one with the big fist
Chapter 1253 So what about angels?
Chapter 1254 Governor of Jiangnan
Chapter 1255
Chapter 1256 Either pay money or pay someone
Chapter 1257 Shut Up
Chapter 1258 Heavenly Blood Sutra
Chapter 1259 Spirit Transformation
Chapter 1260 Saint Descendants
Chapter 1261 Wind Gust Power Generation
Chapter 1262 I am a reasonable person
Chapter 1263 Kill the tiger demon and avenge the people
Chapter 1264: Suppressing the King
Chapter 1265 The Hall of Extreme Martial Arts
Chapter 1266
Chapter 1267 Heavenly Sacred Bead
Chapter 1268 Ferocious Beast Cannibal, Go to the Island to Kill
Chapter 1269 Killing the Celestial Immortals and Delegating to Domestic Slaves
Chapter 1270 Nine Yins and Nine Yangs
Chapter 1271 Tang Ziyi is Pregnant
Chapter 1272 Golden Dragon Island
Chapter 1273 Deliberately making things difficult
Chapter 1274
Chapter 1275 Yes, I'm Threatening You
Chapter 1276 Kill the enemy with one sword
Chapter 1277 Lifeless Forest
Chapter 1278 Guardian Beast
Chapter 1279 Feign death to escape
Chapter 1280
Chapter 1281 Moyun Sect
Chapter 1282 Demonic Dragon Ball
Chapter 1283: Return of the Divine Doctor
Chapter 1284 Things are different and people are different
Chapter 1285 The Genius of Heavenly Dao Sect
Chapter 1286 My boyfriend has a bad temper
Chapter 1287 Desolate Emperor
Chapter 1288 Yuanshen Bullied Yuanying
Chapter 1289
Chapter 1290 Inheritance of the Medicine Ancestor
Chapter 1291 Legendary Elixir
Chapter 1292 Blood Ancestor Incarnation
Chapter 1293 The Benefits of First Place in the Immortal Legend Conference
Chapter 1294 The whole picture of the world
Chapter 1295: The Three Levels Test
Chapter 1296 Fairy Dew
Chapter 1297 One Punch
Chapter 1298 Kunlun Sky City
Chapter 1299 Dragon liver and phoenix gallbladder
Chapter 1300 The Murder in the Wei Mansion
Chapter 1301 The Cruel Wei Guang
Chapter 1302 Body Protective Sky Scale
Chapter 1303 Black Sky Absolute Territory
Chapter 1304 Wei Wushang
Chapter 1035 Sky Domain
Chapter 1036 In front of the Tianku Gate, ghosts sue for grievances
Chapter 1307 Tianku and Academy
Chapter 1308 Opening the Tribulation of Reincarnation
Chapter 1309 Young Zhang Xiaobei
Chapter 1310 Master Meat Chop
Chapter 1311 Bald Brother
Chapter 1312 Master Bei
Chapter 1313 The Nine Layers of Energy Transformation
Chapter 1314 The Realm of Form
Chapter 1315 until the convincing
Chapter 1316 Inner Vitality
Chapter 1317 Eliminate the Vicious Dog Gang
Chapter 1318 The Nine Layers of Transformation Strength, Heaven and Man
Chapter 1319 Nine Absolute Immortal Physiques
Chapter 1320 A slap to death
Chapter 1321 Thunder Realm
Chapter 1322 One Thought One World
Chapter 1323 Slaying the Dragon and Slaying the Tiger
Chapter 1324 Thunder Soul Lightning Soul Forms Golden Elixir
Chapter 1325 Formation of Alchemy
Chapter 1326 Divine Embryo
Chapter 1327 General Tengu
Chapter 1328 Zhu Zhu
Chapter 1329 Little Yellow Dragon
Chapter 1330 Five Elements Spirit Soil
Chapter 1331 Fire Phoenix
Chapter 1332
Chapter 1333 Sword Qi kills the official in all directions
Chapter 1334 Are you tired of living?
Chapter 1335 A monk in a small place
Chapter 1336 Dark Moon Tribe
Chapter 1337: Fountain of Immortality
Chapter 1338 The Queen of Women
Chapter 1339 Fatal Attraction
Chapter 1340 Altar and Spring Water
Chapter 1341 Huang Ting's First Immortal Physician
Chapter 1342 Fiancee
Chapter 1343 Eight Vulcan Thunders
Chapter 1344 Fighting Swords
Chapter 1345 Knowing It Can't Be Done
Chapter 1346 Qianyu City Song Yu
Chapter 1347 Seventh in the World
Chapter 1348
Chapter 1349 Simple Xibao
Chapter 1350 Pictograph
Chapter 1351 Five Dragons Fall, Studying Medicine Huang Ting
Chapter 1353 Lord of the Yellow Court
Chapter 1354 Just Tonight
Chapter 1355 I will strike hard and kill you easily
Chapter 1356 Copying the Answers Can't Compete
Chapter 1357
Chapter 1358 The Demon Possessed Peerless Talent
Chapter 1359 A Not Simple Fish
Chapter 1360 A Letter of Cursing, the Wrath of the Evil God Comes
Chapter 1361 New Shushan Sword Sect
Chapter 1362 Sword Slashing Blood Lotus
Chapter 1363 Seeing Yuwen Tiandu Again
Chapter 1364 Conspiracy and calculation
Chapter 1364 Kill directly!
Chapter 1366 Supreme Divine Infant
Chapter 1366 The Divine Sword Kills the Immortal
Chapter 1367 Opening Tianzang
Chapter 1369 Nine Star Legend
Chapter 1370 Instructor of the Forbidden Army
Chapter 1371 Coach Huang
Chapter 1372 Martial Immortal Zun Huang Binhu
Chapter 1372 Defeat you with one hand
Chapter 1373 The second action
Chapter 1374 The Supreme Divine Infant
Chapter 1375 Tianyuan Taoism, the secret of celestial bodies
Chapter 1376 Temporarily ranked first
Chapter 1377 The ferocious beast Qiongqi
Chapter 1378 Foodie Qiongqi
Chapter 1379 Three Dao Lords Competing for Disciples
Chapter 1380 Piaomiao Tianzun
Chapter 1381 Small Thousand Sword World
Chapter 1382 Senior Sister Lan Xin
Chapter 1383 Meeting Wu Aoshuang again
Chapter 1384 Untouchables and Commoners
Chapter 1385 Taking office as the head coach of the Forbidden Army
Chapter 1386 Fury
Chapter 1387 Gift to Dragon Gate
Chapter 1388 Divine Power Sutra
Chapter 1389 Challenge the entire army
Chapter 1390: Starting to practice martial arts in mothers womb
Chapter 1391 A unique fish
Chapter 1392 Purple Five Star Alchemy Master
Chapter 1393 Fake Wu Bei
Chapter 1394 Anger leads to disaster
Chapter 1395 Chaos Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 1396 Return to Yundong
Chapter 1397 Visiting to question the crime
Chapter 1398 He deserves it
Chapter 1399 Zongsheng Zengcan
Chapter 1400 Xuanhuang Seeks the Way
Chapter 1401 Wuwang Thunder
Chapter 1402 A sea of blood feuds
Chapter 1403 Father and son enter the witchcraft cave together
Chapter 1404: Wu Dao Formation, Comprehensive Improvement
Chapter 1405 Yun Xis disaster
Chapter 1406 Bullying Comes to the Door
Chapter 1407 Refining the First Generation of True Blood
Chapter 1408 Leap over the Dragon Gate! Prove the real person
Chapter 1409 The Ultimate Test
Chapter 1410 Heading to the Wilderness
Chapter 1411 Beast Master
Chapter 1412 The Loyal and Straight Black Bear King
Chapter 1413 The Human Emperor comes to the world, everyone celebrates
Chapter 1414 Origin of Tianwu, Ancestor of Tianpeng
Chapter 1415 Princess Aoyue
Chapter 1416. Son-in-law who comes to visit
Chapter 1417 Stormy Tower
Chapter 1418 Huang Tian Enlightenment
Chapter 1419 Tianmen Penance
Chapter 1420 Peerless Sword
Chapter 1421 One Palace, Two Palaces and Three Aristocratic Families
Chapter 1422 Lord Huntian Daojun
Chapter 1423 Chiming Taoism
Chapter 1424 Chaos Mountain
Chapter 1425 Second Bastard
Chapter 1426 Breaking through the Yin and Yang Realm
Chapter 1427 War Fortress
Chapter 1428 Tax Recovery
Chapter 1429 Old Friend Han Bai
Chapter 1430 Tian Gu teaches Zhang Baiyi
Chapter 1431 Gu Pill
Chapter 1432 Lingchuan Clan
Chapter 1433 The Power of the Taoist Lord
Chapter 1434 Ancestor Xuandu
Chapter 1435 Senior Sister Konggu Youlan
Chapter 1436: There is no distinction between education and discrimination
Chapter 1437 Kunlun Li Family
Chapter 1438 One Hundred Thousand Miles of Cave Heaven
Chapter 1439 Gods and Demons, Circles
Chapter 1440 Snake Dao Lord
Chapter 1441 Give Keer a younger brother
Chapter 1442 Killing the Void Immortal with One Sword
Chapter 1443 The Fifth Cauldron
Chapter 1444 A gathering of experts
Chapter 1445 Sword Fighting and Gambling
Chapter 1446 Killing Demigod with Sword
Chapter 1447 The First Ancestor Kuafu
Chapter 1448 The Heart of Origin
Chapter 1449 Pig Demon
Chapter 1450 Qingli Girl
Chapter 1451 Seizing the Seed
Chapter 1452: Prehistoric Bandits
Chapter 1453 Halberd slashes the black wind
Chapter 1454 The Sky-Swallowing Demon King
Chapter 1455 Confessing the King
Chapter 1456 Vientiane Realm
Chapter 1457 The Divine Stone from Heaven
Chapter 1458 Shennong Valley, Wisteria
Chapter 1459 Looking for the Ice Fairy in the Cave of Ten Thousand Demons
Chapter 1460: Happy reunion after a long absence, fellow students are greedy
Chapter 1461 Heavenly Bone Demon Pill
Chapter 1462 Demon Temple
Chapter 1463 Encounter
Chapter 1464 Pretending to be a monster, the demon god gives you scriptures
Chapter 1465 Suzaku Academy
Chapter 1466 Circle Purification
Chapter 1467 Yaochi Dharma Assembly
Chapter 1468 The value of sky stone
Chapter 1469 Crazy Stone Gambling
Chapter 1470 Winning three games in a row
Chapter 1471 Counterattack and Treasure Hunting
Chapter 1472 Yao Chi Grand Meeting, Gathering of Great Powers
Chapter 1473 Betting on the Sword Master
Chapter 1474 The Queen Mother gives peaches
Chapter 1475 Dragon Snake Bow
Chapter 1476 The bow is like a thunderbolt.
Chapter 1477 The Queen Mother has a daughter
Chapter 1478 The magic medicine from heaven
Chapter 1479 The Twelve Ancient Saints
Chapter 1480 Dharma Assembly Sword Fighting
Chapter 1481 The true form of the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 1482 The Ancient World
Chapter 1483 The eighth level of divine power, the power that defies the heavens
Chapter 1484 Enlightenment of Concubine Su
Chapter 1485 The End of the Dharma Conference
Chapter 1486 Exploring the Sea of Stars
Chapter 1487: Defeat the enemy with one arrow
Chapter 1488 Crystal Civilization
Chapter 1489 Acquisition of Tianwai Medicinal Materials
Chapter 1490 Cant bear to see the suffering in the world
Chapter 1491 Arrogant Prince Dianyun
Chapter 1492 Blackwater Imperial Master
Chapter 1493 Visiting Shen Gong Nanxing
Chapter 1494 Crazy Shen Gongheng
Chapter 1495 The Arrogant Tongtian Lineage
Chapter 1496 Gravity Pass
Chapter 1497 Extreme Reward
Chapter 1498 Ancestor of Dark Blood
Chapter 1499 Return to Zhonghai
Chapter 1500 Demon Slayer Pavilion, Ten Thousand Demons Cave
Chapter 1501 Old Immortal Huayang
Chapter 1502 Phase Gu
Chapter 1503 Alchemy Gu
Chapter 1504 Strange meteorite, six transformations of the divine machine
Chapter 1505 Moving West
Chapter 1506 Nine Transformations of the Divine Phoenix
Chapter 1507 The Revenge of the Night Maniacs
Chapter 1508 The Taoist Ancestor from a Foreign Land
Chapter 1509 Nine Thunder Immortal Domain, Xia King City
Chapter 1510 Nine Thunder Tempered Body, Peerless Genius
Chapter 1511 Imperial Qi Monk, Prince Xias Mansion
Chapter 1512 Stealing the Imperial Qi
Chapter 1513: Understanding the Heavenly Monument and the Immortal Realms Shocking Changes
Chapter 1514 The Ten Thousand Realms Thunder God Technique
Chapter 1515 Zhou Tianren of Huangji Jing
Chapter 1516 The ecstatic King Xia
Chapter 1517 Death of Night Maniac
Chapter 1518 Peoples hearts are separated from each others belly
Chapter 1519 Lord of Thunder and Lightning
Chapter 1520 Corpse Demon at the Bottom of the Well
Chapter 1521 Ginger Emperor
Chapter 1522 The Sutra of Immortality, Dark Moon in Danger
Chapter 1523 Implicated and imprisoned
Chapter 1524 Threaten the Crown Prince
Chapter 1525 Ten Thousand Monsters Cave
Chapter 1526 The world behind the light gate
Chapter 1527 The copied world
Chapter 1528 Murakamis Guest Cultivator
Chapter 1529 The beauty in the sedan chair
Chapter 1530 The beauty disappears and the jade dies, drawing the sword in anger
Chapter 1531: Practicing hard in the barren mountains and becoming a real person again
Chapter 1532 Counterattack against the Bai family
Chapter 1533 The real spiritual stone
Chapter 1534 A group of tigers enter the village
Chapter 1535 Absorb spiritual stones and improve quickly
Chapter 1536: Heaven beyond the sky, first alchemy refining
Chapter 1537 Jade Emperor Sect
Chapter 1538 Fei Tianren
Chapter 1539 Jade Emperor
Chapter 1540 The weird trial place
Chapter 1541 Devouring Spirits
Chapter 1542 Nine Transformations of Longmen
Chapter 1543 Opening Hidden People
Chapter 1544: Temporarily leaving Tianwaitian
Chapter 1545 The Prodigy of Sword Palace
Chapter 1546 The Yang Familys Purpose
Chapter 1547 Wenyuan Holy Realm
Chapter 1548 The fourth person hides
Chapter 1549 The Evil Realm and the Evil God
Chapter 1550 Snake Demon Refining White
Chapter 1551 The Ultimate Hidden Man
Chapter 1552 Breaking three realms in a row
Chapter 1553 Eight Sects Unified
Chapter 1554 European War
Chapter 1555 Qingming Danyuan Luo Ningdan
Chapter 1556 Taoist Taihua
Chapter 1557 The third level of immortality, refining stars
Chapter 1558 Wishing Incense Burner
Chapter 1559 Life from the Chiming Era
Chapter 1560 The dove takes over the magpie's nest
Chapter 1561 The Sixth Cauldron
Chapter 1562 A powerful chess record
Chapter 1563 Zifeis Transformation
Chapter 1564 Wu Meis friend
Chapter 1565 Illusion Testing Character
Chapter 1566 My Female Taoist Lord
Chapter 1567 Dao Zun
Chapter 1568 The Secret Power of Dimensions
Chapter 1569 Tianjin Mine
Chapter 1570 Recapture property
Chapter 1571 Zhenlan Tribe, Eight Disciples
Chapter 1572 Tianmeng Sword, Eight Dragon Slaying Styles
Chapter 1573 Black Kirin
Chapter 1574 Suppressing the Great God
Chapter 1575 Chess Game of Heaven and Earth, Combination of Chess and Sword
Chapter 1576 Hidden Island
Chapter 1577 Successor of Guangcheng
Chapter 1578 Longevity and Heaven
Chapter 1579 Bagua Furnace
Chapter 1580 Ancient Scroll
Chapter 1581 Escape together with the Great Thousand Escape Talisman
Chapter 1582 The Holy Ancestor of the Sikong Family
Chapter 1583 Qitianzang, lighting the holy fire
Chapter 1584 The Destruction of Omen
Chapter 1585 The Arrogance of Demigods
Chapter 1586 A bunch of bastards
Chapter 1587 Mei Bao was kidnapped
Chapter 1588 Daozang, Sword World
Chapter 1589 Taixu Swordsmanship
Chapter 1590 Mr. Sword
Chapter 1591: Past life grudges, present life calamity
Chapter 1592 Sifang Escort Agency
Chapter 1593 Bodyguard
Chapter 1594 Queuing Troubles
Chapter 1595 Super Genius
Chapter 1596 Third Young Master Wolf
Chapter 1597 Killing the Wolf Soldiers
Chapter 1598 Transforming Werewolves
Chapter 1599 Jinzhou Army
Chapter 1600 Refining the Demon Fetus
Chapter 1601 Demon Clan Camp
Chapter 1602 Refining Pure Blood Pill
Chapter 1603: Hidden Disaster
Chapter 1604 I, Zhang Jun, am back
Chapter 1605 Inukai Chengyi
Chapter 1606 Goddess Feihong
Chapter 1607 Rescue Luo Changsheng
Chapter 1608 Beautiful General
Chapter 1609 Three to Five Elements Realm
Chapter 1610 Tiger Baos Revenge
Chapter 1611 Colorful Chicken
Chapter 1612 Terrifying Creatures
Chapter 1613 The greedy big yellow dog
Chapter 1614 Fa Tian Immortal Lord
Chapter 1615 Era Strong, Eternal Mark
Chapter 1616 Entering the house
Chapter 1617 The master is his grandson
Chapter 1618 The injured female cultivator
Chapter 1619 The medicine field recognizes its owner
Chapter 1620 Killing the Wusheng Ancestor
Chapter 1621 Batch Alchemy
Chapter 1622 Twenty Real People
Chapter 1623 Not as good as the emperor
Chapter 1624 Holy Sword Duan Kong
Chapter 1625 Incarnation and promotion to immortality
Chapter 1626 Fatal Trap
Chapter 1627 Immortal Seed No. 7
Chapter 1628: Defeat Shenwu
Chapter 1629 You can bear it, but I cant.
Chapter 1630 Tianyi Eight Guards
Chapter 1631 Give you a pig face
Chapter 1632 Human Race Supreme
Chapter 1633 Achieving the Ninety-nine Avenues
Chapter 1634 Immortality, Ninth Level Supreme
Chapter 1635: Defeating the Seven Emperors
Chapter 1636 Holy Prince
Chapter 1637 Conquering Yin Tianjia
Chapter 1638 Suppressing the Bronze God King
Chapter 1639 Killing the God King
Chapter 1640 Opening the Bronze Coffin of the Yin Tribe Village
Chapter 1641 Red pine nuts
Chapter 1642 Taichu Spirit Piercing Platform
Chapter 1643 The Great Demon King Yin Jiuzhu
Chapter 1644 Sanctification
Chapter 1645 Rebuilding the Guards
Chapter 1646 The Treasury of the Immortal Kingdom
Chapter 1647 Annexing the Shenwu Empire
Chapter 1648 The devil in the cage
Chapter 1649 Demonic Tianjing
Chapter 1650 Yuanchang
Chapter 1651 The Human Emperors Southern Tour
Chapter 1652 Underground Hall, Xibaos fate
Chapter 1653 Loose Immortal Chen Shiwo
Chapter 1654 Poor life experience
Chapter 1655 Tianwu Academy
Chapter 1656 Millions of Seas
Chapter 1657 Beating up the Crocodile God
Chapter 1658 Conquering Ao Jing
Chapter 1659 King of South China Sea
Chapter 1660 The King of the South China Sea
Chapter 1661 The new spokesperson of Krishna
Chapter 1662 Shengtian Sect
Chapter 1663 Both Saint and Immortal
Chapter 1664 Emperor Nekada Upper Sengen
Chapter 1665 The Art of Returning Ten Thousand Immortals to Sainthood
Chapter 1666 Simple Multiple Choice Question
Chapter 1667: Bad temper
Chapter 1668 Medicine God Space
Chapter 1669 The Destruction of the Black Demon Sect
Chapter 1670 Ghost Fang
Chapter 1671 Its hard to tell the truth from the false
Chapter 1672 Conquering the Ghost Party
Chapter 1673 Breakthroughs one after another
Chapter 1674 Daluo Jindan
Chapter 1675 Holy Spirit
Chapter 1676 The Supreme Immortal
Chapter 1677 Yuanshi Taoist, Taiqing World
Chapter 1678 Even if you give him a hundred courages, he wont dare to offend his senior brother
Chapter 1679 Taiqing Taoist Scripture
Chapter 1680 Minions
Chapter 1681 The Hunting Ground of Gods and Monsters
Chapter 1682 The Ultimate Life Code
Chapter 1683 The Village of Gods
Chapter 1684 Knocked down with one punch
Chapter 1685 Cracking the code and killing the swamp monster
Chapter 1686 Destruction Fist Sutra, one punch to save
Chapter 1687 Dragon King of the South China Sea
Chapter 1688 Underworld Ruins
Chapter 1689 Zuo Tianxiang
Chapter 1690 Empress of Xiliang
Chapter 1691 Tongtian Palace
Chapter 1692 Teaching the Fa for 1,500 Years
Chapter 1693 Four Great Disciples
Chapter 1694 Paying 100 Million
Chapter 1695 Nine Heavens in Zijin Town
Chapter 1696 The Essence of Power
Chapter 1697 Not Enough, Keep Calling People
Chapter 1698 Eternal Inheritance
Chapter 1699 Han Shuyue
Chapter 1700 War in the East China Sea
Chapter 1701 Sea People Princess
Chapter 1702 Preparation of Decoction
Chapter 1703 Bloodletting Alchemy
Chapter 1704 The fierce general Yang Yuanba
Chapter 1705
Chapter 1706 Myolie Full Moon
Chapter 1707 Saint Tribulation, Parallel Time and Space
Chapter 1708 Can't be cured, no money
Chapter 1709 Mr. Feng, who did not keep his word
Chapter 1710 What You Like Is Not Expensive
Chapter 1711 Eight million treatment fees
Chapter 1712 Fusion
Chapter 1713 Super Fusion
Chapter 1714 Yellow Dragon Sect
Chapter 1715 Death of Brother
Chapter 1716 Revenge and Rage
Chapter 1717 Two Choices
Chapter 1718 Counselor Zhuge Xing
Chapter 1719 The Big Man Zhang Guanhou
Chapter 1720 Family Gathering
Chapter 1721 Spring and Autumn View
Chapter 1722 Super Fusion Inheritance
Chapter 1723 Consummation of Chiming Origin Sutra
Chapter 1724 Jing Gu Xian
Chapter 1725 Return of the Strong
Chapter 1726 Opening up the Holy Church
Chapter 1727 Arrogant traitor
Chapter 1728 Yin and Yang are reversed, killing a powerful enemy
Chapter 1729 Breaking out of the circle
Chapter 1730 Fighting Void God Realm
Chapter 1731
Chapter 1732 White Wolf Village, Book of Life and Death
Chapter 1733 Deception
Chapter 1734 Chiming Divine Ring
Chapter 1735
Chapter 1736
Chapter 1737 Spirit Wind Pill Building
Chapter 1738 Found Huang Tianqin
Chapter 1739 Liu Sanjue Appears
Chapter 1740 Mo Xing
Chapter 1741 Opening of Miao Dan Building
Chapter 1742 Seize the sky failed, the way of heaven chased and killed
Chapter 1743 Hitchhiking
Chapter 1744 A visitor from outer space, Ziguang Qingming
Chapter 1745 Unpredictable
Chapter 1746 Immortal Sutra
Chapter 1747 Catastrophe
Chapter 1748 Found Li Zhi
Chapter 1749 Certified Immortal
Chapter 1750
Chapter 1751 Power of Chaos
Chapter 1752
Chapter 1753
Chapter 1754 The Battle of Immortals and Gods
Chapter 1755 The fierce general Wu Xiaobei
Chapter 1756 Discussing meritorious deeds
Chapter 1757 Breaking through Shuijing City
Chapter 1758
Chapter 1759 The Difficult Ono City
Chapter 1760 Siege
Chapter 1761 Three Years of Military Training
Chapter 1762 Miserable Victory
Chapter 1763 Chaos and Order
Chapter 1764
Chapter 1765
Chapter 1766 Million Puppets
Chapter 1767 Five Great Abilities
Chapter 1768
Chapter 1769 Little Emperor
Chapter 1770
Chapter 1771 Saint Armor Realm
Chapter 1772
Chapter 1773 Suppressing the Demon Cave
Chapter 1774 Xuanzhen Sect
Chapter 1775 The Suppressed Giant
Chapter 1776 Promoted to Zhenhou
Chapter 1777 Longyuan Space
Chapter 1778 The Mystery of the Stele
Chapter 1779
Chapter 1780 East Twelve Worlds
Chapter 1781 Alchemy Puppet
Chapter 1782 Peer Suppression
Chapter 1783 Crushing with one hand
Chapter 1784 Lingxi Danzong
Chapter 1785 Zhiyou
Chapter 1786 Alchemist Liu
Chapter 1787 Restoration of cultivation, Master Daoist
Chapter 1788 Imperial Capital Store
Chapter 1789 Please kill yourself
Chapter 1790
Chapter 1791 Borrowing Pills to Open a Shop
Chapter 1792 The treasures of the Lu family, swept away
Chapter 1793 Medicine Ancestor Liu Dan
Chapter 1794 Arrogant brat
Chapter 1795 Becomes a Dog
Chapter 1796 Alchemy Association
Chapter 1797
Chapter 1798
Chapter 1799 Above the tenth stage
Chapter 1800 Epoch Elixir
Chapter 1801 Luo's Tea Garden
Chapter 1802 Fraud
Chapter 1803 Luo Zhichan
Chapter 1804
Chapter 1805 The Great Sage Arrives
Chapter 1806 Attunement to Sanctification
Chapter 1807 Killing directly
Chapter 1808 Alchemy Genius Jin Shuang'er
Chapter 1809 Extinct Dao Ancestor
Chapter 1810 Destiny cannot be violated
Chapter 1811 Queen Mother Arrives
Chapter 1812 Marrying Trouble
Chapter 1813 Be the best in the world
Chapter 1814 Willow God, Tao Zu
Chapter 1815 Shennong Cave
Chapter 1816 Zi Yuan Yu Family
Chapter 1817 The Secret Painting of the Holy King
Chapter 1818 Painting Inheritance
Chapter 1819 Painter Alchemy
Chapter 1820 Dragon Snake Daoist
Chapter 1821 Eternal Unity
Chapter 1822 Going to Heaven, the Beginning of the Immortal Road
Chapter 1823 Cutting off the incarnation, Shengwu is perfect
Chapter 1824 Mu Qianxue Returns to the Nation
Chapter 1825 Mysterious Gate
Chapter 1826 Five Great Secret Storehouses
Chapter 1827 The way of the sword is passed to Huohuang'er
Chapter 1828 Revisiting the Jade Girl Gate
Chapter 1829 Refining Yin-Yang Valley
Chapter 1830 Introduce you to the Nine Heavens Mysterious Art
Chapter 1831 Little Junior Sister
Chapter 1832 Married Ancestor
Chapter 1833
Chapter 1834 Divine Mountain Manifestation, Emperor Tianyue
Chapter 1835
Chapter 1836 Crab Roe Bun and the Old Fisherman
Chapter 1837 Nameless Old Man
Chapter 1838 Evolution in the Demon Cave
Chapter 1839 Battle God Demon
Chapter 1840 Becoming the True Emperor
Chapter 1841 The Boundary General
Chapter 1842 Landing on the Hidden Island Again
Chapter 1843 Concubine Jinxuanbai Jiruo Becomes a True Marquis
Chapter 1844 Killing Millions of Demons
Chapter 1845 Tang Bingyun's Promotion
Chapter 1846 Demon Lair
Chapter 1847 The Yan family covets the refining lair
Chapter 1848 Era Fortress
Chapter 1849 Li Shengyi
Chapter 1850 Young Master Yan
Chapter 1851 Sky Witch Blood Knife
Chapter 1852 Refining Demons into Soldiers
Chapter 1853 Guangcheng's Birthday
Chapter 1854 Nine Tripods Gather
Chapter 1855 Guangcheng Patriarch
Chapter 1856 Meeting of the Two Saints
Chapter 1857 Nebula Continent Hates the Sky Valley
Chapter 1858 The way of death
Chapter 1859 Saint King Tang Bingyun
Chapter 1860 True King Tang Ziyi
Chapter 1861 The Demon Zuoxian King
Chapter 1862 The Origin of Demons
Chapter 1863 Di Xin's Death
Chapter 1864 Shangqing Assembly
Chapter 1865
Chapter 1866 Auction Badge
Chapter 1867 Ye Bingxi
Chapter 1868
Chapter 1869 Yubi of the Era
Chapter 1870 Meteor Hammer and Green Brick
Chapter 1871 Heaven and Earth Arena
Chapter 1872 He Family, Mist Killing Formation
Chapter 1873 Chu Chu and Jiao Nu
Chapter 1874 Marquis Wen and Shang Qingtian
Chapter 1875
Chapter 1876 Fire Cloud Realm
Chapter 1877 Primordial Fire Refining My Body
Chapter 1878 I only used 30% of my strength
Chapter 1879 Pan Yuan Seeks Revenge
Chapter 1880 Chaos Big Red Dog
Chapter 1881 Powerful World
Chapter 1882 Alchemy from another world
Chapter 1883 Nuwa Realm
Chapter 1884 Purifying the Demon Zombie
Chapter 1885 Qilin King
Chapter 1886 Holy Fifth Birthday Feast
Chapter 1887 Life and Death
Chapter 1888 Get Dragon Origin
Chapter 1889 Great Sacred Tribulation
Chapter 1890
Chapter 1891
Chapter 1892 Mountain Village Training
Chapter 1893 White Horse
Chapter 1894
Chapter 1895
Chapter 1896 The Usury Horse
Chapter 1897 Refining Medicine and Quenching Yuan
Chapter 1898 Twelve Spirit Veins
Chapter 1899 The Huang Family in Zhangcheng, Level 7 Spiritual Art
Chapter 1900 Refining Spirit Soldiers
Chapter 1901 Going to the City of Five Emperors
Chapter 1902 Defeat bullies and open up spiritual seas
Chapter 1903 It's the same everywhere
Chapter 1904 It's hard to move without money
Chapter 1905 Make things difficult without fear
Chapter 1906 Sword Emperor's Sword Intent
Chapter 1907 Purple Sky Profound Strength
Chapter 1908 The Master of the Five Emperors
Chapter 1909 Reincarnation
Chapter 1910 Newcomers Conference
Chapter 1911 An Dieyi
Chapter 1912 Pill Stove
Chapter 1913 Ina
Chapter 1914 The Icon Gate
Chapter 1915 Opening the Gate of Heaven
Chapter 1916 Cosmic Battlefield, Breaking Through the Extremely Arcane Realm
Chapter 1917 Controlling the Heavenly Emperor Sword
Chapter 1918 Kill the Lich and Save Simei
Chapter 1919 Heaven Emperor Road
Chapter 1920 Passing Five Levels
Chapter 1921 Wu Bei's decision
Chapter 1922 Tianjiao Conference
Chapter 1923 Four Seasons
Chapter 1924 Ina's Revenge
Chapter 1925 Please forgive me
Chapter 1926 door master and dog
Chapter 1927 Human Extreme Cave Enlightenment
Chapter 1928 All Saint Realm, promoted to Saint King
Chapter 1929 Return
Chapter 1930 Humanity Fairy Journey
Chapter 1931 Three thousand holy guards, the island demon emperor
Chapter 1932
Chapter 1933 Re-entering the Ninja World
Chapter 1934 Jin Guangfeng
Chapter 1935 God Furnace Refining My Body
Chapter 1936 Taoist Treasure
Chapter 1937 Hundreds of Thousands of Calamities
Chapter 1938 Kongming Prefecture, Yuwen Family
Chapter 1939 Elixir Conference
Chapter 1940 Famous in the alchemy world
Chapter 1941 One Finger Controls the Universe
Chapter 1942 Holy King Tribulation
Chapter 1943 Re-entering the Nuwa Realm
Chapter 1944
Chapter 1945 Three Emperors True Armor
Chapter 1946 True Ancestor
Chapter 1947: Pill Emperor III Reincarnation Pill
Chapter 1948 Great Powers Gather
Chapter 1949 Dan Emperor Comes to the World
Chapter 1950 Pill Emperor Pavilion
Chapter 1951 Holy Emperor's Guards
Chapter 1952 Yingzhou Wandao Academy
Chapter 1953 Trainee Tutor
Chapter 1954 The Way of Sincerity
Chapter 1955 Nuwa Book
Chapter 1956 Ying Huang Possessed by Demon
Chapter 1957 The Curse of Immortality
Chapter 1958 Heavenly Sacred Bloodline
Chapter 1959 Challenging the Sovereign
Chapter 1960 Killing with one hand, Qiongqi shows up
Chapter 1961 Martial Arts Training Manual
Chapter 1962 Hongmeng Palace
Chapter 1963 Passed on Hongmeng Avenue
Chapter 1964 Immortal Register
Chapter 1965 Seven Star Mentor
Chapter 1966 Li Hong's Fate
Chapter 1967 Dragon Ancestor
Chapter 1968 Ghost Dragon
Chapter 1969 Holy Mountain
Chapter 1970 Supreme Order
Chapter 1971 Collecting the Holy Mountain, Subduing the Ghost Dragon
Chapter 1972 The Origin of the True Sacred Path
Chapter 1973 Shangqing Shouyang City
Chapter 1974 Permit for restricted area
Chapter 1975 Palace of the Seventh Son of the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 1976 The Power of the Pill Emperor
Chapter 1977 Set foot on the true holy road
Chapter 1978 The Goddess Repays Her Favor
Chapter 1979 Lingjiao Goddess, Immortal Body
Chapter 1980 Fork in the Senluo Realm
Chapter 1981 People have to dress and eat
Chapter 1982 Young genius doctor
Chapter 1983 Cracking the Infuriating Chaos
Chapter 1984 Body Quenching
Chapter 1985 Twelve Levels of Qi Training
Chapter 1986 Monster Hunter
Chapter 1987 Yae
Chapter 1988 Monster's Anti-killing
Chapter 1989 Killing Level 7 Monsters
Chapter 1990 Ghosts in the Deserted City
Chapter 1991 Wuling City
Chapter 1992 Looted
Chapter 1993 Level 8 Wolf Monster
Chapter 1994 Promoted to a Mage in Yundu City
Chapter 1995 The True Alchemist
Chapter 1996 God Gate Pill
Chapter 1997 Subduing Level 9 Monsters
Chapter 1998 The Heavenly Powerful
Chapter 1999 Breaking out of the Senluo Realm
Chapter 2000 Tianyue Peak
Chapter 2001 Ali
Chapter 2002 The Second Section of the Road
Chapter 2003 Water Sky Plateau
Chapter 2004 North Fortress
Chapter 2005 The Water of Life and the Little Monster
Chapter 2006 Survival in the Chaos Sea
Chapter 2007 Origin of Chaos Sea
Chapter 2008 In front of Tianci Mountain, promoted to True Ancestor Realm
Chapter 2009 Master Cosmic Creature
Chapter 2010 Divine destruction
Chapter 2011 The Ultimate Land, Yuqing Realm
Chapter 2012 Destruction, Revenge
Chapter 2013 Controlling the Cang Family
Chapter 2014 Return to Shennong Valley
Chapter 2015 Tenth Generation Inheritance
Chapter 2016 Lord of the Great Purity
Chapter 2017 The City of Paradise
Chapter 2018 The Phantom Sound Fairy
Chapter 2019 Five Hundred Demon Gods, Destroyed With One Sword
Chapter 2020 The Sunshine of the Main Universe
Chapter 2021 Riverside Town, Descendant of the Holy Guard
Chapter 2022 The Holy Lord Comes
Chapter 2023 Heavenly Emperor's Palace
Chapter 2024 Heavenly Saint, Absolute Beginning
Chapter 2025 Xinglan Continent
Chapter 2026
Chapter 2027 identity exposed
Chapter 2028 Luo Ningdan's Great Vengeance Gets Retribution
Chapter 2029 The First Alchemist
Chapter 2030 The Land where the Saints Sleep
Chapter 2031 Holy Essence
Chapter 2032 Cataclysm Comes
Chapter 2033 Tianwu Reestablishes
Chapter 2034 The Martial Dao Universe, the concubine of the Chu family
Chapter 2035
Chapter 2036 I am a miracle doctor
Chapter 2037 Surprised Four Seats
Chapter 2038 Give me resources and I will be able to break through
Chapter 2039 Tiangang Quenched Body
Chapter 2040 Ten Layers of Body Tempering
Chapter 241 I Give You Face, You Have To Take It
Chapter 2042 Become the core of the Chu family
Chapter 2043 Proposal for Marriage
Chapter 2044 single sword kills Siying Village
Chapter 2045 The real owner of the mine
Chapter 2046 farewell
Chapter 2047 A Dog From Time Traveling
Chapter 2048 Stealing the Sky Crystal
Chapter 2049 Continuing to break through, martial arts fifth level
Chapter 2050 Medicine of the main universe
Chapter 2051 One in a million universe supreme arrogance
Chapter 2052 Write the Dao and become the Taoist
Chapter 2053
Chapter 2054 The Legendary Institute and Myriad Dao Academy
Chapter 2055
Chapter 2056
Chapter 2057 How can you not follow the rules
Chapter 2058 Shenwu Pass
Chapter 2059 Destroy the enemy with one hand
Chapter 2060 The Secret of the Totem
Chapter 2061 Breaking the barrier and entering Yitian
Chapter 2062 Totem Origin
Chapter 2063 Twenty-Four Figures
Chapter 2064 Demon Incarnation
Chapter 2065 All the pictures are united, the master of the aura of the universe
Chapter 2066 Forty-Six Supreme Avenue
Chapter 2067 The Third Treasure, Collecting Soldiers
Chapter 2068 Open the Four Heavenly Gates
Chapter 2069 The army suppresses the situation, and the universe-level powerhouse appears
Chapter 2070 Break through in person and become a strong man of the Ninth Era
Chapter 2071
Chapter 2072 Evil Cultivator Qiu Hualong
Chapter 2073 The Harvested
Chapter 2074 Nuwa's gift, the forty-ninth supreme road
Chapter 2075 Immortal Ancestor
Chapter 2076 The Primordial Immortal Way, Devouring the Reapers
Chapter 2077
Chapter 2078 The Pattern of the World
Chapter 2079 Dark Universe
Chapter 2080 Disaster of All Phases
Chapter 2081 Juntian Ruler
Chapter 2082
Chapter 2083 Counterattack, create a college
Chapter 2084 Mysterious Jade Pendant
Chapter 2085
Chapter 2086 Refining the Divine Blade, Surrendering the Divine Realm
Chapter 2087 Going to Minggu
Chapter 2088 Stepping into Xuanming for the first time, building a foundation with lightning
Chapter 2089
Chapter 2090 Level 5 Task
Chapter 2091 Level 7 Elixir
Chapter 2092 Spirit Blood Refining Spirit Bone
Chapter 2093 Rapid Breakthrough
Chapter 2094 Colorful Spirit Chicken
Chapter 2095 The First Earth Aperture
Chapter 2096 Challenging Qi Training Realm
Chapter 2097 The Strongest Endurance
Chapter 2098 Scrap Price Pill Furnace
Chapter 2099 Refining Yuanling Pill
Chapter 2100 Golden Eagle Patrol
Chapter 2101 apprentice Qiu Guangtai
Chapter 2102 Solitary Beauty Peak
Chapter 2013 All Earth Apertures
Chapter 2014 Save the beauty on the way
Chapter 2015 Small Town Punishes Less Evil
Chapter 2016 The Journey to the Devil's Nest
Chapter 2017 The supernatural monk of the main universe
Chapter 2018 Nine-turn Immortal Body, Ten Heavy Body Tempering
Chapter 2019 Myriad Transformation Gourd
Chapter 2020 Zhu Qianmei
Chapter 2021 Cohesive Spirit Talisman
Chapter 2022 Spirit Soil Monster
Chapter 2023 Qingcheng and Qianmei
Chapter 2024 Reiki Compound
Chapter 2025 Return to Xuanming
Chapter 2026
Chapter 2027 Apprenticeship Conference
Chapter 2118 Heavenly Evil Spirit Formation
Chapter 2119 Become the focus
Chapter 2029 Guardian Contract
Chapter 2030 The strongest Xuanmen
Chapter 2122 Powerful Spiritual God
Chapter 2123 One Hundred Secret Powers
Chapter 2124: Robbery
Chapter 2125 Killed with one blow
Chapter 2126 Xuanming Immortal Qi, the First Disciple
Chapter 2127 Tianxuan Secret Sutra, irresistible power
Chapter 2037 Elite Banquet
Chapter 2038 The prestige of the first disciple
Chapter 2039 A big gamble
Chapter 2040 Battle on the Mountain
Chapter 2041 Xuanyuan Longwei
Chapter 2042 Refining Spiritual Flame
Chapter 2043 Five Elements Universe
Chapter 2044 Unprecedented test results!
Chapter 2045 Entering the Big Five Elements Realm
Chapter 2046 Secret Curse Realm
Chapter 2047 Escort Bureau
Chapter 2048 Great Escort
Chapter 2049 encounter robbery darts
Chapter 2050
Chapter 2051 Kill the monk in the secret realm
Chapter 2052 Anti-killing and seizing darts
Chapter 2053 Rescue the girl next door
Chapter 2054 Refining Qi Tonic Pills
Chapter 2146 Hot Qi-Building Pills
Chapter 2147 Chongxian Pavilion
Chapter 2148 Coming to the door
Chapter 2149 Urgent Escort
Chapter 2150 The beautiful head escort goes into battle personally
Chapter 2151 Overt guns and hidden arrows
Chapter 2152 Arriving at Xuantie City
Chapter 2153 A piece of spiritual finger
Chapter 2154 Golden Coffin
Chapter 2155 The Golden Swordsman Who Beheaded
Chapter 2156 The chief gives blood stone
Chapter 2157 Yutukong Temple
Chapter 2158 Red Umbrella Fairy
Chapter 2159 Double Kill of Evil Shadows
Chapter 2160 Martial Arts City
Chapter 2161 Horrible Secret Technique
Chapter 2162 The things in the coffin
Chapter 2163 The hard-to-get first place
Chapter 2164 Great Instant Killing Technique
Chapter 2165: Kill all the robbers with one full blow
Chapter 2166 One person picks three tables of people
Chapter 2167 True Gathering Talisman
Chapter 2168 Cant catch up
Chapter 2078 Ye's Pill Hall
Chapter 2079 Extreme Medicine Elixir
Chapter 2080 Level 5 Elixir
Chapter 2081 Elixir Auction
Chapter 2082 Level 7 Elixir
Chapter 2083 A Polluted Talisman
Chapter 2084 Auction of Elixir
Chapter 2085
Chapter 2086 Red Moon Strange Forest, Realm of False Reality
Chapter 2087
Chapter 2088 Taizhen Patriarch
Chapter 2089 Peerless Wizard
Chapter 2090 Black General of the Spirit Dog
Chapter 2091
Chapter 2092 Return to the Paradox
Chapter 2093 Arrive at White Horse City
Chapter 2185 Eighth level elixir
Chapter 2186 Renshu and Liu Sanxiang
Chapter 2187 Liu Sanxiang surrenders
Chapter 2188 Designing Revenge
Chapter 2189 Absorbing Wanli Escort Agency
Chapter 2190 The Supreme Secret Palace
Chapter 2191 Leader Disciple, Flower God Belongs
Chapter 2192 Master and Disciple Talk
Chapter 2193 Sixth Space
Chapter 2194 One against ten
Chapter 2195 The Challenge of Torrent
Chapter 2196 Immortal Challenge
Chapter 2197 Winning two games in a row
Chapter 2198 Heading to the Main Universe
Chapter 2199 Kind-hearted Uncle Sun
Chapter 2200 Live fortune telling
Chapter 2110 Divine calculation
Chapter 2111 Cultivation World
Chapter 2112 the merits of practitioners
Chapter 2113 Make hair
Chapter 2114 blocking the door
Chapter 2206: Taking the first place
Chapter 2207 Dealing with Troublemakers
Chapter 2117 Save the Marshal
Chapter 2118
Chapter 2119 Immortal Trade Fair
Chapter 2211 Lao Lins fate is not good
Chapter 2212 Searching for Medicine
Chapter 2213 Panacea Area
Chapter 2214 Robbed
Chapter 2215 Jade Alchemy Furnace
Chapter 2125 five beads
Chapter 2126 Go to Lu Mansion
Chapter 2127 Female Assassin
Chapter 2219 Sneaking into the Commander's Mansion Alone
Chapter 2129 Panacea Renews Life
Chapter 2130 Nine Lotus Seeds
Chapter 2222 Return to the Red Market
Chapter 2223 Return to Tai Zhen Sect
Chapter 2224 Justice
Chapter 2225 The Eighth Floor of the Secret Palace Pagoda
Chapter 2226 Tiankeng Medicine King
Chapter 2227 The kind-hearted female Taoist nun
Chapter 2228 Ning Zhixue
Chapter 2229 Secret Embryo Realm
Chapter 2230 Leap Level Challenge
Chapter 2231 Challenging the First Place in the Five Elements Ranking
Chapter 2232 Twelve Slashes of Light Wind
Chapter 2233 Real Nine Yang Realm
Chapter 2234 Level 10 elixir?
Chapter 2235 Sea Immortal Sect Master
Chapter 2236 Entering the Nine Yang Realm for the First Time
Chapter 2237 Three elixirs
Chapter 2238 Drug Dealer Li Jian
Chapter 2239 The Great Thousand Pharmacopoeia
Chapter 2240 Treasure of the Earth
Chapter 2241 Wenren Ziyi, Baishuang City
Chapter 2242 Entrusted for Life
Chapter 2243 Book of Searching for Spiritual Medicine
Chapter 2244 Kongdimensional Immortal Tree
Chapter 2245 The elixir on the elixir list
Chapter 2246 Fake Alchemist
Chapter 2247 The Proud Alchemy Sect
Chapter 2248 Fairy and Green Fox
Chapter 2249 Sisters say goodbye, accompanied by green fox
Chapter 2159 Nine Cauldron Pavilion
Chapter 2160 Purple Cauldron Disciple
Chapter 2161 Juexin Pill of the Panacea List
Chapter 2162 Famous Alchemist
Chapter 2163 see through the essence and refine the best
Chapter 2164 Great Alchemist Nangong Lingyi
Chapter 2165 Jiuyang Danhui
Chapter 2166 Promote to the secret crystal, make alchemy with all your strength
Chapter 1267: Sanxiang Liu's Request
Chapter 1268
Chapter 1269 The Seventh Test of Taizhen Cave
Chapter 1270
Chapter 2171 High-dimensional True Medicine
Chapter 2172 A Blue Element Grass
Chapter 2173 Tracking for thousands of miles, the flesh and blood of the gods
Chapter 2174 Jiuyang Dan will start
Chapter 2175
Chapter 2176 Ziding Gate Xu Zhenyi
Chapter 2177
Chapter 2178 Dou Dan
Chapter 2270 Yin Nine Candles
Chapter 2271 Selection of Medicinal Pills
Chapter 2272 famous all over the world
Chapter 2273 Six Purple Cauldron Alchemist
Chapter 2274 return to Minggu
Chapter 2275 turned into a watchdog
Chapter 2276 Dao Realm Ten Cosmos
Chapter 2277 Taiyi Immortal World, Ghost Girl
Chapter 2278 Spirit Land Pass
Chapter 2279
Chapter 2280 Sweeping medicine in the city
Chapter 2281 Accommodation in Liyuan
Chapter 2282 Supreme Gold Mystic God
Chapter 2283 Lotte
Chapter 2284 Twelve Gems
Chapter 2285 shameless father and son
Chapter 2286 Gem Storm
Chapter 2287 Fairy Sword Fruit
Chapter 2288 Little Fox
Chapter 2289 Bamboo Sea Hidden Village
Chapter 2290 Divine Bamboo
Chapter 2291 Beauty Book
Chapter 2292 Two Tours in Jiangnan City
Chapter 2293 The whole family moves
Chapter 2294 Original Spiritual Pill
Chapter 2295 Return to Nine Sun Realm
Chapter 2296 Nine Sects Exchange Conference
Chapter 2297 Sky-Price Giant God Pill
Chapter 2298 Wild Sky-Swallowing Vine
Chapter 2299 The chase in the wilderness triggered by the holy tree
Chapter 2300 Yonghui Auction House
Chapter 2301: Door-to-door threats
Chapter 2302 Breaking the Record Again
Chapter 2303 Promotion of Supernatural Powers
Chapter 2304 Ten Supernatural Seeds
Chapter 2305 Twelve Powers, Tai One Sword
Chapter 2306 Snake God Fruit Tree
Chapter 2307
Chapter 2308 Heading to Yuanshi Immortal World
Chapter 2309 Three women from Yuhua Peak are looking for husbands
Chapter 2310 Going up the mountain in style
Chapter 2311 Tryst with Three Beauties
Chapter 2312 The decision of the three beauties
Chapter 2313 Three Swords in the Sky and Nine Swords in the World
Chapter 2314 Sword Enlightenment
Chapter 2315 Unpopular elixir
Chapter 2316 Hundred Billion Gambling Game
Chapter 2317 The Great Emperors Hidden Stone, Tao Realm Armor
Chapter 2318 The Nine Dragon Ring is issued
Chapter 2319 Lost everything
Chapter 2320 God Furnace Incarnation
Chapter 2321 Star Peak Participation Method
Chapter 2322 Heavenly Spell
Chapter 2323 Battle against Dao Realm
Chapter 2324 Yueshi Crisis
Chapter 2325: Open the furnace to collect pills
Chapter 2326 Meeting Yue Zu
Chapter 2327 Yue Dongshengs request
Chapter 2328 First Grade Talent Pill
Chapter 2329 Star Summit
Chapter 2330 Defeated with one punch
Chapter 2331 Lord of the Star Peak
Chapter 2332 Stellar Monument and Supreme Profound Truth
Chapter 2333 Level 6 Astrology
Chapter 2334 Tyrannical City Lord
Chapter 2335 The whole family moved to Shenzhou
Chapter 2336 Heroes Conference
Chapter 2337 Yuanshi Mountain
Chapter 2338 Three Jade Coins
Chapter 2339 The Strongest Tattoo
Chapter 2340 the role of jade money
Chapter 2341 Competing for the first place
Chapter 2342 Sword Gourd
Chapter 2343 confiscation of ill-gotten gains
Chapter 2344 Shenao and Shenao
Chapter 2345 Primordial Gate
Chapter 2346 Invitation from Yuanshi Mountain
Chapter 2347 In a fit of rage, Hong's family was crushed
Chapter 2348 kill the suzerain
Chapter 2349 Great Way Saint Embryo Pill
Chapter 2350 Force Repelling Demon Gate
Chapter 2351 scare off the ghost mother-in-law
Chapter 2352 Innate Talisman Mother
Chapter 2353 Wushuang Lake Spear Immortal
Chapter 2354 Danjing
Chapter 2355 ten thousand times stronger than you
Chapter 2356 The Sword in the Stone
Chapter 2357 Jinding Cave
Chapter 2358 the reputation of alchemist Qiziding
Chapter 2359 the ancestor came out of the mountain
Chapter 2360 Tianque
Chapter 2361 Unexpected
Chapter 2362 Supreme Divine Gate
Chapter 2363 Challenge Tianque Second
Chapter 2364 No. 1 Ye Tianqing
Chapter 2365 Three Austrians in One
Chapter 2366 The Ultimate Divine Stone
Reference 2367 Canglang blessed land, golden-winged roc
Chapter 2368
Chapter 2369 Perfect God Gate
Chapter 2370 The Third Prince's Invitation
Chapter 2371 The Gate of God is perfect, the supreme space
Chapter 2372 Entering the Demon Valley Alone
Chapter 2373 Refining Heavenly Demon
Chapter 2374 Chaotic Celestial Corpse
Chapter 2375
Chapter 2376
Chapter 2377 Taiyi Fifth Prince
Chapter 2378 Shocking Changes in the Ceremony
Chapter 2379 the emperor is critically ill
Chapter 2380 Taiyi Pill Court
Chapter 2381 Inflated Chaotianlie
Chapter 2382 rectify Danyuan
Chapter 2383 Taiyi Immortal Palace
Chapter 2384 Entering the Realm of Ten Thousand Phases
Chapter 2385 Magic Tree Monster
Chapter 2386
Chapter 2387 Yuanshi Mountain, Jiang Chuyan
Chapter 2388 Fierce battle against Lin Chongxiao
Chapter 2389
Chapter 2390 a sword from outside the sky
Chapter 2391 Thousands of swords return to one, and the great god comes
Chapter 2392 Lord Tian
Chapter 2393 Third on the Great Immortal List
Chapter 2394
Chapter 2395 Yuanshi Shangjing
Chapter 2396 The Divine Soil of All Blessings
Chapter 2397 move to blessed land
Chapter 2398
Chapter 2399 fully armed
Chapter 2485
Chapter 2486
Chapter 2487 Chase Tian Yongjian
Chapter 2488 Suzaku Group
Chapter 2489 Linjiang Villa
Chapter 2490 defeating Wu Kui with one punch
Chapter 2491 Mr. Huang behind the scenes
Chapter 2492 Island Owner
Chapter 2493 Su Qingguo
Chapter 2494 Godfather Ouyang Zhiyuan
Chapter 2495 godfather is green
Chapter 2496 The first day of the college entrance examination
Chapter 2497
Chapter 2498
Chapter 2499 unknown boy
Chapter 2500 Merit of Compassion
Chapter 2501 making things difficult from above
Chapter 2417 Perfect body tempering
Chapter 2503 Li San Restaurant
Chapter 2504 Visiting the Night Market
Chapter 2505 twelve clay dolls
Chapter 2421 God Forging
Chapter 2507 siblings in the mountains
Chapter 2508 conflict in the valley
Chapter 2424 The Secret Seal of the Hidden Realm
Chapter 2425 Defeat the number one master with one move
Chapter 2426 Master and Servant
Chapter 2427 Han Bingyan changes classes
Chapter 2428 Restaurant incident
Chapter 2429 Jiangnan Rich Clan
Chapter 2430 The biased grandma
Chapter 2516 Ambush
Chapter 2517 Happy birthday
Chapter 2518 Hate Goro and Star Ghost Dragon
Chapter 2519
Chapter 2520 Gift of Flying Sword
Chapter 2521 The Young Master of Illusory Sky Island
Chapter 2522 Exploding with one blow
Chapter 2523 Illusory Void Avenue
Chapter 2524 Illusory Sky Island Master
Chapter 2525 become the leader
Chapter 2526
Chapter 2527 second master Huang
Chapter 2528 the heroic commander
Chapter 2529 Zhongzhou Draft
Chapter 2530 real purpose
Chapter 2531 Girl Yimei
Chapter 2532 a puppet
Chapter 2533 return of strength
Chapter 2534 Zhongzhou Dragon Lord
Chapter 2535 the beginning of Xuanying
Chapter 2536 Jiangnan Charity Hall
Chapter 2537 Tiger City Family
Chapter 2538 Mr. Mo
Chapter 2539 Mysterious Baby
Chapter 2540 White Tiger Immortal Sword, Invincible Sword Art
Chapter 2541 sitting in the restaurant
Chapter 2457 Three Ultimate Divine Swords
Chapter 2453 easily cracked
Chapter 2454 talking dog
Chapter 2545
Chapter 2546 dog owner
Chapter 2547 Bingyan's Birthday
Chapter 2548 Master Xian and Sister Hong
Chapter 2549 Mr. Wei, Chaos Immortal Voice
Chapter 2550 black magic conch
Chapter 2551 Mysterious Corpse Bones
Chapter 2552 Zhu Yan
Chapter 2553
Chapter 2554 Life Stealer
Chapter 2555 Mysterious Shadow Reappears
Chapter 2556 see Xuewu again
Chapter 2557 Charity Auction Conference
Chapter 2558 Auctioning the Shape Refining Spirit Curse Pill
Chapter 2559
Chapter 2560 dog licking cave
Chapter 2562 Three heads and six arms
Chapter 2477 The Secret Spell of Expelling Insects
Chapter 2478 The wise man
Chapter 2479 Ye Ningbing rebels
Chapter 2480 Kill all the villains
Chapter 2481 Questioned
Chapter 2482 Killing the Rat Spirit
Chapter 2483 The old mans treasure
Chapter 2484 The sealed cultivation
Chapter 2485 A little punishment
Chapter 2486 Aunt returns to China
Chapter 2487 Tracking down Tian Yongjian
Chapter 2488 Suzaku Group
Chapter 2489 Linjiang Villa
Chapter 2490 Defeat Wu Kui with one punch
Chapter 2491 Mr. Huang behind the scenes
Chapter 2492 Island Owner
Chapter 2493 Su Qingguo
Chapter 2494 Godfather Ouyang Zhiyuan
Chapter 2495 The godfather was cheated on
Chapter 2496 The first day of the college entrance examination
Chapter 2497 Breakup Dinner
Chapter 2498 No more involvement
Chapter 2499 Unknown Boy
Chapter 2500 Compassion and Virtue
Chapter 2501 Difficulties from above
Chapter 2502 Seven Secrets
Chapter 2503 Li San Restaurant
Chapter 2504 Visiting the Night Market
Chapter 2505 Twelve Clay Dolls
Chapter 2506 The Supreme Inheritance of the Little Golden Man
Chapter 2507 Siblings in the Mountains
Chapter 2508 Valley Conflict
Chapter 2509 Lujiacun
Chapter 2510 The Protected Sky Monument
Chapter 2511: Penetrate the Sky Monument and Gather the Martial Bones
Chapter 2512 First Refining
Chapter 2513: Lead one level, easily defeated
Chapter 2514 Three punches determine the outcome
Chapter 2515 This commander is very cruel
Chapter 2516 Ambush Operation
Chapter 2517 Birthday wishes
Chapter 2518 Abomination Goro and Star Ghost Dragon
Chapter 2519 Catching Shadows
Chapter 2520 Gift of Flying Sword
Chapter 2521 Young Island Master of Fantasy Island
Chapter 2522: Exploded with one blow
Chapter 2523 Fantasy Avenue
Chapter 2524 The Lord of Fantasy Island
Chapter 2525 Becoming the Commander
Chapter 2526 The top scorer in Jiangnan College Entrance Examination
Chapter 2527 Mr. Huang
Chapter 2528 The heroic commander
Chapter 2529 Zhongzhou Draft
Chapter 2530 True Purpose
Chapter 2531 Girl Yi Mei
Chapter 2532 A Doll
Chapter 2533 The return of power
Chapter 2534 Zhongzhou Dragon Lord
Chapter 2535 The mysterious shadow takes shape
Chapter 2536 Jiangnan Charity Hall
Chapter 2537 Tiger City Family
Chapter 2538 Mr. Mo
Chapter 2539 Mysterious Baby
Chapter 2540 White Tiger Sword, Invincible Sword Technique
Chapter 2541 Taking charge of the restaurant
Chapter 2542 Mr. Mo comes to visit
Chapter 2453 Easy to crack
Chapter 2454 Talking Dog
Chapter 2545 Breaking into the cave
Chapter 2546 Dog Owner
Chapter 2547 Bingyans birthday
Chapter 2548 Master Xian and Sister Hong
Chapter 2549 Mr. Wei, Chaos Fairy Sound
Chapter 2550 Black Conch
Chapter 2551 Corpse Bones
Chapter 2552 Zhu Yan
Chapter 2553 The Knife Deliverer
Chapter 2554 Life Stealer
Chapter 2555 Xuan Ying shows his power again
Chapter 2556 Seeing Xue Wu again
Chapter 2557 Charity Auction Conference
Chapter 2558 Auction of the Soul Refining Mantra Pill
Chapter 2559 Hitting the Jiao
Chapter 2560 The dog-licking cave
Chapter 2561 The Power of the Talisman God
Chapter 2562 Three heads and six arms
Chapter 2563 Lord of Talisman God
Chapter 2564 The Immortal Swords Power Is Shocking to Heaven and Earth
Chapter 2565 Frost City
Chapter 2566 Jiuligou
Chapter 2567 Corpse Cave
Chapter 2568 The unformed corpse world
Chapter 2569 Fire of Life
Chapter 2570 Barren Mountains and Strange Stones
Chapter 2571 Acquisition of Tianyun Stone
Chapter 2572 A group of robbers
Chapter 2573 Cursed Arm
Chapter 2574 Zhang Xuanbai from the Ten Thousand Generations Family
Chapter 2575 Lingxi Island
Chapter 2576 Exposing the scam
Chapter 2577 Xiangshan Li Family
Chapter 2578 Sky-high price dishes
Chapter 2579 The iron tree is difficult to bloom
Chapter 2580 Baby Gathering Pill
Chapter 2581 Jiangbei Zhou Family
Chapter 2582 The proud son of Zhou family is vulnerable
Chapter 2583 Giving treasures to beg for favors
Chapter 2584 Chasing the murderer Wuquanjiang
Chapter 2585 Immortal Treasure
Chapter 2586 Escorted back to Beijing
Chapter 2587 Xuantians Dream
Chapter 2588 The Legend of Immortality
Chapter 2589 Connecting the Game World
Chapter 2590 Immortal Patrol Division Wu Keqi
Chapter 2591 First Class Golden Prince
Chapter 2592 Farewell to Zhang Xuanbai
Chapter 2593 An old case
Chapter 2594 The emperor doesnt care, I do!
Chapter 2595: Fight against evil with one sword
Chapter 2596 Blue Investigation
Chapter 2597 Tai Shang Zhong
Chapter 2598 Taishang Hunyuan Dao Sutra
Chapter 2599 Ye Ningbings friend
Chapter 2600 Son of Prime Minister Lin
Chapter 2601 Meeting Mr. Lin
Chapter 2602 Random Gambling
Chapter 2603 Fighting between Gods and Immortals
Chapter 2604 Imperial City
Chapter 2605 Twenty-Four Pictures of the Sword Wall
Chapter 2606 Laoxiang Drug Store
Chapter 2607 The most beautiful woman in Tianchen Sect
Chapter 2608: Treasure Gate
Chapter 2609 Twin Spirit Realm, Huang Shili
Chapter 2610 College Registration
Chapter 2611 Simulated actual combat
Chapter 2612 Rescue Team 2
Chapter 2613 Super Difficult Mission
Chapter 2614 First Class Collective Merit
Chapter 2615 Dormitory Boss
Chapter 2616 Metropolis
Chapter 2617 Refining Medicine and Selling Pills
Chapter 2618 Border Combat Training
Chapter 2619 The Sixth Prince of Daxia
Chapter 2620 The real goal
Chapter 2621 Take temporary refuge
Chapter 2622 Three Arrows in Emperor Yis Palace
Chapter 2623 Three Arrows Refining God
Chapter 2624 Shennong Peak
Chapter 2625 Kill the snake to get the medicine
Chapter 2626 Climbing to the top
Chapter 2627 Scarecrow gives medicine
Chapter 2628 The Royal Prince
Chapter 2629 The Emperor Chapter 9
Chapter 2630 A Thousand Years of Dreams
Chapter 2631 Shutian
Chapter 2632 The Three Elders of Jiange
Chapter 2633 The First Person in the History of Taihuang Religion
Chapter 2634 The person chosen by the throne
Chapter 2635 Three Sword Classics
Chapter 2636 Divine Emperor Sect
Chapter 2637 Three Tribulation Insects
Chapter 2638 Graduation early
Chapter 2639 The Power of Heaven
Chapter 2640 One person and half
Chapter 2641 Mysterious Sanxing Village
Chapter 2642 Good and evil are all karma
Chapter 2643 The Crazy Village Leader
Chapter 2644 Blue Eyed Demon King
Chapter 2645 Three swords unite to create the supreme
Chapter 2646 Big Businessman Liu Lian
Chapter 2647 The Treasure of the Ming Dynasty
Chapter 2648 The Lan Familys Debt
Chapter 2649 Refining elixirs to pay off debts
Chapter 2650 Royal Civil strife
Chapter 2651 Entering the Palace to End Chaos
Chapter 2652 The dust has settled
Chapter 2653 Talking Head
Chapter 2654 From the Holy Ancient Continent
Chapter 2655 The Origin of Human Heads
Chapter 2656 The girl by the pond
Chapter 2657 A jade cicada
Chapter 2658 A group of dying people
Chapter 2659 Taboo
Chapter 2660 The Taboo of Decay
Chapter 2661 Royal Academy Registration
Chapter 2662 Purple Green Immortal Lord
Chapter 2663 The secret is revealed
Chapter 2664 Sacred inheritance
Chapter 2665 The Soul Refining Formation on the Mainland
Chapter 2666 Giant coffin under the sea
Chapter 2667 Yardley of the Black Bear Gang
Chapter 2668 White Wolf
Chapter 2669 Money is God
Chapter 2670 He is not worthy of you
Chapter 2671 Seven Stars Completed
Chapter 2672 First level foundation building
Chapter 2673 Record-breaking
Chapter 2674 The college is going bankrupt
Chapter 2675 Academy Secrets
Chapter 2676 Family Reunion
Chapter 2677 The feud between two lives
Chapter 2678 Ye Ningbing enters the sword pavilion
Chapter 2679 Taboo Strange Poison
Chapter 2680 Merit Monument
Chapter 2681 The proud man of heaven
Chapter 2682 Ling Bufei and Tian Meimei
Chapter 2683 The Forbidden Door Opens
Chapter 2684 Holy Touch
Chapter 2685 Double Sacred Veins
Chapter 2686 The Sword of Disaster
Chapter 2687 Recovering as a daughter
Chapter 2688 Ancient Demonic Butterfly
Chapter 2689 Meteorite from the sky, strange black lotus
Chapter 2690 The Fruit of Three Worlds
Chapter 2691 Zhixian
Chapter 2692 Cannibal Mushroom
Chapter 2693 Eight-armed Spider
Chapter 2694 Ghost Hand Abyss
Chapter 2695 Five Ghost Handprints
Chapter 2696 Reshape the body
Chapter 2697 Nine Yang Transformation Forbidden Map
Chapter 2698 Fatal Joke
Chapter 2699 Zhang Xing returns
Chapter 2700 Jiuchong Mountain
Chapter 2701 Yellow Dragon Seal Ring
Chapter 2702 There is a demon
Chapter 2703 The magic lamp that covers the sky
Chapter 2704 Stone Clan
Chapter 2705 Seal of the Moon
Chapter 2706 Moon God
Chapter 2707 The Awakening of Terror
Chapter 2708 Wu Daxing was kidnapped
Chapter 2709 Human versus Immortal Fight
Chapter 2710 Mr. God
Chapter 2711 Shenyundu
Chapter 2712 Divine Order Dynasty
Chapter 2713 Five elixirs
Chapter 2714 Feilong Baoxiangdan
Chapter 2715 Seven Star Dao-Slaying Talisman
Chapter 2716 The Secret of Tianyue Sect
Chapter 2717 Nine Yang Transformation Forbidden Map, completed!
Chapter 2718 Reversing Time
Chapter 2719 The massacre of the Fang family
Chapter 2720 Zuo Lingxu
Chapter 2721 True Water
Chapter 2722 Nine Palaces Secret Map
Chapter 2723 Nine Palaces Tianji Talisman
Chapter 2724: Enclosing land and collecting money
Chapter 2725 Entering the Water Mansion
Chapter 2726 Green Bull
Chapter 2727 Green Bull, Soft Water Sword
Chapter 2728 The Holy Ancient Realm
Chapter 2729 Revised Chapter 9 of Taihuang
Chapter 2730 Three Emperors Arrive Together
Chapter 2731 The Challenge of the Lower Sect
Chapter 2732 Jing Wuchen, Emperor Tian Seal
Chapter 2733 The real trump card
Chapter 2734 A sudden family dinner
Chapter 2735 Registered Disciple
Chapter 2736 Divine Machine Golden Egg
Chapter 2737 Refining the Divine Machine Egg
Chapter 2738 New Lujia Village
Chapter 2739 Dayan Saint
Chapter 2740 Six Swords of Heavy Mountain
Chapter 2741 Junzi Tower
Chapter 2742 Lu Yunkai, Ninth on the Sword List
Chapter 2743 Eight Golden Water Pills
Chapter 2743 The Founding of the Nation by Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 2744 Shenyuan Long Family
Chapter 2746 Eight Gates Opening the Meridians
Chapter 2747 Dayan Sect Saint
Chapter 2748 Senior Brother Fan of Dayan Sect
Chapter 2749 Zhanchang Gu Family
Chapter 2750 Excellent Tianjiao Pill
Chapter 2751 A pill is hard to find
Chapter 2752 The First Divine Palace
Chapter 2753 The island is weird
Chapter 2754 The golden egg breaks the shell
Chapter 2755 Golden Guard
Chapter 2756 Hidden Cultivation on Fantasy Sky Island
Chapter 2757 Return to school
Chapter 2758 Meeting an old friend in the restaurant
Chapter 2759 Digging the Emperor’s Tomb
Chapter 2760 The Murderous Intention of the Imperial Mausoleum
Chapter 2761 Fairy Fetus Treasures
Chapter 2763 Powerful Fairy Fetus
Chapter 2764 A pill lesson
Chapter 2765 On-site guidance on alchemy
Chapter 2766 Kill with one sword
Chapter 2767 Enemies from past lives
Chapter 2768 Turtle Shell Gossip
Chapter 2769 The Queen Mother Arrives
Chapter 2770 Strong sense of hunger
Chapter 2771 Forbidden Mysterious God
Chapter 2772 Meeting Zhang Xuanbai again
Chapter 2773 Heavenly Star Divine Iron
Chapter 2774 Taoist Palace Outside the Body
Chapter 2775 Warming and raising the secret baby
Chapter 2776 Puppet Sect Zhuoxiu
Chapter 2777 The Secret of the Ancient Puppet
Chapter 2778 Xue Wu’s life experience
Chapter 2779 Recovering my daughter
Chapter 2780 The discarded truth
Chapter 2781 Tang Aolong’s counterattack
Chapter 2782 Shareholders Meeting
Chapter 2783 New Chairman
Chapter 2784 The Xiangshan Tragedy
Chapter 2785 Nine Palaces Bagua
Chapter 2786 Stepping on Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 2787 Breaking the sky with one sword
Chapter 2788 Breeding forbidden seeds
Chapter 2789: Three people exposed in a row
Chapter 2790 Number one on the sword list
Chapter 2791 Heading to the sword hall
Chapter 2792 Third Class Elite
Chapter 2793 Closed Disciple
Chapter 2794 Wu Zu
Chapter 2795 Yan Wushuang
Chapter 2796 The protection of the top ten masters
Chapter 2797 The First Unparalleled Showdown
Chapter 2798 Seize the throne!
Chapter 2799 Forbidden Pill
Chapter 2800 Murong Bing, Hidden Dragon Pill
Chapter 2801 Elite Trial
Chapter 2802 The Chosen Son
Chapter 2803 Infinite Sword Palace
Chapter 2804 Divine Calculation Li Shengang
Chapter 2805 The taboo is formed!
Chapter 2806 Princess Yunji
Chapter 2807 King Jiangnan
Chapter 2808 Proclaiming himself king
Chapter 2809 Forbidden God
Chapter 2810 First Arrival at Saint Ancient
Chapter 2811 Menghua City
Chapter 2812 Pill Shop
Chapter 2813 A shop endorsed by someone’s king
Chapter 2814 Business is booming
Chapter 2815 Sword Palace Conflict
Chapter 2816 The Jue family who covets the throne
Chapter 2817 The Law of Devouring
Chapter 2818 A Sword in the Arena
Chapter 2819 Junior Sister Qingguo
Chapter 2820 Complete understanding
Chapter 2821 Kill one to serve as a warning to others
Chapter 2822 Jindu Yang Clan
Chapter 2823 Tiger Head Clan
Chapter 2824 In the name of the human race
Chapter 2825 Slave Market
Chapter 2826 One person suppresses the entire clan
Chapter 2827 Merit Store
Chapter 2828 The seventh perfect score
Chapter 2829 Golden Dragon Academy
Chapter 2830 College Examination
Chapter 2831 The first in history, surpassing the Holy Emperor
Chapter 2832 The First God of Killing in the Human Race
Chapter 2833 Academy Professor
Chapter 2834 Alchemy Class
Chapter 2835 The Battle of Menghua City
Chapter 2836 Heading to Tianfeng Kingdom
Chapter 2837 Fang Li’s enemy
Chapter 2838 Forbidden Heaven Divine Art
Chapter 2839 The Three Saints Gifted Treasures
Chapter 2840 The enemy subdues the law
Chapter 2841 Holy Tribulation Pill
Chapter 2842 Beauty Tribulation
Chapter 2843 Sister Shenyue
Chapter 2844 There is something wrong with the Taihuang Religion
Chapter 2845 The number one on the sword list is challenged
Chapter 2846 The First Sword Sect
Chapter 2847 Bagua Battle Formation
Chapter 2848 Descendants of Emperor Yi
Chapter 2849 Double Ban!
Chapter 2850 Parasitic Taboo
Chapter 2851 Killing a Million Soldiers with One Arrow
Chapter 2851 Past Life Awakening
Chapter 2852 Returning home to visit relatives
Chapter 2854 Chaos Realm
Chapter 2855 Forbidden Divine Infant
Chapter 2856 Jiang Donghai
Chapter 2857 Gathering Pill
Chapter 2858 Ten years of ban
Chapter 2859 Experience the Small God Tribulation Again
Chapter 2860 Visiting Yu Guangxia
Chapter 2861 Liu Mèi is punished
Chapter 2861 Lord Blood Eyes
Chapter 2863: Hard training in the forbidden land, condensing the eight levels of forbidden
Chapter 2864 A small pill, a huge impact
Chapter 2865 Li Shentu
Chapter 2866 Everything happens for a reason
Chapter 2867 A pill for birthday wishes
Chapter 2868 A prosperous shop on the street
Chapter 2869 The arrow breaks through Zhou Guang and dominates the training.
Chapter 2870 Eastern Capital
Chapter 2871 The first big business
Chapter 2872 War Investment
Chapter 2873 Duobao Pavilion opens
Chapter 2874 Giant Ancient Heavenly Soldier
Chapter 2875 Becoming a big landowner
Chapter 2876 The finest diamond wood core
Chapter 2877 Sky Shadow Army
Chapter 2878 Half-step Holy Emperor
Chapter 2879 Red Shadow Sanqi
Chapter 2880 Eighth Transformation of Dharmakaya
Chapter 2881 Huanglongjing
Chapter 2882 Puppet Sect
Chapter 2883 Battle Puppet
Chapter 2884 Ziqing returns
Chapter 2885 The future son-in-law comes to visit
Chapter 2886 The Jiang Zong theft case
Chapter 2887 Great Crisis in the Immortal World
Chapter 2888 Tian Family Ambition
Chapter 2889 Yuanshi Dao Zun
Chapter 2890 Chaos Heavenly Killing Catastrophe
Chapter 2891 Immortal Witch Sect
Chapter 2892 Ghost Sword Sect
Chapter 2893 Ghost Sword
Chapter 2894 Cooperation from all parties
Chapter 2895 The eighth change!
Chapter 2896 Great Cleansing Technique
Chapter 2897 Xuanbei Army
Chapter 2898 The Great Defeat of the Vampire Clan
Chapter 2899 Ninth Change
Chapter 2900 Nine changes, infinite
Chapter 2901 Blood clan peace negotiation
Chapter 2902 Supreme Hunyuan Daoist
Chapter 2903 The ultimate secret, the supreme avenue!
Chapter 2904 Difficulties and Tribulation of the Holy Emperor
Chapter 2905 Purple Green Holy Emperor
Chapter 2906 Rectifying Shenzhou
Chapter 2907 Killing Mr. Tian
Chapter 2908 Looting the Heavenly Treasury
Chapter 2909 No. 1 on the Great Immortal List
Chapter 2910 Forbidden Ghost Soldiers
Chapter 2911 The Great Destruction of the Spirit Armor Clan
Chapter 2912 Dao Tribulation
Chapter 2913 Banquet of Thousand Prides
Chapter 2914 I didn’t hold back the sword, I’m sorry
Chapter 2915 Dream and reality
Chapter 2916 Embark on the road to dominance
Chapter 2917 Black Panther and Golden Tiger
Chapter 2918 Number One in History
Chapter 2919 Empty Gold
Chapter 2920 Mysterious Mark
Chapter 2921 The first reward in history
Chapter 2922 Sihai Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 2923 Confiscating the house
Chapter 2924 Divine Liquid and Divine Royal Jelly
Chapter 2925 Destroy the Jiao people
Chapter 2926 I am Er Yong
Chapter 2927 The old friend is still there
Chapter 2928 Threat from Tianjia
Chapter 2929 Equipment dropped everywhere
Chapter 2930 The Land of Despair
Chapter 2931 Thirty-six forms, supreme physique
Chapter 2932 Five Transformations Pill
Chapter 2933 Buying out the elixir
Chapter 2934 Holy Knowledge
Chapter 2935 Heavenly Consciousness Dao Infant
Chapter 2934 Ninth Level Prodigy
Chapter 2935 Tianjia Assassin
Chapter 2936 Ape King
Chapter 2937 Chasing Zhuang Taixu
Chapter 2940 Tiandanfang
Chapter 2941 Danzu
Chapter 2942 Cool Breeze and Bright Moon
Chapter 2943 Tian Suyin
Chapter 2944 Danzu’s request
Chapter 2945 The Truth of the Ancestral God Sword
Chapter 2946 Good Fortune Pill
Chapter 2947 Canonizing the Eastern King
Chapter 2948 Bu Sheng Dan
Chapter 2949 Zhu Qingyan and Bai Suxin
Chapter 2950 Chaotian Peak
Chapter 2951 Daolu Realm
Chapter 2952 Hunting
Chapter 2953 Twelve Heavy Bans
Chapter 2954 Five major followers
Chapter 2955 Terrifying Disaster, Supreme Taboo
Chapter 2956 The Emperor’s Picture Appears
Chapter 2957 Under the Abyss
Chapter 2958 The power of the emperor
Chapter 2959 The third incarnation of Li Tianxie
Chapter 2960 The Last General Zhou Fuhai
Chapter 2961 Daomen Realm
Chapter 2962 Exploring the Peak
Chapter 2963 Wonderful Sound Bodhisattva
Chapter 2964 The Rebirth of Taboo
Chapter 2965 Buddha’s Ten Great Divine Powers
Chapter 2966 Listening to the Taoist Scriptures
Chapter 2967 Three surnames rebel against Zhou
Chapter 2968 Blood Curse Killing
Chapter 2969 Suppressing both families
Chapter 2970 Take decisive action
Chapter 2970 Three major powers
Chapter 2972 Changes in Song Dynasty
Chapter 2973 Treasure Hunting Family
Chapter 2974 The inheritance of the ancient emperor, promotion to master
Chapter 2975 Three Levels
Chapter 2976 The ancient emperor of Taoshan, the forbidden emperor of his destiny
Chapter 2977 Two Emperors Stand Together
Chapter 2978 Nine Heavenly Gates
Chapter 2979 The Supreme Heavenly Infant
Chapter 2980 Shooting the Red Mongoose
Chapter 2981 Lord Yue
Chapter 2982 The Holy Emperor is happy
Chapter 2983 West Heaven Court
Chapter 2984 Rebirth Pill
Chapter 2985 Exploring Ancient Era Fragments
Chapter 2986 The Magical Use of Crystal Core
Chapter 2987 Era Creatures, Advanced Psychics
Chapter 2988 Horrible Lake
Chapter 2989 Fifteen Heavy Bans
Chapter 2990 Hidden Mechanism
Chapter 2991 Refining the Nine Swords and Promoting to the Throne
Chapter 2992 True and False Hidden Secrets
Chapter 2993 Killing the tiger and killing the snake
Chapter 2994 Refining the God of Desolation and Killing the Snake Ancestor
Chapter 2995 Eleven levels, Era Arena
Chapter 2996 Eleven levels
Chapter 2997 Opening up territories
Chapter 2998 Dragon Marked Divine Weapon
Chapter 2999 Frozen Era Creatures
Chapter 3000 Killing the Strong Man of the Third Age
Chapter 3001 Come together
Chapter 3002: Questioning Xuan Ming
Chapter 3003 Half of the trading volume
Chapter 3004 The Boy from Tiandao Sect
Chapter 3005 The Best Supreme Pill
Chapter 3006 The Son of Two Emperors, the Supreme Prodigy
Chapter 3007 Moon God and Flower God
Chapter 3008 Hundred Flowers Divine Pill
Chapter 3009 Twelve levels, contract of heaven
Chapter 3010 Niu Qing returns
Chapter 3011 Mountain Emperor, Chaotian Pill
Chapter 3012 Jiang Lin visits
Chapter 3013 The method of incarnation
Chapter 3014 Ancient Sword Shenxiao
Chapter 3015 The collapse of the Western Paradise
Chapter 3016 The initial solution to the Heavenly Blade
Chapter 3017 Demon relics, refining!
Chapter 3018 Era Reincarnation
Chapter 3019 Lin Zun’s plan
Chapter 3020 The Heavenly Lord surrendered
Chapter 3021 Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 3022 Jin Xuanshuang
Chapter 3023 The Stacked God Taixu
Chapter 3024 Powerful and strange
Chapter 3025 Bone Demon God
Chapter 3026 Lord of Flame
Chapter 3027 The Sword of the Strong
Chapter 3028 Wushu Stormy Sky
Chapter 3029 Wang Ara
Chapter 3030 Pawnshop in the City of Gods
Chapter 3031 The difficult-to-refined Nine Transformation Pure Spirit Pill
Chapter 3032 Ninth Song
Chapter 3033 Chapter 24, The Road to the Great Emperor
Chapter 3034 Sword dance across the country, the common master of the world
Chapter 3035: Killing the Sword, Defeating the Divine Weapon
Chapter 3036 The Moon Goddess gives birth
Chapter 3037 Completing the beauty spectrum
Chapter 3038 The human race’s orthodoxy, refining the human book
Chapter 3039 Tianyuan Core
Chapter 3040 Kneel down for three days as punishment
Chapter 3041 Refining elixirs and raising babies
Chapter 3042 The real master of hidden secrets
Chapter 3043 Construction of Tianfo Temple begins
Chapter 3044: Three days at the temple
Chapter 3045 Buddha and the Boy
Chapter 3046 Take away the God of Dance
Chapter 3047 The Holy Gate Arrives
Chapter 3048 Son of Desolation
Chapter 3049 Pretending to be the Holy Son
Chapter 3050: Gaining credits in the Wusheng Temple
Chapter 3051 The Ninth Son
Chapter 3052 Saint Qingxue
Chapter 3053 The Third Holy Son
Chapter 3054 Thousand Tribulations Sword Technique
Chapter 3055 Holy Slough
Chapter 3056 The First Holy Son
Chapter 3057 Heavenly Saint
Chapter 3058: Fully Improved
Chapter 3059 Temple Assessment
Chapter 3060 Heavenly Saint Legacy Formation
Chapter 3061 The Treasure Cave of the Holy Mountain
Chapter 3062 The Seventh Holy Slaughter
Chapter 3063 Climbing the Holy Mountain
Chapter 3064 The ultimate secret
Chapter 3065 Heavenly Mother
Chapter 3066 Erosion of flesh and blood, forbidden by rules
Chapter 3067 Shi Huang’s decision
Chapter 3068 Sky Shadow Pearl
Chapter 3069: Vent your anger
Chapter 3070 Behead the Enemy with the Sword
Chapter 3071 Ancestor of Jiuqu
Chapter 3072 Twenty-three Realm Creatures
Chapter 3703 Opening up the underworld
Chapter 3704 Battlefield Assassin
Chapter 3705 First on the list
Chapter 3076 Ultimate Reward
Chapter 3077 I only use one sword
Chapter 3078 The incarnation was beheaded
Chapter 3079: One Thought, Skynet Established
Chapter 3080 Boring senior meeting
Chapter 3081 Strange little old man
Chapter 3082 Parallel Era
Chapter 3083 The Fourteenth Eternal Realm
Chapter 3084 The Eternal Land
Chapter 3085 There is a beauty in the east
Chapter 3086 Buzhou Mountain
Chapter 3087 Creatures in the Mountains
Chapter 3088 Three pages of golden book
Chapter 3089 Tianwai Tower
Chapter 3090 Killing the Son of Desolation
Chapter 3091 Coming from all directions
Chapter 3092 Future Son-in-law
Chapter 3093 I talk to them
Chapter 3094 Dragon-shaped medicinal materials
Chapter 3095 Mosaic Universe
Chapter 3096 The decree of the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 3097 The Strong Man of the Seventh Age
Chapter 3098 Heading to the Eternal Land
Chapter 3099 The world of cannibalism
Chapter 3100 Chixiao City
Chapter 3101 The Immortal City Lord
Chapter 3102 Sequence Powerful
Chapter 3103 Jade Cauldron Tower
Chapter 3104 Sequence Pill
Chapter 3105 Tiandan Xuan Gong
Chapter 3106 Obliterate, Creation
Chapter 3107 Determination of Life and Death
Chapter 3108 New Role
Chapter 3109 Sanlang’s enlightenment
Chapter 3110 Buying medicine to make elixirs
Chapter 3111 The First Pill
Chapter 3112: Interception on the way
Chapter 3113 Heading to Yunding Mountain
Chapter 3114 Yunding Dan Pavilion
Chapter 3115 Return of Glory
Chapter 3116 Heading to Level 9 City
Chapter 3117 Tianji City
Chapter 3118 Dark Prison Demonic Skill
Chapter 3119 The Demon Lord has arrived and the Demon Lord has been suppressed
Chapter 3119 High Grade Magic Power
Chapter 3121 Breaking the Shackles
Chapter 3122 The Second Shackles
Chapter 3123 Luxurious Residence
Chapter 3124 General Wu
Chapter 3125: The plan failed, forced promotion
Chapter 3126 King Qi’s request
Chapter 3127 Serial Identity
Chapter 3128 The Demon in the Pillar
Chapter 3129 The fifth task
Chapter 3130 Black Door
Chapter 3131 Beggar Wu Bei
Chapter 3132 Telepathy
Chapter 3133 The wish came true, the two Wus returned to one
Chapter 3134 Killing the Son of Sequence
Chapter 3135 Complete success
Chapter 3136 Three Hundred Years
Chapter 3137 The power of crushing
Chapter 3138 Discussing plans together
Chapter 3139 Xuanhuang Upper Realm
Chapter 3140 Master Yu
Chapter 3141 Heavenly Furnace
Chapter 3142 Return to the Yu Family
Chapter 3143 The eldest young master of the Yu family
Chapter 3144 Sequence Alchemist
Chapter 3145: Stealing Heaven and Changing Sun Pill
Chapter 3146 Wanxu Xuandan
Chapter 3147 Communicating with Xuanhuang
Chapter 3148: Talking all over the body
Chapter 3149 Scholar
Chapter 3150 The Land of Skyfall
Chapter 3151 Warrior Zhou Evilhu
Chapter 3152 Killing the Enemy with Hands
Chapter 3153 Dragon Slaying Technique
Chapter 3154 Benevolent King Sun Jiyun
Chapter 3155 The young man in white robe
Chapter 3156 Gathering Strength
Chapter 3157 Ambush
Chapter 3158 General Zuo
Chapter 3159 Killing Formation and Defeating the Enemy
Chapter 3160 Reward
Chapter 3161 Breaking the Seal
Chapter 3162 Lin Fuguo and Wei Boxian
Chapter 3163 Sanjiang Pass
Chapter 3164 Successive Breakthroughs
Chapter 3165 Take Sanshui Pass lightly
Chapter 3166 Arsenal Hand Cards
Chapter 3167 The Thirty-Sixth Realm of Breaking the Seal
Chapter 3168 Unstoppable
Chapter 3169: Walking out of the Land of Meteor
Chapter 3170 Entering the wilderness
Chapter 3171 Killing the Seventh-Level Emperor Huang
Chapter 3172 The Forty Levels of Dark Prison Demonic Skills
Chapter 3173 Futian Elephant Breaking Technique
Chapter 3174 Challenge the Core
Chapter 3175 Twelve Peaks, Supreme Sequence Skills
Chapter 3176 Tianjiu
Chapter 3177 All refining!
Chapter 3178 Kill the first sequence
Chapter 3179 Bloodline Inheritance Mission
Chapter 3180 Biyue
Chapter 3181 Broken Image
Chapter 3182 Tianjiu’s Eyes
Chapter 3183 Mother-in-law
Chapter 3184 Challenge Xiao Bieke
Chapter 3185 Give me nine-color treasure clothes
Chapter 3186 Get them all
Chapter 3187 Refining the Right Arm
Chapter 3188 Get out!
Chapter 3189 The first sequence, the eighteen-star strong man!
Chapter 3190 Wanxiang Divine Skill, continue to practice Tianjiu!
Chapter 3191 The Five Elements
Chapter 3192 Tree City
Chapter 3193 The Supreme Five Elements Spiritual Root
Chapter 3194 Do you understand?
Chapter 3195 Five Heavenly Skills
Chapter 3196 Fire Gate
Chapter 3197 Killing the leader of the Fiery Sect
Chapter 3198 Competition for Sect Leader
Chapter 3199 Entering the Strange Realm
Chapter 3200 Success, challenge to cross the bank
Chapter 3201 Summoning Five Sons
Chapter 3202 The Five Sons Awaken the Supreme Spiritual Root
Chapter 3202: First in the sequence, Elder Xuanhuang
Chapter 3203 Return to the Holy Ancient Continent
Chapter 3204 A young man like jade
Chapter 3206 Eating Sheep
Chapter 3207 Reopening the Holy Mountain and Refining the Desolate Claw
Chapter 3208 Five Weapons of Heaven
Chapter 3209 Accompanying the Family
Chapter 3210 The Upper Realm of Netherworld
Chapter 3211 Huangquan Mountains
Chapter 3212 Life Spring
Chapter 3213 Mr. Murong
Chapter 3214 Great good must be great evil
Chapter 3215 Life Force Furnace
Chapter 3216 Nameless Kung Fu, Absolute Power
Chapter 3217 Sky-Opening Ax
Chapter 3218 Hongmeng Shangjing
Chapter 3219 Level 1 Forbidden Land
Chapter 3220 Baji Xuan Gong
Chapter 3221 The Curse of Heaven
Chapter 3222 The Tiandao Crystal Core Containing Complete Fragments
Chapter 3223 Nine-level restricted area, twelve channels
Chapter 3224 Supreme Sequence, Haoyang Divine Art
Chapter 3225: Destroy the Wasteland
Chapter 3226 Golden Slave
Chapter 3227 Taking Medicine
Chapter 3228 Wan Xu Peak
Chapter 3229 Xuanyin Magical Skill
Chapter 3230 The supreme soul, the unity of yin and yang
Chapter 3231 Transformation into Jin Wujiu
Chapter 3232 The Wrath of Heaven
Chapter 3233 The Eleventh
Chapter 3234 Refining the twenty-four 'I'
Chapter 3235 Challenging Thirteenth Fire
Chapter 3236 Complete Sky Fire, Entering the Demon Realm Again
Chapter 3237 The Forbidden Demonic Art
Chapter 3238 Lord of the Demon Realm
Chapter 3239 The way of heaven is perfect and the two worlds are united.
Chapter 3240 That hometown
Chapter 3241 Sweeping the Hongmeng Upper Realm, the Envoy from Taiyu Comes
Chapter 3242 The Law of Destiny
Chapter 3243 The Nine Immortal Sect is about to disappear
Chapter 3244 Time Reversal
Chapter 3245: Going against the times and uniting with the true self
Chapter 3246 Passage
Chapter 3247 The Twelve Return to One and the Heavenly Palace is Opened
Chapter 3248 Final chapter