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Song Yu frowned slightly.

"Whose responsibility is it to find Heaven?"

she asked.

Li Xiaofei said, "Everyone depends on his ability."

Song Yu fell into thinking.

After a moment, she nodded and said, "Deal."

Li Xiaofei said, "In that case, leave the person to me."

Song Yu shook his head, "Wait until we find Heaven."

Li Xiaofei said, "When you enter the heaven, your life and death are uncertain. How can you make friends at that time? Just because I'm easy to talk to, doesn't mean I'm a fool. Everyone should show sincerity, otherwise, this deal won't go through."

Song Yu sneered and said, "You are not qualified to bargain with me."

Li Xiaofei's tone became gloomy and he said, "If you don't give in, then we will both lose."

After saying that, strong fighting spirit and surging murderous intent emanated from his body and locked onto Song Yu.

A sneer appeared on Song Yu's face.

"I've wanted to teach you a lesson for a long time."

She took the initiative.

Swing your long sleeves.

The white sword energy roared, like a thread of light, sweeping towards Li Xiaofei.

Threads of sword energy filled the entire space and were everywhere. It seemed as if in an instant, the whole world had turned into her sword. They were all under her control and obeyed her orders. It was extremely terrifying.

Top strong man!

Li Xiaofei made a judgment instantly.

This woman named Song Yu's swordsmanship is definitely the best she has ever seen.

But instead of showing fear, Li Xiao became excited.

He didn't move where he was, and while his thoughts were changing, he slashed out with a hand knife from a distance.

One stroke of the sword, Naihe Bridge.

This sword is the pinnacle of his sword cultivation.

It embodies his understanding of knives and his sincerity towards knives.


The sword is full of energy.

The vast whiteness is like the water from the Milky Way pouring back, submerging the world.

The sword energy and the knife energy collided, strangled and collided in the endless space.

Suddenly, space distorts, light flows, and visions occur

When Lin Yi from a distance saw this, he looked horrified and backed away crazily.

She knew very well that in this level of duel, even the slightest leak of breath would be enough to instantly cut her into pieces.

Lin Yi was extremely shocked.

She had fought with Li Xiaofei in prison before.

Although he was a clone and even though he was defeated, the Li Xiaofei at that time was not so terrifying.

If Li Xiaofei showed such strength, he could kill her soul with just one knife, and she would be permanently destroyed.

A low muffled sound and the roar of Taoism vibrated in the air.

Fortunately, there are special formations inside and outside the temple to support it, so it will not be destroyed.


Song Yu sneered.

As the body swayed, the tall and graceful body was already within one meter in front of Li Xiaofei. He stretched out his thumb towards Li Xiaofei's eyebrows and slowly pointed and pressed.

In an instant, the sword energy all over the sky seemed to be reunited on this finger.

Fluorescence flows on fingertips.

It seems to destroy all space barriers.

Li Xiaofei felt the omnipresent locking energy emanating from the other person's fingertips, and he laughed.

Turn the palm sword into a palm sword.

The sword thrust out.

One sword move, breaking the destiny!

Li Xiaofei’s forbidden sword moves.

This time, what shines through is Li Xiaofei’s understanding of the sword, his devotion to the way of the sword, and his supreme talent in the way of the sword.

The tip of Li Xiaofei's middle finger pierced Song Yu's thumb.


There seemed to be electric currents interlacing in the air.

The space within ten meters around the two people collapsed and shattered crazily, and was automatically humiliated by the operation of natural laws. It seemed like patches of mist of chaos, which was extremely terrifying.

Lin Yi in the distance was already shocked in his heart

It can't be described in words.

That peerless face looked a bit ferocious and strange under the expression as if it had seen a ghost.

About three or four seconds later.

The bodies of Li Xiaofei and Song Yu were shocked at the same time. ??

Each takes three steps back.

The fog of chaos in the surrounding void disappeared instantly.

An uncontrollable look of shock appeared on Song Yu's face.

She never expected that Li Xiaofei was so strong.

Just now, she had an impromptu plan to crush Li Xiaofei with her tyrannical strength and capture him. When the time comes, as long as his wife and daughter are in her hands, Li Xiaofei will have to cooperate obediently no matter how unwilling she is.

But I didn't expect that this person's strength was much stronger than what was shown in the previous intelligence.

Song Yu secretly thought that with his own strength, it was already impossible to overpower Li Xiaofei.

"Our greatest sincerity is to put one aside first."

She immediately retreated and made a concession.

As he spoke, he waved his hand gently.

Lin Yi took Li Anxin and walked out.

"Daddy, daddy."

When the little guy saw Li Xiaofei, he was very happy and ran towards him cheering.

Li Xiaofei held her in his arms and carefully checked to make sure that there were no remaining restrictions or other means in her body, and then he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Dad, why don't you let your sister come too?"

Li Anxin's delicate little face was filled with doubts.

Li Xiaofei kissed his cheek and said, "Because my sister wants to play a hide-and-seek game with us."

He looked at Song Yu and said, "I will notify you when we set off."

After saying that, he hugged Li Anxin and turned around to leave.

The energy in the Garden of Eden was much greater than he imagined.

It is not possible to rescue Sikong Xue and Li Anyi for the time being, so we can only try to rescue them slowly.

Fortunately, the other party has something to ask for and has a clear purpose, so the two of them will not be in any danger for the time being.


Returning to Chongque City, Li Xiaofei began to make plans.

First, all reliable people need to be promoted to key positions.

Secondly, you must have some like-minded people who agree with your management philosophy on the base star so that you can continue to implement various policies after you leave.

This takes time.

In the blink of an eye, ten years have passed.

Everything has been arranged.

Li Xiaofei promoted many evolvers from base stars such as 89876 and 1818, such as Li Junjie, Li Guorui and others, who all became the middle and high-level leaders of Chongque City and gradually took power.

Everything is well laid out.

Li Xiaofei began to embark on the road to find heaven.

A fully armed spaceship with the highest authority left Chongque City, passed through the outer star gate, and headed for the Galaxy Battlefield.

In the spaceship, Lin Yi, Song Yu, the Chancellor, Luo Ge and others were all there.

They both know each other's identity, but they maintain a strange balance.

The spacecraft sailed into the vast sea of ​​​​stars and disappeared into the dark and lonely starry sky.

Not causing the slightest ripple.

Li Xiaofei stood in the command room and looked out into the black vacuum.

Space navigation is even more lonely and boring than ocean navigation.

The stars are always far away.

Vision is always dark.

Previously, the way from Chongque City to the Galaxy Battlefield was through troop transport ships.

The troop transport ship passed through the star gates, realized space jumps, and entered the starry sky battlefield.

But this time, it was the Speaker who led the way.

He took a very long route.

This is the route that the Grand Chancellor came up with based on his ancient memories and analysis of some data from the troop transport. It will pass through countless galaxies, is far away, and takes an extremely long time.

The reason why I choose to take such a path is because it is possible to encounter clues from heaven at any time and anywhere.

And this probability comes from a ‘corpse’ on the ship.

This chapter has been completed!
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