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Li Xiaofei also brought Ishihara Masami’s ‘body’.

It's on this boat.

The so-called 'original god' is the state of Masami Ishihara.

It’s just that her ‘godhead’ is not perfect yet.

In a very weak stable state.

Once there is any external force, it is likely to explode immediately.

So Li Xiaofei was extremely protective.

According to what the old speaker and Song Yu said respectively, it is an ancient prophecy that the 'original god' can find heaven.

If the 'Original God' is compared to a firefly, the sky is a peerless luminous pearl that can absorb and reflect light. A tiny bit of light can light up this luminous pearl.

Therefore, by taking Ishihara Masami along with you, you can find the principle of heaven. This is the reason why.

However, it is easier said than done.

Even if the 'Night Pearl' can absorb light, it still needs to be within a certain range.

Everyone’s trip this time was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Shinheng Qibu accompanied him and was responsible for taking care of Masami Ishihara who was in a frozen state.

Other than that, Li Xiaofei didn't treat anyone around him.

The old speaker and Luo Ge, Song Yu and Lin Yi!

A total of three parties.

It is exactly in a delicate triangle equilibrium state.

Judging from Song Yu's fear of the old speaker, the two sides should be old rivals, and the old speaker's strength is definitely not low. At least Song Yu is not sure of winning.

Li Xiaofei had fought against Song Yu before, and knew that this woman's strength was terrifying. She was definitely the strongest enemy he had ever encountered.

He secretly thought that if he fought alone, he, the old Speaker, and Song Yu would all be indistinguishable.

But if you fight one against two, you will definitely lose.

Horse riding.

This is the Three Kingdoms.

The ‘Shen Nong’ sailed at extremely high speeds in the starry sky.

In the blink of an eye, half a year has passed.

For practitioners, half a year is just a blink of an eye.

But the scene outside the porthole remains unchanged for thousands of years, which is enough to make people feel bored and lonely.

Under the guidance of the old chairman, the [Shen Nong] constantly adjusted its direction.
As a person who once came from heaven, he has a vague star map route and can adjust the route based on his memory.

And that's what he means in this team.

In the blink of an eye, another half year has passed.

Still nothing was found.

But neither the old speaker nor Song Yu were impatient.

They have been waiting for countless years and don't care about one or two years.

So at the last critical moment, you have to be calmer.

On the other hand, Lin Yi, who used to be the most beautiful woman in Chongque City, would tease Li Xiaofei when she was bored, and she would be very explicit every time, pretending that she would not stop until she seduced Li Xiaofei into bed.

Li Xiaofei, however, showed no pretense at all.

"What? Am I not beautiful?"

After Lin Yi failed countless times, his tone was full of resentment.

"No, you are absolutely beautiful."

Li Xiaofei said calmly.

"Then I offered myself a pillow, but you weren't interested at all."

Lin Yi gritted her teeth, the light in her eyes full of charm.

Li Xiaofei said: "The men you were friendly with are all dead. Whether it's Zhou Chenglong or Song Jinglun, no matter how strong or powerful they are, they can't escape the end of physical and mental destruction. So, I have come to a conclusion.


Lin Yi giggled: "I didn't expect you to be so cruel and ruthless, but you are still so superstitious. Tell me, what conclusion did you come to?"

Li Xiaofei said slowly, word by word: "There is poison in the pussy!"

Lin Yi stopped laughing immediately.

"You are the poisonous one."

She was furious.

Sometimes, lies are not scary, it is the truth that breaks people's defenses.

So, another half year passed.

The vast universe is so vast, and a spaceship drifting in it is like a leaf floating on the sea, and it will never reach the end.

The old speaker also had a tired look on his face.

He constantly adjusted his route and checked his notes


This day.

"We are almost at the edge of the Galaxy Battlefield."

Song Yu suddenly said... .??.

Li Xiaofei opened his eyes and looked out the window.

I saw a broken planet appearing in front of me.

This is a huge planet. One-half of its volume was broken by some force and turned into fragmented meteorites. A chaotic meteorite belt was formed around the other half of its volume.

Within millions of kilometers between the planet and the surface, a space crack visible to the naked eye spreads out.

The laws of space are constantly being repaired.

But it is constantly destroyed by the power existing in the cracks.

The picture is filled with the beauty of destruction and violence.

Li Xiaofei's pupils shrank slightly.

He could tell at a glance that this planet, which was three thousand times larger than the Earth, had been split open with a single knife.

He can also split the planet apart.

But the sword intent that stretches for millions of kilometers, branding the void, lingers for a long time, and he can't do it.

This is definitely the work of beings above the black hole level.

The Grand Speaker also had a horrified look on his face and said: "This is the kind of destruction that only a strong person in the Three Yuan Realm can cause... Only in the starry sky battlefield area can a strong person in the Three Yuan Realm exist."

Song Yu said: "We can't get any closer, we must avoid it. Our spaceship cannot withstand the remaining sword storm around this planet."

Li Xiaofei said, "Let's take a closer look."


Song Yu also looked at him: "Are you crazy?"

"Then just wait for me here."

As Li Xiaofei said this, he brought Masami Ishihara into the [Secret Palace of Time], then left the [Shen Nong] and cautiously approached the Broken Planet.

Finally, he sat cross-legged in the void of the universe within a safe range.

He is realizing the meaning of the sword.

This mysterious "Three Yuan Realm" master of swordsmanship split the planet with a single sword, leaving millions of kilometers of sword marks. His understanding of the art of swords far surpassed that of Li Xiaofei.

He must learn to understand.

At first, Li Xiaofei only felt that the sword was freehand and full of joy.
Although it is casual, the true meaning is difficult to capture, as elusive as a surprise.

It can be seen that the power of a high-ranking warrior cannot be easily detected by a low-ranking warrior.

Even if a peerless genius like Li Xiaofei, whose understanding is astonishing, can glimpse some clues, he cannot fully understand it.

Later, something happened in Li Xiaofei's mind, and he started to use the "Natural Kung Fu" in an unexpected way.

This technique is practiced by everyone in Taoyuan, the planet M73.

Taken from the Tao Te Ching.

At first, the village chief's mother-in-law gave Li Xiaofei this method and allowed him to practice it. Li Xiaofei found that this method was very useful in sorting out the chaotic power of laws in his body, and the effect was amazing.

At this time, if you use natural power to observe the laws of the sword on the broken planet in the distance, you will immediately have different effects.

Wisps of invisible power of law were quietly extracted from the million-mile-long knife mark and gathered towards Li Xiaofei.

"It's done."

Li Xiaofei was overjoyed.

This time, he could clearly understand the true meaning of this unknown three-yuan strongman's sword.

One word——


He is truly full of celestial spirit, free and unrestrained.

Li Xiaofei realized it for a long time, with a look of satisfaction on his face.

After this realization, the power of his sword move [Naihe Bridge] was at least doubled.

Much gain.

Li Xiaofei stood up and prepared to go back with satisfaction.

At this moment, he discovered another unexpected sign, which made the expression on his face change dramatically, and he was extremely surprised.

"Let me tell you two little things.

First, I recommend a book called "The Invincible Sword", ISBN 1286271, written by Li Xianyu, the oldest and most reliable driver in Zongheng Driving. Once you look at the title, you will know what genre it is. Everyone can

Go and have a look.

Secondly, the anime "Against the Evil God" by Mars is now online on iQiyi. I watched the beginning and found it to be quite good. You can check it out to see if it matches your idea of ​​motion sickness.

Third, my body has recovered a lot recently, and updates are also returning. I will try to update three or four times a day as soon as possible.

Okay, I’ve finished talking about two things.”

This chapter has been completed!
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