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Stealing the Country

Stealing the Country

author:Tibetan sword tiger

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:11-23 23:46

Latest chapter:Chapter 581 Who has never died in life since ancient times? Keep your loyal heart to reflect the history!

Zhao Cheng, who has become a young master, does not practice martial arts, and does not study. He just makes a lot of money, and develops the backward companion capital Yanchuan to the economy and trade that catches up with the capital. Gou is holding his gold and silver at home. Zhao Cheng is as rich as an enemy, and he is going to rebel! People in Yanchuan: He is still as rich as an enemy, and the Right Prime Minister's house is about to be destroyed by him, right? Left Prime Minister: Brother Zhao Cheng, I am Clearly, I don’t have the intention and the ability. Emperor: How can Zhao Cheng, a perverted and hungry ghost, have time to rebel? Who spread rumors, I dragged him out and beheaded! Zhao Cheng: Yes, you’re all right, I’m just a dog anyway, Worse than my dad!

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《Stealing the Country》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 581 Who has never died in life since ancient times? Keep your loyal heart to reflect the history!
Chapter 580 Spearman, please enlighten me!
Chapter 579 I came to save people, but you invited me to drink?
Chapter 578 Let me find out about you today
Chapter 577
Chapter 576 What will become of this empire?
Chapter 575 Iron hoof of the empire, I welcome you with a long spear!
Chapter 574 Going on like this is not an option, we have to make a move to break the game
Chapter 573 Are the pirates in Yunjing County cleared?
《Stealing the Country》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 I Bet My Winter Paintings Are Not as Good!
Chapter 2 Too cheap and shameless, Quan Qinglou is stunned!
Chapter 3 Don't make red makeup and love to be armed, you have the goodness of Longyang!
Chapter 4 You sprayed my face, stay away from me!
Chapter 5 You two girls, swimming in my room?
Chapter 6 What unique skills did your sisters cultivate?
Chapter 7 Even if you want to accept it, you have to cultivate feelings first, right?
Chapter 8 My budget is the same as my bottom line
Chapter 9 Relax, it's a ritual
Chapter 10 The big girl Chunqin, Zhao Cheng's housekeeper!
Chapter 11 After we get married, I will give you space
Chapter 12 Poetry and novel linkage, Yang Cai'e is not a vase!
Chapter 13 Master, you are still a wet person!
Chapter 14 If you don't make friends, I will pacify your manor!
Chapter 15 Are Cao Bichang's Authentic Works Valuable?
Chapter 16 Anything that will cause danger to the eldest son will be destroyed
Chapter 17 The eldest son is really a dragon and a phoenix
Chapter 18 Is it too cliché to break a cup?
Chapter 19 The Emperor and Zuo Xiang listen to General Wang's complaint to the imperial court
Chapter 20 You explain to me, I'm not jealous of you!
Chapter 21 Why do you do it? The girls are faster than swordsmen!
Chapter 22 Then don't wait? Don't you lose your head?
Chapter 23 The momentum is like a rainbow! The third child of the Zhao family!
Chapter 24 Don't be ashamed to ask this kind of thing on the street!
Chapter 25 A sword through the throat, commander Yang!
Chapter 26 Your Majesty, let the minister go home and beat the child!
Chapter 27 Right Prime Minister! Long Shuai! Zhao Huan!
Chapter 28 Since Shengfeng, He Shengcheng!
Chapter 29 You are my master, let me sleep
Chapter 30 Sleep! At most, you can only hold hands!
Chapter 31 Zhao Cheng's face turned blue, star peach branch called to stop!
Chapter 32 Spitting fragrance, killing people invisible!
Chapter 33 Zhao Wu's scalp is numb, I beg Zhao Cheng to stop playing
Chapter 34 Apply lip gloss? Kiss me a few more times!
Chapter 35 This little Xiangye, isn't the right person born?
Chapter 36 Zhao Cheng is not only faultless, but has merit!
Chapter 37 The emperor was furious and scolded Zhao Cheng for being a hungry ghost!
Chapter 38
Chapter 39 Sending you to the palace to choose a concubine, but you hooked up with the eunuch!
Chapter 40 Zhao Cheng, he kills and punishes!
Chapter 41 Wentai invited Zhao Cheng for a reward, and the officials were shocked!
Chapter 42 Cai'e, you don't resist anymore, it's boring!
Chapter 43 Brother Xiaoxiang, you still know how to play!
Chapter 44 This is outrageous! Yanchuan's heart is also black!
Chapter 45 My father is an otaku and doesn't like meeting people
chapter 46
Chapter 47 I'm at a loss, I'll raise his wife and daughter
Chapter 48 Chen Feier! Lin Daiyu!
Chapter 49 I, Chen Feier, can be a slave, but never a prostitute!
Chapter 50 I Only Said I Don't Need a Girl, Didn't Say I Don't Need a Woman
Chapter 51 Zhao Cheng, our mother and daughter almost fell for you!
Chapter 52 The cat demon? The fox spirit? Xiaohou, you are too small!
Chapter 53 Zhao Cheng and Xu An partner, how cheap they are
Chapter 54 Xiao Xiangye, I'm not as good as you
Chapter 55 Zhao Cheng is angry! This is my father's business!
Chapter 56 This little fox is skilled in business!
Chapter 57 Let You Be a Geisha!
Chapter 58 Wu Sisi has started business
Chapter 59 Wolf-in-law and his richest man third uncle
Chapter 60 Someone send a sister paper when you want to sleep?
Chapter 61 When we get together, we pay attention to a saucy word
Chapter 62 Everyone is yours, so what about the slave family!
Chapter 63 I like girls, and Boss Wu likes to hide
Chapter 64 My Brother Xiao, Just Say It If You Want It!
Chapter 65 You Haven't Married yet, What Kind of Style!
Chapter 66 Zhao Cheng said that the person who dared to call me boy in Yanchuan City has not been born yet!
Chapter 67 Mr. Variety Kapu! Kill me for fun!
Chapter 68 A thousand taels of words, profits exploded!
Chapter 69 You are a son during the day, but you will be revealed at night!
Chapter 70 Wu Sisi is a feast for the eyes in public
Chapter 71 Chen Feier's eyes are shining, you are so domineering, I like it!
Chapter 72 Where are you? You dare to hug my queen mother!
Chapter 73 Zhao Cheng refreshes the winter painting and relieves itching
Chapter 74 Chen Feier insisted and asked Zhao Cheng to demonstrate in person
Chapter 75 What kind of money should I borrow from the Su family? Look for me!
Chapter 76 Brother Xiao is a nobleman, take him to play all four floors
Chapter 77 It turns out that Xiao Xiangye is the biggest wharf in Yanchuan!
Chapter 78 Born businessman, dare to do business with beheading!
Chapter 79 A Murder in Heaven and Earth
Chapter 80 Good guy, this fellow is going to prostitute for nothing!
Chapter 81 A cloud-piercing arrow, push the Su family down for me!
Chapter 82 The bad water in Zhao Cheng's brain is about to overflow
Chapter 83 I can't even get a man, will I get your peacock?
Chapter 84
Chapter 85 Bad! Su Wansan rebels!
Chapter 86 Yanchuan urgent report! Beat someone in front of the Qingdong Hou Hall!
Chapter 87 This thief has no king and no country, I want to go to the army!
Chapter 88 Zhao Cheng is a stinky hooligan? This princess will beat him 18 times!
Chapter 89 Qingdong youth is shocked, Xiao Xiangye's training is really good!
Chapter 90 Su Ye was ridiculed, there was no Tiny Tin!
Chapter 91 Are you staring at me? Are you going to resist arrest!
Chapter 92 What's coming at me, don't touch my woman!
Chapter 93 Zhao Cheng said that it is the safest to sleep beside the carambola branches
Chapter 94 Shoot when you see someone, shameless!
Chapter 95 If You Don't Want To Die, Just Hold My Waist
Chapter 96 Zhou Nuo: Don't talk, hold me tight
Chapter 97 Hug and hug, kiss and kiss, why am I lying to you?
Chapter 98 One wants to hug, the other throws directly, what kind of feelings do they have?
Chapter 99 Nothing can make me nervous than money
Chapter 100 Jade-faced little governor: Have you heard of Yanchuan Xiaoxiang?
Chapter 101 Master, you are on time next time, it hurts!
Chapter 102 How about the little girl's embroidery needle?
Chapter 103 Soldiers are tricky, don't waste any opportunity!
Chapter 104 Don't mess around, master, you are brothers and sisters
Chapter 105 A big reward for the Seven Generals Package of Sheep Gate?
Chapter 106 A fire burns out the prestige of my Southern Zhou Dynasty!
Chapter 107 Brother Zhao, You Really Make Me Impressed!
Chapter 108 The old fox of the Right Prime Minister's Mansion
Chapter 109 Zhao Cheng's grievance: I'm not a human-shaped fountain either
Chapter 110 Zhao Cheng, Are You Not a Bard?
Chapter 111 Lead the king into the urn, singing and dark arrows fly together
Chapter 112 This can shoot people, it's hard for us not to win!
Chapter 113 The army's heart is in chaos, unable to return to the sky
Chapter 114 Your dignified young master, you asked me for money?
Chapter 115 It's like a sky-high little governor!
Chapter 116 Xiao Luofeng is shocked, give me this great merit?
Chapter 117 Are you scolding your father?
Chapter 118 Mr. Xiang, do you think your son is a fool?
Chapter 119 How can the soldiers of the Right Prime Minister's Mansion suffer such a humiliation!
Chapter 120 A group of devils came to Qingdong City!
Chapter 121: You Call Your Father Good Luck?
Chapter 122 Going to the Marquis' Mansion to transfer people, this marquis is going to go crazy!
Chapter 123 Your blood is not worthy of flowing into the sea of ??my Dajing!
Chapter 124 General Long Xiang, Xiao Luofeng is none other than him!
Chapter 125 Zhao Cheng can't support the wall with mud, it's impossible!
Chapter 126 The sisters can still be together, and the happiness is not shallow!
Chapter 127 I am training a pair of eyes to distinguish between good and evil
Chapter 128 Well, he is the big fool in your eyes
Chapter 129 This is the innocence that has not been corroded by the brothel!
Chapter 130 Others don't work, but they say I'm okay with blowjob!
Chapter 131 Why does he hate you so much? You robbed his wife?
Chapter 132 Zhao Wu is my escort, I have mentioned him as a lieutenant general!
Chapter 133 First hit thirty kills with the mighty stick and open her ass
Chapter 134 The fierce daughter Yan Lan mocked the Hou Ye, are you trying to subdue him?
Chapter 135 Born as Dajing, no one is allowed to break the order of Qingdong!
Chapter 136 Xu An's debut, directly making Zhao Cheng look stupid!
Chapter 137 Zhao Cheng, I beg you not to interrupt!
Chapter 138 When the imperial edict arrives, everyone is stunned!
Chapter 139 Good you Xiao Luomu, kill without blood!
Chapter 140 Are you so hospitable? Invite a eunuch to the brothel?
Chapter 141 Xu An broke in and asked Yan Xihou to come out to pick up the guests!
Chapter 142 There is only one Marquis in Qingdong City, and that is my father, Qingdong Marquis!
Chapter 143 The tulip wakes up, Zhao Huan and his son are exposed!
Chapter 144 Black eats black, there is no more Yan Xihou in Qingdong
Chapter 145 Let's go, I'll take you to Changsui
Chapter 146 Alright, you guys, the father is kind and the son is filial and happy!
Chapter 147 Little girl, do you want a man or not?
Chapter 148 Even you suspect that Lao Tzu is going to rebel?
Chapter 149 Dare to paint! I'll be a model for you!
Chapter 150 The Northern Expedition succeeded! Yuan Xiu was so happy that he flew!
Chapter 151 What is the grudge between Zhao Cheng and the Southern Zhou spy?
Chapter 152 The general and his mother finally don't want to wait!
Chapter 153 Such exquisite twins, this man is not shallow!
Chapter 154 Force Wang Zhao Wu, Please Start Your Show!
Chapter 155 Are you a thief who calls others a villain, shameless?
Chapter 156 Sister, who dares to rob my General's Mansion?
Chapter 157 I have never seen such a brazen person!
Chapter 158 Beasts! You are not allowed to touch my sister!
Chapter 159 Mother, I'm afraid we won't be able to keep this girl!
Chapter 160 Wang Yuluan: I'm used to seeing Zhao Cheng, it's definitely not pleasing to the eye!
Chapter 161 Veterans don't die, Dajing doesn't die!
Chapter 162 Calling the Dajing Qinglou girl to watch the Prince of the Southern Zhou Dynasty?
Chapter 163 Does Wang Ren want to cut himself off?
Chapter 164 Wei You, you know a lot
Chapter 165 Son, you are inferior to Zhao Cheng in three things
Chapter 166 Zhao Cheng underestimated the popularity of 'Yīng Yīng Yīng' and was shocked
Chapter 167 Xia Qi and Qiu Shu crushed the brothel
Chapter 168 Zhao Cheng just feels a little tight
Chapter 169 Boss Zhao, your friend is very tough!
Chapter 170 Don't be so arrogant, old man, let me hug you too!
Chapter 171 Zhao Cheng's Long Sui Family and Friends Group, the General of Clear Water!
Chapter 172 Roast whole lamb at noon, what family conditions?
Chapter 173 Dad is too, why should you not slaughter Doudou's sheep!
Chapter 174 Pu Jian scolds the foolish monarch in power
Chapter 175 A Cheng, do you really want to be so considerate?
Chapter 176 Being a foster father also has such benefits!
Chapter 177 Zhou Nvxia is really my number one marksman in Dajing!
Chapter 178 Zhou Jinghuan, believe it or not, I will tear your mouth apart?
Chapter 179 Zhao Cheng crushes Zhou Jinghuan, come if you want, don't beep!
Chapter 180 Zhao Cheng's teeth are itching with hatred, this is a great shame!
Chapter 181 Continue to be arrogant and make this palace comfortable!
Chapter 182 Are you working for Zhao Cheng?
Chapter 183 I, Zhao Cheng, have shown everyone a showdown, so I won't pretend
Chapter 184 I am the thickest thigh!
Chapter 185 Discussing matters in the royal study, quickly recruit a consort
Chapter 186 Princess, don't be so nice to me, I'm not used to it
Chapter 187 Yuan Yun's Reverse Scale
Chapter 188 You let this palace stab twice, the white knife goes in and the red knife goes out
Chapter 189 Xiao Xiangye is drunk and beats golden branches, the eldest princess can't stop
Chapter 190 This palace has a concubine, so I can't marry!
Chapter 191 The eldest son of the right minister of Dajing, Zhao Cheng, is my friend!
Chapter 192 Zhao Lang, I will never marry you!
Chapter 193 It looks more like Zhao Cheng is being molested
Chapter 194 Facing you now, I am happy
Chapter 195 Dajing can no longer have a long princess!
Chapter 196 Your face looks like a courtier!
Chapter 197 Wentai's arrangement for Mobei
Chapter 198 Zhao Cheng and Wentai call themselves brothers
Chapter 199 General Wang, when will you repay the money you owe me?
Chapter 200 Zhao Wu: Wentai is really generous, and the master is really thick-skinned
Chapter 201 Zhao Cheng can't be allowed to grow savagely
Chapter 202 Yuan Xiu's chosen chief examiner for martial arts is unexpected!
Chapter 203 An ambush by the rape field, Zhao Wu complains that Zhao Cheng is a crow's mouth
Chapter 204 Two broken swords Zhao Wu, old Yu Beidri
Chapter 205 The fierce battle in the rape field!
Chapter 206 I am a gentleman's sword
Chapter 207 Hero Xu Qingshan Can't Hide Anymore
Chapter 208 Luo Ying! Holding the coffin! Grandmaster!
Chapter 209: The Iron-beaten Zhao Cheng's Southern Zhou Spy
Chapter 210 The Southern spy, the evil star, Xiaoxiang, draws the sword and cuts the dog Xu Daxia!
Chapter 211 I have seen Dajing's concubine, General Zhaoyong, and Xiao Xiangye!
Chapter 212 Wentai has a headache, I persuade Your Majesty to stop making trouble
Chapter 213 I am marrying my sister, not selling my sister!
Chapter 214 Seeing all kinds of women in the world, wouldn't you be tempted?
Chapter 215 Your Majesty, are you a Chinese cabbage?
Chapter 216 The Southern spy and evil star defeated the enemy, and the victorious general returned home
Chapter 217 He's looking for so many women, and it's not me who enjoys it!
Chapter 218 The attacking eldest princess 1
219 The attacking princess 2
Chapter 220: The Attacking Long Princess III
Chapter 221: The Attacking Long Princess IV
Chapter 222 The Long Princess Attacking Part 5
Chapter 223 Attacking the Long Princess Part 6
Chapter 224 The attacking eldest princess seven
Chapter 225: The Long Princess Attacking Part 8
Chapter 226 The attacking eldest princess IX
Chapter 227 She is so fierce! I like it!
Chapter 228 Yanchuan City's New Generation of Evil Young Masters
Chapter 229 Don't tell me this! I don't want alcohol, I want a girl!
Chapter 230 She doesn't give Xiao Xiangye's face at all!
Chapter 231 Zhao Cheng was so angry that he panicked!
Chapter 232 It is the Huanghuang Law and the public opinion that must kill him!
Chapter 233 All beheadings for public display! Beheading!
Chapter 234 The right path in the world is vicissitudes, the decisive Deng Fugui
Chapter 235 The three prisoners are here to execute the execution!
Chapter 236 With the means of the emperor, Zhao Cheng will castrate him if he is disobedient!
Chapter 237 The Second Brother's Daughter-in-law, I'm Going to Help Him Get It?
Chapter 238 Zhao Cheng's business plan, the future can be expected!
Chapter 239: The Sword of Fortune Zhao Cheng?
Chapter 240 Park Youxi said to Zhao Cheng: I do!
Chapter 241 Tired of people playing with oranges?
Chapter 242 People can change. She was not so active before
Chapter 243 Yuan Yun: No need to explain, they are all sisters
Chapter 244
Chapter 245 The quality of our marriage bed is too hard and collapsed
Chapter 246 Convince Shi Ming to paint, Zhao Cheng's dream of a business empire
Chapter 247 Brewmaster, Immortal Wine
Chapter 248 The boss's serious nonsense is so funny!
Chapter 249 Yang Cai'e, you are quite suitable for entering the palace!
Chapter 250 Yuan Yun: Chen Feier, you have two lines that you can't touch
Chapter 251 Are you running a business or a brothel?
Chapter 252 Good you, Zhao Cheng, hide deep enough!
Chapter 253 Wu Sisi hugs Yuan Yun's thigh
Chapter 254 Don't worry, A Cheng and I are hardworking every night
Chapter 255 Everyone is working hard
Chapter 256 Everyone in power, our common chamber of commerce!
Chapter 257 Where did you get your self-confidence, and you want to eat dry shares?
Chapter 258 The Eastern Chamber of Commerce, the blood is boiling!
Chapter 259 Specially used to hook your stinky men's animal desires!
Chapter 260 Zhao Cheng's explosive performance, everyone was dumbfounded
Chapter 261 You are a real bull, you are the king of the flesh business!
Chapter 262 Yuan Yun grinned: I want to protect my husband!
Chapter 263 You work hard, Dad wants to hug his grandson quickly, we will fulfill him!
Chapter 264 The blood feud between Yang Cai'e and the Yuan family
Chapter 265 Are you cheating? Excuse me!
Chapter 266 The burden on my waist is heavy recently, but I think I can do it!
Chapter 267 Zhao Huan: He Zhi, come to work!
Chapter 268 The eldest princess arrives: Madam Ma is very good at playing!
Chapter 269 Which one to choose? Decapitation, skinning, or soaking in a pig cage?
Chapter 270 She commits adultery, can you bear it?
Chapter 271 Can't wait, my big knife is already hungry and thirsty!
Chapter 272 Let's practice together and feel the beauty of this world together!
Chapter 273 Master Tu, your food looks so ugly!
Chapter 274 I'm a romantic, he's an obscene, how can it be the same?
Chapter 275 Can't favor one over the other, three people play together
Chapter 276 The First Female Instructor of the Dajing Dynasty
Chapter 277 Wen Hu: You can't help but avenge your wife's revenge!
Chapter 278 Don't hit A Tao's idea, she can kill you!
Chapter 279 Surprise the three brothers Liu Guan and Zhang!
Chapter 280 Undercurrent under the lake
Chapter 281 Acting wildly in front of the actor
Chapter 282 Xiao Xiangye and the Xiao family are our benefactors!
Chapter 283 If we let him build the winery, Wen Hu will go to our graves!
Chapter 284 I am quite sincere, usually I don't fool people
Chapter 285 Your thinking angle is more cunning than Chairman Xiao!
Chapter 286 When did thieves preach faith like this?
Chapter 287: The Golden Pot Washing Hands, Boss Ma, Reliable Wang Mazi
Chapter 288 Never Live Up to Big Brother's Big Brother's Big Brother!
Chapter 289 Zhao Cheng: Han Nancheng is not suitable for us
Chapter 290 Kill all the guardians!
Chapter 291 The one hundred and seventy-fourth mouth, Yuan Fei!
Chapter 292 Snowflakes flying, his people, his sword
Chapter 293: No Household Digging Graves
Chapter 294 Go South, Jiangyang County!
Chapter 295 In the future, you should be less close to Zhao Wu and learn some bad things!
Chapter 296 Master, you have so many women, why don't you allow me to have more?
Chapter 297 Look down on me too much, I will give you twenty taels per head!
Chapter 298 I am the memory of goldfish! I don't remember a word!
Chapter 299 This is not just bad luck, this is to be sent away!
Chapter 300 Xiao Qizi who grew up eating a hundred meals in Jiangcheng
Chapter 301 No reason, just an intuition
Chapter 302 The Lu Tu family has a tough attitude, and everything happened for a reason!
Chapter 303 Women and money, it depends on how you choose
Chapter 304 How come to you, the more you buy, the more expensive it is?
Chapter 305 The fox's tail can't hide anymore
Chapter 306 What's the reason for this? I don't know how to drink less?
Chapter 307 Then hurry up, I want to comfort you
Chapter 308 Try everything, or you will regret it later!
Chapter 309 Add some external stimulation to her and let her free herself
Chapter 310 Sister, the time is not for me!
Chapter 311 Yuan Yun: What a wise man, it's just a loss!
Chapter 312 This is really the gift of fate!
Chapter 313 Mrs. Qi, that bastard Qi Bainian occupied me!
Chapter 314 I believe in you, you bad old man is very bad!
Chapter 315: The Sharp Knife Produces Flowers
Chapter 316 Riding the wind and waves, double whips like oars!
Chapter 317 The last fire depends on Zhao Wu's prosperity!
Chapter 318 You will become richer, but the common people will not!
Chapter 319 Master Qi, do you want to hear their names?
Chapter 320 Zhao Cheng: I really want to add chicken legs to Miao Shaohua!
Chapter 321 The eldest princess is on the boat, who dares to display weapons?
Chapter 322 Sleeping in Seconds? The old man is quite tough!
Chapter 323 Qi Bainian's last trump card!
Chapter 324 I will lead you to glory!
Chapter 325 It feels so good to have water, it is very moisturizing
Chapter 326 If you want glory, then I will give you glory
Chapter 327 Your Highness, you are wrong!
Chapter 328 Didn't you say that your father would not rebel?
Chapter 329 Hundreds of dead, let the bullets fly for a while
Chapter 330 Playing with three people is easy to go wrong
Chapter 331 I Know You Are My Dad's Licking Dog
Chapter 332 This is in line with Qi Bainian's identity!
Chapter 333 The Hundred Dead People Are My Deepest Secret, No One Knows!
Chapter 334 If you want to move Lord Deng, just step over me first!
Chapter 335 Zhao Wu: Cut you into two pieces, you will be shorter than me!
Chapter 336
Chapter 337 Zhao Cheng attacked the Tu Lu family
Chapter 338 Hold back and let you pay your debts with blood!
Chapter 339 The moon is stained with blood, and Jiangcheng becomes the sky!
Chapter 340 Zhao Cheng Chai Xin Aftermath Team
Chapter 341: The Tu Lu Family Changed Owners
Chapter 342 Hero, Zhao Cheng is not an unknown person!
Chapter 343 Come as soon as you come, what else do you bring!
Chapter 344 You catch all, I catch turtles in the urn
Chapter 345 What else is on your mind besides money?
Chapter 346 Tonight, it's all hard stubble
Chapter 347 Are you fighting, you actually flirting?
Chapter 348 The third brother actually learned my strengths!
Chapter 349 In the Right Prime Minister's Mansion, I Can't Even Rank Second
350 Third Brother, Have You Misunderstood?
Chapter 351 Zhao Cheng: Who Said I'm Unreasonable? My Interests Come First!
Chapter 352 A Cheng, are you trying to become an emperor?
Chapter 353 Can you guys stop talking about this in front of me?
Chapter 354 The girl has really grown up
Chapter 355 If the biting dog doesn't bark, Lu Bin will die?
Chapter 356 Xiao Xiangye doesn't understand the truth of strong dragons not suppressing snakes?
Chapter 357 Become a ghost or become a god!
Chapter 358 Don't you know that the most important thing Xiao Xiangye lacks is money?
Chapter 359
Chapter 360 We are really a family that loves each other!
Chapter 361 They said I was the reincarnation of a fox demon, confusing the harem!
Chapter 362 I, Zhou Nuo, didn't know what etiquette was since I was a child!
Chapter 363 Tsk tsk, this licking dog can really lick
Chapter 364 Which side should I be more guarded against in this right and left prime minister's mansion?
Chapter 365 Zhao Cheng: It seems that Yunmeng City is prosperous to me!
Chapter 366 Cloud Merchant Conference, Eighteen Major Merchants
Chapter 367 This long-lost scene, a familiar taste
Chapter 368 The Southern Zhou Dynasty is immortal, old and dead Yunjing!
Chapter 369 The cloud business conference cannot be suspended!
Chapter 370 The four maidservants of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, look at Xiao Xiangye with a smile!
Chapter 371 Lao Xu, do you want a wife or not? If you want, I'll take it for you?
Chapter 372 You ask me to do something that the army in the south of the town can't handle?
Chapter 373 The chin is dropped when the black flower is removed: Is this okay too?
Chapter 374 Are you asking us to jump into the lake collectively?
Chapter 375 The champion king is old, but Yang Qingzhi is the future of Nanzhou
Chapter 376 Dajing's Barrier
Chapter 377 A living uncle is more useful than a dead champion!
Chapter 378 Sikong Shooting, Hanxi God's Finger
Chapter 379 Zhao Yan: Saying it will make you unforgettable for the rest of your life!
Chapter 380 Not being able to lie is not a problem of ability, but a problem of thought
Chapter 381 You don't know Mr. Minghua's temper
Chapter 382 Ask if you dare, not if you die!
Chapter 383 Lake, Moonlight, Ghosts
Chapter 384 Xiao Xiangye, you took the knife backwards
Chapter 385 How can I do business in Yunjing County when he is dead?
Chapter 386 Xiao Xiangye, are you familiar with this scene?
Chapter 387 Can you identify yourself? You are a prisoner now!
Chapter 388 This look, this lying position should sell for a good price!
Chapter 389 No matter what the final result is, have a clear conscience
Chapter 390 Zhou Nuo: Let me kill Zhao Cheng with my own hands!
Chapter 391 Gather 20,000 to 30,000 people? What do you want to do? Rebellion?
Chapter 392 Shall I establish two queens at once?
Chapter 393 The iron hoofs of my Dajing will cross the Wei Lake and destroy them!
Chapter 394 The Yuan family has no bones
Chapter 395 Yang Qingzhi's Jumping Feet: Are You Really Ejaculating? What Bullshit Love!
Chapter 396 Zhao Cheng, Zhao Cheng, you are the nemesis of my life
Chapter 397 Come, Qingzhi, give me a good rub
Chapter 398 Three hundred two? Fifty-five split? Robbery?!
Chapter 399 Don't hold it, it's easy to be killed if you hold it
Chapter 400 This gift is the heaviest gift that Zhao Cheng has ever received!
Chapter 401 Wangye, what is the situation between you and my father?
Chapter 402 You have only seen a master shoot a woman, have you ever seen a woman shoot a master?
Chapter 403 Don't you know that something happened to the Xiao family?
Chapter 404 Zhao Cheng's Intuition Is Not Right!
Chapter 405 You are my brother, only I can bully you, others can't!
Chapter 406 Who dares to call themselves a famous doctor in front of her?
Chapter 407: Shi Ming's Painting: Died of a Sudden Illness and Murder
Chapter 408 Do You Call Leaving the Xiao Family Escape?
Chapter 409 Xu An is a prophecy, the youngest head of the Xiao family!
Chapter 410 Xiao Luomu's plan, Zhao Cheng's plan
Chapter 411 Park Youxi proposes herself, Mu Zhaojun supports her daughter-in-law!
Chapter 412 Zhao Cheng: I envy my son, he was born a rich second generation!
Chapter 413 Give them the title of the top four young generals!
Chapter 414 Teacher, students should give you the icing on the cake
Chapter 415 Sister, you and Ah Cheng also take care of things!
Chapter 416 Small treasury, 100 million taels of silver!
Chapter 417 Not going home for half a year, the child has three. The master is really a god!
Chapter 418 Fifty Miles Away, Wheat Field Banquet
Chapter 419 How much is a thousand glasses of wine? I ask when I will arrive at Yunjing!
Chapter 420 Xu Shouli: Zuo Xiang, is your brain caught in the door?
Chapter 421 Trial and error, holy name, He Yin's perspective is shocking!
Chapter 422 Trust the King Yuan Li to protect the three prefectures
Chapter 423 Zhao Cheng: I didn't say fat is bad, it just consumes fuel!
Chapter 424 Master, you still have to be more restrained in the future, you can't take this as a meal
Chapter 425 Become the general's son-in-law, the future can be expected!
Chapter 426 What do you think of Chengdu's peace?
Chapter 427 To be able to go to bed, the effort is worth it!
Chapter 428 I don't need to make up for sleep, I just need to recharge!
Chapter 429 The three masters, if you don't agree, just do it!
Chapter 430 There are people outside the people, and there are guns outside the guns
Chapter 431 A sulky person like your brother often has unique hobbies!
Chapter 432 You licking dog! Licking more than me
Chapter 433 Zhao Cheng: Under my bed is a gentleman, and under my bed is a villain!
Chapter 434 I'm very hot, old lady, be careful to let you die!
Chapter 435 Du Yucheng: You just don't dare! Zhao Cheng: You just don't have money!
Chapter 436 In front of the Red Sleeve Building, everyone calls on Chengdu to feast on them!
Chapter 437 What are you thinking, is there no need in this palace?
Chapter 438 You are the best at coaxing women, go and help me coax the queen!
Chapter 439 He Wu: If Ben Gong is not satisfied, you are not allowed to leave!
Chapter 440 Is the underground gang in Yanchuan City closed?
Chapter 441 A gang boss with such a big air?
Chapter 442 It turns out that you have no money? What to wear in a brothel if you have no money!
Chapter 443 For the sale of 50,000 taels of gold, will you pay me a deposit of 900 taels?
Chapter 444 Let me tell you that, my father has seven concubines
Chapter 445 Go, boy, chase girls with pay!
Chapter 446 Zhao Cheng's Confidence and Ambition
Chapter 447 Everyone called on Chengdu to shout: Brother Zhao Cheng!
Chapter 448 I want to tell you a big deal!
Chapter 449 Lao Tzu hates this kind of regional discrimination!
Chapter 450 Nine fingers want to give a big gift to Zhao Cheng
Chapter 451 Du Yucheng: Don't let me see the dog! Go away!
Chapter 452 Heaven and Hell, You Choose Boss Song
Chapter 453 Beating, smashing, looting, burning, collecting protection fees, etc., I am very good at it!
Chapter 454 This Cheng Xu is too cruel to himself!
Chapter 455 Delaying the reproduction of Xiao Xiangye and the eldest princess is a death penalty!
Chapter 456 After all, the name of the hungry ghost in the color is not for nothing
Chapter 457 Xu An: Can I also become a teacher one day?
Chapter 458 When the danger really comes, our family can live with confidence
Chapter 459 Killer: Allow you to sleep with seven sisters!
Chapter 460 I implore Your Majesty to transfer the last general to the army in the south of the town!
Chapter 461 What should I do if I see her and don't respond? Lu Lu: This old slave has medicine!
Chapter 462 Your Majesty, come and catch me!
Chapter 463 My brother-in-law is too rich, right?
Chapter 464 Let the three sons of the Zhao family grow up, the consequences will be unimaginable!
Chapter 465 The Oriental Restaurant Talks About Anecdotes, The First Issue of 'Anecdote Records'!
Chapter 466 It can be seen that the pattern of people who founded the Yiwen Club is huge!
Chapter 467 The scumbag is strictly enforced, the ambition is not fulfilled
Chapter 468 The first generation of anecdotal flying team, the truth is life!
Chapter 469 I Will, Boss
Chapter 470 The little slug running towards my sister
Chapter 471 My nephew, my palace will belong to him in the future!
Chapter 472 Wentai's move, the layout of the Zuo Xiangfu
Chapter 473 I, Song Haonan, talk about loyalty, but Zhao Cheng is more loyal than me!
Chapter 474 Before Tongxin Dao, the battle broke out!
Chapter 475 Zhao Wu: Can you stop being so arrogant, come and beat Lao Tzu!
Chapter 476 Remember our bet?
Chapter 477 Yang Huanyun, I miss you!
Chapter 478 I, Zhao Wu, are still standing, so the wind can't enter, and the rain can't enter!
Chapter 479 Ghosts support the coffin, ghosts support the coffin, ghosts support the coffin!
Chapter 480 It turns out that the current dark commander of Long Wei is you
Chapter 481 Zhao Wu: I have an agreement with the right minister
Chapter 482 Zhao Wu's Name 1
Chapter 483 Zhao Wu's Name Part 2
Chapter 484 Zhao Wu's Name Three
Chapter 485 Zhao Wu's Name Four
Chapter 486 Zhao Wu's Name Five
Chapter 487 Zhao Wu's Name 6
Chapter 488 Zhao Wu's Name Seven
Chapter 489 Zhao Wu's Name Eight
Chapter 490 Zhao Wu's Name Nine
Chapter 491 Zhao Wu's Name Ten
Chapter 492 Dajing's Consort bites the eunuch outside the imperial study
Chapter 493 Your Majesty, I want to tell you that the Zuo Xiangfu is too dark!
Chapter 494 I'm afraid it's not enough to give birth to a baby once, right?
Chapter 495 We didn't show our beauty plan, but other people's beautiful men's plan came
Chapter 496 I, Xu Qingshan, will never fail him!
Chapter 497 The matter of Mujingwan was done by Zuo Xiangfu!
Chapter 498 Is there anything he misses in this world?
Chapter 499 Don't call me brother-in-law, I'm afraid!
Chapter 500 Take it off! Take it off! Zhao Hu likes it!
Chapter 501 Just work hard for you and sleep with him for some time
Chapter 502: The Jianghu People Who Have Kindness and Vengeance
Chapter 503 Zhao Hu! You are alive!
Chapter 504 I slept next to you, you reacted a dozen times a night?
Chapter 505 You are looking for a daughter-in-law for Mr. Yan
Chapter 506 I hit it with a single blow? I'm so fierce!
Chapter 507 When the country is established, you are the country's uncle!
Chapter 508 As soon as he succeeds, his bones will die, do you think he is a good stubble?
Chapter 509 You are young, yes, but you have many wives!
Chapter 510 Why do you have to fight with me, old man?
Chapter 511 Listening to the words of Xiao Xiangye is better than drinking ten years of good wine!
Chapter 512 Gathering the strengths of all the families, the blue is better than the blue
Chapter 513 Only I, Zhao Cheng, occupy others, how can I be occupied by others?
Chapter 514 Zhao Cheng is shocked: I really have a medicine?
Chapter 515 He is a dragon and a phoenix among people!
Chapter 516 Where the Blade Might is is where I am!
Chapter 517 More than her nails are poisonous? Her body is full of poison!
Chapter 518: The People Behind the Scenes
Chapter 519 A new central platform, four central ministers!
Chapter 520 The establishment of the central platform, the undercurrent of the court is surging
Chapter 521 It is a touchstone and a reminder
Chapter 522 Yuan Li's Palace and Calculation
Chapter 523 Yuan Li: This king will be the last guarantee for Lord Wei!
Chapter 524 Impermanence swordsmanship, open and close, not like a knife
Chapter 525 The tea in the yamen is not good
Chapter 526 The person behind Cui Wuming is a strategist
Chapter 527 Isn't it bad to be in front of children?
Chapter 528 Wentai Tianze Hall is one enemy
Chapter 529 The protection of the text emerges, reverses!
Chapter 530 The old man recognizes the way to the prison of the Ministry of Punishment!
Chapter 531 At this time, you have to turn yourself into the eldest princess
Chapter 532 The guardian enters the power core circle
Chapter 533 This kindness of the lord, I will never forget it!
Chapter 534 It's time for them to sleep forever!
Chapter 535 The Southern Zhou Dynasty is especially loud!
Chapter 536 Let Wentai spend the rest of his life in the cell
Chapter 537 Royal brother, if you like it, the minister and brother can give up
Chapter 538 Being in this mountain, you can only know how small the mountains are!
Chapter 539 Zhao Cheng: My brother-in-law is short of money again!
Chapter 540 My brother-in-law is so generous to me!
Chapter 541 The Guardian Can't Keep Up With Yuan Xiu's Brain
Chapter 542 Is this relationship messy? Isn't it exciting?
Chapter 543 The prince-in-law of the water slide is really a genius!
Chapter 544 He Yin is unbearable when discussing matters in the central platform!
Chapter 545: At that time, the entire Dajing's money will be his Zhao Cheng's
Chapter 546 Let the concubine let go of the business of Jingbei County
Chapter 547: Is this the intention of the Hou Ye to form a party?
Chapter 548 The old man knows that he needs the old man when he believes in the king
Chapter 549 Hello, I'm Zhao Cheng
Chapter 550 I, Zhao Cheng, Never Look at Identity
Chapter 551 A teenager should have the heart of a teenager, I like your madness
Chapter 552 I'm still young, can I listen to this?
Chapter 553 I haven't seen anything before, would I care about a gift?
Chapter 554 Just use the shocking bow for your life!
Chapter 555 Mr. Wei, you should let us know that His Majesty is still alive, right?
Chapter 556 How much money does Zhao Cheng send every two months now?
Chapter 557 When the storm comes, you won't greet us in advance
Chapter 558 Are all my money blown by the wind?
Chapter 559 Gathering is a fire, scattered is a sky full of stars!
Chapter 560 To deal with Zhao Cheng, you have to gain 800 hearts!
Chapter 561 Sir, please enlighten me!
Chapter 562 Xu Shouli: Isn't Ben Hou worthy of this errand?
Chapter 563 Is the relationship between my family and the Xu family unusual?
Chapter 564 Father and Son, Ginkgo, Wonderful Moment
Chapter 565 Wen Hu, revenge, action begins!
Chapter 566 From now on, there will be one less master in this world
Chapter 567: If I want to save Sister Huang, I must save Sister Huang!
Chapter 568 I, the man of the Zhao family, do not have the habit of letting women stand in front of me
Chapter 569 Keep the Prosperity of Yanchuan City
Chapter 570 Let's go sightseeing with the old man!
Chapter 571
Chapter 572 I'm Not the Empress Dowager, It's Just a Strategy
Chapter 573 Are the pirates in Yunjing County cleared?
Chapter 574 Going on like this is not an option, we have to make a move to break the game
Chapter 575 Iron hoof of the empire, I welcome you with a long spear!
Chapter 576 What will become of this empire?
Chapter 577
Chapter 578 Let me find out about you today
Chapter 579 I came to save people, but you invited me to drink?
Chapter 580 Spearman, please enlighten me!
Chapter 581 Who has never died in life since ancient times? Keep your loyal heart to reflect the history!