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happy little catcher

happy little catcher

author:Ink dyed Qinghui

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:11-23 23:20

Latest chapter:Chapter 1241: Online Shopping

Xu Qing, who had just graduated from the postgraduate entrance examination, accidentally transmigrated into the body of a policeman who was hit by falling rocks and died. On the first day of work, he met a tall, handsome female policeman with black eyebrows and star pupils. When Xu Qing heard that the female policeman When Xu Qing wanted him to work under the female catcher, Xu Qing refused. Until Xu Qing saw that the female catcher casually broke a lamppost made of stone... Female catcher: I don't like to force Others, if you don't want to follow me, just say it. Xu Qing looked at the stone lamppost beside him, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and said: I am willing, this is my decision to follow my heart! I don't mean to be reluctant !

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《happy little catcher》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1241: Online Shopping
Chapter 1240: Surprised Ning Yi
Chapter 1239: Husband
Chapter 1238: Girlfriend
Chapter 1237: Who is she?
Chapter 1236 The world after a thousand years
Chapter 1235 Extra, modern meeting
Chapter 1234 Finale
Chapter 1233: Rewards based on merit, Revenge
《happy little catcher》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 2 Five taels of silver
Chapter 3 A man lives between heaven and earth
Chapter 4 Judgment is like a god
Chapter 5 The boss also knows the fragrance garden?
Chapter 6 Murder
Chapter 7 Xu Qing's Medicine
Chapter 8 Boss, can you teach me?
Chapter 9 Martial Arts
Chapter 10 The Palace Poem Society
Chapter 11 Xiao Ye
Chapter 12
Chapter 13 This Can Have
Chapter 14 This is not my intention
Chapter 15 The First Talent in Yongzhou
Chapter 16 Fame Soaring
Chapter 17 You are so beautiful
Chapter 18 Departure
Chapter 19 The sword is right in the sheath
Chapter 20
Chapter 21 I Can Write Stories
Chapter 22 Contribution
Chapter 23 Published on the Shelves
Chapter 24 Hot Sale
Chapter 25 The Case of the Lost Child
Chapter 26
Chapter 27 Try without spending money
Chapter 28 My lord, the judgment was wrong!
Chapter 29
Chapter 30 Game Theory
Chapter 31 Tanabata Poetry Party
Chapter 32 You laughed!
Chapter 33: Chapter 33: I have an idea
Chapter 34: Chapter 34
Chapter 35 Qingxue Study
Chapter 36 Brother Xu, Save Me!
Chapter 37
Chapter 38
Chapter 39 Sorry, I went wrong
Chapter 40 Let's play a game
Chapter 41 Original Poems
Chapter 42 You lost!
Chapter 43 Where are the books spread out?
Chapter 44
Chapter 45 Mrs. Sister-in-law?
Chapter 46 Some dreams, just do it during the day
Chapter 47 The anger of shopkeeper Wang!
Chapter 48 She's Beautiful
Chapter 49 Grab Her Stomach
Chapter 50 Rock Candied Haws
Chapter 51
Chapter 52 To win the favor of the county master for silver
Chapter 53
Chapter 54
Chapter 55 Su Qian, a Good Bribe
Chapter 56 Buy One Get One Free
Chapter 57
Chapter 58
Chapter 59 Thank you!
Chapter 60: The Law of Great Chu
Chapter 61
Chapter 62 Su Qian saves the field
Chapter 63
Chapter 64 The nature is different!
Chapter 65 Sorry, I went wrong
Chapter 66 Home
Chapter 67: Drink Medicine or Drink Water?
Chapter 68 Storytelling
Chapter 69 Healing
Chapter 70 This is not good!
Chapter 71 Investigation Details
Chapter 72 The villain is wronged!
Chapter 73 Work is Impossible to Work
Chapter 74
Chapter 75
Chapter 76
Chapter 77 Fake Marriage
Chapter 78 Invitation
Chapter 79 The vinegar jar has been turned over?
Chapter 80 Wedding Banquet
Chapter 81 Wedding Banquet (2)
Chapter 82 Physical Dispersion
Chapter 83
Chapter 84
Chapter 85 He's Lazy
Chapter 86 I'm here to pick you up.
Chapter 87 Break his legs
Chapter 88 I am full
Chapter 89 Or, Change the Law?
Chapter 90 Big ambition
Chapter 91 Title
Chapter 92 I hope people last forever
Chapter 93 Revenge from Qingxue Study
Chapter 94 Jealousy from the wise king
Chapter 95 This king is all for you
Chapter 96
Chapter 97
Chapter 98 Substitution?
Chapter 99 Goodbye Xu Yun
Chapter 100 Ten Tricks
Chapter 101
Chapter 102 Bamboo Leaf Green
Chapter 103 Sister is God's Battle for Brother
Chapter 104 I don't have a father-in-law like you!
Chapter 105 I'm worried about the bookstore!
Chapter 106 Privately Published
Chapter 107 She's Still a Child!
Chapter 108 The transformation of the county magistrate
Chapter 109 Let the revenge come more violently!
Chapter 110 The turn of autumn and winter
Chapter 111 Genius
Chapter 112
Chapter 113: A traitor or a worthy minister
114 Fragrant Pastry
Chapter 115 Opening
Chapter 116 Why are you?
Chapter 117 Let's Talk
Chapter 118
Chapter 119 How stupid!
Chapter 120 Might as well eat more good things
Chapter 121 from one to one hundred thirty-two
Chapter 122 This is jealousy as a father!
Chapter 123 Good son-in-law
Chapter 124 Su Qian's thoughts
Chapter 125 - Inspector Dong
Chapter 126
Chapter 127 Surprised Inspector Dong
Chapter 128 The title has been decided
Chapter 129 Childish Su County Magistrate
Chapter 130 Law Lessons
Chapter 131
Chapter 132 Admit defeat!
Chapter 133 Eat more good food and spend more time with your family
Chapter 134 What to Give?
Chapter 135 It's Snowing!
Chapter 136 Invitation
Chapter 137
Chapter 138 What did you do?
Chapter 139
Chapter 140
Chapter 141 Not a single one will let this king worry
Chapter 142
Chapter 143 Motivation
Chapter 144
Chapter 145 Father's love is like a mountain
Chapter 146 Hot Water Room
Chapter 147: Twice
Chapter 148 Ling Lang's Life Is Only One
Chapter 149 Assassination
Chapter 150: The Xu Family, Your Life Is Not Long
Chapter 151 This county magistrate, don't do it!
Chapter 152 Embarrassing State Sima
Chapter 153 No! I don't want to!
Chapter 154 Give Me
Chapter 155 Eat more good food and spend more time with your family
Chapter 156 Take the Family Law!
Chapter 157 Water can carry a boat and capsize it
Chapter 158 Long live the original intention
Chapter 159 It's all weird!
Chapter 160 Judgment
Chapter 161 Warm up with a thousand miles
Chapter 162 Judgment
Chapter 163 A single spark can start a prairie fire
Chapter 164 Newspaper
Chapter 165 Such a weapon
Chapter 166 What if
Chapter 167 Honey Water
Chapter 168: Rock Sugar Sydney
Chapter 169 New Arithmetic
Chapter 170 Fried Chicken Drumsticks
Chapter 171
Chapter 172 There is no big family in the world who is not easy to deceive
Chapter 173 Half a month's wages are gone!
Chapter 174 Rights are locked in the cage of the system
Chapter 175 I don't like this story
Chapter 176 The grandson
Chapter 177
Chapter 178 Collective absenteeism
Chapter 179 Missing
Chapter 180 Ninety percent of the big Oolong
Chapter 181 The Injured Xu Qing
Chapter 182 Different!
Chapter 183 Don't Move!
Chapter 184 I promise
Chapter 185 No chance of winning
Chapter 186 Passing Out
Chapter 187
Chapter 188 Official Statement
Chapter 189 Husband, I'm Cold
Chapter 190
Chapter 191 Sue me!
Chapter 192 Toffee
Chapter 193 New Year
Chapter 194 Make a sin!
Chapter 195 Don't let this son catch you!
196 Me too
Chapter 197
Chapter 198 Disgust from Governor Dong
Chapter 199 Departure
Chapter 200 Someone came to buy the book
Chapter 201 Xiongtai, do you want to buy a book?
Chapter 202 Don't talk! Take it!
Chapter 203 Anding County
Chapter 204 Husband, let's make the house
Chapter 205 With you in this life, ten lifetimes is enough
Chapter 206
Chapter 207
Chapter 208 Xiaoyu's Daughter
Chapter 209 Feelings That Can't Be Let Go
Chapter 210 Xu Qing was awarded the title of Anding County Count
Chapter 211 Double Standards Are Everywhere
Chapter 212 Round Room
Chapter 213: Good to You and Qian'er
Chapter 214 The Wife Su Qian
Chapter 215
Chapter 216 The Battle for Xu Qing [Part 1]
Chapter 217 The Battle for Xu Qing [Last Part]
Chapter 218 King Qi, King Feng, King Xin
Chapter 219 Retreat
Chapter 220 No money? What kind of relationship do you talk about without money?
Chapter 221 Lady, it's my husband's fault
Chapter 222: Bamboo Yeqing, who is holding back
Chapter 223: Unknown if the bronze mirror is not wiped
Chapter 224: Meeting Xiao Ye Again
Chapter 225 Punishment
Chapter 226 Princess hug
Chapter 227 Good News and Bad News
Chapter 228 Account Issues
Chapter 229
Chapter 230 The cat kicking effect
Chapter 231: Auditing Accounts
Chapter 232 The Emperor Chu inspects
Chapter 233 Superficial Xiao Ye
Chapter 234 Cream
Chapter 235 Another Use of Cream
Chapter 236 Birthday Cake
Chapter 237 Mrs. Gao Ming [Three thousand words! 】
Chapter 238 Thank you husband
Chapter 239 Various moves on martial arts cheats
Chapter 240 How can I help you?
Chapter 241 Good news!
Chapter 242 Talent
Chapter 243
Chapter 244 A Very Filial Daughter
Chapter 245
Chapter 246 Soft Paper
Chapter 247 No!
Chapter 248 It's all his fault!
Chapter 249 Where are you from?
Chapter 250 Sudden Quiet
Chapter 251 Shameless
Chapter 252
Chapter 253: Tongue Wars
Chapter 254: Zhao Wen has been taught
Chapter 255: It has nothing to do with Xuan'er
Chapter 256: Can't Run
Chapter 257: Is it enough for twelve?
Chapter two hundred and fifty eight: ten thousand taels of silver
Chapter 259: Make a big firework
Chapter 260: Calling the Dean in the Future
Chapter 261: Mahjong
Chapter 262: King and Concubine
Chapter two hundred and sixty-three: I hate the most out of a thousand people!
Chapter 264: This casino is not easy
Chapter 265: Sneak into the night with the wind
Chapter 266: No refund!
Chapter 267: I didn't kill it!
Chapter 268: Three Guardians
Chapter 269: Husband and wife
Chapter 270: How can a child be important
Chapter 271: Instructor Snow
Chapter two hundred and seventy-eight: the wise king raids
Chapter 279: It is best to eat poor him!
Chapter 280: Simple King Qi
Chapter 281: We are rich!
Chapter 282: People don't like me
Chapter 283: What did the younger brother say?
Chapter 284: Obsession
Chapter 285: Loyal? Ruthless!
Chapter 285: The heart is not cruel, the road is unstable!
Chapter 286: How dare he!
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh: strangers
Chapter 288: Has something happened?
Chapter 289: Respect and Interests
Chapter 290: Birthday Banquet
Chapter 291: Sensation
Chapter 292: Princess Gaoning
Chapter 293: Fireworks Party
Chapter 294: Let him go!
Chapter 295: I personally check
Chapter 296: This is life
Chapter 297: It will kill people!
Chapter two hundred and ninety eight: toilet water
Chapter 299: The Mission of the State of Zhou
Chapter 300: Dust Washing Feast
Chapter 301: Xu Qing takes action
Chapter 302: Are you in a hurry?
Chapter 303: Akers and the Snowball
Chapter 304: You're actually the county magistrate of Anding!
Chapter 305: Riddles
Chapter 306: Pattern
Chapter Three Hundred and Seven: The Deputy Commissioner
Chapter 308: Public Opinion War
Chapter three hundred and ninth: feasting
Chapter 310: Drink more hot water
Chapter 311: Your Majesty, it's time to take medicine.
Chapter 312: You can't go
Chapter 313: Cause and Effect
Chapter 314: Can I still harm you for my brother?
Chapter three hundred and fifteen: check out
Chapter 316: Melancholy Xiao Ye
Chapter 317: Zheng Wan'er
Chapter 318: Sitting opposite
Chapter 319: Part 1, with sound
Chapter three hundred and twentieth: can you come sooner tomorrow?
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty One: Zheng's Mother Checking Gang
Chapter 322: Hand over the money
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Three: The heroine spares her life!
Chapter 324:
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Five: Zhao Guo Mission
Chapter 326: The Heart of Chu Kingdom
Chapter 327: Good calculation!
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Eight: Han Han Woman
Chapter 329: Confrontation in the dark
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty: Remember to Eat or Not to Hit
Chapter 331: Peace of mind, get it
Chapter 332: Chu people who are not afraid of power
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty-Three: Together Wine
Chapter 334: Once a day
Chapter 335: Zhao Huang who is stupid and rich
Chapter 335: Lost
Chapter 337: A draw
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Eight: The Last Game
Chapter 339: Three Poems! Three Words!
Chapter 340: The generals of the frying pan
Chapter 341: Lao Jiang, stop!
Chapter 342: Xu Qing, who is afraid of heights
Chapter Three Hundred and Fortieth: Damn Brat
Chapter 344: Military Order
Chapter 345: I want him to win
Chapter 346: It's amazing!
Chapter 347: Mung Bean Smoothie
Chapter three hundred and forty-eight: The banker who is stupid and rich
Chapter Three Hundred and Fortieth Nine: One Sent Proposition
Chapter 350: The jealous Xu Qing
Chapter 351: Don't kill me
Chapter 352: Evening
Chapter 353: Month
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty-Four: 'Water Melody Song Head'
Chapter 354: Add a try
Chapter three hundred and fiftieth: is continuing to secretly have fun
Chapter 357: The lord said he was not there
Chapter 358: Zhao Guozheng's anger
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Nine: Do Not Talk About Wu Virtue
Chapter 360: Eating Rabbits
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty-One: Standing Again
Chapter 362: Liuxiang Pavilion
Chapter 363: We are learning lip language
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Four: Little Son
Chapter three hundred and sixty-fifth: what happened to Anding County
Chapter 366: Complex Issues
Chapter 367: Li Xun's Worries
Chapter 368: Meet the bright moon again
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Nine: Bright Moon Resolves Heart
Chapter 370: Nothing at all!
Chapter 371: Up to four
Chapter 372: Once a day
Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy-Three: Friendship with Wu
Chapter 374: Delicious!
Game 375: I lost!
Chapter 376: Cute Silly Girl
Chapter 377: Damn old fox
Chapter three hundred and seventy-eight: preserved egg and lean meat porridge
Chapter 379: Long Binger who ate it
Chapter 380: You shouldn't cry, right?
Chapter 381: What is Mahjong?
Chapter three hundred and eighty second: own people
Chapter 383: Tsundere Binger
Chapter 384: All for you
Chapter three hundred and eighty fifth: Great Chu specialty
Chapter 386: Who Said I Don't Eat
Chapter 387: Plan
Chapter 388: Assassination
Chapter 389: It's Your Majesty
Chapter 390: You are right
Chapter 391: Fortunately, I came early for my brother
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two: for brother, I can only help you here
Chapter 393: Presumptuous! I am the official!
Chapter 394: Light Snow Bingyue
Chapter 395: Light Moon Ice and Snow
Chapter 396: Doing Business
Chapter 397: My poor brother!
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Eight: Dividing Glass
Chapter 399: Invitation
Chapter Four Hundred: I Reward You
Chapter Four Hundred and Another: Add a thousand taels!
Chapter 402: Become the Prince
Chapter 403: You Broke, Five Thousand Twos
Chapter 404: The Domineering Su Qian
Chapter 405: This time is different
Chapter 406: Happy Pulse
Chapter 407: Have you paid your taxes?
Chapter 408: The King with Cat Cake
Chapter 409: Depressed Long Bing'er
Chapter 410: He's been busy these days
Chapter 411: Who is not dead?
Chapter 412: Yang Zhou's death
Chapter 413: Who is the murderer?
Chapter four hundred and fourteen: Xuan'er who is afraid of ghosts
Chapter 415: Half a month
Chapter 416: The lady is fierce!
Chapter four hundred and seventeen: busy
Chapter 418: Grace, it's you!
Chapter four hundred and nineteen: you earned it
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty: Lesson Fees
Chapter 421: Are we talking about a kind of busy?
Chapter 422: The Honest Lu Zhengshi
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty-Three: Han Han Girl Long Bing'er
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Four: I Won't Come Again
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Five: Love Over Time
Chapter 426: Where is the experience?
Chapter 427: Treasure
Chapter 428: Close the door!
Chapter 429: Don't make trouble, husband
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty: One Pregnancy Silly Three Years
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty First: The Rebellion That Does Not Hurry
Chapter 432: Millennium Imagination
Chapter 433: Will he come?
Chapter 434: Where is the Fragrance Courtyard?
Chapter 435: I don't want to!
Chapter 436: Hungry it for a day!
Chapter 437: When did we say we were going to rebel?
Chapter 438: Good words are hard to persuade a damned ghost
Chapter 439: What's for lunch?
Chapter four hundred and fortieth: good brother
Chapter 441: Say please
Chapter 442: Attack on Beishan
Chapter 443: Spy Shadow Xu Chen
Chapter 444: You steal my tofu!
Chapter 445: Cheng? City.
Chapter 446: A letter to the lady
Chapter 447: Yi County
Chapter 448: Do you know who I am?
Chapter 449: Yellow Punishment
Chapter 450: I'm hungry
Chapter 451: Do you dare to beat the royal family?
Chapter four hundred and fiftieth second: the son leaves
Chapter 453: It's me
Chapter 454: I am Wang Fa!
Chapter 455: The fault is the court
Chapter 456: Huang Family Birthday Banquet
Chapter Four hundred and Fifty Seven: Deep Origins
Chapter four hundred and fiftieth eight: throwing the cup for the number
Chapter four hundred and fiftieth IX: meet again
Chapter 460: What's with you?
Chapter 461: Returning to Beijing
Chapter 462: Go back.
Chapter 463: Declare war!
Chapter 464:
Chapter 465: Naming
Chapter 466: The Unfortunate Chamberlain
Chapter four hundred and sixty-seven: the master of Yongle County who shows his great power
Chapter 468: Three Conditions
Chapter 469:
Chapter four hundred and seventieth: pain
Chapter four hundred and seventy-one: Your majesty is a good majesty
Chapter 472: Busy Emperor Zhao
Chapter four hundred and seventy third: the face is not fragrant
Chapter 474: Murphy's Law
Chapter 475: Land State
Chapter four hundred and seventy-six: encounter the virtuous princess
Chapter 477: You continue to practice
Chapter four hundred and seventy eight: battle robe armor
Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Nine: Practice Calligraphy
Chapter 480: Departure
Chapter 481: Letter from Liuxiang Pavilion
Chapter four hundred and eighty second: bitten by a tiger
Chapter 483: It's hard to be a woman
Chapter 484: Young Master of Yongding Houfu
Chapter four hundred and eighty-fifth: There are such good things?
Chapter 486: The lady is fat
Chapter 487: Do you have anything else to say?
Chapter four hundred and eighty eight: Emperor Chu who is uneasy
Chapter 489: Gun Repair
Chapter four hundred and ninetieth: guns like thunder
Chapter four hundred and ninety first: Xiao Ye, who is extremely talented
Chapter 492: No, you don't want to!
Chapter 493: I can see it all
Chapter 494: Xuan'er
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters: set off
Chapter 496: The journey has you
Chapter 497: No, you didn't
Chapter 498: There are bandits!
Chapter 499: We want money, not life!
Chapter 500: Because robbing you is a crime!
Chapter 501: Your face is full of stories
Chapter 502: Bandit's Dream
Chapter five hundred and three: Cher is sick
Chapter 504: I like you, a shadow guard who knows current affairs
Chapter 505: Release!
Chapter Five Hundred and Six: Thunder and Fire from the Sky
Chapter 507: Lantern Festival
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighth: I take care of this matter to the end!
Chapter Five Hundred and Nine: Goodbye Dong Hao
Chapter Five Hundred and Ten: Misunderstanding Resolved
Chapter 512: The last stubbornness of the old Xiao family gene
Chapter five hundred and thirteen: The little girl who sells thunder
Chapter five hundred and thirteen: meet Liu Zhong again
Chapter five hundred and fourteen: let nature take its course
Chapter five hundred and fifteen: Zhou Guoguo division
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixteen: The Thunder Reappears, Xiao Ye's Sneak Attack
Chapter five hundred and seventeen: Emperor Zhou
Chapter five hundred and eighteen: bright moon heartache
Chapter five hundred and nineteen: collecting interest
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty: Well Played
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty One: Contradictions
Five hundred and twentieth chapters: after ten days
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Three: Meet Binger Again
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Four:
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Five: Chilling!
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Six: He Still Pinch
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Seven: Dengzi!
Chapter 528: The Story of Mulan
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Nine: Ming Family
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty: Ming Zhou
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty First: And After Sales?
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Two: The Silly Girl Who Eats Candied Haws
Chapter 533: Not a big problem
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-Four: The Reason for the Gathering
Chapter five hundred and thirty fifth: grab the number plate
Chapter 536: Let you squeeze my hand!
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-Seven: Ordered by Heaven, Longevity and Prosperity
Chapter five hundred and thirty eight: Mid-Autumn Festival, miss her
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Nine: Catching Crickets
Chapter five hundred and fortieth: Long girl, you don't want it either
Chapter 541: King Zhao Guoming
Chapter five hundred and forty-two: life-saving grace
Chapter Five Hundred and Fortieth: Murder Pro-Benefactor
Chapter 544: Set off fireworks
Chapter 545: Because we are friends!
Chapter 546: Don't say it again next time
Chapter 547: Ghost Stories
Chapter five hundred and forty eight: Macabaka
Chapter 549: King Ming's Ideal
Chapter 550
Chapter 551: Poisonous Scorpion Gate
Chapter 552: Wu Lin Conference
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Three: War-Free Cards
Chapter 554: Are you also not interested in money?
Chapter five hundred and fifty fifth: make a bet
Chapter 556: Poison!
Chapter 557: Antidote
Chapter 558: Shadow Guards Assemble!
Chapter 5559: Too late!
Chapter five hundred and sixty:
Chapter 561: Three birds with one arrow
Chapter five hundred and sixty-two: just lazy
Five hundred and sixtieth chapters: learn and use
Chapter 564: It should be
Chapter five hundred and sixty-five: true and false, false and true
Chapter 567: Bandaging
Chapter five hundred and sixty-eight:
Chapter five hundred and sixty nine: Yan Wu taught
Chapter Five Hundred and Seventieth: Wulin Leader
Chapter five hundred and seventy-one: I said the same last time
Chapter 572: Take it away!
Chapter 573: Assassination
Chapter 573: Binger
Chapter five hundred and seventy-four: you squeeze my hand again
Chapter five hundred and seventy-fifth: I can't bear to be sleepy
Chapter five hundred and seventy-eight: the order!
Chapter 579: I am Yan Wu
Chapter five hundred and eighty: Qingjun side
Chapter five hundred and eighty first: will come back
Chapter five hundred and eighty second: you took me a whole
Chapter five hundred and eighty third: smooth journey
Chapter five hundred and eighty-four: Dad?
Chapter five hundred and eighty fifth: General Long
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-Six: You die with this heart!
Chapter five hundred and eighty seventh: kiss
Chapter 586: Brother Xu told me
Chapter five hundred and eighty seventh: Don't!
Five hundred and eighty-eight words: Yang Conspiracy!
Chapter 589: Love the people like a son?
Chapter Five Hundred and Ninetieth: House Porridge
Chapter five hundred and ninety first: too tormenting
Chapter 592: Back to Beijing
Chapter 593: Going Home
Chapter 594: Husband, I miss you
Chapter 595: Rebirth
Chapter 596: Wu Ju
Chapter 597: The Big House
Chapter 598: Mother
Chapter 599 : Dealt with it!
Chapter 600: Uncle
Chapter 601: Take another look at it's weird
Chapter 602 : Women are big hooves!
Chapter 603: Teach bad children
Chapter 604: You have to pay back when you come out
Chapter 604: Hangover Soup
Chapter 605: Who is to blame
Chapter 606: Peacemaker
Chapter 607: What can I do when I go?
Chapter 607: It's snowing!
Chapter 608: Don't envy mandarin ducks, don't envy immortals
Chapter 609: Pick someone to serve the bed?
Chapter 610: Chu Guo Wengu
Chapter 611: Four sentences of Hengqu
Chapter 612: For example, Mr. Xu?
Chapter 613: Put it here
Chapter 614: Celebration Banquet
Chapter 615: Yang Mingzhi
Chapter 616: Stay!
Chapter 617: Visiting King Feng
Chapter 618: What do you see me doing?
Chapter 619: Rain and dew are soaked
Chapter 620 It's Almost Falling
Chapter 623: This can't be done
Chapter 624: The Domineering Yongle County Master
Chapter 625: Who is the head of the family?
Chapter 626: The customized imperial decree of Yongle County Master
Chapter 627: The Master of Martial Arts
Chapter 628: The Princess' Dowry
Chapter 629: Difficulty in naming
Chapter 630: Yang Zhengshi, who received tea to relieve his worries
Chapter 631: Conquering
Chapter 632: Thinking about it
Chapter 633: If you are with Mu Xue today
Chapter 634: Don't forget to hug silver
Chapter 635: Yang Mingzhi, who doesn't want to stay longer
Chapter 636: Xiao Ruxue walking through the back door
Chapter 637: The Angry Princess Yongle
Chapter 638: Peace Talk
Chapter 639: Negotiation (2)
Chapter 639: Lazy
Chapter 641: An Assassin Without Killing Intent
Chapter 642: Xiao Ye, who will always keep his original intention
Chapter 643: Yang Zhengshi, you don't want to
Chapter 644: Just get used to it.
Chapter 645: Negotiation (End)
Chapter 656: Not the same as in the book
Chapter 656: Legal but Sick
Chapter 657: Xiao Ruxue, who is curious about the West
Chapter 658: Basic Science
Chapter 659: Xu Qingmian and Xiao Ruxuemian
Chapter 660: Angry Su Qian
Chapter 661: The Conspiracy of the Yongle County Master
Chapter 653: Someone came to pay New Year's greetings so early?
Chapter 654: A sour smell
Chapter 655: Fighting against an opponent
Chapter 655: New Year's Eve Dinner
Chapter 656: Telescope
Chapter 657: You are busy
Chapter 658: The Elixir of Longevity
Chapter 659: This King has always agreed
Chapter 660: Write a letter
Chapter 661: Turtle Breathing Technique
Chapter 662: The Heartbeat of Two People
Chapter 663: Wanyan Khan
Chapter 665: The Strong and the Weak
Chapter 666: ?!
Chapter 667: Persuasion
Chapter 668: Can You Accept Female Disciples?
Chapter 669: Take more than ten years of detours?
Chapter 670: The opportunity is here!
Chapter 671: Old Fox
Chapter 672 : Report to the instructor!
Chapter 673: It's Not True
Chapter 674: Drink more hot water
Chapter 675: Two?
Chapter 676: Rainy Day
Chapter 677: The Smart Princess Yongle
Chapter 678: Listen to me, it's right
Chapter 679: Cheng Ying Xue Zhi
Chapter 680: The Grassland Mission Visits, The Dust Banquet
Chapter 681: You can do it
Chapter 682: Have you eaten?
Chapter 683: Xu Qing smiled and lost the money
Chapter 684: Simple and simple folk customs
Chapter 685 : They bully people!
Chapter 686: Top Strategy Contempt
Chapter 687: Stop
Chapter 688: Mo Ni's Friendship
Chapter 689: Gunpowder Formula
Chapter 690: Sin in the present, merit in the future
Chapter 691: Learned a Craft
Chapter 692: Xiner and Xier
Chapter 693: The Colored Glass Wolf King
Chapter 694: Glazed Wolf King [2]
Chapter 695: Glazed Wolf King [Three]
Chapter 696: Big Baby and Little Baby
Chapter 697: Pertinent and Real
Chapter 698 : Ning'er!
Chapter 699 : Participate in his book!
Chapter 700: Things in the Central Plains are too expensive!
Chapter 701: Need to add money
Chapter 702: Add another fifty thousand taels
Chapter 703: Dividing cattle and sheep
Chapter 704: I am bald
Chapter 705: Nothing is bad
Chapter 706: At least sixteen years
Chapter 707: Move back
Chapter 708: Absurd Conjecture
Chapter 709: Please let me bear it
Chapter 710: A Reason
Chapter 711: I have decided
Chapter 712: Proton Candidates
Chapter 713: King Qi Shares Worries
Chapter 714: Where is the sweetheart?
Chapter 715: The Excessive King Qi
Chapter 716: Unfamiliar King Qi
Chapter 717: His brain should not be able to figure it out.
Chapter 718 : Bold!
Chapter 719: Bang!
Chapter 720: Prepare the Sword!
Chapter 721: Discussing State Affairs
Chapter 722: This is the explanation
Chapter 723: The Emperor's Physician Order
Chapter 724: That's not necessarily
Chapter 725: Concubine Qi
Chapter 726: The King of Qi who has been rotten from now on
Chapter 727: Princess Gao Ning's visit
Chapter 728: Infant Language
Chapter 729: Showing the enemy's weakness
Chapter 730: Going Together
Chapter 731: Treating prisoners preferentially
Chapter 732: Murder and Punishment
Chapter 733: You have to be the same
Chapter 734: Troubleshooting
Chapter 735: Help
Chapter 736: The King of Feng who does not accept his fate
Chapter 737 : Create by hand!
Chapter 738: The Sneaky Su Qian
Chapter 739: The Embarrassment
Chapter 740: It has nothing to do with Feng Wang Huangxiong
Chapter 741: The Crying Xiner and Xier
Chapter 742: Ask for advice
Chapter 743: Improved Recipe
Chapter 744: It has been planned for a long time
Chapter 745: Public opinion!
Chapter 746: Conspiracy
Chapter 747 : Something must be done!
Chapter 748: King Qi Visits King Feng
Chapter 749: Selling Tea
Chapter 750: The Emperor's Brother Is Right
Chapter 751 : Withdraw!
Chapter 752: The task of patrolling the camp
Chapter 753: Password
Chapter 754: Only recognize the password but not the person
Chapter 755: The ultimate dream of generals
Chapter 756: Wasting Emotions
Chapter 757: Attack on the Camp
Chapter 758: Improved Smoke Screen
Chapter 759: The One Who Stops Me Dies
Chapter 760 : Make a lot of money!
Chapter 761: Indivisible
Chapter 7662: The broken password
Chapter 763: Opening a precedent
Chapter 764: The Stone of Sinan
Chapter 765: Li Xun and Yang Mingzhi
Chapter 766: Cooperation? Allegiance!
Chapter 767: The speed of refreshing cognition
Chapter 767: Two Ways
Chapter 768: Night Watch
Chapter 769: The wise king who competes with the stake
Chapter 770: Going to the King
Chapter 771: The Abused Xu Qing
Chapter 772: The big tribe surrounds the small tribe
Chapter 773: The Explanation of Xian Wang
Chapter 774: General Equivalent on the Prairie
Chapter 775: The Central Plains Merchant
Chapter 776 : Catch it!
Chapter 777: Really a spy
Chapter 778: You have come to an end
Chapter 779: The Third Way
Chapter 780 : Unblocked!
Chapter 781: Split Action
Chapter 782: Three thousand people
Chapter 783: Smart Bone Clock
Chapter 784: The Hateful Shopkeeper
Chapter 785: Don't act rashly
Chapter 786: The Prince's Urgent Order
Chapter 787: Peaceful Evolution
Chapter 789 : Take care of him!
Chapter 790: Don't leave without saying goodbye next time
Chapter 791: Do you know that there is still the word shame in the world?
Chapter 792: Zhao Guo, who was once again raped by the Internet
Chapter 793: Going the opposite way
Chapter 794: The only way to the grassland
Chapter 795: The Misfortune and Fortune Rely On
Chapter 794: Why don't you try
Chapter 795: Try and Die
Chapter 796: Su Zhong, who spurred himself
Chapter 797: The State of Etiquette
Chapter 798: No!
Chapter 799 : A good life is safe!
Chapter 800: Be on your own
Chapter 801: The Stubborn Xiao Ruxue
Chapter 802: The Master of Yongle County Who Doesn't Listen to Persuasion
Chapter 803: The Compromise of King Xian
Chapter 803: Satisfactory Disposition
Chapter 804: Expedition
Chapter 805: Two Tongues
Chapter 806: Catch two more
Chapter 810: The most tragic abandonment in history
Chapter 811: The Battle Flag Flying
Chapter 812: The Prairie Retreat
Chapter 813: The division of labor between the two armies
Chapter 814: Scattered into the grassland
Chapter 815: Take it for granted, commonplace
Chapter 815: Approaching Wolf Mountain
Chapter 817: Accidents
Chapter 818: Confessions
Chapter 819: Back to the light and back to the light
Chapter 820: Back to Beijing
Chapter 821: No reward
Chapter 822: Black Heart Landlord
Chapter 823: National Prestige
Chapter 824: Mind your own business
Chapter 825: The Envoy of the Japanese State
Chapter 826: Inoue Saburo and Onizuka Twenty-Four
Chapter 827: Speak human words.,
Chapter 828: Disgust from the Emperor
Chapter 829: Banquet in Ramadan House
Chapter 830: Don't dare to change
Chapter 831: Leaked
Chapter 832 : A brazen person!
Chapter 832 : The advantage is in me!
Chapter 833: Recipe
Chapter 834 : Capital punishment!
Chapter 835 : Nothing!
Chapter 836: Respect
Sheet 837: Candidates for Deputy Envoys
Chapter 838: Loulan begging for marriage
Chapter 840: Missionary
Chapter 841: The boring journey
Chapter 842: Two-level reversal
Chapter 843: The Capital of Zhou Kingdom
Chapter 844: The Feast of Dust Washing
Chapter 845: Challenge the monarchy?
Chapter 846: The Princess Mansion
Chapter 847: Eighteen days
Chapter 848: Relying on others
Chapter 849: Pets
Chapter 850: King Loulan
Chapter 851: The oriole is behind
Chapter 852: Breathe
Chapter 853: You are now the defendant
Chapter 854: Excuse the guilt
Chapter 855: The official ambassador of Chu, Xu Qing!
Chapter 856: Plum Garden
Chapter 857: Begging for a cup of tea
Chapter 858: The Prince Will Die With You
Chapter 859: Borrowing Firearms
Chapter 860: Arrangement
Chapter 861 : Reverse!
Chapter 862: Suzaku Gate
Chapter 863: Then play music and then get busy
Chapter 864: The Desperate Princess Yining
Chapter 865: Nineteen Years
Chapter 866: The Truth
Chapter 867: Throne
Chapter 868: revenge one by one
Chapter 869: Demolish the Princess Mansion
Chapter 870: Rude
Chapter 871: Counting Plums in the Corner
Chapter 872: The Violent Beating of Society
Chapter 873: One word side by side king
Chapter 874: The Heaven and the Earth
Chapter 875: Three Conditions
Chapter 876: Win-win
Chapter 877 : Upright East Palace!
Chapter 878: Resignation
Chapter 879: Shameless
Chapter 880: Forced to fill a happy day
Chapter 881: Repaying the Grievance
Chapter 882: Yunzhou
Chapter 883: Returning to China
Chapter 884: Going Home
Chapter 885: The State of Zhao with Internal and External Troubles
Chapter 886: Envoy to Chu Country
Chapter 887: Three
Chapter 888: Minister Seconded
Chapter 889: Just have fun
Chapter 890: Silly girl with low emotional intelligence
Chapter 891: Have You Earned?
Chapter 892: Borrowing Two Million
Chapter 893: Unusual
Chapter 894: Exercise
Chapter 895: Zhao Guo replied
Chapter 896: King Huai's thoughts
Chapter 897: I want to be emperor
Chapter 898: I want to be emperor
Chapter 899: The Imperial Decree
Chapter 900: Smashing Walnuts
Chapter 901: Liu Rou
Chapter 902: Which Descendants
Chapter 903: Sitting at home for a while
Chapter 904: Help
Chapter 905: A large number of adults
Chapter 906: I'm a Barbarian
Chapter 907: Shameless
Chapter 908: Don't drink the drinks of strangers
Chapter 909: A gentleman loves money in a proper way
Chapter 910: Song Yuan
Chapter 911: Remarkable
Chapter 912: Symbolic venting
Chapter 913: Fortune Teller Monk
Chapter 914: Break and then stand
Chapter 915: It's none of your business, go out!
Chapter 916: Bullying the soft and fearing the hard
Chapter 917: Thank you
Chapter 918: The Real Living Buddha
Chapter 919: The sixth time
Chapter 920: Requisition
Chapter 921 : Because I have no quality!
Chapter 922: Reluctance
Chapter 923: Damn She Zhaoren
Chapter 924: Roar of Despair
Chapter 925: All the birds are flying, the good bow is hidden
Chapter 926: Love but not
Chapter 927: You can only kiss but not pinch
Chapter 928: Bring back a King Ming
Chapter 929: Qin Xiang with a flexible bottom line
Chapter 930: The King of Feng from the Heart
Chapter 931: Plan
Chapter 932: The King of Han
Chapter 933: Calling Grandpa
Chapter 934: King Xu Qing
Chapter 935: King Ming Visits
Chapter 936: Banquet
Chapter 937: The Great King
Chapter 938: Open and aboveboard
Chapter 939: Heading to Weizhou
Chapter 940: The First Pot of Gold
Chapter 941: If you want to get rich, build roads first
Chapter 942: Donate money
Chapter 943: Paying for it
Chapter 944: Buy cement
Chapter 945: Envoy
Chapter 946: Queen's Guard of Honor
Chapter 947: Xu Qing who guards the vacant room alone
Chapter 948: Negotiation Between Two People
Chapter 949: Happy
Chapter 950: Suppress bandits?
Chapter 951: The Mayor
Chapter 952: Daughter won't go back to eat
Chapter 953: Goodbye Yun Xi
Chapter 954: The Governor's Son-in-Law
Chapter 955: Pop!
Chapter 956: Changing to a new routine?
Chapter 957: Wedding dress
Chapter 958: Trying on the Wedding Dress
Chapter 959: Big Wedding
Chapter 960: Bridal Chamber [Part 1]
Chapter 961: Bridal Chamber [Part 2]
Chapter 962: Nowhere to go at night?
Chapter 963: Official and Private
Chapter 964: Chang'an
Chapter 965: Moon God
Chapter 967: Two Hours
Chapter 968: The City That Never Sleeps
Chapter 969: Drafted imperial decree
Chapter 970: Returning to Beijing
Chapter 971: Is there any other backup?
Chapter 972: Leaving aside the facts
Chapter 973: Dali Temple Minister
Chapter 974: The probability of failure is high
Chapter 975: Pull it out, cut it off!
Chapter 976: Be a man with backbone
Chapter 977: Identify the direction
Chapter 978: Chasing and intercepting, getting a lot of help.
Chapter 979: Dealing with the Wound
Chapter 980: I don't want to
Chapter 982: Identity
Chapter 983: Right or Wrong
Chapter 984: Ning'er of Five Mothers
Chapter 985: Golden Finger?
Chapter 986: Software, hardware and systems, rebel machines
Chapter 987: Unexpected joy
Chapter 988: Plan
Chapter 999: New Year's Wish
Chapter 990: Little wish
Chapter 991: Three Steps
Chapter 992: Xu Qing's Women's Army
Chapter 993: Departure
Chapter 994: I don't like breaking the rules
Chapter 995: Allocation of rooms
Chapter 996: Diligent Long Binger
Chapter 997: Sleep with you
Chapter 998: Looking for you, Sister Su
Chapter 999: Duan Qing
Chapter 1000: Stealing the House
Chapter 1001: Meeting Xin Honggao Again
Chapter 1002: Strong
Chapter 1003: Can this be seen?
Chapter 1004: Departure
Chapter 1005: The Queen's Confidence
Chapter 1006: Zhao Huaiyi
Chapter 1007: The crystallization of love?
Chapter 1008: Rebel?
Chapter 1009: The first layer? Atmospheric layer!
Chapter 1010: Governor of Shuzhou
Chapter 1011: Flawless
Chapter 1012: Ambush
Chapter 1014: Sounding Arrow
Chapter 1015: Intercept Fan Chao
Chapter 1016 : They Are All Rebels!
Chapter 1017: Then faint
Chapter 1018: We are like this
Chapter 1019: Have a celebration banquet?
Chapter 1020: Wronged?
Chapter 1021: Change
Chapter 1022: Ruthless!
Chapter 1023: Taking down Shuzhou
Chapter 1024: Preparations before the Great War
Chapter 1025: Each perform their duties
Chapter 1026: In full swing
Chapter 1027: Different Opinions
Chapter 1028: Who?
Chapter 1029: Busy Rebellion
Chapter 1030: Food Price Problem
Chapter 1031: Food
Chapter 1032: Banquet
Chapter 1033: Who is wrong?
Chapter 1034: After ten days
Chapter 1035: Cheap Food
Chapter 1036: 30%
Chapter 1037: Panicked Grain Merchant
Chapter 1037: Forty percent
Chapter 1038 : We sold it!
Chapter 1039: The War Will Begin
Chapter 1040: Empty customs?
Chapter 1041: Victory in the first battle?
Chapter 1042: Supervising the Army
Chapter 1043: Attack?
Chapter 1044: Firearms?!
Chapter 1045: Mingjin withdraws troops
Chapter 1046: Celebration wine
Chapter 1047: Zhao State Protests, Chu State Confused
Chapter 1048: The City Defense Weapon
Chapter 1049: Remedial
Chapter 1050: You can hold on to this
Chapter 1051: Lovely Xiao Ruxue
Chapter 1052: Lost to the dog
Chapter 1053 : Do the trick!
Chapter 1054: Angry Xu Qing
Chapter 1055: See Through
Chapter 1056: Do you not listen to your husband?
Chapter 1057 : Great Luck?
Chapter 1058: Convince Xu Qing
Chapter 1059: Legitimacy
Chapter 1060: Sense of Honor
Chapter 1060: The night is dark and the wind is high
Chapter 1061: Password!
Chapter 1062: Thank you!
Chapter 1064: Peerless Good Man
165 Chapter 165 : Get more help
Chapter 1066: Eunuch Bai?
Chapter 1067: No chance of winning
Chapter 1068: Are you still not surrendering?
Chapter 1069: Assassin
Chapter 1070: The Dumbfounded Xiao Ye
Chapter 1071: Pain~
Chapter 1072: They are all accomplices!
Chapter 1073: Me
Chapter 1074: Cut in half!
Chapter 1075: Do you have to offend death?
Chapter 1076: Go home
Chapter 1077: An Extra Bed
Chapter 1078: Find a Taoist priest
Chapter 1079: Drinking
Chapter 1080: You want to be beautiful!
Chapter 1081: Bad Husband!
Chapter 1082: My daughter is hungry
Chapter 1083: Move the capital?
Chapter 1084: Changes in Shuzhou
Chapter 1085: Beloved
Chapter 1086: Drink more water
Chapter 1087: Worth a Kiss
Chapter 1088: This is a good boy
Chapter 1089: Meaningful
Chapter 1090: No Solution
Chapter 1091: Cheap or not?
Chapter 1092: Do me a favor
Chapter 1093: Nervous Long Bing'er
Chapter 1094: Su Qian pouted
Chapter 1095: Big Wedding
Chapter 1096: I'm not a business god
Chapter 1097: State Sima?
Chapter 1098: This king is going to target you now
Chapter 1099: Not enough success, more than failure
Chapter 1100: Guess Odds and Evens
Chapter 1101: Let's go to Chang'an together
Chapter 1102: Back to Shuzhou?
Chapter 1104: Another conspiracy
Chapter 1105: Pre-war Preparations
Chapter 1106: Because I have no quality!
Chapter 1107: Zhao Guo's Thoughts
Chapter 1108: Listen to your husband
Chapter 1109: Evil is rewarded with evil?
Chapter 1110: Emperor Shezhao's decision
Chapter 1111: Empty city plan?
Chapter 1112: Evidence
Chapter 1113: Correcting Homework
Chapter 1114: Li Xun Visits
Chapter 1115: I feel the same!
Chapter 1116: Territory black?
Chapter 1117: Six months later
Chapter 1118 : Long Binger Knows His Mistakes and Tsundere
Chapter 1119: Eat Snacks
Burial No. 1120: Hitting your son's mind?
Chapter 1121: Two cups of tea
Chapter 1122: The First Battle
Chapter 1123: Siege
Chapter 1124 : Good man!
Chapter 1125: Are you worthy?
Chapter 1126: Method
Chapter 1127: Found the reason
Chapter 1128: A Picture, Four Words
Chapter 1129 : Talent!
Chapter 1218: Entering the capital
Chapter 1219 : Hosting for the country and the people
Chapter 1220: I Want It All
Chapter 1221: Return
Chapter 1222: Country Title
Chapter 1223: Warm Wine War
Chapter 1224: Name
Chapter 1225: Future Development
Chapter 1226: Xuan'er!
Chapter 1227 : Pure learning is bad.
Chapter 1228: Happy Li Xun
Chapter 1229 Xu Xiao
Chapter 1230: Hmph!
Chapter 1231: Bad idea
Chapter 1232: Bing'er ascends the throne
Chapter 1233: Reward for meritorious deeds, revenge for revenge
Chapter 1234 Finale
Chapter 1235 Extra Story, Modern Meeting
Chapter 1237 : Who is she?
Chapter 1237 : Who is she?
Chapter 1149: Even the Supreme Emperor can’t stop him!
Chapter 1150: Who to marry?
Chapter 1151: Wealthy and generous
Chapter 1152: Can you eat it?
Chapter 1153: Middlemen
Chapter 1154: Extreme sorrow brings joy?
Chapter 1155: Xu Ruoshuang and Xiao Bailu
Chapter 1156: Experiment is the only criterion for testing truth
Chapter 1157: Play together
Chapter 1158: Weak successors
Chapter 1159: What are you thinking?
Chapter 1160: What are you doing? Oops
Chapter 1161: Concept of the Age of Discovery
Chapter 1162: Beat the master to death with random punches
Chapter 1163: Envy
Chapter 1164: Espionage
Chapter 1165: Father-in-law Bureau
Chapter 1166: The female college student holds a gold brick
Chapter 1167: Swimming Pool
Chapter 1168: Xiao Ruxue, unwilling to lag behind
Chapter 1169: Pain and happiness
Chapter 1170: Beautiful
Chapter 1171: Is there any more?
Chapter 1172: Don’t forget your original intention!
Chapter 1173: Intimate?
Chapter 1174: Damn Li Xun
Chapter 1178: Learning to swim
Chapter 1179: Admit your mistake
Chapter 1180: Comfort is short-lived
Chapter 1181: Chu State Keeps its Promise
Chapter 1182: Cool House
Chapter 1183: Five years later
Chapter 1184: Return
Chapter 1185: The fickle woman
Chapter 1186: Mother Xueer turned out to be such a person
Chapter 1187: Mother Xueer, beat him!
Chapter 1188: Eldest Princess
Chapter 1189: His Majesty is busy
Chapter 1190: I won’t listen, I won’t listen!
Chapter 1191: Candidates for Minister of Rites
Chapter 1192: The Importance of Cold Weapons
Chapter 1193: Catching the Wind
Chapter 1194: Su Jiyuan, Minister of Household Affairs
Chapter 1195: Ning'er stays?
Chapter 1196: The war is approaching
Chapter 1197: Two months of hard work
Chapter 1198: Weird hobby
Chapter 1199: Sleeping together
Chapter 1200: Go in person
Chapter 1201: Help
Chapter 1202: Departure
Chapter 1203: Playing Mahjong
Chapter 1204: Assassin!
Chapter 1205: Oops, discovered
Chapter 1206: Jinyiwei
Chapter 1207: Five years!
Chapter 1208: Siege
Chapter 1209: The way out
Chapter 1210: The king and his subjects are birds of the same forest
Chapter 1211: Go back home!
Chapter 1212: So what?
Chapter 1213: Rebellion!
Chapter 1214: Three days
Chapter 1215: King Ming’s methods
Chapter 1216: Emperor Zhao passes away
Chapter 1217: Queen’s decision
Chapter 1218: Entering the capital
Chapter 1219: Hearing the news and presiding over the country and the people
Chapter 1220: I want them all
Chapter 1221: Return
Chapter 1222: Country Name
Chapter 1223: Warm wine battle
Chapter 1224: Name
Chapter 1225: Future Development
Chapter 1226: Xuan'er!
Chapter 1227: Those who learn nothing but bad things.
Chapter 1228: Happy Li Xun
Chapter 1229 Xu Xiao
Chapter 1230: Humph!
Chapter 1231: Bad Idea
Chapter 1232: Binger ascends the throne
Chapter 1233: Rewards based on merit, Revenge
Chapter 1234 Finale
Chapter 1235 Extra, modern meeting
Chapter 1236 The world after a thousand years
Chapter 1237: Who is she?
Chapter 1238: Girlfriend
Chapter 1239: Husband
Chapter 1240: Surprised Ning Yi
Chapter 1241: Online Shopping