Chapter 352 and Cement

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 Saw it.

The top of the tower that was stolen and lost from the Iron Buddha Temple 50 years ago is right in front of you.


"I knew it was here. This thing never got out back then, but I never thought it would be hidden here."

A trace of enthusiasm flashed in Tian Sanjiu's eyes.

"Get it out."

Tasha was hidden in a cotton bucket, and it took some effort to take it out.

Because it is too heavy, and the rusty areas are left untouched for many years, as if they were welded on.

Brother Yu found a steel bar as a crowbar, got in with his red eyes and kicked out with his feet.

Mainly because the space for movement was limited, it took us nearly half an hour to move the tower brake out bit by bit.

It was only after I took it out that I saw clearly that this thing was like a big piece of platinum, nearly one meter long and very thick. Because of its poor material and poor storage environment, it was very rusty.

There are words engraved all over the pagoda, some simple Buddhist-themed patterns, the words mean the iron Buddha temple pagoda built by the disciples for Zen Master Yuetianshi in the Zhengde year.

After Tian Sanjiu carefully inspected it, he said: "Looking at other pagodas in the past, this thing may contain monks' relics and some believers' offerings. It was cast in one piece at that time. If there is any, it will be at the bottom. Pull it back and talk about it.


Here comes the problem.

It's on the roof of the building now. How can I get rid of such a big iron lump?

I pushed it and tried, but it didn't move.

Brother Yu said: "Tie a triangle with a rope and tie this thing up. Then the three of us will pull it and slide it down the wall. We should be able to pull it."

Brother Yu just finished speaking.

"Fuck!" I was shocked.

The few of us were still discussing the solution, but we saw Red Eyes holding Tie Tudu with both hands. His feet stared at the ground, and the big blood vessels on the back of his hands burst out, and he pushed the top of the iron tower forward and slid forward.

In ancient times, it was said that there was a person who was a king and lifted a cauldron, and was born with supernatural power. He was this kind of person with red eyes. This kind of strength may be innate.

If he hadn't followed Luo Kashan to rob tombs, he would have become a weightlifter and would definitely have won a gold medal. Brother Yu felt inferior after seeing this.

When we reached the edge of the roof, after tying it up, we grabbed the rope and started lowering it down along the wall.

The iron tower brake made a slight sound when it rubbed against the wall, and the wall skin was worn away.


"Don't move yet. Turn off the light quickly."

We tightened the rope and had just reached it halfway when Tian Sanjiu suddenly stopped.

There was a corner in front of the warehouse, and someone came over with a flashlight and talking.

The iron tower brake was hanging in mid-air. I gritted my teeth and tightened the rope, not daring to say a word.

"Lao Zhou, it's so late, why don't you go get some water?"

"Yes, go to the water room in the dormitory building to get a drink. The water room in the men's factory cannot be used. It's full of water thorns and you can't drink it."<

Two decoration workers stopped downstairs of the warehouse with flashlights and kettles in hand.

If they looked up at this moment, we would be seen.

One person put down the thermos and handed the smoke: "Come on, you won't be going back to your hometown for the Chinese New Year this year? I heard that everyone has bought tickets. You are from the same village. You don't want to go home."

The other person took two steps forward and stopped against the wall, right under the iron tower stop.

If we couldn't hold on and let go, the height plus weight would smash this person into a meat pie on the spot.

"Hey, how can I miss home?"

The man took the cigarette and took a puff and said: "There is no work on the construction site in winter. Let's work until March. I can earn several thousand more dollars before going back. My wife has always wanted to buy an electric car. I will buy it for her when I go back."

One car.”

"What brand? How much does it cost?"

“I don’t know the quality of Feige brand electric cars.”

"Huh? I heard someone said that Feige was acquired a few months ago and they want to make a new brand. Why don't you ask your wife to wait for the new brand? Maybe you can draw a lottery then."

The taut rope began to slide down little by little.

I won't mention it. Brother Yu's forehead is already sweating. If it weren't for Red Eyes holding it up by himself, he would just remember to smash down the tower.

My face turned red from holding it in, and I cursed in my mind: "Stop talking about fucking electric cars. If you don't want to leave, just buy a hearse."

"Let's go. It's cold outside. I went back to bed after fetching water. I still have to go to work tomorrow."

"Then let's go,"

The man flicked off his cigarette butt, picked up the thermos and left.

Seeing the workers walking away, Tian Sanjiu breathed a sigh of relief and said to continue.

As it continued to be lowered, the iron brake hit the ground and made a loud bang.

At this time Tian Sanjiu took out his mobile phone and looked at the time.

"Ten minutes, take a look at the machinery and equipment on the roof that may be hiding something. Although it is unlikely, I am afraid that the cast iron Buddha is also hidden here."

The result was that we couldn't find it. There was only one similar cotton tube on the roof of the building. We looked at all the old equipment and found no trace of the cast iron Buddha.

In the dark, Brother Yu drove the car and removed the back seat, and we carried our things into the car.

Under the cover of darkness, the vehicle slowly drove away from the Second Cotton Factory.

Things like pagodas and pagodas are considered building components. There have been no auction records before, and I have never heard of anyone specifically stealing such things.

It's not as well-made as it is, certainly not as good as the Ashoka Pagoda and the Crystal Relic Pagoda in the Binta Underground Palace.

But this thing is unique. There is only this one in the country. How much do you think it is worth?

Less money?

In the car, I asked Tian Sanjiu what he planned to do with it, whether he would buy anything, and whether he would sell the things abroad.

Tian Sanjiu looked back at Tasha and said, "If you sell this thing to a scrap collector, it would be worth several hundred yuan."

"If you sell it to an antique dealer, it might cost tens of thousands of dollars."

"But if you sell it to a rich person who is a Buddhist, and if this rich person has heard of Monk Yuetian, I have the final say on how much it will cost."

"If I say dozens, it's it, if I say a hundred, it's it, do you understand?"

Brother Yu held the steering wheel while driving and said something...??.

"Don't forget the one million you promised me."

Tian Sanjiu put down the glass and let the cold wind blow in. He looked at the night and said: "The pagoda is just an accessory. The cast iron Buddha in the Iron Buddha Temple is what I really want. As long as I can get it, you will naturally get the share of money you deserve."


"Then what clues do you have about Iron Buddha?" I asked.

Tian Sanjiu thought deeply: "It seems that Bai Tingli hid the pagoda back then, but he didn't know where the Iron Buddha was hidden, so he asked me to find it."

"The misunderstanding between Wang Xiaoqin and Bai Tingli was followed by the deaths of those involved. No one can know the truth anymore, but I will continue to investigate this matter."

He said to Brother Yu and me: "Remember, you two, go to the factory warehouse during the day and find someone to pull a few bags of cement to treat the ground. I will let you know when I have news."

Tian Sanjiu unloaded the Tasha to the village where he lived.

After not sleeping all night, Brother Yu and I stared at each other for a while in the car. At about ten o'clock in the morning, we drove back to the Second Cotton Factory.

During the construction in the south factory area, there was a large amount of cement piled at the entrance of the warehouse. We could use a few bags without being noticed.

If we don't do it, the cement floor of the abandoned warehouse is full of holes made by impact drills.

Unless you are in a barren mountain or somewhere else, if you want to avoid being caught after robbing a tomb, you must do the aftermath.

Otherwise, if you just pat your butt and walk away, you might be caught after just a few days of wandering.

Close the warehouse door, mix the cement, and start working.

Brother Yu wiped the ground and said with a smile: "Yunfeng, I asked, judging from the current housing prices in Harbin, one million is enough to buy a place to open a martial arts gym. Then I will buy some training equipment. I can't handle it alone."

Let’s hire some more coaches.”

I smiled and said, "Brother Yu, can you open a store? Don't close it."


"How can I fail if I keep my skills here?"

"Okay, brother Yu, don't be angry, I'm just joking."

"Come on, let's go eat after we finish."

Brother Yu and I were chatting and working when suddenly the warehouse door was pushed open.


We didn't lock it, we just closed it tightly. We didn't expect anyone to come here, and it was too late to run away.


"Boy, what are you doing?"

When I saw someone coming, I told myself not to panic.


Mr. Xing was still wearing the starched military coat and holding a black plastic bag in his hand.

He pushed the door open and entered the abandoned warehouse. After looking at it, he shouted loudly: "What the hell is going on! This place was fine last month!"

"Boy! Who asked you to do this?"

I made up an excuse casually. I said that I knew the contractor who worked in the southern district, and I wanted to do some casual work so I could earn some money before the end of the year.

"Fuck it!"

"Last time I saw you, didn't you know Old Man Bai's granddaughter?"

"Why do you want to make money by hooking up with her? Do you know what this is called? This is called hanging out with a rich woman."

I smiled and didn't reply, and threw the trowel I used to apply cement aside.

Seeing that I got to know the old man who suddenly barged in, Brother Yu breathed a sigh of relief.

"Stop it and sit down for a while."

Looking for something to cushion himself on, Mr. Xing sat cross-legged on the ground and unwrapped the plastic bag.

I saw that there was roast chicken wrapped in butter paper and half a bottle of white wine in the bag.

Invite Brother Yu to sit down.

Mr. Xing took out a sharp knife from the pocket of his military coat, pulled it open, and handed me a chicken drumstick.

"I didn't bring the paper cup. I originally planned to go back at noon and drink some by myself. If it doesn't feel dirty, let's blow on the bottle."

The wine didn't taste good, so Brother Yu and I took a sip or two from the bottle.

Mr. Xing seemed to be happy after drinking, and I didn’t dare to chase him away. I could only listen to him brag. He said how awesome he was when he was young, and the women who chased him could line up for a mile holding hands. He looked at every one of them.

Not on.

After eating and drinking for a while, Mr. Xing said, "Wait a minute, I'll go relieve myself."

Not far away, he was standing next to an old machine.

"We still have to work, when will this old man leave?" Brother Yu asked.

"He should leave soon."

I looked back at Mr. Xing who was going to relieve himself.

The old man was standing in front of an old piece of equipment to relieve himself, motionless. Just then, there was an old-fashioned lantern placed on a pile of debris not far away.

I rubbed my eyes hard.

"What's wrong Yunfeng?"

My face turned pale.

Xing Ye, Xing Ye, Xing Ye.

In 1958, Wang Xinggui, director of the Second National Cotton Factory.

This chapter has been completed!
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