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King of Medical Martial Arts

King of Medical Martial Arts


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Latest chapter:Chapter 4384 Insidious plan

The soldier king has medical skills, and no one can stop him! The soldier king Lu Xuan, who was expelled from the army, returned to the city. By chance, he signed a marriage contract with the beautiful president, and thus developed a series of intricate love-hate relationships with the beautiful president.Beautiful president, violent police belle, beautiful school belle, first love girlfriend, big star, all kinds of beauties sneak into Lu Xuan's life, making Lu Xuan, who wants to live a peaceful life, unable to calm down QQ group: 71025775, WeChat official account:blood

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《King of Medical Martial Arts》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 4384 Insidious plan
Chapter 4383: The Weasel Greets the Chicken
Chapter 4382 This is just right
Chapter 4381 It can be seen
Chapter 4380 Passerby in life
Chapter 4379: Proof
Chapter 4378 Too naive, too simple
Chapter 4377 I gave you a chance
Chapter 4376: Rising to the Gods
《King of Medical Martial Arts》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Beauty President
Chapter 2 Nightmare
Chapter 3 Certificate Collection
Chapter 4 Mysterious Beauty
Chapter 5 Violent Police Flower
Chapter 6 The phone at home
Chapter 7 Ning Doudou
Chapter VIII The grievances of the big stars
Chapter 9 Huamei Company
Chapter 10 Research and Development Products
Chapter 11 The Way of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chapter 12 Extorting Confessions by Torture
Chapter Thirteen Little White Rabbit
Chapter Fourteen College Ball
Chapter 15 The Evil Sect
Chapter 16 The Scarred Man
Chapter 17 Thunder Leopard
Chapter 18 Drag Racing
Chapter 19 The Chariot God
Chapter 20 Minister of Logistics
Chapter 21 Three Conditions
Chapter 22 Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee
Chapter 23 Rihao Hotel
Chapter 24 Sending a Cell Phone
Chapter 25 Car Bomb
Chapter 26 Tang Chao
Chapter 27 Black Widow
Chapter Twenty-Eight
Chapter 29 Tension
Chapter 30 The ugly daughter-in-law always wants to see her in-laws
Chapter 31 Procurement
Chapter 32 The Knife Club
Chapter 33 Old Classmates
Chapter 34 Girlfriend
Chapter 35 Maternal and Child Health Hospitals
Chapter 36: The Technique of Returning to Heaven
Chapter 37 Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee
Chapter 38 Longyu Club
Chapter 39 The Unfortunate Leopard
Chapter 40 Sister Xiao has an accident
Chapter 41 Hongxing Society
Chapter 42 Affecting the City Appearance
Chapter 43: Seeing the police flower again
Chapter 44 Misunderstanding
Chapter 45: Li Tanghai
Chapter 46 Find the door
Chapter 47 Xie Yong's grievance
Chapter 48 Break up
Chapter 49: President Ning's runaway
Chapter 50 Girl's Heart
Chapter 51 Cafe
Chapter 52 Killer
Chapter 53 Swallowing Medicine
Chapter 54 The War of Two Women
Chapter 55: The Intention of the Big Star
Chapter 56 The police flower comes to visit
Chapter 57 Hao is terrible
Chapter 58 Bugatti Veyron
Chapter 59 I'm Your Wife
Chapter 60 Obstruction
Chapter 61 The Chief's Wrath
Chapter 62 The Dying Man
Chapter 63: The Daughter of the Daddy
Chapter 64 Golden Dragon
Chapter 65: One Enemy Two
Chapter 66 Just kidding
Chapter 67 Uncle
Chapter 68 Beautiful Teacher
Chapter 69 The Lesson of President Ning
Chapter 70 Class Reunion
Chapter 71 Class Flowers
Chapter 72 First Love
Chapter 73 Differences
Chapter 74 Acquaintances
Chapter seventy-fifth abuse you thousands of times
Chapter 76 Thunder Leopard
Chapter 77 Restart
Chapter 78 Shopping in the mall
Chapter 79: Give money first and then treat the disease
Chapter 80 You're done
Chapter 81 Wife's Rights
Chapter 82 The Past of the Bar
Chapter 83 Trouble with the school flower
Chapter 84 Jiangning Military Region
Chapter 85 I am the victim
Chapter 86 Troubleshooting
Chapter 87 Nanning Town
Chapter 88 The Beautiful Daughter-in-Law
Chapter 89: Go to the hall and enter the kitchen
Chapter Ninety
Chapter 91 Public revenge
Chapter 92 Branch Director
Chapter 93 Artificial Respiration
Chapter 94 Pure Accident
Chapter 95 Pull in
Chapter 96 Five Years
Chapter 97 The lost youth
Chapter 98 The problem of sleeping
Chapter 99 Raid
Chapter 100 Bald Head Seven
Chapter 101 Going out for a cigarette
Chapter 102
Chapter 103
Chapter 104 Police Flower's Last Words
Chapter 105 The Goddess of Police
Chapter 106
Chapter 107 Sayuri
Chapter 108 Super Hacker
Chapter 109 Vice President Yan
Chapter 110 Bagua Palm
Chapter 111 Too embarrassing
Chapter 112 Advertisement Shooting
Chapter 113 Don't Insult My Personality
Chapter 114 Strictly Reject
Chapter 115 Don't Look Back
Chapter 116 General Manager
Chapter 117 The Celebrity's Call for Help
Chapter 118 People from Two Worlds
Chapter 119 The Painful Past
Chapter 120 Xiao Li Flying Knife
Chapter 121 Dragon List, God List
Chapter 122 Urban Management
Chapter 123 The Crowd
Chapter 124 Zhang Bureau
Chapter 125: Different Police Flowers
Chapter 126 Pretending to be a Boyfriend
Chapter 127
Chapter 128 CS Battle
Chapter 129 Fighting the Wolf
Chapter 130
Chapter 131 Roller Coaster
Chapter 132
Chapter 133: Losing Sandbags
Chapter 134 The Opening of the Concert
Chapter 135 The Big Star's Nonsense
Chapter 136 Dance King
Chapter 137 Hao Tianfeng
Chapter 138 Little Lesson
Chapter 139 Police Flower's Boyfriend
Chapter 140 Best Son-in-law
Chapter 141 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 142 New car
Chapter 143 Too low-key
Chapter 144: A Good Golden Turtle-in-law
Chapter 145: Playing with Fire
Chapter 146 One Year Period
Chapter 147 Hua Zhendong is critically ill
Chapter 148 Fighting alone
Chapter 149
Chapter 150 Poison Needle
Chapter 151
Chapter 152 Let the old man be good
Chapter 153 Achievements
Chapter 154 Longevity
Chapter 155 I'm the Bodyguard
Chapter 156 Hao Ziyan
Chapter 157
Chapter 158 Too shameless
Chapter 159 Decathlon
Chapter 160 Shameless to the end
Chapter 161 You are dying
Chapter 162
Chapter 163 Crazy
Chapter 164 Post-War Psychological Syndrome
Chapter 165 Big News
Chapter 166 Archaeology
Chapter 167
Chapter 168 Hypnosis
Chapter 169 Climbing out of the coffin
Chapter 170 Mysterious Man
Chapter 171
Chapter 172 Killing
Chapter 173
Chapter 174: Touching Porcelain
Chapter 175
Chapter 176 Square Dance
Chapter 177 Dangerous Omen
Chapter 178 Killing Pig Knife
Chapter 179 Bamboo Leaf Green
Chapter 180 Drugs
Chapter 181 Beast
Chapter 182 Blue Wolf
Chapter 183
Chapter 184 Drug dealers
Chapter 185 Blame and Alienation
Chapter 186 Cold Night
Chapter 187 King of the Jungle
Chapter 188 The Power of the King of Soldiers
Chapter 189 The Kiss of the Rose
Chapter 190 Want to go against the sky toad
Chapter 191 Origin
Chapter 192
Chapter 193 Ning Wanxi's Cause
Chapter 194 Secret
Chapter 195 Surprise
Chapter 196
Chapter 197 Late night text messages
Chapter 198 Trouble with Minister Lan
Chapter 199 Embezzlement
Chapter 200 Is It Fun?
Chapter 201 Ning Wanxi's Birthday
Chapter 202 Seeing Shen Birong Again
Chapter 203 Wang Qiang
Chapter 204 Repentance
Chapter 205 The Wolf of the Bus
Chapter 206 First love is always beautiful
Chapter 207 Anti-wolf electric baton
Chapter 208 Birthday Present
Chapter 209 Seafood Dinner
Chapter 210 Talent
Chapter 211 Rejection
Chapter 212 Take a walk
Chapter 213 Confession of the school flower
Chapter 214 Which pot can't be opened and lifted
Chapter 215 Make a Wish
Chapter 216 The third condition
Chapter 217 Severe Punishment
Chapter 218
Chapter 219
Chapter 220 Untimely Call
Chapter 221: Not Peaceful
Chapter 222 Mr. Ning's old classmate
Chapter 223 Super Woman
Chapter 224: A Demonic Woman
Chapter 225 Eating Bananas Without Spitting Up Banana Peels
Chapter 226: Extermination of Human Nature
Chapter 227 is another superb
Chapter 228 Qin Yuzhen's troubles
Chapter 229 Talking about Cao Cao, Cao Cao will arrive
Chapter 230 The dilemma of the security company
Chapter 231 The Boss of the Tang Sect
Chapter 232 The Dying Man
Chapter 233 Full Moon Banquet
Chapter 234 The Promising Son
Chapter 235 Fierce Woman
236 It's Me
Chapter 237 Generous Qin Yuzhen
Chapter 238
Chapter 239
Chapter 240 Chinese Pastoral Dog
Chapter 241 Making money is too easy
Chapter 242 The old man with vision
Chapter 243 The past is unbearable
Chapter 244: Fortune Telling Blind
Chapter 245 Miss Song
Chapter 246 Boxing ring
Chapter 247 Dongxing and Hongxing
Chapter 248 Arhat Fist
Chapter 249 Fifth Master
Chapter 250: One Enemy Three
Chapter 251: It Turned Out to Be Sword Qi
Chapter 252 Misunderstanding with the school flower
Chapter 253 The first date
Chapter 254 Arrogant Woman
Chapter 255
Chapter 256 Mayor's daughter
Chapter 257 Buying Underwear
Chapter 258 Candlelight Dinner
Chapter 259
Chapter 260 Building Collapse
Chapter 261 You are my wife
Chapter 262 Disappointment and joy
Chapter 263
Chapter 264 White Rice Porridge
Chapter 265 The Tragic Lu Xuan
Chapter 266: The Crisis of the Killer
Chapter 267
Chapter 268 I'm Your Wife
Chapter 269 The Grandmaster
Chapter 270 The object of the blind date
Chapter 271
Chapter 272
Chapter 273
Chapter 274 The Beautiful Teacher Shen
Chapter 275 Vicious Ugly Woman
Chapter 276
Chapter 277 Director of Education Bureau
Chapter 278 Good Seedling
Chapter 279 Aunt Long's Illness
Chapter 280 Peach Wood Box
Chapter 281
Chapter 282
Chapter 283 Recalling the Past
Chapter 284 The second time of a woman
Chapter 285 The Tragic Wang Qiang
Chapter 286
Chapter 287 Surprised Dean Zheng
Chapter 288 Criticism
Chapter 289
Volume I Chapter 290 Another Class Reunion
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 291
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 292
Volume I Chapter 293 Tang Yun's Fiance
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 294 Lu Bo
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 295
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 296 Your leg hair is showing
Volume I Chapter 297 I'm going to kill you
Volume I Chapter 298
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Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 300
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 301 The Little Boy
Volume I Chapter 302 The Four Young Masters of the Southeast
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 303
Volume I Chapter 304 Little Fatty Sayuri
Volume I Chapter 305 Song Qingyu
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 306 Slimming Tea
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 307 Director of the Public Security Department
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 308
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 309
Volume I Chapter 310 Minister of Research and Development
Volume I Chapter 311 Sauna Club
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 312
Volume I Chapter 313 The Insidious Ye Fan
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 314
Volume I Chapter 315 Workaholic
Volume I Chapter 316 Land Auction
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 317 Deal
Volume I Chapter 318 Food stalls
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 319
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 320
Volume I Chapter 321 Five Animal Fist
Volume I Chapter 322 Fan Di
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 323 The potential star of a businessman
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 324
Volume I Chapter 325 Best Director
Volume I Chapter 326 The Great Harvest
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 327
Volume 1, text_Chapter 328
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 329
Volume I Chapter 330 The key has fallen into the house
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 331
Volume I Chapter 332 Visiting the police flower's uncle
Volume I Chapter 333 Divorce
Volume I Chapter 334 Don't Divorce Me
Volume I Chapter 335 The Perfect Niece-in-law
Volume I Chapter 336 Trouble in the restaurant
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 337
Volume I Chapter 338 Hello, Brother-in-law
Volume I Chapter 339 Seeing the Killer Again
Volume I Chapter 340 Two Killers
Volume I Chapter 341 Three Fresh Chaos
Volume I Chapter 342 Unreasonable
Volume I Chapter 343 The game of cat and mouse
Volume I Chapter 344 Hualian Shopping Center
Volume I Chapter 345 I Want You To Die
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 346
Volume I Chapter 347 Six Sons
Volume I Chapter 348 Governor Zhou
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 349 Singing
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 350
Volume I Chapter 351 Soy Milk Fritters
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 352
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 353
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 354
Volume I Chapter 355 Women's Intuition
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 356
Volume I Chapter 357 The King of the Underground World
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 358
Volume I Chapter 359 What a coincidence
Chapter 360
Chapter 361 Romantic Kiss
Chapter 362 Governor Zhou's Hidden Illness
Chapter 363
Chapter 364
Chapter 365
Chapter 366 Unexpected
Chapter 367 Soldier's Glory
Chapter 368
Chapter 369 United Front
Chapter 370
Chapter 371
Chapter 372 The agreement between the two women
Chapter 373 Waiter Killer
Chapter 374 Mysterious Master
Chapter 375: The Breakthrough Self of the Beautiful CEO
Chapter 376 Falling in Love with His Wife
Chapter 377
Chapter 378 Don't Give Him a Dime
Chapter 379 Alliance
Chapter 380
Chapter 381 Shooting Club
Chapter 382
Chapter 383 Gun God
Chapter 384
Chapter 385 The so-called surprise
Chapter 386
Chapter 387 Hidden Swordsmanship
Chapter 388
Chapter 389 Push into the fire pit
Chapter 390 Shameful little brother-in-law
Chapter 391
Chapter 392 Director Ding
Chapter 393
Chapter 394 Date With Wife
Chapter 395 Golf
Chapter 396
Chapter 397: Bird or Ball
Chapter 398 Swallowing golf balls
Chapter 399 show you something
Chapter 400: The Noisy Lu Ma
Chapter 401
Chapter 402: The Fat Man Who Speaks Out
Chapter 403 Invitation Letter
Chapter 404
Chapter 405
Chapter 406
Chapter 407 Establishment of a new company
Chapter 408 Secretary
Chapter 409: President, Invitation to Dinner
Chapter 410: Treasure Food
Chapter 411: The Angry Lu Xuan
Chapter 412 Where is justice
Chapter 413
Chapter 414 In the next life, I want to be a soldier
Chapter 415 New House
Chapter 416 A Warm Home
Chapter 417 Termination of the Agreement
Chapter 418 The Boyfriend Is Very Powerful
Chapter 419 Tai Chi
Chapter 420 The two elders of Kongtong
Chapter 421 Injury
Chapter 422 The Prince's Plan
Chapter 423
Chapter 424: The Shocking Secret
Chapter 425: Stone Gambling Club
Chapter 426: The Fifth King of Diamonds
Chapter 427
Chapter 428
Chapter 429
Chapter 430 Dragon Stone Species
Chapter 431 Beautiful Boss
Chapter 432 I'm Sorry, I'm Not Interested
Chapter 433 Wang Laowu's Revenge
Chapter 434: Blind
Chapter 435: Testing Loyalty
Chapter 436 Taobao Street
Chapter 437 Iron Sword
Chapter 438: Whose IQ Was Insulted?
Chapter 439
Chapter 440
Chapter 441
Chapter 442 Xiao Kai
Chapter 443
Chapter 444
Chapter 445
Chapter 446 Tank
Chapter 447: The Fall of the Prince's Gang
Chapter 448 Fitness Club
Chapter 449
Chapter 450
Chapter 451
Chapter 452 Hongmen
Chapter 453 Hostile Takeover
Chapter 454: Metheus
Chapter 455 Great Reversal
Chapter 456 Merger of Two Major Groups
Chapter 457 Doudou is here
Chapter 458: Wish
Chapter 459 Give birth to two sons
Chapter 460
Chapter 461: The Ultimate Martial Arts Showdown
Chapter 462
Chapter 463
Chapter 464 Crystal Heart
Chapter 465 The third
Chapter 466
Chapter 467
Chapter 468 Parallax Work
Chapter 469 Share Transfer
Chapter 470
Chapter 471
Chapter 472 The king will return
Chapter 473 Old friend
Chapter 474 This is too embarrassing
Chapter 475 Young man, well done
Chapter 476
Chapter 477 Mercenaries
Chapter 478 Sign it
Chapter 479 Gold Plated Desert Eagle
Chapter 480 Mines
Chapter 481 C4 Bomb
Chapter 482 Ghost Sniper
Chapter 483
Chapter 484 Little Secret
Chapter 485
Chapter 486 Doudou's little paws
Chapter 487: The Pursuit of Police Flowers
Chapter 488
Chapter 489
Chapter 490
Chapter 491 Prince Charming
Chapter 492 Birdman
Chapter 493
Chapter 494
Chapter 495 Military Order
Chapter 496 Fighting side by side for the last time
Chapter 497 Spike Pendant
Chapter 498 Return of the King of Soldiers
Chapter 499 Little Nurse
Chapter 500 Isolation and Difficulties
Chapter 501: Dean Huang
Chapter 502 Special supply of giant pandas in the military region
Chapter 503 Doctor Bai
Chapter 504 Wolf Fang Special Forces
Chapter 505: The Return of the King of Soldiers
Chapter 506
Chapter 507 Unforgettable Scene
Chapter 508
Chapter 509 The minority obeys the majority
Chapter 510 Skydiving
Chapter 511
Chapter 512 Ghost Demoman
Chapter 513 Ghost God of War
Chapter 514 Perfect sniper kill
Chapter 515 Unstoppable
Chapter 516 Scorpion Drone
Chapter 517 Disguise
Chapter 518: Catching the Crocodile
Chapter 519 Berwick
Chapter 520 Reptiles
Chapter 521
Chapter 522: The Power of the Wolf Fang
Chapter 523: Dying Words
Chapter 524
Chapter 525
Chapter 526 Returning to Jiangning
Chapter 527 We Despise You
Chapter 528 Securities Supervision
Chapter 529
Chapter 530 A trace of peace
Chapter 531 Wedding Shop
Chapter 532 Shock
Chapter 533 The Young Master of the Tang Family
Chapter 534 Captain Huang
Chapter 535 Don't Worry
Chapter 536 Too stupid
Chapter 537
Chapter 538
Chapter 539 Jiang Kun
Chapter 540 I Don't Have Your Son
Chapter 541
Chapter 542
Chapter 543
Chapter 544
Chapter 545: The New Minister of Logistics
Chapter 546 The struggle history of a security guard
Chapter 547: Sister Xiao's Ex-Husband
Chapter 548 Muay Thai Master
Chapter 549
Chapter 550 Domineering police flower
Chapter 551: It's Better For A Woman To Be Gentle
Chapter 552 The charm is too great
Chapter 553 Introducing the Object to Sister Xiao
Chapter 554 Miniskirt
Chapter 555 Ambiguity in the Office
Chapter 556: Shen Family Dinner
Chapter 557 Hotel Manager
Chapter 558: Seeing Old Classmates Again
Chapter 559 My face, my face
Chapter 560
Chapter 561 Female anchor
Chapter 562 I want to hack you to death
Chapter 563
Chapter 564
Chapter 565 Ambiguous Rainy Night
Chapter 566 Keep your distance
Chapter 567 Are you trying to die?
Chapter 568
Chapter 569
Chapter 570 Clinic
Chapter 571 Black Leather
Chapter 572 Treatment of Leg Disorders
Chapter 573
Chapter 574: Goodbye Lan Ya
Chapter 575 Ice Release
Chapter 576
Chapter 577 Small Gift
Chapter 578 The Brother Sleeping On The Upper Bunk
579 Proud of You
Chapter 580 The much-anticipated wedding
Chapter 581 Brown Wolf Prince
Chapter 582
Chapter 583
Chapter 584: Flying Wing Suit
Chapter 585 Iron Mask
Chapter 586 The new director of the company
Chapter 587 Executive Director
Chapter 588
Chapter 589 Liu Dong invites you to dinner
Chapter 590 Western Restaurant
Chapter 591: The Blessing of Qi People
Chapter 592
Chapter 593 Murder
Chapter 594: Death Penalty Can Be Excused
Chapter 595
Chapter 596 Bomb
Chapter 597
Chapter 598: Interrogating Tang Wenlong
Chapter 599 Qiao Sen
Chapter 600 Stimulation
Chapter 601 Kidney Stones
Chapter 602 Treatment of Stones
Chapter 603 Black Heart Hospital
Chapter 604 Gynecology Clinic
Chapter 605 justice is in the heart
Chapter 606 Arrogant
Chapter 607
608 Terrible
Chapter 609 The age at which you can eat chicken legs if you have chickens
Chapter 610 Youth Nostalgia Photos
Chapter 611 Pear Blossom Brings Rain
Chapter 612: A Man Like Drugs
Chapter 613: The Eighteenth Needle of Returning to Heaven
Chapter 614 Medical Qualification Certificate
Chapter 615 Public Relations Manager
Chapter 616: Asura Hall
Chapter 617 The medicinal properties of aphrodisiac
Chapter 618 Please call me Liuxia Hui
Chapter 619 The Three Great Palaces
Chapter 620 Massage Girl
Chapter 621
Chapter 622
Chapter 623 The highest realm of pretending
Chapter 624 The God of the Underground Car
Chapter 625 Long-legged beauty
Chapter 626
Chapter 627 Parents' expectations
Chapter 628 The goddess of wetness, Qianye whirling
Chapter 629 One Flower One World
Chapter 630
Chapter 631 Bantian Club
Chapter 632 Bushido Spirit
Chapter 633 You stupid pig
Chapter 634 I am here to steal money
Chapter 635
Chapter 636 Jiangning University School of Medicine
Chapter 637 The medicine is one foot high, and the poison is one foot high
Chapter 638 Professor of Western Medical College
Chapter 639: Promote my traditional Chinese medicine and revive China
Chapter 640 Unkind Invitation
Chapter 641
Chapter 642 Familiar Shadow
Chapter 643 The Happier, The More Painful
Chapter 644
Chapter 645 We meet again
Chapter 646 Jiang Kun's Conspiracy
Chapter 647 No One Survives
Chapter 648 The CEO's Wife
Chapter 649 Jagged Mercenary Group
650 The time is ripe
Chapter 651 Red Packet
Chapter 652 Liu Dong, who wants to vomit blood
Chapter 653
Chapter 654
Chapter 655 Big Star's Phone
Chapter 656 Beautiful host
Chapter 657 You Can Be In My Hands
Chapter 658 Who is the head of the family
Chapter 659 Yu Daoan
Chapter 660 The Myth of the United States
Chapter 661 kiss me
Chapter 662 Children's tricks
Chapter 663 Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference
Chapter 664
Chapter 665
Chapter 666 Toast
Chapter 667 Red Crane Top
Chapter 668 Psychological Distortion
Chapter 669
Chapter 670 Let's go
Chapter 671 There are always enemies in the eyes
Chapter 672
Chapter 673 Childhood Dream
Chapter 674 Doudou learns to walk
Chapter 675 Determining the Wedding Date
Chapter 676: Farewell to Parents
677 Squeeze them dry
Chapter 678
Chapter 679: Jade Foot
Chapter 680 Uncle, this is what you forced me
Chapter 681 Uncle, I'm Pregnant
Chapter 682 Black Sail Internet Cafe
683 Despised
Chapter 684
Chapter 685: Do You Still Have King Fa in Your Eyes?
Chapter 686 Three Hundred Tang Poems
Chapter 687 Seven Killing Array
Chapter 688: The Situation of Mortal Death
Chapter 689
Chapter 690 The Sixth Son's Sister
Chapter 691 Remember to take me with you
Chapter 692
Chapter 693
Chapter 694 It's Too Much
695 Found her
Chapter 696
Chapter 697 Feijia Village
Chapter 698 Fei Wenting
Chapter 699 I'm sorry
Chapter 700
Chapter 701 Call for help in the middle of the night
Chapter 702 The Bully in the Village
Chapter 703: Kefu, Wanke
Chapter 704 Sweet Potato Porridge
Chapter 705: Village Doctor
Chapter 706 Cataracts
Chapter 707 Magical Recipe
Chapter 708 Passionate Villagers
Chapter 709 Qinglong Gang
Chapter 710 Big Brother, I Was Wrong
Chapter 711 Farewell
Chapter 712 Mountain Spring
Chapter 713 Close Your Eyes
Chapter 714
Chapter 715
Chapter 716 too crazy
Chapter 717 Blue Dragon Gang Boss
Chapter 718 Former comrades-in-arms
Chapter 719 Development of Feijia Village
Chapter 720 The Tragic Bully
Chapter 721: Heavy Rain
Chapter 722 Rain and Tears
Chapter 723 The Nightmare That Can't Be Erased
Chapter 724
Chapter 725
Chapter 726 Sister-in-law
Chapter 727 Tingting's New Home
Chapter 728 Mail from a Superstar
Chapter 729
Chapter 730
Chapter 731 Marriage Defense
Chapter 732 is shopping again
Chapter 733 Someone
Chapter 734: Underwear Session
Chapter 735 Underwear Show
Chapter 736: Fuso Woman
Chapter 737 She is dying
Chapter 738 Balloon Explosion
Chapter 739 Violent Aesthetics
Chapter 740 Fake and inferior
Chapter 741
Chapter 742
Chapter 743 Deep Understanding
Chapter 744 Lover
Chapter 745 Baker
Chapter 746: Grab the Man's Stomach
Chapter 747
Chapter 748 Mysterious Organization
Chapter 749 Brother Xuan, you are not human
Chapter 750 Lu Xuan, who beats his wife
Chapter 751 gentleness in domineering
Chapter 752 I love you the most
Chapter 753 Love and Hate
Chapter 754: The Old Moon Temple Fair
Chapter 755 Junior High School Classmates
Chapter 756
Chapter 757: Wishing Tree
Chapter 758
Chapter 759: Wishing Pool
Chapter 760
Chapter 761: Three Months
Chapter 762 Seeing the blind fortune teller again
Chapter 763 Important Information
Chapter 764: A Good Show of Heroes Saving Beauty
Chapter 765
Chapter 766: A Game With Too Big Disparity
Chapter 767
Chapter 768 Consequences of the Fiasco
769 Bearded Man
Chapter 770 Headshot
Chapter 771
Chapter 772 The handsome back
Chapter 773 Hat Trick
Chapter 774 Malicious Foul
Chapter 775: Full Moon Scimitar
Chapter 776 Post-match interview
Chapter 777 Retirement
Chapter 778 I promise not to kill you
Chapter 779
Chapter 780
Chapter 781 Truth or Dare
Chapter 782 Unsolved Problems
Chapter 783 Pole Dance
Chapter 784 Too rotten
Chapter 785
Chapter 786
Chapter 787
Chapter 788
Chapter 789 University Cafeteria
Chapter 790
Chapter 791 Unlucky Xu Fan
Chapter 792 Concubine
Chapter 793
Chapter 794 Ninja
Chapter 795: Yasushi Shrine's Conspiracy
Chapter 796 Unprepared
Chapter 797: The Yanagawa Family
Chapter 798
Chapter 799: The Peak of Martial Arts
Chapter 800
Chapter 801 kneel down and sing conquest
Chapter 802 The Real Demon Sword
Chapter 803 Goddess Shit Appears
Chapter 804 Killing Iga East
Chapter 805
Chapter 806 Ghostly God of War
Chapter 807: The Power of the Blue Wolf
Chapter 808
Chapter 809
Chapter 810 The company's new project
Chapter 811 Younger than my mother
Chapter 812 Use of Funds
Chapter 813 Brother-in-law
Chapter 814 You have the ability to bite me
Chapter 815 Cooperative Auction House
Chapter 816 Lu Xuan's Plan
Chapter 817 You are too bad
Chapter 818 Bees in the Elevator
Chapter 819 I Don't Kill
Chapter 820: Crit
Chapter 821 life will die
Chapter 822
Chapter 823 It's getting dark when I wake up
Chapter 824 Tea tasting on Taoism
Chapter 825: Lu Xuan's Story
Chapter 826
Chapter 827
Chapter 828 Lu Xuan's Birthday
Chapter 829 wedding photos
Chapter 830 Children's Park
Chapter 831
Chapter 832 Who's Birthday?
Chapter 833 Eight hundred and thirty third you are my Prince Charming
Chapter 834 Carousel
Chapter 835
Chapter 836 KTV
Chapter 837 Brothers Sing
Chapter 838 The beauty of first love
Chapter 839 Birthday wishes
840 Just kidding
Chapter 841 You are my eyes
Chapter 842 Shaking shoulders
Chapter 843 Police Flower's Birthday Present
Chapter 844 Brothers are used to carry the blame
Chapter 845
Chapter 846 Colorful
Chapter 847 Can you open the door?
Chapter 848: Ribbon Cutting
Chapter 849 Emergencies
Chapter 850
Chapter 851
Chapter 852 Terrible Auction
Chapter 853
Chapter 854
Chapter 855 Sealing Fee
Chapter 856 Wife's Rights
Chapter 857 Qiandao Lake
Chapter 858 Plum Blossom Island
Chapter 859 The dots are plum blossoms
Chapter 860 The beautiful president with natural beauty
Chapter 861 Silver Ring Snake
Chapter 862 The best goddess wife
Chapter 863 Huainan City Police
Chapter 864
Chapter 865 Secretary of Huainan Municipal Party Committee
Chapter 866 Punishing the Evil Young Master
Chapter 867
Chapter 868 Shaking a Plum Blossom for You Next Year
Chapter 869 Battle Emperor Shitian
Chapter 870
Chapter 871
Chapter 872
Chapter 873
Chapter 874 Sad Hao Keren
Chapter 875 Fishing
Chapter 876 Enlightenment
Chapter 877 Happier than anyone else
Chapter 878
Chapter 879
Chapter 880: Big Fish Hooked
Chapter 881 Kick down the lake
Chapter 882
Chapter 883 Uncle's Weakness
Chapter 884 Want a baby
Chapter 885
Chapter 886 European Royal Princess
Chapter 887: Welcome the Princess
Chapter 888 Avril Lavigne
Chapter 889
Chapter 890 It's Really Him
Chapter 891 Royal Princess with Dual Identity
Chapter 892 trouble
Chapter 893 I don't love you anymore
Chapter 894 Charity Foundation
Chapter 895 If You Don't Marry Me, Who Can You Marry?
Chapter 896 Assistant Secretary to the President
Chapter 897
Chapter 898 Tang Yun's Call for Help
Chapter 899 Conspiracy
Chapter 900 Camera
Chapter 901
Chapter 902: Meeting an Acquaintance Again
Chapter 903 One of the girlfriends
904 A little nervous
Chapter 905
Chapter 906 The shadow of the tree, the name of the person
Chapter 907 The Holy Maiden Poisoned
Chapter 908 The Preciousness of Life
Chapter 909 The blood clan's comeback
Chapter 910 Eat a piece of spareribs to relieve hunger
Chapter 911 Song Family
Chapter 912 Painful whispers
Chapter 913: Jiang University's Celebration
Chapter 914 Lu Xuan takes the stage
Chapter 915
Chapter 916 New Year's Eve
Chapter 917
Chapter 918 Doudou's biological mother
Chapter 919: A Destined Couple
Chapter 920 call the police
Chapter 921 Asura Appears
Chapter 922: Enchanted
Chapter 923
Chapter 924 The showdown at the peak of martial arts
Chapter 925 how to save him
Chapter 926: Love Words Can't Escape
Chapter 927 send you away
Chapter 928 Unspeakable, unspeakable
Chapter 929
Chapter 930
Chapter 931
Chapter 932 The body of ice
Chapter 933
Chapter 934
Chapter 935 The days of living with the tender model
Chapter 936 Crying in the middle of the night
Chapter 937
Chapter 938 Interview
Chapter 939
Chapter 940 Underwear Salesperson
Chapter 941 The nobles in life
Chapter 942 good sisters
Chapter 943
Chapter 944: Boss Ge
Chapter 945 money temptation
Chapter 946 Eighty years of Maotai
Chapter 947
Chapter 948 Heroes
Chapter 949
Chapter 950 I finally let me find you
Chapter 951 If life is just like first sight
Chapter 952 New Employee
Chapter 953 Beauty is like a cloud
Chapter 954
Chapter 955
Chapter 956 Mr. Fang
Chapter 957
Chapter 958 My Girlfriend Is A Big Star
Chapter 959 Boyfriend
Chapter 960 Star Girlfriend
Chapter 961 The Strongest Little White Face in History
Chapter 962 The Axe Gang
Chapter 963
Chapter 964 Special Forces King
Chapter 965
Chapter 966 God does not accept you, I will accept you
Chapter 967
Chapter 968 Another surprise
Chapter 969 The affection of the big star
Chapter 970 I am afraid of myself
Chapter 971 Witnesses
Chapter 972 Jiangning
Chapter 973
Chapter 974: Fate Comes and Goes, Fate Gathers and Disperses
Chapter 975
Chapter 976
Chapter 977 Soymilk is poisonous
Chapter 978 Neiguan Point
Chapter 979 Director Wan
Chapter 980 Computer virus
Chapter 981 Sales Manager
Chapter 982
Chapter 983 If you don't pretend, you will die
Chapter 984
Chapter 985
Chapter 986 Yang Fei
Chapter 987
Chapter 988 The danger of the beautiful police flower
Chapter 989 She is my woman
Chapter 990 A Familiar Scene
Chapter 991 Entering the police station again
Chapter 992 Dragon King
Chapter 993: Members of the Dragon Clan
Chapter 994
Chapter 995 Little tricks of big stars
Chapter 996 beat the director
Chapter 997
Chapter 998 The affection of the big star
Chapter 999 Shooting the MV
Chapter 1000 kiss scene
Chapter 1001 Ka Ka Ka
Chapter 1002 Director Fu's Revenge
Chapter 1003 T-Taiwan Show
Chapter 1004 Well, we are all good sisters
Chapter 1005 Leather Bag Company
Chapter 1006 Anti-extortion
Chapter 1007 hell in broad daylight
Chapter 1008 Jiatai Hospital
Chapter 1009 I am an expert
Chapter 1010 The Legendary
Chapter 1011
Chapter 1012 Due Diligence
Chapter 1013 The person who the director likes
Chapter 1014 Reappearance of the Blood Race
#1015 with less enemy more
Chapter 1016 The person who knows the current affairs is Junjie
Chapter 1017 not happy
Chapter 1018 The phone number at home
Chapter 1019 It's almost New Year's Eve
Chapter 1020 Daughter-in-law of a big star
Chapter 1021 will be exposed sooner or later
Chapter 1022 The door is pushed in the middle of the night
Chapter 1023 Three days later
Chapter 1024 Underwear Male Salesperson
Chapter 1025 Planning
Chapter 1026 Voyeurism
#1027 gold shop robber
Chapter 1028 Marksmanship is accurate
Chapter 1029 cheating kiss
Chapter 1030 Cake Shop
Chapter 1031 Chief Jin
Chapter 1032 Abuse of Power
1033 Get Out
Chapter 1034 Strange People
Chapter 1035 Professional Debt Collector
Chapter 1036 Blood Wolf
Chapter 1037 Invincible
Chapter 1038 Become famous overnight
Chapter 1039 Love Breakfast
Chapter 1040 was fired
Chapter 1041 Looking for the head of the curtain
Chapter 1042 Lao Tzu quit
Chapter 1043 Bald Director
Chapter 1044 I resigned
Chapter 1045 You Hit Me Again
Chapter 1046 The person who can't be offended
Chapter 1047 sweet
Chapter 1048 Liver fire
Chapter 1049 In fact, the liver is deficient
Chapter 1050 It's a pity not to be an official
Chapter 1051 Hongmen Hotel
Chapter 1052 Superstar Li Ruotong
Chapter 1053 Thousands of years, unifying the rivers and lakes
Chapter 1054 is here to eat the overlord meal
Chapter 1055 Excited
Chapter 1056 Yang Peng's Phone
Chapter 1057 Heartbeat Bar
Chapter 1058 Xiao's father and Xiao's mother
Chapter 1059 Inner World
Chapter 1060 Xiao Kai's Son
Chapter 1061 I Can Die
Chapter 1062 Kill Yang Chengjun
Chapter 1063 Ambush from All Sides
Chapter 1064 God-like existence
Chapter 1065 the destruction of the Axe Gang
Chapter 1066 Unruly and difficult to tame
Chapter 1067 Pretending to be asleep
Chapter 1068 more and more naughty
Chapter 1069 I figured it out
Chapter 1070 A bet
Chapter 1071 Trouble with the Shogunate Group
Chapter 1072 Dogs can't change to eat shit
Chapter 1073 Swiss Bank
Chapter 1074 The Helpless Chief
Chapter 1075 Fruit Knife
Chapter 1076 Two things
Chapter 1077
Chapter 1078 Take the wrong medicine
Chapter 1079 Fashion Show
Chapter 1080 Supermodel
Chapter 1081 Lin Shiman takes the stage
Chapter 1082 Human error
Chapter 1083 Make a big fool
Chapter 1084 Retribution
Chapter 1085 Re-stage
Chapter 1086 The combination of demon and angel
Chapter 1087 The game of bullying more with less
Chapter 1088 Relentless Lessons
Chapter 1089 Jiangning's Friends and Family
Chapter 1090 Song Qingyu's Abnormality
Chapter 1091 Mother Lin
Chapter 1092 Competition
Chapter 1093 You are responsible for me
Chapter 1094 The secret of two people
Chapter 1095 Participate in a party
Chapter 1096 Victoria Angel
Chapter 1097 is approached
Chapter 1098 Become the focus
Chapter 1099 Apologize
Chapter 1100 Long time no see
Chapter 1101 Han Donglai
Chapter 1102 Mysterious Young Master Han
Chapter 1103 The King of Hell wants you to die
Chapter 1104 The sword is drawn
Chapter 1105 Someone You Can't Offend
Chapter 1106 Grass grows on the grave
Chapter 1107 Unintentional enjoyment
Chapter 1108 Declaration of War
Chapter 1109 A dead end
Chapter 1110 Fighting the Landlord
Chapter 1111 Weird
Chapter 1112 Female hooligan
Chapter 1113 Eight pole gate
Chapter 1114 Civil and Military
Chapter 1115 couplets
Chapter 1116 Wu You Eight Extremes Set the Universe
1117 Authentic Tai Chi
Chapter 1118 Tai Chi Battle Tai Chi
Chapter 1119 Octopus Collapse
Chapter 1120 One punch kills
Chapter 1121: Turning the Arm Out
Chapter 1122 I am an honest person
Chapter 1123 Your master is Mo Yuntao
Chapter 1124
Chapter 1125 Passionate Father and Mother Lin
Chapter 1126 Don't Let Go
Chapter 1127 tell you a joke
Chapter 1128 The baby of the sales department
Chapter 1129 The new sales manager
1130 Smoking addiction is coming
Chapter 1131 Vice President Secretary
Chapter 1132 marry a chicken and follow a chicken, marry a dog and follow a dog
Chapter 1133 The fish that slipped through the net
Chapter 1134 High Speed ??Rail Station
Chapter 1135 Moment of Crisis
Chapter 1136 Defeat one by one
Chapter 1137 Cooperate with acting
Chapter 1138
Chapter 1139 Counterattack
Chapter 1140 Sniping
Chapter 1141 I don't move
Chapter 1142 Awakening the Memory
Chapter 1143 In exchange for sincerity
Chapter 1144 Memories
Chapter 1145 Deduction, speculation
Chapter 1146 I won't talk to you anymore
Chapter 1147 Claypot Rice
Chapter 1148: Reining in the Cliff
Chapter 1149 The Success of Angel Victoria
Chapter 1150 Passive Lu Xuan
#1151 than the chest muscles
Chapter 1152 Don't Look Who I Am
#1153 noble
Chapter 1154 Centipede
Chapter 1155 Friendship of Landlords
Chapter 1156 Unique
Chapter 1157 You are too stunner
Chapter 1158 Wang Zheng
Chapter 1159 What about morals
1160 What is the situation
Chapter 1161 Director of Industry and Commerce
Chapter 1162 Hong Qianqian's phone call
Chapter 1163 Coercion
Chapter 1164 Pull the wind, domineering
Chapter 1165 stay for a meal
Chapter 1166 The predicament of Hongmen
Chapter 1167 How about our Qianqian
Chapter 1168 Seeking Famous Soldiers
#1169 sword
Chapter 1170 Sacred Tao Xuanyuan
Chapter 1171 Collection
Chapter 1172 mustard
Chapter 1173 stupid people have stupid blessings
Chapter 1174: Explaining the Mission
Chapter 1175: Mother Lin's Phone
Chapter 1176 Memories in the Army
Chapter 1177 I Really Like You
Chapter 1178 The truth is revealed
Chapter 1179 Practicing the Voice
Chapter 1180 Beautiful police flowers stay
Chapter 1181 Life is endless, learning is endless
Chapter 1182 Ciqikou
Chapter 1183 Cut the queue
Chapter 1184 Nicknamed Little Magician
Chapter 1185 Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chapter 1186 I want to worship you as my teacher
Chapter 1187 This is a good idea
Chapter 1188 Hot and Sour Noodles
Chapter 1189 Perverted Spicy
Chapter 1190: Fifth on the Dragon List
Chapter 1191 Epee Wufeng, Shengdao Xuanyuan
Chapter 1192 Blood sacrifice to Xuanyuan
Chapter 1193 Lu Xuan's hobby
Chapter 1194 Eavesdropping
Chapter 1195 go home together for the new year
Chapter 1196 What should be faced must always be faced
Chapter 1197 go shopping with me
Chapter 1198 Nangong Lie
Chapter 1199 The Last Mission
Chapter 1200 Underground Casino
Chapter 1201 Kill through
Chapter 1202
Chapter 1203 Gambling Expert
Chapter 1204 The boss behind the scenes
Chapter 1205 Destroy you on behalf of the moon
Chapter 1206 Lion's Roar Technique
Chapter 1207 Sauna
Chapter 1208 The effort before success
Chapter 1209 Who has the best figure
Chapter 1210 Massage
Chapter 1211 Female Killer
Chapter 1212 Top bomb
Chapter 1213 Demolition
Chapter 1214 Crazy Massacre
Chapter 1215 Slaughter
Chapter 1216 Gun Gun Headshot
Chapter 1217 ruthless killing
Chapter 1218 Kill the two elders
Chapter 1219 Absolute spike
Chapter 1220 The art of lack of door
Chapter 1221 Battle
Chapter 1222 Powerful Secret Technique
Chapter 1223 Han Donglai is defeated
Chapter 1224 There is no cure
Chapter 1225 Why bother?
Chapter 1226 A tragic scene
Chapter 1227: Attacking the Dragon List
Chapter 1228 tell you a story
Chapter 1229 The filthy demon king
Chapter 1230 Resignation Report
Chapter 1231 Nine Yin Extinction Vessel
Chapter 1232 Acupuncture Treatment
Chapter 1233 Exhausted
Chapter 1234 Mu Qingcheng's Showdown
Chapter 1235 Fengshan Town
Chapter 1236 Xiao Family
Chapter 1237 Yamaha
Chapter 1238 Cemetery
Chapter 1239 The scorching sun is in the sky, and the heart is like an abyss
Chapter 1240 It's Really You
Chapter 1241 Letter from the Chief
Chapter 1242 Chief
Chapter 1243 Lu Xuan, you are too ruthless
Chapter 1244 Daughter-in-law
Chapter 1245 Old Chen, Xiao Chen
Chapter 1246 Bully in Fengshan Town
Chapter 1247 Director Tang
Chapter 1248 Go home to farm
Chapter 1249 Leaving Fengshan Town
#1250 three directors
Chapter 1251 Five Foot Wash
Chapter 1252 Knowing Treasures
Chapter 1253 National Hero
Chapter 1254 Evaluation of the movie
Chapter 1255 I can wait
Chapter 1256 Princess Taiping
Chapter 1257 pass by
Chapter 1258 Prince Garvey
Chapter 1259 Identity Exposed
Chapter 1260 You can't do it
Chapter 1261 The Power of the Blood Emperor
Chapter 1262 Break it for me
Chapter 1263 Why are you suffering?
Chapter 1264 Allure
Chapter 1265 must call us
Chapter 1266 Embarrassed
Chapter 1267 Preparations before departure
Chapter 1268 I thought you were sleepwalking
Chapter 1269 Miss Hong has become strange
Chapter 1270 Another luxury car
Chapter 1271 Two daughters-in-law
Chapter 1272 Crazy Mother Lu
Chapter 1273 Mom, you are serious
Chapter 1274 Past tense
Chapter 1275 Cooking
Chapter 1276 Meeting Ceremony
Chapter 1277 Transformation
Chapter 1278 Buying New Year's Goods
Chapter 1279 Car accident
Chapter 1280 Anesthesia Needle
Chapter 1281 The richest man in Nanning Town
Chapter 1282 The benevolence of the doctor
Chapter 1283
Chapter 1284 You are not afraid of eating fat
Chapter 1285 buy a ring
Chapter 1286 Supreme Gold Card
Chapter 1287 What a wonderful two daughters
Chapter 1288 Prosperous husband
Chapter 1289 Make yourself a bucket
Chapter 1290 How can it be so powerful
Chapter 1291 Development of Lujiapu Village
#1292 wild wolf
Chapter 1293 The Land of Tai Chi
Chapter 1294 New Year's Eve
Chapter 1295 New Year's Eve Dinner
Chapter 1296 New Year's Red Packet
Chapter 1297 Ning Family
Chapter 1298 Actually, he still cares about you
Chapter 1299 Unforgettable Tonight
Chapter 1300 I've Already Prepared
Chapter 1301 White scarf
Chapter 1302 You are all bad
Chapter 1303 New Year's Day
Chapter 1304 Old Watch
Chapter 1305 Mr. Deng came to pay New Year's greetings
Chapter 1306 Sending villas and luxury cars
Chapter 1307 Clean the floor
Chapter 1308 Snow White One Night
Chapter 1309 It's really her
Chapter 1310 passing by
Chapter 1311 Dad, Mom
Chapter 1312 I'm going to find Wanxi
Chapter 1313 The pain in my heart
Chapter 1314 Why don't you come and save me
Chapter 1315 A glance at ten thousand years
Chapter 1316 You must hate me
Chapter 1317 Look at your future performance
Chapter 1318 Obey, my wife
Chapter 1319 my baby
Chapter 1320 Century Wedding
Chapter 1321 Grandpa and Grandma are here
Chapter 1322 The injustice on behalf of the daughter-in-law
Chapter 1323 Recognizing the Ancestor and Returning to the Clan
Chapter 1324 Unbearable
Chapter 1325 Cousin, you are pregnant
Chapter 1326 The Four Great Families Gather
Chapter 1327 Deathly Silence
Chapter 1328 Ridiculous
Chapter 1329 The big joke
Chapter 1330 Is it worth doing this?
Chapter 1331 Waiting for a good show
Chapter 1332 A sneeze
Chapter 1333 A meal
Chapter 1334 just in time
Chapter 1335 White-eyed wolf
Chapter 1336 Gossip Numerology
Chapter 1337 The happy Shen family
Chapter 1338 Knowing
Chapter 1339 Approved
Chapter 1340 frightened me
Chapter 1341 I have something to hide from me
Chapter 1342 Mom, what's wrong with you
Chapter 1343 Crying Mother Lu
Chapter 1344 The way to go next
Chapter 1345 The most troublesome thing
Chapter 1346 Flying Knife
Chapter 1347 Sentenced to ten years and eight years
Chapter 1348 Tang Yun's Phone
Chapter 1349 We seem to have met
Chapter 1350 this sentence again
Chapter 1351 Growth Memorial Book
Chapter 1352 Cherish what you have now
Chapter 1353 Queen
Chapter 1354 I'm so scared
Chapter 1355: Curse Lu Xuan
Chapter 1356 The Wonderful Feeling of Life
Chapter 1357 Beauty Police Flower
Chapter 1358 Unexpected Happiness
Chapter 1359 Close the door
Chapter 1360 buy new clothes for Doudou
Chapter 1361 A family of three
Chapter 1362 Unqualified adults
Chapter 1363 Come and see me
Chapter 1364
Chapter 1365 Sound of Crusade
Chapter 1366 Rectify the company
Chapter 1367 Cut Doudou's Hair
Chapter 1368 The forest is getting bigger
Chapter 1369 Thank You Dad
Chapter 1370 What are you
Chapter 1371 Killing you is like trying to find something
Chapter 1372
Chapter 1373 My name is Lu Xuan
Chapter 1374: Fulfilling My Master's Last Wish
Chapter 1375 Heaven and Earth Conscience
Chapter 1376 Thick-skinned
Chapter 1377 Problem student
Chapter 1378 Teacher Zhang
Chapter 1379 Zhang Jian
Chapter 1380 Unfilial Son
Chapter 1381 call someone
Chapter 1382 was beaten again
Chapter 1383 Stroke
Chapter 1384 I'm proud of you
Chapter 1385 Downstairs
Chapter 1386 Respectively
Chapter 1387 What are you thinking about
Chapter 1388 Happy Hu Meizi
Chapter 1389 The Yellow Flower Girl
Chapter 1390 young model
Chapter 1391 Demolition of the house
Chapter 1392 Establish a good image
Chapter 1393 he bullied me
Chapter 1394 The school flower that I haven't seen for a long time
Chapter 1395 The rise and fall of darkness
Chapter 1396 make a fuss
Chapter 1397 Invite Secretary Long to dinner
Chapter 1398 Zeng Qi
Chapter 1399 I'm here to pick you up
Chapter 1400 He is my husband
Chapter 1401 give you full marks
Chapter 1402 President Lu is back
1403 Greetings to the New Year
1404 Mine
Chapter 1405 The little witch came uninvited
Chapter 1406 swimsuit
Chapter 1407 I use my wife's rights
Chapter 1408 Sister Ning
1409 Swimming pool
Chapter 1410 Get out now
Chapter 1411 Competition
Chapter 1412 I hate you to death
Chapter 1413
Chapter 1414 The Land Duck That Can't Swim
Chapter 1415 Life is like first sight
Chapter 1416 IQ is a hard injury
Chapter 1417 The red envelopes are made up
Chapter 1418 Tang Feng's Hero Saves Beauty
Chapter 1419 Zhao Linlin
Chapter 1420 Big Event
Chapter 1421 New Commander of the Military Region
Chapter 1422 Tang Zongfa
Chapter 1423 The dog jumps over the wall
Chapter 1424 Chief No. 1
Chapter 1425 Leave the last bullet to yourself
Chapter 1426 The fake show is real
Chapter 1427 visit
Chapter 1428 I'm very low-key, don't mess with me
Chapter 1429 Governor Zhou's Phone
Chapter 1430 hurry up
Chapter 1431 This matter is not negotiable
Chapter 1432 Unaccustomed to the soil and water
Chapter 1433 I'm Still a Patient
Chapter 1434 Husband
Chapter 1435 Rejuvenation Hall
Chapter 1436 Vengeance must be avenged
Chapter 1437 what are you doing
Chapter 1438 How miserable, how miserable
Chapter 1439 The brave who meet in a narrow way wins
Chapter 1440 Lantern Festival
Chapter 1441 Lu Linglong
Chapter 1442 Guess the lantern riddle
Chapter 1443 Open-air restaurant
Chapter 1444 romantic proposal
Chapter 1445 marry me
Chapter 1446 Didn't spend a dime
Chapter 1447 Little Lord
Chapter 1448 Lantern Festival Night
Chapter 1449 Worshiping Qiao Sen
Chapter 1450 Surprise the police flower
Chapter 1451 is late
Chapter 1452 why
Chapter 1453 deliberately provoked
Chapter 1454 What is the situation?
Chapter 1455 Don't hate it
Chapter 1456
Chapter 1457 A big happy event
Chapter 1458 leave in two days
Chapter 1459 A woman who gives birth to a man
Chapter 1460 Laity
Chapter 1461 Meet the beautiful police flower
Chapter 1462 Inadvertently planting willows and willows
Chapter 1463 Big Star's Brother
Chapter 1464 Capital City
Chapter 1465 Gongsun Family
Chapter 1466 Iron Wire Fist
Chapter 1467 Half of the Li Family
Chapter 1468 Silent
Chapter 1469 very vengeful
Chapter 1470 Simple and rude
Chapter 1471 Raise you for a lifetime
Chapter 1472 Karate Hall
Chapter 1473 The frog at the bottom of the well
Chapter 1474 Whoever refuses to accept it will fight
Chapter 1475 Beijing Evening News
Chapter 1476 Nancheng Street
Chapter 1477 Mrs. Mu
Chapter 1478 I want to open a hospital
Chapter 1479 Mrs. President
Chapter 1480 Prosperity Building
Chapter 1481 Wing Chun Fights Karate Again
Chapter 1482 The heart of defending people is indispensable
Chapter 1483 Inspection
Chapter 1484 Master Wen
Chapter 1485 I fought with you
Chapter 1486 Deputy Director of the Eastern District
Chapter 1487 come and go
Chapter 1488 Eastern Branch
Chapter 1489 Wang Ba Qi
Chapter 1490 The plot doesn't develop like this
Chapter 1491 A gentleman's revenge, ten years are not too late
Chapter 1492 It's Not Simple
Chapter 1493
Chapter 1494 Dead End
Chapter 1495 Because you are handsome
Chapter 1496 I want to hit ten
Chapter 1497 Wing Chun Inch Strength
Chapter 1498 The Grandmaster of National Arts
Chapter 1499 The first Chinese martial arts
Chapter 1500 Plants and trees are all soldiers
Chapter 1501 Exclusive Revelations
Chapter 1502 Settled Home
Chapter 1503 too strange
Chapter 1504 can't be less than a dime
Chapter 1505 Tang Shao
Chapter 1506 stealing oil
Chapter 1507 Tang Wenlong's calculation
Chapter 1508 Meeting with the Dragon King
Chapter 1509 Challenges from foreign martial arts halls
Chapter 1510 You are three-quarters of my life
Chapter 1511 My Big Star Wife
Chapter 1512 The opening of the hospital
Chapter 1513 Sending Flower Baskets
Chapter 1514 Four beauties in the capital
Chapter 1515 The first patient
Chapter 1516 Pity the hearts of parents in the world
Chapter 1517 Malignant tumor of children
Chapter 1518 Don't take money from the poor
Chapter 1519
Chapter 1520 Protection fee
Chapter 1521 Iron Sand Palm
Chapter 1522 Inner Gate Iron Sand Palm
Chapter 1523 Neighbors
Chapter 1524 cold air
Chapter 1525 Flags
Chapter 1526 Peer
Chapter 1527 Traditional Chinese Medicine Family
Chapter 1528 War Book
Chapter 1529 Mr. Mu invites you to dinner
Chapter 1531 Who is driving the car
Chapter 1532 Guarding the Bodyguard
Chapter 1533 too arrogant
Chapter 1534: Living Guilty Can't Escape
Chapter 1535 A native countryman
Chapter 1536 Ming Hongda
Chapter 1537 distant cousin
Chapter 1538 I really can't drink anymore
Chapter 1539 Cherish what I give you
Chapter 1540 give you face, shameless
Chapter 1541 hit me again if you have the ability
Chapter 1542 Send Mr. Mu home
Chapter 1543 Mu Wanqing's Story
Chapter 1544 The real battlefield
Chapter 1545 Lu Xuan's Fragile Side
Chapter 1546 Pay attention next time
Chapter 1547 Is this really worth it
Chapter 1548 is different
Chapter 1549 Banquet of high society
Chapter 1550 National Technique Challenge
Chapter 1551 Free Fight
Chapter 1552 The Young Grandmaster
Chapter 1553 Judo
Chapter 1554 Xingyiquan
Chapter 1555 Jeet Kune Do
Chapter 1556 Top Muay Thai Masters
Chapter 1557 Shaolin Twelve Tan Legs
Chapter 1558 Famous China
Chapter 1559 An uproar
Chapter 1560 Beautiful Stewardess
Chapter 1561 frightened
Chapter 1562 An Ruozhu
Chapter 1563 Dragon's Back Mountain
Chapter 1564 Seeing the Dragon King
Chapter 1565 I just want justice
Chapter 1566 The Next Dragon King
Chapter 1567 The Three Powerhouses
Chapter 1568 To fight against foreigners, you must first settle down
Chapter 1569 Take off the veil
Chapter 1570 is startled again
Chapter 1571 Natural selection, survival of the fittest
Chapter 1572 The Revolution of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chapter 1573 Talented Eight Fights
Chapter 1574 Wing Chun Teaching
Chapter 1575 Shooting from the back
Chapter 1576 It is better to miss seeing each other
Chapter 1577 China's richest man
Chapter 1578 different appearances
Chapter 1579 Sky-high consultation fee
Chapter 1580 clearly marked price, refused to counter-offer
Chapter 1581 money is outside the body
Chapter 1582 Tears are blurred
1583 A little regret
Chapter 1584 I will kill you
Chapter 1585 Get it
1586 What a pity
Chapter 1587 Leaving the Xiao Family
Chapter 1588 Help each other
Chapter 1589 Not Long Lessons
Chapter 1590 Don't blame me for being ruthless
Chapter 1591 Breaking the Leg
Chapter 1592 Who said I ran away
Chapter 1593 people in the same way
Chapter 1594 Convince people with virtue
Chapter 1595 Heroes emerge as teenagers
Chapter 1596 Behind the scenes
Chapter 1597 Come, I'll fight you
Chapter 1598 Good grass
Chapter 1599 Who is bullying whom?
Chapter 1600 Weird
Chapter 1601 Stewardess
Chapter 1602 too happy
Chapter 1603 The taste is really unique
Chapter 1604 Lu Yuan
Chapter 1605 Thank you for your kindness
Chapter 1606 not ordinary strong
Chapter 1607 Destruction
Chapter 1608 good news
Chapter 1609 Twins
Chapter 1610 mental retardation
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1611 Kick it out
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1612 There is one last step
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1613 Rehabilitation
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1614 Traditional Chinese Medicine Treats People and Western Medicine Treats Diseases
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1615 Special Intelligence Agency
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1616 Special Agent
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1617 Little Doctor Immortal
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1618 Celebrity Lu
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1619 Cooperation with the Bai Family
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1620 Only female apprentices are accepted
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1621 The life experience of the little medical fairy
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1622 The past of being a bodyguard
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1623 Showdown
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1624 I am your sister
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1625 Disappearing in the snow
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1626 Why are you still not going home?
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1627 Too bad
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1628 The King of the Dark Night
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1629 The number one bodyguard in the world
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1630 Immortal
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1631 The fall of the Gongsun family
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1632 Three Killers
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1633 Clean and tidy
Chapter 1634 hurt yourself
Chapter 1635 Evidence of alibi
Chapter 1636 You are happy
Chapter 1637 playing the piano
Chapter 1638 It turns out that he is such a person
Chapter 1639 Doudou's phone call
Chapter 1640 Uremia
Chapter 1641 Poisonous Blood
Chapter 1642 Crazy accumulation of money
Chapter 1643 BMW 4S shop
Chapter 1644 The expert who slaps the face
Chapter 1645 President Lu
Chapter 1646 Super Car Model
Chapter 1647 Be careful
Chapter 1648 You know everything
Chapter 1649 Bald head becomes bald
Chapter 1650 There are a lot of girlfriends
1651 Silly and cute
Chapter 1652 Impeccable
Chapter 1653 go home to farm
Chapter 1654 The obsession is too deep
Chapter 1655 Huashan
Chapter 1656 Sword Madness
Chapter 1657 give you justice
Chapter 1658 There are no moves to win
Chapter 1659 Inner Sect Elder
Chapter 1660 sneak attack
Chapter 1661 ruthless face slap
Chapter 1662 The events of the year
Chapter 1663 Iceberg Beauty
Chapter 1664 The hero is not so easy to be
Chapter 1665 very honest
Chapter 1666 It's not fun anymore
Chapter 1667 Open it
Chapter 1668 Someone is back
Chapter 1669 Acceptance
Chapter 1670 Lu Xuan cooks
Chapter 1671 what happened to him
#1672 turned out
Chapter 1673 The woman in the office
Chapter 1674 Lively at home
Chapter 1676 Huaxia Bank
Chapter 1677 withdraw money
Chapter 1678 The capital is also very small
Chapter 1679 Actually he likes you
Chapter 1680 fairy tale dream
Chapter 1681 Unparalleled Hero
Chapter 1682 Kidney Failure
Chapter 1683 Flop
Chapter 1684 Sometimes, people are not as good as dogs
Chapter 1685 Congenital Heart Disease
Chapter 1686 The car was smashed
Chapter 1687 Can't Miss a Point
Chapter 1688 First Team
Chapter 1689 What a painful realization
Chapter 1690 The Strongest Soldier King
Chapter 1691 Wolf Tooth Special Forces
Chapter 1692 Reasoning
Chapter 1693 You are soldiers
Chapter 1694 I have always been with you
Chapter 1695 Eating a sting grows wisdom
Chapter 1696 This friend is settled
1697 Advice
Chapter 1698 Goblin
Chapter 1699 enjoy
Chapter 1700 Heart is like still water
Chapter 1701 three hooligans
Chapter 1702 Super strong in the dark
Chapter 1703 Black Dragon
Chapter 1704 What does he want to do?
Chapter 1705 Sanyin Sanyang Pill
Chapter 1706 Forensic
Chapter 1707 Evil God
Chapter 1708 is a bodyguard again
Chapter 1709
Chapter 1710 I didn't see anything
Chapter 1711 Shopping with Senior Sister
Chapter 1712 buy a skirt
Chapter 1713 is buying underwear again
Chapter 1714 Yan Fu is not shallow
Chapter 1715 Good luck
Chapter 1716 It's really hard to buy
Chapter 1717 I bought it for you
Chapter 1718 Picking up girls is a layman
Chapter 1719 Association
Chapter 1720 Kunlun faction
Chapter 1721 too clear gas
Chapter 1722 One move to kill
Chapter 1723 Ouyang Family
Chapter 1724 Those who make big things, informal
Chapter 1725 surrender
Chapter 1726 beat the world with fists
Chapter 1727 Rob the grandson-in-law
Chapter 1728 Slap first, then give the candy
Chapter 1729 I understand your kindness
Chapter 1730 He will definitely like it
Chapter 1731 buy lunch
Chapter 1732 The tigress will show her power
Chapter 1733 Still a County Lord
Chapter 1734 whose phone number
Chapter 1735 Gu Xiaoman
Chapter 1736 Splendid Villa
Chapter 1737 Perfect Villa
Chapter 1738 Too Rich
Chapter 1739 Women must love themselves
Chapter 1740 is typical
Chapter 1741 Sky-high luxury villa
Chapter 1742 The task of coming to the capital
Chapter 1743 flight attendant, flight attendant
Chapter 1744 Playing Billiards
Chapter 1745 Reversal
Chapter 1746 Terrible Thoughts
Chapter 1747 The scapegoat
Chapter 1748 Magic
Chapter 1749 Don't take your heart
Chapter 1750 Talking about cross talk
Chapter 1751 Type 92 Pistol
Chapter 1752 National Treasure Pilot
Chapter 1753 Kill him, you are a national treasure
Chapter 1754 I want to duel you
Chapter 1755 Instructor
Chapter 1756 Who are you
Chapter 1757 I am no longer your brother
Chapter 1758 Devil Training Camp
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1759 You still understand me
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1760 Hateful Humans
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1761 Is he Prince Charming?
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1762 Panic
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1763 Poor acting skills
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1764 Commander
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1765 The whole city is on alert
Chapter 1766 wise and divine martial arts
Chapter 1767 Countermeasures
Chapter 1768 Former bodyguard training
Chapter 1769 Huaqing University
Chapter 1770 a luggage bag
Chapter 1771 The evil young man on campus
Chapter 1772 beautiful professor
Chapter 1773 sleep in class
Chapter 1774 Jealousy
Chapter 1775 Sleeping classmates
Chapter 1776 Baixiao Scholar
Chapter 1777 The record is broken
Chapter 1778 BBQ
Chapter 1779 Beer Bottle
Chapter 1780 The era of fighting father
Chapter 1781 Superfluous
Chapter 1782 old lover
Chapter 1783 National Treasure Agent
Chapter 1784 Who Protects Who?
Chapter 1785 The best candidate
Chapter 1786 School Flower List
Chapter 1787 Wang Jing's Dad
Chapter 1788 run away
Chapter 1789 Treating kidney deficiency without sugar
Chapter 1790 Rainy Night
Chapter 1792 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Chapter 1793 Fighting the Evil God
Chapter 1794 Lu Xuan's fear
Chapter 1794 Lu Xuan's fear
Chapter 1795 Old Monster
Chapter 1796 Gorgeous String Sound Technique
Chapter 1797 The sword in the piano
Chapter 1798 is the best policy
Chapter 1799 fleeing in embarrassment
Chapter 1800 A little homesick
Chapter 1801 I am in the capital
Chapter 1802 Another accident
Chapter 1803 I didn't mean it
Chapter 1804 Senior Sister, I Like You
Chapter 1805 Be Your Senior Sister for a Lifetime
Chapter 1806 Someone is coming
Chapter 1807 each with his own mind
Chapter 1808 Another day
Chapter 1809 no more connection
Chapter 1810 Lu Yuze, Lu Yuxi
Chapter 1811 low emotional intelligence
Chapter 1812 The unruly little princess
Chapter 1813 I am looking for someone
Chapter 1814 A white cover a hundred ugliness
Chapter 1815 Provoking Discord
Chapter 1816 Unspoken rules
Chapter 1817 It's over, it's over
Chapter 1818 Enchantress
Chapter 1819 Fist Intent
Chapter 1820
Chapter 1821 Is there still dissatisfaction?
Chapter 1822 divide you in half
Chapter 1823 Business License
Chapter 1824 good skills
Chapter 1825 You are the one who has no quality
Chapter 1826 The plot reversal too fast
Chapter 1827 Apologize
Chapter 1828 Another slap
Chapter 1829 What are you doing?
Chapter 1830 The big tree attracts the wind
Chapter 1831 Can't wait
Chapter 1832 Silky Tenderness
Chapter 1833 panic
Chapter 1834 Kidnapped
Chapter 1835 Fenghua Feather
Chapter 1836 fierce battle
Chapter 1837 Taiqing Palm Technique
Chapter 1838 Peak Palm
Chapter 1839 Lawless
Chapter 1840 in the trunk
Chapter 1841 Take advantage of the danger
Chapter 1842 Taiqing Gang Qi, Gang Hua
Chapter 1843 Powerful Defense
Chapter 1844 Abolish Dantian
Chapter 1845 Daughter Red
Chapter 1846 Heroes
Chapter 1847 Junior Brother
Chapter 1848 Mountain Climbing
Chapter 1849 Going down the mountain
Chapter 1850 you continue
Chapter 1851 Tang Family
Chapter 1852 is still honored to die
Chapter 1853 Three heads and six arms
Chapter 1854 Jiuyang Sect
Chapter 1855 Nine Yang True Qi
Chapter 1856 Are you convinced?
Chapter 1857 A first-class expert
Chapter 1858 too young
Chapter 1859 Righteousness
Chapter 1860 Get out of the Tang family
Chapter 1861 too outrageous
Chapter 1862 The perfect sister-in-law
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1863 Putting the gifts aside
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1864 Matching men and women, not tired of cooking
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1865 There are too many sisters-in-law
Chapter 1866 Bigamy
Chapter 1867 Super boss
Chapter 1868 Urgently
Chapter 1869 Sealing the acupoints to protect the essence
Chapter 1870 Five Elements
Chapter 1871 that woman
Chapter 1872 was taken advantage of
Chapter 1873 Wolf Warriors
Chapter 1874 Eye-opening
Chapter 1875 It's all a misunderstanding
Chapter 1876 Presiding over justice
Chapter 1877 make up for regrets
Chapter 1878 Open the back door
Chapter 1879 Chinese and Western Medicine Exchange Conference
Chapter 1880 Take it easy
Chapter 1881 Shanzhai Goods
Chapter 1882 Everlasting Group
Chapter 1883 You are dead
Chapter 1884 at your own risk
Chapter 1885 kneel down and kowtow
Chapter 1886 The cunning rabbit dies, the lackey prosper
Chapter 1887 Desperate revenge
Chapter 1888 Unique
Chapter 1889 End
Chapter 1889 End
Chapter 1890 Come on
Chapter 1891 SOS call
Chapter 1892 Foreign Western Medicine
Chapter 1893 This is not scientific
Chapter 1894 Magical Chinese Medicine
Chapter 1895 Intermediary Medicine
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1896 Discuss marriage
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1897 Spring Rain
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1898 Do yourself a favor
Volume 1 Text Chapter 1899 I'm just a messenger
Chapter 1900 scolding
Chapter 1901 Misunderstanding
Chapter 1902 distressed
Chapter 1903 Men also need pain
Chapter 1904 Shameless Husband
Chapter 1905 The battle of life and death
Chapter 1906 Fighting against each other
Chapter 1907 emerge in endlessly
Chapter 1908 Strong duel
Chapter 1909 angry
Chapter 1910 The defeat is set
Chapter 1911 Sword of the Holy Path
Chapter 1912 Kill Qiu Wuming
Chapter 1913 perish together
Chapter 1914 The Body of Nine Suns
Chapter 1915 Various visits
Chapter 1916 The saint is coming to the capital
Chapter 1917 Bai Yayun's visit
Chapter 1918 Double Beauty
Chapter 1919 Hua Wu Reopening Day
Chapter 1920: See if you are dead or not
Chapter 1921 represents the visit of Song Qingyu
Chapter 1922: Asking the Dragon King for help
Chapter 1923 Affiliated Hospital of Tongji Hospital
Chapter 1924 Common fever and cold
Chapter 1925 Handsome little doctor
Chapter 1926 Another situation
Chapter 1927 Want to fight?
The first thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight chapters are really sick
The first thousand nine hundred and twenty-nine chapters rely on
Chapter 1930 Tang Secretary
Chapter 1931 Red Flag Review Car
Chapter 1932 Secretary Lin
Chapter 1933 Treat it as your own car
Chapter 1934 pick up An Ruozhu from get off work
Chapter 1935 Bugatti Veyron
Chapter 1936 Crash
Chapter 1937 will lose money
Chapter 1938 Why are you here?
Chapter 1939 voluntary
Chapter 1940 Wishful thinking?
Chapter 1941 happy event
Chapter 1942 drink some wine
Chapter 1943 The first general
Chapter 1944 another one
Chapter 1945 Two to one
Chapter 1946: Misty Sect!
Chapter 1947 Why?
Chapter 1948: Drunk Senior Sister
Chapter 1949 Rewards
Chapter 1950 Strange voice
Chapter 1951 The opening of a new company
Chapter 1952: The Second Generation of Rogue Rich
Chapter 1953 Diamond Club
Chapter 1954 He said his name was Lu Xuan
Chapter 1955 fried the pot
Chapter 1956 Ribbon Cutting
Chapter 1957 Ning Wanxi is here!
Chapter 1958 The smell of gunpowder
Chapter 1959 Secret Room
Chapter 1960: Conflict point
Chapter 1961 Bad ending
Chapter 1962 There is no end!
Chapter 1963 The boss is so handsome
Chapter 1964 The saint is here
Chapter 1965 Get on the bus
The first thousand nine hundred and sixty-six chapters meet the enemy, especially jealous
Chapter 1967 Who cares about
Chapter 1968 Royal Presidential Suite
Chapter 1969 An Ruozhu's home
The first thousand nine hundred and seventieth chapters
The first thousand nine hundred and seventy-first chapters have to eat with tears
Chapter 1972 Song Shao
Chapter 1973 Burning the car
Chapter 1974 has progress
Chapter 1975 How to fight?
Chapter 1976: Broken Leg
Chapter 1977 teach him to be a man in minutes
Chapter 1978 An Ruozhu's boudoir
Chapter 1979 Half-sister
Chapter 1980 Talking can count
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-one chapters
Chapter 1982 Private life
The first thousand nine hundred and eighty-three chapters come to the door to make amends
Chapter 1984: Those who do not know are innocent
The first thousand nine hundred and eighty-fifth chapters are a hundred and eight thousand miles away
Chapter 1986 Declaration of War
Chapter 1987: Time Delay
Chapter 1988: Uncle Smelly
Chapter 1989 DOTA
Chapter 1990 Bible
1991st chapter dwarf killer
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-two chapters should be together
Chapter 1993 Needle
Chapter 1994 My Faith
Chapter 1995 will kill people
Chapter 1996 The only friend
Chapter 1997 The Dream of the Holy Maiden
The first thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight chapters who give up on me!
The first thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine chapters anger
Chapter two thousand fight
Chapter 201 The lungs are about to explode
Chapter 202 Song Xin defeated
Chapter 203 Song Qingyu's voice
Chapter 204 Reconciliation
Chapter 205 I'll take you away!
Chapter two thousand and six ascetic monks
Chapter 207: China's No. 1 Kendo Master
Chapter 208 empty-handed duel
Chapter two thousand and nine endless fighting spirit
Chapter 210 Golden Bell Cover, Iron Cloth Shirt
Chapter 211 I can't be defeated in this life!
Chapter 212 Destiny
Chapter 213 I'm tired
Chapter 214 The last day
Chapter 215 Lu Xuan's Secret
Chapter 216 Beautiful Senior Sister
Chapter 217: Born and Live
Chapter 218 You are my woman
Chapter 219: Senior Sister and Wife
Chapter 220 Travel
The second thousand and twenty first chapter shield
Chapter 222: Urban routines are deep
Chapter 223 Badaling Great Wall
Chapter 224 Eight Precepts
Chapter 225 I am saving you
The 226th chapter is not a hero until the Great Wall
Chapter 227 was hated
The second thousand and twenty-eighth chapter suffers in front of you
Chapter 229 The lights are brilliant
Chapter 230 The Evil Church
Chapter 231 High Priest
Chapter 232 Evil King
Chapter 233 Dark Holy See
Chapter 234 Unfilial Son
Chapter 235 Dowry
Chapter 236: The Peaceful Jiangning
Chapter 237 The Frog Prince
The 238th chapter forgets each other in the rivers and lakes
Chapter 239 Trouble with school flowers
Chapter 240 Lotus Root Pork Ribs Soup
Chapter 241 drink with tears
Chapter 242 Good man
The second thousand and forty-third chapters moved Linger
The second thousand and forty-four chapters are completely helpless
The second thousand and forty-fifth chapters are pounding
Chapter 246 The Widow
Chapter 247 Rice Bucket
Chapter 250 Houhai Bar
Chapter 251: Confession and leniency
Chapter 251: Confession and leniency
Chapter 252: Four Young Masters in the Western District
Chapter 253 Super Expert
The second thousand and fifty-four chapters are cold hair
Chapter 255 Because I'm more handsome than you
Chapter 256 Two beauties
Chapter 257 was left aside
Chapter 258 too realistic
Chapter 259 Little Fresh Meat
Chapter 260 The eldest wife, the second wife, the third wife
Chapter 261: A careful man
Chapter 262 Liang Family!
Chapter 263 I am the only one who breaks the army!
Chapter 264 trembling
Chapter 265 Nun
Chapter 266 Wronged
Chapter 267 Who did it
Chapter 268: Extinction Shitai
Chapter 269 Who is shameless
Chapter 270 Shameless
Chapter 271 Emei Swordsmanship
Chapter 272: Clouds Wearing Cloud Palms
Chapter 273: The Enemy's Nightmare
Chapter 274 unfair
Chapter 275 ginger is still old and spicy
Chapter two thousand and seventy-six four elephant palm method
Chapter 277 fake nun
Chapter 278 Suicide
Chapter 279: Good and evil are clear
Chapter 280 Self-taught without a teacher
Chapter 281 Small Tea House
Chapter 282: Gong Gao Zhenzhu
Chapter 283 has the responsibility to do it
Chapter 284 Longteng Group
Chapter 285 No human rights
Chapter 286 A new era
Chapter 287: Uncle Bai
Chapter 288 Little Doctor Immortal
Chapter 289 The most complicated is the human heart
Chapter 290 Bai Family
Chapter 291 Exclusion
The second thousand and ninety-two chapters fall in love with you
Chapter 293 refers to Sang and scolded Huai
The second thousand and ninety-fourth chapter is afraid of his wife is glorious
Chapter 295 Huangfu Family
The second thousand and ninety-sixth chapter of the battle of medical saints
The second thousand and ninety-seventh chapter is extremely happy
Chapter 298 Golden waist
Chapter 299 Industrial Park
Chapter 2100 His story
Chapter 2101 Xiong Village
Chapter 2102 Counterfeit goods
Chapter 2103 The temperament of a soldier
Chapter 2104 Wise and calm
Chapter 2105 Top Hackers
Chapter 2106 everything is over
Chapter 2107 Everything is under control
Chapter 2108 Little girl
Chapter 2109 Nightclub
Chapter 2110 Miss Zhu Family
Chapter 2111: Du Family, Du Qing
Chapter 2112 Absolutely extraordinary
Chapter 2113 Swordsmanship
Chapter 2114 How is it possible
Chapter 2115 scabbard
Chapter 2116 One eyebrow Taoist Zuo Xuzi
Chapter 2117 Tai Chi Palm
The second thousand one hundred and eighteenth chapters are one
The 2119th chapter is injured before the battle
Chapter 2120 I don't know
Chapter 2121 Investigation
Chapter 2122 Tiger Group
Chapter 2123 The first master of the dragon list
The 2124th chapter is justified
Chapter 2125 The Dignity of Men
Chapter 2126 Taoist priest
Chapter 2127 The first person in China
Chapter 2128 When I am easy to bully!
Chapter 2129 loses miserably
Chapter 2130 Video Chat
Chapter 2131 The love of a lifetime
Chapter 2132 Medical Saint Huangfu Changkong
Chapter 2133 The big happy event
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2134 Secretary to the President
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2135 Emergency Meeting
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2136 Event Analysis
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2137 Business Wizards
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2138
Volume 1 text_ Chapter 2139 Who is so cruel
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2140 Tearing the Face
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2141 Warning again
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2142 Beijing Roast Duck
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2143 Ten Million
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2144
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2145 Strange Disease
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2146 The Fourth Young Master of China
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2147 Long Shao
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2148: Billions of Fines
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2149 I Can’t Live Tonight
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2150
Volume I Chapter 2151 See if she won't kill you
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2152 Qingcheng School disciples
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2153 Senior Brother
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2154 Don't be so excited
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2155 The Classic of Yi Jin
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2156 The Method of Refining the Body
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2157 Reborn
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2158 Why are you crying
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2159 Younger
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2160 Involvement
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2161 The show has just begun
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2162 Insect Disease
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2163 Borrowing Money
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2164
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2165 Hometown of Martial Arts
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2166 What are you hitting me for?
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2167 Coffee Shop
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2168 Talking too much brings tears
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2169 Little White Face
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2170 Qigong
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2171 Another Misty Sect
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2172 The Legendary Love at First Sight
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2173 Terrible Thoughts
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2174 Relentless
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2175 The biggest suspect
Volume I Chapter 2176 Pig-like opponents
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2177 Precise chess game
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2178 Below one person, above ten thousand people
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2179 Complicated
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2180 Ocean World Park
Volume I Text_Chapter 2181 Childhood
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2182 Unforgettable
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2183 Liu Hao
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2184 Too Shocking
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2185 You are by my side
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2186 The Battle of Geniuses
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2187 The existence of crushing genius
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2188
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2189 Misty Footwork
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2190 The wedding is coming
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2191 Very handsome today
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2192 Public Transaction Management Center
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2193 Future Son-in-law
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2194 Void
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2195 Plan for a rainy day
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2196 Creepy
Volume I Text_Chapter 2197 Full Score
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2198 Impressive
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2199 Qingcheng Mountain
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2200 Master Kuzhi
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2201 Seeing Blood Sealing the Throat
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2202 Showing the Fox’s Tail
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2203 Human Skin Mask
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2204 Hatred and Fury
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2205 Lack of Secret Techniques
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2206 Shocked
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2207 Burning blood essence
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2208 How to break the game
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2209 Who Can Escape Fate
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2210 The evil way is prosperous, the right way is vicissitudes
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2211 The scorching sun is in the sky, my heart is sympathetic
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2212 Fake Identity
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2213 Chinese Medicine Festival
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2214 Long time no see
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2215 President of the Chinese Medicine Association
Volume 1, text_Chapter 2216
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2217 Three rounds of competition
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2218 Defense of Medicine
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2219 Slap in the face
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2220
Volume I Chapter 2221 Sister-in-law will beat you
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2222 The Zhuge Family
Volume I text_Chapter 2223 The third round of competition
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2224 Serious illness
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2225 Angry Youth
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2226 Medical Saint Lu Xuan
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2227 Thunderous Applause
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2228 Zhuge Liuli
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2229 Old Tears
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2230 Big Fool
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2231 Lu Binghua
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2232 What happened to Lu Xuan
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2233 Protect with life
Volume I Chapter 2234 I'm here to take you away
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2235 Beautiful as today
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2236 Unforgivable
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2237 The person who blocks me dies
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2238 Extreme Peak
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2239 Meeting the Enemy
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2240 Fighting Again
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2241 Tai Chi Swordsmanship
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2242 The ultimate speed
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2243 Five strokes
Volume I Text_Chapter 2244 It’s Just Beginning
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2245
Volume 1, text_Chapter 2246
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2247 Human or God
Volume I Chapter 2248 You are too weak
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2249 The Most Ridiculous Joke
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2250 That is my child
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2251 Killing and not killing
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2252 The Ultimate Battle
Volume 1, text_Chapter 2253
Volume I Chapter 2254 My name is Xiao Pojun
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2255 Killing Zhu Zhifang
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2256 The last thing you want to happen
Volume I Text_Chapter 2257
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2258
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2259 Wolf Ambition
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2260 Tire Inflated
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2261 Endless Tenderness
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2262 Tranquility and warmth
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2263
Volume I Chapter 2264 Almost killed by a slap
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2265 Arrest Warrant
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2266 Can’t Stop Him
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2267 Dilemma
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2268 Family Letter
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2269 Zhuang Ziyu
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2270 Iron Faced Judge
Volume I Text_Chapter 2271 The Second
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2272 Sha Toutuo
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2273 Fighting Shatou Tuo
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2274 Running Thunder Fist
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2275 Gang Fight
Volume I Chapter 2276 We all listen to you
Volume 1, text_Chapter 2277
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2278 Umbrella
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2279
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2280 Split Personality
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2281 A little nauseated
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2282 Rainstorm Pear Blossom
Volume I Chapter 2283 How to get married
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2284 The Four Great Gods Arrested
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2285 Who is he?
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2286 Homecoming
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2287 Silly makes people want to cry
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2288 Miss Bai
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2289 Stunned
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2290 Difficult to calm down
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2291 Converting to Buddhism
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2292
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2293 Changing the Lipstick Pack
Volume 1 text_ Chapter 2294 Thank you brother-in-law
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2295 The hidden dangers of the Zhu family
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2296 The Palace
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2297
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2298 Three Evil Swords
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2299 Evil Saber and Tiger Wings
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2300 Enjoy your old age
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2301 Qing Song Sect Master
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2302 Taoism
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2303
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2304 April Fool's Day
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2305 Dragon Palace
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2306 The Four Evils of the Capital
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2307 Killing God
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2308 Can you come?
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2309 Deliberately looking for opportunities
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2310 Wedding Anniversary
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2311 Romantic Candlelight Dinner
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2312 Yan Shao
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2313 Cousin
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2314 Last Year's Today
Volume 1, text_Chapter 2315
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2316 Annabelle
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2317 Mountains
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2318 Taoyuan Town
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2319 Medicine King Valley
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2320 See No Evil
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2321 Black Masked Beauty
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2322 Senior Sister
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2323
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2324
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2325 Self-contradictory
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2326 Xuan Ye Flying Knife
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2327 Uncle
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2328 Qingyun Ranking
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2329 Tianxin Swordsmanship
Volume I text_Chapter 2330
Volume I Chapter 2331 Killing you like a dog
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2332 I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2333 Ruthless Son
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2334 The Guest at the Curtain
Volume I Chapter 2335 The brain is a good thing
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2336 Sisters
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2337 Nobody Helps
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2338 Ruthless Swordsmanship
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2339 Are you not convinced
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2340
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2341 Tiandao Sect
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2342 Go to Zhu’s house again
Volume I Chapter 2343 Loyal Dog
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2344
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2345 Songshan Shaolin
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2346 Chess
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2347 Destiny with Buddha
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2348
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2349 Assassination
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2350 The Ten Guardians
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2351 The world surrenders
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2352
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2353 Rare Passengers
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2354
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2355 Comprehended
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2356 I'm waiting for you
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2357 Economic Confrontation
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2358 The troubles of Mu Qingcheng
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2359
Volume I Chapter 2360 Behind the Successful Woman
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2361 General Meeting of Shareholders
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2362 The Decaying Board of Directors
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2363
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2364 Why are you so stupid
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2365 Ghost Hand
Volume I Text_Chapter 2366 Cooperation
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2367 Who do you want to deal with
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2368
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2369 Comprehensive Counterattack
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2370
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2371 Killer Club
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2372 Black Killer
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2373 Murderer He Biao
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2374
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2375 Rainy Day, Killing Eve
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2376 Rocket Vehicle
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2377 The Mercenary King
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2378 This is a battle
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2379 Who is the king of the jungle
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2380 Don’t want to leave alive
Volume I Chapter 2381 The emotion of fear
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2382 The stab hurts
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2383
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2384 The Power of Torrential Rain
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2385 The Three Elders
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2386 Overlord Spear
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2387 Zhan Lujian
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2388
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2389 A sword shakes mountains and rivers
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2390 Crazy Killing Intent
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2391 Killing the Sect Master
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2392 The strength of the Dragon King
Volume I Text_Chapter 2393 It’s Over
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2394 Clean Up the Remnants
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2395 Killing two birds with one stone
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2396 The person who can't let go
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2397 Bet with God
Volume I Chapter 2398 Qiu Hui's troubles
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2399 Perfectionist
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2400 Scumbag
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2401 Fairview Group
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2402 Sleeping on the Street
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2403 Lunchtime
Volume 1 text_ Chapter 2404 I am your brother
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2405
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2406 Air Police
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2407 Lengthening the Hummer
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2408
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2409 One is richer than the other
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2410 Winning glory for the country
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2411
Volume 1, text_Chapter 2412
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2413 How many years of less struggle
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2414 Xiaodoudou
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2415 Happy and Excited
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2416 Jiangning School Flower
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2417 Promised
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2418 Waiting for me to come back
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2419 Maternal and Child Chain Store
Volume I Text_Chapter 2420
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2421
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2422 Free
Volume 1 text_ Chapter 2423 You think I'm blind
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2424
Volume I Chapter 2425 Forget me so soon
Volume 1 text_ Chapter 2426 Let’s have a meal together
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2427 Sister-in-law is good
Volume I Chapter 2428 I still want to go to the battlefield
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2429 No Soldier King
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2430 Life is like a play
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2431 Fuel-efficient lamps
Volume I Chapter 2432 Dogs hate it
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2433
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2433
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2434 Not very familiar
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2434 Not very familiar
Volume I Chapter 2435 I hope you don’t regret it
Volume I Chapter 2435 I hope you don’t regret it
Volume I Chapter 2436 I found a good son-in-law
Volume I Chapter 2436 I found a good son-in-law
Volume I Chapter 2437 Not even a fart
Volume I Chapter 2437 Not even a fart
Volume 1 text_ Chapter 2438 The proudest thing in my life
Volume 1 text_ Chapter 2438 The proudest thing in my life
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2439 Home Teacher
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2439 Home Teacher
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2440
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2440
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2441
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2441
Volume I Chapter 2442 Impure Thought
Volume I Chapter 2442 Impure Thought
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2443 Liuxia Hui
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2443 Liuxia Hui
Volume I Chapter 2444 Listen to everything
Volume I Chapter 2444 Listen to everything
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2445 Everyone is Real
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2445 Everyone is Real
Volume 1 text_ Chapter 2446 I am someone you can't afford to offend
Volume 1 text_ Chapter 2446 I am someone you can't afford to offend
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2447 Advance by leaps and bounds
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2447 Advance by leaps and bounds
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2448 Going to Fusang
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2448 Going to Fusang
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2449
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2449
Volume I Chapter 2450 He must have done it
Volume I Chapter 2450 He must have done it
Volume 1, text_Chapter 2451
Volume 1, text_Chapter 2451
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2452 Emergency
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2452 Emergency
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2453 Life and Death
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2453 Life and Death
Volume I Text_Chapter 2454
Volume I Text_Chapter 2454
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2455 The meat shield
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2455 The meat shield
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2456 The King in the Shootout
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2456 The King in the Shootout
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2457
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2457
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2458 Maeda Yumi
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2458 Maeda Yumi
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2459 Full of praise
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2459 Full of praise
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2460 When I am illiterate
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2460 When I am illiterate
Volume I Text_Chapter 2461
Volume I Text_Chapter 2461
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2462 Seeing Cherry Blossoms
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2462 Seeing Cherry Blossoms
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2463 The bad guy must die
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2463 The bad guy must die
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2464
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2464
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2465 The Embassy
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2465 The Embassy
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2466 Provocation of the martial arts hall
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2466 Provocation of the martial arts hall
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2467
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2467
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2468 Super Leader
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2468 Super Leader
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2469 The Stage of One Person
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2469 The Stage of One Person
Volume I Chapter 2470 I am proud I am proud
Volume I Chapter 2470 I am proud I am proud
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2471
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2471
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2472
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2472
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2473 Dongjing is not hot
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2473 Dongjing is not hot
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2474 Tattoos
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2474 Tattoos
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2475
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2475
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2476
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2476
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2477
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2477
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2478 Thank you
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2478 Thank you
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2479 Yanagida Ichiro
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2479 Yanagida Ichiro
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2480 Custom Shop
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2481 Sister Flower
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2482
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2483 Minutes
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2484 Beauty Plan
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2485 Shameless
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2486 It’s Destiny
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2487 Too Small Vision
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2488 Mochizuki Family
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2489 Oath
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2490 Inagawa Masatori
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2491
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2492 Very good and powerful
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2493 Young Fantasy
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2494 Yoshino Mountain
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2495 Rattlesnake
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2496
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2497 Robbers
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2498 Only Outsmart
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2499 Army Flower
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2500 Being a Hostage
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2501 Good Skills
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2502 I am not a hero
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2503 Interesting
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2504 Afraid of being ashamed
Volume I Chapter 2505 Really dare to fight
Volume 1 text_ Chapter 2506 How could it be him again
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2507 Angry and funny
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2508 The night is dark and windy
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2509 In order to survive
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2510 Ruthlessly hurting her
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2511 The dead cannot be resurrected
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2512 Become Friends
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2513 Simple as a child
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2514
Volume I Chapter 2515 The power of a slap
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2516
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2517 Dongjing Tower
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2518 Reception
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2519 I am an old driver
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2520 Old acquaintance
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2521 The Royal Princess
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2522 The Clown Jumping the Beam
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2523 One Sect and Three Generals
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2524 Killing has begun
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2525 Prestige and Domineering
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2526
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2527
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2528
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2529 I’m about to cry
Volume I Chapter 2530 The stupidest woman
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2531
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2532 Iga Ren
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2533
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2534 Okinawa
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2535 What a coincidence
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2536 Domineering
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2537 Whose Voice
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2538 Swimming Together
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2539 Colorful
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2540 Shiatsu
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2541 The waves are blooming
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2542 Everything is calm
Volume 1, text_Chapter 2543: Is he bad?
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2544 Seaview Hotel
Volume 1 text_ Chapter 2545 Who in the world does not know the king
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2546 Main Purpose
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2547 The sunset is infinitely good
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2548 Bad idea
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2549 The woman who smokes
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2550 Earthquake
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2551 The highest realm
Volume I Text_Chapter 2552 Good Memories
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2553 Ozawa Kangjie
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2554 Poor
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2555 Only recognizes one word of reasoning
Volume I text_ Chapter 2556
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2557
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2558 The Last Hope
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2559
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2560 Invited Guests
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2561
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2562 The crisis of the Kokura family
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2563 Furious
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2564 Fusang Traditional Chinese Medicine
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2565 Bagua Needle Technique
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2566 Amazing
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2567 General
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2568 Fuso Special Forces
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2569 Wolf King
Volume I Chapter 2570 I know him
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2571 The arrival of Sha Toutuo
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2572 Dinner
Volume I Text_Chapter 2573
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2574 Delicious Dinner
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2575
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2576 Strong Dragon
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2577 Battle List
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2578 All spikes
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2579 Everyone Knows
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2580
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2581 Comic Con
Volume I Chapter 2582 Childhood Memories
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2583
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2584 Who is it?
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2585 Unbelievable
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2586 It must be you
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2587 Old Friend
Volume I Chapter 2588 I despise you
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2589 Explanation is to cover up
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2590 Chinatown
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2591 Silly Wife
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2592 Animals
Volume I text_Chapter 2593
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2594 This street is what I say
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2595 President Datian
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2596 Happiness comes too suddenly
Volume I Text_Chapter 2597
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2598
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2599
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2600
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2601
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2602 The big thing is bad
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2603 The Passer-by of Life
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2604 Star Hotel
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2605 The Existence of Nightmare
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2606 You idiot
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2607 Pit King
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2608 Aunt
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2609 Oversleep
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2610 Handsome debut
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2611 The Hattori Family
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2612 Ninja Heart
Volume I text_Chapter 2613
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2614 God forbearance
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2615 The Great War
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2616 One of the best experts
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2617 Show mercy
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2618 Fever
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2619 Katana
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2620 Three consecutive cuts
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2621 Split in two
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2622 Return of Igagawa
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2623
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2624 I Don’t Know All
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2625 The sudden emergence of a new force
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2626 Great friend
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2627
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2628 Self-slap
Volume 1 text_ Chapter 2629 I envy you
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2630 Linggui Temple
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2631 This is another trick
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2632
Volume I text_Chapter 2633 Feeling very bad
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2634 Killing intent is strong
Volume 1, text_Chapter 2635
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2636 The Realm of Kendo
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2637
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2638 Blood dripping
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2639 Seeing Blood Sealing the Throat
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2640
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2641 That’s Good
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2642 The man closest to God
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2643 Crazy
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2644 Too Fast
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2645
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2646
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2647 Jeans
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2648 Prince Yamato
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2649 Inner Distortion
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2650 The Fate of One Side
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2651
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2652 The stingy man
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2653 Fake friends
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2654 What is his name
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2655
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2656 This is all a misunderstanding
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2657 Thank you for your kindness
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2658 Prince Zhenghe
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2659 Poisonous oath
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2660 What a big tone
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2661 Revealing Identity
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2662 Bring Weapons
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2663 Fighting alone
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2664
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2665
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2666 Killing one step at a time
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2667
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2668 Revenge Comes
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2669 You have today too
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2670 Dragon Group
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2671 Dividing interests
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2672 Enjoy the warmth
Volume I Chapter 2673 I'm going to kill him
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2674 Incision
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2675 Spirit Position
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2676 Night Dreams
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2677 Eightyth Birthday
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2678 Abe Qinghai
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2679 Biting
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2680 The smell of gunpowder
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2681 It’s nice to be young
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2682 Who doesn’t like it
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2683 Congrats
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2684 Singing
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2685 March of the Volunteers
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2686
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2687 It’s really hateful
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2688 The acting is so good
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2689 Breathing out of one nostril
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2690 Succession
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2691 Too naive
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2692 Free Treatment
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2693 Wait for my good news
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2694 Surprise
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2695
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2696 The first time
Volume I Text_Chapter 2697 Responsibility
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2698 The tone of the command
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2699 Press Conference
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2700 Assembly Hall
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2701
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2702 Last minute
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2703 Hematemesis
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2704 The Road of No Return
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2705 Very good
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2706 You can blow for a lifetime
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2707 Mutual Use
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2708 Mount Fuji
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2709 The Good Will Not Come
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2710 Beauty Saves Heroes
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2711 Too coincidental
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2712 A little familiar
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2713 Blood Debt and Blood Repayment
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2714 Of course I know
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2715 When the Director
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2716 Freeze you to death
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2717 Just a Sword
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2718 Three Swords to Kill the Enemy
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2719 It's Your Turn
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2720 This is the end
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2721 Give you a chance
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2722 Self-destructive cultivation
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2723 Ruthless crushing
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2724 I didn’t expect you to have today
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2725 Pack and take away
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2726 Master
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2727
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2728 The Way Forward
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2729
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2730 Everyone is in danger
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2731 Hattori Musashi's Gauntlet
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2732 Family Dinner
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2733 Meixin's Home
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2734 Say something directly
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2735 Another reception
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2736 The Peak of the Imperial City
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2737
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2738 The reappearance of Chiba whirling
Volume I Chapter 2739 Your opponent is me
Volume I Text_Chapter 2740 Find the Weakness
Volume I text_Chapter 2741 Who is fighting for?
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2742 Five consecutive cuts
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2743 The Six-Character Mantra
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2744 Two weirdos
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2745 Perfect Merit
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2746 Do you dare
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2747 The whole country is boiling
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2748 Shanzhai Goods
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2749
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2750 Feed the Sharks
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2751 Not like a wedding, but more like a wedding
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2752
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2753 Little Home
Volume I text_Chapter 2754 I really want to
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2755 I want to cry
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2756 But I like it
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2757 Ruthless Rejection
Volume 1, text_Chapter 2758
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2759 The more you play, the more high-end
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2760 So Welcome
Volume I text_Chapter 2761 I don’t think so
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2762 The monkey is called the king
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2763
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2764 Life is like seeing it for the first time
Volume I Chapter 2765 The problem of the little wolf
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2766 Dad’s Little Padded Jacket
Volume 1 text_Chapter 2767 A beautiful sleep
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2768
Volume I Chapter 2769 What are you laughing at
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2770 Shiquan Dabu Soup
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2771 President Wei
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2772 Bar Dinner
Volume I Chapter 2773 He knows everything
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2774 Ten years of fear of well ropes
Volume I Chapter 2775 Human or Ghost
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2776 Brother Leopard
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2777
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2778 Hanting Hotel
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2779 Lei Bao’s SOS
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2780
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2781 Mrs.
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2782 Tears
Volume I Chapter 2783 A bowl of water should be leveled
Volume I Text_Chapter 2784
Volume I Chapter 2785 The troubles of the police flower
Volume 1 Text_ Chapter 2786 Usury
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2788 Ruthless
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2789 Lu Xuan's Means
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2790 Chat alone
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2791 Aunt Zhou's Phone
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2792 Fat Pig Woman
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2793 at your own risk
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2794 Divorce
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2795 The Real Man
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2796
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2797 Reluctance
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2798 Flattering
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2799 There is a problem with the brain
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2800 Earthshaking Changes
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2801 Very handsome today
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2802 Village Chief
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2803 Discuss marriage
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2804 Recalling the Past
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2805 Confidant
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2806 High Heels
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2807 Successful Men
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2808 Borrowing Flowers to Offer Buddha
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2809 Prince Lu Xuan
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2810 Mysterious and mysterious
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2811 Idiot
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2812 The atmosphere is a bit wrong
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2813 Cultivation, Qi Family, Rule the Country
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2814 Such a coincidence
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2815 The Supreme Emperor
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2816 Must be beautiful
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2817 Training Base
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2818 I'm here to report
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2819 The First Bodyguard
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2820 Could it be him
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2821 Instructor Sun
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2822 Lifetime Glory
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2823 People have joys and sorrows
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2824 Miss Song Family
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2825 Wei Qingshan
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2826 The road sees a roar
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2827 New Routines
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2828 Definitely not a man
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2829 Almost a Car Accident
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2830 It's okay to be fine
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2831 Ashamed
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2832 Lamb Pao Mo
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2833 Heartbroken
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2834 Not an ordinary arrogant
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2835 Go now
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2836 Please call me Lei Feng
Volume 1 Text _ Chapter 2837 She is my wife
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2838 Closed Doors
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2839 Dreams
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2840 Bad things travel thousands of miles
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2841 International Airport
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2842 With Family
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2843 The Peninsula Hotel
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2844 The City of Angels
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2845 Black-faced man
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2846 No matter how high your kung fu is, you are afraid of a kitchen knife
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2847 Sang Kun
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2848 Crazy slap in the face
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2849 Can't come for nothing
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2850 Different from the past
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2851 Comeback
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2852 Really high
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2853 The Grand Palace
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2854 Siamese Princess
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2855 The joke is big
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2856 Do you remember me?
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2857 Bad intentions
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2858 What is the situation
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2859 I'll be your wife
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2860 Chat alone
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2861 Don't bully the poor
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2862 A stomach full of bad water
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2863 Scalp tingling
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2864 Muay Thai Boxer
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2865
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2866 Digging the Wall
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2867
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2868 Fighting Fist King
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2869 Bajiquan again
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2870 Bet
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2871 Respect the opponent
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2872 Someone Outside
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2873 Thrilling
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2874 Ending the Battle
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2875 Never See You Again
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2876 Jade Buddha Temple
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2877 Be a cow and a horse
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2878 Consort
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2879
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2880 Left eye jumping disaster
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2881 Application for Retirement
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2882 Sniper
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2883 Fluttering in the Wind
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2884 Crazy Again
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2885 Blood Debt and Blood Repayment
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2886 Although far away, it will be punished
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2887 Kun Shi
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2888 Must come back alive
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2889 The phone doesn't stop
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2890 The King's Reward
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2891
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2892 Basement
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2893 King of Sniper
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2894 Everything is ready
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2895 River Pirates
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2896 Special Forces
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2897 Geographical Advantage
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2898 is over
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2899
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2900 Landing
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2901 Night in the Jungle
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2902 One Pig, Two Bears, Three Tigers
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2903 Wild Boar
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2904 Begging for water
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2905 Bad News
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2906 Smoke Grenade
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2907 Steel Ball Grenade
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2908 No Injustice
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2909 Little Boy's Dream
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2910 Keep going
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2911 Rainy Night in the Jungle
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2912 Tragic childhood
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2913 Jungle Battle
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2914 Trap
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2915 Traps
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2916 Jungle God of War
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2917 Prepare for battle
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2918 Injured
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2919 Please enter the urn
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2920 Cleaning the battlefield
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2921 Blood burning
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2922 Where there is light
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2923 Spying on the enemy
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2924 Waiting for a good show
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2925 Stupid cry
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2926 Killing without a knife
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2927 WeChat Messages
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2928 Xiaoqiang who can't be killed
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2929 A woman's heart, a needle in the sea
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2930 As Father and Son
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2931 The fire is fierce
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2932 Brothers Cannibalize
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2933 Abnormal atmosphere
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2934
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2935 Sniper Showdown
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2936 Retreat to Advance
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2937 Everything is planned
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2938 The Crowd
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2939 Invasion and Siege
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2940 Faith
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2941 Tank
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2942 King Cobra
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2943 Tiger
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2944 Happy
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2945 The King of War
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2946 Burning Alive
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2947 Army Assemble
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2948 Flak
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2949 Drone
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2950 Sing the National Anthem
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2951 Guard our glory
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2952 Good
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2953 Special Rewards
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2954 Save the entire universe
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2955 Captain
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2956 The Princess greets herself
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2957 Back to the Hotel
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2958 No Choice
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2959 Crematorium
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2960 Award Ceremony
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2961 Business Center
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2962 Little White Face
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2963 Cheongsam Shop
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2964 Ten Thousand Styles
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2965 is the grandson
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2966 Ugly face
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2967 Righteous Extermination
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2968 Queen Cruises
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2969
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2970 Tuba King
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2971 Kill him
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2972 ??Step on the soles of the feet
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2973 Two Worlds
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2974 Hearts are separated from the belly
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2975 Sonorous and Powerful
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2976 Questioning
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2977 I have a dream
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2978 Three Medals
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2979 Be an ordinary person
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2980 You don't understand
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2981 Rekindling the blood
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2982 Small note
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2983 Nobel Peace Prize
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2984 Royal Baths
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2985 Savadika
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2986 Acacia
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2987 Showing the Fox's Tail
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2988 The Perfect Plan
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2989 Human Selfishness
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2990 I would rather die than obey
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2991 So Lively
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2992 True Strength
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2993 Domineering to the extreme
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2994 I was crying
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2995 vomiting blood
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2996 Farewell to the Little Princess
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2997 Once upon a battlefield
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2998 Brotherhood in the next life
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 2999 Someone has been here
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3000 It's Xiangjiang City Again
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3001 Road Racing
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3002 Kick over the car
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3003 Awesome Brother
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3004 People Who Can't Be Provoked
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3005 Kneel down and admit your mistake
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3006 Recognize him as the boss
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3007 A List of Small Mountains
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3008 Proud of you
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3009 August 1st Medal
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3010 Nothing wrong
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3011 Keep it for you
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3012 Bad Premonition
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3013
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3014 The sky is high and the earth is thick
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3015 Confession and leniency
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3016 Recognizing a thief as a father
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3017 Your brother-in-law is inside
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3018 Famous
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3019 Homeless
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3020 Fear of marriage
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3021 I am worried that I have no food to eat
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3022 Spring and Autumn Dream
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3023 Shared bicycles
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3024 Little Fox Meizi
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3025 Workers
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3026 I want to cry
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3027 Jiamu Group
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3028 Chairman Lin
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3029 Different School Flowers
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3030 Low-key enough to scare people to death
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3031 Next time we meet again
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3032 The Most Wonderful Life
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3033 Mourning Hall
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3034 Have a meal together
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3035
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3036 Dragon King's Phone
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3037 Bad News
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3038 Dragon King's Hidden Disease
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3039 childhood sweethearts
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3040 Qin Siyu
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3041 Long disabled
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3042 The Qin Family
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3043 Sunset
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3044 Endless with you
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3045 Your circle is really messed up
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3046 Unexpected things
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3047 Third Master
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3048 Going alone to the meeting
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3049 Lord Lu
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3050 God of Plague
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3051 Suspect
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3052 Reversing right and wrong black and white
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3053 Destroyed
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3054 Smoking a Cigarette
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3055
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3056 Catastrophe is imminent
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3057 Woke up from the freeze
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3058 Released on bail
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3059 Shame
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3060 Wilderness
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3061 The courier has arrived
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3062 Ugly people make trouble
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3063 Scalpers
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3064 Red House
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3065 Shining debut
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3066 The Princess in the Fairy Tale
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3067 Affectionate Confession
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3068 A successful conclusion
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3069 You have today too
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3070 He De He Neng
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3071 A little fierce
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3072 Paparazzi
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3073 Too outrageous
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3074 International Joke
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3075 This is not a dream
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3076 It's too late to cry
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3077 Unemployed
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3078 Life and Death
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3079 The Price of Impulsivity
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3080 Too ruthless
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3081 Another Enemy Luzhai
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3082 Tan Zhirou
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3083 The third master reappears
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3084 Bad influence
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3085 Don't talk too early
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3086 Willing to gamble and admit defeat
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3087 The wicked must be punished
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3088 Great friend
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3089 Master, destined to be extraordinary
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3090 The coercion of the aura
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3091 Time is up
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3092 The Pearl of the Orient
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3093 Talking badly behind your back
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3094 Kind Reminder
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3095 Bad Deeds
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3096 The world is quiet
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3097
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3098
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3099 Whereabouts exposed
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3100 One hundred secrets and one sparse
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3101 Undoubtedly defeated
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3102 You have lost
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3103 What is the point
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3104 Compensation
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3105 That was a misunderstanding
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3106 Star Endorsement
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3107 Half-Blood
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3108 twenty million
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3109 Stunned on the spot
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3110 Such a coincidence
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3111 Pies fall from the sky
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3112 Deep Routines
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3113 Distant Relatives
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3114 It's all messed up
Volume 1 text_Chapter 3115 I have a man and forget my sister
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3116 It's Not So Simple
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3117 Does your mother know
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3118 Who hurt who?
Volume 1 text_Chapter 3119 Men are tired
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3120 Borrow something else
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3121 Unique
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3122 Care is chaos
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3123 LV Building
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3124 Overlord Clause
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3125 Fart
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3126 Jade and Stone Burning
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3127 It's not a vain name
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3128 I've been alone so far
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3129 Global Pursuit Order
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3130 The actor invited
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3131 Kicked out
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3132 It's better to be stupid
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3133 Revenge for revenge, revenge for grievances
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3134 Times Square
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3135 Assassination
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3136 Misunderstanding between lovers
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3137 You are everywhere
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3138
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3139 The Perfect Man
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3140 Buying a Mobile Phone
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3141 Buying and selling is not benevolent and righteous
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3142 Flying Leopard Team
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3143 Arrogance
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3144 Wait for me to answer the phone
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3145 My heart has collapsed
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3146 Unspeakable Concealment
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3147 Occupational Disease
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3148 There is no end
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3149 The first blind date
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3150 Can you save snacks
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3151 Department of Economic Development
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3152 There are not many cruel words
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3153 Life Creed
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3154 A glass of beer
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3155 Analogy
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3156 Play a game
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3157 An Attack
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3158 Superman
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3159 Falling into the water
Chapter 3160 Are you crazy?
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3161 Do me a favor
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3162 A Little Injury
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3163 Zhu Sixi
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3164 Very supportive
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3165 Nightmare Again
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3166 Pretending to be asleep
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3167 Watch a good show
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3168 Long experience
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3169 Turn a blind eye
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3170 From now on, I'm a passerby
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3171 The duck died with a hard mouth
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3172 The Great Shame
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3173 Don't give face
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3174 Don't dare, don't dare
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3175 I don't know men
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3176 Questioning Ability
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3177 A little understanding of fur
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3178 Yao Haonan
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3179 Talkers
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3180 Excessive Defense
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3181 Good fight
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3182 Must be severely punished
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3183
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3184 Distant Cousin
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3185
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3186 Bitter face
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3187 Too Courageous
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3188
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3189
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3190 Raunchy
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3191 Ankylosing Spondylitis
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3192 The King
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3193 Poverty limits imagination
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3194 Add WeChat
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3195 It is better to choose a day than to hit the sun
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3196 Eat Morning Tea
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3197 Pack and take away
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3198 No tears when you don't see the coffin
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3199 Fierce God
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3200 Something's Not Right
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3201 One point is the middle
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3202 Perfect Match
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3203 This is true
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3204 The man behind the woman
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3205 Steal my lines
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3206 Shameless
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3207 Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3208 Extremely happy
Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3209 A generation is not as good as a generation
Text Volume 1 Text_Chapter 3210 Grandma's Noodle House
Chapter 3211 conflict
Chapter 3212 no one answers
Three thousand two hundred and thirteen chapters are outrageous
Chapter 3214 A solid step
Chapter 3215 Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall
Chapter 3216 Uncle Shi
Chapter 3217 is hard to say
The third thousand two hundred and eighteenth chapters can be punished
The third thousand two hundred and nineteenth chapter is a little nephew
Chapter 3220 Hong Kong University
Chapter 3221 Do not believe your nonsense
Chapter 3222 Scorpion tattoo male
Chapter 3223 The strongest mystery
Chapter 3224 A huge blow
Chapter 3225 The real genius
Chapter 3226 I am not convinced
Chapter 3227: Stepping on your sect
Chapter 3228 Ways to Enhance Strength
Chapter 3229 is not sick at all
Chapter 3230 Nervous Asthenia
The third thousand two hundred and thirty-one chapters are happy
The third thousand two hundred and thirty-two chapters have heard the Tao in succession
Chapter 3233 deformed spine
Chapter 3234 The prescription for the medicated bath
Chapter 3235 Time is up
Chapter 3236 humbly ask for advice
Chapter 3237 Retaliation
Chapter 3238 You don't deserve to know
Chapter 3239 Starlight Festival
Chapter 3240 Beautiful Girls Generation
Chapter 3241 A sudden visit
Chapter 3242 Jin Yuner
Chapter 3243 Ear power is different from ordinary people
The third thousand two hundred and forty-four chapters toe to heart
The third thousand two hundred and forty-five chapters single most accurate sniper rifle
The third thousand two hundred and forty-six chapters are boring
Chapter 3247 The stars are shining
Chapter 3248 The best memories
Chapter 3249 brilliant fireworks
Chapter 3250 Zhou Dao
Chapter 3251 Han Zaihe
Chapter 3252 Shameless
Chapter 3253 The rational madman
Chapter 3254 The brain is sick
Chapter 3255 Kill you with eyes
Chapter 3256 I can afford it
Chapter 3257 Miss Sister
Chapter 3258 New York
Chapter 3259 Chinese man
Chapter 3260 took the wrong medicine
Chapter 3261 A small request
Chapter 3262 Prince Grace
Chapter 3263 see who has the last laugh
The third thousand two hundred and sixty-four chapters are broken in love
Chapter 3265 Time will not turn back
Chapter 3266 Execute the task
Chapter 3267 Evaporation
The third thousand two hundred and sixty-eight chapters give it a try
Chapter 3269 I hate you
Chapter 3270 It's not your fault
Chapter 3271 Holding hands for the first time
The third thousand two hundred and seventy-two chapters retreat
Chapter 3273 How to choose
Chapter 3274 The inescapable responsibility
The third thousand two hundred and seventy-five chapters leave the Qin family
Chapter 3276 called Shishu
Chapter 3277 bet
The third thousand two hundred and seventy-eighth chapters eat soft rice
Chapter 3279 Two silly women
The third thousand two hundred and eighty chapters throw him out
The 3281st chapter is none of my business
Chapter 3282 The bowl has not eaten yet
Chapter 3283 Autumn Maple Mountain
Chapter 3284 Time bomb
Chapter 3285 Self-confidence is a good thing
The third thousand two hundred and eighty-six chapters talk less nonsense
Chapter 3287 Shameless
Chapter 3288 The ending is already doomed
Chapter 3289 is cheap for you
Chapter 3290 The taste of barbecue
The third thousand two hundred and ninety-first chapters are eloquent and eloquent
Chapter 3292 The coercion of the strong
The third thousand two hundred and ninety-three chapters are fine
Chapter 3294 bragging is not illegal
The third thousand two hundred and ninety-five chapters hit the nail on the head
Chapter 3296 I hate you
Chapter 3297 not used to
Chapter 3298: Brahma
Chapter 3299 love robbery
Chapter 3300: The man of destiny
Chapter 3301 disturbing the people
Chapter 3302 Tan Zhirou's decision
The third thousand three hundred and three chapters robbery men
Chapter 3304 Come up for a cup of tea
Chapter 3305 When an instructor
Chapter 3306 busy life
Chapter 3307 was fired
Chapter 3308 I am her uncle
Chapter 3309 is disgusting
The third thousand three hundred and tenth chapter is bold
Chapter 3311 I'm not dead yet
Chapter 3312 The facts are in front of you
Chapter 3313 This is just like words
Chapter 3314 The woman of first love
The 3315th chapter is more than one
Chapter 3316 Flowers
Chapter 3317 Waste of time
Chapter 3318 shocked
The third thousand three hundred and nineteenth chapter is the magician
Chapter 3320 terrified
Chapter 3321 Destiny goodbye
Chapter 3322 Invited Lectures
Chapter 3323 Self-knowledge
The third thousand three hundred and twenty-four chapters are first-class masters
The 3320th chapters take advantage of the meal
The third thousand three hundred and twenty-sixth chapters stand upright
Chapter 3327 Deep condolences
Chapter 3328 Fan Meeting
Chapter 3329 My story, my world!
Chapter 3330 Why meet again
Chapter 3331 High school tablemate
Chapter 3332 Realists
Chapter 3333 Small grievances
Chapter 3334 Chicken intestines
The third thousand three hundred and thirty-five chapters
Chapter 3336 What attitude
Chapter 3337 ungrateful
Chapter 3338 kills two birds with one stone
Chapter 3339 Not worth mentioning
Chapter 3340 We meet again
Chapter 3341 make a fuss
The third thousand three hundred and forty-two chapters live and die
The third thousand three hundred and forty-three chapters see through and do not say through
Chapter 3344 too sinister
The third thousand three hundred and forty-five chapters turned out to be so
Chapter 3346 Dasha
Chapter 3347 crying like a child
The third thousand three hundred and forty-eight chapters
Chapter 3349 Flying Leopards Training Base
Chapter 3350: Stop talking nonsense
The 3351st chapter falls over the shoulder
Chapter 3352 The ending is the same
Chapter 3353 Long Tianmo
The third thousand three hundred and fifty-four chapters are there seeds?
Chapter 3355 Weight-bearing training
Chapter 3356: Reaction speed training
Chapter 3357 There is a problem
Chapter 3358 slow motion and fast motion
Chapter 3359 Who did it
Chapter 3360 Little fans
Chapter 3361 first meeting
The third thousand three hundred and sixty-two chapters make a fuss
The third thousand three hundred and sixty-three chapters turned out to be like this
Chapter 3364 Don't rob us
Chapter 3365 No one is perfect
Chapter 3366 feeding dog food
Chapter 3367 You are too young
Chapter 3368 It is not too late to know now
Chapter 3369 Candlelight Dinner
Chapter 3370 Accidental car accident
The third thousand three hundred and seventy-first chapters put a long line to catch big fish
Chapter 3372 Zhu Shao
Chapter 3373 a bird like
Chapter 3374 a friend
Chapter 3375 can not survive
Chapter 3376 Some clues
Chapter 3377 panicked
The third thousand three hundred and seventy-eighth chapters flee
The third thousand three hundred and seventy-ninth chapters fled
Chapter 3380 hole cards
Chapter 3381 Go to have breakfast first
Chapter 3382 The main hall
Chapter 3383 The dead can't speak
The third thousand three hundred and eighty-fourth chapters, this sword, understand
Chapter 3385 minor problems
The third thousand three hundred and eighty-six chapters are good for themselves
The third thousand three hundred and eighty-seven chapters
Chapter 3388: Eye-popping
Chapter 3389 Alternative hobbies
Chapter 3390 Digging the Wall
The 3391st chapter self-inflicted humiliation
Chapter 3392 Black Card
Chapter 3393 He was right
Chapter 3394 I apologize
The 3395th chapter should be
Chapter 3396 low-key used to
The 3397th chapter is serious
Chapter 3398 Re-investigation
The third thousand three hundred and ninety-nine chapters stimulate the law
Chapter 3400 Weird things happen every year
Chapter 3401 The tree attracts the wind
Chapter 3402 emergencies
Chapter 3403 Well-intentioned advice
Chapter 3404 Lectures
The 3405th chapter similar different roots
Chapter 3406 The advantages of traditional Chinese medicine
Chapter 3407 Export into chapter
The 3408th chapter is an analogy
Chapter 3409 A blockbuster
Chapter 3410 allergic chronic eczema
Chapter 3411 prescription
Chapter 3412 talented
Chapter 3413 Visiting Professor
Chapter 3414 Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
Chapter 3415 Xiang Mingyang
Chapter 3416 The eagle catches the chicken
Chapter 3417 Challenge
Chapter 3418: Lost soldiers and generals
Chapter 3419 The sun and the moon can be learned
Chapter 3420 Weird feeling
Chapter 3421 What is missing
Chapter 3422 signing a contract
Chapter 3423 East Lord
Chapter 3424 ignorant
The third thousand four hundred and twenty-five chapters utter nonsense
Chapter 3426 The good show has just begun
Chapter 3427 Overkill
Chapter 3428 When Zhuge
The third thousand four hundred and twenty-ninth chapters
Chapter 3430 What should come will come sooner or later
Chapter 3431 Female No. 2
Chapter 3432 slip of the tongue
Chapter 3433 horse racing
Chapter 3434 Sha Tin Racecourse
Chapter 3435 The ears hear the cocoon
Chapter 3436 The person who can't afford to offend
Chapter 3437 Future son-in-law
Chapter 3438 The great ideal
Chapter 3439 fully cooperate
Chapter 3440 Huaxin radish
Chapter 3441 One hundred million
Chapter 3442: The first time to lose money
Chapter 3443 Crazy or stupid
The 3440th chapters know the horse
Chapter 3445 Wuya
Chapter 3446 Taming
Chapter 3447 The first horse!
Chapter 3448 Heroes come out in large numbers, who will compete with each other!
Chapter 3449 must be extraordinary
Chapter 3450 Please respect yourself
Chapter 3451 You come to support me
Chapter 3452 Bad relationship
Chapter 3453 year-end drama
Chapter 3454 start action
Chapter 3455 alone
Chapter 3456 The next good show
Chapter 3457: Knowing the person, knowing the face but not the heart
Chapter 3458: His wife is Ning Wanxi
Chapter 3459 Lonely
Chapter 3460 The first patient
Chapter 3461 Gan Zong
Chapter 3462 Uncle Shi, you are too dark
Chapter 3463 The old monster
Chapter 3464 Nan Batian
Chapter 3465: Martial arts become saints
Chapter 3466 Refining Qi
Chapter 3467 Xu Shao
Chapter 3468 Do you have a plane?
Three thousand four hundred and sixty-ninth chapter moon appreciation
Chapter 3470 There are guests coming
Chapter 3471 Kindness
Chapter 3472 Hydrangea
Chapter 3473 lift the veil
Chapter 3474: The Fall of the Divine Mansion
Chapter 3475 open meat
The 3470th chapters listen to all directions
Chapter 3477 Looking for Instructor Lu
Chapter 3478 Bamboo Forest Temple
The third thousand four hundred and seventy-ninth chapters will conquer the sky
Chapter 3480 Pain and happiness
Chapter 3481 Do you like me
Chapter 3482 start action
Chapter 3483 The Devil from Hell
Chapter 3484: Kill one person in one step
The third thousand four hundred and eighty-fifth chapters
Chapter 3486 Darkness is coming
Chapter 3487 Against the sky
The third thousand four hundred and eighty-eighth chapters are all lost
Chapter 3489 Dahe Jianyi
The 3490th chapter is difficult to distinguish between loyal and traitor
Chapter 3491 sweet mouth
Chapter 3492 Family law serving
Chapter 3493 despicable and shameless
The 3490th chapters leave behind
Chapter 3495 is too enthusiastic
The 3490th chapter male protagonist
The third thousand four hundred and ninety-seventh chapters get cheap and sell well
Chapter 3498 found a big bargain
Chapter 3499 celebration party
Chapter 3500 People rely on clothes
The 3501st chapter nameless
Chapter 3502 The person who can't afford to offend
Chapter 3503 has an idea
The 3504th chapter is a rare drunk in life
Chapter 3505 Breaking through the bottleneck
Chapter 3506 Time is rushing
The third thousand five hundred and seven chapters are so moving
Chapter 3508: Shoot it again
Chapter 3509 stand up
Chapter 3510 Penglai Immortal Island
Chapter 3511 Rumors spread
Chapter 3512, Mrs. Wife
The third thousand five hundred and tenth chapters should be admirable
The third thousand five hundred and fourteenth chapters
Chapter 3515 A lot of responsibility
Chapter 3516 Uncle Qin's birthday
Chapter 3517 Primary school classmates
Chapter 3518 door-to-door son-in-law
Chapter 3519: Lu Family Law
Chapter 3520 A layman
Chapter 3521 The person who can't afford to offend
Chapter 3522 at your own risk
Chapter 3523 What are you
Chapter 3524 birthday present
Chapter 3525 Hexi
The third thousand five hundred and twenty-six chapters fully defect
Chapter 3527 The good show begins
Chapter 3528 pay the price
Chapter 3529 The scenery is infinite
The third thousand five hundred and thirty chapters
Chapter 3531 Every family has a hard-to-read scripture
Chapter 3532 separate again
The third thousand five hundred and thirty-three chapters are in the blessing and do not know the blessing
The third thousand five hundred and thirty-four chapters is indignant
Chapter 3535 Recharge
Chapter 3536 Reminder
Chapter 3537 Falsely preaching the imperial decree
Chapter 3538 Martial Arts Alliance
The third thousand five hundred and thirty-ninth chapters stay a line
Chapter 3540 Dark World
The third thousand five hundred and forty-one chapters set off
The third thousand five hundred and forty-two chapters bare heart
Chapter 3543 Tianlong Escort
Chapter 3544 Bandit
Chapter 3545 kneel down and beg for mercy
Chapter 3546 Good luck
Chapter 3547 The emperor is not in a hurry, the eunuch is in a hurry
Chapter 3548 One less person
The third thousand five hundred and forty-nine chapters are reasonable to travel all over the world
Chapter 3550 Who is stronger and who is weaker
The third thousand five hundred and fifty-first chapters are different from each other
The third thousand five hundred and fifty-two chapters are punishing every word
Chapter 3553 is scary
Chapter 3554: The strong are like forests
Chapter 3555 This is all found by you
Chapter 3556 Do your part
Chapter 3557 Fanatical fans
The 3558th chapter half apprentice
Chapter 3559 Ping An Street
Chapter 3560 Qingyunzong
The 3561st chapter color head
Chapter 3562 Hot Potatoes
Chapter 3563 Unintentional confrontation
Chapter 3564 Hard-to-Eat
Chapter 3565 half and half
The third thousand five hundred and sixty-six chapters have long admired the name
Chapter 3567 You are too weak
Chapter 3568 The scapegoat
Chapter 3569 What is the situation
Chapter 3570 Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 3571 Su Family Mansion
Chapter 3572 The masters gather
Chapter 3573 chatting speculation
Chapter 3574 The mud can't help the wall
Chapter 3575 The old man
Chapter 3576 calm and calm
Chapter 3577 hungry
Chapter 3578 wagging tail for pity
Chapter 3579 The gift of the Su family
Chapter 3580 You are a gangster
The third thousand five hundred and eighty first chapters are addicted
Chapter 3582 is unfair
The third thousand five hundred and eighty-three chapters outsiders
Chapter 3584 Strange physique
Chapter 3585: Giant Sword Gate
The third thousand five hundred and eighty-six chapters are too anxious to fry
Chapter 3587 Savior
The third thousand five hundred and eighty-eighth chapters blood spurting people
The third thousand five hundred and eighty-nine chapters empty-handed sword
Chapter 3590 strong pervert
Chapter 3591 has its own measure
Chapter 3592 time stop
Chapter 3593 Born in the dark
The third thousand five hundred and ninety-four chapters climb high branches
The third thousand five hundred and ninety-five chapters are forced to die
The third thousand five hundred and ninety-six chapters have a heart to protect the short
Chapter 3597 then get out
Chapter 3598 Long River Sunset
The third thousand five hundred and ninety-nine chapters give you face
Chapter 3600 Just get used to it
Chapter 3601 Good people are not easy to be
Chapter 3602 I can't bear it
Chapter 3603 You think I'm stupid
Chapter 3604 Nosy
Chapter 3605 Never seen such an arrogant person
Chapter 3606 speechless
The 3607th chapter shot it
Chapter 3608 Jumping beam clown
The 3609th chapter is self-defeating
Chapter 3610 Still laughing
Chapter 3611 Nightmare existence
Chapter 3612 ruthless and innocent
Chapter 3613 Tianyin Sect
Chapter 3614 door-to-door service
Chapter 3615 Boating on Cihu Lake
Chapter 3616 Stay safe
Three thousand six hundred and seventeenth chapter see good
Chapter 3618 The gentleman does not take people's favor
Chapter 3619 Octagon Building
Chapter 3620 Unwritten rules
The 3621st chapter is outrageous
The 3622nd chapter can be scared to death
Chapter 3623 go with you
Chapter 3624 Sima Zhao's Heart
The third thousand and twenty-fifth chapters of public criticism
Chapter 3626 Who dares to do it
Chapter 3627 Congratulations, you got it right
The third thousand and twenty-eight chapters sit in the same boat
Chapter 3629 say what are you good
Chapter 3630 Can't afford to lose
Chapter 3631 Reasonable
Chapter 3632 concerns
Chapter 3633 Kill the chicken to warn the monkey
The 3630th chapters are good
Chapter 3635 crooked mind
Chapter 3636: No tears until the coffin
Chapter 3637 Never dreamed
Chapter 3638 unfair
Chapter 3639 Wisdom and bravery
The third thousand and fortieth chapters come up with ideas
The 3641st chapter female military division
Chapter 3642 The heart of the villain
The 3640th chapters are difficult to fly
Three thousand six hundred and forty-four chapters benevolence to justice
Chapter 3645 Where is the confidence
Chapter 3646 as you wish
Chapter 3647 scalp tingling
Chapter 3648 Ma Lao Sect Master
Chapter 3649 You live or die
Chapter 3650: Human and God are indignant
Chapter 3651 scabbard
The third thousand and fifty-two chapters are embarrassed
The third thousand and fifty-three chapters end of the crossbow
Chapter 3654 Self-destruction
Chapter 3655 Fortunately, I ran fast
Chapter 3656 God has the virtue of good life
Chapter 3657 Undercurrents surging
Chapter 3658 a year and a half
Chapter 3659 I'm so sorry
Chapter 3660: See the refugees again
Chapter 3661 cartilage scattered
Chapter 3662 smoke bomb
Chapter 3663 There is good and there must be evil
Chapter 3664 Who is the crow's mouth
Chapter 3665 One punch spike
Chapter 3666 The Eastern Emperor Family
The third thousand and sixty-seventh chapters do not know good or bad
The third thousand and sixty-eight chapters make a fuss
Chapter 3669 Little devil is difficult to deal with
Chapter 3670 The rain is coming and the wind is full of buildings
Chapter 3671 Heaven List
Chapter 3672 pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger
Chapter 3673 Little Monster
Chapter 3674 Li Mubai
Chapter 3675 East Emperor
Chapter 3676 scary
Chapter 3677 is hard to say
Chapter 3678 Royal blood
Chapter 3679 is an outsider after all
Chapter 3680 Life is not if
Chapter 3681: Unpredictable situation in the sky
Chapter 3682 Joint crusade
Chapter 3683 Kowloon Throne
Three thousand six hundred and eighty-fourth chapter open mouth
Chapter 3685 East Emperor Wending
The third thousand six hundred and eighty-six chapters five emperors seal
Chapter 3687 Dare to fight with me
The third thousand six hundred and eighty-eighth chapters are better than blue
Chapter 3689 The words of the matchmaker
The 3690th chapter is clever
Chapter 3691 The scourge left a thousand years
Chapter 3692 Selfishness
Chapter 3693 East Emperor Stars
Chapter 3694 marks
Chapter 3695 will be reconciled
Chapter 3696 Everyone has their own aspirations
Chapter 3697 kowtow and admit mistakes
Chapter 3698 Tournament
The 3690th chapters have the ability to live in
Chapter 3700 for your good
Chapter 3701 The City That Never Sleeps
Chapter 3702 sleepless night
Chapter 3703 Tiandao Inn
Chapter 3704 Mid-Autumn Festival
Chapter 3705 Guess the lantern riddle
Chapter 3706 pull hatred
Chapter 3707 Shit luck
Chapter 3708 How can the years be quiet
Chapter 3709 The talented people come out of the country
Chapter 3710 No suspense
Chapter 3711 The emperor is not in a hurry and the eunuch is in a hurry
Chapter 3712 Say what is good for you
Chapter 3713 I will never lose in my life!
Chapter 3714 The first round of competition
Chapter 3715 bells and whistles
Chapter 3716 Little can't bear it, then chaos and big plans
The 3717th chapter visits the door
Chapter 3718 The words have come to this point
Chapter 3719 Well said
Chapter 3720 The gentleman takes revenge, ten years is not too late
Chapter 3721 I'm not that kind of person
The 3722nd chapter admits to counseling
Chapter 3723 From love to hate?
Chapter 3724 The second round of competition
Chapter 3725 Interesting
The 3726th chapter will be known by a try
Chapter 3727 You are too weak
Chapter 3728: Turning over and not recognizing people
Chapter 3729: Well, the scar forgets the pain
Chapter 3730 Please enter the urn
Chapter 3731 Siege
Chapter 3732 There is one more choice
Chapter 3733 release water
The 3730th chapters say business
The 3730th chapter is unbelievable
Chapter 3736 Chat alone
Chapter 3737 Men are not good things
The third thousand seven hundred and thirty-eight chapters will not give birth to the emperor's family in the next life
Chapter 3739 The third round of competition
Chapter 3740 Against Huayang
Chapter 3741 was played as a monkey
Chapter 3742 psychological tactics
Chapter 3743 is too miserable
Chapter 3744 Big fish eat small fish
Chapter 3745 A letter
Chapter 3746 Teahouse
Chapter 3747 Mr. Storyteller
Chapter 3748: King of Kings
Chapter 3749 Little Prince
Chapter 3750 The fourth seal
Chapter 3751 unwilling
Chapter 3752 The game is over
Chapter 3753 The eldest grandson's family
Chapter 3754: A poem
Chapter 3755: Slashing Love with Sword
Chapter 3756 Surprises continue
Chapter 3757 Lifting the Weapon Restriction
Chapter 3758 The sword has no eyes
Chapter 3759 suffocated
Chapter 3760 How much debt is owed
Chapter 3761 A huge blow
Chapter 3762 a gift
The 3760th chapter is too insidious
Chapter 3764 The facts are in front of you
Chapter 3765 Sword Qi is awe-inspiring
Chapter 3766 Abstain
Chapter 3767th come true
Chapter 3768 Second place
Chapter 3769 Rich and willful
Chapter 3770 When will the moon be there
Chapter 3771 Kung Fu pays off
Chapter 3772 The fifth seal
Chapter 3773 leave a hand
Chapter 3774 No permanent friends
Chapter 3775 The Battle of the Throne
Chapter 3776 delivered to the door
Chapter 3777 The blood family is now
Chapter 3778 The spring breeze blows again
Chapter 3779 The world shakes
Chapter 3780 Martial Arts Conference
Chapter 3781 Jiange Pavilion Master
Chapter 3782 I regret it
The third thousand seven hundred and eighty-three chapters sword turbulence
Chapter 3784: The first place on the list
Chapter 3785: Heaven's Pride
The third thousand seven hundred and eighty-six chapters are afraid of a battle
Chapter 3787 Female Zhuge
Chapter 3788 The words have come to this point
Chapter 3789 You go too
Chapter 3790 is imminent
The third thousand seven hundred and ninety-first chapters are guilty
The third thousand seven hundred and ninety-two chapters forcibly seized
Chapter 3793: The distinction between good and evil
The 3790th chapters do not leave one
Chapter 3795: Life is better than death
Chapter 3796: Beware
Chapter 3797: Accompanying the king is like accompanying the tiger
Chapter 3798 takes the liberty to visit
The 3790th chapters bitter meat plan
Chapter 3800 ambition
Chapter 3801 Haoran righteousness
Chapter 3802 Shadow
Chapter 3803 at all costs
Chapter 3804 The sixth seal
Chapter 3805: Mysterious Yin Girl
Chapter 3806 three days later
Chapter 3807 The house is kindhearted
Chapter 3808 The Son of Heaven breaks the law and commits the same crime with the common people
Chapter 3809: People are not saints
Chapter 3810 Best of both worlds
Chapter 3811 is too sudden
Chapter 3812 Atonement
Chapter 3813 go home
Chapter 3814 Don't have a secret
Chapter 3815: The family has a strong wife
Chapter 3816 Jiangning Airport
The 3817th chapter fetal position is not correct
Chapter 3818 Lao Zhangren
Chapter 3819 is the best
Chapter 3820 can't talk anymore
Chapter 3821 Every family has a hard-to-read scripture
Chapter 3822 kindergarten
Chapter 3823 Little Peas
Chapter 3824 Family conflicts
Chapter 3825 fetal position correction
Chapter 3826 The Saint of Medicine
Chapter 3827 Rich and willful
Chapter 3828 Whisper
Chapter 3829 rains over the sky
Chapter 3830 Cynical sarcasm
Chapter 3831: The sky is falling and the earth is cracking
Chapter 3832 Lu Xuan's handle
Chapter 3833 There is only one you in the world
The 3830th chapters want to cry without tears
Chapter 3835 Fertilizer flows to the outsider's field
Chapter 3836 My role model
Chapter 3837 is not funny at all
Chapter 3838: Uncle Smelly
The 3830th chapters are amazing characters
Chapter 3840 Let go of that girl
Chapter 3841 does not belong to a world
Chapter 3842 Wang Family
Chapter 3843 Two great families
The 3840th chapters live and breathe
Chapter 3845 Want to hug
Chapter 3846 The visitor is the guest
Chapter 3847 Two choices
Chapter 3848: Well, the scar forgets the pain
Chapter 3849 pretending to be crazy
Chapter 3850 The overall situation is the most important
The 3851st chapter answer
Chapter 3852 is not the time to come back
Chapter 3853 Father Tang's Wish
Chapter 3854 Little White Face
Chapter 3855 But it's okay to say
Chapter 3856 Poor and sad
Chapter 3857 My name is Lu Xuan
Chapter 3858 My Fair Lady
Chapter 3859 entrusted by others
The 3860th chapters stay on the line
Chapter 3861 Why not do it
Chapter 3862 The task is arduous
Chapter 3863 Dragon King's Invitation
Chapter 3864 Dragon Emperor!
Chapter 3865 The power of life and death
The 3860th chapter is angry and angry
Chapter 3867 Foresight
Chapter 3868 Bai Zhiang
Chapter 3869 Heart is like a needle
Chapter 3870 My Responsibilities
Chapter 3871 A generation of medical saints and unparalleled national scholars
Chapter 3872 is like a dream
Chapter 3873 Say hello in advance
Chapter 3874 selling off
Chapter 3875 fanning the flames
Chapter 3876 Justice will never be absent
Chapter 3877 Ashtray
Chapter 3878 Unconditional Trust
Chapter 3879 Anonymous posts
Chapter 3880: The Voice of Crusade
The 3881st chapter is very familiar
Chapter 3882 The heights are too cold
Chapter 3883 that day
Chapter 3884 The legendary life
Chapter 3885th war
The 3886th chapter is inevitable
Chapter 3887 A good proposal
Chapter 3888 quack land
Chapter 3889 Congratulations
Chapter 3890 well-deserved reputation
Chapter 3891 Good intentions
Chapter 3892 is too scary
Chapter 3893 Everyone's responsibility
Chapter 3894 aggressive
Chapter 3895 The dead are great
Chapter 3896 Man and God are indignant
The 3897th chapter is really sad
Chapter 3898 Love words hurt the most
Chapter 3899 Do more good deeds
Chapter 3900: No distractions
Chapter 3901 Nerves
Chapter 3902 did not expect
Chapter 3903 There is no silver here, three hundred taels
Chapter 3904 I'm back again
Chapter 3905 Organizer
Chapter 3906 dear
Chapter 3907 Kneeling and begging for mercy
Chapter 3908: Be prepared for danger in times of peace
Chapter 3909 has a killer
Chapter 3910 The deceiving ghost
Chapter 3911 Small fish take the bait
Chapter 3912 I am a wolf
Chapter 3913 Eyeliner
Chapter 3914 so heartless
Chapter 3915 Sophia
The 3916th chapter was always like this before
Chapter 3917 can still be king
Chapter 3918 my wife
Chapter 3919 Bell family
Chapter 3920 Do not regret
Chapter 3921 Conflict Renewed
Chapter 3922 Destroying Soul BOSS
The 3920th chapters heart and lungs
Chapter 3924 Anderson Family
Chapter 3925 What a lunatic
Chapter 3926 Goodbye Nangong Lie
Chapter 3927 is stronger than a god
Chapter 3928 I don't understand
Chapter 3929 Long time no see
Chapter 3930 So far
Chapter 3931: The Destiny
Chapter 3932 Curiosity killed the cat
Chapter 3933 Secret Weapon
Chapter 3934 The rich brother
Chapter 3935 Susannah
Chapter 3936 Who is the idiot
Chapter 3937 Apologize
Chapter 3938 is not too much
The third thousand nine hundred and thirty-ninth chapters
Chapter 3940: Visiting old friends
Chapter 3941 Miscalculated
Chapter 3942: People are shameless and invincible
Chapter 3943 A certain return
Chapter 3944 Xanadu
Chapter 3945 pitiful
The third thousand nine hundred and forty-six chapters are very angry
Chapter 3947: Staying in a mansion
Chapter 3948 Why
Chapter 3949 Uninvited guests
Chapter 3950th Thunderbolt
The 3951st chapter will win the battle
Chapter 3952 has no courage to take action
Chapter 3953 The facts are in front of you
Chapter 3954 is not an actor
The third thousand nine hundred and fifty-fifth chapters pretending to be mysterious
Chapter 3956 has a bit of a brain
Chapter 3957 You are not worthy
Chapter 3958 Raising tigers
Chapter 3959 Think of a fool
Chapter 3960 Drag the oil bottle
Chapter 3961 Re-entry into Anderson Manor
Chapter 3962 The natural enemy of the blood clan
Chapter 3963 Poles
Chapter 3964 hindsight
Chapter 3965 slap yourself in the face
The third thousand and sixty-six chapters make trouble again
Chapter 3967 Underground Speedway
Chapter 3968 Pig Luo
Chapter 3969 ghetto
Chapter 3970 Love can't help
Chapter 3971: The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 3972 is rich and willful
Chapter 3973: The defeated generals
Three thousand nine hundred and seventy-fourth chapter sin does not die
Chapter 3975 The plot is not developed like this
The 3970th chapter is afraid of things
Chapter 3977 Sophia's anger
The third thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight chapters share the enemy
Chapter 3979 Little Jamie
The 3980th chapters say that the public is reasonable
Chapter 3981 There is another secret
Chapter 3982 Father's love is like a mountain
Chapter 3983 Acupuncture Treatment
Chapter 3984 Father and son love
Chapter 3985 Life is not as good as a drunk
The third thousand nine hundred and eighty-sixth chapters are constantly cut, and the rationale is still chaotic
Chapter 3987 The listener has a heart
Chapter 3988 You fake fan
Chapter 3989 heads-up
Chapter 3990 Picturesque
Chapter 3991 You lost again
Chapter 3992 The feeling of despair
Chapter 3993 Basketball Without Borders
Chapter 3994 Geniuses come out in large numbers
Chapter 3995 half of the words
The third thousand nine hundred and ninety-sixth chapters utter nonsense
Chapter 3997 Vivian
Chapter 3998 Scumbag
Chapter 3999 making a fuss
Chapter Four Thousand Raytheon Company
Chapter 4001 succeeded
Chapter 4002 is not simple
Chapter 4003: A new generation replaces the old
Chapter 4004 is an understatement
Chapter 4005: Love can't help
Chapter 4006: Be careful
Chapter 4007 Motorcycle
Chapter 4008: Relentless pursuit
Chapter four thousand and nine faces are green
Chapter 410 We are friends
Chapter 411 You are such a good person
Chapter 412 Feeling of heartbeat
Chapter 413 Ex-boyfriend
Chapter 414 You are not angry
Chapter 415 There is no end
Four thousand and sixteen chapters deserve what they deserve
The fourth thousand and seventeenth chapter is the most difficult to accept the beauty of grace
Chapter 418 The mansion
Chapter 419: From Jiangning
Chapter 420: Is jumping enough?
Chapter 421 The legendary
Chapter 422: Going through fire and water
The fourth thousand and twenty-third chapters mourn and change
The fourth thousand and twenty-four chapters will never die
Chapter 425th I am a toad
The fourth thousand and twenty-sixth chapters cut the mess with a quick knife
Chapter 427: Bad Premonition
Four thousand and twenty eight chapters face unchanged
Chapter 429 is a ruthless man
The fourth thousand and thirty chapters are more terrible consequences
Chapter 431 Invincible
Chapter 432 Become a friend
Chapter 433 They bully me
Chapter 434 This is human nature
The fourth thousand and thirty fifth chapters are cruel to themselves
Chapter 436: Too deep into the play
Chapter 437: Promise a condition
Chapter 438 kindly remind
The fourth thousand and thirty-ninth chapters do not retaliate
The fourth thousand and fortieth chapters are bold
Chapter 441 crying
Chapter 442: Friends can't make it
The fourth thousand and fortieth chapters are undecided
Chapter 444 Very important thing
Chapter four thousand and forty-five heart feud
Chapter 446 Assembly
Chapter 447: Life Mentor
The four thousandth forty-eighth chapter cares about chaos
Chapter 449 Good news and bad news
Chapter 450: I'm the one you can't afford to offend
Chapter 451 He is my king
Chapter 452 is no one anymore
The fourth thousand and fifty-third chapters poor and sad people
Chapter 454 Undefeated in a hundred battles
Chapter 455: Time waits for no one
Chapter 456: Digging Your Own Grave
Chapter 457 The drunkard's intention is not to eat
Chapter four thousand and fifty eight meet
Chapter 459: If you are not crazy, you will become a devil
Chapter four thousand and sixty
Chapter 461: The mother of the big nerve
Chapter 462 The size of the treasure
The fourth thousand and sixty-three chapters are impregnable
The fourth thousand and sixty-four chapters will be repaid sooner or later
Chapter 465 I haven't seen you for a few years
Chapter 466 See Dragon Lord
Four thousand and sixty seventh chapter three begging for mercy
Four thousand and sixty-eight chapters to sow discord
Chapter 469: Explain the task
Chapter 470: Dog food is full
Chapter 471 Trumpet Urn
Chapter 472 The Butcher in the World
Chapter 473 No matter how high the martial arts are, I am afraid of consumption
Chapter 474: The disaster of extinction
Chapter 475: Purple light shines
Four thousand seventy-sixth chapter sword qi vertical and horizontal
Chapter 477: Heaven falls into hell
Chapter 478: A devastating blow
Chapter 479: The task is arduous
Chapter 480: Plan for the long term
Chapter 481 Heartbroken
Chapter four thousand and eighty second willful delusion
Chapter 483: The Great Array
Chapter 484: Chickens and Cranes
Chapter 485: The sky is high and the wife is far
Chapter 486: Time waits for no one
Chapter 487 The strongest man in the world
Chapter 488: The most difficult to deal with
Chapter four thousand and eighty nine clouds shrouded
The fourth thousand and ninetieth chapters cry of despair
Chapter 491 Failed
Chapter 492 Business Celebrities
Chapter 493: The Perfect Goddess
Four thousand ninety-fourth chapter direct shot
Chapter 495 Gladys
Chapter 496 is not perfect
Four thousand ninety-seventh chapter kick fly
Chapter 498 Unforgettable old love
Chapter four thousand and ninety-ninth is justified
Chapter 4100: Martial Master
Chapter 4101 Every day upwards
Chapter 4102 Wing Chun Martial Arts Hall
Chapter 4103 The master is like a dog
Chapter 4104: Outsiders, Heavens and Heavens
Chapter 4105 Inner Sect Disciple
Chapter 4106 A cigarette after a meal
Chapter 4107 Benefit a lot
Chapter 4108 Heterogeneous
Chapter 4109 This is called the strong
Four thousand one hundred and tenth chapter can not survive
Chapter 4111: Tiaohu Lishan
Chapter 4112 crying father and mother
Chapter 4113 someone behind
The 4114th chapter is too deceiving
Chapter 4115 make a phone call
The 4116th chapter is a household name
Four thousand one hundred and seventeen chapters cardamom years
Chapter 4118: Its heart should be punished
The 4119th chapter ring competition
Chapter 4120 - St. Deli Elementary School
The 4121st chapter powerful uncle
The fourth thousand one hundred and twenty-two chapters soared
Chapter 4123 turn a blind eye
Chapter 4124 Try it
The fourth thousand one hundred and twenty-five chapters completely admit counseling
Chapter 4126 stay away from her
The 4127th chapter is inseparable
The fourth thousand one hundred and twenty-eight chapters fight against injustice
The 4129th chapter is extremely embarrassing
The fourth thousand one hundred and thirty chapters
Chapter 4131 Registration time
Chapter 4132 The image of a scumbag
Chapter 4133 President of Central China
Four thousand one hundred and thirty-four chapters life and death
Chapter 4135: Shrimp Soldiers and Crabs
The fourth thousand one hundred and thirty-six chapters are silly and sweet
Chapter 4137 I don't understand the style
The fourth thousand one hundred and thirty-eight chapters suffered the most ruthless beating
Chapter 4139 Nanhong Fist
Chapter 4140: Victory without force?
The 4141st chapter cloud cover
Four thousand one hundred and forty-two chapters out of control
Chapter 4143 I want to hit ten
Chapter 4144: The Last Hope
Four thousand one hundred and forty-five chapters general generation
Four thousand one hundred and forty-six chapters are responsible
Chapter 4147 Just one move
Chapter 4148 is different
The fourth thousand one hundred and forty-nine chapters fellows see fellows
Chapter 4150 Who's father-in-law
Chapter 4151 pay the price
The fourth thousand one hundred and fifty-two chapters
Chapter 4153 One thought of hell
Four thousand one hundred and fifty-four chapters pay the price
Chapter 4155 finally subsided
Chapter 4156 Wolf ambition
The 4157th chapter thousands of troops
Chapter 4158 Chopping melons and vegetables
Chapter 4159: If you don't advance, you will retreat
Chapter 4160 Uniqueness
The 4161st chapter is ashamed
Four thousand one hundred and sixty-two relatives
Chapter 4163 Who's cousin
The fourth thousand one hundred and sixty-four chapters are guilty of being a thief
Chapter 4165 Harassment Tactics
Chapter 4166 Oriental Sovereign
Chapter 4167 oral engagement
Chapter 4168: Wrong room
The fourth thousand one hundred and sixty-ninth chapters cannot escape the magic eye
Chapter 4170 There is no other way
Chapter 4171: Changing faces is faster than flipping books
The fourth thousand one hundred and seventy-two chapters start too much
Four thousand one hundred and seventy-three chapters get what they want
Chapter 4174: Men can't get used to it
Chapter 4175 humbly ask for advice
Four thousand one hundred and seventy-six chapters argue
Chapter 4177 I have a showdown
Chapter 4178 Uncle Rand
Chapter 4179 Close your eyes and talk
Chapter 4180 stunned on the spot
Chapter 4181 I am here
Chapter 4182: A woman's mouth, a deceiving ghost
The fourth thousand one hundred and eighty-three chapters are the most difficult to accept beauty
Chapter 4184 has no choice
Chapter 4185 Deportation Order
The fourth thousand one hundred and eighty-six chapters explore the problem
Chapter 4187 Harvard University
The 4188th chapter dog bites Lu Dongbin
The fourth thousand one hundred and eighty-ninth chapters are ugly
The 4190th chapter is arbitrary
Chapter 4191 Provocation
Four thousand one hundred and ninety-two chapters jealous heart
Chapter 4193: Girls' Dormitory
Four thousand one hundred and ninety-four chapters regardless of gender
Four thousand one hundred and ninety-five chapters roommate next door
The fourth thousand one hundred and ninety-six chapters only owe the east wind
The 4197th chapter fox tail
Four thousand one hundred and ninety-eight poor people
The fourth thousand one hundred and ninety-ninth chapters are indispensable
Chapter 4200 Love Heart
Chapter 4201 There is no class to teach
Chapter 4202 shortsighted
Chapter 4203 The horse has stumbled
The fourth thousand two hundred and four chapters why this statement
Chapter 4205 Lightbulbs
Chapter 4206 Do not forget the original intention
Chapter 4207 Science Without Borders
Four thousand two hundred and eighth chapter do not spit unhappy
Chapter 4209 I really couldn't hold back
Four thousand two hundred and tenth chapter mouth raving
Four thousand two hundred and eleventh chapter pull hatred
Four thousand two hundred and twelve chapters flower heart radish
The 4213th chapter is too cruel
Chapter 4214 Extremely raw steak
Chapter 4215 is the exact opposite
Four thousand two hundred and sixteen chapters new plan
Chapter 4217 The final showdown
The fourth thousand two hundred and eighteenth chapter Oriental family
The 4219th chapter is a blockbuster
Chapter 4220 Others
The 4221st chapter is not kneeling
Chapter 4222 something strange
Chapter 4223 Zhongyang Park
Four thousand two hundred and twenty-four chapters out of the nest
Four thousand two hundred and twenty-five chapters tune the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 4226 You are a lunatic
Chapter 4227 betrayal
Four thousand two hundred and twenty-eight chapters are indispensable
Chapter 4229 Shadows in the Sun
Chapter 4230 Heaven falls into hell
The 4231st chapter unnecessary struggle
The fourth thousand two hundred and thirty-two chapters are well
Chapter 4233 Don't thank me
Chapter 4234 No regrets in this life, allegiance is proud
Four thousand two hundred and thirty-five chapters do not leave one
Chapter 4236 Poor and helpless
Four thousand two hundred and thirty seventh chapter Salmonro's letter
The fourth thousand two hundred and thirty-eight chapters succeed the king and defeat the bandit
Chapter 4239 The passenger next door
Four thousand two hundred and fortieth chapters fall leaves return to their roots
The 4241st chapter is more terrible this time
Chapter 4242 News Express
Chapter 4243 Obedience
Four thousand two hundred and forty-four chapters can not be wasted
Chapter four thousand two hundred and forty-five
Four thousand two hundred and forty-six chapters growing appetite
Four thousand two hundred and forty-seven chapters dare not obey
Chapter 4248 I miss you
The fourth thousand two hundred and forty-nine chapters shoot themselves in the foot
Chapter 4250th next door neighbor
The 4251st chapter begging for mercy
Chapter 4252 stinky boy
Chapter 4253 Xiaoleishan
The fourth thousand two hundred and fifty-four chapters comrades-in-arms sister
Chapter 4255 Which pot is not opened to mention which pot
Chapter 4256 Jiangning Lu Shao
Chapter 4257 The warmth of family affection
The fourth thousand two hundred and fifty-eight chapters my role model
The fourth thousand two hundred and fifty-ninth chapters parents-in-law's worries
Chapter 4260 I can't stand it anymore
The fourth thousand two hundred and sixty-one chapters
Chapter 4262 crying and begging for mercy
The fourth thousand two hundred and sixty-three chapters occurred
Chapter 4264 The upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked
Four thousand two hundred and sixty-five chapters evil son
Four thousand two hundred and sixty-six chapters have more face
The fourth thousand two hundred and sixty seventh chapters do not communicate with each other
Four thousand two hundred and sixty-eight be beaten to stand
The fourth thousand two hundred and sixty-ninth chapters are saddened
Chapter 4270 Old husband and wife
The fourth thousand two hundred and seventy-first chapters are taught
Chapter 4272 A group of women
Chapter 4273 Waiting for you for a lifetime
The fourth thousand two hundred and seventy-fourth chapters are old and young
Four thousand two hundred and seventy-five chapters when the father
The fourth thousand two hundred and seventy-sixth chapters should be like the boss
Chapter 4277 Bell
Chapter 4278 is omnipotent
The fourth thousand two hundred and seventy-ninth chapters are black
Four thousand two hundred and eighty chapters poor reception
Chapter 4281 Jianqiao University
The fourth thousand two hundred and eighty-two chapters inquire about who I am
Chapter 4283 Do you dare to touch me?
The fourth thousand two hundred and eighty-four chapters is very scared
Four thousand two hundred and eighty fifth chapter absolute power
The fourth thousand two hundred and eighty-six chapters are endless
Four thousand two hundred and eighty seventh chapter high-profile slap in the face
Chapter 4288 A group of licking dogs
The fourth thousand two hundred and eighty-nine chapters are not enough
Chapter 4290 is like a duck in water
Chapter 4291 Misunderstanding
Chapter 4292 Arnold
Chapter 4293 old friend
Four thousand two hundred and ninety-four chapters have guests
Four thousand two hundred and ninety-five chapters generation legend
Chapter 4296 appetizers
Chapter 4297 Missionary
The fourth thousand two hundred and ninety-eighth chapter hell no door you broke in
Chapter 4299 declares war
Chapter 4300: Elder Phil
Chapter 4302 Expired female star
Chapter 4303 The King of Mercenaries
The fourth thousand three hundred and four chapters play grace and justice
Chapter 4305 The overall situation is the most important
Chapter 4306 Shirley
Chapter 4307 was amused
Chapter 4308 When I am a sick cat?
Chapter 4309, you idiot
Chapter 4310 Sanda Champion
Chapter 4311 Can you give me some strength?
Four thousand three hundred and twelve chapters martial arts master
Chapter 4313 Devil in the world
Chapter 4314 Who is the devil
Chapter 4315 I faint blood
Four thousand three hundred and sixteen chapters useless
Chapter 4317 is to blame
Four thousand three hundred and eighteenth chapter no bullets
Chapter 4319 no longer exists
Chapter 4320 Borrow a fire
Chapter 4321 Unloading and killing the donkey
Chapter 4322 is justifiable
The fourth thousand three hundred and twenty-three chapters are delivered to the door
Chapter 4324 The Sword of Humanity
The fourth thousand three hundred and twenty-five chapters have you everywhere
Chapter 4326 scare me
Chapter 4327 Who dropped the phone
Chapter 4328 lawless
The fourth thousand three hundred and twenty-nine chapters come prepared
Chapter 4330 is a man or a ghost
Chapter 4331 Hell's Angel
Chapter 4332 Lu Xuan's hobbies
Chapter 4333 Royal Bloodline
The fourth thousand three hundred and thirty-four chapters do not look at the face of the monk and look at the face of the Buddha
The fourth thousand three hundred and thirty-five chapters have gone
Four thousand three hundred and thirty-six chapters self-inflicted humiliation
Chapter 4337 never lost a fight
Chapter 4338 Long time no see
The 4330th chapters open life
The fourth thousand three hundred and fortieth chapters are asking for others
Four thousand three hundred and forty-one chapters deja vu
The fourth thousand three hundred and forty-two chapters are specialized in the industry
The fourth thousand three hundred and forty-three chapters demolished the east wall to make up the west wall
Chapter 4344 You're done
The fourth thousand three hundred and forty-five chapters
Chapter 4346 That's it?
Four thousand three hundred and forty-seven chapters class door get axe
Four thousand three hundred and forty-eight chapters the sun hit the west out
Chapter 4349 men are like this
Chapter 4350 No one can move you
Four thousand three hundred and fifty-one Sia Bourne
Chapter 4352 empty-handed bullets
The fourth thousand three hundred and fifty-three chapters shoulder to shoulder with gods
The fourth thousand three hundred and fifty-four chapters of perseverance
Chapter 4355 Jinshan
The fourth thousand three hundred and fifty-six chapters turn corruption into magic
The fourth thousand three hundred and fifty seventh chapter incarnation of the devil
Chapter 4358 Acupuncture cures disease
Chapter 4359: Difficult to defend the country
Chapter 4360 Likes Challenges
Chapter 4361: Three Elders
Chapter 4362: Stay Alone
Chapter 4363: Few
Chapter 4364: One Move
Chapter 4365: Chocolate
Chapter 4366 Repay you in the next life
Chapter 4367: Xiao Gongju
Chapter 4368: Rural House
Chapter 4369: Who Did It?
Chapter 4370 Naturally timid
Chapter 4371: Augustine
Chapter 4372: Compromise
Chapter 4373 Give me face
Chapter 4374: Walking in the Darkness
Chapter 4375: Not One Left Behind
Chapter 4376: Rising to the Gods
Chapter 4377 I gave you a chance
Chapter 4378 Too naive, too simple
Chapter 4379: Proof
Chapter 4380 Passerby in life
Chapter 4381 It can be seen
Chapter 4382 This is just right
Chapter 4383: The Weasel Greets the Chicken
Chapter 4384 Insidious plan