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Why did the emperor rebel?

Why did the emperor rebel?

author:Yue Qilin

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:05-26 13:37

Latest chapter:The new book 'Northern Song Dynasty Officials' has been released!

In the eighth year of Jingtai, in the Fengtian Palace, Zhu Qiyu stood on top of Lord Dan. Behind him was a ten-year-old baby, and Lord Dan was an expressionless civil and military official. He sighed and looked up at his panicked brother. He finally asked. Those words buried deep in my heart. Your Majesty, why are you rebelling?

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《Why did the emperor rebel?》The latest nine chapters
The new book 'Northern Song Dynasty Officials' has been released!
Chapter 1276 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (18)
Chapter 1275 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (Seventeen)
Chapter 1274 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (16)
Chapter 1273 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (15)
Chapter 1272 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (14)
Chapter 1271 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (13)
Chapter 1270 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (12)
Chapter 1269 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (11)
《Why did the emperor rebel?》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1: Past and Present
Chapter 2: Dreams come true
Chapter 3: Visiting the Palace
Chapter 4: The first confrontation
Chapter 5: Top priorities
Chapter 6: Xu Wei and his people
Chapter 7: Proposal for moving south
Chapter 8: The King of the Fallen Kingdom
Chapter 9: Discussing the Crown Prince
Chapter 10: The Golden Mean
Chapter Eleven: Concubine Wu Xian
Chapter Twelve: The Bloodline of the Old Zhu Family
Chapter 13: Porcelain in Cining Palace (Part 1)
Chapter 14: Porcelain in Cining Palace (Part 2)
Chapter 15: Advice from Kim Young
Chapter 16: Memories (Part 1)
Chapter Seventeen: Memories (Part 2)
Chapter Eighteen: No?
Chapter Nineteen: The Empress Dowager's Decree (Rank 1)
Chapter 20: Yang Conspiracy (Rank 2)
Chapter 21: Detailed Military Report (Part 1)
Chapter 22: Detailed Military Report (Part 2)
Chapter 23: Beginnings (Rank 1)
Chapter 24: Death List (Part 1)
Chapter 25: Death List (Part 2)
Chapter 26: Suppressing Xunqi? (Ranking Chapter 2)
Chapter twenty-seven: it's you
Chapter 28: Latest Military News
Chapter 29: Courtiers and Qi (Chapter 3 of the Ranking)
Chapter Thirty: Intermission
Chapter 31: There is no silver here
Chapter 32: Situation Change
Chapter Thirty-Three: Head Tie Hanlin Academy
Chapter 34: Someone came to persuade
Chapter Thirty-Five: Do It Yourself
Chapter Thirty-Six: The Trend Has Been Done
Chapter Thirty-Seven: I Owe You
Chapter 38: Yu Qian's Doubt
Chapter 39: Dare!
Chapter 40: The news spreads
Chapter 41: Dealing with Government Affairs
Chapter 42: Book the Crown Prince
Chapter 43: Exploring Jin Ying
Chapter 44: Summoning Honors
Chapter 45: I Want Beijing Camp
Chapter 46: Or else?
Chapter 47: In the Cining Palace
Chapter 48: Mysterious Military News
Chapter 49: Anger
Chapter 50: Cabinet
Chapter 51: Strategies for the Society
Chapter 52: Harem Trends
Chapter 53: The wind will rise
Chapter 54: Court Push
Chapter Fifty-Fifth: Chen has the original performance
Chapter Fifty-six: Someone Supports
Chapter 57: Old Fox
Chapter 58: Worth or Not
Chapter Fifty-ninth: Full Court Kneeling Remonstrance
Chapter 60: Court Attack
Chapter 61: Wrath
Chapter 62: What should I be guilty of?
Chapter 63: What is the character
Chapter 64: Jin Ying's Life
Chapter 65: Got Pitted Again
Chapter 66: Gambling!
Chapter 67: New Pattern
Chapter 68: Shocking News
Chapter 69: Harem confrontation
Chapter 70: Please resign from prison
Chapter 71: A good show
Chapter 72: Oh, is it?
Chapter 73: Manager Li's Helplessness
Chapter 74: The inside should be combined with the outside
Chapter 75: The Art of Compromise
Chapter 76: Early Decision
Chapter 77: Forcing the Palace (Part 1)
Chapter 78: Forcing the Palace (Part 2)
Chapter 79: Conversation in the Palace (Part 1)
Chapter 80: Conversation in the Palace (Part 2)
Chapter 81: Returning to the Mansion
Chapter 82: Jin Ying's Plan
Chapter 83: Book Li Donggong
Chapter 84: Japan and Korea
Chapter 85: The legal battle
Chapter 86: Stalemate
Chapter 87: Learning Advanced Experience
Chapter 88: Minister of Border Patrol
Chapter 89: Wang Wen
Chapter 90: Cracks
Chapter 91: IQ Online
Chapter 92: Cao Jixiang
Chapter 93: Sadness
Chapter 94: Happy Events
Chapter 95: Yuan Bin
Chapter 96: Saving People
Chapter 97: Message Delivery
Chapter 98: The Turn of Dawn
Chapter 99: Disposal
Chapter 100: Tentative
Chapter 101: Deep understanding of the spirit
Chapter One Hundred and Two: Impeachment
Chapter 103: The world is hot and cold
Chapter One Hundred and Four: Died for the Country, Good Lu Zhong
Chapter 105: Grace
Chapter 106: Examination
Chapter 107: Dancing with Shackles
Chapter 108: Honorable Mention
Chapter 109: Nine Doors Pass
Chapter 110: Shameful stuff
Chapter 111: Group Camp System
Chapter 112: Inspecting Beijing Camp
Chapter 113: Border Security
Chapter 114: Discussion on the division of troops
Chapter 115: Side General Sun Dayong
Chapter 116: Murderous
Chapter 117: Ginger is still old and spicy
Chapter 118: To
Chapter 119: Two Ways
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty: Datong
Chapter 121: The bosses who were robbed of words
Chapter 122: Sun Boring
Chapter 123: Want them to die!
Chapter 124: Cheng Jing
Chapter 125: Leave
Chapter 126: Xiang Wenyao
Chapter 127: Cabinet Upgrade
Chapter 128: Pros and Cons
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine: The Disaster of Party Disputes
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty: He De He Neng Wang Jian Zhai
Chapter 131: Night Slaughter
Chapter 132: There are many people who can speak
Chapter 133: Guess he's stupid
Chapter 134: Backstab
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five: Reluctantly
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Six: The Warlord
Chapter 137: Let's go to war!
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Eight: Beacon smoke rises
Chapter 139: Battle Damage
Chapter 140: Liaodong
Chapter 141: No one left
Chapter 142: My Sun Dayong is not a trick!
Chapter 143: Ye Xian's Ambition
Chapter 144: A snow, a team of people
Chapter 145: Ratchet
Chapter 146: Guess?
Chapter 147: Gambling
Chapter 148: The irritable first
Chapter 149: Arrive at Bauhinia Pass
Chapter 150: Argument
Chapter 151: Ren Li
Chapter 152: Dark Line
Chapter 153: Summoned by the Emperor
Chapter 154: No, that's not it!
Chapter 155: What a pity
Chapter 156: Stones in the Pit
Chapter 157: tit for tat
Chapter 158: Doubters must be doubted
Chapter 159: Attacking Yanghe
Chapter 160: Great joy and great worry
Chapter 161: Choices
Chapter 162: Taishi, Yang He was captured
Chapter 163: Good News
Chapter 164: Ups and downs of life
Chapter 165: After the war
Chapter 166: Eat melon and eat yourself
Chapter 167: Craftsman Employment System
Chapter 168: Mr. Shen complains
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Nine: The Department of Accountability
Chapter One Hundred and Seventieth: Noisy and Noisy
Chapter 171: Someone is restless
Chapter 172: The Dilemma of Honor and Qi
Chapter 173: Empress Dowager Wu's Remarks
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Four: Conferring the Title
Chapter 175: Come on, quarrel!
Chapter 176: Wenchen's face-changing skills
Chapter 177: The First Person of Honor and Qi
Chapter 178: On the pirate ship
Chapter 179: The Three Veins of Honor and Qi
Chapter 180: The strongest line
Chapter 181: The People Behind Ren Li
Chapter 182: Divided and transformed
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Three: Clearing the Clouds and Seeing the Sun
Chapter 184: Visit Chengguo Gongfu
Chapter 185: Looking for help
Chapter one hundred and eighty six: serving tea
Chapter 187: Do you think he is willing?
Chapter 188: No one is simple
Chapter 189: Necessary literacy for special industries
Chapter 190: Shu Liang
Chapter 191: The factory owner is not easy to do
Chapter 192: Gearing up
Chapter 193: Impeachment of the disgusting person
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Fourth: Rumors
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-fifth: Who Is Provoking Who?
Chapter 196: January changes to March, not happy
Chapter 197: Yu Shiyue with a headache
Chapter 198: Things seem to be getting bigger
Chapter 199: Can't you check them all?
Chapter 200: Black Noodle Factory
Chapter 201: Four Mansions
Chapter 202: Wang Wen's place
Chapter 203: Do Not Follow the Routine
Chapter 204: Strange Will
Chapter 205: Heavenly Official Reserve
Chapter 206: Ting Ju
Chapter Two Hundred and Seven: Peeling Cocoons
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighth: Death Has No Contradictions
Chapter 209: All kinds of inside stories
Chapter two hundred and ten: see the picture
Chapter 211: A Big Net
Chapter 112: The dust settles
Chapter two hundred and thirteen: the storm re-emerges
Chapter 224: Jin Ying leaves Beijing
Chapter 225: Mother and Child Night Talk
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Six: Accurate
Chapter 218 I'm afraid they won't make it
Chapter 219 Harem Code System
Chapter Two Hundred and Nineteen: Serve More With One Thing
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty: Winter Solstice Dynasty
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty One: Great Appetite
Chapter 222: Eunuch Shu has returned to Beijing
Chapter 223: Jin Ying's letter
Chapter 224: Cabinet battles intensify
Chapter 225: Wang Ao's Means
Chapter 226: How dare he?
Chapter 227: Showdown
Chapter 228: Cabinet Conflict
Chapter 229: People have two sides
Chapter 230: The future positioning of the cabinet
Chapter 231: The Court Pushes the Cabinet (Part 1)
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Two: The Court Pushes the Cabinet (Part 2)
Chapter 233: New DPRK-China Situation (Chapter Two in One)
Chapter 234: Big Shots
Chapter 235: Min Wang Zhu Wei
Chapter 236: The person who made way for Lord Min
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Seven: This Great Family
Chapter 238: A troublesome fish is affected
Chapter 239: Entering the city
Chapter 240: Yang Shan's invitation
Chapter 241: Mutual routines
Chapter 242: Hu Yu's Purpose
Chapter 243: The last piece of the puzzle
Chapter 244: Shu Liang's Evaluation
Chapter two hundred and forty-fifth: the bad things in the palace of Min Wang
Chapter 246: Infiltration of the Northern Expedition
Chapter two hundred and forty seventh: touting each other
Chapter 248: Shawan Crack
Chapter 249: Shen Shangshu of Resentment
Chapter 250: Talking about business
Chapter 251: The Son of Heaven seeks personal gain?
Chapter 252: Shen Yi's Reason
Chapter 253: Shen Shangshu is excited
Chapter 254: Mutual Market
Chapter 255: The next powerful medicine
Chapter 256: Shen Yi without a choice
Chapter 257: The Big Pie Before Shen Shang's Writing
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Eight: Situ Shen Shen
Chapter 259: Backbone
Chapter 260: The King of Zhennan comes to the door
Chapter 261: The more stupid the more you jump
Chapter two hundred and sixty-two: the anxiety of the concubine
Chapter 263: Undercurrent
Chapter 264: Opportunity
Chapter 265: Brother Ji's illness
Chapter 266: I believe
Chapter 267: New Year's Eve, the storm is brewing
Chapter 268: Wang Ji this person
Chapter 269: The truth of aging
Chapter two hundred and seventieth: the first step in the reform of the suzerainty
Chapter 271: Stop pretending
Chapter two hundred and seventy-two: the dispute between the chief officers
Chapter 273: It is not easy to be arbitrary
Chapter 274: The Punished Warrior
Chapter 275: The news spreads
Chapter two hundred and seventy-six: why bother
Chapter 277: Yu Versailles Qian
Chapter 278: Others can't
Chapter 279: Zhengdan Dynasty
Chapter 280: Two Decisions
Chapter 281: The Great Banquet Royal Family
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty-Second: Da Ming Xian Wang
Chapter 283: Contradiction intensifies
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty-Four: Retreat to Advance
Chapter two hundred and eighty fifth: confrontation between the two sides
Chapter 286: Necessary Skills for You
Chapter 287: Eunuch Gong Shu
Chapter two hundred and eighty-eight: Manchu uproar
Chapter two hundred and eighty-ninth: a rake
Chapter 290: The banquet ends
Chapter 289: Prepare to close the net
Chapter 290: Conspiracy
Chapter 293: Court Trial
Chapter two hundred and ninety fourth: the vanguard
Chapter 295: Everything is ready
Chapter two hundred and ninety six: three matters discussed in the court
Chapter 297: The first place in the crooked building paddling
Chapter two hundred and ninety-eight: the head iron
Chapter 299: Deng Wen Drums
Chapter Three Hundred
Chapter Three Hundred and One: Please Judge
Chapter 302: Clan Petition
Chapter 303: Imperial Examination
Chapter 304: The Truth in King Min's Mouth
Chapter 305: They were also deceived
Chapter 306: The confusing old case
Chapter 307: Situation Reversal
Chapter 308: The overall situation has been decided
Chapter Three Hundred and Nine: The Trial
Chapter 310: The Worst of Old-fashioned
Chapter Three Hundred and Eleven: Keep Your Way
Chapter Three Hundred and Twelfth: The Imperial Family That Gets Every inch
Chapter 313: Xue Siqing's sense of existence
Chapter 314: The Closing
Chapter 315: Heavenly Official Enters the Palace
Chapter 316: The ending is already doomed
Chapter 317: The Use of Wang Wen
Chapter 318: Go and listen
Chapter Three Hundred and Nineteen: Court Discussion
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty: Cabinet Pros and Cons
Chapter 321: Zhang Wei's worries
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Two: One Hundred Secrets Must Have One Sparse
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Three: Right
Chapter 324: Strange Stance
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Five: Report
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Six: Yu Qian's Status
Chapter 327: Abandon the car to protect the handsome
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Eight: Yufu Night Talk
Chapter 329: The future of Jinyiwei
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty: Marquis Ning Yuan
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty First: The Sword Is Out Of The Front
Chapter 332: The Queen Mother arrives
Chapter 333: Handle with care?
Chapter 334: Fortunately not humiliated
Chapter 335: Cracks
Chapter 336: Fire in the backyard
Chapter three hundred and thirty seventh: involuntarily
Chapter three hundred and thirty eight: want to go
Chapter 339: Don't move
Chapter Three Hundred and Fortieth: Envoys Entering Beijing and Border Affairs
Chapter 341: Border Rectification
Chapter 342: Please open a mutual market
Three hundred and fortieth chapters: well aware
Chapter 344: Mutual Market Regulations
Chapter three hundred and forty-fifth: two evils, do your best
Three hundred and fortieth chapters: hit it off
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Seven: Anti-customer-oriented?
Chapter three hundred and forty-eight: Ning Yangbo, the aggrieved
Chapter 349: Killing with a knife
Chapter 350: Luotong's handle
Chapter 351: Speculation
Chapter 352: Luo Tong's calculation
Chapter 353: The Second Basket
Chapter 354: The Purpose of Ren Li
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Five: No infighting?
Chapter 356: All parties move
Chapter 357: Contradictions between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law
Chapter 358: Cross it out
Chapter 359: Impulsive young people
Chapter three hundred and sixty: a twist
Chapter 361: Chen Zongxian's backstab
Chapter three hundred and sixty-two: admonishing ministers
Chapter 363: Fish and bear's paw, I will have both!
Chapter three hundred and sixty-four: the difficulty of guessing
Chapter 365: Window Paper That Can't Be Broken
Chapter 366: Positive Yu Qian
Chapter 367: On quarrels, Tianguan has never been afraid of anyone
Chapter 368: Work together to attack Wang Wen
Chapter 370: Lord Tianguan, you deserve it
Chapter 371: Du Ning and Shang Xue
Chapter 372: Mr. Jin feels isolated
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two: guessing all the way
Chapter 373: People are under the roof
Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy-Fourth: That's even more of a knock!
Three hundred and seventieth chapters: what to do or to do
Chapter three hundred and seventy-six: each has a ghost
Chapter three hundred and seventy seventh: block it
Chapter 378: Wait a minute
Chapter 379: Do you think of Lord General Constitution at this time?
Chapter 380: Proper solution
Chapter 381: Three and a half confidants
Chapter 382: Processing Results
Chapter 383: Where to Go
Chapter three hundred and eighty fourth: riding a tiger is difficult
Chapter 385: Peacemaker Ren Li
Chapter 386: Helpless
Chapter 387: Zhang Tan's Defeat
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Eighth: The Place of Chengguo Gongfu
Chapter three hundred and eighty ninth: late night plan
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninetieth: Impeachment
Chapter 391: Two military newspapers
Chapter 392: Revenge
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters: to live
Chapter 394: Datong Military News
Chapter three hundred and ninety-fifth: the out of place British government
Chapter 396:
Chapter 397: The sky can really drop pie
Chapter three hundred and ninety-eight: the unity of knowledge and action
Chapter three hundred and ninety nine: come tomorrow
Chapter 400: Ren Houye's personal design must be stable
Chapter 401: Mourning Hall Conflict
Chapter 402: Actors please take their place
Chapter 403: The old fox's reputation
Chapter 404: I, are you sure?
Chapter 405: What a mess
Chapter four hundred and six: shelter from the rain
Chapter 407: Come to Shaobao in the rain
Chapter 408: Yu Shaobao, who cannot be persuaded
Chapter 409: Menda and Wynn
Chapter Four Hundred and Ten: Pleasure and Sadness
Chapter 411: Helpless in the middle of the game
Chapter 412: Sudden conflict
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirteen: A Disagreement Appeared
Chapter 414: The self-awakening of the powerful ministers
Chapter 415: Yu Shaobao's statement
Chapter 416: The shelf still has to be taken
Chapter 417: Zhang Han's grasp
Chapter four hundred and eighteen: coercion and inducement
Chapter 419: Reluctance to reach an agreement
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty: The Influence of the British Government
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty-One: I can hide the first day of the first year, but I can't hide the fifteenth
Chapter four hundred and twentieth: how to seek justice
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty-Three: Fulfilled
Chapter 424: Questioning and Compensation
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Five: The Second Master Zhang
Chapter 426: Being led by the nose
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Seven: Should I Give Up?
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Eight: Entering the Palace
Chapter 429: Ting Ju
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty: The Coming Blockbuster
Chapter 431: Touched the core
Chapter four hundred and thirty second: the trial in the hall
Chapter 433: Don't you want evidence?
Chapter 434: Zhu Jian
Chapter 435: How to prove it?
Chapter 436: Yuan Bin
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Seven: Bow Down and Confess
Chapter 438: Yu Shaobao angrily reprimands the ministers
Chapter 439: Wang Lunatic
Chapter four hundred and fortieth: I, do not want to ask!
Chapter 441: The biggest winner is
Chapter 442: The Queen Mother arrives
Chapter 443: King Boyan
Chapter four hundred and forty fourth: brother, brother and brother
Chapter 445: The Virgin Mary
Four hundred and fortieth chapters: was put together again
Chapter 447: Bad news one after another
Chapter four hundred and forty-eight: the background of Chengguo Gongfu
Chapter 449: Dying struggle
Chapter 450: Struggling to fail
Chapter 451: For the glory of the family
Chapter 452: Questioning
Chapter 453: Conflict
Chapter 454: Recognize yourself
Chapter 455: The Nine Sides Discussion
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Six: After the General Assembly Opens a Small Meeting
Chapter four hundred and fifty seventh: happy event
Four hundred and fifty-eight chapters: gossip that is not gossip
Chapter four hundred and fiftieth IX: Imperial Controversy
Chapter Four Hundred and Sixtieth: Mountains and Waters
Chapter 461: Heaven's Heart is unpredictable
Chapter 462: If you die for the country
Chapter 463: The Lord of Destiny!
Chapter 464: Cai Shi Street
Chapter 465: Sequelae
Chapter 466: Yu Qian's golden signboard
Chapter 467: New Mission
Chapter four hundred and sixty eight: too simple
Chapter 469: Always be cautious
Chapter 470: The Mission Arrives
Chapter four hundred and seventy-first: a glimpse of the whole leopard
Chapter 472: Peace Talk
Chapter 473: Persistent Bodu King
Chapter four hundred and seventy-four: false and true
Chapter four hundred and seventy-fifth: both hard and soft
Chapter four hundred and seventy sixth: true and false
Chapter 477: Meet the Emperor
Chapter four hundred and seventy-eight: Taishanghuang, you are a little clueless
Chapter four hundred and seventy-ninth: Xiao Wangwen's combat effectiveness
Chapter 480: Negotiations are about patience
Chapter four hundred and eighty first: a good hand out of context
Chapter four hundred and eighty second: true and false
Chapter 483: In the end
Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty-Four: Celebrating the DPRK
Chapter four hundred and eighty fifth: Note
Chapter 486: Outer Dynasty and Inner Palace
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh: listen to you
Chapter four hundred and eighty eight: the unpredictable mind of the emperor
Chapter 489: Avoid suspicion?
Chapter four hundred and ninetieth: I understand
Chapter four hundred and ninety-one: powerless, seeking fortune and misfortune
Chapter 492: Good boy
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters: No one else
Chapter four hundred and ninety-four: Knowing the mistake, can it be corrected?
Chapter 495: Nangong and Xuanwu Gate
Chapter 496: Where do people come from
Chapter four hundred and ninety-seven: can not be wronged too emperor
Chapter four hundred and ninety-eight: the general trend is in me
Chapter 499: Outside the city of Datong, the emperor returns to the south
Chapter Five Hundred: Guard
Chapter Five Hundred and One: The inside and the outside are the same as the Shaobao
Chapter Five Hundred and Two: Eerie Calm
Chapter Five Hundred and Three: On the Use of Emotions
Chapter 504: Outside Xuanfu City
Chapter 505: Eunuch Shu's True Face
Chapter Five Hundred and Six: Forced Into the Palace, Eunuch Shu
Chapter 507: Supreme Emperor, what do you think?
Chapter 508: Rules
Chapter five hundred and ninth: serial slaps in the face
Chapter five hundred and ten: it seems to be on stage
Chapter five hundred and eleven: clean up the tail and the altar
Chapter 512: Reason
Chapter five hundred and thirteen: pay homage to the dead officers and soldiers
Chapter Five Hundred and Fourteen: Stained by the Country
Chapter five hundred and fifteen: smooth and a little abnormal
Chapter five hundred and sixteen: old ginger
Chapter five hundred and seventeen: he said
Chapter five hundred and eighteen: East Palace leaves the pavilion
Chapter Five Hundred and Nineteen: Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs
Chapter five hundred and sixty: pain, grievance
Chapter 561: Antelope Hanging Horns
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Second: Staggered Teams
Chapter 563: The Prince's Schoolwork
Chapter 564: VIPs
Chapter 565: Eunuch Shu's glorious deeds
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Six: The Institutional Advantages of the Cabinet
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Seven: Country Country, Country Before Home!
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Eight: The Empress Dowager's Decree
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Nine: Yu Qian's Decision
Chapter five hundred and thirtieth: The court will attack
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty First: Throwing Stones to Ask the Way
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Two: The Cabinet Survives, In This Battle
Chapter 533: Ridiculous, but helpless!
Chapter 534: I don't understand
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Five: Yang Hong, Yang Hong
Chapter 536: Yang Xin
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Seven: Veteran Twilight
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Eight: Suburban Welcome
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Nine: Ask
Chapter five hundred and fortieth: I, only me!
Chapter five hundred and forty-one: mother and son meet again
Chapter five hundred and forty second: Ruan Lang
Chapter 543: It seems to have overlooked something
Chapter five hundred and forty-four: a familiar scene
Chapter five hundred and forty-fifth: adding cabinet ministers
Chapter five hundred and forty-six: the bad old Yu Ge
Chapter five hundred and forty-seven: I said someone is not a trick
Chapter five hundred and forty-eight: the clown is actually
Chapter five hundred and forty-ninth: the end of the intention
Chapter 450: This still rhymes~
Chapter 451: Hole Cards
Chapter 452: Dong Yuan has worked hard
Chapter 553: Golden Lock
Chapter 554: It really looks like Li!
Chapter five hundred and fifty fifth: two sticks
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Six: Yu Qian Returns to Beijing
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Seven: The Powerful Minister Yu Tingyi
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth eight: The Ministry of Rites of Gallop
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Nine: Listen to Uncle Zong
Chapter five hundred and sixty: relying on the old and selling the old Hu Shangshu
Chapter five hundred and sixty-one: Wang Wen's dumb loss
Chapter 562: Gao Fengliang Festival Li Yuande
Chapter five hundred and sixty-three: the speculator's left and right
Chapter five hundred and sixty-four: Xu Yuanyu, will become a great weapon!
Chapter five hundred and sixty-five: My fault is also
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Six: Clear Stream Game
Chapter 567: Yu Cifu was forced to steal the fruits of victory
Chapter five hundred and sixty-eight: Seeing him rising from Zhulou, seeing him banqueting guests, seeing him
Chapter 569: Wait, wait, wait
Chapter 570: The Son of Heaven does not fight the Son of Heaven
Chapter 571: The Son of Heaven knows everything
Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Two: The Way of Governing the Country
Chapter five hundred and seventy third: ask
Chapter five hundred and seventy-four: one day trip to Nangong
Chapter five hundred and seventy-fifth: Mr. Hu can't take it
Chapter five hundred and seventy-six: Big Zongbo's hobby
Chapter five hundred and seventy seventh: the transparent king of Zhennan
Chapter five hundred and seventy-eight: I never fish
Chapter five hundred and seventy-ninth: you try
Chapter five hundred and eighty: the two servants of the Ministry of War
Chapter five hundred and eighty first: a few happy and a few sad
Chapter five hundred and eighty second: state affairs, family affairs
Chapter five hundred and eighty third: Jiang Ge's old method
Chapter 584: The Son of Heaven is called
Chapter five hundred and eighty fifth: facial paralysis and drama
Chapter five hundred and eighty sixth: Yang Jie's truth
Chapter five hundred and eighty-seven: little grandpa gradually moved
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Eighth: Cold Frost Winter Snow Falls on the Branches
Chapter five hundred and eighty nine: Juntun
Chapter 590: Helpless but realistic logic
Chapter 591: Where do people come from?
Chapter five hundred and ninety-two: the first hurdle
Chapter five hundred and ninety-three: Master Yu has learned badly!
Chapter five hundred and ninety-four: Let's just say, what about selling cabbage?
Chapter five hundred and ninety-fifth: the spineless Otsuka slaughter
Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Six: Pointing to the East and West?
Chapter five hundred and ninety seventh: Thunder, rain and dew, all are your kindness
Chapter five hundred and ninety eight: no forever friends
Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Nine: Codes and Routines
Chapter 600: You said yes, right?
Chapter 601: The Son of Heaven's Willfulness
Chapter 602: The Heart of the Benevolent
Chapter 603 The Son of Heaven Never Loses
Chapter 604: Make money, not shabby
Chapter 605: Dipping in the Fortune
Chapter 606: Candidates with no suspense
Chapter 607: Don't let me know if there is a replacement?
Chapter 608: Do you trust Mr.
Chapter 609: Blessed Doll
Chapter 610: In the Nangong
Chapter 611: Listen to the Queen
Chapter 612: Don't take the easy road
Chapter six hundred and thirteen: do a big vote
Chapter 614: Father and Son
Chapter six hundred and fifteen: feast
Chapter 616: Giving Jade
Chapter 617: The Prince entrusted to you
Chapter six hundred and eighteen: take what you need
Chapter six hundred and nineteen: a talk at the residence?
Chapter six hundred and twentieth: upside down cup
Chapter 621: Showdown and not all showdown
Chapter 622: The game is all about patience
Chapter six hundred and twentieth
Chapter 624: Four people and three groups
Chapter 625: Seeing him feasting guests
Chapter six hundred and twentieth: Lord Ren's complacency
Chapter 627: Isn't this still someone who understands?
Chapter six hundred and twenty eight: seeking common ground while reserving differences
Chapter 629: Temptation and Pressure
Chapter 630: The world is cold and warm
Chapter 631: Court Discussion
Chapter 632: The last battle?
Chapter 633: Two Letters from Yang Hong
Chapter 634: A keen sense of smell
Chapter 635: Civil and Military Conflict
Chapter six hundred and thirty sixth: losing steadily
Chapter six hundred and thirty seventh: hard-won opportunity
Chapter 638: Jiao Concubine got the answer
Chapter 639: Lord Ren can finally speak
Chapter six hundred and fortieth: decent and not decent
Chapter 641: The wind is about to change
Chapter 642: What to do, what not to do, the first place in the inner volume
Chapter 643: The Second Age of Honor?
Chapter six hundred and forty-four: the rectification of the army that everyone expects
Chapter 645: The Son of Heaven is called
Chapter 646: Four faces shocked
Chapter six hundred and forty-seven: focus on demolition in Shaobao
Chapter 648: Yu Tuan Chongqian
Chapter 649: Jin Shangshu's determination
Chapter 650: A gentleman can deceive him
Chapter 651: The Truth
Chapter 652: Check
Chapter 653: The pressure has come to Jin Shangshu
Chapter 654: Is this coaxed?
Chapter 655: Damn people
Chapter 656: Sieve-like Nangong
Chapter 657: You are sick
Chapter 658: Yu Shaobao sits firmly on Diaoyutai
Chapter six hundred and fiftieth IX: Edict
Chapter 660: 35 is too difficult
Chapter 661: Duties of the Crown Prince
Chapter 662: This is the foreshadowing of a chapter, also known as: Contradictory Supreme Emperor
Chapter 663: The helplessness of the eldest princess
Chapter six hundred and sixty-four: Zhu Xiaogong's crisis
Chapter 665: The first quality of undercover
Chapter six hundred and sixty-six: each has a ghost
Chapter 667: Flick, then flick~
Chapter six hundred and sixty-eight: black can really be said to be white
Chapter 669: Dangerous Vanguard
Chapter 670: So this is an exchange?
Chapter 671: Technical work is not easy to do
Chapter 672: Lord Ren's Showdown
Chapter six hundred and seventy third: Zhu Da Huyouyi
Chapter six hundred and seventy-four: finally flickering lame
Chapter six hundred and seventy-fifth: what is each with a ghost
Chapter 676: This is called, salute!
Chapter six hundred and seventy-seven: let you act like a ghost
Chapter six hundred and seventy-eight: a smile in the face, a knife in the back
Chapter 679: Trust
Chapter 680: The contest between Jinyiwei and the Ministry of Punishment
Chapter six hundred and eighty first: border changes
Chapter 682: Conservative and Radical
Chapter six hundred and eighty third: Yu Shaobao's determination
Chapter 684: Opportunity for the Yang Family
Chapter 685: If they switch roles
Chapter 686: Fatalism is not desirable
Chapter 687: Spring Hunting
Chapter 688: Weng Son-in-law
Chapter 689: The old man agreed
Chapter 690: Another chapter with no progress in the plot
Chapter six hundred and ninety-one: little master can't figure it out
Chapter 692: I can still water, ah no, analyze a chapter
Chapter 693: Everything will be fine
Chapter 694: Race against time, Zhu Ge Lao
Chapter 695: The Garden
Chapter 696: Garland
Chapter six hundred and ninety-seven: The way is different, do not plan for each other!
Chapter 698: The Cabinet's Disaster
Chapter 699: Ah, Salary
Chapter seven hundred: willing to be cut
Chapter 701: If you ask me if I support it
Chapter 702: Raising Doubt
Chapter 703: Heaven's Heart Unpredictable
Chapter 704: Lord Tianguan is charging
Chapter 705: A gentleman can deceive him
Chapter 706: Throwing the Pot in Advance
Chapter 707: Difficult Choices
Chapter 708: Gradually enter the topic
Chapter Seven Hundred and Nine: Tie Gu Xiao Gong Ye Zhu
Chapter seven hundred and ten: Yu Shaobao collapsed
Chapter seven hundred and eleven: play really?
Chapter 712: Self-defeating?
Chapter seven hundred and thirteen: the law of both
Chapter 714: He is anxious He is anxious
Chapter seven hundred and fifteen: all smart people
Chapter seven hundred and sixteen: mother and son
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen: untie the knot
Chapter 718: Please help the second master!
Chapter seven hundred and nineteen: the speech of Jin Lian
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth: VIPs
Chapter 721: The Mission Enters Beijing
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth: hands up and down
Chapter 723: Night Talk
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth: a wave of unrest
Chapter 725: Palace Exam
Chapter 726: Old Jiang's Magical Physique
Chapter 727: Mr. Hu's Fishing Technique
Chapter seven hundred and twenty eight: this is embarrassing
Chapter 729: One A
Chapter 730: Get out of the way, I'm going to start the water
Chapter 731: Poor cubs
Chapter 732: Jiang Ge is always a ruthless character
Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Three: Master Xiao
Chapter 734: On why the emperor likes factory guards
Chapter 735: Who said it was going to Children's Day?
Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Six: Scrap the Cocoon
Chapter 737: Watching the sea together on Labor Day
Chapter 738: Before the Early Dynasty
Chapter 739: Please start your performance
Chapter 740: Fighting between Jiang Yuan and Du Ning
Chapter 741: Key Neglected Persons
Chapter 742: The test in front of Lord Shoufu
Chapter 743: It's not easy to be a teacher
Chapter seven hundred and forty fourth: tigers do not show their power
Chapter seven hundred and fortieth five: go up if you can't hide
Chapter 746: One person does things and two people are responsible
Chapter 747: Gathering to make trouble
Chapter seven hundred and forty-eight: the decree of the Holy Spirit
Chapter seven hundred and forty ninth: interview
Chapter 750: Crazy temptation on the brink of danger
Chapter 751: Has it ended successfully?
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth second: on behalf of the prince
Chapter 753: Jumping
Chapter 754: Double Reed
Chapter 755: Fox Tail
Seven hundred and fiftieth chapters: clever hunter
Chapter 757: Being scolded by Shaobao every day
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth eight: as clever as clumsy Shen Situ
Chapter 759: Three people, one play
Chapter 760: Your Majesty is about to start weaving a web
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-one: the superiority of the emperor
Chapter 762: Crazy first?
Chapter 763: You guessed it right
Chapter 764: I don't care anyway
Chapter 765: Wan Zhener's Future
Chapter seven hundred and sixty sixth: the wrath of the Virgin
Chapter 767: Complain to the little expert
Chapter seven hundred and sixty eight: no face
Chapter 769: Don't waste it
Chapter 770: Summoned
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-one: accompanying the king like a tiger
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-two: Yang family father and son
Chapter 773: Depressed Young Master
Chapter 774: Zhu Da Huyouyi
Chapter 775: The highlight moment of Jin Shangshu
Chapter 776: Summoning Aso
Chapter seven hundred and seventy seventh: Aso's request
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-eight: Exciting generals
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-ninth: Shanglin Garden Supervisor
Chapter 780: The Great Injustice Shen Shangshu
Chapter 781: You must have seen it
Chapter seven hundred and eighty second: really strenuous
Chapter seven hundred and eighty third: still have to be reasonable
Chapter seven hundred and eighty-four: civil and military confrontation
Chapter 785: Escalation of Contradiction
Chapter 786: A tiger and two pheasants
Chapter seven hundred and eighty seventh: unexpected but reasonable truth
Chapter 788: Discuss with the Son of Heaven
Chapter seven hundred and eighty nine: the whole story
Chapter 790: The Jagged Loyalty of the Young Master
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-first: The Emperor's Touch
Chapter 792: The Emperor Taishang obviously has not realized the seriousness of the matter
Chapter 793: Your Majesty is right
Chapter seven hundred and ninety fourth: despicable means
Chapter seven hundred and ninety fifth: find a way
Chapter seven hundred and ninety sixth: entanglement
Chapter seven hundred and ninety seventh: escape?
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-eight: He is really up for something!
Chapter 799: Redefining Reluctance
Chapter eight hundred: Prairie civil unrest
Chapter 801: Yang Jie? Yang Jie!
Chapter 802: This similar scene
Chapter 803: Eunuch Shu's Regret
Chapter 804: The so-called loyal words are against the ears
Chapter eight hundred and fifth: eloquent
Chapter 806: Zhu Yi is a loyal minister
Chapter Eight hundred and Seven: City Gate Farewell
Chapter eight hundred and eight: Yu Shaobao's intuition
Chapter eight hundred and ninth: first hit the East A and Yi wood
Chapter eight hundred and ten: true cooperation
Chapter eight hundred and eleven: per capita actor
Chapter eight hundred and twelve: Xu Youzhen's future
Chapter eight hundred and thirteen: coercion
Chapter 814: Riddler Reappears
Chapter eight hundred and fifteen: the prince leaves the pavilion
Chapter eight hundred and sixteen: this is not messed up
Chapter 817: Has the little prince resumed his title today?
Chapter 818: The Queen Mother's Message
Chapter eight hundred and nineteen: what is a bastard
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth: come one by one
Chapter 821: Suddenly the building crooked
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters: soon, soon, wait
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth: it's not easy
Chapter 824: Grandpa!
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth five: the grandfather of the country is in danger
Chapter 826: The Duke of the Kingdom is not easy to get
Chapter 827: Yu Shaobao's Fox Tail
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth eighth: Forty two thousand pounds?
Chapter 829: Deterrence
Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty: This is not going to fill the hole
Chapter 831: No way!
Chapter eight hundred and thirty second: trouble and scolded
Chapter 833: Your Majesty is forever holy
Chapter 834: Oh~ my stupid uncle~
Chapter 835: Isn't it just a quarrel~
Chapter eight hundred and thirty sixth: what's wrong
Chapter eight hundred and thirty seventh: who do you mess with
Chapter eight hundred and thirty eight: old things
Chapter Eight hundred and Thirty Nine: Intimacy and Righteousness
Chapter 841: What, Ren Hou is not dead yet?
Chapter eight hundred and forty second: Ren Houye's popularity
Chapter 843: Two Riddlers
Chapter 844: Cheng Guogong vs Jin Yiwei
Chapter eight hundred and forty-fifth: loyal and unparalleled into the country
Chapter eight hundred and forty sixth: a fight
Chapter eight hundred and forty seventh: the wisdom of the old lady
Chapter eight hundred and forty eight: Ren Li's death
Chapter eight hundred and forty nine: turning point
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth: a pity
Chapter eight hundred and fifty first: the first show of the court
Chapter eight hundred and fifty second: the best result
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth: the hidden front makes extraordinary achievements
Chapter 854: Grow up, but not much
Chapter 855: Shouldn't there be losses and profits in trading?
Chapter 856: Wuxing
Chapter eight hundred and fifty seventh: the reason
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth eight: scheming deep into the country
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth IX: Talk about conditions
Chapter 860: It turns out that this book still has a protagonist
Chapter 861: The future of Ming Dynasty
Chapter eight hundred and sixty-two: trickery
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters: persuade
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters: What is this?
Chapter eight hundred and sixty fifth: work together
Chapter 866: Is it necessary to hold one and step on one?
Chapter eight hundred and sixty seventh: Qi Yu, the great prophet of Zhubai Lotus
Chapter 869 Leaving the Palace
Chapter 869: Accompanying you is like accompanying a tiger
Chapter 870: Money all the time
Chapter 871: Well said!
Chapter 873 Leaving the City
Chapter 874 Ask the Farmer
Chapter 875 You listen to my excuses
Chapter 876 What an old scumbag!
Chapter 877 Yu Cifus hostility
Chapter 878 Yu the Great Sage
Chapter 879 Yu Cifu, are you one hundred thousand why?
Chapter 880 The Emperor is becoming more and more difficult to deal with
Chapter 881 Conflict
Chapter 882 Yu Qian leaves Beijing
Chapter 883 King Yi
Chapter 884 Reinforcement
Chapter 885 Struggle on the front line of eating melons
Chapter 886 Domineering, evil and evil plus
Chapter 887 Shu Liang’s Mouth
Chapter 888 Two scapegoats
Chapter 889 Reasonable Division of Labor
Chapter 890 The Great Wrong Man Shen Shangshu
Chapter 891: Coax, scare, and blame others
Chapter 892 The so-called government has no honest ministers, but there are evil spirits inside.
Chapter 893: Fooling, and continuing to lie~
Chapter 894 One basin after another of dirty water
Chapter 895 Banquet
Chapter 896 The Great Prophet Zhu Zhanzhen
Chapter 897 True and False
Chapter 898 Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 899 Ren Hong
Chapter 900 Today is Du Siqing’s home court
Chapter 901: Attack in groups
Chapter 902 Chen Shangshu’s methods
Chapter 903: Peeling off the cocoon
Chapter 904: The picture shows the dagger
Chapter 905 Killing Move
Chapter 906: The Determination of Lord Chief Assistant
Chapter 907 Choice
Chapter 908 Du Ning’s decision
Chapter 909 Du Ning’s uneasiness
Chapter 910 How to explain
Chapter 911 Please Master Chen save me
Chapter 912 The gain outweighs the loss
Chapter 913 The real purpose
Chapter 914 Certificate of Surrender
Chapter 915 Decision
Chapter 916 In Xuanfu City
Chapter 917 Time waits not for us
Chapter 918 A heavy responsibility lies with you
Chapter 919 Your Majesty’s Message
Chapter 920 Ambition
Chapter 921 Staff
Chapter 922 Farewell
Chapter 923 Summoning
Chapter 924 Chen Xun’s plan
Chapter 925 Disgusting~
Chapter 926: The People-Oriented Holy Emperor
Chapter 927 His Majesty the Emperor Protects the Calf
Chapter 928 Wang Tianguanyyds
Chapter 929 Reasonable and well-founded
Chapter 930 Rectification of science and technology
Chapter 931 Crazy hint
Chapter 932 Secret System
Chapter 933 Showing Favor
Chapter 934 Qingliu’s future
Chapter 935 Song Wenyi
Chapter 936 Is it Song Wenyi again?
Chapter 937 The news brought by Yi Ming
Chapter 938 Discussion
Chapter 939 Yang Jie’s ambition
Chapter 940 Preemptive Strike
Chapter 941 Being Cheated
Chapter 942 Conditions of Bodu
Chapter 943 Tough attitude
Chapter 944 The mantis stalks the cicada
Chapter 945 Descendants of the Yang Family
Chapter 946 I don’t agree
Chapter 947: The Duke of Guo rebelled?
Chapter 948 Restoring the Image
Chapter 949 Clear rewards and punishments
Chapter 950 It’s great to have a good father-in-law
Chapter 951 The Riddler returns
Chapter 952 Night Talk at Xuan Mansion
Chapter 953 Ye Sheng
Chapter 954 Kowtow to apologize
Chapter 955 Win or lose
Chapter 956 Attitude
Chapter 957 The Emperor’s Nemesis
Chapter 958 Doubts
Chapter 959 Conflict
Chapter 960 Convincing the Supreme Emperor
Chapter 961 Testing each other
Chapter 962 How to mess around
Chapter 963 Pressure on Yu Cifu
Chapter 964 Teacher
Chapter 965 Teaching the Prince
Chapter 966 It’s not wrong
Chapter 967 Father, you were wrong!
Chapter 968 Trap?
Chapter 969: You have to break through the trap!
Chapter 970: A near miss
Chapter 971 Yang Jie appears
Chapter 972 Imperial Edict
Chapter 973 What do you want to do?
Chapter 974 The cruel ones come first
Chapter 975 Leave safely
Chapter 976 What is Deterrence?
Chapter 977 Yu Qian’s Memorial
Chapter 978: Revealing old scores~
Chapter 979 The Eight-faced Prince Min
Chapter 980 Lao Hu never fishes
Chapter 981 Huangdian Huangshuang
Chapter 982: Accompanying you is like accompanying a tiger
Chapter 983 Bullying others with power
Chapter 984 Look at him
Chapter 985 Honesty
Chapter 986 Negotiating Conditions
Chapter 987 It doesn’t matter what you say
Chapter 988 Reward
Chapter 989 What are you planning?
Chapter 990 The audacity to become the duke of the country
Chapter 991 Duke Cheng’s plan
Chapter 992 Pulling
Chapter 993 You are still ruthless!
Chapter 994 Tingyi, come back quickly
Chapter 995 I want it all
Chapter 996 You are crazy
Chapter 997 Zhu Yi’s Difficulties
Chapter 998: Die the Riddler
Chapter 999 Father and son meet
Chapter 1000: Turning against guests
Chapter 1001 Accident
Chapter 1002: The battle is not bloody, but
Chapter 1003 Certainty Uncertain
Chapter 1004 The shock of two letters
Chapter 1005 The situation changes
Chapter 1006 Argument
Chapter 1007 It’s your own fault
Chapter 1008 Framed
Chapter 1009 Questioning
Chapter 1010 Yu Qian returns to Beijing
Chapter 1011 Take care of yourself
Chapter 1012 Games are everywhere
Chapter 1013 Money Money Money
Chapter 1014 A multi-pronged approach
Chapter 1015: Oil and salt are not allowed to enter
Chapter 1016 The resentment of kings
Chapter 1017 Be reasonable
Chapter 1018 Looking for a reason
Chapter 1019 Pressure
Chapter 1020 The sword points at Yu Qian
Chapter 1021: Demonstration
Chapter 1022: Yu Cifu’s anger
Chapter 1023: There is a traitor among us
Chapter 1024: Resentment
Chapter 1025: Differential treatment of Sui Lu
Chapter 1026: Dilemma
Chapter 1027: The Emperor’s Imperial Mind
Chapter 1028: Xu Youzhen’s opportunity
Chapter 1029: Fox Tail
Chapter 1030: Persuasion
Chapter 1031: Gradually gain trust
Chapter 1032: Get inside
Chapter 1033: Saints are not saints
Chapter 1034: The First Day of the New Year
Chapter 1035: Isn’t this bullying an honest person?
Chapter 1036: Lobbying the King of Yi
Chapter 1037: Duke Cheng’s start was unfavorable
Chapter 1038: Lose money and avoid disaster?
Chapter 1039: Sincerity is a must-kill skill
Chapter 1040: The benefits of the feudal lord
Chapter 1041: Imperial Manor Reappears
Chapter 1042: Your Majesty is truly a Bodhisattva
Chapter 1043: The secret of the Imperial Manor
Chapter 1044: The fox’s tail can’t be hidden anymore
Chapter 1045: Carrot and stick
Chapter 1046: Just dug a small hole
Chapter 1,047: The place where King Dai goes
Chapter 1048: The Complete Map of Kunyu and All Countries
Chapter 1049: People should think more
Chapter 1050: Mutual Trading of the Future
Chapter 1051: Giving both kindness and power
Chapter 1052: Dark Son
Chapter 1053: If you can do it, come on
Chapter 1,054: Overestimating one’s abilities
Chapter 1,055: The Troubles of King Dai
Chapter 1056: Demanding Debt
Chapter 1057: What is prediction?
Chapter 1058: Dilemma
Chapter 1059: Are you scared? Shen Shangshu
Chapter 1060: Clues and Disagreement
Chapter 1061: Worrying about your life
Chapter 1,062: Yu Shaobao refuses to listen
Chapter 1,063: Only a wise ruler can lead to a wise minister
Chapter 1064: Convince Yu Qian
Chapter 1065: So stop making trouble
Chapter 1066: Avoid haste and use patience
Chapter 1067: Cabinet Disagreement
Chapter 1068: Everyone celebrates
Chapter 1,069: Add some fire
Chapter 1070: Two Marks
Chapter 1071: The pull of the hidden front
Chapter 1072: Germination of ideas
Chapter 1073: Clear self-awareness
Chapter 1074: I want to see him
Chapter 1075: Temptation
Chapter 1076: The overall situation is the most important thing
Chapter 1077: The Story of Han Wu
Chapter 1078: Pressing forward step by step
Chapter 1079: Hidden Danger
Chapter 1080: Shen Shangshu is worried
Chapter 1081: Yu Qian cannot be persuaded
Chapter 1082: Don’t look back until you hit the wall
Chapter 1,083: The emperor’s child does not respect martial ethics
Chapter 1084: Complain in person
Chapter 1085: Crazy testing on the edge of danger
Chapter 1086: You have your own plan
Chapter 1087: The storm arose
Chapter 1088: King Xiang enters the palace
Chapter 1089: Adding fuel to the fire
Chapter 1090: Yu Qian goes to jail
Chapter 1091: What do you want?
Chapter 1092: Temptation
Chapter 1093: The Emperor’s Concerns
Chapter 1094: Cause of turmoil
Chapter 1095: Case Facts
Chapter 1096: Doubts
Chapter 1097: Wang Ao’s weird behavior
Chapter 1098: The duo of kings strikes again
Chapter 1099: It’s your turn
Chapter 1,010: The Emperor’s Heart Is as Deep as the Abyss
Chapter 1101: Attacking Xu Youzhen
Chapter 1102: Main Hall
Chapter 1,103: Yu Kang’s Investigation
Chapter 1,104: Lightning Strike
Chapter 1,105: Going to prison
Chapter 1,106: Disadvantages of the Imperial Manor
Chapter 1,107: Is this the end?
Chapter 1,108: It’s definitely not over
Chapter 1109: Dong Yi Hammer
Chapter 1110: Tiewei
Chapter 1111: Xiyi Bangchui
Chapter 1,112: Scheming Wang Shoufu
Chapter 1,113: The dust has settled
Chapter 1,114: The emperor’s view of power
Chapter 1115: Can it succeed?
Chapter 1,116: A smart chess piece
Chapter 1,117: A game within a game
Chapter 1,118: High IQ
Chapter 1,119: Computing against each other
Chapter 1120: Drought in Jiangxi
Chapter 1121: A problem arises
Chapter 1,122: Candidates for Disaster Relief
Chapter 1123: I will say that Duke Cheng is the protagonist
Chapter 1,124: Unlucky He Wenyuan
Chapter 1,125: Too strong in combat effectiveness
Chapter 1,126: A crooked building
Chapter 1,127: People are shameless
Chapter 1,128: There is always someone who takes the credit
Chapter 1,129: Zhan Matters in the Prince's Mansion
Chapter 1,130: Four ounces can move a thousand pounds
Chapter 1,131: Subsequent turmoil
Chapter 1,132: Asking for Sin and Asking for Credit
Chapter 1,133: Banned
Chapter 1,134: Entering Beijing on behalf of the king
Chapter 1,135: Opening of Sea Ban
Chapter 1,136: An old scalper
Chapter 1,137: Yu Shaobao’s new job
Chapter 1,138: Listen to me give you value
Chapter 1,139: Kill two birds with one stone
Chapter 1140 Brothers working together?
Chapter 1141 Two parties join forces
Chapter 1142: scolding in court
Chapter 1143 Unexpected Situation
Chapter 1144 Who to choose?
Chapter 1145 The veteran is late
Chapter 1146 Testing
Chapter 1147 Snow Disaster
Chapter 1148 The so-called open source
Chapter 1149 Meeting Jing Cha Again
Chapter 1150 It’s nothing more than a price
Chapter 1151: What do you think?
Chapter 1,152: Adding fuel to the fire?
Chapter 1,153: New stories about old things
Chapter 1,154: You say yours
Chapter 1,155: Postponing the Beijing inspection?
Chapter 1156 Natural and man-made disasters
Chapter 1,157: Cabinet Situation
Chapter 1,158: Surrender?
Chapter 1159 Questioning
Chapter 1160 Old Fox.
Chapter 1161 The storm is coming.
Chapter 1162 Little Ji Tong
Chapter 1163 The whole story
Chapter 1164 Check? No check?
Chapter 1165 The so-called pride of place
Chapter 1166: Die the Riddler
Chapter 1167 School Examination
Chapter 1168 Heavy Snow
Chapter 1169 The Way of Relaxation
Chapter 1170 Chen Shangshu’s strength
Chapter 1171 The oriole cannot escape the hunter
Chapter 1172: Solving the Puzzle Part One
Chapter 1173 Closing the Net
Chapter 1174 The dust has settled
Chapter 1175 What is eye medicine?
Chapter 1176 Confrontation in front of the palace
Chapter 1177 But
Chapter 1178 Hidden dangers and solutions
Chapter 1179 Good News
Chapter 1180 A small meeting after the conference
Chapter 1181 Looks like the Supreme Emperor
Chapter 1182 Conspiracy
Chapter 1183 Countermeasures
Chapter 1184 Helpless
Chapter 1185 Du Ning
Chapter 1186 The truth
Chapter 1187 Arrogance
Chapter 1188 Debate in court
Chapter 1189 Zhu Yi appears
Chapter 1190 Accident
Chapter 1191 The final word
Chapter 1192 There is someone in the court
Chapter 1193 Commercial Tax
Chapter 1194 Leaving Beijing
Chapter 1195 Welcome Ceremony
Chapter 1196 The purpose of Bodu
Chapter 1197 Private appointment
Chapter 1198 Brother and Sister Goodbye
Chapter 1199 As expected
Chapter 1200 Agreed
Chapter 1201 The truth doesn’t sound good
Chapter 1202: Fighting to support an army
Chapter 1203 Farewell at Changting Pavilion
Chapter 1204 There is a purpose
Chapter 1205 Fog
Chapter 1206 Wait and see what happens
Chapter 1207 Intricacies
Chapter 1208 The wily Chen Gongbu
Chapter 1209 The last piece of the puzzle
Chapter 1210 Good plan
Chapter 1211 Antelope hanging horns
Chapter 1212 The Crown Prince has grown up
Chapter 1213 The former harem
Chapter 1214 Liang Fangs cleverness
Chapter 1215 Breaking into the Palace
Chapter 1216 Despicable Means
Chapter 1217 Zhu Jianshen’s test questions
Chapter 1218 Price
Chapter 1219 Successor
Chapter 1220 Unexpected
Chapter 1221 This is a warning
Chapter 1222 The Riddler deserves death
Chapter 1223 Breaking into the palace?
Chapter 1224 The wind and snow fill the sky, brothers meet again
Chapter 1225 The Supreme Emperor angrily demanded explanation
Chapter 1226 The storm spreads
Chapter 1227 Mother and Son Conspiracy
Chapter 1228 Case closed
Chapter 1229 The mysterious Emperor
Chapter 1230 Wait and see what happens
Chapter 1231 The little calculations of the kings.
Chapter 1232 The mysterious Emperor
Chapter 1233. Wait and see what happens.
Chapter 1231 The little calculations of the kings.
Chapter 1232 Royal Sea Trading Group.
Chapter 1233 The old fox and the little fox.
Chapter 1234 Bo Yun is strange.
Chapter 1235. A feint.
Chapter 1236 Yu Qian returns to Beijing
Chapter 1237: Shocking words.
Chapter 1238 Planning.
Chapter 1239 Making a mistake
Chapter 1240 Yu Qians whereabouts
Chapter 1241 Yu Tingyi, an important minister of the country
Chapter 1242 The whirlpool darkens
Chapter 1243 Audacious
Chapter 1244 is confusing.
Chapter 1245 The Wind Rises
Chapter 1246 Crisis
Chapter 1247 Everything is as expected
Chapter 1248 Flood washed away the Dragon King Temple
Chapter 1249 Good luck but no work
Chapter 1250 Seizing the Door
Chapter 1251 Kill if you want
Chapter 1252 Beijing Camp
Chapter 1253 The End
Chapter 1254 The Sacred Heart is unpredictable
Chapter 1255 The Crown Prince declares an edict
Chapter 1256 Definitely
Chapter 1257 Reward
Chapter 1258 Untitled
Chapter 1259 Extra: Battle in the East Palace (1)
Chapter 1260 Extra: Battle in the East Palace (2)
Chapter 1261 Extra: Battle in the East Palace (3)
Chapter 1262 Extra: Battle in the East Palace (4)
Chapter 1263 Extra: Battle in the East Palace (5)
Chapter 1264 Extra: Battle in the East Palace (6)
Chapter 1265 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (7)
Chapter 1266
Chapter 1267
Chapter 1268 Epilogue: Battle for the East Palace (10)
Chapter 1269 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (11)
Chapter 1270 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (12)
Chapter 1271 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (13)
Chapter 1272 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (14)
Chapter 1273 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (15)
Chapter 1274 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (16)
Chapter 1275 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (Seventeen)
Chapter 1276 Epilogue: The Battle of the East Palace (18)
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