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Era: Starting from Modu Translation Studio

Era: Starting from Modu Translation Studio

author:Ruyi keyboard

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:10-05 02:57

Latest chapter:Chapter 201 Is it a blessing or a curse?

New media tycoon Jiang Shan inexplicably traveled back 40 years and decided to turn a lifetime of experience into a golden finger. After looking at the 9 cents in his pocket, he strode into the Modu Translation Studio...

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《Era: Starting from Modu Translation Studio》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 201 Is it a blessing or a curse?
Chapter 200 News to help the cultural department
Chapter 199 We really need your ideas
Chapter 198 The actress who replaced others with others
Chapter 197 What does he do for 'Oriental Metropolis Daily'?
Chapter 196 Meeting a strong opponent
Chapter 195 Show off your skills
Chapter 194 Encountering an expert in trouble, getting lost and picking up treasures
Chapter 193 A pack of ancestral scraps of paper
《Era: Starting from Modu Translation Studio》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 'Tragedy on the Nile' by the translation team
Chapter 2 I want to have a family
Chapter 3 Simple, boring, but invincible!
Chapter 4 Play hard to get
Chapter 5 'The Daughter of the Sea'
Chapter 6 The highlight moment of the little book
Chapter 7 Royalty and Siheyuan
Chapter 8 All Stud
Chapter 9 Who of you two pays?
Chapter 10 Little Book, Great Craftsman
Chapter 11 'Eighty-seven Immortals'
Chapter 12 'The Garrison Suicide Squad'
Chapter 13 'Garrison Suicide Squad' 2
Chapter 14 Half of the national newspaper offices are about to disappear
Chapter 15 No retreat
Chapter 16 Printing
Chapter 17 'Commander Kai' from 'Lust, Caution'
Chapter 18 North Changchun, Nanpu River
Chapter 19 Problems with Pujiang TV Station
Chapter 20 A must-win public service announcement
Chapter 21 What are the famous figures of later generations doing at this time?
Chapter 22 CCTV’s “Famous Paintings”
Chapter 23 1978 “World Cup” Broadcast
Chapter 24 Are these pants worn by serious people?
Chapter 25 It’s not like there’s nothing we can do
Chapter 26 Drawing Movie Tickets
Chapter 27 The first advertisement in the country, who is it?
Chapter 28 Bring it to life
Chapter 29 It’s just printing money
Chapter 30 Thirty thousand pairs of bell bottoms
Chapter 31 Get a one dollar bonus for selling a pair of pants
Chapter 32 Tell me first if you can win the prize
Chapter 33 I am a wanted criminal
Chapter 34 Internal Reference Movie
Chapter 35 'The Hunt' is about to be released in full
Chapter 36 Cleaning the gun for the same target
Chapter 38 The unprecedented grand occasion of 'The Hunt'
Chapter 39 Celebrities bring goods
Chapter 40 A Ten Thousand Yuan Household in One Night
Chapter 41 The country has weaned them off
Chapter 42 The situation is much more serious
Chapter 43 It’s time to break the ice
Chapter 44 Tonight’s main target
Chapter 45 Temporary Combat Command
Chapter 46 Postal Big Brother
Chapter 47 The first college entrance examination book list
Chapter 48 News about the achievements of expired film
Chapter 49 A merchant who sponsored a building
Chapter 50 Maotai Liquor Candy
Chapter 51 Got lucky
Chapter 52 The first news gathering method implemented
Chapter 53 A novel that college entrance examination students will never forget
Chapter 54 Money in dough pockets
Chapter 55: The person who competes with the movie channel
Chapter 56 This is ingenuity.
Chapter 57 Fifty-six China’s First Screen
Chapter 59 'Famous Paintings' on the journey north
Chapter 60 The awesome film crew
Chapter 61 It turns out that art can still be played
Chapter 62 Since ancient times, it has been regarded as a housekeeper by the country.
Chapter 63 The family is empty
Chapter 64 A bolt of lightning penetrated deep into the bone marrow
Chapter 65 Comrade Jiangshan’s routine
Chapter 66: It was very prosperous for a while, but if you tear it apart, it will become even more prosperous.
Chapter 67 Something unusual is happening
Chapter 68 Master Narration
Chapter 69 'Shipwreck on the Ice Sea' with everyone involved
Chapter 70 The lucky general
71. Chapter 71 The price of these calligraphy and paintings is very high, right?
72. Chapter 72 A calligraphy work worth 8 cents
73. Chapter 73 Such a big noise this time
74. Chapter 74 A bad idea
75.Chapter 75 The naked fruit scene in 'The Remaining Life in the Sea of ??Misery'
76. Chapter 76 Both Japanese translators said they had never learned this sentence.
77. Chapter 77 The sharpshooter with perfect shots
78. Chapter 78 Mayumi from the Civil Affairs Bureau
79. Chapter 79 'Three Strikes of Bone Demons' is about to be released
80.Chapter 80 The first celebrity calendar
81. Chapter 81 Sanjiang Speech (please order first)
82. Chapter 82 The weekly star of 'Pujiang Daily'
83. Chapter 83 Pass? Press pass!
85. Chapter 84 Works that once dazzled the world
86. Chapter 85 The methods of the exploiting class
87. Chapter 86 Is it better to call it floating, or to be blown away by the wind?
88. Chapter 87 Platform is too important
89. Chapter 88 Until today, I still haven’t found the answer
90. Chapter 89 Miss Yiyi Feng in the flames of war
91. Chapter 90 Going bankrupt and working in publishing
92. Chapter 91 Zhang Yimou’s advertising film
93. Chapter 92 Picture 89 The most critical moment
94. Chapter 93 'Spring Thunder' costs seven yuan a bottle
95. Chapter 94 How crazy was the age without mosaics?
96. Chapter 95 A dinner party with an investment of 25 billion
97. Chapter 96 Section Chief Yuan of Red Star Daily Chemical Factory
98. Chapter 97 The visual collision of two time and space
99. Chapter 98 Advertising Festival, we are here
100. Chapter 99 Our own 'Weather Forecast' is here
101. Chapter 100 She jumped, but it became a commercial
102. Chapter 101 'Astro Boy'
103. Chapter 102 After re-opening, start a new newspaper
104. Chapter 103 There is such a good thing
105. Chapter 104 This thing is definitely worth a green mountain
106. Chapter 105 A car was sent to the newspaper office
107. Chapter 106 'Oriental Metropolis Daily'
108. Chapter 107 Movie soundtracks from 2,400 years ago
109. Chapter 108 Fifty thousand drawings are realized
110. Chapter 109 The main battlefield in the future
111. Chapter 110 The secret advertisement to attract appetite
112. Chapter 111 Thanks to Mr. Jiang in China
113. Chapter 112 The prelude to the paper media revision has officially begun
114. Chapter 113 The latent ending
115. Chapter 114 The walls are filled with splendid colors, so wonderful that it’s wonderful
116. Chapter 115 The scenery in front of the painted wall
117. Chapter 116 Trademark awareness lesson for “profiteers”
118. Chapter 117 The circulation war has begun
119. Chapter 118 Who dares to advertise on the full page?
120. Chapter 119 A counterattack to Japan
121. Chapter 120 The first celebrity endorsement advertisement in China
122. Chapter 121 Reversing the reputation of Happy Coke
123. Chapter 122 The protagonist of this advertisement is definitely Pan Hong
124. Chapter 123 Jiuguijiu with 18 million design fees
126. Chapter 124 Where did Mr. Qi hide the painting?
127. Chapter 125 Treasures of the War Reserve
128. Chapter 126 Bombing Dongjing
129. Chapter 127 I must understand the details on the model
130. Chapter 128 'Gunshots from the Secret Bureau'
131. Chapter 129 Go in standing and come out lying down
132. Chapter 130 Do you dare to broadcast this program?
133. Chapter 131 Huang Zhan, who supports half of the literary world in Hong Kong
134. Chapter 132 The Coke advertisement that helped Pan Hong turn around (2)
135. Chapter 133 Who makes you the most popular at this time?
136. Chapter 134 The first painter to appear on Yanjing TV Station
137. Chapter 135 Kao sanitary napkin advertisement worth millions
138.Chapter 136: One child had an annular ring and the second child had a vaginal uterine piercing, and the unplanned pregnancy was determined
139. Chapter 137 A wonderful print advertisement
140. Chapter 138 The house of half of 'Insidious'
141. Chapter 139 I am destined not to be able to do the secret photography business
142. Chapter 140 Movies protected by the Ministry of Culture
143. Chapter 141 A big gift for college entrance examination students
144. Chapter 142 Rochester in 'Jane Eyre'
145. Chapter 143 Sharing the same joys
146. Chapter 144 Golden Heroine: Gong Xuehua
147. Chapter 145 I will scold you back in a moment
148. Chapter 146 The little girl today
149. Chapter 147 Underwriting the city’s soap advertisements
150. Chapter 148 'Astro Boy''s business approach
151. Chapter 149 Advertising
152. Chapter 150 We didn’t have it in the previous life, and it’s even less likely that we’ll see each other again in the next life.
153. Chapter 151 The college entrance examination guessing questions from the metropolitan newspaper
154. Chapter 152 Director Wang Fulin who couldn’t get enough costumes
155. Chapter 153 The earliest film and television sponsor in the country
156. Chapter 154 The Party Supervised by the Chief
157. Chapter 155 Easier ways to make money
158. Chapter 156 The crew of 'Look at This Family' is even more amazing
159. Chapter 157 The appeal of stars
160. Chapter 158 It’s a rare time to predict events like a god
161. Chapter 159 Hire more actresses
162. Chapter 160 An advertisement that saves the country through curves
163. Chapter 161 Can’t be hidden anymore
164. Chapter 162 A big gift for the next college entrance examination students
165. Chapter 163 Who should be chosen in the 1978 directing department?
166. Chapter 164 The powerful director system
167. Chapter 165 Super IP in 1979
168. Chapter 166 Real nuclear explosion footage
169. Chapter 167 Big troubles can’t come, but small troubles keep coming.
170. Chapter 168 Now even Pan Hong is here to curry favor with you
172. Chapter 169 An advertisement that will make you save money after just one glance
173. Chapter 167: Benevolence does not lead troops, justice does not lead soldiers (double)
174. Chapter 170 The bank advertisement that “makes you fall in love at first sight”
175. Chapter 171 A letter of help from the Eastern boss
176. Chapter 172 The Chicken Butt Advertisement Everyone Loves
177. Chapter 173 The scenery of Yanjing is no longer in the city, the 30th year since the founding of the People's Republic of China
178. Chapter 174 The only golden army in the world
179. Chapter 175 The most valuable movie easter egg
180. Chapter 176 The secret room covered in three inches of dust
181. Chapter 177 A beautiful woman who combines all things romantic
182. Chapter 178 The first disaster accident news
Chapter 179 Battle Clothes and Battle Shoes
Chapter 180 The Feng Shui of No. 51 Courtyard
Chapter 181 Since you want to invite someone, it must be the top one
Chapter 182 Leave this surprise to me
Chapter 183 The best-selling book in the entire 1980s
Chapter 184 Why don’t you tell me that your life is good?
Chapter 185 Unavailable treatment
Chapter 186 If you don’t dare to attack Pujiang, just do it in Yanjing
Chapter 187 How many more do you want him to draw? One hundred and eight generals?
Chapter 188 A picture album that cannot be seen by outsiders
Chapter 189 'Lui Che Woo Prize' of HKD 20 million
Chapter 190 I don’t know the twists and turns inside
Chapter 191 Angel investors in Dunhuang murals
Chapter 192 The Top Traffic Women’s Friend
Chapter 193 A pack of ancestral scraps of paper
Chapter 194 Encountering an expert in trouble, getting lost and picking up treasures
Chapter 195 Show off your skills
Chapter 196 Meeting a strong opponent
Chapter 197 What does he do for 'Oriental Metropolis Daily'?
Chapter 198 The actress who replaced others with others
Chapter 199 We really need your ideas
Chapter 200 News to help the cultural department
Chapter 201 Is it a blessing or a curse?