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Myth Invasion: I Kill the Gods on Earth

Myth Invasion: I Kill the Gods on Earth

author:yellow pen

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-12 03:41

Latest chapter:Chapter 1516 War begins

In the year 0001 of the New Calendar, the gods descended and invaded the earth. After 15 years of hard struggle, human civilization finally perished! Lin Fan, the patron saint of Daxia, returned to the world three months before the arrival of the gods. In this life, he will lead Daxia and use the power of the whole country to Fight the gods! God of the sea, Daxia responds with the Great Wall of Steel! God of the sky, I, Daxia, point my cannon at the sky angrily! God of Winter, I, Daxia, build an underground furnace! In this life, mortals slaughter gods! The gate of the country is Lin When faced with the lofty gods, they stand angrily with Shura swords. Behind them, there are huge cannons, the Great Steel Wall, and the majestic Great Xia! The so-called gods, do they dare to fight me, do they dare to fight my human race? Do they dare to enter my kingdom? Xia Banbu! At this moment, in the summer of the human world, the gods are forbidden! With Shura, I will kill the gods!

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《Myth Invasion: I Kill the Gods on Earth》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1516 War begins
Chapter 1515 I ask you, are you willing?
Chapter 1514 Supplies arrive
Chapter 1513 Dark Night
Chapter 1512 Cleaning up the mess
Chapter 1511 The Development of Group Actors
Chapter 1510 I saw the future
Chapter 1509 The God of Locust Exorcism!
Chapter 1508 The War with the God of Agriculture
《Myth Invasion: I Kill the Gods on Earth》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Returning to the time before the arrival of the gods three months ago!
Chapter 2 You can take my words as a prophecy from God
Chapter 3 Proving the Existence of Gods
Chapter 4 Meeting with the King
Chapter 5 The truth of the world
Chapter 6 The Concept of the Great Steel Wall
Chapter 7 A nationwide sensation, official declaration
Chapter 8 Internal Meeting
Chapter 9 Design Drawing of the Great Steel Wall
Chapter 10 Why not give up?
Chapter 11 Are you really blind?
Chapter 12 Let me first teach you what patriotism is!
Chapter 13 A Promise
Chapter 14: Recruiting 50 million troops shocked all countries
Chapter 15 The aura of the press conference is overwhelming
Chapter 16 Global Attention!
Chapter 17 Our enemy is the gods!
Chapter 18 Everyone, please give me a helping hand!
Chapter 19 Iron can conduct electricity
Chapter 20 You have no idea how powerful you are
Chapter 21 Times have not abandoned you
Chapter 22 The first members of the God-killing Army
Chapter 23 Daxia, what a load of nonsense!
Chapter 24: Da Xia harbors evil intentions!
Chapter 25 Daxia wants to buy steel from us?
Chapter 26 A sudden surprise
Chapter 27 My Buddha is compassionate
Chapter 28 Awesome anger!
Chapter 29 A sudden surprise
Chapter 30: You kid, eat more good food lately
Chapter 31 Everyone, please come back
Chapter 32 You cant stop me
Chapter 33 Construction begins
Chapter 34 The mystery of the upcoming awakening
Chapter 35: Corpse King, General!
Chapter 36 Running wildly
Chapter 37 Its safe here
Chapter 38: Better than evil, right?
Chapter 39 Bloody Battle
Chapter 40: Surrounding and killing generals!
Chapter 41 The battle is over!
Chapter 42 Situ Hong, the road to becoming a god
Chapter 43 I wont dare next time
Chapter 44 Demon Seed
Chapter 45: Possessed
Chapter 46 The Power of Daxia
Chapter 47 Video spread
Chapter 48 Refuse to relocate
Chapter 49: If the city is broken, I would rather die!
Chapter 50: Debt collection from Daxia!
Chapter 51 Shang Weitian appears
Chapter 52: Falling out
Chapter 53 Da Xias knife!
Chapter 54 Repeat it again
Chapter 55: Ask about my knife!
Chapter 56 Its also very simple
Chapter 57: The arrival of supernatural powers
Chapter 58: The Mohist Art of Organism
Chapter 59 Lightning in the Rainy Night
Chapter 60 My demands
Chapter 61 Mission goal, kill!
Chapter 62 Lets have a good chat
Chapter 63 Daxia says hello to you
Chapter 64: You should understand this, right?
Chapter 65 These three people died so unjustly
Chapter 66 Shushan Suppresses Demons
Chapter 67: Bodhisattva lowers his eyebrows
Chapter 68 Recruiting?
Chapter 69: The Stolen National Destiny of Great Xia
Chapter 70: Let me use your killing intent!
Chapter 71 The true phoenix appears
Chapter 72: Mother's Grace to the World
Chapter 73: Sending the national treasure back to China!
Chapter 74 Evacuation
Chapter 75 Everyone has it!
Chapter 76 Deterrence!
Chapter 77: Bringing the hero home
Chapter 78 Daxia has never forgotten you!
Chapter 79 Do you dare?
Chapter 80 The Empress Phoenix Phi!
Chapter 81: Blame Daxia
Chapter 82 The Empress Phoenix Phi
Chapter 83 The Empress of the Tang Dynasty met the Human Emperor
Chapter 84: Preparing for the first conversation with the gods
Chapter 85 God Bless Daxia
Chapter 86 Equipment
Chapter 87 Antiquities Awakening
Chapter 88 Fighting Side by Side
Chapter 89 Preparation for the press conference
Chapter 90: Going to the palace with swords and shoes, praise and worship are unknown!
Chapter 91 Daxia, show off your sword today!
Chapter 92 Kneel down
Chapter 93: Half a month at most!
Chapter 94: One day, everyone in Daxia will fight against the gods alone
Chapter 95 Next, its time to wake them up
Chapter 96: Feeding on flesh and blood
Chapter 97: Changes in Everyone
Chapter 98 Daxias reward for you
Chapter 99: Will Daxia allow you to have a future?
Chapter 100 Are these national treasures?
Chapter 101 The Battle of Races
Chapter 102 Fierce Battle
Chapter 103 Three people died!
Chapter 104 The God-Slaying Armys Only Test
Chapter 105 The madness unique to beasts
Chapter 106 Its still food
Chapter 107 Guan, I recognize you
Chapter 108: The Martial Saint Borrows a Sword
Chapter 109 Eat them!
Chapter 110 Gnawing
Chapter 111 Why eat snowmen?
Chapter 112 Its too scary
Chapter 113 Countdown to Gods Arrival
Chapter 114 Be prepared
Chapter 115: Guarding the country!
Chapter 116 I wont go down the mountain
Chapter 117 The sword has good power
Chapter 118 Global Shock
Chapter 119 The first drill, the dragon takes off
Chapter 120 The dragon is roaring
Chapter 121 Daxias national power!
Chapter 122 Attitude Gap
Chapter 123 They are celebrating
Chapter 124: This time, the gods are forbidden!
Chapter 125 The war begins!
Chapter 126 Where is the army of believers?
Chapter 127 Sea Beast Believers
Chapter 128 Humans, you have angered me
Chapter 129: Artillery fire roars again
Chapter 130: Very strong
Chapter 131 Today, kill the gods!
Chapter 132 The Sword of the Gods
Chapter 133 As long as Im still standing
Chapter 134 What an excellent believer
Chapter 135 The Millennium Sword
Chapter 136 Daxias sword is very strong
Chapter 137 People who believe in you
Chapter 138 The Road to Becoming a God
Chapter 139 Daxia Sword God
Chapter 140 I am Shura
Chapter 141 Daxias Bullets
Chapter 142 The cheering beach
Chapter 143 Kneel down!
Chapter 144 We had a chance
Chapter 145 Doomsday
Chapter 146: Hide
Chapter 147 The reaction of the free countries
Chapter 148: Evacuate overseas Chinese from Daxia!
Chapter 149 Rescue from the Free State
Chapter 150 Contrast!
Chapter 151 Come up and try it
Chapter 152 Sing it
Chapter 153: Running to Death
Chapter 154 Everyone, we survived
Chapter 155 The Power of Civilization
Chapter 156 Lets try it!
Chapter 157 They started to protect us
Chapter 158 The choice of a free country
Chapter 159: Furious
Chapter 160 God opens his eyes again
Chapter 161 The second god rushes towards Daxia!
Chapter 162: Daxia, you win
Chapter 163 The last five minutes
Chapter 164 Gong Shumings strange thoughts
Chapter 165 The second god is here too?
Chapter 166: Prepare to fight again!
Chapter 167 I, Daxia, have limited national power
Chapter 168: Gods Head Hanging on the City Gate
Chapter 169 Ask the gods to test the sword!
Chapter 170 The Three Gods of Daxia
Chapter 171 Four Hundred Thousand Sea Beast Believers
Chapter 172 Shura Army
Chapter 173 You forced me!
Chapter 174: Gods Resurrection
Chapter 175: Demon of Daxia, open your eyes
Chapter 176 Blood of Daxia
Chapter 177 Instinct desire and hunger
Chapter 178 I want to go home
Chapter 179: The Demon of Great Xia
Chapter 180 Im back
Chapter 181: Killing a Thousand Heads with One Sword
Chapter 182: Follow the master and clean up the country!
Chapter 183 This time, we won
Chapter 184: Suddenly grown up
Chapter 185 The battle is over
Chapter 186 Dad, Im back
Chapter 187 The Promise of Life and Death
Chapter 188 Am I qualified enough to kill you?
Chapter 189: Settlement Plan for the Wounded
Chapter 190 Spiritual Construction
Chapter 190 Death is coming
Chapter 191: I will protect him
Chapter 192: Holy Hand Hua Tuo, the God of Death Retreats
Chapter 193: I, Hua Tuo, please be gracious to the God of Death
Chapter 194 Inheritance
Chapter 195 The fourth person to become a god, the God of Medicine of Great Xia!
Chapter 196 The Second Phase of the Great Steel Wall Construction Project
Chapter 197 Nationwide Construction!
Chapter 198: Inheritance of the God of Medicine
Chapter 199 Public Opinion
Chapter 200 Conspiracy
Chapter 201 Da Xia, the sword will be released today!
Chapter 202 I, Daxia, have come to respond to you head-on.
Chapter 203 I protect Daxia with my sword
Chapter 204 The Invisible Knife
Chapter 205: Clearing Daxias name
Chapter 206 Playing dirty?
Chapter 207 The evacuation video is released
Chapter 208 Chaos and order in the evacuation video
Chapter 209 The refugees cried bitterly
Chapter 210 I am Shura
Chapter 211 Returning
Chapter 212 Who dislikes Wang Hu?
Chapter 213 Demon, Wang Hu
Chapter 214 The second coming of the gods is about to begin
Chapter 215: For Daxia, die without regrets!
Chapter 216: Vampire is about to revive
Chapter 217 Rejecting Daxias help
Chapter 218 Cant Lose
Chapter 219: In just one night, the town fell!
Chapter 220: Growing garlic in the Himalayas
Chapter 221 Something is really wrong!
Chapter 222 The Fall of the City of Buri
Chapter 223 Preparing for War
Chapter 224 We won!
Chapter 225 Not dead?
Chapter 226 For the next feast
Chapter 227 Hunting begins now
Chapter 228: The Gap between Daxia
Chapter 229 Vampires are killing
Chapter 230 Draculas Choice
Chapter 231 Five days
Chapter 232 Midnight
Chapter 233 Hunting begins
Chapter 234: Garlic responds to the enemy
Chapter 235 Killing Dracula with the Sword
Chapter 236: Killing the Ancestor with a Sword
Chapter 237 True Body
Chapter 238 The blood of tens of millions of people!
Chapter 239: Falling at a disadvantage!
Chapter 240: Whispering
Chapter 241 Fear is flowing
Chapter 242: The Wind from Thousand Years Ago, the Killing God Bai Qi
Chapter 243: Killing God Bai Qi, fighting against the Vampire Clan
Chapter 244: Kill the Brilliant Qin Dynasty
Chapter 245: The God of Death Comes to the World
Chapter 246: Ancient and modern join forces
Chapter 247 Fighting Side by Side
Chapter 248: Great Qin is dead
Chapter 249 No one was killed and no one was seriously injured!
Chapter 250 Great Qin remains the same
Chapter 251 Scythe of Great Xia
Chapter 252: That wind has gone and come back again
Chapter 253 The formation of the Alliance of Gods
Chapter 254: Go make trouble!
Chapter 255 Lin Fan is a little worried
Chapter 256: Is the bloodline of Daxia people bad?
Chapter 257 The Noble God Descendant
Chapter 258 Similar
Chapter 259: Introduce yourself
Chapter 260 Make a choice
Chapter 261 Vote
Chapter 262 Carnival of the majority
Chapter 263 Daxia, come to visit!
Chapter 264 Do you want to fight us humans?
Chapter 265 Then fight!
Chapter 266 The battle between humans and gods is about to begin!
Chapter 267 The war begins!
Chapter 268 Cant lose!
Chapter 269 The God of Death holds his sickle high
Chapter 270: In the first battle, Daxia wins!
Chapter 271 The Bloodline of the War Angel
Chapter 272 The sword of an angel!
Chapter 273 Kneel down
Chapter 274: This sword will be popular through the ages
Chapter 275 The angel is convinced
Chapter 276 Descendants of the God of Fire
Chapter 277 The Battle of Guns and Fire
Chapter 278 This time, let me do it
Chapter 279 God of Strength VS Daxia Confucian God
Chapter 280 Calm down
Chapter 281 Masters Phantom
Chapter 282: Hear the Tao in the morning and die in the evening
Chapter 283 Who will be tonsured?
Chapter 284 If I dont go to hell, who will?
Chapter 285 All living beings are equal
Chapter 286 Shaolin Razor
Chapter 287 Dao Sect VS Descendants of the God of Earth
Chapter 288 The Great Road of the World
Chapter 289 Five Thousand Years of Road
Chapter 290 Can be killed directly!
Chapter 291 A hundred miles of river turns into a sea of blood
Chapter 292 There are people I want to protect
Chapter 293 The seventh battle, Daxia wins
Chapter 294 Dark Night Goddess
Chapter 295 Im going to sneak attack you
Chapter 296 The tenth patron saint of Daxia, the god of assassins
Chapter 297: Continuous mechanisms
Chapter 298: Are you worthy of me?
Chapter 299 This is too weak!
Chapter 300 You succeeded in irritating me
Chapter 301 It seems that you are also sick.
Chapter 302: Daxia warriors are counterattacking the Temple of Death?
Chapter 303 Quantai Old Department
Chapter 304 A truly proud war
Chapter 305 The Last Battle
Chapter 306: Human Knife
Chapter 307: Just taking advantage!
Chapter 308 Teach me how to kill gods
Chapter 309: Changes in the Alliance of Gods
Chapter 310 Do you want to fight one on one?
Chapter 311 For world peace
Chapter 312 New dangers
Chapter 313 The other identity of the white fox
Chapter 314 Disaster is Coming
Chapter 315 Search
Chapter 316 Evacuate!
Chapter 317 Position
Chapter 318 Be careful!
Chapter 139 Mr. Jins countermeasures
Chapter 320 Quick Evacuation
Chapter 321 Reinforcements
Chapter 322: Never give up on a compatriot!
Chapter 323 The last batch of search and rescue
Chapter 324 Its better if there is no one
Chapter 326 The road is broken
Chapter 327 Reinforcements!
Chapter 328 The Guardian God of Great Xia enters the scene!
Chapter 329 Do you feel the power of knowledge?
Chapter 330: Fight out!
Chapter 331 Its time to fight back!
Chapter 332: Siege!
Chapter 333 Cleaning up
Chapter 334 No one died
Chapter 335: Should the city be bombed?
Chapter 336: The 'Hostages' in Daxia's Hands
Chapter 337 Tushan
Chapter 338 Fox Group
Chapter 339 Explosion
Chapter 340: Shouts louder than gunfire
Chapter 341: Gods Conquer Demons
Chapter 342 Can we talk now?
Chapter 343 White Fox, times have changed!
Chapter 344: Wont you kill me?
Chapter 345 Cooperation between humans and beasts
Chapter 346: Subdue Daji
Chapter 347: Remind the European side
Chapter 348 European Evacuation
Chapter 349: The Choice of the Alliance of Gods
Chapter 350 Why evacuate?
Chapter 351 You still need to study more and practice more
Chapter 352: Use the first option
Chapter 353 Going to the Mine
Chapter 354 Demigod Awakens
Chapter 355: Work begins!
Chapter 356 The strange construction site
Chapter 357 Medusa awakens
Chapter 358 Thunder and Snake
Chapter 359: Does the president have a split personality?
Chapter 360: Building freedom fighters
Chapter 361: Achieving God
Chapter 362 Daxia!!!
Chapter 363 Lin Fans God Killer
Chapter 364: The Alliance of Gods Comes to Study Abroad
Chapter 365 The Alliance of Gods Arrives
Chapter 366 God has arrived
Chapter 367 The situation has changed!
Chapter 368 Plans and Arrangements
Chapter 369 Daxia asks for help
Chapter 370 The Situation of Various Countries
Chapter 371: Go to the Free Country
Chapter 372: Daxia, comes to visit
Chapter 373: Of course our free country will help!
Chapter 374 The anger of the leader
Chapter 375: Spectacular
Chapter 376 All mankind needs him!
Chapter 377 This is my choice
Chapter 378 Memories before death
Chapter 379: The New God of Great Xia
Chapter 380 The second phase of the Great Steel Wall project is about to be completed!
Chapter 381 Completed first!
Chapter 382 The last area
Chapter 383 Completely Completed
Chapter 384 The Warriors Enter
Chapter 385 Qingqiu City is rebuilt!
Chapter 386 Weapons and Equipment Transportation
Chapter 387 Please believe in the quality of weapons in free countries
Chapter 388 The country is wide open
Chapter 389 Receiving assistance equipment
Chapter 390 The sea breeze blows
Chapter 391 Then, lets get started!
Chapter 392 Farewell
Chapter 393: That plane?!
Chapter 394: Asleep?
Chapter 395: Gods sneak attack
Chapter 396: Catch them off guard!
Chapter 397 Take action!
Chapter 398 Berkeley, Son of Pluto
Chapter 399 God-killing God!
Chapter 400 You guys underestimated the gods
Chapter 401 Who says we dont care
Chapter 402 Follow me to kill the gods!
Chapter 403 Waiting for you to go home
Chapter 404: They have time
Chapter 405 Thank you for your trust
Chapter 406 The dragon is breathing
Chapter 407: On the battlefield, Daxia is selling goods on live broadcast!
Chapter 408 The gods stand on the sea
Chapter 409 The nightmare of the past!
Chapter 410 Disciples of Buddha?
Chapter 411 In front of me, you will always be a rat
Chapter 412 There is something wrong with this sea water!
Chapter 413 The battlefield of the blood sea
Chapter 414 The coming of ghosts and gods
Chapter 415 Is that a monster?
Chapter 416 Godzilla Clan
Chapter 417 Today, the Buddha is not merciful!
Chapter 418 The Shield of Great Xia!
Chapter 419 Fight hard!
Chapter 420 Im talking about cooperation
Chapter 421 We are the greatest contributors to mankind!
Chapter 422: Weapons are for fighting!
Chapter 423: The Shield of Great Xia, prepare to close!
Chapter 424 The rat tide reappears!
Chapter 425 The courage of rats!
Chapter 426 Rats, kill the giant beast!
Chapter 427 They are voluntary
Chapter 428 There are humans!
Chapter 429 Animal Army!
Chapter 430: Eat my Buddhist supreme magic weapon
Chapter 431: The light boat breaks the waves
Chapter 432: Murderous Sword, Shura Sword
Chapter 433 Angus is very excited
Chapter 434 Awakening
Chapter 435 Give me back Diao Chan!
Chapter 436: The cassock burns like fire
Chapter 437 Buddha wants to kill God
Chapter 438: Peaceful as a newborn
Chapter 439 The cruelty of the gods
Chapter 440: For the sake of your compatriots, die quickly!
Chapter 441 I promise you
Chapter 442: Feeding Ghosts and Gods
Chapter 443 Give me back Diao Chan!
Chapter 444: Selfish Lu Bu
Chapter 445: Nine steps in half a step!
Chapter 446 Golden light soaring into the sky
Chapter 447 I will defend the teachers way
Chapter 448: Is this scholar so fierce?
Chapter 449: The power of ideological leadership
Chapter 450 Arguing with God
Chapter 451: It depends on whether you are lucky or not
Chapter 452: Sudden Fighter Plane
Chapter 453 Weapons of the Free State!
Chapter 454 Lin Fan, I am your God Killer
Chapter 455 Sudden Help
Chapter 456 The four happy people
Chapter 457 The Millennium Killer God
Chapter 458 Oh no!
Chapter 459 The Destroyer of the Future
Chapter 460 The Birth of the Destroyer
Chapter 461: Leave the gods behind!
Chapter 462: Collision with God!
Chapter 463 Little John steps forward
Chapter 464 The gods rush out of the Bohai mouth
Chapter 465 Just say Im busy
Chapter 466 Come again?
Chapter 467: Interest comes first
Chapter 468: I am Shura
Chapter 469 Disaster strikes
Chapter 470 Price
Chapter 471 Begging
Chapter 472 Objection
Chapter 473: Why are you still happy about this?
Chapter 474: When the country perishes, the king also perishes
Chapter 475: First Captain
Chapter 476 Transportation Plan
Chapter 477 That god is so powerful!
Chapter 478 Welcome the gods!
Chapter 479: These humans are really crazy.
Chapter 480: What are these losses?
Chapter 481 The gods rush to their destination
Chapter 482: Agree over there
Chapter 483 Lin Fan, stop!
Chapter 484 Little John, you are really amazing
Chapter 485: Lu Bu loses interest
Chapter 486: Meeting the Chief
Chapter 487 Did you make something wrong?
Chapter 488 As you wish
Chapter 489 Disaster strikes!
Chapter 490 Lin Fan, apologize!
Chapter 491 Rescue
Chapter 492 I saw it
Chapter 493 Crush!
Chapter 494 Thanks to you
Chapter 495 You are worse than him
Chapter 496: Its the shape of Dong Xiangguo
Chapter 497 Killing God!
Chapter 498 Nuclear weapons after the battle
Chapter 499 Cannot be canceled!
Chapter 500: Kill Baimang with one sword
Chapter 501 Lin Fan is dead?
Chapter 502 Lin Fan doesnt seem to be dead!
Chapter 503 One Sword Shura
Chapter 504 The Power of a Sword
Chapter 505 Escape
Chapter 506: Give him to me!
Chapter 507: Fuel is about to run out
Chapter 508 Crazy
Chapter 509 Die!
Chapter 510 I have difficulties
Chapter 511 This power
Chapter 512 Now, its your choice
Chapter 513: Why do you still recognize your father?
Chapter 514 Happy to be a father
Chapter 515 The third requirement
Chapter 516 Undercover?
Chapter 517: Poach away, poach away!
Chapter 518 Welcome home
Chapter 519 Two thousand and five hundred years, the fire will never end
Chapter 520 Cleaning the battlefield
Chapter 521 Kneel down!
Chapter 522: Growth in Death
Chapter 523 Family Glory
Chapter 524 Farewell!
Chapter 525 The battlefield of the Temple of Death
Chapter 526: Support across life and death!
Chapter 527 Ksitigarbha returns
Chapter 528 Expanding the base area
Chapter 529: Salvage begins!
Chapter 530 Salvage!
Chapter 531 Nightmare
Chapter 532 This broken hand!
Chapter 533 Daxias choice
Chapter 534 Dont even think about living in peace even if you die
Chapter 535 The Temple of Death is shivering
Chapter 536: Arrange a new position for you
Chapter 537 Arrangements of Lu Bu and Zilu
Chapter 538 Bai Qis brain circuit
Chapter 539 Poseidon is coming in person
Chapter 540 The shelter left by the ancestors
Chapter 541: God is also greedy
Chapter 542 Iron Warrior Plan, God-casting Plan
Chapter 543: Wow, slaves with three surnames!
Chapter 544: Angry Lu Bu
Chapter 545: Duel
Chapter 546: Great Qin, Hook and Sickle Formation!
Chapter 547 The struggle between two eras!
Chapter 548: You are not very popular.
Chapter 549: Crush by Iron Armor!
Chapter 550 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 551 Bai Qi lost?
Chapter 552: This disobedient hand!
Chapter 553 Im hungry too
Chapter 554: Too much comparison!
Chapter 555: Awarding Military Merits
Chapter 556 Im going too!
Chapter 557: This is the teachers rule
Chapter 558 Practice it personally
Chapter 559 Bai Qi is worried about campus bullying
Chapter 560 Compassionate Instructions
Chapter 561 Daxia Mecha!
Chapter 562: We are ready to fight!
Chapter 563 Farewell
Chapter 564 The next war
Chapter 565: Gathering Strength
Chapter 566 The first batch of talent transfer
Chapter 567: The Attitude of the People of Universe Country
Chapter 568 Another mysterious resurgence
Chapter 569: The Situation between Europe and the Free Countries
Chapter 570 Not Prepared
Chapter 571 Asking for help
Chapter 572 Negotiations of the consortium
Chapter 573: Fellow fellow, open the door!
Chapter 574 The first batch of scientific researchers from the Universe Kingdom arrive
Chapter 575: Capture the Yellow Wind Monster alive!
Chapter 576 A strange trip to campus
Chapter 577 Demon Alliance
Chapter 578: Fishing Law Enforcement
Chapter 579 Looking for Senior Brother
Chapter 580 The Yellow Wind Monster is about to break out of the encirclement
Chapter 581 One hundred thousand demon soldiers!
Chapter 582 Breakout!
Chapter 583 Change the direction!
Chapter 584 The Compassionate Person
Chapter 585 Samadhi Kamikaze!
Chapter 586: Follow me closely!
Chapter 586: Put down your weapons!
Chapter 588: Are you crazy?
Chapter 589 My name is Daji
Chapter 590 The Return of the Yellow Wind Monster
Chapter 591: This, I cant eat this!
Chapter 592: My Buddhist sect has eighteen ways to save them
Chapter 593 Gods
Chapter 594 The dragon begins to swallow the whale
Chapter 595 Transportation
Chapter 596 Strategic Retreat
Chapter 597: Meeting of the Jishihui
Chapter 598: The interests of the consortium
Chapter 599 This is business!
Chapter 600: Convinced
Chapter 601 Shelter
Chapter 602: Survive
Chapter 603 Benefits?
Chapter 604 Displacement
Chapter 605: Why do I feel like a spy?
Chapter 606: The Despair of the Savior
Chapter 607 Go home!
Chapter 608 Welcome
Chapter 609: Changes in Bai Zhan
Chapter 610: In full swing
Chapter 611 In order to survive
Chapter 612: Recording provided by informant
Chapter 613 Lin Fans threat!
Chapter 614: Bring a pack of cigarettes
Chapter 615 Informant
Chapter 616 Construction Site
Chapter 617 Demon Soldier Transformation
Chapter 618: The Yellow Wind Monster Who Was Completely Brainwashed
Chapter 619 6
Chapter 620 We also once ran rampant across the world
Chapter 621: The Unstoppable Savage Raging Bull
Chapter 622: Today, the Bull Demon breaks off his horn
Chapter 623: Human Dignity
Chapter 624: Walking with the knife in hand
Chapter 625: You are a savage and angry bull who is upright and indomitable.
Chapter 626 Alliance
Chapter 627 Eat some beef jerky
Chapter 628: Golden Horn comes to your door
Chapter 629: Contributing to improving the status of the Niu Clan
Chapter 630 Do you dare to agree?
Chapter 631: The Silver-Horned King who shouldnt be awake
Chapter 632: Golden Horns Motives
Chapter 633: Keep to yourself?
Chapter 634: Please allow us to suppress with force
Chapter 635 Daxia Girl
Chapter 636: A unique team of thugs
Chapter 637: Ordinary Daxia Girl
Chapter 638 Secret Cooperation
Chapter 639 Arriving at Laojun Mountain
Chapter 640 Abnormal Bai Qi
Chapter 641: Little Heizi Exposed
Chapter 642: Forbidden Object, Lokis Mask
Chapter 643 Horrible Containment Conditions
Chapter 644: Humans can also invade the God Realm
Chapter 645: Candidate for Mask
Chapter 646 Kneel down
Chapter 647 Decision
Chapter 648 Before leaving
Chapter 649: Preparations for Daxia
Chapter 650 Ready to go
Chapter 651: Invasion of God Realm
Chapter 652 God Realm, Leng Cuicheng
Chapter 653 God of Technology
Chapter 654 Shura ghosts and gods, online roll call
Chapter 655 Shameless Shura beats the sap!
Chapter 656 Are you crazy!
Chapter 657: The Convocation of the Ocean Temple
Chapter 658 I'm back
Chapter 659 A brief return
Chapter 660 Ocean Temple
Chapter 661 The God of the Ocean who mysteriously disappeared
Chapter 662 Sir, he is anxious!
Chapter 663: How about we go have a meal together?
Chapter 664 The hunting has not stopped!
Chapter 665 Suspicion
Chapter 666: Altar, something is wrong
Chapter 667 Confused Mr. Jin
Chapter 668: I will cut him into pieces with my own hands
Chapter 669: Foster brother, lets catch the murderer
Chapter 670 Kneel down!
Chapter 671: Please support me immediately
Chapter 672: Using technology to restrain gods
Chapter 673 Who dares to kill my son!
Chapter 674 This matter is not simple
Chapter 675: Do you want to listen to what you are saying?
Chapter 676 You will be the vanguard
Chapter 677 Hahaha
Chapter 678: Enemy with natal ghosts and gods
Chapter 679 Taming the natal ghosts and gods!
Chapter 680: This ghost is not serious
Chapter 681: Open your mouth!
Chapter 682: Are humans so perverted?
Chapter 683 Human Will!
Chapter 685 I, Ashude, face a choice
Chapter 686 Saw them
Chapter 687: Meeting on the other side
Chapter 689 Three things
Chapter 690 The True Form of Ghosts and Gods
Chapter 691: Thanks from the Ocean Gods
Chapter 692 Wisdom
Chapter 693 Poseidons Entrustment
Chapter 694 Unloading!
Chapter 695: He really killed him
Chapter 696 Monster in the Dark
Chapter 697: A little too down-to-earth
Chapter 698 Three Things Compassion Requires
Chapter 699 Although it feels a bit unscientific
Chapter 700: Sincerity leads to spiritual success
Chapter 701: Attitude towards other planes
Chapter 702: Only I, the human race, am willing to raise fire for all living beings in the world!
Chapter 703: Prepare to light the flame
Chapter 704 Communication
Chapter 705 501 Construction Site
Chapter 706: Burning Red Flame
Chapter 707: Gathering the team
Chapter 708 Admission Investigation
Chapter 709 You must suppress us with force
Chapter 710: One hundred thousand people for one person
Chapter 711 Armed Suppression!
Chapter 712 Satisfactory Answer
Chapter 713: Your brother is dead
Chapter 714 You can shovel it away
Chapter 715 Everything is normal
Chapter 716: Prepare for communication
Chapter 717: Not to communicate, but to save them
Chapter 718 Entering the plane
Chapter 719: In the name of God, force them to rebel
Chapter 720 Lin Fan is at a loss what to do
Chapter 721: It seems we have to change the route
Chapter 722: Burn this heretic to death
Chapter 723 Fighting for God!
Chapter 723 Fighting for God!
Chapter 724 The Power of the False God
Chapter 725: The god-killing sword!
Chapter 726 The Spirit of the Plane
Chapter 724 The Power of the False God
Chapter 727: Your god will kneel down when he sees me
Chapter 725: The god-killing sword!
Chapter 728 Master
Chapter 729: Shattered Plane
Chapter 726 The Spirit of the Plane
Chapter 730 A song
Chapter 727: Your god will kneel down when he sees me
Chapter 728 Master
Chapter 731 Return to Daxia
Chapter 732 Fraud?
Chapter 733 If its true, its not called fraud.
Chapter 729: Shattered Plane
Chapter 734: Working Day and Night on the Bull Demon King
Chapter 730 A song
Chapter 731 Return to Daxia
Chapter 735 The Loyal Plane Spirit
Chapter 736 Family members!
Chapter 737 Everyone is a family!
Chapter 738 Devout Belief in God
Chapter 732 Fraud?
Chapter 739 Cutting-edge knowledge
Chapter 740 God will praise me
Chapter 741 The fire has been spread
Chapter 742 The flames begin to burn
Chapter 733 If its true, its not called fraud.
Chapter 743 I am inseparable from sin
Chapter 744 yyds
Chapter 745: Help you look decent!
Chapter 746 The song that belongs to the orcs
Chapter 747 Fighting One Hundred Thousand Beasts Alone!
Chapter 748 Im tired of running
Chapter 749 I am a ghost and god
Chapter 750: Humans, request for communication
Chapter 751 Human Race
Chapter 751 The war is coming!
Chapter 752 Hope
Chapter 753: Two hours later, destruction!
Chapter 754 I am not a slave
Chapter 755 Fight for yourself!
Chapter 756 Battle
Chapter 757: All your gods will fear me
Chapter 758 The anger of the whole world
Chapter 759 Im going to call someone right now!
Chapter 760: This time, your god cant save you
Chapter 761 I saw Gods guidance!
Chapter 762 The direction guided by God
Chapter 763: Charge with me!
Chapter 764 Daxia takes out his sword!
Chapter 765 Unilateral Massacre
Chapter 766 Behind you
Chapter 767 The terrifying army
Chapter 768 Please die!
Chapter 769 The Price of Weakness
Chapter 770 Willing to fight for humanity!
Chapter 771: Dead Ancestors
Chapter 772 Orc Chief
Chapter 773 Taking over as chief
Chapter 774 Humph!
Chapter 775 Unique Flower
Chapter 776 Shang Weitian is a little confused
Chapter 777: Food and accommodation included
Chapter 778 All Worlds Are One
Chapter 779 Brenda is also down to earth
Chapter 780 Invasion of the Heavens
Chapter 781 Asking for leave from Poseidon
Chapter 782 Human Race Ignition
Chapter 783 Liberating the Heavens
Chapter 784 They really havent forgotten us
Chapter 785 The equipment is here!
Chapter 786 The little flying stick is here
Chapter 787 The express delivery department is preparing to send
Chapter 788: The arrangements are clear
Chapter 789 The Temple of Death is just ahead!
Chapter 790 Heading straight to the Temple of Death
Chapter 791 Close the door!
Chapter 792 Ksitigarbha, comes to visit
Chapter 793: My Buddhist magical weapon has been upgraded!
Chapter 794: Surrounding the Temple!
Chapter 795: Death Bone Powder Soaked in Wine
Chapter 796: It seems that your god is not here
Chapter 797: We, the wolf tribe, have nothing to fear!
Chapter 798: My Buddha is Merciful
Chapter 799 Send them to see God
Chapter 780 Endless Battle
Chapter 781: Big victory, go home!
Chapter 782 Human Passion
Chapter 783: Meeting of Hundreds of Clans
Chapter 784 Celebration Meeting
Chapter 785 Then why have you lost weight?
Chapter 786 The Great Steel Wall is completed!
Chapter 787 The transportation plan comes to a perfect end
Chapter 788 The war is about to begin
Chapter 789 Thirty percent!
Chapter 790: God-casting plan!
Chapter 791 The situation on the European side
Chapter 792 Ants
Chapter 793: Queuing up
Chapter 794: Be a mouse!
Chapter 795 Evacuation plan starts now
Chapter 796 Coffin Lid
Chapter 797: Outside the floor-to-ceiling window
Chapter 798 Minerals
Chapter 799: My son is loyal
Chapter 800 They are all ants!
Chapter 801 Gods Performance
Chapter 802 Jump down
Chapter 803 Dead?
Chapter 804 Ollie, do it!
Chapter 805 There is something dirty
Chapter 806: Repeated Jumps
Chapter 807 The Last Land
Chapter 808 Victory?
Chapter 809 Tourism Project?
Chapter 810 Global Envy
Chapter 811 I am different from them
Chapter 812 They are very happy
Chapter 813 Preparation
Chapter 814 Then kill the gods!
Chapter 815 Let me in!
Chapter 816 Landslide
Chapter 817 Preparing for War
Chapter 818: Missing you has nothing to do with the overall situation
Chapter 819: Like the original plane
Chapter 820 Kneel down
Chapter 821 Father!
Chapter 822 My son is smart, no less intelligent than me
Chapter 823 Official declaration of war!
Chapter 824 The Great Wall of Humanity
Chapter 825 Entering the Encirclement
Chapter 826: Waiting for the Gods!
Chapter 827 The advantage is mine!
Chapter 828 God is bleeding!
Chapter 829: So many crops
Chapter 830 The Demon Kings Wrath
Chapter 831 Classes begin!
Chapter 832 Fighting for my sister!
Chapter 833 Mr. Zhangs Treatment
Chapter 834 Minor Injury
Chapter 835 I believe him!
Chapter 836 Who are you?
Chapter 837 Kill!
Chapter 838 I held back the yellow wind monster!
Chapter 839: Raising the Sea
Chapter 840: Head-on confrontation!
Chapter 841: Surround and kill the gods!
Chapter 842 Young Master, run!
Chapter 843 What are you waiting for?
Chapter 844 Deal with them quickly!
Chapter 845 We have become sheep!
Chapter 846 They are simply humiliating us!
Chapter 847 God, hold on
Chapter 848 Quotation on the battlefield
Chapter 849 Sea Beast Battlefield
Chapter 850 The Revenge of the Subjugated Slaves
Chapter 851 Use my million swords to build my shield of Great Xia
Chapter 852: Raises the shield!
Chapter 853: Ling left and right fire, Thunder Lord helps me!
Chapter 854 Electric Fish Plan!
Chapter 855 The God-killing Mecha appears!
Chapter 856 A heavy shield falling from the sky
Chapter 857: Collision between mecha and sea beast in huge waves
Chapter 858 Is there any sandwich?
Chapter 859: Young Master, please dont kill me!
Chapter 860: The End of the Crossbow
Chapter 861 You are a human undercover!
Chapter 862 How do they know where we are!
Chapter 863: Showdown, stop pretending!
Chapter 864 Did you plagiarize?
Chapter 865: Frontal fight!
Chapter 866 The first battle, Daxia wins!
Chapter 867 The only normal person
Chapter 868: Use my sword to protect the peace of Daxia!
Chapter 869 Go meet our father
Chapter 870 Even if you are a god, dont even try to break in.
Chapter 871 We havent gone in yet!
Chapter 872 The selfish guy
Chapter 873: Is there a mole in Jishihui?
Chapter 874: Undercurrent
Chapter 875 The gods arrive in the free country!
Chapter 876 Believers of God
Chapter 877 Fifty Million Sea Beasts
Chapter 878 Free Country, prepare for war!
Chapter 879 Food behind the door
Chapter 880 The war begins
Chapter 881 Sir, retreat!
Chapter 882 Dont open the door
Chapter 883 Gods Persuasion
Chapter 884 Its really crazy
Chapter 885 Rats Take to the Streets
Chapter 886 Where is the bracelet!
Chapter 887 We are the Jishihui!
Chapter 889 Madman
Chapter 890 He is opening the steel door!
Chapter 891: Open the door to welcome God
Chapter 892: Can you figure out the situation?
Chapter 893 Preparing for launch
Chapter 894 The Sword in the Stone
Chapter 895 My Home
Chapter 896 Father!
Chapter 897 My son!
Chapter 898 Im here to help you!
Chapter 899 King Arthur discovered the weakness
Chapter 900: The Dominance of Ancient Eastern Powers
Chapter 901 What us!
Chapter 902: Poseidons IQ is on the line
Chapter 903: People are here
Chapter 904 Asking my father to die!
Chapter 905 You dare!
Chapter 906 Fighting
Chapter 907 Kill!
Chapter 908 You dare to knock off my hair tie
Chapter 909 I really admire you
Chapter 910 A sudden strange battlefield style
Chapter 91: Remember your great chicken brother
Chapter 912 Come again?
Chapter 913 God Shura?
Chapter 914 The Weak Shura God
Chapter 915 The song of all races!
Chapter 916 Melting Poseidon
Chapter 917 The knife moved
Chapter 918 Father!
Chapter 919 Crown of the Sea
Chapter 920 Run quickly
Chapter 921 The Failed Assassin
Chapter 922: High Demon
Chapter 923 The Devils Call
Chapter 924 Da Xia Zhang Feng
Chapter 925 Refuse to evacuate!
Chapter 926 Daxia, Lin Fan
Chapter 927 Great Qin, Bai Qi!
Chapter 928 Bai Qi, fight to the death!
Chapter 929 The First Emperor Awakens
Chapter 930 Entering the God Realm
Chapter 931 Millions of armors, join the battle!
Chapter 932: Being the enemy of Gu
Chapter 933 Sure enough, it fell again
Chapter 934 The Great Qin World
Chapter 935 The Seal of the King of Qin and the Emperor
Chapter 936: Dont chop your neck
Chapter 937 Announcement to the world, the envoys of Xian heard about it
Chapter 938 Failure
Chapter 939: The King of Undiligence
Chapter 940: Qins Great Shield, Great Qins Earth Dragon
Chapter 941 Another halberd!
Chapter 942: Let me trample you once
Chapter 943 A somewhat perverted god
Chapter 944: The stick that covers the sky and the sun
Chapter 945: My grandson is back
Chapter 946 Fake! Fake!!
Chapter 947: Ghosts and Gods under the Sea
Chapter 948 The most terrifying disaster
Chapter 949 No weaknesses!
Chapter 950 This is your weakness
Chapter 951 Tired Monkey
Chapter 952: Do you not treat me as a human being?
Chapter 953 A Stone
Chapter 954: My grandson, Monkey King, the Monkey King, is back
Chapter 955: A slap in the face
Chapter 956 The boy Lin Fan is here
Chapter 957: High-level Shura God!
Chapter 958 An ax from thousands of planes
Chapter 959 Shura objects
Chapter 960: Monkey King, what did you say?
Chapter 961 She is still alive
Chapter 962 The Starry Night Replaced
Chapter 963 I have no weaknesses
Chapter 964: Go home first
Chapter 965 Go home!
Chapter 966 Im afraid you wont be able to laugh anymore
Chapter 967: Why dont you kneel down when you see an orphan?
Chapter 968 The dispute between ancient and modern times
Chapter 969 Bai Qis choice
Chapter 969: Harbinger of Contradiction
Chapter 970 We cant hold on anymore
Chapter 971: I will kill those thugs with my own hands
Chapter 972: Kill on the spot!
Chapter 973 Come and save me
Chapter 974 The Gods Leave
Chapter 975: Conquer that land
Chapter 976 Where are you?
Chapter 977: Are you coming or not?
Chapter 978 Gods surprise!
Chapter 979 Won
Chapter 980 What is he talking about?
Chapter 981: The First Emperor was a little confused
Chapter 982: You let me down so much.
Chapter 983 There is only one emperor in the world
Chapter 984: Has this become a fine tradition?
Chapter 985: Master of All Emperors
Chapter 986 It seems like an old friend has arrived
Chapter 987 The atmosphere is a little off track
Chapter 988 Dont worry, I will bring you back
Chapter 989 The Heartless Madman
Chapter 990 Shura Dao
Chapter 991 A solid drop of water
Chapter 992 Pollution!
Chapter 993 The deceased
Chapter 994 Im coming to find you!
Chapter 995 Fusion
Chapter 996 Transaction
Chapter 997: You really dont agree?
Chapter 998 Mr. Jin, say it again
Chapter 999 I am very willing
Chapter 1000 Lose? Impossible! Absolutely impossible!
Chapter 1001 Why is there an extra part?
Chapter 1002 Isnt it a bit forbidden?
Chapter 1003 My dear brother
Chapter 1004 Kill him quickly!
Chapter 1005 This is my ocean
Chapter 1006: God Killing
Chapter 1007 Subverting the Cornerstone of the God Realm
Chapter 1008: Killing Poseidon
Chapter 1009 Global sea level decline
Chapter 1010: A meeting of 100 million people
Chapter 1011 We have the truth
Chapter 1012 The First Emperor's Rebellion
Chapter 1013 The Great Qin Rises Again?
Chapter 1014 Waiting for Negotiations
Chapter 1015: Your Majesty, Great Qin is dead
Chapter 1016 The end is here
Chapter 1017: Your Majesty, Great Qin is really dead
Chapter 1018 Its over!
Chapter 1019: Too strong
Chapter 1020 Welcoming the First Emperor
Chapter 1021 The roar of 140,000 men
Chapter 1022 I am just a commoner
Chapter 1023: Common people in the world
Chapter 1024 Still want to conquer?
Chapter 1025 Great Qin Harvest Team
Chapter 1026 The Great Sage seeks revenge
Chapter 1027 Capturing Sun Wukong alive
Chapter 1028: Capture the monkey alive
Chapter 1029 If you dont pay, Ill call the police.
Chapter 1030 Its over, stop him quickly!
Chapter 1031 One Stick
Chapter 1032 Choose one from three million
Chapter 1033 You may have misunderstood the Monkey King
Chapter 1034 Buddha Flying in the Sky
Chapter 1035 Banana?
Chapter 1036 The capture plan begins
Chapter 1037 Its wine, I added wine
Chapter 1038 God help my demon clan!
Chapter 1039 You are a traitor to the demon clan
Chapter 1040 The Demonic Ape Appears
Chapter 1041 Kneel down!
Chapter 1042 Choice
Chapter 1043 When the time comes, you will be the Tathagata
Chapter 1044 Asking for advice
Chapter 1045 The way to liberation lies within
Chapter 1055: Brothers must also settle accounts clearly
Chapter 1056 Sentencing the Monkey King to 500 years in prison
Chapter 1057 Managing the Ancestors
Chapter 1058 Interrogation
Chapter 1059 Evidence
Chapter 1060 Unexpected Investigation Results
Chapter 1061 Three punches and the mountain explodes
Chapter 1073 A Different Journey to the West
Chapter 1074 Winter is coming
Chapter 1075 Mike is a little sad
Chapter 1076 Look, see clearly!
Chapter 1,077 How could he be a bad guy?
Chapter 1078 The strength of the Winter Temple
Chapter 1079: Only one battle determines life and death, survival
Chapter 1080 I will take the lead as a slave of God
Chapter 1081: Frozen for Thousands of Miles
Chapter 1082 Roaring Barrier, Underground Furnace
Chapter 1083 Northern Great Wall Plan
Chapter 1084 Determination of Three Major Plans
Chapter 1085 The dragon goes north
Chapter 1086: Waking up the sleeping beast
Chapter 1087: Getting violent
Chapter 1088 Destroy them!
Chapter 1089 I cant finish it, I cant finish it at all
Chapter 1090: Friends come from far away, and they never tire of food
Chapter 1091: Human Fire Magic
Chapter 1092 The next one is you
Chapter 1093: The people who queued for a long time were very happy
Chapter 1094 The Tragic Experience of the Ice-Cracked Bird
Chapter 1095 The wooden hammer of judgment has fallen
Chapter 1096 Can it still be like this?
Chapter 1097 Mr.
Chapter 1098 If you want to say this, I wont be sleepy anymore
Chapter 1099: The First Emperor shows off to his elder brother!
Chapter 1100: Exclaimed in the middle of the night
Chapter 1101 The invasion of God Realm officially begins
Chapter 1102 Ancestors in Disguise
Chapter 1103 Other temples invade the Ocean Temple!
Chapter 1104 Who sent you here?
Chapter 1105. Sent by the young master?
Chapter 1106 Father is very happy about this
Chapter 1107: Whatever you like, dont be polite
Chapter 1108 Equality and Prosperity in the God Realm
Chapter 1109 Leng Cuicheng
Chapter 1110: Have we become goods?
Chapter 111 And I know
Chapter 1112 Come, come again!
Chapter 1113 Dont blame the old slave for being cruel
Chapter 1114 Working for the Gods
Chapter 1115 Selling the Gods
Chapter 1116 Bull Demon King: I dont know if I can withstand it
Chapter 1117. What other monsters can be raised?
Chapter 1118 Testing Clothes
Chapter 1119 This is my home, who dares to stop me!
Chapter 1120 Uncle Zeus
Chapter 1121 Lets see who dares to laugh at me!
Chapter 1122 Winter Fury is very angry
Chapter 1123 Everyone Ive seen is dead
Chapter 1124: Exploring the Divine Treasure Tomorrow
Chapter 1125 The commander-in-chief sold me to the gods
Chapter 1126 One, Two, Three
Chapter 1127 Meng Tians Mission
Chapter 1,128 Is Daxia so hardcore now?
Chapter 1129 The secret awakens again
Chapter 1130 Leader, why did you surrender first?
Chapter 1131 Million Skeleton Army
Chapter 1132 Construction of the Roaring Barrier
Chapter 1133 Is it okay if I hide in your room?
Chapter 1134 Lin Fan is dying
Chapter 1135: Caught in bed?
Chapter 1136 Daughter-in-law comes to visit
Chapter 1137 Dinner with relatives
Chapter 1138 Second Aunts generous gift
Chapter 1139 This way I can eat it
Chapter 1140 Preparing to Enter the God Realm Again
Chapter 1141 These divine slaves are really excellent!
Chapter 1142 The auction begins
Chapter 1143 Harvesting Crops
Chapter 1,144 The white flowers rise and fall in the Temple of the God of Agriculture
Chapter 1145 Come on, hit hard, dont be polite
Chapter 1146 The most dangerous problem
Chapter 1147 Say it again!
Chapter 1148 The Disappeared Person
Chapter 1149: The Beast Control Temple captured two great slaves of the gods
Chapter 1150: This is not good, right?
Chapter 1151: Respect is worse than obeying orders
Chapter 1152 Are you satisfied now?
Chapter 1153 Please believe in my expertise
Chapter 1154 The Secret of the God of Medicine!
Chapter 1155 Its not certain who bullies whom.
Chapter 1156 The Bald God Begins Again
Chapter 1157 The future of the Temple of Power has been determined
Chapter 1158 Are all these good things being sold?
Chapter 1159 The scene of the gods recognizing each other
Chapter 1160 The auction ends
Chapter 1161 What if I killed my father?
Chapter 1162 Lord God, this monkey is very honest and obedient
Chapter 1163 Beauty, dont cry
Chapter 1164 The Great Sage Tamed the Gods
Chapter 1165 Taming the Lord God
Chapter 1,166 Dont worry, we can help you!
Chapter 1167 The Great Wishing Spirit
Chapter 1168 Zeuss Pendant
Chapter 1169 Reverse Impression
Chapter 1170 The battle between emperors
Chapter 1171 The True God Emperor
Chapter 1,172 The unification of all realms begins with the Temple of Winter!
Chapter 1,173 Asking North to hurt my son?
Chapter 1174 Prepare to explore the hidden treasure
Chapter 1175: The First Emperor rebelled?
Chapter 1,176 Selling Mom at 10% Off
Chapter 1177 Its understandable, right?
Chapter 1,178 Shen Zang, Weird Green Grass
Chapter 1,179 Why does it look like a game...
Chapter 1180 It seems that I misunderstood
Chapter 1181: Hold on!
Chapter 1182 Bu Yuan and the young master will accompany each other in life and death
Chapter 1183 We have a Shura god as a helper?
Chapter 1184 Im here to help you!
Chapter 1185 Did everyone have fun?
Chapter 1186 I am familiar with this
Chapter 1187 Lu Xiaobu has a clear conscience
Chapter 1188 Soul Reader
Chapter 1189 I happen to be hungry too
Chapter 1190 Harvest
Chapter 1191 Dont fight
Chapter 1192 Cross-examining Zhou Ni
Chapter 1193 Ill give you an explanation
Chapter 1194 Are you here to torture me?
Chapter 1195 Then I will become a high god for once
Chapter 1196 Where I am is your restricted area
Chapter 1197: Under the thunder, Shura stands tall
Chapter 1198 Its important to save the young man first
Chapter 1199 Strange life appears
Chapter 1,200 Rules [No Obstruction]!
Chapter 1201 Capturing the God Alive!
Chapter 1202 The Forbidden City of Demons
Chapter 1203 The Traitor
Chapter 1,204 The famous tough guy
Chapter 1,205 Brother, you smell too good
Chapter 1206: Only I, the Daxia Human Race, Draws His Sword!
Chapter 1207 Kill!
Chapter 1208 All the gods of Daxia are here!
Chapter 1209 I, Lu Bu, have killed countless people.
Chapter 1210 Demon God Lu Bu, Level 11!
Chapter 1211 Humanoid Roll Call Machine Lin Fan
Chapter 1212 Something more terrifying
Chapter 1213 Knife
Chapter 1214 Believe it or not, I will die for you to see
Chapter 1215 He is my master
Chapter 1216: Rebellion against Tiangang
Chapter 1217 Zeus appears
Chapter 1218 The door to hell
Chapter 1219. Is this the King of Hell?
Chapter 1220 Zeus arrives!
Chapter 1221 What are you yelling at?
Chapter 1223: Under the Shura sword, Zeus kneels down and worships
Chapter 1,224 Loki appears, the end of Shen Zang
Chapter 1226: Evil compatriots who are like villains
Chapter 1,226 The disappearing cotton wool
Chapter 1227 Is your name Izanagi?
Chapter 1228 The ancestors are all here
Chapter 1229 The main god of beast taming, Daji?
Chapter 1230 Do I have something to say?
Chapter 1231 Are you forcing me to have a baby?
Chapter 1232 The son travels thousands of miles and the mother is worried
Chapter 1234 Uncles Love
Chapter 1235 I, North, fight for Zeus!
Chapter 1236 Zeus has arrived!
Chapter 1237 Our family has a trump card!
Chapter 1238 Thunder strikes the snowy mountains
Chapter 1239 Why not escape?
Chapter 1240 Exposed
Chapter 1241 Thunder, come on
Chapter 1242 Chiones true strength
Chapter 1243 Young Master North, the overall situation is the most important thing
Chapter 1244 Dont be afraid, Dongde, Im here to help you!
Chapter 1245 Why dont you hide!
Chapter 1246 This damn feeling of dj vu
Chapter 1247 Winter RealmAbsolute Zero
Chapter 1248 You may have always had a misunderstanding about my strength.
Chapter 1249 The golden spear accompanied by destruction
Chapter 1250 Do you still think you can leave?
Chapter 1251 Its over, its completely over
Chapter 1252 Grandpa, please leave quickly
Chapter 1253 Roaring Barrier, Complete!
Chapter 1254 The floor heating is a bit too hot
Chapter 1255 How could the Lord God cooperate with God Shura?
Chapter 1256 Winter is coming!
Chapter 1257 The joys and sorrows of people are not the same
Chapter 1258 Youre sweating profusely, brother
Chapter 1259 Transplantation [Susanoh]
Chapter 1260 Lin Fan gives a gift to Xingye for the first time
Chapter 1261 How about an apology?
Chapter 1262 Winter is coming
Chapter 1263 Crush the winter!
Chapter 1264 The endurance of time
Chapter 1265 Ice and Snow are Ruthless
Chapter 1266 Preparing to develop the plane
Chapter 1277 The second time to raise fire
Chapter 1278 Eighty-nine degrees is slope
Chapter 1279 The Fall of Ice!
Chapter 1280 Forging a God
Chapter 1271 Exciting
Chapter 1272 Ming Taizu returns!
Chapter 1273 Capture Zhu Yuanzhang alive
Chapter 1274 Send Lao Zhu to the God Realm
Chapter 1275 God King, have you heard of the Sunshine Project?
Chapter 1276 Daming Investment Co., Ltd.
Plan 1,277
Chapter 1278 Refuse to aid the European side
Chapter 1279 Current Situation on the European Side
Chapter 1280 High God, Demon God Lu Bu!
Chapter 1281 Iron Fan wakes up?
Chapter 1283: Bow down to the exhausted Bull Demon King
Chapter 1284 Support Europe!
Chapter 1285 Santa Claus
Chapter 1286 Daxia support arrives!
Chapter 1287 Support Materials
Chapter 1288 Hannibal
Chapter 1289 Chef Hunter
Chapter 1290 Hunter’s Lodge
Chapter 1291 Open your heart
Chapter 1292 God is too weak
Chapter 1293 Hannibal’s food chain
Chapter 1294 Lin Fan’s Weakness
Chapter 1295 Daxia cannot be threatened!
Chapter 1296 Starry Night Steals Home
Chapter 1297 Eat me
Chapter 1298 The God of Food!
Chapter 1299 Zhao Gao wakes up
Chapter 1300 The surname is Zhao and the given name is Gao!
Chapter 1301 Zhao Gao’s contribution
Chapter 1302: Happy New Year on the first day of the first lunar month
Chapter 1303 Human Trial
Chapter 1304 Visiting Friends
Chapter 1305 I am responsible for all kinds of killings
Chapter 1306 Destruction!
Chapter 1307 If you offend me in Daxia, you will be punished no matter how far away you are!
Chapter 1308 Beating up the primitive people
Chapter 1309 Frost Giant, good at singing and dancing
Chapter 1310 Destruction and Rebirth
Chapter 1311 Return home in triumph
Chapter 1312 I am an undercover agent sent by Chione
Chapter 1313 Da Qi, Tian Ji
Chapter 1314 Okay, I’m Sun Bin
Chapter 1315 They are giving us firecrackers
Chapter 1316 Prepare for war!
Chapter 1317 Battle Arrangements
Chapter 1318 They are ready
Chapter 1319 I feel the turning of the gears of fate
Chapter 1320: Deceive and kill
Chapter 1321 Fire!
Chapter 1322 Doctor’s Romance
Chapter 1323 Middle God vs. Low God!
Chapter 1324 Capturing the Gods Alive!
Chapter 1325 Now, do you know?
Chapter 1326 Retreat!
Chapter 1327 The wrath of winter is in my chest
Chapter 1328 Mother, let me help you!
Chapter 1329 The Snow Beast Approaches
Chapter 1330 Snow Beast Battlefield
Chapter 1331 Rats!
Chapter 1332 The shady Shang Weitian
Chapter 1333 Slaughter of Winter Believers
Chapter 1334 I lied to you, but I didn’t actually run away
Chapter 1335 Dear Mom
Chapter 1336 The snow beast is coming!
Chapter 1337 The Greatest Will
Chapter 1338 The treasure house is opened
Chapter 1339 Mother, don’t worry
Chapter 1340 Mother, do you understand?
Chapter 1341 Awakening from the dream
Chapter 1342 How about you take a look first?
Chapter 1343 The God Slave rebelled
Chapter 1344 Becoming God, Supreme
Chapter 1345 He is yours
Chapter 1346 The blood is boiling!
Chapter 1347 Crazy Demon
Chapter 1348 You should kill me first
Chapter 1349 Ice Sculpture
Chapter 1350 Failed?
Chapter 1351 He is a human Shura
Chapter 1352 What, the announcement is too early
Chapter 1353 Is it over?
Chapter 1354 Despicable and cunning
Chapter 1355 Chione Popsicles
Chapter 1356 Chione and the Blood Demon
Chapter 1357: Capture the gods alive, the human race wins
Chapter 1358 A life for a life!
Chapter 1359 Mother and son recognize each other
Chapter 1360 Wang Hu sacrifices himself
Chapter 1361 Rescue the Lord God!
Chapter 1362 Lord God, this way you go!
Chapter 1363 He is showing off
Chapter 1364 He got nothing
Chapter 1365 Guan Yu lights a cigarette
Chapter 1366 The deal with Guan Yu
Chapter 1367 I watch the heroes in the world
Chapter 1368: Chase begins
Chapter 1369 Can man conquer nature?
Chapter 1370 The war is about to begin!
Chapter 1371 Then cut it off
Chapter 1372 Yang Jian found the soft persimmon
Chapter 1373 Little Lu Bu
Chapter 1374 Your Eyes
Chapter 1375 Where is Diao Chan!
Chapter 1376 I can see it!
Chapter 1377 Uncle Red Rabbit: This is my C
Chapter 1378 The devil digs out his eyes from the sky
Chapter 1379 Is Wang Hu’s contribution really that great?
Chapter 1380 Why is she dressed like this?
Chapter 1381 Then who are we?
Chapter 1382 Ants outside the shelter
Chapter 1383 Why do we have to wait until the end?
Chapter 1384 I, Lin Fan, am the biggest loser
Chapter 1385 Which temple to kill?
Chapter 1386 Winter bites back again
Chapter 1387 Cut off the divinity!
Chapter 1388 Chione, the main god of winter, announced his death
Chapter 1389 Winter of Great Summer
Chapter 1390 Lu Bu steals a horse
Chapter 1391 Funeral
Chapter 1392 Lin Fan, do it quickly!
Chapter 1393 Has he always been so brave?
Chapter 1394 Meeting before entering the God Realm
Chapter 1395 Return to God Realm
Chapter 1396 Meeting the God King
Chapter 1397 Angry at Zeus
Chapter 1398 Uncle is so complimentary
Chapter 1399 The First Emperor: I have a plan
Chapter 1400 Plan changes
Chapter 1401 Zhao Gao’s Thoughts
Chapter 1402 The auction begins again
Chapter 1403 You will be completely impressed by my delicious taste
Chapter 1404 Can I borrow your kitchen knife?
Chapter 1405 Hannibal’s Craftsmanship
Chapter 1406 Please taste it
Chapter 1407: Digging out the heart and lungs
Chapter 1408 New Elder 262
Chapter 1409 Then Guan is invincible
Chapter 1410 So terrifying!
Chapter 1411 I won’t go, I definitely won’t go!
Chapter 1412 Yang Jian: Ah...
Chapter 1413 The Four Former Gods of War Brothers
Chapter 1415 The way out of the underworld
Chapter 1416 The capable minister of rebellion
Chapter 1417 Uncle, everything is going according to plan now
Chapter 1418 Food Crisis in the God Realm
Chapter 1419 Southern Great Wall
Chapter 1420 What I want in Daxia is people!
Chapter 1421 Shang Weitian became a good man
Chapter 1422 Is this how you farm?
Chapter 1423 If it doesn’t show up, it will be smashed by him
Chapter 1424 The gods of Daxia show their magical powers
Chapter 1425 Preparing to Return to God Realm
Chapter 1426 Ingredients
Chapter 1427 God of Agriculture, what do you mean?
Chapter 1428 Ah? Died again?
Chapter 1429 I’m here to help you!
Chapter 1430 Gods Winning
Chapter 1431 Shura’s temptation
Chapter 1432 Burning the Vine Armor God
Chapter 1433 I’m waiting for an apology, what are you waiting for?
Chapter 1434 Just bury it on the spot
Chapter 1435 Are you still worried?
Chapter 1436 This long night is really boring
Chapter 1437 Lord God, I have a plan!
Chapter 1438 It’s broken, I’m lucky
Chapter 1439 Half one of our own
Chapter 1440 Selling Endless Farm
Chapter 1441 Lao Zhu appears
Chapter 1442 Field of Despair
Chapter 1443 Millions of humans rush into the divine realm
Chapter 1444 Let’s help them
Chapter 1445 Help?
Chapter 1446 Please, gentlemen, ascend to the gods!
Chapter 1447: Overcoming Despair
Chapter 1448 Returning with a Full Load
Chapter 1449 War begins!
Chapter 1448 Conquer!
Chapter 1449 Reverse Conquest
Chapter 1450 Can’t escape
Chapter 1451 Killing each other
Chapter 1452 I’m afraid your place is also tight on supplies.
Chapter 1453 Smiling Famine
Chapter 1454 The Battle of Beast Death
Chapter 1455 Prepare to explore the forest of mythical beasts
Chapter 1456 Fuck the brothers!
Chapter 1457 The Lawless Land
Chapter 1458 Stolen?
Chapter 1459 I lied
Chapter 1460 You don’t think I really can’t see you, do you?
Chapter 1461: Keeping Shura in Captivity
Chapter 1462 The Elf in the Forest
Chapter 1463 The Desperate Bull Demon King
Chapter 1464 Young Masters Gather!
Chapter 1465 Destined Fate
Chapter 1466 Don’t hurt my Brother North!
Chapter 1467 Complex Relationship
Chapter 1468 With Young Master North here, there will definitely be no accidents
Chapter 1469 So, you can’t go back
Chapter 1470 Defending the Majesty of the Human Emperor
Chapter 1471: More people beat less people
Chapter 1472 Come and help!
Chapter 1473 The Shadow of Farming Rules
Chapter 1474 Kneel facing each other
Chapter 1475 Have you caught a cold recently?
Chapter 1476 Awesome, really awesome
Chapter 1477 I have a mask
Chapter 1478 Loyalty
The 1479th clan threatens the wolf clan
Chapter 1481 Blood creates friendship
Chapter 1482 The Old Temple
Chapter 1483 Time and space chaos
Chapter 1484 Fingers
Chapter 1485 Good Luck
Chapter 1486: Juniors? Those who are killed are the juniors!
Chapter 1487 A moth flies into the flame
Chapter 1488 The giant tears the book apart
Chapter 1489 Bai Qi is truly a divine steed!
Chapter 1490 Bull Demon King, I don’t eat beef
Chapter 1491 Second Master: Hold on a little longer
Chapter 1492 Shura Forbidden Technique·I say you are the original God of Gaotian!
Chapter 1493 Personal Pain
Chapter 1494 Immortality!
Chapter 1495 Twelve Titans
Chapter 1496 Master
Chapter 1497 Help them be benevolent and righteous
Chapter 1498 I agree on behalf of the corpse
Chapter 1499 Let me endorse it for you
Chapter 1500 Divine Beasts and Titans
Chapter 1501 King of Hell
Chapter 1502 Demonic Witness
Chapter 1503 The battle between gods and titans
Chapter 1504 Does anyone here want to do business?
Chapter 1505 Devil’s Deal
Chapter 1506 Serious Injury
Chapter 1507 The Call of Heaven
Chapter 1508 The War with the God of Agriculture
Chapter 1509 The God of Locust Exorcism!
Chapter 1510 I saw the future
Chapter 1511 The Development of Group Actors
Chapter 1512 Cleaning up the mess
Chapter 1513 Dark Night
Chapter 1514 Supplies arrive
Chapter 1515 I ask you, are you willing?
Chapter 1516 War begins