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Don't contact LPL, we are really unfamiliar!

Don't contact LPL, we are really unfamiliar!

author:Mavericks Tyrant

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-21 07:01

Latest chapter:213. Chapter 212 Winning the Intercontinental Championship! The wind has stopped and the rain has cleared, you

'The entire LSPL has had match-fixing, and he is the only one who has not had any match-fixing?' 'Do you believe it? I don't believe it!' Faced with doubts from the entire network, RNG chose to give up clarification, give up players, and terminate the contract with Light for the sake of team reputation! Just when the [Dark System] was awakened, in anger, Light made harsh words, threatening RNG not to try to win the championship again in the future! But who knows, even if Light Fury takes first place in the Korean server, no team in the entire LPL is willing to accept him. Therefore, LPL no longer has Light. So, G2.Dark is officially launched! But when the G2 team successfully won the S7 World Championship trophy at the Bird's Nest and Dark player was elected as the FMVP of the finals, the LPL suddenly woke up and regretted it. But faced with the sky-high contract invitations from all LPL teams, Dark just responded with a sneer. 'It's better not to contact LPL, we are really unfamiliar!'

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《Don't contact LPL, we are really unfamiliar!》The latest nine chapters
213. Chapter 212 Winning the Intercontinental Championship! The wind has stopped and the rain has cleared, you
212. Chapter 211 I have said before that LPL has been suffering from RNG for a long time! (
211. Chapter 210 The official slapped you in the face with his own hands! I’m just asking you if RNG hurts.
210. Chapter 209 Captain Mingrui, substitute Jackeylove!
209. Chapter 208 Let us congratulate the Chinese national team! No doubt about it
208. Chapter 207 Three minutes of killing! Since RNG refuses to give in
207. Chapter 206 Uzi rewards himself with Yasuo? Laughing to death, you
206. Chapter 205 I can’t stand it anymore, the leader leaves early, then
205. Chapter 204 RNG gives in, but loses faster! Can’t beat
《Don't contact LPL, we are really unfamiliar!》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Everyone else is faking the match, but you are the only one who is not faking the match?
Chapter 2 Wolf Heart and Dog Lung RNG!
Chapter 3 As long as I'm here, RNG can't win the championship again!
Chapter 4: It’s okay not to wait for rubbish RNG!
Chapter 5 These anti-fans are really awesome!
Chapter 6 Buy early and enjoy early, buy late and you will get beaten!
Chapter 7 Looking for seconds, facing Xiao Ming and Xiang Guo
Chapter 8 This person must be Light!
Chapter 9 Three heads in three minutes, how can this be fun?!
Chapter 10 RNG? That’s it?
Chapter 11 The scene RNG least wants to see
Chapter 12: All members snipe [RNG garbage team]!
Chapter 13 New skills, mark of the weak!
Chapter 14 Don’t kill anyone, just Letme!
Chapter 15 Why is this anti-fan still trying to get points?!
Chapter 16: Number one in the national server! RNG’s pillar of shame!
Chapter 17 A gentleman’s revenge is never too late!
Chapter 18 The end of the pig-dog war?
Chapter 19 No matter how strong he is, he is still a fake player!
Chapter 20 Give me a starting spot and give you a championship!
Chapter 21 Lawyer’s letter warning?!
Chapter 22 Sue RNG!
Chapter 23 I knew RNG was disgusting, but I didn’t expect it to be so disgusting!
Chapter 24 Hot search! # RNG was let 1 chase 2 #!
Chapter 25: Don’t stop until you do the same thing, and carry out the slander to the end!
Chapter 26 G2 calls!
Chapter 27 Are you willing to come to Europe to play games? (Please collect and invest))
Chapter 28 LPL is waiting for death!
Chapter 29 The Three Heroes of Pingxiang!
Chapter 30 When you reach the top of the Korean server, it’s time to massacre RNG!
Chapter 31 The Strongest King! What does gwds mean?
Chapter 32: Rush! Exhaust! Kill! Absolutely!
Chapter 33 The court summons finally arrives!
Chapter 34 Zu!An!Zhan!God!
Chapter 35 RNG comes in to die, LPL waits for death!
Chapter 36 People and gods are angry! RNG get out of LPL!
Chapter 37 RNG apologizes! Never see LPL again!
Chapter 38 G2.Dark is officially connected!
Chapter 39 Those who go against RNG will not end well!
Chapter 40 Don’t do it, I still want to go to MSI to avenge LPL!
Chapter 41 How to say LPL garbage league in English? (Please collect and invest))
Chapter 42 Get rich! 7777777 dark value!
Chapter 43 RNG better pray not to enter MSI!
Chapter 44 Dark, the secret weapon of the finals!
Chapter 45 The LPL regular season ends, RNG ranks first in the league!
Chapter 46 Dark, you come to the decisive round!
Chapter 47 Come on FNC! Let’s beat G2 to pieces, beat the fake game brother!
Chapter 48 Six ban jungle!
Chapter 49 Who said I only know five unique heroes?
Chapter 50 Chinese Holy Monk, solo kill in the jungle!
Chapter 51: Die twice in one minute, can Broxah play?
Chapter 52 Dark!!!Save me!!!
Chapter 53 Forget it! How can FNC fight? (Asking for investment)
Chapter 54 Want to get off work early? Then I’ll make it happen!
Chapter 55 Fight to the death! Dangerous game!
Chapter 56 Pentakill! A last-ditch battle, the invincible Dark!
Chapter 57 Spring Split Champion! Win the trophy, Dark!
Chapter 58 Next goal, MSI championship!
Chapter 59 RNG, you guys are really useless and rubbish!
Chapter 60 MSI officially begins!
Chapter 61 Is G2 crazy? Let’s get through it in the opening game?!
Chapter 62 What a real job? SKT, do you know this formation! (Please follow up))
Chapter 63 Look, you are the only one in the LPL who has no skin!
Chapter 64! Is your name SKT?
Chapter 65 Lu what? Lu Xiye!
Chapter 66: LPL likes to open champagne at halftime, right?
Chapter 67 The battle of judgment and the battle of revenge!
Chapter 68 Dark, I!C!N!M!
Chapter 69 WE are anxious! You still want to judge me just for this
Chapter 70: Complete victory in the game, first in the group!
Chapter 71 I report the WE team for match-fixing with my real name!
Chapter 72 Why are they just capital and I am a human being?
Report the results
Chapter 73 If SKT dares to show off, then kill them together!
Chapter 74 Disagreements! There is also a split within the LPL
Chapter 75 I don’t need your LPL approval at all!
Chapter 76 LPL commentators are also RNG haters!
Chapter 77: Destroying WE is not the goal, but the mission!
Chapter 78 To be honest, yesterday was the finals!
Chapter 79 Big bet! Whoever loses the game will be disbanded
Chapter 80: It exploded in just a few minutes. It is worthy of being the champion team in the rubbish division!
Chapter 81 No matter what the dog, I beg you to hold back your words!
Chapter 82: 0! In addition to being tough, how can WE be tough?
Chapter 83 WE owe RNG an MSI championship!
Chapter 84 One against five! Kill two! Dark is the real god!
Chapter 85 Tell a joke, WE wants two to chase three
Chapter 86 Fast forward to 20 minutes to win the game!
Chapter 87 It’s hard to break through 1556. What to say!
Chapter 88 MSI, we are the champions!
Chapter 89 Thank you RNG! Thank you LPL!
Chapter 90 S7 Bird's Nest Finals, LPL is prohibited from entering!
Chapter 91 Liquidating WE!RNG is the hope of LPL!
Chapter 92 RNG, apologize to me quickly!
Chapter 93 What! The fake brother Sai has real fans!
Chapter 94 S7, here we come!
96. Chapter 95 What! The fake brother actually has real fans! (Please
97. Chapter 96 S7, here we come! (Please vote for me)
98. Chapter 97 E-sports is a national humiliation! LPL is shameless! (Please order
99. Chapter 98 Intercontinental Champion! Summer Champion! (Please order
100. Chapter 99 The S7 lottery ceremony officially begins! (Please vote for me)
101. Chapter 100 Eliminate an LPL team first in the group stage! (Please
102. Chapter 101 WE, do you choose Linglong Tower or 1555?
103. Chapter 102 Three consecutive losses on the first day? This is the home advantage of LPL
104. Chapter 103 When Dark is reviving, G2 will win! (
105. Chapter 104 This time, the LPL audience is really scared!
106. Chapter 105 WE garbage team! Are the LPL audience rebelling?(
107. Chapter 106 Linglong Tower! Break the Three Roads! Welcome to Wuhan
108. Chapter 107: Expulsion of nationality! Traitors do not deserve to come to China
109. Chapter 108: The economy of 10,000 was overturned? The LPL sucks!
110. Chapter 109 It seems that LPL is really going to have all 16 players in the top 16?!(
111. Chapter 110 Are you sick, SSG? In order to target Dark, you have to kill
112. Chapter 111 The massacre begins! Kill the crying ruler! (Please vote for me)
113. Chapter 112 Five kills! Super god! Fountain abuse! First in the group!
114. Chapter 113 Good news: G2 chooses skin before the game! Bad news
115. Chapter 114 RNG advances to the quarterfinals! EDG is eliminated in the group? (
116. Chapter 115 Dak is right, LPL is indeed a rubbish competition area
117. Chapter 116: Die twice in 4 minutes, brother-in-law who serves the country with loyalty?
118. Chapter 117 1555, speed pass WE! (please vote for me)
119. Chapter 118 VN jungler! This is the real skin game now
120. Chapter 119 Dark’s VN is the world’s number one VN! (
121. Chapter 120 4 packs of 2! Team destroyed! Go to the high ground in 9 minutes! WE battle
122. Chapter 121 Dark five kills! A group of ten people was wiped out! The vanguard made a contribution
123. Chapter 122 Can’t afford to lose! Hit someone if you can’t beat them? WE put LP
124. Chapter 123 Enemies meet! Dark and Uzi have an exciting moment at the draw
125. Chapter 124 Factory Director, retire! Stop harming LPL!
126. Chapter 125: EDG also deserves to be in the semi-finals? Beat the factory director today
127. Chapter 126 EDG makes me cry! (Please vote for me)
128. Chapter 127 I raise pigs in the factory director’s wild area! If you eat wild monsters, count me
129. Chapter 128 Some teams lost in 13 minutes and lost in 30 minutes
130. Chapter 129 Are you addicted to shaking hands? Mocking EDG on the spot?!
131. Chapter 130 Isn’t it right? You’ve already made it to the knockout round and you’re still beating up WE?
132. Chapter 131: Go to the high ground in 12 minutes, easily 2-0!
133. Chapter 132 The more you fight, the worse you get. EDG is really rubbish! (
134. Chapter 133 Give me the middle finger! Wipe your neck! Dark really doesn’t want to
135. Chapter 134 It’s finally my turn to be happy, Perkz! (Please give me the moon)
136. Chapter 135 With Dark in the bag, what happened to my whole job?
137. Chapter 136 EDG stopped at the top eight! Dark, you want to destroy Hua
138. Chapter 137 Ming Kai, don’t retire? Quarterfinals every year, no matter what
139. Chapter 138 I am not targeting EDG, I am talking about LPL.
140. Chapter 139 Report Dark? RNG shot itself in the face
141. Chapter 140 Semifinals! G2 vs RNG! Life and death showdown now
142. Chapter 141 RNG, do you remember that I am Leopard Girl’s unique skill brother?
143. Chapter 142 Mark of the weak! Don’t even think about RNG’s five people.
144. Chapter 143 Super God! Abuse the spring! Massacre RNG! (Please vote for me)
145. Chapter 144 Time and Space Rewind? Uzi was stunned! Can’t afford to lose
146. Chapter 145 Uzi doesn’t know Xia, Xiao Ming doesn’t know Luo! Then you R
147. Chapter 146 Believe in Uzi? Wait for Uzi’s three-piece suit? Oh, finally
148. Chapter 147 The puppy fell! RNG doesn’t deserve to win at all!
149. Chapter 148 Not only RNG is blocked! There is also LPL being blocked! More
150. Chapter 149 Three trump cards! Catch them at level 2! Damn it!
151. Chapter 150 LPL questions! Why did rubbish RNG force Da to leave?
152. Chapter 151 Violence is the way to end it! Kill Uzi with your own hands!
153. Chapter 152 RNG stops at the top four! I said, I will never let it go
154. Chapter 153 Are you crazy? Who wants to come to this garbage game of LPL?
155. Chapter 154 I report the RNG team with my real name for match-fixing! (Please
156. Chapter 155 Even if I beg on my knees and cry, I still have to be killed.
157. Chapter 156 The legend will never die! But it belongs to the era of LCK,
158. Chapter 157 The war song begins! I will definitely become a
159. Chapter 158 Prejudgment flashes! Geometric wine barrel! Take one blood in anger
160. Chapter 159 Born to win! Competition player Dark, aims
161. Chapter 160 Let’s win the cup, G2! S7, we are the champions! (
162. Chapter 161 LPL, do you regret seeing me win the championship?
163. Chapter 162 Forgive LPL? Dream on! A bunch of trash, all
164. Chapter 163 Refusing to apologize! RNG is still being stubborn! That’s it!
165. Chapter 164 Emperor Kang went to whore, Xiaohu had an abortion, garbage LPL,
166. Chapter 165 Caps joins! S8, making LPL completely desperate!
167. Chapter 166 Uzi wins the championship after six years! Uzi is the world’s No. 1
168. Chapter 167: Rubbish RNG, does it deserve to go to the Asian Games? (Please vote for me)
169. Chapter 168 MSI opens! Something that some people will never get in their lifetime
170. Chapter 169 Warning, warning! I’ll be beaten red in three minutes!
171. Chapter 170 Defeat RNG in 10 minutes! Let the whole world witness G
172. Chapter 171 Uzi, is this position of AD difficult? How can I follow
173. Chapter 172 WE was lucky last year, but this year RNG won’t be able to compete in the finals.
174. Chapter 173 RNG Clown Team! Still want to fight for 1, 2 and 3?
175. Chapter 174 3 heads in 5 seconds! Finally it’s my turn Ca
176. Chapter 175 Semi-finals, RNG just get out of here!
177. Chapter 176 RNG and its ilk will never die, and LPL will never reach nirvana.
178. Chapter 177 Champion of the Void? RNG dogs can’t change their ways of eating shit! Germany
179. Chapter 178 RNG, what are you pretending to be? One minute
180. Chapter 179 The stupid Emperor Rang, the sleepwalking Xiaohu, all on his mind
181. Chapter 180 Famous scene! Uzi eats three lanes alone, and fights against the group.
182. Chapter 181 Why does RNG let one chase three? It depends on Hong Wen to take a bath
183. Chapter 182: 50 dollars behind in 9 minutes, Uzi was beaten again
184. Chapter 183 2200, death hearse! 2 to 0, little tiger kiss
185. Chapter 184 RNG is so scared that they don’t even dare to shout for two to chase three.
186. Chapter 185 If you can’t beat them, you will be insulted and defeated.
187. Chapter 186 RNG I will give you a human head, do you dare to take it?
188. Chapter 187 3 to 0, zero seal for RNG again! Disband, you
189. Chapter 188 Thumbs down, weak RNG! (Please
190. Chapter 189: Everyone pushes against the wall? Where is this? RNG,
191. Chapter 190 RNG has never been the light of China! Resist South Korea?
192. Chapter 191 There are still masters! Why is everyone in G2 so happy?
193. Chapter 192 Dad! Give me five kills! Please! (Please
194. Chapter 193 MSI champion! Pentakill! G2 Dynasty! All of me
195. Chapter 194 LPL, you once regarded me as an ant, but today I
196.Chapter 195 G2 will not end well? There will be no good ending
197. Chapter 196 Asian Games Trials! Dark Team vs RNG Battle
198. Chapter 197 Give me four teammates to help me kill RNG and
199. Chapter 198 The five of us are qualified to represent China,
200. Chapter 199 The LPL mentality is broken! It was agreed that it would only be a training match,
201. Chapter 200 E-sports is youth food, so we must
202. Chapter 201 Since RNG doesn’t want to win, then you still come to participate
203. Chapter 202 Uzi in desperate situation? Asian Games trials, what a fart
204. Chapter 203 Asian Games selection is really unnecessary! Because Da
205. Chapter 204 RNG gives in, but loses faster! Can’t beat
206. Chapter 205 I can’t stand it anymore, the leader leaves early, then
207. Chapter 206 Uzi rewards himself with Yasuo? Laughing to death, you
208. Chapter 207 Three minutes of killing! Since RNG refuses to give in
209. Chapter 208 Let us congratulate the Chinese national team! No doubt about it
210. Chapter 209 Captain Mingrui, substitute Jackeylove!
211. Chapter 210 The official slapped you in the face with his own hands! I’m just asking you if RNG hurts.
212. Chapter 211 I have said before that LPL has been suffering from RNG for a long time! (
213. Chapter 212 Winning the Intercontinental Championship! The wind has stopped and the rain has cleared, you