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Zhou Tianxing Lord Era

Zhou Tianxing Lord Era


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Latest chapter:Chapter 1,185 Dragon Snake Star reunites with Peng Yue

The prehistoric universe, the vast sea of ​​stars. After countless years of development, the way of practice has already blossomed, and each has its peak. Human immortals refine their bodies, ghosts refine their souls, Qi refiners unite with evil spirits, immortals seek incense, and earth immortals nourish the land. Only Star Lord, refining natal stars, cultivating...

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《Zhou Tianxing Lord Era》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1,185 Dragon Snake Star reunites with Peng Yue
Chapter 1,184 Return to the Star Alliance and the transfer of family foundation
Chapter 1,183 Thirty-Six Colors of Stars Peng Yue advances to seventh-level star master
Chapter 1,182: The first creation of life stars from scratch
Chapter 1,181 Target ‘Nine Yang Galaxy’ Imitation of the Zhoutian Star Array
Chapter 1,180: Forty Years of Travel and the Beginning of Formation
Chapter 1,179: Harvest the ‘Nest of Elements’ and escape early
Chapter 1,178 The Experiment Failed and the Harvest of the Destruction of the Galaxy
Chapter 1,177 The Star Formation Suitable for You and the Difficult Experimental Road
《Zhou Tianxing Lord Era》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Star Lord
Chapter 2 Dragon Soul
Chapter 3 Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Evolution of Life
Chapter 4 Nine-Rank Body Refinement
Chapter 5 Investment
Chapter 6 Five Elements Building the Foundation
Chapter 7 First-Order Familiar
Chapter VIII Alien Objects
Chapter 9 Asking for a Monthly Pass for the Temple of Ten Thousand Demons
Chapter 10 Daoist Star Picker Asking for a Monthly Pass
Chapter 11 The First Family to Ask for Support
Chapter 12 Variation and Krypton Gold for Support
Chapter 13: The Family's First Show Seeking Support
Chapter 14 Gap and Pros and Cons for Support
Chapter 15 Victory for Support
Chapter 16 Harvest for Support
Chapter 17 Seeking Support at the Core
Chapter 18 Gather for Support
Chapter 19 Fighting for Support
Chapter 20: Change and Ask for Support
Chapter 21 Demonized Feathered Snake Man for Support
Chapter 22 First work for support
Chapter 23: The Emperor's Rewards for Support
Chapter 24 Hegemony for Support
Chapter 25 Family Asks for Support
Chapter 26 The limit of the stars asks for support
Chapter 27 Seeking Support in the Village Times
Chapter 28 A Model Begins to Ask for Support
Chapter 29 The teacher's family asks for support
Chapter 30 A Model's Purpose Seeks Support
Chapter 31 Fight for support!
Chapter 32 Teachers, principals, students seeking support
Chapter 33 Special Family and Ordinary Family Seek Support
Chapter 34 Whose family is this for support?
Chapter 35: Sacrifice for Support
Chapter 36 Full marks for support!
Chapter 37 Rewards for Support
Chapter 38 Trading for Support
Chapter 39 Epic for support
Chapter 40: Seeking Support in the Age of Talismans
Chapter 41 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival with 85,000 low-grade spirit stones!
Chapter 42 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival with Olive Branch!
Chapter forty-three
Chapter 44 Achievements for Support
Chapter 45 Two-mode assessment for support
Chapter 46: Void Monster Race for Support
Chapter 46: Void Monster Race for Support
Chapter 47: Win the first battle for support
Chapter 48: Undercurrent for support
Chapter 49 Be a meat shield for support!
Chapter 50 A small test for support!
Chapter 51 Ranking for support
Chapter 52: Demon Embryo Seeks Support
Chapter 53: The beast tide asks for support
Chapter 54: Test for Support
Chapter 55 Magic Tide for Support
Chapter 56 The battleship asks for support
Chapter 57: The tenth place asks for support
Chapter 58: Burning Blood for Support
Chapter 59 Parents Seek Support
Chapter 60: Spiritual stones are like flowing water, asking for support
Chapter 61 Division of Labor and Class for Support
Chapter 62 Market and Currency for Support
Chapter 63 Funding from the Municipal Education Bureau for Support
Chapter 64 Combat Skill Advancement Seeking Support
Chapter 65 Interstellar Voyage for Support
Chapter 66 The Star Lord Stars Who Failed to Join the Way Seek Support
Chapter 67: Awe and Seek Support
Chapter 68: Spiritual Beasts for Support
Chapter 69: The Indigenous Family Asks for Support
Chapter 70 Ruined City for Support
Chapter 71 Tsunami Seeking Support
Chapter 72 Resurrection of the Emperor for Support
Chapter 73 Black Lotus Seeks Support
Chapter 74: Bloodline Spirit Seeds Seeking Support
Chapter 75: Conjecture Verification for Support
Chapter 76 Lan Yingying asks for support
Chapter 77 The horn asks for support
Chapter 78 Not asking for support
Chapter 79 Star Alliance Ban for Support
Chapter 80 Penglai Academy Seeks Support
Chapter 81: Ask for Support
Chapter 82 The icing on the cake
Chapter 83 Three Models: Set a Small Goal Happy National Day!
Chapter 84 Happy National Day!
Chapter 85: Seeking support for the jump in the rankings
Chapter 86: The size of Ruyi's initial appearance, asking for support
Chapter 87: The Dark Horse's Pose For Support
Chapter 88 The battle of jade and stone is burning for support
Chapter 89 Additional Title: Invasion of Civilization
Chapter 90 Choice
Chapter 91: The strong eat the weak for support
Chapter 92: The Root of the Spiritual Vein Seeking Support
Chapter 93: Seeking Support from the Origin of Family Learning
Chapter 94: Gobble Up For Support
Chapter 95: Swordsmen and Soldiers Ask for Support
Chapter 96: The Outburst of Honest People Seeking Support
Chapter 97 Bloodline Magical Powers: Heavenly Snake Breathing for Support
Chapter 98 Totem Giants for Support
Chapter 99: Broken its wings and broken its body
Chapter 100 Eternal interests
Chapter 101: The Root of the Spiritual Vein is in Hand
Chapter 102 Breaking into the top ten
Chapter 103 The direct move of Penglai Academy
Chapter 104 The invitation to the door one after another
Chapter 105 Another option
Chapter 106 Subsidy from the city
Chapter 107: Full Sprint for the College Entrance Exam
Chapter 108 The education of the family is the fish in the romantic rain of the leader
Say it.
Chapter 109: Full of resources
Chapter 110 Funding from the Principal
Chapter 111 Little Sacred Heart Pill
Chapter 112 Target Star Palace
Chapter 113: Washing the marrow and changing blood is the fish in the romantic rain of the leader
Chapter 114 College Entrance Examination: The Stage of the Strong
Chapter 115 Breaking out of the Serpent Star
Chapter 116: Stepping on the Rainbow Bridge, Climbing the Nebula
Chapter 117: Assessment of the Penglai Star Region
Chapter 118: Go up the ladder, enter the Xinghai as the leader of the Fu Ruixin digital store
Chapter 119 Additional title: The wrong stars
Chapter 120 Star Doomsday
Chapter 121 Information
Chapter 122 The arrogance of the sky in the sky
Chapter 123 I want to be the protagonist, the leader of the alliance, Fu Ruixin Digital Store
Chapter 124: Peng Yue's Method
Chapter 125: The Covenant's Enemy
Chapter 126: The overbearing body
Chapter 127 Evil Spirit Holy Spirit
Chapter 128 War of Attrition
Chapter 129: Evil Spirit Dies, God Crystal Broken
Chapter 130 Entry Ticket to Kunlun Star Palace
Chapter 131 Million Rewards
Chapter 132 The benefits of Kunlun Star Palace
Chapter 133 Loans to go to school
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Fourth Familiar City Ten Exchanges
Chapter 135 The first astrology: the blow of a broken star
Chapter 136: Control the Dao Fruit, Penglai City
Chapter 137 Kunlun Star Palace Kunlun Mountains
Chapter 138: Instructor Chiyu's Second-Order Choice
Chapter 139 Second-Order Void Monster Race
Chapter 140: The Advancement of the Stars of Life
Chapter 141 Second-Order Family
Chapter 142 Challenge the power and the need for the second order
Chapter 143: The Choice of Blood Inheritance
Chapter 144 Eighth Grade Qi Refining
Chapter 145: Mysterious Yellow Body
Chapter 146 Longsheng Nine Sons
Chapter 147: Turning Back Money, The Age of Magical Instruments
Chapter 148: Magical Instruments, Spells, Combat Skills
Chapter 149 Party
Chapter 150 Bloodline Supernatural Power: Breathing Wind
Chapter 151: The Birth Dharma Tool
Chapter 152: Return to Yinghai Black Hole
Chapter 153: Dragon Son's Prestige
Chapter 154 Harvest
Chapter 155 Merit
Chapter 156: Hunting the Void Whale Demon Again
Chapter 157 The influence of Kunlun Star Palace
Chapter 158: Make Friends
Chapter 159 Third-Order Star Lord
Chapter 160: Void Tide
Chapter 161 Broken Star
Chapter 162 A Carnival
Chapter 163: The Instructor's Arrangement
Chapter 164: Cultivation of the first astrology
Chapter 165 The Power of the Emperor
Chapter 166 Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang Linglong Pagoda
Chapter 167 Invitation by Senior Qi Changge
Chapter 168 Homecoming
Chapter 169 Black Market
Chapter 170 Bloodline Magical Powers: Rejuvenation
Chapter 171 Bearing the Mountain and Calling the Rain
Chapter 172 Pantheon
Chapter 173 The Principal of the Snake Academy
Chapter 174 Aftermath
Chapter 175: The natal instrument that took thousands of years
Chapter 176: The Baptism of the Family
Chapter 177 Whale Hunting Squad
Chapter 178 Showing the edge
Chapter 179 Stalker
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty An Unacceptable Start
Chapter 181 I am too strong
Chapter 182 parting ways
Chapter 183 Battle of the Stalkers
Chapter 184 Integration
Chapter 185 The arrogance of the star palace
Chapter 186 The real wealth
Chapter 187 Internal Trading Group
Chapter 188: Swallowing the knife and bathing in blood
Chapter 189 Black Hole Active Period
Chapter 190 Harvest
Chapter 191 Cooperation
Chapter 192 The Palace in the Depths of the Stars
Chapter 193 Hate! Hate! Hate!
Chapter 194: Pathfinder
Chapter 195: Harvest Merit
Chapter 196 Surprise for parents
Chapter 197 Credits
Chapter 198 The new city
Chapter one hundred and ninety-ninth call friends
Chapter 200 Old Classmates
Chapter 201 The Clue of Spitting Flames
Chapter 202 Earth Immortal Blessed Land
Chapter 203 Reunion
Chapter 204 Chishan Star
Chapter 205: Broken City
Chapter 206 Massacre
Chapter 207 Third Level Spiritual Fire
Chapter 208: The position of the natal stars
Chapter 209 The magical power of ‘flame-breathing’ with unlimited potential
Chapter 210 Join forces again
Chapter 211 Spell Torrent
Chapter 212 Capture
Chapter 213 Burning Stars
Chapter 214 Chaos
Chapter 215 Demonic Shadow
Chapter 216 Casting Nine Heavens
Chapter 217 Bloodline Magical Power: Driving Thunder and Electricity
Chapter 218: Refining Evil
Chapter 219 Another development method for low-level star masters
Chapter 220 Two Duels
Chapter 221 Yu Henghai’s Gratitude
Chapter 222: Solution to Disaster and Ice Soul
Chapter 223 The City-State Era
Chapter 224 The Challenge of the Nine Sons Familia
Chapter 225 Frozen Stars
Chapter 226: Remains of Life
Chapter 227 Under the Abyss
Chapter 228 The information in the totem
Chapter 229 Penetrating the Spiritual Veins
Chapter 230 Ice and Fire
Chapter 231: You can pick the stars with your hands
Chapter 232: Black hole that explodes in advance
Chapter 233 The senior arrives
Chapter 234 Purge Operation
Chapter 235: Heavenly Ghost Escape Talisman
Chapter 236: Demonic dye
Chapter 237: The magical weapon of destiny shows its power
Chapter 238 Tier 7 Starship
Chapter 239: Deep in the Black Hole
Chapter 240: Flower of Star Spirit
Chapter 241 The Explosion of the Family Clan
Chapter 242 Black Hole Explosion
Chapter 243 Star Immortal Weapon
Chapter 244 ‘Yinghai City’ Defense Battle
Chapter 245: An Army of One Million
Chapter 246 The Flesh and Flesh Furnace Refining Real Gold
Chapter 247 The evil cultivator is in action
Chapter 248 Devouring the Demonic Way
Chapter 249 The Dark Demonic Fire
Chapter 250 God’s arrival
Chapter 251: Star Array
Chapter 252 The End
Chapter 253: Supernatural Power: Reversing Yin and Yang
Chapter 254: The development of dependent tribe religion
Chapter 255: The Era of the Imprisoned Ox Families
Chapter 256 The first major development
Chapter 257: Refining Gang
Chapter 258 The Emperor of Heaven’s Appreciation
Chapter 259 Transaction
Chapter 260: Challenge to Seize Power
Chapter 261 Losing control
Chapter 262 If I were king
Chapter 263 The changing situation
Chapter 264: The Resurrection of the Half-Dragon
Chapter 265 The combination of Qi and Dao
Chapter 266: Infinite Qi, Guardian of the Stars
Chapter 267 Upgrade Exam: Elemental Spirit Crystal
Chapter 268 Racing in Vientiane City
Chapter 269: Vientiane Star Palace’s Characteristic Fighting Techniques
Chapter 270 Reunion
Chapter 271: The Means of Elemental Spirits
Chapter 272 Elemental Spirit Crystal
Chapter 273: The methods of the star master of the Vientiane Star Palace
Chapter 274 The Destroyer of Civilization
Chapter 275 Nest of Elements
Chapter 276: Killing
Chapter 277 The Fire of the Furnace
Chapter 278 Stealing Fire
Chapter 279 The choice of the third level
Chapter 280 Camel Mountain Camel Demon
Chapter 281 Demon Pill Demon Soul
Chapter 282 Third Level Soul Condensation
Chapter 283: Assessment of the Jinding lineage
Chapter 284 Jiuding Builds Strength
Chapter 285: Seventh Grade Soul Refining
Chapter 286 Array Master
Chapter 287 The Era of Battle Formations
Chapter 288: Ten Directions Extermination Formation
Chapter 289: Out of Body
Chapter 290: Opening up the underworld
Chapter 291 Jin Dechi
Chapter 292 Senior Sister Bian Yujiao
Chapter 293 Conditions for joining the security department
Chapter 294 Golden Soul
Chapter 295: Completing the Second Star Technique
Chapter 296 Test
Chapter 297 Joining the Security Department
Chapter 298 Jin Xi
Chapter 299: The Reformation and Hell
Chapter 300 Yang Yun’s Team
Chapter 301 Mission
Chapter 302: Underground Black Fighter
Chapter 303 Duel of Life and Death
Chapter 304 Light and Darkness
Chapter 305: Practical Test
Chapter 306: Hatred of injustice
Chapter 307 The second ‘divine crystal’ fragment
Chapter 308 Jin Xi seizes Chi
Chapter 309 Military Reform
Chapter 310 Soul Cauldron
Chapter 311 Centralization of Power
Chapter 312 Gathering together a nation and coronating as emperor
Chapter 313: Night Tour, Yaquan Underworld
Chapter 314: Senior sister’s promotion and tasks
Chapter 315: Immortal Taoist Soldiers
Chapter 316: Ghost Soldiers Go to Battle
Chapter 317: The Realm of the Immortals
Chapter 318: Incense God Body
Chapter 319 Taking advantage of the formation to kill people
Chapter 320: The Gate of Hell
Chapter 321: Ghost Soldier Camp and Ways to Make Money
Chapter 322: Hacker Array Master
Chapter 323 Cleaning up the black market
Chapter 324: The Hacker’s Methods
Chapter 325 Invasion of the natal stars
Chapter 326: Pagoda Town River and Mountain
Chapter 327: Demon Refining and Harvest
Chapter 328: Dragon of Elements and Family World
Chapter 329: Underworld of Underworld
Chapter 330: The climber to the summit of Sword Mountain
Chapter 331 The Theory of Reincarnation
Chapter 332: Reincarnation of ‘Sinful Soul’
Chapter 333: The First Sword of the Revolution
Chapter 334: The Knife that Enters Hell
Chapter 335: Change of destiny
Chapter 336: The Yajuan clan rebels
Chapter 337 Split and Soul Aura
Chapter 338: Senior retreat and new tasks
Chapter 339 Riot
Chapter 340: The Gap between Star Masters
Chapter 341 Different ‘divine crystal’ fragments
Chapter 342: Supernatural Power: Heavenly Wolf Swallows the Moon
Chapter 343 Harvest
Chapter 344: Star Alliance Local Power
Chapter 345 Meeting the old person again
Chapter 346: Humans in Captivity
Chapter 347: Mountain God, God of the Underworld
Chapter 348: Kill the God and Seize the God Crystal
Chapter 349 Join forces again
Chapter 350 Harvest of ‘divine crystal’ fragments
Chapter 351 Sun God
Chapter 354: Borrowing the Power of the Star Map
Chapter 355 Sun God Crystal
Chapter 356: Creation of the Star Palace
Chapter 357: Lord of Hell on Sword Mountain
Chapter 358: Reincarnation of Green Soul
Chapter 359: Son of Destiny
Chapter 360: Cultivation in the Night Tour Realm
Chapter 361: The Fusion of Spirit, Qi and Spirit
Chapter 362 Pope Wood
Chapter 363: The Golden Emperor forced the palace
Chapter 364 The Beginning of Mu’s Journey
Chapter 365: The golden seal dims
Chapter 366: Vision and Refusal to Worship
Chapter 367: Conquering the Jiajuan clan
Chapter 368 Cold Spring Underworld
Chapter 369: Day Travel Realm
Chapter 370: Attack the Hegemony
Chapter 371: The Ability of Pope Wood
Chapter 372: Beheading to establish authority
Chapter 373: Huai Enjiao Picture
Chapter 374: The power of great supernatural powers
Chapter 375: Breaking the Chao Feng and accepting Chi’s kiss
Chapter 376: Golden Emperor Alliance
Chapter 377 Dragon Soul City
Chapter 378 Offense and Defense
Chapter 379 The Confrontation between Two Generations of Destiny
Chapter 380: Parting after a long period of time will inevitably lead to reunion
Chapter 381 The Fall of Dragon Soul City
Chapter 382: Entering the hell of glory and glory
Chapter 383 The Wood Emperor
Chapter 384 Reincarnation
Chapter 385: Hunting the Mang Ancient Star Territory Again
Chapter 386 Wind Dragon
Chapter 387: Calling the Wind and Rain
Chapter 388: The Creativity of the Familia
Chapter 389: Dharma, Heaven and Earth
Chapter 390: Supernatural Powers
Chapter 391 Victory
Chapter 392 Harvest
Chapter 393 Earning Spiritual Stones
Chapter 394 Void Blue Chapter
Chapter 395 Manggu Academy
Chapter 396 Cooperation
Chapter 397 Yinquan Underworld
Chapter 398 The Soul of the Hero
Chapter 399: Lord of Yaquan Underworld
Chapter 400 Long Live Birthday Banquet
Chapter 401 Wild Star
Chapter 402 Search
Chapter 403: Attacking and being attacked
Chapter 404: Fourth Grade and Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 405: The evil cultivator’s plan
Chapter 406 The Road to Earthly Immortality
Chapter 407 Everyone has his own means
Chapter 408: Fourth-level flying boat
Chapter 409 The troops are divided into two groups
Chapter 410: Detachment
Chapter 411 The final madness
Chapter 412 Blood Rain from Heaven
Chapter 413: Venerable Mangyuan’s Choice
Chapter 414: Advancement of Wild Star
Chapter 415 The undercurrent is surging
Chapter 416 Observing Reincarnation
Chapter 417: The Underworld of Youquan
Chapter 418: Conferred as God
Chapter 419: Principal of Kunlun Star Palace
Chapter 420: Ghosts and Gods of the Underworld
Chapter 421: All Saints Temple takes action
Chapter 422: Bringing the Power of the Star Map Again
Chapter 423: Evil forces join forces
Chapter 424 The second use of the power of the star map
Chapter 425: Extremely Strong Combat Power
Chapter 426 Complete Divine Crystal
Chapter 427 Competition
Chapter 428: Earth and God
Chapter 429: Pantheon of Taoist Weapons
Chapter 430 The return of the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 431: The Purpose of the Pantheon
Chapter 432 The Third Generation: Water Dynasty
Chapter 433: Going to the Underworld of Xiaquan
Chapter 434 The Soul of Pure Yang
Chapter 435 Five Years
Chapter 436: Casting Reincarnation
Chapter 437: Reducing Lifespan
Chapter 438: The Avenue of Reincarnation
Chapter 439 Going Home
Chapter 440: One person achieves enlightenment
Chapter 441 Nine levels of merit are added to the body
Chapter 442: Reincarnated Half-Dragon
Chapter 443 Revealing Vision
Chapter 444: Seizing Power and Suppressing
Chapter 445 The Prelude to Unification
Chapter 446 Chess Player
Chapter 447: The Power of Nine Levels of Merit
Chapter 448: One blow is stronger than one blow
Chapter 449 Depends on the message and the second purpose
Chapter 450 Tyrant
Chapter 451: Soul Out of Body
Chapter 452: Unifying the Underworld
Chapter 453: Mastering the Yin and Yang Realms
Chapter 454 The Temple in the Starry Sky
Chapter 455: Meteor Shower from Extraterrestrial Visitors
Chapter 456: Natural and Earthly Disasters, Ghosts and Evil Gods
Chapter 457: Twisting the Stars into Divine Domain
Chapter 458 The battle of life and death
Chapter 459 Harvest from Crisis
Chapter 460: The Power of Incense and the Four Symbols Evil Gods
Chapter 461 The Golden Body of the Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 462 Fourth level treasure
Chapter 463: The Danger of Star Destruction
Chapter 464: Equal emphasis on kindness and power, War in the Underworld
Chapter 465: Simulating the Conferment of Gods
Chapter 466 Loss and Gain
Chapter 467: Soul and Dao Unity
Chapter 468: Astrology ‘The Immortal Stars’
Chapter 469 Moonlight Rain Golden Elixir Seed
Chapter 470: Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 471 The choice of the fourth level
Chapter 472 The elusive Void Mirage
Chapter 473 Return to the Manggu Star Territory
Chapter 474: Fog Natural Disaster
Chapter 475: Joining the War
Chapter 476 The growth of the natal spiritual weapon
Chapter 477 Hunting
Chapter 478 Succeed
Chapter 479: Fourth-Level Star Master Condensing Gold Pill
Chapter 480 Fourth Level Inheritance
Chapter 481 Dragon Soul Transformation ‘Wanxiang Mountain’ Flying Boat
Chapter 482 The First Battle of the Flying Boat
Chapter 483: Hunting mirages again
Chapter 484: Party and Plans
Chapter 485 Chaos Void Star Magic Eyes
Chapter 486 A little test of one’s skills
Chapter 487 Seeing Temple Fragments Again
Chapter 488 The Fifth Level Evil God
Chapter 489 World Tree and Timing
Chapter 490: The Millstone of Heaven and Earth, Chishan Star Asks for Help
Chapter 491 Chishan God Lord
Chapter 492 The Confrontation between Divine Order and Divine Crystal
Chapter 493: Entering Chishan Star, the Twisted Evil God
Chapter 494: Seize step by step
Chapter 495: Exploring the Spiritual Veins of the Stars
Chapter 496: Star Reacher
Chapter 497: Harvest and Nailing Spiritual Veins
Chapter 498 Full Outbreak
Chapter 499 The birth of the temple
Chapter 500 The star body collapses and the star map is fully opened
Chapter 501: Soul Descends, Thunder Emperor’s Clone
Chapter 502: The Abandoned God Lord of Chishan, Holding the Power of the Spirit
Chapter 503: ‘The Temples’ Arrive and the Star Lord Retreats
Chapter 504: Star Map Confronts the Pantheon of Gods: The Disaster of Chiyu
Chapter 505: Sacrifice and Refining the God List
Chapter 506: Seventh-grade white edict ghost official
Chapter 507: Sixth Grade Chi Impermanence
Chapter 508 The arrival of Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 509: The Fall of the High Evil God
Chapter 510 Manggu Academy Starlight Giant Ax
Chapter 511 The End
Chapter 512: Trophies
Chapter 513: The rabbit dies and the fox grieves, cleaning up the battlefield
Chapter 514 Encounter
Chapter 515 The last mission: Peng Yue advances
Chapter 516: Military Service in the Starry Sky in Outer Lands
Chapter 517: Expansion Army: Iron Wall Star
Chapter 518: Personal connections
Chapter 519 The direction of home
Chapter 520 Military Training
Chapter 521: Difficult Team Formation
Chapter 522: Immortal Taoism
Chapter 523 The third member
Chapter 524 The team is formed
Chapter 525 Dark Void First Action
Chapter 526: Bait Formation
Chapter 527: Each shows his own methods
Chapter 528 Peng Yue’s goal
Chapter 529: Double Star Galaxy
Chapter 530: Drawing Star Maps and Cleaning Up the Galaxy
Chapter 531: Seventh Level Mirage, Star of Life
Chapter 532: The Immortal’s Combat Power Discovers the Target
Chapter 533: Killing the seventh level mirage
Chapter 534: Misty Stars
Chapter 535 Altar of the Sun
Chapter 536: The End and the Savior
Chapter 537: The Name of the Star Lord, the Ground of Foundation
Chapter 538: Eggs in the Star Spiritual Veins
Chapter 539 Mist is also a resource
Chapter 540: Indigenous Heritage Division of Labor Action
Chapter 541: Cleaning up the Stars, Fallen Aborigines
Chapter 542: Cannon Fodder of the Familia, Immortal Killing
Chapter 543: Continuous Recoveries
Chapter 544 Dangerous Ocean
Chapter 545 Three Heads and Six Arms The Last ‘Altar of the Sun’
Chapter 546: Seventh-Level Mist Monster in Danger of Destruction
Chapter 547: Changes in the sea and stars downgraded
Chapter 548: Repairing the ‘Altar of the Sun’
Chapter 549: Purifying the ‘Star Spiritual Vein’
Chapter 550: Yuyang Star: Time of Harvest
Chapter 551: Collapse of the Underworld and the Origin of Demonic Ways
Chapter 552: The Power of ‘The List of Gods’
Chapter 553 The goals of the three immortals
Chapter 554 Reminder
Chapter 555 Five Spirits, Ghosts and Immortals Enter the Underworld
Chapter 556: Sweeping the Underworld and the Reincarnation of Demon Ran
Chapter 557: The Indulgence of the Five Spirits and the Plunder of the ‘Fengshen List’
Chapter 558: Saving Ghost Official Wu Shanshan
Chapter 559: The Power of Immortal Taoism
Chapter 560 New attempt
Chapter 561: Star Spiritual Veins Increased by 0.1%
Chapter 562 Chu Yue’s Suggestion
Chapter 563 The Void Demon Group Attacks
Chapter 564 Star Map Formation
Chapter 565: The ‘Altar of the Sun’ on the Flying Boat
Chapter 566: Starship Transformation and Asking for Help from the Star Alliance
Chapter 567 Cross-Border Support The Power of the Seventh-Level Star Master
Chapter 568: Public sacrifice to the family members of those who died in battle, and the imperial edict to the heroes who performed meritorious services.
Chapter 569 One hundred thousand meritorious deeds and one million middle-grade spiritual stones
Chapter 570 The First Adventure Ends
Chapter 571: The void serves as the formation disk, the stars serve as the formation base, and the real star map formation
Chapter 572: Star Map Sub-Array: The Star Alliance’s Development Path
Chapter 573: Returning to the Star Alliance, a team with an uncertain future
Chapter 574: The Tie of the Heart, Two or Three Things in the Star Palace
Chapter 575: Shan Delou and Herborist Group
Chapter 576 Transaction
Chapter 577 New Investment Agreement
Chapter 578 Traveling with the United States and returning home from the trip
Chapter 579: Muhuang Planet, Demon Meteor Ruins, Biluo Sea
Chapter 580 Arriving home and signing the agreement
Chapter 581: Parents’ Worries
Chapter 582 The Taste of Home
Chapter 583 The Second Star Master Monk Wang Ziqiu
Chapter 584 Liang Ji’s support
Chapter 585: Buying a Starship
Chapter 586: Grandma Peng Yue: The role of Star Palace inheritance
Chapter 587: Two or three things about repairing Snake City
Chapter 588: The Weapon of Ghosts and Gods ‘Impermanent Lock’
Chapter 589 The new ‘Messenger of the Emperor of Heaven’
Chapter 590: Another year of college entrance examination season
Chapter 591: Invitation from Taiyi Star Palace, Tian Serpent Academy
Chapter 592 She Yuanjie and the Tian Snake Research Institute
Chapter 593: Transactions at Tian Serpent Academy
Chapter 594 The inheritance of the Heavenly Snake Saint
Chapter 595 Accepting the inheritance and starting again
Chapter 596 Lu Yuetong Xia Wujiu
Chapter 597 Starship Transformation Team Members Gather
Chapter 598: Limitations of the ‘Altar of the Sun’ Sky Snake Starship Heritage
Chapter 599: Starship Named: Dragon Snake
Chapter 600 The Second Adventure Destroying the Stars
Chapter 601: Breath of the Sky Serpent, the Dragon Snake starship shows its power for the first time
Chapter 602 Breath of Elements Familia Cross-Level Combat Power
Chapter 603: The Void Monster Clan’s Counterattack
Chapter 604 Pulao Poison Emperor The Power of the Gods List
Chapter 605: Victory, self-destruction, capture
Chapter 606 Star Core
Chapter 607 Escape
Chapter 608 Team Meeting
Chapter 609 Starlight Forest Distress Signal
Chapter 610 Firefly Sparks Fallen Starship
Chapter 611: Discover the goal from the heart
Chapter 612: The normal process of exploration
Chapter 613: The situation of the second life star is different
Chapter 614: Capturing the Aboriginal Taoist Relics
Chapter 615: The Fall of the Immortal
Chapter 616: Wooden Meteor: Alienated Native Spiritual Plant
Chapter 617: The method of spiritual planting of the origin of stars
Chapter 618 Battle Oracle
Chapter 619: Invasion Mode: Capture the Star Spirit Veins
Chapter 620: Arrangement, Looting, Harvest
Chapter 621: Formation and Suppression
Chapter 622: Transforming the Origin Spirit Plant and the Star Alliance Team Arrives
Chapter 623: The Third Expansion Corps and the Second Star Port Team
Chapter 624: The battle of high-level star masters
Chapter 625: Natal Star Projection
Chapter 626: The original spiritual plant was successfully cultivated
Chapter 627 Victory: The Disappeared ‘Starlight Forest’
Chapter 628 Visiting the ‘Star Port’
Chapter 629: Replenishing the Galaxy with a Supporting Hand
Chapter 630 Liang Ji’s second application
Chapter 631: Setting up the ‘Star Map Array’
Chapter 632 Chu Yue’s excitement
Chapter 633: The first foreign stronghold is built
Chapter 634 Lu Yuetong’s Demonstration and Reaching an Agreement
Chapter 635 News about the ‘Star Port Team’ Fengze Star Demon Hunting
Chapter 636 Invitation
Chapter 637: Specialties of Fengze Star
Chapter 638 One of the threats to foreign strongholds: Aboriginal rebellion
Chapter 639: Threat to Outland Strongholds Part Two: The Battle of Super Civilizations
Chapter 640: The Combat Power of Elemental Spirits
Chapter 641: Nest of Elements
Chapter 642: Return to ‘Wood Meteor’
Chapter 645: Directional Demon Lure Formation
Chapter 646: Walking Alone
Chapter 647: The fish takes the bait in the strange sea of stars
Chapter 648: Ghosts and Gods Bless Your Own Path
Chapter 649: Consumption of Dao Fruit
Chapter 650: The Star of Life Discovered Alone
Chapter 651: Stars in Promotion
Chapter 652: Ghosts and Gods ‘Descend’
Chapter 653 Dragon Emperor Sect
Chapter 654: The First Battle with the Aboriginals: The Power of Ghosts and Gods
Chapter 655: Invasion of the Underworld: Different Choices
Chapter 656: Reincarnation Pool
Chapter 657: The projection of the dragon soul’s young shadow ‘Apotheosis of the Gods’
Chapter 658: Treasure Nether Lotus Escapes to the Origin
Chapter 659: Origin Deficit and the Backlash of the Origin Star
Chapter 660: Levels of Star Origin, Devouring the Origin
Chapter 661: The Scorpion Kingdom attacks and fights the indigenous people again
Chapter 662 Confrontation of Laws and Crush of Civilization
Chapter 663 The Beginning of Expansion
Chapter 664: Announcement to the entire stars
Chapter 665: Starship Strike
Chapter 666: Seventh-level Aboriginals
Chapter 667: Three Holy Stars Recruitment of the Star Alliance
Chapter 668: High-level battle resumes. Agree to join
Chapter 669: Illusion becomes reality, the methods of the seventh-order void mirage
Chapter 670: Using the ‘Bang of Conferred Gods’ instead and the seventh-level mirage monster escapes
Chapter 671: Gathering the Demonic Pills
Chapter 672: True body enters the stars
Chapter 673: Capture the Three Holy Stars
Chapter 674: The Expansion of the Dragon Emperor Sect
Chapter 675: The Deal of Helping Each Other and Searching for Treasures in the Underworld
Chapter 676: Building the ‘Reincarnation Pool’ to Punish Evil and Promote Good
Chapter 677: Ten Years of Enlightenment: Sentence of Senior Sister Bian Yujiao
Chapter 678: Graduation Assessment of Kunlun Star Palace
Chapter 679: Forward Position Void Sea
Chapter 680: Waiting in the Dark, Preparation for Battle
Chapter 681: Encountering the Enemy, the Cunning Battlefield
Chapter 682: The Rules of Combat in the Void Sea
Chapter 683: Senior Sister Bian’s ‘List of Gods’
Chapter 684: The Power of ‘The List of Conferred Gods’ and ‘The Ability of Money’ Liu Xu
Chapter 685: The treasure of destiny crosses the rank and kills the god
Chapter 686: Fifth-Level Star Technique, Virtual Stars
Chapter 687 Victory and Retreat
Chapter 688: The Breeding of Void Monsters and Chaos Evil Creatures
Chapter 689: News about the Treasure and the Possibility of War
Chapter 690: Crystal of Creation Joins the Legion War
Chapter 694: Harvest
Chapter 695: Severely Injured
Chapter 698: Reunion Team
Chapter 699: Join forces, Liu Xu’s trump card
Chapter 700 Victory
Chapter 701: Killing the Sixth-Level God
Chapter 702: Senior Sister Bian completes the assessment
Chapter 703 The end of the war
Chapter 704 News of the Pioneering War
Chapter 705 Choice
Chapter 706 Return to the Star Alliance
Chapter 707 Family Help
Chapter 708: War Preparation, Fourth Level Completion
Chapter 709: Star Spirit Yuan Fei: The Beginning of Transcendence
Chapter 710 Dragon Soul and Star Spirit
Chapter 711 The hope of transcending the next level
Chapter 712 Fifth Level Selection
Chapter 713 Rewards and Hunting
Chapter 714 A lossless battle
Chapter 715: Ways to Accelerate the Stars
Chapter 716: Fifth-level Star Master
Chapter 717 Fifth Grade Nascent Soul
Chapter 718: Half-Step Soul Cultivating Stars
Chapter 719: Fifth-level Familia’s Great Divine Power
Chapter 720: Fifth Level Inheritance
Chapter 721 The ‘Dragon Snake’ team reunites
Chapter 722 Communication The Third Adventure
Chapter 723: List of Gods·Earth Version
Chapter 724: Fifth-grade Green Judge Ghosts and Gods
Chapter 725: Fiefdom only
Chapter 726: Earth Goes to War
Chapter 727: Divine Powers and Power
Chapter 728: Behemoth Stars
Chapter 729: The power of crushing
Chapter 730 A normal adventure
Chapter 731: The Treatment of ‘Behemoth Star’
Chapter 732 The Fall of a Star
Chapter 733 Opportunity
Chapter 734 Star Trading
Chapter 735: Familia Spaceship
Chapter 736: Elemental Disintegration: The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Saint’s Inheritance
Chapter 737 Peng Yue’s Strength The True Fire of the Sun
Chapter 738 Seventh Level Treasure
Chapter 739 Chaos Vortex Seventh-Level Void Monster Tribe
Chapter 740: Killing the Seventh-Level Void Monster Tribe
Chapter 741: High-Level Demonic Material Dao Transformed into the Void
Chapter 742: The Stars of Life in the Fall of Stars
Chapter 743: Taboo Arrangements on the Starship
Chapter 744: Extracting Star Spiritual Veins
Chapter 745: The temptation of star spiritual veins
Chapter 746: The first test of dragon-human star spirit methods
Chapter 747: The Magical Treasure of Life: The Advancement of Xuanhuang Pagoda
Chapter 748: Cannon Fodder of the Familia, the Power of Taboo Destruction
Chapter 749: Taboo Escape, Smooth Escape
Chapter 750: Refining the ‘Starfall’ Galaxy
Chapter 751: The Treasure ‘Star Map’
Chapter 752 ‘Dragon Snake’ Returns
Chapter 753: Essence of Spiritual Veins, Nourished by Light and Rain
Chapter 754: Rewarding the Heroic Spirits of the Familia
Chapter 755: Improving the Magical Weapon of Life
Chapter 756: Regulating the Star Spiritual Veins, Battlefield Request for Help Signal
Chapter 757: Star of Life, Nest of Elements
Chapter 758 Sea of Elements
Chapter 759 Rescue
Chapter 760: Cutting through the Waves
Chapter 761: Suppressing the 'Nest of Elements'
Chapter 762: Entering the nest
Chapter 763: Capture
Chapter 764: Life-saving Grace
Chapter 765: The sea of stars where the weak eat the strong
Chapter 766 Elemental Spirit Crystal
Chapter 767: Enslaving the Elemental Spirits
Chapter 768 ‘Tu Yuan Star’ Underworld
Chapter 769: Half spiritual crystal and half divine crystal
Chapter 770: The Road to Fusion of Power
Chapter 771: Harvest and Sweep
Chapter 772 Stars Worth Observing
Chapter 773: Changed my mind
Chapter 774: Management and Development Rights
Chapter 775: Capture the ‘Tu Yuan Star’ and adjust the stars to set up the formation
Chapter 776: The Restrictions of the Ascetic Monk Wu Shanshan Stays Behind
Chapter 777 An attempt
Chapter 778: The Choice of the Immortal Tradition and Return to the Star Alliance
Chapter 779 Eight Spiritual Stars
Chapter 780: Manage connections, win over and care for each other
Chapter 781 War Atmosphere Restless Star Alliance
Chapter 782: Edicting Relatives and Friends
Chapter 783: Top-grade natal magic weapon Goodbye Wang Ziqiu
Chapter 784 Wang Ziqiu’s choice
Chapter 785: The Team of Tian Snake Academy
Chapter 786 The Second Upgrade of the ‘Dragon Snake’ Starship
Chapter 787: Grandma Peng Yue’s new six-person group
Chapter 788 Assembly place: Tianxingyuan
Chapter 789: The Name of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 790 Internal Mission
Chapter 791: Sky Demon City
Chapter 792: The Power of the Sky Demon
Chapter 793: Void Worm Peng Yue’s Elemental Sea
Chapter 794: The combat power of Peng Yue’s family members
Chapter 795: Heading towards the stars
Chapter 796: Collecting the power of the demon
Chapter 797: The Limits of the ‘Dragon Snake’ Starship
Chapter 798 Qingyang Puzhao Research Experiment
Chapter 799: Departing for the ‘Double Purple Galaxy’
Chapter 800: The Creation of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 801: Crushing the swarm of insects, fate is out of control
Chapter 802: The Power of Purple Sun, Creation and Destruction
Chapter 803 The demonic tide is coming and the mercenary battle
Chapter 804: Void Colored Bird
Chapter 805: Capturing the Seventh-Level Void Monster Tribe
Chapter 806 The deal with ‘Taiyi Star Palace’
Chapter 807: Team Distribution Seventh-Level Void Golden Eagle
Chapter 808: Unbreakable Golden Body
Chapter 809 Liang Ji’s use of the ‘Nest of Elements’
Chapter 810 The treasure of the seventh-level demon clan
Chapter 811 Dao Hua loses control and Ziyang falls
Chapter 812: The Research Value of Mutated Familia
Chapter 813 Mutated Star Spiritual Vein A Familiar Scene
Chapter 814 Mission Settlement Sea Serpent Galaxy
Chapter 815 Goodbye She Yuanjie Guardian Mission
Chapter 816 The Tide of Heavenly Demon’s Power Sea Snake Star
Chapter 817: Uprooting land to form islands, moving mountains to fill seas
Chapter 818: The Black Hole Explosion in the Sky Demon Star Territory
Chapter 819 She Yuanjie’s plan
Chapter 820 Breaking the shackles of the ‘Sky Snake’
Chapter 821: Projection of natal stars, confrontation of stars
Chapter 822: Some people want to enter the Burning Dao Fruit
Chapter 823: The Effect of the Seventh-Level Demonic Beast and the Will of the Stars
Chapter 824: Each shows his own methods
Chapter 825: First Battle at Level 7
Chapter 826 The Return of the Gods and the Flesh Sea Serpent
Chapter 827: The Disappearing Sea Serpent at the Time of Desperation
Chapter 828: The Power of Saints and the Power of Heavenly Demons
Chapter 829: Projection Observation: Dramatic Changes in Sea Serpent Star
Chapter 830: Degradation and Upgrade of Sea Snake Star
Chapter 831 A small confrontation between the methods of the saint and the power of the demon
Chapter 832: A Deal: The Creation of the Universe and the Creation of the Sky Demon
Chapter 833: Gathering the Golden Eagle Demon Pill. Bad news
Chapter 834: News from relatives and friends on the front line
Chapter 835: News of the Death of the High-Level Star Master and the Influence of the Tide of the Power of the Sky Demon
Chapter 836 Dragon and Snake Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 837 Undercurrents within the Star Alliance
Chapter 838 Transaction
Chapter 839: The spiritual seed containing the power of the heavenly demon. A rumor
Chapter 840: The positive effect of ‘Tide of Heavenly Demon’s Power’
Chapter 841: The Difficult to Detect Star Field and the Stars in which Creation Failed
Chapter 842 The Opportunity of the Stars of Life
Chapter 843 Joining forces with ‘Sky Serpent Academy’
Chapter 844: Heavenly Snake and Dragon Snake, Three High-level Void Pterosaurs
Chapter 845: Different Developments of ‘Sky Snake Breath’
Chapter 846: The method used by the Sky Demon to create the Star Territory and the tactical arrangement of distributing spoils.
Chapter 847 Fighting with Senior Masters
Chapter 848: The Super Civilization of the Void Monster Tribe
Chapter 849 Suppressing the Seventh-Level Void Pterosaur
Chapter 850: Victory: A good swimmer drowns in the water
Chapter 851: Receiving the spoils of war and understanding the new stars of life
Chapter 852: Participate in Nature, Shape the Stars, A Really Great Opportunity
Chapter 853: From death to life, from scratch, the benefits of nurturing the stars of life
Chapter 854 Qingyang Yunling Spiritual Veins Innate Qi
Chapter 855 Three years of growth
Chapter 856: The Sky Serpent in the Void Swallows Stars and the Cultivation of High-Level Star Masters
Chapter 857: The Trade Route of ‘Tian Serpent Academy’ Honorary Alumni
Chapter 858: Frontline ‘Star Network’
Chapter 859: Savage Treasures and the Expansion of the Dragon and Snake Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 860 Taiyi Star Palace ‘Bloodline Catalog’ Wang Ziqiu’s Farewell
Chapter 861: The wish comes true and the blue sun shines
Chapter 862: Spiritual Root Cultivation Test and Familia Mutation Test
Chapter 863: The idea of merging the inheritance of the star palace and the eggs of the mutated family members
Chapter 864 Zichen Galaxy Cao Chanyue
Chapter 865: The strange bloodline clan’s attempt to swallow the power of the sky demon.
Chapter 866: Hatched Mutated Eggs, Beast Form Familia
Chapter 867: The reward for being anointed as a god: The demon who controls the island
Chapter 868: The Power of the ‘Bloodline Catalog’ The Basic Course of Taiyi Star Palace
Chapter 869: Transformation of the Secret Realm of the Training Ground and the Road to the Postgraduate Entrance Examination
Chapter 870 Eighth-level Star Lord Cao Chanyue’s answers to questions
Chapter 871 Experimental Discovery New Target
Chapter 872: Purple and Green Combined, Golden Sun Galaxy
Chapter 873: The Power of the Golden Sun, the Power of Spirituality
Chapter 874: Nourishing the mind and nourishing the soul, the war resumes
Chapter 875: Baiyang Galaxy: The Failed Beast Form Familia
Chapter 876: Improvement of ‘Elemental Spiritual Vein’
Chapter 877 Old classmates help the eighth-level Void Monster Clan
Chapter 878: The Treasure of the ‘Star Map’ Lingbao Star Palace Inheritance
Chapter 879 Green Sun Galaxy Blocked Information
Chapter 880 Accelerating the Evolution of Spiritual Seeds The Superiority of Taihao Star Palace
Chapter 881 The repairman of the ‘Zhoutian Star Array’ History of the Origin of the Star Alliance
Chapter 882 The Creation of the Dragon Star Spirit Palm
Chapter 883 Orange Sun Galaxy A once and for all solution
Chapter 884 Artificial Stars News from Liu Xu
Chapter 885: Sky Demon's Experiment on Creating Stars
Chapter 886: Return to the ‘Qingyang Galaxy’ and the Assessment of the Experimental Team
Chapter 887: The Power of the Black Sun, Destruction and Creation Coexist
Chapter 888 Eight-Colored Cloud A Failed Attempt
Chapter 889: Passed the Assessment
Chapter 890 Experimental World Xueyang
Chapter 891: Creating Creation with the Aggregate of Destruction, Master Yuanmu
Chapter 892: First in the Assessment: The Power of Blood Yang
Chapter 893 The Nine Suns Gather and the Illusive ‘Dragon Ball’
Chapter 894: ‘Dragon Ball’ Creation: The Basis for Integrating the Star Palace Inheritance
Chapter 895: Bounty for the ‘Power of the Blood Sun’ and urgently needed spiritual stones
Chapter 896: Selling Quotas and Forming an ‘Experimental Group’
Chapter 897: ‘Second Generation’ Investment Taking Care of Senior Sister’s Business
Chapter 898: Transformation of Stars and the Birth of the Subcontinent
Chapter 899 Unlocking the Blockade and Prince Qiu’s Return
Chapter 900 Class Reunion ‘Sky Demon Star Territory’ Star Map
Chapter 901 Consolidating the Hope of ‘Dragon Ball’
Chapter 902 Yunlai’s investment and the gap between the stars
Chapter 903 Return to the ‘Experimental Group’ The Ultimate Purpose of the Experiment
Chapter 904: Instructor Yuanmu summons the World Detection Experiment
Chapter 905: Support brought by strength, the power of the stars gathers together
Chapter 906: ‘Dragon Ball’ Transformation Accelerates the Digestion of Demonic Pills
Chapter 907 Immediate Benefits and Long-term Benefits
Chapter 908 Submitting Experimental Results
Chapter 909: Three Lights of Heaven: Instructor Yuanmu’s Promise
Chapter 910: Fifteen Years: Tianyao City Moves Forward
Chapter 911 The fifth-level star master reaches perfection
Chapter 912 Total Loans
Chapter 913: Selling ‘Tu Yuan Star’
Chapter 914 News about Master Akadama
Chapter 915: Improvement in status
Chapter 916 Return to the Star Palace Graduation Assessment Task
Chapter 917: The battlefield outside the ‘Sky Demon Star Territory’. The ‘Dragon Snake’ starship sets off again
Chapter 918 Small ‘Void Sea’
Chapter 919 The Fishing God Dragon Soul
Chapter 920: ‘Dragon Soul’ Combat Strength Test Sixth-Level Divine Crystal
Chapter 923 Peng Yue’s strength and the god’s request for help
Chapter 924: The Powerful God, the Prodigy among the Prodigies
Chapter 925 A Difficult Battle
Chapter 926 Wind and Thunder Dual Attribute Divine Crystal
Chapter 927: A loss-making battle and a loss-making recovery
Chapter 928: The God Escapes with a Fatal Reputation
Chapter 929: The Seventh-Level God Attacks
Chapter 930: Rescue of High-Level Star Master
Chapter 931: Pulling out teeth from the tiger’s mouth and completing the assessment
Chapter 932: Graduation, Guardian of the Star Palace
Chapter 933: News from the Frontline: Bian Yujiao’s Reinvitation
Chapter 934: Instructor Akama comes out of seclusion, congratulations from the stars
Chapter 935: The Guarantee of Master Akadema and the Choice of the Second Star Palace Inheritance
Chapter 936: Taiyi Star Palace of Natural Selection
Chapter 937: Starting the inheritance of ‘Bloodline Atlas’
Chapter 938: Refining the ‘Bloodline Atlas’
Chapter 939: Changes in the natal stars
Chapter 940: The Choice of the Sixth Level, Trouble within the Star Alliance
Chapter 941: The Sixth-Level Void Thunder Tiger: The Transformation of the Familia’s Combat Power
Chapter 942: The training time of the sixth-level star master
Chapter 943: Sixth-level Star Master, Fourth-level God Transformation Realm
Chapter 944 Sixth Level Familia Different Paths
Chapter 945 The Three Realms of Heaven, Earth and Underworld Complete Version of the List of Gods
Chapter 946: The God of the Imperial Order, the Fourth Grade Purple Imperial God
Chapter 947: The Xuanhuang Pagoda is promoted to a natal spiritual treasure
Chapter 948 The third upgrade of the ‘Dragon Snake’ starship
Chapter 949: Return to the ‘Sky Demon Star Territory’ and meet up with Senior Sister Bian
Chapter 950: Frontline Battlefield
Chapter 951 The difference between the front line and the rear
Chapter 952 Dragon Snake Breath Elemental Dragon Ball
Chapter 953: Conventional high-level power, a fighting method suitable for the ‘Dragon Snake’
Chapter 954 The Rebirth of the Seventh-Level Void Monster Tribe The Restraining Effect of the ‘Bloodline Catalog’
Chapter 955: Cooperation on the frontline battlefield, two star palace inheritances are stimulated at the same time
Chapter 956: The cross-level battle between the sixth-level dependents and the Immortal takes action
Chapter 957: Star Monster, Civilization and Transformation
Chapter 958: The task of being a wedding dress and the strength requirements to open up the galaxy
Chapter 959: The Necessity of a High-Level Star Master Mission Completed
Chapter 960: Developing Goals: Senior Sister Bian Yujiao’s Suggestions
Chapter 961 Team candidates
Chapter 962 Rose Sun Galaxy
Chapter 963 Exploration and Attack Void Shadow Marten
Chapter 964: Killing the seventh-level void demon clan again, a smooth start
Chapter 965: The demon tide is coming. The strengths of Liang Ji and others
Chapter 966: The power of the linkage between the law-breaking jade light and the ‘Bang of Gods’
Chapter 967 Breaking the Situation The Eye of Guixu
Chapter 968: The Stars of Life, the Sacrificial Civilization of Star Monsters
Chapter 969: The stalemate snow wolf reaches the star of life
Chapter 970: The Void Monster Tribe’s Plan to Capture the Life Star
Chapter 971: Establishing a stronghold and upgrading the ‘Bloodline Catalog’
Chapter 972: The Sixth Level ‘Bloodline Catalog’ Failed Attempt
Chapter 973: Cultivation of sixth-level spiritual materials. After training, go to war.
Chapter 974: The ‘Dragon Snake’ is the vanguard and an overwhelming attack
Chapter 975: The Seventh Level Peak Void Fire Lion, One of the Purposes of the Heavenly Demon’s Creation
Chapter 976: Corpses pave the way to capture the ‘Guiyang Galaxy’
Chapter 977: Deploying the Star Array, Elemental Spirits Attack
Chapter 978: The restrained ‘Elemental Sea’ and the split team
Chapter 979: Half a Star Map to Defend the Enemy
Chapter 980: Difficult Battle ‘Star Map Formation’ is Completed
Chapter 981: The Star Alliance develops the law of war, the seventh-level ‘Furnace of All Laws’
Chapter 982: Threats and Celebrations
Chapter 983: The Preciousness of the Familia: Ripening Sixth-Level Spiritual Materials
Chapter 984: Familia Civilization: The Popular ‘Dragon Snake’ Team
Chapter 985: Plan to Expand the Team The Second Tide Is About to Rise
Chapter 986 Preparation before the Tide Grandma Peng Yue’s Request
Chapter 987 True Dragon, Dragon Snake, Ice Soul, three points in the team
Chapter 988: Heavenly Demon Devours Creation
Chapter 989: The Tidal Eruption of the Power of the Sky Demon
Chapter 990: The First Battle of the Familia ‘Dragon Beast Starship’
Chapter 991 Tactical Arrangement The Advantages of the ‘True Dragon’ Starship
Chapter 992: The first battle of the ‘True Dragon’ starship team
Chapter 993: New changes in the tide of the power of the sky demon, crisis is coming
Chapter 994: The Star Map is Connected and the Sound of Retreat
Chapter 995: Research on Stellar Changes: The Seventh-Level Mountain Spirit Attacks Again
Chapter 996: The Seventh-Level ‘Furnace of Ten Thousand Arts’ Suppresses the Seventh-Level Mountain Spirit
Chapter 997: Fusion of the power of the 19th color star to create the ‘blood sun’ and return to the ‘rose sun’
Chapter 998: Gains from Distorted Stars and Galaxies, Deterioration of the Situation on the Frontline Battlefield
Chapter 999: Eighth-Level Star Master, Invitation from the Star Alliance Frontline Command
Chapter 1000: Transfer and Protection of High-Level Star Lords
Chapter 1001 ‘Dragon Ball’ made great contributions to save the frontline battlefield
Chapter 1002 Ambush and Blocking the Road
Chapter 1003 Star Map Lingbao Portable Galaxy
Chapter 1004 Gao Yuan takes action, the fourth seventh-level existence
Chapter 1005: Guardian of Kunlun Star Palace Broken Star
Chapter 1006: Eighth-Level Confrontation: The Lost Galaxy
Chapter 1007: Meeting with Principal Huntian
Chapter 1008 ‘Guardian of the Gods’ Talisman Operations of the Frontline Command
Chapter 1009: The ‘Zhoutian Star Formation’ shows its power and the counterattack begins
Chapter 1,010 The Tide of the Heavenly Demon’s Power Ends and the Living Central Black Hole
Chapter 1011: The first achievement: Principal Huntian’s support
Chapter 1,012 After the war, return to the ‘Pigy Sun Galaxy’
Chapter 1013: The team reunites and the new galaxy is quickly occupied
Chapter 1014: The methods of the top forces of the Star Alliance
Chapter 1015: Exploring the Frontline: The Plans of the Seniors
Chapter 1,016: Accept the inheritance of the ‘Furnace of Ten Thousand Arts’ and add the guardian of the Star Palace
Chapter 1017: Acquiring the element ‘Spiritual Crystal’ and casting the ‘Furnace of Ten Thousand Arts’
Chapter 1018: The Influence of the ‘Furnace of Ten Thousand Arts’ Elemental Spirit in the Form of ‘Dragon Beast’
Chapter 1019 Return to the front line and communication with Peng Yue
Chapter 1020: Welcome from Seniors and Feiyang Full of Destruction
Chapter 1021: The first attempt at the ‘Furnace of Ten Thousand Arts’, incorporating the 20th color of Dragon Ball
Chapter 1022: Ambush in the Twisted Galaxy, the Three-Gate Star Palace Heritage takes full action
Chapter 1023: Escape at any cost, summoning for help
Chapter 1,024 The self-destruction of the starship and the belated rescue
Chapter 1025: The Pursuit of the Eighth-Level Void Demon Clan
Chapter 1026: The Rescue of the Eighth-Level Star Master, the Top Decision-Making Forces on the Frontline
Chapter 1027: Interview with the Command Headquarters and the Void Monster Tribe’s Lucky Attempt
Chapter 1,028 Rewards and Requests from the Command
Chapter 1029: Transaction with the Frontline Command
Chapter 1030: Open up the battlefield situation. Partner of the experimental team
Chapter 1031: Return to the Feiyang Galaxy, gain a lot of wisdom
Chapter 1032: Regaining ‘Innate Qi’
Chapter 1033: Accelerate practice and Peng Yue reaches fifth level
Chapter 1034: Everyone has his own gain, the life and civilization of the new stars
Chapter 1035: Dragon Beast Star’s Reverse Development from Dragon Beast to Familia
Chapter 1036 Peng Yue’s Graduation Assessment ‘Little Sea of Chaos’ Battlefield
Chapter 1037: The Function of the ‘Forge of Ten Thousand Arts’ The First Battle against the Elemental Spirit Team
Chapter 1038 Peng Yue’s path to high-level star master
Chapter 1039: Elemental Dragon Breath Suppresses the Flame ‘Elemental Nest’
Chapter 1040: First Victory: Sixth Level Fire Element ‘Spiritual Crystal’
Chapter 1041: Elemental Escape: The Catalytic Power of War
Chapter 1042 Liang Ji takes action to crush the strength of the mid-level
Chapter 1,043: Dragon Soul Star Spirit, Half-step Seventh Level State
Chapter 1044: Battle under the threat of high-level elemental spirits. The dangerous battlefield of ‘Little Sea of Chaos’
Chapter 1,045 The elemental spirit of ‘Dragon Beast’ goes into battle and Peng Yue completes the graduation assessment
Chapter 1046: Ambush by water and fire. The starship 'Dragon Snake' suffered heavy damage again.
Chapter 1047: The spiritual world increases its troops and the war expands. The ‘Dragon Snake’ starship is upgraded for the fourth time.
Chapter 1048: Sixth-level ‘Furnace of Ten Thousand Arts’ Urgent from the Frontline Command
Chapter 1,049 The Thirty-Six Colors of ‘Dragon Ball’ Renewal
Chapter 1050: Preview of the Fusion of the Three-Gate Star Palace Inheritance
Chapter 1051 The path to advance to a high-level star master
Chapter 1,052 Successful preview of the upcoming take-off
Chapter 1053: Arrangements for Retreat to Accelerate Practice
Chapter 1054 Jiazi Qianxiu
Chapter 1,055 The Price of Accelerating Cultivation
Chapter 1,056 The Process of Opening Up the War
Chapter 1,057 The Growth of ‘Star Spirit Yuan Fei’ Star Spirit Veins Level 6 (100%)
Chapter 1058: Support from the Star Alliance and the choice of the seventh level
Chapter 1059: Hunting the Seventh-Level Void Green Bull
Chapter 1060: Liang Ji’s trump card: war of attrition
Chapter 1061: Killing move, demon pill obtained
Chapter 1,062 Starry Technique ‘Peeping into the Sky’ The Integration of the Inheritances of the Three Star Palaces
Chapter 1063: The Return of the Heavenly Emperor Plants the Seventh-Level Demonic Pill
Chapter 1064: Seventh-level Star Master, Star Spirit Body
Chapter 1065: Seventh-level Familia, Immortal Technique, Leaving Seclusion
Chapter 1066: Another use of the power of the sky demon to create stars
Chapter 1,067 Invitations from the Principals of the Three Star Palaces
Chapter 1,068 The Fall of Xu Mao Waiting for my return
Chapter 1069: Return to the pioneering battlefield and regain people’s morale
Chapter 1070 Return to the front line, the first battle of pioneering at the seventh level
Chapter 1071 Target: Huangyang Galaxy, the Seventh-Level Star Master’s ‘Eye of the Star Spirit’
Chapter 1072: Entering the Huangyang Galaxy, the first battle of the seventh-level star master
Chapter 1,073: Mastering the Origin of the Void in the Universe and Suppressing the Body, Qi, and Spirit
Chapter 1074: The Star Technique ‘Star Cauldron Suppression’ The blessing power of the original mysterious light
Chapter 1,075 The Theory of Bloodline Origin Sweeps the Yellow Sun Galaxy
Chapter 1076 The Second Battle The Seventh-Level God
Chapter 1077: The Lack of Combat Power: The Difference Between Level 7 and Level 7
Chapter 1078: The Star Lord who chases the gods cleans up the battlefield
Chapter 1,079 The true purpose of the star technique ‘Star Picker’: Star Refining
Chapter 1,080: Reaching for the Stars, Fixing the Void, Moving, and Setting Up the Formation
Chapter 1081: The Fragility of the Stars of Life, Frontline Command Recruits
Chapter 1082: Immortal Lord Tianhe: The Third Tide of Heavenly Demon Power Suppressed
Chapter 1083: Moving Galaxy, One Star Evolves Thirty-Six Colors
Chapter 1,084 The direction of the fusion of thirty-six colors The sky demon takes action
Chapter 1085: Ninth Level Fight, Star Fall, Star Core
Chapter 1086: Ignite the Stars and Cultivate the Stars
Chapter 1,087 The Outbreak of the Void Demon Clan
Chapter 1088: Taking advantage of the opportunity to harvest, eighth level fight
Chapter 1089: High-level gods and elemental spirits attack, imitating the Zhoutian star array
Chapter 1090: The conspiracy of the Star Alliance and the opportunity to upgrade the inheritance of the three star palaces
Chapter 1091: One Ring Within Another Ring, Target Level 9 Heavenly Demon
Chapter 1,092 The Purpose of the Sky Demon Zhou Tian Yao Star Formation Diagram
Chapter 1093: Victory with Huge Loss Eighteen-Colored Star Core
Chapter 1094: The Eighteen Colors of ‘Dragon Ball’: The Possibility of Creating Other Star Lords
Chapter 1095: Transaction: Senior Sister Xue Zhaoyue’s Request
Chapter 1,096 The effect of advancing to the seventh level of the three-gate star palace inheritance
Chapter 1,097 The choice of high-level astrology
Chapter 1098: Return to Huangyang Galaxy and reveal the news
Chapter 1099 ‘Dongxu’ Star Technique Deep Void
Chapter 1,100: Artificial Black Hole, Eighth-Level Star Master, Ancestor of the Yun Family
Chapter 1,101 The Fourth Blockade Power: The Power of the Sky Demon
Chapter 1,102 The expectations of Xue Zhaoyue and others to sneak into the target galaxy
Chapter 1,103 The Second Black Hole in the Sky Demon Star Territory, a Cosmic Disaster
Chapter 1,104 Guixu Black Hole Lingbao Star Map
Chapter 1105 Taihao Star Pivot Refined Star Map Nine Colors of Dragon Ball
Chapter 1,106 ‘Star Shuttle’ Escape Dangerous Intelligence Work
Chapter 1,107 The Final Charge of the Pioneering War and the Rebirth of the Pioneering Galaxy
Chapter 1,108: The Seventh-Level Star Master Forms an Army by One Person The Limit-Breaking Power of the ‘Feng Shen Bang’
Chapter 1,109 The terrifying lethality of the high-level star technique ‘moment element’
Chapter 1,110: If you have quick hands, you will have slow hands, you can reach the galaxy
Chapter 1111: The Eighth Level Battle between the Scared Gods and Elemental Spirits Erupts
Chapter 1,112 Ultra-limited Star Technique: Protection of the Gods
Chapter 1,113: One against three, a complete victory
Chapter 1,114 The Immortal’s Massive Casualties and the Alliance Team Ending the Pioneering War Early
Chapter 1,115 Regret and Reluctance: The Hope of Restoring the ‘Green Sun’ Galaxy
Chapter 1,116 The first attempt at refining the void in the ‘New Green Sun’ galaxy
Chapter 1117: Creation of Life Stars, Creation of Life Galaxies, Creation of Life Star Fields
Chapter 1,118: The Nine Colored Stars of Creation Verification of the Effect of the Light of Creation
Chapter 1119: Going straight to Huanglong, the resources and treasures in the central black hole
Chapter 1,120: The Road to Ascension and the Behind the Pioneering War
Chapter 1121: The Power of Nine-Headed Xuanqi, Immortal Lord Tianhe Enters the Central Black Hole
Chapter 1,122 The three star arts are combined and respected by winning with combat prowess
Chapter 1,123: Keep a low profile. The ninth-order heavenly demon’s last stand.
Chapter 1,124 The Heavenly Demon City is Broken. The Heavenly Demon’s Qi
Chapter 1,125 The Dark Side of the Xinghai Universe: Behind the Temple of Ten Thousand Demons
Chapter 1,126 Tianhe Immortal Lord’s Reward ‘Dragon Ball’ Good Fortune
Chapter 1,127: Rebuilding Tianyao City and the End of the Pioneering War
Chapter 1,128 The Effect of One-Colored Light of Creation: The Seventh-Level Spiritual Material is Mature
Chapter 1,129 The natal spiritual treasure advanced immortal weapon ‘Emperor of Heaven’ ascends to the sky
Chapter 1130: The Rise of the Earthly Immortal and the Choice of Teammates
Chapter 1131 Chu Yue’s choice to exchange for ‘Yuyang Star’
Chapter 1,132 The Sky Demon Star Territory is integrated into the ‘Celestial Star Formation’
Chapter 1,133 The Refining of ‘Earth Immortal Blessed Land’
Chapter 1,134 The ‘Dragon Snake’ team went their separate ways
Chapter 1,135 Returning to the Family to Help Parents Break Through and Become Immortals
Chapter 1,136 Let’s Get Married
Chapter 1,137 Senior Qi Changge’s request for help and the noisy ‘Ten Thousand Demons Palace’
Chapter 1,138 The Tianniu Galaxy Demon Devouring Formation
Chapter 1,139 The Power of the Demonic Qi and the Purpose of the Guixu Star Palace’s Inheritance
Chapter 1140: Speed Pass Mission, Senior and Senior’s Envy
Chapter 1,141 Invitation and Rejection
Chapter 1,142 Yuyang Star’s ‘Star Gate’ signpost changes greatly
Chapter 1,143 Honeymoon Journey Returning to the ‘Sky Demon Star Territory’
Chapter 1,144: The ‘Blessed Land of Earthly Immortals’ chosen by parents to exchange stars
Chapter 1,146 Solving worries: Peng Yue’s parents’ choice
Chapter 1,147: Three Lives of All Things: The Indispensable Third Tide
Chapter 1,148 Three Years Tide Erupts
Chapter 1,149 My Way Has Been Completed
Chapter 1,150 The Immortal Lord Ascends to the Origin of Creation of the ‘Dragon Ball’
Chapter 1,151: One person attains the Tao, chickens and dogs ascend to heaven. The opportunity left by Tianhe Immortal Lord
Chapter 1,152 Dragon and Snake Stars’ respective gains and growth
Chapter 1,153: Forefathers plant trees for future generations to enjoy the shade. Wang Ziwen’s team
Chapter 1,154 Tianhe Galaxy Breaks through the Limits of Universe Creation
Chapter 1,155: The Path of Saint Tianhe: Imitation of Zhoutian Star Array
Chapter 1,156 Harvest and Dragon Beast Starship
Chapter 1,157 Farewell and set off on a solo adventure
Chapter 1,158: Traveling to the Old Land, the Three Saint Stars Become Two Saints
Chapter 1,159 Collusion with Demonic Cultivators and Rebellious Aborigines
Chapter 1,160: Suppressing the Rebellion: Saint Akabane’s Devotion
Chapter 1,161 Special Star Core Fragments Gift of Surrender
Chapter 1,162 Experimental Attempts in the ‘Three Holy Stars’ Galaxy
Chapter 1,163: One experiment, one disaster, the methods and destructive power of high-level star masters
Chapter 1,164 The Preciousness of the ‘Three Holy Stars’ Continue to Set Off
Chapter 1,165 Fragmented Galaxy The Uses of Middle and Low-Level Familia
Chapter 1,166: The most suitable sequence for refining the void
Chapter 1,167 Nirvana Star, Universe Creation Galaxy
Chapter 1,168 Intervening in the Artificial Galaxy
Chapter 1,169 The Node of the Thirteenth Color Star Explosion
Chapter 1170: Taking Chestnuts from the Fire Special Stellar Core
Chapter 1,171 Easily Win the Hard-to-Find Seventh-Level Demonic Pill
Chapter 1,172 The Adventure Path of a High-Level Star Master
Chapter 1,173 Jupiter Planet
Chapter 1,174 Blank ‘Star Map’ Lingbao Starry Sky Map
Chapter 1175 Resource Points Treasures Life Stars Adventure
Chapter 1,176 The arrangement five thousand years ago, the power of time and the creation of the universe
Chapter 1,177 The Star Formation Suitable for You and the Difficult Experimental Road
Chapter 1,178 The Experiment Failed and the Harvest of the Destruction of the Galaxy
Chapter 1,179: Harvest the ‘Nest of Elements’ and escape early
Chapter 1,180: Forty Years of Travel and the Beginning of Formation
Chapter 1,181 Target ‘Nine Yang Galaxy’ Imitation of the Zhoutian Star Array
Chapter 1,182: The first creation of life stars from scratch
Chapter 1,183 Thirty-Six Colors of Stars Peng Yue advances to seventh-level star master
Chapter 1,184 Return to the Star Alliance and the transfer of family foundation
Chapter 1,185 Dragon Snake Star reunites with Peng Yue