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The heavens rejoice from childhood

The heavens rejoice from childhood

author:Shou Meng Yuan

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-24 01:32

Latest chapter:Chapter 50 The High School Affiliated to Normal University

Different worlds, different lives, the same touch. The first world: Little Joy

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《The heavens rejoice from childhood》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 50 The High School Affiliated to Normal University
Chapter 49: Meeting parents?
Chapter 48 You thick eyebrows and big eyes
Chapter 47 Huge Reward
Chapter 46: Manchu and Han Banquet
Chapter 45 Twenty
Chapter 44 Worried Wang Shengnan
Chapter 43 Midterm Examination
Chapter 42: Grow Long Hair
《The heavens rejoice from childhood》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 A new beginning
Chapter 2 The beginning of school season
Chapter 3 Calling Parents
Chapter 4 A balloon big enough
Chapter 5 An unexpected gift
Chapter 6 The Shy Academic God Lin Leier! Join us!
Chapter 7 Different Placement Tests
Chapter 8 Kawaii and Xiaoba
Chapter 9 Angry Tong Wenjie
Chapter 10 No unexpected results
Chapter 11 Xiaoba’s first shooting
Chapter 12 Red Underwear
Chapter 13 Gift
Chapter 14 8848 Incident
Chapter 15 Cute Pet Games
Chapter 16 About the small matter of changing meals
Chapter 17 Beidou Project
Chapter 18 Beidou Project Continued
Chapter 19 The Prodigal Son Returns
Chapter 20 The prodigal son turns back, the first step
Chapter 21 Cat Funny Club
Chapter 22: The prodigal son turns back, second step
Chapter 23 Prelude to the Showdown
Chapter 24 Showdown March
Chapter 25 Final Showdown
Chapter 26 A slightly abrupt confession
Chapter 27 The arrival of winter vacation
Chapter 28 Qiao Weidong speaks his mind
Chapter 29 Lei'er's famous scene
Chapter 30 A date between two people
Chapter 31 A dream that can never be found again - Ding Yi
Chapter 32 Song Qian and Qiao Weidong remarry
Chapter 33 The little cotton-padded jacket that leaks air
Chapter 34 The five-person group gathers in Shuxiangyayuan
Chapter 35 A simple and happy life
Chapter 36 The college entrance examination is coming!
Chapter 37 We all have our own future
Chapter 38 Graduation Travel
Chapter 39 University starts
Chapter 40 Yingzi’s Proposal
Chapter 41 Fang Yifan’s proposal
Chapter 42 We all have our own future Part 2
Chapter 1 Am I invincible?
Chapter 2 Real Acting Skills
Chapter 3 Another Symmetrical Beauty
Chapter 4 Dogs forced to be sterilized
Chapter 5 Next stop, father-in-law’s house.
Chapter 6: Preparation for moving into father-in-law’s house: double kill
Chapter 7 Preparation for moving into father-in-law’s house - Three kills
Chapter 8 Four kills that are not four kills
Chapter 9 A day in the life of the Supreme Emperor
Chapter 10 You must be strong (prequel)
Chapter 11 You must be strong
Chapter 12 Gan's Change (Prelude)
Chapter Thirteen Gan's Incident (March)
Chapter 14 The Gan Family Incident (Epilogue)
Chapter 15 Mid-Autumn Festival
Chapter 16: Get the USB flash drive
Chapter 17 Lin Ze who doesn’t want to commit a crime
Chapter 18 Attacking Lin Ze
Chapter 19 The Unlucky Robber
Chapter 20 Return
Chapter 21 Postscript
Chapter 1 A blow to the head
Chapter 2 Getting off the bus
Chapter 3 Entering the game
Chapter 4 Leniency for Confessions
Chapter 5 Start Verification
Chapter 6 First try
Chapter 7 Looking for the truth
Chapter 8 Two Stories (1)
Chapter 9 Two Stories (2)
Chapter 10 The end or the beginning?
Chapter 11 Me and my brother on the upper bunk
Chapter 12 Me and my brother on the upper bunk (2)
Chapter 13 My name
Chapter 14 About me writing the beginning at the beginning
Chapter 15 The first day of love
Chapter 16 An unexpected lecture
Chapter 17 The second time
Chapter 18 Li Shiqing’s roommate
Chapter 19 A walk
Chapter 20 Intimate contact in the car
Chapter 21 Cohabitation Life
Chapter 22: A bad start to the postgraduate entrance examination
Chapter 23 Meeting my father-in-law for the first time
Chapter 24 Li Shifei’s Good Friday
Chapter 25 The End
Chapter 1 New arrival
Chapter 2 Marriage Agreement
Chapter 3 Banquet
Chapter 4 Leniency for Confessions
Chapter 5 Good Habits
Chapter Six: Second-rate Qin Wenyu
Chapter Seven Eighteenth Divorce Agreement
Chapter 8 Uncomfortable Qin Shi
Chapter 9 The Evil Qin Shi and Qin Shi’s Evil
Chapter 10 Meeting Parents
Chapter 11 Pregnancy and Seventeen Buildings
Chapter 12 A good show (prelude)
Chapter 13 A good show
Chapter 14 Awakening from the Big Dream
Chapter 15 Tao Junhui
Chapter 16 The end of Pang Dingfang
Chapter 17 Chance Encounter
Chapter 18 The Wind Rises
Chapter 19 Cloud surge
Chapter 20 Tao Junhui’s initial darkening
Chapter 21 Two-seventeenths of the way?
Chapter 22 The wedding of Lin Ze and Qin Shi
Twenty-three Restless Qin Shi
Chapter 24 Tao Junhui is completely blackened
Chapter 25 Investment Rejected
Chapter 26 Renting a house on the stairs
Chapter 27 Qin Shi gave birth
Chapter 28 The Three Stooges
Chapter 29 Qin Shi comes out of the mountain
Chapter 30 Jason Wang takes action
Chapter 31: Strike first to gain the upper hand
Chapter 32 The long-lost world of two people
Chapter 33 The End of Guangsha
Chapter 34 Miner King Jason
Chapter 35 Qin Shi who tricked Lin Ze
Chapter 36: Set up your own business
Chapter 37: Only when you lose it do you know how to cherish it
Chapter 38 Wu Fei’s Princess Disease
Chapter 39 Two little monkeys
Chapter 40 Final Chapter
Chapter 1 Driving Brother
Chapter 2 A few things about acting as a driver
Chapter 3 Official Set sail
Chapter 4 Pay back the money
Chapter 5 Meeting Li Ruyan again
Chapter 6 Investigation Results
Chapter 7 Yao Bin’s Abnormality
chapter eight
Chapter 9 Jiang Taigong fishing
Chapter 10 Li Ruyan fights Qu Xiaoxiao
Chapter 11 The fate of Manager Bai
Chapter 12 Establishing a Venture Capital Company
Chapter Thirteen Elevator Shock
Chapter 14 Li Ruyan’s silly moment
Chapter 15 A strange combination of circumstances
Chapter 16 Baize Capital
Chapter 17 Breakup
Chapter 18 Foodie Qiu Yingying
Chapter 19 Fan Shengmei is a monster
Chapter 20 Qu Xiaoxiao’s plan failed
Chapter 21 Two men and a woman
Chapter 22
Chapter 23 Xiao Ming
Chapter 24 Throbbing (1)
Chapter 25 Throbbing (2)
Chapter 26 Bai Ze’s next development
Chapter 27 Qu Xiaoxiao’s video exposed
Chapter 28 300 million US dollars
Chapter 29 Qu Xiaoxiao’s current situation
Chapter 30 Explanation is a cover-up
Chapter 31 A little confused
Chapter 31 Fan Shengmei collapses
Chapter 32 Andy’s invitation
Chapter 33: Trance
Chapter 34 The condemned Lin Ze
Chapter 35 Wei Guoqiang attacks
Chapter 36 Long-lost sport
Chapter 37 Reverse deduction
Chapter 38: Reverse deduction continued
Chapter 39 Andy leaves
Chapter 40 The Fan family’s plan
Chapter 41: Capture the 22nd Floor
Chapter 42 Guan Juer
Chapter 43 Return
Chapter 44 Fake wine
Chapter 45 Accident
Chapter 46: Make up your mind
Chapter 47 Not that kind of person
Chapter 48 Everything is ready
Chapter 49 Realistic
Chapter 50 I'm not a pervert
Chapter 51 Suicide note
Chapter 52 80w and 1 million
Chapter 53 Invisible Brainstorming
Chapter 54 Boyfriend? Bah!
Chapter 55 Liuwei Dihuang Pills
Chapter 56 Really good!
Chapter 57 Guan Juer is unemployed
Chapter 58 A chance encounter
Chapter 59 Qiu Yingying whose memory is lost
Chapter 60 Assistant Guan Juer
Chapter 61 Meeting Michelle by chance
Chapter 62 Coolness
Chapter 63 Growth
Chapter 64: Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 65 Take action
Chapter 66 Surprise
Chapter 67 See you again tonight...
Chapter 68 Meeting Qu Xiaoxiao by chance
Chapter 69 Three Bedrooms
Chapter 70 Xiaoxue
Chapter 71 ‘Watching’ a movie
Chapter 72: Passing through the barrier for Yingying
Chapter 73 The End
Chapter 1 Cabin
Chapter 2 Three Kills
Chapter 3 Four Kills
Chapter 4 Finally ashore
Chapter 5 Returning to China
Chapter 6 People have three urgent needs
Chapter 7 Accident Scene
Chapter 8 The road home is long
Chapter 9 A Farce
Chapter 10 Daniel
Chapter 11 Daniel continued
Chapter 13 A chance encounter on campus
Chapter 12 The Adaptation Period Lover
Chapter 14 Hidden attributes
Chapter 15 Dark History (Part 1)
Chapter 16 Dark History
Chapter 17 It will only be tomorrow morning...
Chapter 18 Arrogant at the front and respectful at the back
Chapter 19 Self-defeating
Chapter 20 Early morning
Chapter 21 The uncontrolled right hand
Chapter 22 Preference
Chapter 23 Colleagues
Chapter 24: Getting what you want
Chapter 25 Little Drama Queen
Chapter 26: Having a baby - a good way to resolve family conflicts
Chapter 27 Jiang Pengfei’s Leek Road
Chapter 28 Moving
Chapter 29 Guangxiu Fairy Dress
Chapter 30 Cheongsam
Chapter 31 Lin Ze’s Hobbies
Chapter 32 Nezha
Chapter 33 Shameless Lin Ze
Chapter 34: A good move spreads across the sky and sea
Chapter 35 Kneel down
Chapter 36 Spanking
Chapter 37 The Unlucky Lawyer
Chapter 38 Happy Twist
Chapter 39 Alcohol Test
Chapter 40 Come! Nansun!
Chapter 41 Jiang Nansun returns home
Chapter 42 The Xie Family Rebellion (1)
Chapter 43 The Xie Family Chaos (2)
Chapter 44 The Xie Family Rebellion (3)
Chapter 45 Marriage
Chapter 46 One week later
Chapter 47 Swimming Pool
Chapter 48 Embarrassed Wang Yongzheng
Chapter 49 An Ren’s conspiracy
Chapter 50 Going to Jiang’s House
Chapter 51 National Father-in-law
Chapter 52 Aunt
Chapter 53 Two times in a row
Chapter 54 Wang Yongzheng leaves Shanghai University
Chapter 55 About the Library
Chapter 56 Visiting Zhu Suosuo
Chapter 57: Empress E’s Queen
Chapter 58: Forced into the Palace
Chapter 59: The weak and the strong
Chapter 60 Leaving
Chapter 1 The king explodes at the beginning
Chapter 2 Transaction
Chapter 3 Business Layout and Public Reaction
Chapter 4 Gong Fire
Chapter 5 Meeting Sister-in-law
Chapter Six: The mantis stalks the cicada, with the oriole behind
Chapter 7 Proud Li Huarong
Chapter 8 Testing
Chapter 9 Angry Chen Xingjun
Chapter 10 Sudden Attack
Chapter 11 Dissatisfied Mo Xianmin
Chapter 12 The frustrated Chen Yangzhe
Chapter Thirteen: Bridal Night with Flowers and Candles
Chapter 14 New Media City
Chapter 15 Showdown
Chapter 16 Harem Halo
Chapter 17 Gambler
Chapter 18 Successive setbacks
Chapter 19 Sun Xianer
Chapter 20 The dumbfounded Sun Xianer
Chapter 21 Attack
Chapter 22 Know yourself
Chapter 23: Stealing the Chicken Fails
Chapter 24 Loss of rice
Chapter 25 Li Hairen
Chapter 26 Struggle
Chapter 27 Accident
Chapter 28: Building the plank road in the open and crossing Chencang secretly
Chapter 29: Vulgar Plot
Chapter 30 Eating Roast Duck
Chapter 31 Pretending to be drunk
Chapter 32 Threesome
Chapter 33 Dynamics of all parties
Chapter 34 Mou Xianmin
Chapter 35 Naive Xu Minying
Chapter 36 Death is imminent
Chapter 37 Giving birth to a baby
Chapter 38 Prelude
Chapter 39 Gunshot
Chapter 40: Cutting out the roots
Chapter 41 Final Chapter
Chapter 1 Secret Love
Chapter 2: Cheating from both sides
Chapter 3 The Third Prince Escapes from Prison
Chapter 4 Hospitalization
Chapter 5: Let me give you the senior position
Chapter 6 The so-called spiritual pursuit
Chapter 7 Marriage
Chapter 8 Unexpected Side Effects
Chapter 9 Poor Man
Chapter 10 Xu Hongdou arrives
Chapter 11 Chen Nanxing’s Thoughts
Chapter 12 Female Ghost
Chapter 13 Three-piece Mosquito Killer Set
Chapter 14 Chatting
Chapter 15 Vegetable Garden
Chapter 16 Buying a Car
Chapter 17 AMG G63
Chapter 18 Greetings from Mom
Chapter 19 Cangshan Erhai Lake
Chapter 20 Information Exchange Station
Chapter 21 The age of fifteen
Chapter 22 Broken!
Chapter 23 The love between man and ghost is not over yet
Chapter 24 Gathering at the entrance of the village
Chapter 25 Camping
Chapter 26: Camping continued
Chapter 27 Running away from home
Chapter 28 Sister Hongdou and Uncle Linze
Chapter 29: The mantis stalks the cicada, but the oriole follows behind
Chapter 30 Liar
Chapter 31 Hunting geese all day long
Chapter 32 Acquisition of Feng Xiaoyuan
Chapter 33 Acquisition Completed
Chapter 34: Coming to the door
Chapter 35 A walk on Erhai Lake
Chapter 36 Xu Hongdou cooks
Chapter 37 The return of Kaijie and Xie Xiaoxia
Chapter 38 Misunderstanding
Chapter 39 Thank you, Sister Hongdou
Chapter 40: Picking up the little gourd
Chapter 41 Cute and cute
Chapter 42: Slap in the face
Chapter 43 Thrilling Reversal
Chapter 44 The first intimate contact
Chapter 45 Together
Chapter 46 Love me!
Chapter 47
Chapter 48
Chapter 49 Mr. Ma’s intention
Chapter 50 Prerequisites
Chapter 51 Making Coffee
Chapter 52 Mom and Pop Shop
Chapter 53 Night Attack
Chapter 54: Red Umbrella, Lying on the Board
Chapter 55 The arrival of sister-in-law
Chapter 56 Surprise
Chapter 57 Hongmi leaves
Chapter 58 Nan Xing’s Parents
Chapter 59 Xu Hongdou’s career
Chapter 60 Pool Party
Chapter 61 Pool Party 2
Chapter 62 Roast Whole Lamb
Chapter 63 Engagement
Chapter 64 Chen Nanxing appears
Chapter 65: Just like fighting
Chapter 66 Xu Hongdou is pregnant
Chapter 67 Final Chapter
Chapter 1 You come alone
Chapter 2 Caught off guard
Chapter 3 I feel like there’s something wrong with my thinking
Chapter 4 Doubt
Chapter 5 Don’t leave today
Chapter 6 Getting up angry
Chapter 7 Acting chivalrously
Chapter 8 Conflicts Begin to Appear
Chapter 9 Encounter in the elevator
Chapter 10 The second intimate contact
Chapter 11 Another encounter in the elevator
Chapter 12 Are you afraid that I will eat you?
Chapter 13 The dumbfounded Wang Manni
Chapter 14: Poor sound insulation
Chapter 15 Jerry lining up to leave
Chapter 16 A Dream
Chapter 17 Why is it you?!
Chapter 18 The best comfort
Chapter 19 Exaggerated Hong Kong news headlines
Chapter 20 Miscarriage
Chapter 21 Meeting
Chapter 22 Gu Jia was shocked
Chapter 23 Lin Ze’s routine
Chapter 24 Divorce
Chapter 25 Buddhism
Chapter 26 Uniform
Chapter 27 Chance Encounter
Chapter 28 Horror Movie
Chapter 29 Just wait!
Chapter 30 Do it yourself
Chapter 31 Great joy and great sadness
Chapter 32: Rectify the workplace
Chapter 33 He doesn’t deserve it!
Chapter 34 A huge pushing feeling on the back
Chapter 35 The atmosphere has arrived
Chapter 36 Topics that girls will discuss when they get together (1)
Chapter 37 Topics that girls will discuss when they get together (2)
Chapter 38 Questioning
Chapter 39: Something happened at the tea factory
Chapter 40 Returning to sleep
Chapter 41 Lin Ze on purpose
Chapter 42 Gu Jia admits defeat
Chapter 43 Gu Jia gives in
Chapter 44 The best revenge is to live better than you
Chapter 45 Birthday Gift
Chapter 46 Zhao Jingyu
Chapter 47 The advantage of public opinion
Chapter 48 Bankruptcy
Chapter 49 Party
Chapter 50 A little thought
Chapter 51 Shopping mall conflict
Chapter 52: Newbies on the road
Chapter 53 Showdown
Chapter 54 Returning to Hometown
Chapter 55 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 56 Human Touch
Chapter 57 I brought it to you
Chapter 58 Bet
Chapter 59 Drive-in Theater
Chapter 60 Pregnancy
Chapter 61 Accumulating Materials
Chapter 62: Plot
Chapter 63 Pretty Boy
Chapter 64 Divorce
Chapter 65 The Bet Ends
Chapter 66: Slap in the face
Chapter 67 Tacit understanding
Chapter 68 Testing
Chapter 69 The next world
Chapter 1 Conflict
Chapter 2 Su Daqiang’s mental ranking of his children
Chapter 3 Childhood Memories
Chapter 4 Old House
Chapter 5: Cessation of Conflict
Chapter 6 Source of Conflict
Chapter 7 Two to Three People
Chapter 8 Essence
Chapter 9 Accident
Chapter 10: Wicked people have their own trials and tribulations
Chapter 11 Level 02
Chapter 12 Su Daqiang makes trouble
Chapter Thirteen Children
Chapter 14 Disillusionment
Chapter 15 It’s so delicious
Chapter 16 Face is burning
Chapter 17 Childhood Dreams
Chapter 18 Arrangements in advance
Chapter 19: Save face
Chapter 20 Work
Chapter 21 Design
Chapter 22: Closing the Net
Chapter 23: pinch when meeting
Chapter 24 Premonition
Chapter 25: Lost a meal
Chapter 26 Message
Chapter 27: Making a fool of yourself
Chapter 28 A hard-won opportunity
Chapter 29: Climb along the pole
Chapter 30 Meeting Meng Zhiyuan
Chapter 31 Empty City Strategy
Chapter 32: Standing at the last post
Chapter 33 Borrowing money
Chapter 34 Winning the Prize
Chapter 35 Preliminary planning
Chapter 36 The incident happened
Chapter 37 Chance Encounter
Chapter 38 The goodness of the old house
Chapter 39 Shocked Su Daqiang
Chapter 40 Su Daqiang continues to be shocked
Chapter 41 Su Daqiang is afraid of trouble
Chapter 42 Where does this come from?
Chapter 43 Improvisation
Chapter 44 A competent villain
Chapter 45: It feels like there’s a trick
Chapter 46 Show off
Chapter 47 Happy Su Daqiang
Chapter 48 Smart Su Daqiang
Chapter 49 Reconciliation
Chapter 50 Closing the Net
Chapter 51 Everything is a routine
Chapter 52 Shock
Chapter 53 Fairy
Chapter 54 Finalization
Chapter 55 Asking for money
Chapter 56 The Evil Man
Chapter 57: Amazed
Chapter 58 Movie Release
Chapter 59 Proud Su Mingyu
Chapter 60 Only interests are eternal
Chapter 61 Show off
Chapter 62 Travel Plan to the United States
Chapter 63: Learning the truth
Chapter 64 Who doesn’t have vanity?
Chapter 65 Senior Sister
Chapter 66 Final Chapter
Chapter One Two Five Hundred Thousand
Chapter 2 Exercise of Powers
Chapter 3 The Worker
Chapter 4: It’s impossible to escape from the clutches of my mother-in-law
Chapter 5 BBQ Bibimbap
Chapter 6 Then your typing speed must be very fast!
Chapter 7 Shocking news
Chapter 8 Quality foodies
Chapter 9 The Weekly Examination Ends
Chapter 10 Pentakill
Chapter 11 ‘The Holy Appearance in Front of People’
Chapter 12 ‘Return to Righteousness’
Chapter 13 Little thoughts about girls’ dormitories
Chapter 14 The dispute begins
Chapter 15 Teacher Wang
Chapter 16 I am no longer a three-year-old child!
Chapter 17 Interlude after the weekly exam
Chapter 18 Girls’ feelings are always poetry
Chapter 19 The strange Lin Dawei
Chapter 20 Dao Heart is Broken
Chapter 21 The second round of PK!
Chapter 22 3:2
Chapter 23 The shock of dunk
Chapter 24: Devastated
Chapter 25 Am I really stupid?
Chapter 26 A little thought
Chapter 27 Eight dollars
Chapter 28 Artificial Systems
Chapter 29 Hidden Mission
Chapter 30 The parent-teacher meeting begins
Chapter 31 Parents’ Meeting March
Chapter 32 The parent-teacher meeting ends
Chapter 33 Get a new toothbrush
Chapter 34 The basketball coach’s warm invitation
Chapter 35: Queuing up for a duel
Chapter 36 Skipping a level?
Chapter 37 Full Score
Chapter 38: Students from other families
Chapter 39 Lin Miaomiao is not easy to cheat
Chapter 40 Looking at the Stars
Chapter 41 Another new toothbrush
Chapter 42: Grow Long Hair
Chapter 43 Midterm Examination
Chapter 44 Worried Wang Shengnan
Chapter 45 Twenty
Chapter 46: Manchu and Han Banquet
Chapter 47 Huge Reward
Chapter 48 You thick eyebrows and big eyes
Chapter 49: Meeting parents?
Chapter 50 The High School Affiliated to Normal University