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author:Scattered in the wind

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 5106: You deceived me so hard

The vast universe, endless races! Magnificent combat skills, ten battles across the sky! A single surname in ancient times, a top 100 battle list! In my name, step on the starry sky! One day in 2200, when humans first landed on Neptune, what they saw It's a sword and a standing corpse!!! The old book 'The Supreme Throne of Doom' has been completed with more than three million words, and it has never been updated, and its character is guaranteed!!

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《Taixing》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 5106: You deceived me so hard
Chapter 5105 Exposed
Chapter 5104 A critical moment
Chapter 5103 Complete chaos
Chapter 5102 Melee
Chapter 50101 Wang Wen comes out of seclusion
Chapter 5100 Collapse
Chapter 5099: Not giving face
Chapter 5098: Own means
《Taixing》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Lu Yin
Chapter 2 The Seven Sacred Torture Camps
Chapter 3 Arrival
Chapter 4 Body Shaping
Chapter 5 Cultivation
Chapter 6 Dice and Tianxing Gong
Chapter 7 Inside the city
Chapter 8 Flame Crystals
Chapter 9 Talented Eyes
Chapter 10: The Stars Come Out of the Palm
Chapter 11 Corpse Tide
Chapter 12 The Tenth Courtyard of the Starry Sky
Chapter Thirteen Liu Shaoge
Chapter 14 Star Energy Crystal
Chapter 15 The Battle of Jinling
Chapter 16 The Power of the Star Palm
Chapter 17 Breaking into the Expedition
Chapter 18 Trial Mission
Chapter 19 Four Talents
Chapter 20: The Root of Doomsday
Chapter 21 Snow White
Chapter 22 Moonlight Murder
Chapter 23 Trial Grades
Chapter 24 Target Capital
Chapter 25 The Head of the Seven Saints
Chapter 26 Melting Creatures
Chapter 27 Cross-border Powerhouse
Chapter 28 The Capital
Chapter 29 Coincidence
Chapter 30 The melee
Chapter 31 Shock
Chapter 32 Fugitives
Chapter 33 The Corpse King Reappears
Chapter 34 Assassination
Chapter 35 News
Chapter 36 Robbery
Chapter 37 Interstellar Thief
Chapter 38: Grace
Chapter 39 Robbery Together
Chapter 40 Two Points
Chapter 41 One palm
Chapter 42 Arrival
Chapter 43 Perfect Heavenly Star Technique
Chapter 44 Lu and Xia
Chapter 45 Red Lotus Demon Bow
Chapter 46 Fire Little Spirit
Chapter 47: The Broken Sword
Chapter 48 Wizards
Chapter 49 Strange Stones
Chapter 50 The Promenade
Chapter 51: The Name of the White Night
Chapter 52 Five Points
Chapter 53 Mebis
Chapter 54 The flying turtle
Chapter 55: Seeking Skin with the Tiger
Chapter 56 Transactions
Chapter 57: Terror Qingyu
Chapter 58 Fight again
Chapter 59 Lu Yin VS Qingyu
Chapter 60 The Night King
Chapter 61 Blood
Chapter 62 The Zishan Clan
Chapter 63 - Release Wu Staff
Chapter 64 Quality Issues
Chapter 65 Leaving the Earth
Chapter 66 Purple Mountain King
Chapter 67 Mira's Conditions
Chapter 68 Lu Yin and Yin
Chapter 69 Daewoo Empire
Chapter 70 Space Station
Chapter 71 Imitation and Strange Power
Chapter 72: Bai Qian
Chapter 73 Star Wars Academy
Chapter 74 Arrival and arrest
Chapter 75 The Palace
Chapter 76 The Emperor's Promise
Chapter 77 Provocation
Chapter 78: Hall Master Yutang
Chapter 79 Light up the palace
Chapter 80 The Gift of Silver
Chapter 81 Good man
Chapter 82 Meritorious Service
Chapter 83 Meeting Ceremony
Chapter 84 The Bank of Mebis
Chapter 85 The fourth person on the throne
Chapter 86 Fighting Spirit
Chapter 87 Gulbach
Chapter 88 The Strong Fiancee
Chapter 89 Marriage??
Chapter 90 Misunderstanding
Chapter 91 Friendship and Empty Flash
Chapter 92 Bazel
Chapter 93 Strange Talent
Chapter 94 Lu Yin's Means
Chapter 95: Three Strengths
Chapter 96: The Tenth Court Comes
Chapter 97 Unforgettable
Chapter 98 The road to assessment
Chapter 99 crushing with one punch
Chapter 100 Changes in the Celestial Phenomenon
Chapter 101 Cruel
Chapter 102 Cocoa
Chapter 103 Alternative talent
Chapter 104 Sniper
Chapter 105 Fire Domain
Chapter 106 The old friend
Chapter 107 Passer
Chapter 108 The hidden gift
Chapter 109: Viewing the Rain Terrace
Chapter 110 The Battle of the World
Chapter 111 Spike
Chapter 112 Screen
Chapter 113 Mad Old Man
Chapter 114 Treasure Pavilion and Tasks
Chapter 115 Decomposition
Chapter 116: The Interpreter
Chapter 117 Six o'clock
Chapter 118 Michelle's surprise
Chapter 119 Nine Strength
Chapter 120 Phoenix
Chapter 121 Hard Fight
Chapter 122 Public Tasks
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Three Breakthrough
Chapter 124: The Powerful Lu Yin
Chapter 125 Reimu Clan Superstar
Chapter 126 Michelle and Xiyue
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seven: Qu Yue Tactics
Chapter 128 Washboard
Chapter 129 Fighting spirit
Chapter 130 Xiyue's Revenge
Chapter 131 Discuss the conditions
Chapter 132: Extreme Air Flash
Chapter 133 Request
Chapter 134 Rolling
Chapter 135: The Name of Lu Yin
Chapter 136 The Newborn Competition
Chapter 137 Seeing Through Weaknesses
Chapter 138 Absolute talent
Chapter 139 Seeds and Invisible Attacks
Chapter 140 The decisive battle
Chapter 141 Chief Student
Chapter 142: Prison Road
Chapter 143 Spear Pulse
Chapter 144 Three o'clock
Chapter 145: Interpreter Research Association
Chapter 146 Who is the chief?
Chapter 147 The Ninth Star
Chapter 148 Playing with the ball
Chapter 149: The Sutra of Immortality
Chapter 150 Star Wars
Chapter 151 Yutang shocked
Chapter 152 The Change of Zhenyu Star
Chapter 153 Promotion
Chapter 154 Cyan
Chapter 155: Restraining Breath
Chapter 156 Blood-stained Starry Sky
Chapter 157 Wendy Yushan
Chapter 158 Lu Yin and Wendy
Chapter 159 Original Treasure Catalogue
Chapter 160 Harmless Original Treasure
Chapter 161 Opportunities and Crisis
Chapter 162 The genius interpreter
Chapter 163 New Mission
Chapter 164 Nine stars come out
Chapter 165 Sword Sect
Chapter 166 Butterfly Shadow Clan
Chapter one hundred and sixty seventh bloodline reproduction
Chapter 168: Lu Yin's Backer
Chapter 169 Lu Yin and the burning white night
Chapter 170 Making a fortune in business
Chapter 171: The Scarlet Vertical Eye Reappears
Chapter 172 Gifts
Chapter 173 Commitment
Chapter 174 Mrs. Nalan
Chapter 175 Spaceship Upgrade
Chapter 176 Thirteen Swords
Chapter 177 The Big Competition is approaching
Chapter 178 Galaxy Boundary
Chapter one hundred and seventy-ninth fight
Chapter 180 Inheritance
Chapter 181: White Bone Au
Chapter 182 Selection
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Three Newspapers
Chapter 184 Battlefield Lord
Chapter 185 The genius of the ten courtyards
Chapter 186 Challenge the World Lord
Chapter 187 was robbed
Chapter 188 My name is Qi
Chapter 189 Graduation and Expulsion
Chapter 190: A Palm in the Darkness
Chapter 191 Pirate Harbor
Chapter 192: Desperate
Chapter 193: The End of the Planet
Chapter 194: Stone Wall Full Text
Chapter 195 Future Variables
Chapter 196 Your name
Chapter 197 Detonation
Chapter 198 Lu Yin's nobleman
Chapter 199 The name of the earth
Chapter 200 Breaking into the Third Court
Chapter 201 The Art of Silver
Chapter 202 Hit the Dragon Gate
Chapter 203 Lu Yin arrives
Chapter 204: The strong appear frequently
Chapter 205 Bright Stage
Chapter two hundred and six ten final mounts
Chapter 207 The World Lord goes to battle
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighth Fire Tribulation Sword
Chapter two hundred and ninth shock
Chapter 210 Field
Chapter two hundred and eleven powerful fighting spirit
Chapter Two Hundred and Twelve The Star Girl
Chapter two hundred and thirteenth shocking monsoon
Chapter 214 Thirteen Swords
Chapter 215 Lu Yin Appears
Chapter 216 Lu Yin VS Nest Branch
Chapter two hundred and seventeen lost and found
Chapter 218 The Battle of the Interpreters
Chapter 219: Brother Gale
Chapter 220 Lu Yin and Liu Shaoqiu
Chapter 221 Extreme Fluctuation Palm
Chapter 222 The third sword
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty-Three Baiye Clan Nemesis
Chapter 224 Tianxingzong
Chapter 225 Lu Yin VS Yan Qing Night King
Chapter 226: The Strongest Lu Yin
Chapter two hundred and twentieth seventh taboo
Chapter 228: Five Body Shapers
Chapter 229 The sorrow of civilization
Chapter 230 Ten Battle Kings
Chapter 231 Border
Chapter 232 Attack
Chapter 233: The Power of the Star Palm
Chapter 234 Lingkong Academy
Chapter 235 Ghost Marquis
Chapter 236 Animal Skin and Supreme Ancestor
Chapter 237 Lu Yin's Beast Control
Two hundred and thirtieth eight chapters Sheng Ao
Chapter 239 decisive battle
Chapter two hundred and fortieth war drummer
Chapter two hundred and forty first ten scholars
Chapter 242 The Demon Ancient and the Heaven-Mending Ranking
Chapter 243 Lu Yin VS Silver
Chapter two hundred and forty fourth
Chapter 245 Rune Technology
Chapter 246 Shenwu Continent
Chapter 247 Break through to the extreme
Chapter 248 The Hand of God
Chapter two hundred and forty-ninth one hand covers the sky
Chapter 250 Looking for a backer
Two hundred and fifty first chapter two stars
Chapter 252 Transaction
Chapter 253 The Third Night King
Chapter 254 Lu Yin's Dominance
Chapter 255 Lu Yin's background
Chapter 256 Student Union
Chapter two hundred and fifty seventh falling ring
Two hundred and fifty-eight chapters northbound fashion
Chapter 259 Outer Universe Trial
Chapter 260 Surprise Trial Ground
Chapter two hundred and sixty first powerful talent
Chapter two hundred and sixty second first encounter
Chapter 263: The Cosmic Sea and the Seven-character Royal Court
Chapter 264 Lu Yin and Ming Yan
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty-Five Heavenly Vault of Murder
Two hundred and sixtieth chapters coachman Xiaoqi
Chapter 267 Moon Fairy
Two hundred and sixty-eighth chapter temptation
Chapter 269 Lu Yin's Revenge
Chapter 270 Lu Yin and King Mu
Chapter two hundred and seventy first exposure
Chapter 272 Lu Yin VS Moon Fairy
Chapter 273 Threat
Chapter 274: Gathering Mingdu
Chapter 275 Lu Yin and Han Chong
Chapter 276 Deputy Commander
Chapter two hundred and seventy seventh swordsmanship
Chapter 278 Lu Yin and Battle Dragon Bai Ye
Chapter two hundred and seventy-ninth eternal promise
Chapter 280 Ghost Hou's guess
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty-One
Chapter two hundred and eighty second sweep
Chapter two hundred and eighty third seal
Chapter two hundred and eighty fourth field
Chapter two hundred and eighty fifth secret step
Chapter 286: The Power of Wen Jue
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh trial first
Chapter 288 The Change of Daewoo
Chapter two hundred and eighty nine cold eyes
Chapter 290: The Chaos of Zhenyu Star
Chapter 291: Return and Violence
Chapter two hundred and ninety-two power ring
Chapter 293 Lu Yin's Decision
Chapter 294: Means and Ability
Chapter two hundred and ninety-fifth word secret
Two hundred and ninetieth chapters visit
Chapter two hundred and ninety seventh mysterious sign
Chapter 298 Attitude
Chapter 299 Assassination
Chapter 300: The Surname of Yu
Chapter 301 The most powerful ratio
Chapter 302 Women's Routines
Chapter 303: The Rain List
Chapter 304 Little Leo's Chip
Chapter 305 Fighter's Courage
Chapter 306 Master of the Universe Sea
Chapter 307 Chaotian Drum
Chapter 308 Provocation
Chapter 309 Battle Group
Chapter 310 Condescending
Chapter 311 Mysterious Woman
Chapter 312: The Battle of the Boundary Stones
Chapter 313 The Value of Lu Yin
Chapter three hundred and fourteenth predecessors strength
Chapter 315 The real evildoer
Chapter 316 Earth Changes
Chapter 317: Ghost Hou's goal
Chapter three hundred and eighteen contemptuous eyes
Chapter 319 Strange Battle
Chapter 320 Lu Yin and Feng Jiu
Chapter 321 Divination attack and aura
Chapter 322 oppression
Chapter 323 Tianqi and pressure
Chapter 324 Powerful
Chapter 325 Borrowing money
Chapter 326 Lu Yin VS Cloud
Chapter three hundred and twenty seventh decisive battle
Chapter 328 Lu Yin's Ability
Three hundred and twentieth nine chapters desperate
Chapter 330 Battle Legend
Chapter 331 The Secrets of the White Night Clan
Chapter 332 Various Privileges
Chapter 333 Borrowing money again
Chapter 334 Avoiding the crisis
Chapter 335: Unfamiliar Ten Decisions
Chapter 336: Foresight
Chapter 337: Meet the Burning White Night Again
Three hundred and thirtieth eight chapters reaction
Chapter 339 Liaoyuan Continent
Chapter 340 Overbearing
Chapter 341: Thirty Heavy Strength
Chapter 342 Right and Wrong
Chapter three hundred and forty third name
Chapter 344 War
Chapter 345 The Uncrowned King
Chapter 346 Status and Privileges
Chapter three hundred and forty seventh blackmail
Chapter 348 Earth Elite
Chapter 349 Pirates?
Chapter 350 Lu Yin's Backer
Chapter 351 A knife
Chapter 352 The tragedy of that year
Chapter 353 What do you think
Chapter 354: Zhao Ran
Chapter 355 Decomposition
Chapter 356 She Nine Grandpa
Chapter 357 Xiqi and Fish
Chapter 358 The Love of the Five Heroes
Chapter three hundred and fiftieth IX join forces
Chapter 360 Lu Yin's Ability
Chapter 361 Rob and Upheaval
Chapter 362 Rabbit
Chapter 363: The Enemy Meets
Chapter 364 Lu Yin and Liu Shaoge
Chapter three hundred and sixty fifth hate her
Chapter 366 Wendy's Promise
Chapter 367 Layout
Chapter 368 gap
Chapter 369: The North Gate Competition
Chapter 370 Wind Movement
Chapter 371: Galaxy Ship
Chapter 372: Lu Yin's Privilege
Chapter 373 Star River Fishing
Chapter 374: The Power of Thunder
Chapter 375 Corpse King Change
Chapter three hundred and seventy sixth encounter
Three hundred and seventieth chapters are surrounded by wolves
Chapter 378 tastes good
Chapter 379: The Arrogant Lu Yin
Chapter 380 Gap
Chapter 381: The strong come
Chapter 382 The power of the top 100 battle list
Chapter three hundred and eighty third eating inside and outside
Chapter 384: Terrorist Combat Power
Chapter 385 Ancient Centipede Belly
Chapter 386 Weird
Chapter 387 Patterns and Spears
Chapter 388 Murder
Chapter 389 Looking for teammates
Chapter 390 The power of four stars
Chapter three hundred and ninety first altar
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters heaven and earth net
Chapter 393 is moving
Chapter 394: Eat soft and not hard
Chapter three hundred and ninety fifth graduation
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six standard posture
Chapter three hundred and ninety seventh secret word
Chapter 398: Ascension Platform and Secrets
Chapter 399 Binocular Mutation
Chapter 400 The Second Battle King
Chapter 401 The fourth battle list
Chapter 402: Heaven goes to the Dead Sea
Chapter 403 Cocoa's Deterrent
Chapter 404 Dead Sea Crisis
Chapter 405 Abu's Demarcation Line
Chapter 406 Fingers
Chapter 407: The Island at the End
Chapter 408: Five changed to six
Chapter 409 Storm Stream World
Chapter 410 Human Nature
Chapter 411: Strange Space
Chapter 412 Calculation
Chapter 413 Bait
Chapter 414: Disappear
Chapter 415 Star Envoy
Chapter 416 Mr. Wood
Chapter four hundred and seventeenth chance
Chapter 418: Eyes Closed and Eyes Opened
Chapter four hundred and nineteenth limit improvement
Chapter four hundred and twentieth drama life quicksand
Chapter four hundred and twenty first accident
Four hundred and twentieth chapters Lingque
Chapter 423 meet again
Chapter 424 Blackbeard
Chapter 425 Convergence
Chapter 426 Transactions and Secrets
Chapter 427: Escape
Chapter 428: Falling Star Sea
Chapter 429 Trading again
Chapter 430 Mysterious Lu Yin
Chapter 431 Awakening
Chapter 432: Neptune
Chapter 433: Sea King recruits a son-in-law
Chapter four hundred and thirty fourth poisonous tongue
Chapter four hundred and thirty fifth women disguised as men
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters planet guardian combat power
Chapter four hundred and thirty seventh acquaintance
Chapter 438: Sea King High Mountain
Chapter 439 Crazy consumption
Chapter 440 Various promotions
Chapter 441: The Peak of the Extreme Realm
Chapter 442: Mu Rong
Four hundred and fortieth chapters evil
Chapter four hundred and fortieth beautiful support group
Chapter 445 Mu Rong lying with a gun
Chapter 446 Lu Yin's Strength
Chapter 447 Knife
Chapter 448: Sad reminder
Four hundred and fortieth IX fierce battle
Chapter 450: Invincible pose
Chapter 451 Playing
Chapter 452 Before the Sea King's Spear
Chapter 453 Lu Yin and the Faceless Man
Chapter 454: Temptation and Command
Chapter 455: The wrong posture
Chapter 456: Sea King and Sea Seventy-seven
Chapter 457 Yan
Chapter 458: The Creeping Shadow
Four hundred and fiftieth IX strange mirror
Chapter 460 Lu Yin's Answer
Chapter 461 Hypocrisy
Chapter 462 North Palace Territory
Chapter four hundred and sixty third division of the spirit
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters cowherd song and ranking
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters give you a light bulb
Chapter 466 Lu Yin VS Mu Rong
Chapter four hundred and sixty seventh extreme shock
Four hundred and sixtieth eight chapters the strongest extreme
Chapter 469 War
Four hundred and seventieth chapter dowry
Chapter 471 Folding Spaceship
Chapter 472 Strange Planet
Chapter 473 Conspiracy
Four hundred and seventieth chapters cruel side
Chapter 475 Lu Yin's Means
Four hundred and seventieth chapters can not let go of the feelings
Chapter four hundred and seventy seventh Yan Xing fierce battle
Four hundred and seventieth eight chapters Yanshan
Chapter 479: The Threat of Enlightenment
Chapter four hundred and eighty alliance
Chapter 481 Change of Owners
Chapter 482: One-on-one Yanshan
Chapter 483 Challenge the strongest ambition
Chapter 484 Arrival
Chapter 485 Shameless
Chapter 486 Lu Yin's decision
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh gap
Chapter 488 Sweep
Chapter 489 is more ruthless
Chapter 490 Video
Chapter 491: Go to Yanxing
Chapter 492 Enter
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters overwhelming strength
Chapter 494: Execution of the enemy
Chapter 495 Language Killer
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters ran backwards
Chapter 497 Appears
Four hundred and ninetieth eight chapters two fingers
Chapter four hundred and ninety-ninth night and dawn
Chapter 500 Legendary Combat Skills
Chapter Five Hundred and One Samples
Chapter 502: The calculation without a solution
Chapter 503 Union
Chapter five hundred and fourth shot
Chapter 505 The Fifth Sword
Chapter 506 Opening remarks
Chapter 507 Backer
Chapter 508 Changes
Chapter 509 The first
Chapter 510 The power of no solution
Chapter five hundred and eleven
Chapter five hundred and twelve making money
Chapter five hundred and thirteenth power and strength
Chapter five hundred and fourteenth treasure
Chapter five hundred and fifteenth spirit
Chapter five hundred and sixteen looking for self-confidence
Chapter 517 Breakthrough
Chapter five hundred and eighteenth accident
Chapter five hundred and nineteenth spike
Chapter 520 Obsessive-compulsive disorder and body shaping
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-One Taboo
Chapter 522 Pirate King and Sea King
Five hundred and twentieth chapters block and attack
Chapter 524 Lu Yin's hole card
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Five The Power of Mystery
Five hundred and twentieth chapters make a fortune
Chapter 527 The culprit
Five hundred and twentieth eight chapters on the three doors
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Nine Heavens Changed
Chapter 530 Crisis
Chapter five hundred and thirty-one exhaustion and plunder
Chapter five hundred and thirty second crazy upgrade
Chapter 533: The Death of Khadgar
Chapter 534: The Ancient Agreement and Earthly Hidden
Chapter 535: The Ancient One Surname Alliance
Chapter five hundred and thirty sixth old friend
Chapter 537 Back to Earth
Five hundred and thirtieth eight chapters shrinking turtle
Five hundred and thirtieth IX Nalan for help
Chapter five hundred and fortieth goal
Chapter five hundred and forty first tempting fairy
Five hundred and fortieth chapters Mebis background
Chapter 543: The Death of Thunder Dragon
Chapter 544 Enlightenment nemesis
Chapter 545: Enya and the Four Pavilions
Chapter 546: Power Restructuring
Chapter five hundred and forty seventh cooking wine and old friends
Chapter five hundred and forty-eight dead
Chapter 549 Anti-kill Bureau
Chapter 550 Arrangement
Chapter 551: Their respective means
Chapter 552 The third
Chapter 553: The Power of Mystery
Chapter five hundred and fifty fourth stronghold
Chapter 555 Weird Mummy
Chapter 556: Wood Rock Star
Chapter five hundred and fifty seventh poison
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth eight poisonous people
Chapter 559: Jagged Territory
Chapter 560 Hometown
Chapter 561 Parallel Universe
Chapter five hundred and sixty second shot
Chapter five hundred and sixty third arrogance
Chapter 564: Suppressing the breakthrough
Chapter five hundred and sixty fifth call
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Sixth A Dun
Chapter five hundred and sixty seventh borrowing money
Chapter 568 War System
Chapter 569 Spring and Autumn Fortress
Chapter five hundred and seventieth sudden war
Chapter 571 Wang Wen
Chapter five hundred and seventy-two good shells
Chapter five hundred and seventy third nine pattern war
Five hundred and seventieth chapters six body shaping decisions
Chapter 575 Endless War
Chapter 576 Lu Yin and Wang Wen
Chapter five hundred and seventy seventh chase
Chapter 578: The Fall of the Strong
Chapter 579: The Role of Lu Yin
Chapter 580 Exchange
Chapter five hundred and eighty first fusion
Chapter five hundred and eighty second strategic thinking
Chapter five hundred and eighty third helping hand
Chapter five hundred and eighty-four the mummy chasing
Chapter 585 Breakthrough Exploration Realm
Chapter 586 The Tree of Visions
Chapter five hundred and eighty seventh blood palm print
Chapter five hundred and eighty eighth one finger to break the void
Chapter 589: Cultivating the Secret of Yuji
Chapter five hundred and ninetieth credit and collapse
Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-One Suspects
Chapter five hundred and ninety-two for
Chapter five hundred and ninety third Kong Shi's expectations
Chapter five hundred and ninety fourth desperate situation
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters terror curse wind
Chapter five hundred and ninety-six that finger's demeanor
Chapter five hundred and ninety seventh borrowing power
Chapter five hundred and ninety-eight the road of cultivation
Chapter five hundred and ninety-ninth promotion
Chapter 600 Alliance Assumption
Chapter 601 The value of mist
Chapter 602 Strange Talent
Chapter 603 Employment and Secrets
Chapter six hundred and fourth that strange ray
Chapter 605 Aura collision
Chapter 606 Dark Change
Chapter 607 Investigation
Chapter 608 Temptation
Chapter 609 Convocation
Chapter 610 Overwhelming Power
Chapter 611: Start Over
Chapter 612 The Second Change of Corpse King
Chapter 613 Empire Twilight
Chapter six hundred and fourteenth ending
Chapter six hundred and fifteen leave
Chapter 616 The strange place
Chapter 617 Sad Fatty
Chapter 618 Daoyuan Sect
Chapter six hundred and nineteenth child platform
Chapter 620 The Fifth Continent
Chapter 621 Follow
Chapter 622 Bai Gongzi and the Book Collection Pavilion
Chapter 623 Ancient Text
Chapter 624 The sound of the pig
Chapter 625 Hunting Competition
Chapter 626 Ancient legends
Chapter 627 Secret News
Chapter 628 The power of ten decisions
Six hundred and twenty-ninth chapter six fingers family
Chapter 630 Assassination
Chapter 631: Scarlet Eyes Again
Chapter 632 The good news of the turtledove
Chapter 633 Confirming the opportunity
Chapter six hundred and thirty fourth apprenticeship ceremony
Chapter 635 Swallowing the Pig
Chapter 636: The Name of Chen Ancestor
Chapter 637 Domain Son
Chapter 638: Appearing one after another
Chapter 639 Nine Mountains and Eight Seas
Chapter 640 Ding
Chapter six hundred and forty first blood madman
Chapter 642 The White Knight
Chapter six hundred and forty third escape
Chapter 644: The style of the hoe
Chapter 645: The third sub-spirit
Chapter 646 Spirit Palace
Chapter six hundred and forty seventh tempting healing
Chapter 648 The poison of the passing of life
Chapter 649 Shanhai Dojo
Chapter six hundred and fiftieth answer simply
Chapter 651 Lan Xing
Chapter 652 Future
Chapter 653 Reality
Chapter 654 The Xun Family
Chapter 655 frankly
Chapter 656: Lu Yin's Privilege
Chapter six hundred and fifty seventh reason
Chapter 658 Extermination of the Xun Family
Chapter 659 Finding
Six hundred and sixtieth chapters of the ninety-one
Chapter six hundred and sixty first layout
Chapter six hundred and sixty second shot
Chapter 663: The Death of Bu You
Chapter 664 Liu Shaoge's Ability
Chapter six hundred and sixty fifth alliance
Chapter 666 Earth Genius
Chapter 667 False History
Chapter 668 Wake Up
Chapter six hundred and sixty-ninth traces of the enemy
Chapter six hundred and seventieth comprehensive cooperation
Chapter 671 Interpretation Contest
Chapter 672 Control the realm
Chapter six hundred and seventy third interpretation
Chapter six hundred and seventy fourth woman's mind
Chapter six hundred and seventy fifth different feeling
Chapter 676 Captain of the Fourth Team
Chapter 677 Assassination
Chapter 678 Taiyuan Infighting
Chapter 679 Taiyuan Star
Chapter 680 Assessment
Chapter 681 Delin
Chapter 682 Conspiracy
Chapter 683: Wei Rong
Chapter six hundred and eighty fourth butterfly shadow old friend
Chapter six hundred and eighty-fifth true solution hall
Chapter 686 Treasure Hunt
Chapter 687 Ku Wei and the fish
Chapter 688 Lu Yin and Ku Wei
Chapter 689 Strong shot
Chapter six hundred and ninetieth unlucky Temple
Chapter 691: Between the palms
Chapter 692 Do you like chili powder?
Chapter 693 Hurt each other
Chapter 694 hands-on
Chapter 695 Ambition and Beginning
Chapter 696 The leader of the times
Chapter 697 Double Heart Ghost Sword
Chapter 698: The era of great change
Chapter 699: The Name of Wei Rong
Chapter 700 Green Eyes Second Change
Chapter 701 Terrorist Formation
Chapter 702: A distant dream
Chapter 703 Harvest
Chapter 704 Box
Chapter seven hundred and fifth reaction
Chapter 706 Chenzu Tomb
Chapter 707 Return
Chapter 708 Endless Shipping
Chapter seven hundred and ninth four chaebols
Chapter 710 Re-integration
Chapter 711 Child Chou and Heavenly Beast Claws
Chapter 712 The Third Battlefield
Chapter 713 The Diary of Ellen Galle
Chapter 714 Old Goode
Chapter 715 Lu Yin's Revenge
Chapter seven hundred and sixteen that person
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen late clues
Chapter seven hundred and eighteenth door
Chapter 719 Proton
Chapter 720: The Patronus of Shui Lingxing
Chapter 721 Lu Yin and Wei Rong
Chapter seven hundred and twenty second back road
Chapter 723 Does your family have a ore star?
Chapter 724: Lord Lu
Chapter 725 Future Battle
Seven hundred and twentieth chapters seven gods
Seven hundred and twentieth seventh chapter Yu surname one line
Chapter seven hundred and twenty eight strange light group
Chapter 729 The Last Decree
Chapter 730 Despair
Chapter 731: One Soul and Two Souls
Chapter seven hundred and thirty second buried you
Chapter 733 Kendo Genius
Chapter 734: Re-entry into Daoyuan Sect
Chapter 735 Peak Battlefield
Chapter 736 Lu Yin's Resoluteness
Chapter seven hundred and thirty seventh lucky star
Chapter 738 Wu Taibai
Chapter 739: Flame Furnace Cauldron
Chapter seven hundred and fortieth terror absorption speed
Chapter 741 Origin
Chapter seven hundred and forty second change in the north
Chapter 743 The Imperial Court dispatched
Chapter 744: The Power of Lu Yin
Chapter 745 Retaliation
Seven hundred and fortieth chapters full-scale war
Chapter 747 Purple Immortal
Chapter 748 Misleading
Chapter seven hundred and forty-ninth clean up
Chapter 750 Missing
Chapter 751 The frog at the bottom of the well
Chapter 752 The Domineering Mebis
Chapter 753: The Heart of Cultivation
Chapter 754 Luoshen
Chapter 755: Purple Snow and White Snow
Chapter 756 Raid
Chapter 757 Chaos
Chapter 758 Spear and Shield
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth IX old smoker
Chapter 760 Lu Yin and Luoshen
Chapter 761 Membership
Chapter 762 Lu Yin's Conditions
Seven hundred and sixtieth chapters Taimo Temple
Chapter seven hundred and sixty fourth stop
Chapter 765: Three Arrows
Chapter 766 Civilization
Chapter 767 Lu Yin's punch
Chapter seven hundred and sixty eight meet
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-ninth agreement
Chapter seven hundred and seventieth arrow selection
Chapter 771: Five Arrows
Seven hundred and seventieth chapters once the arrow
Chapter seven hundred and seventy third pirate old friend
Chapter 774 Sheep's Head Port
Chapter seven hundred and seventy fifth one eye
Chapter 776 Persecution
Chapter 777 Mainland Auction House
Chapter seven hundred and seventy eight sensation
Chapter 779: Scarlet Bells
Chapter seven hundred and eighty big lie
Chapter 781: Battle of Ice Trucks
Chapter seven hundred and eighty second dispatch
Chapter 783 Icefield Heart Sutra
Chapter seven hundred and eighty-four thousand cities
Chapter seven hundred and eighty fifth Qiong Xier
Chapter 786 Qionglin Banquet
Chapter seven hundred and eighty seventh weird talk
Chapter 788 Tomboy
Chapter seven hundred and eighty ninth feast
Chapter seven hundred and ninetieth divination qualifications
Chapter seven hundred and ninety first one move
Chapter seven hundred and ninety second despicable
Chapter seven hundred and ninety third dowry
Chapter 794: Love Saint Lu Yin
Chapter seven hundred and ninety fifth death reappearance
Chapter 796 War Fortress
Chapter seven hundred and ninety seventh double power
Chapter seven hundred and ninety eight desperate situation
Chapter 799 Hope
Chapter 800 Absorption and Circulation
Chapter 801 Black God and Mr. Wood
Chapter 802: The Secret of Strategy
Chapter 803 Captain of the Fifth Team
Chapter eight hundred and fourth forcibly slander
Eight hundred and fifth chapter Yu surname Su Lao
Eight hundred and six chapters five stars
Chapter eight hundred and seventh suppression
Eight hundred and eighth chapter torrent brave advance
Eight hundred and ninth chapter enemy army
Chapter 810 Invasion
Eight hundred and eleventh chapter temptation
Chapter 812 Threat
Chapter 813 Adventurers Guild
Chapter 814: Dark Phoenix Comes to Help
Chapter 815 Beyond the battlefield
Eight hundred and sixteenth chapter small arrow
Chapter 817 Lu Yin VS Master Bei
Eight hundred and eighteenth chapter one hundred thousand disciples
Chapter 819: Western Xinjiang Invasion Plan
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth strong
Chapter 821 Lu Yin's Secret
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters fate is destined
Chapter eight hundred and twenty third suspect
Chapter 824: Re-entry into Daoyuan Sect
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters point to the title of Taiwan
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters Jiuyang Huading
Chapter 827 Day Star Shipping
Eight hundred and twentieth eight chapters see old friends again
Chapter 829 Yuan Shi
Chapter 830 Starry Sky Overturning
Chapter 831 Forced Recruitment
Chapter 832 Mo Family Gun Shadow
Eight hundred and thirty third chapter black flame fire phoenix
Chapter 834 Arrival
Chapter 835 Lu Yin VS Qiu Hanqing
Chapter 836 This is life
Eight hundred and thirty seventh chapter across the rock area
Eight hundred and thirtieth eight chapters of the arrow
Eight hundred and thirtieth IX draw
Chapter eight hundred and fortieth escape trio
Chapter 841 Lu Yin VS Ren Tu
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters six fusion
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters strange meeting
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters counterattack begins
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters bell and Yan
Chapter 846: The Generous Hall of Glory
Chapter 847 Why get angry?
Eight hundred and forty-eighth chapter a thatched hut
Chapter eight hundred and forty-ninth old killer
Chapter 850 Standard Answer
Chapter 851 Transfer the border
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters unsolved shock
Chapter eight hundred and fifty third military exploits
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters glory method
Eight hundred and fifty fifth chapter fifteen o'clock
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters reason
Chapter 857: The Wei Family
Chapter 858: Babel Background
Eight hundred and fifty-ninth chapter lament of the loser
Chapter 860 Lu Yin and Xuanjiu
Eight hundred and sixty-first chapter small seven
Chapter 862 Starry Sky Cemetery
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters shuttle galaxy
Chapter 864 Return to the inner universe
Chapter eight hundred and sixty fifth situation
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters small red and yellow star
Eight hundred and sixty seventh chapter Hongying
Chapter 868 Lu Yin VS Hongying
Chapter eight hundred and sixty-ninth domain son hundred bells
Chapter 870: Sea King Liuli
Chapter eight hundred and seventy first kneeling
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters war enlightenment
Eight hundred and seventieth chapter hostages
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters ten elders
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters Zhou Yan Zhenjing
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters dojo pattern
Chapter 877: Ben Lei Dojo
Eight hundred and seventieth eight chapters temptation
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-ninth terrible civilization
Chapter eight hundred and eighty interception
Chapter eight hundred and eighty first Lu Yin's trick
Chapter 882 Chongshan Dojo
Chapter eight hundred and eighty third superimposed strength
Eight hundred and eighty-fourth chapter strides forward
Eight hundred and eighty-fifth chapter ten final record
Chapter eight hundred and eighty sixth shock
Chapter eight hundred and eighty seventh reunion
Eight hundred and eighty-eighth chapter invincible Lu Yin
Eight hundred and eighty-ninth chapter ten finals Lance
Chapter 890 Lu Yin and the Hand of God
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters ten decisions and Yuzi
Chapter 892 Lu Yin and Bailing
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters an era
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters a drop of blood
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters hope and despair
Chapter 896 This is my friend
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters qualifications and power
Eight hundred and ninetieth eight chapters back
Chapter eight hundred and ninety-ninth the name of the ancient moon
Chapter 900 Ten Decisions
Chapter 901 Lu Yin's Attitude
Chapter 902 Gambling
Chapter 903 Tianmao Star
Chapter 904 What is beauty
Chapter 905: Achievement and Transcendence
Chapter 906 Eliminate the Threat
Chapter 907: The Death of Zirong
Chapter 908: Lu Yin's Threat
Nine hundred and ninth chapter behemoth
Chapter 910: Four Cycles
Chapter 911 Wang Wen's gift
Chapter 912: Unsolved Choices
Nine hundred and thirteenth chapter cauldron broken
Chapter 914: The Faithful Girl and Shijietai
Chapter 915 Central Coalition
Chapter 916 Lu Yin's dark forces
Chapter 917: Wei Rong's Gift
Chapter 918 The new captain
Chapter 919 Ambush
Chapter 920 Fenghua Team
Chapter 921 Destiny
Chapter 922: Si Mo Qunxing
Chapter 923 Challenge all
Chapter 924 Lu Yin's Strength
Chapter 925 Starry Sky Map
Chapter 926 Purchase route
Chapter 927 A chance
Chapter 928 Helpless Choice
Chapter 929 Lu Yin's Influence
Chapter 930 Today's Ten Decisions
Chapter nine hundred and thirty first disappear
Chapter 932 The Land of the Gods
Chapter 933 Breaking through the White Mist
Chapter 934: The Hidden Person
Chapter 935: The Ability of Interpretation
Chapter nine hundred and thirty sixth pace
Chapter 937 The new captain
Nine hundred and thirtieth eight chapters court meeting
Chapter 939 Weird Talk and Ruins
Chapter nine hundred and fortieth erasure and creation
Chapter 941 Obsession and Bust Statue
Chapter 942 Attraction
The ninth and fortieth chapters everyone gathers firewood and the flame is high
Chapter 944: Exploration Realm and Cruise Realm
Chapter 945 Breakthrough
Chapter 946 Accidental reinforcement
Chapter nine hundred and forty seventh return the favor
Chapter 948 Lu Banwang
Chapter nine hundred and forty-ninth shock
Chapter 950 Reimbursement
Chapter 951 Influence
Chapter 952 The Change of the Galaxy
Chapter 953 Lu Yin has evolved
Nine hundred and fifty-four chapters of the ancestral realm
Chapter 955: Moving
Chapter 956 Eyes
Chapter 957: Transporting the Continent
Chapter nine hundred and fifty-eight melee
Nine hundred and fifty-ninth chapter Changbai son
Nine hundred and sixtieth chapters descend the mystery
Chapter 961 A lot of money
Chapter 962 Cosmic Sea
Chapter 963 Starlight Island
Nine hundred and sixtieth chapters tacit understanding
Nine hundred and sixtieth chapters old friends meet
Chapter 966 Daoyuan Three Days
Chapter nine hundred and sixty seventh fat and thin combination
Chapter 968 War News
Chapter 969: The Great Red Servant and the Origin Order
Chapter 970 Hello
Chapter 971 Tianxing to Yuzi
Chapter nine hundred and seventy second divination cooperation
Chapter 973 You Guess
Chapter 974 Invincible Zhitian
Chapter 975 Word War
Nine hundred and seventieth chapters Origin Qi
Chapter nine hundred and seventy seventh Daoyuan three days and ten decisions
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-eight eyes open
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-ninth are all acquaintances
Chapter 980 His name is Lu Yin
Chapter 981: The Legend of the Cosmic Sea
Chapter 982 The Funeral Garden
Chapter 983 Provocation
Chapter nine hundred and eighty fourth not empty
Chapter 985 Perseverance
Chapter 986: The Great Reincarnation Technique
Chapter nine hundred and eighty seventh Top 100
Chapter 988 Lu Yin's trick
Nine hundred and eighty-ninth chapter sword light
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters sword of attack and defense
Chapter 991 Eternal Scene
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters forcibly erased
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters integrity and rewards
Chapter 994 Lu Yin VS Sword in the Stone
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters strange reason
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters poor old friend
Chapter nine hundred and ninety seventh kind person
Chapter 998 The strongest battlefield
Nine hundred and ninetieth nine chapters from
Chapter 1000 Lu Yin VS Ten True Martial Arts
Chapter 1001 Night King Opens Heaven
Chapter 1002 Farewell
Chapter 103: Obsession
Chapter 104: The celestial phenomenon disappears
Chapter 105: Destiny to Return
Chapter 1006: Despair and Awakening
Chapter 1007 Mechanical Ant Nest
The first thousand and eighth chapter wind and clouds
Chapter 1009 Bald old man
Chapter 1010 Brother and Brother
Chapter 1011 Meaning
Chapter 1012 Airline and Huijia
Chapter 1013 Return
Chapter 1014: Vibration
Chapter 1015 Planetary Warehouse
Chapter 1016 realized
Chapter 1017 merits and demerits
Chapter 1018: Sixteen Black Flames
Chapter 1019 Sounds the drums of war
Chapter 1020 Evolutionary foreign objects
Chapter 1021: Stone Stele Image
Chapter 1022nd night
Chapter 1023 The Great Sinner
Chapter 1024: Lu Yin's rights
Chapter 1025 Dispute
Chapter 1026 Ye Wang
Chapter 1027 Blockade
Chapter 1028 Windfall
Chapter 1029 Strange things
Chapter 1030 Ding Zhen
Chapter 1031: The Law of Clone
Chapter 1032: The fierce battle field
Chapter 1033 Continuous breakthrough
Chapter 1034: Coquettish Lily
Chapter 1035 Spare boat
Chapter 1036 Connected
Chapter 1037 Context
Chapter 1038: Peng Wangxing about the battle
Chapter 1039 Lu Yin VS Lansi
Chapter 1040 The power of the ten finals
Chapter 1041: Miserable Counterattack
Chapter 1042: Ruthless man
Chapter 1043 Lu Yin's smile
Chapter 1044: Galaxy Restoration
The first thousand and forty-five chapters did it
Chapter 1046 Lu Yin and Zhenwu Night King
Chapter 1047: Fire Alliance
Chapter 1048 Invitation
Chapter 1049: The White Night Strikes
Chapter 1050 The dog's leg
Chapter 1051 Fallen Branch
Chapter 1052 Deprivation
Chapter 1053 Banquet
The first thousand and fifty-four chapters comprehensive confrontation
Chapter 1055 Efficiency
The first thousand and fifty-six chapters skip grade assessment
Chapter 1057 Huigen
Chapter 1058 Return
Chapter 1059 waiting for a long time
Chapter 1060: White Night Flow World
Chapter 1061 Stubborn woman
Chapter 1062 Night King
Chapter 1063 Familiar taste
Chapter 1064: The Legend of the Night Watch Pavilion
Chapter 1065 Lu Yin's provocation
Chapter 1066 New legend
Chapter 1067 The Song of the Chiling Clan
The first thousand and sixty-eight chapters release and mind
Chapter 1069 Shock and calculation
Chapter 1070 Zhenwu Archery Skills
Chapter 1071 Desperate
Chapter 1072 You damn
Chapter 1073 Chaos
Chapter 1074 Deathmatch
Chapter 1075: Incomprehensible fierce fight
Chapter 1076 The only weakness
Chapter 1077 funeral song
Chapter 1078 Night King Doomsday
The first thousand and seventy-ninth chapter tenth meeting
Chapter 1080: Old Resentments and Qualifications
Chapter 1081 family
Chapter 1082 Qualification
Chapter 1083 The first miracle in the universe
Chapter 1084: Glory World
Chapter 1085 The Stolen Inheritance Stone
Chapter 1086 Cultural Exchange Place
Chapter 1087 Long Overpass
Chapter 1088: Fusion of combat skills
Chapter 1089 Choice
Chapter 1090 Tianxingzong
Chapter 1091 The way of promotion
The first thousand and ninety-two chapters drums shake the stars
Chapter 1093 experience
Chapter 1094 Sweeping Tianxingzong
Chapter 1095: Star Jade Bi
Chapter 1096 Mebis and Turtle
Chapter 1097 Jumping in line
Chapter 1098: Mountain and Sea Boundaries
The first thousand and ninety-ninth chapters the power of the ten finals
Chapter 1100 You are not worthy
Chapter 1101 Absolutely invincible
Chapter 1102 Lu Yin's Desire
Chapter 1103 Contribution
Chapter 1104 Fighting for life
Chapter 1105 Evil Character Secret
Chapter 1106 Promotion
The first thousand one hundred and seven chapters of the dead group
The first thousand one hundred and eighth chapters are so far away
Chapter 1109 Lu Yin and Shangqing
The first thousand one hundred and tenth chapters duel withered thunder
Chapter 1111 The unexpected person
Chapter 1112 Golden Curtain Stage
The 1113th chapter seabed competition
Chapter 1114 Lu Yin VS Jinhe
Chapter 1115 The Battle of Ten Finals
Chapter 1116 The doomed result
Chapter 1117 Lu Yin and the tearful girl
The first thousand one hundred and eighteen chapters
Chapter 1119 Remnants
Chapter 1120 Ancient Wars
Chapter 1121 Patterns
Chapter 1122: The Secret Technique of the Stars
Chapter 1123 Split Mountain and Inheritance
Chapter 1124: Five Mountains
The first thousand one hundred and twenty-five chapters of the funeral garden
Chapter 1126 Lu Yin VS Weeping
Chapter 1127 swallowed
Chapter 1128 The name of the ghost prince
Chapter 1129 You won
Chapter 1130 Xia Jiuyou
Chapter 1131: The Law of Nine Avatars
Chapter 1132 Fighting hard
Chapter 1133 Comprehensive suppression
Chapter 1134: The ultimate confrontation
Chapter 1135 chance
Chapter 1136 Black Coffin
Chapter 1137 Invincible Swordsmanship
Chapter 1138 Looking for a baby
The first thousand one hundred thirty-nine chapters for help text
Chapter 1140: The Thirteenth Sword
Chapter 1141 Wu Lingshen
Chapter 1142 declares war
Chapter 1143: Power and Use
Chapter 1144 Chen Zu Chen Zu
Chapter 1145 World Realm and Formation
The first thousand one hundred and forty-six chapters disappear
Chapter 1147 Captured and Shocked
The first thousand one hundred and forty-eight chapters
Chapter 1149 Eternal Kingdom
Chapter 1150 Choice
1151st chapter eternal life
Chapter 1152 Absorption
Chapter 1153 Breakthrough
Chapter 1154 The Perfect Weapon
Chapter 1155 A trivial matter
Chapter 1156 black and white fog
Chapter 1157 Seven-character Royal Court
The first thousand one hundred and fifty-eight chapters Chen Zu clone
The first thousand one hundred and fifty-ninth chapters let go
Chapter 1160 Gap and Conditions
Chapter 1161 Starry Sky Supreme Competition
Chapter 1162 Hou Ge
Chapter 1163 Blood Pond and Giant
The first thousand one hundred and sixty-four chapters pool bottom
Chapter 1165 Exposure
Chapter 1166 Breakthrough
Chapter 1167 The second talent
Chapter 1168 Siege
Chapter 1169: Point will
The first thousand one hundred and seventy chapters lead the way
Chapter 1171 Giants and Memory
The first thousand one hundred and seventy-two chapters
Chapter 1173 Bullying
The first thousand one hundred and seventy-four chapters attack
Chapter 1175 Attitude
Chapter 1176 Dead Underworld
Chapter 1177 News
Chapter 1178 Glory World
The first thousand one hundred and seventy-ninth chapters receive the world
Chapter 1180 The poison of life
Chapter 1181 Arbitration World
Chapter 1182: Trial
Chapter 1183 No Comments
The first thousand one hundred and eighty-four chapters
Chapter 1185 Star Alliance Boss
The first thousand one hundred and eighty-six chapters of the real alliance
Chapter 1187 Team Food Forest
The first thousand one hundred and eighty-eight chapters Lu Yin and the old man
The first thousand one hundred and eighty-nine chapters do not give up
Chapter 1190 Changtian Island Style
Chapter 1191 Director Xin
Chapter 1192 mushroom head
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-three chapters are farce
Chapter 1194 Death
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-five chapters of the original formation division
Chapter 1196 The pride of the interpreter
Chapter 1197 Context
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-eight chapters
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-ninth chapters
Chapter 1200 Kaiyuan Array
Chapter 1201 The end of the promenade
Chapter 1202 White Night Praise
The first thousand two hundred and three chapters point to the name of the platform
Chapter 1204 Countermeasures
Chapter 1205 The first disciple
Chapter 1206 Tianshi
Chapter 1207 First-class world
The first thousand two hundred and eighth chapter the battle to destroy the sect
The first thousand two hundred and nine chapters infighting
Chapter 1210 Lu Yin's Confidence
Chapter 1211: The Curtain of Sword Qi
Chapter 1212 Lu Yin and Liu Qianjue
Chapter 1213 Portal Plan
Chapter 1214 Sword Array
Chapter 1215 Requirements
Chapter 1216 Wendou
The first thousand two hundred and seventeen chapters jade all burnt
The first thousand two hundred and eighteen chapters unexpected help
Chapter 1219: Emperor Ice Continent
Chapter 1220 Formation Seal
Chapter 1221 Repair
Chapter 1222 temptation
The first thousand two hundred and twenty-three chapters use
Chapter 1224 The Lord of Yan Lan
Chapter 1225 Value
Chapter 1226 Exposure
Chapter 1227 Kirlov
Chapter 1228 Huizu logo
Chapter 1229 Extreme Ice Stone and Hanmen Army
Chapter 1230 Attack Attack
Chapter 1231 The Battle of the Fire Territory
Chapter 1232 Lu Yin and the Red Lord
Chapter 1233 Lu Yin fights the Red Lord
The first thousand two hundred and thirty-four chapters call the general
The first thousand two hundred and thirty-five chapters of the fire domain
Chapter 1236: Lu Yin's Self-esteem
Chapter 1237: Lu Yin's Status
Chapter 1238 Command
Chapter 1239 Supreme Mountain
Chapter 1240 Registration
Chapter 1241 Bright Starry Sky
The first thousand two hundred and forty-two chapters of the mentor's help
Chapter 1243 play big
The first thousand two hundred and forty-four chapters of the order of the division
The first thousand two hundred and forty-five chapters are rewarded by the master
The first thousand two hundred and forty-six chapters limit comprehension
Chapter 1247 Upper Realm
Chapter 1248 Prediction list
The first thousand two hundred and forty-nine chapters coincidence
Chapter 1250 Two Qing Dynasty
Chapter 1251 The situation
Chapter 1252 Friendship of the Ten Courts
Chapter 1253 Challenge
Chapter 1254 Lu Yin VS Son of Light
Chapter 1255 Lu Yin and Wu Taibai
The first thousand two hundred and fifty-six chapters shot
Chapter 1257 Declaration
The first thousand two hundred and fifty-eight chapters start the game
Chapter 1259 refers to the wind
Chapter 1260: Lu Yin's terror
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-one chapters can not help but life and death
Chapter 1262 a bunch of acquaintances
Chapter 1263 melee
Chapter 1264 Mebis and Lu Yin
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-five chapters Lu Yin's prestige
Chapter 1266 Attitude
Chapter 1267 Guess
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-eight chapters Lu Yin's standard
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-ninth chapters
Chapter 1270 Boring
1271st chapter old enemy
Chapter 1272 Invincible Chen Zu
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-three chapters of the sad reminder of Difa
Chapter 1274 The third fault
Chapter 1275 Strength and Luck
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-six chapters vision and pattern
Chapter 1277 The shame of the palace
One thousand two hundred and seventy-eight chapters strange combat skills
Chapter 1279 Kunze
The first thousand two hundred and eighty chapters are not worthy of the name
Chapter 1281 style
Chapter 1282 mood
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-three chapters horror spirit
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-four chapters exposed
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-fifth chapters of the power of the palm
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-six chapters can be drunk
Chapter 1287 Supreme Statue
Chapter 1288: The Sadness of the Times
Chapter 1289 How many punches?
Chapter 1290 Infinite Power
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-one chapters admit the monster
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-two chapters for their own name
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-three chapters drink the wine
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-four chapters
Chapter 1295 Know or not
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-six chapters magical means
Chapter 1297 Fangs
Chapter 1298 Lu Yin and Liu Tianmu
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-ninth chapters are screaming
Chapter 1300 can't count
Chapter 1301 Thirteen Swords
Chapter 1302 The Thirteenth Sword
Chapter 1303 Is it finished?
Chapter 1304: Hidden Talent
Chapter 1305 Top Ten
Chapter 1306 burning incense
Chapter 1307 Fair?
Chapter 1308 Diversion Diagram
Chapter 1309 Lu Yin VS Wang Yi
Chapter 1310 Invincible Chen Zu
Chapter 1311 Ancestor Pro
Chapter 1312: The Fourth Absolute
Chapter 1313 Invincible Combat Skills
Chapter 1314 completely suppressed
The first thousand three hundred and fifteen chapters five strong
Chapter 1316 Xia Jiuyou VS Lu Yin
Chapter 1317 join forces
Chapter 1318: Unknown talent
Chapter 1319: The Third Ancestral Qi
Chapter 1320 Desperate Battle
The first thousand three hundred and twenty-one chapters of death change
Chapter 1322 come together
Chapter 1323 Absolutely invincible
Chapter 1324 Arcana Reward
The first thousand three hundred and twenty-five chapters attempt
Chapter 1326 Backtracking
Chapter 1327 means
Chapter 1328 Income
The first thousand three hundred and twenty-nine chapters strike
Chapter 1330 encounter
Chapter 1331: Treasure of the Years
Chapter 1332 above the stars
Chapter 1333: One attack and one defense
Chapter 1334: Hidden Earth for help
The first thousand three hundred and thirty-five chapters go back to the academy
Chapter 1337 Exchange and study
Chapter 1338 sneak attack
Chapter 1339 Fusion
The first thousand three hundred and forty chapters leave a name without borders
The first thousand three hundred and forty-one chapters of the method of cultivation
Chapter 1342 The real universe
The first thousand three hundred and forty-three chapters
The first thousand three hundred and forty-four chapters put down
The first thousand three hundred and forty-five chapters Luoshen dance
Chapter 1,346 Jiang Chen
Chapter 1,347 Black Street
Chapter 1,348 Disappearance
Chapter 1,349 A strange place
Chapter 1,350 White Dragon Clan Long Qi
Chapter 1351 Hanxian Sect
Chapter 1,352 Lu Yin and Long Xi
Chapter 1,353 Promotion
Chapter 1,354 Baishan Bookstore
Chapter 1,355 Legend
Chapter 1,356 Seed Garden
Chapter 1,357 Shenwutian
Chapter 1,358 White Dragon Walks
Chapter 1,359 Rainbow Bridge
Chapter 1,360: Descend to the Mortal Realm
Chapter 1,361 White Dragon Turns Over
Chapter 1,362 Unbounded
Chapter 1,363 The Legend of Wutian
Chapter 1364: Poor Family
Chapter 1365 Yinshan District
Chapter 1,366 Yuchen
Chapter 1,368 The opportunity lies
Chapter 1,369 The Secret
Chapter 1,370 Confrontation
Chapter 1371 Expulsion
Chapter 1,372 Situation
Chapter 1,373 Style
Chapter 1,374 Continuous Arrests
Chapter 1,375 Favors
Chapter 1,376 That Sir
Chapter 1377 Encouragement
Chapter 1,378 Another acquaintance
Chapter 1,379 Bet
Chapter 1,380 Trust
Chapter 1,381 Retirement Time
Chapter 1,382 Evidence
Chapter 1,383 The Nine Gate Governors
Chapter 1,384 Righteous Speech
Chapter 1385 The Fourteenth Gate
Chapter 1,386 Sword Watching Monument
Chapter 1,387 Tasks and Rewards
Chapter 1,388 The woman surnamed Liu
Chapter 1,389 The Inheritance of the Sword Monument
Chapter 1,390 Crack
Chapter 1,391 Many inheritances
Chapter 1,392 Quiro
Chapter 1,393 Feijia Pass
Chapter 1,394 Masters from all sides
Chapter 1,395 Origin Tribulation
Chapter 1,396 Reward
Chapter 1,397 Jie Jing
Chapter 1,398 The battlefield behind
Chapter 1,399 Breaking Three Levels
Chapter 1400: Robbery Crystal Pillar
Chapter 1401 Changes
Chapter 1,402 Can I snatch it?
Chapter 1403: Flying Armor Formation
Chapter 1,404 Eccentricity
Chapter 1,405 Decisive
Chapter 1,406 The Dark Plot
Chapter 1,407 Leaked
Chapter 1,408 Wangzu Tower
Chapter 1,409 Mr. Sin
Chapter 1,410 Yixian Academy
Chapter 1,412 Encounter
Chapter 1,413 Young Ancestor Star
Chapter 1,414 Ambergris and Shortcuts
Chapter 1,415 Not particular
Chapter 1,416 A strange place
Chapter 1,417 What attitude?
Chapter 1,418 Small tricks
Chapter 1,419 Dominate the Realm
Chapter 1,420: Dry Rong Realm
Chapter 1,421 Reverse Growth
Chapter 1,422 Brother-in-laws Obligations
Chapter 1,423 Scoundrel
Chapter 1,424 The Survivors
Chapter 1,425 Lingxu Umbrella
Chapter 1,426 Efficiency
Chapter 1,427 The long-lost weapon
Chapter 1,428 This is enough
Chapter 1,429 Extreme Strength
Chapter 1,430 Pretending to be dead
Chapter 1,431 Exposed
Chapter 1,432 Origin
Chapter 1,433 Familiar Place
Chapter 1,434 The robbery begins
Chapter 1,435 Stowaway??
Chapter 1,436 Take action
Chapter 1,437 The Power of the Supreme
Chapter 1,438 Invincible Reappears
Chapter 1,439 Black Death
Chapter 1,440 Trophies
Chapter 1441 My surname is Lu
Chapter 1,442 Life Experience
Chapter 1,443 The Big World
Chapter 1,444 Can you act?
Chapter 1,445 Return
Chapter 1,446 Continuous Integration
Chapter 1,447 Seven Body Shaping Exercises
Chapter 1,448 Crazy Improvement
Chapter 1,449 Sanliangs Ambition
Chapter 1,450 Qingchen Mountain
Chapter 1451: Restless
Chapter 1,452 Acting Sect Leader
Chapter 1,453 Nine Gates
Chapter 1,454 Sect Master??
Chapter 1,455 Return to Huaiyuan
Chapter 1,456 Ladder
Chapter 1,457 Bluffing
Chapter 1,458 Polarization
Chapter 1,459 Star Source Liquid
Chapter 1,460 Nutrient
Chapter 1,461 The God of Plague
Chapter 1,462 Purpose
Chapter 1,463 Jade Butterflys Plot
Chapter 1,464 Take action
Chapter 1465: Forced and Unjust
Chapter 1,466 The Promised Place
Chapter 1468: Running so far
The first thousand four hundred and sixty-ninth chapters break through the enlightenment
Chapter 1,470 Go back by yourself
Chapter 1,471 Surname Lu
Chapter 1,472 Competition
Chapter 1,473 Unknown Information
Chapter 1,474 Argument
Chapter 1,475 You are the dark child
Chapter 1,476 Seed Garden
Chapter 1,477 Tree Lotus Vine and Grass
Chapter 1478: Thrive
Chapter 1,479 Big-faced Tree
Chapter 1,480 History
Chapter 1,481 Heavy
Chapter 1,482 Red Garden
Chapter 1,483 Authority
Chapter 1,484 The Madmans Obsession
Chapter 1,485 Mutation
Chapter 1,486 Infinite Power
Chapter 1,487 Longshan
Chapter 1,488 Anteater
Chapter 1,489 The Second Formation Base
Chapter 1,490 General Headquarters
Chapter 1,491 Alternative Group
Chapter 1,492 Yun Luyi
Chapter 1,493 Protocone
Chapter 1,495 White Frame
Chapter 1,496 Ksitigarbha Needle
Chapter 1,497 Humanoid Origin Tribulation
Chapter 1,498 Tracking
Chapter 1499: Patrolling Flower Houses
Chapter 1,500 The Second Formation
Chapter 1501 Qingzhuhou
Chapter 1502: All means are used
Chapter 1503 Warring States Period
Chapter 1,504 The Relics of the Lu Family
Chapter 1505 New World
Chapter 1506 Desolation
Chapter 1507 The Secret Technique of Burning Ink
Chapter 1508 Bai Wushen
Chapter 1509 Combat Wisdom
Chapter 1510: Ancient Ancestor Inheritance
Chapter 1512 Human Hope
Chapter 1513 Rescue
Chapter 1514 Large-Scale War
Chapter 1515 Xiangcheng and the Remaining Army
Chapter 1516 Folding Mountains
Chapter 1517 Tu Shao
Chapter 1518 Seven Heroes
Chapter 1,519 Bastard Lu
Chapter 1520 Wan Zhiyi
Chapter 1521 Crisis
Chapter 1522 Oath
Chapter 1,523 What did you do?
Chapter 1524 Leaving
Chapter 1525 Ultron Realm
Chapter 1,526 The Ancient Master
Chapter 1527 Adventure King
Chapter 1528 Humanoid Original Treasure
Chapter 1529: Apprenticeship to the Governor-General
Chapter 1530: Breath Collection Stone
Chapter 1531 The Death of Young Ancestor
Chapter 1532 Very direct
Chapter 1533 Intelligence
Chapter 1534 Names and taboos
Chapter 1535: The Name of the Hidden Earth
Chapter 1536 Is it complicated?
Chapter 1537 Things must turn against each other at their extremes
Chapter 1538 Arrogance
Chapter 1539 Height
Chapter 1540 Ancestral Dragon Altar
Chapter 1541: Blessing from the Dragon Ancestor
Chapter 1542 Stable Radius
Chapter 1543: Playing against the Heavenly Master
Chapter 1,544 Shocking Conquests
Chapter 1545: What the hell
Chapter 1,546 Shocking Change
Chapter 1547 The Battle of Longshan
Chapter 1548 The truth about Quero
Chapter 1549 My name
Chapter 1,550 The Invincible God of Death
Chapter 1551 The Holy Method of Healing
Chapter 1552: Heart-killing
Chapter 1553: Zhu Tongs name
Chapter 1554 Leaving
Chapter 1555 Return
Chapter 1556 New Followers
Chapter 1557 Experience
Chapter 1558: Lifelong Career
Chapter 1,559 Cultivation Master
Chapter 1560 Record
Chapter 1561 Ancient Spirit Sea
Chapter 1562: Chess Game
Chapter 1563 Death Force Field
Chapter 1564 Giant Technology
Chapter 1565 Senior Brother?
Chapter 1566: Ups and downs
Chapter 1567 Black Street
Chapter 1568: Offended
Chapter 1569 Sincerity
Chapter 1570 The man behind the scenes
Chapter 1571 He is coming
Chapter 1572 Cant be broken
Chapter 1,573 The inheritance of mountains and seas
Chapter 1574 Aurora Fortress
Chapter 1575 Transaction
Chapter 1576 Blood stains
Chapter 1,577 A smooth breakthrough
Chapter 1578 Microarray Technology
Chapter 1579 The original debt
Chapter 1580 Disciple
Chapter 1581 The road you want
Chapter 1,582 Foot Patterns
Chapter 1,583 Helpless
Chapter 1584 Brother Hou
Chapter 1585 The Truth
Chapter 1586 Smoke and Smoke
Chapter 1587 The Harvest Begins
Chapter 1588 Return
Chapter 1589 Confrontation
Chapter 1590 Influence
Chapter 1,591 Fengliu Realm
Chapter 1592 Impermanence
Chapter 1593 Star Source Pill
Chapter 1,594 Visitors from Foreign Lands
Chapter 1595 Hidden Seed
Chapter 1596: Qizong
Chapter 1597 The River of Death
Chapter 1598 Arrow Sect
Chapter 1599 Changes
Chapter 1,600 The inheritance of the Wen family
Chapter 1601 Staring
Chapter 1,602 Breaking in
Chapter 1603 Kunze
Chapter 1604 Landscape Map
Chapter 1605 Big Giant
Chapter 1,606 Lu Yins surprise
Chapter 1,607 The Blood of Ancestor Chen
Chapter 1,608 Twist of Fate
Chapter 1,609 The Melancholy Giant
Chapter 1,610 To be or not to be
Chapter 1611 Uneasiness
Chapter 1612: Blending in
Chapter 1613 Time is up
Chapter 1614 Control
Chapter 1615: Rich
Chapter 1616 Mystery
Chapter 1,617 Attack
Chapter 1618: Strange elixir
Chapter 1,619 Preparing for War
Chapter 1,620: Borrowing Strength to Fight
Chapter 1621: Future Disaster
Chapter 1,622 The Real Enemy
Chapter 1,623 The Battle of the Four Hegemons
Chapter 1624: Position
Chapter 1,625 Giant Crisis
Chapter 1626 Arrival
Chapter 1,627 Backhand
Chapter 1,628 Who is it?
Chapter 1,629 Powerful Clone
Chapter 1,630 Reasons
Chapter 1631 Price
Chapter 1,632 The path chosen
Chapter 1633 Landscape Map
Chapter 1,634 The non-existent person
Chapter 1,635 The whereabouts of the giant
Chapter 1,636 Transaction
Chapter 1,637 Meeting Neptune Again
Chapter 1,638 Contradiction
Chapter 1,639: Frank and Honest
Chapter 1,640 Reunion
Chapter 1641 Three Cards
Chapter 1,642 Burden
One thousand six hundred and forty-three. I want it.
Chapter 1,644 The Dragon Lord Surrenders
Chapter 1,645 Give it a try
Chapter 1,646 The Lord of Yanlan
Chapter 1647 Lu Yin and Madam Hong
Chapter 1,648 Strange Transaction
Chapter 1,649 Lu Wuxiao
Chapter 1650: Heaven and earth live together
Chapter 1651 Challenge
Chapter 1,652 The Strange Sword
Chapter 1,653 Sword to Sword
Chapter 1,654 Back to Face
Chapter 1,655 Returning to the Sword
Chapter 1,656 Ancient Netherworld
Chapter 1,657 The Battle of Destruction
Chapter 1,658 That breath
Chapter 1,659 Ruins
Chapter 1,660 The Power of the Ancestral Realm
Chapter 1,661 Matchmaking
Chapter 1,662 Traction
Chapter 1,663 Cold Immortal Pond
Chapter 1664: Terrible and powerful enemy
Chapter 1,665 A complete alarm
Chapter 1,666 Asking the Ancestors to Take Action
Chapter 1,667 Trial
Chapter 1668: Detention
Chapter 1669: Bottom of the Cold Immortal Pond
Chapter 1,670 Equivalent Exchange
Chapter 1671 See the sign again
Chapter 1,672 Disappearance
Chapter 1673 Bathing Pool
Chapter 1,674 Shattering Arrogance
Chapter 1,675 Bloody Starry Sky
Chapter 1,676 All Essentials
Chapter 1,677 Missing
Chapter 1,678 Progress
Chapter 1,679 Breath of Life
Chapter 1,680 I beat him up
Chapter 1,681: The brilliance of the plum blossoms
Chapter 1,682 Prison Master
Chapter 1,683 Can I regret it?
Chapter 1,684 Effective
Chapter 1,685 Not Bitter
Chapter 1686: Send you on your way
Chapter 1,687 Strong
Chapter 1,688 The Real Controller
Chapter 1,689 Control
Chapter 1,690 Hiding
Chapter 1691 Tail
Chapter 1,692 Beaten
Chapter 1693 Return
Chapter 1,694: Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 1,695 The Light of Money
Chapter 1,696 A strange place
Chapter 1,697 Small Sapling
Chapter 1,698 Guess
Chapter 1699 Unknown
Chapter 1,700 Distinguished Guest
Chapter 1701 There is a problem
Chapter 1702: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 1,703 Eternal Life
Chapter 1,704 Annihilation
Chapter 1,705 The True Martial Arts
Chapter 1,706 Return to Chuangtianyuan
Chapter 1,707 Determination
Chapter 1,708 The First Boundary Mountain
Chapter 1,709 Sedan Chair
Chapter 1,710 Route
Chapter 1,711 Opportunity
Chapter 1,712 Control
Chapter 1,713 A city
Chapter 1,714 Control and Cooperation
Chapter 1,715 Lu Yin and Little Leo
Chapter 1,716 Real Man
Chapter 1,717 Broken
Chapter 1,718 Aspiring Young People
Chapter 1,719 Substantial Thinking
Chapter 1,720 Wei Xi
Chapter 1,721 The Third Fleet
Chapter 1,722 Encounter
Chapter 1,723 Conversation with the Trek Army
Chapter 1,724 True and False
Chapter 1,725 Why is it gone?
Chapter 1,726 Identity
Chapter 1,727 The Meaning of the Ancestor Sutra
Chapter 1,728 Changes
Chapter 1,729 Turbidity
Chapter 1,730 Cooperation
Chapter 1,731 The Secret Art of Walking
Chapter 1,732 New Conditions
Chapter 1,733 Kui and Luo
Chapter 1,734 He is Junior Brother
Chapter 1,735 Right, Wrong and Fairness
Chapter 1,736 A strange junior student
Chapter 1,737 The Magical Earth
Chapter 1,738: Habitually going crazy
Chapter 1,739 Inspiring Destiny
Chapter 1,740 Time Limit
Chapter 1,741 A big plan
Chapter 1,742 Outside the battlefield
Chapter 1,743 Long-standing concerns
Chapter 1,744 A Chance Encounter
Chapter 1,745 Bubbles
Chapter 1,746 That back view
Chapter 1747: Interest comes first
Chapter 1,748 Serious
Chapter 1,749 Shocking Event
Chapter 1,750 Sharing Intelligence
Chapter 1,751 Bait
Chapter 1,752 Fame and Fortune
Chapter 1,753 Joining the Alliance
Chapter 1,754 Ideal of Life
Chapter 1,755 The opponent is the most important
Chapter 1,756 Gu Liu Realm
Chapter 1,757 Green Grass
Chapter 1,758 Specialties
Chapter 1,759 Tit for tat
Chapter 1,760 Lu Yins Gift
Chapter 1,761: Demagoguery
Chapter 1,762 Maximum Consumption
Chapter 1,763 Yige
Chapter 1,764 So rich?
Chapter 1,765 Packing
Chapter 1,766 The Caixing Disappears
Chapter 1,767 Sky-high Price Information
Chapter 1,768 Visit
Chapter 1,769 That little flower
Chapter 1,770 Crimson Prison
Chapter 1,771 Wireless Gu
Chapter 1,772 Testing each other
Chapter 1,773 Provocation
Chapter 1774: Stubborn Stone
Chapter 1,775 Confession
Chapter 1,776 A bright future
Chapter 1,777 The evidence is conclusive
Chapter 1,778 The generals surname will eventually be Lu
Chapter 1,779 Merits and Faults
Chapter 1,780 A small fortune
Chapter 1,781 The so-called distance
Chapter 1,782: Chain Plan
Chapter 1783: My own principles
Chapter 1,784 Welcome to Competition
Chapter 1,785 Weird Face
Chapter 1,786 Big Event
Chapter 1,787 Ancestor Chen??
Chapter 1,788 Inner Universe Integration
Chapter 1,789 Bloodshed in the Starry Sky
Chapter 1,790 The Lu Familys Secret Skills
Chapter 1,791 The Gate of the Burial Garden
Chapter 1,792 Fruit
Chapter 1,793 Invisible Tracking
Chapter 1,794 I can do it
Chapter 1,795 Caution
Chapter 1,796 What went wrong
Chapter 1,797 Jiuhan
Chapter 1,798 Trapped
Chapter 1,799 Quantity
Chapter 1800 Tea Mountain
Chapter 1801: Wandering Corpse
Chapter 1802 Blood-stained Clothes
Chapter 1803 Sneak Attack
Chapter 1804 Solution
Chapter 1805: Divination Method
Chapter 1806 Swallowing Tianyan
Chapter 1807 Kongming Palm
Chapter 1808 Water God Dojo
Chapter 1809 Current Situation
Chapter 1810 Chilling
Chapter 1811 The Legend of the Burial Garden
Chapter 1812 Queros shock
Chapter 1813 Yangkong
Chapter 1814 A strange old place
Chapter 1815 Lie Yanzi
Chapter 1816 Sense of Presence
Chapter 1817 Control Methods
Chapter 1818: Full
Chapter 1819: Time has withered our ancestors
Chapter 1820 Re-entry
Chapter 1821 Praying Statue
Chapter 1822 Infinite Realm
Chapter 1823 Hua Wu
Chapter 1824: Keep your word
Chapter 1825 Poison Hair
Chapter 1826 Cycle Improvement
Chapter 1827 Ancestral Turtle
Chapter 1828 Meeting Ceremony
Chapter 1829: Alliance
Chapter 1830 Removal
Chapter 1831 Lu Yin and Ye Wang
Chapter 1832 New Director
Chapter 1833 Reminder
Chapter 1834 Crisis
Chapter 1835 Struggle
Chapter 1836 Testing
Chapter 1837: Means of Escape
Chapter 1838 Why is the surname Lu?
Chapter 1839 Direct Line and Collateral Line
Chapter 1840 The Immovable King Elephant
Chapter 1841 Dreaming
Chapter 1842 Again
Chapter 1843 Wutian Inheritance
Chapter 1844 Corps
Chapter 1845 Reasons
Chapter 1846: Floating
Chapter 1847 Lord
Chapter 1848 The Origin of the Cultivation Technique
Chapter 1849: Chess Game and Surprise
Chapter 1850 Disc and Knife
Chapter 1851: Sneak Attack
Chapter 1852 Northern Crisis
Chapter 1853 I took it
Chapter 1854: The War of the North
Chapter 1855 Determination
Chapter 1856 The war officially begins
Chapter 1857 Shadow Assassination
Chapter 1858 Shocking Battle
Chapter 1859: Guessing the Bottom Line
Chapter 1860 Back View
Chapter 1861 Facing
Chapter 1862 Rescue
Chapter 1863: Fire Breathing
Chapter 1864 Infinite Fear
Chapter 1865 Image
Chapter 1866: Peak of Enlightenment
Chapter 1867: Soles of the Feet
Chapter 1868 Strange Corpse
Chapter 1869: Intimidation from Comrades
Chapter 1870 The ultimate trap
Chapter 1871 Helping Hand
Chapter 1872 Gardener
Chapter 1873 Transaction
Chapter 1874 The Ancestor of Xufuyou
Chapter 1875 Hidden Means
Chapter 1876 Lan Xian
Chapter 1877: Overcoming the Tribulation
Chapter 1878 Expansion
Chapter 1879: One Punch
Chapter 1880 The Invincible Man
Chapter 1881: Reverse Time and Space
Chapter 1882 The melting pot of heaven and earth
Chapter 1883 Who is invincible?
Chapter 1884: Breaking and Sealing
Chapter 1885 Overlap
Chapter 1886 Waiting
Chapter 1887: Alcoholic
Chapter 1888 Attitude
Chapter 1889: Mental Flaw
Chapter 1890 Strategy Achieved
Chapter 1891 Deduction
Chapter 1892 Lu Yins Attitude
Chapter 1893 Who would have thought
Chapter 1894 Harvest and Points
Chapter 1895 The Arrow Sect is in a desperate situation
Chapter 1896: Difference in Destiny
Chapter 1897 News of vomiting blood
Chapter 1898 Chaos
Chapter 1899: Departure
Chapter 1900: Cage of Ten Thousand Beasts
Chapter 1901: Things you shouldnt read
Chapter 1902 Who is this?
Chapter 1903 How big a deal is it?
Chapter 1904 The Legend of the Ancestor
Chapter 1905: Taking off the mask
Chapter 1906 Dragon Gate Realm
Chapter 1907: Destroy Nanyuan
Chapter 1908 High-End Ideal
Chapter 1909 Crazy Big Tree
Chapter 1910 Uncle Tree
Chapter 1911 Qingtian City
Chapter 1912 Xi Shuang
Chapter 1913: Slap in the face
Chapter 1914 Its over
Chapter 1915 Warning
Chapter 1916 The Reasonable Madman
Chapter 1917 Location
Chapter 1918: Rain falls on white flowers
Chapter 1919: A hundred secrets and a sparse
Chapter 1920: Follow Lu Yin
Chapter 1921 Strange Metals
Chapter 1922: Hot Sister
Chapter 1923 Is it still far away?
Chapter 1924 An Shuixing
Chapter 1925 Death Face
Chapter 1926 Big Seal
Chapter 1927 Knock on the door
Chapter 1928: Great Wise Ruo Fool
Chapter 1929: Guessing and Trading
Chapter 1930 Strange Thunder
Chapter 1931 Another kind of brilliance
Chapter 1932 Source
Chapter 1933: The Ever-changing Netherworld
Chapter 1934: Not giving face
Chapter 1935 Trial
Chapter 1936 The Truth
Chapter 1937 Lu Yins Will
Chapter 1938: Strange Treasure Styx
Chapter 1939 Star Luo Territory
Chapter 1940 Lu Yin visits
Chapter 1941 Purpose
Chapter 1942: Looking for trouble
Chapter 1943 Regret
Chapter 1944: To prove innocence
Chapter 1945 The Realm of Regret
Chapter 1946 The Vast Bone Plains
Chapter 1947 The real evil family
Chapter 1948 Tiandou
Chapter 1949 Gift
Chapter 1950: Survival can come from desperate situation
Chapter 1951 New Armor
Chapter 1952 Success and Change
Chapter 1953 Confession
Chapter 1954 Secret Relationship
Chapter 1955 Common Language
Chapter 1956 Collection
Chapter 1957: Unattainable
Chapter 1958 The Fifth Tower
Chapter 1959 Nine Levels of Inheritance
Chapter 1960: Fuze Enlightenment
Chapter 1961: Clearing up Doubts
Chapter 1962: Clover World
Chapter 1963 Healing and Creation
Chapter 1964: Strange Wood
Chapter 1965 Lu Yin fights King Ye
Chapter 1966 The truth about King Ye
Chapter 1967 Little Mother Tree
Chapter 1968 Absorption
Chapter 1969: Hundreds of Billions
Chapter 1970 Abyss of the Sea
Chapter 1971 The God of Plague
Chapter 1972 Cause and Effect and Goodness
Chapter 1973 One word
Chapter 1974: Never See You in This Lifetime
Chapter 1975: Home of the Gods
Chapter 1976 Location
Chapter 1977 Take action
Chapter 1978: Retribution will eventually come
Chapter 1979 Comparison of strength
Chapter 1980 Continuous Integration
Chapter 1981 Attack
Chapter 1982 The Legend of the Lu Family
Chapter 1983 That Place
Chapter 1984 Lost Things
Chapter 1985: The power of hiding in the earth
Chapter 1986 Borrowing Money
Chapter 1987: The Favor of Half a Master
Chapter 1988 Completion and Opening
Chapter 1989 Rules
Chapter 1990: Digging out a inheritance
Chapter 1991 Request
Chapter 1992 Attitude
Chapter 1993 Yan Liujie
Chapter 1994: On the verge of breaking out
Chapter 1995 Melting
Chapter 1996 Long-lost old friend
Chapter 1997 Right and Wrong
Chapter 1998 Drunk
Chapter 1999 Gaze
Chapter 2000 Replacing Liu Shaoge
Chapter 2001 The Truth
Chapter 2002 Replacement Again
Chapter 2003: Try to be as gentle as possible
Chapter 2004: Dramatic Changes in Boundary Mountain
Chapter 2005 Early start
Chapter 2006 Drained
Chapter 2007: Lets go down together
Chapter 2008 Showdown
Chapter 2009 Uneasiness
Chapter 2010 Frozen
Chapter 2011 Wu Xing
Chapter 2012 Time and space combat skills
Chapter 2013 Carrying the tribulation
Chapter 2014 The only chance of victory
Chapter 2015 The Lu Familys Money Bag
Chapter 2016 The Lu Family and Mavis
Chapter 2017 Assembly
Chapter 2018 Recovery
Chapter 2019 Optimus Prime
Chapter 2020 Influence
Chapter 2021 Decisive Battle
Chapter 2022: Rush over
Chapter 2023: Here with me
Chapter 2024 Nemesis
Chapter 2025: Win once
Chapter 2026 Weird
Chapter 2027 Earth Encounter
Chapter 2028: Successfully deciphering the language
Chapter 2029 Team Yi
Chapter 2030 A Thread
Chapter 2031 The Era of Tianshang Sect
Chapter 2032 Michiko
Chapter 2033 Eat slowly
Chapter 2034 Make a deal
Chapter 2035: Mouth is short of mouth
Chapter 2036 People from the Lu Family
Chapter 2037 The Flow of Fate
Chapter 2038 The Name of Jialan
Chapter 2039 Who is it again?
Chapter 2040 Death Disciple
Chapter 2041: Stealing the Harem
Chapter 2042 Talent Backlash
Chapter 2043 Dignity and Times
Chapter 2044: From the Nan family?
Chapter 2045 Heavy Injury
Chapter 2046 Fear
Chapter 2047 Choice
Chapter 2048 Lu Family Daozi
Chapter 2049 The Secret of the Taoist Master
Chapter 2050 Two Lives
Chapter 2051 Two wishes
Chapter 2052 Be my disciple
Chapter 2053 Re-entering Daoyuan Sect
Chapter 2054 Chu Yuan and He Luo
Chapter 2055: Justifying the Times
Chapter 2056: Endurance Limit
Chapter 2057 Equal Status
Chapter 2058 Conjecture
Chapter 2059 The Present World
Chapter 2060 Collapse
Chapter 2061 Statue of the Ancestor
Chapter 2062 Disappearance
Chapter 2063 The Sword of the Ancestor
Chapter 2064 The Past
Chapter 2065 Responsibility
Chapter 2066: Outstanding People
Chapter 2067 A Civilization
Chapter 2068 I am human
Chapter 2069 The Continent Collapse
Chapter 2070 Eagle and Fish
Chapter 2071 The Power of Time
Chapter 2072 Tidal Flat
Chapter 2073 Twenty Years
Chapter 2074 Changes
Chapter 2075 High Profile
Chapter 2076: Walking on behalf of Heaven
Chapter 2077 Thinking about life
Chapter 2078 Troubled Times
Chapter 2079 Stability
Chapter 2080 Internal and external cultivation
Chapter 2081: Time flies by
Chapter 2082 The next batch
Chapter 2083 Take action
Chapter 2084: Bad things
Chapter 2085: Unparalleled Talents
Chapter 2086 Testing
Chapter 2087 Slippers
Chapter 2088 Provocation
Chapter 2089 Dispensational Theory
Chapter 2090: Stars in the Sky
Chapter 2091 Gap
Chapter 2092: Shocking
Chapter 2093 Throw it out
Chapter 2094 The Battle for Speed
Chapter 2095 Lu Yin and Chu Yuan
Chapter 2096: Erased Time
Chapter 2097 Changes
Chapter 2098 Death Reappears
Chapter 2099 Eight Star Talent
Chapter 2010 Spatial Memory
Chapter 20101 Why should I take it?
Chapter 20102 One Finger
Chapter 20103 The Wheel of Life
Chapter 2, 100, 4, The Only Michiko
Chapter 20105 Evidence
Chapter 20106 Footsteps
Chapter 20107 Going Home
Chapter 20108 That boy
Chapter 20109 Blood Refining Technique
Chapter 20110 Bone Grafter
Chapter 2011 Lu Yin and Ming Nu
Chapter 20112 Three steps
Chapter 20113 The Founding Ancestor
Chapter 20114: Stealing the Star Source
Chapter 20115 The Shadow of the Past
Chapter 20116 Ancient Breath
Chapter 20117: Breakthrough
Chapter 20118 Seal
Chapter 20119 Mirror
Chapter 2012: Wei Yin Jue
Chapter 20121 Response
Chapter 20122 Ancestor Wu
Chapter 20123 Xi Wei
Chapter 20124: Take a swipe
Chapter 20125: Things about Daoyuan Sect
Chapter 20126 The Great Goddess
Chapter 20127 Huge Harvest
Chapter 20128 Wu Zus Mountains and Seas
Chapter 20129 Forgetting Time
Chapter 2013 Who are you?
Chapter 20131 Traitor of the Lu Family
Chapter 20132 Madman
Chapter 20133 The culprit
Chapter 20134 Opening Ceremony
Chapter 20135 Opportunity
Chapter 20136 Establishing Prestige
Chapter 20137: Absolute Path
Chapter 20138 Summation
Chapter 20139 The Book of Destiny
Chapter 2014: Did something wrong?
Chapter 20141 Confession
Chapter 20142: Revisiting old matters
Chapter 20143 Former Name
Chapter 20144 Crazy Dean
Chapter 20145 Cause and Effect
Chapter 20146 The level is too high
Chapter 20147 Where is the peak?
Chapter 20148 The Ancestor Arrives
Chapter 20149: Skyrocketing Cultivation
Chapter 2015: The Evil Family and the Book of Immortality
Chapter 20151 Three Things
Chapter 20152 The Ancient Times
Chapter 20153 Make Up
Chapter 20154 An old friend who lost his memory
Chapter 20155 The Power of Time
Chapter 20156 Missing Lu Yin
Chapter 20157 Heavenly Army
Chapter 20158 Infinite Realm
Chapter 20159 Reality turns into emptiness
Chapter 20160 The Power of Double Pupils
Chapter 20161 Lu Yins Ambition
Chapter 20162: Wrongful Identity
Chapter 20163 Goodbye Hei Wushen
Chapter 20164 Exposed
Chapter 20165 Severed Finger
Chapter 20166 Siege
Chapter 20167 The Left Arm of Death
Chapter 20168: Pay and Gain
Chapter 20169 Senior Brother??
Chapter 20170 Not Qualified
Chapter 20171 Fun
Chapter 20172 The Tribulation Begins
Chapter 20173 Wangzu Louzhu
Chapter 20174 Water Bag
Chapter 20175 An incomprehensible finger
Chapter 20176 Means
Chapter 20177 The Meeting of Changes
Chapter 20178 Restriction
Chapter 20179 Influence
Chapter 20180 Detoxification
Chapter 20181 My former self
Chapter 20182 Miserable
Chapter 20183 Yixian District
Chapter 20184 Yes or No
Chapter 20185 Young and Promising
Chapter 20186 Academy
Chapter 20187 Mr. Haoyu
Chapter 20188 Shizhu Report
Chapter 20189 Class Hours
Chapter 20190 Exploration
Chapter 20191 Living together?
Chapter 20192 All changes return to unity
Chapter 20193 Edge
Chapter 20194 Deja Vu
Chapter 20195 Competition
Chapter 20196 Come back after seeing clearly
Chapter 20197 Mr. Wei
Chapter 20198 Identity Exposed
Chapter 2019: Chess Game
Chapter 20200 Fairness and Disparity
Chapter 20201 Guess
Chapter 20202 Little Master
Chapter 20203 Old Servant
Chapter 20204 Burial
Chapter 20205: Coercion and inducement
Chapter 20206 Commission
Chapter 20207 Clues
Chapter 20208 Assassination
Chapter 20209 Take Action
Chapter 20210 Traces
Chapter 20211 The Past
Chapter 20212 Suspicion
Chapter 20213 Destruction
Chapter 20214 Shock
Chapter 20215 Crush
Chapter 20216 New Thoughts
Chapter 20217 Origin
Chapter 20218: Concealing the truth
Chapter 20219 Exaggerated Improvement
Chapter 20220: Reverse Time and Space
Chapter 20221 Search
Chapter 20222 Inquiry
Chapter 20223: Improvisation
Chapter 20224: Captured
Chapter 20225 Spearhead
Chapter 20226 The Second Sword
Chapter 20227 Temptation
Chapter 20228 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 20229: Speculation and Alliance
Chapter 20230 Reunion
Chapter 20231: Going with the flow
Chapter 20232 An old friend who has experienced vicissitudes of life
Chapter 20233 Repeatedly
Chapter 20234 Confrontation
Chapter 20235: Catalog of the Gods
Chapter 20236: There is a Master
Chapter 20237 Transfer
Chapter 20238 A Book
Chapter 20239 Pure
Chapter 20240 Get
Chapter 20241 Deadline
Chapter 20242 Bloodbath
Chapter 20243 Bloody Formation Base
Chapter 20244 Active Control
Chapter 20245 Means
Chapter 20246: Attacking Farmers
Chapter 20247 Seems fair
Chapter 20248 Hiding the Red Back
Chapter 20249 Wonderful Fairy
Chapter 20250 San'a's Desperate Situation
Chapter 20251 Qualification Training
Chapter 20252 Combination
Chapter 20253 Unable to Understand
Chapter 20254 Seeing Mountains and Seas Again
Chapter 20255 Lu Yin and Wang Fan
Chapter 20256 Is it sloppy?
Chapter 20257 Zu Mang Blood Pool
Chapter 20258 Gap
Chapter 20259 Collision between Longshan
Chapter 20260 Old Case
Chapter 20261 Too cruel
Chapter 20262 Colorful Fawn
Chapter 20263 Lies Exposed
Chapter 20264 Life Experience
Chapter 20265 Two Choices
Chapter 20266 A Piece of Soil
Chapter 20267: Heaven Beyond Heaven
Chapter 20268 Horror
Chapter 20269 Lets go
Chapter 20,270: Step by Step to Immortality
Chapter 20271 Shocking the Starry Sky
Chapter 20272 New?
Chapter 20273 Winning over
Chapter 20274 Yunlin Tower
Chapter 20275 Lu Yin and Bai Wangyuan
Chapter 20276 Yu Haos Loyalty
Chapter 20277 Side 1
Chapter 20278: The Realm of Evil
Chapter 20279 Value
Chapter 20280 New Subject
Chapter 20281 The Realm of the Palm
Chapter 20282 Immortal Warrior
Chapter 20283 Drawing the Sword
Chapter 20284 Please draw your sword
Chapter 20285 Disposal
Chapter 20286 Exposed
Chapter 20287: Concerns and Transactions
Chapter 20288 Innocence
Chapter 20289 No excuse
Chapter 20290 Dance
Chapter 20291 Arrival at Shenwutian
Chapter 20292 Battle with Half Ancestor
Chapter 20293 Must Kill
Chapter 20294: Killing the Half-Ancestor
Chapter 20295 Domineering Figure
Chapter 20,296 Bare teeth and claws
Chapter 20297 Xia Shenji
Chapter 20298 What is an ancestor?
Chapter 20299 Ancestral World
Chapter 20300 I guarantee it
Chapter 2301 The Shackles of Time
Chapter 2302 Trial
Chapter 2303 Whose territory?
Chapter 2304 Taming
Chapter 2305 The method of nine clones
Chapter 2306 Prestige
Chapter 2307 The Second Knife
Chapter 2308 The Lively Supreme Mountain
Chapter 2309: Half of Gou Lian
Chapter 2310: Hateful Attitude
Chapter 2311 An opportunity
Chapter 2312 Huge Fish
Chapter 2313 Strange Ancestor
Chapter 2314 Take Action
Chapter 2315 Back to Face
Chapter 2316 Cooperation in Combat
Chapter 2317 The most familiar stranger
Chapter 2318 Arrangement
Chapter 2319 That Space
Chapter 2,320 Kojin
Chapter 2321 Appearance
Chapter 2322 Preparing for War
Chapter 2323 Return
Chapter 2324 Blessing
Chapter 2325: Cant Count
Chapter 2326 Confirmation
Chapter 2327 Arrival
Chapter 2328 Summoning Generals to the Ancestral Realm
Chapter 2329 Unfathomable
Chapter 2330 Gathering
Chapter 2331 One Person
Chapter 2332 Star Explosion
Chapter 2333 This moment
Chapter 2334: Strike first to gain the upper hand
Chapter 2335: Die together
Chapter 2336 Admiration
Chapter 2337 Negotiation
Chapter 2338 Three High Fives in the Starry Sky
Chapter 2339 Recognition
Chapter 2340 Land and Heaven Realm
Chapter 2341 Oppression
Chapter 2342 Big Event
Chapter 2343 Back
Chapter 2344 Swaggering
Chapter 2345 The Way of War
Chapter 2346 Officially Taking Over
Chapter 2347 Testing
Chapter 2348 Questioning
Chapter 2349 The God of Forgotten Ruins Attacks
Chapter 2350 The Mountains and Seas Belong
Chapter 2351 Exchange
Chapter 2352 Lost
Chapter 2353 Return
Chapter 2354: Take you back
Chapter 2355 Blood Debt
Chapter 2356 Disposal
Chapter 2357 Side 1
Chapter 2358 Forced to meet
Chapter 2359 Interception
Chapter 2360 Go fight
Chapter 2361 Verification
Chapter 2362 No way
Chapter 2363 Mushangs Confidence
Chapter 2364: Chess Game
Chapter 2365 Evenly divided
Chapter 2366 The Hidden Corner
Chapter 2367: Former Notes
Chapter 2368 One Palm
Chapter 2369: Palm. The Realm of Immortality
Chapter 2370 Try
Chapter 2371 Different paths lead to the same destination
Chapter 2372 Showing Loyalty
Chapter 2373 The Charm of the Lu Family
Chapter 2374 Morning Star
Chapter 2375 Boss
Chapter 2376 Everyone is sick
Chapter 2377 Escape
Chapter 2378 Food Paradise
Chapter 2379: Former Home
Chapter 2380 The Heaven-shaking Palm and the Illustrated Book of the Gods
Chapter 2381 Lu Yin and the Only True God
Chapter 2382 The Third Sign
Chapter 2383 Consciousness
Chapter 2384 Direction
Chapter 2385 Searching
Chapter 2386 Dominance
Chapter 2387 Lobbying
Chapter 2388 Strange Things
Chapter 2389 Conditions and Confidence
Chapter 2390 Awareness
Chapter 2391 The Real Headquarters
Chapter 2392 Shocking Change
Chapter 2393 Visit
Chapter 2394 Yijian
Chapter 2395 The Ultimate Crisis
Chapter 2396 Cant Stop
Chapter 2397: Dissociation
Chapter 2398 The Only Nemesis
Chapter 2399 Beating
Chapter 2400: Calculation
Chapter 2401 Wrong
Chapter 2402 Together
Chapter 2403 Attitude
Chapter 2404 The Supreme Existence
Chapter 2405 Responsibility
Chapter 2406: Turning passivity into initiative
Chapter 2407: Will you accept me or not?
Chapter 2408 Luck
Chapter 2409 Assistance
Chapter 2410 Battlefield Navigation
Chapter 2411 Get Out
Chapter 2412: Fighting the Secret Ancestor
Chapter 2413: Grudges
Chapter 2414 Tests and Checks and Balances
Chapter 2415 Star Gate
Chapter 2416 The Power of Thunder
Chapter 2417 Deeds
Chapter 2418 Decision
Chapter 2419 Counterattack
Chapter 2420: Going up to the third entrance
Chapter 2421 Launch
Chapter 2422 Hidden Divine Power
Chapter 2423 Intelligence
Chapter 2424: Stepping on the soles of your feet
Chapter 2425: Preparing for the Tribulation
Chapter 2426 Suppressing Tianqiong
Chapter 2427 Hidden Murder and Tribulation
Chapter 2428: People of the Lu Family
Chapter 2429 Dads Power
Chapter 2430 Unparalleled
Chapter 2431 Divine Light
Chapter 2432: Willing to Become a God
Chapter 2433 Promise
Chapter 2434 Changing the Situation
Chapter 2435: Stealing the Sword Monument
Chapter 2436 Please
Chapter 2437 Three Monarchs
Chapter 2438 The Poison of Time
Chapter 2439 Are you rich?
Chapter 2440 The Price
Chapter 2441 Bet
Chapter 2442: Confrontation with Destiny
Chapter 2443 A Glimpse of the Future
Chapter 2444 Ancient Existence
Chapter 2445: Not as good as dad
Chapter 2446 The Battle of Jiuhe River
Chapter 2447 Profit without foundation
Chapter 2448 Heaven Realm Treasure House
Chapter 2449 Ten Trillions
Chapter 2450: More than Ten Thousand People
Chapter 2451 Confrontation
Chapter 2452 Not Found
Chapter 2453 Identical People
Chapter 2454 Dead End
Chapter 2455: Game within game
Chapter 2456 Ancestral Realm Fighting Spirit
Chapter 2457: The Man Who Overcame the Tribulation
Chapter 2458 A small road
Chapter 2459 Strength and Wisdom
Chapter 2460 A little red
Chapter 2461 Behind the scenes time and space
Chapter 2462 Broken
Chapter 2463: Majestic Resources
Chapter 2464 So what?
Chapter 2465 Six Party Meeting
Chapter 2466 The Madmans Tribulation
Chapter 2467: The best is like water
Chapter 2468 Beads
Chapter 2469: Life and Death a Mystery
Chapter 2470 Burning
Chapter 2471 Taoist Master
Chapter 2472 The God of Tianshang Sect
Chapter 2473: Transformation Cauldron
Chapter 2474 Sad
Chapter 2475 The Image of Lu Yin
Chapter 2476 The End of Grudges
Chapter 2477 Revenge
Chapter 2478 The Witch Spirit God Reappears
Chapter 2479: Buying a Life
Chapter 2480 Fellow Sect
Chapter 2481 Where is the Lu family?
Chapter 2482 Leaked
Chapter 2483 Hiding
Chapter 2484 Fear
Chapter 2485 Take action
Chapter 2486 Questions
Chapter 2487 The Shadow of Life
Chapter 2488 Guests
Chapter 2489 I cant stand it
Chapter 2490 A Game
Chapter 2491 Super Time and Space
Chapter 2492 Someone is coming
Chapter 2493: Known Guilty
Chapter 2494 Energy Source
Chapter 2495 This is symmetry
Chapter 2496 Flowing Cloud Space
Chapter 2497 Perfect
Chapter 2498: The Art of Feeding
Chapter 2499 That Man
Chapter 2500 Brother-in-law
Chapter 2501 Blue
Chapter 2502 Nirvana
Chapter 2503 False God
Chapter 2504 Pure Attack
Chapter 2505 A small test of skills
Chapter 2506 Blasphemy
Chapter 2507 Six Directions Dojo
Chapter 2508 Getting Started
Chapter 2509 Wutian Stone Plate
Chapter 2510 Xushen Taoist Temple
Chapter 2511 Virtual Land
Chapter 2512: Extreme Yearning
Chapter 2513 Important Person
Chapter 2514: Holding to the Sky
Chapter 2515: Partiality
Chapter 2516 The Power of the Virtual God
Chapter 2517: The Virtual God of Destiny
Chapter 2518 Tide
Chapter 2519 Absolute Genius
Chapter 2520 Ya Town
Chapter 2521 Asians
Chapter 2522 Copybook
Chapter 2523 Never Absent
Chapter 2524 An incredible old friend
Chapter 2525 Check-in
Chapter 2526 A strange person
Chapter 2527: Are you still there?
Chapter 2528: Looking for Cards
Chapter 2529 Stars
Chapter 2530 Hidden Mountain
Chapter 2531 The Battle of Plans
Chapter 2532 Obsession
Chapter 2533 Lotus Masters Disciples
Chapter 2534: List of the Strongest Persons in the Future
Chapter 2535 Sequence Particles
Chapter 2536: Aloof
Chapter 2537 Going against the rules
Chapter 2538: Changed Relationship
Chapter 2539 Try
Chapter 2540 Sudden scramble
Chapter 2541 Qualification Selection
Chapter 2542 Wood Time and Space
Chapter 2543 Wood Spirit Realm
Chapter 2544 The Thunder Tree
Chapter 2545 Beautiful Lines
Chapter 2546 Situation
Chapter 2547 Opportunity
Chapter 2548 Shimen Combat Skills
Chapter 2549 Cheating and Testing
Chapter 2550: Not Disappointed
Chapter 2551: Offended Lu Yin
Chapter 2552 Between illusions
Chapter 2553 The Stranger Reappears
Chapter 2554 Stone
Chapter 2555: Lessons Learned
Chapter 2556 Hidden Darkness
Chapter 2557 Take action
Chapter 2558 The Truth
Chapter 2559 Rainbow Wall
Chapter 2560: The Thunder Clan
Chapter 2561: Future Trouble
Chapter 2562 Moheyuan
Chapter 2563 Return
Chapter 2564 Sad
Chapter 2565 Strange
Chapter 2566 The real purpose
Chapter 2567 Karmic Results
Chapter 2568 Its time to go
Chapter 2569 Take Action
Chapter 2570 That kind of power
Chapter 2571 Threat
Chapter 2572 Appearance
Chapter 2573 Tea Party Seats
Chapter 2574 Arrest List
Chapter 2575 Proton
Chapter 2576: Collision of Civilizations
Chapter 2577 Fortunately, he lived up to his fate
Chapter 2578: First Space Resources
Chapter 2579 Attitude
Chapter 2580 Transaction Object
Chapter 2581: Difficult to Win
Chapter 2582 Looking for you
Chapter 2583 Responsibility
Chapter 2584 The Boundless Battlefield
Chapter 2585 Magical Speed
Chapter 2586 Unreal
Chapter 2587 Holy Sorrow
Chapter 2588: The only master
Chapter 2589: Put an end to it
Chapter 2590 Virtual Pass
Chapter 2591 That Tree
Chapter 2592: Squeeze forward
Chapter 2593 Ten Meters Distance
Chapter 2594 The Power of Familiarity
Chapter 2595 Bone Spurs
Chapter 2596 The Leader
Chapter 2597 Crazy Absorption
Chapter 2598 Taixuan Domain
Chapter 2599 Replacement
Chapter 2600 Demand
Chapter 2601 Two Clans
Chapter 2602 The Bone Spur Shows Its Power
Chapter 2603 The Name of Taixuan
Chapter 2604 Countermeasures
Chapter 2605 The only loophole
Chapter 2606 Tianjian Mansion
Chapter 2607 Useful
Chapter 2608 Space Traces
Chapter 2609 The Master of Tianjian Mansion
Chapter 2610 Acting Palace Master
Chapter 2611 Is it feasible?
Chapter 2612 Choking
Chapter 2613 Looking for someone to join
Chapter 2614: Delivering the Message
Chapter 2615 Riding the Wind
Chapter 2616 Opportunity
Chapter 2617 Tracking
Chapter 2618: Killing the Witch Spirit God
Chapter 2619 Numbness
Chapter 2620 Take away
Chapter 2621: Rush in
Chapter 2622 Strong help
Chapter 2623 Public Inquiry
Chapter 2624 Betrayal
Chapter 2625 Zhixing Stream
Chapter 2626 Because of Taixuan
Chapter 2627 Seeking an audience
Chapter 2628: Skill Cultivation Civilization
Chapter 2629 The disgusting place
Chapter 2630 Perfection and Hiddenness
Chapter 2631 I will teach you
Chapter 2632 Youjia
Chapter 2633 New Inn
Chapter 2634 You are fine
Chapter 2635 Rules
Chapter 2636 Formal Invitation
Chapter 2637 Confirmed Facts
Chapter 2638 Found it
Chapter 2639 The Prodigal Son
Chapter 2640 Got it
Chapter 2641 Useless
Chapter 2642 Temptation
Chapter 2643 The Battle of Ziyou Realm
Chapter 2644 Identification
Chapter 2645 The World of Nothing
Chapter 2646 Imperial Treasury
Chapter 2647 Relationship
Chapter 2648 The Sixth Level Peak
Chapter 2649 Strange Things
Chapter 2650 Memory Advantage
Chapter 2651 Attack
Chapter 2652 The Hall of Freedom
Chapter 2653 You can try it
Chapter 2654 An endless stream
Chapter 2655 Unscrupulous
Chapter 2656: Exploring the World
Chapter 2657: To open
Chapter 2658 The Hidden Enemy
Chapter 2659 Red Stars
Chapter 2660: Coming to the Door
Chapter 2661 Gains and Losses
Chapter 2662 Time Flow Speed
Chapter 2663 People who cant see clearly
Chapter 2664 Star Lord
Chapter 2665 Strong
Chapter 2666 Information about Xuan Qi
Chapter 2667 Lu Yins method
Chapter 2668: Guessed it?
Chapter 2669 Purpose
Chapter 2670 Coincidence
Chapter 2671 Drive away
Chapter 2672 Take Action
Chapter 2673 The smile at that time
Chapter 2674 Proposal
Chapter 2675 Impact
Chapter 2676: Take out
Chapter 2677 Lu Yin fights Liu Yun
Chapter 2678: Becoming a God Again
Chapter 2679 The Hand Behind the Scenes
Chapter 2680 Preparation
Chapter 2681 Murderous Case
Chapter 2682 Just say it
Chapter 2683 Xuan Qis Fame
Chapter 2684 The Battle of Time and Space
Chapter 2685 Appearance
Chapter 2686: Game within game
Chapter 2687 Mascot
Chapter 2688: Traveling Skills
Chapter 2689 The Price
Chapter 2690 Lu Yin and He Ran
Chapter 2691 Reason for Replacement
Chapter 2692 The Final Winner
Chapter 2693 The Lord of the General Palace
Chapter 2694 Found
Chapter 2695: Get rid of fate
Chapter 2696 Gifts and Positioning
Chapter 2697 The Woman in White
Chapter 2698 Jiang Qingyue
Chapter 2699: Adaptable Life
Chapter 2700 Hope
Chapter 2701 Monster
Chapter 2702 The Powerful Turtle Shell
Chapter 2703 Seeing the Big Tree Again
Chapter 2704 The Breath of the Universe
Chapter 2705 Visit
Chapter 2706: Prepare to take action
Chapter 2707 Yi Xing
Chapter 2708 Weird Eyes
Chapter 2709: Walking Money Bag
Chapter 2710 Part 1
Chapter 2711 Qualitative Change
Chapter 2712 The Starry Sky of the Lost Tribe
Chapter 2713 Comparison of Strength
Chapter 2714 Lu Yin vs Snack Saint
Chapter 2715 Two Monsters
Chapter 2716 Shan Gobi
Chapter 2717 Eighty-one Swords
Chapter 2718 Viewing the Ceremony
Chapter 2719 Lu Yins Ideal
Chapter 2720 Eternal Darkness
Chapter 2721 Ancient Cards
Chapter 2722 Shan Gu and Xu Jia
Chapter 2723: Retreat
Chapter 2724 Xuan Qis Influence
Chapter 2725 Lu Yin takes action
Chapter 2726 Indifference
Chapter 2727 Open
Chapter 2728: On the verge of breaking out
Chapter 2729 Crisis
Chapter 2730 The Gate of Death
Chapter 2731 Dragon King
Chapter 2732 Fall
Chapter 2733 Punishment
Chapter 2734 Back
Chapter 2735 Crazy
Chapter 2736 The property returns to its original owner
Chapter 2737 Unlucky Cang Bi
Chapter 2738 Little Spirit Space and Time
Chapter 2739 Take action
Chapter 2740 Lights on
Chapter 2741 Intelligence Summary
Chapter 2742 Dashi Kong
Chapter 2743 No Distance
Chapter 2744 Bodhisattva
Chapter 2745: Camphorworm
Chapter 2746 Sweep
Chapter 2747 The Chosen One
Chapter 2748 Yuan Shengs Anger
Chapter 2749 Complementary Kill
Chapter 2750 Dark Time and Space
Chapter 2751 Weird battlefield
Chapter 2752 Familiar Combat Techniques
Chapter 2753 Dark Realm
Chapter 2754 Old Monster
Chapter 2755 Awakening
Chapter 2756 The Thousand Faces of the Man in the Game
Chapter 2757 Martial Arts Eye
Chapter 2758 The Power of Rules
Chapter 2759 The Great Dark Day
Chapter 2760 Weird Changes
Chapter 2761 Leaving
Chapter 2762: Predecessors and Descendants
Chapter 2763 Ranked Ninth
Chapter 2764 People with the same surname
Chapter 2765 Unlimited Absorption
Chapter 2766: Origin of the Ancestral Realm
Chapter 2767 Mingzhi
Chapter 2768 Someone is coming
Chapter 2769 Biron
Chapter 2770 Real Danger
Chapter 2771: Seeing Through the Hanxian Sect
Chapter 2772 Demonstration
Chapter 2773 The Supreme Ancestor and the Ghost Hunter
Chapter 2774 Unblocking and Reorganization
Chapter 2775: Shopping
Chapter 2776 The Forgotten Ruins God and Lu Yin
Chapter 2777 The Power of Confinement
Chapter 2778 Wendy becomes a disciple
Chapter 2779: Tacit understanding
Chapter 2780 Lip Domain
Chapter 2781 Timing
Chapter 2782 Empty
Chapter 2783 Discovery
Chapter 2784 Meeting the Great Heavenly Lord
Chapter 2785 Nine Heavens and Ten Earths
Chapter 2786: Inside and outside Tianmen
Chapter 2787 A Green Lotus
Chapter 2788: Hard to Shake
Chapter 2789 The Power of Persecution and Confinement
Chapter 2790 Lu Yins Attitude
Chapter 2791 The Lord of the Beginning Space
Chapter 2792 The Body and the Clone
Chapter 2793: Siege of Xia Shenji
Chapter 2794 Secret
Chapter 2795: The person most likely to break his ancestors
Chapter 2796 Seals and Numbers
Chapter 2797 Dawn of Tomorrow
Chapter 2798 Beating
Chapter 2799 That Beast Leg
Chapter 2800 Lu Yins wish
Chapter 2801 The hidden child is Lu Yin
Chapter 2802 Reasonable
Chapter 2803: Leave as soon as you say it
Chapter 2804 True Appearance
Chapter 2805 All parties gather
Chapter 2806 The tea party is coming
Chapter 2807 Arrival
Chapter 2808 The Mark of Time
Chapter 2809 Its him again
Chapter 2810 The Challenge of First Meeting
Chapter 2811 What is perfection?
Chapter 2812 Undefeated Talent
Chapter 2813 One vs. Two
Chapter 2814 Trump Card
Chapter 2815: Killing the Saint
Chapter 2816: Victory in a Fight
Chapter 2817 Waste of my time
Chapter 2818 The highest stage
Chapter 2819 True God Guards
Chapter 2820 Asking for help
Chapter 2821 Lu Yin and Shaoyin God
Chapter 2822: Reincarnation Tribulation
Chapter 2823 The Uncrowned Head
Chapter 2824 Push away
Chapter 2825 Infinity
Chapter 2826 Streaming Light
Chapter 2827 A speck of dust
Chapter 2828 What else?
Chapter 2829 The Wordless Heavenly Book
Chapter 2830: White Clothes Overcoming Tribulation
Chapter 2831 God of War
Chapter 2832 The Road to the Mortal World
Chapter 2833 Come back soon
Chapter 2834 Crisis on all sides
Chapter 2835 Return
Chapter 2836 The Children of the Lu Family
Chapter 2837 Domineering
Chapter 2838 Tianshang Sect and Lu Family
Chapter 2839 This is the Lu family
Chapter 2840: Breaking the Rules
Chapter 2841 Location
Chapter 2842 Choose one
Chapter 2843 Majesty
Chapter 2844 Outside the Territory
Chapter 2845 Reason
Chapter 2846: Easy to support
Chapter 2847 Removal
Chapter 2848 Cooperation?
Chapter 2849 Lu Yin and Wood Carving
Chapter 2850 Attitude
Chapter 2851: The heavy burden put down
Chapter 2852 Chasing Time
Chapter 2853 Kick it down
Chapter 2854 Found it
Chapter 2855: Fight again
Chapter 2856 Asking for help
Chapter 2857 Traces
Chapter 2858: Feeling at ease
Chapter 2859 The Tyranny of Tianshang Sect
Chapter 2860 Lu Yins Status
Chapter 2861 Return to the Immortal Realm
Chapter 2862 Gourd?
Chapter 2863 Coming
Chapter 2864 Lu Yin VS Shao Yin
Chapter 2865 Talent Reappears
Chapter 2866 Three Kneels
Chapter 2867 Welcome to join
Chapter 2868 Lu Yins Determination
Chapter 2869 Integration
Chapter 2870 The Transforming Starry Sky
Chapter 2871 Confidence
Chapter 2872 The Last Color
Chapter 2873 Ill pay you one
Chapter 2874 Lu Yins Background
Chapter 2875: Searching for Ancient Times and Tracing Origins
Chapter 2876 That Day
Chapter 2877 Never Lonely
Chapter 2878 Unfathomable
Chapter 2879 Master?
Chapter two thousand eight hundred eighty first day
Chapter 2881: Formal Acceptance
Chapter 2882: Allow
Chapter 2883 Heavenly Sect Power
Chapter 2884 Success
Chapter 2885 Dice
Chapter 2886 Paper-cut
Chapter 2887: Sudden Control
Chapter 2888 Immortal Lu Qi
Chapter two thousand eight hundred eighty-nine words on the trunk
Chapter 2890 face to face
Chapter 2891 exposed
Chapter 2892 The truth
Chapter 2893 One word incarnation
Chapter two thousand eight hundred ninety-four long-term calculations
Chapter 2895: The Road to Planning
Chapter 2896 The shock of Zijing
Chapter 2897 The Human Flag
Chapter 2898 Imperative
Chapter 2899 Battle
Chapter 2900 lights up at the same time
Chapter 2901: Sad Mo old monster
Chapter 2902 Border Crisis
Chapter 2903 Purpose
Chapter 2904 end
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and five meet again
Chapter 2906 muddy
Chapter 2907 Xiao Xiao
Chapter 2908 trouble
Chapter 2909 Wuyu
Chapter 2910 A good knife
Chapter 2911 skip
Chapter 2912 Giant Hell
Chapter 2913 Exterminate
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and fourteen another
Chapter 2915 enemy attack
Chapter 2916 Threat
Chapter 2917 The real goal
Chapter 2918 Kong Tianzhao
Chapter 2919 Lu Yin's brother-in-law
Chapter 2920 Revenge
Chapter 2921 point will
Chapter 2922 Return
Chapter 2923 guessing the purpose
Chapter 2924 that person
Chapter 2925: Life and Death
The first thousand two hundred and twenty-six chapters
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and twenty seventh misery and lunatic
Chapter 2928 The Power of Destiny
Chapter 2929: Terrible existence
Chapter 2930 No. 5 Time and Space
Chapter 2931 stare
Chapter 2932 Five Seconds
Chapter 2933 Special Physique
Chapter 2934 Superiority
Chapter 2935 with words
Chapter 2936 copper coins
Chapter 2937 Silent layout
Chapter 2938 Difficult to see through
Chapter 2939 Star Toad
Chapter 2940 Guests
Chapter 2941 determination
Chapter 2942 fish hook
Chapter 2943 The Fish on the Chopping Board
Chapter 2944 Taboo
Chapter 2945 decision
The first two thousand nine hundred and forty-six chapters
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and forty seventh ancestor
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and forty-eight strange rules
Chapter 2949 normal
Chapter 2950 stunt
Chapter 2951 Ice Spirit Race
Chapter 2952 watching a play
Chapter 2953 The ever-changing land master
Chapter 2954: Point will be in the ancestral realm
Chapter 2955 chance
Chapter 2956 Return to Doom
Chapter 2957 Complaint
Chapter 2958 Tengu
Chapter 2959 Goal - Qingping
Chapter 2960 win over
Chapter 2961 Killing three birds with one stone
Chapter 2962 Crossing the Tribulation
Chapter 2963 Steady as a Rock
Chapter 2964 give up
Chapter 2965 Judgment Rules
Chapter 2966 Thunder Comes to the World
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and sixty seventh storming the doomsday
Chapter 2968: Die at any time
Chapter 2969 Wooden Season
Chapter 2970 The limited world
Chapter 2971 Total War
Chapter 2972 ??Bottom Line
Chapter 2973: String of Sequences
Chapter 2974 Lu Yin's Means
Chapter 2975: Life and Death Roulette
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and seventy-six come back to life
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and seventy seventh
Chapter 2978 carrying
Chapter 2979 Did you see it clearly?
Chapter 2980 The road ahead
Chapter 2981 Surrounding the Undead God
Chapter 2982 eight characters
Chapter 2983 Self-judgment
Chapter 2984 fascinated
Chapter 2985 Lu Yin and Chen Zu
Chapter 2986 Parallel Time
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and eighty seventh strange compass
Chapter two thousand nine hundred eighty-eight
Chapter 2989 Loopholes in the rules
Chapter 2990 The Wish of the Withered Ancestor
Chapter 2991 Competition consciousness
Chapter 2992 Changes
Chapter 2993 Lu Yin and Master Qingcao
Chapter 2994: The Method of Destructing Ancestors
Chapter 2995 a line
Chapter 2996 departure
Chapter 2997 is getting older
Chapter 2998 Seven Star Mantis
Chapter 2999 temptation
The third thousandth chapter is comparable to time
Chapter 3001: Lu Yin's Game
Chapter 3002 Parallel Time
Chapter 3003: Pointing the Praying Mantis
Chapter 304: The Kingdom of Divine Palace
Chapter 305: Dancing to the Clouds
Chapter 306: Lu Yin and the Goddess
Chapter 307: Plan
Chapter 3008 Emperor Vault
Chapter 309 The so-called visualization
Chapter 3010 Farewell
Chapter 3011 The sorrow of civilization
Chapter 3012 The Fourth Doom
Chapter 3013 Familiar palms
Chapter 3014: Back to the empty palm
Chapter 3015 The Battle of God's Choice
Chapter 3016 The place of assessment
Chapter 3017 intervening
Chapter 3018: The Fierce Battle
Chapter 3019, it's your turn
Chapter 3020 Folding
Chapter 3021: Terrorist Destructive Power
Chapter 3022 The thermometer of life
Chapter 3023 Heavy Weapons
Chapter 3024: Entering the Doom
Chapter 3025: Strong Enemy
Chapter 3026 pressure
The third thousand and twenty-seventh chapter use
Chapter 3028: The terrifying star toad
Chapter 3029 Crimson
The 3030th chapter can not be beaten to death
Chapter 3031 Qingluo Jiantian
Chapter 3032 Lu Yin's backhand
The third thousand and thirty-third chapters explore the way
Chapter 3034: Hui Wu
Chapter 3035 The whereabouts of the corpse
Chapter 3036 a civilization
Chapter 3037: Siege of the Corpse God
Chapter 3038 Children
Chapter 3039 Self-destruction
Chapter 3040: The Word of Heaven
The 3041st chapter villain
Chapter 3042 The Infinite Empire
Chapter 3043 Strength
The third thousand and forty-four chapters caught alive
Chapter 3045 style
Chapter 3046 reinforcements
Chapter 3047 Interception
Chapter 3048: Recovering the Sixth Continent
The 3049th chapter ring energy
Chapter 3050 The laughter of the battlefield
Chapter 3051: Once upon a time
Chapter 3052 Growth
Chapter 3053 The road ahead
Chapter 3054 Good show
Chapter 3055 The unexpected place
Chapter 3056: Lu Yin fights Emperor Vault
Chapter 3057: Shocking collision
The third thousand and fifty-eight chapters of the third doom
Chapter 3059 Lu Yin and Mu Ji
Chapter 3060 Guanwutai
Chapter 3061 eyes
The 3062nd chapter temptation
The third thousand and sixty-three chapters domineering Yebo
Chapter 3064: Divine Power Shaking the Dice
Chapter 3065 Be friends
Chapter 3066 Can you get eternal life?
Chapter 3067 Why?
Chapter 3068 Candidates
Chapter 3069 closed
Chapter 3070 The setting sun
The 3071st chapter artistic conception combat skills
Chapter 3072 The people of Taikoo Shing
Chapter 3073 Lu Yin's way
Chapter 3074: Those who participated in the war
Chapter 3075 Taikoo Shing
Chapter 3076 has been here
Chapter 3077 Taikoo Shing and Bone Boat
Chapter 3078 Chase and Kill
Chapter 3079 above everything
Chapter 3080 That scene
Chapter 3081 too early
Chapter 3082 Straightforward
Chapter 3083 A surprise
The third thousand and eighty-four chapters move forward alone
The third thousand and eighty-fifth chapters of the expedition
Chapter 3086 Ruins
Chapter 3087 Nine Star Civilization
Chapter 3088 The capital of the stars
Chapter 3089 restart
Chapter 3090 shock
Chapter 3091 The cave
The third thousand and ninety-two chapters lead out
Chapter 3093 heavy
Chapter 3094 alive
The third thousand and ninety-fifth chapters make up
Chapter 3096 God's Commandments
Chapter 3097 Lu Yin and Ye Hao
Chapter 3098 The light of restart
Chapter 3099 Support
Chapter 3100: Entering the Second Doom
Chapter 3101st eerie avoidance
Chapter 3102 The battle of all parties
Chapter 3103 is just a toad
Chapter 3104: True God's Freedom
Chapter 3105 Grab consciousness
Chapter 3106 Lu Yin's death
Chapter 3107 Lu Yin and the First Ancestor
Chapter 3108 Good place
Chapter 3109 Opportunity
Chapter 3110 Past years
Chapter 3111 The past of strength
Chapter 3112 Transformation
Chapter 3113 own picture
Chapter 3114 Consciousness
Chapter 3115 The Beauties Mebis
Chapter 3116 Those words
Chapter 3117 Do not believe
Chapter 3118 I am Lu Yin
Chapter 3119 fierce battle
Chapter 3120 Practice stunts
Chapter 3121 Broken Stargate
Chapter 3122 Undercurrent
Chapter 3123 liberation
Chapter 3124 Core
Chapter 3125 So a little bit
Chapter 3126 strong pressure
Chapter 3127 is not funny
The third thousand one hundred and twenty-eight chapters misery
Chapter 3129 Return
Chapter 3130 List
Chapter 3131 shot
Chapter 3132 Height
Chapter 3133 Lu Yin's Strength
Chapter 3134 So what?
Chapter 3135 a voice
Chapter 3136 choose one
Chapter 3137 Can't find home
Chapter 3138 that existence
The third thousand one hundred and thirty-ninth chapters are connected
Chapter 3140: Infinite Imperial Capital
The third thousand one hundred and forty-one chapters go to war
The third thousand one hundred and forty-two chapters trick?
Chapter 3143 Terrible Defense
Chapter 3144 Lu Yin and the Eagle
Chapter 3145 is just boring
Chapter 3146 The past
Chapter 3147 Processing
Chapter 3148 Substitution
The third thousand one hundred and forty-nine chapters are poisonous
Chapter 3150 Promotion
The 3151st chapter turbid treasure
Chapter 3152: The disappearing attack
Chapter 3153 What happened?
Chapter 3154 Six Paths of Reincarnation
Chapter 3155 Big guy
Chapter 3156 Fast and Slow
Chapter 3157: The Return of Power
The third thousand one hundred and fifty-eight chapters breath
Chapter 3159: Three Steps to Begin
Chapter 3160 Advantages
Chapter 3161 Butterfly
Chapter 3162 Baiyun City and the Thunder Lord
Chapter 3163 Jiang Feng and Lu Yin
The third thousand one hundred and sixty-four chapters
Chapter 3165 A chance
Chapter 3166 Find one by one
Chapter 3167 A familiar scene
Chapter 3168 Find out
Chapter 3169 Solved
Chapter 3170 Zhao Wu
Chapter 3171: Three Yangs and Six Masters
Chapter 3172 When invincible
Chapter 3173: Sacrifice Flag
Chapter 3174 Responsibilities
Chapter 3175 Direction
The 3176th chapter method
Chapter 3177 General knowledge
Chapter 3178: Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 3179 means
The third thousand one hundred and eighty chapters of fertile soil
Chapter 3181 Plant out
Chapter 3182 The accidental person
Chapter 3183: The power of falsehood
The third thousand one hundred and eighty-four chapters dry ancestors wake up
Chapter 3185: Stones and Mirages
Chapter 3186 The second life
Chapter 3187: Respect
Chapter 3188 Chaos
The third thousand one hundred and eighty-ninth chapter chess pieces and the game
Chapter 3190 The Way of Survival
Chapter 3191 The Road to Eternal Life
The third thousand one hundred and ninety-two chapters besieged and killed
The third thousand one hundred and ninety-three chapters do not stay
Chapter 3194 A shadow and a sword
Chapter 3195 Lost business
Chapter 3196 Zong An
Chapter 3197 True and False
Chapter 3198 Xuanjiu and Zhaoran
Chapter 3199 Evidence
Chapter 3200 A slap
Chapter 3201 Change and Adaptation
The third thousand two hundred and two chapters grab the doom
Chapter 3203 Surrounding the Arrow God
Chapter 3204 is not alone
Chapter 3205: Fate
Chapter 3206 Godsend
Chapter 3207 One person undertakes
The third thousand two hundred and eighth chapter Jialan Zhiluo and Wutian
Chapter 3209 Fateful Battle
The third thousand two hundred and tenth chapter is not female
Chapter 3211 The Battle of the Attack
Chapter 3212 Overbearing
Chapter 3213 comprehensive suppression
Chapter 3214 Life and Death Battlefield
Chapter 3215 big tree big tree
The third thousand two hundred and sixteenth chapters are broken ancestors
Chapter 3217 The upper limit of combat power
The third thousand two hundred and eighteenth chapters have no ancestors to fight
Chapter 3219 Perseverance
Chapter 3220 This era
The third thousand two hundred and twenty-one chapters
Chapter 3222 Control
Chapter 3223 Four Locks Array
Chapter 3224 That is the god of death
Chapter 3225 A sword
Chapter 3226 The confrontation of fate
Chapter 3227 Lu Yin and Eternity
Chapter 3228 Location
Chapter 3229 wrist
Chapter 3230 The unexpected person
Chapter 3231 fruit
Chapter 3232: Biluo Tiangong
Chapter 3233 Fate
Chapter 3234 opportunity
Chapter 3235 The power of collision
Chapter 3236 The essence of power
Chapter 3237 Power Beast
Chapter 3238 The limit of power
Chapter 3239 Conquest
Chapter 3240 Like
Chapter 3241 Recovery
Chapter 3242 Source
Chapter 3243 Unreal grit
Chapter 3244 Shimen
The third thousand two hundred and forty-five chapters limit
The third thousand two hundred and forty-six chapters terrible guess
Chapter 3247 gap
The third thousand two hundred and forty-eighth chapter that person
The third thousand two hundred and forty-nine chapters true god for heaven
Chapter 3250 I am Taihong
Chapter 3251 The final battle
Chapter 3252 The only way
The third thousand two hundred and fifty-three chapters red dust refining heart
Chapter 3254 Taikoo Shing Battle
Chapter 3255 does not exist
The third thousand two hundred and fifty-six chapters reappearance of the funeral garden
Chapter 3257 Endless Road
Chapter 3258 is still there
Chapter 3259 make up
Chapter 3260: Terrorist Strength
Chapter 3261 Golden Rain
Chapter 3262 The truth of the past
Chapter 3263 Answers
The third thousand two hundred and sixty-four chapters go
The third thousand two hundred and sixty-five chapters can not be reconciled
The third thousand two hundred and sixty-six chapters are extremely heavy
Chapter 3267 Legend and Myth
The third thousand two hundred and sixty-eight chapters nine sieges
Chapter 3269 Ending and Opening
The third thousand two hundred and seventieth chapters domineering exclusion
Chapter 3271 Sweep
Chapter 3272 try
Chapter 3273 Spiritualizing the Universe
Chapter 3274 knocking on the door
The third thousand two hundred and seventy-five chapters cosmic ecology
The third thousand two hundred and seventy-six chapters once the turbid treasure
Chapter 3277 The past
Chapter 3278 Tianyuan Universe
The third thousand two hundred and seventy-ninth chapters fisherman
Chapter 3280 truncation
Chapter 3281 The gaze of time
Chapter 3282 recognize clearly
Chapter 3283 Infinite Possibilities
The third thousand two hundred and eighty-four chapters begin and end
Chapter 3285 Special tea
Chapter 3286 Ferryman
Chapter 3287 opportunity
The third thousand two hundred and eighty-eighth chapter remember
The third thousand two hundred and eighty-nine chapters that punch
The third thousand two hundred and ninetieth chapters for you
The 3291st chapter causal chain
The third thousand two hundred and ninety-two chapters lost everything
Chapter 3293 Bai Qing
The third thousand two hundred and ninety-four chapters emotional fetters
Chapter 3295 recovery
The third thousand two hundred and ninety-six chapters map of Jiangshan and Jiji
Chapter 3297 The basis of the sequence
The third thousand two hundred and ninety-eight chapters jade color
Chapter 3299 Consciousness Universe
Chapter 3300 Shortcuts
Chapter 3301 The right way
Chapter 3302 Suppression
Chapter 3303 Mission
Chapter 3304 Erga
Chapter 3305 for its use
Chapter 3306 Hemolysis
Chapter 3307 Jade Butterfly
Chapter 3308 Qianli
The 3309th chapter old enemy
Chapter 3310 Destruction of Inheritance
Chapter 3311 almost all
Chapter 3312 hiding
The 3313th chapter Lu Yin fights from the original
The third thousand three hundred and fourteenth chapters
The 3315th chapter ten base sequence
Chapter 3316 The old enemy
Chapter 3317 Three strokes
The 3318th chapter name
Chapter 3319: Sequence Road
Chapter 3320: Distorted text
Chapter 3321 Cang Xiaoxue
Chapter 3322 Hatred and Bottom Line
Chapter 3323 Yan Ruyu
Chapter 3324 Completed
The third thousand three hundred and twenty-five chapters destroy time and space
Chapter 3326 Starry Sky Sea of ??Worms
The 3327th chapter strange green fairy
Chapter 3328 Decoy
The 3329th chapter hair ball green fairy
Chapter 3330 Looking for
Chapter 3331 try
Chapter 3332 Green King
Chapter 3333 arrival
The third thousand three hundred and thirty-four chapters is tragic
Chapter 3335 fighting
Chapter 3336: Storm Qi
Chapter 3337: Silent to Silent
The third thousand three hundred and thirty-eight chapters enter the misery
Chapter 3339 Nightmare
The third thousand three hundred and fortieth chapters practice blind spot
Chapter 3341 Cultivation Culture
Chapter 3342 The distance of square inches
The third thousand three hundred and forty-three chapters do not kill
Chapter 3344 Strategic Strike
The third thousand three hundred and forty-five chapters dream
Chapter 3346 Lu Yin fights Mengsang
Chapter 3347 The last chapter of life
The third thousand three hundred and forty-eight chapters
The third thousand three hundred and forty-nine chapters invincible ancestors
Chapter 3350 Absolute Reversal
The 3351st chapter victory
Chapter 3352 opportunity
Chapter 3353 borrowed
Chapter 3354 Illusion
Chapter 3355: Cause and Effect
The third thousand three hundred and fifty-six chapters spiritual slough
Chapter 3357 Springboard
Chapter 3358 Little Spirit Universe
Chapter 3359 torches
The 3360th chapter sacrifice flag
The 3361st chapter use
Chapter 3362 Proof
Chapter 3363 Years Coordinates
Chapter 3364 is about to appear
Chapter 3365 The power of years
Chapter 3366 melee
Chapter 3367 Backlash
Chapter 3368 Who is the traitor?
Chapter 3369 boat
Chapter 3370 surrounded
Chapter 3371 Forbidden Land
Chapter 3372 Royal Mountain
Chapter 3373 Force it
Chapter 3374 Signal
Chapter 3375 good news
Chapter 3376 Spiritualization of Heaven
The 3377th chapter begins to resurrect
Chapter 3378 one-handed
The third thousand three hundred and seventy-ninth chapters are high above
Chapter 3380 Origin
The third thousand three hundred and eighty-first chapters are silent
Chapter 3382: Unification of Heaven
Chapter 3383 gifts
Chapter 3384 heavy
Chapter 3385 is not here
Chapter 3386: Cause and effect and games
Chapter 3387 end of the year
Chapter 3388 Scarlet
Chapter 3389 Answers
Chapter 3390 Causal Forbidden Land
The 3391st chapter new choice
Chapter 3392 The change of cause and effect
Chapter 3393 The warmth of home
The third thousand three hundred and ninety-four chapters I am according to the sky
The third thousand three hundred and ninety-five chapters town seal
Chapter 3396 Yusangtian
Chapter 3397 Return to the mainstream
The third thousand three hundred and ninety-eighth chapters make up
The third thousand three hundred and ninety-nine chapters grab a hand
Chapter 3400 Ladder
Chapter 3401 guessing
Chapter 3402 Defeat the original
Chapter 3403 Prophecy
Chapter 3404 seize
Chapter 3405: ??The Door of All Laws
Chapter 3406 Causal Chaos
The 3407th chapter key
Chapter 3408 causal future
Chapter 3409 friends
Chapter 3410 Awakening
Chapter 3411 Integration
Three thousand four hundred and twelve chapters fight a fight
Chapter 3413 are taken away
Chapter 3414: Borderless is coming
Chapter 3415 The distance of square inches
Chapter 3416 horror speculation
Chapter 3417 Torch City
Chapter 3418 escape
Chapter 3419 arrives
Chapter 3420 Dreams come true
Chapter 3421 Lao Tao
Chapter 3422 Let the toss
Chapter 3423 is coming
Chapter 3424 No Complaints
The third thousand four hundred and twenty-five chapters
Chapter 3426 Frontier Battle
Chapter 3427 Spiritualization of time and space
Chapter 3428 The Herbs Domain
Chapter 3429 hang up
Chapter 3430 brutal
Chapter 3431 You go to your
Chapter 3432 Two-way motion
Chapter 3433 The scenery is so good
Chapter 3434 Broken
Chapter 3435 Pearl
Chapter 3436 The Battle of the Water Curtain
Chapter 3437 Dead Mountain and Sea of ??Blood
Chapter 3438: Intellectual Airspace
Chapter 3439 Yushan
Chapter 3440 Come in by yourself
The 3441st chapter is easily defeated
The 3442nd chapter is afraid of light
Chapter 3443 Blocking
The third thousand four hundred and forty-four chapters are all empty
Three thousand four hundred and forty-five chapters karma wheel
Chapter 3446 Preparation
Chapter 3447 shot
The third thousand four hundred and forty-eighth chapter pressure hand flying knife
The third thousand four hundred and forty-nine chapters cause and effect heaven
Chapter 3450 Lettering
Chapter 3451: The Great Territory
Chapter 3452 You are dissatisfied
Chapter 3453 Is the gap so big?
Chapter 3454 Bai Liu
Chapter 3455 is so stubborn
Chapter 3456 Nine Regions Ring Sun
Chapter 3457 Baishui Tallinn
The third thousand four hundred and fifty-eight chapters are drawn into the rivers and lakes
The 3459th chapter book thousand
The 3460th chapter causal line
The 3461st chapter nine-step tolerance
Three thousand four hundred and sixty-two chapters ring out of the sun
The third thousand four hundred and sixty-three chapters is brilliant and spiritual
Chapter 3464 Assassination
Chapter 3465 artistic conception
Chapter 3466 Qi Zun
Chapter 3467 The direction of home
Chapter 3468 Inaction
The third thousand four hundred and sixty-ninth chapters are stripped of the sky
The 3470th chapter is condescending
Chapter 3471 Lu Yin VS Qi Zun
Chapter 3472 The first person of consciousness
Chapter 3473 pressed down
Chapter 3474 The Sword of God
The third thousand four hundred and seventy-five chapters day of sacrifice
Chapter 3476 No. 4
Chapter 3477 Use
The third thousand four hundred and seventy-eighth chapter Wangyou old man
The third thousand four hundred and seventy-ninth chapters are so far
Chapter 3480 Cognition
The 3481st chapter is broken with a punch
Chapter 3482 worry-free
Chapter 3483 Butterfly dances to the end of the world
The third thousand four hundred and eighty-fourth chapters combined attack
Chapter 3485 is destined to be a monster
The third thousand four hundred and eighty-six chapters are exactly the same
The 3487th chapter goal
Chapter 3488 Su Shidao
Chapter 3489 Lingbao Club
Chapter 3490: Rain Burning Heavenly Master
Chapter 3491 Tianshi Ladder
Chapter 3492 My own person?
Chapter 3493 Fenglin Night
Chapter 3494 is not qualified
Chapter 3495 is just waste
Chapter 3496 The ninth order
Chapter 3497 Spirit Chess
The third thousand four hundred and ninety-eight chapters
Chapter 3499 Black and white two colors
The third thousand five hundred chapters
Chapter 3501 Inspiration
Chapter 3502 Challenge
Chapter 3503 Jianyuan
Chapter 3504 Qingyun
Chapter 3505 Strange physique
Chapter 3506 The man behind the scenes
Chapter 3507 take a trip
Chapter 3508 slander
Chapter 3509 Lu Yin's change
Chapter 3510 suppression
Chapter 3511 The power of no solution
Chapter 3512 Dignity
Chapter 3513 There is no master in the world
Chapter 3514 is bound to win
Chapter 3515 Golden Meteor
Chapter 3516 Death reappears
Chapter 3517 Monster
The third thousand five hundred and eighteenth chapter is unfathomable
Chapter 3519 incredible
Chapter 3520 The Power of God
The 3521st chapter popularity is not good
Chapter 3522 The light boat
Chapter 3523 Reasonable
Chapter 3524 Another road
Chapter 3525: Fixed future
Chapter 3526 completely disappeared
Chapter 3527 pressure
Chapter 3528 clean up
The 3520th chapters disaster
The 3530th chapter hole card
Chapter 3531 Portrait
Chapter 3532 can't win
Chapter 3533 You can be
The third thousand five hundred and thirty-four chapters are not shallow
Chapter 3535 Order
The 3530th chapters spread
Chapter 3537: Horse Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 3538 Scheduling
The third thousand five hundred and thirty-nine chapters forcibly
Chapter 3540: Mo Bai
Chapter 3541 pure
Chapter 3542 Spirit Seeds
The 3543rd chapter is not easy city
Chapter 3544 Everyone is the same
The third thousand five hundred and forty-fifth chapters Yue Susu
Chapter 3546 Spirit Seeds Entering the Body
Chapter 3547 Lively
Chapter 3548 is too small
Chapter 3549 Fingertip Knife
Chapter 3550 The key person
Chapter 3551: Wisdom and Fist
Chapter 3552 Perfect point
Chapter 3553 unworthy
Chapter 3554 Ten Thousand Scales Armor
Chapter 3555 found
The third thousand five hundred and fifty-six chapters exit
Chapter 3557 High and Far
The third thousand five hundred and fifty-eight chapters inside and outside the cage
Chapter 3559 Countless arrays
Chapter 3560: Sang Tianjie
The third thousand five hundred and sixty-first chapters of life
The third thousand five hundred and sixty-two chapters mobilize resources
Chapter 3563 Looking for help
Chapter 3564 Appears
Chapter 3565 Lu Yin and Meng Sang
Chapter 3564 The third scene
The third thousand five hundred and sixty-five chapters of the rock
Chapter 3566 Running away
Chapter 3567 On the Tao
Chapter 3568 The change of seeds
Chapter 3569 ordinary peace of mind
Chapter 3570 Deduced
Chapter 3571 duel
Chapter 3572 The power of darkness
Chapter 3573 gifts
The third thousand five hundred and seventy-four chapters open nine days
Chapter 3575 Resurrection
Chapter 3576 Lu Yin and Nine Immortals
Chapter 3577 Battle Post
The third thousand five hundred and seventy-eighth chapter there
Chapter 3579 The reason
Chapter 3580 departure
Chapter 3581 You go first
Chapter 3582 desperate move
Chapter 3583 Great Wilderness Sunburning Beast
Chapter 3584: A chance
Chapter 3585 did it
The third thousand five hundred and eighty-six chapters
Chapter 3587 is you
Chapter 3588 one by one
Chapter 3589 image
Chapter 3590 Overwhelming force
Chapter 3591 a class of people
Chapter 3592 powerful breath
Chapter 3593 More fun
The third thousand five hundred and ninety-four chapters eternal sorrow
The third thousand five hundred and ninety-five chapters gather in the outer world
Chapter 3596 Wonders
Chapter 3597 Exchange
The third thousand five hundred and ninety-eight chapters flying bamboo
Chapter 3599 try
Chapter 3600 Hoarding
Chapter 3601 Are you gone?
Chapter 3602 Looking for
Chapter 3603: Heights and Darkness
Chapter 3604 passing by
Chapter 3605 Remember your good
Chapter 3606 Wooden Wings
Chapter 3607 Opportunity
Chapter 3608: The source of the Fu River
Chapter 3609 that battle
Chapter 3610 A thought for eternity
Chapter 3611: The foundation of the heaven
Chapter 3612 Absolute Power
The 3613th chapter limit
Chapter 3614 Heavy oppression
Chapter 3615 Palm. Realm of God
Chapter 3616 shocking spiritualization
Chapter 3617 Bring it back
Chapter 3618 talk together
Chapter 3619 One by one contact
Chapter 3620 Funnel
Chapter 3621 dazzling
Chapter 3622 Jiuxiao Universe
Chapter 3623 To keep promises
Chapter 3624 gifts
Chapter 3625 Answers
Chapter 3626 Value
Chapter 3627 Black Mansions
Chapter 3628: Spiritual warfare
Chapter 3629 Transaction
The 3630th chapter saved your life
Chapter 3631 Provocation
Chapter 3632 Italian Heaven Que
Chapter 3633 Market Garden
Three thousand six hundred thirty-four chapters seventeen
Chapter 3635 knock two
Chapter 3636 exists
Chapter 3637 I made up
Chapter 3638 The backhand
Chapter 3639 gone
Chapter 3640 The price
Chapter 3641 Weiyu
Chapter 3642 Coincidence
Chapter 3643 balance
Chapter 3644 closed
The third thousand and forty-fifth chapters in the footsteps of Weiyu
The third thousand and forty-six chapters are really overbearing
Chapter 3647 On stage and off stage
The third thousand and forty-eight chapters do not go
Chapter 3649 Look at where this is
Chapter 3650 said too much
Chapter 3651 Test it out
Chapter 3652 Contradiction
Chapter 3653: Destruction
Chapter 3654 Who lives longer
Chapter 3655 Borderless Master
Chapter 3656 Crazy
Chapter 3657 Where to go
Chapter 3658: Apologize
Chapter 3659 replace
The 3660th chapter does not listen
Chapter 3661 The price
Chapter 3662 take care of themselves
The third thousand six hundred and sixty-three chapters ascend to the sky
The 3660th chapters win the letter
Chapter 3665 trust
Chapter 3666 North Mountain Region
Chapter 3667 reception
Chapter 3668 I didn't think so far
Chapter 3669 snatched away
Chapter 3670 is like passing
Chapter 3671 If it is the truth
Chapter 3672 The road after love
Chapter 3673 Settlement
Chapter 3674 departure
Chapter 3675 Experience
Chapter 3676 Qualified?
Chapter 3677 a certain direction
Chapter 3678 Virtue in the world
Chapter 3679 Complaint
Chapter 3680 attack heart
Chapter 3681 Remnants of the World
Chapter 3682 expired
Chapter 3683 arrives
Three thousand six hundred and eighty-four chapters must
Chapter 3685 Who is it?
Chapter 3686 once past
Chapter 3687 stones
Chapter 3688 skyrocketing
Chapter 3689 memory
The third thousand six hundred and ninetieth chapters of the realm
Chapter 3691 beautiful
Chapter 3692 Palace Que
Chapter 3693: Precipice Siege
Chapter 3694 a group of people
Chapter 3695 Difficulty breathing
Chapter 3696 Heaven and Earth Lock
Chapter 3697 Transfer
Chapter 3698 tacit understanding
Chapter 3699 Shaoyu Tower
Chapter 3700 That's no problem
Chapter 3701 Meteorite
Chapter 3702 temptation
Chapter 3703 Let's talk
Chapter 3704 Memory
Chapter 3705: Prevent accidental injury
Chapter 3706 chips
Chapter 3707 Five-leaf clover
Chapter 3708 interests first
Chapter 3709 one by one
Chapter 3710 Dead Hill
Chapter 3711 Xiuling
Chapter 3712 A green lotus leaf
Chapter 3713 The right fist of memory
Chapter 3714 no memory
Chapter 3715 happy
Chapter 3716 swept out
Chapter 3717 catch
Chapter 3718 too naive
The 3719th chapter picture
Chapter 3720 Absorption and anti-absorption
Chapter 3721 Heaven casts the sword
Chapter 3722 Lu Yin and Yueya
Chapter 3723 Control
Chapter 3724 can't wait
Chapter 3725 Calculate the future
Chapter 3726 a road
Chapter 3727 Enhancement
Chapter 3728: Effect and Cause
Chapter 3729 The darkness behind
Chapter 3730 Nine-foot Garden
Chapter 3731 Xiuling
Chapter 3732 The Law of Zhongzheng
Chapter 3733: Disciple?
Chapter 3734 cut off
Chapter 3735 Fragments
The 3730th chapters light spot
Chapter 3737 What did you do?
Chapter 3738: Climb the cliff again
Chapter 3739: Three Cang Sword Intent
Chapter 3740: Dusty Memory
The 3741st chapter cooperation
Chapter 3742 Threat
Chapter 3743: Borderless Mission
Chapter 3744 The backhand
Chapter 3745 Inverse Red Dust
Chapter 3746 Chaoyi
Chapter 3747: Eternal Assault
Chapter 3748 Future?
Chapter 3749 All kinds of talents
The 3750th chapter increases cause and effect
Chapter 3751 would rather be you
Chapter 3752: Cause and effect power
Chapter 3753 The unexpected person
Chapter 3754 Decoy
Chapter 3755 Consciousness of the stars
Chapter 3756 Different levels
Chapter 3757 Reality and honesty
Chapter 3758 The next weapon
Chapter 3759 Center
Chapter 3760 Che
Chapter 3761 The real showdown
Chapter 3762 one day
Chapter 3763 The possibility of the future
Chapter 3764 Lu Yin and the meteorite
Chapter 3765 take another look
Chapter 3766: Immortal combat power
Chapter 3767: Grasp the spot
The 3760th eight chapters can not one
Chapter 3769 That's it
Chapter 3770 Dispute
Chapter 3771 Changes
Chapter 3772 spell
Chapter 3773 encounter
Chapter 3774 is not a person
Chapter 3775 Tianyuan goodbye
Chapter 3776 Do yourself a favor
Chapter 3777 Tianmen
Chapter 3778 see clearly
Chapter 3779 inexplicable
Chapter 3780 What is cause and effect
Chapter 3781 road signs
Chapter 3782 outline
Chapter 3783 The edge of the scab
Chapter 3784: Fireworks
Chapter 3785 Yu Jiuxiao
Chapter 3786 Prerequisites
Chapter 3787: Four Lin Domains
Chapter 3788 Lame legs
Chapter 3789: Dark Injury
Chapter 3790: Famous Maps Through the Ages
Chapter 3791 Vientiane Valley
Chapter 3792 can't see through
Chapter 3793: Be careful
Chapter 3794: Mingzhuo
Chapter 3795 How to break
Chapter 3796 Four Prospects
Chapter 3797 incomplete life
Chapter 3798 You go out of your own business
Chapter 3799 Night First
Chapter 3800 Preparation
Chapter 3801 Gambling
Chapter 3802 Success and Failure
Chapter 3803 Enlightenment
Chapter 3804 shuisu
Chapter 3805 Luck
Chapter 3806 Are you serious?
Chapter 3807: Heaven and Earth
Chapter 3808 Guess
Chapter 3809 Lan Universe
Chapter 3810 that girl
Chapter 3811: The Third Peak of Death Hill
Chapter 3812 Rectify?
The 3813th chapters of the world
Chapter 3814 Chaos with words
Chapter 3815 I can't see it
The 3816th chapter is he?
Chapter 3817 The price
Chapter 3818 A slap
Chapter 3819 has nothing to do
Chapter 3820 You are right
Chapter 3821 Crushed
Chapter 3822 Why?
Chapter 3823 Space Conversion
Chapter 3824 blood-stained mausoleum
Chapter 3825 Completely erased
Chapter 3826 Tibetan Heaven City
Chapter 3827 Nice to meet you
Chapter 3828 Origin
Chapter 3829 Reappearance
Chapter 3830: The Return of Xiaozhu
Chapter 3831 answer
Chapter 3832 Drifting bamboo raft
Chapter 3833 Six taels of gold
Chapter 3834: Awareness of Terror
Chapter 3835 He Fangshan
Chapter 3836 rationality
Chapter 3837 The sixth night column
Chapter 3838 Tolerance
The 3830th chapters cut off the earth
Chapter 3840 Ming Road
Chapter 3841 Choice
Chapter 3842 Fair Duel
Chapter 3843 thinking body
Chapter 3844 The strange scene
The third thousand eight hundred and forty-five chapters follow the law
Chapter 3846 obsession
Chapter 3847 a circle
Chapter 3848 Breakthrough
Chapter 3849 Against the Ancients
Chapter 3850 is walking on thin ice
Chapter 3851 The wind asks Qiu Nan
Chapter 3852 is very important
Chapter 3853 Full sense
The 3850th chapters do not take a step back
Chapter 3855 Where is the luck?
Chapter 3856 Three Fingers
Chapter 3857 Are you playing enough?
Chapter 3858 Jiuxiao Sword Head
Chapter 3859 is not alone
Chapter 3860 Heart
Chapter 3861 Roll over by yourself
The 3862nd chapter bitter abyss
Chapter 3863 Heart Dharma
Chapter 3864 Warmth
Chapter 3865 The first door of the human race
Chapter 3866 Do yourself a favor
Chapter 3867 Huangsha Western Regions
Chapter 3868 Lingbao Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 3869 The Fourth Peak
Chapter 3870 loneliness
The 3871st chapter is indiscreet
Chapter 3872 Sanshi's face
The 3870th chapter vanishes
Chapter 3874 What is hesitating about?
Chapter 3876 Self-burial
Chapter 3877 Instinct
Chapter 3878 Who are you talking about?
Chapter 3879 from the fruit
The 3880th chapter is extremely soft
Chapter 3881 The most beautiful scenery
Chapter 3882 Wuxiang Mountain
Chapter 3883 Profound questions
Chapter 3884 Don't move
Chapter 3885 Cooperation?
The 3880th chapters do not move to hide the sky
Chapter 3887 Lu Yin and the Lord
Chapter 3888: Survival and Destruction
Chapter 3889 witness quota
Chapter 3890 Welcome Mr. Lu
Chapter 3891 Self-knowledge
Chapter 3892 Fishing Civilization
Chapter 3893 Responsibility
Chapter 3894 The universe restarts
Chapter 3895 Lessons
Chapter 3896 The change of Tianmen
Chapter 3897 I can't stand it
Chapter 3898 light
Chapter 3899 Elimination
Chapter three thousand nine hundred win you over
Chapter 3901: Big Dream Millennium
Chapter 3902 Who and where
Chapter 3903 Why dare not
Chapter 3904 extinguished
Chapter 3905 gather together
Chapter 3906 Only Human Race
Chapter 3907 decision
Chapter 3908 is broken
Chapter 3909 out
Chapter 3910 So bitter
Chapter 3911 Repayment
Chapter 3912 invitation
Chapter 3913 go back
Chapter 3914 Help
The 3915th chapter He Fangshanxia
The 3916th chapter extreme combat power
Chapter 3917 picture scroll
Chapter 3918 arrives
Chapter 3919 way
Chapter 3920 All channels
Chapter 3921 is broken
Chapter 3922 two results
Chapter 3923 The Garden
Chapter 3924 Unreasonable monster
Chapter 3925 time and space into the palm
Chapter 3926 fight
Chapter 3927 Time coat
Chapter 3928 Disappear
Chapter 3929 The Qi of Life
Chapter 3930 No communication
Chapter 3931 Return
Chapter 3932 The other side
Chapter 3933: Direction
Chapter 3934: Survive
Chapter 3935 Serving Tea
Chapter 3936: Teaching
Chapter 3937 Thirteen Cities
Chapter 3938: Quiet
Chapter 3939: Horrible Bone Language
Chapter 3940 The Battle of Lushan
Chapter 3941: The Strongest Power
Chapter 3942 The Value of Living
Chapter 3943 Hiding
Chapter 3944: Born in heaven and earth, why do you feel safe?
Chapter 3945 No distinction between good and bad
Chapter 3946 Selection
Chapter 3947: Heaven and Earth Unify
Chapter 3948 Barrier
Chapter 3949 Why did you come?
Chapter 3950 The Price
Chapter 3951 Answer
Chapter 3952 Insect Lord
Chapter 3953 Strategic Retreat
Chapter 3954 Disappearance
Chapter 3955 Past and Speculation
Chapter 3956 Decision
Chapter 3957 Lost
Chapter 3958 Heavy
Chapter 3959 Request
Chapter 3960 It will be brilliant
Chapter 3961: Just seek eternity
Chapter 3962 Cause and Effect and Time
Chapter 3963 Taking Root on Land
Chapter 3964: Restraint
Chapter 3965 Continue
Chapter 3966 Cornerstone
Chapter 3967: Great Master?
Chapter 3968: Can you still play like this?
Chapter 3969 What does it mean?
Chapter 3970 The Erosion of Time
Chapter 3971 Absorption
Chapter 3972 Magical Moves
Chapter 3973 Mercy
Chapter 3974: War of Civilizations
Chapter 3975 This Day
Chapter 3976 The Walking Blessing Bag
Chapter 3977 The ultimate confrontation
Chapter 3978 Square inch
Chapter 3979: Press it down
Chapter 3980 How much do you have left?
Chapter 3981 The First Night Pillar
Chapter 3982 Changes
Chapter 3983 Who?
Chapter 3984 Kurosawa
Chapter 3985 Mark
Chapter 3986: Walking around the world
Chapter 3987 Confusion
Chapter 3988: Convergence
Chapter 3989 The person behind the scenes
Chapter 3990 Sword Shadow
Chapter 3991 Night talk by candlelight
Chapter 3992 Dark Corner
Chapter 3993 Forced Enlightenment
Chapter 3994: All the same
Chapter 3995 Prayer
Chapter 3996 Underground
Chapter 3997 Targeting
Chapter 3998 Under the tree
Chapter 3999 Calculate yourself
Chapter 4000 Absolute Suppression
Chapter 4001 Unknowable
Chapter 4002 Door
Chapter 4003 A Type of People
Chapter 4004 Influence
Chapter 4005 Line
Chapter 4006 Integration
Chapter 4007 Staring
Chapter 4008 Purpose
Chapter 4009 Meng Hui
Chapter 4010: Retreat
Chapter 4011 Separation
Chapter 4012 There is a kind of life
Chapter 4013 Borrowing
Chapter 4014 Good Luck
Chapter 4015 Bitter and Sweet
Chapter 4016 Red Hanging Coffin
Chapter 4017 The Past
Chapter 4018 Creation
Chapter 4019 Nirvana Tree Method
Chapter 4020 Fusion
Chapter 4021 Two Extremes
Chapter 4022: Destroy them
Chapter 4023 Mural
Chapter 4024 You must be happy
Chapter 4025 Support
Chapter 4026: Don’t like to accept fate
Chapter 4027: Prepare to fight
Chapter 4028 War
Chapter 4029 Breathing
Chapter 4030 Which half?
Chapter 4031 Chong
Chapter 4032 Time Album
Chapter 4033: Suffocating oppression
Chapter 4034 The Peak of Life
Chapter 4035 It’s almost time. It’s almost time.
Chapter 4036 The World
Chapter 4037 Brilliant
Chapter 4038: Two tricks?
Chapter 4039 Eternal Life
Chapter 4040 Home Page
Chapter 4041 Laws
Chapter 4042 Welcome home
Chapter 4043 The real plan
Chapter 4044 This is it
Chapter 4045: A Last Stand
Chapter 4046 Battle
Chapter 4047 Containment
Chapter 4048 The End of the Wheel
Chapter 4049: Everyone’s Path
Chapter 4050: Leverage
Chapter 4051 Let’s do it hard
Chapter 4052 The Fourth Imperial Guard
Chapter 4053 Heart Lamp
Chapter 4054 Motto
Chapter 4055 Constant
Chapter 4056 Old Friend
Chapter 4057: Teaching the Dharma
Chapter 4058 Two Statues
Chapter 4059 Traces of Cultivation
Chapter 4060 The same people
Chapter 4061 Future and Past
Chapter 4062 Unfair
Chapter 4063 Long River Embankment
Chapter 4064: Dust to dust
Chapter 4065 Coincidence
Chapter 4066 Wasteland
Chapter 4067 Two Extremes
Chapter 4068: Collection
Chapter 4069: How to make up for it?
Chapter 4070: Reversing the past and present
Chapter 4071 Hope
Chapter 4072 The Disaster of Death
Chapter 4073: There
Chapter 4074 Broken
Chapter 4075 Illuminating Time and Space
Chapter 4076 Lost
Chapter 4077 Your Hometown
Chapter 40078 Main body
Chapter 4079: Waiting for Someone
Chapter 4082 The fishhook that cannot be bitten off
Chapter 4083 The end of the road
Chapter 4084 See you again
Chapter 4085 No longer exists
Chapter 4086 Absolute means
Chapter 4087 Overcoming hardships
Chapter 4088 Unity of wishes
Chapter 4089 Can I help you?
Chapter 4090 Familiar and Strange
Chapter 4091 Foreign Civilization
Chapter 4092 Accident
Chapter 4093 My Tianyuan, I will guard it
Chapter 4094 Incredible Power
Chapter 4095 Lan Meng
Chapter 4096 In line with the rules
Chapter 4097 Melee
Chapter 4098 Darkness is Infinity
Chapter 4099 Must be killed
Chapter 4100 Can’t have it
Chapter 4101 Killing Yongsheng
Chapter 4102 Fraud
Chapter 4103 Red Clothes Under the Stars
Chapter 4104 A ray of sky
Chapter 4105 Horrifying speculation
Chapter 4106 That kind of despair
Chapter 4107 Let yourself go
Chapter 4108 Maintenance
Chapter 4109 Decision
Chapter 4110 The way out
Chapter 4111 A moment of thought
Chapter 4112 Life Withers
Chapter 4113 Blue World
Chapter 4114 Surrounded
Chapter 4115 Take a trip
Chapter 4116 Bondage
Chapter 4117 The fourth child
Chapter 4118 You are also very good
Chapter 4119 Behind the Door
Chapter 4120 Where there is a cause, there is an effect
Chapter 4121 You can also kill
Chapter 4122 Targeting
Chapter 4123 Lure the Enemy
Chapter 4124 Technology changes the universe
Chapter 4125 Active Universe
Chapter 4126 Weathered Material
Chapter 4127 Scare it
Chapter 4128 Afraid
Chapter 4129 The power of wishes
Chapter 4130 The second one
Chapter 4131 Heavenly Pointing Wheel
Chapter 4132 Ran away?
Chapter 4133 Repeat
Chapter 4134 What are you asking?
Chapter 4135 Searching
Chapter 4136: Hide
Chapter 4137 Coordinates
Chapter 4138 Ding
Chapter 4139 Definitely
Chapter 4140 Forever
Chapter 4141 Testing
Chapter 4142 The previous layout
Chapter 4143 Contact
Chapter 4144 Plant a future
Chapter 4145 Given
Chapter 4146 Cyan and Silver
Chapter 4147 Willing Wave
Chapter 4148 Transit Place
Chapter 4149 Toad Order
Chapter 4150 Hello, bug
Chapter 4151 The strongest blow
Chapter 4152 Lu Yin and Luo Chan
Chapter 4153 Get you
Chapter 4154 Transaction Conditions
Chapter 4155 Detachment
Chapter 4156 Make a friend
Chapter 4157 Chase
Chapter 4158 The Essence of Life
Chapter 4159 Absolute means
Chapter 4160 Gap
Chapter 4161 Instinct
Chapter 4162 Discovery
Chapter 4163: Courtesy first, then attack
Chapter 4164 Candidates
Chapter 4165 Take it with you
Chapter 4166 Backer
Chapter 4167 Colorful Land
Chapter 4168: Old Enemies and Barriers
Chapter 4169 Awe
Chapter 4170 More rogue
Chapter 4171 Are you so sure?
Chapter 4172 Return
Chapter 4173 Sword and Shield
Chapter 4174 Unknown Invitation
Chapter 4175 Pressure
Chapter 4176 Testing
Chapter 4177 Rogue
Chapter 4178 Try it
Chapter 4179 A necessary choice
Chapter 4180 Breakthrough
Chapter 4181 Never See You Again
Chapter 4182 Go Home
Chapter 4183 War Hide
Chapter 4184 Beheading
Chapter 4185 Kill him
Chapter 4186 Silver and Red
Chapter 4187 Master and apprentice join forces
Chapter 4188 Life-saving means
Chapter 4189 The Cauldron of Suppression
Chapter 4190 The spilled silver
Chapter 4191 Worship
Chapter 4192 Relaxation
Chapter 4193 Well done
Chapter 4194 Value and Threat
Chapter 4195 Each other’s desperate situation
Chapter 4196 Traces
Chapter 4197 Let it happen
Chapter 4198 Just strong
Chapter 4199 Cheating
Chapter 4200 Mission
Chapter 4201 What I’ve seen before
Chapter 4202 He is back
Chapter 4203 Second Life
Chapter 4204 Beating sight
Chapter 4205 Together
Chapter 4206 I added it
Chapter 4207 Not So Smooth
Chapter 4208 Are they all ruthless?
Chapter 4209 Black Qi Civilization
Chapter 4210 Identity
Chapter 4211 The power of the seal
Chapter 4212 Life Level Up
Chapter 4213 No one can break it
Chapter 4214 Account
Chapter 4215 Changing opponents
Chapter 4216 Swallow you
Chapter 4217 Cognition and inheritance
Chapter 4218 Nothing is impossible
Chapter 4219 Attract
Chapter 4220 The Second Mountain Ancestor
Chapter 4221 Interested
Chapter 4222 Bond
Chapter 4223 Provocation
Chapter 4224 Wandering
Chapter 4225 Visible Patterns
Chapter 4226 Do you understand?
Chapter 4227 Reaching for the Stars Invincible
Chapter 4228 Seven Needles of Yama Gate
Chapter 4229 Road to Destruction
Chapter 4230 Balance Maker
Chapter 4231 Qualifications
Chapter 4232 Manpower is sometimes exhausted
Chapter 4233 The Unpursuable Dream
Chapter 4234 Wrong
Chapter 4235 Don’t ask, don’t look
Chapter 4236 Encounter
Chapter 4237 Association
Chapter 4236 Once upon a time
Chapter 4237: Back against darkness, heart toward light
Chapter 4238: Immortal Civilization
Chapter 4239: Meteor Realm
Chapter 4240 I am a scoundrel
Chapter 4241 The Four Steps of the Sword
Chapter 4242 The Third Move
Chapter 4243: Never been afraid of anyone
Chapter 4244 Divine Eyes
Chapter 4245 Meeting Ceremony
Chapter 4246 Gaze
Chapter 4247 Movement
Chapter 4248 Pressure
Chapter 4249: Encounter
Chapter 4250 Repair
Chapter 4251: Pupil Realm
Chapter 4252 Absorption
Chapter 4253 Long Dig
Chapter 4254 Fourth Level
Chapter 4255 Moon Heron
Chapter 4256 Raid
Chapter 4257 Immortal Ling
Chapter 4258 Everything starts from nothing
Chapter 4259 The absolute means of escape
Chapter 4260 Thousand Feathers and Thousand Transformations
Chapter 4261 Approaching
Chapter 4264 Chapter 4262 Siege
Chapter 4265 Chapter 4263 The Destined Ending
Chapter 4266 Chapter 4264 The explosion of cause and effect
Chapter 4265 Dao Sword
Chapter 4266 Searching
Chapter 4267 What’s the situation?
Chapter 4268 Mission accomplished?
Chapter 4269 Mirror Light Technique
Chapter 4270 Jade. A Thread of Sky
Chapter 4271 Azimuth Coordinates
Chapter 4272 The Bone Giant
Chapter 4273 Integration
Chapter 4274 Come out
Chapter 4275 Collection
Chapter 4276: Insignificant
Chapter 4277 The Abyss of Death
Chapter 4278 The Ruthless Way
Chapter 4279 Process
Chapter 4280 Red Clothes
Chapter 4281 See clearly
Chapter 4282 Canglan Valley
Chapter 4283: Establishing Prestige
Chapter 4284 Injustice
Chapter 4285 Senluo Umbrella Prison
Chapter 4286 Unworthy
Chapter 4287 Mark
Chapter 4288 What to do
Chapter 4289 Not Sincere enough
Chapter 4290 No Conditions
Chapter 4291 Family History
Chapter 4292 Influence
Chapter 4293: Expanding the Disciples to One Million
Chapter 4294 Who
Chapter 4295 The Battle of Swordsmanship
Chapter 4296 Have you had enough fun?
Chapter 4297 Look at this
Chapter 4298 True Despair
Chapter 4299: Give it a try
Chapter 4300 Answer
Chapter 4301: A heavy blow
Chapter 4302 Is it important?
Chapter 4303 His ruthless ways
Chapter 4304 Logo
Chapter 4305 Everyone gets what they need
Chapter 4306: Give up
Chapter 4307 That Person
Chapter 4308 Possibility
Chapter 4309 The Biggest Traitor in History
Chapter 4310 Self-Atonement
Chapter 4311 The ruthless way of sustenance
Chapter 4312 Base Master
Chapter 4313 Welcome
Chapter 4314 Distance
Chapter 4315 Who is it?
Chapter 4316 Scope
Chapter 4317 Coming to Kill
Chapter 4318 The Absolute Without Absolute
Chapter 4319 Method
Chapter 4320 The Will of Red Clothes Under the Stars
Chapter 4321 Invincible Opportunity
Chapter 4322: Follow your own will
Chapter 4323 Big Hair?
Chapter 4324 It’s also a rule
Chapter 4325 Soft Universe
Chapter 4326 Never changed
Chapter 4327 That Eye
Chapter 4328 Ten-Eyed Crow
Chapter 4329: The crow is fixed
Chapter 4330 Forced Recruitment
Chapter 4331 Peace of Mind
Chapter 4332: Civilized Weapon
Chapter 4333 Support
Chapter 4334 Lu Yin and Lan Meng
Chapter 4335 Nine Great Suppression Devices
Chapter 4336 The biggest benefit
Chapter 4337 An opportunity
Chapter 4338 The Power of Movement and Stillness
Chapter 4339: Locking in Power
Chapter 4340 Paper Bridge
Chapter 4341 Mountain Sword Sect
Chapter 4342 Choice and Temptation
Chapter 4343 Redemption
Chapter 4344: Face to face
Chapter 4345: Splitting the Sky
Chapter 4346: Fight to the death
Chapter 4347 Faith
Chapter 4348 Three Color Divine Power
Chapter 4349 Defeat
Chapter 4350 Revenge
Chapter 4351 Very strong
Chapter 4352 Xiangcheng
Chapter 4353 Minister of the Interior
Chapter 4354 Hercules
Chapter 4355 Looking for Hongshuang
Chapter 4356 Reluctance
Chapter 4357 Metamorphosis
Chapter 4358 Miao Zun
Chapter 4359 Shortcuts and Directions
Chapter 4360 Red Lotus Tomb
Chapter 4361: Farewell
Chapter 4362: Guessed Coordinates
Chapter 4363 The Immortal Feather Tree
Chapter 4364: The Ordinary Yearning
Chapter 4365 God of War
Chapter 4366 Stone Monster
Chapter 4367: Getting bigger
Chapter 4368 The Bird Is King
Chapter 4369 You Wu
Chapter 4370: Have a safe journey
Chapter 4371 Taiqing
Chapter 4372 A ray of edge
Chapter 4373 Locking the upper limit
Chapter 4374 Ming Yu
Chapter 4375 Shielding
Chapter 4376 Shield
Chapter 4377 One more to go
Chapter 4378 The Guardian of Truth and Falsehood
Chapter 4379: That Dao Sword
Chapter 4380 The scene I saw
Chapter 4381 Old Monster
Chapter 4382: Respect
Chapter 4383 Raid
Chapter 4384: Fight to the death
Chapter 4385 Lotus Treasure Mirror
Chapter 4386 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 4387 Can start a prairie fire
Chapter 4388 No one can be left behind
Chapter 4389 Ending
Chapter 4390 Refining
Chapter 4391 Try it
Chapter 4392: Empty feet!
Chapter 4393 Redemption
Chapter 4394: Dead Branches of the Sacred Tree
Chapter 4395 Key
Chapter 4396 Turn around
Chapter 4397 Disappearance
Chapter 4398: Cherish
Chapter 4399 Shen Jian
Chapter 4400 Take a look
Chapter 4401 Shackles
Chapter 4402 Invincible Boxing Technique
Chapter 4403 Starry Sky Map
Chapter 4404 Footprints
Chapter 4405 Star Dou Fist Score
Chapter 4406 Not bad
Chapter 4407 Publisher
Chapter 4408 New Possibilities
Chapter 4409 Chivalry
Chapter 4410 Beixia
Chapter 4411 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 4412 Unlimited Attacks
Chapter 4413: Like a ray of light on my back
Chapter 4414 The Invincible Road
Chapter 4415: Take you to revenge
Chapter 4416 Are you worthy?
Chapter 4417 No Kindness
Chapter 4418 Successful Breakthrough
Chapter 4419 Above the level
Chapter 4420: Found
Chapter 4421 Transaction
Chapter 4422: Not too understanding
Chapter 4423 Lu Yin’s Warning
Chapter 4424 White Magma
Chapter 4425 The ferocious fish
Chapter 4426 Tyrant Rong
Chapter 4427: Looking at each other
Chapter 4428 Don’t force me
Chapter 4429 Godfather
Chapter 4430 Words
Chapter 4431 The biggest weakness
Chapter 4432: Attempt to Change
Chapter 4433 The Invisible Road
Chapter 4434 The joyful skull dries up
Chapter 4435 Can’t live up to it
Chapter 4436 Found
Chapter 4437 Master’s Confidence
Chapter 4438 Small Courtyard
Chapter 4439 Use it if you want
Chapter 4440 Let’s discuss
Chapter 4441 Incredible
Chapter 4442 Civilized War
Chapter 4443: Blue Ming Realm
Chapter 4444 Red Sword
Chapter 4445 An explanation
Chapter 4446 Everyone
Chapter 4447 The Walking Book
Chapter 4448 Stargazing and Learning
Chapter 4449 Alive
Chapter 4450: Heart Qi
Chapter 4451 Civilization fights among the stars
Chapter 4452 Terrible
Chapter 4453: Go Very Far
Chapter 4454 Dialogue
Chapter 4455: Rebellion with Love
Chapter 4456 The Red Umbrella as a Suppressant
Chapter 4457 The second note
Chapter 4458 Devouring
Chapter 4459: A Gamble
Chapter 4460 I'm looking forward to it
Chapter 4461 Just look at you
Chapter 4462 The last step
Chapter 4463 Reasonable
Chapter 4464 I can listen now
Chapter 4465 The Great Movement
Chapter 4466 Familiar Breath
Chapter 4467 Ying Xiong
Chapter 4468: Thousands of tricks
Chapter 4469 Disaster is Coming
Chapter 4470 The Origin of Everything
Chapter 4471 The Truth
Chapter 4472: Eternal Strategy
Chapter 4473: Survive
Chapter 4474 Cage
Chapter 4475 The end of the road
Chapter 4476 True Strength
Chapter 4477: Cause and Effect
Chapter 4478 Why take action?
Chapter 4479 Absolutely
Chapter 4480: Opportunity for Change
Chapter 4481 Asking for something
Chapter 4482: Consummation and Return to Zero
Chapter 4483 Clouds in the Nine Heavens
Chapter 4484: Burying Civilization
Chapter 4485 It’s dawn
Chapter 4486 Sealing the Cauldron
Chapter 4487 Strong Suppression
Chapter 4488 Never turn over
Chapter 4489 Why not
Chapter 4490 The last move
Chapter 4491: Specialized in Killing Immortals
Chapter 4492: Mending the Sky
Chapter 4493 The Bound Bird
Chapter 4494 No choice
Chapter 4495: Future Destination
Chapter 4496 Brand
Chapter 4497 ??Once
Chapter 4498 Unpredictable
Chapter 4499 Strange
Chapter 4500: Leaving Again
Chapter 4501: The Talent of Transformation
Chapter 4502: One Body
Chapter 4503 Change
Chapter 4504 Welcome anytime
Chapter 4505 Last time
Chapter 4506 Flaws
Chapter 4507 Constraints
Chapter 4508 The talent of cheating
Chapter 4509 Lu Yin and Wang Wen
Chapter 4510 Wang Wen’s Announcement
Chapter 4511 Pleasant Search
Chapter 4512 Xiaocao
Chapter 4513 Half Black and Half White
Chapter 4514 Confrontation
Chapter 4515 Promise
Chapter 4516 The Way of Breathing
Chapter 4517 The fifth needle
Chapter 4518: Never forget merit in this world
Chapter 4519 Entering
Chapter 4520: Thousands of tricks
Chapter 4521 Legend
Chapter 4522 Rhythm
Chapter 4523 Seven Abyss
Chapter 4524 Method
Chapter 4525 The first sound
Chapter 4526 What to say
Chapter 4527 Encounter
Chapter 4528 The Seal of Life and Death
Chapter 4529: Black Bones
Chapter 4530: Fight for a future
Chapter 4531 Come on
Chapter 4532 Lu Yin and Lao Liu
Chapter 4533 Sword Testing Stone
Chapter 4534 Protection
Chapter 4535 Dark Murderous Intent
Chapter 4536 Tricks
Chapter 4537: Rush out
Chapter 4538 Welcome to take away
Chapter 4539 Three Death Techniques
Chapter 4540 Method
Chapter 4541 The Secret of the Universe
Chapter 4542: Experience Death
Chapter 4543 The Limit of Potential
Chapter 4544: Diezu Continent
Chapter 4545 Die Lianhua
Chapter 4546 The Qi of Ten Thousand Golds
Chapter 4547: Bone Grinding
Chapter 4548 The Road to Taiqing
Chapter 4549: Fierce battle with formations
Chapter 4550 Hunting
Chapter 4551 Transfer
Chapter 4552 Butterfly Burial
Chapter 4553: Sealed
Chapter 4554: Butterfly Ancestor
Chapter 4555 See
Chapter 4556 Destination
Chapter 4557 Familiar Helper
Chapter 4558 Invitation
Chapter 4559 Freedom
Chapter 4560 Wang Wen and Qian Ji’s trick
Chapter 4561 It’s my turn
Chapter 4562 No choice
Chapter 4563 Color
Chapter 4564 Green Agnostic
Chapter 4565: Heaven-bending Technique
Chapter 4566 Lu Yin’s Performance
Chapter 4567 Testing
Chapter 4568 Honesty
Chapter 4569: Shocked Old Friend
Chapter 4570 Defense Limit
Chapter 4571: Past Events at Ninth Base
Chapter 4572 Release
Chapter 4573 You are the traitor
Chapter 4574 Apology
Chapter 4575: They are all traitors
Chapter 4576 The Inner Starry Sky
Chapter 4577 I’m still young
Chapter 4578 So fast?
Chapter 4579 Coordinates and Orientation
Chapter 4580 The Nature of War
4583. Chapter 4583 Response
4584. Chapter 4584 Loyalty
Chapter 4583: Benevolence and Righteousness
Chapter 4584 Even though
Chapter 4585 Qingtian Earth Locking Formation
Chapter 4586: Arresting People
Chapter 4586 Lovesickness Rain?
Chapter 4587 Carving Scroll
Chapter 4588 Eternal Consciousness Realm
Chapter 4589: Peak Butterfly Ancestor
Chapter 4590 Brutal
Chapter 4591 Encounter
Chapter 4592 Cognitive Weapons
Chapter 4593: Technology Inheritance
Chapter 4594 The Past
Chapter 4595: The Seven Needles of the Yama Gate
Chapter 4596 Potential
Chapter 4597 Dead Sea
Chapter 4598: Backflow
Chapter 4599: Spiritual Empowerment
Chapter 4600 Do you understand?
Chapter 4601 Jumping out of the chessboard
Chapter 4602 Dependence
Chapter 4604 Crush
Chapter 4605 The war begins
Chapter 4606: Taking the Lead Without Rebellion
Chapter 4607: Take you away
Chapter 4608 The dusty history
Chapter 4609 Liangyi Burning Sky Mirror
Chapter 4610: Fighting the Red Man
Chapter 4611 Ordinary and Satisfied
Chapter 4612 Burning Incense
Chapter 4613 Arrival
Chapter 4614 The truth of the past
Chapter 4615 Endless Counterfaith
Chapter 4616 Aren’t you tired?
Chapter 4617 It’s you
Chapter 4618 Mr. Free
Chapter 4619 Shrine
Chapter 4620 Registration
Chapter 4621 Battlefield
Chapter 4622 More than one
Chapter 4623 Alternative Rules
Chapter 4624 Take action
Chapter 4625 Nirvana
Chapter 4626: Entering the Divine Palace
Chapter 4627 Returning
Chapter 4628 Cutting off cause and effect
Chapter 4629 Faster than you think
Chapter 4630: Godless Territory
Chapter 4631 Replacement
Chapter 4632 Warning
Chapter 4633 Elimination
Chapter 4634 The plan begins
Chapter 4635 Well done
Chapter 4636: Join one by one
Chapter 4637: Enemies on the battlefield
Chapter 4638: Reduced Constraints
Chapter 4639 Challenge
Chapter 4640 It’s getting lively
Chapter 4641 What is the overall situation?
Chapter 4642 The right to speak of the shrine
Chapter 4643: Disaster
Chapter 4644 One Shot
Chapter 4645: Worship
Chapter 4646 Thousand Moves Crossing the Border
Chapter 4647 Breakthrough
Chapter 4648 Self-imprisonment
Chapter 4649 Harvest
Chapter 4650 Invisibility Seed
Chapter 4651 Creating a battlefield
Chapter 4652 Cause and Effect and Time
Chapter 4653 Let’s fight one on one
Chapter 4654: The Law of Time
Chapter 4655: Life Chart
Chapter 4656: Give it a try
Chapter 4657: Reducing Constraints
Chapter 4658: Then and Now
Chapter 4659 Missed Opportunity
Chapter 4660 Mingshan
Chapter 4661 Control
Chapter 4662 Forced
Chapter 4663: Exchange Time
Chapter 4664 Hunter and Prey
Chapter 4665 Lu Yin’s Strength
Chapter 4666 Mirror of Time
Chapter 4667 The Invisible Group
Chapter 4668 Awakening
Chapter 4669: If you don’t go against it, you will go with it
Chapter 4670 Exclusion
Chapter 4671 Fixed horoscope
Chapter 4672 Unknown Terror
Chapter 4673 Locked
Chapter 4674: Old Enemy
Chapter 4675 An unexpected battle
Chapter 4676: That Creature
Chapter 4677: Dominate the Clan
Chapter 4678 Mark
Chapter 4679 Five Luck and Six Qi
Chapter 4680 Tips Bag
Chapter 4681 The Fate of Heaven
Chapter 4682 The problem is big
Chapter 4683: Hurry up
Chapter 4684 Transformation
Chapter 4685 The beating of blood
Chapter 4686 Reappearance
Chapter 4687: Meet again
Chapter 4688 Linlang in the Sky
Chapter 4689 Nine Tribulations of Heavenly Suffering
Chapter 4690 First
Chapter 4691 The fifth needle
Chapter 4692 Jian Wu
Chapter 4693 Qualifications
Chapter 4694: Floating Camp
Chapter 4695 Internal and external confrontation
Chapter 4696 Redemption
Chapter 4697 Arrival
Chapter 4698 Encounter
Chapter 4699 Melee
Chapter 4700 You are of great use
Chapter 4701: Siege and Killing
Chapter 4702 Invincible and Powerful
Chapter 4703 Ability
Chapter 4704 Situation
Chapter 4705 Wang Chenchen
Chapter 4706 Are you blaming me?
Chapter 4707: Help you die
Chapter 4708 Nine Arrows
Chapter 4709: Leave a Name in Ancient and Modern Times
Chapter 4710 Mirror
Chapter 4711 War Holy Bow
Chapter 4712: Divine Silence Arrow
Chapter 4713: Its me next
Chapter 4714: Stealing Things
Chapter 4715 Who is it?
Chapter 4716 Power Storm
Chapter 4717: Rebellion
Chapter 4718 No chance at all
Chapter 4719 The Shrine System
Chapter 4720 Fun
Chapter 4721 Supplement
Chapter 4722: Leave nothing behind
Chapter 4723 Resources
Chapter 4724 Atmosphere
Chapter 4725 Are you coming again?
Chapter 4726: Go directly
Chapter 4727 Giant City
Chapter 4728 Daqian Civilization
Chapter 4729: Getting rid of the powerlessness
Chapter 4730 Another kind of darkness
Chapter 4731 Luck determines altitude
Chapter 4732 Black Book with White Letters
Chapter 4733 Darkness Comes
Chapter 4734: Welcome Death
Chapter 4735: Domineering Attack
Chapter 4736 Lu Yin and the Lord of Death
Chapter 4737: Silence Kung Fu
Chapter 4738: One Knife
Chapter 4739 The word above is a painting
Chapter 4740: Really Dare to Kill
Chapter 4741 The Battle of Life and Life
Chapter 4742 Another kind of treasure
Chapter 4743: Establishing the Dead Sea
Chapter 4744 Weakness
Chapter 4745 The biggest resource
Chapter 4746 Lu Yin and the Blind Man
Chapter 4747 Friends
Chapter 4748: In exchange for life
Chapter 4749: How to distinguish each other
Chapter 4750 Gone
Chapter 4751: Looking too high
Chapter 4752: Each other
Chapter 4753: Do something big
Chapter 4754 The Remnant Sea
Chapter 4755: Other Courtyard
Chapter 4756 Dignity
Chapter 4757 Spirituality
Chapter 4758 Under the Peach Blossom Tree
Chapter 4759 All Causes and Effects
Chapter 4760 Cause and effect are non-linear
Chapter 4761: Surrounded and Killed in Silence
Chapter 4762 No time
Chapter 4763: Fight out
Chapter 4764 The Strongest Sequence
Chapter 4765: Hard Bones
Chapter 4766 The Length of Life
Chapter 4767 Appearance
Chapter 4768: Robbery?
Chapter 4769 I underestimate you
Chapter 4770 Harvesting Death
Chapter 4771 Death Bead
Chapter 4772 Unworthy
Chapter 4773 Life Withers
Chapter 4774: The Great Phaseless Transportation Method
Chapter 4775 Three Kinds of Human Beings
Chapter 4776 Yi Tian Que Reappears
Chapter 4777 Little Waves
Chapter 4778 The First Barrier
Chapter 4779: This is the Lord’s Way
Chapter 4780 Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 4781 Discovery
Chapter 4782 Found
Chapter 4783 Confrontation
Chapter 4784 Welcome my master
Chapter 4785: The Undual Method of Heart Destiny
Chapter 4786 Answer
Chapter 4787 I really can’t do it without you
Chapter 4788 Movement and Stillness
Chapter 4789 The End
Chapter 4790 Lu Yin and the God King
Chapter 4791 Solution
Chapter 4792: Strong Showdown
Chapter 4793: Fang De always
Chapter 4794 Leaving
Chapter 4795: Flowing Light
Chapter 4796 Silver Fox Sigh
Chapter 4797 Beaten
Chapter 4798 Xiaoxian
Chapter 4799: Each other’s backup plan
Chapter 4800 It’s her
Chapter 4801 Red Rain
Chapter 4802 Black Moon and Darkness
Chapter 4803 The Stars in the Red Mansion
Chapter 4804: Fairy Flowers in Bloom
Chapter 4805 Sixteen Sword Guides
Chapter 4806: Countercurrent Camp Forces
Chapter 4807: Countless People’s Problems
Chapter 4808 Balance
Chapter 4809 Not Youthful
Chapter 4810 Truth
Chapter 4811 Unknown Shock
Chapter 4812 A successful attempt
Chapter 4813: Breaking through the Second Path
Chapter 4814 Visualization
Chapter 4815 Long time no see, Bai
Chapter 4816 What’s mine is mine
Chapter 4817 Eradication Mission
Chapter 4818 Time Dam
Chapter 4819 Next time we meet
Chapter 4820: The Outer Sect Emperor
Chapter 4821 The outer door of memory
Chapter 4822: Yi Que Sutra
Chapter 4823 The biggest taboo
Chapter 4824: Evolution of the World
Chapter 4825 Going against the past
Chapter 4826 Divine Power
Chapter 4827: Civilization, alive!!
Chapter 4828: A Place
Chapter 4829 Twelve Seats
Chapter 4830 A big deal
Chapter 4831: Positioning the anti-ancient point
Chapter 4832: Fighting
Chapter 4833 What do you want to do?
Chapter 4834: Going the wrong way
Chapter 4835 Liancheng and Lu Yin
Chapter 4836 That’s all
Chapter 4837: What you see is what you are satisfied with
Chapter 4838: Velvet Civilization
Chapter 4839 Truth
Chapter 4840 Anger
Chapter 4841 Dawn
Chapter 4842 Death
Chapter 4843: Think about it, then take action
Chapter 4844 Lu Yin and Sheng Mie
Chapter 4845 Team formation
Chapter 4846 Replacement
Chapter 4847 Help solve the problem
Chapter 4848 Reward you
Chapter 4849 Ten Talents
Chapter 4850: Bring a message
Chapter 4851 Completely suppressed
Chapter 4852: Want more lives
Chapter 4853 No delay
Chapter 4854: Inner and Outer Heaven
Chapter 4855 Yunting
Chapter 4856: World and Square
Chapter 4857 Camp and Games
Chapter 4858 The Beautiful Universe
Chapter 4859 World and World
Chapter 4860 Sky Star Dome Ant
Chapter 4861 The method of blood splitting
Chapter 4862 Performance
Chapter 4863 Justice
Chapter 4864 Seventy-two Realms
Chapter 4865 The Mohe Sisters
Chapter 4866 Why is he there?
Chapter 4867 Comparison
Chapter 4868 Karma Fire
Chapter 4869 Invincible
Chapter 4870 Black Attack
Chapter 4871 A corner of darkness
Chapter 4872: An Incomprehensible Sword
Chapter 4873 Three Swords Inequality
Chapter 4874: Perfunctory
Chapter 4875 Black and Red
Chapter 4876: Breakthrough to Eternal Life
Chapter 4877 The Great Compassion of Cause and Effect
Chapter 4878 Nailed
Chapter 4879 Second Chance
Chapter 4880 Defeated?
Chapter 4881 Two Madmen
Chapter 4882 Cause and Effect Duo
Chapter 4883 He came from the abyss
Chapter 4884 Perfect Showdown
Chapter 4885: Complete defeat
Chapter 4886 Fairness and Justice
Chapter 4887 Tuo Country
Chapter 4888 What do you want?
Chapter 4889 Absorption
Chapter 4890 The Cruel Truth
Chapter 4891: Time Does Not Fight
Chapter 4892 Black Book with White Letters
Chapter 4893 The Supreme Sequence
Chapter 4894 This is the world
Chapter 4895: Silent Garden
Chapter 4896 History
Chapter 4897 Lu Yin and Eternity
Chapter 4898 The vacant position
Chapter 4899 Benefits
Chapter 4900 A Slap
Chapter 4901: Combination of Swords
Chapter 4902 Starry Sky Map
Chapter 4903 Supplement
Chapter 4904 Hand it over
Chapter 4905 You can’t run away
Chapter 4906 Finally in darkness
Chapter 4907 Heaven is always there
Chapter 4908 Catch it out
Chapter 4909: Help it come back
Chapter 4910: Was the road built by your family?
Chapter 4911 Based on fairness
Chapter 4912 Gathering
Chapter 4913 Please - open the door
Chapter 4914 Return to Origin
Chapter 4915 Two Legs
Chapter 4916 Planting
Chapter 4917 Application
Chapter 4918 Long time no see
Chapter 4919 Night Ferry
Chapter 4920 Exile
Chapter 4921 Framework
Chapter 4922 Qualifications
Chapter 4923: Transformation Tree Technique
Chapter 4924: The Power of Heaven
Chapter 4925 Decisive Disappearance
Chapter 4926: Do you want to try?
Chapter 4927: Exchange with your life
Chapter 4928 The Iron Rule
Chapter 4929: Re-entering the Inner and Outer Heavens
Chapter 4930 Four Extreme Sins
Chapter 4931 Sin Sect
Chapter 4932: Realm
Chapter 4933 Fang
Chapter 4934: Business
Chapter 4935 The Battle of Fang
Chapter 4936: Stealing the Heart of the Realm
Chapter 4937 The True Self Realm
Chapter 4938 Extraordinary Mysteries
Chapter 4939: So unlucky?
Chapter 4940: Ming Zuo
Chapter 4941 Vitality
Chapter 4942 Left Alliance
Chapter 4943: So domineering
Chapter 4944 Faith in Freedom
Chapter 4945 Unforgettable
Chapter 4946 Special Case
Chapter 4947 Too Arrogant
Chapter 4948 The End of the Era
Chapter 4949 Recorded History
Chapter 4950: Ming Qing
Chapter 4951 Direction
Chapter 4952: Jue Ridge
Chapter 4953 It’s time to end
Chapter 4954 Defeat
Chapter 4955 Extinction
Chapter 4956: Soaked in Darkness
Chapter 4957 Scarecrow
Chapter 4958: Willful
Chapter 4959: Illusion and Virtual Realm
Chapter 4960: Delivered to the Door
Chapter 4961 Lan Wuling
Chapter 4962: Recognized Humans
Chapter 4963 People’s Desires
Chapter 4964 Gratitude
Chapter 4965 Narcissus Court
Chapter 4966: Heavenly Change
Chapter 4967 The Second Step
Chapter 4968: Crusade against the Barrier
Chapter 4969 Blocking the Road
Chapter 4970 Follow me
Chapter 4971: Don’t come back to anyone
Chapter 4972 Thousand Eyes Flag
Chapter 4973 See it again
Chapter 4974: One of Our Own
Chapter 4975 Old Friend
Chapter 4976: That period of history
Chapter 4977: Only right and wrong, no position
Chapter 4978 The Fourth Knife
Chapter 4979: Carrying
Chapter 4980 The Peak of the Post-Era
Chapter 4981 Preparing for War
Chapter 4982 The Third Level
Chapter 4983: Account
Chapter 4984: Morning siege
Chapter 4985: Step on it
Chapter 4986 What qualifications do you have?
Chapter 4987 The Supreme Sequence
Chapter 4988: Attacking the Sin Realm
Chapter 4989 Gathering
Chapter 4990: The Realm of Crime
Chapter 4991 Complete chaos
Chapter 4992: Controlling the Shadow Realm
Chapter 4993 Counterattack
Chapter 4994 Attack
Chapter 4995 You passed
Chapter 4996: The method of locking sin
Chapter 4997 Is it worth it?
Chapter 4998 Fang Xingzhe
Chapter 4999 Cause and effect silk hand
Chapter 5000 Order
Chapter 5001 New Power
Chapter 5002 Why stop?
Chapter 5003 Pattern
Chapter 5004: 灁
Chapter 5005: Bone Erosion Method
Chapter 5006 Small Bamboo Forest
Chapter 5007 Roses on the Ruins
Chapter 5008: Give me an explanation
Chapter 5009 Morning and Youth
Chapter 5010: Chang Ming Stick
Chapter 5011 How many can there be?
Chapter 5012: Kicked out
Chapter 5013 The Limit of What Can Be Achieved
Chapter 5014: Cover
Chapter 5015: Stealing people
Chapter 5016 The sky changes
Chapter 5017: Help me
Chapter 5018 Extra chess pieces
Chapter 5019 Free Time
Chapter 5020 Why do it?
Chapter 5021 Faith
Chapter 5022 Invisible War
Chapter 5023: Spelled out
Chapter 5024 Exposed
Chapter 5025: Realm A
Chapter 5026: Looking for trouble
Chapter 5027 Tianmen Realm
Chapter 5028 Hongtianmen
Chapter 5029: Entering the Cloud
Chapter 5030: Fish in the Stone
Chapter 5031: Great Goodness
Chapter 5032 Don’t dare to go in
Chapter 5033: A breakthrough must be made
Chapter 5034: Walk out
Chapter 5035: Sure
Chapter 5036: The darker, the safer
Chapter 5037: Life is not perfect
Chapter 5038 Life is Unlimited
Chapter 5039: Just such a short time
Chapter 5040 A Straw
Chapter 5041 Entering the Game
Chapter 5042: Chess and Heavenly Skills
Chapter 5043: Please let go
Chapter 5044 Lu Yin fights against Shengqing
Chapter 5045: Look at this again
Chapter 5046 Unparalleled
Chapter 5047 Winning
Chapter 5048 I don’t believe it
Chapter 5049 Secret
Chapter 5050: It’s not up to you
Chapter 5051: The Land of Destiny
Chapter 5052 Fruit of Cause and Effect
Chapter 5053: Past Memories
Chapter 5054 Control
Chapter 5055: Establishing Prestige
Chapter 5056 List
Chapter 5057 A great gift
Chapter 5058: Listen to me
Chapter 5059: Terrorist Power
Chapter 5060 Confrontation
Chapter 5061: Ask directly
Chapter 5062 Countermeasures
Chapter 5063 Absolute Power
Chapter 5064 Power Lock
Chapter 5065 Attack on the Execution Realm
Chapter 5066 Fat Eating
Chapter 5067: Do we need to take action?
Chapter 5068: Limit
Chapter 5069 Take action
Chapter 5070: Chen and Shi do not fight
Chapter 5071 Nine Changes
Chapter 5072 There is no winner
Chapter 5073: Acknowledgment
Chapter 5074: Let’s fight
Chapter 5075 Control
Chapter 5076: Weapon of War
Chapter 5077 The war begins
Chapter 5078 Lu Yin fights holy cum
Chapter 5079 You can’t run away
Chapter 5080 The Strongest Weakness
Chapter 5081 Fighting
Chapter 5082: Send you to see it
Chapter 5083: Facing the Master
Chapter 5084: Pull it out for me
Chapter 5085 Life and Death
Chapter 5086 The Awakening of Civilization
Chapter 5087: An opportunity
Chapter 5088 Shocking News
Chapter 5089 Are you the skeleton?
Chapter 5090 Nine Patterns
Chapter 5091 Legendary Creature
Chapter 5092 Control
Chapter 5093: Release
Chapter 5094: Difficult
Chapter 5095 Obsession
Chapter 5096: Audacious
Chapter 5097 Blackmail
Chapter 5098: Own means
Chapter 5099: Not giving face
Chapter 5100 Collapse
Chapter 50101 Wang Wen comes out of seclusion
Chapter 5102 Melee
Chapter 5103 Complete chaos
Chapter 5104 A critical moment
Chapter 5105 Exposed
Chapter 5106: You deceived me so hard