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What is hexagonal jungle?

What is hexagonal jungle?

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Latest chapter:652: G2 deals with Kindred’s methods and the evil that manipulates people’s hearts

{League of Legends e-sports article team battle, Gank, vision, operation, awareness, hero pool...all filled up! Gu Xing used his career to explain what a hexagonal jungler is! ... 18-year-old Gu Xing accidentally discovered In order to realize his unique talent, he originally just wanted to use his free time during the summer to earn some living expenses and relieve the financial pressure on his family, but by accident, he plunged into the 2016 LPL. In the league, there are EDG that swept everything, and RNG that suddenly emerged. , reorganizing the 2.0 version of WE... surrounded by strong enemies outside the league, the LCK, which has won the championship for three consecutive years, is full of momentum and is still continuing its dominance. The European and American divisions are ready to make a comeback, and the LPL is still walking in the boundless darkness. But come They are all here. From the moment Gu Xing embarks on his career path, his goal is only to win the championship! From an ignorant newcomer to a team leader, to the logo of the competition area and even the League of Legends, he has reached the top step by step!

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《What is hexagonal jungle?》The latest nine chapters
652: G2 deals with Kindred’s methods and the evil that manipulates people’s hearts
651: The big stage for unpopular heroes, come if you dare!
650: VG in desperate situation, the European division where the champagne is opened
649: It’s back, everyone’s back!
648: A new Dragon King understanding from Kuro!
647: The rapid offensive triggered by the Dragon King
646:The ultimate battle!
645:Final day is coming!
644: The familiar snake girl, the ultimate salvation move!
《What is hexagonal jungle?》Chapter Contents
001: Happy hour is about to begin
002: I am your fan!
003: My right fist opened the sky and turned into a dragon!
004: The operating space created in the cracks! (2-in-1)
005: Fan meeting!
006: Trumpet?
007: Septwolves
008: Gu Pan and Shen Guanshan
009: You can't generalize between people
010: A Summoner's Rift!
011: Virtual game!
012: A tryout invitation
013: The ins and outs of dark chocolate (2-in-1)
014: Clear thinking, fatal anti-squat! (Big chapter two in one)
015:Trial training invitation 2/7
016: Another Fork in Life
017: What kind of play is this?
018: Yogurt and Chocolate
019: Second Growth
020: I can tell fortunes, do you believe it?
021: The first training match, Pingxiang Yizhi Internet Cafe!
022: Do you play or not?
024: Go to your wild dreams!
025: Where to Go
026: Next Arrangement
027: What is an All-Star?
028: Fight!
029: The Raptors swing their tails!
030: There are still trials?
031: New World
032: Extremely difficult trial training!
033: Wonderful catching route
034: Is this really a newcomer?
035: Surprises continue, ending the game!
036: Treasure dug!
037: I'm going to decide this jungler!
038: Another tryout about to begin
039: Choice of Fork Roads
040: Who can stand this?
041: No regrets
042: Schr?dinger's age restriction clause
043: Looking for a big brother?
044: The trial is over!
045: Clubs will communicate with each other...
046: The dark tide is surging!
047: Turbulent waves during the transfer period! (2-in-1)
048: Virtue officially connected! (2-in-1)
049: The beginning of a career path! (2-in-1)
050: Do you really know how to play League of Legends? (2-in-1 5700-word chapter)
051: The beginning of a legend! (2-in-1)
052: Surprise victory! (2-in-1)
053: Open the wound! (2-in-1)
Remarks on the launch
055: Swap heroes? (Please order your first monthly pass!)
056: Being anti-wild is an art (please vote for me!)
057: That time and that moment, exactly this moment!
058: Don't run!
059: Win-win!
060: E-sports Yu Qian
061: Avoid arrogance and impatience
062: Fish Pond Fight!
063: Tower Jumping and Escape!
064: The Seal of Kindred? A game of controlling images!
065: Imperial treatment! (7K words chapter)
066: Operations and Operations
067: Unexpected!
068: Fake vision, serial set! (8.6K big chapter!)
069: Jack asked me to give you a message
070: Don't sleep too hard at night
071: Soldier line is an art
072: Chicken with Meat, Egg and Scallion!
073: Stumbling blocks on the road to MVP
074: Breakthrough!
075: regret now
076: College Entrance Examination Score
077: Cut the snake?!
078: Fight in the wild!
079: The way to crack the bandit-style anti-wild!
080: The sheep spirit is alive!
081: Rush!
082: Sunshine Rainbow Little White Horse!
083: Galloping, wild electric fan! (big chapter)
084: What's the situation?
085: What is a high number Nakano?
086: Focus showdown, battle of the strongest!
087: Turn passive into active!
088: Instant explosion!
089: The Ultimate Bomb!
090: Wild, will make them afraid!
091: One-on-one single kill!
092: Momentary seconds!
094: Faker, don't run!
095: What is anti-squatting
096: Are you worthy of the advantages your teammates gave you?
097: The Battle of Vengeance!
098: The gap in the crack!
099: 'Explosion output'!
100: The fatal gap in the speed of the wild!
101: Flesh start a group!
102: Crash!
103: There is a tacit understanding and tacit cooperation!
104: The network is flowing to the jungle!
105: Anti-squat and break the game!
106: You taught me so well
107: Everyone must die!
108: You like to choose Rambo, right?
109: Fantastic catch-up route!
110: Late welcome ceremony!
111: Mineral water
112: high spirits
113: Rock Tiger!
114: Water Ghosts and Revenge!
115: It's a no-brainer!
116: Poisonous sting!
117: Bow down to my design!
118: The big one is coming!
119: In the middle of the game!
120: Full of details, terror reigns!
121: Ace Commentator!
122: Your ability is very strong, but it will be mine soon!
123: Groundbreaking Tactics!
124: chance encounter
125: It changes the league!
126: Rapid progress!
127: Choice
128: Disturbed
129: Divide
130: Group photo
131: I can't accept it!
132: Hope you shine forever
133: A decisive battle with no retreat! (1.1W word chapter)
134: Strange tricks appear frequently!
135: Careful planning and opportunity!
136: Insidious... (a big chapter with ten thousand words!)
137: Strange choice!
138: Desperate Counterattack!
139: Vision defect, perfect linkage!
140: I want to go without killing me?!
141: Confusion at the Crossroads
142: Deadly Crouch!
143: I walk with death!
144: Have you really made up your mind?
145: On the eve of the decisive battle!
146: Either stay with difficulty or be eliminated cruelly!
147: Can you teach me?
148: The plan passes!
149: Unexpected changes!
150: Calm and confident!
151: Keep the hammer KDA!
152: Knowing the crouch!
153: That meat, egg, onion chicken!
154: Match point is in hand!
155: Unexpected choice!
156: The Soul of Zhizi [10,400 words long chapter!]
157: Live with your son! [1.15W Chapter Summer Finals Ended]
158: Isn't my life-saving outfit?
159: Password
160: Expedition Ceremony!
161: Offer for a new deal!
162: Do you want a girlfriend or not?
163: The beginning and end of the change of heart, the severe grouping situation! (1.2W words of super large chapter!)
165: Set sail for the World Championships!
166: Upcoming Opening Ceremony!
167:Wildness will make them afraid!
168: Unexpected fierce attack!
169: How does this play?
170: Zero Seal!
171: Wherever you go, not a blade of grass grows!
172: Make decisive decisions and be the first to break the situation!
173: Line and field linkage, extreme operation!
174: There is a reason why I have to win [a big chapter of ten thousand words!]
175: Against SKT!
176: Trap game, difficult to break!
177: Contest of top operations!
178: Unsolvable team battle, a decisive victory in the cracks! (10,600-word chapter!)
179: Upcoming second cycle!
180: Where's the sun?!
181: Fight against the water dispenser veteran!
182: Thousand-layer cake game, the group qualified!
183: The mystery of the real water fountain ares
184: Strange Whereabouts!
185: The Mystery of the Tunnel!
186: Group first!
187: The turbulent group stage situation!
188: The sunset is far away
189: Battle Samsung!
190: The magic of time difference!
191: Perfect linkage, precise barrage!
192: Repay him with his way!
193: False illusion
194: By some mistake, the match point is obtained!
195: Mindset Gap
196: Destruction!
197: Make history and reach the semi-finals!
198: The War Is Coming
199: The semi-finals are open!
200: Unexpected setup, flipping the table and showing your trump card!
201: It's Troll Time!
202: Are there such pillars?
203: Let's play cards together!
204: Lineup game, laying ambush at every level!
205: Each shows his or her own special abilities, and they attack each other in the early stage!
206: Lane switching game, unkillable back row!
207: Do you still believe it now?
208: Mutual Attack and Demolition!
209: Petrified Gaze!
210: I use both hands to achieve your dreams
211: There will never be a team like ROX again
212: Banknote Ability!
213: SKT what are you fighting us for?
214: The finals are open!
215: The world is a desert, but I am an oasis!
216: Just two feet!
217: The sunset is far away?
218: Abnormal BP thinking
219: Evolution and Ambush!
220: Technique of Mark Capture
221: Brothers are hanging!
222: The last hole card
223: A killer move with no countermeasures!
Chapter 225 224: Layers of ambush, psychological game!
Chapter 226 225: The final battle
Chapter 227 226: Holding the Cup!
Chapter 228 227: Public opinion fermented!
Chapter 229 228: The best gift
Chapter 230 229: Young man's pleasure
Chapter 231 230: 'Conquest' (Part 1)
Chapter 232 231: 'Conquest' (Part 2)
Chapter 233 232: Encouragement
Chapter 234 234: MVP of the year!
Chapter 235 235: Big earthquake during the transfer period (Part 1)!
Chapter 236 236: Big earthquake during the transfer period (Part 2)
Chapter 237 237:Win the Championship Premiere
Chapter 238 238: What is a jungle jungler with a flow of connections?
Chapter 239 239: My heart is beating rapidly
Chapter 240 240: Changes from a genius designer!
Chapter 241 241: Not very cooperative
Chapter 242 242: Communication issues about whether you can go up or down
Chapter 243 243: Change is a good thing!
Chapter 244 244: Welcome to LPL!
Chapter 245 245: This is a horror game!
Chapter 246 246: Where do you fall and where do you get up?
Chapter 247 247: 'The Birth of the Autistic Top Order'
Chapter 248 248: Surround the point for reinforcements!
Chapter 249 249: An almost broadcast accident
Chapter 250 250: This child cannot be returned to LCK?
Chapter 251 251: Just a trick?
Chapter 252 252: Misleading and Pulling!
Chapter 253 253: Iron-headed boy!
Chapter 254 254: Teaching Bureau!
Chapter 255 255: Mark fishing technique!
Chapter 256 256: Quit Internet addiction!
Chapter 257 257: Record breaking!
Chapter 258 258: The New Year is approaching
Chapter 259 259: Ionia will not perish!
Chapter 260 260: The birth of Guodian and the arrival of the focus battle!
Chapter 261 261: What everyone expected!
Chapter 262 262:Whose head will I take?
Chapter 263 263:Have a good hunt tonight!
Chapter 264 264: Unexpected choice!
Chapter 265 265: Is this your escape route?
Chapter 266 266: Killed with two shots!
Chapter 267 267: A historical level initiator!
Chapter 268 268: The whole good life!
Chapter 269 269: Swinging purple-skinned garlic!
Chapter 270 270: Please enter the urn
Chapter 271 271: An unexpected anti-squatting plan!
Chapter 272 272: Can this also teach?
Chapter 273 273: The charm of military training!
Chapter 274 274: Operation gap!
Chapter 275 275: You are the one who stole it!
Chapter 276 276: Feeling uneasy
Chapter 277 277: A strange version of leadership!
Chapter 278 278: Black Technology (Part 1)
Chapter 279 279: Black Technology (Part 2)
Chapter 280 280: A way to break the situation!
Chapter 281 281: Two Heavens of Ice and Fire!
Chapter 282 282: Head-on confrontation!
Chapter 283 283: Two, two, three, four again!
Chapter 284 284: Operation details of the crushing level!
Chapter 285 285: Sword Pointer!
Chapter 286 286: Rhythm Engine!
Chapter 287 287: Variables
Chapter 288 288: Unexpected layout!
Chapter 289 289: Within the spider web, only spiders can stay safe
Chapter 290 290: Confrontation of ideas, battle of top map control!
Chapter 291 291: You like to show off your skills, right?
Chapter 292 292: Buried in a pit!
Chapter 293 293: The birth of another military training textbook
Chapter 294 294: Wait for a three-piece suit!
Chapter 295 295: Fatal team battle, match point obtained!
Chapter 296 296: Making an attack in the east and attacking in the west!
Chapter 297 297: Don’t you have your own jungle area?
Chapter 298 298: Advance to the finals!
Chapter 299 299: Hitting anyone is the same
Chapter 300 300: Opening champagne at halftime is not advisable
Chapter 301 301: There is a reason to win the championship
Chapter 302 302: Trump card?!
Chapter 303 303: It seems that I did nothing wrong, but I just sent it
Chapter 304 304: Outrageous team fight finishing move!
Chapter 305 305: Crazy tactical execution!
Chapter 306 306: The unkillable policewoman!
Chapter 307 307: Dancing a sword in front of Guan Gong?
Chapter 308 308: Isn’t this a loss?
Chapter 309 309: Pull!
Chapter 310 310: Wash your neck and wait.
Chapter 311 311: Team Victory
Chapter 312 312: Champion skin!
Chapter 313 313: Returning safely is considered a success!
Chapter 314 314: Get ready to start the adventure in Rio!
Chapter 315 315: Familiar friends
Chapter 316 316: Unreasonable Countermeasures
Chapter 317 317: The Game of Ideas of the First Blood King!
Chapter 318 318:Long time no see!
Chapter 319 319: I don’t have time to fool around!
Chapter 320 320: Why are you so tough-mouthed?
Chapter 321 321: Let me give you some color!
Chapter 322 322: You like copying, right?
Chapter 323 323: Do you think the spring water is safe?
Chapter 324 324: Show off each other's tricks and test each other!
Chapter 325 325: That time and that moment, exactly this moment
Chapter 326 326: Rhythm control!
327: Wake up to another victory
328: Sitting on the mountain to watch the tiger fight!
329: It’s so different, a genius BP who plays himself into it!
330: Whose Sword Princess is in a group?
331: Sweep the promotion and reach the finals!
332: See you in the final!
333: Old friends reunite and the war begins!
334: Your cards are so good!
335: Suffocating Offensive and Defensive Game!
336: Mutual trump cards!
337: A touch of hard power!
338: Is it too thin?
339: Operation, still operation!
340: The breakthrough is now!
341: Set the tone with one punch!
342: History is always strikingly similar
343: One punch hits the final chapter of MSI!
344: Champion, another champion!
345: Mathematical geometry problems worth mentioning
346: It’s not that I won’t report it, the time has not come yet.
347: It must be clearly arranged for you!
348: We still have infinite possibilities!
349: Brain Circuits Too Exotic
350: I can only give you zero points for this wave of kills
351: The first knife aimed at the weakness!
352: Drawing lots is an art!
353: The sword is deadly, three difficulties!
354: The first countermeasure!
355: Opportunities at a slow pace!
356: Gu Xing is everywhere!
357: Flame spirit pig!
358: Winter's Wrath!
359: Terrifying output machine, perfect team battle!
360: I hope good things will happen in summer
361: Give it a score!
362: The second countermeasure
363: Endless New Tactics!
364: God-given opportunity!
365: Military training!
366: Quick push!
367: Take you as a dish!
368: Surround the spot to fight for aid!
369: Crazy imprint accumulation!
370: Break the record!
371: Qianjue A doesn't feel pain, does he?
372: Can you be as steady as me?
373: crazy fist
374: Bihart!
375: Brand new routine!
376: My back squat is like Dandy
377: If you are counter-killed in a two-on-one situation, will you be able to play?
378: An outrageous team fight!
379:What is selfless dedication?
380: Repay the other person with his own way, right?
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Chapter 380 381: This kick kicked out the entire midsummer (two-in-one
Chapter 381 382: Unexpected Challenges
Chapter 382 383: The sword points at Kaohsiung!
Chapter 383 384: Do you want some beef noodles?
Chapter 384 385: Version changes!
Chapter 385 386: Library!
Chapter 386 387: How about a magic trick?
Chapter 387 388: Brainlessly jumping the tower!
Chapter 388 389: The target of the prank is you!
Chapter 389 390: There is a clown under the covers!
Chapter 390 391: Advance understanding?
Chapter 391 392: LPL’s results are not ideal?
Chapter 392 393: Rapid offensive from Dragon Ball!
Chapter 393 394: A way to break the situation!
Chapter 394 395: Exaggerated operation to win!
Chapter 395 396: Brand new problem-solving ideas!
Chapter 396 397: Ruthless tulle!
Chapter 397 398: Trash talk, right? Just wait and see!
Chapter 398 399: The ambition of an unknown person
Chapter 399 400: Revealing each other’s trump cards!
Chapter 400 401: The war never tires of deceit, and the first victory is obtained!
Chapter 401 402: We are the champions!
Chapter 402 403: Grand Slam!
Chapter 403 403: Failed the pressure test!
Chapter 404 404: Transformation plan!
Chapter 405 405: Somewhat special interest
Chapter 406 406: Not even RQQ, not even QRQ...
Chapter 407 407: Don’t you have your own jungle area?
Chapter 408 408: Inter-group competition!
Chapter 409 409: bp set up an ambush and ruthlessly crushed it
Chapter 410 410: Stop loss is an art!
Chapter 411 411: Want to go on a hunger strike? There is no way!
Chapter 412 412: The art of deception!
Chapter 413 413: Do you think you can trap me like this?
Chapter 414 414: I thought I caught a little thief, but I didn’t expect to stab the old man.
Chapter 415 415: You are the one squatting!
Chapter 416 416: Mad Dog Olaf!
Chapter 417 417: Public opinion is a problem
Chapter 418 418: Let’s take a ride
Chapter 419 419:E’s business expansion
Chapter 420 420: How much money do you plan to make?
Chapter 421 421: It’s always possible to support the bottom lane
Chapter 422 422: Hiding, keep hiding! Hiding until...
Chapter 423 423: A brand new way to deal with it!
Chapter 424 424: Unexpected decision!
Chapter 425 425:Why is it you again?
Chapter 426 426: Look, it’s urgent
Chapter 427 427: You think I’m harmless, right?
Chapter 428 428: The new version of the ship’s powerful enemy!
Chapter 429 429: I hit myself?
Chapter 430 430: Pai Daxing, attack!
Chapter 431 431: Want to operate? There is no way!
Chapter 432 432: Rubber arm!
Chapter 433 433: A bunch of answers!
Chapter 434 434: I can only say that the future is promising
Chapter 435 435: It knows a lot about Chinese food
Chapter 436 436: Impossible, absolutely impossible!
Chapter 437 437:HappyGame!
Chapter 438 438: Incense burner! Incense burner!
Chapter 439 439: The impact of incense burners on the environment
Chapter 440 440: There must be nothing wrong with his behavior!
Chapter 441 441: Unexpected card!
Chapter 442 442: Anti-squat? Come on!
Chapter 443 443: Got penetrated?
Chapter 444 444: Hunger Strike Evolution!
Chapter 445 445: Capture the enemy general’s head in the midst of thousands of troops!
Chapter 446 446: Wait for me buddy!
Chapter 447 447: Do you think you can figure me out?
Chapter 448 448: Don’t you have your own jungle area?
Chapter 449 449: Perfect performance from Gu Xing!
Chapter 450 450: Explosive mentality, repeated mistakes!
Chapter 451 451: Horror game!
452: I’m already studying my playoff opponents.
453:The charm of patches
455: Racing, perfect basic skills!
456: Another three-step approach!
458: Advance to the playoffs!
459: Explode gold coins hard!
460: The moment when you emerge from your cocoon and become a butterfly!
461: Thin, too thin
written request for leave
462:The Riddler
463: Tactical crash?
464: The reverse version of VG that is ‘full of flaws’?
465:Cunning villain!
466:Is this fate?
467: imitate others
468: Excellent map control!
469: Unscientific group pickup?
470: This is called double guarantee!
471:The situation is over!
472: Welcome to the World Championship!
473: Zhuge’s ingenious plan brings peace to the world!
474:The upcoming final!
475: Let’s get some gunpowder!
476: Everyone shows off their special abilities!
477:Thousand-layer cake!
478:The charm of the incense burner!
479: The second cruel job!
480: Strike later!
481:The meaning of Callista!
482: The sky is falling apart! The championship point is obtained
483: Just choose Lucian!
484: There is no such thing as the Soul of Kuchi!
485:Win again!
486: The sword points to the Grand Slam!
487:Stuck fist
488: How to spend money is a problem
489:Explain explain, what is surprise?!
490: Go to war!
491:Sparring Team
492: The lottery is in progress!
493: Are you playing dirty tricks?
494: The legend will never die!
496: The grouping is finalized and the main game is coming!
497: It’s time to show off your real skills!
498: Accurate barrage!
499: Cheap or not?
500: Ambition and Conspiracy
501: Version iteration!
502: Almost overturned?
503: By mistake, the plan worked!
504:Samsung’s conspiracy!
505: This is anti-squat!
506:Set a small goal
507:The real version!
508: The undercurrent is raging!
509: It was peaceful to go
510:Whose problem is it?
511: Again, I won’t lose the next game!
512: Let’s see who is the unlucky guy!
513: The top eight are born!
514: Good sign?
515:G2’s life gate!
516: Fierce fighting, history repeats itself again
517: The only seedling, the hope of the entire competition!
518: Combine!
519: Endless trump cards!
Post a single chapter to briefly explain
520: Forced to jump over the tower, perfect coordination!
521:There is a thief!
522: Teaching Bureau!
523: The big piggy is possessed by the immortal!
524:The art of grass!
525: Match point!
526: The mantis stalks the cicada?
527: Manrai Tengyobiki!
528: This is called the Eight Immortals crossing the sea!
529: System evolution, version changes!
530:Qianjue’s recipe!
531: If you dare to attack, you will be defeated!
532:True card?
533: Hard to guard against!
534:Open the curtain!
535: Head-to-head confrontation!
537: No regrets?
538:7 drops of blood
539: Crush all grudges and grudges with one palm!
540: Get rid of the inner demons and point the sword at the bird's nest!
541: The dark horse appears!
542:The final battle
543: The flaw in the True Eye Sea!
Recommend a book list for Children’s Day
544:The legend will never die!
545: Initial control, fierce battle!
546: Melee, perfect coordination!
547: Qian Jue takes three steps!
548: Teaching forehand and backhand?
549: Defeat the leader of Ding'an and launch a swift offensive!
550: Military training is to break you into a breakthrough!
551: There is no solution and the match point is obtained!
552: I will use my hands to make your dreams come true!
553: The offensive is overwhelming, the gap in the jungle is huge!
554: The charm of a strong system, the second championship in team history!
555: Another cup!
556: Thinking of happy things
557:Can I touch your trophy?
558:Omen of the transfer period
559: 'From Staples Center to the Bird's Nest' (Part 1)
560: 'From Staples Center to the Bird's Nest' (Part 2)
561:The transfer period is coming!
562:VG’s turning point
563: Gu Xing’s identity changes drastically!
564:Award harvester!
565: MVP of the year!
566: A new version of the ship is released!
567: Crushing power!
568: Shocking, the LCK was destroyed only because of a small talent!
569: Big earthquake during the transfer period!
571: Slightly outrageous lottery division
572: Accuracy or not is the difference between slaughter and surgery!
573: A soldier never tires of deceit!
574: There is not much time left for IG!
575: Unconvinced King Ning
576: Forehand and backhand teaching!
577: Can this also lead to a gap in the jungle?
578: Operation crushing!
579: A strong enemy is coming?
580: The sword is coming!
581: Perfect cooperation, turning the tide of the battle!
582: Destroy everything, win through operation!
583: Take advantage of each other!
584:I last year...
585:Master-disciple duel!
586: Enter Scorpion Lailai!
587:Pain Mask!
588: Earth fire reappears!
589:The charm of line switching!
590: You said I am a youth training student, how come...
591: Binxuan enters the tower!
592: Torture King VG!
593: It has to be me!
594: The last straw for LCK!
595:Who took the bait?
596: You are the one receiving military training!
597: Perfect offensive, mercury pouring down the ground!
598: Nofe’s desperate move, the response from Gu Xing
599: Line change operation, fatal single kill!
600: All members work hard to win consecutive victories!
601: Study MSI’s opponents in advance?
602: 'I must teach Chaowei a lesson today!'
603: The playoffs are in full swing!
604:RW’s trump card!
605: Shocking, one talent can actually change the whole game
606: The tacit understanding completely collapsed!
607: Mad dog attacks!
608: Endless trump cards!
609:Who is the radar?
610: Excellent cooperation, everyone shows their special abilities!
611: Playing with operations, a desperate attempt to fail!
612: Flash for next time!
613:Good news?
614:The strongest LPL finals opponent ever?
615: Unsolvable tactics from RNG!
616: The spring showdown begins!
617: Perfect resistance switch, fierce offensive from VG!
618: Teaching the art of war is all about psychology!
619: Deadly inertial thinking, winning in team battles!
620:RNG’s real trump card!
621: Response from Gu Xing!
622: The core of the team that both took off!
623: Fierce fighting, extremely anxious situation!
624: He thinks he can defeat us. This is called
625: The factory director’s unique skills!
626:What kind of plane is Uzi doing?
627: Don’t worry about talking big words.
628:Great news!
629:Champion skin!
630:MSI preview!
631: The dilemma of VG, the performance of the Great Inventor of the Canyon
632: The clairvoyant Gu Xing and the zombie knife girl!
633: VG was roasted by public opinion
634: G2’s plan, Gu Xing’s decisive attack!
635: Canyon version of the Maginot Line!
636: Survival from desperate situation, invincible punishment!
637: The real MSI version environment!
638: Wait for the public opinion storm, KT
639: I believe in you, and I believe you will believe in me.
640: Feifeifei! EZ is showing his talents for the first time!
641: Tietouwa KT, Gu Xing’s unconventional early attack
642: The tip of the needle versus the awn of wheat, the collision of top conductors!
643: It’s time to show off your real skills!
644: The familiar snake girl, the ultimate salvation move!
645:Final day is coming!
646:The ultimate battle!
647: The rapid offensive triggered by the Dragon King
648: A new Dragon King understanding from Kuro!
649: It’s back, everyone’s back!
650: VG in desperate situation, the European division where the champagne is opened
651: The big stage for unpopular heroes, come if you dare!
652: G2 deals with Kindred’s methods and the evil that manipulates people’s hearts