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Journey to the West, there are nine golden crows in my body

Journey to the West, there are nine golden crows in my body

author:Poor slacker

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 1,200 Tired of

Under the Nine-Yang Spring, the remains of the Golden Crow were found. The boy accidentally came to the world of Journey to the West and became enlightened with the corpses of the nine Golden Crows, deducing a different Journey to the West. This book is also called: People on the Journey to the West, roasting the Nine Golden Crows at the beginning

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《Journey to the West, there are nine golden crows in my body》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1,200 Tired of
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Ninety-Nine Pan Huang Dharma Appearance
Chapter 1,198 Chaos Oven
Chapter 1,197 The Chaos Demon God’s final back-up plan
Chapter 1,196 Promotion
Chapter 1,195 Pangu Yuanshen
Chapter 1,194 Pangu’s Incarnation
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Ninety-Three Three Heavens and All Realms
Chapter 1,192 Reshaping 840 Million Stars
《Journey to the West, there are nine golden crows in my body》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The Big Sun and the Golden Crow
Chapter 2 Monstrous Karma
Chapter 3 Sun Shooting Arrow
Chapter 4 Digging three feet into the ground
Chapter 5 Ancient Martial Arts
Chapter 6 The Yandi Family
Chapter 7 Ginger Water
Chapter 8 Yuelai Inn
Chapter 9 The inheritance of the emperor?
Chapter 10 No, it’s the Xihuang inheritance!
Chapter 11 What to do if there are too many opportunities?
Chapter 12 Tiangang Thirty-Six Methods
Chapter Thirteen Jiang Family Treasure House
Chapter 14 The existence that once competed with Dayu for the throne
Chapter 15 Sun Scepter
Chapter 16 Qin Palace
Chapter 17 The Black Bird Flag of Destiny
Chapter 18 Chu? Han?
Chapter 19 The Red Emperor
Chapter 20 Breakthrough
Chapter 21 The Emperor’s Martial Arts Code
Chapter 22 Luck Dragon
Chapter 23 Qin Nu
Chapter 24: Innate Building Wood
Chapter 26 The unwilling Liu Bang and Xiang Yu
Chapter 27 Jingwei Reclamation
Chapter 28 The Thoughts of the Jiang Family Ancestor
Chapter 29 The Qi of the Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 30 Dragon-Slaying Sword
Chapter 31 East China Sea
Chapter 32 Tang Gu
Chapter 33 Tangquan
Chapter 34 Metamorphosis
Chapter 35 Changes
Chapter 36 The embryo of the innate spiritual treasure
Chapter 37: Changes in the depths of Tang Valley
Chapter 38 Innate Gods and Demons
Chapter 39: Going to Huaguo Mountain
Chapter 40 The man-eating demon
Chapter 41 The Bull Demon King
Chapter 42 National Preceptor
Chapter 43 The Monkey in Miserable Situation
Chapter 44 Water Curtain Cave
Chapter 45: The Heaven-Mending Divine Stone
Chapter 46 Planning
Chapter 47 Zhu Yan Dao Jing
Chapter 48: The treasure that defeats Sun Wukong
Chapter 49: Distress
Chapter 50 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 51 Indiscriminate killing
Chapter 52 The Shadow of the White Dragon
Chapter 53 Little White Dragon whose identity is a mystery
Chapter 54 Arrival
Chapter 55 The Dragon Gate opens
Chapter 56 Hualong Pond
Chapter 57 Blood of the Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 58 Monster
Chapter 59 Breakthrough
Chapter 60 Harvest
Chapter 61 Three Disasters
Chapter 62 The Dragon King of the East China Sea
Chapter 63: The spirit of local tycoon
Chapter 64: Chan Jiao and the Jiang Family
Chapter 65 Rushing to Penglai Fairy Mountain
Chapter 66 Conflict
Chapter 67 The Seal of the Human Emperor
Chapter 68: Competing in the world
Chapter 69 The Antarctic Immortal
Chapter 70 A battle of wits and courage with the air
Chapter 71 The grudge between the Jiang family and Chanjiao
Chapter 72 Dragon Palace Banquet
Chapter 73: First Meeting of Monkeys - The Emperor's Message
Chapter 74: The human race’s most precious treasure, the Dinghaishen Needle Iron
Chapter 75 King Yu opens the mountain
Chapter 76 The monkey was injured and escaped
Chapter 77 Dragon Palace Treasure House
Chapter 78 Pangu Ax Fragments
Chapter 79 Sun Wukong comes to deliver the treasure
Chapter 80 True meaning
Chapter 81 Jiang Chen does what he says
Chapter 82 Exchange
Chapter 83 Who is plotting against whom?
Chapter 84 Changes
Chapter 85 Meeting Liu Bang again
Chapter 86 Liu Bang lying flat
Chapter 87 Turmoil in the Netherworld
Chapter 88 Sun God Thunder
Chapter 89 Six Armor Magic
Chapter 90 Fishing
Chapter 91: Hades, Underworld
Chapter 92: Intrusion, Overlord vs. Monkey
Chapter 93 Buddhism’s plan
Chapter 94: Lich Show
Chapter 95: The Great Sun Dragon
Chapter 96: Falling into the River Styx
Chapter 97: The Handwriting of the Sage
Chapter 98 Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
Chapter 99 Opportunity
Chapter 100 Breakthrough
Chapter 101 Yang pole produces yin
Chapter 102: Drama
Chapter 103: The Calculated Sunlight Bodhisattva
Chapter 104 Heavenly Reward
Chapter 105: The Buddhists who were taken advantage of
Chapter 106 Golden cicada with thin skin and tender flesh
Chapter 107 Enlightenment
Chapter 108 Merit comes
Chapter 109 Buddhist gates lined with hills
Chapter 110: Obtaining the Dinghai Divine Pearl Again
Chapter 111 Great Opportunity
Chapter 112: Want to stay in Xiniu Hezhou to kill the demon
Chapter 113 Zixiao Palace
Chapter 114 The Golden Wheel of Merit
Chapter 115 The Situation in Hezhou, Xiniu
Chapter 116 The Mighty Tianlong
Chapter 117: Desire to appear holy in front of others
Chapter 118 High-profile appearance
Chapter 119 The Mighty Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva
Chapter 120: The Great Virtue and the Mighty King Buddha
Chapter 121 There are three treasures in the world
Chapter 122 Asuras
Chapter 123 Tianlong Temple, Buddhist Discipline Hall
Chapter 124: Thoughts of Resentment, the Incarnation of King Ming
Chapter 125 Brocade cassock
Chapter 126 The Bull Demon King
Chapter 127: Shame or Not?
Chapter 128 The dispute between Confucianism and Buddhism
Chapter 129 Jin Chanzi’s Dream
Chapter 130: Tribulation? Opportunity!
Chapter 131 The Saint Speaks
Chapter 132 The Eighteenth Floor of Buddha Prison
Chapter 133: Want to establish authority
Chapter 134: Seventy-two Transformations of Buddhist Magical Powers on Earthly Evil
Chapter 135: Vigor, Vigor
Chapter 136 Banana Fan
Chapter 137 The Buddha’s Prison Becomes Stronger
Chapter 138 Cleaning up Buddhism
Chapter 139: Too much is not enough (4000 words)
Chapter 140 Jiang Chen’s Ambition and the Zuogu Spring
Chapter 141 ???Ten Fairies???
Chapter 142 Is it exciting?
Chapter 143: Shivering and Cold
Chapter 144 Taoist Disciples
Chapter 145 Jade Douxuanzun
Chapter 146: Take advantage and go home
Chapter 147 Who is Emperor Gouchen?
Chapter 148 The Real Emperor
Chapter 149 The vacant position of Emperor Ziwei
Chapter 150 Heading to the Northern Prairie
Chapter 151 The Seven Fairies, Monkey and Horse Waiting (3000 words)
Chapter 152: Stealing the Horse
Chapter 153: The Creation of Sun Wukong
Chapter 154 The Ancestral Land of the Human Race
Chapter 155 Ancient Department
Chapter 156 Huo Qubing steals horses
Chapter 157 Laugh
Chapter 158: Stop the war
Chapter 159 The super cowardly Sun Wukong
Chapter 160 The Super Generous Sun Wukong (please vote for me)
Chapter 161 The wolf is coming
Chapter 162 Jiang Chen = a great tonic
Chapter 163: Amazing words on the edge of the Yellow River (3000)
Chapter 164: Strength slaps people in the face, everyone is stupid
Chapter 165: The Yellow River changes course (3000 words)
Chapter 166 Frozen End God (please vote for me)
Chapter 167 Sun Wukong may become the biggest winner (3000)
Chapter 168 Death of King Yu
Chapter 169 The Sword of Bearing Heaven
Chapter 170: Turnaround
Chapter 171 The ancient gray wolf seems to have fought against Wu Huaishi (5000 words)
Chapter 172: Ancient Kunmu, and the Hidden History of the Human Race (5000)
Chapter 173: Seven Arrows on the Head
Chapter 174: On the Strength and Weakness of Supernatural Powers
Chapter 175: The magical power backfires and we both die together
Chapter 176: The Day I Collected Corpses on the Journey to the West
Chapter 177: Raising Bandits to Respect Oneself
Chapter 178: Counting Harvests and Breakthroughs
Chapter 179 Eight Thousand Fighting Spirits
Chapter 180 Heaven
Chapter 181 A great good man
Chapter 182 Just lie
Chapter 183 Transformation of Heavenly Soldiers and the Jiang Family’s Worrying Fertility Problem
Chapter 184 Exposed...
Chapter 185: The Innate Taibai Essence, the Key to the Five Qi in the Chest
Chapter 186: Being severely hit by a combination of punches and catching monkeys in the lower world
Chapter 187: Revealing the Origin of Sun Wukong
Chapter 188: One sword pierces the body
Chapter 189 Six Demons Siege
Chapter 190: Immortals in the Earthly Immortal Realm
Chapter 191: Trapped in a cocoon
Chapter 192 Long Ye takes action
Chapter 193 Immortal Pond
Chapter 194 Gods and Men of Heaven and Earth, Sun Star
Chapter 195: Innate Fusang Tree
Chapter 196: Meeting an acquaintance on the road
Chapter 197 Xuanmen with three thousand traditions
Chapter 198 On the Lunar Star
Chapter 199 Wu Gang
Chapter 200: Continuous reminders from the innate laurel tree
Chapter 201 Ancient Lei Ze and Wishful Things Come True
Chapter 202 The Lunar Goddess
Chapter 203 The Righteous God of the Country
Chapter 204 The Responsibilities of the Gods
Chapter 205: Soldiers Arrive at the East China Sea
Chapter 206 Deep Meaning
Chapter 207 The One-Horned Ghost King
Chapter 208 The secret hidden in the Water Curtain Cave
Chapter 209 The real Huaguo Mountain
Chapter 210 The super generous Shangqing Taoist
Chapter 211 Dialogue across time and space
Chapter 212 The fetus is broken and the sword is made
Chapter 213 The name of the sword is Taichu, and it is innately powerful.
Chapter 214: Jie Jiao Ancestral Court
Chapter 215 Taoist Master of the Shangqing Dynasty
Chapter 216 Come out
Chapter 217: Supernatural powers, spells, and martial arts
Chapter 218 Big Demon
Chapter 219 Passive
Chapter 220: Hooking up someone from Tiangong
Chapter 221 Fake, all fake
Chapter 222 The Emperor's Seal, Dragon Horse
Chapter 223 The biggest gain
Chapter 224 God Refining Formation
Chapter 225: Reprimanding Sun Wukong
Chapter 226 The Book of Saviors
Chapter 227 Ancient Secrets
Chapter 228 Settling down
229 Destroy Sun Wukong’s worldview (please vote for me)
Chapter 230: I was careless and was tricked by him
Chapter 231 Donghuang Taiyi
Chapter 232: Goal, Dongsheng Shenzhou (Please vote for me and subscribe)
Chapter 233 Poverty makes people crazy
Chapter 224 The background reaches the sky
Two Two Five Corpse Vulture
Chapter 236 The Power of Confucianism (please vote for me)
Chapter 237 Five Fires and Seven Birds Fan (please vote for me)
Chapter 238: Refined
Chapter 239 Vision
Chapter 240 Rushing to the south to see Buzhou
Chapter 241 The Catastrophe of Kyushu
Chapter 242 Changes in the Netherworld
Chapter 243: Soul-Retaining Flag
Chapter 244: Want to kill all the evil ghosts (3000 words)
Chapter 245 Today is not as good as it used to be
Chapter 246: Karma-ridden
Twenty-seven days, dark
Chapter 248: It’s dawn
Chapter 249: Ghosts, Gods and Ghost Commanders
Chapter 250 Acting
Chapter 251 Closing the net
Chapter 252: Cursing
Chapter 253 The Great Luo Jinxian is born
Chapter 254: Blessed by the Supreme Talisman
Chapter 255 The Three Realms of Daluo
Chapter 256 The Power of Rules
Chapter 257 Six Great Ghosts and Gods
Chapter 258: Blocking the door and running away
Chapter 259 The Spirit of Dragon and Tiger
Two Sixty Zhang Ling
Chapter 261 Dragon and tiger are in harmony
Chapter 262: Cutting Hu Taiqing Saint
Two Six Three Evergreen
Chapter 264: Want to establish the Shangqing sect
Twenty-sixty-five, all the evil spirits are gone
266 Netherworld Flag and Savior Lamp
Chapter 267: Disaster comes from the mouth
Chapter 268 The Saint bestows treasures
269 ??Zhou Tianxing Banner
Chapter 270: Interception of luck
271 Shocking explosion, the Fengdu Ghost Emperor fell!
Chapter 272 The cause of the chaos
Two hundred and seventy-three merit, Taojun
Two Seventy Four Shocking Changes
Two Seventy Five Nine Heavens Mysterious Pill
276 Shangqing Temple
277 Taiqing Saint who is in a bad mood
Chapter 278: The Threat of the Sage of the Shangqing Dynasty
Two hundred and seventy-nine alchemy
Two hundred and eighty Dancheng
281 The magic elixir is effective
282 Innate Dao Fruit
Chapter 283 The opportunity prepared by the Sage of the Shangqing Dynasty
284 Zhang Ling Fu Dan
Chapter 285 Heading to the Netherworld
Chapter 286 Raise the Dharma Altar and Sacrifice the Queen’s Earth
Chapter 287: Empress Houtu appears.
288 Fengdu
289 The identity of the Ghost Emperor of Fengdu
Chapter 290 Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva who stole the chicken but lost all the rice
Chapter 291: Mending the Sky Seal
292 Senior Sister
Chapter 293 Dragon Tiger Jade Ruyi
Chapter 294: Visitors to explain the teachings
Chapter 295 Buzhou Mountain Fragments
296 Zhang clan members
297 Prejudgment, see also Prejudgment
Twenty-nine-eight, one thought forms an array
Chapter 299 King Yu appears as a saint
Three hundred to pay you back
301 The best in the three worlds, Yuelai Inn
Chapter 302 Golden Crow Corpse Obtained
Chapter 303 Return to Heaven
Chapter 304 Golden Elixir of Ten Thousand Tribulations
Chapter 305: Deeds of Great Merit
Three hundred and six establish prestige
Chapter 307: Traces of Demonic Path
308 ferocious beast
Three hundred and nine series array
310 Doubts
Trinity 11: At the foot of Xiaocang Mountain, Lich Battlefield
Three hundred and two hundred years
Three One Three Refining Swords into Silk
314. Laying traps and preparing for evildoers
315 Innate Essence, Four Constellations Formation
316 The enemy appears
Chapter 317: Disaster comes from the mouth
318 Intentional injury
319 Benefits are touching
320 The immortals fought in a melee and decided to close the net
321 close the net
Three Two Two Star Tomb
Three Two Three Great Harvest
Three Two Four Mysterious Beast Skin
325 Chaos Demon God’s Skin
326 The Treasure Wheel of Sin Karma
327 It’s time to break through
328. Fate with the devil
329 Buzhou Mountain Fragments
330 Master of Weapon Refining, Sage of the Supreme Purity
331 The Stronger Twelve Capital Gods Formation
332 The Way of Tai Chi
333 Great Zhoutian Star Thunder Tribulation
Three Three Four Master Lei Dao
335 Copy the Golden Elixir of All Tribulations
Three Thirty Six Innate Divine Fetus
Three Thirty-Seven: The Tribulation is Over, Lord Dao
338 Dutian map
Three thirty-nine kill
340 ferocious beast
341 Chaos Orb Fragments
342 Dragon Palace
Three, four, three, take the lead
Three, four, four, hugging the grass and hunting rabbits (4000)
three four five chess pieces
Chapter 346: Yunxiao takes action, Dou Mu appears as a saint
347 scraping the ground
348 Immortal Orthodoxy
349 Leave
Chapter 350: The First Emperor’s Plan
351 Summer disperses and winter condenses
Three Five Two Mountain God Land
353 The path to immortality is difficult to enter
354 test
355 Great Pursuit Technique
Three Five Six Acquired Merits
357 Thirty-three days of creation pagoda
358 Great Wish Technique
359 Tianluo City
Three hundred and sixty to save all sentient beings
361 Big Breeding Household
Three Six Two Second Generation Demon Ancestor
Chapter 363 Shangqing Jietian Sword Sutra
Three Six Four Ming Ling
Three Six Five Innate Iron Tree
366 Great Xia Dynasty
Three sixty-seven explanation
Three Six Eight: Destroy all demons
Chapter 369: Explore the fragments of the sky again
Chapter 370: The Blood of Emperor Xi and the Blood of Ancestral Witches
Chapter 371 What happened back then
372: When a person is about to die, what should he fear?
373 Reshape Cangshan 1
374 Reshape Cangshan and create a new world
Chapter 375: Possessed by the Way of Heaven, integrate what you have learned
Three Seven Six Tongtian Yushen
Three Seven Seven End
Three Seven Eight Return to Heaven
379 canonization, Jiuchen God
380 The Jade Emperor who scares people
381 Harvest
Chapter 382: The Peach Tree and the Supervisory Immortals
Chapter 383: Each of the three Qing Dynasties has its own responsibilities
384 Ghost Way and Shinto Way
385 God of Cangshan Mountain
Three Eighty-Six The Way of Virtual Reality
387 The Demon Lord was beaten to death by Zulong
Chapter 388: The Refining Method of the Immortal Sword
Chapter 389: The Great Black Lotus' Forbidden Code of Destruction
Chapter 390 The devil is coming
Chapter 391: The Supreme Lord of Heaven and the Great Transformation of Yuanshi Heaven
Chapter 392 Seize the house
Three Nine Three Jade Emperor’s Divine Power
Three Nine and Four Nine Heavens Ring Peiqin
Chapter 395: The legacy of Taozu
Chapter 396 The Emperor’s Treasure
Three Nine Seven Epiphany
Thirty-nine-eight, the treasure of transforming into a dragon
Thirty-nine Nine Realm of Chaos
Four Zero Zero: Understanding the Way of the Stars
401 Promotion, Small World! (4000)
Four Zero Two Big Killer
403 arrived together
404 suppression
Chapter 405: The Emperor's Law Body, Human Race's Orthodoxy
406 The fate star returns to its position
Chapter 407: King Xia panicked
Chapter 408 The reason why the Shang Dynasty was destroyed
409 sneak attack
410 Protoss
411 Traitor
412 Innate Thunder Treasure Tree (4000)
413 The power of thunder
414 Jiang Chen’s disdain (5000)
415 should be punished
416 The plan of the top human race
417 Ancestral Land Blessing
418 Three punches of common people
419 Human Race Treasure House
420 Baolao, magic weapon fragments
Four Two One Three Treasures
Four Two Two Endless Dimensions
Four Two Three Treasure Tree Fragments
Four Two Four Blood Refining
425 Lei Ze
Four hundred and twenty-six Taoist Xuanting
Four hundred and twenty-seven Good Fortune Pill
Four Twenty Eight Sacrifice
429 Great Wish Technique
Four Thirty Gods
431 profiteers
432 Start refining treasure
Four Three Three Failed?
Four Three Four Dragon Clan Treasure
435 Artifact, Temple of Chaos
Four Thirty Six Artifacts and the World(5000)
Four Thirty Seven Hunyuan Qi Formation
438 influence
Chapter 439: The Jade Emperor’s Plot
440 The secret realm left by the Chaos Demon God
Chapter 441: The Origin of Zixiao Palace, a Different Haotian
442 Arrival
443 One daughter, seven daughters
444 The Way of the Earth Emperor
445 Constant Trouble, the Essence of Ancient Martial Arts
Chapter 446 The Emperor Sutra of the Five Directions and Five Elements
Chapter 447: The Plan of the Five Elements Emperor
Chapter 448: Accidental discovery of a sacred artifact from the human race
449 Peacock
Chapter 450: Start refining the treasure
451 finally breaks through
452 Good fortune and misfortune depend on each other
Four Five Three Thirty Three Innate Magic Weapons
Four Five Four Five Emperors, Five Gods and Five Sacred Beasts
Four Five Five Five Qi Chaoyuan
Four Five Six Five Color Sacred Tree
457 Count the harvest and leave
458 Summoned by Wa Palace
Chapter 459: The Sage’s Plan
Four Sixty Sudden Changes
461 Incense is poisonous
Chapter 462 Human Race’s Past
Four Six Three The curtain opens
Chapter 464 Jiang Chen’s plan
Chapter 465 The Jade Emperor's back stab
Four Sixty-Six The Four Realms of Thunder Road
Chapter 467 Wude Xingjun is finally dead
468 Treasure Hunt (Please vote for me! Please subscribe!)
469 The time has come
Four Seventy Chaos Demonic Ape
Chapter 471 Demolished the Great Leiyin Temple
Four hundred and seventy-two, endless supernatural powers
Chapter 473 The Speechless Nuwa Empress
Chapter 474: Guarantee to Lead the Saint
Chapter 475: The Jade Emperor who is an enemy
Four Seventy-six Hongmeng Great Wish
Four Seventy-Seven Suppress everything
Chapter 478: Coercing the Buddha
Chapter 479: Putting the Blame on the Witch Clan
Chapter 480: Tathagata the Great Sun
Chapter 481 The sea of ??blood first appears
Chapter 482 Ancestor of Styx
483 How to repair the double swords
Four Eighty Four The Sea of ??Souls
Four Eighty Five Dream Beast
486 Fish farming
487 Mining
488 The God Clan’s Little Abacus
Four hundred and eighty-nine colorful luck
490 Direct refining
Chapter 491: The Road to Advancement of the Artifact
Four Ninety Two Sacrifice
Chapter 493: The Resurrection of the God
Chapter 494: Penetrating Leize
495 One certificate, forever certificate
Chapter 496: Refining the Innate Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 497 The Dragon King Visits
498 Kidnapping the Dragon Clan
Chapter 499: The old dragon king was scared away
Five hundred nine-horned demon dragon
501 Xuanmen's plan to save the world
Fragments of the 502-year-old star
503 sneak attack
504 Infinite Star Sand
505 Explosion
506 Turning supernatural powers into instinct
507 The situation is reversed
508 Five Planet Flags
Chapter 509: The old Dragon King kills the Taoist Master with a glass of wine
510 Breakthrough(5000)
May 11 Recreate Mount Buzhou in the mind
512 The demon in the mind
May 13th there is an enemy
514 Void Gap
May 15: Mutation, Lich Battlefield Attack
516 Howling Moon Sirius
517 free thugs
May 18 Weird starry sky
May 19, clouds move from all sides
520 Shenjing
521 Another sacred weapon
Five hundred and twenty-two ten-pin red lotus
523 Earth Bear King
524 Karma Fire Forged Golden Body (please vote for me)
525 Huangtian Spear
526 Buddhism is coming (please vote, please subscribe)
527 The Great Completion of Ancient Martial Arts
528 Tai Chi changes, Wu Tai evolves
529 Dawei Tianlong
530 Lich battlefield? Artifact embryo!
531 Heavenly Tribulation
532 I, Jiang Chen, am able to achieve what I have achieved today because of good luck.
533 The heritage of the human race
534 Sun Star Lord
Five Three Five All Heavens and All Realms
536 Heading to the West
537 children
538 Juyana Buddhism
589 Buddha and demon are mixed together, it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false
540: Changing the sky and changing the day, establishing a new Buddhist gate
May 41: It’s called Lingshan, but it’s actually a devil’s cave
542 The foundation of Buddhism is shaking
543 Xuanmen destroys Buddha, no, it destroys demons
544: Destroy Buddhism in Two Steps
545 Buddhism can be immortal, but Tathagata must die
546 The six saints reached a consensus
May 47: All the great powers from all sides appear together.
Five-forty-eight: Sword kills the Happy Buddha
549: The Great Sun Tathagata must die
550 Immortal Killing Gourd
551 Dove occupying the magpie's nest
552 Dajue Jinxian
Five-Five-Three: The evil-minded Jiang Chen
554 Eight Buddhist Pagodas
555 Jiang Chen’s Buddha Tribulation, Journey to the West
556 Amitabha
557 Buddhist scripture seeker, Amitabha
558 Shinto
559 Compiling Buddhist scriptures on the spot
560 Praise to all Buddhas
561 Speculations on the Great Wish Technique
562 Shi Enxi Niu Hezhou
563 The biggest loser in the three realms
Five Six Four Four Swords Fighting
565 Initial results
Chapter 566 Tathagata Buddha’s back-up plan
567 Buddha with a problem
Five Six Eight Tip of the Iceberg
569 Leaving the West
570 Temple of the Sun, Eastern Emperor's Palace
571 opportunity opportunity
572 Fragments of the Innate Treasure (Please vote for me! Please subscribe)
Chapter 573: Summoned by Fire Cloud Cave
574 Monster clan attacks and kills
Five Seventy-Five, Extremely Powerful
576 Earthly Evil Star Flag (please vote for me)
577 Devouring the three demon gods
578 Mysterious Man
579 Nail Head Seven Arrows Book
580 Donghuang Taiyi?
581 supernatural powers
Five Eighty-Two: The Endless Stars
Chapter 583: The innate treasure, the Hongmeng Killing Sword!
584 dragon head crutch
585 Yutani's recovery
586 Innate sacredness, endless longevity
587 Pure Yang Divine Sword
588 Nine Netherlands
Chapter 589 The devil is coming
590 The only Buzhou Mountain
591 Otherization
Five hundred and ninety-two temptation
593 The world in the mind of the Demon Lord Yuanshi Tian (3000)
594, hard to guard against
Chapter 595: The three major formations merge into one
Chapter 596: Refining the Demon!
597 If you don’t succeed, you will become a benevolent person.
Chapter 578 Prove the Tao with force
Chapter 599: Destroy the Demon!
Six hundred degrees do everything
Sixty-one completed
Sixty-two Lei Ze
Sixty-three: Breakthrough, self-contained Tao and Fruit (6000)
Sixty-four Heavenly Hairpin
Sixty-five The World
Sixty-six Heavenly Purple Qi
Sixty-seven The Best Innate Spiritual Root
Sixty-eight Pilgrimage
Chapter 609: The Achievements of the Earth Emperor
610 Vientiane Pearl
611 The Hidden Danger of Supernatural Powers
612 The future seen by the emperor
613 Gouchen
614 Three major monster clans
615 Three Ambitious Demons*
616 The Jade Emperor’s Enemy (5000)
617 Broken jar, broken jar
618 Loyalty
619 lower realm
Chapter 620: The old man of the human race
621 Guanghan Palace
622 Tianhou Xihe
Chapter 623: Crisis in the Wilderness
624 The profound meaning of becoming a god
Six Two Five Trouble
Six hundred and twenty-six: The method of inheriting Ziwei’s destiny
627 Good things come in hard times (5000)
628 The Taoist Country on Earth
629 Demon God Flesh and Blood
630 City God
631 Apologies in advance
Six hundred and thirty-two ferocious beasts riot
633 Ran Deng Taoist
634 Dutian Shensha
635 slow down time
Chapter 636: The Deal with the Dragon Clan, Jiutian Dragon Transformation Pill
Six Thirty-seven: Suppress the Quasi-Sage with one move
638 Lich battlefield, hunting ferocious beasts
Sixty-nine Demon Saint, Earth Bear King
Six hundred and forty, a thousand-fold increase
641 Mosquito Taoist, Good Fortune Qinglian was promoted
642 Picking up leaks, the mosquito Taoist is at the critical moment of transformation
Sixty-three signs of breakthrough
644 Breakthrough, escape from Pangu’s way
Sixty-five, a grand gesture, the most powerful artifact (please vote for me)
646 Suspicion of Kunpeng
Sixty-seven: The Ancient Nine Heavens, Dongsheng Shenzhou
Sixty-eight Resurrection of Emperor Jun Taiyi?
Chapter 649 Internal strife in Xuanmen
Chapter 650: The Demon Clan’s Plan
651 appalling
652 Strong men from all sides appear
653 Declaration
564 Innate Four Elephants Formation
565 Taiyi Disciple
566 The vicious Taoist Sixiang
Six hundred and sixty-seven Three punches of common people
Six hundred and sixty-eight humiliating the demon clan
Chapter 669 The power structure of the human race
Sixty Seventy Opportunity
671 Immortal Killing Sword Formation
Sixty-seven Two People from the Human Race Are Coming
Six Seven Three Bah!
674 price
Sixty-seven Five: Wen Wang and Wu Sheng, one Wen and one Wu
Sixty-seven Six Human King
Six Seven Seven The powerful Jiang family
Six Seven Eight Jiang Yi
Chapter 679: Attacking the Monster Tribe
680 Thirty-six human race Taoist descendants from the lower realm
Chapter 681: The Three Emperors succeeded by merit, and the Five Emperors succeeded by virtue.
Chapter 673 Everyone is like a dragon, seventy-two Taoists enter Beiju Luzhou
Chapter 674 One Hundred and Eight Taoist Lords Attack the Monster Tribe (Part 1)
Chapter 675: Xiao Zhou Tian Xing Dou Array to Destroy Demons (Part 2)
Chapter 676 The last resort of the demon clan (5600 words, please vote for me)
Chapter 677 Donghuang Taiyi
Chapter 678: Extremely powerful, invincible
Chapter 679: Divine power, everyone is like a dragon
Chapter 680 The demon clan was defeated
Six Nine Zero, twists and turns
Chapter 691 Zhou Tian Temple appears, the demon god self-destructs
Sixty-nine two swallowing the demon god
Sixty-nine three speculators
Sixty-nine and Four Secret Realm Plan
Sixty-nine-five Kunpeng, Kunpeng!
six hundred and ninety-six harvest
Sixty-nine-seven The King of Humans Daoguo
Chapter 698: The Plan of the Great Supernatural Power (10,000 words)
Sixty-Nine Blackmailing Kunpeng, Beidou Nine Star Flags
seven hundred investment
Chapter 701: The Five Directions Sacred Beasts That Became Bloody
Chapter 702: Deep in the Ruins
Chapter 703 The place where Emperor Jundijiang fell
Chapter 704 Fragments of Mount Sumeru
Chapter 705 Demon Ancestor Inheritance
Chapter 706: The End of the Ruins, the Treasure
Chapter 707 Demon God’s Arm, leave
Seventy-eight Pretending to be seriously injured
Chapter 709: Begging for the Innate Vientiane Bead
710 Promotion
July 11, bad premonition
Chapter 712: Xuanmen’s plan, reincarnation
713 Xuanyuan Sanding
July 14, the war begins
715 Central Huangji Huangjiao Daxian
Chapter 716 Xuanmen’s trump card
717 Human Race Ancestral Artifact (5000)
718 Decisive Battle (Speechless, this chapter was sent to the wrong book)
Chapter 719: The Demon God of Destruction
720 Self-explosion in front of me
Chapter 721 World-destroying level fluctuations
Chapter 722 Internal strife in Xuanmen
723 Resurrection
Seven Twenty-Four, the Creation of Heaven and Earth
725 Three flowers gather at the top, five qi are in full swing
Chapter 726: Pupil of Hunyuan
Chapter 727: The Plan of Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors
728 The Human Emperor’s Token
Chapter 729 Tenglong Sword!
Chapter 730: The Intention of the Three Emperors
Chapter 731 The Road to the Taoist Ancestor
Seven Thirty Two Spiritual Energy Resurrection
Seven Thirty Three Countless Creations
Seven Thirty Four Nine Cauldrons, the World
Seven Thirty Five Fame
Seven Thirty Six Threat
Seven Thirty Seven Worry
Seven Thirty-Eight The Immortal Virgin
Seven Thirty Nine Twelve Golden People
740 Nanhua
Chapter 741 Dashang! Dashang!
Chapter 742: King Yu’s Plan (asking for monthly votes)
743 Ferocious beast! (Please vote for me)
744 Wild Dragon
Chapter 745: The nine-horned wild dragon that is the enemy of the whole world
Chapter 746 The truth under the flood
Seventy-seven, something out of nothing
Seventy-eight, take action
Seventy-nine refining treasure
750 squeeze
751 King Yu, First Emperor
Chapter 752 Alien Species of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 753 Turtle Mountain in Huai River, great changes occurred
754 Unlucky Wuzhi Qi
Seven-Five-Five Demonic Ape
756 leave
757 Soldier Ancestor!
758 Mortals are powerless
Chapter 759: Mysterious Ways of War
Seventy-sixty: Man can conquer heaven
Chapter 761: Shocking, the truth about becoming a god
Chapter 762: The Emperor's Art of Conferring Gods
Chapter 763: Disadvantages of the City God System
Chapter 764: The Human Emperor's Art of Conferring Gods
Chapter 765 Jiang Chen’s helplessness
Seven Six Six Stars Revealed in the Daytime
767 Changyang Mountain
Chapter 768: The Houtu Empress who was tricked
Seventy-sixty-nine Dutian Divine Flag
Seven Seventy Twelve Ferocious Beasts
771 Main Hall
772 I'm blind, I didn't see anything
773 was despised
Seven Seventy-Four Great Opportunity
775 Xingtian’s Collection
Chapter 776: Disharmony between head and body
Qiqiqi Jade Emperor, the origin of jade
778 leave
Seven-seven-nine on a whim
Seven or eighty Xiao Yan’s divine calculation
Chapter 781 Heading to the Netherworld
782 Mingsi
Chapter 783: The noble Yin God
784 Palace of Reincarnation
Chapter 785: The master has something to do, and the disciple will do his best.
Chapter 786: Resurrection is making a deal with heaven and earth
787 The secret of everlasting prosperity
Seven or eighty-eight, a deeper calculation
Seven or eighty-nine, unofficial decision
Chapter 790 Changes in the Netherland
Chapter 791 Empress Houtu’s worries
Chapter 792: Dutian Divine Flag and Pangu Flag
Chapter 793: Pangu Ax Fragments
Seven Ninety-Four: Great Wisdom Ruo Fool
Chapter 795 Tiankeng Jiang Chen, smart? Fool?
Seven Nine Six Breaking the Game
Chapter 797 The Immortal River of Styx
Chapter 798: Pretending to be the Demon Lord of Yuanshi Heaven
Chapter 799: The Origin of the Demon Lord Yuanshi Tian
800 Heaven is ruthless
801 Demon Ancestor Inheritance
802 God-killing Spear
Chapter 803 The Hunyuan Dao Fruit is close at hand
804 Killing the Saint
805 The incarnation of a saint is also a saint
806 Hidden Opportunities
807 reincarnation
808 Fusion of the three great treasures of chaos!
809 Enlightenment, past, present and future
810 Tao Yun Ning Bao
August 11, Resurrection of Our Lady of Turtle Spirit
812 All wishes come true, refine falsehoods and make them true
813 Empress Houtu is summoned
814 Xuanming Ancestral Witch
815 Dutian Divine Flag
816 Although not invincible, but no longer fearful
817 City of Wasted Death
818: Disciple’s future
819. Complex situation
820 The vocation of disciples of saints
821 Sanqing is a ghost?
822 Ghost Road
823 Immortal Ancestor
824 The End of the Saint
825 Yuanshi Tianzun, do you want to redeem your son?
826 The Unexplainable Supernatural Powers of the Sages of the Supreme Purity
827 End of sermon
828 The Hidden Danger of the Artifact Way
Eight hundred and twenty-nine merit
830 The water in the wilderness is very deep
831 Changes in the human world
832 The real Kyushu
833 group attack
Chapter 834: The Wrath of Ancestor Kunpeng
835 Kunpeng, I killed your people for your own good, you have to thank me
836 Take action
837 Kill! Kill! Kill!
838 Accusations from within the human race
Eight hundred and thirty-nine
840 The division of the human race began with my hands
841 easy uniform
842 Ten Thousand Races Who Can Only Blame
843 Increasingly Intensified Conflicts
844 Quasi-Saint of the Human Race
845 balance
846 Innate Electric Talisman
847 Barbarians (please vote for me)
848 Nuwa's message (please vote for me)
849 The powerful Nuwa Empress
850 Cangjie
Chapter 851 Tyrant Jiang Chen
852: It’s not that Dao Zun cannot die, but his death is valuable.
853 hard labor
854 Hou Yi fell (please vote for me)
855 Empress Nuwa is not the Holy Mother, but the ancient emperor.
856 The main vein was established and Xianyang City appeared.
857 The shocking secret method of ancient martial arts
Eighty-five-eight is about to break through
Chapter 859 Jiang Chen who doesn’t want to make wedding clothes for others
Chapter 860 Breakthrough, the Demon Lord is coming
861 Quasi-Sacred Period
862 Three Treasure Houses
863 On the eve of the war, eliminate hidden dangers
Chapter 864: The Resurrected Human Race’s Dead Enemies
Chapter 865 The filthy atmosphere of heaven and earth
Chapter 866: The Generous First Emperor
867 The real treasure trove of the First Emperor
868 The First Emperor!
Chapter 869: The truth about the fall of the First Emperor
Chapter 870 The Invincible First Emperor (Part 1)
871 Demonic Way!
Chapter 872 Three great supernatural beings are coming.
Chapter 873: The First Emperor’s real back-up plan
874 Spring and Autumn Brush
875 Sacrifice your life for righteousness
876 sacrifice
877 Gonggong is in a worrying situation
Eight, seven, eight, their respective trump cards
879 Emperor Jun
880 Make up for the shortcomings
881 recovery
882 Kunpeng
883 Heading to Beihai
884 historian
Chapter 885: Jiang Chen, the enemy
886 Human Ancestor
887 The true heritage of the demon clan
888 The real Kunpeng, the god Pangu
Eighty-nine, the beginning of the world
890 Kunpeng dies and a melee breaks out
Chapter 891 Jiang Chen died together
Chapter 892: Another great supernatural power falls.
893 Hunyuan Daohua
894 An unprecedented victory
Chapter 895 Chi You’s situation
Chapter 896: Requirements to achieve enlightenment through strength
897 Shinto!
898 After today, I will be a myth
Chapter 899 Devouring the Five Great Temples
Chapter 891 Ziweixing
Chapter 892 The Star Fragments Return
Chapter 893 All Heavens and Worlds
Chapter 894 The true meaning of the starry sky
Chapter 895 The merits of sanctification
Chapter 896 Dragon Roar
Chapter 897 A new chapter
Chapter 898 The Age of Great Conflict
Chapter 899 Saints also have enemies
Chapter 900 Family
Chapter 901 Cangshan
Chapter 902 Renovation of Shangqing Palace
Chapter 903 Trouble
Chapter 904 Demon Fairy
Chapter 905 Emperor Jiuxiao
Chapter 906 God speaks out
Chapter 907 Conferred God
Chapter 908 The Requirements of Perfection in Shinto
Chapter 909 Red Emperor
Chapter 910 Entering the Palace at Night
Chapter 911 Reprimanding the Great Confucian
Chapter 912 Dashang Treasure House
Chapter 913 Xuandu: I’ll put an end to it
Chapter 914 Amitabha
Chapter 915 Spring and Autumn Period
Chapter 916 The ancient clan’s plan
Chapter 917 Liu Bang
Chapter 918 Why don’t you just wait to die?
Chapter 919 Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 920 The Heroes of the World
Chapter 921 Double Standards
Chapter 922 Ancient Martial Arts
Chapter 923 Passage between Gods and Demons
Chapter 924 The Path of Blood Sacrifice to the Stars
Chapter 925 The rise of ancient martial arts began here
Chapter 926 Dreamland
Chapter 927 Jiang Chen in the future
Chapter 928: The method of cutting off the future
Chapter 929 I was injured by the Chaos Demon God
Chapter 930 Beiju Luzhou’s arrangements
Chapter 931 Fishing Addiction
Chapter 932 Goddess Tianyao
Chapter 933 Blood Pill
Chapter 934 Coming one after another
Chapter 935 We are all a family
Chapter 936 Nuwa Essence and Blood
Chapter 937 There is no shortage of careerists in the prehistoric times
Chapter 938: For the great cause of the human race, Jiutianxilihe should be promoted
Chapter 939 Trouble
Chapter 940 The Fetal Membrane of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 941 Yin and Yang Millstone
Chapter 942 Taiqing Saint
Chapter 943 Goodbye Wuzhi Qi
Chapter 944 Six-eared Macaque
Chapter 945 Chaos Demonic Ape
Chapter 946 The Beginning of Reshaping the Bloodline
Chapter 947 The long river of time and space
Chapter 948 Nuwa Empress
Chapter 949 Vast Epic, Endless Powerful Ones
Chapter 950 Success backfires
Chapter 951 It’s a mess, it’s a complete mess
Chapter 952 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 953 Three Thousand Hunyuan Taoist Masters
Chapter 954 Breakthrough
Chapter 955 Hope in Despair
Chapter 956 Future
Chapter 957 Small trends can be changed
Chapter 958 Typical
Chapter 959 Dao Ancestor
Chapter 960 Arrangement
Chapter 961 The prehistoric sky
Chapter 962 Execution
Chapter 963 National Destiny
Chapter 964 Jiang Hao, breakthrough
Chapter 965 Thanks to Jiang Chen
Chapter 966 A Breakthrough Doomed to Failure
Chapter 967 Innate Fusang Tree
Chapter 968: The attitude of the hibiscus tree
Chapter 969 Verification
Chapter 970 The little thoughts of those with great supernatural powers
Chapter 971 Do it
Chapter 972 Sitting on the Land of Three Continents
Chapter 973 The Ancestral Court of Shinto
Chapter 974 Sacrifice
Chapter 975 Map of Mountains and Rivers (Happy Birthday to Me!)
Chapter 976 The way of God is the way of humanity
Chapter 977 Rectifying the Three Realms
Chapter 978 Kyushu Divine Realm
Chapter 979 Jade Seal
Chapter 980 Heading to Shouyang Mountain
Chapter 981 Cause and Effect
Chapter 982 Struggle
Chapter 983 The system of various schools of thought
Chapter 984 Guilt
Chapter 985 Canonizing the Gods
Nine-Nine-Five Hidden Danger
Nine Nine Six Divine City
Ninety-seven deep in the void
Nine-nine-eight, Xuanmen’s trump card
Nine-nine-nine, a man with great supernatural powers appears
Thousand The war is about to begin
One Thousand and One Time and Space Vortex
One thousand and two battles
Chapter One Thousand and Three Battle
Chapter 1004 Moral God
Chapter One Thousand and Five: The Heavens Qingyun
Chapter 1006 Blood Rain
Chapter One Thousand and Seven: The Treasure Wheel of Twelve Sins
Chapter 1008 The breakthrough is just around the corner
Chapter One Thousand and Nine: Finally Entering the Treasure House
Chapter One Thousand and Ten: Dashang’s back-up plan
Chapter One Thousand Eleven Methods
Chapter 1,112 Treasure
One Thousand and Thirteen Jianmu Demon Lord
One Thousand and Fourteen One Thousand and Fourteen Slap to Death
One Thousand and Fifteen Return
One Thousand and Sixteen Seventh Enlightenment
One Thousand and Seventeen Strangers! Strangers!
One Thousand and Eighteen Strangers’ Determination
One Thousand and Nineteen Rejected
One thousand and twenty Wu Zun reappears
One Thousand and Twenty One Irreconcilable Contradictions
One Thousand and Twenty-Two The Emperor's Path to Enlightenment
One thousand and twenty-three, the ultimate sword
One Thousand Twenty-Four: The plan to pick up the lead
One Thousand Twenty-Five Give up the Holy Throne!
One Thousand and Twenty-Six The Initiator of the Immortal World Project
One thousand and twenty-seven I want to stand above all the saints
One Thousand Twenty-eight The Stranger Returns
One thousand and twenty-nine complaints (5000)
One Thousand and Thirty Heavenly Punishment
One thousand and thirty-one, a long dream
One thousand and thirty-two Jiang Chen’s true heel
One Thousand Thirty-Three: The opportunity to cultivate Pangu Yuanshen
One Thousand Thirty Four Suppression
One thousand and thirty-five enfeoffments
One Thousand Thirty-Six Involution
One Thousand Thirty-Seven All the Saints Arrive at Zixiao Palace
One thousand and thirty-eight rows of seats
One thousand and thirty-nine reprimands
One Thousand and Forty Innate Treasure
One thousand and forty-one meetings
One thousand and forty-two scattered
One Thousand and Forty Three The Awakened Taoist
One thousand and forty-four calamities
One thousand and forty-five: The old plan to become a god
One Thousand and Forty Six The Resurrection of Huang Tiandao
One Thousand and Forty Seven Human Race Changes
One thousand and forty-eight, a hundred years in a hurry
One thousand and forty-nine Jiang Chen’s plan
One thousand and fifty King Wu’s movements
One Thousand and Fifty-One People from the Five Clans Come
One Thousand and Fifty Two The Hidden Danger of the Qilin Clan
One thousand and fifty-three Jiang Chui
One thousand and fifty-four Yuanshi Tianzun’s reaction
One thousand and fifty-five Queen Mother of the West
One Thousand Fifty Six Luya
One thousand and fifty-seven Yi
One Thousand Fifty Eight Great Earthquakes
One Thousand and Fifty-Nine The Queen Mother of the West’s support (asking for monthly votes)
One Thousand and Sixty: Calculation against Yuanshi Tianzun
One thousand sixty-one equilibrium
One Thousand and Sixty Two Styx Kills Arrives
One Thousand and Sixty-Three The Supreme Great Luotian
Chapter 164: The Fall of Yuanshi Tianzun
One Thousand and Sixty-Five The Thoughts of Saint Taiqing
One Thousand Sixty-Six The War Ends
One Thousand Sixty Seven Conspiracy
One thousand sixty-eight Taiyi!
One Thousand Sixty-Nine: The Legacy of the Soldiers
One Thousand Seventy Mount Xumi
One thousand seventy-one eight pagodas
One Thousand Seventy-Two The Beginning of the Birth of the Buddha Realm
One Thousand Seventy-Three The Two Saints of the West Suddenly Awakened
One Thousand Seventy-Four: The Demonic Traces of Mount Xumi
One Thousand Seventy Five Painted Cake
One Thousand Seventy Six Human Race Strength
One Thousand Seventy Seven Chaos Cauldron
One thousand seventy-eight merits
One thousand seventy-nine transformation
One thousand and eighty Yuanshi Tianzun felt humiliated
One Thousand Eighty One Hongmeng Killing Formation
One Thousand Eighty-Two Demon Realm
One Thousand Eighty Three Five Great Innate Jedi
One Thousand Eighty-Four King Wu asks for help
One Thousand Eighty-Five The Future of Cangshan
One Thousand Eighty-Six Unexpected Changes: Emperor Jun Appears
One Thousand Eighty-Seven The Emperor has an enemy
One thousand and eighty-eight. It's all the fault of the Chaos Demon God.
One thousand and eighty-nine, the reverse result is the cause
One Thousand and Ninety The Taiqing Sage begins to reveal his trump cards
One thousand and ninety-one Pangu Yuanshen
One thousand and ninety-two great harms to heaven and earth
One thousand and ninety-three, this moment is just like that moment
One thousand and ninety-four, getting more and more intense
One Thousand Ninety-Five Shocking Changes
One thousand and ninety-six Donghuang Taiyi
One Thousand Ninety-seven Nine Heavens
One Thousand Ninety Eight Join forces
One thousand and ninety-nine Haotian intervenes
One thousand one hundred established a religion
One Thousand One and One Ming Ting
One Thousand One Thousand Two The Three Realms Ended
One Thousand One Thousand Three Heading to Heaven
One thousand one hundred and four Zhen Yuanzi's plan
One Thousand One Hundred and Five The Jade Emperor’s Embarrassment
One Thousand One Hundred and Six Proposals
One thousand one hundred and seven Tianhe
One Thousand One Hundred and Eight Buddha Realm
One thousand one hundred and nine have made breakthroughs one after another
One Thousand One Hundred and Ten The low-key human race
One Thousand One Hundred and Eleven Buddhist Internal Strife
One Thousand One Hundred and Twelve The Saint Comes
One Thousand One Hundred and Thirteen
One thousand one hundred and fourteen unexpected candidates
One Thousand One Hundred and Fifteen Shocking Changes
One Thousand One Hundred and Sixteen Hongyun Appears
One Thousand One Hundred and Seventeen Treasure Hunting
One Thousand One Hundred and Eighteen: Fire Cloud Cave Promotion
One Thousand One Hundred and Nineteen Duobao
One Thousand One Hundred and Twenty Return
One thousand one hundred and twenty-one collective promotion
One thousand one hundred and twenty-two The Human Emperor breaks through
One thousand one hundred and twenty-three The Emperor breaks through, the eighth level of Hunyuan
One thousand one hundred and twenty-four, connecting three rivers and connecting the three realms
One thousand one hundred and twenty-five, Kyushu is complete
One Thousand One Hundred and Twenty Six Changes in the Heavens and Worlds
One thousand one hundred and twenty-seven The truth of the fairy world
One thousand one hundred and twenty-eight internal and external troubles
One thousand one hundred and twenty-nine The most important merits and virtues, the first in ancient and modern times
One thousand one hundred and thirty threats
One thousand one hundred and thirty-one Zhen Yuanzi breaks through
One Thousand One Hundred and Thirty-Two The Way of the Earthly Immortal, Zhen Yuanzi’s Fear
One Thousand One Hundred and Thirty Three The Infinite Creation Realm
One thousand one hundred and thirty-four miserable
One thousand one hundred and thirty-five, one hundred and twenty Hunyuan Da Luo Jinxian
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Thirty-Six Arrivals in the Immortal World
One thousand one hundred and thirty-seven Jiang Chen’s true intention
One Thousand One Hundred and Thirty Eight Speechless
One Thousand One Hundred and Thirty-nine Promoting the Jade Emperor
One Thousand One Hundred and Forty Awaiting the Power of the Emperor of Heaven
One Thousand One Hundred and Forty-One Deduction Formation
One Thousand One Hundred and Forty-Two Many Hunyuan
Chapter 1,143 The Power of the Emperor of Heaven
One thousand one hundred and fourty-four trends in the world
One Thousand One Hundred and Forty-Five Nine Heavens and Ten Earths
One Thousand One Hundred and Forty Six The Encounter of the Human Race in the Immortal Realm
Chapter 1,147 King Wu’s Choice
Chapter 1,148 Jiang Chen arrives
Chapter 1,149 Hidden Rules
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Fifty The Real Hero
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Fifty-One Attacking the Monster Tribe
Chapter 1,152 All races join the war
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Three: Destroying the Demon Clan with One Hand
Chapter 1,154 King Wu’s greatest contribution
Chapter 1,155 Teaching the Ancient Martial Arts
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Six: The Way to Extend Life
Chapter 1,157 The Injury of Emperor Yan
Chapter 1,158 Buzhou Mountain
Chapter 1,159 Emperor's Purple Qi
Chapter 1,160 Changes in the Netherworld
Chapter 1,161 Atonement
Chapter 1,162 Mercy
Chapter 1,163 Chaos Demon God
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Sixty Four: Losing
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Sixty-Five Using the Chaos Demon God to Forge a Sword
Chapter 1,166 Hongmeng Dao Sword
Chapter 1,167 The Nine Innate Swords
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Sixty Eight: Carrying a Sword on Your Body
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Sixty-Nine: The Twenty-sixth Grade Good Fortune Green Lotus
Chapter 1,170 Pangu’s Heart
Chapter 1,171 Nine Swords Promotion
Chapter 1,172 Pangu Temple
Chapter 1,173 Buzhou Mountain Ruins
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Seventy-Four: Gonggong, whose luck is sometimes good and sometimes bad
Chapter 1,175 The Frightened Chaos Demon God
Chapter 1,176 The Generous Taoist Patriarch
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Seventy-seven The Ancient God Realm
Chapter 1,178 The Immortal World is Shocked
Chapter 1,179 Pangu’s Heart Resurrects
Chapter 1,180 Demon Ancestor Rahu
Chapter 1,181 Killing the Demon God
Chapter 1,182 The Chaos Emperor
Chapter 1,183 Everyone comes on stage
Chapter 1,184 Everyone has enemies
Chapter 1,185: Suppressing Taoist Yang Mei
Chapter 1,186 Body Enhancement
Chapter 1,187 The Power of Reincarnation
Chapter 1,188 Who fell into the trap?
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Eighty Nine: Creating the Treasure of Chaos
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Ninety: The Three Generations Are One, Great Changes in the Wilderness
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Ninety-One The Immortal Realm is Obtained
Chapter 1,192 Reshaping 840 Million Stars
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Ninety-Three Three Heavens and All Realms
Chapter 1,194 Pangu’s Incarnation
Chapter 1,195 Pangu Yuanshen
Chapter 1,196 Promotion
Chapter 1,197 The Chaos Demon God’s final back-up plan
Chapter 1,198 Chaos Oven
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Ninety-Nine Pan Huang Dharma Appearance
Chapter 1,200 Tired of