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How did I become a god?

How did I become a god?

author:Kindergarten master

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-10 22:10

Latest chapter:Chapter 1,426 Inspection

At the age of twenty-seven, Jing Gao, who was still able to seize the tail of his youth, got an unlimited bank card. His wonderful life began. But he discovered that a true tycoon cannot just throw money, but needs all-round skills. Improve yourself... Starting point technology flow

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《How did I become a god?》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1,426 Inspection
Chapter 1,425 The Fourth Plan
Chapter 1,424 Tang Xuan
Chapter 1,423 Dialogue
Chapter 1,422 Sudden encounter
Chapter 1,421 A new perspective
Chapter 1,420 Excited Luoluo
Chapter 1,419 Lowering Treatment
Chapter 1,418 Easy
《How did I become a god?》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Who's Responsibility
Chapter 2 really infinite
Chapter 3 I'm going to buy a watch
Chapter 4 Starry Sky Black
Chapter 5 Make a friend
Chapter Six
Chapter 7 Food Experience
Chapter 8 Purple Rhythm Pavilion
Chapter 9 Learning Makes Me Happy
Chapter 10 Jingxin University
Chapter 11 Little Temper
Chapter 12 Next
Chapter 13 Auto Show
Chapter 14 The Concept of Consumption
Chapter 15 Not about age
Chapter 16 Non-refundable deposit
Chapter 17 An Opportunity
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter 19 Emotional intelligence can be practiced
Chapter 20 Is the real version rich and willful?
Chapter 21 A good start
Chapter 22 Xiaoyan
Chapter 23 Unconscious Transformation
Chapter 24 Learn Now and Sell Now
Chapter 25 Two Points
Chapter 26 Recruiting Xiao Qiao
Chapter 27 Morning
Chapter 28 Change, Banks, Food, Cars
Chapter 29: Yesterday Reappears
Chapter 30 Jiangnan Court (1)
Chapter 31 Jiangnan Court (Part 2)
Chapter 32 The meaning of huh
Chapter 33 The Earth
Chapter 34 Lighting a Cigarette
Chapter 35 The Case of Termination Compensation
Chapter 36 Leasing (1)
Chapter 37 Leasing (Part 2)
Chapter 38 Three Combo Complete
Chapter 39 Ji Qingxia
Chapter 40 Experience Points Increase
Chapter 41: Wrong Again
Chapter 42 Threesome
Chapter 43 Donations and opening
Chapter 44 Photos and Real People
Chapter 45 The top of the capital
Chapter 46 Net Wencheng does not deceive me
Chapter 47 Rebuy, Night Scene, Transfer
Chapter 48: The Degree of Estimation
Chapter 49 Disconnect
Chapter 50: First Arrival at Jinghe
Chapter 51 Come to an end
Chapter 52 Quintiles Sheriff
Chapter 53 Rethinking
Chapter 54 Two messages and a phone call
Chapter 55: Chen Yujie
Chapter fifty-six is ??highly valued
Chapter 57 Jingxin University (1)
Chapter 58 Jingxin Dazhi returns home
Chapter 59 Jingxin University (Part 2)
Chapter 60 The Exploding Forum
Chapter 61: Homecoming
Chapter 62 Speeches
Chapter 63: Sincere Answer
Chapter 64 Mastering the overall situation
Chapter 65 Comprehension, Opportunity
Chapter 66 A good start
Chapter 67 Confirming the Design Scheme
Chapter 68 New Home
Chapter 69 Accident
Chapter 70 How to Deepen
Chapter 71: The novice stage of enlightenment
Chapter 72: Fortune Talks
Chapter 73 New Life
Chapter 74 kicking very depressed
Chapter 75 What to do if there is no system
Chapter 76: Check in from football
Chapter 77 Interview (1)
Chapter 78 Interview (Part 2)
Chapter 79 Su Mei
Chapter 80 Tianlong (1)
Chapter 81 Gifts
Chapter 82 Mengxin one
Chapter 83 Mengxin's Attack (Part 1)
Chapter 84 Mengxin's Attack (Part 1)
Chapter 85 Mengxin's Attack (Part 1)
Chapter 86 Favorites, Summary
Chapter 87 Resignation
Chapter 88 Let's wait and see?
Chapter 89 Never Confused
Chapter 90 Not Interested in Participating
Chapter 91: Li Ding Xiaoyan
Chapter 92: Cheer up
Chapter 93 Xiaoyan
Chapter 94 Who took the initiative?
Chapter 95 Hat Trick
Chapter 96: Apologetic Wine
Chapter 97 Two Clubs
Chapter 98 I'm Not a Male God
Chapter 99: Changes in Appellation
Chapter 100 Golf Club (1)
Chapter 101 Happy cooperation
Chapter 102 The guests and the host enjoy themselves
Chapter 103 Answers
Chapter 104 Who is this guy?
Chapter 105 The girl in the sunset
Chapter 106: The Results of Emotional Intelligence
Chapter 107 Very direct
Chapter 108 Professor Zhao
Chapter 109 Listen to your words
Chapter One Hundred and Ten Lost Moves
Chapter 111 Solved
Chapter 112 The Forum of BIT
Chapter 113 Old Wei's Shock
Chapter one hundred and fourteenth
Chapter 115 Reaching Cooperation
Chapter 116 The new door
Chapter 117 And you are beautiful in the ivory tower
Chapter 118 A few calls late at night
Chapter 119 Professor Zhao is hospitalized
Chapter 120 Aunt and Daughter's Mind
Chapter 121: Mountain Climbing (Part 1)
Chapter 122 Xia Yue
Chapter 123 Mountain Climbing (Part 2)
Chapter 124 Gifts, Growth
Chapter 125 Understand the business model
Chapter 126 Interviews, go-getters
Chapter 127 Sinister, Dominance
Chapter 128 Beautifully done
Chapter 129: Father and Son of Xie Family
Chapter 130: What Little White Rabbit Are You Pretending?
Chapter 131 Whose Children?
Chapter 132: Face-to-face Threats
Chapter 133 President Cao
Chapter 134 No comparison, no harm
Chapter 135 Mr. Zhao
Chapter 136 Difficulty increases
Chapter 137 Negotiation (1)
Chapter 138 Negotiation (2)
Chapter 139: Harvest, Means
Chapter 140: Willows and Flowers
Chapter 141 Experience Card
Chapter 142: Success
Chapter 143: Become famous all over the world (1)
Chapter 144: Become famous all over the world (Part 2)
Chapter 145 Recruitment
Chapter 146 A new self
Chapter 147 Farewell
Chapter 148: Persuading peace or not leaving?
Chapter 149 I don't mind
Chapter 150 An Zhiwen's Counterattack
Chapter 151 Travel
Chapter 152 My comprehension
Chapter 153 Vacation
Chapter 154 Hot Springs
Chapter 155 A Book
Chapter 156 Primary Time Management Master
Chapter 157 You and I promise (I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!)
Chapter 158 tearing the skin
Chapter 159 The Master of Time Management (Part 2)
Chapter 160 The relationship is close
Chapter 161: Help
Chapter 162 A bit of a coincidence
Chapter 163 Murder is hidden
Chapter 164: Failed to Apprentice
Chapter 165 A phone call
Chapter 166 One after another
Chapter 167 I am standing on the second floor
Chapter 168: Aunt Zhao and the bar
Chapter 169: The Dragon's Second Combo
Chapter 170 This makes sense
Chapter 171 Pressure
Chapter 172 New Residence
Chapter 173 Ruthless
Chapter 174 Remorse, fear
Chapter 175 Visit
Chapter 176 Gold brokerage
Chapter 177 Magic Box
Chapter 178 Opening an Account
One hundred and seventy-ninth sheet negotiated
Chapter 180 Acquisition Intention
Chapter 181 Return to Beijing
Chapter 182 poking the hornet's nest
Chapter 183: The Pressure Comes
Chapter 184 Cooperation?
Chapter 185 You are one minute away from bankruptcy
Chapter 186 Making a fool of yourself
Chapter 187 Ending
Chapter 188 Various telephone calls
Chapter 189 Worth making an exception
Chapter 190 Pop
Chapter 191 New Stage, Sense of Achievement
Chapter 192 Wine Bureau
Chapter 193 Debate
Chapter 194 smashed
Chapter 195 My name is Meng Weiwei
Chapter 196 One day
Chapter 197: Beginning and Ending
Chapter 198: Meet and Talk
Chapter 199 Ready to go
Chapter two hundred on the plane
Chapter 201 watching the ball
Chapter two hundred and two
Chapter two hundred and three encounters in a foreign country
Chapter 204 Views
Chapter 205 Zhao Shi
Chapter two hundred and six watching the ball
Chapter 207 is different
Chapter 208 Investment
Chapter two hundred and ninth once
Chapter 210 First Meeting with President Jia
Chapter 211 Not Negotiated
Chapter 212 Huangshan
Chapter 213 Sunrise and sunset
Chapter 214 Grouping and Acquisition
Chapter 215 Business
Chapter 216 The second contact
Chapter 217 Never Sell
Two hundred and eighteenth chapter cut Hu
Chapter 219: Apology, Reception
Chapter two hundred and twentieth special trip to see you
Chapter 221 Agree to increase holdings
Chapter 222 is about to explode
Chapter 223 A Small Business of 9 Billion Dollars
Chapter 224 Night Tour of Huangpu
Two hundred and twentieth chapters ready to resign
Two hundred and twentieth chapters receive
Chapter two hundred and twenty seventh pick up Weiwei
Chapter 228 Not optimistic
Chapter 229: Well Boss
Chapter 230: On Friendship and Business
Chapter 231 The war begins
Chapter two hundred and thirty second in progress
Chapter 233 Who is annexing who?
Chapter two hundred and thirty fourth aftertaste, recognition
Chapter 235 Playing cards, leisure
Chapter two hundred and thirty sixth careful eye
Chapter 237 Siheyuan
Chapter 238 Which investment circle to choose
Chapter 239 Friends
Chapter two hundred and fortieth affectionate
Chapter 241 A suggestion
Chapter 242 The problem of Phoenix Film and Television
Chapter 243: Willows and Flowers
Chapter 244: Brothers and Sisters of the Ren Family
Two hundred and fortieth chapters of the wine bureau
Chapter 246 Loan
Chapter two hundred and forty seventh investment of 400 million US dollars
Chapter 248 The second time
Chapter two hundred and forty-ninth solution
Chapter 250 Jiahui
Chapter 251 Unexpected
Chapter two hundred and fifty second reason
Chapter 253 This is not a small matter
Chapter 254: Goodwill, Integrity?
Chapter 255 A few lovesickness
Chapter 256 You pressure me to take a vacation
Chapter 257 Populus euphratica Bar
Chapter two hundred and fiftieth eight points
Chapter two hundred and fifty-ninth fortune, ask plan
Two hundred and sixtieth chapters fame and fortune
Chapter 261 Sell it
Chapter 262 Wine Bureau (1)
Chapter 263 Wine Bureau (Part 2)
Chapter two hundred and sixty fourth ballad
Chapter two hundred and sixty fifth comfortable troubles
Chapter two hundred and sixty-six President An
Chapter two hundred and sixty seventh three rounds
Chapter 268 Fame
Chapter two hundred and sixty-ninth changes begin
Chapter 270: Conditions for Surrender
Chapter 271 Roses
Chapter two hundred and seventy-two cards
Two hundred and seventieth chapters counterattack
Two hundred and seventieth chapters agitation
Chapter 275 Continuation
Chapter 276 Financial Wednesday
Chapter 277 Information, Rejection
Chapter 278 Financial Salon (1)
Chapter 279 Financial Salon (2)
Chapter 281 Financial Salon (3)
Chapter two hundred and eighty first sister Zhang
Chapter two hundred and eighty second understand
Chapter 283 The first step of the consortium
Chapter 284: Talking but not making friends
Chapter two hundred and eighty fifth unremarkable
Chapter two hundred and eighty sixth
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh rich and young
Chapter two hundred and eighty eighth home
Chapter 289 girlfriend, time
Chapter two hundred and ninetieth phone at night
Chapter 291 A phone call
Chapter 292 Classmates Reunion (1)
Chapter 293 Classmates Reunion (Part 2)
Chapter 294 Class Reunion (Part 2)
Two hundred and ninetieth chapters respect
Chapter two hundred and ninety sixth night
Chapter two hundred and ninety seventh bad start
Chapter two hundred and ninety-eight of their respective conversations
Chapter two hundred and ninety-ninth about the question of face
Chapter 300 Free Upgrade
Chapter 301: The end of the eleventh holiday
Chapter 302 Talks (1)
Chapter 303 Talks (Part 2)
Chapter 304: The Curtain (1)
Chapter 305: The Curtain (2)
Chapter 306 Before the banquet
Chapter 307 Sign quickly!
Chapter 308 Rejection
Chapter 309: The Curtain (3)
Chapter three hundred and ten dark clouds
Chapter 311 Big Shots
Chapter three hundred and twelve storms
Chapter 313 will go to the deep city
Chapter 314 My arrangement
Chapter three hundred and fifteen
Chapter 316 I have the final say
Chapter 317 You can't do it
Chapter 318 Ding Sanshi's Wine Bureau
Chapter three hundred and nineteen recitation
Chapter 320 Fame
Chapter 321 Never Seen Again
Three hundred and twentieth chapters well in general anger
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Three Well General Fury (2)
Chapter 324 Anchor
Chapter 325 Learning +1
Chapter 326 News, Appointments
Three hundred and twentieth seventh chapter inquire about the tone
Chapter 328 Accident
Three hundred and twentieth IX emotion
Chapter 330 Relationship
Chapter 331 Galaxy Group
Chapter 332 makes me unhappy
Chapter 333 Is your brain flooded?
Chapter 334 Children, Light Rain
Chapter 335: Willing to be the river
Chapter 336 Night Talk
Chapter 337 Feeling a lot
Chapter 338 Interview
Chapter 339 No!
Chapter Three Hundred and Fortieth Highlights Moment
Chapter 341: The Closing
Chapter 342 Return to the capital
Three hundred and fortieth chapters sense of crisis
Three hundred and fortieth chapters go home
Chapter 345 Ask for advice
Chapter 346: The worst plan
Chapter 347: First Meeting with Uncle (Part 1)
Chapter 348: The First Meeting with Uncle (Part 2)
Chapter 349 Little Asura Field (1)
Chapter 350 Little Asura Field (Part 2)
Chapter 351 Signal
Chapter 352 The decoration is completed
Chapter 353 Interview, Murder Sudden (Part 1)
Chapter 354 Interview, Murder Sudden (Part 2)
Chapter three hundred and fifty fifth backhand slap
Chapter 356 I can also go
Chapter 357 Catalyst 1)
Chapter three hundred and fiftieth eight inquiries about individuals
Chapter 359 Moonlight
Chapter 360 Arrangement 2)
Chapter 361 Recruitment is successful
Chapter 362 Night Chat
Chapter 363 I don't want to
Three hundred and sixtieth chapters cynicism
Chapter 365: Confrontation in the Air
Chapter 366 are you ok?
Chapter 367 A little floating
Chapter 368 This is over
Chapter 369 What education did you receive?
Chapter 370 Quarrel
Chapter 371 sell your face 4)
Three hundred and seventieth chapters each
Chapter 373 The old man has gone by the yellow crane
Three hundred and seventieth chapters are routine
Chapter 375 is about to cut the mess
Chapter 376 Roller Coaster
Chapter 377 Does it matter?
Three hundred and seventieth eight chapters backstab the mind
Chapter 379 Insight Network 6)
Chapter 380 It came very suddenly
Chapter 381: Catch a Right (Part 1)
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty-Second Catch a Right (Part 2)
Chapter 383 Who? (Come again
Chapter three hundred and eighty fourth
Chapter three hundred and eighty fifth long difficult sentence
Chapter three hundred and eighty sixth goal
Chapter 387: Work and Life 8)
Chapter 388 Roll Call
Chapter 389 Look at ability without looking at motivation
Chapter 390 Two girls
Chapter 391 Member?
Chapter 392 Do you love it or not
Chapter 393 Aftershocks
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters high altitude
Chapter three hundred and ninety fifth ease back to Jingzhou
Chapter 396 Birthday Banquet (1)
Chapter 397 Birthday Banquet (Part 2)
Chapter 398 Birthday Banquet (Part 1)
Chapter 399 Birthday Banquet (Part 2) - Trust?
Chapter 400 Surprise News
Chapter 401 Return to A shares
Chapter 402 Ending
Chapter 403 A message
Chapter 404 Harvest
Chapter 405: Wei Chenjun's Approval
Chapter 406 Different choices
Chapter 407 Spring Festival
Chapter 408 Negotiation
Chapter four hundred and ninth combing, step by step
Chapter 410 Uber's Problem
Chapter 411 The takeaway field
Chapter 412 Introverted signs
Chapter 413 Goodbye
Chapter four hundred and fourteenth crooked idea
Chapter 415 The tide rises
Chapter four hundred and sixteenth crisis
Chapter 417 Hostility
Chapter four hundred and eighteenth night
Four hundred and nineteenth chapter even setbacks
Chapter four hundred and twentieth Ming struggle
Chapter 421 Failure?
Chapter 422 Apologize, old bastard
The four hundred and twentieth chapter is a tooth for a tooth, ten times the return
Chapter 424 Perfect, Imperfect
Chapter 425: Will Die (Part 1)
Chapter 426 Will Die (Part 2)
Chapter 427 Post-Galaxy Era
Chapter 428 I have no intention of express delivery
Chapter 429 What kind of boy
Chapter 430 On the plane
Chapter 431 I want to annex Ronghe
Chapter 432: Smart, Questions
Chapter 433 Night
Chapter 434 Cooperation reached
Chapter 435: Afternoon Tea Conversation
Chapter 436 My goal
Chapter four hundred and thirty seventh wonderful ending
Chapter 438 The battle for the throne
Chapter four hundred and thirty-ninth price reduction, bureau success
Chapter 440 Seeking
Chapter 441 Goodbye
Chapter 442 Drunk
Chapter four hundred and fortieth ending
Chapter 444 Return
Chapter 445: The candidate to help
Four hundred and fortieth chapters refreshing money
Chapter four hundred and forty seventh pattern, admiration
Chapter 448: Liao Rong's thoughts
Chapter 449: Arrangements and sourness
Chapter 450 Foothold
Chapter 451 Rejection
Chapter 452 Surprise and emotion
Chapter 453: Browsing the news at night
Chapter 454 is finished
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters disdain to tell lies
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters core foundation
Chapter 457: On digging people
Chapter 458: First Meeting Zhang Rujing
Chapter 459 Persuasion
Chapter 460 Ling Chuqing's cry
Chapter 461 Compassion
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters quite decent
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters swallowed
Chapter 464 Is it enough?
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters meet
Chapter 466 Organizational Structure
Chapter 467 Infighting
Chapter 468: Well Gao's Arrangement
Chapter 469 Afternoon Tea
Chapter 470: Another Night Banquet
Chapter 471 Sealing Fee
Chapter 472 Arrangements
Chapter 473 Townhouses
Chapter 474 Photos
The four hundred and seventieth chapters cultivate the Tao
The four hundred and seventieth chapter was targeted
Chapter 477 Dating
Chapter 478 The Jinggao in Guo Siyue's Eyes
Chapter 479 Going a step further
Chapter 480: Sort out clearly
Chapter 481 Yuexiu
Chapter 482 The new assistant
Chapter 483 Structure Adjustment
Chapter 484 The wind will rise
Chapter four hundred and eighty fifth hibernating snake
Chapter 486 Noon
Chapter 487 Are you convinced?
Chapter 488 Duplicity
Chapter 489 I will handle it
Chapter 490 Direct
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters choose to show favor
Chapter 492 Telephone
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters two news
Chapter 494 Buying a Horse (Part 1)
Chapter 495 Buying a Horse (Part 2)
Chapter 496
Chapter four hundred and ninety seventh beat
Chapter 498: The Law of Nature
Chapter 499 My Jianghu! (Merry Christmas to book friends)
Chapter Five Hundred Famous!
Chapter five hundred and first open a small meeting
Chapter 502 Related news
Chapter 503 The takeaway war begins
Chapter Five Hundred and Four Do the News
Chapter 505: Make it clear
Chapter 506: If you want to take it, you must first give it
Chapter 507 Why
Chapter five hundred and eight close to the enemy
Chapter 509 Very passive
Chapter 510 Hearts (I wish you a happy New Year!)
Chapter 510 Turning Point
Chapter Five Hundred and Twelve TV Interviews
Chapter five hundred and thirteen different reactions
Chapter 514 Graduation season, smooth first meeting
Chapter 515 Pursuit
Chapter five hundred and sixteen morning whispers
Chapter five hundred and seventeen as if yesterday
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighteen Friendship
Chapter 519 Confession
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Ginkgo
Chapter 521 Blocked
Chapter 522 Cooperation
Five hundred and twentieth chapters greedy conditions
Chapter 524 OK!
Five hundred and twentieth chapters appease
Chapter five hundred and twenty sixth optimal solution
Chapter five hundred and twenty seventh fast and accurate
Chapter 528 Untitled
Five hundred and twentieth IX admit defeat
Chapter five hundred and thirtieth come to an end
Chapter 531 Moonlight Gathering
Chapter five hundred and thirty second one after another
Chapter 533: Go to Hangzhou
Chapter five hundred and thirty fourth problem solving
Chapter 535: The first test is unfavorable
Chapter 536 Planning to meet
Chapter 537 Get it
Chapter 538 California
Chapter 539 The Godfather of Business (1)
Chapter 540 The Godfather of Business (Part 2)
Chapter five hundred and forty first tribute
The five hundred and fortieth chapters also suddenly died
Chapter five hundred and forty third alliance
Chapter 544: Summer Afternoon
Chapter 545 Friendship
Chapter 546 Yachting
Chapter 547: Fireworks all over the sky
Chapter 548 Philosophical Issues
Chapter 550 Zhang Li's Change
Chapter 550 Phoenix Immortal Pavilion
Chapter five hundred and fifty first look down
Chapter 552: See Xiao Wang
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth chapters arena
Chapter five hundred and fifty-four sense of ceremony
Chapter five hundred and fifty fifth in the night
Five hundred and fiftieth chapters roller coaster
Chapter five hundred and fifty seventh surrender
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth eight kittens
Chapter 559 Problems
Chapter five hundred and sixty
Chapter five hundred and sixty first work dinner
Chapter 562 The real purpose
Chapter five hundred and sixty third setback
Five hundred and sixtieth chapters big D meeting
Chapter five hundred and sixty fifth shot
Five hundred and sixtieth chapters unforgettable memory
Chapter 567: My and Li Sheng's Affair (Part 1)
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Eighth Affair with Li Sheng (Part 2)
Chapter five hundred and sixty-ninth kill the chicken to warn the monkey
Chapter 570 Old Kadoorie
Chapter 571 Charity Reception (1)
Chapter 572 Charity Reception (Part 2)
Chapter 573 Charity Reception (Part 2)
Chapter five hundred and seventy fourth successful conclusion
Chapter five hundred and seventy fourth rest
Chapter 575 Visit (1)
Chapter 576 Visit (Part 2)
Chapter 577 Visit (Part 2)
Chapter 578 Visit (End)
Chapter 579 Influence
Chapter 580 The trip to Yangcheng (1)
Chapter 581: A Trip to Yangcheng (Part 2)
Chapter five hundred and eighty second bright moon
Chapter 583 An Xiaoqian's suggestion
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-Fourth Old Chen Head
Chapter five hundred and eighty fifth autumn rain
Chapter five hundred and eighty sixth banquet
Chapter five hundred and eighty seventh task difficulty
Chapter 588 After the dinner
Chapter 589 The next task
Chapter five hundred and ninetieth movie
Chapter five hundred and ninety first happy and sad
Chapter five hundred and ninety-two cultural differences
Chapter five hundred and ninety third rollover
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters will promote
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters before the talks
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters pull a
Chapter 597 The girl with the most business talent
Five hundred and ninetieth eight chapters lost and found
Chapter five hundred and ninety-ninth night
Chapter 600 Influence
Chapter 601 Girls
Chapter 602 go home
Chapter 603 Prelude
Chapter 604 Wuzhen
Chapter 605 Tea-making on Taoism
Chapter 606 Night Talk
Chapter 607 Opposition face to face
Chapter 608 A few points
Chapter 609 Articles and Meetings
Chapter 610 Go to Hangzhou
Chapter 611 Emotions and beauty
Chapter 612 Play
Chapter 613 Meet Yanyan again
Chapter six hundred and fourteenth curse
Chapter 615 Huadans
Chapter 616 The biggest gain
Chapter 617 Unexpected
Chapter 618 Guess
Chapter six hundred and nineteen directly turn over
The 620th chapter eats melons (1)
The 621st chapter eats melons (2)
Chapter six hundred and twenty second turning point
Chapter 623 Xiaoxue
Chapter 624 Brother and Sister
Chapter 625 Visit
Chapter 626 Optimistic about Mr. Wu
Chapter 627 Passing by, crew
Chapter six hundred and twentieth eight sudden turning point
Chapter 629: Zhou Mingyang's plan
Chapter 630 Heavy Snow
Chapter 631: Tang Xuan's Suggestion
Chapter 632 Results come out
Chapter six hundred and thirty third first month twelve
Chapter 634: Going to the Magic City
Chapter 635 Family
Chapter 636 Clues
Chapter 637 Breakthrough
Chapter six hundred and thirty eight fifteen years
Chapter 639 Li Shuyao
Chapter six hundred and fortieth ending
Chapter 641 Her thoughts
Chapter 642 Secretary and Accident
Chapter 643 Untitled
Chapter 644 Liu Feifei's Exercise
Chapter 645 Beauty Salon
Six hundred and fortieth chapters resolve
Chapter 647 Jinggao's warning
Chapter 648: Appreciating the Moon
Chapter 649 Suzhou
Chapter 650 Gu Mama's Phone
Chapter 651 Gao Zong
Chapter 652 After-dinner planning
Chapter 653 A chance encounter?
Chapter 654 There is a problem
Chapter 655 Yao Shengming's thoughts
Six hundred and fiftieth chapters to solve
Chapter 657 Little Nizi
Chapter 658 Discussion
Chapter 659 I'm sorry
Chapter six hundred and sixty once
Chapter 661 Chatting on the Yacht
Chapter 662 Brand Endorsement
Chapter 663 Return
Chapter six hundred and sixty fourth hidden danger, go home
Chapter 665: See the parents
Chapter six hundred and sixty-six entertainment, floating
Chapter 667 The way to fight back
Chapter 668 The Secret of Shared Bikes
Six hundred and sixtieth IX new struggle
Chapter 670 The richest man, Godfather, Napoleon
Chapter 671 seek advice
Chapter 672 Judgment
Six hundred and seventieth chapters must be guaranteed
Chapter 674 The situation
Chapter 675 Arrival
Chapter 676 Architecture
Chapter six hundred and seventy seventh mood changes
Chapter 678 is coming
Chapter six hundred and seventy-ninth a name
Chapter 680 Telephone
Chapter six hundred and eighty first new accident
Chapter six hundred and eighty second bursting news
Chapter 683 Visiting the Tang Family
Chapter 684 A big order
Chapter 685 Mindset
Chapter 686 My thoughts
Chapter six hundred and eighty seventh choice
Chapter 688: Disappear
Chapter six hundred and eighty nine spread
Chapter 690 Some people
Chapter 691 Zhou Mingyang
Chapter six hundred and ninety second battle again
Chapter 693 The current situation (plus 1)
Chapter 694 Telephone (1)
Chapter 695 Telephone (2)
Chapter 696 Telephone (3)
Chapter six hundred and ninety seventh departure
Chapter six hundred and ninety-eight collaborators
Chapter six hundred and ninety-ninth coldness, feeling
Chapter 700 Talk about collapse
The 701st chapter reception (1)
Chapter 702 Offense and Defense Conversion
Chapter 703 Little Pinot
Chapter nine hundred treacherous
Chapter 705 The long night will die
Chapter 706 Beating
Chapter 707 Celebration
Chapter 708: Struggle for Peace (Supplement)
Chapter 709 Decision and Exchange
Chapter seven hundred and tenth limit again
Chapter seven hundred and eleven joy
Chapter 712 What nonsense
Chapter seven hundred and thirteenth decision
Chapter 714 Conditions for Surrender
Chapter 715 Coffee is a little cold
Chapter seven hundred and sixteen singing a song
Chapter 717 The moon is just right
Chapter seven hundred and eighteen the second day
Chapter seven hundred and nineteenth for birds and beasts scattered
Chapter 720 Invitation by Deutsche Bank
Chapter 721 the mass
Chapter seven hundred and twenty second freely
Chapter 723 Interrupted
Seven hundred and twentieth chapters together vertical and horizontal
Chapter 725 A Joke (Supplement)
The 726th chapter show (1)
The 727th chapter show (2)
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth eighth their reaction
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth IX first
Chapter seven hundred and thirtieth change attitude
Chapter seven hundred and thirty first three calls
Chapter seven hundred and thirty second sincerity
Chapter 733 Happy cooperation
Chapter seven hundred and thirty fourth returning to China in batches
Chapter 735 Donation
Chapter seven hundred and thirty sixth engraved
Chapter seven hundred and thirty seventh the righteous path in the world
Chapter 738 Funeral
Chapter 739 Fairy
Chapter seven hundred and fortieth visit
Chapter 741 Bad taste, solicitation
Chapter 742 In the Dusk
Chapter 743 Roche
Chapter seven hundred and forty fourth Japanese mode
Chapter seven hundred and forty fifth seal
Chapter seven hundred and fortieth wedding inquiry
Chapter seven hundred and forty seventh inspection site
Chapter 748 Tang Family Manor
Chapter 749 Harmony
Chapter 750 A lot of hostility
Chapter 751 Gao Classmates
Chapter 752 Banquet news
Chapter 753 Tang Er
Chapter 754 Accidents, Stories
Chapter 755 Am I Beautiful?
Chapter 756: Interesting Talk about Three Dances
Chapter 757 Returning to China
Chapter 758 Feng Xuehua
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth IX revenge is coming
Chapter 759 Genting
Chapter 760 Entertainment
Chapter 761 Counterattack the storm
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-two (1)
Chapter 763: Taking a Break (Part 2)
Chapter seven hundred and sixty fourth accident theory
Chapter 765: Taking a break (Part 2)
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-six sneaking (End)
Chapter seven hundred and sixty seventh night in Jinling
Chapter 768 Purpose
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-ninth interrogation
Chapter 770: Eunuch Cao
Chapter seven hundred and seventy first seize
Chapter seven hundred and seventy second emergencies
Seven hundred and seventieth chapters make a few calls
Chapter 774 Flights
Chapter seven hundred and seventy fifth negotiation
Chapter 776 Conditions
Chapter seven hundred and seventy seventh eat some food
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-eight end, gain and loss
Chapter 779 Noon (I wish all book friends a happy Mid-Autumn Festival)
Chapter seven hundred and eighty your dream
Chapter seven hundred and eighty first confrontation
Chapter seven hundred and eighty second Ming and Qing residence
Chapter 783 Confrontation (Part 2)
Chapter seven hundred and eighty fourth mutual masks
Chapter seven hundred and eighty fifth constantly, flip the table
Chapter seven hundred and eighty sixth
Chapter 787 The richest man in Jiangbei
Chapter 788 Analysis
Chapter seven hundred and eighty-ninth dream, phone
Chapter seven hundred and ninetieth on the plane
Chapter 791: Lessons (I wish all book friends a happy National Day)
Chapter 792 Russia Watching (Part 1)
Chapter seven hundred and ninety third windfall
Chapter 794 Interlude, watching football in Russia (2)
Chapter seven hundred and ninety fifth processing
Chapter 796 Where to start a business
Chapter seven hundred and ninety seventh bright moon like a hook
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-eight was dumped face
Chapter seven hundred and ninety ninth face
Chapter 800 Deconstruction
Chapter 801 Blue Lake Club
Chapter 802 Goodbye
Chapter 803 Distribution is complete
Eight hundred and fourth chapter admit defeat, new life
Chapter eight hundred and fifth unhappy
Chapter 806 Emergence
Chapter eight hundred and seventh constant worry
Chapter 808 The Contest Begins
Chapter 809 No peace talks
Eight hundred and tenth chapter backhand press to death
Eight hundred and eleventh chapter rage
Chapter 812 Aftermath shock
Eight hundred and thirteenth chapter processing
Chapter eight hundred and fourteenth ending?
Chapter 815: Afternoon Picture Scroll
Chapter 816 Break
Eight hundred and seventeenth chapter big cousin
Chapter eight hundred and eighteen my opinion
Chapter 819 Vacation
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth new episode
Chapter eight hundred and twenty first autumn
Chapter 822 Zhang Mingyue's worries
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters end
Chapter 824: Entering the Garden
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters sweet, episode
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters feel and understand
Eight hundred and twentieth seven chapters serve soft
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth eight afternoon apology
Chapter 829 Punishment
Chapter eight hundred and thirtieth bad news
Chapter eight hundred and thirty first see off
Chapter 832 Inspection of the headquarters
Chapter 833: Interview (1)
Chapter 834: Interview (Part 2)
Chapter 835 Two things
Chapter 836: Education and Principles
Chapter eight hundred and thirty seventh morning chat
Chapter 838 Liu Zhen's reaction
Chapter 839 Yang Chun and Dan Qing
Chapter eight hundred and fortieth flattery
Chapter 841 Future Arrangements
Chapter 842 Yang Xiaohua
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters ceremony
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters Xia Shang Cultural Tourism
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters listen to your words
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters performance
Chapter eight hundred and forty seventh humiliation and surrender
Eight hundred and fortieth eight chapters add a stroke
Chapter 849: Working Meal (Part 1)
Chapter 850: Working Meal (Part 2)
Chapter 851 Going a step further
Chapter eight hundred and fifty second admiration
Chapter 853 Diana
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters shame
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters young people
Chapter 856 Five hundred miles
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters lose their temper
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth eight reluctance
Chapter 859 The first shot
Chapter 860 Engagement Ceremony (1)
The 861st chapter engagement ceremony (2)
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters Mr. Lu
Chapter 863 Clothing
Chapter eight hundred and sixty fourth cognition
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters head hurts
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters Ren family banquet
Chapter 867 Zhang Ting
Chapter 868 Understand?
Chapter 869 The second plan
Eight hundred and seventieth chapter origin, brandy
Chapter eight hundred and seventy first ending
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-two telephone
Chapter 873 Auction House
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters An Meiren
Chapter 875 Debate
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters uninvited guests
Chapter eight hundred and seventy seventh return journey
Eight hundred and seventieth eight chapters accident
Eight hundred and seventieth IX rely on talent and pride
Chapter 880 Jinggao's plan
Chapter 881 Two kinds of supermarkets
Chapter eight hundred and eighty second consummation
Chapter eight hundred and eighty third drinking
Chapter eight hundred and eighty fourth conversation
Chapter eight hundred and eighty fifth admit defeat, persuade
Chapter eight hundred and eighty sixth reverberation
Chapter eight hundred and eighty seventh identity change
Chapter 888 Who is behind the scenes?
Eight hundred and eighty-ninth chapter pointing
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters real
Chapter 891 Interpretation
Chapter 892 Teacher Wang
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters water army
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters have melons
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters wind and rain are coming
Chapter eight hundred and ninety sixth concern
Chapter eight hundred and ninety seventh unwilling
Chapter 898: Meeting (1)
Eight hundred and ninetieth nine chapters three kinds of capital
Chapter 900 Production Changes
Chapter 901 Various reasons
Chapter 902 Establishment of Funds and Reporting
Chapter 903 Can't do it
Chapter 904 Lessons from subordinates
Chapter 905 Xiao Li in a dilemma
Chapter nine hundred and six fear
Chapter 907: Ash
Chapter 908 Several dinners
Chapter 909 The first
Chapter 910 Negotiate
Chapter 911 The second scene
Chapter 912 Reason, Respect
Chapter nine hundred and thirteen major events and small events
Chapter 914 Fermentation and dissemination
Chapter nine hundred and fifteenth discussion
Chapter 916: their respective levels
Chapter 917 Dinner
Chapter nine hundred and eighteen recalling the past
Chapter 919 Discussion
Chapter 920 Shutong, continue
Chapter 921 Bad environment
Nine hundred and twentieth chapters Onisan
Chapter 923 Changes
Chapter 924 Acting
Chapter 925 Screenwriting Seminar
Chapter 926: Demonstrating authority
Chapter nine hundred and twenty seventh face is too clean
Chapter 928: IQIYI's Internal Thoughts
Chapter 929 Solving Problems (Part 1) (I wish you all a happy Christmas Eve)
Chapter 930 Split Plan
Chapter 931: Solving Problems (Part 2)
Chapter 932 Naihe and HBO
Chapter 933 Aftermath
Chapter 934 Untitled
Chapter 935 Silly
Chapter 936 Back to the alma mater
Chapter 937: Back Mountain (Part 1)
Chapter 938 Houshan (below) (I wish you a happy New Year's Day!)
Chapter 939 Chaos in the circle
Chapter nine hundred and fortieth big melons continue
Chapter 941: The morning of the 30th
Chapter nine hundred and fortieth small gathering
Nine hundred and fortieth chapters the breeze is illiterate
Chapter nine hundred and forty fourth reception
Chapter 945 The Bar (1)
Chapter 946 The Bar (Part 2)
Chapter 947 Who to call
Chapter 948 Cloud Movement
Nine hundred and forty-ninth chapter An Gongzi
Chapter 950: Visit (1)
Chapter 951 Visit (Part 2)
Chapter 952 Farewell
Chapter 953 Return to Haizhou
Chapter 954: The Old Ones Come (Part 1)
Chapter 955: The Old Ones Come (Part 2)
Chapter 956 Straightforward
Chapter 957 Before the Wedding (Part 1)
Chapter 955 Before the Wedding (Part 2)
Chapter 959 Before the Wedding (Part 2)
Chapter 960 Questioning
Chapter 961 Do not believe
Chapter 962 Wedding (1)
Chapter 963 Wedding (Part 2)
Chapter 964 Songs and Poems
Chapter 965 Wedding (Part 2)
Chapter 966 Wedding (End)
Chapter 967 Leaving Haizhou
Chapter 968 Ecological Farm
Chapter 969 Make up your mind (Happy New Year to all book friends!)
Chapter 970 Girls (Part 1) (Happy New Year!)
Chapter 971 Girls (Part 2)
Chapter 972 News
Chapter 973 Finding out
Chapter 974: Communication Failure
Chapter 975 Return
Chapter 976: Vivi Island
Chapter 977 Go to the hotel
Nine hundred and seventieth eight chapters voice
Chapter 979 Conquest
Chapter nine hundred and eighty boring
The 981st chapter night talk (1)
Chapter nine hundred and eighty second
Chapter 983 Xiao He's Gratitude
Chapter nine hundred and eighty fourth meeting
Chapter 985: How Much Do You Know
Chapter 986 The end of the dinner
Chapter nine hundred and eighty seventh circle of friends
Chapter 988 Small Gathering (1)
Chapter 989 Small Gathering (2)
Chapter 990 Yunqiu Comes to Beijing
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters into the eyebrows
Chapter 992 In the seafood restaurant
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters car accident
Chapter nine hundred and ninety fourth morning
Chapter 995 Inspection (1)
Chapter 996 Inspection (Part 2)
Chapter 997 Inspection (Part 1)
Chapter 998 Afternoon (Part 1)
Chapter 999 Afternoon (Part 2)
Chapter 1000 Inspection (Part 2)
Chapter 1001 Inspection (End)
Chapter 1002 Cloud Map Villa
Chapter 103 I want to resign
Chapter 104 School Flower
Chapter 105 Xiaoxia, afternoon time
Chapter 1006 Levels
Chapter 1007 Social Network
Chapter 1008 On the court
Chapter 1009 Leisure half-day
Chapter 1010 Truth and Falsehood
Chapter 1011 pick up
Chapter 1012 I will be back
Chapter 1013 Assistant arrangement
Chapter 1014 Pointing to Deng Ran
Chapter 1015 Decision-making
Chapter 1016 Winter Afternoon
Chapter 1017 come back
Chapter 1018 Xia Lingling
Chapter 1019 Negotiation and confrontation
Chapter 1020 Ideal
Chapter 1021 Phoenix Fund, Shock
Chapter 1022 Ideas, Positioning
Chapter 1023 Lunch
Chapter 1024 Afternoon
Chapter 1025 Crisis Crisis
The first thousand and twenty-six chapters see the guest
Chapter 1027 desk
Chapter 1028 Newcomer
Chapter 1029: Qing letter culture
Chapter 1030 Sense of security, fulfillment
Chapter 1032 Walking
Chapter 1033 Funds, Problems
Chapter 1034 Birthday
Chapter 1035 Comments
Chapter 1036 mobilization
Chapter 1037 License plate down
The first thousand and thirty-eight chapters go back and get the phone
Chapter 1039: Meeting (1)
Chapter 1040: Meeting (Part 2)
The first thousand and forty-one chapters are cold again
One thousand and forty-two chapters behind the scenes
Chapter 1043 Discussion
Chapter 1044 Ultimatum
The first thousand and forty-fifth chapters visit
Chapter 1046: The night is deep
Chapter 1047 Clean up, news
Chapter 1048 Black
Chapter 1049: Tang Er Shao
Chapter 1050 Waste
Chapter 1051 Ending
Chapter 1052 Go or not?
Chapter 1053 Tip
Chapter 1054 Fool
Chapter 1055 Bulgari Hotel
Chapter 1056 Afternoon
Chapter 1057 One kick
Chapter 1058 Yunnan Baiyao
Chapter 1059: Distribution ratio
Chapter 1060 Relationship
The first thousand and sixty first chapter condolences
The first thousand and sixty-two chapters
The first thousand and sixty-three chapters appease, point
Chapter 1065 I forgot
Chapter 1065 is tricky
Chapter 1066 Party
Chapter 1067 absorbing talents
Chapter 1068 Phoenix Farm Villa
Chapter 1068 Three Kingdoms Killing
Chapter 1069 Lunch
Chapter 1070 Time belongs to me
Chapter 1071 Bright Moon
Chapter 1072: Conflict on each other
Chapter 1073 Leaving
Chapter 1074 Pay attention to the itinerary
Chapter 1075 Worship
Chapter 1076 Chatting at Night
Chapter 1077 A Song
Chapter 1078 Chen Ziyuans worries
Chapter 1079 To Jinling
Chapter 1080 Start inspection
Chapter 1081 Listen to the report
Chapter 1082 Mind and preparation
Chapter 1083 Meeting
Chapter 1084 Its too late.
Chapter 1085 Let the bullets fly
Chapter 1086 Waiting for Famous Beauty
Chapter 1087 Yun Qius Love Recommended
Chapter 1088 Cao Zhuang is causing trouble
Chapter 1089 Breakfast and Visit
Chapter 1090 Small Courtyard
Chapter 1091 Degree
Chapter 1092 Xiaoyao
Chapter 1093 Improve understanding
Chapter 1094 Evening
Chapter 1095 Calm down
Chapter 1096 respective arrangements
Chapter 1097 Visit
Chapter 1098 Negotiation
Chapter 1099 Sunings cultural and sports industry
Chapter 1100 Professional Manager
Chapter 1101 Internal Problems
Chapter 1102 Shao Sisi
Chapter 1103 Arrangement to leave
Chapter 1104 Destiny
Chapter 1105 Reason Crew
Chapter 1106 Arrival Report
Chapter 1107 Surprise
Chapter 1108 Evaluation
Chapter 1109 Thank you
Chapter 1110 Opinions
Chapter 1111: Start
Chapter 1112 Winning
Chapter 1113 Admiration and Fear
Chapter 1114 Victory
Chapter 1115: Victory Party
Chapter 1116 Private Chat
Chapter 1117 Control
Chapter 1118 I want to reward you
Chapter 1119 Cooperation
Chapter 1120 Surprise
Chapter 1121 Ambition Phone
Chapter 1122 Program
Chapter 1123: The Other Side
Chapter 1124 Will
Chapter 1125 Frazer's Worries
Chapter 1126 Heating
Chapter 1127 Too fierce
Chapter 1128 Brother Jing, Brother Gao
Chapter 1129 Negotiation
Chapter 1130 Fight
Chapter 1131 Don't want to socialize
Chapter 1132 Connie
Chapter 1133 On the Plane
Chapter 1134 Hong Kong Island Airport
Chapter 1135
Chapter 1136 I am willing
Chapter 1137 Waves
Chapter 1138 Bar
Chapter 1139 Identity Invitation
Chapter 1140 Early Morning
Chapter 1141 Three
Chapter 1142 Thinking
Chapter 1144 Feelings, falling behind
Chapter 1144 Yun Yun
Chapter 1146: Xiao Yi
Chapter 1147: Mentality
Chapter 1148: The Future
Chapter 1149: Huashang District
Chapter 1150 Quotation
Chapter 1151
Chapter 1,152 Buying Horse Bones
Chapter 1,153 Girls
Chapter 1,154 Tang Er
Chapter 1155: Lao An, what is your identity?
Chapter 1156 Feelings
Chapter 1156
Chapter 1158: Xie Shutong
Chapter 1159 Prince?
Chapter 1160 Northern metropolitan area
Chapter 1161 Warmth
Chapter 1162: Dancing Partner
Chapter 1163 The First Song
Chapter 1164: Moonlit Night, Reward
Chapter 1165: Queue
Chapter 1166: Wang Junlou Ships to Yizhou
Chapter 1167 Return
Chapter 1168: Outside the Airport
Chapter 1169 Heat
Chapter 1170: Comfort
Chapter 1171 To Jinghe
Chapter 1172: Change of Thought
Chapter 1173 Different positions
Chapter 1174 Harmony
Chapter 1175 Refused
Chapter 1176: Inside the Car
Chapter 1177 The Quietness of the Night
Chapter 1178: Yujie
Chapter 1179: Capital Pursuit
Chapter 1180 Night, Phone
Chapter 1181 Unexpectedly
Chapter 1182 Phoenix Payment
Chapter 1183: Entrepreneurship is not easy
Chapter 1184: Conversation
Chapter 1184 The Picture Scroll Is Like a Dream
Chapter 1185 Xiao He's Little Thoughts
Chapter 1186 Small Villa
Chapter 1187 Membership Card
Chapter 1188 Surprise
Chapter 1189 Power
Chapter 1190 Answer truthfully
Chapter 1192: Vivi's Housekeeper
Chapter 1192 Sister Lan's Hesitation
Chapter 1193 Ruo Ruo
Chapter 1194 face problem
Chapter 1195 Dong Youwei's Choice
Chapter 1196 reprimand
Chapter 1198 Yanda
Chapter 1199: Xiao He
Chapter 1199
Chapter 1200 Sister Lan Xiao He
Chapter 1202: Buddha Statue
Chapter 1203 Want to Adjust
Chapter 1203
Chapter 1204 Wine Business
Chapter 1205
Chapter 1206 Opportunity?
Chapter 1208: Candidates
Chapter 1209 No one in the pocket
Chapter 1210 Qingsha
Chapter 1211: Shuangshu
Chapter 1212: Fudge
Chapter 1213: The Problem
Chapter 1214 Rent Subsidy
Chapter 1215: Red Wine
Chapter 1216: Style
Chapter 1217 Early morning breakfast meeting
Chapter 1218 Qingsha
Chapter 1219: Well Emperor
Chapter 1220: General Change
Chapter 1221 Summoning
Chapter 1,222 I listen to your arrangements
Chapter 1,223 Arrangements
Chapter 1,224 Economic Man Thinking
Chapter 1,225 Personnel Changes
Chapter 1,226 Aduan Xiao Huang
Chapter 1,227 I didn’t agree
Chapter 1,228: Climb high in the hotel
Chapter 1,229 Worries from Hangzhou
Chapter 1,230 Beginning
Chapter 1,231 Board of Directors
Chapter 1,232 Two News
Chapter 1,233 Aftermath
Chapter 1,234 Congratulations
Chapter 1,235 Transformation
Chapter 1,236 The sword is still young
Chapter 1,237 Sudden invitation
Chapter 1,238 Three Women
Chapter 1,239 Yalan’s Worries
Chapter 1,240 Return to Yuntu Villa
Chapter 1,241 Do you like it?
Chapter 1,242 Su Chen
Chapter 1,243 Discussion
Chapter 1,244 Three Families (Happy National Day to all my book friends!)
Chapter 1,245 Parents
Chapter 1,246 Zhu Yu’s Investment
Chapter 1,247 Second Floor, Subtle
Chapter 1,248 A coincidental incident
Chapter 1,249 Awkward
Chapter 1001 Wei Minjun’s call
Chapter 1,251 Lounge
Chapter 1,252 Wine Bureau (Part 1)
Chapter 1,253 Wine Bureau (Part 2)
Chapter 1254: Strengthening
Chapter 1,255 Two glasses of wine
Chapter 1,256 Accident
Chapter 1,257 Gift
Chapter 1,258 Conversation
Chapter 1,259 Invitation
Chapter 1,260 Thoughts
Chapter 1,261 Weird
Chapter 1,262 The pattern of getting along
Chapter 1,263 Photos
Chapter 1,264 Entrepreneurship Fund
Chapter 1,265 Fund Transformation
Chapter 1,266 Lunch
Chapter 1,267 Song and Dance
Chapter 1,268 Resume of the Student Union
Chapter 1,269 Relationship
Chapter 1,270 Lunch Break
Chapter 1,271 Concubine Xin
Chapter 1,272 Xiaojin
Chapter 1,273 Xiaohe Fangfei?
Chapter 1,274 Dudu’s Garden Tour
Chapter 1,275 Garden Rose
Chapter 1,276 Four Seasons Tower
Chapter 1,277 Origin
Chapter 1,278 Afternoon
Chapter 1,279 Qinghengyuan
Chapter 1,280 Team Meeting
Chapter 1,281 Telephone
Chapter 1,282 Learning
Chapter 1,283 Chapter 1,283 After Chinese Class
Chapter 1,284 Playing
Chapter 1,285 Entertainment Thoughts
Chapter 1,286 Wake up
Chapter 1,287 The Development of Fruit Video
Chapter 1,288 Beautiful and Picturesque
Chapter 1,289 Who is angry?
Chapter 1,290 Three Rumors
Chapter 1,291 Meeting
Chapter 1,292 Be friends first
Chapter 1,293 Arrival
Chapter 1,294 Arrangement (1)
Chapter 1,295 Arrangement (2)
Chapter 1,296 Yuanyuan
Chapter 1,297 Resources
Chapter 1,298 Argument
Chapter 1,299 Not a vassal
Chapter 1,300 Title
Chapter 1301 Story
Chapter 1,302 What’s the relationship?
Chapter 1,303 Speaking
Chapter 1304 Clarity
Chapter 1,305 Fierce Competition
Chapter 1,306 What Mingyue Thinks
Chapter 1,307 Appointment Time
Chapter 1,308 Buying Land
Chapter 1309 Grand Hotel
Chapter 1,310 Struggle Distance
Chapter 1311 Logic
Chapter 1,312 Live Broadcast Persuasion
Chapter 1313 Business
Chapter 1,314 Shock and emotion
Chapter 1315 Past Events
Chapter 1,316 Fan Yang’s Request
Chapter 1317 Mr. Yu
Chapter 1,318 Thoughts on Two Futures
Chapter 1319 Xiaojin’s Dream
Chapter 1320: Earthy Love Words
Chapter 1321: Report like this
Chapter 1,322 Three Things
Chapter 1,323 Respectfully
Chapter 1,324 Success or Failure
Chapter 1,325 Trip to Suez
Chapter 1,326 Dialogue
Chapter 1,327 How to get along
Chapter 1,328 Thinking
Chapter 1,329 Raid
Chapter 1,330 Fashion Show
Chapter 1331 Brokerage Agreement
Chapter 1332 Passed
Chapter 1,333 Pressure
Chapter 1,334 Are you tired?
Chapter 1,335 Chicken Soup
Chapter 1,336 Traffic
Chapter 1,337 The atmosphere is here
Chapter 1,338 Transformation
Chapter 1,339 Common Sense Error
Chapter 1,340 Cool Party
Chapter 1341 Bad Fish
Chapter 1,342 Who to choose?
Chapter 1,343 Telephone
Chapter 1,344 About to go abroad
Chapter 1,345 Call again
Chapter 1,346 Wanda Movie
Chapter 1,347 Well Office
Chapter 1,348 Jing Jinghua
Chapter 1,349 The song floats over
Chapter 1,350 Withdrawal of Shares
Chapter 1351 Playing Cards
Chapter 1,352 Bullying
Chapter 1,353: Reflections on the Past
Chapter 1,354 Colorful sleeves holding a jade bell diligently
Chapter 1,355 Hot Searches
Chapter 1,356 Afternoon Tea
Chapter 1,357 The aftermath
Chapter 1,358 Ending
Chapter 1,359 Credit Card
Chapter 1,360 Maintain status
Chapter 1,361 Eat melon and eat it on your own head
Chapter 1,362 Punishment
Chapter 1,363 Calculating Office Area
Chapter 1,364 Live Fish in Sauce
Chapter 1,365 Storm
Chapter 1366: Coaxing people
Chapter 1,367 Best Friends
Chapter 1,368 Diamond
Chapter 1,369 Returning
Chapter 1,370 Difficulty
Chapter 1,371 Discussing Countermeasures
Chapter 1,372 Planning
Chapter 1,373 Zhou Shiqing wants to come
Chapter 1374 Similarity
Chapter 1,375 Arrival and Departure
Chapter 1,376 Request
Chapter 1,377 Attack Incident
Chapter 1378 Someone is coming
Chapter 1,379 Service
Chapter 1,380 The phone calls keep coming
Chapter 1,381 Tell him to wait
Chapter 1,382 It doesn’t matter
Chapter 1,383 Phone call joke
Chapter 1,384 Want to take pictures
Chapter 1,385 Truth and Lies
Chapter 1,386 Which floor?
Chapter 1,387 What to do?
Chapter 1388 Discussion, the wind rises
Chapter 1,389 Transformation
Chapter 1,390 Resonance
Chapter 1,391 At the foot of Fragrant Mountain
Chapter 1,392 Irregular Symmetry
Chapter 1,393 Guessed
Chapter 1,394 Gift Regret?
Chapter 1,395 Call and ask
Chapter 1,396 Amount of Funds
Chapter 1,397 Eat?
Chapter 1,398 Plan
Chapter 1,399 Sweet Dreams
Chapter 1,400 Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 1401 The unruly Min Jun
Chapter 1,402 Elimination Food Delivery
Chapter 1403: Proper
Chapter 1,404 Big Maid
Chapter 1,405 Interruption
Chapter 1406: Pulling Instinct
Chapter 1,407 Go to work
Chapter 1,408 Solved
Chapter 1,409 Confrontation
Chapter 1,410 Self-Rescue
Chapter 1411 Too impatient
Chapter 1,412 I would rather be a hero’s concubine
Chapter 1,413 The noble daughter of the former family
Chapter 1,414 The End of the Family
Chapter 1415 Luoluo
Chapter 1416 Minjun Ruolin
Chapter 1,417 I'm waiting for you
Chapter 1,418 Easy
Chapter 1,419 Lowering Treatment
Chapter 1,420 Excited Luoluo
Chapter 1,421 A new perspective
Chapter 1,422 Sudden encounter
Chapter 1,423 Dialogue
Chapter 1,424 Tang Xuan
Chapter 1,425 The Fourth Plan
Chapter 1,426 Inspection