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The necromancer just wants to plant trees

The necromancer just wants to plant trees

author:One click for ten years

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Latest chapter:Chapter 407 The Battle of Fame, the Legend of Xiahai Fantasy Land!

Traveling to the game world, Matthew found that there seemed to be a little problem with his system... 'Occupation: Necromancer Mission: Planting trees Target: 1000 trees Reward: Summon Bone Dragon A lot of EXP'... Just like that, a The Necromancer, who advocates the way of balance more than the Druids, was born...

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《The necromancer just wants to plant trees》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 407 The Battle of Fame, the Legend of Xiahai Fantasy Land!
Chapter 406 Are you here to clean up the battlefield?
Chapter 405 Will we win?
Chapter 404 Guardian of the Rolling Stone Kingdom!
Chapter 403 I’m afraid Rhaegar won’t be able to bear it
Chapter 402 Do you want some more?
Chapter 401 An exciting show
Chapter 400 Who says everyone is one of our own?
Chapter 399 Authority: Lord of the Tauren!
《The necromancer just wants to plant trees》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Excellent citizen Matthew and the god damn necromancer
Chapter 2 Undead Summoning: Bone Dragon
Chapter 3 The Gift of Nature
Chapter 4 The Art of the Turtle Shell Mage
Chapter 5 The Arsonist
Chapter 6 Necromancer's signboard!
Chapter 7 The Eye of the Jungle and the Wind of the Oak
Chapter 8 Darth Vader and the Scourge
Chapter 9 Warlock Camp
Chapter 10 Bone Dragon? I Have Already Had One
Chapter 11 The Three Elements of a Legend
Chapter 12 Defensive Psalms and Loose Gloves
Chapter 13 Combat concepts and gossip
Chapter 14 Domain: Oak
Chapter 15 Late Night Visitor
Chapter 16 Family members have to pay wages too
Chapter 17 The Skeleton Bing
Chapter 18 The Artisan Protection Association
Chapter 19 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Rolling Stone Town
Chapter 20 Charisma
Chapter 21 Moon Walker
Chapter 22 The Ancient Tiger
Chapter 23
Chapter 24 Rope Master
Chapter 25 Have you reached the point where you are talking about marriage?
Chapter 26 Don't play crowd tactics in front of the necromancer!
Chapter 27 Psionic Staff
Chapter 28 Domain: Temperance
Chapter 29 Matthew's Living Room (Part 1) (4K)
Chapter 30 Matthew's Living Room (Part 2) (6K)
Chapter 31 Tower Spirit
Chapter 32 The Birth of Evil
Chapter 33 Silver Moon Zombie
Chapter 34 A Little Unacceptable! (5K)
Chapter 35 Puzzle Lock
Chapter 36 Usul's Rebuke
Chapter 37 I am with him!
Chapter 38 Scourge Mage
Chapter 39 Dress Fetish and Succubus
Chapter 40 Martin Runs Fast
Chapter 41
Chapter 42 Kill!
Chapter 43 Exile Document
Chapter 44 The Southern Quartet (3700)
Chapter 45 Changes in the Battle Situation
Chapter 46 Withering Light
Chapter 47 Who Says Necromancers Can't Fight Melee?
Chapter 48 Unforgivable
Chapter 49 The Dragon Sect
Chapter 50 The Spoils of War
Chapter 51
Chapter 52 I am Peggy!
Chapter 53 'No, Matthew.'
Chapter 54 The Way of Balance
Chapter 55 You can't see the next screen!
Chapter 56 Testimonials
Chapter 57 Soul Cage (Please subscribe!)
Chapter 58 The Plague Lord
Chapter 59 I’m super rich! (Please subscribe)
Chapter 60 Do you have any opinion on necromancers?
Chapter 61 The Wrath of the Rainforest Soul (please vote for me!)
Chapter 62 'Rainforest Fever'
Chapter 63 I guessed that you are a fellow!
Chapter 64 Slaying the Dragon! (73K please subscribe)
Chapter 65 This is a threat!
Chapter 66 He Smells of Oak!
Chapter 67 Gold Coast
Chapter 68 Junliu Island and Naga
Chapter 69 Tombstone
Chapter 70
Chapter 71 Are you the soul of the rainforest?
Chapter 72 'I miss you, Matthew.' (Please subscribe!)
Chapter 73 Can I Touch Yours?
Chapter 74 Balance Messenger and Spell Harmony
Chapter 75 Night of the Dead
Chapter 76 Successful advancement, level soaring!
Chapter 77 Wall Piercing and Dracolich Cult
Chapter 78 Divine Guidance and Law Death
Chapter 79 The Book of Blasphemy and the Divine Mage
Chapter 80 Why Am I Still Upgrading?
Chapter 81 This is how I negotiate!
Chapter 82 Forbidden Curse: The Celestial Sphere of the Dead!
Chapter 83 Weather Wonders! (Please subscribe)
Chapter 84 What is the most hated job for necromancers?
Chapter 85 You just eat this?
Chapter 86 Did we come at the wrong time?
Chapter 87 Edson’s gift (please subscribe)
Chapter 88 I'll Definitely Take You to Explosion!
Chapter 89 The Love Story of Deep Bottom City
Chapter 90 This is a gift from Sif!
Chapter 91 Your bone dragon is so useful!
Chapter 92 Undead: King's Demeanor!
Chapter 93: One Dragon
Chapter 94 The Truth
Chapter 95 You are the pride of our Sioux people!
Chapter 96 My Brother Matthew (Please subscribe)
Chapter 97 Lorraine's Magical Use of Magic
Chapter 98 A Good Show
Chapter 99 The Plague King Greets Everyone
Chapter 100 Demigod Ritual!
Chapter 101 The Plague Domain and Return
Chapter 102 Retaliatory Tree Planting!
Summary 1 (Talk about the framework and structure of this book)
Chapter 103 Lord of Ashes
Chapter 104 Be confident, you are a connected person!
Chapter 105 Malicious Transfiguration
Chapter 106 What is it like to cast a spell?
Chapter 107 You broke up with him?
Chapter 108 It's a waste of time for you to practice spells
Chapter 109 The Field of Ashes
Chapter 110 Preemptive strike
Chapter 111: Mordencan's Scalpel and Entry Assessment
Chapter 112 I want all his information within one minute!
Chapter 113 “Where is my dad?”
Chapter 114 This sheep is a bit too noisy!
Chapter 115 A Little Greeting from the Instructor
Chapter 116 Philoleus applies to fight! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 117 Don’t be nervous, we are one of our own!
Chapter 118 Dissociation Technique and Estel's Claw (Monthly Ticket Required)
Chapter 119 Matthew's Spellcasting Impulse
Chapter 120 Your bread is so delicious!
Chapter 121 Merciful Matthew, Legend Level 1!
Chapter 122 Instigating Rebellion: The Temptation of Power!
Chapter 123 Naga agrees to use it!
Chapter 124 Necromancer Construct
Chapter 125 Is this also knowledge from another world?
Chapter 126 Divine Creation and Demon Seal
Chapter 127 Isabel's Patronus
Chapter 128 Travelers are not a rare thing (seeking Yue)
Chapter 129 Three Letters
Chapter 130 The Secret of the Blood Banner Family
Chapter 131 Little Tiger's View on Love
Chapter 132 The Dark God Oil and the Holy Spring of Immortality
Chapter 133 Prom (Part 1)
Chapter 134 Prom (Part 2)
Chapter 135 Who are you the illegitimate child of a big man?
Chapter 136 Domain: Transformation!
Chapter 137 Fei Capital's Platinum Shield
Chapter 138 Margaret's Dry Teaching!
Chapter 139 Real Alchemy
Chapter 140 I'll just take a look
Chapter 141 No one knows better than me how a fox pretends to be a tiger
Chapter 142 Don't even think about invading an inch of Rolling Stone Town's territory!
Chapter 143 Fairy Garden
Chapter 144 The Fairy Who Can't Reject People
Chapter 145 Twilight Creation: Crazy Second Hand
The Society of Astrologers declares that Sunday is the day when dragons are active! (Contained)
Chapter 146 The Oak Guard and the Cloud Hotel
Chapter 147 Suriel's Chanting Method
Chapter 148: Gossip and the Bugman
Chapter 149 Why do you mages learn everything?
Chapter 150 No one cares more about the living than a necromancer
Chapter 151 The Blood Banner Prince
Chapter 152 Can I touch your horns? (Please subscribe)
Chapter 153 The Head of Augustus
Chapter 154 Our Rolling Stone Town!
Chapter 155 Ravenloft Demon Realm and Tomb Realm
Chapter 156 Descendants of the World Tree
Chapter 157 I heard that you made a lot of money? (Seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 158 My price is very expensive
Chapter 159 Do you want to borrow money from me?
Chapter 160 The world is like a dirty fish tank
Chapter 161 Dark Life Contract and Second Tauren!
Chapter 162 Rhaegar's Sisters
Chapter 163 Celebrity Realm and Dark Priest
Chapter 164 Matthew's Mount
Chapter 165 Is He Also Your Mount?
Chapter 166 Margaret's Practical Teaching
Chapter 167 Necrotic Orb
Chapter 168 Spiritual Touch Hall and Huang Yulong
Chapter 169 Are you on honeymoon?
Chapter 170 Spore Association and Twilight Elves
Chapter 171 The Magical Mushroom and Spore Field
Chapter 172 Battle Reflex
Chapter 173 Matthew's View on Love
Chapter 174 Balance Field: Flower Veteran and Prescription Warlock
Chapter 175 Who stole our sulfur?
Chapter 176 Stuluke Industry
Chapter 177 Believers of the Evil Queen (please subscribe)
Chapter 178 New Mission: Animal Talk
Chapter 179 Shadow of the Thousand Changes!
Chapter 180 The Homeless Corpse
Chapter 181 Mage Killer and World Events
Chapter 182 Melee Glory and the Fugitive Prince
Chapter 183 War Secret Order and Biological Airship
Chapter 184 The Secret of Necromancy
Chapter 185 Margaret's Elimination Method!
Chapter 186 The Third Mystery Lock
Chapter 187 The Magical Use of Contract (Please subscribe for the big chapter)
Chapter 188 Observer and Debt Ring
Chapter 189 Death Gaze
Chapter 190 The Finger of Death and the Mother of Coolies
Chapter 191 Messenger of the Underworld
Chapter 192 The Lost Lantern and the Prophecy Dice
Chapter 193 Mother of Desire and Eagle-Faced Guard
Chapter 194 Giant Body and Questioning Nature
Chapter 195 Bone-breaking Howl, synchronization completed!
Chapter 196 Tree Planting Mage, the dragon is coming!
Chapter 197 Black Dragon Disaster, Level Up!
Chapter 198 The Life-Destroying Curse, Five Dragons Alliance
Chapter 199 Legendary Flying Technique
Chapter 200 Above All Living Beings
Chapter 201 World Peace and Formation Breakers
Chapter 202 Rhaegar’s ex-wife
Chapter 203 Preparation before war, the hand of balance
Chapter 204 Melinda’s advice, friend’s wife?
Chapter 205 War information, Heisuo Mountain’s services!
Chapter 206 Necromancers are prohibited from participating in battles!
Chapter 207 We are so lucky!
Chapter 208 What are you doing?!
Chapter 209 The Power of Five Dragons
Chapter 210 Should we still fight?
Chapter 211 Battle Angel’s Partner, the Unlucky Man in the Star Realm
Chapter 212 I am a mage
Chapter 213 Fate’s Favor
Chapter 214 God Killer
Chapter 215 Dragon Slaying Order!
Chapter 216 Did I let you run away?
Chapter 217 Exploding gold coins!
Chapter 218 The Behemoth and the Wife Killer
Chapter 219 War Dividends and Signature Spells
Chapter 220 Matthew’s Messenger
Chapter 221 The Land of the Sun and the Art of Mental Retardation
Chapter 222 Your friends are on a killing spree!
Chapter 223 Throwing Gloves and Legendary Power
Chapter 224 The Wish of the Traveler God
Chapter 225 Blood Evaporation and Teleportation
Chapter 226 The Advancement of the Sword Dancer
Chapter 227 Chen’s Diamond Fist and the Spell Field
Chapter 228 Sign Language Spellcasting and Letters from Watcher’s Heights
Chapter 229 Who is Matthew?
Chapter 230: Won’t your girlfriend be angry?
Chapter 231 Feliwen’s Milk Tea Technique
Chapter 232 Void Preaching and Loyalty Test
Chapter 233 I am his dog
Chapter 234 The Moment of Sacrifice and the Magical Use of Diggers
Chapter 235 Time Stands Still Series
Chapter 236 We have a traitor!
Chapter 237 The Original Believers and the Mother Lotus
Chapter 238 Disaster Warning
Chapter 239 Try my big hammer?
Chapter 240 I have a friend
Chapter 241 Have you decided on the child’s name?
Chapter 242 Spore identification technique and physical field
Chapter 243 The Necromancer Who Bleeds from His Seven Orifices
Chapter 244 Meteor rain from the star realm!
Chapter 245 The act of living toward death
Chapter 246 The Fall of the God of War
Chapter 247 The Overseas Sect Master and Two Divinities
Chapter 248 Silver Dragon and Dwarf
Chapter 249 Where is my husband?
Shocked! A middle-aged man climbed up the stairs late at night and found something like that!
Chapter 250 The uneducated silver dragon and the wild fox (for the boss Nuanyang
Chapter 251 The Witch of the Dragon Worship Cult
Chapter 252 World Peace
Chapter 253 The Song of the Silver Dragon and the News Consultant
Chapter 254 Sky Fox Talisman and Good Luck Hat
Chapter 255 Four Elephant Cards and Aloof Zombies
Chapter 256 Twilight Watcher and House Queen
Chapter 257 Three times opening up the tauren realm!
Chapter 258 Creating a Demiplane and Earth Movement (please vote for me)
Chapter 259 Origin, the legend of Death Fear Cemetery!
Chapter 260 The Mystery of the Harpy Giant and the Centaur
Chapter 261 How can a necromancer not rob tombs?
Chapter 262: Afternoon in Rapid City (Please subscribe and give me a monthly pass)
Chapter 263 Legendary Five Challenges
Chapter 264 Shadow Fist Sect and Demon Labyrinth
Chapter 265 The legendary way of Philoleus!
Chapter 266: Thousands of miles of ice and a fight to the death in the abyss!
Chapter 267 Sif’s Second Form and the Abyss Priesthood Fragments
Chapter 268 The perverted and ugly immortal species
Chapter 269 The Book of Distorted Balance! Latest
Chapter 270 Matthew is pregnant
Chapter 271 The Limits of Mortals
Chapter 272 Matthew’s whimsical idea!
Chapter 273 The Ancient Man and the God of the First Moon
Chapter 274 The Heart of the Domain and the Fist of Subduing Wisdom
Chapter 275 The origin of the legend: Father Matthew!
Chapter 276 Authority: Loving Father!
Chapter 277 Tomb of the Gods and Investigation Questions
Chapter 278 The Order of the Daughter of Purgatory!
Chapter 279 I am the victim!
Chapter 280 The Gluttonous Terror and Isabel’s Inquiry
Chapter 281 Margaret’s Funeral
Chapter 282 Semi-artifact: Tree-planting mage’s shovel! (Please vote for me)
Chapter 283 What a Necromancer should do!
Chapter 284 The like-minded third party and the miserable Lorraine
Chapter 285 The girl who brought disaster! (Please vote for me)
Chapter 286 The PLAY of the Gods?
Chapter 287 When colleagues meet, they are extremely jealous
Chapter 288 Troll Underground Palace and Guilty Crown
Chapter 289 Luo Lan’s Strategy and the “Reincarnated Elf King”
Chapter 290 Rogues and Civil War Rising Stars
Chapter 291 Lorraine’s dark history and the secret of Guilty Crown
Chapter 292 Redefining Tomb Robbery
Chapter 293 Eternal Underground Palace
Chapter 294 Aren’t you afraid that they will crawl out of the coffin?
Chapter 295 Different Resurrection Techniques with Different Characteristics
Chapter 296 Lava Banshee
Chapter 297 No one knows how to turn fossils into mud better than me!
Chapter 298 The God of Death also likes to explode gold coins?
Chapter 299 Astra’s Undressing Technique
Chapter 300 I am God!
Chapter 301 The heir to the Rolling Stone Kingdom!
Chapter 302 Mu Dongjie and Mechanical Titan
Chapter 303 Arcana Arm and Soul Realm
Chapter 304 The Lich who only knows Fireball
Chapter 305 Fireworks above Rolling Stone Town
Chapter 306 The Unlucky White Dragon
Chapter 307 Little Genius Helmet and Primitive Hunting Ritual
Chapter 308 You came back at the right time!
Chapter 309
Year-end summary simple plan
Chapter 310 Ronan’s census plan (please vote for me!)
Chapter 311 Ronan got into trouble!
Chapter 312 The Mystery of the Blood Moon and Qin Wuyue’s Meeting Ceremony
Chapter 313 Your cemetery is being invaded by enemies!
Chapter 314 The Well of the Burmer and the Skeleton Prince Li Rick
Chapter 315 Ronan’s methods and making bone dragon
Chapter 316 Finger of Desire and Rock Barb
Chapter 317
Chapter 318 Emerald Scythe and Starry Sky Cabin
Chapter 319 The Kingdom of Thousand Lakes and the Fart Technique
Chapter 320 Are there many goddesses looking for you?
Chapter 321 I’ll ask my wife to pick you up
Chapter 322 The Mage Full of Love
Chapter 323 Smash the moon for fun
Chapter 324 Undead Fusion Technique
Chapter 325 Now, we can continue negotiating
Chapter 326 This is a natural disaster!
Chapter 327 Broken Moon and Natural Disaster
Chapter 328 Paige’s Rejection
Chapter 329 Let me try your body!
Chapter 330 Matthew’s emotion
Chapter 331 The rules of the combination of gymnastic masks and undead
Chapter 332 I’m not here to cause trouble
Chapter 333 The Secret of Naga and the Shadow of the Far East
Chapter 334 Shipwreck and Chaos Balls
Chapter 335 Authority: Taking advantage of the situation!
Chapter 336 The Undersea Know-It-All and the Sea Snake Lady
Chapter 337 The Extremely Cold Archer and the Death Fairy Orchid
Chapter 338 This is also explosive among gods
Chapter 339 Carmela Fortress and Vice Dean Matthew
Chapter 340 I’ve long wanted to be your teammate
Chapter 341 I would like to express my greetings to you on behalf of Chen!
Chapter 342 'My Friend Sener'
Chapter 343 A Bing’s legendary way
Chapter 344 The veteran of the Magic Guild!
Chapter 345 How to make the Necronomicon
Chapter 346 Suriel’s Super Magical Package
Chapter 347 Spell Guild and Chat Room
Chapter 348 Guild Elf and Equivalent Charm
Chapter 349 Do you want to be the warden?
Chapter 350 The privatization issue of Mount Blackso
Chapter 351 Nothing unexpected happens
Chapter 352 The Art of Compromise and Windfall
Chapter 353 A special expedition team
Chapter 354 I’ve always been tight-lipped
Chapter 355 The Hand of God and the Gabby Monster
Chapter 356 The correct use of tombstones?
Chapter 357 Hibbert’s Daughter
Chapter 358 Deep Diving Plan and New Members of the Spore Society
Chapter 359 The Warlock’s Gospel and Jade Cangting Syndrome
Chapter 360 Immortality has no love
Chapter 361 Punishment Bamboo Stick and Divine Phoenix Egg
Chapter 362 I want to invite you to do something big!
Chapter 363 He wants to lick me!
Chapter 364 My fireball will hold a grudge!
Chapter 365 Troll Corridor and Improving Public Security
Chapter 366 This is too advanced for a mage!
Chapter 367 Matthew’s undead natural disaster!
Chapter 368: Retribution comes so quickly? (Please vote for me)
Chapter 369 Despicable Necromancer!
Chapter 370 How to deal with angels
Chapter 371 Behemoth: Alester
Chapter 372 The truth about odd-numbered changes in the sky
Chapter 373 The Daughter of Plague and the Ball of Death
Chapter 374 Can you let me see your butt?
Chapter 375 We evil spirits are not afraid of poison!
Chapter 376 The Kingdom of God is also in short supply of people recently.
Chapter 377 Priceless News
Chapter 378 There are really words on the thigh!
Chapter 379 Isabel’s patron saint!
Chapter 380 The Bloodline of the Void and the Seven Stars of the Abyss
Chapter 381 Lance’s Bounty
Chapter 382 The Eight-Armed Demon and the Ether Flame
Chapter 383 How do you let me in in such a small place?
Chapter 384 Claws of Alester
Chapter 385 Eight Extreme Celestial Instruments and Wings of Fufeng
Chapter 386 'Matthew is destroyed!'
Chapter 387 Extraordinary Power and Parasitic Skull
Chapter 388 Changes in Terraste
Chapter 389 'Absolute Moment' and the Miserable Wood Elves
Chapter 390 The Nightmare Pendant and Beanna’s Choice
Chapter 391 Destiny Swordsmanship and the Call of the Eastern Continent
Chapter 392 Ash Funnel and Weapon Master
Chapter 393 What is the price?
Chapter 394 The Emperor of the Sioux Clan!
Chapter 395 Prayer Incense Burner and Keeping Told
Chapter 396 The Saint and the Pope?(87K)
Chapter 397 Nine Ghosts, Wind Fiend and Divine Phoenix Clone
Chapter 398 The growth of all things and the art of life-stimulating
Chapter 399 Authority: Lord of the Tauren!
Chapter 400 Who says everyone is one of our own?
Chapter 401 An exciting show
Chapter 402 Do you want some more?
Chapter 403 I’m afraid Rhaegar won’t be able to bear it
Chapter 404 Guardian of the Rolling Stone Kingdom!
Chapter 405 Will we win?
Chapter 406 Are you here to clean up the battlefield?
Chapter 407 The Battle of Fame, the Legend of Xiahai Fantasy Land!