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Wake up from nightmare

Wake up from nightmare

author:Can't sleep

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-21 04:14

Latest chapter:Chapter 253 The head of state wakes up again

Extraordinary power means that a price must be paid. This is an era of contractors - peace and war coexist, rights and freedom are intertwined, love and hate are entangled... Shen Ming, who has traveled through time, can't recognize himself. What the hell is this ability... ....Let me transform into a straight man? Or a senior gangster? Or...a lie terminator?! There is a greater secret in this world, and he is not the only one who can travel through time?

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《Wake up from nightmare》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 253 The head of state wakes up again
Chapter 252: Qin Nankai’s transformation
Chapter 251 Cabinet meeting!
Chapter 250 Before gathering
Chapter 249 Promoted to Half-Spirit!
Chapter 248 The meeting is over! Promoted to half-spirit!
Chapter 247 The power of lunar eclipse
Chapter 246 Two blue-level! Three half-spirits!
Chapter 245 Meeting!
《Wake up from nightmare》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Time Travel? Headache! (Internal investment has passed, please feel free to invest)
Chapter 2 Nightmare of the Heart
Chapter 3 Ability and Price
Chapter 4 Red and Black
Chapter 5 Mentor
Chapter 6 Story
Chapter 7 Parade
Chapter 8 Going Home
Chapter 9 Haircut
Chapter 10 Payment
Chapter 11 Doraemon?
Chapter 12 Grinding Time
Chapter 13 Is it all the moons fault?
Chapter 14 Butterfly and Maggot Please vote for recommendation on Monday
Chapter 15 Do you lack love?
Chapter 16 Working hard for grades
Chapter 17 Leave it to me
Chapter 18 Uncle Cats Past
Chapter 19 Mission
Chapter 20 Pence Rodman
Chapter 21 Crystal Palace
Chapter 22 Cat
Chapter 23 Interrogation
Chapter 24 Cant Conceal
Chapter 25 Punisher Invitation
Chapter 26 New message
Chapter 27 The conspiracy behind the scenes
Chapter 28 Respect for Strength
Chapter 29 Oath of Office
Chapter 30 The Language of the Source of Symbols
Chapter 31 Contract Items
Chapter 32 Ring
Chapter 33 Mrs. Ding
Chapter 34 Surprise Appearance
Chapter 35 Contract
Chapter 36 Communication
Chapter 37 Contractor Case
Chapter 38 Reasoning
Chapter 39 Scalpel
Chapter 40 Thoughts
Chapter 41 Sky Eye
Chapter 42 Information
Chapter 43 The voice of the spirit puppet
Chapter 44 Earning two gold dollars per month
Chapter 45 Temporary Mission
Chapter 46 Ouyang Ao
Chapter 47 Divining Top He Man!
Chapter 48 Pay it back with luck
Chapter 49 Interrogation of Ouyang
Chapter 50: Pindao cant die, fellow Taoist, lets make a bet!
Chapter 51 Psychologist
Chapter 52 Dongcheng City
Chapter 53 Roland Club
Chapter 54 Transaction
Chapter 55 Acquaintance?
Chapter 56 Ways to Make Money
Chapter 57 Mr. Shen
Chapter 58 Silver Hand (First make up for the missing chapter from yesterday)
Chapter 59 'Looking for the Dragon Ruler'
Chapter 60 The real murderer
Chapter 61 Factory
Chapter 62 Do you know me?
Chapter 63 Yuan Ming?
Chapter 64 Hot Spring Central Hospital
Chapter 65 Qidian Novel
Chapter 66 Dont get lost
Chapter 67 Prohibited Prices
Chapter 68 Zheng Anbai
Chapter 69 Poor Child
Chapter 70 Telephone
Chapter 71 Is it all about fighting?
Chapter 72 Think of a solution
Chapter 73 Reunion
Chapter 74 Internship
Chapter 75 Investigation
Chapter 76 Ai Liang
Chapter 77 Negotiation?
Chapter 78 Informant
Chapter 79 The whole story
Chapter 80 Safe
Chapter 81 Envelope
Chapter 82 How to use mind reading in card games
Chapter 83 Thank you for your support
Chapter 83 I have enough!
Chapter 84 The old military doctor
Chapter 85 Application for Contract Items
Chapter 86 The Law of the Contractor's Beauty
Chapter 87 Guessing the seeds on the street
Chapter 88 The old man
Chapter 89 Xinglong Nightclub
Chapter 90 Song Girl Mo Yao
Chapter 91 Transactions
Chapter 92: Farewell to Ailiang
Chapter 93 Please continue
Chapter 94 The Accidental Person
Chapter 97 Assassination
Chapter 98 Silver Mask
Chapter 99 Sorting out
Chapter 100 Work Benefits
Chapter 101 Jessica Yangs Negotiations
Chapter 102 You are a person with extremely low self-esteem!
Chapter 103 Rodman Mansion (a difference of two days from the day before yesterday and the day before yesterday)
Chapter 104 Password (still the same update as yesterday)
Chapter 105 Rhythm Master
Chapter 106 Someone assassinated me last night
Chapter 107 What does the captain need?
Chapter 108 Qiu Zhe in Black Windbreaker
Chapter 109 Temptation! Adults only care about interests
Chapter 110 Cooperation! Deal!
Chapter 111 Commission Office
Chapter 112 Source Stone Trading
Chapter 113 I actually have a team
Chapter 114 Precision and Extension
Chapter 115 Making things difficult
Chapter 116: In one meal... suddenly rich!
Chapter 117 I want to save the world!
Chapter 118 Unpredictable is my brother
Chapter 119 Maeve Foresta
Chapter 120 The underestimated bargaining chip
Chapter 121 Its actually a will?!
Chapter 122 Is the Southern Province preparing for war?
Chapter 123 Help me investigate Arturo
Chapter 124: Dont editors sleep?
Chapter 125 There is a male cat here
Chapter 126 I am a contract cat
Chapter 127 Is Pence that smart?
Chapter 128 A very sincere thing
Chapter 129 Addiction
Chapter 130 Boss! I have some suggestions...
Chapter 131 It turns out you are an undercover agent
Chapter 132 I dont think you can beat me!
Chapter 133 How much does it cost to kill Ai Liang? (Both chapters are posted together,
Chapter 134 Make a friend
Chapter 135 'Lunar Eclipse'!
Chapter 136 Lunar Eclipse Organization, first action!
Chapter 137 Father-son dialogue
Chapter 138 Inexplicable emotions and split personality?
Chapter 139 Unexpected Situation
Chapter 140 Ive tolerated you for a long time
Chapter 141 Pills!
Chapter 142 Dont bully the old and the poor
Chapter 143 Are you still single?
Chapter 144 No normal human emotions
Chapter 145 Its hard to refuse such hospitality
Chapter 146 After the miss...
Chapter 147 Strange call
Chapter 148 Knowledge changes destiny?
Chapter 149 For ideals
Chapter 150 The second call
Chapter 151 The second call continues
Chapter 152 Lu Zijian... is a strange name.
Chapter 153 Method
Chapter 154 Why are you here?
Chapter 155 Mr. Devil
Chapter 156 Major Discovery
Chapter 157 Friends shouldnt be promiscuous. Please vote and recommend!
Chapter 158 Cope with ease
Chapter 159 Luo Qings persistence
Chapter 160 Water Snake
Chapter 161 Search
Chapter 162 Basement
Chapter 163 Hostages Please recommend monthly tickets
Chapter 164 Deputy Director Zhuo! You are lying to me...
Chapter 165 Gradually deepening
Chapter 166 Countermeasures
Chapter 167 Game
Chapter 168 Progress
Chapter 169 You are committing a crime. Please recommend monthly tickets.
Chapter 170 Car accident
Chapter 171 Old Liar Please recommend me and ask for monthly votes
Chapter 172 The boat has capsized. Please vote for me and recommend me.
Chapter 173 This is an IOU. Please recommend monthly tickets on Monday.
Chapter 174 White Clothes Please recommend me and ask for monthly votes
Chapter 175 Meeting! Action plan!
Chapter 176 Drones and Radar Please recommend and vote monthly
Chapter 177 Mr. Mizukage Please vote for recommendation
Chapter 178 Witch King! Beate Nanny! Please vote for recommendation!
Chapter 179 The situation changes dramatically
Chapter 180 Hidden Advantages
Chapter 181 A full blow. Please recommend.
Chapter 182 Ive seen through it! Please vote for recommendations
Chapter 183 Lets go! Go to the next one!
Chapter 184 Wins Happy Double Holidays everyone!
Chapter 185 Nine-headed Water Snake! Lord Mizukage!
Chapter 186 The power of the green level! Please recommend me on Monday
Chapter 187 The Fifth Chief Asking for Recommendations on Monday
Chapter 188 Punisher Council! Parliament of Wisdom!
Chapter 189 Limitations, Risks, Disadvantages.
Chapter 190 You are such a genius!
Chapter 191 Mine
Chapter 192 Persuading Surrender
Chapter 193 One-way Teleportation Array
Chapter 194 Going Home Please vote for recommendation on Monday
Chapter 195 The world! Prophecy!
Chapter 196 Will Mr. Shen Mi and I get married?
Chapter 197 You are such a genius!
Chapter 198 Interrogation of Das
Chapter 199 Chapter 197 The Secret Organization 'Shadow'
Chapter 200 Shadow Organization! Voodoo!
Chapter 201 Worth Ten Gold Dollars
Chapter 202 Identity Please recommend on Monday
Chapter 203 Mother
Chapter 204 Failed to read minds
Chapter 205 Light Please recommend me and ask for monthly tickets
Chapter 206 Undercurrent, please vote
Chapter 207 Shirelyn Perry
Chapter 208: Look at my girl, get money!
Chapter 209 Im always too soft-hearted! 5000 words
Chapter 210: Marry her! Please vote for me on Monday.
Chapter 211 This man is mentally ill. Second update, please vote.
Chapter 212 Captains Experience Please vote
Chapter 213 Newcomer
Chapter 214 This is not the earth! Please vote
Chapter 215 Forbidden Sea! Interstellar Immigration?
Chapter 216 Peeping the screen! Mirialia
Chapter 217 The Price of Charm Please recommend monthly tickets on Monday
Chapter 218 Each member asks for votes
Chapter 219 Smart Parliament
Chapter 220 Contract Title Second Update
Chapter 221 I am no longer a child!
Chapter 222 The cheating man! The imprisoned mentor!
Chapter 223 The Judges Council
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Chapter 224 I never want to upgrade again 7000 words
Chapter 225 Hypnosis and Shock
Chapter 226 Straight line! Looking for the direction of connection! Please vote
Chapter 227 Traveling to the Source...Nuclear Explosion!
Chapter 228 Xiaobais emotions
Chapter 229 Interview Asking for Vote
Chapter 230 Trap
Chapter 231 Why dont we surrender!
Chapter 232 Maeve Foresta is in danger!
Chapter 233: Sudden shooting, please vote
Chapter 234 The man behind the scenes is a LYB! Threat! Please vote
Chapter 235 Forced Confession
Chapter 236 Last Wish! Hero, please go all the way!
Chapter 237 Self-destruction! White light!
Chapter 238 I am really poor!
Chapter 239 Catching a turtle in a urn
Chapter 240 You still have three minutes
Chapter 241 You are so creative! Mr. Devil appears again!
Chapter 242 Infiltrate! In the cage! Please vote
Chapter 243 Dreamland!
Chapter 244 'Nightmare'
Chapter 245 Five seconds left!
Chapter 246: Counterattack! Unpredictable Checkmate... His words are also good?
Chapter 247 Working is so hard! Please vote
Chapter 248 Suicide or homicide?
Chapter 249 Face it
Chapter 250 My name is Caius. Please vote.
Chapter 251 See how excited you are. Please vote.
Chapter 252 I dont have a beard
Chapter 253 They are also a pair of poor people. Please vote.
Chapter 254 I want to apply for a card! Its even more chaotic! Please vote
Chapter 255 Looking for spirit! Please vote
Chapter 256 Goodbye Arturo Please vote
Chapter 257 You will soon forget it
Chapter 258 Want to make money from my nightmare?
Chapter 259 Rejected! Wisdom Order?
Chapter 260 The truth! The wreckage of the Iron God 7,000 words plus please give me feedback on Monday
Chapter 261 Ouyang Ao counterattacks! Unpredictable...He is a hero! Please
Chapter 262 Taking the bait! Please vote
Chapter 263 I, Luo Qing... am a very lustful person
Chapter 264 Qiaoxi Bar
Chapter 265 Saint! Talk about 'cooperation' with the Saint
Chapter 266 Stealing Thoughts
Chapter 267 Meeting Caius Again
Chapter 268 Black Mustang Club Asking for votes on Monday.
Chapter 269 Easily captured
Chapter 270 The price of being too good
Chapter 271 Dont worry, take your time!
Chapter 272 The language of Fuyuan, here I come!
Chapter 273 The Language of Seven Talisman Sources
Chapter 274 Information Exchange Please vote on Monday
Chapter 275 Chapter 273 'Nine Heavenly Tribulation'
Chapter 276 Feng Weis speculation Second update please vote
Chapter 277 The Hidden History of Pandora! Ms. Desire! 5K
Chapter 278 Four Major Parliaments 5K
Chapter 279 Important information about Ms. Desire. Happy New Year to everyone.
Chapter 280 I may have really overlooked your talent!
Chapter 281 Investigation! Important missing materials Please vote on Monday
Chapter 282 You are ten times more dangerous than her! Please vote
Chapter 283 Shenghua Hotel
Chapter 284 Pandoras secret realm! The old military doctor appears!
Chapter 285 The whirlpool reappears!
Chapter 286 Game... rush into the whirlpool!
Chapter 287 Another World...Altar...Eleven People! 5K
Chapter 288 Chase and Escape
Chapter 289 I am a chef! Please vote for recommendations on Monday.
Chapter 290 Dark Chef Please vote for recommendation
Chapter 291 Battle against the Smiling Assassin Please vote for recommendations
Chapter 292 I am a decisive person. Please recommend and vote monthly.
Chapter 293 'Immortality'...Qiao is not dead! Please vote 5K
Chapter 294 The secret room and the girl
Chapter 295 Soul Storage Room
Chapter 296 Incarnation
Chapter 297 A contract, three conditions
Chapter 298 Butler Joe is not dead. Please vote for recommendation on Monday.
Chapter 299 Joes Theory of Immortal Soul
Chapter 300 Thousand Years of Solitude Please vote
Chapter 301 Story! The Eight Bishops 6000 words please vote
Chapter 302 I am...the housekeeper hired by her stupid brother!
Chapter 303 The real purpose of the provincial trip 5K
Chapter 304 The red stone mystery
Chapter 305 Free Country Please vote for recommendation on Monday
Chapter 306 Zong Baiyis purpose...the situation is complicated!
Chapter 307 Soul Singer Asking for votes
Chapter 308 The secret is exposed
Chapter 309 Social Death
Chapter 310: Lying to others will make you stronger
Chapter 311 The province arrives
Chapter 312 Conflict
Chapter 313 The hidden list suddenly appears
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Chapter 314 Seeking Skin from a Tiger
Chapter 315 New ways to play with pistols
Chapter 316 Let Mr. Xinmai eliminate this hidden danger!
Chapter 317 Planning
Chapter 318: Poor hearts of parents in the world. Please vote on Monday.
Chapter 319 Malcolm reappears as the leader of the alliance [BJ Hippo God]
Chapter 320 Situation 6000 words
Chapter 321 Fight! The Ripple Air well-deserved!
Chapter 322 Call me Mr. Unpredictable!
Chapter 323 Please call me Silver Killer New Years Eve update! Best wishes to everyone
Chapter 324 Fusion! The real Von Jackman
Chapter 325 Huang Class Collision! Scalpel VS Zong Baiyi
Chapter 326 Rebirth?!
Chapter 327 Villains... often die from talking too much for [BJ Hippo Master]
Chapter 328 Killing the Scalpel Please vote
Chapter 329: Shifting the blame, asking for votes
Chapter 330 A good man who does not seek fame or fortune!
Chapter 331 World Boss, its really hard for me to do this...
Chapter 332 I can have selective amnesia
Chapter 333 Transaction
Chapter 334 Iron Mountain Secret Realm 6000K
Chapter 335 Crystal, Curse of the Contractor.
Chapter 336 Getting sick again 5k
Chapter 337 Mirialia
Chapter 338 Secret Realm
Chapter 339 Lao Yangs Past
Chapter 340 Lunar Eclipse group meets for the first time
Chapter 341 The 'urgent' wisdom of the world's boss. Please vote on Monday.
Chapter 342 Master
Chapter 343 What is a strong person?
Chapter 344 Mentor, how can I become stronger? 5k
Chapter 345 Luo Qing can persist
Chapter 346 Feng Wei: Take off!
Chapter 347 Studying with the Prince Please vote on Monday
Chapter 348: Establishing the relationship between master and apprentice. Please vote on Monday.
Chapter 349 Divination! Ai Liangs true purpose
Chapter 350 Divination! Ouyang Ao is the ruler of the continent
Chapter 351 Unpredictable: Good disciple, I want to help you find a second room!
Chapter 352 Talking about strength! Caius appears
Chapter 353 'Net'
Chapter 354 Challenge Caius, please vote
Chapter 355 Showdown! Inner Nightmare vs. Werewolf!
Chapter 356 Comeback 5K
causal talk
Chapter 357 The sixth time traveler!
Chapter 358 Tang Xiu
Chapter 359 Justice Saul Underwood 5k
Chapter 360 Above the gold level! Divine position 5k
Chapter 361 Capturing the Saint
Chapter 362 Saint? Snake spirit?
Chapter 363 The Water Snakes Confession
Chapter 364 Zong Baiyi, you are not far from going crazy!
Chapter 365: You guys are in trouble. Please give me a vote.
Chapter 366 Yongyang Lighting Please vote 5K
Chapter 367 'Final' test asking for votes.
Chapter 368 Explosion!
Chapter 369 Bomb Disposal 5K
Chapter 370 Lost information!
Chapter 371 Immortality Festival Plan! Hot Spring Death City... 6k votes requested.
Chapter 372 Clouds move in all directions
Chapter 373 Cooperation?! Multifaceted Spy Please vote on Monday
Chapter 374 The Secret of the World 8K
Chapter 375 Can you become stronger by showing off? 5K votes requested
Chapter 376 City-wide notification
Chapter 377 Temporary arrangement! Ai Liang appears
Chapter 378 Fight! Collision between snake and ape
Chapter 379 Rat King
Chapter 380 Died on duty
Chapter 381 Explosion!
Chapter 382 Mo Ying Joe Marvin!
Chapter 383 The fifth chief is here in person!
Chapter 384 Lord of Shadows
Chapter 385 The Last 'Insulator'
Chapter 386 The role of soul singer
Chapter 387 Looking back in time
Chapter 388 Farewell! Friends...Shadow Fang's deal
Chapter 389 Final Chapter Ended!
Chapter 390 I really dont want to seize the body of the Demon God! 5K
Chapter 391 Giant Eye 6k
Chapter 392 Raising a Cat
Chapter 393 Fighting
Chapter 394 You are going to die
Chapter 395 The Fall of an Amateur
Chapter 396 Pandora Sequence No. 1 Secret Realm! And... let me see
Chapter 397 Elf?!
Chapter 398 Entering the secret realm! My name is...Lian82563
Chapter 399 Home, Holy See, Moon God! I want to be a bishop!
Chapter 400 Decryption! The destination of this trip...the black vortex!
Chapter 401 Elves and Ironborn! Ancient history, I turned out to be
Chapter 402 Questions and Answers! Lotus 82563s explanation
Chapter 403: Mind! Iron Man VS Doctor Strange
Chapter 404 True History! Two Elf Wars?
Chapter 405 The core of the secret realm! Gray tornado!
Chapter 406 Text! Seventh Starship, Escape Pod.
Chapter 407 I was just kidding! Pantomime.
Chapter 408 Silly girl! Dont you understand yet? Im going to run away
Chapter 409 'Poison' Plan
Chapter 410 Memory... Twelve Bishops! My name... Prophecy! 6
Chapter 411 Seduction! Golden Hall...Home, Forbidden Sea?
Chapter 412 Negotiating with Sister Lian
Chapter 413 Rejection! Test... Lost in the secret realm... Footprints!
Chapter 414
Chapter 415: Guinea Rat Darth Franco
Chapter 416 Disguise! Return to the high wall.
Chapter 417 Acting!
Chapter 418 Footprints! See the footprints again
Chapter 419 Are you leaving?
Chapter 420 Do you really listen to me in everything? Run away... Peerless
Chapter 421: Pretending to be God!.Tutor...God also has to learn
Chapter 422 Cave! Ai Liang is dead, lets be brothers!
Chapter 423 Test! Successful test...unpredictable but feeling good
Chapter 424 God-level spirit puppet! I killed the 'reborn one'! No
Chapter 425 Organizing! Shadowless Knife! We all take off, the world
Chapter 426 The worlds boss is still young, train, Mirialia
Thank you letter! Happy Childrens Day in advance!
Chapter 427 MacArthur Jason, the richest man in the Federation. Please recommend me.
Chapter 428 Uncle Chou takes action! Tang Man appears, the true state of Uncle Chou
Chapter 429 Uncle Chous gift! Apologize? Got on the train, but was
Chapter 430 What would Boss Ai do? Honeymoon travel rescue
Chapter 431 The dog-licking counterattack! The winner in life... arrives in Dongcheng
Chapter 432: Working Secretary Das Franco! Facing Uncle Ugly?
Chapter 433 Mirialias Temptation
Chapter 434 Milestone! Lei Mingden was acquired, Southern Province Card
Chapter 435 Agent of the Shadow Organization! Kaka Group... Sister Lian wakes up
Chapter 436: Resolve resentment! Thats it, there will be one more yellow-level fighter in the future
Chapter 437 If you cant beat it, you cant beat it!
Chapter 438 This meeting is like meeting for the first time
Chapter 439 Secret talk in the tea room! Dont pretend to be X with me
Chapter 440 Secret talk in the tea room! Ouyang Aos worries...divination! Strange things
Chapter 441 Joint venture! Equity distribution...Go to Roland Club!
Chapter 442 Roland Club, meet the girl again!
Chapter 443 Forced! Unpredictable! This is tailor-made for me
Chapter 444 Rhetoric
Chapter 445 Black Mirror Old Man, long-term cooperation?
Chapter 446 Negotiating a deal!
Chapter 447: Cooperation achieved, buying clothes, friends
Chapter 448 Is this possible?
Chapter 449 I will help you in the future! Come and help now
Chapter 450 Artifact! Make a fortune... Twelve tribes, contract can
Chapter 451: Taking the spotlight! Ask the boss for a name!
Chapter 452 Spider-Man and the Elf Priestess, Ouyang Yaos reality
Chapter 453 A priceless method!
Chapter 454 Unpredictable! The upgrade of the world must
Chapter 455 Test Ouyangs character, please send money! The world is red
Chapter 456 Ability: Vacuum! The financial resources of the Ouyang family!
Chapter 457 Emotional obsession attacks
Chapter 458 The deal is concluded, unpredictable insights
Chapter 459 Help! Captain Lu Yang of Dongcheng City Supervision Office
Chapter 460 Black Mirrors Identity, Lingyu Tribe
Chapter 461 Farewell
Chapter 462 Secret method! Spirit puppet, Pandoras strategic object
Chapter 463 Ouyang Yaos ambitions, high-ranking official files! Shadow Organization East
Chapter 464 A busy day
Chapter 465 The world has matured...Ending of Dongcheng City, Austrian Tribe
Chapter 466 Li Yan discovers the same kind and unexpectedly returns to the hot spring!
Chapter 467: Fraud of thirty gold dollars? Qiao Budies monologue...This person
Chapter 468 Welcome! Go home!
Chapter 469 Teammate! Xiaobai awakens...predicts the reappearance of the remnant soul of the bishop
Chapter 470 The help of the bishop who prophesied for free! The price of the captain!
Chapter 471 The Fifth Chief, Sand Painting, Southern Province, Soul Song
Chapter 472 Mission! Encirclement and Suppression of TimeSaul Underwood
Chapter 473 Time Reappears!
Chapter 474 Verifying unpredictable identity
Chapter 475 Preparations before departure
Chapter 476 Persuade to surrender! Standard?
Chapter 477 Arriving at Bancarol, separated by a bridge, hell and heaven
Chapter 478 Bancarol City! Lu Yangs phone number, Ouyang Aos
Chapter 479 Welcome the Director! The strong man Calderon... enemy attack
Chapter 480 Thrilling! Blockade, capture everyone! Encountered
Chapter 481 The organizational structure of the southern tribe, the familiar king rank...
Chapter 482 Stand firm! Yes sir! Take off! Bancarol City
Chapter 483 Interrogation! Contract title, minds eye! Yes, thats right
Chapter 484 Which word is it? Unpredictable prank...accident
Chapter 485 Discussion in the team members office!
Chapter 486 The Punishers Traitor!
Chapter 487 Identification
Chapter 488 Bloodbath of Class Carol?
Chapter 489 Persuasion?
Chapter 490 Three phone calls! It was me who killed Captain Sylph
Chapter 491 Dealing with Sharna! Longhao Villa, the richest man in the federation Mai
Chapter 492 Uncle Cats arrangement! Oak God Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Chapter 493 Consultant? The unpredictable private team has just formed...Old Hatano
Chapter 494 Unpredictable pulling of tiger skin!
Chapter 495 The southern tribe is united like never before! Arriving in Dongcheng City...Betty
Chapter 496 Authenticity verification by phone, Ouyang Aos excuse
Chapter 497 Captain Lus death scene
thank you letter
Chapter 498 Captain Lu... our role model! Betty becomes the microphone!
Chapter 499 Little Red Riding Hood is extremely depressed... There is a problem with the Roland Club
Chapter 500 Is unpredictable going to open a trading market?
Chapter 501 See Dongcheng Business Again?! The original intention of Black Mirror.
Chapter 502 I got the real puppet! That kid is a bad guy, I
Chapter 503: Knock on the mountain and shock the tiger! Counterattack! Brother, you are doing this in front of
Chapter 504 Unpredictable treachery! Please send this guy to prison
Chapter 505 Dongcheng Trading Company, Unpredictable Return Supervision Office 7
Chapter 506 This is the first time I have seen such a request! My surname is Tan
Chapter 507: Contacting the Public Security Department, Bank Manager: Isnt this the case?
Chapter 508 Pistol: Violent Beast! Contract Item: Space Tunnel
Chapter 509 Ben Carroll Punisher Information, Gendry Interrogation Report
Chapter 510 Sorting out clues, focusing on the richest man in the federation! Hatano
Chapter 511 Installation chores
Chapter 512 Dealing with Gendry! Unexpected upgrade, Tyrande protector
Chapter 513 Orange level! Fusion of spirit puppets, calm and unpredictable
Chapter 514: Ways to ease emotional obsessions, the unpredictable captains life
Chapter 515 Pandoras biggest secret for thousands of years! The fifth chief... appears
Chapter 516 Contact the Fifth Chief! The malicious intent of the other party...
Chapter 517 Lunar Eclipse Reunion! The name of the Source Stone is...Arabic?
Chapter 518 Slaves and Nobles, Stowes Disguise
Chapter 519 The lunar eclipse goes in its own direction! Immortality red level! Vera, lets
Chapter 520 New Skills
Chapter 521 Attack! Soul singer and vampire bat!
Chapter 522 Victory! The soul a living corpse?
Chapter 523 Dont forget, I am a psychiatrist...I can
Chapter 524 Zombie virus? Interrogation! Huanhe Temple.
Chapter 525 Isnt this an opportunity to use the reserve fund?
Chapter 526 Small Treasury and Business
Chapter 527 Three Idiots Club?! Loan crisis, business people
Chapter 528 Freeman Bolton! Threat?!
Chapter 529 Candidate Saint? Five Bulls Meeting!
Chapter 530 Unpredictable bribery! Three Idiots Club...Epic discovery
Chapter 531 Invitation from the Southern Tribe?! God comes to Dongcheng...
Chapter 532 Golden Hall
Chapter 533 A speech without a single word of truth? This 'fraud'
Chapter 534 Four is not enough! I want them all!
Chapter 535 Newspaper!
Chapter 536 Wiring
Chapter 537 Making Money
Chapter 538 A false alarm
Chapter 539 Winning over! Join us and make as much money as you want!
Chapter 540 Test?! Unpredictable move!
Chapter 541 Tyrande takes action! Turning the tide of the battle
Chapter 542 Marry me!
Chapter 543 Epic Choice
Chapter 544: Letter of surrender?! Exchange of information...
Chapter 545 Debate! Five Bulls Meeting
Chapter 546: Unexpectedly pass the test smoothly, the goal of time - Huanhe
Chapter 547 Space Tunnel! Obtained the Source Stone
Chapter 548 Dongcheng Film Organization Agent?!
Chapter 549 Are you pretending to be a lover now? Assassinate Qingniu! Please
Chapter 550 Space Tunnel! Words of the Yellow Level Talisman Source
Chapter 551 One stone stirs up thousands of waves
Chapter 552 His Highness Bi Luo reappears! Oak God Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Chapter 553 Underground fortifications?!
Chapter 554 Arms Warehouse
Chapter 555 Selling information! 25 gold yuan...
Chapter 556: The thief shouts to catch the thief + to alert the snake + to the east and to the west + to take advantage of the situation
Chapter 557 Bomb! Oak God Fire!
Chapter 558 Steel ball bomb! Explosion in the west building!
Chapter 559 Ambush! Lloyds entire army was wiped out
Chapter 560 The Black Ox Arrives
Chapter 561: The remnant soul of the bishop is predicted to appear! The shadow of Bancarroll City
Chapter 562 Moon Shadow! Peg Evelyn, the Fifth Sacrifice of the Southern Tribe
Chapter 563 Lunar Eclipse New Round Meeting
Chapter 564 The lunar eclipse is just! Ouyang Ao: It turns out that it depends on
Chapter 565 God appears in the lunar eclipse!
Chapter 566 Dog Man and Woman
Chapter 567 Cooperation Master
Chapter 568 Temptation and Intimidation
Chapter 569 My unpredictable annoying!
Chapter 570
Chapter 571 The brown cow invites you!
Chapter 572 Invited! The richest mans wifes dance troupe...Director Mos loss
Chapter 573 Tower of the Gods!
Chapter 574 Seeing Qiao Immortal Again...The Legendary Immortal
Chapter 575 Cooperation! New alliance, three people working together!
Chapter 576 Iron Mountain Secret Realm! Time and Prophecy
Chapter 577 Visiting Cochin Ram
Chapter 578 Provocation
Chapter 579 Confession! Unpredictable: I am such an honest person
Chapter 580 The new Director of Supervision???
Chapter 581 Megans family! Wu Niu descends again... and actually comes
Chapter 582 Accepting a disciple?! Can I become stronger if I am bald? The Four Great Sacrifice of Hesse
Chapter 583: Unpredictable gathers strength to fight against the Mason family!
Chapter 584: Recruiting a Disciple! The secret of Master Yitian... You are considered the same
Chapter 585 I am a man who specializes in saving saints! Patriarch Megan
Chapter 586 Take down these three people!
Chapter 587: Take advantage of the fire and wait for the fire
Chapter 588 This is art! The director has decided to spare your lives!
Chapter 589 I am Robinson! Target powder magazine!
Chapter 590: Taking advantage of the situation to scare the snake, Director Mo also made money on the way
Chapter 591 I invite you to watch the fireworks!
Chapter 592 We came with good intentions
Chapter 593 Unexpected cooperation?
Chapter 594 The end of the contractors madnessthe secret realm! Things are right
Chapter 595 Guidance! The murderer of Elder QingniuMegan
Chapter 596 Negative Force Field
Chapter 597 Another possibility? Great changes in the Mason family! This is a conspiracy
Chapter 598 Return to Megan Manor
Chapter 599 Ambush
Chapter 600 Provoke, then correct the typo
Chapter 601 Megans destruction! Gift?
Chapter 602 Report
Chapter 603 Emotional obsession! Meghans family secrets! Unpredictable feelings
Chapter 604 Yellow level! Enhanced abilities! Memory manipulation and illusion...
Chapter 605 The prophecy reappears! The ancestral land of the Megan family!
Chapter 606 Niushou Mountain! Southern Luo Headquarters, Niubao! New Chief
Chapter 607 The New Elder Qingniu
Chapter 608 Provocation
Chapter 609 Tyrandes Memory
Chapter 610 Home! Its also a place abandoned by God
Chapter 611 Megans Ancestral Land, Meteor Crater?
Chapter 612 Exploring Megans Ancestral Land
Chapter 613 An old friend suddenly appears!
Thank you for your support!
Chapter 614 Is it her? The ancestors of Megans family, human-shaped trees
Chapter 615 The death scene of Tyrande Society! One of the eight bishops...
Chapter 616 The real body of the senior contractor
Chapter 617: In the center of the ancestral land, relatives appear.
Chapter 618 Tyrandes focus! The fragments of the Ring of Resurrection....
Chapter 619 Illusion? Real history! Five bishops killed gods.
Chapter 620 The Four High Priests? Another Four Fragments! The Prophecy Bishop
Chapter 621: Tricked Yourself
Chapter 622 The Heart Nightmare tribe is all liars
Chapter 623 Are you actually an elder?
Chapter 624 Investigation? Unpredictable must break with Pandora!
Chapter 625 Experiment?
Chapter 626 Experimental Results Happy New Year to everyone!
Happy New Year and thank you all book friends for your support!
Chapter 627 Apprenticeship
Chapter 628 Have you watched Fighting Breaking the Sky?
Chapter 629 The true face of Master Yitian! Entrusted by Wu Niu Sacrifice?
Chapter 630 The past of Wu Niu Sacrifice and Master Yitian, the four major sacrifices
Chapter 631 Nanny
Chapter 632 Arrangement! Five Bulls Meeting
Chapter 633: The debate at the Wanniu Conference, artillery!
Chapter 634 Wedding?!
Chapter 635 True resemblance! The purpose of time! The door of greed and sighs
Chapter 636 The purpose of the Shadow Fang, the truth! The Wrath of the Black Ox.
Chapter 637 Cang Lans conspiracy! Destiny is like chess, and everyone is a chess player
Chapter 638 Moving?
Chapter 639 Visiting Huanhe Temple
Chapter 640 Moon ShadowOur Lady of Huanhe River...I have a way to fight against time
Chapter 641: Driving the tiger and swallowing the wolf
Chapter 642 Plan! TimeSaul Underwoods visit
Chapter 643 We do know each other, but... we just die
Chapter 644 The Federations Response! Expeditionary Force Commander
Chapter 645 Yueyings emotional obsession
Chapter 646 Psychologist
Chapter 647: Proud Tianzun and Our Lady of Huanhe are a couple! Chatting
Chapter 648 Three questions! The ten shadows of the shadow organization discovered the fire
Chapter 649 Lunar Eclipse Meeting (Part 1)
Chapter 650 Lunar Eclipse Meeting (Part 2) The Identity of Desire, Knowledge
Chapter 651 Lunar eclipse meeting! (Part 2) Marriage with a son? Unpredictable father-in-law
Chapter 652 Intelligence Sharing
Chapter 653 Guidance
Chapter 654 Shadow organizations intention!
Chapter 655: Testing each other! Gods reminder. Happy New Year to everyone.
Chapter 656 Kyushu City
Chapter 657 The world boss takes action!
Chapter 658: Appearance in front of the world! Desire reaches red level!
Chapter 659 Time Saul Underwood takes action!
Chapter 660 Time VS Eight Half-Spirites
Chapter 661 The Third Chief, Stellar! Stalemate
Chapter 662 The trick of time! Give and take! Yueying is forced to appear
Chapter 663 Witch Shadow! Sword of Death!
Chapter 664 Nine Swords!
Chapter 665 The First Chief! Inner Demon!
Chapter 666 The person behind the scenes is... the nightmare!
Chapter 667 Manipulation! The First Chiefs Method
Chapter 668 Chapter 181 A Farewell Gift!
Chapter 669 The attitude of the team members
Chapter 670 Parting gift! Unpredictable: Lord Canglan, we want
Chapter 671 Please remember! You will have no room to beg for mercy then
Chapter 672 Black Terror
Chapter 673 Where did Unpredictable go?
Chapter 674 Lurking
Chapter 675 Regent of the Southern Tribe
Chapter 676 Battle of Kassam Plains
Chapter 677 Artillery and Explosion
Chapter 678 Secret Room
Chapter 679 Wu Niu Relics, three contract items!
Chapter 680 Night Attack
Chapter 681: Calculation of winning rate? Report: Your entire army was wiped out
Chapter 682: Fusion of fragments, he will definitely live! 5K
Chapter 683 The Dead
Chapter 684 A man without regrets!
Chapter 685 Green-level Ring of Recovery! Control the starry sky of consciousness!
Chapter 686 Sanniu Conference! Taking control of the southern tribe... The special envoy is
Chapter 687 Holy Son of Hesse!
Chapter 688 Teleportation! Transfer! Negotiation! The southern tribe belongs to the Federation
Chapter 689 Protons from the South?
Chapter 690 Emancipate the mind, seek truth and be pragmatic, guard against arrogance and impetuosity, and be diligent
Chapter 691: Ms. Prophecys Dream Divination, Mr. Superbodys Love
Chapter 692 Pandora has her own plan... to detonate the secret realm!
Chapter 693 Secret Realm, Home, New Agreement
Chapter 694 Brother Lu, help!
Chapter 695: Mo Zhi and I are close buddies, but now we just want to be destroyed
Chapter 696 Humanoid Teleportation Tool
Chapter 697 Dream Divination
Chapter 698 The second divination! Three scenes, the dead, and the sound of gunfire
Chapter 699 Calcutta
Chapter 700 Rooftop 5K
Chapter 701 Desperate Situation
Chapter 702 I am the Holy Son of Hesse!
Chapter 703 Treasury
Chapter 704 Qiaotou! The devil boy reappears!
Chapter 705 Flesh Giant! Capture the Demon Boy
Chapter 706 This is really not a game!
Chapter 707 Undead! The result of divination... I have let you
Chapter 708 Golden Manor! Treasury!
Chapter 709 Vault! Porter of the Dead! Unreliable portal
Chapter 710 Old friends meet! Its only a minute away!
Chapter 711 Returning to the Cow God Castle, the Holy Son team is formed.
Chapter 712 Cemetery
Chapter 713 The battle of half-spirits, the shadow of the dead, and the tombstone!
Chapter 714 Unpredictable Sneak Attack
Chapter 715 Delay! Green-level contract items!
Chapter 716 The situation is reversed! The shadow of the dead escapes
Chapter 717 Victory! The corpse falls!
Chapter 718 Victory
Chapter 719 Go Home
Chapter 720 Trumpet
Chapter 721 Do you think I believe it or not?
Chapter 722 Home! Meet Ouyang Yao!
Chapter 723 Green?
Chapter 724 Kill Mo Ying?
Chapter 725 Purpose! Qin Nankais real goal! Secret Realm No. 8
Chapter 726 The Chosen Son Ouyang!
Chapter 727 Discussion
Chapter 728 Master of Lies! Round Two!
Chapter 729 The second competition is a little difficult! Ouyang Ao admits his mistake!
Chapter 730 Harbor! Set off for Kyushu City!
Chapter 731 Southern Province Office in Kyushu, Director Jia!
Chapter 732 Face-to-face instruction
Chapter 733 Uninvited guest! Chief of Staff Melinda Samantha,
Chapter 734: Debate!
Chapter 735 Im very interested in you
Chapter 736 Undercurrent
Chapter 737 Bullshit!
Chapter 738: Denounce the evils of the times
Chapter 739 Dancing?
Chapter 740 Tan Anting breaks out! Prime Minister...I am Cao Ni
Chapter 741 Helpless
Chapter 742 Night Attack
Chapter 743: Western Suburbs Racecourse! An assassination full of loopholes.
Chapter 744 Discussion
Chapter 745 Try to advance! Half-spirit!
Chapter 746 Half-spirit!
Chapter 747 Proposal
Chapter 748 Qin Nankais Cooperation
Chapter 749 Infiltration
Chapter 750 Western Suburbs Racecourse! The giant ape Tang Man is investigating!
Chapter 751, Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 752 Backstage
Chapter 753 Manipulation!
Chapter 754 Exposed
Chapter 755 Counterattack and kill the No. 2 Black Hand!
Chapter 756 Escaped?!
Chapter 757 The head of the Webster family!
Chapter 758 The second fragment, repaired! Blue level!
Chapter 759 Lunar Eclipse Regular Meeting
Chapter 760 Lunar Eclipse Regular Meeting! Superbody, Half-Spirit, Lady of Desire
Chapter 761 Replace equipment!
Chapter 762 Does the Holy Son know? Go to Beihe Province!
Chapter 763 Killing three birds with one stone?!
Chapter 764 Disaster strikes again?
Chapter 765 Fight! Vera!
Chapter 766 The disaster of the dead reappears?
Chapter 767 Killing four birds with one stone
Chapter 768: Collusion! Turning hostility into friendship! Radicals and the Young Master
Chapter 769 I cant even remember how many times you have begged for mercy.
Chapter 770 Purpose! Lord Canglan, are you okay?
Chapter 771 Divide the money, everyone! City in the Sky?
Chapter 772 Pretending to be Captain Vera! Ouranos, the Sky City,
Chapter 773 The fifth chief is banned! The two factions hold talks!
Chapter 774 Two Conditions
Chapter 775 Lies!
Chapter 776 Five Niu Meeting! New Ziniu Elder, Provincial Lord!
Chapter 777 Cooperation, acting! The items are obtained! Mirialia
Chapter 778 An unexpected apprenticeship! Qin Nankais methods! 5K
Chapter 779 Its me
Chapter 780 Tang Banling appears in surprise, chase and escape!
Chapter 781 Lets go together!
Chapter 782 Escape
Chapter 783: Taking advantage of the topic! This may be from before the Unified Era
Chapter 784 The Secret of Sky City
Chapter 785 The eldest son of the Federation
Chapter 786 Returning
Chapter 787: Poaching people! In the name of the Federation
Chapter 788 Explosion!
Chapter 789 'Man-making factory'! To recruit people, please go to the south.
Chapter 790 Chapter 103: Buying! Shares! Guarding Mission
Chapter 791 The premonition of the Immortal God!
Chapter 792 Ouyang Aos embarrassment
Chapter 793 Kill Mo Ying
Chapter 794 The good disciple takes action! Combat talent!
Chapter 795 The ambition of the swan
Chapter 796 Surveillance...God?!
Chapter 797 Nuclear Base?! The Lunar Eclipse Organization is about to upgrade
Chapter 798 Negotiation! New Moon Eclipse Meeting
Chapter 799 How to determine the location of Mr. Superbody
Chapter 800 The secret arrangement of Tan Tans mansion is close to a secret
Chapter 801 Dont move!
Chapter 802 Chase and Escape! Search!
Chapter 803 News that shocked the mainland! Chaos in Tan Tans mansion
Chapter 804 The Secret Room! Head of State Qin Nandi
Chapter 805 Its really like...talking!
Chapter 806 Crazy explosion!
Chapter 807 Escape! Leave Ben Carroll!
Chapter 808 Treatment method! The fourth fragment
Chapter 809 Monkril City! The Holy Son Appears
Chapter 810 The story of Shi Nu!
Chapter 811 Repair! The combination of the Ring of Recovery! Captain Lus
Chapter 812 Fooling Cang Lan
Chapter 813 This is live ammunition!!!
Chapter 814 Welcome party? Criticism meeting!
Chapter 815 Director Wen doesnt seem too smart.
Chapter 816 Nuclear Bomb Warehouse
Chapter 817 Test and poisoning! To be honest, its hard to believe
Chapter 818 Persuasion and poaching! I want to kill you all!
Chapter 819 Consider?
Chapter 820 Singing!
Chapter 821 Chapter 134: Obtaining Trust
Chapter 822 Poison! Fight! Tentacles!
Chapter 823 The power of tentacles! Repair the injury!
Chapter 824 Victory! The scholars are free! The shadow organizations nest...
Chapter 825 Moving! The Southern Provincial Nuclear Energy Research Institute is established!
Chapter 826 Going to sea!
Chapter 827 The lair is actually under the sea?!
Chapter 828 Meeting! Super body and inner nightmare! The way to leave the island
Chapter 829 Gods prophecy! Pandora is coming
Chapter 830 The 143rd Lunar Eclipse New Meeting!
Chapter 831 Lunar Eclipse Meeting (Part 1)
Chapter 832 Lunar Eclipse Meeting (Part 2)
Chapter 833 Lunar Eclipse Meeting (Part 2)
Chapter 834 Return to Kyushu City! Lena Websters connection
Chapter 835 Mobilization before the war
Chapter 836 Mobilization before the war (2)! The Holy Son fights one against five?
Chapter 837 The Battle of Kunsus Palace! Inner Demon: The Great Shift of the Universe.
Chapter 838 The Battle of Kunsus Palace! The Staff of the King!
Chapter 839 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (3)! Regicide! Patricide!
Chapter 840 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (4)! Teleportation Scroll! Mo
Chapter 841 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (V)! The Second Battlefield! VI
Chapter 842 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (6)! The second battlefield! Cang
Chapter 843 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (7)! The power of Leng Xuan!
Chapter 844 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (8)! Emotional obsession, treachery
Chapter 845 Battle of Kunsus Palace (9)! Shadow Fang! Purple
Chapter 846 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (10)! Ax of Punishment VS Secret
Chapter 847 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (11)! Instigation! Unpredictable
Chapter 848 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (12)! The final struggle
Chapter 849 Battle of Kunsus Palace (13)! Battle situation in Kyushu City
Chapter 850 Battle of Kunsus Palace
Chapter 851 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (15)! Inherit the truth!
Chapter 852 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (16)! The Prime Ministers Family?
Chapter 853 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (Seventeen)! The result of the peace talks?
Chapter 854 Battle of Kunsus Palace (18)! Qin Nankai breaks up!
Chapter 855 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (19)! This is farewell
Chapter 856 The Battle of Kunsus Palace (Twenty)! After the nuclear explosion!
Chapter 857 Kill the First Chief, the Inner Demon! (Part 1)
Chapter 858 Killing the First Chief, the Inner Demon! (Part 2)...
Chapter 859 Blue level puppet! 'Bad guy'!
Chapter 860 Changes in the Shadow Organization!
Chapter 861 Betrayal? Death of Light and Shadow! Backhand of Shadow Fang! Punishment
Chapter 862 Confrontation and Capture! Vera Alexandra
Chapter 863 The leader of the southern tribe! Mention the regent of the southern tribe again!
Chapter 864: Southern tribe Wu Niu meeting! Going to Kyushu City? Revenge?
Chapter 865 Return to Kunsus Palace! Give some punishment?
Chapter 866: Once a disciple, always a son!
Chapter 867 Meeting! Qin Nankai finally got his wish! Unpredictable surprise
Chapter 868 Intelligence level? Tan Lundeng... This is what makes us
Chapter 869 Situation Analysis! Lunar Eclipse Meeting
Chapter 870 A big guess about the identity of the nightmare
Chapter 871 Taking action against a shadow? Lunar Eclipse's first joint trip
Chapter 872 Divination of fate? Plan...
Chapter 873 Seduction! Target shadow organization! The first joint operation
Chapter 874 Three Shadows Appear! Question Three Shadows!
Chapter 875 Take action! Three Shadows VS Lunar Eclipse
Chapter 876 The Lord God is constantly helping! Ouyang Aos fighting days
Chapter 877 The situation is reversed! Unpredictable name
Chapter 878 Porn! Do you believe I can make you feel uncomfortable?
Chapter 879 Lunar Eclipse VS Blood ShadowO'Connor Villette
Chapter 880 Li Yan was arrested! The situation is critical and unpredictable action will be taken!
Chapter 881: Battle against the three shadows! Win! The color shadows life is worse than death.
Chapter 882 Unpredictable power! Two shadows break the courage!
Chapter 883 Lunar eclipse! Win! Capture two shadows alive.
Chapter 884 Upgrade! Green Level Spirit Puppet!
Chapter 885 Goodbye Whirlpool! Burning Eyes...Resurgence
Chapter 886 Green level skills!
Chapter 887: Experiment with sex and shadow! Eternal exile!
Chapter 888 Ouyang Aomeis dream comes true
Chapter 889 Mysterious! Powerful! A secret organization hidden in ancient times
Chapter 890 Qin Nankai feels very sad! Lena Webster! News
Chapter 891 News! Legend about lunar eclipse! Iron Mountain Secret Realm,
Chapter 892 The Burning Giant Eye... Him? Ancient History, Star
Chapter 893 Long history! The first Elf War...
Chapter 894 The birth of the elves! About the giant eye and the violent sea
Chapter 895 Nightmare of the Heart? Heading to the Sea of Violence
Chapter 896 Home! Barriers and restrictions, covering a continent
Chapter 897 Repair the secret realm?
Chapter 898 Attacked! TimeSaul Underwood
Chapter 899 Judge Time! You seem to be having a miserable time?
Chapter 900: Routine Time Judge! Similar rules! Contract
Chapter 901 Times are getting worse and worse! Qin Nankais pain! Lunar eclipse!
Chapter 902 Unpredictable results! The fame of the lunar eclipse! And the Ouyang family
Chapter 903 Departure! First stop: Hot Spring City! Daily life...
Chapter 904 Have you ever thought that maybe her choice was right?
Chapter 905 The situation in Pandora! The return of the third chief star
Chapter 906 Thats you! You can do it too!
Chapter 907: There! Inside the starship! The source of the contract?
Chapter 908 Zong Chens Voice
Chapter 909 Brother Zong, how about I help you?
Chapter 910 Zongchens change! The source of the contract...emotions?
Chapter 911 Zong Baiyis drama!
Chapter 912 You have to consider what the interlocutor thinks!
Chapter 913 Who are you talking about? Unpredictable?!
Chapter 914 Captain Rebecca?!
Chapter 915
Chapter 916 Convince Rebecca! The second thread, and Zong Bai
Chapter 917 Yang Yi and Fire Fox! Civil strife in the southern province?
Chapter 918 New Party?! Let them come out and talk!
Chapter 919 Arturos flattery! The new party agrees to meet!
Chapter 920: Go to the appointment! Go to the meeting alone! Moses went to the province!
Chapter 921 A show of force! Attack!
Chapter 922 This is simply a miracle! The leader of the new party is half-spirit! This is
Chapter 923 Debate? Just a little thought... unpredictable and amazing,
Chapter 924 The Hesse... I feel hopeless!
Chapter 925 The proud nature of the Hesse people! Take action? or...
Chapter 926 The reason for taking action? I just dont like you! Ill beat you
Chapter 927 Unpredictable purpose?
Chapter 928 Its not killing? Its exchange!!!
Chapter 929 The situation is critical!
Chapter 930: Defeat yourself without attacking? Create civil strife!
Chapter 931 Its really self-defeating!
Chapter 932 Federal assistance! Happy Lantern Festival!
Chapter 933: Adding insult to injury? Helping others when they need it most? Teacher Mo, you have to step in
Chapter 934 Federal Cabinet Meeting! Welcome Prince Mo!
Chapter 935: Keep a low profile and bide your time! Unpredictable return!
Chapter 936 The team reunites! Melinda visits
Chapter 937 The Prime Minister is visiting! I understand everything, Mr. Prime Minister.
Chapter 938 What do you and Master Mo have...?
Chapter 939 Melinda, how about being my daughter? Father-in-law, Prime Minister
Chapter 940 Honey Trap! Really Marriage?!
Chapter 941
Chapter 942 Psychological Test! Sky City Selection!
Chapter 943 Loyalty test! Loyalty forest! Unpredictable, you are cheating
Chapter 944 Passed the test! Excellent! The unpredictable natal spiritual weapon
Chapter 945: Enemies are extremely jealous when they meet!
Chapter 946: Like praise but actually criticism, Xingxings thoughts! Rebecca shines
Chapter 947 Rebecca wins! I dont know how you did it!
Chapter 948: Fooling the Void Cheetah! Rebecca, you are very good!
Chapter 949 Who to follow?
Chapter 950 Captain, are you weak?
Chapter 951 Rebeccas emotional obsession! Zongchen re-enters the contract
Chapter 952 The discovery of the source of the contract! Reznors helplessness and Mei
Chapter 953 Im already making plans
Chapter 954: There are many Lunar Eclipse people in the Imperial Preceptors family!
Chapter 955 Fuyuan Desert! Fuyuan Force Field? The Current Situation of the Hesse People
Chapter 956 White Mission! Elders of the Kingdom of the Dead VS...
Chapter 957 Fear? Unpredictable is a madman! Zongchen: This term
Chapter 958 High-sounding fraud? Trust! Zong Baiyi enters again
Chapter 959 Behind the New Party! Wisdom Parliament! Melinda, this is
Chapter 960 Vera enters the Inspectorate for the first time! Fights against blue crabs
Chapter 961 Just follow Captain Mo!
Chapter 962 Vera prepares for war! It turns out to be you! The Federations reaction
Chapter 963: Can we help Master Mo?
Chapter 964 About lunar eclipse! Pandoras plan! Explosives...
Chapter 965 Preparing for war! Wuniu meeting! Moving, Nuclear Energy Research Institute
Chapter 966 Department of Order! Go to work as a lobbyist at the Nuclear Energy Research Institute!
Chapter 967 The Art of Persuasion! The Inspectorates weapons are renewed!
Chapter 968 Negotiation completed! Supply of nuclear bombs! New weapons for the Supervision Office.
Chapter 969 'Kirov' and 'Gundam' prototypes!
Chapter 970 The movements of all parties before the war! Veras emotional obsession...
Chapter 971 Lena Webster apologizes!? You are suitable to be a meta
Chapter 972 Rebellion in the South (1)! General attack! Order: Go
Chapter 973: Rebellion in the South (2)! Target Inspectorate! Gal
Chapter 974 Rebellion in the South! The Calcutta City Supervisory Office is completely destroyed!
Chapter 975: Rebellion in the South (4)! Do your own people fight your own people?
Chapter 976: Rebellion in the South (5)! You are the bad guy! No need
Chapter 977: Rebellion in the South (6)! Star, think about it carefully
Chapter 978: Rebellion in the South (7)! No way to talk! Battle,
Chapter 979 Rebellion in the South (8)! The Changxin Demon Spirit Appears!
Chapter 980: Rebellion in the South (9)! You really think I cant escape
Chapter 981 Rebellion in the South (10)! Melee! Lu Yuan, dont
Chapter 982: Rebellion in the South (11)! Shade appears? Battle situation
Chapter 983 Rebellion in the South (12)! Star explosion...
Chapter 984: Rebellion in the South (13)! Reversal! Pandora Kung Fu
Chapter 985 Rebellion in the South (14)!
Chapter 986: Rebellion in the South (15)! All the flowers we were waiting for have withered.
Chapter 987: Rebellion in the South (16)! Star, you can now
Chapter 988 Rebellion in the South (Seventeen)! Convince the stars! Lets unite
Chapter 989 Rebellion in the South (18)! The stars join forces! Just wait
Chapter 990: Rebellion in the South (19)! Southern Nuclear Energy Research Institute
Chapter 991 The Rebellion in the South (Twenty)! Pursue the victory? Thanks
Chapter 992: Rebellion in the South (21)! Black Ox Sacrifice? Picture
Chapter 993: Rebellion in the South (Twenty-Two)! Final Chapter! It turned out to be
Chapter 994 Qin Nankai is very depressed! Xingxing is very happy! First
Chapter 995 Mr. Hengxing, this is a misunderstanding! Please be cold
Chapter 996 Zongchen has merit!
Chapter 997: Spreading trouble! Leader of the discussion group! Zongchen!
Chapter 998 I changed my mind in anger!
Chapter 999 Captain Vera, you can be promoted to semi-spirit!
Chapter 1000 Vera! Makeup! Green level! Half-spirit!
Chapter 1001 Revenge? A new round of lunar eclipse meeting
Chapter 1002 Help everyone upgrade!
Chapter 1003 Reznors dilemma! Betrayal?
Chapter 1004 Turning hostility into friendship! This is the person behind the new party
Chapter 1005 You two, you will regret it if you dont listen to me! Have you ever seen
Chapter 1006 The only choice! Blood Demon Bexar!
Chapter 1007 Negotiation! Action plan! ChipGreen-level spirit puppet?
Chapter 1008 Layout! Yueying and Vera
Chapter 1009 Blood Demon Baksar! Threat and Use! Blood Demon
Chapter 1010 Attack! Blood Demon Bomb! Destroy Southern Nuclear Energy Research
Chapter 1011 Battle! Moon Shadow vs. Blood Demon Bexar! Sky Eye
Chapter 1012 Battle! Vera Alexandra! Half-spirit punch
Chapter 1013 Detonation! The Southern Nuclear Energy Research Institute exploded again! Blood Demon
Chapter 1014 The fight for consciousness! Unpredictability and the Blood Demon!
Chapter 1015 Negotiation! I'm afraid you two will break your promise! Please send your soul quickly
Chapter 1016 Obtaining a spiritual puppet! Words from the source of symbols: Re-engraved! Unpredictable.
Chapter 1017 Blue-level skills! Unpredictable natal spiritual weapon, minds eye!
Chapter 1018 Prepare for revenge! Judge Time! Study the Sigh
Chapter 1019 The price of breaking through the Wall of Sighs! Humanity? Divinity!
Chapter 1020 Reznor returns to life! Zong Baiyi seems to have been tricked
Chapter 1021 Such a comparison! Reznor is still the winner
Chapter 1022 The first time! Pandoras Supreme Meeting!
Chapter 1023 Dispute! The three great masters of Pandora! Chapter of the Wisdom Parliament
Chapter 1024 The meeting to decide the fate of the mainland! Yan Luo, Futurology
Chapter 1025 The man behind the scenes! Yan Luo! Ouyang Ao, I am
Chapter 1026 Disciple, dont settle old scores! I wish you an upgrade as a master! Ouyang
Chapter 1027 The power of space! Ouyang Ao advances to half-spirit! Blood Demon Ba
Chapter 1028 Yan Luos position! The theory of pig farming!
Chapter 1029 Lets ask the person behind the scenes first! What should I do next?
Chapter 1030 Yan Luos instructions!
Chapter 1031 A plan! Lets join forces with the Federation first! Blood Demon
Chapter 1032 Interview! Blood Demon VS Tan Nankai
Chapter 1033 As long as Im here, Pandora cant do anything!
Chapter 1034 Qin Nankais self-confidence! The imagined situation
Chapter 1035 Two conditions! Lina, I want you to become a federation
Chapter 1036 Negotiation! Power and Desire Exploring Lena Webster
Chapter 1037 The connection of the same origin! The source of the contract? The Pendant of the Sage
Chapter 1038 Secret! The source of twelve contracts! Twelve series of contracts
Chapter 1039 The road to becoming a god? The source of the twelve series of contracts summary contract
Chapter 1040 Your Majesty, we have no money! Money-making plan!
Chapter 1041 The remnants of the new party! I will be the leader! The party leader is shocked
Chapter 1042 Mission! Bombing the City Hall? Hickss Awakening
Chapter 1043 Melindas performance! The Southern Province is bankrupt?!
Chapter 1044 I want a loan! Can I use the title of National Master as collateral?
Chapter 1045 Cabinet meeting! Farce! Unexpected visit.
Chapter 1046 Hundreds of millions of hungry people? An unpredictable threat!
Chapter 1047 Conflict! Lena Webster
Chapter 1048 The Blood Demon asks for an audience! Unpredictable disguise
Chapter 1049 I want money too! Five hundred million gold dollars!
Chapter 1050 Game! Please give me a day!
Chapter 1051 Countermeasures! The postmans bell, together with all the clone techniques
Chapter 1052 So many clones? The terrifying blood demon! Kunser
Chapter 1053 Deal! Tan Nankai is desperate
Chapter 1054 Another temporary cabinet meeting
Chapter 1055 Qin Nankais true purpose! I want the Kings Staff!
Chapter 1056 The third person? Its you, Melinda Samantha!
Chapter 1057 Clever use! Kings staff, vote!
Chapter 1058 Lena Websters determination!
Chapter 1059 Confrontation? Linas request!
Chapter 1060 Lena Websters stubbornness! A new meeting of the Five Bulls
Chapter 1061 Misunderstanding?!
Chapter 1062 Five Bulls Meeting! We have money!
Chapter 1063 Five Bulls Meeting! Launch a war?!
Chapter 1064 Real estate fantasy in the southern province!
Chapter 1065 Contract destroys humanity! Why persist in illusions?
Chapter 1066 The meeting is over! Let go of worries! Unpredictable discovery
Chapter 1067 I want the Kings Staff! Explore the Wall of Sighs again!
Chapter 1068 Collapse Therapy! Lina! Your husband thinks we have
Chapter 1069 Tan Nandi and I discussed this! This is a test
Chapter 1070 Infiltrate! Kings Staff, Im really here!
Chapter 1071 The secret of history! The origin of Pandora! The origin of the rebellion
Chapter 1072 Hiding and deception! Take the Kings Staff!
Chapter 1073 The Secret of History! The Memory Immortality God of the Kings Staff
Chapter 1074 The source of the contract! What is the contract? The Immortal Gods
Chapter 1075 Negative Human Nature! The ultimate secret of the twelve series of abilities
Chapter 1076 The Immortal God! Already crazy!
Chapter 1077 Battle! Kings Staff VS Shadow Fang
Chapter 1078 Battle! Shadow Fang lost! Excuse me, Immortal God
Chapter 1079 The way to become a god! Human nature is free from greed, anger and ignorance!
Chapter 1080 The road to becoming a god! Human nature is nothing but greed, anger and ignorance! (Part 2
Chapter 1081 The inheritance ceremony of the Kings Staff! 8K
Chapter 1082: Its better to have a dream in the void
Chapter 1083 Lena Webster, Acting Head of the Federation!
Chapter 1084: Master Mo is the brother of this head of state, a real brother! Yes
Chapter 1085 Waiting for work! Pandoras movements
Chapter 1086 Confirmation of super body! Yan Luos attitude
Chapter 1087: Clarifying the relationship! Conversation with Grand Master Yan Luo and Unpredictable!
Chapter 1088 Its really not my fault! Who knew you were so complex?
Chapter 1089 Grand Master, please fire at me!
Chapter 1090 A plan! This is a game!
Chapter 1091 The Tree of Destiny! Yan Luos Judgment
Chapter 1092 Wu Ying Aotian! Proud Tianzun
Chapter 1093 Return to the Iron Mountain Secret Realm! Experiment! Symbol Source Storm!
Chapter 1094 The ultimate question, Pandora Grand Master Conference! They
Chapter 1095: Rhetoric! Make use of stars!
Chapter 1096 The man behind the star! Invitation from Ouyang Province
Chapter 1097 Lord Provincial Government, invest in real estate!
Chapter 1098 Prospect! The Ouyang family joins the gang!
Chapter 1099 Design! Ouyang Ao's X upgrade, the southern province returns
Chapter 1100 Krisna upgrades! From a spectators perspective, about the future
Chapter 1101 What is Ouyang Ao doing? Spiritual pen divination
Chapter 1102 The divination results of the future war! A time travelers
Chapter 1103 Press Conference! Ouyang Aos emotional obsession breaks out
Chapter 1104 Shocking news! Ouyang Aos emotional obsession explodes!
Chapter 1105 Ouyang Ao upgrades? Green level! Prepare to upgrade
Chapter 1106 Green-level source stone! Unpredictable: I dont have it, but I can
Chapter 1107 Upgrade Ceremony! The appearance of plane master! Contract ability
Chapter 1108 How to use Ouyang Aos contract skills!
Chapter 1109: Deceiving the apprentice! Ten-day appointment to test and contact the elf family
Chapter 1110 Cabinet meeting! Farce
Chapter 1111 The federal giant!
Chapter 1112 Return? Southern Province
Chapter 1113 The development of the southern province!
Chapter 94 The Southern Province 'returns'! Qin Nankai is completely defeated
Chapter 95 Farewell to the Southern Province! Let go and break through the wall of sighs
Chapter 96: Give up! Ouyang Ao actually became it!
Chapter 97: Words of Symbols: Space! The blue-level source stone returns to Roland
Chapter 98: Nuclear bomb! I will help you destroy it! There is movement in Pandora
Chapter 99: Crisis in Kyushu City! The Grand Master arrives in person! Its actually for
Chapter 100 Don Summerfields target! Blood Demon Bacsar
Chapter 101 Counterattack on Rodinia! Summerfield Dons Chess Game
Chapter 102: Don Summerfields ambition! The complete summary!
Chapter 103: Fight? With the Grand Masters clone!
Chapter 104: Fight! Test! Unpredictable VS Summerfield Tang!
Chapter 105: Take action! The first battle of the Kings Staff!
Chapter 106: Break out of the cage! Summerfield Don is about to withdraw!
Chapter 107: Dimension Ascension Strike!
Chapter 108 A way to make the situation even more chaotic!
Chapter 109: Grand Master, give me some life-saving items!
Chapter 110: Peak Blue Level! Breaking through the path of a high-level contractor!
Chapter 111 Farewell?! Shadow Fang!
Chapter 112 Accident! The four chiefs suddenly appeared! Unpredictable: 'Actually
Chapter 113: The situation reversed, just relying on deception
Chapter 114: Want to stay out of the matter? Lord Son of God, you are thinking too much!
Chapter 115 Rejection! 'Sex Shadow', you have a problem!
Chapter 116: Possession! The crisis is always unpredictable!
Chapter 117 The second battlefield?! Chess game!
Chapter 118 Cang Lans thoughts! New party meeting to attack the mainland!
Chapter 119: Summerfield Dons Beginning! Recovering the Source of the Contract
Chapter 120 Don Summerfields plan!
Chapter 121 Stellar Awakening! Teleportation, hexahedral space cage
Chapter 122 Chaos! The Hesse are immigrating!
Chapter 123 Another scam! I want the blue-level source stone!
Chapter 124: Fusion of the words of the source of symbols! The wonderful use of 'space'
Chapter 125: Words of Fuyuan: Re-engrave! Design Yan Luo again?
Chapter 126 Harassment of Yan Luo! Federal decision! Pre-war mobilization
Chapter 127: Temporary separation! Now is the time for revenge in the Northern Province
Chapter 128: Fight against Wuying! Vera’s new ability! Come out
Chapter 129
Chapter 130 Fierce battle! Time! Sword of Death?
Chapter 131 Revenge! The fall of Saul Underwood!
Chapter 132 Summerfield Don arrives! Unpredictable success
Chapter 133: Fierce battle! Unpredictable success! Tang Grandmaster’s anger
Chapter 134 To escape or not to escape? Wu Ying Aotian’s dilemma! Second
Chapter 135: I have no choice but to surrender, okay?
Chapter 136 The Surrender Ring of Transaction! Come on, Tata starts
Chapter 137 Yan Luo is coming?! Three parties are in opposition! Lord, can you
Chapter 138 Provocation?! Zaifu Bai is going to become a god! Teeth of fate
Chapter 139 The gear of fate seems to be unable to turn! Gold level! Chapter 139
Chapter 140 It’s extremely critical! Zaifu Bai has finally arrived! Thank you
Chapter 141: Gather! The power of the symbol! Zaifu Bai was horrified to fool Heng
Chapter 142: The deal with the stars! The source of the exchange contract! Unpredictable
Chapter 143: Nuclear bomb! Summerfield Don seems to be in trouble.
Chapter 144 All parties gather together! Zaifu Bai VS Summerfield Tang!
Chapter 145 Explosion! The fall of the great master! Thanks to [Villain Brainless]
Chapter 146: Shadow Fang’s sneak attack! Thoughts
Chapter 147 The four chiefs! Steal the resurrected god!
Chapter 148
Chapter 149: Defeat the enemy in an instant! Head into the wild waves
Chapter 150: The Ax of Punishment! Get it!
Chapter 151: Invitation to battle! Liquidation! Shadow Fang
Chapter 152: Confrontation! Beat up the Son of God! The source of the contract
Chapter 153 The memory of Shadow Fang! The secret, Yan Luo was actually
Chapter 154 The Moon Demon reappears!
Chapter 155: Queen Mother! The Moon Demon is resurrected! You are no longer useful
Chapter 156 Escape? Can’t escape! Unpredictable VS Moon Demon!
Chapter 157 The power of the Ax of Punishment! The Moon Demon is shattered!
Chapter 158: Famous all over the world
Chapter 159: Mental power locked! The unpredictable clone is destroyed! The secret of Iron Mountain
Chapter 160: Detonate the Iron Mountain Secret Realm! Tide of Talisman Source! Die together
Chapter 161 News of Death! Lord Zhen Guo! Unexpected Fall
Chapter 162 Another lunar eclipse meeting! Unpredictable days (
Chapter 163: Pandora Shuffles! Unpredictable Days of Absence (3)
Chapter 164: Pandora becomes one! Unpredictable days of absence (
Chapter 165 Argument! Unpredictable days (5)
Chapter 166: What will Mu Zhi do? I support you, Lu Yuan! Mo Zhi
Chapter 167 Grand Master Yan Luo is not dead yet! Xingxing’s lies are unpredictable
Chapter 168 Resurrection of Yan Luo! Star impact on the Wall of Sighs! Unpredictable
Chapter 169 A surprise! Unpredictable is still alive? Unpredictable no longer
Chapter 170: Unpredictable Resurrection! Pursuing Memory My name is Li Xiaoyan! Yue
Chapter 171 Giant Tree! Return to the Secret Realm of Iron Mountain!
Chapter 172 Ouyang Ao takes action! I want to fight Pandora!
Chapter 173: Mutation in the Secret Realm Ruins
Chapter 174 Monster
Chapter 175 The monster reappears! Qing level’s unpredictable attack!
Chapter 176: Smash with fist!
Chapter 177 Under the giant black tree! Number versus quantity!
Chapter 178 Recycling items! Cang Lan is still alive
Chapter 179: Reforge the Ax of Punishment! The only hope
Chapter 180 The Ax of Punishment is ineffective! Failed to escape and go to the black whirlpool
Chapter 181 Promotion! Break through the Wall of Sighs!
Chapter 182 The Wall of Sighs!
Chapter 183 The fight for humanity
Chapter 184 The Promotion Ceremony of the Heart Nightmare System! The Unpredictable Enlightenment of the Tiankeng!
Chapter 185 Lu Yuan’s Troubles
Chapter 186 I choose Justice Lu Yuan!
Chapter 187 Ouyang Ao enters Pandora for the first time! I am a Lunar Eclipse person!
Chapter 188 The talks collapsed
Chapter 189: Destroy the turtle and crane with one punch! The man who singled out Pandora, only
Chapter 190: Battle with the Council of Wisdom! Everyone must be in order
Chapter 191 Defeat the Wisdom Council! Yan Luo comes back, and I will come together
Chapter 192: Star comes out of seclusion! Purple level! Sorry, Grandmaster Yan Luo returns
Chapter 193: Xingxing: Just because I am purple level!
Chapter 194 The Supreme Council ends! Pandora’s first star
Chapter 195: Prepare for the Moon Demon! Three orders! Announce to the world!
Chapter 196 Lunar eclipse really exists! All people admire it!
Chapter 197 Gathering of Faith
Chapter 198: The road sign of faith, unpredictable breakthrough!
Chapter 199 Purple level is unpredictable!
Chapter 200 Purple Level Ability
Chapter 201: Moon Demon Realm! The energy source of the black tree.
Chapter 202 New ideas! I’m back!
Chapter 203: Madam of the Imperial Preceptor! The Imperial Preceptor appears!
Chapter 204 Verification! Miracle reappears
Chapter 205 Pay back the money!
Chapter 206: The Belief of the Hesse! Province of Bahrain! The Cleaning Boy
Chapter 207 I am Master Mo
Chapter 208 I promise you! The fifth fragment!
Chapter 209 Challenge the Five Shadows!
Chapter 210 You can’t live! We have a grudge!
Chapter 211 Two Shadows! Fall!
Chapter 212: Puppet! Lord God! Fang of Shadow
Chapter 213: See life and death! Lord Son of God
Chapter 214 Six Holy Objects!
Chapter 215 The real purpose!
Chapter 216 Tangled! Shadow surrenders
Chapter 217 The Ball of the Earth! The Secret of History and the Essence of the Moon Demon
Chapter 218 The birth of the Moon Demon! The end of the earth ball reappears
Chapter 219 The source of the moon demon’s power!
Chapter 220: The Secret Realm! The Remains of the Senior Contractor! The Moon Demon Arrives
Chapter 221 A way to survive!
Chapter 222: Answer a few more questions?! Lord Son of God!
Chapter 223 The History of Betrayal!
Chapter 224: Changing Contract Ability!
Chapter 225 Next question
Chapter 226 The last question! Resurrection of the Immortal God?
Chapter 227 Works
Chapter 228: Resurrection of the Immortal God! Emotional reversal!
Chapter 229: The memory of the source of the contract resurrects the spirit puppet?!
Chapter 230: Shadow Fang’s Initiative
Chapter 231 Faith
Chapter 232: Lord Son of God, I seem to have regretted my decision
Chapter 233 Feeling Misled
Chapter 234 The second round!
Chapter 235 True and False!
Chapter 236: Light! Breaking through the realm?!
Chapter 237 Decisive Battle
Chapter 238 The end of the Shadow Organization
Chapter 239 The Fall of Shadow Fang!
Chapter 240 Promotion! World Boss!
Chapter 241 Teacher Mo, are you back? No, I am just a wisp
Chapter 242 I hope it’s you!
Chapter 243 Mr. Superbody! Protagonist’s halo! Promotion!
Chapter 244 Time surrenders
Chapter 245 Meeting!
Chapter 246 Two blue-level! Three half-spirits!
Chapter 247 The power of lunar eclipse
Chapter 248 The meeting is over! Promoted to half-spirit!
Chapter 249 Promoted to Half-Spirit!
Chapter 250 Before gathering
Chapter 251 Cabinet meeting!
Chapter 252: Qin Nankai’s transformation
Chapter 253 The head of state wakes up again