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The Dark Barbarian Arrives in American Comics

The Dark Barbarian Arrives in American Comics

author:Looking south

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-22 07:17

Latest chapter:Chapter 1640 Long-term plan and detected changes

The world needs heroes! So the barbarians came to the Marvel Universe from Diablo with Kanai's Box and the Holy Mountain of Harrogath! The blood of the warriors of Bulcasso in his left hand, the solemn oath of Bulcasso in his right hand, and the waist There are endless potions in between, I can't think of how to lose! It is the duty of the Supreme Mage to protect the world? Are you kidding, you are also called a mage? I think you have the talent of a barbarian, why don't you try this weapon? Become a barbarian It's not difficult at all, as long as you can pass the trial of the Nephalem Secret Realm and gain the approval of your ancestors.

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《The Dark Barbarian Arrives in American Comics》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1640 Long-term plan and detected changes
Chapter 1639 The sudden appearance of the field
Chapter 1638 The beginning of an extremely dangerous attempt
Chapter 1637 The eager Constantine and the tired man
Chapter 1636 The changes in Malthael and Bulkatho
Chapter 1635 Nephalem should love Vasily
Chapter 1634 Favorites and battle mysteries
Chapter 1633 Constantine’s debt of gratitude
Chapter 1632 Lilith and Inaris
《The Dark Barbarian Arrives in American Comics》Chapter Contents
001 The Death of Harrogath Mountain
002 Harrogath - The Holy Mountain Comes!
003 The exchange between Gu Yi and Bourkesso
004 The battle based on time
005 Bulkesso who can't leave
006 The barbarians who settle in the crowd
007 Surprised S.H.I.E.L.D.
008 The Lonely Blacksmith
009 Lonely Guest
010 Interlude in the Long Forging
011 Interesting place
012 Flickering Rage
013 Gu Yi's visit
014 The Punisher's Birth Day
015 Opposition
016 A world with death
017 Death will also retreat
018 Give Hope
019 Blacksmith's Apprentice
020 The Brother Xia Active in Hell's Kitchen
021 Before purchasing
022 Prepared Gifts
023 Ancestors
024 The Beginning of the Festival
025 meet
026 Butcher knife
027 Merchant Vader's Soul
028 The Secret Realm of Bulkesso
029 The Bizarre Adventure of Crossbones
030 Grotesque Demon
031 Attrition of Rumlow Squad
032 In battle
033 That dim blue light
034 Warrior Demon
035 Rumlow alone
036 Fierce Battle
037 Rumlow's Victory
038 After the war
039 No mercy
040 On the return flight
041 Vorusk
042 Melinda May
043 Unity
044 Trivial in S.H.I.E.L.D.
045 Rumlow's Big Plan
046 The person whose hairline is 100 million points higher
047 Jar of the Noble One
048 The Mage Who Almost Made Difficult Decisions
049 Luke Cage's Racial Talent
050 Law-abiding Daredevil
051 Mrs Gao
052 Rumlow's Decision
053 Superheroes need help
054 The Barbarian's Help
055 The Snake Shield Destruction Plan has been launched!
056 Luke Cage trying to seek legal aid
057 The Purple Man Should Appear in the Stove
058 Model Worker Colson
059 Jessica Jones JAV
060 Peggy Carter
061 The Arrival of Frank Custer
062 Rumlow in action
063 Battle Prophet Maddock
064 The name of Bourkesso
065 Killer Monkey
066 Nick Fury on his way
067 Dugan, who wants to send SHIELD on the road
068 Talking Physics with Dormammu
069 The freedom of arrogance
070 Stop, let's talk about the conditions!
071 Nick Fury starts to falter
072 Damm in action
073 Leisure on the Holy Hill of Harrogath
074 Tariq's Greetings
075 Star War Helmet
076 Savage Style Pickup
077 Blind people can't see the orange light of legendary equipment
078 Jessica Jones' Reward
079 Young people who don't want to drive?
080 Hydra's assist to Rumlow
081 Legendary Barbarian Raiko
082 Rumlow's Fourth Trial
083 Rumlow's Battle
084 Start
085 Nick Fury's Covert Operation
086 Jessica Jones
087 Rumlow and Hawkeye's mutual testing
088 Nick and the Werewolf
089 Who is this guy
090 John Constantine
091 The person standing in the middle of the elevator is the best
092 Three knives and six holes
093 Rumlow's Suppressed Rage
094 Strange Hell and Fury
095 In the face of barbarians, the best option is to escape
096 Gabriel
097 Pulled Martini
098 Unbearable smell
099 Nick Fury Chatter
100 Voodoo Midnight
101 Face Me! Haggis of Hell!
102 I wonder if this is enough to have a hand?
103 Ancient One and Gabriel face to face
104 The Unlucky Demon Balza
105 Constantine begins to draw
106 Open the door! Send warmth!
107 Rumlow seems to have lost his mind
108 The noble Constantine sacrificed
109 The nightmare is defeated in the dream
110 Gabriel debuts
111 Satan Who Was Suddenly Summoned
112 Constantine's Calculation
113 Retreat is only forgiven in the face of barbarians
114 Satan's Concerns
115 Satan's Unique Piece of Hell
116 St Angel Dawson
117 Hell
118 Doubts about Bourkesso's power
119 The Illusory Body Forgotten In The World
120 Maddock's Caution
121 Nick Fury panicked
122 Barbarian Weapon Throwing
123 Luke Cage's Visit
124 Luke Cage Wants to Get to Know Maddock
125 Nick Fury's Dilemma
126 Demon Tool Man
127 Winter Soldier
128 Preparation before action
Shelf testimonials and belated Sanjiang testimonials
129 You are arresting Coulson, why are you threatening me with Burkeseau?
130 Urgent! How to keep calm in the toilet?
131 Leadership
132 You were beaten by monkeys
133 Clever Colson
134 Beekeepers
135 Before we start, does anyone want to go out? (Seventh more)
136 The spoiler Coulson (the eighth)
137 Top Lawyers (Ninth)
138 Who did Pierce see? (Tenth)
139 Low-key, forbearance, killing (tenth
140 Why Nick Fury is the Director of SHIELD! (Chapter 12)
141 Because Nick Fury is cruel enough (tenth
142 The Barbarian King! (Tenth
143 Lesson! (The late tenth whisper
144 Rumlow Closing
145 Coulson in the dark
146 Casillas
147 The Elevator
148 Orak, God of War
149 Fantastic Knight! Skeleton Transformation!
150 Constantine's Way of Doing Things (Belated Chapter 7, Whisper
151 The Devil Was Tricked by Constantine
152 Constable Angel Dawson
153 Blades and Vanguard Technology
154 Good-tempered Talek
155 The Trouble with Nick Fury (Fifth, Two in One, Whisper
156 That's just a dog! (5,000-word chapter
157 The Winter Soldier Can't Live Until Spring (Five Thousand Characters Chapter)
158 Meeting with acquaintances (5,000 words)
159 Nick Fury's face is always black
160 Captain Met A Familiar Enemy
161 Honored Human Anun Rama
162 Trouble constantly naming names can always delay me ten minutes)
163 The Unlucky Casillas
164 Bucky Barnes Gets Brain Waves Back
165 Why is it always you! (late
166 Tony Stark and the First Look at Magic
167 Luke and Maddock
168 Superheroes don't cause panic
169 Before the war
170 Witch Heart Demon
171 Superheroes and villains always appear together
172 The Beginning of the Chaos
173 Matthew Arrives at the Battlefield
174 Matthew who stabbed the devil's den
175 On what basis do non-human laws judge human beings?
176 Hellboy's Care for the Witch Heart Demon
177 The curiosity of scientists
178 Son of Odin
179 Another Sad Person Who Was Beaten by a Monkey in the World
180 Ghost Rider is not a vengeful spirit after all
181 Can grenades be enchanted?
1.82 million magic fans Constantine
183 The Return of the Lord of Hell!
184 Love and Hope
185 Conjecture
186 The Lion King
187 The truth!
188 Barbarians don't have to think too much!
189 Luke's Eyes
190 Hill
191 'Grade'
192 Casillas who learned the truth
193 Before the Rift
194 Orak's Rift
195 Helsing
196 Intergula
197 The head is as big as several buckets
198 Kerlick wants an heir
199 The thin climber (six thousand words)
200 Heirs (four thousand words, more to come.)
201 Frank shot
202 Asgard (six thousand words)
203 Never compromise (four thousand)
204 Justice and Fate (six thousand)
205 Jessica's trial ends (four thousand)
206 Belize
207 The Barbarians of the Big Bear Tribe (4,000-character chapter)
208 Rorschach's talent! (5,400 words)
209 Emperor Weishan (four thousand words)
210 Arcador and Anderson! (7,000-word chapter!)
211 The end of the conflict (4,000 words)
212 Canuck
213 Ancestor's Last Wish (7,000-character chapter)
214 Bourkessel visits Asgard (five thousand three, more to come)
215 Large-scale family ethics drama (four thousand seven, more later)
216 Canuck's Ideological Education Course (five thousand character chapters)
217 Return to the city (three thousand, the follow-up will be a little later.)
218 Reappearance of the Hand Association (3,000 words)
219 Tony's Iron Suit
220 Rorschach's Doubt (Three Thousand)
221 The real fantasy (five thousand five)
222 Ruined Date (Three Thousand)
223 Iron King
224 Azmodan's Vision (four thousand words)
225 Tyrael's Shadow
226 Thor was banished to the mortal world, not alone this time. (7,000-word chapter
227 Thor's Encounter (4,000 words, more later)
228 Aggregate corpse (3,000 words)
229 Part of the truth! Everything Vorusk made! (4000 words, this chapter is very important)
230 Butcher's Cleaver
231 Brothers Reunion (4000)
232 Brothers' Secret Talk and Trouble (Eight Thousand Characters Chapter)
233 News (6,000-character chapter)
234 The first meeting
235 Changes in Helsing (Second, Two in One)
236 Matthew and Akado (fourth, five, three in one)
237 Blood Queen (four thousand words, more to come)
238 The enemy who invaded Haixin (6,000 words)
239 You will regret it (six thousand words)
240 Self-driving tour (six thousand words)
241 Baba Yagar, Devil in the Forest
242 Less serious car accident
243 The Legend of Merlin
244 The Blood Queen is about to be resurrected
245 Where is Andariel
246 I should be under the car~
247 Doctor? Who?
248 The pinnacle of heroes, the strongest under the gods!
249 Time and Space Reaper
250 Andariel's Choice
251 Where should Nivi be sent?
252 Original Countermeasures
253 Blood Queen and Vampire
254 The Final Brigade's Final Preparations
253 Casillas Apprenticeship
256 People from the Church
257 How did you bite the black bread with your gums? (7,000-word chapter)
258 The debate between the priest and the witch about the Lord
259 Volusk's Tenderness (Chapter 7,000)
260 The curtain of war!
261 Silence
262 The gate of hell
263 Changes in the Battle Situation
264 Cybermen
I can't take it anymore, let me rest
266 Imperius
267 Destiny
268 The Swordsman Tower!
269 ??I don't even know where the end of the universe is
270 Help Us! Doctor!
271 Gabriel and Mephisto's Avatar
272 Will of Maxwell
273 Beheading
274 I am human
275 Weeping Angel
276 Devil! Fuck! Devil
277 Cassius has a unique battle cry skill
278 Deception?
279 The River of Blood and Courage!
280 Lamp Ring!
281 Baal's Heart Is Unmoved
282 The world needs an upgrade
283 Death Comes!
284 The Purpose of the Creation God
285 Mephisto
286 Get the rules! (8,000-character chapter)
287 return
288 The Disappearing Mephisto
289 Thanos is determined to offer a gift for death
290 Gift of the Time Lord (11,000-character chapter)
291 Nick Fury lost another life double (swastika)
292 The God of Fear and the Heavenly Hammer
293 Man's Revenge against God!
294 The Fall of Asgard
295 Craig Hollis (swastika)
296 Leoric's Recovery (Swastika Chapter)
297 The Destroyer
298 The performance of Tyr the Destroyer
299 The Heart of Death
300 The Two Hell Demon Kings Do Nothing in Hell
301 In order to explore the secret of Kim Byeong
302 To send Bulkesuo to the rank of gods!
303 Three Ways to Become a God
304 Kim, who works for Diablo, looks like a fool (swastika)
305 Iron Man is Upgrading
306 Hatred and the Red Giant and the Sky Hammer
307 Breaking open the gates of hell
308 Duriel and the Three Demons
309 Tyrael and Justice
310 How Mismatched Destiny Is! (Big Chapter)
311 Hope and the Condition of Another World
312 The Archangel Who Became Human (Swastika Chapter)
New month's debt and debt repayment
Chapter 313 Diablo got help
314 Johanna's Message and Dr. Manhattan
315 The Immortal King and the Name of Bulkesso (Swastika Chapter)
316 The strangeness in the dark soul stone (big chapter)
317 Hi Hydra? (Swastika)
318 The missing person appears
319 Liz Salman (Swastika Chapter)
320 A new festival must have a reason
321 Hulk, Red Giant, Harpy (11,000 characters)
322 The high-level heaven is coming!
323 Burning Hell! The Reunion of Johanna and Bourkessel (Swastika Chapter)
324 Farewell to Death
325 The Skeleton King is not the king of skeletons!
326 Sister and Younger Brother Full of Unexpected Recognition
327 Festival Activities
328 A Different Secret Realm! The Battle of Harrogath!
329 The Weird Brain Circuit
330 The Story of Vader and the Conspiracy of the Demon King of Hell!
331 The Souls of Warriors Jorez and Rorschach
332 Two Ancient Nephalem Ghosts
333 The Warriors End! The Legend Returns! (The 4D Chapter)
334 Farewell to Death! The Unfolding Mystery! (Big Chapter)
335 The flames of war are ignited!
336 A Forgotten Soul
337 The Noble Barbarian Kanai! (Swastika Chapter)
338 Another Victim is Leia! (Swastika Chapter)
339 Maddock's Wisdom and Bear's Will!
340 I Redeemed You! (The 4D Chapter)
341 Jotun Kuller's harvest is strong! (Swastika Chapter)
342 The Lady of Pleasure and the Conqueror
343 The Big Smoke That Suddenly Appeared (Today's Guarantee)
344 Auriel's Conditions
The new January debt and debt repayment situation and some gossip from the stupid author
345 Weakness does not refer to strength (guarantee)
346 Conqueror is not very popular (guaranteed)
347 Hulk Wronged Like a Child (Low Profile Guarantee)
348 Qualkek's Rest
349 The Warrior's Faith (9,000 Characters)
350 Do you want to upgrade gems? Jokes with the Crusaders (swastika)
351 Chaos in the World
352 The Last Guardian of Tradition and the Past
353 Wayne and Tony's First Official Communication
354 Noble sacrifice is the privilege of the strong
355 S.H.I.E.L.D. has an extra money thief (6,000 characters guaranteed)
356 Do it first, then say it! (Almost 4000 characters)
357 Nick Fury is a professional
358 I am the death of two worlds
359 Raiko and Canuck
360 Courage and Hope
361 Two Burkesso (guaranteed, follow-up)
362 The Last Buck Burkesso!
363 Funny Sky Hammer, Funny Banner and Hulk
364 Death is not the life of two worlds! (6,000 characters guaranteed)
365 Awkward Meeting
366 Life Stand-in? It's a dead doll!
367 S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Elevator May Be Cursed (Eight Thousand Characters Chapter)
368 Nick Fury's Desire to Control
369 The Time Stone does not fit in a backpack
370 Rasma and Marthael (low profile guarantee)
371 Du Tianling (four thousand words, more to come)
372 The Confrontation in the Burning Hell!
373 Personality of the Righteous Archangel (guarantee)
374 God! There will be no bloodshed! (Low-end guarantee)
375 Nephalem! (Guarantee, follow-up!)
376 The Ancient Monk! Vandaloni!
377 Our Lady of Grace! Save us! Go (guarantee, more to come)
378 Our Lady of Grace! Save us! Next
379 The Immortal King! Part 1 (more to come)
380 The Immortal King! Next
381 Choice! (guaranteed, follow-up)
382 Rescue
383 Nick Fury
384 A Sudden Reunion
385 Diablo's Tail (More to come)
386 There is always something new in the change of the world
387 Everyone is smart, so who is stupid? (More to come)
388 Karasim's Change
389 The King of Plague Is Not the Disease (Low-end Guarantee)
A new month of debt repayments and a thank you list and some gossip
390 Ozil and Izuel (guaranteed)
391 Agents are suspicious and hostile (guarantee, more to come)
392 Unlimited
393 Maddock's Wonderful Parable (guarantee, follow-up)
394 Dread Cast Iron - Klick's Prize
395 Justice! Victory!
396 Rasuk's Small Gift (Low-end Guarantee)
397 Constantine is a good man (guarantee, follow-up)
398 Trouble
399 Marthael dares to speak (guarantee)
400 Battle situation, Zanum, and conversations in S.H.I.E.L.D. (7,000 words guaranteed, more to come
401 The black pot is coming to Nick Fury's head
402 Victor Von Doom (to follow)
403 Ytherael is annoying
404 Constantine Pit People (Following up)
405 Backstage at Midnight
406 Merlin intends to do a personal trade
407 Red Captain America Bucky Barnes Tank
408 Jotun Cooler is a cool guy
409 The soil on the moon cannot grow vegetables
410 Dr. Doom gets into trouble
411 Old Silver Coins and Smelly Pomegranate (more on this later)
412 Conflict
413 Colson is broken (more to come)
414 The Silent Visit of the Weeping Angel
415 Stories from the Mouth of Death (More to come)
416 The Unlucky One Who Traveled Through Time Twice
417 Courage and Raiko! (More to come)
418 Raiko's Will
419 Constantine is good at win-win (more to come)
420 Sonya and Hope Chatting
421 The Wolverine that Nick Fury wanted (more to come)
422 Spider-Man's Influence
423 Ancestor's Secret Words (more to come)
424 Leisure on the Holy Mountain
425 The Sword of Retribution! (More to come)
426 Johanna's Defense and Influence with Love
427 I just want to fight! (More to come)
428 Coulson was arranged clearly
429 Akarat is on! (More to come)
430 Methods of Recycling and Reusing Garbage
431 There are loopholes in the fair dueling arena (there will be more in the future)
432 A group of people has a lot of ideas
433 The Human Watcher who finally showed his demeanor
434 Logan Plans to Retaliate Against the Guest
New Monthly Debt and Acknowledgments List
435 Constantine once had a dream (and more)
436 Auriel's Harvest
437 Now it's my turn, my brother! (More to come)
438 Boredom in Gossip
439 Diablo in action, Tyrael watching (more to come)
440 The Xeons! Uldyssian!
441 China's First Sword! (More to come)
442 The Unlucky One Is The One Who Pays First
443 The Minimum of Courage (More to come)
444 The Weird Inprius and the Weird Raiko
445 Courage Unclaimed Mercy! (More to come)
446 Your name
447 Maddock seems to be going to burn hell? (More to come)
448 486,913 wins and 2 losses!
449 The Conqueror's Recovery and Luke's Heart (more to come)
450 Successor Sword Saint Kahn
451 The battle came to an abrupt end (more to come)
452 Self-deprecating
453 The strongest in the world is definitely anesthesia (more to come)
454 The Day of Fear, the Night of Painful Pain
455 If you live, there is a future (more to come)
456 Science is the primary productive force
457 Constantine also loses his composure
458 No One Can Kill Death! (More to come)
459 Tyrael, the Archangel of Wisdom Full of Death, Has Not Resurrected
460 The next goal, the Prius! (More to come)
461 Defend the Universe!
462 Rumlow's question has been answered (more to come)
463 Norman Osborn's Prayer
464 After Mastering Destruction, Which Profession Is More Suitable? (More to come)
465 water
466 S.H.I.E.L.D. is always a troublesome whirlpool (more to come)
467 Grumpy Brother and Grumpy Older Sisters
468 Punisher and Cyclops (more to come)
469 The accident or the story depends on who the protagonist is
470 The Helmet Strong Man Chasing Ninjas (More to come)
471 Doctor Voodoo
472 Types of Answers Nick Fury Doesn't Like (more on this later)
473 A negotiation without a result
474 There is Never Only One Sad Existence
475 Two people who like to laugh (more to come)
476 Ytherael and Tyrael's Reunion
477 Zul and the Witch Doctor (more to come)
478 The Calculations of Marthael and Rasma
479 Karn's Unforced Invitation (More to come)
480 Constantine, who is getting closer to the truth
481 Truth Guessing Conference
482 Dishonorable Quarrel Shows Ugly
483 Clown (Follow up)
484 Kahn takes Craig and Batman goes to see the Joker
485 The Joker and Batman (probably more)
486 The Clown Who Doesn't Laugh
487 The first confrontation between the new justice and the new lie (more to come)
488 Before contacting Nazpo
489 The meaning of the high-level iron law of heaven (more to come)
490 Battle in the Wreck of the World
491 Inarius' Legacy!
New month's plan and debt repayment this month and some gossip and thanks
492 Two Crows
493 Odin and Frigga and Loki
494 Truth Seminar
495 Battle in Sanctuary Escalates!
496 Father and Son
497 Destruction Demon God Baal and Doom
498 The Fantastic Four Are Watching Dr. Doom Suffer
499 Messy Meeting (More to come)
500 Unlimited Cages!
501 The Joker's Joke (More to come)
502 The confrontation of wills often becomes a little weird
503 Activated Cosmic Cube
504 Odin and Diablo
505 The Wisdom of the Mage and the Confrontation of Wisdom (more to come)
506 Li Min! What limits your power!?
507 In Action
508 An angel came across the portal (more to come)
509 Mechanized Angel
510 Reed's Creation (more to come)
511 In battle
512 Jotun Cooler and Merlin
513 Weishan Emperor and the Three Patriarchs
514 Infinite is gradually awakening
515 Confrontation! Time's Will Comes!
516 hours
517 Capture Time! Merlin's True Color!
518 Inarius' Choice!
519 Tyrael's Engraved Message
520 Ozil's Choice
521 Ozil's Disappearance
522 The Fantastic Four Arrives
523 The clown obsessed with the auditorium
524 The Breath of Uldyssian!
525 About Dreams!
526 Odin's Rhythm! The Spear That Permeates All!
527 Thor's Hesitation
528 The Madness of the Time Lord!
April owes more situation (failed to pay debts) and thanks (a sad expression)
Chapter 529: The Not-So-Fantastic First Meeting of the Agent of Death and Wolverine
530 Who will come in the stalemate?
531 Firebats! Lilith's sudden enlightenment!
532 The Incarnation of Tageo! The first set of legends for the Necromancer!
533 Weishandi's Worries
534 Dr. Manhattan in Balance
535 Death requires the presence of Dr. Manhattan
536 The agent of death needs to feel death first
537 Calju: Now the Holy Mountain is closed! No one wants to go out!
538 Battle Master Calju!
539 Result that Caljushan can accept
540 The Scum and the Scientist's Contract
541 An Adventurous Action
542 The Contract Begins to Be Executed
543 The Power Easily Handed Over to Batman
544 The Shattered Authority of Lies!
545 The Conflict of Two Demon Gods
546 Care in Baal's Shadow
547 S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Seems to be a Cursed Position
548 Indications to the native gods
549 Double the Battle Cry, Double the Fury
550 Become Nephalem!
551 Who cares if Constantine really swells
552 Visiting Tony's Giants
553 Tony's so-called surprise is more like bragging joy
554 Friends who know how to protect friends
555 Manhattan is falling into the grip of death!
556 God Is Dead!
557 The Fantastic Four have encountered something again, and the Stone Man has become accustomed to
558 Death's Revenge Plan has turned a new page!
559 Jorez and Baal's Friendship
Summary and debt increase in May (still failed to repay the debt) and thanks
560 The barbarians who suddenly arrived in the burning hell (more to come)
561 More than just a shock from the burning hell!
562 Infinite Ending (More to come)
563 Dr. Manhattan's Super Efficiency
564 Death is as arrogant as eternity!
565 Volusk and Kanai and Kanai's Box (more to come)
566 I am Vorusk, your immortal king!
567 Different Ideas (more to come)
568 Kanai's Box!
569 Give Hope and Courage the favors in exchange for shutting them up!
570 Volusk's Hostility (more to come)
571 Cassius and the Fist of Volusk
572 The Meeting Full of Contradictions
573 Processing (more to come)
574 Lecco Is Ready?
575 The True Face of Baal (More to come)
576 Recruiting Norman Osborn
577 Welcome Dr. Doom to Buster House
578 Batman's Gotham City
579 Canuck's Wish Comes True
580 The Poison King Joriz!
581 Take the Shadow Fang!
582 Diablo Appears Behind Burkesso!
583 The position of the three ancestors (more to come)
584 What is the purpose?
585 The Barbarian Ancestor!
586 Who is real and who is fake? (More to come)
587 The True Face of the First Nephalem!
588 Diablo's Weakness
589 Sonya's Dissatisfaction
590 Fill the world with love (more to come)
591 What the first ancestors did
592 An Ancestor Who Looks Serious May Be Not Serious
593 The Death of Anda Kurgas
594 The barbarian who brought irreversible damage to the Demon King of Hell
595 Diablo's Message
596 Before the strongest falls, young people will never lose their future!
597 Spoiler Constantine is a Nephalem
598 Auriel, who appears like a mechanical seance, has no bad intentions
599 Diablo wants to talk
600 The one who really has the power to save the world is the devil of hell
June Situation and Acknowledgements
601 Talk to the Dreadlord about dreams
602 Diablo, the dark soul stone is your eternal home
603 Fuck this contract! How come there are thorns!
604 How bad can a midlife crisis be?
605 Captain Marvel and Thanos? This is Thanos?
606 Changes brought by the Shadowfang
607 A Projection That Sneaks Over
608 The Last Treasure of Volusk
609 The way to procrastinate is! Acting!
610 The type of hero that children like seems to have changed the trend?
611 Robin is a high-risk job, and no one even avenges them
612 Batman's identity is a secret, and the secret is well known.
613 Questions and Answers and the Ancestors Plan to Do a Big Thing
614 Attempts to resurrect Leoric, although no one is sure.
615 Some Unbelievable Changes
616 Perhaps the last goodbye, Kanai and Vorusk and Jotun Kuller!
617 Welcome again! Diablo!
618 Leoric seems to have made a choice
619 There is something wrong with the returned King Xian
620 The Awakened Rorschach
621 The message from Dracula and the deep meaning in Baal's words!
622 Spider-Man and Keyboard Man seem a bit similar?
623 Spider-Man stumbles across something that might be awesome
624 Constantine likes Wolverine, not the kind
625 The Devil Has a Foothold in the World
626 I can't find the root cause
627 The Demon's New Meaning to the World
628 Knock on Hell's Observation Window!
629 Paranoid, stubborn, and a fool on the edge of madness
630 Nick Fury convinced Natasha, maybe Natasha figured it out?
631 Dirty makes the black beauty suddenly appear
632 There is also a level suppression for lunatics?
Arrears in July
633 Harley Quinn threw herself in the snow without saying anything
634 Diablo is my granddaughter? It's quite exciting to think about it.
635 Leoric's intended contribution, and Leoric's obsession!
636 Nick Fury's Chill
637 This bitch is not a good person!
638 Amanda Waller
639 Amanda Waller's current staff
640 Constantine's lover is everywhere, human or not
641 Nick Fury and Leoric
642 Humans Don't Become Monkeys!
643 The devil is like that anyway, we have to do some other preparations
644 The Legend of the SHIELD Elevator
645 An Unpleasant Interest Exchange
646 The average American cannot understand
647 Constantine's stage is set and he is about to start his performance
648 Constantine's Occupation as Nephalem
649 Get started
650 Humanoid self-propelled and flying lighter Human Torch Johnny
651 The mess after arriving at Sweet Dream Prison
652 Harley Quetzel and Leoric
653 A group of warriors in the prison of sweet dreams beat the devil
654 The Ghost of the Elite Overlord is a little troublesome
655 Who is more treacherous than whom?
656 Wayne's Squad Encountered a Demon
657 Wayne's Forced Fleeing Squad and the Unfortunate Bloody Movement
658 Amanda Waller heart as black as skin
659 The defense line at the center is under construction
660 Craig's Thunder Fist!
661 Controversy and verification of hammer position
662 The Chief Demon's Breath and the Rat of Shadows
663 Hammer and Hamelin, the legendary monk who made Azmodan fear!
664 The Cruelty Named Pity!
665 Two stubborn people don't know how many times they repeat the past
666 The Conversation between the First Ancestor and Sonya
667 An indistinguishable story from the mouth of the first ancestor!
668 The story of the first ancestor, what is the immortal king!
669 The long-time observer is a Prius!
670 Racing bet! The final chapter is ready to announce!
671 The Wise and Constantine? Or the Stone and Constantine?
672 Wayne came back with the devil, but unfortunately there is no fried chicken
673 Uninvited Guest Constantine
674 Everyone is very dangerous and nervous
675 Harrogath of Burkeseau
676 Banar prepares for the worst!
677 Try to maintain a fair and unfair battle
678 The Barbarian's Trust Is Also Arrogant
679 One Person and One Dog Left in the Temple of the Elders
680 Hope was in Canduras
681 Leoric's troubles come from the top of his head
682 Rasma Appears Quietly
683 Putting power in a cage is not like this!
684 Leoric's Struggle and Rathma's Compromise
685 Unstoppable Footsteps
686 A possibly tacit retreat from each other?
687 Leoric is not weak, just not strong enough
688 There is no righteous executioner in the war
689 Fighting Everywhere
690 The Supporters of SHIELD's Offensive and Defensive Battle
691 The Wonderful Example of Rasma
692 Rasma's Past
693 The people who disappeared in the chaos are being speculated
694 Constantine and Doctor Voodoo
695 Alanya Spider Queen Prepares for Battle
696 Constantine's entrapment of teammates is not necessarily intentional
697 The Tricky Battle Situation Full of Calculations
698 Under mutual calculations, who is most likely to be the winner!?
699 The Arrival Angel and the Truth from Ozil's Mouth
700 God to God! Man to Man!
701 Means of endless battles!
702 The zombie monster Constantine at least has the freedom of bad breath
703 The High Priest of the Three Gods! The Return of Lucien, the Son of Hatred!
704 Is this devil really that stupid? Is he still acting?
705 Ignorance Is Lucien’s Authority
706 Lucien finally got his chance!
707 Buster House regains its tranquility
708 The Legendary Demon Will Fear and Give Up
Episode 709: The situation in Sweet Dream Prison is basically subsided
710 The Archangel and Rasma's Deal
711 Jotun Kuhler's Probe into Bourkessel's Possible Holes
712 Wisdom is in action, and destiny is waiting for recovery!
713 Maybe this is fate!
714 The specific goal of death and the coming of destiny
715 The Skeleton King Sitting On His Throne
716 Deciding the right to speak by force! And revenge! Six thousand words)
717 A calculation that leaves Bourkesso with no choice!
718 Constantine is definitely in a separate taxonomy!
719 The mystery still exists, but the truth is approaching!
720 Reading news and newspapers requires critical thinking
721 Suffering is not far away, it is only invisible to the naked eye
722 Inarius hates fate but is powerless
October and arrears report
723 The words of fate will make you listen
724 Inarius is a loving father, but fate is not!
725 Nick Fury's Conjecture and Black Bolt's Warning!
726 The Purpose and Mercy of Death!
727 The Guardian of Humanity Will Change His Original Mind
728 The Gift of Death
729 The Long-lost Holy Mountain Is Trying to Be Lively
730 Want to be strong, Cassius and Coutur
731 Coutul, who likes to smash demons to pieces!
732 Cassius, who doesn't care about winning but has never lost
733 Nick Fury and the Helplessness of S.H.I.E.L.D.
734 Lex Luthor's Bizarro in a jar is motionless
735 Slaughter Pudge!
736 Incinerator Blast and Legend from the Butcher! Incinerator!
737 The mighty and vile butcher and the hero who died in vain
738 Crazy Tu's Proud Despicable!
739 A Temporary Victory Comes with a Painful Price
740 High Heaven Appears in the Eyes of Mortals Again
741 God Will Not Be Troubled, But Man Will
742 A Just Judgment Also Needs a Scale
743 The Tagus Tribe's Bastard Fight Is Like a Festival
744 Hella needs a best surgeon
745 Dr. Strange with a black face
746 A Little Accident in the Operating Room
747 Archangel friends and friends (5,000 words)
748 Quite a lot of interesting news
749 Fastball? Fastball!
The 750 fastball isn't really fast at all
751 The Canduras that makes Coulson feel weird and terrified
752 Vanguard General Calgar and his friends
753 The annoying visitor in front of the gate of the holy mountain
The 754 Hammer is just a one-of-a-kind limited edition sports car
755 Mister Fantastic's Battle Preparation
756 The first demon who began to corrupt human beings recklessly
757 Lucien's Beaten Sudden
758 Soul Reaper Minions Appearing Quietly
759 Not Smart Is Not Stupid
760 Gruchak's Hell's Domain
761 Upheaval! Dude! The drama begins!
762 Attempt to recreate the miracle of the android!
763 Marthael and Rorschach
764 Martha's Hope for Rorschach
765 No one cares, but someone always cares!
766 Lord of the Plains of Despair! Rakanos, King of Despair!
767 Arrival of Lacanos
768 The new power of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Thunderbolts!
769 The Thunder Special Forces Are Preparing For Action
770 Mercy in the hands of Rumlow!
771 The People Who Prepare to Go to the Plain of Despair
772 The Perceived Archangel of Death
773 Lacanos' Lies or Reality?
774 The Rough Slash Is Not Simple
775 Gluchak also counts! Fury reverberates!
776 The King of Despair's Means!
777 Multi-party battle preparations
778 The Truth Revealed Again by Rakanos
779 The Legendary Formation on Tony
780 Crusaders and Lacanos
Chapter 781: The First Meeting of Monk Craig and Rakanos
782 Craig's Resolute Fighting Intent
783 Shattered Seven Stars Endless! Craig's Fighting Style!
784 The God of the Sky! The Mantra of Yin Na, the God of All Gods!
Statistics and thanks in December
Chapter 785: The Rebels Are Main! The Rakanos That Was Taken!
786 Dr. Reed gradually stepped into the abyss
787 Mister Fantastic Planned for the Worst
788 The Legendary Demons Are In Action
789 The Demons Are Not Unanimous
790 The sad hero falls into the devil
791 Dr. Strange to Mr. Strange
792 How Many Opportunities Are Before You Need to Consider
793 The Legend of Li Min! The most important thing in experiments is reproducibility!
794 What's in Leoric?
795 Mature Witcher Constantine
796 Three Ageless Old Guys
797 Those who claim to be gods must be seriously ill!
798 The slightly embarrassed god of the sky
799 The Pressure of the Sky
800 J Jonah Jameson Trust
801 Venom's natural enemy may be the barbarian who can shout
802 Reunion of Lilith and the Origin of Fear!
803 The God-hate Li Min!
804 Are you also banknote capable?
805 Yin Na was defeated by courage!
806 As long as you do something, courage will follow!
807 Message from Marthael to Auriel
808 Under Prius' Armor
809 Why is the mace pink?
810 Hundreds of dollars a month, what are you doing!?
auspicious new year
811 Venom is as cute as a chicken
812 Green Lantern Can't Kill?
813 Sober Mr. Fantastic!
814 Who is the hope on?
January owes and thanks and some gossip
815 Things are a bit bad for humans
816 How to beat a conspiracy theorist?
817 Li Min's game with Kandulas as a chess piece!
818 Li Min's love is one with Bulkesuo!
819 Fanatic of Canduras
820 Amazonian female warrior Cassia/Diana
820 The One Who Loves All Humans
822 The most trustworthy existence among monks
823 War that may break out at any time
824 Another Uncrowned King!
Batman after the 825 upgrade is even more terrible
826 Lex Luthor invited by Leoric
827 Bad News from Harley
828 The Helpless King of Jealousy Vidian
829 Vidian is limited by his own caution
830 The possibility of solving the corruption problem!
831 Completely numb Vidian
832 Li Min's Threat to Leoric!
833 Little House Meeting Full of Disputes
834 Answers That Don't Satisfy Wayne
835 The active human side
836 Yin Na and Li Min
837 Yoon Na Admitting Her Failure
838 Inarius, who was locked in place and said nothing
839 The stubborn and stubborn Inarius tries to keep silent
840 Leoric's Reminder to Vera
841 Assembled members and possible difficulties
842 Auriel and Imprius are a little sincere
843 Vidian never acts rashly
844 trembling heart, trembling hands
845 Who is the enemy to face?
846 Doctor Strange's Doctor Is More Important
847 Constantine is not a good man
848 A little information given by Constantine
849 The power of destiny can be challenged!
850 A pending deal!
851 Brand new suit! Inarius' unfilial son!
852 Stupid Rasma
853 Rasma, who quickly recovers his sanity
854 The Barbarian Returning Home
855 Eating Lemons with a Faceless Challenge
856 Constantine the Salary
857 The Three Immortal Kings
858 The Helplessness and Powerlessness of the First Ancestor
859 Remembrance Day of the First Ancestors
860 The First Ancestor and Farewell to Love
861 Research has yielded preliminary results
862 Frank regains consciousness
863 Before the celebration begins
864 Talking about the present, the future, and Inarius
865 There may also be a misunderstanding in the so-called self
866 A little warmth on the holy mountain
867 Spider-Man Needs Help
868 Vidion Appears Unexpectedly
Still have to take leave
869 Is the Unlucky Devil or Matthew?
870 The Unexpected Visitor Sandra Woods
871 Martial Artist Who Likes to Fight
872 The Battle That Disappointed Lady Shiva
873 Temptation and fairness
874 Ugly Technology Is Technology
875 The past is reflected in the present
876 The Pure and Complex Archangel
877 The three ancestors were frightened
878 The Invincible Swallowing Star Falls Again
The beginning of the 879 celebration must be a joyous one!
880 Celebration begins! Conversation in the Burning Hell!
881 Preparations for the High Heaven
882 The repeated pulling on the high heaven
883 Leoric wants to show his power
884 The game between S.H.I.E.L.D. and Dr. Doom!
885 Extraordinarily lively on the holy mountain
886 Kindness and Hope Are Different
887 The role of the Archangel of Death, Marthael
888 Baal makes a move! Fight!
889 Jorez and Ulena's Escape Battle!
890 The whereabouts of Jorez, the king of poison, are unknown!
891 What the King of Jealousy is really good at is the fight on the next gram!
892 Dracula's trump card
893 Action under Baal's Persecution!
894 Angel Diesh and the legendary one-handed sword are separated!
895 Angel Diesh and Lex Luthor!
896 Very Embarrassed Diesh
897 The Special Features of the Jealous King!
898 The First Legacy of the Venomous King!
899 Nick Fury is going to do something big!
900 Steel bones were almost crippled
901 Nick Fury and Amanda Waller are working together!
902 Lex Luthor's Choice
903 Nick Fury's succession of visitors
904 One-sided truth and seemingly doomed accident
905 Tony proposes a new candidate
906 Nephalem's Helplessness
907 Being bored on the holy mountain is a terrible thing
908 Who is the alien among the three ancestors?
909 The chat between Marthael and Ulena!
910 Unexpected Situations in High Heaven
911 The complicated relationship between the three parties
912 Rasma the not so smart
913 news about swallowing stars
914 A hapless man who tried to steal something from Li Min
915 Cooperation under Li Min's Intimidation
916 Tony's experiment progress!
917 The corpse that tells wicked jokes is talking
918 Demon's tentative first round of offensive!
919 Always the Kings of the Sublime!
920 The King of Jealousy and the King of Despair!
921 Did you peek at my tablet before!?
922 Reunion in High Heaven!
923 The Tragedy of Massail
924 Massail who was trampled underfoot!
925 The Mages of Kama Taj
May owe report, and a little gossip
926 Wayne's Superhero Collection Project
927 The Drink of Two Sea Kings
928 Cooperation by accident
929 Atlantis' Choice!
930 Barr, a guest at Harrogath
931 Bulkesso in a state of irritability
932 Balancing the Archangel's Retention and Embarrassment
933 The sincere help of the archangel is not necessarily harmless!
934 The tacit understanding like a nesting doll
935 Inarius' new body
936 Battle according to barbarian customs
937 Karn still has a special status among the three ancestors
938 Burning Hell in Action
939 The so-called truth
940 Treat yourself as an angler's bait
941 The Predator Who Wants to Eat Bait Below the Surface!
942 Lacanos, who failed
943 Hope lasts forever, just vague
944 Lacanos being manipulated like a clown
945 The tragic Vidian is used to compromise
946 The Justice League Witnessing What Barbarians Are
947 Hatred? Irrelevant!
948 A new line of defense at Bast's Tower!
949 The World Security Council is a thing of the past!
950 Some heavy topics
951 The Archangel and the Devil's Taunt!
952 Victims are always used to sacrifice
953 Who is really stupid? The answer is no!
954 Negotiation? Negotiation! Negotiation!
955 Ythril, who was thoroughly calculated by the barbarians
956 Relaxing Time for Two Immortal Kings
957 The Communication of the Four Archangel
958 Nephalem broke the tacit understanding first!
959 plan? Just start and end!
960 Operation Canduras begins!
961 The Archangel and Death's Hole!
962 Deep Thoughts of the Archangel
963 Rorschach Reappears! The Leftover Justice League!
964 Toxic Authority Sent to Buster Tower
965 Vidian! I found you!
967 The Untold Story of Volusk
968 Volusk's Willfulness and the First Ancestor's Depression
969 The winner is Vidian, but the winner is not free!
970 The Inspiration Both Needed
971 Dr. Doom ties up Nick Fury
972 Justice never goes backwards!
973 The Mutual Performance of Rasma and Marthael!
974 Hope and Tyrael
975 Love!
976 The flame giant has only a chance of two words!
977 Rasma's visit
978 The Secret Between Brothers
979 A Glitch of Intelligence and Mutual Compassion
980 Wisdom is wrong, so who is right?
981 Wonder Woman Battle! Valkyrie!
982 The Corrupted Man!
983 Vidian escapes!
984 The whereabouts of the saber uniform
985 Angel's Noble
986 Volusk at first glance
987 Repairs and new blacksmithing abilities
988 The Cyberman Suit and the Battle of Lex Luthor!
989 Tony Awakened
990 Justice League's Uncharted Journey
991 How the Justice League Fights!
992 Before the Choker Appears!
993 On the way to recovery!
994 The Choker's Raid!
995 The Old Thing Caused by the Choker
996 Shazam's Growth!
997 The end of some anticlimactic
998 The Conversation That Can't Be Enlightened
999 visits
1000 A Peaceful Marthael
1001 The phoenix's costume!
1002 Rasma and Baal's Battle!
1003 Ultron debuts
1004 Leoric's Battle Trap!
1005 The witch is the target of many people
1006 The messy advancement process
1007 Unexpected Meetings and Changes
1008 Rasma escapes!
1009 Troubles always follow
1010 A bunch of people appeared after the battle
1011 Everyone's Statement
1012 Who owes whom?
1013 Gaming and Mutual Threats!
1014 Li Min and the three archangels
1015 Badass!
1016 Archangel in action
1017 Forging and Trading
1018 A sleepless interval requires a restful sleep
1019 Vidian's most thrilling conspiracy!
1020 The source of fear, Lilith!
1021 The blow of abandoning everything! Become an ancestor at this moment! Swing the heavy hammer at
1022 Bad news reaction!
1023 What the Barbarians Know, Vithien Knows Nothing
1024 Stepping into the burning hell's rage on the verge of eruption!
1025 Temporary Sanctuary for the Land of the Dead
1026 Destiny caught up with my own favor
1027 The situation is getting more complicated!
1028 Meaningful Secrets
1029 Sudden Opportunities
1030 Vidian is a frivolous stranger
1031 Communication and exploration come with honesty
1032 Choices and guesses and answers
1033 The Skeleton King who is immortal and immortal says something that is neither yin nor yang
1034 Their plans for the future
1035 Dr. Reed's Outcomes and Programs
1036 Villa with other things to do
1037 Nazbo makes a big discovery on his first night out!
1038 The gap before the next move
1039 The soul fragments that are being ripened!
1040 Arrangement and thoughtfulness!
1041 The reunion of father and son full of games
1042 The Weird Status of Canduras
1043 Prius persuaded
1044 Prepare for a rainy day!
1045 Diesh's Advice and Consolation
1046 The power of Canduras strengthens again
1047 Anti-Batman Suit and Iron Man Out of Control Emergency Plan
1048 The Pull Between Two Smart People
Please leave a note, by the way, tell me the plot
1049 Worry and doubt within trust
1050 Nazbo's new doll!
1051 Discovery in the Burning Hell
1052 Wayne's Plan Begins
1053 Unclear information revealed!
1054 A little story led by Rasma
1055 Destined Vision
1056 A small part of Wayne's plan!
1057 The Beginning of Ultron's Revenge
1058 Ithril's Great Plan!
1059 Omen of War!
1060 The first target to be attacked
1061 Fierce Demon
1062 Drums of Prelude to War
1063 Waiting in a stalemate is a tacit understanding!
1064 Progress on the Human Side
1065 Wayne moves!
1066 The power of the earth!
1067 The fierce battle in the burning hell!
1068 Planned and Unplanned!
1069 Operation after the gear is turned!
1070 Due to the concession of the Prius
1071 Facing Baal's Ythril!
1072 Busy people are mostly tired
1073 Gluchak, smart but not smart enough
1074 Weird Atmosphere
1075 The so-called truth! It's just an eternal surplus!
1076 An exciting show!
1077 Who is the winner this time?
1078 Cage for the Archangel and the Demon God!
1079 Leoric's Thoughts
1080 Vision is born!
1081 Dr. Reed's Phased Achievement!
1082 God and man and me!
1083 Rorschach Returning to the Holy Mountain
1084 Three generations of grandparents and grandchildren
1085 The True Hole Card! Consecration of the Immortal King!
1086 The Unfair Under Fairness
1087 Doctor's New Friend
1088 A Foolish Friend Who Made a Stupid Together
chat and take a day off
1089 Estefan, a name that is always forgotten!
1090 Embarrassment in a Chaotic Situation
1091 Actions that change the order
1092 Changes in the Battle Situation
1093 Marthael expounding
1094 Nick Fury's situation is terrible
1095 Constantine's Waiting and Wayne's Investigation
1096 A tip of the seed of Constantine's grand plan
1097 The Shocking Changes Brought by Auriel!
1098 Hylab and Volusk
Chapter 1098 The Glory of the Soul
1100 Waiting and searching!
1101 Between gaming and trust!
1102 On the journey of time
1103 Unkillable Fear
I will have a follow-up visit today and take a day off.
Chapter 1103 Wayne’s short-term arrangements
Chapter 1104 Awkward Leoric and Gruchak
Chapter 1105 A gift for Aidan
Chapter 1106 Aidan’s doubts
Chapter 1107 The neglected holy mountain!
Chapter 1108: Warusk kills first and plays later!
Chapter 1109 The winner is not necessarily the survivor
Chapter 1110 Bulcasso’s amazing backhand
Chapter 1111 Volusk’s Alternative Plan
Chapter 1112 Fatiguing changes
Chapter 1113 Warusk has only one last move left
Chapter 1114 Predictable results
Chapter 1115 Both sides were stung!
Chapter 1116 Who has a gloomy face?
Chapter 1117 Constantine’s tried and tested method!
Chapter 1118 The beneficiary of the power of hope
Chapter 1119: Harmony Benefits Both
Chapter 1120 There is a process of concealment
Chapter 1121 Fierce battle!
Chapter 1122 The powerful Volusk!
Chapter 1123 The battle escalates!
Chapter 1124 About Bulcasso and Kanai!
Chapter 1125 What the first ancestors did!
Chapter 1126 Random speculations
Chapter 1127 Volusk’s ultimate choice!
Chapter 1128 Ridiculous development!
Chapter 1129 A part of the past that was whitewashed
Chapter 1130 Horrifying collision! Collapse!
Chapter 1131 Wisdom, strength and sacrifice!
Chapter 1132 Malthael was forced to act!
Chapter 1133 A single move affects the whole body!
Chapter 1134 The possibility of taking control of the situation
Chapter 1135 The enraged adults and Kahn who lost his awe
Chapter 1136 One more or one dozen more?
Chapter 1137 Crush and express!
Chapter 1138 Chaotic and weird!
Chapter 1139 Legendary Heavy Weapon! The Immortal King Volusk’s
Chapter 1140 Chain reaction!
Chapter 1141 Pulling!
Chapter 1142 Deadlock!
Chapter 1143 An accident that changes the situation
Chapter 1144 Aidan made a choice!
Chapter 1145 Li Min’s power has changed!
Chapter 1146 Bulcasso’s temporary arrangements!
Chapter 1147 Nephalem Increase Plan
Chapter 1148 Unlucky Trouble Itself
Chapter 1149 A strange atmosphere like chatting
Chapter 1150 Wisdom attempts to explore destiny
Chapter 1151 Weird changes!
Chapter 1152 Clumsy performances can also be useful
Chapter 1153 Wayne’s Eden Project!
Chapter 1154 Doctor Destiny and Destiny!
Chapter 1155 Wayne is in action!
Chapter 1156 Conversation on the Holy Mountain
Chapter 1157 Change and will!
Chapter 1158 Imperius was bypassed
Chapter 1159 Slightly complicated emotions
Chapter 1160 High-level heaven! Inaris!
Chapter 1161 The Angris Council is missing one member!
Chapter 1162 Canduras needs to make a choice!
Chapter 1163 Existing choices and inquiries
Chapter 1164 Who gave whom a choice?
Chapter 1165 Troubles and solutions
Chapter 1166 Past and Hope
Chapter 1167 The appeal of hope
Chapter 1168 Rasma is out of state
Chapter 1169 Cassius’s Teaching Method
Chapter 1170 Rorschach’s Problem
Chapter 1171 Cassius tells a story
Chapter 1172 Hailab’s mood keeps fluctuating!
Chapter 1173 Thinking, Debating and Exploring
Chapter 1174 Archangel Style Meeting
Chapter 1175 Malthael’s use!
Chapter 1176 A game of coincidence!
Chapter 1177 Try to solve the problem
Chapter 1178 Wayne joins the discussion
Chapter 1179: Wayne’s strange performance that completely fell short of his standards
Chapter 1180 About Auriel’s situation
Chapter 1181 Nightmare-like Natsubo!
Chapter 1182 A joint attack without one person!
1184 Leoric announces two things
1185 Suggestions for the next step
Summary of arrears in February
1186 A not easy conversation
1187 The inheritance method of monks
1188 Cassius got what he wanted
1189 Abnormal Hellab
1190 Something is wrong with the sober Banal
1191 Nervous and unlucky Cassius
1192 Happy Hairab
1193 The long-lost peace on the holy mountain
1194 Teaching battle against Sonya
1195 More power for Sonya
1196 The end of teaching
1197 Ancestor spirits amusing each other
1198 The inheritance of the warrior monks is unexpectedly simple
1199 Yin Na and Wu Liena
1200 Don’t be awkward, Archangel!
1201 Tyrell was forced to fall to heaven
1202 Forced to do something Baal
1203 Human experience and wisdom!
1204 A series of contradictions!
1205 A series of calculations!
1206 Powerful combat talent!
1207 S.H.I.E.L.D.’s reluctance
1208 Falcon and Captain and the Howling Commandos
1209 Falcon’s equipment upgrade!
1210 Tyrell and Nick Fury’s meeting!
1211 Nick Fury’s troubles
1212 What Sonya wants and Bulkesso’s troubles!
1213 Two stubborn barbarians
1214 Nick Fury of Change of Plans
1215 Humanity is making preparations!
1216 Leah's Tavern
1217 Nick Fury becomes increasingly distressed
1218 Deadshot’s decision
1219 Nephalem in action
1220 Karazim's Suit Concept
1221 Devil? Devil!
1222 The backlash of Barr’s decision!
1223 Information provided by Auriel
1124 The pressure brought by Tyrael!
1225 Whose plan is this?
1226 Nick Fury’s Game!
1227 Tony is in trouble
1228 Olongus seized the opportunity!
1229 A little entertainment in the tavern
1230 Meeting at the wine table
1232 Between preparations
1233 Due to Prius and Malthael
1234 Arrival of Prius
1235 Legendary Suit Model of Justice!
1236 Treated by Prius
1237 Game between demons and gods
1238 Li Min and Nazbo are waiting
1239 Hope that vague expression
1240 Tony’s disappearance in the secret room
1241 Each other’s plans!
1242 Nick Fury’s Dilemma!
1243 Li Min and Nazbo’s methods!
1244 Li Min and Nazbo’s decision
1245 Go back to the Holy Mountain first
1246 Tony’s dilemma
1247 The face of the legendary helmet Rorschach
1248 Chatting about old times and plans
1249 Nick Fury’s bait plan
1250 We can’t hide our concerns from each other
1251 Constantine and Tyrael!
1252 Planning and Enlightenment
1253 Barbarian Barrier Magic
1254 Hopeful expectations and thoughts!
1255 Unfinished Conqueror Set
1256 A fight under restraint
1257 The meaning of this battle has disappeared
1258 Hyrab’s Glass Cannon!
1259 Clark’s plan
1260 Nick Fury’s preparations
1261 More and more tense and complicated
1262 Final preparations before the rescue operation
1263 The action begins immediately
1264 Battle of La Tovillia
1265 The battle before entering the city
1266 The Importance of Latovilla!
1267 Handover of Canduras
1268 Rasma’s Harvest in the Burning Hell
1269 Raid on Ultron!
1270 The scale of the battle begins to get out of control!
1271 The first archangel to arrive
1272 Constantine's Smile
1273 Constantine in action
1274 Ignore denial and force access
1275 Constantine breaks through the defense line
1276 The sudden turn of events among the archangels!
1277 Multi-party stalemate
1278 The situation takes a strange turn
1279 Constantine’s ring within a ring
1280 Constantine with a strange system
1281 S.H.I.E.L.D. detected an abnormality
1282 Trade-offs and triggering!
1283 Constantine is destined to be the winner!
1284 The smartest brain in the world
1285 Embarrassed Barr
1286 Nephalem’s Attitude and Deterrence
1287 It was a multi-party game from the beginning
1288 Demons are good at dying together
1289 A game of mutual deception
1290 The demonic realm that is about to be crushed
1291 Melted Realm
1292 Aidan takes action!
1293 Aidan’s hunting plan!
1294 Return to Rathma in Latovilia
1295 Tony wakes up
1296 The God Group and Constantine
1297 The Tenjin Group who was sold instantly
1298 Before starting a lot of plans
1299 The Crimson Universe is about to change hands
1300 Casillas' share
1301 Barr’s appearance
1302 The Fall of Ultron!
1303 Archangel fell into a trap!
1304 A chaotic battle is in progress!
1305 Tyrael will not carry courage!
1306 The end of the Archangel of Courage!
1307 Kill the raging demons in the high-level heaven!
1308 The intrigue between demons
1309 The immature Kuang Tu was manipulated
1310 The devil’s ecological environment
1311 Exploiting and being exploited
1312 Losart’s true face!
1313 What’s happening from Ultron’s perspective
1314 Two legends who died together!
1315 Ultron becomes a chess piece!
1316 The shadow of the chess player!
1317 The joy of the victor in Barna!
1318 Results before the performance!
1319 Israel’s death and forced calm!
1320 Baal returns to the Burning Hell
1321 The boring time waiting for Auriel’s arrival
1322 A final request to Auriel
1323 Malthael’s possible revenge
1324 Newton of Newtonian Classical Mechanics
1325 There is always danger under the mercy of the archangel
1326 Next long-term arrangements
1327 About reviving Iprius
1328 Sir Newton's Slow Picture
Update arrears and summary in July
1329 Malthael begins to review
1330 Iron Fist and Legendary Iron Fist
1331 Speculation when information is insufficient
1332 Talisman of bad luck
1333 Rasma is ready to make a move
1334 Textbook of Rasmah Lineage
1335 Successor of Courage and Authority
1336 Temptation full of selfishness
1337 Half Frankness on Both Sides
1338 A battle that seems sure to win
1339 The frustrated divine rune is incompetent and furious
1340 trump card and immediate counterattack
1341 Rasma holding back laughter
1342 The talisman that was confirmed to be destroyed but disappeared
1343 Waste utilization and helplessness
1344 Tony’s pressure and Newton’s advice
1345 A not so smooth communication
1346 Wayne hesitated in confusion
1347 A relieved Wayne and Wu Fengji who made friends
1348 Exploring in the Burning Hell
1349 An unexpected meeting
1350 Indistinguishable pull between true and false
1351 Computing each other one after another
1352 Blood Brothers Vainaz and Alboys
1353 Nervous Hairab
1354 Return of kindness and respect
1355 Rasma’s departure
1356.Unexpected encounter
1357. Cautious Anun Rama
1358.Visitors one after another
1359 The continuation of the game
1360 Everyone who is busy
1361 Rasma’s reminders and thoughts
1362 The Dilemma of Humanity
1363 Meeting of the Legendary Demons
1364 The race war within the devil!
1365 Demonic Melee
1366 The devil’s struggle is extremely complicated!
1367 The King of Plague was angry that his plan was broken.
1368 The third party who gives in and watches
1369 The unlucky guy caught in the accident
1370 Planned contest and accident!
1371 Not good news for the Nephalem
1372 Barr at the macro level
1373 Panic Blood Brothers
1374 Chaos Angels and Demons
1375 Rasma’s brief knowledge sharing
1376 Speculations caused by inexplicable peeping
1377 Tony’s huge psychological pressure
1378 Bad situation and response
1379 Unnecessary worries and panic
1380 Persecution and temptation
1381 Protector and action!
1382 Everyone started taking action
1383 A bunch of things to be resolved
1384 Invitation to top scientists
1385 Rasma takes on a new look
1386 Constantine fell without knowing it
1387 Constantine who became a clown
1388 Something good happens after all
1389 Busy humans keep adding more money
1390 The temporary decision of the mages
1391 Pain is happening
1392 Recognize the gap and Mocott
1393 At least some less bad news
1394 Dr. Doom’s chaotic thoughts
1395 Rumlow and Steve who know how to ask questions
1396 Experienced Nick Fury
1397 Wu Fengji’s request
1398 The possibility of obtaining new power
1399 The so-called freedom and distress
1400 War and worry
1401 Deducing the actions of the archangels
1402 An unexpected surprise
1403 Argument and hesitation
1404 Wayne and Namor
1405 The road to continuous strengthening of strength
1406 Hasty discussions and plans
1407 Rumlow’s determination!
1408 Operation in preparation
1409 Latovilla’s Sincerity
1410 Wu Fengji’s training plan
1411 Malthael is calling
1412 The enlightened Constantine
1413 Difficulties arise one after another
Chapter 1414 Dr. Doom and Wayne
1415 Outbreak
1416 Bystanders in the chaos
1417 Nick Fury’s Blueprint
1418 Nick Fury’s vision
1419 Environmental cleanup in progress
1420 Accident in orderly progress
1421 The young Black Panther is indeed young
1422 Cooperation reached and bad news
1423 Mobilize more power
1424 People who value all this
1425 Some weird kanduras
Chapter 1426 The truly crazy Leoric
Chapter 1427 The haggard-looking Johanna
Chapter 1428 Temporary Gains
Chapter 1429 Reinforcements from High Heaven
Chapter 1430 Who will act according to your plan!
Chapter 1431 People under pressure
Chapter 1432 Wakanda needs to recognize itself
Chapter 1433 Blade Runner and Wayne
Chapter 1434 Constantine’s Miscalculation
Chapter 1435 Continuous temptations
Chapter 1436 Dugan’s suspicion and Nick Fury’s pressure
Chapter 1437 People at the center of the storm
Chapter 1438 The future of mankind is still difficult
Chapter 1439 Wu Fengji’s understanding
Chapter 1440 Concerns and Analysis
Chapter 1441 Rasma’s revelations
Chapter 1442 Doubts and more doubts
Chapter 1443 Ideas to solve the problem
Chapter 1444 The Action Plan of the Thunder Agents
Chapter 1445 'Brothers' under numerous accidents
Chapter 1446 Bizarro’s Guide
Chapter 1447 Not a smooth win-over
Chapter 1448 The unformed visit plan
Chapter 1449 Aidan who is deeply tired
Chapter 1450 The mourners and the results
Chapter 1451 Signs of change
Chapter 1452 Craig’s search operation
Chapter 1453 The Nephalems became nervous
Chapter 1454 Reminder and Kindness
Chapter 1455 The Anxiety of the Justice League
Chapter 1456 The Shadow of Death
Chapter 1457 The Apostle and Agent of Death
Chapter 1458 A troublesome thing
Chapter 1459: Old Fool Zeus
Chapter 1460 Sir Newton’s little thoughts
Chapter 1461 The only remaining question
Chapter 1462 The Beginning of the Hunt for God-Slayer Ger
Chapter 1463 The God-Slayer Gerr is like a piece of grass
Chapter 1464 The living conditions of the dwarves are not ideal
Chapter 1465 The Beginning of Forging
Chapter 1466 Zeus and Sir Newton
Chapter 1467 The critical moment of forging
Chapter 1468 Weird and not-so-weird
Chapter 1469 Thor’s Creation and Power
Chapter 1470 Action and the outbreak of battle!
Chapter 1471 Tyrell blew himself up! This is also part of the plan
Chapter 1472 Malthael’s reverse manipulation
Chapter 1473 How to deal with it and worries
Chapter 1474 The deteriorating sea
Chapter 1475 The Burning Hell begins to move
Chapter 1476 The weird legendary demon
Chapter 1477 Disposal and Farewell
Chapter 1478 The storm that stopped suddenly was just a breeze
Chapter 1479 Problems that keep emerging
Chapter 1480 Danger is coming
Chapter 1481 The news of the impending war has not spread yet
Chapter 1482 The next step
Chapter 1483 Before going deep into the burning hell
Chapter 1484 Prepared for Humanity
Chapter 1485 The strange devil hiding in the dark
Chapter 1486 The 'method' that is difficult to distinguish between true and false!
Chapter 1487 Lilith is recovering
Chapter 1488 Malthael’s embarrassing moment
Chapter 1489: Some details shown
Chapter 1490 Set foot in high-level heaven!
Chapter 1491 Ys and the original witch doctor
Chapter 1492 A sudden but not unexpected war begins
Chapter 1493 The battle outside the sanctuary
Chapter 1494 The beholder encounters Karasim
Chapter 1495 Death’s Difficult Intelligence
Chapter 1496 Some weird Li Min
Chapter 1497 Weird Development
Chapter 1498 The real plan!
Chapter 1499 Malthael is constantly testing intelligence
Chapter 1500 The other side of Malthael
Chapter 1501 I don’t know how candid it is
Chapter 1502 Li Min’s notice and battle situation
Chapter 1503 The clown and a couple
Chapter 1504 Bulcaisuo’s back-up plan and Canduras
Chapter 1505 Sonya as support
Chapter 1506 The key to Wayne’s plan
Chapter 1507 The Beginning of Wayne’s Grand Plan
Chapter 1508 Special Clark
Chapter 1509 What Clark will do next
Chapter 1510
Chapter 1511 The last exchange with Malthael
Chapter 1512 The Seventh Infinity Stone
Chapter 1513 Chilling Thoughts
Chapter 1514 It may be a calculation that existed from the beginning
Chapter 1515 Who will play first?
Chapter 1516 Acting under the attention of Malthael
Chapter 1517 Malthael’s Changes
Chapter 1518 Death on the other side
Chapter 1519 Death is declared out
Chapter 1520 Meeting in the Burning Hell
Chapter 1521 As thorough as reminiscing about old times
Chapter 1522 Weirdness and Testing Destiny
Chapter 1523 The clown whose consciousness has been blocked
Chapter 1524 There are still problems in the follow-up
Chapter 1525 Li Min’s reminder
Chapter 1526 Sithorn died calmly
Chapter 1527 Naer was beaten violently
Chapter 1528 Gnar is dead
Chapter 1529 Entanglement, possibility and opportunity
Chapter 1530 Tony and Wayne faced a choice
Chapter 1531 Method to solve the problem
Chapter 1532 The battle breaks out
Chapter 1533 Discovery during the fierce battle
Chapter 1534 The baron dies and the devil is born
Chapter 1535 'Dad's Good Son' Demon God
Chapter 1536 The world is in a hurry
Chapter 1537 The Demon God of the Whole
Chapter 1538 Entering the next stage of fighting
Chapter 1539 Reinforced Defense Lines and Worries
Chapter 1540 Force and Means
Chapter 1541 The Lost Malthael
Chapter 1542 Chilling Voice
Chapter 1543: Is there any hope of survival in a desperate situation?
Chapter 1544 Nested Spaces and Plans
Chapter 1545 Completely filled with worries
Chapter 1546 Struggle under despair
Chapter 1547 Game and Performance
Chapter 1548 A drastic change!
1549 Malthael’s Dilemma
Chapter 1550 A somewhat embarrassed Malthael
Chapter 1551 More like gods and more like humans
Chapter 1552 Before the chaos ends
Chapter 1553 The disappeared clone of Malthael
Chapter 1554 Malthael’s clone was played with by applause
Chapter 1555 Malthael’s doubts
Chapter 1556 Dispersion and Calm
Chapter 1557 Arrangement and Processing
Chapter 1558 Worry and Relief
Chapter 1559 The meeting between Malthael and Nazebo
Chapter 1560 Clark who was underestimated by Malthael
Chapter 1561 The Intervenor in the Shadows
Chapter 1562 Mutual temptation and unresolved
Chapter 1563 Sudden! Change! Trigger!
Chapter 1564 The gentle Bizarro is strange
Chapter 1565 The location of wisdom and authority
Chapter 1566 Embarrassment and Waiting and Seeing
Chapter 1567 The Eternals are so easy to use
Chapter 1568 The Eternals are just masterless dolls
Chapter 1569 Choice and the Gradually Clarifying State of Affairs
Chapter 1570 Conspiracy and relatives
Chapter 1571 Action and Investigation
Chapter 1572 The game between Constantine and S.H.I.E.L.D.
Chapter 1573 Weirdness and seemingly seeing through
Chapter 1574 Changes and Sharing and Retention
Chapter 1575 Guesses and Suspicions
Chapter 1576 Time is not on anyone’s side
Chapter 1577 Questions and Clues
Chapter 1578: Is it smart to pass the buck?
Chapter 1579 Sincerity with no sincerity
Chapter 1580 Nemesis and Constantine
Chapter 1581 Malthael’s true power
Chapter 1581 The truth? Unwavering doubt
Chapter 1582 The desperate face under this compromise
Chapter 1583 Not frank enough
Chapter 1584 The Actions of Ancient Nephalem Souls
Chapter 1585 A cruel and tortured battle
Chapter 1586 Ridiculing and rearranging ideas
Chapter 1587 Leoric and Lakis I
Chapter 1588 The encounter between Ursh and Inaris
Chapter 1589 Malthael and Bulkatho
Chapter 1590 Malthael trying to delay time
Chapter 1591 Intelligent Curiosity
Chapter 1592 The power of the masterless iron fist
Chapter 1593 Orek’s Secret Adventure
Chapter 1594 Orek’s secret experience
Chapter 1595 Ursh’s secret exploration
Chapter 1596 Collision of ideas and dangerous guesses
Chapter 1597 New plans and actions
Chapter 1598 Shock and Tiredness
Chapter 1599 The World and Wisdom
Chapter 1600 The identity is Vasily!
Chapter 1601 Vasily and Orek
Chapter 1602 The confusing past
Chapter 1603 The sudden fear in Vasily’s heart
Chapter 1604 Impact Action!
Chapter 1605 Constantine’s prepared backup plan in advance
Chapter 1606 Inaris and Inaris who don’t mind exposing information
Chapter 1607: Comprehensive alert based on intelligence
Chapter 1608 The end of the meeting and the sudden battle
Chapter 1609 Deteriorating situation, bad news
Chapter 1610 Cassius’s Audition
Chapter 1611 The Weird Pantheon and Thanos
Chapter 1612 Constantine thinks he is going to die
Chapter 1613 Life passes and soul emerges
Chapter 1614 Ursh and Vasily returning home
Chapter 1615 Death in the sense of life
Chapter 1616 The second miracle that Constantine longed for
Chapter 1617 The smile called 'The Wanderer Returns Home'
Chapter 1618 Family Reunion and Ignorance
Chapter 1619 The “true” face of the Pantheon
Chapter 1620 Discovery in the Pantheon
Chapter 1621 The Confrontation between Action and Burning Hell
Chapter 1622 Awakening and wavering
Chapter 1623 Orek’s desperate situation
Chapter 1624 Change is a trap
Chapter 1625 Decision and one step behind
Chapter 1626 Details and accidents
Chapter 1627 Sir Newton’s achievements appear
Chapter 1628 Sir Newton’s Creation and Ambition
Chapter 1629 An opportunity to clean up the environment!
Chapter 1630 Vasily’s final decision
Chapter 1631 Thoughts and Powerlessness
Chapter 1632 Lilith and Inaris
Chapter 1633 Constantine’s debt of gratitude
Chapter 1634 Favorites and battle mysteries
Chapter 1635 Nephalem should love Vasily
Chapter 1636 The changes in Malthael and Bulkatho
Chapter 1637 The eager Constantine and the tired man
Chapter 1638 The beginning of an extremely dangerous attempt
Chapter 1639 The sudden appearance of the field
Chapter 1640 Long-term plan and detected changes