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Taihuang Tianshou Jue

Taihuang Tianshou Jue

author:iron horse flying bridge

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-12 11:43

Latest chapter:Chapter 3596 The Spirit of Divine Eyes

Both heaven and earth are spiritual, and all things are stubborn. There is no name for the beginning of heaven and earth, and the name for the mother of all things. This is the heaven-swallowing divine cauldron, which can condense crops and absorb the hearts of the eight wastelands. With this cauldron, it can swallow the four seas and accommodate the eight wastelands... A generation of evil gods, The road to the sky! Follow the WeChat public account search: 'Iron Horse Flying Bridge' and click to follow. There will be updates on the plot from time to time! Announce a group number: 224382518

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《Taihuang Tianshou Jue》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 3596 The Spirit of Divine Eyes
Chapter 3595 The Eye of Death
Chapter 3594 The Arm of Gods and Demons
Chapter 3593 All trump cards revealed
Chapter 3592 The Blue Fall of the Sword
Chapter 3591 Shenyan Dao Fruit
Chapter 3590 Twelve Swords
Chapter 3589 The Ancient Family
Chapter 3588: Kill another person
《Taihuang Tianshou Jue》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Broth
Chapter two
Chapter 3 Noisy
Chapter 4 Spirit Element
Chapter 5 Turn Your Face and Don't Recognize People
Chapter 6 Psychedelic Dispersion
Chapter 7 Blood Rainbow Sword Technique
Chapter 8 Alchemy
Chapter 9 Landslides
Chapter 10 Refiners
Chapter Eleven Let It Go
Chapter Twelve Expose Lies
Chapter Thirteen The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 14 The Hundred Demons Association
Chapter 15 Calling You Wild Dog
Chapter Sixteen
Chapter 17 Fighting Beasts
Chapter 18 Slap in the face one after another
Chapter 19 The Big Gamble
Chapter 20 Shocking Reversal
Chapter 21 Gorgeous Counterattack
Chapter 22 Blackmail
Chapter 23 Complete Break
Chapter 24: The Eighth Layer of the Day After Tomorrow
Chapter 25 Not for sale
Chapter 26 Coercion
Chapter 27 Tear up the marriage contract
Chapter twenty-eight wind and clouds
Chapter 29 Innate Realm
Chapter 30 Mysterious Formation
Chapter 31 Innate Double Layer
Chapter 32 The Danger of Formation
Chapter 33 Mineral Crisis
Chapter 34 Swallowing things into spirits
Chapter 35: Qifeng Gorge
Chapter 36: The Power of Ghost Eyes
Chapter 37 Conspiracy
Chapter 38 Serial Killing Plan
Chapter 39 Moon Darkness Killing Eve
Chapter 40: Innate Threefold
Chapter 41 Spike
Chapter 42 The change in the camp
Chapter 43: Take it easy
Chapter 44 Three Swords
Chapter 45 Array
Chapter 46 Pavilion Master
Chapter 47 Investigation Team
Chapter 48 Confrontation
Chapter 49 Things Reverse
Chapter 50 Golden Soul Sea
Chapter 51 The mysterious man in black
Chapter 52 Yuanyang Dan
Chapter 53: On Dan
Chapter 54 Zuo Hong
Chapter 55 What kind of onion are you?
Chapter 56: Broken Painting
Chapter fifty-seven crazy face slaps
Chapter 58 Tigers descend the mountain
Chapter 59 Sword Intent
Chapter 60 Making things difficult
Chapter 61 Rhetorical Questions
Chapter 62 Anti-slap in the face
Chapter 63: Four Pills
Chapter 64 Ranking
Chapter sixty-fifth medicine identification first
Chapter 66 Kneel down for me
Chapter 67 Full marks
Chapter 68 Threats
Chapter 69 Changes in Seedlings
Chapter 70: The Vision of Dansheng
Chapter 71 Golden Elixir
Chapter 72 Leveraging Strength
Chapter 73 Life and death fight
Chapter 74 This is impossible
Chapter 75 Sword Intent Pervades
Chapter 76: Innate Fourfold
Chapter 77 Late night battle
Chapter 78: Killing the Marrow Washing Realm
Chapter 79 Undercurrent surging
Chapter 80: Family Crisis
Chapter 81: Innocent Return
Chapter 82: Massacre
Chapter 83 Chopping melons and vegetables
Chapter 84 Beheaded
Chapter 85: Moving Clouds and Flowing Water
Chapter 86 The sky has changed
Chapter 87 Aoki Lore Array
Chapter 88: Driving Tigers and Wolves
Chapter 89: A One Year Covenant
Chapter 90 Tyrant Fist
Chapter 91 San Gong Liquid
Chapter 92 Full of flaws
Chapter 93 Surrounding
Chapter 94: The Dead Army
Chapter 95: All the cards are out
Chapter 96 The Two Colleges
Chapter 97 The assessment begins
Chapter 98 Who asked you to do this
Chapter ninety-ninth shot
Chapter 100 Murder
Chapter 101 For the dead ghost
Chapter 102 Rhetorical question
Chapter 103 - Group mockery
Chapter 104 Nine Stars Shining
Chapter 105 Waste your leg tendon
Chapter 106 The Three Deans
Chapter 107 Deprivation of Identity
Chapter 108: The Profound Gate
Chapter 109: Shock
Chapter 110 Choosing a Class
Chapter 111 Fan You
Chapter 112 Officially Join
Chapter 113 I am a villain
Chapter 114 I laugh at you idiot
Chapter 115 Go away
Chapter 116: Withdrawal from class
Chapter 117: Formation Contest
Chapter 118 Kill them all
Chapter 119: Kill you
Chapter 120 Poisonous Scorpion
Chapter 121 Wind and rain
Chapter 122 Iron Eagle Comes to the Door
Chapter 123 Discussion
Chapter 124: Shameless
Chapter 125 Yanyang Cave
Chapter 126 Mysterious passage
Chapter 127 Three thousand drops
Chapter 128: Innate Seven Layers
Chapter 129 Cold Spirit Pearl
Chapter 130 Innate Eightfold
Chapter 131 One palm and fan flying
Chapter 132: All Punishments
Chapter 133 understand when
Chapter 134 Abandoned
Chapter 135 regret
Chapter 136 Alchemist Badge
Chapter 137: Alchemy Assessment
Chapter 138 Jiang Yue
Chapter 139: Hu wrote a pass
Chapter 140 One hundred
Chapter 141 Dan Yun
Chapter 142: Expelled from Danbao Pavilion
Chapter 143 Four-star alchemist
Chapter 144 Exchange Credits
Chapter 145 Cynical sarcasm
Chapter 146 Attacking the Heart
Chapter 147 Murder
Chapter 148: Alchemy
Chapter 149 twin brothers
Chapter 150: Innate Nine Layers
Chapter 151 Class battle
Chapter 152: Abandon Your Arms
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Three Solitary Pile
Chapter 154 Shameless
Chapter 155 Mountain and River Swordsmanship
Chapter 156 Profound Tool
Chapter 157 Killing one after another
One hundred and fifty-eight chapters piano
Chapter 159: Ambush from All Sides
Chapter 160 The Last Battle
Chapter 161 The Instructor Takes Action
Chapter 162 Five-story Golden Pagoda
Chapter 163: Spiritual Purification
Chapter 164 Crane Dance Nine Heavens
Chapter 165 Punishment Book
Chapter 166: Refiner
Chapter 167 Guo Zhong's Death
One hundred and sixty-eight chapters perish together
Chapter 169 What a lunatic
Chapter 170 Red Dragon Club
Chapter 171 Mysterious Assassination
Chapter 172: Innocent Breakthrough
Chapter 173 Wind and Thunder Gather
Chapter 174: Underground Palace
Chapter one hundred and seventy-fifth sowing discord
Chapter 176: The Four Levels of Spirit Washing
Chapter 177 Xiliang Mountains
Chapter 178 Bait
Chapter 179: Withered Old Man
Chapter 180 Blood Bat
Chapter 181: Depicting the Immortal Pattern
Chapter 182 Blood Origin Stone
Chapter 183: King Ruyang
Chapter 184: Fire Spirit was born
Chapter 185: The Five Levels of Spirit Washing
Chapter 186: The Sixth Level of Spirit Washing
Chapter 187: Salary from the bottom of the pot
Chapter 188 Xue Family Ambush
Chapter 189: A big disaster
Chapter 190 Confrontation
Chapter 191 Guardian
Chapter 192 I'm stunned
Chapter 193 Invited
Chapter 194 tearing the skin
Chapter 195 Fifth-Order Talisman Paper
Chapter 196 snorts
One hundred and ninetieth chapters ten furnaces with the same refining
Chapter 198 Fair Rules
Chapter 199 Good Dan
Chapter 200: Dense Flowers
Chapter 201 Long Yuandan
Chapter 202 Awakening Spirituality
Chapter 203 Xing Yun Pavilion
Chapter 204: Step by step
Chapter 205 scares the urine
Chapter 206 The truth is revealed
Chapter 207 Abolish the White War
Chapter two hundred and eight
Chapter 209 Force you to come out
Chapter 210 Defend to the death
Chapter 211 Tyrant Fist Destroys the Sky
Chapter 212 Breaking through the Ninth Layer
Chapter 213 Life Experience
Chapter 214: Deadly Sword Technique
Chapter 215 The killer is coming
Chapter 216: Behind the scenes
Chapter 217 Level 5 Spirit Talisman
Chapter 218 The Battle of Life and Death
Chapter 219 Despicable
Chapter 220 Exterminate the old beasts
Chapter 221 Five thunders hit the top
Chapter 222 Chaos
Chapter 223 Argument
Chapter 224 Handing over the Soldier Talisman
Chapter 225 Ten needles against the sky
Chapter 226 The Battle of Hundred Nations
Chapter 227 Entering the treasure house
Chapter 228 Spirit Tree Fragments
Chapter 229: Choose the Cave House
Chapter 230: Washing Marrow Realm Double
Chapter 231: Cultivation Technique Promotion
Chapter 232 The Dragon Comes to the World
Chapter 233 Very tempting
Chapter 234: Kill Geng Ye
Chapter 235 Black Armor Deadpool
Chapter 236 True Qi is poisonous
Chapter 237 Kill it with a knife
Two hundred and thirtieth eight chapters on an equal footing
Chapter two hundred and thirty nine storms
Chapter 240 Xiao Sha
Chapter 241 Gu Poison
Chapter 242 Interlocking
Chapter 243 The Frog at the Bottom of the Well
Chapter 244 Healing
Chapter 245 Killing the Lord
Chapter 246 Spirit Bamboo Shoots
Chapter two hundred and forty seventh washing the marrow four times
Chapter 248 Golden Fruit
Chapter 249 snatch
Chapter 250 Refining the Golden Fruit
Chapter two hundred and fifty first
Chapter 252 Blood Flame Demon Blue
Chapter 253 United
Chapter 254 Open the supernatural powers
Chapter 255 Scalp tingling
Chapter 256 Snake Cave
Chapter 257 Demon Head
Chapter 258 Snake King
Chapter 259 Golden marrow
Chapter 260 despicable and shameless
Chapter 261: The Gathering of Spirit Talismans
Chapter 262 The killing begins
Two hundred and sixtieth chapters wash the marrow eight
Chapter 264 Coward
Chapter 265 Crazy Slap
Chapter 266 Immortal Burial Array
Chapter 267 The killing begins
Chapter two hundred and sixty-eight against the real core
Chapter two hundred and sixty-ninth battle against the real core
Chapter 270 Execution of Zhendan
Chapter 271 Washing the marrow nine layers
Chapter 272 Arrangement
Chapter 273 Batian Eagle
Chapter 274: Long Yue Battlefield
Chapter 275 The Frog at the Bottom of the Well
Chapter 276 Dragon Qi
Chapter 277 Ten Great Sects
Chapter 278 The first ray of dragon energy
Chapter 279 The second ray of dragon energy
Chapter 280 Killing one after another
Chapter 281 True Core Realm
Chapter 282 Kill all of them
The 283rd chapter found the keel
Chapter two hundred and eighty fourth in one go
Chapter two hundred and eighty fifth refining keel
Chapter 286: True Pill Second Layer
Chapter 287 Number Plate
Chapter two hundred and eighty eighth step on the sky
Chapter 289 The Great Road to Jane
Chapter 290 Conditions
Chapter 291 Swastika
Chapter two hundred and ninety-two beheading four
Chapter 293 What is Immortal
Chapter two hundred and ninety fourth battle of the top ten
Chapter two hundred and ninety fifth consecutive victories
Chapter 296 Four-game winning streak
Chapter 297 You are not qualified enough
Chapter 298 Fighting Water Fantasy
Chapter 299 The final battle
Chapter 300 Champion
Chapter 301 Halfway Intercept
Chapter 302: Control the Flying Sword
Chapter 303 Entering the Cultivation World
Chapter 304 Making things difficult
Chapter 305 Receiving Lingbao
Chapter 306 Get out of here
Chapter 307 Focus on training
Chapter 308 Inferior Area
Chapter 309 Li Wei
Chapter 310 Riding a tiger is difficult
Chapter 311 Encountered provocation
Chapter 312 Digging a Pit
Chapter 313 A group of idiots
Chapter 314: Winning Game
Chapter 315 The Book of Heaven and Dao
Chapter 316: True Pill Four
Chapter 317 Square Market
Chapter 318 Mysterious Jade Slip
Chapter 319: Rescue People
Chapter 320 Taikoo Star Fist
Chapter 321 Building the stars
Chapter 322 Du kill
Chapter 323: Lead the task
Chapter 324 Are you crazy?
Three hundred and twentieth chapters kill the Quartet
Chapter 326 Snow Lotus Essence
Chapter 327 underwater battle
Three hundred and twentieth eight chapters five real pills
Chapter 329: The Bloodline Returns to the Soul
Chapter 330 True Pill Sixth Layer
Chapter 331: Collective Breakthrough
Chapter 332 Green Thunder Giant Ape
Chapter 333 Triangle Darts
Chapter 334: Great Harvest
Chapter three hundred and thirty fifth inexplicable
Chapter 336 Roaring Houchi
Chapter 337 The whole story
Chapter 338 Xuanyu Auction
Chapter 339 Heavenly Artifact Fragments
Chapter Three Hundred and Fortieth Talisman Paper
Chapter three hundred and forty first earth
Chapter 342 Xuanling Pavilion
Chapter 343 Refining the Heavenly Artifact Fragments
Chapter 344: True Pill Seventh Layer
Chapter 345: Killing Tiangang
Three hundred and fortieth chapters all beheaded
Chapter 347: To save or not to save
Chapter 348 Jane Myolie
Chapter three hundred and forty-ninth dragon
Chapter 350 despicable and shameless
Chapter 351 Zhendan Eightfold
Chapter 352 Kill the Quartet
Chapter 353: Jade Blood Beast
Chapter 354: Cold Yin Valley
Chapter 355: The Air of Ice
Chapter 356 Xuanyin Butterfly
Chapter 357 Expedient measures
Three hundred and fiftieth eight chapters are difficult for the strong
Chapter three hundred and fiftieth IX escape
Chapter 360 Exchange Points
Chapter 361 Shocked
Chapter 362 A group of cowards
Three hundred and sixtieth chapters strong face
Three hundred and sixtieth chapters battle array, on
Chapter three hundred and sixty fifth battle array, next
Text Chapter 366 Elder Tianxing
Chapter 367: The Battle in the Training Room
Chapter 368: Retreat
Text Chapter 369 Threat
Chapter 370 Murder
Chapter 371: Hating iron but not steel
Chapter 372 Negotiation
Text Chapter 373: Seeing Death as Homecoming
Chapter 374 Pregnancy
Chapter 375 Tiangang Realm
Chapter 376 Crazy Rewards
Chapter 377: Outer Sect Competition
Chapter 378 Seventy-seven
Chapter 379 A group of mentally retarded people
Chapter 380 Do I know you?
Chapter 381 Take care of yourself
Chapter 382 The Supreme Seven Swordsmanship
Chapter 383 Yunlan’s epiphany
Chapter 384 Stone Hammer
Chapter 385: Exploded with one punch
Chapter 386: Kill with one knife
Chapter 387: Ancient Stars
Chapter 388: Evaporate
Chapter 389 The combination of Yin and Yang
Chapter 390: Demon
Chapter 391: Winning the Championship
Chapter 392 Desperate situation
Chapter 393: The Imperial Monument
Chapter 394 The Last Battle
Chapter 395: Strong collision
Chapter 396 The Championship Belongs
Chapter 397 Five places
Chapter 398 Tiangang Second Level
Chapter 399: Refining the Imperial Monument
Text Chapter 400 Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers
Chapter 401: Reprimand
Text Chapter 402 Formation Tower
Chapter 403 The Soul Stone
Chapter 404 Application of Laws
Chapter 405 The Tenth Floor
Chapter 406: Survival from desperate situation
Text Chapter 407: Willing to Bet and Accept Loss
Text Chapter 408: Scripture Collection Pavilion
Chapter 409 Read all
Chapter 410: Comprehension
Chapter 411 Ice Finger
Chapter 412 Mysterious Cave
Chapter 413 Forced
Chapter 414 Ten Thousand Years of Stalactites
Chapter 415 Tiangang Fourth Level
Chapter 416 Destruction of the Stone Bridge
Chapter 417 Mysterious Dungeon
Chapter 418 The Spirit Tribe
Chapter 419: Soul Forging Technique
Chapter 420 Escape
Chapter 421: New arrival
Chapter 422: Die to me
Chapter 423 Death Sentence
Chapter 424: Spear of Soul
Text Chapter 425 Initial
Chapter 426: Well-known
Chapter 427: Food remains unchanged
Text Chapter 428: Guidance on Cultivation
Chapter 429 Conviction
Chapter 430 Ichigen Aoki
Chapter 431 Hell Mode
Text Chapter 432 Controlling the Martial Arts Hall
Chapter 433: Red-eyed
Chapter 434 Punishment
Text Chapter 435 Teleportation Formation
Chapter 436 The Glory of the Sun and the Moon
Chapter 437 Tiangang Seventh Level
Text Chapter 438: Demonic Island in the Blood Sea
Chapter 439 The Four King Kong
Chapter 440 Battle against the Celestial Realm
Chapter 441 Tiangang Eighth Level
Chapter 442: Intercepted halfway
Chapter 443: Human Heart
Chapter 444: Falling out
Chapter 445 Ancient Jade
Chapter 446 Crisis lurks everywhere
Chapter 447 Three Major Forces
Chapter 448: Refining the Wooden Monument
Chapter 449 Earthquake
Chapter 450 Tiangang Ninth Level
Text Chapter 451 Meeting an acquaintance
Chapter 452 Becoming a Slave
Text Chapter 453 Impact on the Celestial Phenomenon
Text Chapter 454 Celestial Realm
Chapter 455 Something happened
Text Chapter 456 The general trend
Chapter 457: Escape and ascend to heaven
Chapter 458: Battle
Text Chapter 459 Recruitment
Chapter 460: Cut off your arm
Text Chapter 461 Xing Lian
Chapter 462 Recruiting at the same time
Chapter 463: The Chase in the Galaxy Realm
Chapter 464: Dragon Sword
Chapter 465: The Power of the Earth-Binding Lock
Chapter 466 Gathering the Soul
Chapter 467: Chase
Chapter 468 Mysterious Black Hole
Chapter 469 Dragon Palace
Chapter 470 Mandala Flower
Text Chapter 471 Dragon Bone
Chapter 472: Collecting Treasures
Chapter 473: Whirlpool
Chapter 474 All disappeared
Chapter 475 Innate Spirit
Chapter 476 The third level of celestial phenomena
Chapter 477: Refining the Evil Blade
Chapter 478: Refining Dragon Bones
Chapter 479: Refining the Heavenly Dragon Seal
Chapter 480: Coming late at night
Chapter 481: Central China
Chapter 482 If there is an afterlife
Chapter 483 Three Hours
Chapter 484: Give it back twice as much
Chapter 485 Killing without blinking an eye
Text Chapter 486 It’s too late
Text Chapter 487 The Curse of Life and Death
Text Chapter 488 Revenge
Text Chapter 489: Tiandao Society
Chapter 490 Yang Zhan
Text Chapter 491 The Battle of Life and Death
Chapter 492: Life and Death Battle
Chapter 493 Evenly matched
Text Chapter 494 Five Elements Talisman
Chapter 495 Conflict
Chapter 496: Forced
Chapter 497 Long-term plan
Chapter 498: Alchemy Competition
Chapter 499: War of words
Text Chapter 500 Is it because of your mouth?
Chapter 501 This is impossible
Text Chapter 502: Abolition
Chapter 503: Eat shit if you lose
Chapter 504: Shocking Tianbao Sect
Chapter 505 Death
Chapter 506 Cooperation
Chapter 507: Tian Ming Battlefield
Chapter 508: The Eve of Leaving
Chapter 509 Cangshan City
Text Chapter 510 Teng’s Gambling House
Chapter 511: Turning against others
Chapter 512 Tianyin Sect
Chapter 513 Six Desires Disappear
Chapter 514 Getting married
Text Chapter 515: Tiger poison does not eat its seeds
Chapter 516: Twists and turns
Chapter 517 Ancestor Tianyin
Chapter 518 A series of strange moves
Text Chapter 519: Ghost Arts
Chapter 520: Five levels of celestial phenomena
Text Chapter 521 Blood Spirit Fruit
Chapter 522: The Mie Teng Family
Chapter 523: Fighting Ancestor
Chapter 524: Refining the Blood Spirit Fruit
Chapter 525 Sixth level of celestial phenomena
Chapter 526: Forced Buying and Selling
Chapter 527 Yipinxuan
Text Chapter 528 The Sutra of Ultimate Bliss
Chapter 529: The reason for the incident
Chapter 530 Invitation
Chapter 531: Gambling on Stones
Chapter 532 Ancient Fragments
Chapter 533 Glaze Holy Liquid
Chapter 534: Take action
Chapter 535: Spirit Essence Explodes
Chapter 536: Spiritual Bamboo Shoots
Chapter 537 Half Heavenly Weapon
Chapter 538: Refining Spiritual Essence [Seventh Update]
Chapter 539 Dongyue Lake [Eighth update]
Chapter 540: Besieged on all sides [Ninth update]
Chapter 541: Meeting old friends [Tenth update]
Chapter 542: Fighting Poetry
Chapter 543 Dragon and Snake Flying
Chapter 544: Evolution of Poems
Chapter 545: Refining the Spirit
Chapter 546 Fighting Painting
Chapter 547 A Door
Chapter 548: Fish leaps over the dragon gate
Chapter 549: Chess Game
Chapter 550: Broken Heart
Chapter 551: Piano Skills Competition
Chapter 552: Another Ambush from Flying Daggers
Chapter 553 Zhongzhou Chronicles
Text Chapter 554 God Clan
Chapter 555 The Power of God
Chapter 556: Refining Glazed Holy Liquid
Text Chapter 557 The Eighth Level of Celestial Phenomenon
Chapter 558 The Evil Dragon is Born
Text Chapter 559 Stone Gambling Conference
Chapter 560 The remnants of the Teng family
Chapter 561: Can’t refuse
Chapter 562 Egg Yolk
Chapter 563 Golden Spirit Fruit
Chapter 564: The Ling family’s provocation
Chapter 565: You are scared
Chapter 566 Dragon Blood
Text Chapter 567 The tip of the knife
Chapter 568 Who is the cheater?
Chapter 569 Spirit-Eating Insects
Chapter 570 Destruction
Chapter 571 I want
Chapter 572: Invincible and bloody
Chapter 573 Blood Dragon
Chapter 574 Idiot Gate
Chapter 575 Mysterious Sword Technique
Chapter 576: Kill with one word
Chapter 577: True and False Li Kui
Chapter 578: Leaking whereabouts
Chapter 579: Battle
Chapter 580: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 581 Well done
Chapter 582: Imprisoning Nascent Soul
Chapter 583 The fight begins
Chapter 584 Baili Company
Chapter 585: Hijacking
Chapter 586 Black Market
Chapter 587: Play hard to get
Chapter 588: The elixir is poisonous
Chapter 589 I listen to your sister
Chapter 590: What a Danger
Chapter 591 Headache
Chapter 592 Negotiation
Chapter 593 The Supreme Elder
Chapter 594 Small World
Text Chapter 595: Spiritual Talisman Conference
Text Chapter 596 Compensation
Chapter 597 Death Talisman
Chapter 598: Inexplicable Grudges
Chapter 599: Level 10 Power
Chapter 600 Attacking each other
Chapter 601: Hongtian Seal
Chapter 602 Tiandan Pavilion
Chapter 603 Four Pills
Chapter 604: Guidance on Cultivation
Chapter 605: Stealing the Pill Recipe
Chapter 606: Exploding the Furnace
Chapter 607: Beat the dog behind closed doors
Chapter 608: Kill them all
Chapter 609: Retreat
Chapter 610: Nine levels of celestial phenomena
Chapter 611: Galaxy Realm
Chapter 612: Nirvana Fist
Chapter 613: Kill at the door
Chapter 614: Waste, waste, waste
Chapter 615: The Art of Flying Knives
Chapter 616: His face was swollen
Chapter 617 Discussing Taoism in Tianshan
Chapter 618 Entering Tianshan
Chapter 619 The heroes gather together
Chapter 620: Husband and wife recognize each other
Text Chapter 621: Split with one knife
Chapter 622 Confrontation
Chapter 623 Officially Opened
Chapter 624: Unbelievable
Chapter 625: Powerful Crush
Chapter 626: Falling Pearl from the Sky, Long Youjing
Chapter 627 The Tenth Floor
Chapter 628: Changing Formation
Chapter 629 Counterattack
Chapter 630: It’s your own fault
Chapter 631: Refining the Promotion Pill
Text Chapter 632: Shocked on the spot
Chapter 633: The elixir phenomenon
Chapter 634: The Power of One Realm
Chapter 635: Integration of weapon and spirit
Chapter 636: Ghost Marks
Chapter 637 Talisman Dao
Chapter 638 Talisman Gate
Chapter 639 Three Levels
Chapter 640: Mutual support and mutual restraint
Chapter 641: Broken Sword Way
Chapter 642: Want to cry but no tears
Chapter 643: Angry and vomiting blood
Chapter 644 The Third Level of the Galaxy
Chapter 645: Cold Rat
Chapter 646: Siege and Killing
Chapter 647 Killing Ten People in a Row
Chapter 648: Kill one by one
Chapter 649: Temptation
Chapter 650: Encountering the Snowman
Chapter 651 Battle with the Snowman
Chapter 652 Ten Thousand Years Snow Lotus
Chapter 653: Take action
Chapter 654: Snow Lotus Obtained
Chapter 655: The Fourth Level of the Galaxy
Chapter 656: Massacre
Chapter 657: Aphrodisiac
Chapter 658 Five Flying Knives
Chapter 659: Lingering
Chapter 660 Thorn Peak Valley
Text Chapter 661: One Palm
Chapter 662: Nothing can be done
Chapter 663: Captured alive
Chapter 664: Animal Behavior
Chapter 665 The calm before the storm
Text Chapter 666: One Sword of All Heavens
Chapter 667: The Greatest Battle
Chapter 668 The birth of Tianlong
Chapter 669: Total casualties
Chapter 670: The Power of Destruction
Chapter 671 Killing Bai Yuan
Chapter 672 The truth comes out
Chapter 673: On the verge of breaking out
Chapter 674 Leaving
Chapter 675 A disgusting scene
Chapter 676 Millennium Deadpool
Chapter 677 Yin Yang Valley
Chapter 678: Monks from China
Chapter 679: Yin and Yang
Chapter 680: Specific whereabouts
Chapter 681 The Earth Shakes
Chapter 682: Refining Zixia Fruit
Chapter 683: The Fifth Level of the Galaxy
Chapter 684 Breakthrough into Infant Transformation
Chapter 685 Mysterious Corpse
Chapter 686 Blood Curse
Chapter 687 Yin Yang Palace
Chapter 688 Twelve Witch Gods
Chapter 689: Finding the Altar
Chapter 690: Ten Thousand Years Deadpool
Chapter 691 Soul Power Promotion
Chapter 692 Life and Death Crisis
Text Chapter 693 The Sixth Level of the Galaxy
Chapter 694: Overt and covert fighting
Chapter 695 Who dares to stop me?
Chapter 696 Appointment Letter
Chapter 697 Leaving
Chapter 698: Contempt Death
Chapter 699 Return
Chapter 700 Yin and Yang Millstone
Chapter 701 The Seventh Layer of the Galaxy
Text Chapter 702: Kill them all
Chapter 703 Return
Chapter 704 Piaomiao Sect
Chapter 705 Western Wilderness
Chapter 706 Shenmang Mountain
Chapter 707 God Clan
Chapter 708: Killing the Gods
Chapter 709: Refining Memory
Chapter 710 The Secret of the Ancestral Tree
Chapter 711 Rescue
Chapter 712 The Mysterious Beast Attacks
Chapter 713 Escape smoothly
Chapter 714 Leaving Xihuang
Text Chapter 715: Central China
Chapter 716 Chiling City
Chapter 717 Fire Spirit Fruit
Chapter 718 Breathing strange fire from the mouth
Chapter 719 Rescue
Chapter 720 No story
Chapter 721: The trouble gets bigger and bigger
Chapter 722 Evil Spirit
Chapter 723 The Evil Spirit Appears
Chapter 724 White Tiger Bloodline
Chapter 725 Fate
Chapter 726: Right and wrong, grudges
Text Chapter 727: Family dispute
Chapter 728 Calling you an old man
Chapter 729 Three-day appointment
Chapter 730 Preparation
Chapter 731 Eclipse
Chapter 732 The Origin of Poison
Chapter 733 The Eighth Level of the Galaxy
Chapter 734: So powerful and majestic
Chapter 735: A Competition
Chapter 736 Mysterious Power Stone
Text Chapter 737 Mysterious Power
Chapter 738 Colorful Magic Lamp
Chapter 739: Rolling Wooden Pile
Chapter 740: Inexplicable Shock
Chapter 741 Gravity Crush
Chapter 742: Devil's House
Chapter 743: Mountain of Corpses and Sea of ??Blood
Chapter 744 Kneel down
Chapter 745: Old grudges
Chapter 746: Undercurrent
Chapter 747: The point of a needle versus the awn of wheat
Chapter 748 The head of the family returns
Chapter 749: Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 750 Two Immortal Palaces
Text Chapter 751 Tower
Chapter 752: Troubles
Text Chapter 753: Wanting to impose a crime
Chapter 754: Slaps in the Face
Chapter 755: One sword moves Lingshan
Chapter 756: Challenge
Chapter 757: Exploded with one punch
Chapter 758: Hardening
Chapter 759 The Butcher
Chapter 760: Killing the Butcher
Chapter 761 Qiyu Pavilion
Chapter 762 Mysterious Feather
Chapter 763: Intercepted halfway
Chapter 764: Refining the Evil Blade
Chapter 765 Heaven and Earth are one
Chapter 766: Open the door to magical powers
Chapter 767 The eve of the assessment
Chapter 768: Set foot on Tianling Mountain
Chapter 769 Corpse
Chapter 770: Worse than a beast
Chapter 771 The assessment begins
Chapter 772: Wentian Changqiao
Chapter 773 Assessment Quota
Chapter 774 The Ninth Level of the Galaxy
Chapter 775 Asking the Heart Sect
Chapter 776: First place again
Chapter 777: Bright as day
Chapter 778 The last level
Chapter 779 Trial
Chapter 780: Thousand Miles Pursuing Technique
Chapter 781 Siege
Chapter 782: Infant Transformation Realm
Chapter 783 Fusion of Laws
Chapter 784 Battle against Zhenxuan
Chapter 785: Killing Gan Liang
Chapter 786: Enemies never get together
Text Chapter 787 Evenly matched
Chapter 788: Panacea
Chapter 789: Meeting No. 7
Chapter 790 The Last Day
Chapter 791: Jade Blood Poison King
Chapter 792: Contest of Poison Techniques
Chapter 793 Star Valley
Chapter 794: Cannibalism
Chapter 795 The assessment is over
Chapter 796: First place again
Chapter 797 Tianling Fairy Mansion
Chapter 798 Pattern
Chapter 799 Tianmen Peak
Chapter 800 Righteousness
Chapter 801 How to raise Gu
Chapter 802 Transformation into the Second Level of Infant Transformation
Text Chapter 803 Kill them all
Chapter 804 The Secret of the Body
Chapter 805 The mysterious visitor
Chapter 806 Exchange Meeting
Chapter 807: Xuyun Pillar
Chapter 808 Declaration of War
Chapter 809: Tianlong shows his power
Chapter 810 The elder takes action
Chapter 811 The Third Level of Infant Transformation
Chapter 812 Xiangyun Cave
Text Chapter 813 The fifth level of infant transformation
Chapter 814 Koi
Text Chapter 815 Super Mission
Text Chapter 816 Long Qingshan
Chapter 817 Two-Headed Monster Snake
Chapter 818 Escape
Chapter 819 Qinglong
Chapter 820 Qinglong is trapped
Chapter 821: Sharp Gold Sword
Text Chapter 822 Conquering the Long Sword
Chapter 823 Three Drops of Essence and Blood
Chapter 824 The Sixth Level of Infant Transformation
Chapter 825: Refining the Heavenly Dragon Seal
Chapter 826: The God of Suppression Monument
Chapter 827: Refining the Imperial Monument
Chapter 828 The Seventh Level of Infant Transformation
Chapter 829 Tianyu Sect
Chapter 830: Refining and humiliating
Chapter 831 The Eighth Level of Infant Transformation
Chapter 832 Golden Flame Slash
Chapter 833 Identity leaked
Chapter 834: Pursuit in the Lingxuan Realm
Chapter 835: Zhan Lingxuan
Chapter 836 Taoist Competition
Chapter 837: Life hangs by a thread
Chapter 838 Treatment
Chapter 839 Awakening
Chapter 840 Bloody Dark Cloud
Chapter 841 The evil spirit enters the body
Chapter 842 Opening the Underworld
Chapter 843: Treatment of Injuries
Chapter 844: Evil Veins
Chapter 845 Swallowing the Evil Tree
Chapter 846: Ninth Level of Infant Transformation
Chapter 847 Leaving
Chapter 848 Jingwu Star Veins
Chapter 849: Space Technique
Chapter 850 Star Cat Clan
Chapter 851 The Law of Light
Chapter 852 Escape
Chapter 853: True Mysterious Realm
Chapter 854 Tongtian Peak
Chapter 855 Repairing the Mysterious Talisman
Chapter 856: Carving Immortal Patterns
Chapter 857 Space Beast
Chapter 858: Second level of Zhenxuan
Chapter 859 Escape
Chapter 860 Ur blocks the road
Chapter 861: Breaking through the adultery
Chapter 862 Battle against King Wei
Chapter 863 Killing the King of Wei
Chapter 864: Second-level elixir
Chapter 865 Phantom Shift
Chapter 866 Five Ghost Killing Sword Technique
Chapter 867: Tenth on the list
Chapter 868 Eight Thousand Points
Chapter 869: Exchange for Treasures
Chapter 870 Two Chosen People
Chapter 871 The flying dragon is in the sky
Chapter 872: Triple Impact
Chapter 873: Cultivation of body skills
Chapter 874 A life and death battle
Chapter 875 Evenly divided
Chapter 876 The Ultimate Killing Move
Chapter 877 Leaving
Chapter 878: Separation of Family
Chapter 879: Drawing fire from the bottom of the cauldron
Chapter 880 Rushing back to the Southern Territory
Chapter 881: Thousand Miles of Void Talisman
Chapter 882: Brothers recognize each other
Chapter 883: Being chased
Chapter 884 Xiaohuo’s promotion
Chapter 885 Meeting the Gods Again
Chapter 886 Han Feizi
Chapter 887 Earthquake
Chapter 888 Escape and ascend to heaven
Chapter 889 Rush back to Tianbao Sect
Chapter 890: Boundless murderous intent
Chapter 891: Transformed into a demon
Chapter 892: Sect Grand Ceremony
Chapter 893: Swords and crossbows drawn
Chapter 894 The First Battle
Chapter 895 Kill you
Chapter 896 Three Moves
Chapter 897: Have a safe journey
Chapter 898 One-on-one duel
Chapter 899 Doomsday Storm
Chapter 900 Taoism comes out
Chapter 901: Everyone will die
Chapter 902 Under the Sea
Chapter 903 Discovery of Immortal Patterns
Chapter 904: Refining Immortal Patterns
Chapter 905 The fourth level of Zhenxuan
Chapter 906 Five Elements Mahamudra
Chapter 907 Misunderstanding
Chapter 908 Heaven and Earth Demon-Conquering Universe Formation
Chapter 909 Return to Central China
Chapter 910: The first prototype
Chapter 911 Layout
Chapter 912 Heading to Wangshan City
Chapter 913 Mysterious Canyon
Chapter 914 The scapegoat
Chapter 915 Mysterious Mark
Chapter 916 Jinding Tower
Chapter 917 Mysterious Gold Foil
Chapter 918: Degree Chapter
Chapter 919 Pay all the bills
Chapter 920 Counting the Numbers
Chapter 921 Thunderbolt
Chapter 922 Star Cat Interception
Chapter 923: Court Master Han Long
Chapter 924 Tongbaoyuan
Chapter 925 Conflict
Chapter 926: Evil Blade’s Promotion
Chapter 927: Feihua Order
Chapter 928 Seven Birds
Chapter 929 Yuanshen Pill
Chapter 930: Beheading
Chapter 931: Calculation
Chapter 932: Battle Post
Chapter 933 Three Battles
Chapter 934 Fantasy Stone
Chapter 935: Successive Victories
Chapter 936 The Light of Extreme Thunder
Chapter 937: Spear of the Thunder God
Chapter 938 Holy Land
Chapter 939 The mysterious man in black
Chapter 940 The Holy Land Opens
Chapter 941 Corpse-Eating Beast
Chapter 942 Sword Spring
Chapter 943: The Law of the Divine Sword
Chapter 944: Black Feather Pavilion Killer
Chapter 945 Four Seasons Mirror
Chapter 946: Entering the Formation
Chapter 947 The Sixth Level of True Mystery
Chapter 948: Refining Spring and Autumn Fruits
Chapter 949 The Seventh Level of True Mystery
Chapter 950: Refining Two Great Treasures
Chapter 951: Massacre
Chapter 952: Elder Black
Chapter 953 All Degrees
Chapter 954 Goodbye Ancient Jade
Chapter 955 Mysterious Passage
Chapter 955 Mysterious Passage
Chapter 956 The finishing touch
Text Chapter 957 Dragon Ball
Chapter 958: Wraith Spirit
Chapter 959: Collecting the Dragon Soul
Chapter 960: Refining Dragon Soul
Chapter 961: Dragon Phrase Technique
Chapter 962: Confusing
Chapter 963: Small Cutting Technique
Chapter 964 Thunder Holy Bead
Chapter 965: Heroes Gathering
Chapter 966 Melee
Chapter 967: Evil disrupts the situation
Text Chapter 968 Everyone relies on their own methods
Chapter 969 Obtaining the Holy Thunder Bead
Chapter 970: Refining the Holy Thunder Bead
Chapter 971: Heavenly Thunder Divine Body
Chapter 972: Lingxuan Realm
Chapter 973 The evil is coming
Chapter 974: Power transmission through the air
Chapter 975 Opening the Second Portal
Chapter 976: The Magical Use of Space Magic
Chapter 977 Despicable Means
Chapter 978: Kill them one by one
Chapter 979 Two Earth Mysteries
Chapter 980 Ancient Spiritual Veins
Chapter 981: Occupation
Chapter 982 The whereabouts of senior brother
Chapter 983: Rescue
Chapter 984: Red Luan covering the sky
Chapter 985: Crazy Collection
Chapter 986 Dixuan Siege
Chapter 987 Five Elements Come Out Together
Chapter 988 The world is empty
Chapter 989: The Realm of Nothingness
Chapter 990: The aftermath
Chapter 991 Tianxingtai
Chapter 992 The way home
Chapter 993 Star Teleportation Array
Chapter 994 The Second Level of Lingxuan
Chapter 995 Han Family
Chapter 996: Road to Star Territory
Chapter 997: Uncovering the mystery
Chapter 998 Jedi Trap
Chapter 999: The Great Death Technique
Chapter 1000 North City
Chapter 1001 Famous Sword Villa
Chapter 1002 Sword Gambling
Chapter 1003 Seeking help
Chapter 1004: The Art of Refining Weapons
Chapter 1005 The Peerless Divine Sword
Chapter 1006 Divine Sword Platform
Chapter 1007 Seven Holy Spirit Woods
Chapter 1008 Sword Competition
Chapter 1009: Two consecutive losses
Chapter 1010: Hidden Killing Sword Technique
Chapter 1011 The Fifth Battle
Chapter 1012 Yin Xue Drinks Blood
Chapter 1013: Broken Sword Style
Chapter 1014: Breaking through the Earth Mystery
Chapter 1015 Return of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1016 Cooperation
Chapter 1017 The Far North
Chapter 1018 Hangetsuan
Chapter 1019: Killing comes to the door
Chapter 1020 Destruction
Chapter 1021 The whole story
Chapter 1022 Linghan Water
Chapter 1,023 Unraveling the Mystery
Chapter 1024 Green Underworld Crocodile (Nian-beating Beast)
Chapter 1025: Escape from Death
Chapter 1,026 The Third Level of Lingxuan
Chapter 1027 Ancient Spiritual Breathing Technique
Chapter 1,028 The killing intent from Beiming
Chapter 1029: Taoist Competition
Chapter 1030: Beheading
Chapter 1031 The Crisis of the Tiandao Society
Chapter 1,032 Nothing has changed
Chapter 1033 Return to Lingqiong Pavilion
Chapter 1034 Threat
Chapter 1035 The Chamber of Commerce opens
Chapter 1036: People don’t fight with dogs
Chapter 1037 The Confrontation Begins
Chapter 1038: Trash-like stuff
Chapter 1039 Blue Pill Pattern
Chapter 1040 Purple Pill Pattern
Chapter 1041: Taking control of the situation
Chapter 1042 Re-refining
Chapter 1,043 Slap yourself in the face
Chapter 1044: Divine Weapon
Chapter 1045: Force you to submit
Chapter 1,046 Rune Sequence
Chapter 1,047 Bow and Apologize
Chapter 1048: Talisman Test
Chapter 1,049 Crush
Chapter 1,050 Refuse to Cooperate
Chapter 1051 Heavy rain is coming
Chapter 1,052 The Fourth Level of Lingxuan
Chapter 1053 The combination of wisdom and conspiracy
Chapter 1,054 The Ten Directions God-Destroying Formation
Chapter 1055: Refining them
Chapter 1,056 The Fifth Level of Lingxuan
Chapter 1057 Tianxuan appears
Chapter 1058: Repeated Attacks
Chapter 1059 The dust has settled
Chapter 10060 Tengetsu Pond
Chapter 1061: Fly away with one palm
Chapter 1,062 The Contest of Divine Beasts
Chapter 1,063 The Sixth Level of Lingxuan
Chapter 1,064 The Barefoot Old Man
Chapter 1,065 Rescue
Chapter 1066: Battle against Peak Dixuan
Chapter 1,067 Peak Showdown
Chapter 1,068 Breaking through Tianxuan
Chapter 1,069 The Ominous Man
Chapter 1070 Cursed Land
Chapter 1071 Taboo
Chapter 1,072 Eighteen Peaks City
Chapter 1,073 Tian Wancang
Chapter 1074 Tianxuan crushes
Chapter 1075: The Cursed Body
Chapter 1,076 Demon Emperor
Chapter 1,077 Guitoushan
Chapter 1,078 Encountering a Water Ghost
Chapter 1079: Chase
Chapter 1,080 The Dark-Faced Ghost
Chapter 1081: Dark-faced Ghost Beast
Chapter 1,082 The Seventh Level of Lingxuan
Chapter 1,083 Killing the Ghost King
Chapter 1,084 The Battle of Tianxuan
Chapter 1,085 Changes in Eyes
Chapter 1086 Dark Canyon
Chapter 1087 Soul Capturing
Chapter 1,088 Cursed Stone
Chapter 1089 The Great Curse
Chapter 1090: Top of Sky Burial
Chapter 1091: Great changes in the world
Chapter 1092 January Period
Chapter 1093 I Curse You
Chapter 1094 Funny Performance
Chapter 1095: The Demonic Sutra
Chapter 1,096 The inner demon breaks out
Chapter 1097 Heading to Yongling Mountain
Chapter 1,098 Black Feather Pavilion’s Strategy
Chapter 1099 Ye Hongyi
Chapter 1,100 Drought Demon
Chapter 1101 Black Talisman
Chapter 1,102 Sky Coffin
Chapter 1,103 The mysterious mark appears
Chapter 1,104 Where things are going
Chapter 1,105 The Power of Origin
Chapter 1,106 Inside the Sky Coffin
Chapter 1,107 Ancient Humans
Chapter 1,108 Peak Spiritual Profound Realm
Chapter 1,109 Third Grade Spiritual Pill
Text Chapter 1,110 The Earthly Mysterious Realm
Chapter 1,111 Killing Half-Step Tianxuan
Chapter 1,112 Kill them all
Chapter 1,113 The Second Level of Earth Mystery
Chapter 1,114 Heavenly Spirit Weapon
Text Chapter 1115 The weapon spirit takes action
Chapter 1,116 Got it
Chapter 1,117 Hell Shows Its Power
Chapter 1,118 The Third Level of Earth Mystery
Chapter 1,119 Liu Wuxie’s Anger
Chapter 1,120 Rushing to the Altar
Chapter 1,121 Changes in the Altar
Chapter 1,122 Battle with Jiaoba
Chapter 1,123 Conditions
Chapter 1,124 Panwu Divine Power
Chapter 1,125 The Seventh Level of Earth Mystery
Chapter 1,126 Killing Tianxuan
Chapter 1,127 Crisis
Chapter 1,128 Conspiracy and Conspiracy
Chapter 1129: On the verge of breaking out
Chapter 1,130 The Peak Battle
Chapter 1,131 Boundless Wrath
Chapter 1,132 Return of Innocence
Chapter 1,133 I’ll beat you until you vomit blood
Chapter 1,134 The Eighth Level of Earth Mystery
Text Chapter 1,135 Unraveling the Mystery
Chapter 1,136 The army presses the territory
Chapter 1,137: Being beaten
Chapter 1,138 The Secret of Black Feather Pavilion
Text Chapter 1,139 The Peak Battle
Chapter 1,140 The dust has settled
Chapter 1,141 The prophecy appears
Text Chapter 1142: Certificate of Vocation
Chapter 1,143 Hunting the Green Underworld Crocodile
Chapter 1,144 Hunting the Green Underworld Crocodile
Chapter 1,145 The Ninth Level of Earth Mystery
Chapter 1,146 Lingering
Chapter 1,147 Entering the Star Territory
Chapter 1,148 Slave
Chapter 1,149 Meeting an old friend in a foreign land
Chapter 1,150 How to Leave
Chapter 1,151 Kill them all
Chapter 1,152 The odds are stacked against you
Text Chapter 1153 Plan
Chapter 1154: Extremely wonderful
Chapter 1,155 Tianxuan Third Level
Chapter 1,156 Skillful Casting of Spells
Chapter 1,157 The Bamboo Mountain Monster
Chapter 1,158 Beilu Mine
Chapter 1,159 Magical Power
Chapter 1,160 The Sixth Level of Tianxuan
Chapter 1,161 The Beast Tide Begins
Chapter 1,162 Chaos
Chapter 1,163 A great victory
Chapter 1,164 Star Territory Hunting Order
Text Chapter 1165 Officially kicks off
Chapter 1,166 Ants Shake the Elephant
Chapter 1,167 Making trouble
Chapter 1168: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 1169: Linked to each other
Chapter 1170: Fierce Ghost Luck Array
Chapter 1171: Out of danger
Chapter 1,172 Purple Bamboo Star
Chapter 1,173 All kinds of strange things
Chapter 1,174 Looking for trouble
Chapter 1,175 Quiet Crisis
Chapter 1,176 Joking
Chapter 1,177 Crush
Chapter 1,178 Simple and crude
Chapter 1,179 Melee
Chapter 1,180 Reward
Chapter 1,181 The Way of Human Immortality
Chapter 1,182: Stepping into the Sky
Chapter 1,183 Invitation
Chapter 1,184 Breaking the Record
Chapter 1,185 A hard slap in the face
Chapter 1,186 Competition
Chapter 1,187 Tianlong Sect Disciples
Chapter 1,188 The thief is worried about
Chapter 1,189 Borrow
Chapter 1,190 Absorbing Dragon Qi
Chapter 1,191 Breakthrough in Cultivation
Chapter 1,192 The complete version of the Tianlong Bible
Chapter 1,193: A sword that cuts the sky
Chapter 1,194 Tianlong shows its power
Chapter 1,195 Field Experience
Chapter 1,196 Planet Yabata
Chapter 1,197 The tip of a needle against the awn of wheat
Chapter 1,198 The experience begins
Chapter 1199: All strangulated
Chapter 1200: Reborn Realm
Text Chapter 1,201 Targeting Liu Wuxie
Chapter 1,202 Misreading
Chapter 1,203 The second level of rebirth
Chapter 1,204 Roaring Sky
Chapter 1205: Heavy damage to the soul
Chapter 1,206 The Art of Controlling Beasts
Chapter 1,207 I want to go home
Chapter 1,208 Turning the Gun
Chapter 1,209 Stop hitting me
Chapter 1,210 The Power of Destiny
Chapter 1,211 Soul Fire
Chapter 1,212 All must be turned over
Chapter 1,213 Unreasonable
Chapter 1,214 Elder Long
Chapter 1,215 Selling
Chapter 1,216 Revenge Begins
Chapter 1,217 Sowing discord
Chapter 1,218 Making Gold
Chapter 1,219 Cai Tian appears
Chapter 1,220 The lesser of two powers harming each other
Chapter 1,221 Secret
Chapter 1,222 The Fourth Level of Rebirth
Chapter 1,223 Xuanhuang Tower
Chapter 1,224 The highest level
Chapter 1,225 Both true and illusory
Chapter 1,226 Dragon Flame Fruit
Chapter 1,227 The Sixth Level of Rebirth
Chapter 1,228 Refining the Evil Blade
Chapter 1,229 Thunder God’s Spear
Chapter 1,230 Refining the Spear of Thunder God
Chapter 1,231 Cannibal Valley
Chapter 1,232 Confused
Chapter 1,233 Man-Eating Insects
Chapter 1,234 The Trunk of the Ancestral Tree
Chapter 1,235 Dragon Blood
Chapter 1,236 Yello Mirror
Chapter 1,237 Get Out
Chapter 1,238 The target of public criticism
Chapter 1239: Attack in groups
Chapter 1,240 Shocked on the spot
Chapter 1,241 Bullying goes too far
Chapter 1,242 Mysterious Token
Chapter 1,243 Tell the whole story
Chapter 1,244 Dragon Clan Inheritance
Chapter 1,245 The Seventh Level of Rebirth
Chapter 1,246 The Eighth Level of Rebirth
Chapter 1,247 Grand Ceremony of All Races
Chapter 1,248 The Dragon Captor Shows His Power
Chapter 1,249 Advanced Robbery
Chapter 1,250 Return to the Ancestral Bloodline
Chapter 1251 Arako Shintai
Chapter 1,252 Apprenticeship
Chapter 1,253 Old Man Yuanshi
Chapter 1,254 Seven Treasure Pills
Text Chapter 1,255 The Ninth Level of Rebirth
Chapter 1,256 The Second Level of Transformation
Text Chapter 1,257 White Jade Soup
Chapter 1258: Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 1,259 The Third Level of Transformation
Chapter 1,260 Crisis
Text Chapter 1,261 Forced to save people
Chapter 1,262 Celestial Silkworm Ant Gu
Chapter 1,263 Life and Death Crisis
Text Chapter 1,264 The Fourth Level of Transformation
Chapter 1265: Keep it secret
Chapter 1,266 All Participate
Text Chapter 1,267 All races gather together
Text Chapter 1,268 The Realm of Zhuxian
Chapter 1,269 The War of Races
Chapter 1,270 The Arrival of the Gods
Chapter 1,271 Refining the Magical Power Fruit
Text Chapter 1,272 The Power of Reincarnation
Chapter 1,273 The Eight Divine Eyes
Chapter 1,274 Battle for Souls
Text Chapter 1,275 Red Sky Stone
Chapter 1,276 Poisonous Seeds
Chapter 1,277 The Fifth Level of Transformation
Chapter 1,278 Enemies meet
Chapter 1,279 The Heart Burning Technique
Chapter 1,280 Saving people
Chapter 1,281 Divine Veins
Chapter 1282: The Nemesis of the Faceless Clan
Chapter 1,283 The Magic Gate
Chapter 1,284 Fanya
Chapter 1,285 Magic Operation Chart
Chapter 1,286 The Siren’s Final Song
Chapter 1,287 Refining the Qi of Death
Text Chapter 1,288 The Frozen Territory
Chapter 1,289 The Passage of Reincarnation
Chapter 1,290 A One-Year Promise
Text Chapter 1,291 Trap and Kill
Text Chapter 1,292 First
Text Chapter 1,293 The Eight Ancestral Talismans
Text Chapter 1,294 Folding the World
Text Chapter 1,295 Collecting Runes
Text Chapter 1,296 Space Magnetic Storm
Chapter 1,297: Take action
Chapter 1,298 Four Symbols Immortal Talisman
Chapter 1,299 Refining Space Debris
Text Chapter 1,300 Rescue the Giants
Text Chapter 1,301 The Seventh Level of Transformation
Text Chapter 1,302 Physical Competition
Text Chapter 1,303 A God-given Opportunity
Text Chapter 1,304 Purgatory on Earth
Text Chapter 1,305 Shocking the World
Text Chapter 1,306 Murder and heart-breaking
Text Chapter 1,307 The Eighth Level of Transformation
Chapter 1,308 The Underworld
Chapter 1,309 Thousand Machine Techniques
Chapter 1310: Petrification Technique
Chapter 1,311 The Flames of the Underworld
Chapter 1312 Wind and Rain Beast
Chapter 1313: Picking the Wind Spirit Fruit
Chapter 1,314 The Ninth Level of Transformation
Chapter 1,315 The Thorn of the Undead
Text Chapter 1316 Hell Lotus
Chapter 1,317 Wu Lun Dao
Chapter 1,318 Supercharging Formation
Chapter 1,319 Heart of Darkness
Text Chapter 1,320 The inner demon breaks out
Text Chapter 1321 The Birth of Ghost Eyes
Chapter 1,322 The Power of Ghost Eyes
Text Chapter 1,323 Massacre
Chapter 1,324 Yin and Yang Realm
Chapter 1,325 Refining the Yin Yang Stone
Chapter 1,326 Hun Tian Wheel
Chapter 1,327 Shocking the Heavens
Chapter 1,328 A Sky-Shaking Blow
Chapter 1,329 Hunyuan Second Level
Chapter 1,330 Landslide and Tsunami
Chapter 1331: Confrontation of Immortal Weapons
Chapter 1,332: Pill Fight
Chapter 1,333 Despicable and shameless
Chapter 1,334 Absolute Crush
Chapter 1,335 Alliance
Chapter 1,336 Sky Thunder and Moon Burning Formation
Chapter 1,337 Formation Competition
Text Chapter 1,338 Refining the Thunder Sword
Text Chapter 1,339 The Fifth Floor
Chapter 1,340 The Earth Roars
Chapter 1341 The Seventh Floor
Text Chapter 1,342 Three Clans Siege
Chapter 1,343 The Eighth Floor
Text Chapter 1344: Strategy
Text Chapter 1,345 The Great Sun Crystal
Chapter 1,346 The Power of Yin and Yang
Chapter 1,347 The Third Level of Hunyuan
Text Chapter 1,348 The Foundation of Eternity
Chapter 1,349 The Wanderer Returns Home
Chapter 1,350: Lifelong Enemies
Chapter 1,351 Fenlingyuan
Text Chapter 1,352 The Catastrophe of Destruction
Text Chapter 1353 Arrangement
Chapter 1,354 Swallowing the Eighth Grade Spiritual Pill
Chapter 1,355 The Fourth Level of Hunyuan
Text Chapter 1356 Return
Text Chapter 1,357 Going Home
Text Chapter 1358 Arrangements
Chapter 1,359 The Vampire Clan
Text Chapter 1,360 Planet Promotion
Chapter 1,361 The soul returns to its hometown
Text Chapter 1362 I support you
Chapter 1,363 Teaching the Techniques
Chapter 1,364 The Immortal Slaughter Arrives
Chapter 1,365 Contest of Divine Swords
Chapter 1,366 The Fist of the World
Text Chapter 1367 Fate
Chapter 1,368 Return to Tianlong Sect
Chapter 1,369 It all depends on human effort
Chapter 1,370 Martial Spirit
Chapter 1,371 Blood Demon Battlefield
Chapter 1,372 Mysterious Passage
Text Chapter 1,373 Blood Demon Valley
Chapter 1,374 Encountering the Blood Demon
Chapter 1,375 The Thousand-Year Blood King Bamboo Shoot
Text Chapter 1376: Furious
Chapter 1,377 Discovery of Star Crystal
Chapter 1,378 The Fifth Level of Hunyuan
Chapter 1,379: Discovering Identity
Chapter 1,380 The Power of Darkness
Chapter 1381 Loulan Ancient City
Chapter 1,382 Soul Pattern
Chapter 1,383 Seventh Heaven
Chapter 1,384 Refining the Soul
Chapter 1,385 Absorbing Soul Patterns
Chapter 1386: Collecting wantonly
Chapter 1,387 Understanding the Soul Pattern
Text Chapter 1388 Martial Spirit Battle
Text Chapter 1389: Zixiong and Shuangsha
Chapter 1,390 Three Thousand Weak Waters
Chapter 1,391 The Sixth Level of Hunyuan
Chapter 1,392 The Ancestral Witch of Water
Chapter 1,393 Underground Palace
Text Chapter 1394 Collection
Chapter 1,395 The Seventh Level of Hunyuan
Chapter 1,396 Gonggong wakes up
Chapter 1,397 Encounter with the Loulan Clan
Chapter 1398: Visiting Loulan City at Night
Chapter 1,399 Senior Brother
Text Chapter 1,400 Alliance
Chapter 1,401 The Second Level of Earth Immortal
Text Chapter 1402 Cooperation
Chapter 1,403 The Eve of Rescue
Chapter 1,404 Mysterious Building
Chapter 1,405 Dome Murals
Text Chapter 1,406 Six Soul Patterns
Text Chapter 1,407 Opening the World Formation
Chapter 1,408 Opening the Gate of Time and Space
Text Chapter 1,409 Escape
Chapter 1410 Sengoku Cave
Text Chapter 1411 The Ninth Level of Hunyuan
Text Chapter 1412 Jian Yiming
Chapter 1,413 Bubu Xiangyun
Chapter 1,414 Innuendo
Chapter 1415: Extremely wonderful
Chapter 1,416 Beating around the bush
Chapter 1,417 Dan Seal
Chapter 1,418 Jin Chan Dan
Chapter 1,419 The Immortal Chessboard
Chapter 1,420 Immortal Heritage
Chapter 1421: Cave Void Realm
Chapter 1,422 Black Tortoise Shell
Chapter 1,423 Swordsmanship Competition
Text Chapter 1,424 Peak Showdown
Text Chapter 1,425 Sword Pattern
Chapter 1,426 Refining the Basalt Turtle Shell
Chapter 1,427 The Second Level of Dongxu
Chapter 1,428 Transforming the Tiandao Society
Chapter 1,429 Attacking An Meteor
Chapter 1,430 Treasure Gourd
Chapter 1,431 There is a universe within
Chapter 1,432 Killing Shen Tian
Chapter 1,433: Demon Suppressor
Chapter 1,434: Evil spirit
Chapter 1,435 Heading to the Nightmare City
Chapter 1,436 Flowers bloom all over the ground
Chapter 1,437 Transaction
Chapter 1,438 Clay Balls
Chapter 1,439 Testing the Pill
Chapter 1,440 Not for sale
Chapter 1441: I deceived others too much
Chapter 1,442: Kneel down and imitate a dog barking
Chapter 1,443 Painted Face
Chapter 1,444 Sea of ??Bones
Chapter 1,445 Underground World
Chapter 1,446 Corpse Charm
Chapter 1,447 The Ancient Law
Chapter 1,448 The Third Level of Dongxu
Chapter 1,449 Signing the Contract
Chapter 1,450 Agency Rights
Chapter 1,451 The battle begins
Chapter 1,452 Tianling Formation Diagram
Chapter 1453: Pin Dan
Text Chapter 1,454 Launching a War
Text Chapter 1455: Continuous Slaps in the Face
Chapter 1,456 Chaos War
Chapter 1,457 The Power of the Martial Spirit
Chapter 1458: Traitor
Chapter 1,459 Magnetic Field
Chapter 1,460 Stone Patterns
Chapter 1461: Both soft and hard tactics
Text Chapter 1,462 Snake Gu
Text Chapter 1,463 Shut up, everyone
Chapter 1,464 Confusing
Chapter 1,465 The truth comes out
Chapter 1,466 A big game of chess
Chapter 1,467 Predator
Chapter 1,468 Parallel World
Chapter 1469: Vine Demon
Chapter 1,470 Fragments of the Wooden Avenue
Chapter 1,471 You fight for it
Chapter 1,472 Collect them all
Chapter 1473: Valley of the Gods
Chapter 1,474 The Fourth Level of Cave Void
Chapter 1,475 The Fifth Level of Cave Void
Chapter 1,476 Killing the Eighth Level Earth Immortal
Chapter 1,477 Huge Black Shadow
Chapter 1,478 Sky Monument
Chapter 1,479 The Eternal World
Chapter 1480 You are finally here
Chapter 1,481 Monument of the Gods
Chapter 1,482 The Road to Destiny
Chapter 1,483 The Sixth Level of Cave Void
Chapter 1,484 Eternal Divine Fist
Chapter 1485: Kill them all
Text Chapter 1,486 Heaven’s Backlash
Chapter 1487: Eat dead people
Chapter 1,488 Aggressive
Chapter 1489: Debate
Chapter 1,490 The situation reverses
Chapter 1,491 The truth comes out
Chapter 1,492 Siege
Chapter 1,493 Kamigishi’s Power
Chapter 1494: All Nothingness
Chapter 1,495 The world is in chaos
Chapter 1,496 Death Mountain
Chapter 1,497 The Point of No Return
Chapter 1,498 Reaching a Consensus
Text Chapter 1,499 The Eighth Level of Cave Void
Text Chapter 1,500 Suzaku Star
Chapter 1501 Auction
Chapter 1502: Get pregnant faster
Chapter 1503 Sitting on the Lotus Flower
Chapter 1504 The Spirit Tribe
Chapter 1505 Queen Yu’s people
Text Chapter 1506 Meteor Jade
Text Chapter 1507 Greed
Text Chapter 1508 Qilin Essence and Blood
Chapter 1509 Shocking Bet
Chapter 1510 I regret it
Chapter 1511 The Infinite Book of Heaven
Chapter 1512: Chain Plan
Chapter 1513 The Enlightenment Stone
Chapter 1514 Jiuding Divine Pill
Chapter 1,515: Breakthrough and Peep into the Sky
Chapter 1516 The Second Level of Earth Immortal
Chapter 1517 Hongmeng Purple Qi
Chapter 1518 Spell
Chapter 1519 Auction Spell
Chapter 1,520 You idiot.
Chapter 1521 Crack
Chapter 1522 One Year’s War
Chapter 1523 The Peak Battle
Chapter 1524 The world is broken
Chapter 1525 Nine Styles Unified
Chapter 1526 The Great Reincarnation Spell
Chapter 1527 Lingwu Star Territory
Chapter 1528 Holy Soul Flower
Chapter 1529 The Mysterious Valley
Chapter 1530: Harvest by Hades
Chapter 1531 The Third Level of Earth Immortal
Chapter 1,532 Battle against the Sky-Peeping Realm
Chapter 1533 Soul Power Impact
Chapter 1534 Swallowing the Beast
Chapter 1,535 The Monument of the Gods Shows Its Power
Chapter 1536: Refining the Devouring Beast
Chapter 1,537 The Fourth Level of Earth Immortal
Chapter 1538 City in the Sky
Chapter 1,539 Return of the Earth-Binding Lock
Chapter 1,540 The Black Crow Clan Attacks
Chapter 1541 Not interested
Chapter 1543: Great Heavenly Dragon Spell
Chapter 1542 The Great War
Chapter 1544: Killing the Peak Peeping Sky
Chapter 1545 Holy Pool
Chapter 1,546 The Fifth Level of Earth Immortal
Chapter 1547 Angel Fountain
Chapter 1548 The Eldar Spell
Text Chapter 1549 Killing the Half Immortal
Text Chapter 1550 Gonggong wakes up
Chapter 1551: Ruined Temple in the Suburbs
Chapter 1552 Holy Heaven Guild
Chapter 1,553 Fighting Alone
Chapter 1554 Black Tiger
Chapter 1555: Imperial Furnace
Chapter 1,556 Extracting the Heart-Refining Fire
Chapter 1,557 The Sixth Level of Earth Immortal
Chapter 1,558 Supporting Justice
Chapter 1559: Revealed to the World
Chapter 1,560 Three Sea Realms
Chapter 1561: Good intentions lead to bad deeds
Chapter 1,562 Killing the Pirates
Chapter 1563 Thousand Island Sea Area Pattern
Chapter 1564: Refining Deep Sea Dillon
Chapter 1,565 Breeding Immortal Patterns
Chapter 1,566 The Big and Small Island Owners
Chapter 1567 Peach Blossom Temple
Chapter 1568 Leader
Chapter 1569 Hermaphrodite
Chapter 1570 Peach Blossom Cave
Chapter 1571 Union
Chapter 1572 Red Sun Divine Spear
Chapter 1573 Ten pieces of armor
Chapter 1574: Killing a Hundred People
Chapter 1575 Galaxy Divine Sand
Text Chapter 1576 The Seventh Level of Earth Immortal
Text Chapter 1577 One Billion
Chapter 1578 The Last Stone Gate
Chapter 1579: Time of Killing
Chapter 1580 The Great Battle
Chapter 1581 The Unparalleled Fist
Chapter 1582 Kill them all
Chapter 1,583: Imprisoned Immortal Finger
Chapter 1584 The Mysterious Portal
Chapter 1585 The Great Reincarnation Spell
Chapter 1586: Battle against Half-Immortal
Chapter 1587 The Death of Liu Wuxie
Chapter 1,588 Changes in Life and Death
Chapter 1589: Eighth Level Earth Immortal
Chapter 1590: Massacre
Chapter 1591: Heaven’s Disaster
Text Chapter 1592 Resurrection
Text Chapter 1593 Incredible Craftsmanship
Chapter 1594: Converting the Three Disabled Persons
Chapter 1595 Return to Anru Planet
Text Chapter 1596 Revenge Begins
Text Chapter 1597 A big gift
Chapter 1598: Sneaking into the Immortal Slaughter Palace
Chapter 1599 Wanxuan Tower
Chapter 1,600 It’s rude to come and not return.
Text Chapter 1601: Successive Breakthroughs
Chapter 1602: Rushing to recruit disciples
Chapter 1,603 The Second Plan
Chapter 1604: Peeping in the sky takes action
Chapter 1605 Seven Treasure Glazed Stone
Chapter 1,606 The Ninth Level of Earth Immortal
Chapter 1607 Anping Star
Chapter 1608 Santi Tribe
Chapter 1609: Visiting the Santi Tribe
Chapter 1,610 The Skeleton of the Evil God
Chapter 1611 The Second Plan Begins
Chapter 1,612 Attack on the Camp
Chapter 1,613 Identity Exposed
Chapter 1,614 Refining the Evil God’s Skeleton
Chapter 1,615 Peeping into the Heaven Realm
Chapter 1,616 Condensing Immortal Techniques
Chapter 1,617 Killing the Half Immortal
Chapter 1,618 The Immortal Takes Action
Chapter 1,619 Heading to the Elf Tribe
Chapter 1,620 Dark Curse
Chapter 1621 Mysterious Mark
Chapter 1,622 Breaking the Spell
Chapter 1,623 The Faceless Clan Attacks
Chapter 1624 Fusion Magic
Chapter 1,625 The Power of Star Territory
Chapter 1,626 Refining the Will of the Immortal
Chapter 1,627 Peeping into the Second Level of the Sky
Chapter 1,628 The Crazy Demon Ancestor
Chapter 1,629 Bloodbath in the mountains and rivers
Chapter 1,630 The Phantom Earth Formation
Chapter 1631 Mysterious Dragon Head
Chapter 1,632 Relics
Chapter 1,633 Oten Mie
Chapter 1634: Collecting the Nightmare City
Chapter 1,635: Destroy evil spirits
Chapter 1,636: All Refined
Chapter 1,637 Purple Thunderwood
Chapter 1,638 Peeping into the fourth level of the sky
Chapter 1,639 Nine Jue Fist
Chapter 1,640 Killing the Immortal Projection
Chapter 1641: Extraterrestrial World
Chapter 1642: Collecting Treasures
Text Chapter 1643: Snatching the Immortal Stone
Text Chapter 1,644 Refining Immortal Treasures
Chapter 1,645 Immortal Arms
Chapter 1646: Promotion to Immortal Weapon
Chapter 1,647 Peeping into the Sixth Level of the Sky
Chapter 1,648 Kill them all
Chapter 1649 Super Sentai
Chapter 1,650 Building a Team
Chapter 1651: The Grace of Dharma
Chapter 1,652 Lan Yuanxing
Chapter 1,653 Strong Suppression
Chapter 1,654 Rampage
Chapter 1,655 Refining Star Core
Chapter 1,656 Peeping into the Seventh Level of the Sky
Chapter 1,657 The return of Zhenwu
Chapter 1,658 Soul Boy
Chapter 1,659: Contest of Immortal Arts
Chapter 1,660 Tellurium Soul Beast
Text Chapter 1,661 The Eighth Level of Peeping into the Sky
Text Chapter 1,662 The Immortal Weapon Takes Action
Chapter 1,663 Attacking Taiyi Sect
Chapter 1,664 The Immortal Descends to Earth
Chapter 1665: So What About Immortals?
Chapter 1,666: Showing off the Golden Bull Fruit
Text Chapter 1667 Manticore
Text Chapter 1,668: Refining the Golden Bull Fruit
Chapter 1,669 Howling Moon Wolf King
Chapter 1,670 Peeping into the Ninth Level of the Sky
Chapter 1671 Stone Cloud Beast
Chapter 1,672 The Ancient Law
Chapter 1,673 Heading to the Gods
Chapter 1,674 Forced
Text Chapter 1,675 The Return of the Immortal
Text Chapter 1676 Semi-fairyland
Chapter 1,677 Betrayal
Chapter 1,678 Return of Innocence
Chapter 1,679 Fighting the Fifth Level of Heavenly Immortal
Chapter 1,680: Killing the Fifth Level Immortal
Chapter 1681: Attacking the Immortal Realm
Chapter 1,682: Welcome to the Tribulation of Life and Death
Chapter 1683: Promotion to Immortal
Chapter 1,684 The Return of the Immortal
Text Chapter 1685: I don’t have the same knowledge as you
Text Chapter 1686 Conspiracy
Text Chapter 1,687 Immortal Melee
Text Chapter 1,688: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 1,689: Meaningless and righteous
Chapter 1,690 The Power of Traction
Chapter 1,691 The Second Level of the Immortal
Chapter 1,692 Nine Star Immortal Destroying Formation
Text Chapter 1,693 The Third Level of Heavenly Immortals
Text Chapter 1,694 The Sacred Scroll of the Galaxy
Chapter 1,695 The Fourth Level of Heavenly Immortality
Chapter 1,696 Qiquan Palace
Chapter 1,697 Kick away
Chapter 1,698 The treasure takes shape
Chapter 1,699 The Fifth Level of Heavenly Immortality
Chapter 1,700 Xuanyin Divine Needle
Chapter 1,701 Nine Heavens and Ten Earths
Chapter 1,702 The Great Formation of Sealing Heaven Rises
Chapter 1,703 Opening the Treasure House
Chapter 1,704 Immortal King Talisman
Chapter 1,705 Ascension to the Immortal Realm
Chapter 1,706 Eighth Level Immortal
Chapter 1,707 Sifang City
Chapter 1,708 Ye Linghan
Chapter 1709: Willing to Die
Chapter 1,710 Wuxie takes action
Chapter 1,711 Refining the Antidote Pill
Chapter 1,712 Forced to stay
Chapter 1,713 The Mysterious Broken Knife
Chapter 1,714 Blood Drinking Knife
Chapter 1,715 Breakout
Chapter 1,716 Ping An Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1,717 Night exploration of the Qingzhu Gang
Chapter 1,718 Time is urgent
Chapter 1,719 The Ninth Level of Immortals
Chapter 1,720 Identity leaked
Chapter 1,721 Recognition
Chapter 1,722 Conditions
Chapter 1,723 Qingyan Dojo
Chapter 1,724 Applying for a Tutor
Chapter 1,725 ??Rhetorical Question
Chapter 1,726 Who will test
Chapter 1,727 Shameless
Chapter 1,728 A strong slap in the face
Chapter 1,729 The trap
Chapter 1,730 Gimmick
Chapter 1,731 Dissatisfaction
Chapter 1,732 Challenge you
Chapter 1,733 Dilemma
Chapter 1,734 Fire Spirit Pill
Chapter 1,735 Ten Breath Breakthrough
Chapter 1,736 Holy Blood of Heaven
Chapter 1,737 Wanqi Pavilion
Chapter 1,738 Domineering
Chapter 1,739 The Man with Broken Arm
Chapter 1,740 Life Experience
Chapter 1,741 The first level of immortality
Chapter 1,742 Destiny Alchemy
Chapter 1,743 Explanation
Chapter 1744: Two out of three games
Chapter 1745: Stab you
Chapter 1746: Slaps in the Face
Chapter 1,747 Underground Boxing Arena
Chapter 1,748 Dead and Living
Chapter 1,749 Killing the White Demon
Chapter 1,750 The Hidden Clan
Chapter 1,751 The Second Level of Immortality
Chapter 1,752 Dark Clouds Shrouded
Chapter 1,753 The Murderer
Chapter 1,754 The Third Level of Immortality
Chapter 1,755 The Unknown Sorrow
Chapter 1,756 Pouring with Blood
Chapter 1,757 Tian Jue Qin
Chapter 1,758 I want to kill him
Chapter 1,759 Death Talisman Pond
Chapter 1,760 Assassination Technique
Chapter 1,761 Tianlu Divine Sword Technique
Chapter 1,762 He doesn’t deserve it
Chapter 1,763 Three Pure Divine Thunder Talismans
Chapter 1,764 Wen Qi
Chapter 1,765 Lao Kaiyu
Chapter 1,766 The Pattern of Destiny
Chapter 1,767 Refining the Soul-Healing Pill
Chapter 1,768 The Fifth Level of Immortality
Chapter 1,769 Class Assessment
Chapter 1,770 Purple Moon Essence
Chapter 1,771 Quran Skeleton Brain
Chapter 1,772 Immortal Essence
Chapter 1773: Furious
Chapter 1,774 Tianluo Fruit
Chapter 1,775 Weakness
Chapter 1,776 Betting on Life
Chapter 1,777 Dan Fluid
Chapter 1,778 These are not problems
Chapter 1,779 Successive Breakthroughs
Chapter 1,780 The Ninth Level of Immortality
Chapter 1,781 Do you dare
Chapter 1,782 Mysterious Eyeball
Chapter 1,783 Dragon Burial Mountain Range
Chapter 1784: Chase
Chapter 1,785: Borrowing Strength to Fight
Chapter 1,786 Clearing Roadblocks
Chapter 1,787 The siege of fairy beasts
Chapter 1,788 The song ends and everyone disperses
Chapter 1,789 The Mysterious Depression
Chapter 1,790 Sudden changes in the depression
Chapter 1791: Devoured
Chapter 1,792 Refining the Mysterious Eyeball
Chapter 1,793 The First Level of True Immortal
Chapter 1,794 Fusion of Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 1,795 Liuhe Bahuang Talisman
Chapter 1,796 Trapped
Chapter 1,797 Mental Attack
Chapter 1,798 The Second Level of True Immortal
Chapter 1,799 Mysterious Crossbow
Chapter 1800 Cat Plays with Mouse
Chapter 1801: Continuous Killings
Chapter 1802: Execute them all
Chapter 1803: Attack in groups
Chapter 1804: Collective Pressure
Chapter 1805: Turning the tables
Chapter 1806 Tianjimen
Chapter 1807 Tian Yan Lu
Chapter 1808: Door-to-door siege
Chapter 1809 Six Paths and Eight Sufferings
Chapter 1810 Human Spirit
Chapter 1811 The third level of true immortality
Chapter 1812: Battle for Talisman Tower
Chapter 1813 Sword Pattern
Chapter 1814 Five Thunder Talisman
Chapter 1815: All the feasts in the world come to an end
Chapter 1816 You must hold on
Chapter 1817 Don’t leave me
Chapter 1818 I do
Chapter 1819: Killing Yuanxian
Chapter 1820: Kill them all
Chapter 1821 The Fourth Level of True Immortality
Chapter 1822 Return to Moon Worshiping City
Chapter 1823: Strange Talisman
Chapter 1824: The World-Shaking Divine Sword
Chapter 1825 Revenge
Chapter 1826 Suni Stone
Chapter 1827 The plan begins
Chapter 1828 I want you to take care of it
Chapter 1829 Calculation
Chapter 1830 A crude plan
Chapter 1831: Refining Xuni Stone
Chapter 1832 The Fifth Level of True Immortal
Chapter 1833: One stone stirs up a thousand waves
Chapter 1834: Eat inside and outside
Chapter 1835 The Eve of the Rainstorm
Chapter 1836 Three strategies at once
Chapter 1837 Tug of War
Chapter 1838 Don’t be impulsive
Chapter 1839 Stone Dragon Sword
Chapter 1840: Linked to each other
Chapter 1841 Black Machine Dojo
Chapter 1842 The struggle between heaven and earth
Chapter 1843: Spiritual Telling
Chapter 1844 Yin City
Chapter 1845 Yin Xiangmu
Chapter 1846 Mysterious Bark
Chapter 1847 Agarwood Liquid
Chapter 1848 The Sixth Level of True Immortality
Chapter 1849 Cruelty
Chapter 1850: Cooperate with me
Chapter 1851 Fighting Plan
Chapter 1852 Kill
Chapter 1853 The first step of the plan
Chapter 1854 Is it about to begin?
Chapter 1855: Using Heaven to Change Fate
Chapter 1856 Fusion Tian Yan Lu
Chapter 1857 Disappearance
Chapter 1858: Seventh Level of True Martial Arts
Chapter 1859: The Black Machine Sect is Destroyed
Chapter 1860 Yuan Kong Ancient Realm
Chapter 1861 Gold and Stone
Chapter 1862 Lungs
Chapter 1863 Five Elements Divine Thunder
Chapter 1864 Gengjin Divine Essence
Chapter 1865: Refining Gengjin Divine Essence
Chapter 1866 The Eighth Level of True Immortality
Chapter 1867: Linking the Heart Bridge
Chapter 1868 Investigation
Chapter 1869 Entering the Heart Palace
Chapter 1870: Refining the Red Flame Divine Essence
Chapter 1871 The Ninth Level of True Immortality
Chapter 1872: Dungeon Formation
Chapter 1873 Monster
Chapter 1874 Heizi
Chapter 1875 Killing Shen San
Chapter 1876: Enemies from both sides
Chapter 1877: Collecting the Divine Essence of Thick Earth
Chapter 1878: Refining the Divine Essence of Thick Earth
Chapter 1879 Black Demon God
Chapter 1880 Spirit Fairyland
Chapter 1881: Kill them all
Chapter 1,882 Demon Shotou
Chapter 1883 Glazed Beads
Chapter 1884 The Second Level of Immortal Spirit
Chapter 1885 Water Giant
Chapter 1886 The Third Level of Spiritual Immortal
Chapter 1887 Siege
Chapter 1888 Refining the Five Elements Divine Thunder
Chapter 1889 Crazy Killing
Chapter 1890 The sky is stained with blood
Chapter 1891 The end of the killing
Chapter 1892: Kill them all
Chapter 1893 Dojo Competition
Chapter 1894 Vientiane Xuansha
Chapter 1,895 Hikijadou Cave
Chapter 1896 The conspiracy revealed
Chapter 1897 Departure
Chapter 1898 Thousand-Handed Yama
Chapter 1899: Winning by cleverness
Chapter 1900: Suffocated
Chapter 1901: Consecutive Victories
Chapter 1902 Kill
Chapter 1903 Boundless Killing Intent
Chapter 1904 Bet on all of your lives
Chapter 1905 Breaking Perfection
Chapter 1906: Powerful Killing
Chapter 1907 Evenly matched
Chapter 1908: Heaven kills people
Chapter 1909: Crazy
Chapter 1910 The poisonous snake comes out of the hole
Chapter 1911 The Last Battle
Chapter 1912 The Dragon Appears
Chapter 1913 Melee
Chapter 1914 Accept All
Chapter 1915 The Fourth Level of Immortal Spirit
Chapter 1916: Let it be slaughtered
Chapter 1917 Chaos Fragments
Chapter 1918 The Sixth Level of Immortal Spirit
Chapter 1919 Patterns of the Sun and Taiyin
Chapter 1920 Come up
Chapter 1921: Dominate the World
Chapter 1922: Not giving face
Chapter 1923 Thunder Spirit Hand
Chapter 1924: Refining the Sixth Grade Immortal Pill
Chapter 1925 The Seventh Level of Spiritual Immortal
Chapter 1926 The Eighth Level of Immortal Spirit
Chapter 1927: Cannibalism
Chapter 1928: Exchange of Identities
Chapter 1929: Empty City Strategy
Chapter 1930: Sun, Moon, Stars, Hunyuan Immortal Killing Formation
Chapter 1931 The Ninth Level of Spiritual Immortal
Chapter 1932 The Divine Horse Competition
Chapter 1933: Building the Divine Horse Car
Chapter 1934 Fandors
Chapter 1935 The heroes gather together
Chapter 1936 Bi-winged Chariot
Chapter 1937: Descendants of Old Friends
Chapter 1938 Qilin Chariot
Chapter 1939 Kill him for me
Chapter 1940 The crane spreads its wings
Chapter 1941 Eye of the Storm
Chapter 1942: Roundabout
Chapter 1943: Strong Counterattack
Chapter 1944 Cooperation
Chapter 1945 Counterattack
Chapter 1946 Mysterious Immortal Realm
Chapter 1947: Surrounded by Enemies
Chapter 1948: Emperor Alliance
Chapter 1949 Baguio Palace
Chapter 1950 Separation
Chapter 1951: Refining the Ghost King
Chapter 1952 The Third Level of Mysterious Immortal
Chapter 1953 Repairing the Blood-Drinking Knife
Chapter 1954 Lingxuan Pavilion
Chapter 1955 Death in the middle of the night
Chapter 1956: Creating Trouble
Chapter 1957 White Underworld Insect
Chapter 1958 Holy Son Hall
Chapter 1959: Stealing Fairy Rice
Chapter 1960 Mantra Talisman
Chapter 1961 Cruel and bloody
Chapter 1962 The assessment begins
Chapter 1963 Soul Power Crush
Chapter 1964 The Fourth Level of Mysterious Immortal
Chapter 1965 Ancient Soul Sea
Chapter 1966: Counting Bugs
Chapter 1967 Testing the Immortal Spirit Root
Chapter 1968 Shocking the past and present
Chapter 1969 Bai Ling Dan
Chapter 1970 Entering the Immortal Palace
Chapter 1971 Peak No. 69
Chapter 1972 Refining Bai Ling Dan
Chapter 1973 The Fifth Level of the Mysterious Immortal
Chapter 1974 Three Missions
Chapter 1975: Convincing people with virtue
Chapter 1976 Aggressive
Chapter 1977: Hoarding
Chapter 1978 Master Bian
Chapter 1979 Heavenly Blood Snake Spirit
Chapter 1980 Confusing
Chapter 1981 Law Enforcement Token
Chapter 1982: Intercepted halfway
Chapter 1983 Just kidding
Chapter 1984 Yunwu Villa
Chapter 1985: Splitting the Helm
Chapter 1986 The Power of Law Enforcement
Chapter 1987 The Cloud and Mist Pearl King
Chapter 1988 Interception
Chapter 1989 The Sixth Level of the Mysterious Immortal
Chapter 1990 Qi Sitong
Chapter 1991: Collective Targeting
Chapter 1992 Sirius Seven Stars
Chapter 1993 No choice
Chapter 1994: Kill with one punch
Chapter 1995: Strong Counterattack
Chapter 1996 Seven Star Glazed Formation
Chapter 1997: The Sky-Stepping Divine Beast
Chapter 1998: Refining the Cloud and Mist Pearl King
Chapter 1999 The Seventh Level of the Mysterious Immortal
Chapter 2000 Crystal of Chaos
Chapter 2001 No comment
Chapter 2002 Gensen Yae
Chapter 2003 Soul Sword
Chapter 2004: Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 2005 The truth comes out
Chapter 2006 Deal
Chapter 2007 Jiuhe Tower
Chapter 2008 Yuan Xiangtian
Chapter 2009 Cooperation
Chapter 2010: Stopped in the street
Chapter 2011 Abolition of Cultivation
Chapter 2012: Undercurrent
Chapter 2013 Declaration of War
Chapter 2014 Moriyama Sorajin
Chapter 2015 Panic
Chapter 2016 Kabia Guild
Chapter 2017 Adding another fire
Chapter 2018: Knocking on the Mountain and Shocking the Tiger
Chapter 2019 Negotiation
Chapter 2020 Leaving the Yuan Family
Chapter 2021: Samsara Blood Moon Sword
Chapter 2022 The Ninth Level of the Mysterious Immortal
Chapter 2023 Yuanxian First Level
Chapter 2024 Return to Baguio Palace
Chapter 2025: Teach you how to behave
Chapter 2026 God Refining Tower
Chapter 2027 Repeated Obstruction
Chapter 2028 Causes a Sensation
Chapter 2029 The Law of Soul Power
Chapter 2030 Mysterious Soul Wind
Chapter 2031 The Tenth Floor
Chapter 2032 The Dark Soul Sutra
Chapter 2033 The Second Level of Yuanxian
Chapter 2034 The Fourth Level of Yuanxian
Chapter 2035 The Temple of War
Chapter 2036 Sword Spirit
Chapter 2037 Tianwu Witch God
Chapter 2038 Master Zijue
Chapter 2039: Lucky General
Chapter 2040: Refining the Heavenly Wu Witch God
Chapter 2041 The Sixth Level of Yuanxian
Chapter 2042 Wangtian Cauldron
Chapter 2043 Star Reaching Platform
Chapter 2044 Mysterious Black Hole
Chapter 2045: Caught
Chapter 2046: Prisoners
Chapter 2047: The army presses the territory
Chapter 2048 Melee
Chapter 2049 Strategies to Retreat the Enemy
Chapter 2050: Cracks in Time and Space
Chapter 2051 Water of Faith
Chapter 2052: Refining Arrows
Chapter 2053 The Power of Arrows
Chapter 2054 Negotiation
Chapter 2055: Heavenly Killing
Chapter 2056 The Seventh Level of Yuanxian
Chapter 2057 The Great Book of Mysteries
Chapter 2058 Give me back the ring
Chapter 2059 Leaving Wangtian Cauldron
Chapter 2060: Refining the Fragments of the Heaven-Wangding Cauldron
Chapter 2061: The Heaven-Swallowing Divine Cauldron is promoted
Chapter 2062 The Eighth Level of Yuanxian
Chapter 2063 The Ninth Level of Yuanxian
Chapter 2064: The Magical Use of the Great Book of Mysteries
Chapter 2065 Guiyuan Sword
Chapter 2066 Painting Saint
Chapter 2067 Painting
Chapter 2068: Cheating and Cheating
Chapter 2069 Seven Horizontal and Seven Vertical
Chapter 2070: Awesome Spirit
Chapter 2071 Ghost Master Sect
Chapter 2072: Fairyland
Chapter 2073 Immortal Arts Palace
Chapter 2074 Immortal Magic Interpretation
Chapter 2075 Eternal Power
Chapter 2076 Huang Qitian
Chapter 2077 Siege
Chapter 2078: Battle against the Peak Golden Fairyland
Chapter 2079 Abolition
Chapter 2080: Pressure
Chapter 2081 Yuan Tianwei
Chapter 2082 Quota
Chapter 2083 Asking questions knowingly
Chapter 2084 Dongxing Island
Chapter 2085: Gouhua
Chapter 2086 Wuwang Gua
Chapter 2087 Repairing the Holy Lotus
Chapter 2088 Exchange Market
Chapter 2089 Black Gourd
Chapter 2090 Ghost King
Chapter 2091: Killing the Ghost King
Chapter 2092 Conflict
Chapter 2093: Attack in groups
Chapter 2094 Restoring the Truth
Chapter 2095: Burning Spirit Treasure Jar
Chapter 2096 Ghost Insect
Chapter 2097: The Way to the Gods
Chapter 2098 Devouring the Ancestral Talisman
Chapter 2099 The Third Level of Immortals
Chapter 2100 Venue
Chapter 2101 Banquet
Chapter 2102 Iron Winged Crazy Dragon
Chapter 2103 Conferred God Platform
Chapter 2104: Born by destiny
Chapter 2105 Conference on Immortality
Chapter 2106 Killing four birds with one stone
Chapter 2107: Snatching the Immortal Medicine
Chapter 2108 The Power of the Burning Spirit Treasure Jar
Chapter 2109: Tooth for Tooth
Chapter 2110 Tiangui Magic Formation
Chapter 2111 Qiluo Vase
Chapter 2112 Pill Test
Chapter 2113 Refining Ancient Immortal Patterns
Chapter 2114 Adding Challenges
Chapter 2115 Shameless
Chapter 2116 Ten thousand seals gather together
Chapter 2117 Ah Luoye
Chapter 2118 Diamond Treasure Jar
Chapter 2119 One Hundred and Nine Ways
Chapter 2120 Can’t
Chapter 2121 The Key to the Ancient Soul Sea
Chapter 2122 We are united
Chapter 2123 Emperor’s Killing Formation
Chapter 2124 Kill kill kill
Chapter 2125 Underworld Immortal Destroying Formation
Chapter 2126 Nine Heavens of Chaos and Eternal Autumn
Chapter 2127 Fake Heaven
Chapter 2128 The Fifth Level of Immortals
Chapter 2129: Betting on one life
Chapter 2130 Nine Netherworlds and Ten Thousand Destructions Formation
Chapter 2131 The Battle of Divine Beasts
Chapter 2132 Fu Dao Transformation into Spirit
Chapter 2133 The Record of Swordsman and Proud Wind and Cloud
Chapter 2134 Return to Baguio Palace
Chapter 2135 Promotion to Elite Disciple
Chapter 2136: Brave attack
Chapter 2137 One-Year Promise
Chapter 2138 Dragon Cave
Chapter 2139 The Sixth Level of Immortality
Chapter 2140: Virtual Underworld
Chapter 2141 Ghost Spirit
Chapter 2142 Yin and Yang Qi
Chapter 2143 Mysterious Black Shadow
Chapter 2144: The City of Tongyou
Chapter 2145 White Ghost
Chapter 2146 Gusu
Chapter 2147 Long Ying’s Oath
Chapter 2148 Shut up
Chapter 2149 City of the Dead
Chapter 2150 Black Bloodworm
Chapter 2151 Bloody Linglong
Chapter 2152 It’s him
Chapter 2153 Valley of the Dead
Chapter 2154 Yin Yang Road
Chapter 2155 Unprovoked pursuit
Chapter 2156 The Seventh Level of Immortals
Chapter 2157: Collecting Flowers from the Other Side
Chapter 2158 Refining the Flower of the Other Side
Chapter 2159 The Eighth Level of Immortality
Chapter 2160 Psychic Beast
Chapter 2161 Looking for the way back
Chapter 2162 The pattern of the fairy world
Chapter 2163 The World of Chaos
Chapter 2164 Tiangong Clan
Chapter 2165: Gambling on Stones
Chapter 2166 Going to Extremes
Chapter 2167 I bet with you
Chapter 2168 Middle Grade Immortal Crystal
Chapter 2169 Destroying Shen Yu
Chapter 2170 Winning streak
Chapter 2171: Refining the Divine Feather
Chapter 2172 Golden Wonderland
Chapter 2173: Collecting the Rough Stone
Chapter 2174 Melting Cave
Chapter 2175 The Fruit of the Great Way
Chapter 2176 Demon Realm
Chapter 2177 Siege
Chapter 2178: The Fruit of Refining the Great Way
Chapter 2179 The Second Level of Golden Immortal
Chapter 2180 Demonic Bead
Chapter 2181 Fox Tribe
Chapter 2182 Husband
Chapter 2183 The Smartest Human Being
Chapter 2184 Promise
Chapter 2185 Wedding
Chapter 2186 Fantasy Heart Grass
Chapter 2187 Use force
Chapter 2188 Ups and downs
Chapter 2189 You are a human race
Chapter 2190: Soul Changing
Chapter 2191 The Evil Spirit King
Chapter 2192 The Third Level of Golden Immortal
Chapter 2193 Seven Killing Formation
Chapter 2194 One-sided massacre
Chapter 2195: Catching a Turtle in a Urn
Chapter 2196 Bear Demon King
Chapter 2197 Bloodline Magical Power
Chapter 2198 Scavenger
Chapter 2199 Nine Yang Spirit Fruit
Chapter 2200 The Fourth Level of Golden Immortal
Chapter 2201 Yinling Tomb
Chapter 2202 Yin-Yang Boundary Monument
Chapter 2203 Escape from Death
Chapter 2204 Refining the Yin and Yang Boundary Monument
Chapter 2205: Ghost Forest
Chapter 2206: Spirit Mother Ferry
Chapter 2207 Fruit of Darkness
Chapter 2208 The Fifth Level of Golden Immortal
Chapter 2209 Familiar Breath
Chapter 2210 The Great Dark Magic
Chapter 2211 The Mysterious Palace
Chapter 2212 The Soul-Eating Spirit Emperor
Chapter 2213 The Ancient Ancestral Talisman
Chapter 2214 Traceless Armor
Chapter 2215 The Immortal Emperor’s Projection
Chapter 2216 Refining the Traceless Armor
Chapter 2217 Kill them all
Chapter 2218 Exchange
Chapter 2219 The soul returns
Chapter 2220 Kunpeng Blood Chakra
Chapter 2221 The Seventh Level of the Golden Immortal
Chapter 2222 Siege
Chapter 2223: Master Baoyan
Chapter 2224: The City of Heavenly Works
Chapter 2225 Argument in the Main Hall
Chapter 2226 A group of blind people
Chapter 2227 Please come back
Chapter 2228 Black Demon Fang
Chapter 2229: Discovering Identity
Chapter 2230 Ten Thousand Flowers Valley
Chapter 2231 Blind Guessing
Chapter 2232 Restoration Mirror
Chapter 2233 Cut off an arm
Chapter 2234 I want you to die
Chapter 2235 Cut it off yourself
Chapter 2236 Soul Killing
Chapter 2237 The Power of Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 2238 Golden Immortal Yae
Chapter 2239 Yaksha Clan
Chapter 2240 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 2241 Mysterious Treasure
Chapter 2242 Sun Shooting Bow
Chapter 2243: Refining the Crystal Essence
Chapter 2244 The Ninth Level of the Golden Immortal
Chapter 2245 Da Luo Jin Wonderland
Chapter 2246 Goddess Statue
Chapter 2247 Colorful Divine Stone
Chapter 2248 Iron God Mountain
Chapter 2249 Daluo Golden Immortal Second Level
Chapter 2250 Not allowed to leave
Chapter 2251 Siege
Chapter 2252 Kill them all
Chapter 2253 King’s Landing
Chapter 2254 Twelve Stars Killing Formation
Chapter 2255 Heaven Knows Cloud Record
Chapter 2256 The Mother of All Things
Chapter 2257 The Shocking Dynasty
Chapter 2258 Huangfu Family
Chapter 2259 Troubles
Chapter 2260: Absorbing Five Wonderful Books
Chapter 2261 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 2262 Lingyue Cave
Chapter 2263 Yuantong Tianbao
Chapter 2264 Crazy Killing
Chapter 2265 Danxia Red Gold Bamboo Forest
Chapter 2266 Danxia Essence
Chapter 2267 Daluo Golden Immortal Third Level
Chapter 2268 Daluo Golden Immortal Fourth Level
Chapter 2269 Jiuxiao Chessboard
Chapter 2270 Blue Falling Yellow Spring Water
Chapter 2271 The Application of the Art of War
Chapter 2272 Continuous Killings
Chapter 2273 The eagle catches the chick
Chapter 2274 Endless means
Chapter 2275 Continuous Killings
Chapter 2276 Human Weakness
Chapter 2277 Mysterious Power
Chapter 2278 Daluo Golden Immortal Fifth Level
Chapter 2279 Kill them all
Chapter 2280 Return to Baguio Palace
Chapter 2281 True Disciple
Chapter 2282: Fly away with one palm
Chapter 2283 The Three Elders of Ghost Mountain
Chapter 2284 Wanshu Pilgrimage
Chapter 2285 Woman in Plain Skirt
Chapter 2286 Exchange Conditions
Chapter 2287: Willing to Be a Weapon Spirit
Chapter 2288 Magic Book
Chapter 2289 Mood
Chapter 2290 Interception
Chapter 2291 Kill them all
Chapter 2292 Beautiful scenery at a good time
Chapter 2293 Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers
Chapter 2294 Zhuang Rong
Chapter 2295 Meeting
Chapter 2296 The Mysterious Law
Chapter 2297 Fear of the Sun
Chapter 2298 Method
Chapter 2299 The Mysterious Iron Box
Chapter 2300 The Mysterious Battlefield
Chapter 2301 The Mysterious Three Axes
Chapter 2302 Chaos Battle Ax Technique
Chapter 2303: Trapped Heavenly Immortal Formation
Chapter 2304 Anxiety
Chapter 2305 The Monument of the Gods Shows Its Power
Chapter 2306 Thousand Flower Bath
Chapter 2307 Daluo Golden Immortal Seventh Level
Chapter 2308 Dispute
Chapter 2309 Who are you?
Chapter 2310 Candidates
Chapter 2311 Giant Spirit City
Chapter 2312 The Murderer
Chapter 2313: Painting to Recruit a Marriage
Chapter 2314 Taking the overall situation into consideration
Chapter 2315 Linglong Tian
Chapter 2316 Jiang Yulang
Chapter 2317 Purple Talent
Chapter 2318 Picture within Picture
Chapter 2319 Soul Battle
Chapter 2320: Three purposes at a time
Chapter 2321 Chaos War
Chapter 2322 Painting Saint Will
Chapter 2323 Royal Painting
Chapter 2324 Yu Hua Kills People
Chapter 2325 Broken Painting
Chapter 2326: Crooked Principles
Chapter 2327: God is unaware of it
Chapter 2328 Mastering the Great Reincarnation Technique
Chapter 2329 Vientiane Yuxu
Chapter 2330 Thousands of Birds Facing the Phoenix
Chapter 2331 Tao follows nature
Chapter 2332 Masterpiece
Chapter 2333 The Ghost Master Sect Reappears
Chapter 2334 The whereabouts of the Painting Saint
Chapter 2335 Wait and see
Chapter 2336 I am here, she is here
Chapter 2337 We meet again
Chapter 2338 Daluo Golden Immortal Eighth Level
Chapter 2339 Ling Qiongtian
Chapter 2340: Sealing the Formation
Chapter 2341 Life and Death Battle
Chapter 2342 Unparalleled Holy Seal Sword Technique
Chapter 2343 Despicable and shameless
Chapter 2344: Kill them all
Chapter 2345 Challenge the Holy Son Hall
Chapter 2346 Boiling
Chapter 2347 Wind and thunder gather together
Chapter 2348 Purple Flame Divine Palm
Chapter 2349 Battle of the Holy Son Part 1
Chapter 2350: Battle with the Holy Son
Chapter 2351 Win
Chapter 2352 Daluo Golden Immortal Ninth Level
Chapter 2353 Wuwanghai
Chapter 2354 Holy Son Hal
Chapter 2355 Time Crack
Chapter 2356 Mysterious Time and Space
Chapter 2357 The Law of Time
Chapter 2358 Immortal King Realm
Chapter 2359 Chaos Larvae Promotion
Chapter 2360 Listen to my command
Chapter 2361 Identity leaked
Chapter 2362 Green Dragon
Chapter 2363 Eight Treasures Pagoda
Chapter 2364 Little Golden Dragon’s Stubbornness
Chapter 2365 Qinglong Completed
Chapter 2366 Immortal King Second Level
Chapter 2367 The Demons Chase
Chapter 2368: Killing with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 2369 The Eight Suffering Relics
Chapter 2370 Mingxinbi
Chapter 2371 The Seven Treasures Tree
Chapter 2372 Eight Sufferings
Chapter 2373: Understanding the Eight Sufferings
Chapter 2374 Karma of Cause and Effect
Chapter 2375 Golden Lotus Emerging from the Earth
Chapter 2376 The River of Destiny
Chapter 2377 Buddhist Mantra
Chapter 2378 Refining the Eight Suffering Relics
Chapter 2379 The Fourth Level of the Immortal King
Chapter 2380 Melee
Chapter 2381 The world-shaking battle
Chapter 2382 The Power of the Pagoda
Chapter 2383 Timeline
Chapter 2384 Encounter with Shangguan Yunjing
Chapter 2385 City of Time
Chapter 2386 Time Beast
Chapter 2387 Muddy the water
Chapter 2388 The Heaven and Earth Network Formation
Chapter 2389 Identity Revealed
Chapter 2390 Battle
Chapter 2391 Capturing the Time Beast
Chapter 2392 Soul Contract
Chapter 2393 Kill them all
Chapter 2394 The Fifth Level of the Immortal King
Chapter 2395 Tianshu
Chapter 2396 Zeng Nong
Chapter 2397 The whole world is the enemy
Chapter 2398 Funeral Coffin
Chapter 2399 Cave Heaven Paradise
Chapter 2400: Underground Immortal Veins
Chapter 2401 Wangmai is born
Chapter 2402: Collecting Immortal Veins
Chapter 2403 Chaos War
Chapter 2404 The Sixth Level of the Immortal King
Chapter 2405 The Sword of Killing
Chapter 2406 Emperor Jiang Witch God
Chapter 2407: Indulging in Desire
Chapter 2408 Di Jiang takes action
Chapter 2409 The Seventh Level of the Immortal King
Chapter 2410 Year of the Era
Chapter 2411 The Danger of Heaven
Chapter 2412 The Wrath of Burning Heaven
Chapter 2413: Killing someone in the way
Chapter 2414 The Immortal Emperor Arrives
Chapter 2415 Green Hands
Chapter 2416 Overall Improvement
Chapter 2417: Change the world
Chapter 2418: Founding a Sect
Chapter 2419 Fishing in troubled waters
Chapter 2420 Five Elements Holy Spirit Sword Formation
Chapter 2421 Formation Formation
Chapter 2422 Immortal Emperor Shuiyao
Chapter 2423 Treasure?
Chapter 2424 Without delay
Chapter 2425 The Eighth Level of the Immortal King
Chapter 2426 Hidden Dragon
Chapter 2427 Seven Divine Stones
Chapter 2428 The World of Reincarnation
Chapter 2429 The Ten Major Races
Chapter 2430: The Fruit of Separation of Life and Death
Chapter 2431 Rakshasa Clan
Chapter 2432 Ancient Divine Snail
Chapter 2433 The Thin Line of Life and Death
Chapter 2434 Qingmu Ling
Chapter 2435 The Stone of Evil Temple
Chapter 2436 Jialuo Divine Dagger
Chapter 2437 The Fruit of Reincarnation
Chapter 2438 Immortal Lord First Level
Chapter 2439 The Power of Ao Ba
Chapter 2440 Escape
Chapter 2441: Palace of Hades
Chapter 2442 No retreat
Chapter 2443: Siege by the Underworld Clan
Chapter 2444 Eighteen Levels of Hell
Chapter 2445 Bone Demon
Chapter 2446 The Bone Demon Chases
Chapter 2447 Four Color Divine Beads
Chapter 2448 Plan
Chapter 2449 Blue Bones
Chapter 2450: Seeking Skin from a Tiger
Chapter 2451 Cooperation
Chapter 2452: Surrounding Wei and rescuing Zhao
Chapter 2453: Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 2454 Fierce fighting
Chapter 2455 Succeeded
Chapter 2456 Immortal Lord Second Level
Chapter 2457 The Undead Vampire Clan
Chapter 2458: Burial Forest
Chapter 2459 The Great Life and Death Technique
Chapter 2460 Fruit of Life
Chapter 2461 The Contest of Wills of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2462: Collecting the Fruit of Life
Chapter 2463 The Third Level of Immortal Lord
Chapter 2464 The whereabouts of Dragon Shadow
Chapter 2465: Resign yourself to fate
Chapter 2466 Killing
Chapter 2467 The Immortal Emperor’s Projection
Chapter 2468 Yama
Chapter 2469 Return to Fairyland
Chapter 2470: Everything is earned
Chapter 2471 Immortal Lord Fourth Level
Chapter 2472 Blood Divination
Chapter 2473 The road to welcoming the bride
Chapter 2474 Hong Luan’s heartbeat
Chapter 2475: Avoid walking at night
Chapter 2476: Blood Buddha Ten Sutras
Chapter 2477 Ten Truths
Chapter 2478 Life is impermanent
Chapter 2479 Three Tribulations
Chapter 2480 Chess Realm
Chapter 2481 The Fifth Level of Immortal Lord
Chapter 2482 Nine Palaces and Sixteen Squares
Chapter 2483: Heart Refining Sect
Chapter 2484 The Exquisite Heart with Seven Apertures
Chapter 2485 Shura Guard
Chapter 2486 Substituting one thing for another
Chapter 2487 The joy of catching caviar alive
Chapter 2488: Heavy damage to the Ghost Master Sect
Chapter 2489 Chiyue City
Chapter 2490 Gongsun Family
Chapter 2491: Going deep into the mourning hall
Chapter 2492 Alchemy
Chapter 2493 Heading to Chiyue City
Chapter 2494 The Forgotten Corpse
Chapter 2495 The River of Desire
Chapter 2496 Immortal Lord Sixth Level
Chapter 2497 Entering Chiyue City
Chapter 2498 Water Flowers
Chapter 2499 Alchemist
Chapter 2500 Rescue
Chapter 2501: Exorcism Incense
Chapter 2502 Mushroom Flower
Chapter 2503 Bronze Armored Corpse
Chapter 2504: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 2505 The Abyss of Imprisoned Souls
Chapter 2506 Evil Spirit Body
Chapter 2507 The Ancient Soul
Chapter 2508 The Seventh Level of Immortal Lord
Chapter 2509 The Power of the Ancient Times
Chapter 2510 The Painting Saint Appears
Chapter 2511: Let it be slaughtered
Chapter 2512 The Painting Saint Awakens
Chapter 2513 Safe Return
Chapter 2514 Tiandao Pavilion
Chapter 2515 Martial Soul Talisman
Chapter 2516 Fierce Argument
Chapter 2517 Shock
Chapter 2518 Crazy tiger-striped lion
Chapter 2519 The truth comes to light
Chapter 2520 You are too presumptuous
Chapter 2521 The Battle of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2522: Killing the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2523 You are so brave
Chapter 2524 The Immortal Emperor Arrives
Chapter 2525 Winning over
Chapter 2526 The Eighth Level Immortal Lord
Chapter 2527: Promotion to Immortal Emperor Weapon
Chapter 2528 Heading to the Dragon Realm
Chapter 2529: First Entering the Dragon Realm
Chapter 2530 Lord Kuka
Chapter 2531: Prison City
Chapter 2532 Rescue
Chapter 2533 Crazy Killing
Chapter 2534 Temptation
Chapter 2535 Chaos War
Chapter 2536: Vast Power
Chapter 2537 The Dragon Clan Appears
Chapter 2538 Long Tian
Chapter 2539 Mysterious Black Shadow
Chapter 2540 Sir Demon
Chapter 2541: Dragon Grass
Chapter 2542: Killing with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 2543 Entering the Demon Realm
Chapter 2544: Despicable Means
Chapter 2545 Black Rat
Chapter 2546 Demon Fetus
Chapter 2547 Breaking the Seal
Chapter 2548 The Land of Ten Thousand Corruptions
Chapter 2549 Immortal Lord Ninth Level
Chapter 2550: The Magical Use of Jialuo Divine Dagger
Chapter 2551 Immortal Lord First Level
Chapter 2552 The Ten Demon Emperors
Chapter 2553 The First Prize Competition
Chapter 2554: Blending in
Chapter 2555 Eudora
Chapter 2556 Greedy
Chapter 2557 Lessons
Chapter 2558 Suspicion
Chapter 2559: History of Demons
Chapter 2560 The Place of Trial
Chapter 2561 Hunting
Chapter 2562 Nangang
Chapter 2563 Plan
Chapter 2564 Demon Hunting
Chapter 2565: Seven-Life Xuanmen Pill
Chapter 2566 Immortal Lord Second Level
Chapter 2567: Thoughtful
Chapter 2568: Meeting Tian Wucang Again
Chapter 2569 Continue to provoke
Chapter 2570 The Body of the Demon God
Chapter 2571 The Demon King Suppresses
Chapter 2572 Underground Cage
Chapter 2573: Putting the blame on
Chapter 2574 Purple Snow Demon Spirit
Chapter 2575 Refining the Purple Snow Demonic Spirit
Chapter 2576 Immortal Lord Third Level
Chapter 2577: Mutual Accusations
Chapter 2578 The Demon Ascension Platform
Chapter 2579: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 2580 Pushing all the way
Chapter 2581 Shattered Hell Style
Chapter 2582: Fight to the death
Chapter 2583 The Battle of the Demon King
Chapter 2584: Battle against Son of Taylor
Chapter 2585: The Power of Ten Thousand Corruptions
Chapter 2586 Holy Demonic Fruit
Chapter 2587 The plan begins
Chapter 2588 The Great Escape Part 1
Chapter 2589: The Great Escape
Chapter 2590 The melee between the Demon King and the Dragon King
Chapter 2591 Return to the Dragon Clan
Chapter 2592 Extremely Tyranny
Chapter 2593 The Demon Realm Invades
Chapter 2594 The Fourth Level of the Immortal Lord
Chapter 2595 Refining the Eight Treasures Pagoda
Chapter 2596 Bloodline of the Wild Dragon
Chapter 2597 Four Dragons Shock the World
Chapter 2598: Imprisoning Long Xiao
Chapter 2599 Eye of Time and Space
Chapter 2600 Return to Nothingness. boundary
Chapter 2601 Long Yuan Shangchang
Chapter 2602 Entering the Eye of Time and Space
Chapter 2603 The Eye that Controls Time and Space
Chapter 2604 The Fifth Level of the Immortal Lord
Chapter 2605 Battle against the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2606 The Power of the Ghost Ax
Chapter 2607 Return to Fairyland
Chapter 2608 Ancient Qilin Beast
Chapter 2609 Reunion after a long separation
Chapter 2610 Massacre
Chapter 2611 Devastated
Chapter 2612: Continuous Killings
Chapter 2613 Unknown Monster
Chapter 2614 Mysterious Passage
Chapter 2615 Tianmaosha
Chapter 2616 Five Spiritual Fires
Chapter 2617 Five Elements Candle Sky Flag
Chapter 2618 Half-Step Emperor Pill
Chapter 2619 The Seventh Level Immortal Lord
Chapter 2620: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 2621 Degreeization
Chapter 2622 Suppression
Chapter 2623 Identity leaked
Chapter 2624 Holy Spirit Emperor Fruit
Chapter 2625 A gathering of masters
Chapter 2626 Insect Spirit Seal
Chapter 2627: Collecting Holy Spirit Emperor Fruit
Chapter 2628 Blood Demon Cave
Chapter 2629: Changes in the Universe
Chapter 2630 Senson Yae
Chapter 2631 Wuxie takes action
Chapter 2632 Three Realms Mountain
Chapter 2633: Collecting the Wanshou Wujiang Fruit
Chapter 2634: Refining the Wanshou Wujiang Fruit
Chapter 2635 The Second Soul
Chapter 2636 Sweeping the World
Chapter 2637: Mass collection
Chapter 2638: Crazy Degree
Chapter 2639 Forbidden Mountain
Chapter 2640 Jingyuan Heluo Formation
Chapter 2641 The Power of Rules
Chapter 2642: Soul-Suppressing Seal
Chapter 2643: Refining the Soul-Suppressing Seal
Chapter 2644: Suzaku Bones
Chapter 2645 Half-Step Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2646: Suzaku Three Killing Style
Chapter 2647 Leaving
Chapter 2648 Return of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2649: War breaks out
Chapter 2650: The Real Magical Use of Jialuo Divine Dagger
Chapter 2651 Massacre
Chapter 2652: A Sky-Splitting Blow
Chapter 2653 Immortal Emperor Realm
Chapter 2654 Flowers bloom and fall
Chapter 2655 Rebirth
Chapter 2656: Suppressing the Gate of Reincarnation
Chapter 2657: Collecting the Gate of Reincarnation
Chapter 2658 The elves are in trouble
Chapter 2659: Killing Mingya
Chapter 2660: The Separation between Immortals and Mortals
Chapter 2661 You hurt me
Chapter 2662: Plunder
Chapter 2663: Reentering the World of Chaos
Chapter 2664 Young Master Chaos
Chapter 2665 The Lord of Chaos
Chapter 2666 Falling out
Chapter 2667 Soul Burning Immortal Refining Formation
Chapter 2668 Explosive Killing
Chapter 2669: War Emperor Puppet
Chapter 2670: God Transformation Fruit
Chapter 2671 Dayi Fungus
Chapter 2672 Transparent Stone
Chapter 2673 Immortal Emperor Second Level
Chapter 2674 The Yin Pearl Appears
Chapter 2675 The Three Great Gods
Chapter 2676: Killed with one palm
Chapter 2677 Heading to the Iceman Tribe
Chapter 2678 The Wonder of Refining God
Chapter 2679 Xumi Small World
Chapter 2680 Four-legged Monster
Chapter 2681 The Mysterious Iceman Tribe
Chapter 2682 Chimera Monster
Chapter 2683 The Third Level of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2684 Tiandu City
Chapter 2685 Hachinohe
Chapter 2686: Ancient Alien Species Zhu Yan
Chapter 2687 Original Scripture
Chapter 2688 Confusing
Chapter 2689 Du ??Chahai
Chapter 2690 Zhu Yan’s Treasure Bones
Chapter 2691 Huadiao Catfish
Chapter 2692 Mysterious Black Hole
Chapter 2693 Ghost-Headed Eagle
Chapter 2694: Collecting the Bones of Zhu Yan
Chapter 2695 Strong Harvest
Chapter 2696: Traveling through Tissot
Chapter 2697 Qiongqi
Chapter 2698 Crazy Idea
Chapter 2699 Escape
Chapter 2700: Extraterritorial Races
Chapter 2701: Refining Qiongqi’s flesh and blood
Chapter 2702 The Fourth Level of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2703 Darkening
Chapter 2704 Tracking
Chapter 2705 Bai Heng
Chapter 2706 I don’t know what to say
Chapter 2707 The Immortal Emperor’s Advice
Chapter 2708 Abuse
Chapter 2709 Fighting the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2710 Fierce fighting
Chapter 2711 Successfully Escaped
Chapter 2712 Treasure Map
Chapter 2713 Willow Tree Spirit
Chapter 2714: Collecting Willow’s Heart
Chapter 2715 Refining Willow Spirit
Chapter 2716 The Fifth Level of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2717 The Light Group in the Sea of ??Souls
Chapter 2718 Fusang Tree
Chapter 2719 Confrontation between Divine Trees
Chapter 2720: Repairing the Treasure Map
Chapter 2721 The Ancient World
Chapter 2722 Entering the Temple
Chapter 2723 The Ancient World
Chapter 2724 Nine Spirits Immortal Tooth
Chapter 2725 The Sixth Level of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2726 Golden Leopard
Chapter 2727 The Immortal Emperor’s Siege
Chapter 2728 Mysterious Shadow
Chapter 2729 Magical Building
Chapter 2730: Not Borrowing
Chapter 2731 Ancient Divine Sword
Chapter 2732 Sacrifice
Chapter 2733 The Seventh Level of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2734 Refining the Ancient Soul
Chapter 2735 The whereabouts of the old man who will not return
Chapter 2736 The old man who is not turtle
Chapter 2737: Kill instantly with one move
Chapter 2738 Histan Temple
Chapter 2739 Xiaohuo wakes up
Chapter 2740 Snatching
Chapter 2741 Golden Warrior
Chapter 2742 Sun God Flower
Chapter 2743 Sun God Liquid
Chapter 2744 The Immortal Emperor’s Siege
Chapter 2745 Two Ancestors
Chapter 2746: Chase
Chapter 2747 Golden God of War
Chapter 2748 A Door
Chapter 2749 Refining the Sun God Liquid
Chapter 2750 Senno Yae
Chapter 2751: One-sided Fate
Chapter 2752 A sudden enlightenment
Chapter 2753 Bello Cave
Chapter 2754 Things from the Extraterrestrial World
Chapter 2755 The real original scripture
Chapter 2756 Mysterious Runes
Chapter 2757 Golden Cymbals
Chapter 2758 Shennong Cauldron
Chapter 2759 Tears of smallpox
Chapter 2760 The Ninth Level of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2761 Strange Combination
Chapter 2762 Aurora in the Spirit Sky
Chapter 2763: Absorbing Star Patterns
Chapter 2764: Demon Immortal Clan
Chapter 2765: Knocking on the Mountain to Shock the Tiger
Chapter 2766 Cooperation
Chapter 2767 Thank you
Chapter 2768 Zhuyu recovers
Chapter 2769 Baguio Palace is in danger
Chapter 2770 Battle
Chapter 2771: Flying with one palm
Chapter 2772 I'll take her away
Chapter 2773 Agreement
Chapter 2774 Catastrophe
Chapter 2775 God
Chapter 2776 The Witch Clan
Chapter 2777: Undercurrent
Chapter 2778 The arrival of the ancient times
Chapter 2779 Wuwei Shenye
Chapter 2780: Confrontation
Chapter 2771: Flying with one palm
Chapter 2772 I'll take her away
Chapter 2773 Agreement
Chapter 2774 Catastrophe
Chapter 2775 God
Chapter 2776 The Witch Clan
Chapter 2777: Undercurrent
Chapter 2778 The arrival of the ancient times
Chapter 2779 Wuwei Shenye
Chapter 2780: Confrontation
Chapter 2781 The Great War
Chapter 2782 Massacre
Chapter 2783 The Power of Chaos
Chapter 2784 The turmoil begins
Chapter 2785: Refining Wuwei Divine Leaf
Chapter 2786 Tingni Divine Thunder
Chapter 2787: Ancient Divine Marks
Chapter 2788 Immortal Emperor First Level
Chapter 2789 The Five Decline of Heaven and Man
Chapter 2790 Guards
Chapter 2791: Crisis in the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers
Chapter 2792 The First Demon Ancestor
Chapter 2793 God Refining Confrontation
Chapter 2794 Immortal Lord
Chapter 2795: Connecting with the Gods
Chapter 2796 Sword Soul Pill
Chapter 2797 The Ancient Soul Palace
Chapter 2798 The Ancient Temple
Chapter 2799 Soul-Eating Island
Chapter 2800: Soul Palace Inheritance
Chapter 2801 Eight Consciousnesses Return to God
Chapter 2802 Heavenly Domain
Chapter 2803 The Power of Soul-Breaking
Chapter 2804 Soul Charm
Chapter 2805: Practicing the Wind Riding Technique
Chapter 2806: Controlling the Wind Blade
Chapter 2807 Don’t know what’s good or bad
Chapter 2808: Old and cunning
Chapter 2809: Powerful Killing
Chapter 2810 The World in the Book
Chapter 2811 The Shocking Emperor
Chapter 2812 Divine Realm
Chapter 2813 Inheritance
Chapter 2814: Collecting the Ancient Temple
Chapter 2815 Deserve to Kill
Chapter 2816 Breaking into the Divine Sword Tower
Chapter 2817 The Son of Destiny
Chapter 2818 The Ninth Floor
Chapter 2819: Forging God Pill
Chapter 2820 The Third Level of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2821 Zhan Qiongqi
Chapter 2822: Refining Qiongqi
Chapter 2823 The Seal of Calming God
Chapter 2824 Mysterious Mountain
Chapter 2825 Dryad
Chapter 2826: Hibiscus Divine Fruit
Chapter 2827 Jade Rakshasa
Chapter 2828: Save all sentient beings
Chapter 2829 Old Friend
Chapter 2830 Summoning the Holy Demonic Weapon
Chapter 2831: Killing the Gods
Chapter 2832 Magic Roller
Chapter 2833 The Shocking Imperial Seal
Chapter 2834 Rescue
Chapter 2835 The Battle of God Refining
Chapter 2836 Mysterious Rattan
Chapter 2837: Beating the Divine Whip
Chapter 2838 The Fourth Level of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2839: Battle against the Taikoo Family
Chapter 2840: Old grudges
Chapter 2841 Forbidden Curse
Chapter 2842 Blood Spirit Curse
Chapter 2843 Massive Attack
Chapter 2844 Melee
Chapter 2845 The power of the divine whip
Chapter 2846: Life hangs by a thread
Chapter 2847: The soul is severely damaged
Chapter 2848 The Puppet Attacks
Chapter 2849 The Great Harvest
Chapter 2850: Chaos
Chapter 2851: Ancestor of the Alchemy Sect
Chapter 2852 Return to the original body
Chapter 2853 The Sixth Level of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2854 The Seventh Level of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2855 Nine Transformations of Gods and Demons
Chapter 2856: Refining and Casting the Divine Pill
Chapter 2857 The Eighth Level of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2858 The magical effect of spiritual cultivation
Chapter 2859 Qiongqi Corpse
Chapter 2860: Collecting ancient alien species
Chapter 2861 Degreeization
Chapter 2862 The Jade Rakshasa comes to the door
Chapter 2863 Refining Qiongqi’s Essence and Blood
Chapter 2864 The Secret of the Shura Clan
Chapter 2865 Return to the World of Reincarnation
Chapter 2866: The Demon Moves the Mountain
Chapter 2867 The Lost Soul Technique
Chapter 2868: Death Killing Flower
Chapter 2869 Six-winged Ghost Insect
Chapter 2870 Wedding
Chapter 2871: Ghost Witch Technique
Chapter 2872 Ling Po
Chapter 2873 Waiting for others
Chapter 2874 Mysterious Mask
Chapter 2875 Spring of Pure Spirit
Chapter 2876 Washing the Body
Chapter 2877 The physical body expands sharply
Chapter 2878 The Old Man Sharpening the Knife
Chapter 2879 Three Swords
Chapter 2880 Shura Clan
Chapter 2881 Blood Drops
Chapter 2882 Stupid
Chapter 2883 Battle with the Blood Drops
Chapter 2884 Punishment
Chapter 2885 The Danger of Qingmuling
Chapter 2886: Obscene Evil
Chapter 2887 Kill them all
Chapter 2888: Refining the Treasure
Chapter 2889 The Magical Use of An
Chapter 2890 Emperor Tiandu
Chapter 2891 Cooperation
Chapter 2892: Bamboo Green Bamboo
Chapter 2893 Entering the Underworld
Chapter 2894 Jin Siwu
Chapter 2895 The Ninth Level of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2896 Mixed Underworld
Chapter 2897 Election
Chapter 2898 Obtaining a quota
Chapter 2899 Black and White Turtle
Chapter 2900: Riding the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 2901 Battle against the Black and White Turtle
Chapter 2902 The Heart of the Underworld Emperor
Chapter 2903 The Infinite World
Chapter 2904 Beast Spirit Son
Chapter 2905: Attacking the God Refining Realm
Chapter 2906: First Level of Divine Blood
Chapter 2907: Capturing Beast Spirits Alive
Chapter 2908: Gratitude and grudges
Chapter 2909 Beast Elder
Chapter 2910 The whereabouts of the Yin Dragon
Chapter 2911 Steel World
Chapter 2912 Yin Dragon
Chapter 2913 Battle against Yin Dragon
Chapter 2914 Surrender
Chapter 2915: Prince Refining
Chapter 2916 The Second Level of Divine Blood
Chapter 2917 The Third Level of Divine Blood
Chapter 2918 The Immortal Tide Erupts
Chapter 2919: Linked to each other
Chapter 2920: Big Sweep
Chapter 2921 Arrival in the Mortal Realm
Chapter 2922 I'm back
Chapter 2923: Heart-breaking every word
Chapter 2924 Overall Improvement
Chapter 2925 The Great War
Chapter 2926 The Ten Immortal Emperors
Chapter 2927 The strong ones gather together
Chapter 2928 The Fourth Level of Divine Blood
Chapter 2929 Xiaoqian wakes up
Chapter 2930 Pure Land of Bliss
Chapter 2931 Red Ginseng
Chapter 2932 Wuhai Sect
Chapter 2933: The Power of the Gods
Chapter 2934 The fifth level of divine blood
Chapter 2935 Tianwu God’s Treasure House
Chapter 2936 Entering the Treasure House
Chapter 2937 The Magical Use of Spirit-nurturing Patterns
Chapter 2938 Dustless Water
Chapter 2939 The treasure is obtained
Chapter 2940 The Great Escape
Chapter 2941 The Sixth Level of Divine Blood
Chapter 2942 Counter Hunting
Chapter 2943 Repeating the same old tricks
Chapter 2944: A Smile Can Win the City
Chapter 2945 Immortal Emperor Shuiyao’s Breakthrough
Chapter 2946 Seven Types of Yin and Yang Techniques
Chapter 2947 The Seventh Level of Divine Blood
Chapter 2948 The Bliss Sect
Chapter 2949 The Mysterious Head
Chapter 2950 Shinsen
Chapter 2951 The Eighth Level of Divine Blood
Chapter 2952 Yin Yang Divine Slash
Chapter 2953 The Ninth Level of Divine Blood
Chapter 2954 The Change of Bliss
Chapter 2955 The Evil Shadow Clan
Chapter 2956 The Power of the Gods
Chapter 2957 The Second Level of Divine Bones
Chapter 2958 Seven Judgment Styles
Chapter 2959 Alien Attack
Chapter 2960 Guarding
Chapter 2961: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 2962: Suzaku Shrine
Chapter 2963 The Third Level of Divine Bones
Chapter 2964 The whereabouts of the list
Chapter 2965 Revenge Begins
Chapter 2966 Immortality Tablet
Chapter 2967 The Fourth Level of Divine Bones
Chapter 2968 Wu Shanren
Chapter 2969 The counterattack begins
Chapter 2970 True and False Pills
Chapter 2971 Yan Rushan
Chapter 2972 ??Fishing in troubled waters
Chapter 2973: Blending in
Chapter 2974 Urgency
Chapter 2975 The Soul-Eating Killing Array
Chapter 2976 The Fifth Level of Divine Bones
Chapter 2977 Massacre
Chapter 2978: The Power of the Gods
Chapter 2979 Entering the Buddha Realm
Chapter 2980 Belief in World Buddha
Chapter 2981: Re-understanding the Ten Truths
Chapter 2982 Buddha
Chapter 2983 The Road to Become a God
Chapter 2984 The Buddha of Faith Reappears
Chapter 2985 Karma Fire
Chapter 2986 The Sixth Level of Divine Bones
Chapter 2987 There is trouble in Tiandu City
Chapter 2988: Destroy the Taikoo Family
Chapter 2989: The Crisis of Heaven
Chapter 2990 Meeting the Demon Roller Again
Chapter 2991 The Realm of God
Chapter 2992 The remnants of the Alchemy Sect
Chapter 2993 The Seventh Level of Divine Bones
Chapter 2994: Reception from Heaven
Chapter 2995 Farewell
Chapter 2996 The Eighth Level of Divine Bones
Chapter 2997 Heavenly Domain Monk
Chapter 2998: Battle against the Heavenly Domain Monk
Chapter 2999 Beheading
Chapter 3000: Ninth Level of Divine Bones
Chapter 3001 The strong man attacks
Chapter 3002 Let’s fight
Chapter 3003: Battle against the Virtual God Realm
Chapter 3004: Refining Zhao Bai
Chapter 3005 The Three Realms of God Refining
Chapter 3006: Second level of soul
Chapter 3007: Commanding the Immortal Realm
Chapter 3008: The power of ruthlessness
Chapter 3009: Secrets of Heaven
Chapter 3010 The Third Level of Soul
Chapter 3011 Puppet
Chapter 3012: Losing
Chapter 3013: Holy Mysterious Fungus
Chapter 3014 The mystery is revealed
Chapter 3015: Reception from Heaven
Chapter 3016 The final arrangement
Chapter 3017 Setting foot in Tianshu
Chapter 3018 Arriving at Heaven
Chapter 3019 Treatment
Chapter 3020: Coming to your door for help
Chapter 3021: Rushing
Chapter 3022 The Fourth Level of Soul
Chapter 3023: Arriving at Shuoyue City
Chapter 3024: Heading to the Temple of Heaven
Chapter 3025 Review
Chapter 3026: The target of public criticism
Chapter 3027: Heavenly Pattern Wrap
Chapter 3028 Talent Level
Chapter 3029 Identity leaked
Chapter 3030 Four Sins
Chapter 3031: Retreating to Advance
Chapter 3032 Supreme Talent
Chapter 3033 Willpower Assessment
Chapter 3034 Misty Rain Forest
Chapter 3035 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 3036: Close at hand
Chapter 3037 The Fifth Level of Soul
Chapter 3038 The assessment is over
Chapter 3039 The Four Palace Masters
Chapter 3040: Handyman Disciple
Chapter 3041: Killing with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 3042: Robbery
Chapter 3043 Environment
Chapter 3044 Washing Waste Pill
Chapter 3045: Alchemy
Chapter 3046: Bad Old Man
Chapter 3047: Designing Traps
Chapter 3048 The Sixth Level of Soul
Chapter 3049 Making Difficulties
Chapter 3050: Seventh Level of Soul
Chapter 3051: Coming to seek trouble
Chapter 3052: Testing Sword Skills
Chapter 3053 Punishment
Chapter 3054 Courtyard A
Chapter 3055 Exchange Market
Chapter 3056 Mysterious Scroll
Chapter 3057 Redemption
Chapter 3058 Chaos Divine Fire
Chapter 3059 The Eighth Level of Soul
Chapter 3060: Tell me quickly
Chapter 3061: The Book of Heaven and the Alchemy Record
Chapter 3062: Testing the Medicine
Chapter 3063 The Ninth Level of Soul
Chapter 3064: Refining Poison Body
Chapter 3065: First level of soul
Chapter 3066: Hardening in the Small World
Chapter 3067 Underground Waterfall
Chapter 3068 Seven-legged Spirit Insect
Chapter 3069 The Second Level of Divine Soul
Chapter 3070: Continuous Killings
Chapter 3071 Multi-faceted improvement
Chapter 3072: The Spiritual Pill
Chapter 3073 The Fourth Level of Divine Soul
Chapter 3074 Mysterious Power
Chapter 3075: Thick Earth Witch God
Chapter 3076 Decision
Chapter 3077 Mysterious Fruit
Chapter 3078 Kindness
Chapter 3079 The Fifth Level of Divine Soul
Chapter 3080 Three Events
Chapter 3081: Ridicule
Chapter 3082 The heroes gather together
Chapter 3083: Spiritual Appearance
Chapter 3084: Terrified
Chapter 3085 Purple clouds cover the sky
Chapter 3086: The Mystery of the Gods
Chapter 3087: Awakening the Gods
Chapter 3088 Three-Legged Spiritual Pattern
Chapter 3089 The Sixth Level of Divine Soul
Chapter 3090: Flowing Light
Chapter 3091: At any cost
Chapter 3092 The First of Three Levels
Chapter 3093 Dan Fighting
Chapter 3094: Ancestral Pattern Boots
Chapter 3095 Muyang Pattern
Chapter 3096: The Strength of Master Xueyi
Chapter 3097: Riding a Tiger and Being Difficult to Dismount
Chapter 3098 The Seventh Level of Divine Soul
Chapter 3099 Enhanced Edition
Chapter 3100 Chaos Forest
Chapter 3101 The Essence of Chaos
Chapter 3102 Argument
Chapter 3103 The Eighth Level of Soul
Chapter 3104 Sun and Moon Fruit
Chapter 3105 Conspiracy
Chapter 3106 The blazing sun burns the sky
Chapter 3107 Eye of Time
Chapter 3108 The Source of Life
Chapter 3109 Surrender
Chapter 3110 Crazy Collection
Chapter 3111 Taking risks
Chapter 3112 The Mysterious Treasure
Chapter 3113 Eight Treasures of Fortune and Longevity Pill
Chapter 3114 The Ninth Level of Soul
Chapter 3115 Yunxiao Divine Water
Chapter 3116 The First Level of Virtual God
Chapter 3117 The Spirit Awakens
Chapter 3118 Donghuang Divine Cauldron
Chapter 3119 Fragments of Charm
Chapter 3120: Innate Jianmu Leaves
Chapter 3121 The Second Level of Virtual God
Chapter 3122: Both sides suffer losses
Chapter 3123 Time Roulette
Chapter 3124 Crazy Massacre
Chapter 3125: Chase all the way
Chapter 3126: The Gate of Xuanmen
Chapter 3127 The Root of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 3128 The Third Level of Virtual God
Chapter 3129 Three Firsts
Chapter 3130 Bribery
Chapter 3131: Undercurrent
Chapter 3132 Reward
Chapter 3133 Wuya Cave
Chapter 3134: Refining the Nine Cauldron Divine Pill
Chapter 3135 The Fifth Level of Virtual God
Chapter 3136 Taiyin Youying
Chapter 3137 The Sixth Level of Virtual God
Chapter 3138 All-round improvement
Chapter 3139 Spring Chao Sheng
Chapter 3140 Mysterious Mountain
Chapter 3141 Water Moon Divine Fruit
Chapter 3142 The Seventh Level of Virtual God
Chapter 3143 Anyone who stops me will be killed without mercy
Chapter 3144 Pushing all the way
Chapter 3145 It’s your own fault
Chapter 3146 Doing the opposite
Chapter 3147 Guidance
Chapter 3148 A glimmer of opportunity
Chapter 3149 Impermanent Divine Whip
Chapter 3150 Cultivation
Chapter 3151 Three Moves
Chapter 3152: Refining the Flame Tiangang Pill
Chapter 3153 The Eighth Level of Virtual God
Chapter 3154 Breaking into the Qilin Tower
Chapter 3155 Shocking the Sect
Chapter 3156 The Seventh Floor
Chapter 3157 Ghost Swordsman
Chapter 3158 A strong collision
Chapter 3159: Promotion to Holy Son
Chapter 3160 The Beginning of Saint Ming
Chapter 3161 The Endowment of the Holy Son
Chapter 3162: Shocking and enlightening
Chapter 3163 The Ninth Level of Virtual God
Chapter 3164 The Third Soul
Chapter 3165 Yunding Peak
Chapter 3166 Heading to the Chaotic Sea
Chapter 3167 The Shocking Mountains
Chapter 3168 The Magical Use of the Third Soul
Chapter 3169 Arrival at Guiyuan Sect
Chapter 3170 Tianjiao Tower
Chapter 3171 Xuanyang Crystal
Chapter 3172 Wonderful
Chapter 3173: Blinded
Chapter 3174 Suggestions
Chapter 3175 Kowtow
Chapter 3176 Luo Chen Tu
Chapter 3177 Treasure Entrance
Chapter 3178 Yan Feixing
Chapter 3179: The man of temperament
Chapter 3180 Asking for the Divine Scroll
Chapter 3181 A sensation in the world
Chapter 3182: Discussing plans together
Chapter 3183: Being old and disrespectful
Chapter 3184: Inverted Poseidon Fork
Chapter 3185 Mysterious Power
Chapter 3186 Read all the books in the collection
Chapter 3187: Find the Book Fairy
Chapter 3188 Deep Blue Heart
Chapter 3189 Quasi-God First Level
Chapter 3190 Incompetent Person
Chapter 3191: Soul Expelling Pattern
Chapter 3192 Quasi-God Second Level
Chapter 3193: Collecting Divine Veins
Chapter 3194 Lord of Evil Eyes
Chapter 3195 The Death of Liu Wuxie
Chapter 3196 The Power of Life
Chapter 3197 Awakening
Chapter 3198 Quasi-God Fourth Level
Chapter 3199 Plan
Chapter 3200 Hexagonal Fish
Chapter 3201 The Battle of the Deep Sea
Chapter 3202 God of the Sea
Chapter 3203: Attacking the Island
Chapter 3204 The Battle of Defending the Island
Chapter 3205 Hagu Beast
Chapter 3206 Spirit Pearl
Chapter 3207 The Conspiracy of the Sea Soul God
Chapter 3208 The Fifth Level of Quasi-God
Chapter 3209 All trump cards revealed
Chapter 3210 Mysterious Monster
Chapter 3211 Mandrill
Chapter 3212 Immortality
Chapter 3213 Three Fruits
Chapter 3214 Haitide
Chapter 3215 Escape
Chapter 3216 This Night
Chapter 3217 Kunpeng Island
Chapter 3218 Jin Pang Divine Fruit
Chapter 3219 Mysterious Gas
Chapter 3220 Kunpeng Treasure Bone
Chapter 3221 Attack on Kunpeng Island
Chapter 3222: Reversing the Tide of the War
Chapter 3223 King Kunpeng
Chapter 3224 Return to the Inland
Chapter 3225 Rainbow Gate
Chapter 3226: God’s Domain Battlefield
Chapter 3227 The Gate of God’s Realm
Chapter 3228: The Shore of Sunflower Water
Chapter 3229: Couple Reunion
Chapter 3230 The Lifeless Cliff
Chapter 3231 The Ninth Level of Quasi-God
Chapter 3232 Beheading
Chapter 3233 Supreme Mountain
Chapter 3234 Golden Crow Divine Land
Chapter 3235 Divine Walking Palm of the Five Mountains
Chapter 3236 Xuan Level Battlefield
Chapter 3237 Crush
Chapter 3238 Sun-Breaking Sword
Chapter 3239 Five Spirit Flowers
Chapter 3240 Du Tianhua
Chapter 3241 Asking for help from the sect
Chapter 3242 Kizu Clan
Chapter 3243 Identity leaked
Chapter 3244: Heroic Battle
Chapter 3245 The Thin Line of Life and Death
Chapter 3246 Choice
Chapter 3247 Return to the Sect
Chapter 3248 Murder
Chapter 3249: Kindness
Chapter 3250 Willingness
Chapter 3251 Mobilization
Chapter 3252 Thunder and Fire Holy World
Chapter 3253 Qiankun Room
Chapter 3254 Mysterious Shadow
Chapter 3255 Shadow Fusion
Chapter 3256 The First Level of the Divine General
Chapter 3257 Changes in the Eye of Time
Chapter 3258 Time Rings
Chapter 3259 The Secret of the Deep Pool
Chapter 3260 Mysterious Corpse
Chapter 3261 The Second Level of Divine General
Chapter 3262 Black Dragon Gate
Chapter 3263 Ancient Divine Blood
Chapter 3264: Deadly Reconciliation
Chapter 3265: Fighting for the Divine Blood
Chapter 3266: Refining Divine Blood
Chapter 3267 The Third Level of God General
Chapter 3268: Revisiting the old place
Chapter 3270 Stupid
Chapter 3272 Conspiracy
Chapter 3273: Leaking the whereabouts
Chapter 3275: Refining the Magical Power Fruit
Chapter 3276 Treasure
Chapter 3277 Entering the Treasure House
Chapter 3278 The Mysterious Hall
Chapter 3279 The Mysterious Galaxy
Chapter 3280 The Fourth Level of Divine General
Chapter 3281 Battle of Spiritual Gods
Chapter 3282: Use every possible means
Chapter 3283 What a beautiful person
Chapter 3284 Massacre
Chapter 3285 Ten Years of Agreement
Chapter 3286 Breaking through the Spiritual God
Chapter 3287 Battle of Spiritual Gods
Chapter 3288 Strong Return
Chapter 3289 The Fifth Level of Divine General
Chapter 3290 Entering the Soul Cave
Chapter 3291 Mysterious Sword Qi
Chapter 3292 Dementors
Chapter 3293 The Sixth Level of Divine General
Chapter 3294 Opening the Conferred God Platform
Chapter 3295 The Gate of the World
Chapter 3296 The World of Gods
Chapter 3297 The Fourth Soul
Chapter 3298 Dark Saint Clan
Chapter 3299 Mysterious Fragments
Chapter 3300: Absolute City
Chapter 3301: Extraterritorial Battlefield
Chapter 3302 The Spiritual Enlightenment Stone
Chapter 3303 The Sal Star Tribe
Chapter 3304 The Seventh Level of Divine General
Chapter 3305: Refining the Flesh of Gods and Demons
Chapter 3306 Extreme Realm
Chapter 3307 The Arms of Gods and Demons
Chapter 3308: Killing indiscriminately
Chapter 3300 9 Divine General Yae
Chapter 3310: Massive collection (Part 1)
Chapter 3311: Massive collection (Part 2)
Chapter 3312: Battle against the powerful spiritual god
Chapter 3313 Fight again
Chapter 3314 The Ninth Level of the Divine General
Chapter 3315: Encounter with the Soul-Eating Monster
Chapter 3316: The Bottom Line of Being a Human Being
Chapter 3317: Absorbing the Source Power
Chapter 3318 The First Level of the Divine Lord
Chapter 3319: Heroic Qianyun
Chapter 3320: Seal the throat with one sword
Chapter 3321 Ancient Ruins
Chapter 3322 The Three Treasures Are Wishful
Chapter 3323 Shen Tianmen
Chapter 3324 The Second Level of the Divine Lord
Chapter 3325 Mysterious Stone Sculpture
Chapter 3326: Domineering Power
Chapter 3327 Deng Xingyan’s Wrath
Chapter 3328 Strong Collision
Chapter 3329 The Mysterious Consciousness of the Golden Soul-Eating Monster
Chapter 3330 Harvesting the Body of Gods and Demons
Chapter 3331 Leaving the battlefield outside the territory
Chapter 3332 The Third Level of the Divine Lord
Chapter 3333 Insect Domain
Chapter 3334 Blessings in the World
Chapter 3335 Wormhole
Chapter 3336 Fireflies in the Sky
Chapter 3337 Return to the Lower Three Domains
Chapter 3338 The show is on
Chapter 3339: Fight violence with violence
Chapter 3340 Discovering the treasure
Chapter 3341 Qingming Fruit
Chapter 3342: Attacking the Temple of Heaven
Chapter 3343 The Fourth Level of Divine Lord
Chapter 3344 Goodbye Hong Tian
Chapter 3345: Defeat with one move
Chapter 3346 Death of Hong Tian
Chapter 3347 The war begins
Chapter 3348: Terminating the Relationship
Chapter 3349: The Storm of the Three Central Regions
Chapter 3350 The Battle between Heaven and Earth
Chapter 3351: Caught alive with one move
Chapter 3352 Nangong Yaoji’s Promotion
Chapter 3353 Dragon Locking Black Demonic Array
Chapter 3354 All sacrifices
Chapter 3355 Kill them all
Chapter 3356: Killing to the Black Dragon Gate
Chapter 3357 Shiliu Village
Chapter 3358 Twin Beasts
Chapter 3359 The Fifth Level of the Divine Lord
Chapter 3360 Supreme Clam Pearl
Chapter 3361 Kill them all
Chapter 3362 The Sixth Level of the Divine Lord
Chapter 3363 Goodbye Old Friend
Chapter 3364 Kill
Chapter 3365 Ancestor Baiyue
Chapter 3366 Old grudges
Chapter 3367: Refining the God-Destroying Clothes
Chapter 3368 Conquering the Thick Earth Witch God
Chapter 3369: Family Meeting
Chapter 3370 A moment of tranquility
Chapter 3371 The Battle of Heavenly Domain
Chapter 3372 The Brutal Man
Chapter 3373 Arugo
Chapter 3374 The Eve of Breakthrough
Chapter 3375 The Seventh Level of the Divine Lord
Chapter 3376 Controlling the Blood Monster
Chapter 3377 The plan of the evil man
Chapter 3378 Crazy Hunting
Chapter 3379 Corpse Lake
Chapter 3380: Battle against the Seventh Level Spiritual God
Chapter 3381 Refining Ashonda
Chapter 3382 The Eighth Level of the Divine Lord
Chapter 3383 The army is approaching
Chapter 3384 Trap and Kill
Chapter 3385 Successfully promoted
Chapter 3386 Arrival at the Third Domain
Chapter 3387 The first lesson
Chapter 3388: Fighting for cabin space
Chapter 3389: Kill with one sword
Chapter 3390 The Rules of the Strong
Chapter 3391: Snatching food
Chapter 3392 The Ninth Level of the Divine Lord
Chapter 3393 The Place of Trial
Chapter 3394 Hua Wuji
Chapter 3395 Entering the Trial Place
Chapter 3396 The Bone Eater
Chapter 3397: Put to Death
Chapter 3398 Entering the Paradise of Cave Heaven
Chapter 3399 Awakening the Divine Fire
Chapter 3400: First Level of Spiritual God
Chapter 3401 Killing
Chapter 3402 Hell Mode
Chapter 3403 Crazy Killing
Chapter 3404 End of Trial
Chapter 3405 The Second Level of Spiritual God
Chapter 3406 Rich Rewards
Chapter 3407 Apprenticeship
Chapter 3408 Testing Talent
Chapter 3409 The Emperor’s Talent
Chapter 3410 Miscellaneous Talents
Chapter 3411 Seven Sons of the Heavenly Temple
Chapter 3412 The Mystery of Baoxia Palace
Chapter 3413 Holy Cloud Pattern
Chapter 3414: Alarming the Holy Spirit Church
Chapter 3415 Dispensing Technique
Chapter 3416: Mind Power Tower
Chapter 3417 Psychological Power Test
Chapter 3418: Full Level
Chapter 3419 Seventh Son
Chapter 3420 Reward Attribution
Chapter 3421 Battle against True God Realm
Chapter 3422: Receive rewards
Chapter 3423: Choosing Domain Magic
Chapter 3424 The Mysterious Stone Book
Chapter 3425 The Third Level of Spiritual God
Chapter 3426: Refining the God Emperor’s Law
Chapter 3427 The Fifth Level of Spiritual God
Chapter 3428 Baoxia Palace Approval
Chapter 3429 The World in the Stone Book
Chapter 3430: Seven Steps of Destiny
Chapter 3431 Targeting
Chapter 3432 The Law of Divine Cold
Chapter 3433: Two Souls of Life and Death
Chapter 3434 The Sixth Level of Spiritual God
Chapter 3435 The Battle of Life and Death
Chapter 3436: Kill with one sword
Chapter 3437: Changing the Way of Cultivation
Chapter 3438 Violent Lizard
Chapter 3439 Explosion
Chapter 3440 Hell Temple
Chapter 3441: Forced out of the mountains
Chapter 3442 Glazed Stone Gate
Chapter 3443: Divine Pill Record
Chapter 3444: Winning First
Chapter 3445 Making Difficulties
Chapter 3446 The Seventh Level of Spiritual God
Chapter 3447: Forging Sword Bones
Chapter 3448: Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 3449 The Five Gods Competition
Chapter 3450: Applying for a job as a drug boy
Chapter 3451 Assassination
Chapter 3452: Divine Medicine Palace
Chapter 3453 Divine Repulsion
Chapter 3454: Grieving
Chapter 3455: Collecting abandoned magic medicine
Chapter 3456 Exchange
Chapter 3457: Argument in the Medicine Garden
Chapter 3458 White Moon Divine Pill
Chapter 3459: The Hand of the Hole
Chapter 3460 Yae Kamigami
Chapter 3461: Strong Clash
Chapter 3462 Killing Lei Huo
Chapter 3463 Black Coat
Chapter 3464 Life Divine Spring
Chapter 3465 Battle
Chapter 3466: Kill with one sword
Chapter 3467 Image Talisman
Chapter 3468 The Divine Spring of Life Appears
Chapter 3469 The Wonder of the Sacred Tree
Chapter 3470 The mantis stalks the cicada
Chapter 3471: Beaten to the point of being unable to fight back
Chapter 3472 Born with beautiful eyes
Chapter 3473: Refining the Divine Spring of Life
Chapter 3474 The Ninth Level of Spiritual God
Chapter 3475 Late Night Sneak Attack
Chapter 3476: Divine Rain Biluo Fruit
Chapter 3477 Six-legged Divine Insect
Chapter 3478 Thunder Talisman
Chapter 3479: At stake
Chapter 3480 Sword Qi Fusion
Chapter 3481 The First Level of True God
Chapter 3482: The Divine Beast Chases
Chapter 3483 Fear
Chapter 3484: Teaching the Tao of Talisman
Chapter 3485: Looking for materials
Chapter 3486 Concentric Talisman
Chapter 3487 The Mysterious Valley
Chapter 3488 Dragon Blood Tree
Chapter 3489 Heavenly Master Pattern
Chapter 3490: Secret Records of the Heavenly Master
Chapter 3491: Practicing Talismans
Chapter 3492 Successful departure
Chapter 3493 Being followed
Chapter 3494 Master Mingyi
Chapter 3495 Auction
Chapter 3496: Selling Mountain Mysterious Bamboo
Chapter 3497 Hunyuan Crystal
Chapter 3498 Making Talisman Paper
Chapter 3499: Successful Portrayal
Chapter 3500 Starry Sky Armor
Chapter 3501 Send it out
Chapter 3502: Slap in the face
Chapter 3503: Refining the Godly Turtle Armor
Chapter 3504 The Second Level of True God
Chapter 3505 Return to the Sect
Chapter 3506 How unreasonable
Chapter 3507 Challenge
Chapter 3508 Challenge
Chapter 3509: Framed and Framed
Chapter 3510 Suppression
Chapter 3511 You can’t afford to offend me
Chapter 3512: Mu Xiu Yu Lin
Chapter 3513 Commoner Alley
Chapter 3514: Fighting Puppet
Chapter 3515 A great harvest
Chapter 3516: Slap in the face
Chapter 3517 Become famous all over the world
Chapter 3518: Refining the Burning Blood Pill
Chapter 3519 The Third Level of True God
Chapter 3520 Five Gods Peak
Chapter 3521 The real purpose
Chapter 3522: Three Hook Divine Talisman Technique
Chapter 3523: Shocked on the spot
Chapter 3524: Defeating Will
Chapter 3525 The Competition Begins
Chapter 3526: Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 3527 Humiliation
Chapter 3528: Defeat, defeat, defeat
Chapter 3529: New and old grudges
Chapter 3530: Swear by Soul
Chapter 3531 Massacre
Chapter 3532 Kill kill kill
Chapter 3533 Battle with Deng Xingyan
Chapter 3534 Kill again
Chapter 3535: Striker Talisman
Chapter 3536: Continuous Killings
Chapter 3537 Battle with Meng Qianyuan
Chapter 3538 The Great Battle
Chapter 3539: Destruction of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 3540 Not afraid of the world
Chapter 3541: Are you good or bad?
Chapter 3542 Kill them all
Chapter 3543 The Peak Battle
Chapter 3544 The God King takes action
Chapter 3545 Return to the Sect
Chapter 3546: Refining Treasures
Chapter 3547 The Fourth Level of True God
Chapter 3548 The Fifth Level of True God
Chapter 3549 The Law of Destiny
Chapter 3550: Method of Extension
Chapter 3551: Receive rewards
Chapter 3552: Suppressing the Powers
Chapter 3553 Arrangement
Chapter 3554: Catastrophe of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 3555 Great Thunder Sound Sea
Chapter 3556 The Breath of the God Emperor
Chapter 3557 The Monument of the Gods Appears
Chapter 3558: Dialogue between Strong Men
Chapter 3559 Many treasures
Chapter 3560: Refining Kunlun Divine Fruit
Chapter 3561 The Sixth Level of True God
Chapter 3562 Controlling the God Puppet
Chapter 3563 The Power of the Divine Formation
Chapter 3564 What is the Way of Heaven?
Chapter 3565 Enlightenment
Chapter 3566 Rushing to Shenshui Sect
Chapter 3567 Slap
Chapter 3568: Shock and Kill the God Lord
Chapter 3569: The Battle between God Kings
Chapter 3570 Half-Step God Emperor
Chapter 3571 Long separation is better than newlyweds
Chapter 3572 The Seventh Level of True God
Chapter 3573 Interrogation
Chapter 3574 Corpse Fish Insect
Chapter 3575: Stay out of it
Chapter 3576 It’s really a good idea
Chapter 3577 Fire in the backyard
Chapter 3578: Angry and vomiting blood
Chapter 3579: Battle between Sects
Chapter 3580 Return to the Battlefield of God’s Domain
Chapter 3581: Repeatedly Setting Records
Chapter 3582: Zhan Zunzun
Chapter 3583 Nameless
Chapter 3584: Swarming in
Chapter 3585 Becoming Stronger
Chapter 3586: Competition to Recruit
Chapter 3587: Refining the Divine Soul
Chapter 3588: Kill another person
Chapter 3589 The Ancient Family
Chapter 3590 Twelve Swords
Chapter 3591 Shenyan Dao Fruit
Chapter 3592 The Blue Fall of the Sword
Chapter 3593 All trump cards revealed
Chapter 3594 The Arm of Gods and Demons
Chapter 3595 The Eye of Death
Chapter 3596 The Spirit of Divine Eyes