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Start cultivating the Tao from the world of martial arts

Start cultivating the Tao from the world of martial arts

author:Ancient and modern

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-04 06:06

Latest chapter:Chapter 1,299 The foundation of the world of light and darkness

Can a martial artist live forever? Let’s look at the protagonist’s path to martial arts and start the path to mythology.

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《Start cultivating the Tao from the world of martial arts》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1,299 The foundation of the world of light and darkness
Chapter 1,298 Heading West
Chapter 1,297 Backstage
Chapter 1,296 Untitled
Chapter 1,295 Gift of Treasure
Chapter 1,294 The Dilemma of the Immortal
Chapter 1,293 Mount
Chapter 1,292 Untitled
Chapter 1,291 The Three Immortals of Chechi Kingdom
《Start cultivating the Tao from the world of martial arts》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The Silly Son of the Landlord?
Chapter 2 Trivia at home
Chapter 3 Little Goldfinger
Chapter 4 Entering the Mountain Gate
Chapter 5 Cultivation of the Mind
Chapter 6 Plug-in practice and krypton gold
Chapter 7 Yangshen Soup
Chapter 8 Outer Sect Great Competition
Chapter 9 Unique Understanding of Swordsmanship
Chapter 10 Inner Strength and Mind Method
Chapter 11 Jianghu nicknames
Chapter 12 Huashan Action
Chapter Thirteen Helplessly Going Down the Mountain
Chapter 14 Liaodong
Chapter 15 The Road to Frontier Development
Chapter 16 Ingenuity to Stand firm
Chapter 17 Peerless Invincible Dugu Victory
Chapter 18 Talent VS Mind
Chapter 19 Demon Sect Master
Chapter 20 Demon Sect Changes
Chapter 21 Let me go
Chapter 22 Anticlimactic
Chapter 23 Conspiracy
Chapter 24 The Decision of the Huashan School
Chapter 25 Support
Chapter 26 Jinyiwei's visit
Chapter 27 Xiaoyuandan
Chapter 28 The Jurchen Strikes
Chapter 29 The Invincible Heavy Cavalry
Chapter 30 Preparation of Pills
Chapter Thirty-One
Chapter 32 Letter from Huashan
Chapter 33 Poisonous Palm
Chapter 34 The origin of the conflict of sword qi disputes?
Chapter 35 Selection of the Sect Leader
Chapter 36 Test
Chapter 37 Traitor
Chapter 38 The Books of Huashan
Chapter 39 Zixia Cheats
Chapter 40 Halfway Assault
Chapter 41 Anti-kill
Chapter 42 Finding the Ancient Tomb
Chapter 43 Magical Effects
Chapter 44 Inheritance Inheritance
Chapter 45 Exposure
Chapter 46 Fall short
Chapter 47 Attack on Shaolin
Chapter 48 The Battle of the Night
Chapter forty-ninth battle against three monks
Chapter 50 'Leader, I'm coming'
Chapter 51 The Traitor's Ambition
Chapter 52: Both sides suffer, the fisherman gains
Chapter 53: Transnational Development
Chapter Fifty-Four
Chapter 55: Accumulating the Spirit and Nourishing the Vessels
Chapter 56: Ten Years of Growth
Chapter 57 ends
Chapter 58 The second world? The third world?
Chapter 59 The Difficulty of Cultivating Immortals
Chapter 60 The Gift of Martial Arts I
Chapter 61 Fast Forward Ends
Chapter 62: The Mission of the Family
Chapter 63 Guarding the Spirit Field
Chapter 64 Farming and Raising Chickens
Chapter 65 Mortal Potential
Chapter 66: Cultivating Immortals and Making Money
Chapter 67 Promotion to Elder
Chapter 68 Family Meeting
Chapter 69 Preparations again
Chapter 70 New identity! Son of a clique
Chapter 71 is digging the foundation of the Great Sui Dynasty
Chapter 72 Private Soldiers
Chapter 73 Flesh Martial Arts
Chapter 74 The conjecture of this world's martial arts
Chapter 75: The Inheritance of Generals in the Three Kingdoms Era
Chapter 76 Seeing the way forward
The seventy-seventh bamboo flower gang
Chapter 78 Slap in the face
Chapter seventy-ninth heart chills
Chapter Eighty
Chapter 81: Rare Talents
Chapter 82 Sending troops
Chapter 83 Ling Zhan Injured
Chapter 84: One Hammer Destroys Innate
Chapter 85: Incompetent Fury
Chapter 86: Fame: The Fledgling
Chapter 87 Rumor ‘Tap Water’
Chapter 88: Turmoil in Jianghu
Chapter 89: Sitting and watching the situation
Chapter 90 Dao Heart Seed Demons
Chapter 91: The Power of Wu County
Chapter 92 Great Merit
Chapter 93 Yangzhou March
Chapter 94 Hot Potatoes
Chapter 95: The Price of Pride
Chapter 96 Fair Dealing
Chapter 97: The Method of Practicing Qi
Chapter 98: Troubled Times
Chapter 99 Dilemma
Chapter 100 Ambitious
Chapter 101 The world shakes
Chapter 102 Lu Miaozi
Chapter 103 Changes
Chapter 104 Two Roads
Chapter 105 Double Dragon
Chapter 106: The Regretful Su Fan
Chapter 107 Siege
Chapter 108 Surrounding and beating Du Fuwei
Chapter One Hundred and Nine
Chapter 110: Pioneer of the King
Chapter 111: The Sassy Operation of Cihang Jingzhai
Chapter 112: The Great Master is in this world
Chapter 113 The highlight moment of the shadow queen
Chapter one hundred and fourteenth young warriors
Chapter 115: Punching into the mountain gate
Chapter 116 Deliberately provocative
Chapter 117: Ant-like super-class
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen
Chapter One Hundred and Nineteenth Daomen Comes
Chapter 120 The Treasure of Fortune
Chapter 121 Oriole was given a knife by a mantis
Chapter 122 The Final Compromise
Chapter 123: The world is bustling, everyone is here for profit
Chapter 124: Incompetent Fury
Chapter 125: The Unrepeatable Advantage
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Six Single Riding Charge
Chapter 127: Heartache, Difficulty Breathing
Chapter 128 Far-reaching influence
Chapter 129: Enemy with Confucianism?
Chapter 130 Qin Luo two generals
Chapter 131 Wagang incense burner can not be knotted
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Two Cuts Tiance Mansion in Advance
Chapter 133: The Allied Forces of the Southern Princes
Chapter 134: The coalition collapsed and the King of Chu went crazy!
Chapter 135: The Backstab of the Yinkui School
Chapter 136 Soul Cage
Chapter 137 The North is in a hurry
Chapter 138 Pei Renji is in trouble
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Nine: The Treasure of Yang Gong
Chapter 140: Ridiculously the Yinkui School
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-One
Chapter 142 The fist is as heavy as a mountain
Chapter 143: Wu Zun retreats and the world is shocked
Chapter 144 Unify the world
Chapter 145: The Holy Land of Loose Cultivation
Chapter 146: New Martial Arts
Chapter 147 Want to pick up leaks
Chapter 148 Thunder Fire Pearl
Chapter 149: First-Order Middle Grade Alchemist
Chapter 150 Selling Elixir
Chapter 151 Finding People
Chapter 152: Behind the Scenes
Chapter 153: The Essentials of Foundation Establishment
Chapter 154: Unexpected Spiritual Roots
Chapter 155 Baicao Pavilion
Chapter 156 The Difference Between Simulation and Reality
Chapter 157: Under Han Li
Chapter 158
Chapter 159 'Pretend to be a pig and eat the tiger'
Chapter 160: Flame Golden Knife
Chapter 161 Magical Artifacts
Chapter 162 Murder and Arson Gold Belt
Chapter 163 Locking Spirit Array
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Fourth
Chapter 165 Foundation Building
Chapter 166 The cave of the ancestor of the Zifu
Chapter 167: The Second Coming
Chapter 168 Arrangements
Chapter 169: The Three Kingdoms of Shenhan
Chapter 170 Wu Ketongshen
Chapter 171: Dragon, Elephant, Tiger and Bull
The conspiracy behind the 172nd chapter?
Chapter 173 Rune Ink Worker
Chapter 174 Power
Chapter 175: There are fish in the north
Chapter 176 Mohist craftsmanship
Chapter 177 Top Family
Chapter 178 Taiping Road? Chess Pieces!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-ninth direct descendant
Chapter 180 Brainstorming
Chapter 181: The Red Emperor Yunjing
Chapter 182 The prelude begins
Chapter 183 Fully Prepared
Chapter 184 Langya Zhuge Clan
Chapter 185 Night Attack
Chapter 186 Killing
Chapter 187 Plan
Chapter 188: Chaos
Chapter 189: Wilderness Encounter
Chapter 190 Talent Nurturing Base
Chapter 191: The Dilemma of the Officials and the Army
Chapter 192 is clear
Chapter 193: The Yellow Turban General
Chapter 194 Yang Conspiracy
One hundred and ninetieth chapters Zhen Guo Wu Sheng
Chapter 196 Peerless General
Chapter 197 Seize the opportunity
Chapter 198 News from Jizhou
Chapter one hundred and ninety-ninth the innocence of every man
Chapter 200 Eve of the decisive battle
Chapter 201 Canglong Dies
Chapter 202 Raid
Chapter 203 Yellow Turban Force Guard
Chapter 204 Plan ahead
Chapter two hundred and fifth military supernatural powers
Chapter 206 Talents are born in large numbers
Chapter 207 ends
Chapter 208 A new chapter
Chapter 209 Rune Musket
Chapter two hundred and ten to discuss Dong
Chapter 211 a civil and military
Chapter 212 Planning the State Shepherd
The two hundred and thirteenth chapter will be the alliance
Chapter two hundred and fourteenth unexpected military power
Chapter 215 The talent of the general
Chapter 216 Arrived at the Front
Chapter 217 Arrow Rain Huanghuang
Chapter 218 Xiaosheng
Chapter 219 The tactics of local tyrants
Chapter 220 Yang Conspiracy
Chapter 221 No solution
Chapter two hundred and twelve
The enemy behind the 223rd chapter
Chapter 224 Conspiracy
Chapter 225 The Four Potentials of the Military Family
Chapter 226 Hulao Shutdown
Chapter 227 Can you leave your name in the future?
Chapter 228 Domination
Chapter 229 Three British Convergence
Chapter 230 The Great Dong Zhuo
Chapter 231 Infighting
Chapter two hundred and thirty-two disbanding
Chapter 233 Warning
Chapter 234 Layout
Chapter 235 East Sea Territory
Chapter 236 East Sea City
Chapter 237 The Rune Cannon of Pulling the Hip
Chapter two hundred and thirty-eight of Xun's uncle and nephew
Chapter 239 Dong Zhuo is dead
Chapter 240 Chaos
Chapter 241
Chapter 242 Flip
Chapter 243 Attacking Wu County
Chapter 244 chess pieces
Chapter two hundred and forty-fifth run out of food
Chapter two hundred and forty sixth dilemma
Chapter two hundred and forty seventh
Chapter two hundred and forty eight robbery
Chapter 249 Choice is very important
Chapter 250 Slaughter Village
Chapter 251 Departing from Nanyang
Chapter 252 Medical Saint
Chapter 253 Shocked one after another
Chapter two hundred and fifty-four unexpected joy
Chapter 255 Potential
Chapter 256 Northland Situation
Chapter 257 Report
The 258th chapter million army
Chapter 259 Remote Soldiers
Chapter 260 Kill the chicken to warn the monkey
Chapter 261 Sun Jian's messenger
Chapter two hundred and sixty-two boiled frogs
Chapter two hundred and sixty-three
Chapter 264 The Yellow Turbans Come Out of the Mountain
Chapter two hundred and sixty-five fear of power but not virtuous
Chapter 266 The Change of Lao Cao
Chapter 267 The South is lonely
Chapter 268 Above the Yangtze River
Chapter two hundred and sixty nine
Chapter two hundred and seventieth comes naturally
Chapter 271 Annihilation
Chapter 272 Assassination
Chapter 273 The end of the road
Chapter two hundred and seventy fourth family
Chapter 275 Cumulative Victory
Chapter 276 The Last Tranquility
Chapter 277 Yuan Shao's plan
Chapter 278 Crisis
Chapter two hundred and seventy nine
Chapter two hundred and eighty
Chapter 281 The dust has settled
Chapter 282 Secret
Chapter two hundred and eighty third magic repair shadow
Chapter two hundred and eighty fourth base building old devil
Chapter two hundred and eighty fifth urn to catch turtle
Chapter two hundred and eighty sixth siege
Chapter 287 Injury
Two hundred and eighteen chapters of war
Chapter two hundred and eighty nine crisis approaching
Chapter two hundred and ninetieth black abyss strikes
Chapter 291 The temptation of the devil
Chapter 292 Persecution
Two hundred and ninetieth chapters startling thorns
Chapter two hundred and ninety-four the oriole appears
Chapter two hundred and ninety-fifth chapter Xuanyuan Golden Sword Spirit Talisman
Chapter 296: Endless means
Chapter two hundred and ninety seventh forced retreat
Chapter 298 Frontline News
Chapter two hundred and ninety nine meet
Chapter Three Hundred
Chapter 301 Fire Feather Eagle
Chapter 302 The combat power is amazing
Chapter 303 Reincarnation Rebuild
Chapter 304 Post-war Merits
Chapter 305: The Spirits That Open up the Purple Mansion
Chapter 306 East China Sea Qi Refiners
Chapter 307 Songhai City
Chapter 308 Novelist
Chapter 309 Temptation
Chapter 310 The Secret of Cultivation
The three hundred and eleventh chapter of the solid letter
Chapter 312 Xianyang
Chapter 313 Greed
Chapter 314 Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 315 Old Man Wang Jian
Chapter 316 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 317 Compromise
Chapter 318: Failed to peek, suffered backlash!
Chapter 319 The Secret of the Court of God
Chapter three hundred and twentieth bad luck again and again
Chapter 321 Ask for news
Three hundred and twentieth chapters six sword slaves
Chapter 333 Victory or defeat?
Chapter 324 Ghost Valley Strategy
Chapter 325 Discovery
Chapter 326 Hidden Bat
Chapter 327 Half-man, half-demon
Chapter 328 Crisis Comes
Chapter 329 The Giant Attacks
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Wu Man
Chapter 331 Guanjian Martial Arts
Chapter 332 The realm of fur
Chapter 333 Public Loss
Chapter 334 Behemoth Puppet
Chapter 335 Eve
Chapter 336 City Break
Chapter 337 Aspects
Chapter 338 Forbidden Land
Chapter 339 succeeded
The three hundred and fortieth chapters of fantasy
Chapter 341 The End
Chapter three hundred and forty-two attacked
Chapter three hundred and forty third a blessing in disguise
Chapter 344: Ancient God Court
Chapter three hundred and forty-five gods
Chapter 346 Tianxing Pulse Raising Technique
Chapter 347 Divine Core
Chapter three hundred and forty-eight institutions city lonely
The three hundred and forty-ninth chapter face the holy
Chapter 350 Dian Nong Zhong Lang
Chapter 351 Wang's
Chapter 352 Dian Nong Division
Chapter 353 Develop the island
Chapter 354 High Priest
Chapter 355 Assassination
Chapter three hundred and fiftieth chapters lead the snake out of the hole
Chapter 357 Hundred Ghosts Night Attack
Chapter three hundred and fiftieth eight urn to catch turtle
Chapter 359 Shadow
Chapter 360 is a real chance
Chapter three hundred and sixty first farmer attack
Chapter three hundred and sixty-two armored door
Chapter 363 Lieshan
Chapter 364 Heng Lian
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five supernatural powers
Chapter 366 The gods attack
Chapter 367 Kunwu
Chapter 368 The Road to the Emperor
Chapter 369 From the Dragon?
Chapter 370 East China Sea
Chapter 371 Mirage
Chapter 372 Coping
Chapter three hundred and seventy-third
Chapter three hundred and seventy fourth
Chapter 375 Conspiracy
Chapter 376 Invitation
Chapter 377 Li Si arrives
Chapter 378 is like sitting on pins and needles
Chapter 379 Miscellaneous
Chapter three hundred and eighty aggressive
Chapter 381 wins seven
Chapter 382 The Road of Yan Lu
Chapter 383: One win and one loss
Chapter three hundred and eighty-four Taoism and Confucian confrontation
Chapter three hundred and eighty fifth Taoist art
Chapter three hundred and eighty sixth seaside chase
Chapter three hundred and eighty seventh act hastily
Chapter 388 is very involved
Chapter 389 Weird Ideas
Chapter three hundred and ninetieth human traitor
Chapter three hundred and ninety-first ghost valley vertical and horizontal
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two
Chapter three hundred and ninety-third background
Chapter 394 Li Si's purpose
Chapter 395 New Features
Chapter 396 Fusang Shenmu
Chapter 397 Return to Xianyang again
Chapter 398 Wang Jian's Reminder
Chapter three hundred and ninety-ninth old man's words
Chapter 401 A pack of wolves feeding a tiger
Chapter 402 Changes in Great Qin
Chapter 403 Target Nine Infants
Chapter 404 Eager for quick success?
Chapter 405 Convincing Zhang Liang
Chapter 406 Conspiracy
Chapter 407 The war begins
Chapter 408 Demon God’s Counterattack
Chapter 409 The ferocious beast in the ocean
Chapter 410 The secret behind the demise of Dashang
Chapter 411 Surrounded
Chapter 412 Fisherman
Chapter 413 Bai Qi is injured
Chapter 414 Peace of mind
Chapter 415 Who is the hunter?
Chapter 416 It’s early to be happy
Chapter 417 Living Saint
Chapter 418 Waiting for the opportunity
Chapter 419 Canglong Qisu finally appears
Chapter 420 The Yellow Bird Attacks
Chapter 421 He Bo
Chapter 422: Getting there first
Chapter 423 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 424 Trapped
Chapter 425 A Centenary Plan
Chapter 426: Stubborn
Chapter 427 'Human race! So despicable!'
Chapter 428 Human Demon
Chapter 429 Self-destruction
Chapter 430 'Transform into thunder, thunder prison comes to the world!'
Chapter 431 The High Priest’s Expectations
Chapter 432 An unexpected incident
Chapter 433 Resurrection
Chapter 434 The Golden Crow Appears
Chapter 435 Rebellion
Chapter 436 The God Emperor also kills
Chapter 437 Dilemma
Chapter 438 The Gathering of Humans and Gods
Chapter 439
Chapter 440 God Emperor Comes Out
Chapter 441 Forced to recover in advance
Chapter 442 God Yan
Chapter 443 A sudden turn of events
Chapter 444 Tragic Battle Situation
Chapter 445 Untitled
Chapter 446 The idea of ??leaving
Chapter 447
Chapter 448: Finally
Chapter 449: A Natural Breakthrough
Chapter 450
Chapter 451 Absorbing monks
Chapter 452 Airship Project
Chapter 453 Su Family Development Plan
Chapter 454
Chapter 455
Chapter 456 Picking up leaks?
Chapter 457 Auction
Chapter 458: Photographing Xuanyang Nuanyu
Chapter 459 Follow me
Chapter 460 Invincible
Chapter 461 Destruction
Chapter 462 A route full of wealth and crisis
Chapter 463 The Golden Belt of Murder and Arson
Chapter 464 Foundation Establishment Pill Recipe
Chapter 465
Chapter 466 The Banquet of the Purple Mansion
Chapter 467 Persuasion
Chapter 468 Questioning
Chapter 469 The Reaction of All Parties
Chapter 470
Chapter 471 Increase Strength
Chapter 472 Gengjin Earth Vein
Chapter 473
Chapter 474 Start Alchemy
Chapter 475: Pulse Protecting Pill
Chapter 476 Two Furnaces of Seven Pieces
Chapter 477
Chapter 478 Showdown
Chapter 479 Transformation
Chapter 480 Want to form an alliance
Chapter 481: Apprentice Building Foundation
Chapter 482: Master Pledge Assembly
Chapter 483
Chapter 484 'Nine Dragons Purgatory Formation!'
Chapter 485 The Crushing Battle
Chapter 486: Great Victory
Chapter 487 Dividing the spoils
Chapter 488: Rules
Chapter 489 Temptation
Chapter 490 Working Monk
Chapter 491 Untitled
Chapter 492
Chapter 493 Rapid Development
Chapter 494 Beating
Chapter 495: Puppet
Chapter 496 Cost
Chapter 497
Chapter 498 Wu Guo
Chapter 499 Hunting
Chapter 500 Excitement
Chapter 501: The Deal Is Closed
Chapter 502 Snapping Turtle
Chapter 503: Matters in the Great Elder's Purple Mansion
Chapter 504: Family Descendants
Chapter 505
Chapter 506 Second Rank Spirit Peach
Chapter 507: An Unexpected Gift
Chapter 508 Untitled
Chapter 509 Tempering
Chapter 510
Chapter 511 Ambush
Chapter 512 Winning in chaos?
Chapter 513 Personal Calculation
Chapter 514 Turning the crisis into safety
Chapter 515: One Case Becomes a Demon Cultivator
Chapter 516
Chapter 517: The Value of a Corpse
Chapter 518: Demon Tide
Chapter 519: Immortal Cultivation World Version Commercial Member
Chapter 520 Urgent thoughts
Chapter 521
Chapter 522
Chapter 523 Reminder
Chapter 524 Untitled
Chapter 525: Demon Cultivator Explodes
Chapter 526: Battle Between Righteousness and Demons
Chapter 527 Nine Suns Demon Refining Formation
Chapter 528 Extinguishing Demons
Chapter 529 Return
Chapter 530 Untitled
Chapter 531 Plan
Chapter 532: Be Cautious
Chapter 533 Entrust
Chapter 534: The Familiar Earth
Chapter 535: New World
Chapter 536 Rescue
Chapter 537: Guessed Right
Chapter 538 Untitled
Chapter 539 The Disadvantage of Identity
Chapter 540 Rat Tide
Chapter 541 Rescue
Chapter 542 Proposal
Chapter 543
Chapter 544 Big Movement
Chapter 545 Influence
Chapter 546: God of War Palace
Chapter 547 Martial Arts Establishment
Chapter 548 Qingyang Martial Arts Hall
Chapter 549 Untitled
Chapter 550: Cultivation
Chapter 551 Australia
Chapter 552 Discovering Kirishima
Chapter 553 Millennium Willow
Chapter 554 The big drama is coming
Chapter 555 Untitled
Chapter 556 Testing
Chapter 557 On the verge of breaking out
Chapter 558 Conflict Begins
Chapter 559 Did it once
Chapter 560: Coming in droves
Chapter 561 The terrifying rattan
Chapter 562 Hong Arrives
Chapter 563: You don’t need to give me a chance
Chapter 564 Thanks
Chapter 565 It’s over
Chapter 566 Vajra Body, Glazed Fire
Chapter 567 The Difficulty of Ascension to the Main World
Chapter 568 The Development of Martial Arts School
Chapter 569 The Attractiveness of the Elixir
Chapter 570 Beating the Autumn Wind
Chapter 571 Martial Arts Newcomer
Chapter 572 Guidance
Chapter 573 Base City
Chapter 574 The Battle of the Ancient Capital
Chapter 575: Luo Feng Returns
Chapter 576 Untitled
Chapter 577 The Battle of Kirishima
Chapter 578
Chapter 579 Discovery of Muya Crystal
Chapter 580 Fighting
Chapter 581 Luo Feng: 'Impossible!'
Chapter 582 Inheritance
Chapter 583 Weapons
Chapter 584 Disaster strikes
Chapter 585 Working hard regardless of one’s own safety
Chapter 586 The final blow
Chapter 587 Seizing the Body
Chapter 588 Chaos
Chapter 589 Chapter Five Hundred Eighteen
Chapter 590 Return
Chapter 591 Getting Started
Chapter 592 Understanding the Secret Technique
Chapter 593 Illusion
Chapter 594 Gathering
Chapter 595 Departure to the universe
Chapter 596 Selling Weapons
Chapter 597 Taken advantage of
Chapter 598 Slave Market
Chapter 599 Poor guy
Chapter 600 Parting
Chapter 601 Untitled
Chapter 602 Killing Field
Chapter 603 Space Adventure
Chapter 604 Thunder World
Chapter 605 Crisis
Chapter 606 Wind Corner Stone
Chapter 607 On the verge of breaking out
Chapter 608 Taking the Head Start
Chapter 609 Magic Suppressing Weapon
Chapter 610 Suspension
Chapter 611: The Cave Door Opens
Chapter 612 Ten Billions of Universe Coins
Chapter 613 Fiery
Chapter 614 A month’s head start
Chapter 615 Deciding on the treasure to be exchanged
Chapter 616 Luck?
Chapter 617 Moyundeng Evolution
Chapter 618: Making a fortune with boring hair
Chapter 619: Babata's Precise Strike
Chapter 620 Robbery or food delivery?
Chapter 621 Blocking
Chapter 622 Conflict
Chapter 623 The secret technique of body refining
Chapter 624 The conspiracy of the little guy
Chapter 625 Untitled
Chapter 626 Revenge
Chapter 627 Killing Intention
Chapter 628 Finally
Chapter 629 Untitled
Chapter 630 Retreat Alone
Chapter 631 The Final Chase
Chapter 632: The End
Chapter 633: A New Beginning
Chapter 634 God?
Chapter 635: Ways to Make Money
Chapter 636 The Genius War Begins
Chapter 637
Chapter 638 Get Rich
Chapter 639 One in a Thousand Odds
Chapter 640 Untitled
Chapter 641 Promotion
Chapter 642 Untitled
Chapter 643 Return
Chapter 644 Elder
Chapter 645 Ren Xiaoyao
Chapter 646 Help
Chapter 647 Conditions
Chapter 648: Decision
Chapter 649 Crossing the Tribulation
Chapter 649 Threat
Chapter 650 Success
Chapter 651: The Tribulation Experience
Chapter 652 Untitled
Chapter 653: Background
Chapter 654 Sufficient preparation
Chapter 655: Tier 4 Puppet
Chapter 656 Expansion plan
Chapter 657: Sixiang Huntian Formation
Chapter 658 Hugging Thighs
Six hundred and fiftieth IX first strike
Chapter 660: Yunyang Sect’s Response
Chapter six hundred and sixty first means
Chapter 662: Beast Tide Opens
Six hundred and sixtieth chapters close combat
Chapter 664: The strength of the clan leader
Chapter 665 Trance
Chapter 666: Fire God Thunder!
Chapter six hundred and sixty seventh impotent rage
Chapter 668 Difficulties
Chapter 669 Support
Chapter 670 Another Battlefield
Chapter 671: 'Clan Leader! I can't hold on any longer.'
Chapter 672 The Situation Changes Instantly
Chapter 673: The Wilderness of the Four Counties
Chapter 674: Harmony
Chapter 675 Jindan visits
The six hundred and seventieth chapters are not small
Chapter 677 Carve up
Chapter 678 Qingshui Renlian
Chapter 679 Plain Threat
Chapter 680: The Patriarch’s Curiosity
Chapter 681 Untitled
Chapter 682 is deeply hidden
Chapter 683: Shangling Sect Strikes
Chapter 684 - Flying separately
Chapter 685: 'Don't get out! Die!'
Chapter 686: Breaking the fifth-order talisman with a flick of a finger
Chapter 687: The Cruel Battle
Chapter 688 Untitled
Chapter 689 Chen Guolai
Chapter 690: Negotiating a Union
Chapter 691: Pointing at the Mountain Gate
Chapter 692: The Mystery Reveals Its Might Again
Chapter 693 Breakout
Chapter 694: The Broken Mountain Gate
Chapter 695 Calculations
Chapter 696 Lost?
Chapter 697: Infant
Chapter six hundred and ninety-eight
Chapter 699 Encounter
Chapter 700 Gu Insect Control
Chapter 701: True Monarch Hundred Insects
Chapter 702: Hometown
Chapter 703 Untitled
Chapter 704 Change of Status
Chapter 705: Origin of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 706: Untitled
Chapter 707: Untitled
Chapter 708 Advanced
Chapter 709: Infant Treasure
Chapter 710: Yunzhou
Chapter 711 New Arrival
Chapter 712 Untitled
Chapter 713: Donghai Restaurant
Chapter 714: Aoki Sanren
Chapter 715: Leaked news
Chapter seven hundred and sixteen
Chapter 717: The News Arrived
Chapter 718 Meeting
Chapter 719 Transactions
Chapter 720: Charity
Chapter 721: Shocking the Primordial Spirit
Chapter 722: Blood Fiend Lord
Chapter 723: The Demon Strikes
Chapter 724: Hole Card
Chapter 725 Twists and turns
Chapter 726 Die without a disease?
Chapter 727 Rebirth Change
Chapter 728: Invincible Attack and Defense
Chapter 729: Departure
Chapter 730 Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 731 Success
Chapter 732 Hope
Chapter 733 Untitled
Chapter 734 No Track
Chapter 735: Untitled
Chapter 736 Rules Are Everywhere
Chapter 737: Leaving
Chapter 738: Foreign Enemies Attack Zheng
Chapter 739 Ambush
Chapter 740: Untitled
Chapter 741 Breakout
Chapter 742: Defeat
Chapter 743: Untitled
Chapter 744: Driving away the wolf
Chapter 745 Unbelievable
Chapter 746: Background
Chapter 747 'This is not a phenomenon of impacting the golden elixir'
Chapter 748 Untitled
Chapter 749: Nascent Soul of Zixiao Sect
Chapter 750: Untitled
Chapter 751: Betrayal
Chapter 752: The Art of Repelling Insects
Chapter 753: Standard Instrument
Chapter 754: Untitled
Chapter 755 Unexpected Chance
Chapter 756: Jindan Patriarch
Chapter 757: Su Mingye
Chapter 758: Devil Cultivator Rages
Chapter 759 Explosive Growth
Chapter 760 Preparation
Chapter 761: Untitled
Chapter 762 Anti-magic
Chapter 763: Untitled
Chapter 764: Coming Soon
Chapter 765 Imperial Decree
Chapter 766: Untitled
Chapter 767: Tier 5 Treasure Ship
Chapter 768 Envy
Chapter 769 Development
Chapter 770: Immortal Alliance
Chapter 771 Arriving in the East China Sea
Chapter 772: Southern Suzaku Position
Chapter 773: Attack
Chapter 774 Fighting
Chapter 775 Wait and see
Chapter 776 Ups and downs
Chapter 777: Broken Island
Chapter 778 Anger
Chapter 779: Demon Slaying
Chapter 780: Body Refinement Cultivator
Chapter 781 Catch up
Chapter 782 Untitled
Chapter 783 Pointing
Chapter 784: Untitled
Chapter 785 Return
Chapter 786 Suzaku True Spirit
Chapter seven hundred and eighty seventh hold back
Chapter 788: The Tyrannical Demon Tribe
Chapter 789 Six elements in one
Chapter 790 Self-destruction
The seventh hundred and ninety first chapter is the fish dead and the net broken?
Chapter 792: Sneak attack from behind
Chapter 793: A sudden turn of events
Chapter 794: Nuisance
Chapter 795: Increase instead of decrease
Chapter 796: Foundation
Chapter 797 The war is over
Chapter 798: Yuan Shen Visits
Chapter 799: Follow-up in the Demon Cave
Chapter 800: Formation inheritance
Chapter 801 Transaction
Chapter 802 Spread
Chapter 803 Aoki Sect
Chapter 804: Intention
Chapter 805: Lu Qingshan’s Proposal
Chapter 806 Calculation
Chapter 807: Untitled
Chapter 808: Counting
Chapter 809 Leaking the news
Chapter 810 Action
Chapter 811 Chaos breaks out
Chapter 812: Steady as Mount Tai
Chapter 813 Untitled
Chapter 814: South Wind
Chapter 815: Misfortune
Chapter 816 Deduction of Identity
Chapter 817 Proposal
Chapter 818: Plan
Chapter 819 Untitled
Chapter 820: Golden Puppet
Chapter 821: Untitled
Chapter 822: The Unknown Mythical World
Chapter 823 Beating the Gods
Chapter 824: Monkey
Chapter 825 Destiny
Chapter 826: Daqin’s Choice
Chapter 827: Ambition
Chapter 828: The Art of Entering Dreams
Chapter 829 Emperor Star
Chapter 830 Untitled
Chapter 831 Pei County
Chapter 832 Exposed
Chapter 833 Taibai Venus
Chapter 834: The Difficulty of Cultivation
Chapter 835: Sanctification of the Physical Body
Chapter 836: Falling short of success
Chapter 837: The Importance of Location
Chapter 838 Don’t worry
Chapter 839 Untitled
Chapter 840: Merit and Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 841: Reasons for the Failure of the Uprising
Chapter 842: Planning for merit
Chapter 843: The Identity of Kong Sheng
Chapter 844 Human Saints
Chapter 845: Confucian Luck
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters behind the fight
Chapter 847 Thinking about the consequences
Chapter 848: Physician
Chapter 849: The Book of Medicine
Chapter 850 Leverage
Chapter 851: Propagation
Chapter 852 Crisis
Chapter 853 Luck Rolling
Chapter 854: Protecting the Road
Chapter 855: Descend to Earth
Chapter 856 Excited Daqin
Chapter 857 Function
Chapter 858 Target Qilu Land
Chapter 859: Untitled
Chapter 860 Efficacy
Chapter 861: Zhang Liang’s Plan
Chapter 862 Pros and cons
Chapter 863: Nanzhan Buzhou Zongmen
Chapter 864 New Ideas
Chapter 865 Hypothetical
Chapter 866 Overthrow?
Chapter 867: Traitor
Chapter 868: Changing the World
Chapter 869: The Role of Emperor Star
Chapter 870 Multidirectional Enemy
Chapter 871: Ancient Secrets
Chapter eight hundred and seventy second change of mind
Chapter 873: Rural Laughter
Chapter 874 Can't hide
Chapter 875 Exposure?
Chapter 876: The Way of Enlightenment
Chapter 877 Different routes lead to the same goal
Chapter 878: Untitled
Chapter 879: Lower Bound
Chapter 880: The Virgin Mary
Chapter eight hundred and eighty first cause and effect
Chapter 882: The pressure of Taoism
Chapter 883 Meet
Chapter 884: Prototype of Blessed Land
Chapter 886 Attitude
Chapter 887 Doubt
Eight hundred and eighteen chapters emerge
Chapter 889: Blessed Land and Cave Heaven
Chapter 890 Untitled
Chapter eight hundred and ninety first draw
Chapter 892: Untitled
Chapter 893 Communication
Chapter 894: Pointing
Chapter 895: Absolutely Talented
Chapter 896: Untitled
Chapter 897: Opportunity for Promotion in Book from the Ground
Chapter eight hundred and ninety eight
Chapter 899: Untitled
Chapter 900: Acquired Spirit Treasure
Chapter 901: The Cave
Chapter 902: Actions of Fire Cloud Cave
Chapter 903: Zhang Liang’s Shock
Chapter 904 Exit
Chapter 905 Changes
Chapter 906 Leaving Kyushu
Chapter 907: Untitled
Chapter 908 Walking Together
Chapter 909: The Mortals of Nanzhan Buzhou
Chapter 910: The Promise in the Shadows
Chapter 911 Anger
Chapter 912: Mind
Chapter 913 Sword Fairy
Nine hundred and fourteenth work hard life
Chapter 915 Untitled
Chapter 916: The Sky
Chapter 917 Breaking the Formation
Chapter Nine Hundred and Eighteen It's Late
Chapter 919 Dilemma
Chapter 920 Invitation to Battle
Chapter 921 Untitled
Chapter 922: Aggrieved
Chapter 923 Famous Legend
Chapter Nine Hundred and Twenty-four
Chapter 925: Population of Xiaonan Region
Chapter 926 Conspiracy
Chapter 927 Changes
Chapter 928 Difficulty
Chapter 929: Ancient Martial Arts
Chapter 930 Sermon
Chapter 931 Breakthrough
Chapter 932: Untitled
Chapter 933: Alien Immortal
Chapter 934: Outer Sect
Chapter 935: Extraterrestrial Demon
Chapter 936: Demon Cultivation
Chapter 937 Rakshasa
Chapter Nine Hundred and Thirty-Eight: Asura Demon Way
Chapter 939: Untitled
Chapter 940 Restraint
Chapter 942 Sword Art
Chapter 943 Worried
Chapter 944: Killing Swordsmanship
Chapter 945 Sword Immortal
Chapter 946 Acquaintance
Chapter 947 Soliciting
Chapter 948 Change
Chapter 949 Promotion
Chapter 950: Chaos
Chapter 951 Thinking
Chapter 952: Ancient Secrets
Chapter 953 The Calculation of Fire Cloud Cave
Chapter 954 Untitled
Chapter 955 Fire and water are incompatible
Chapter 956 The Way of the Human Race
Chapter 957 Dilemma
Chapter 958 Untitled
Chapter 959 Helper
Chapter 960 A little thought
Chapter 961 Guidance
Chapter 959: Untitled
Chapter 960 Holy Land
Chapter 961: Fear
Chapter 962: Different Numbers
Chapter 963 Disagreement
Chapter 964: Key Points
Chapter 965: Buddhism
Chapter 966 Strong
Chapter 967 Layout?
Chapter 968: The Controversy Between Buddhism and Taoism
Chapter 969 Shameless
Chapter Nine Hundred and Seventieth Murder
Chapter 971: Buddhist status and karma
Chapter 972 Untitled
Chapter 973 Waiting
Chapter 974 Untitled
Chapter 975 Buddhist beads
Chapter 976 Untitled
Chapter 977: Defeat the enemy with one sword
Chapter 978 Untitled
Chapter 979 Untitled
Chapter 980 Planning
Chapter 981: Gradually Opening
Chapter 982: Secret loss
Chapter 983 Plan
Chapter 984 Accident
Chapter 985 Untitled
Chapter 986 Suspicion
Chapter 987 Untitled
Chapter 988 Internal Conflicts
Chapter 989 Go back
Chapter 990 Untitled
Chapter 991: Feelings
Chapter 992 Untitled
Chapter 993 The Powerful
Chapter 994 Untitled
Chapter 995: Children of the Rich and Powerful
Chapter 996 Lost and Found
Chapter 997: Guess
Chapter 998 Untitled
Chapter 999 Differences
Chapter 1000 The Price of Elites
Chapter 1001 Untitled
Chapter 1002 No solution
Chapter 1003 Stay
Chapter 1004 Runes
Chapter 1005 Don’t care
Chapter 1006: Unbelievable
Chapter 1007: Pointing Runes
Chapter 1008 Optimizing Armor
Chapter 1009 Power
Chapter 1010 Untitled
Chapter 1011 Means
Chapter 1012: Killing and Tribulation
Chapter 1013: General
Chapter 1014 Untitled
Chapter 1015 Strategic Legion
Chapter 1016 Effect
Chapter 1017 Untitled
Chapter 1018 Voice
Chapter 1019: Detachment
Chapter 1020 Expectation
Chapter 1021 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 1022 The Dragon Clan’s Heritage
Chapter 1023 Hostility
Chapter 1024 Untitled
Chapter 1025: Take the First Step
Chapter 1026 Untitled
Chapter 1,027 Take the First Step
Chapter 1028 Untitled
Chapter 1,029 The Road to Martial Arts
Chapter 1030 Go
Chapter 1031: Changes in the Xuanhuang World
Chapter 1032 Untitled
Chapter 1033 Willow Heart
Chapter 1034 Innate Vitality
Chapter 1035 Ginseng Fruit
Chapter 1036 Untitled
Chapter 1037 Ended
Chapter 1,038 The Four Monkeys of Hunyuan
Chapter 1039 Untitled
Chapter 1040: Discussing the Tao
Chapter 1041 Golden elixir
Chapter 1,042 The Way of the Earth
Chapter 1043 Inspiration
Chapter 1044: Cave Heaven Method
Chapter 1045 Untitled
Chapter 1,046 The Holy Way
Chapter 1,047: Seclusion Again
Chapter 1,048 Preaching
Chapter 1049 Untitled
Chapter 1050: Changes in Nanjun
Chapter 1051 Untitled
Chapter 1052 ‘The Great Wall?’
Chapter 1053 Persuasion
Chapter 1054 Untitled
Chapter 1055 Lessons
Chapter 1056 Contrast
Chapter 1057 Untitled
Chapter 1,058 Unexpected News
Chapter 1059 Countermeasures
Chapter 1060: A dead horse becomes a living horse doctor
Chapter 1,061 Chess Pieces
Chapter 1062 Success Stories
Chapter 1063 Untitled
Chapter 1064: The Special Way of Sword Cultivation
Chapter 1065 Untitled
Chapter 1,066 Suddenly
Chapter 1,067 The Mysterious Place
Chapter 1068: The Place of Dragon Burial
Chapter 1069 Untitled
Chapter 1070 Untitled
Chapter 1,071 Luck is connected
Chapter 1072 Untitled
Chapter 1073 Untitled
Chapter 1,074 Killing
Chapter 1075 Thunder Road
Chapter 1076 Untitled
Chapter 1077 Invisibility
Chapter 1078: Want to be an oriole
Chapter 1079 Dragon Ball
Chapter 1,080 Innate Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 1081 Complete set of spiritual treasures
Chapter 1082 Untitled
Chapter 1083 Treasure
Chapter 1084: The Escaped Oriole
Chapter 1085 Untitled
Chapter 1,086 Caution
Chapter 1087 Xuanshui Flag
Chapter 1088 Waterway Treasure
Chapter 1089 Untitled
Chapter 1090 Fame
Chapter 1091: Forbidden Land
Chapter 1,092 Thirty Thousand Years
Chapter 1093 The Five Elements Avenue
Chapter 1094: Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 1095: Changes in the sea
Chapter 1096 Sigh
Chapter 1097 Untitled
Chapter 1098 Cruelty
Chapter 1099: Going out for training
Chapter 1,100 Untitled
Chapter 1101 Sanhua
Chapter 1,102 Difficulty
Chapter 1,103 Fengtian Sect
Chapter 1104: Forbidden Earth Lines
Chapter 1105 Untitled
Chapter 1,106 Beiju Luzhou
Chapter 1,107 Sword Domain
Chapter 1,108: Suppression with hands
Chapter 1,109 Ban
Chapter 1110: Uniquely Blessed
Chapter 1111 Untitled
Chapter 1,112 Extreme joy leads to sorrow
Chapter 1113 Untitled
Chapter 1,114 Big difference
Chapter 1115 The Mainstay
Chapter 1116: Shifting Target
Chapter 1,117 Throbbing
Chapter 1,118 Heartbeat
Chapter 1,119 Untitled
Chapter 1,120 The evil spirit condenses
Chapter 1121 Demon King
Chapter 1,122 The Great Sage
Chapter 1,123 Holy Elephant
Chapter 1,124 Purifying White Lotus
Chapter 1,125 Untitled
Chapter 1,126 Reversal
Chapter 1,127 Untitled
Chapter 1,128
Chapter 1,129 Surprise
Chapter 1,130
Chapter 1131 Big Event
Chapter 1,132 Worlds Collide
Chapter 1,133 Untitled
Chapter 1,134 Gathering
Chapter 1,135 Refutation
Chapter 1,136 Opinion
Chapter 1,137 Untitled
Chapter 1,138
Chapter 1,139 Proving the Way
Chapter 1,140
Chapter 1141 Gap
Chapter 1,142 Confidence
Chapter 1,143 The unexpected secret
Chapter 1,144 Untitled
Chapter 1,145 An era of talented people
Chapter 1,146 The best person
Chapter 1,147 Untitled
Chapter 1,148 Zhang Jiao
Chapter 1,149 Wake up
Chapter 1,150 Untitled
Chapter 1151 Questions
Chapter 1,152 Apprentice
Chapter 1,153 Origin
Chapter 1,154
Chapter 1,155 Border Army
Chapter 1,156 Zhang Family of Yanmen
Chapter 1,157 Untitled
Chapter 1,158 Rescue?
Chapter 1,159 Misunderstanding
Chapter 1,160 Untitled
Chapter 1,161 The Royal Palace
Chapter 1,162
Chapter 1,163 The Road to Legend
Chapter 1,164 Jiuyuan
Chapter 1,165 Border Forces
Chapter 1,166 Ambition?
Chapter 1,167 Untitled
Chapter 1,168 Tips
Chapter 1,169 Confidence
Chapter 1,170 Untitled
Chapter 1,171 Jiuyuan
Chapter 1,172 Untitled
Chapter 1,173
Chapter 1,174 Trust
Chapter 1,175: Cowardice Before Fighting
Chapter 1176: Guard to the death
Chapter 1,177 Untitled
Chapter 1178: Surrender
Chapter 1,179 Black Devinator
Chapter 1,180 Untitled
Chapter 1,181 Losing
Chapter 1,182 Take action
Chapter 1183: Traitor
Chapter 1,184
Chapter 1,185
Chapter 1,186 Pour cold water on
Chapter 1,187 Great Power
Chapter 1,188
Chapter 1,189 Influence
Chapter 1190 Time
Chapter 1,191 The Explosion of Taiping Road
Chapter 1,192 Firearms
Chapter 1,193 Untitled
Chapter 1,194 The Starting Point
Chapter 1,195 Strategy
Chapter 1,196 Wealth
Chapter 1,197 Untitled
Chapter 1,198 Modern Army
Chapter 1,199 Taiping Road Headquarters
Chapter 1,200 Untitled
Chapter 1,201 Face it squarely
Chapter 1,202 Not strong enough
Chapter 1,203 Untitled
Chapter 1,204 Sacrifice
Chapter 1,205 Changing Attitudes
Chapter 1,206 Untitled
Chapter 1,207 Xuzhou
Chapter 1,208 Qilin'er
Chapter 1,209 Secret Competition
Chapter 1,210
Chapter 1,211 Limelight
Chapter 1,212 Rise in troubled times
Chapter 1,213 Jiuding
Chapter 1,214 Untitled
Chapter 1,215 Pros and Cons
Chapter 1,216
Chapter 1,217 Feng Shui Spiritual Land
Chapter 1,218 Hidden
Chapter 1,219 Trump Card
Chapter 1220
Chapter 1,221 Untitled
Chapter 1,222 Origin
Chapter 1,223 Recognition
Chapter 1,224 Untitled
Chapter 1,225 Like-minded
Chapter 1,226 Heavy Duty
Chapter 1,227 Untitled
Chapter 1,228 Interference
Chapter 1,229 Heaven Favors
Chapter 1,230 The Great Rise of Buddhism
Chapter 1,231 Journey to the West Begins
Chapter 1,232 Untitled
Chapter 1,233
Chapter 1,234 The Situation in Kyushu
Chapter 1,235 Behemoth
Chapter 1,236 Flying to the sky
Chapter 1,237 Pressure
Chapter 1,238 Princes
Chapter 1,239 Changes
Chapter 1,240 Dilemma
Chapter 1,241 Form
Chapter 1,242 Siege
Chapter 1,243 Untitled
Chapter 1,244 Weakness
Chapter 1,245 Untitled
Chapter 1,246 Background
Chapter 1,247: Stealing chicken but losing rice
Chapter 1,248 Untitled
Chapter 1,249 Taking Root
Chapter 1,250 Germination
Chapter 1,251 Changhong
Chapter 1,252 Flying to the sky
Chapter 1,253 Untitled
Chapter 1,254 Merits from Heaven
Chapter 1,255 Big Demon
Chapter 1,256 Jiuding Suppression
Chapter 1,257 Untitled
Chapter 1,258 Bottom Line
Chapter 1,259 Untitled
Chapter 1,260 The Lord of the Path
Chapter 1,261 Untitled
Chapter 1,262
Chapter 1,263 The General Trend
Chapter 1,264 Response
Chapter 1,265 Forced Recommendation
Chapter 1,266 Untitled
Chapter 1,267 Meeting again
Chapter 1,268 The pity of the human race
Chapter 1,269 Potential
Chapter 1,270 Good Luck
Chapter 1,271 Untitled
Chapter 1,272 Advantages and Disadvantages
Chapter 1,273 The Defects of Confucianism
Chapter 1,274
Chapter 1,275 Peak Power
Chapter 1,276 The Familiar World
Chapter 1,277 Untitled
Chapter 1,278 History
Chapter 1279: Rushing into the sky
Chapter 1,280 Unnecessary Sadness
Chapter 1,281 Untitled
Chapter 1,282 Eight Treasures Merit Pool
Chapter 1,283 Untitled
Chapter 1,284 Changes
Chapter 1,285 Goodbye Monkey
Chapter 1,286 Untitled
Chapter 1,287 Background
Chapter 1288: Retreat
Chapter 1,289 Leaving
Chapter 1,290 Doubts
Chapter 1,291 The Three Immortals of Chechi Kingdom
Chapter 1,292 Untitled
Chapter 1,293 Mount
Chapter 1,294 The Dilemma of the Immortal
Chapter 1,295 Gift of Treasure
Chapter 1,296 Untitled
Chapter 1,297 Backstage
Chapter 1,298 Heading West
Chapter 1,299 The foundation of the world of light and darkness