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Start from Skull Island and cross the world

Start from Skull Island and cross the world

author:spinning top

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:'I became a god in the age of mecha' has been released

Reborn on Skull Island. He became King Kong's younger brother. He can also travel through the heavens and worlds. As an orangutan who doesn't speak human language, Ding Zheng feels a lot of pressure. The world does not seem to be as simple as in the movies. The Transformers and the python plague are sweeping... The sky and the world are torn apart. This is the story of a gorilla stepping on the top of the world. It comes from Skull Island. It , That’s terror! Ding Zheng: Let me ask, can two King Kong beat a Godzilla? Boss is coming ashore soon, waiting online, I’m in a hurry!

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《Start from Skull Island and cross the world》The latest nine chapters
'I became a god in the age of mecha' has been released
'King Kong: Anti-Killing Samsara at the Start' has been released
Concluding remarks + Happy New Year!
Finale: I suddenly let go of the smile
Chapter 48: Beast King = Pangu?
Chapter 47 Ultimate! Atomic Breath!
Chapter 55: Monkey King: Sun! Wu! Kong!
Chapter 45: The system is broken?
Chapter 44 Enter Asgard!
《Start from Skull Island and cross the world》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Reborn as King Kong's younger brother
Chapter 2 Survival and the system of crossing the heavens
Chapter 3 Eat your meal, but also your life!
Chapter 4 Crisis and Transcendence
Chapter 5 Help! There are monsters!
Chapter 6 This monkey, this monkey is
Chapter 7 I'm not here to pretend to slap my face
Chapter 8 The Protagonist Appears
Chapter 9 Iron Cloth Shirt Yan Zhendong
Chapter 10 It learns martial arts? You entertain me!
Chapter Eleven I'm Really Well Trained, But Mainly It's Smart
Chapter Twelve I will never accept you as a disciple!
Chapter Thirteen Boys Gong and Black Tiger Three Styles
Chapter 14 I was actually caught by a monkey
Chapter 15 Shocked! A monkey turned out to be
Chapter 16 Where is my money?
Chapter 17 I'm going to hit ten
Chapter 18 Let's put that monkey on the stage!
Chapter 19 Actually let a monkey sing?
Chapter 20 The Real Monkey Trainer
Chapter 21 International Movie Stars
Chapter 22 The Dock Gang Master Liu Hu
Chapter 23 Do not believe that some people are not afraid of death!
Chapter 24 Why are you yelling so loudly?
Chapter 25 Don't be afraid!
Chapter 26 Yan Zhendong, the master of the martial arts hall
Chapter 27 Easy to come, hard to go.
Chapter 28 I heard that you often provoke foreigners?
Chapter 29 Someone else's apprentice is easy to use
Chapter 30 We help to watch the show at the wharf, and do we still need to collect money?
Chapter thirty one
Chapter 32: An upright and upright framing
Chapter 33 So Dark
Chapter 34 We are wronged!
Chapter 35 Bring a beast to discuss cooperation with Lao Tzu?
Chapter 36 This is the real master
Chapter 37: The First Step to Destroying the Dock Gang
Chapter 38 What kind of monster is this?
Chapter 39 Investigating a case is worse than dancing
Chapter 40 Prison Break
Chapter 41 Ding Zheng: The opportunity is here!
Chapter 42 Am I Exposed?
Chapter 43 What is this?
Chapter 44: Forty two thousand pounds? What if two thousand?
Chapter 45 Huang Feihong who sells counterfeit medicine
Chapter 46: Never Ending Troubles
Chapter 47 Farewell and Exercise Deduction
Chapter 1 It's like a dream
Chapter 2 Beer, Beverage, Mineral Water, Peanut and Sunflower Seeds and Eight Treasures
Chapter 3 The explosion from the end of the Qing Dynasty
Chapter 4 Fighting the Horror Birds Again
Chapter 5 Firmware
Chapter 6 An eye-opening shot!
Chapter 7 Do you want to learn?
Chapter 8 Where did the radio come from
Chapter 9 So Hard
Chapter 10 Your emperor is coming back soon
Chapter 11: Move fast and pose handsomely
Chapter 12 Artifacts
On the shelves + Sanjiang + book birth testimonials (really must-see, contains spoilers)
Chapter 13: Catch the Wolf First Catch the King
Chapter Fourteen When you stare into the abyss
Chapter 15 Climbing is a gorilla's forte 55555)
Chapter 16 Transmigration: What is this place? Lah)
Chapter 17 Pantao? White Ape? Where's my Jiuyang Divine Art!
Chapter 18 Jiuyang Divine Art)
Chapter 19 The Congenital Losses Filled by Pantao)
Chapter 20 The exercises are deduced again!)
Chapter 21 I want the last two peaches, who would dare to object?)
Chapter 22 Wait for a Zhang Wuji to help me hit 500!)
Chapter 23 Where did the beasts come from? Die for me!)
Chapter 24 You can't always find out if I read fake cheats, right?
Chapter 25 Zhang God really lives up to his reputation
Chapter 26 Only to kill Zhang Wuji)
Chapter 27 The God of War returns and finds that his daughter lives in a kennel
Chapter 28 Please show me the Jiuyang Divine Art
Chapter 29 My mission is your mission
Chapter 30 I'll Reunite Your Family
Chapter 31 It's happened! Master, it's here!
Chapter 32 The only thing I'm afraid of is the Heavenly Sword
Chapter 33
Chapter 34: Zhao Min's ambition
Chapter 35 I am enough~~~)
Chapter 36 The big ship heading for Skull Island
Chapter 37: The gaze towards extinction becomes strange)
Chapter 38 Is this the Jianghu?)
Chapter 39 What did I come to Guangmingding for?)
Chapter 40 Then push all the way horizontally)
Chapter 1 The Uninvited Guest of Skull Island)
Chapter 2 King Kong's Roar)
Chapter 3 Look up at that huge figure~~~~~~)
Chapter 4 Kneel down! Kneel down! Oh)
Chapter 5 Dragon Vein~~~)
Chapter 6 Submachine Guns and Tyrannosaurus Rex
Chapter 7 I'll Make It Pay
Chapter 8 Bringing the Orangutan to New York)
Chapter 9 Countdown to Four Minutes
Chapter 10 Return! Angry!
Chapter 11 Not Doing Charity
Chapter Twelve Tell Me What Happened
Chapter Thirteen Despair To Suicide
Chapter 14 This product is definitely Transformers)
Chapter 15 King Kong! Transformers! Wolverine? What other King Kong?)
Chapter 16 Harvest and Arrangement)
Chapter 17 Megatron, wake up quickly)
Chapter 18 Fifteen Years Later, World War II Aircraft)
Chapter 19: The Wild Python Attacks~~~)
Chapter 20 How come there aren't many snakes like this?)
Chapter 21: Skull Island exposed?)
Chapter 22 The third time and the chaotic earth
Chapter 23 Animal World? Kung Fu Panda!~~~)
Chapter 24 Now, I want the magic book of Shenlong
Chapter 25 Taro's Assault~)
Chapter 26: Beat the young to the old, beat the old)
Chapter 27 Am I so fierce?)
Chapter 28 Didn't you say you don't care? You did!)
Chapter 29 Tigers enter the flock)
Chapter 30 I said, are you Teemo farting?)
Chapter 31 (Come with me)
Chapter 32: Don't be a dragon hero, only the first in the world
Chapter 33: Accept Panda Apo as a Disciple?)
Chapter 34 Master Turtle, Fury and Killing!)
Chapter 35 Kill me or kill me)
Chapter 36: Twenty Years Later)
Chapter 37: Preaching, Teaching and Resolving Confusion)
Chapter 38 The truth of the world)
Chapter 39 How to complete tasks in a false world?)
Chapter 40: The Dragon Hero Birth Plan)
Chapter 41 How can a panda be all black?
Chapter 42: Mission Completion (End of Volume)
Chapter 1 Fifty meters! Giant skeleton lizard!
Chapter 2 Has the Imperial Organization come?)
Chapter 3 Blood Orchid)
Chapter 4 One without a monthly pass)
Chapter 5 Ambition, Expectation)
Chapter 6 I may need some scientific research talents)
Chapter VII Super Soldiers and Emperor Organization)
Chapter 8 S.H.I.E.L.D. on the Skull Island Conference)
Chapter 9 Nick Fury)
Chapter 10 Skull Island Swordsman: Western Blowing Snow!)
Chapter 11 How could he possibly know my son's name?)
Chapter 12 I never had this option here)
Chapter 13 996 and 007 and the mighty Miss Shan)
Chapter 14 What attracts pythons?)
Chapter 15 Optimus Prime, you
Chapter 16 The fourth time crossing begins)
Chapter 17 Zombie! General! Jian!)
Chapter 18 So You Are That Feng Shui Mr. Duck)
Chapter 19 Could this black hair be a wild boar?)
Chapter 20 Monkey King sits on the second in command of Huaguo Mountain)
Chapter 21 Do you believe it?)
Chapter 22 Can a soul be killed with a fist?)
Chapter 23 My big brother has a bad temper)
Chapter 24: Left Door)
Chapter 25 Five Elements Bronze Armor Corpse!~~~)
Chapter 26: Refine the Skeleton Lizard into a Zombie?)
Chapter 27 I'm not here for the landlord~~~)
Chapter 28: Junior and Brother Four Eyes)
Chapter 29: Jiu Shu's Stratagem~~~)
Chapter 30: The generals don't want to live anymore (non-title party, really don't want to live)
Chapter 31 The Qing Dynasty is dead! Are you telling me this?
Chapter 32 Megatron Awakens: The Decepticons Assemble, Prepare To Fight!
Chapter 33 Long live the Hydra!
Chapter 34 King Kong's back, Megatron, shocked!
Chapter 35 What Pig Demon Monkey Demon? I don't even care about Shi Jian!
Chapter 36 You still want me to apologize, blood debt?
Chapter 37 You, let my son go!
Chapter 38 Ding Zheng: Don't you believe in my character?
Chapter 39 You all have to die!
Chapter 40 Zuodaomen ancestor: My soul is invincible!
Chapter 41 Eat My Powerful Dragon
Chapter 42: J + Ding Zheng =?
Chapter 43 = Golden Back Gorilla
Chapter 44 Do you know a man named Li Shangen?
Chapter 45 Skull Island Zuodaomen Scientific Research Team
Chapter 46 Return: Is the mission world true or false?
Chapter 1 The destruction of the umbrella and the stolen T virus
Chapter 2 The Imperial Organization and S.H.I.E.L.D.: Revisiting Skull Island
Chapter 3 Real King Kong VS False King Kong
Chapter 4 There is no future with the Fallen King Kong, follow me
Chapter 5 The worth of 20,000 points, after fusion with King Kong
Chapter 6 After decades of development, I can finally come out and pretend
Chapter 7 You can try to pour some water into the test tube, pour some more, don't feel bad.
Chapter 8 Ding Zheng: Your mission is more important than mine!
Chapter 9 Desperate Caesar
Chapter 10 Yes, Boy, I Am Your God
Chapter 11 This time the enemy is stronger than the Decepticons
Chapter 12 Sword Finger: Optimus Prime's Provocation!
Chapter 13 No, No, No, No
Chapter Fourteen You make me a little angry
Chapter 15: Skull Island Exploration Plan Delayed
Chapter 16 Mysterious Rich Bruce Is Too Mysterious
Chapter 17 The next goal: Imperial Organization!
Chapter 18 Destroy the sun! Cybertron will finally win!
Chapter 19 The Zuodaomen ancestor was injured on the cross!
Chapter 20 Jesus also came to join in the fun?
Chapter 21 The Place of the War: New York
Chapter 22 Is this the orangutan? Really
Chapter 23 Selling Teammates: The group started! Those who started the group ran away!
Chapter 24 The Fallen King arrives! The Sun Crisis!
Chapter 25 Poor carbon-based orangutan, you can't kill me
Chapter 26: Tony Stark Peeping
Chapter 27 Jurassic World opens, the showdown is over, I am the owner of Nublar Island
Chapter 28 Hulk, I want you to help me practice
Chapter 29 The fifth time crossing! (Revised)
Chapter 30 The White Ape Becomes a Demon
Chapter 31 There are also teachers who teach
Chapter 32 Tong Yanhe's hair is flying like a fly, how many years have you been cultivating?
Chapter 33 Potential!
Chapter 34 Time paradox, is the general still alive at this time?
Chapter 35 Why can't I, Ding Zheng, cultivate into a demon?
Chapter 36 Little Monkey, this is my place
Chapter 37 You are not its opponent! Really? I don't believe it!
Chapter 38 When your opponent is a mountain
Chapter 39 It's not fair to give me such an immortal!
Chapter 40 Once upon a time there was a mountain, and in the mountain there was a temple, and in the
Chapter 41 The female ghost was actually killed by the book
Chapter 42: Waiting for the Rabbit Ning Caichen
Chapter 43: Inheritance of the Giant Spirit God: No Leaky Body, Honghao Body!
Chapter 44 Epiphany! No Leaky Body + Jiuyang Tongzi Gong =?
Chapter 45 Ding Zheng uproots the millennium tree
Chapter 46: No leakage of body + boy skill = tyrannical body skill! Strength is multiplied!
Chapter 47 Evolution! Energy life forms!
Chapter 48: Ding Zheng's Conspiracy
Chapter 49 The truth about the closure of the heavens!
Chapter 50: The Sacred Fire of Ming Sect?
Chapter 51 The statue of the god monkey in front of the palace, four kneels and twelve kowtows!
Chapter 52 I am the father of the country! What is the emperor? Kneeling all the same!
Chapter 53: Meet the Ancestor!
Chapter 54 Cihang Purdue, meet tonight, see you or not.
Chapter 55 The news of the Jiaolong family, the task is close at hand!
Chapter 56 Shocked! Nuwa did such a thing when she created a human?
Chapter 1 The Story Black Widow Had to Tell on Nublar Island
Chapter 2 The Story Black Widow and Dinosaurs Have to Tell (Part 1)
Chapter 3 The Story Black Widow and Dinosaurs Have to Tell (Part 2)
Chapter 4 The American Battleship at the Door
Chapter 5 U.S. Embassy in Nublar Island
Chapter 6 Mission completed, ready to return! (6500 words~~~)
Chapter 7 The Gift of the Flood Dragon Clan: Dragon Armor Art!)
Chapter 8 Return: People cannot be generalized)
Chapter 9 I killed a gorilla in extreme anger~~~)
Chapter 10 Gorillas are weak so don't worry~~~)
Chapter 11 Don't try to take anything from Lao Tzu)
Chapter 12: Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Avengers to be experienced soon (555)
Chapter 13 Go and invite Tony Stark! (5000~~~)
Chapter 14 The Broken Iron Man, Transform!~~~)
Respond to the comparison between human technology and cybertron technology
Chapter 15: Mysterious Asian Countries Contrary to International Public Opinion~~~)
Chapter 16 The gorilla you want is back~~~)
Chapter 17 The number of warships is reduced by one, how can this orangutan be faster than a fish?~~
Chapter 18 Tiaohu Lishan, S.H.I.E.L.D. surprises Nubra!~~~)
Chapter 19 What the hell, Tai Chi?~~~)
Chapter 20 Pacific Rim Mecha?)
Chapter 21 Want to keep me with these crooked melons and crack dates? Die!~~)
Chapter 22 The 42-meter-tall giant gorilla!)
Chapter 23 That's it? No more tricks? Start to fight back!~~~)
Chapter 24 Like a magician~~~)
Chapter 25 Double happiness! Hulk appeared in New York! Ding Zheng landed on HSD!~~~)
Chapter 26 Destroy the White House!~~~)
Chapter 27: The Birth of Hate!~~~)
Chapter 28 Why are you the president? (6000 words~~~)
Chapter 29 The Lying Mr. President (Belated~~~)
Chapter 30: The President Gets Justice for the Hulk)
Chapter 31 Compensation!)
Chapter 32 I'm about to sign a contract!)
Chapter 33 The Hate Corps and the Winter Soldier!) Nearly 10,000!
Chapter 34 No one knows that gorilla better than me!~~~)
Chapter 35 The Value of Black Widow (5500)
Chapter 36: Ding Zheng's Plan for American Decline~~~)
Chapter 37 The President understands that the general public declares war again!)
Chapter 38 I want to see what they do against me~~~)
Chapter 39 Today, I'm going to hit ten!~~~)
Chapter 40: Son of the Sea: Ding Zheng! (5000
Chapter 41 Let's see these wicked Nublarians!
Chapter 42 Let hatred be a guest on Nublar Island (5000
Chapter 43 Surprise breakthrough in T virus experiment!~~~)
Chapter 44 I want to do an experiment! Kuba's choice!~~~)
Chapter 45 Hardness is second only to Ding Zheng's baby)
Chapter 46 I have two news, one is good news and the other is bad news
Chapter 47: T3 virus failed? Kuba's predicament!~~~)
Chapter 48 Iron Man takes refuge in Nubra and scolds the president! (Late~~~)
Chapter 49: Desperate Virus~~~)
Chapter 50 Tony's Romantic Debt in 1999~~~)
Chapter 51: A Little Tiger After a Long Sickness (Happy Chinese Valentine's Day~~~)
Chapter 52 The Green Goblin, and the villains of Marvel~~~)
Chapter 53 I will be a guest in New York, Mr. President will not be unwelcome?~~~)
Chapter 54 God of the Gorilla, Osborn is busy drinking coffee with the president, so I don't have ti
Chapter 55: The Bourgeoisie is Compromised and Weak
Chapter 56 Create Spider-Man in advance!~~~)
Chapter 57: Peter Parker and the Cult of the Apes~~~)
Chapter 58 Fortunately, I haven't been looking for models, celebrities, celebrities, and motivated c
Chapter 59 Similarities between Iron Man and Ding Zheng~~~)
Chapter 60 Let us welcome President Kern to power
Chapter 61 I'm done - do you dare to object? (Late~~~)
Chapter 62 Kern, and his supporters will die!)
Chapter 63 Manchu warning! Desperate virus news!~~~)
Chapter 64 The U.S. government that cooperates with the Extremis Virus~~~)
Chapter 65 Thor is coming! Captain America wakes up! A collection of Iron Man villains! Ah~~~)
Chapter 66 Thor's Girlfriend: That Orangutan Is My Most Hate (5500)
Chapter 67 Successful communication with Hulk, Hulk joins the war!~~~)
Chapter 68: Beasts just want to eat people~~~)
Chapter 69 Dividing the corpse! Seal!~~~)
Chapter 70 Thor was brutally beaten, on the verge of eruption!~~~)
Chapter 71 King Panther - Help from Wakanda!~~~)
Chapter 72 Why is it thundering on a sunny day?
Chapter 73 The Star-Spangled Banner fell down! The wrath of God! (5700~~~)
Chapter 74 Ding Zheng: I turned out to be a soft persimmon? Who gave you confidence? (5300
Chapter 75 The first meeting, Ding Zheng and Sol (4700~~~)
Chapter 76 Ding Zheng VS Thor! The United States is in trouble! (6200~~~)
Chapter 77: The United States that flattered the horse's legs~~~)
Chapter 78 I will become Ding Zheng's biggest nightmare! (6200~~~)
Chapter 79 Goodwill from Daxia (7000)
Chapter 80 I have news from Mr. Sol (5500~~~)
Chapter 81 Captain America dug up by S.H.I.E.L.D. who was actually a Hydra~~~)
Chapter 82 Countdown to three months, wait for the reunion one~~~)
Chapter 83 Odin: There are some powerful beings on earth, remember my taste~~~)
Chapter 84: Come to Nublar Island and invite the ape god Ding Zheng!~~~)
Chapter 85 Loki: Go see my brother's girlfriend~~~)
Chapter 86 Sol, do you want a wife?~~~)
Chapter 87: Kuba's first battle!~~~)
Chapter 88 Because they have come~~~)
Chapter 89: Those giant beasts that scared Odin~~~)
Chapter 90: Let me go outside the earth?~~~)
Chapter 91 Prepare to launch a nuclear bomb!~~~)
Chapter 92 Let it never come back~~~)
Chapter 93 Nuclear bomb explosion! Ding Zheng is dead?~~~)
Chapter 94 Battle!~~~)
Chapter 95: New Mission World: Deserts and Mysterious Creatures)
Chapter 96: Silly White Sweet Zerg, Starship Troopers?~~~)
Chapter 97: Communication with the Brain Worm~~~)
Chapter 98: Pacific Rim eruption!)
Chapter 99 For the first time! Ninety-two Mikaiju beasts attack San Francisco!~~~)
Chapter 100: Nublar Island will come to save you and me!~~~)
Chapter 101 The consequences of Ding Zheng's failure to come back~~~)
Chapter 102 News from Captain America!~~~)
Chapter 103 The female worm wants to see you~~~)
Chapter 104 Zerg underground palace~~~)
Chapter 105 The purpose of the Zerg!~~~)
Chapter 106 Robot Wall-E, the dawn of the mission.)
Chapter 107 The trump card to save the environment!~~~)
Chapter 108 Attacking Monsters~~~)
Chapter 109: The extraordinary ability of monsters! Stark created mecha!~~~)
Chapter 110 Gorilla God No. 1, the second attack of monsters!~~~)
Chapter 112 The beginning of the end of the American mecha!~~~)
Chapter 113 Another Continent - Wall-E Appears
Chapter 114 I'm Walli, nice to meet you~~~)
Chapter 115 The post-nuclear world
Chapter 116 The impact of nuclear war, the decline of human regimes~~~)
Chapter 117 The future of the Zerg! Monsters fight back and cooperate with the United States?)
Chapter 118 (I'm Steve Rogers, Captain America)
Chapter 119 Captain America's Plan~~~)
Chapter 120 The spaceship is coming, the humans are coming!~~~)
Chapter 121: Kern's downfall, the United States is replaced by the sky, this is too fantastic!~~~)
Chapter 122 The driver dies!~~~)
Chapter 123 Bring out Kern~~~)
Chapter 124: The Incredible Number of Truth~~~)
Chapter 125 Mission completed?~~~)
Chapter 126: Kern's conspiracy~~~)
Chapter 127 The Abandoned Person~~~)
Chapter 128 The news of the annihilation of the Zerg on Earth~~~)
Chapter 129: The reactor technology is stolen, and no one can stop Kern!~~~)
Chapter 130 My name is Zola, Dr. Zola~~~)
Chapter 131 Dr. Zola and Hydra who have endured for years!~~~)
Chapter 132 Next step, Zhenjin and Wakanda!~~~)
Chapter 133 Ripening, Hypnosis, Cannon Fodder!~~~)
Chapter 134 The real purpose
Chapter 135 War is imperative!~~~)
Chapter 136 The celestial bodies that fuel the fire coincide
Chapter 137 The power from the cosmic powerhouse
Chapter 138 I will create miracles~~~)
Chapter 139 Huge Orangutan Face~~~)
Chapter 140: Prepare to return!~~~)
Chapter 141 The first battle after the return
Chapter 142 No strength to hit people
Chapter 143: Isolated Wakanda and Nublar Island
Chapter 144 I'm going to invite God!
Chapter 145 The figure falling from the sky
Chapter 146 Think I can't kill you?
Chapter 147: Nuclear Wastewater and the Awakening Monster
Chapter 148 Muto Egg's Change
Chapter 149: Misfortunes
Chapter 150 Let's talk after the fight!
Chapter 151 Loki reappears!
Chapter 152 Godzilla's Assist
Chapter 153 Loki: I'm here to discuss cooperation!
Chapter 154 Father and Enemy Star Lord
Chapter 155 1v1 male orangutan war
Chapter 156 Dr. Zola's New Direction
Chapter 157: Courage: Father's Love is Like a Mountain
Chapter 158 Hela is born, Sol asks for help!
Chapter 159 Raised Thor's Hammer
Chapter 160: Loki's death.
Chapter 161 Run for your life, your father is coming!
Chapter 162 Infinite Gems Attribution
Chapter 163 Books that record the Titan behemoth!
Chapter 164: Once the Titans
Chapter 165: The King Kong family whose power has been robbed
Chapter 166: Recapture the power in progress
Chapter 167 Made of pure vibration gold: the new lighthouse!
Chapter 168 Release all the Titans?
Chapter 169: Both loses?
Chapter 170 Titan: The Beastmaster Contest is about to start!
Chapter 171 There is still a month left in the countdown!
Chapter 172 The last thing you want to see happened!
Chapter 173 Young Titans, talk about martial arts!
Chapter 174 Ghidorah's fear!
Chapter 1 Mission: Havoc in the Heavenly Palace!
Chapter 2 Peach Conference? That's a good place
Chapter 3 Demon King Ding Zheng
Chapter 4 Go to Heaven, the Thirty-three Heavens!
Chapter 5 This peach is nothing to eat
Chapter 6 Demon Saint Conspiracy: Sit back and relax!
Chapter 7 I'm here to save you!
Chapter 8 It's not impossible to leak the plot!
Chapter 9 Follow me to the Five Village Views!
Chapter 10 The horror and humiliation that the Titans finally recalled on this day
Chapter 11 That is the gossip furnace falling from the sky
Chapter 12 Bottomless Pit! Does it not require cultivation?
Chapter Thirteen Call the Tathagata to the rescue!
Chapter 14 Tathagata! Why don't you bet who will pee far?
Chapter 15 Do you dare to say that you have never thought about studying scriptures from the West?
Chapter 16 The Return of the Supreme Lord!
Chapter 17 Exercises and Weapons!
Chapter 18 Egg's way!
Chapter 19 Hela's Purpose
Chapter 20 The best defense is offense!
Chapter 21 The launch plan is frustrated, and the sudden huge help!
Chapter 22 The countdown is over!
Chapter 23 3!2!1!
Chapter 24 Coincidentally, I think so too!
Chapter 25 Big!
Chapter 26 Sol: I can stop Hela!
Chapter 27 King Kong's Weapon
Chapter 28 Stark's death?
Chapter 29 Fierce battle!
Chapter 30 The hammer that hit Hela's head!
Chapter 31 Nick Fury Reappears
Chapter 32 Breaking into the Earth?
Chapter 33 Pursue the victory?
Chapter 34 The fat mansion Godzilla practicing in seclusion!
Chapter 36 Godzilla Fat House Happy Bombing
Chapter 37 The stick that fell from the sky!
Chapter 38 Godzilla doesn't like to interrupt
Chapter 39 King Kong vs. Godzilla!
Chapter 40 Hela is back!
Chapter 41 Is a miracle possible?
Chapter 42 Hela: I'll be fine in a few minutes, how about you?
Chapter 43 Ding Zheng: I'm sorry, I'm fine!
Chapter 44 Enter Asgard!
Chapter 45: The system is broken?
Chapter 55: Monkey King: Sun! Wu! Kong!
Chapter 47 Ultimate! Atomic Breath!
Chapter 48: Beast King = Pangu?
Finale: I suddenly let go of the smile
Concluding remarks + Happy New Year!
'King Kong: Anti-Killing Samsara at the Start' has been released
'I became a god in the age of mecha' has been released