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I feed on gods

I feed on gods

author:Acacia washed red beans

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 781 Neptune Lin Baici

Thirty years ago, a meteor fell and the gods appeared! Gods walked out of it and fed on humans. From that day on, humans began to become food for gods, except for me! Because I feed on gods.

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《I feed on gods》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 781 Neptune Lin Baici
Chapter 780 Airi-chan: One hit on Mars!
Chapter 779 A busy day for Team Leader Lin!
Chapter 778 Mother-in-law!
Chapter 777 Jealousy changes me beyond recognition!
Chapter 776 Scumbag Alumni!
Chapter 775 Freshman Lin Baici, girlfriend number two appears!
Chapter 774 The monitor is famous again!
Chapter 773 Daily Troubles
《I feed on gods》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Dragon Chan God Ruins
Chapter 2 My Buddha asks you, are you sincere?
Chapter 3 God's Taboo Game
Chapter 4 You Long Jingyuan
Chapter 5 Please call me God!
Chapter 6 Meditation Room Listening to Sutras
Chapter 7
Chapter 8 Thanks for the gift of the gods
Chapter 9 Fragrant Kitchen
Chapter 10 Monster Chef
Chapter 11 Lin Da Hungry
Chapter 12 The Black Altar Bowl
Chapter 13 The Great Hall
Chapter 14 The Three Dilemmas Before the Buddha
Chapter 15 Painting the Wall and Chanting
Chapter 16 Curse the Buddha Baby
Chapter 17 Add blood to burn the lamp
Chapter 18 Borrowing Flowers to Offer Buddha
Chapter 19 Lotus Lake, Dock Boat
Chapter 20 The cassock of the messenger of Bodhi
Chapter 21 Invincible Divine Power
Chapter 22 Dark Buddha
Chapter 23 Escape from Heaven
Chapter 24
Chapter 25 Goal, Millions of Fans
Chapter 26 Are you serious about eating it?
Chapter 27 Brother Yu and Potential Shares
Chapter 28 Sanskrit sound and Buddha sound
Chapter 29 This video is on fire!
Chapter 30 Listening to God's Gospel
Chapter 31 The Lost Coast
Chapter 32: Ghou God Comments, Suggest Steaming
Chapter 33 The Power of Divine Grace
Chapter 34 Rule Pollution Begins
Chapter 35 Seawater Train
Chapter 36 Lin? Sherlock Holmes? White Speech
Chapter 37 Octopus Balls, Coral Sea
Chapter 38 Winner
Chapter 39 I really admire him!
Chapter 40 Pollution Intensity 5.0
Chapter 41 Clay Figure Challenge
Chapter 42 Dead chess step by step!
Chapter 43 Details determine success or failure
Chapter 44 Elimination is death!
Chapter 45: Lucky E
Chapter 46 Open the cellar, enter the furnace, determine life and death!
Chapter 47
Chapter 48 Add Charcoal Charcoal!
Chapter 49 Withdraw the charcoal, put out the fire, and open the furnace!
Chapter 50 Scoring Reviews
Chapter 51
Chapter 52 Floating Night Rain, Wild Buddha Blowing Lamps!
Chapter 53 Million Dollar Bonus
Chapter 54 Love to reason with Head Xia
Chapter 55 Annual salary of 600,000!
Chapter 56 Dragon Soul
Chapter 57 The Xia Family Sisters
Chapter 58 Origin Forum
Chapter 59 Suspension, ten thousand words per word
Chapter 60
Chapter 61 The man at the top of the food chain
Chapter 62 The Freshman Registration
Chapter 63 Senior! Senior!
Chapter 64 I Know Your Secrets!
Chapter 65 Ben Gong is here, Xiao Linzi is coming to pick him up
Chapter 66 Repayment Fish
Chapter 67 The big fish anchor
Chapter 68
Chapter 69
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Chapter 70 The viral chanting video
Chapter 71 Campus Weird Stories
Chapter 72 Friend Little Fishman
Chapter 73 The first bounty is obtained
Chapter 74 Jin Yingzhen is here! (Thanks to the leader of the alliance, Ruheng Yuyi Yuyao, for the generous reward!}
Chapter 75: Poaching people at high prices
Chapter 76 Jealousy makes me ugly
Chapter 77 Military training begins, flag bearer candidates
Chapter 78 Warm Man
Chapter 79 One person forms a formation
Chapter 80 Become famous instantly
Chapter 81 Meteor Falling, Imperial Tomb and Divine Ruins
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Chapter 82: Kneel down and offer three sacrifices, disrespecting the sky and respecting ghosts and gods! [Please order for the first time!]
Chapter 83 Tortoise shell divination, today is a big disaster! [Please subscribe, please vote!]
Chapter 84 Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! [Please subscribe]
Chapter 85 Start a journey to find delicious food【Please subscribe】
Chapter 86 Armored Sword Slave【Please subscribe】
Chapter 88 One Buddha Towns the Whole Audience【Please subscribe】
Chapter 89 Bronze Dragon Fang, Sword of Black History!
Chapter 90 Is my sword sharp at your neck? [Please subscribe]
Chapter 91 Wine pool and meat forest, death and attrition [Big chapter, please subscribe]
Chapter 92 Thank you for the gift of nature! [Please subscribe]
Chapter 93: A drunkard demands his life, Sanskrit sounds are useless! [Please subscribe]
Chapter 94 Lin Bai quits the show, new divine grace drops! [Please subscribe]
Chapter 95: Drunken Immortal Fist in Wine, Get the Great Divine Grace√!
Chapter 96 Death Crow Forest, Bloody Scarecrow
Chapter 97 Let’s eat, the chicken tastes crunchy and crunchy! [Please subscribe]
Chapter 98 The phoenix flute sounds, the golden crow lights turn, and the dragon dances at dusk!
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Chapter 99: Believe in Lin Shen and gain eternal life [Please subscribe]
Chapter 100: I am sick, I will prove it with my heart
Chapter 101 Who dares to go to Lutai and fight against ten thousand enemies?
Chapter 102 When the Buddha was angry, he would only kill but not save!
Chapter 103 Kill the king! Kill the king! [Thanks to Ragnarous, leader of the alliance.
Chapter 104 The divine skeleton is in hand, let’s eat! [Please subscribe]
Chapter 105 Eat her! Eat her! Eat her!
Chapter 106 Super Rookie, Dragon Level Reservation! [Please subscribe, please
Chapter 107: Taking stock of gains and becoming rich [Please subscribe]
Chapter 108 The video went viral, Lin Daxingren became famous instantly!
Chapter 109 The Beautiful Twins【Please subscribe】
Chapter 110 Lin Baici, eighteen years old, is a hungry man!
Chapter 111 Lin Shen’s college life is so simple and unpretentious
Chapter 112 Did Lin Baici escape from the Classic of Mountains and Seas?
Chapter 113 The God of War at Night Stall, Drunk Immortal Fist in Wine
Chapter 114 Mad Dog Eats People
Chapter 115 Come and see, Master Lin has appeared again!
Chapter 116 Bai Ci? Holmes? Lin
Chapter 117 Rule pollution breaks out【Please subscribe】
Chapter 118 Holding a Frisbee
Chapter 119 Mortal hero, passionate hymn!
Chapter 120 Fireworks in the world, all kinds of flavors in the alleys! [Please subscribe]
Chapter 121 Bloody dog ??fighting, death and attrition
Chapter 122 Rabies, eating dog food, watching the sunset on the Ferris wheel!
Chapter 123: Clear the God's Taboo game, get new divine grace √!
Chapter 124 God first appears, women talk in bed at night [Please subscribe, please give me the moon
Chapter 125 Lin Baici’s incomprehensible style
Chapter 126 The first cup of milk tea in autumn [Please subscribe]
Chapter 127 Sky-high invitation
Chapter 128 Welcome Party
Chapter 129: Climbing to the top of the Newcomer King, the Lost Coast reappears!
Chapter 130 Dragon and Beauty
Chapter 131 Dream Top
Chapter 132 Crazy Criticism of the Maid
Chapter 133 Master, come and play a game?
Chapter 134 God’s taboo object, champion darts [Thanks to the boss Shinara
Chapter 135 Speed ??of Light 21, Lover’s Lipstick
Chapter 136 Captain Lin, his first show begins
Chapter 137 Why are everyone hunters of gods, but you are like this?
Chapter 138 Bloody Slaughterhouse
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Chapter 139 New divine grace drops!
Chapter 140: God’s taboo object falls, little fat wave
Chapter 141 Historical ranking, third on the list, excellent! [Please give me the moon
Chapter 142 Goblin Slayer [Please subscribe, please vote]
Chapter 143 This is my jungle area!
Chapter 144 You fell into a trap!
Chapter 145 Clearing the lair, the best reward
Chapter 146 You are too excellent!
Chapter 147 Winner
Chapter 148 Good luck, let’s eat chicken tonight!
Chapter 149 Rescue the princess and complete the level perfectly
Chapter 150 God’s Reward
Chapter 151: It’s useless to die hard, the eight characters defeat the gods
Chapter 152 Lin Time Management Master
Chapter 153 Xiaobai, I gave you a chance but you didn’t use it!
Chapter 154 Lin Baici Wants to Fall in Love
Chapter 155 Tea Girl
Chapter 156 Sir, the storm is coming
Chapter 157 The second cup of milk tea in autumn [Wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival
Chapter 158 It’s useless if you don’t talk about Wudelin
Chapter 159 Lin Haiwang Bai Ci!
Chapter 160 Haijing Normal University, pollution appears
Chapter 161 Decisive Killing Lin Baici
Chapter 162 Warning, warning, the gods are coming!
Chapter 163 Start hunting
Chapter 164 The Rolling Stone of Death!
Chapter 165 Lin Baici’s authority cannot be challenged!
Chapter 166 The Mummy Returns
Chapter 167 My King, I have been waiting for you for a long time!
Chapter 168 Curse of Flesh and Blood
Chapter 169 Lin Ci shows off his power and purifies pollution
Chapter 170 Egyptian Cat Lady
Chapter 171 It’s all about giving propositions
Chapter 172 Offering to the Cat God
Chapter 173 Even though he has little skills, he still dares to do the same thing!
Chapter 174 God’s grace is obtained, the cat steps are pretty!
Chapter 175 Femme Fatale
Chapter 176 Oscar owes Lin Baici a statuette
Chapter 177 Invitation from the Pharaoh
Chapter 178 Beautiful Mind
Chapter 179 You have twelve lives? I’m so scared!
Chapter 180 Captain, Nile Three!
Chapter 181 Danger! Danger! Danger!
Chapter 182 Legend of Gods and Ghosts
Chapter 183 Are you the Lin Baici whom Minister Xia values?
Chapter 184 One hour left before death!
Chapter 185 I return! I kill! I conquer!
Chapter 186 There are eggs in the north, and their names are big snakes. Eat them and get the snake bones.
Chapter 187 The Immortal Pharaoh
Chapter 188 Killing
Chapter 189: Encountered poaching, top quality drops!
Chapter 190 The Gods Attack
Chapter 191 The Divine Realm Blooms
Chapter 192 Three Divine Graces
Chapter 193 Counting the Trophies
Chapter 194 Trip to Busan
Chapter 195 Lin Baici, eighteen years old, with an annual salary of hundreds of millions!
Chapter 196 Good wife and loving mother Gu Qingxiang
Chapter 197 You dont even want to call me counselor!
Chapter 198 I will support you!
Chapter 199 Listen to Mom
Chapter 200 There is something wrong with this girl
Chapter 201 The Visceral Thief
Chapter 202 Turn it on, lightning flash
Chapter 203 God’s grace is invincible, and a black hand emerges!
Chapter 204 Hidden Rich Lin Baici
Chapter 205 Rule pollution breaks out
Chapter 206 Is this the elite among humans?
Chapter 207 Its coming!
Chapter 207 Autumn Outing Pollution
Chapter 208 Soul Sketch
Chapter 209 Crime and Punishment!
Chapter 210 Emyosogenesis
Chapter 211 What reward do you want?
Chapter 212 Guardian of the Vault, New Divine Grace GET√
Chapter 213 Fireworks on earth, taste of gods!
Chapter 214: Entrepreneurship failed halfway
Chapter 215 I gave you a chance but you didn’t use it!
Chapter 216 Class Party
Chapter 219 Borrowing flowers to offer to Buddha, the position of the main palace!
Chapter 220 Toilet God of War Lin Baici
Chapter 222 Even if I, Lin Baici, starve to death, I will not eat soft food!
Chapter 223 If I stop pretending, I will be a billionaire!
Chapter 224 Lin Baici lives a low-key life
Chapter 225 Women’s Bedroom Night Talk
Chapter 226 Sudden hunger!
Chapter 227 Little Fairy Tooth
Chapter 228 Rule pollution breaks out
Chapter 229 The Realm of the Sky, the Beginning of Death
Chapter 230 Really? Lost fans
Chapter 231 I really envy Sister Yu for having such a boyfriend!
Chapter 232 A jump between life and death!
Chapter 233 Take out the bird eggs!
Chapter 234 Lin Shen, you will be my father from now on, dear!
Chapter 235 Birdman
Chapter 236 Survival instinct, kneel down and beg for mercy!
Chapter 237 Death Hatching
Chapter 238 Personality Degeneration
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Chapter 239 Death roll call, parroting!
Chapter 240 New Divine Grace GET√
Chapter 241 The semester is over, don’t open the door to strangers!
Chapter 242 It turns out that everyone is Lin Baici’s licking dog!
Chapter 243 Arriving in Korea, the Statue of Liberty!
Chapter 244 God is jealous of pollution, dogs and dogs bark!
Chapter 245 Arrogant Golden Mother, Dessert
Chapter 246 Expensive Gift
Chapter 247 Great God Lin Shows His Power
Chapter 248 As a human being, you must learn to be in awe!
Chapter 249 Sister Yu, why don’t you introduce such a beautiful best friend to everyone?
Chapter 251 Is it still too late for me to kneel down and apologize?
Chapter 252 Rule pollution breaks out
Chapter 253 Girl Group Zombies
Chapter 254 Lin Shen shows his power!
Chapter 255 Sky-high employment fee {Thanks to the leader who currently has nothing
Chapter 256 Free
Chapter 257 Is my knife not fast enough? Or is his neck too stiff?
Chapter 258 I have absolutely no idea about the power of Lin Shen!
Chapter 259 Harvesting the spoils of war, a little fat wave!
Chapter 260 Dark Eclipse, Red Moon Thunder!
Chapter 261 Let me tell you, Xiaobai is amazing!
Chapter 262 Lin Shen takes action
Chapter 263 The sound of Sanskrit Buddha’s sound brings salvation to all living beings!
Chapter 264 Purification Curse, Selling Favors!
Chapter 265 It is worthy of being the dragon-level reservation of the Kyushu Security Bureau!
Chapter 266 Jin Xian
Chapter 267 Busan Divine Ruins, here I come!
Chapter 268 Train bound for Busan!
Chapter 269 I choose 8 and send it all the way!
Chapter 270 Starting from Rot
Chapter 271 Who gave you the courage to talk to me like this?
Chapter 272 Seoul Station
Chapter 273 Rule pollution breaks out
Chapter 274: Calm response
Chapter 275 I was outclassed by Kimchi Girl!
Chapter 276 Free thugs
Chapter 277 I don’t need a dog like you!
Chapter 278 It’s over, it’s over, Barbie is Q!
Chapter 279 The first wave of deaths!
Chapter 280 In the deserted mountain village, death comes!
Chapter 281 God’s Game, Zombie Plague!
Chapter 282 Xiba, this divine grace is so powerful!
Chapter 283 Medical Girl
Chapter 284 Dae Jang Geum and the Tiger Catching Army
Chapter 285: Give up, you don’t want me to torture this doctor
Chapter 286 Please be kind to Mr. Lin and save our people in Goryeo
Chapter 287 The Forbidden Land of Death, Mysterious Herbs!
Chapter 288 Grass of Life and Death
Chapter 289 Jigsaw puzzle, thank you Lin Shen!
Chapter 290 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 291 My name is Lin Baici, I am 19 years old and a hungry man!
Chapter 292 The family must be neat and tidy!
Chapter 293 Lin Baici is worth a million dollars!
Chapter 294 This is not a coward, but a man who knows the current affairs is a hero!
Chapter 295 Living Corpse Village
Chapter 296 Reasoning Master
Chapter 297 This guy is so crazy, maybe he is not a dragon, right?
Chapter 298 This team is full of psychopaths!
Chapter 299 Kill the king and usurp the throne!
Chapter 300 Do you know that you are seeking death?
Chapter 301 Pollution Outbreak, Sunny Baby
Chapter 302 Purification
Chapter 303 Xiao Baga, I found you!
Chapter 304: Dogs barking in the alley, no one returns home in the snow
Chapter 305 The taboo object of gods, Red Oni Pill!
Chapter 306: National Preceptor Lin Baici, Salary of Two Thousand Stones
Chapter 307 The Queen of the Middle Temple, the divine corpse reappears!
Chapter 308 Armored living corpse, destiny!
Chapter 309 Warning, warning, cannot be killed!
Chapter 310 Eat it!
Chapter 311 My appetite is already extremely thirsty!
Chapter 312 Thank you for the gift of nature!
Chapter 313 Congratulations to Mr. Lin, you passed the game and became the winner!
Chapter 314 Counting Harvest
Chapter 315 Capturing a Taimei alive
Chapter 316 Death Apartment, newcomers gather!
Chapter 317 Brother Lin, let me get some fairy spirit!
Chapter 318 Meat! Meat! Meat!
Chapter 319 Lin Baici, I’m determined, even Jesus can’t keep him
Chapter 320 How much salary do you get per month for working so hard?
Chapter 321 This is my hunting ground!
Chapter 322 Lin Shen’s sense of oppression
Chapter 323 Rule pollution breaks out again!
Chapter 324 Danger!
Chapter 325 Death Music Festival
Chapter 326 Taiko Master
Chapter 327 You still have to look at me, Lin Shen!
Chapter 328 Get the magical taboo object
Chapter 329 Lin Baici’s efficiency in finding sacred objects is too high, right?
Chapter 330: Could he have found other people who circumvented the rules and pollution?
Chapter 331 Monster Apartment
Chapter 332 I want to be the forest god’s dog!
Chapter 333 Her High Heels
Chapter 334 Urban Beauty Agent Jin!
Chapter 335 Give Lin Shen some respect!
Chapter 336 Muscular Kobold
Chapter 337 Dog Fighting
Chapter 338 Toilet God of War Lin Baici
Chapter 338 This meal is so enjoyable!
Chapter 339 Thank you for the gift of nature!
Chapter 340: No one can persuade me, I am Lin Shen’s dog!
Chapter 341 Big brother, let’s play games!
Chapter 342 Who is in favor? Who is against?
Chapter 343 Lin Shen, I’m sorry, I admit that I spoke a bit loudly just now!
Chapter 344 Don’t panic, I’ll win it!
Chapter 345 Nightmare difficulty, drawing ghost cards!
Chapter 346 Gemini Dance
Chapter 347 I have long seen that something is wrong with him!
Chapter 348 God never travels on business
Chapter 349: One punch to suppress ghosts and gods
Chapter 350 The little cutie goes crazy
Chapter 351 You will definitely win every bet, Lin Fo bless you!
Chapter 352 When playing games, the most important thing is to have fun!
Chapter 353 The team gathers and meets enemies on a narrow road!
Chapter 354 In my entire life, I have never seen a dead person talk!
Chapter 355 I really want to be friends with him!
Chapter 356 If there is pollution, let’s carry it together! If there is a god, let’s cut it down together!
Chapter 357 Start pest control!
Chapter 358 Cockroach man, invincible!
Chapter 359 You bastard, look directly at me!
Chapter 360 Reward and punishment are clear Lin Baici
Chapter 361 Remember to say thank you to Brother Bai Ci!
Chapter 362 Kimchi Girl, you don’t have martial ethics when you sneak away
Chapter 363 The transformation of the beautiful girl of love and justice
Chapter 364 Lin Shen, don’t slap me in the face!
Chapter 365 One hour left before death!
Chapter 366 We still have to rely on Lin Shen!
Chapter 367 I have a date with a monster!
Chapter 368 Yes, it’s my type!
Chapter 369 I am a repairman. Is it reasonable to bring a pipe wrench?
Chapter 370 This is my confidante, the lover of my dreams, I have to pay more!
Chapter 371 A Zhai, let’s hit the road!
Chapter 372: What’s your level? Are you worthy of using the same silicone doll as Lin Shen?
Chapter 373: Purification completed, clear the apartment!
Chapter 374 Big harvest, a wave of fat!
Chapter 375 New divine grace, two ways, get
Chapter 376 Don’t be a scumbag Lin Baici
Chapter 377 Next stop is Gwangju, let’s go!
Chapter 378 Lin Shen, is it too late for me to be your dog now?
Chapter 379 Worker APP, online recruitment!
Chapter 380 New world, boss lady!
Chapter 381 Xiba, is this guy a devil?
Chapter 382 I hope you will never be able to eat two chickens at one meal in your life!
Chapter 383 He can obviously use it to rob!
Chapter 384 Food Stealer
Chapter 385 Devil's Forest
Chapter 386 I’m afraid you won’t be able to fight me
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Chapter 387 Toilet God of War Lin Baici
Chapter 388 Can you block this punch with twenty years of skill?
Chapter 389 An unexpected blessing: new divine grace
Chapter 390 Does your mother know that you are such a fan?
Chapter 391 Dog Man and Woman
Chapter 392 Encountering high-paying poaching
Chapter 393 God’s pollution, endless reincarnation
Chapter 394 Roadside Stall PK!
Chapter 395 Girl group road show, I’ll buy you a drink!
Chapter 396 Death Support
Chapter 397 The power of the financial owner
Chapter 398 The young lady from the chaebol family
Chapter 399 Purification ends the uninvited guest
Chapter 400 Master Lin cuts her in the middle
Chapter 401 The First Variety Show Challenge Opens
Chapter 402 North American Dragon Level Yellowstone Great Shaman
Chapter 403 The Aunt Next Door
Chapter 404 Big Eater, Crazy Beef!
Chapter 405 Lin Baici, a natural amateur
Chapter 406 One sword and one spring and autumn!
Chapter 407 The third battle, limited edition for girls!
Chapter 408: Exploding Pearl Octopus, Lin Shen takes action!
Chapter 409 I admire Master Lin very much when I’m serving food
Chapter 410 Noodle Marathon
Chapter 411 The bad taste of gods
Chapter 412 Human flesh motor, physical monster!
Chapter 413 Far Cry
Chapter 414 Survival and death on the island and eating chicken
Chapter 415 You can not believe in yourself, but you can’t not believe in Brother Lin
Chapter 416 Beloved Relatives and Friends Lin Baici
Chapter 417 It’s not easy to kill in the sunny weather today
Chapter 418 Destroying Lin Baici with a ruthless hand
Chapter 419 A little shock from the gods
Chapter 420 Lin Shen, right? I’m so scared
Chapter 421: Fatal attrition
Chapter 422 My mind and body are as clear as a mirror!
Chapter 423: What’s your level? Do you like the same girl as me?
Chapter 424: Great Harvest of the Divine Heart
Chapter 425 Good luck eating chicken tonight
Chapter 426 Don’t answer calls from strangers
Chapter 427 The last mission from the gods! (Large chapter)
Chapter 428 Love must be as sweet as sugar!
Chapter 429 Mysterious Portrait
Chapter 430 BBQ, BBQ, BBQ!
Chapter 431 Western food for lovers, pollution outbreak
Chapter 432 Proposal battle, time of death!
Chapter 433 Dragon Level Combat Power
Chapter 434 The gods descend and all things are ants! (A seven thousand word chapter)
Chapter 435 Don’t move, let me eat you!
Chapter 436 I’m sorry for eating the gods alive!
Chapter 437 Thanks for the treat, I’m full!
Chapter 438 The fog disperses and the ruins of the gods are broken!
Chapter 439 The world is shaken
Chapter 440 Return in triumph
Chapter 441 Group battle, holiday break! (8,000 words)
Chapter 442: Squad leader Lin returns, tea girl kills men! (8,000 words)
Chapter 443 I’m so panicked. What should I do? They won’t come to dig up my little forest, right? (6,000 words)
Chapter 444 Counting the loot, the head-wrapped woman appears again!
Chapter 445 On the journey to find a husband, the great shaman comes!
Chapter 446 Dragon-level maid, a huge profit!
Chapter 447 Come on, call Aunt Xia again and listen!
Chapter 448: Picking the heart with one hand, Buddha amulet ghost baby,
Chapter 449 Passionate Idol, Fanatic Fans
Chapter 450 Lin Baici, you can’t hide the fact about killing the gods!
Chapter 451 I still like your unruly look just now!
Chapter 452 Bai Ci, will you be the savior of the world?
Chapter 453 Lin Baici makes a big fuss at Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Xia Hongmian is invincible!
Chapter 454 You don’t even want to call me Aunt Xia!
Chapter 455 The value of Lin Baici!
Chapter 456 Spending money like water and Lin Baici
Chapter 457 I, Mr. Lin, am back again!
Chapter 458 Gu Qingxiang, do you miss me?
Chapter 459 The sour smell of love!
Chapter 460 The world of two people, daily life of lovers!
Chapter 461 Examiner’s mission, buying a house episode!
Chapter 462 Lin Baici’s power, the boss’s wife was shocked!
Chapter 463 Tea Talk Tea Talk Ji Xinyan
Chapter 464 Tea Master, online teaching!
Chapter 465 Don’t Love Beauty Lin Baici
Chapter 466: Meeting candidates on the road, contaminated by rules!
Chapter 467 Justice execution, written test is difficult!
Chapter 468 Haunted Apartment, test begins
Chapter 469: A perfect performance
Chapter 470 Meeting friends with wine
Chapter 471 The new divine grace GET, shocking everyone with its skills!
Chapter 472 From now on, call me Lin Shen!
Chapter 473 I knew Lin Shen was very powerful, but I didn’t expect that he would be so powerful that he would have no friends!
Chapter 474 He is actually the examiner?
Chapter 475 No one can cheat in front of me!
Chapter 476 I advise you to give up the exam!
Chapter 477: Pollution breaks out, Lin Shen takes action
Chapter 478 Lin Baici, the prophet of uncertainty
Chapter 479 Awesome, my Lin Shen!
Chapter 480 Luoyang Seven Towns, Shenxu reopens!
Chapter 481 The first town, whoever turns to the right dies!
Chapter 482: Death is taken by ghost hands, sudden changes in death
Chapter 483 Our team leader defeated me again!
Chapter 484 Please leave me the opportunity to team up with Lin Shen!
Chapter 485 Crisis is everywhere!
Chapter 486 What kind of divine grace is this? Isn’t it too strong?
Chapter 487 The Soft Rice Forest
Chapter 488: Are you so handsome?
Chapter 489: Eating even one second late is disrespectful to the gifts of nature!
Chapter 490: Teammates are too strong, making this Shenxu game boring!
Chapter 491 The Third Town, Colosseum
Chapter 492 Death and Attrition
Chapter 493: Ghost Card Decisive, Ladder Challenge
Chapter 494 Fruit Ninja
Chapter 495 Climbing the Tower
Chapter 496 Reaching the Summit
Chapter 497 Crush the Genius
Chapter 498 If you don’t get out now, I will eat you alive!
Chapter 499 I bet Lin Baici is a genius!
Chapter 500 Kuafu chases the sun, and giants hunt!
Chapter 501 The Golden Crow appears and the divine fire burns!
Chapter 502 False God Number 156
Chapter 503 Immortal Titan!
Chapter 504 Disaster Lin Baici
Chapter 505: Meeting friends with wine and speaking like a lotus flower
Chapter 506 Get the taboo object, the body of a giant!
Chapter 507 Become a giant and catch the golden crow!
Chapter 508 God’s grace is received, thank you for the gift of nature!
Chapter 509 Weird Stone Head
Chapter 510 Lin Baici’s little cake!
Chapter 511 Continuing attrition
Chapter 512: Die for me
Chapter 513 Gravel Beach, Swamp of the Dead!
Chapter 514 Lin Baici, also said you didn’t become Xia Hongmian’s little wolfdog
Chapter 516: He is running for his life, be serious!
Chapter 517 Invincible!
Chapter 518 Dark Goddess
Chapter 519 There is no mine at home, but there is a forest god!
Chapter 520 Lin Shen, you are the hope of the whole village!
Chapter 521 You can get mad, but if Xiao Linzi can’t beat him to death, then you can
Chapter 522 Living Sacrifice
Chapter 523: In the quagmire of time, picking up stones to make up for others
Chapter 524 The big one is coming!
Chapter 525 Encountering False Gods
Chapter 526 The blasphemer must die! (Thanks to the boss for the sniper
Chapter 527 Giant battle, wrath of gods!
Chapter 527 Thank you for the gift of nature, let’s eat!
Chapter 528 As long as I light this cigarette, three divine graces can
Chapter 528 As long as I light this cigarette, three divine graces can
Chapter 529: Big harvest, three great blessings!
Chapter 529: Big harvest, three great blessings!
Chapter 530 Become famous in one battle!
Chapter 530 Become famous in one battle!
Chapter 531 Lin Da’s return!
Chapter 532 Hai Jinglin God!
Chapter 533 Detective Xia, moment of glory!
Chapter 534 Lin Baici, my Superman!
Chapter 535 I haven’t seen you for a few days, you don’t know how valuable I am
Chapter 536: Thank you very much, Brother Bai Ci.
Chapter 537 Picking the heart with bare hands, Sports Car Lin!
Chapter 538 Looking for a husband thousands of miles away!
Chapter 539 Urban beauty, pollution breaks out!
Chapter 540 Xia Hongyao’s little group!
Chapter 541: Great divine grace breaks out, killing insects with one blow
Chapter 542 The Terrifying Cockroach Man
Chapter 543 Special Pest Pest
Chapter 544 Haijing Lin Shen is really Lin Baici
Chapter 545 God’s Gift, Prelude to Pollution,
Chapter 546 Gu Qingxiang, calico cat.
Chapter 547 Lin Baici, the madman who skips classes
Chapter 548 Do you know that the top female student in our grade is chasing him?
Chapter 549 I admit that he has good looks, but he won’t make you fall in love at first sight, right?
Chapter 550 The tea girl is on full fire
Chapter 551 Lin Shen buys a villa to start
Chapter 552 Monitor, I really like you more and more
Chapter 553: Stop pretending, I am a billionaire, let’s show off my cards
Chapter 554 Is this how fast the wealthy spend money?
Chapter 555 Teacher Ji’s experience class!
Chapter 556 God’s Creation!
Chapter 557: Is it really okay for you to eat soft food so confidently?
Chapter 558 Lin Baici spends a lot of money
Chapter 559 Confidante, pollution is coming
Chapter 560 As soon as I came up, I saw the squad leader calling Fu!
Chapter 561 The King of Kung Fu Lin Baici
Chapter 562 I have a home in Haijing!
Chapter 563 Ji Xinyan, you are worthy of being my little cotton-padded jacket
Chapter 564 Lin Baici, Hua Yueyu asked you to go home and eat fish!
Chapter 565 The gods are here, the mortals retreat!
Chapter 566 Super Video Game City is coming!
Chapter 567 Dark Faith, the game begins!
Chapter 568 Goldsmith Town, Boss Lady
Chapter 569 Encountering a female player!
Chapter 570 Lin Da is hungry and ranks first in the level list!
Chapter 571 Kowtow to the hungry brother!
Chapter 572 The Great God Forest is famous!
Chapter 573 The seventh star begins to show off!
Chapter 574 Perfect first kill, world announcement! (Thanks to Haiqiao Chen
Chapter 575 Is this what it feels like to hug a super thigh?
Chapter 576: God, right? I’ll eat you alive later!
Chapter 577 The ultimate reward, the only one in the entire server!
Chapter 578 Do you understand the value of Yiboliu? The second chapter
Chapter 579 Lin Baici, you don’t want to buy a car for a tea girl
Chapter 580 Lin Baici, your roommate’s girlfriend seems to be right
Chapter 581 Continuous first kills, infinite style! [For Haiqiao Chen Meng
Chapter 582: Threatening my little forest? Are you worthy?
Chapter 583 I’m so envious of my eldest cousin for having four beauties to play with him
Chapter 584 Big Cousin YYDS, Fish Sister YYDS, Bear Knight YY
Chapter 585 The performance of the Seventh Star!
Chapter 586 Congratulations to Seventh Star, for getting the first kill, the reward has been distributed
Chapter 587 Death Hospital and Morgue Start!
Chapter 588 Eight-pack abs, are you envious? Natural!
Chapter 589 You are so good at fighting, why didn’t you tell me earlier?
Chapter 590 Oops, I got violent and saw a moving corpse!
Chapter 591: Cousin, you are really amazing! (Two updates, 12,000
Chapter 592 Brother Lin, your memory is too good? Take a look
Chapter 593 Why don’t you say thank you more to my cousin? {Second update
Chapter 594 I knew you were excellent, but I didn’t expect you to be outstanding.
Chapter 595 The scary female nurse!
Chapter 596 Pollution is everywhere
Chapter 597 The God of War in the Toilet Opens Up Porn
Chapter 598 Gentleman Lin Baici
Chapter 599 Lin Da’s first meal
Chapter 600: Do you really think rule pollution is a kindergarten game?
Chapter 601 Angel in white, fragrant and beautiful
Chapter 602 Lady Luck has not arrived!
Chapter 603 God, I’m here to eat you!
Chapter 604 Thank you for nature’s gift, eat while it’s hot!
Chapter 605 Why does your mouth taste like a god?
Chapter 606: Go to Xiaoyuren’s house to see the fish!
Chapter 607 Teacher Ji’s small classroom!
Chapter 608 Huh, interesting woman!
Chapter 609 Little Rich Woman Ji Xinyan
Chapter 610 Lin Baici, aren’t you too generous?
Chapter 611 What a scumbag!
Chapter 612 Lin Baici: So it turns out that Neptune is me?
Chapter 613 I’m afraid this girl doesn’t know that I’ve even eaten gods.
Chapter 614 Congratulations to Lin Baici for becoming the youngest Long Yi in Kyushu
Chapter 615 Black Coffin Vault
Chapter 616: Three Gods are in favor, Mr. Lin throws money!
Chapter 617 I am also an eighteen-year-old young girl, showing off my kindness
Chapter 618: Became the Haijinglin God, became so famous that he didn’t even have an aunt
Chapter 619 Is this guy the Hai Jinglin God? The newly promoted Jiu
Chapter 620 You are even more exaggerated than Qian Jiahui skipping class.
Chapter 621 The sense of oppression from the female top student
Chapter 622 Who is the woman next to the squad leader? She is so beautiful
Chapter 623 Mr. Lin, go and have a rest and let me take care of it!
Chapter 624: What’s your level? Are you trying to steal a man from me?
Chapter 625 I can’t allow you to have such a handsome boyfriend,
Chapter 626 What happened at Haijing Normal School
Chapter 627: Is Fa Xiao being accosted by a senior?
Chapter 628 Ordinary Student Lin Baici
Chapter 629 Buddha’s blessing, transshipment and channeling
Chapter 630: God’s Comments, Absolute Truth.
Chapter 631: Your whole family started working in the Stone Age and saved a lot of money.
Chapter 632 This Lin Baici has a very dark heart, you can’t grasp it!
Chapter 633 You don’t want your secret to be known by your little one, right?
Chapter 634 Mr. Lin, just satisfy this little request of my humble concubine.
Chapter 635 This is my partner Jiuzhou Longyi Lin Baici!
Chapter 636 Come to ask for help!
Chapter 637 Beautiful dream in the sea of flowers, winner in life!
Chapter 638 Gentle God!
Chapter 639 Lin Baici is designated to live with the female top student!
Chapter 640 The goddess Ming and the head-wrapped woman
Chapter 641 Birthday Party
Chapter 642: There should be no boy who wouldn’t like such a girl, right?
Chapter 643 Dalang, it’s time to take medicine!
Chapter 644 This atmosphere is a bit like confessing.
Chapter 645 Do you want to eat dumplings too?
Chapter 646: Take the 100 million lying in the bank card of the monitor as yours
Chapter 647 Lin Baici, are you familiar with Sister Datian?
Chapter 648 Women’s night talk, the focus of the class monitor!
Chapter 649 I heard from boys that Lin Baici has eight-pack abs?
Chapter 650 I can’t be his Bai Yueguang, but I can be him
Chapter 651 The way the class leader drives the Panamera is so handsome!
Chapter 652 You little boy has already told me everything!
Chapter 653 I still need a nanny at home. I don’t know if my aunt has one.
Chapter 654 Congratulations to Xiao Linzi for moving into a new home, good luck and good luck.
Chapter 655 In the face of pollution, lies are useless!
Chapter 656 Congratulations, you have purified the rule pollution, the death knell of life
Chapter 657 Lin Baici is quite a nice guy!
Chapter 658 It’s good to stay in such a big mansion even for one night!
Chapter 659 You don’t want the fact that you have a girlfriend to be exposed
Chapter 660 Lin Baici refused to accept Jane as his son-in-law due to such good conditions.
Chapter 661 Do you want Teacher Ji to give you a secret lesson?
Chapter 662 Lin Baici definitely has an ulterior motive
Chapter 663 Attack the building!
Chapter 664 Alumni Lin is as strong as the God of War!
Chapter 665 I am Korean and I am looking for a husband!
Chapter 666: Dawn Love Foundation, visit!
Chapter 667 How rich is Lin Baici’s family?
Chapter 668 Mom, I suddenly feel that I should let Lin Baici be my queen
Chapter 669: Get the cowardly female ghost!
Chapter 670 Do you know that the person standing in front of you is Hai Jinglin God?
Chapter 671 I still like your unruly look just now!
Chapter 672 I have an aunt!
Chapter 673 You are all Lin Baici’s mother fans!
Chapter 674: The class monitor must not be driven crazy by all the girls in the school now
Chapter 675 Sherlock Holmes cannot live without Watson, the great detective Xia Ye
Chapter 676: One word angers my girlfriend!
Chapter 677 Senior Sister Mi, please ask for help online!
Chapter 678 Senior Mi’s competitive spirit!
Chapter 679 The Wrath of the Gods!
Chapter 680 An invitation to death!
Chapter 681 Newcomers enter, pollution begins!
Chapter 682 Confronting the Gods
Chapter 683 Get your knife and fork ready and start eating!
Chapter 684 Cat and mouse, death and attrition!
Chapter 685 Lion and Hydrangea are better suited!
Chapter 686 Damn it, there is something dirty here!
Chapter 687 Mr. Lin, please take action!
Chapter 688 Mr. Lin, you can call me Airi-chan!
Chapter 689 Hard-hearted Lin Baici!
Chapter 690 You can’t even imagine the generosity of our leader.
Chapter 691 Sheepskin Town
Chapter 692 Sheep-headed Butcher, Death and Reduction!
Chapter 693 We still have to look at Lin Shen!
Chapter 694 You must be very happy to have a boyfriend like Lin Baici
Chapter 695 Hunting time!
Chapter 696 Hero Sheepskin
Chapter 697 Dances with Wolves, Heartbreaking Rain!
Chapter 698 Thank you for the gift of nature!
Chapter 699 It’s my turn, little fish-man, to take action!
Chapter 700 Best Actor Lin
Chapter 701 Mr. Lin, these teammates of yours are totally unworthy of you.
Chapter 702: The realm of God unfolds, come and taste the horror of bad luck!
Chapter 703 God of Cookery Lin Baici
Chapter 704 directly shocked the gods for a hundred years!
Chapter 705 If I don’t want to eat you, why don’t you open my mouth and let me in?
Chapter 706 Let’s start eating!
Chapter 707 Judgment in Heaven
Chapter 708 Isn’t this Lin Longyi a god?
Chapter 709 Sakura Girl!
Chapter 710 That man can actually eat gods?
Chapter 711 Tea Girl and Senior Sister
Chapter 712 Senior Sister Mi: I asked Senior Brother Lin to kneel in front of me and give me
713 points Sorry, Kavin, I feel extremely gloomy, please take a day off!
Chapter 714 Lan Yan’s confidant Lin Baici
Chapter 715 I really want to date Lin Baici!
Chapter 716 Rich Sister Explodes Gold Coins
Chapter 717 Tea words and colors!
Chapter 718 Airi-chan, attack! {Happy New Year to everyone!}
Chapter 719 Xu Daguan: I can’t stand Lin Baici’s popularity!
Chapter 720 Invitation from Airi Sannomiya!
Chapter 720 Agent Jin: There can be no man more handsome than my husband!
Chapter 721 Auntie God, Mao Mei is coming!
Chapter 722 Mao Mei, liquor, body bag!
Chapter 723: Heart-stealing and killing, the power of dragon wings!
Chapter 724 Xia Hongmian: Lin Baici, do you still want a reward?
Chapter 725 Tea Girl’s Date Invitation!
Chapter 726 Xiao Linzi drives off to accompany Empress Ji out of the palace!
Chapter 727 Ji Xinyan: Isn’t today’s philosophy very interesting?
Chapter 728: High school classmate, chance encounter in spring!
Chapter 729 Ji Xinyan: Let me be healthy, which little fox is looking for me?
Chapter 730 My class monitor is super rich, okay?
Chapter 731: Supervisor, you still have a little secret. Where is my little shovel? I have to dig it out quickly!
Chapter 732 Haijinglin God, so famous!
Chapter 733 The confession comes too fast, like a tornado!
Chapter 734 The sweetness exceeds 100!
Chapter 735 Xue Ji comes to visit
Chapter 736 The chief monitor takes action!
Chapter 737 I was careless and didn’t dodge!
Chapter 738 My squad leader is so handsome even when he beats people up!
Chapter 739 Defiant Lin Baici
Chapter 740: The person who is ‘not to be looked at’!
Chapter 741 Thank you to the squad leader for letting me experience the feeling of holding tens of millions of dollars!
Chapter 742: The squad leader actually has a house in Haijing?
Chapter 743 Foreign big girl, rules pollution!
Chapter 744 The hunting begins!
Chapter 745 Slave Manor, Newcomers Gather!
Chapter 746 Are you the Haijinglin God?
Chapter 747 Escape from the Plantation
Chapter 748 Is this the gold content of Kyushu Dragon Wings?
Chapter 749 The rich forest god!
Chapter 750 Encountered attrition!
Chapter 751 Dead end! Dead end!
Chapter 752 Lin Shen, you are so lucky, right?
Chapter 753 Weird Scarecrow!
Chapter 754 May the Moon God guide you!
Chapter 755 Another reduction in staff
Chapter 756 The Wizard of Oz
Chapter 757 Welcome to Crow Ridge!
Chapter 758 Slave Owner
Chapter 759 Now Lin Shen is the hope of the whole village!
Chapter 760 Evil man!
Chapter 761 Isn’t this guy Lin Baici a god?
Chapter 762 The ultimate sacred object GET√!
Chapter 763 A wave of obesity!
Chapter 764 The Forest God is here and all evil will be killed!
Chapter 765: I wonder how many lives that slave owner has?
Chapter 766 Aftermath
Chapter 767 The regret of Xia Hongyao!
Chapter 768 This Xiong Da is definitely Lin Shen’s crush!
Chapter 769 Jin Yingzhen arrives!
Chapter 770 Damn pickle girl, steal my squad leader!
Chapter 771 Lin Baici’s girlfriend is exposed!
Chapter 772 This melon is a bit big!
Chapter 773 Daily Troubles
Chapter 774 The monitor is famous again!
Chapter 775 Freshman Lin Baici, girlfriend number two appears!
Chapter 776 Scumbag Alumni!
Chapter 777 Jealousy changes me beyond recognition!
Chapter 778 Mother-in-law!
Chapter 779 A busy day for Team Leader Lin!
Chapter 780 Airi-chan: One hit on Mars!
Chapter 781 Neptune Lin Baici